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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 7, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EST

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you both, as always. we thank you for being with us. be sure to join us tomorrow. former independent counsel kenneth starr among our guest. please be with dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell, in for of maria bartiromo. it's thursday, january 7th. your top stories at 6:00 eastern. making it official, congress voting to certify the electoral college overnight, despite a few objections, making joe biden the official winner of the 2020 presidential election. president trump making a statement that there will be a peaceful transition of power on january 20th, although he ultimately disagrees with the outcome of the election. this after a chaotic day on capitol hill. four people dead and at least 52 people arrested after rioters
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breached the building, taking over the chambers and causing lawmakers to flee. we're talking about this all morning long. you'll hear from texas attorney, ken paxton, florida congressman, dave stubbe. few churs, meantime on the -- futures meantime on the upswing. this after a mixed finish yesterday. the dow did manage to notch a new all-time high, tech stocks lower, investors in some way betting on a gree great deal moe stimulus with democrats controlling both houses of congress and the white house. we're watching the market impact now that the house and senate and eventually the white house are controlled by democrats. "mornings with maria" is live right now. european markets are mixed at the moment. a slight loss in france and
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england, the german dax to the plus side. german factory orders unexpectedly rising for a seventh straight month in november, demand up 2.3%. economists predicted a decline of half of a percent. in asia overnight, markets to the plus side for the most part t hang seng the only loser there, down half of 1%. to our of top story, the unrest on capitol hill. congress officially certifying the electoral college results overnight, just hours after rioters stormed the u.s. capitol, leading to four people dead and panic among lawmakers and staff. lucas tomlinson is live in our d.c. bureau with the very latest, hey, lucas. >> reporter: good morning, day again. a few hours ago congress certified the election. it's official, joe biden will be sworn in on january 20th, not before a mob ransacked the capitol building. one woman was shot and killed by police. >> i know you're hurt. we had an election that was
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stolen from us. it was a landslide election. and everyone knows it. especially the other side. but you have to go home now. we have to have peace. >> reporter: aftereinforcementse called in. some lawmakers said they should have been in place already. in a statement, president trump said even though i totally disagree with the outcome of the election, nevertheless there will be an orderly transition on january 20th. jim mamattjim mat mattis blamedt trump. he said his use of the presidency to destroy trust in the election and poison our respect for fellow citizens has been enabled by pseudo political leaders whose name will live in infamy as profiles of you
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cowardace. we the people will come together in our never-ended effort to form a more perfect union. while mr. trump will deservedly be left a man without a country. deputy national security advisor -- dagen: lucas, thank you so much for that report. lucas tomlinson in our washington, d.c. bureau. joining me now, reason senior editor robbie suave. also joining the conversation all morning long, joseph pinion and jon hilsenrath is here. jon hilsenrath of course with the wall street journal. robbie, you were there and you've written something about this. what do you make of it? tell me what you saw. >> sure. obviously, there were thousands of people there, most of them peacefully protesting what they see as a stolen election. but then of course there were dozens of people trying and
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succeeding at entering the capitol building, the stormed past police lines, they climbed the building. i saw people smashing windows, feuding with police. there was a tremendous amount of tear gas or some other kind of chemical irritant that police say the rioters actually used, that's not clear, and then because of the wind it blu blewk on even the peaceful protesters, causing a great deal of harm. it was just a tremendous chaos and really a horrible, horrible scene of mob violence, similar to what we've seen in some cases with the left wing protesters over the summer, smashing the windows of various buildings, et cetera, while the police weren't able to do anything about it. dagen: and robbie, i just -- i do want to point out that, number one, this is the first time that the u.s. capitol building has been invaded since right after the war of 1812. it was after a bat with the bate
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british, after they invaded the capitol and set fire to parts of it. what i saw was a swift and forceful and almost universal condemnation of this violence by republicans, by conservatives, across social media, on television, in videos. and that wasn't something that you saw certainly over the summer where we did see from antifa and other left wing groups where you did see similar violent a acts and similar rioting. >> reporter: absolutely. there was an attempt to understand the violent protesters, make excuses for them over the summer. especially during the pandemic, right. we were being told everyone stay home and then people went out and protested and in some of cases committed property destruction and they were kind
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of excused even by medical health professionals and so the hypocrisy absolutely needs to be called out. i'm glad people on the right are calling this out of. because it was equally, if not more hour of i'll to have the capitol overrun and we are in the midst of a pandemic that is killing thousands of people every day. i was sorry to see few people wearing masks, probably less than 20 or 30 of% of people were wearing masks, shouting in each other's faces in very close quarters. it's going to be tremendously -- there are going to be more deaths down the road because of that, very sadly. james.dagen: jon, you always bg wisdom and perspective. i was saddened -- not just shocked, but saddened and dismayed by what i was watching yesterday. >> certainly i would say shocked. i went down there also because i'm a journalist and i can't stay away from scenes like this
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and i've never seen anything like it. i was there in east germany when the berlin wall came down. i was in asia during the crises of the 1990s. i've never seen anything like this. this was a mob attacking our democracy. i don't think this is a time for some kind of ebbing veins -- eqe between what happened yesterday and a what happened with the blm protests this summer. it was a direct attack on our democracy. i've been thinking about this morning -- when this started and we were talking about the election results, dagen, in november, we said, listen, if these allegations of fraud are true, then that is an attack on our democracy. it those be called out and rooted out and people need to be prosecuted. if the allegations of fraud in the election were false, that was also an you attac attack onf
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democracy. i will tell you, the states have looked at it and ruled on it, legislators and state officials, republicans and democrats who are trying to do their civic duties, the courts have looked at it, state courts, federal courts and the supreme court, and the congress has now looked at it and this election is over. joe biden won. president trump lost. and as of today, the allegations of fraud look like an attack on our democracy and what we saw yesterday was the logical conclusion of that. mobs. dagen: and joe biden will be inaugurated as laid out in the constitution on january the 20th. jon, i was not creating ebbing vein sigh. i was -- equivalency. what i was saying was i saw swift, immediate, forceful condemnation by republicans, far and wide. even on lindsey graham last
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night, count me out, enough is enough. when it's over, it's over. it is over. is what senator lindsey graham said. and trump's statement that he put out yesterday, after the capitol building had been stormed which was shocking and appalling, also condemned by people on both sides of the aisle, when he said -- >> we didn't hear the president himself condemn it and that's unfortunate. i think the discussion in this town and the next few days goes to what are going to be the consequences for the president of the united states. on the left, they're going to be talking all over o again about impeachment, a very swift impeachment, they'll be talking about the 25th amendment. i think we'll be hearing discussions about censure maybe as some kind of compromise and there's the he question of whether twitter is going to reopen his account. i think the discussion for the next couple of weeks, unfortunately when we should be talking about what comes next
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for the next president, it's going to be what are consequences for president trump. dagen: that and then also longer -- bigger picture, longer run, karl rove writing about this in the wall street journal, the republican party is in disarray because this essentially, with the democrats controlling now the senate and the house and the white house, that you could see a dismantling of everything that president trump did and certainly his legacy is now in at tha tattes h what happened yesterday. we'll be talking about this all morning long. some other top stories this morning, democrats taking control of the u.s. senate after a sweep in georgia. john ossoff beating david perdue. fox news calling it, right, cheryl? cheryl: that is right, dagen. good morning to you. john ossoff and raphael warnock are projected to win georgia's senate runoff races, unseating incumbent republican senators, david perdue and kelly loeffler. this gives democrats control of
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the senate, the house and the white house of. warnock will be the peach state's first black senator and ossoff becomes the senate's youngest member at age 33. meanwhile, president-elect joe biden planning to choose judge merrick garland as the attorney general. he was nominated to the supreme court in 2016 by then president barack obama but did not receive a congressional hearing, judge garland serves on the u.s. court of appeals for the d.c. circuit. he would give up a lifetime appointment if he is confirmed in his new role. the u.s. is reaching a grim new milestone in the fight against covid-19. just seven days into the new year. data shows nearly 4,000 people died yesterday. hospitalizations also reaching record highs. reuters reporting more than 130 130,000 on tuesday, this comes as governors across the country work to speed up the vaccination rollout. and the new york stock exchange reversing course again. three chinese telecom companies are going to be delisted from
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trading on the exchange following guidance from the treasury department. president trump originally signed an executive order back in november that banned americans from investing in chinmobile, china telecom and um citing ties to the chinese military. those are some of the headlines we're following for you this morning. back to you. dagen: thank you so much, cheryl. i should have said four people dead after yesterday. we know that one woman was killed, four people are dead. first, we're just getting started this morning. coming up, former nypd lieutenant, darren pour cheer, here to talk -- porcher here to talk about the capitol hill rioting. why wasn't law enforcement probe paired. greg steubey will be here to discuss yesterday's chaotic scenes. in the 8:00 hour, georgia congressman jody hice talks democrats taking control of the senate after a double win in the state's senate runoff.
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dagen: markets on the rise, futures to the plus side despite yesterday's violence on capitol hill. the unrest, the rioting. global markets up as well with joe biden's electoral college victory, certified. democrats taking both senate seats in georgia. joining me now, advisors investment chief, investment officer, jim lowell. many people watching certainly the markets yesterday and even today, going how could stocks be rallying given what we're seeing on capitol hill, but also the future of, say, trump's agenda with the tax cuts and the deregulation. that's really possibly going to be wiped away.
6:18 am
>> two excellent questions, dagen. i think the fact is that the fundamentals continue to suggest that this is an economy with the aid of massive stimulus that's going do remain in recovery mode. that's one rail to run on. the other rail to run on is the hope of massive stimulus infrastructure spending coming down the pike early in 2021, maybe now accelerated by the fact that the democrats control the house. the scenes of chaos certainly felt profoundly uncomfortable yesterday, no question about it. it was an existential moment for the country. it also felt by the end of the day as if it was finally coming under control and then president trump's belated declaration that there will be an orderly transition of power come januar. i think helps calm some clearly jangled nerves. dagen: it feels like investors aren't looking at the big picture of what will happen to
6:19 am
the u.s. economy in terms of deregulation, in terms of the reregulation of businesses in this nation, certainly higher corporate taxes. i mean, that's almost a given, something that could happen swiftly with just a simple majority of. an.and then also of how do we -o we keep a firm stance with china, delisting chinese companies in the u.s., the state and defense department officials reportedly discussed black listing alibaba and ten cent from out u.s. investment. the new york stock exchange has reversed course again and decided to delist three chinese telecom companies. again, they were going to delist and no they weren't and now they're going to delist after receiving guidance from the treasury department. what do you think this means now for those invested in chinese companies here in the u.s., but a year from now and two years from now? >> so let me take them in order
6:20 am
of your questioning, dagen. first, you're right, the issue of deregulation, the issue of higher corporate taxes, clearly something that we'll have to contend with at some point, maybe not in the not too distant future. but the fact that the new york stock exchange has just exhibited nothing but confusion with regard to listing, delisting chinese stocks, the fact that their own government has taken a confusing approach to what is the world's second largest economy on its road to becoming the world's largest economy and necessary trading partner for us as the u.s. and china continue to be able to figure out ways to cooperate, rather than work against each other, i think will be essential. i think we will see under the biden administration a slightly more passive, certainly more diplomatic approach to questions concerning the chinese market
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and china's ambitions overall. dagen: jim, good to see you, coming up, america's pivotal moment of, we'll get insight from our panel on yesterday's capitol hill unrest and the next steps towards healing, governing. that's next. stay with us. a must in your medicine cabinet! less sick days! cold coming on? zicam® is clinically proven to shorten colds!
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dagen: chaos in our nation's capitol. rioters storming the capitol building yesterday, following a huge rally to support president trump. lawmakers were pushed out of the senate chamber due to the violence but managed to reconvene and finalize joe biden's electoral college victory overnight despite a few objections from house members and six senators. joseph, your reaction to what you saw yesterday? >> i mean, it was really just in
6:25 am
many ways a sad and appalling sight. yesterday was not normal. and i think we just need to keep reiterating that, because it's -- in many ways it feels as if something died yesterday and perhaps -- people have called it an attack on our democracy. i wouldn't calm i call it that . i think what happened could possibly be worse. this notion of ref republicans s important place. people in vikings hats, repelling from the sides of the gallery, this was something that the ripple effects will last for a very long time and i think that we just have to be quite serious, particularly as not just a party but also as a nation about what really transpired yesterday because in many ways it's a shock, the
6:26 am
collective consciousness of the nation and in some cases also the world. dagen: jon, i want to focus on the lack of preparation by the -- like the capitol hill police. and also law enforcement in washington, d.c. i think eventually you had including d.c., there were like roughly 7,000 members of the national guard now in washington, a curfew put in place last night. that was kind of surprising, given the size of this rally. jon: it absolutely was. i don't think that the capitol hill police saw this coming and they were caught offguard. and you know, i was surprised. i got there after all these reports and it took them a really long time to clear not only congress itself inside, but also the portico around congress. it took them quite a long time.
6:27 am
i think they were trying to do it with as little violence as possible. it's shocking that four people died yesterday, including one young woman who was shot and killed inside the building. one other thing i wanted to point out, though, despite the chaos we're seeing on the screen as we speak, in some ways i'm going to try to be an optimist for a moment. you could argue that what happened in the last two months is a demonstration of the resilience of our institutions. dagen: yep. jon: because we've had allegations of election fraud. they weren't proven to be true. it looks like it was an attack on our democracy. but the supreme court stood up, now congress has stood up, state legislators, state courts have all stood up and done what they thought was their job. the vice president did what he thought was his constitutional duty. so we have seen some resilience in our institutions and maybe we
6:28 am
can take some kind of solace in that, in this moment of just kind of shock about what happened yesterday and what happened leading up to it. dagen: indeed. coming up, more about the unrest on capitol hill. we're looking at the law enforcement response to yesterday's violence in washington. that is next.
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dagen: welcome back. i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo. it is thursday, january 7th. a look at your markets at the bottom of the hour. futures right now on an upswing, gains across the board on the dow, nasdaq 100 futures and the s&p futures. this after a mixed finish yesterday. the dow did manage to notch a new all-time high. european markets, there are gains to report on the dax in germany and the cac in france. gurney factory orders unexpectedly rising for a
6:32 am
seventh straight month. in november economists were predicting a decline of half of a percent. in asia overnight, markets mostly to the plus side as well, not shaken there either by what was happening on capitol hill. truck sales seeing a heated year. cheryl casone has the details. cheryl. cheryl: that's right, dagen. general motors surpassed ford in truck sales last year. they sold more than 830,000 trucks in the united states while ford sales dipped, only moving a little over 787,000 trucks. this is the first time that gm has beat ford in the truck race since 2015. truck sales make up a large profit for both of these automakers. here are the stocks in the premarket. both gm and ford are higher by about one and a quarter percent each. macy's announcing plans to close dozens of stores this year as it looks to move out of underperforming malls and trim its real estate empire. the closures include 36 namesake stores and one bloomingdale's which are part of the retailer's
6:33 am
plan to close 125 stores by 2023. liquidation sales have already started at some macy's locations. let's take a look at the stock in the premarket, it's higher by almost three quarters of a percent this morning. nvidia facing an uphill battle in the deal to acquire arm. there is an anti-trust investigation against the chip maker focus on the effect on competition but not national security worries. nvidia and arm say they expected the merger to be a long process. finally, take your chances, friday's mega million jackpot nearing half a billion dollars after no ticket matched the winning numbers on tuesday night. the jackpot is poise todd bed to -- poised to be the eighth largest in the game's history. those are your headlines. back to you. dagen: thank you so much. congress certifying the 2020 election results, declaring joe biden the 46th president of the united states. this follows the chaos on
6:34 am
capitol hill yesterday as rioters stormed the hallowed halls of our of capitol, breaking past barriers, preaching the halls of congress. one woman was killed, three died after suffering reported medical emergencies. police and law enforcement taking hours to restore order. joining me now, former nypd lieutenant, pace university law enforcement professor, darrin porcher. this will be a case study in lack of preparation, will is not -- will it? and were weren't the police more prepared given the volume of people who were descending on washington yesterday for this rally? >> well, the first part is this should have been an intelligence based assess innocent would have been conducted by the capitol police. the intelligence based assessment would have determined who was showing up, how many people were showing up, and what was the ideology. based on that intelligence based assessment, then you can put in
6:35 am
place a parameter for how many officers you'll have and focused on where that -- excuse me in that capitol complex and what exits you'll have covered. that apparently didn't happen because the intelligence did not support the number of personnel from the capitol police that they had positioned in that particular compound. coupled with once things started to go awry so-to-speak, the contingency plan wasn't able to support the number of people had that were there. and i go back to when i was a sergeant in the nypd, we had a riot in madison square garden, upwards of 20,000 people and we only had 200 cops but we were able to sustain the safety of just the officers as well as the patrons because we had a forward plan and that didn't appear to happen at the capitol yesterday. dagen: describe, though -- i was watching -- like every
6:36 am
american, watching some of this video and you had members of the capitol police who were just being overrun by people who had breached the building, had broken into the building, and then members of -- congressmen and senators, it is terrifying when you feel trapped like that and that you don't have a way out. >> absolutely. what happens is, when you have disturbances like this, you need to choose if you're either going to shelter in place or evacuate. they elected to shelter in place because this would have created a danger for the congressional personnel if they were to evacuate, emerge into the mob that was outside. it was catastrophic in connection with this being an attack on our democracy. we need a sustainable presence at the capitol. unnoterly, that didn't happen. forward planning ahead, we need
6:37 am
to look at what happened and the teachable moments that we can assess from the outcome of this disturbance and employ that moving forward. dagen: do you think it will mean the addition of man power to the capitol hill police force, darrin and what else do you think changes in the weeks and months ahead? >> well, it's going to bifurcate into two different components. granted, you'll have probably a more robust personnel component. but in addition to that, you're going to invoke a series of technological innovations that can assess what's going on outside of the ca capital and ta lot of cameras in the congressional hall but it begs the question of us needing more technology to assist the personnel on the ground. i don't think the two entities were working in unison and as a result we saw the epic failures in secure. dagen: in terms of the widespread condemnation that you
6:38 am
heard and saw, one thing that was repeated over and over by conservatives and people on the right and the left was arrest these people. arrest -- find them and arrest them. i know that the fbi is looking for help in identifying these rioters. i believe by yesterday afternoon 52 people had been arrested by late wednesday. how easy or difficult will it be for the fbi to identify who these people are? they were caught on camera, on video, and in still photographs. many of them. how easy will it be to find these people and arrest them and prosecute them? that was something that you really didn't see enough of during the violence by antifa and people on the left over the summer. >> it's not going to be difficult to assess who these individuals are. we're going to use facial recognition to determine who these individuals were that
6:39 am
committed these acts of atrocity in the halls of congress. that information is going to be assembled, it's going to be disseminated amongst the local and federal law enforcement agencies and then they're going to take these people into custody. the standard of proof necessary to arrest these individuals is probable cause. the standard of proof to convict them will be beyond a reasonable doubt. the two don't necessarily intersect the way we like them to. at the same token, we will bring these people into custody and they will be prosecuted as a result of their horrific actions in the halls of congress. dagen: justify nail thoughts from you on -- before we go, just some final thoughts from you on what you saw. >> this was an act of vengeance against our democracy. we are not a third word country. what happened yesterday was not a reflection of the great society we are a part of in the united states. dagen: darrin porcher, thank you so much.
6:40 am
we will see you very soon. happy new year. coming up, unrest on capitol hill, texas attorney general ken paxton joins me next to talk about everything that happened yesterday and more. you're watching "mornings with maria," live on fox business. we love the new apartment. the natural light is amazing. hardwood floors. there is a bit of a clogging problem. (clog dancing) at least geico makes it easy to bundle our renters and car insurance. yeah, helping us save us even more... for bundling made easy, go to
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dagen: chaos on capitol hill, congress certifying joe biden's presidential win following a violent day in washington, d.c.
6:44 am
protesters, rioters storming the halls of congress interrupting the certification of the electoral college vote. joining me now, texas attorney general, ken paxton. ken, were you there in washington? >> yes, i was. dagen: what did you witness? >> so, you know, you probably had a couple hundred thousand people that were there to cheer trump for one last time possibly. i think for the most part they were peaceful people, exercising their first amendment right. a certain small percentage of those people crossed the line. when you do that, you cross the line, you start harming other people's property and you start harming people, you should be held accountable. the same thing that happened this summer with most people peacefully protesting law enforcement issues that some people crossed the line and they should be held accountable. dagen: they should be arrested an prosecuted, as a law
6:45 am
enforcement officer you are behind that? >> absolutely. i totally believe in the first amendment. what happened yesterday for the most part is what people should do. they have opinions, they should be able to march and protest and speak to their government. once you start harming other people, whether their property or them individually or even government property, you should be held accountable. that's not the first amendment. dagen: i want to get your reaction to -- president trump's language certainly when he was -- his way of telling the crowd, the rioters to, well, stop rioting, it was -- he said i know how you feel. his comments yesterday afternoon drew bipartisan condemnation because he kept talking -- he said in his recorded remarks, we had an election stolen from us. it was a landslide. you have to go home. we love you.
6:46 am
and people on the right and the left just found the tone to be off and it's not -- and if not disturbing. >> i think people are always open for criticism for how they present things but in this case i would say that there is a lot of frustration on this country from people who of do think that the election wasn't done appropriately in many states. there is a lot of question about mail-in ballots that were -- and states that didn't follow their laws so it is going to create dissension in our country. it's just a reality of where we're at. dagen: there's a difference between distrust and telling -- a president telling his supporters -- well, not just essentially. he told the vice president to do the right thing. we won. and the vice president, mike pence, stood up and said it's
6:47 am
not within my authority to act to overrule the electoral college. and to throw these votes out. that's what happened. miranda divine writes in the new york post today, from the senate to mike pence, trump destroys the party on the way out of the door. he literally destroyed his legacy. looking at it, it's a legacy of chaos and then now with the senate controlled by the democrats, you could see his economic legacy ripped up in a year or less. >> well, i certainly hope his economic legacy is not ripped up because he's been amazingly effective on the economic front and in reality on a lot of fronts. whether yesterday's speech to me wasn't necessarily inciting
6:48 am
people to violence, i certainly didn't take it that way. i thought what he was talking about was more legal issues and peacefully protesting. i don't remember him suggesting that people do anything violent or attack somebody or somehow destroy their property. that wasn't what i took from what i heard yesterday. dagen: but where do you think the republican party goes from here? because, again, a lot of people who voted for president trump were sitting at home and very disturbed by what they saw yesterday, watching the rioting. and so do you have a divided party? because before this started happening yesterday, i was on the phone with people saying trump's going to be a presence for the next four years, that if trump decides he wants to run again, he will win the nomination easily. the trump family -- and that's been completely upended by the
6:49 am
rioting. >> we tend to overreact on the day that things happen. who knows what's going to happen in the next year, two years, three years, four years. will be hard to predict whether he can come back based on yesterday's events. i really don't know. i don't know if he wants to come back. we'll have to see what the future holds. we'll have to see how president biden does as president. and i think republicans have a lot of work to do. i think very a lot of work to -- we have a lot of work to do especially as relates to election integrity. if we can't solve that problem, i think we'll have problems winning elections in general. dagen: have you spoken to the president, president trump since yesterday? >> no, i have not. dagen: are you going to reach out to him? >> you know what? i hope to reach out to him before he leaves office but i haven't determined any particular time to talk to him. dagen: and i just want to reiterate something that i saw yesterday and it was, again, republicans, conservatives far and wide calling out the rioting
6:50 am
that they saw and condemning it, swiftly. and that is something that you did not see over the summer from leaders on the left and from many democrats for weeks and months as people were rioting, burning buildings, destroying people's livelihoods. that is just not something that you saw from many people in the left, the liberal leadership in this country and i'll just point out -- attorney general, you said this, that i understand that the reaction is very fresh and that this rioting happened and it was shocking and saddening to so many people. but there were anti-kavanaugh, anti-brett kavanaugh protesters that stormed the senate office building a little more than two years ago. and there were hundreds of people arrested. so this isn't -- you know, this isn't unique to trump -- some trump supporters who rioted.
6:51 am
i wanted to point that out before we go. final word to you. >> i totally agree with you. democracy is a risky business. when you allow people the opportunity to have free speech and to protest, you have you 250,000 people or whether you have 10,000 people, there's a chance that some of them are going to cross the line and it doesn't seem to matter whether we have liberal people doing it or conservative people. some people make the mistake of going too far and that's where they have to be held accountable. i would say on either side, it doesn't matter, we all have a right to protest. in the end, we also have to be responsible for not harming other people. dagen: right. and you create crimes, you get arrested and prosecuted. ken paxton, thank you so much. we'll be right back.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
dagen: amid the chaos on capitol hill yesterday, democrats ended up winning both senate seats in the georgia runoff election. now the parties in the senate are split 50/50 but incoming vice president kamala harris becomes the tie breaking vote. jon, what are your thoughts, some of the implications in terms of policy that will come with this win, with the ossoff victory being h declared yesterday? jon: i think we're probably going to see it in stages. i think the first thing they're going to do is what everyone on capitol hill and in washington, frankly, looks to do in a crisis and that's spend money. that's bipartisan, republicans and democrats both do that. i think we're going to get a very big spending bill out of this congress pretty quickly and then at some point there's going to be a debate and a discussion about what to do with the trump tax cuts and how much of them to reverse. i think the really big issue for the market is the corporate tax
6:56 am
cut, which was cut from 35% to 21%. the biden proposal is to bring it up to 28%, so halfway back to where it was. and what we're going to have to see how of moderate democrats like joe manchin respond to that. that is a potential hit to the stock market and maybe the broader economy but i don't think that's what comes first. i think spend, spend, spend is what comes first and republicans are going to have a hard time arguing against that because they did it themselves. dagen: i was on the phone yesterday talking to people, well-known democrats about this very thing and maybe it isn't dramatic tax increase on corporations but essentially ensuring that there's some sort of minimum tax rate to generate revenue for the very spending. so maybe it's, say, a minimum corporate tax of 15%. so you force some corporations that use loopholes to pay at
6:57 am
least something into the federal fisk. maybe it's that. maybe 1 to $2 trillion in revenue for the spending plan, that's what i'm hearing. still ahead, congressman greg steubey, house minority whip steve scalise are here. stay with us.
6:58 am
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do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy, even a term policy, for an immediate cash payment. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly realized that we needed a way to
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supplement our income. if you have one hundred thousand dollars or more of life insurance you may qualify to sell your policy. don't cancel or let your policy lapse without finding out what it's worth. visit to find out if you policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo. it is thursday, january 7th. your top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern. making it official, despite the unrest and the rioting yesterday, congress did manage to vote to certify the electoral college. it happened in the wee hours of the morning, despite a few objections, that makes joe biden the official winner of the 2020 election. president trump put out a statement, saying there will be a peaceful transition of power on january 20th. although he ultimately disagrees with the outcome of the election. this after a chaotic day on
7:01 am
capitol hill. four dead, at least 52 arrested after rioters breached the building, taking over the chambers and causing lawmakers to flee. we're talking about this all morning long. hear from house minority whip steve scalise later this hour. georgia congressman jody hice the top of the next hour. futures meantime on an upswing, 53 point gain on the dow futures at the moment. even bigger bounceback on the nasdaq 100 futures this morning. this after a mixed finish we'd. the blue chips notching -- managing to a new all-time high. we're watching the market impact now that the house and senate and eventually the white house are controlled by democrats. "mornings with maria" live right now. european markets trading to the plus side in france and germany, the ftse 100 slightly lower, down half of 1%. german factory orders rising for
7:02 am
a seventh straight month. economists were expecting a decline in those factory orders. moving onto your asian markets, the four major markets in asia to the plus side, except for the hang seng, slightly lower, down about half of 1%. chaos on capitol hill, rioters storming the u.s. capitol as congress aimed to certify the electoral college vote. hillary vaughn is live from the capitol to walk us through what happened. good morning, hillary. >> reporter: good morning, dagen. congress made the certification in an overnight session while surrounded by he remains that riddled the hallways, left behind as rioters ran rampant through the nation's capitol earlier in the afternoon, terrorizing lawmakers. a few lawmakers were able to evacuate, some of them donning gas masks to protect from tear gas. others were forced to shelter in place, barricaded in offices and house and senate floor while the
7:03 am
people's house was under attack. guns were drawn. at one point on the house floor shots were fired. one woman died from a gunshot wound. the chaos and violence filled the capitol halls as protesters marched on the capitol grounds with a goal to delay the electoral certification process. the president who fired up the thousands before telling them to march on the capitol, then urged them to go home when the situation became violent. >> i know your pain. i know you're hurt. we had an election that was stolen from us. it was a landslide election. and everyone knows it. especially the other side. but you have to go home now. we have to have peace. >> reporter: the assault and the violence caused some senators to switch their support. senators kelly loeffler, marsha blackburn and others who planned to oppose the certification then changed their minds. >> we witnessed today the damage
7:04 am
that can result when men in power and responsibility refuse to acknowledge the truth. >> i don't buy this. enough's enough. we've got to end it. >> reporter: the president reacting late -- early this morning to the certification saying this, quote, there will be an orderly transition on january 20th. while this represents the end of the greatest first term in presidential history it is only the beginning of our fight to make america great again. dagen. dagen: hillary vaughn in washington in the capitol building. thank you so much, hillary. joining me now to discuss the experiences of yesterday's riots, florida congressman, house judiciary committee member, greg steube and also with me all a morning long, joseph pinion and jon hilsenrath. congressman, good to see you. just describe what happened to you yesterday, what you witnessed. >> so i got stuck in the middle of everything that was going on. i was on the house floor for part of the initial proceedings and then went out actually to go
7:05 am
to the republican leaders' office. when i came out of the republican leaders' office, there was, i don't know, probably 20 to 50 o 50 uniformed officers kind of hedging a man wall in front of the house chamber and they had instructed me that the chamber was closed. there was nowhere for us to go. when things started to happen they wouldn't let us go back to our offices. which is what we were trying doo do. i said if i can't get in the chamber, and we can't go to the offices, where is it you want us to go. i got shepp herred into a -- shepherded into a conference room on the side of the house chamber. the hallway was on the outside of the door and we had glass windows on the back part of the conference room. we had rioters banging on windows trying to get in on the backside and rioters trying to get on the front side.
7:06 am
we had to put a conference table up against the door to prevent people from coming in. we had to ride it out in there. a lot of members got out when they evacuated the house floor. we had to wait in there. we had to wait for them to tear gas the hallway to get the protesters out of the hallway so we could get out of the conference room. dagen: you saw members of congress with the gas masks that were pulled over their heads which i think were put in place after the 9/11 terror attacks. but it had to have been terrifying, was it not? >> yeah, we have those on the floor many we didn't have those where we were and i wasn't on the floor. i'm assuming people were telling members to put those on because of the tear gas. there was pretty heavy tear gas when we came out of the conference room that were in the hallways. that's how the capitol police and other law enforcement that was there, they used that to clear the individual hallways and slowly clear the building of the people that were there. so it was certainly a time that
7:07 am
there was a -- i saw a lot of things going on, our law enforcement officers did a great job. i think there's going to be a lot of discussion about the safety and security of the capitol complex after this. how people were able to just push in the door and hopefully we will learn a lot of lessons of how we can make this building more secure because it clearly is not secure and for them to get in as far in as they got -- early on when they breached the first door in the capitol i stood next to another law enforcement officer and i said if they breach that what's stopping them from coming here, they said there's several barriers. i'lall of those must have faile. they got all the way into the house chamber. dagen: we were seeing the photos yesterday. following the riots, congress reconvened to certify the electoral college vote for joe biden. several lawmakers still objected to the election results. but congressman, how important was it that this still
7:08 am
continued, this kind of -- this procedure that is part of our democracy? and you were prepared to object to the results but you did not, did you? >> i voted for the objectionses. i didn't stand up and personally object on the floor but i voted for the two objections. i signed on to four objections to michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin and georgia before we went into the proceedings yesterday morning. but the only two that had a senator co-sponsor on the floor that required a vote were arizona and pennsylvania. i did vote for those objections because i do feel like there was very constitutional problems in those states. but what i am very glad to see and i think it's an honor to be a part of this institution, the resolve that our leaders had to go back into that chamber after everything that occurred and continue to work for the people. i think there's a lot of people back home that are very inspired
7:09 am
by that and i'm very happy that all of our leadership decided to march back in there, the vice president was here the entire time i guess in the basement and he was willing to come back out, continue the joint session of congress, finish our work here and the people's house after what occurred. i think that's a great showing of resolve to all of the american people. dagen: right. and the vice president, mike pence, defying public pressure from president trump to invalidate joe biden's electors and he released that very important statement yesterday that said that my oath to support and defend the constitution constrains me from claiming unilateral authority to determine which electoral votes should be counted and which should not. so vice president mike pence, standing up yesterday. congressman greg steube, thank you so much. great to see you this morning. glad you're safe. glad everybody's safe. >> thank you. dagen: some other top stories we're following this morning of. democrats taking control of the
7:10 am
u.s. senate after a sweep in georgia. cheryl casone has more. cheryl. cheryl: that is right, dagen. democrats john ossoff and raphael warnock are projected to win georgia's senate runoff races, unseating incumbent republican senators david perdue and kelly loeffler. this gives democrats control of the senate, the house and the white house. warnock will be the peach state's first black senator and ossoff becomes the senate's youngest member at age 33. meanwhile, president-elect joe biden set to name judge merrick garland as his attorney general. he was nominated to the supreme court in 2016 by then president barack obama but didn't receive a congressional hearing. judge garland serves on the u.s. court of appeals for the d.c. circuit. he will give up a lifetime appointment if confirmed. a grim milestone in the fight against covid-19 seven days into the new year. data shows nearly 4,000 people died yesterday, one every 24 seconds in the united states.
7:11 am
hospitalizations also reaching record highs, reuters reporting more than 130,000 on tuesday. this all comes as governors across the country work to speed up the vaccination rollout. one in every 914 u.s. residents has now died from covid-19 since the pandemic began. and the new york stock exchange reversing course again. three chinese telecom companies will in fact be delist from trading on the 2 exchange following new guidance from the treasury department. president trump originally signed an a executive order in november that banned americans from investing in china mobile, china telecom and china unicom citing ties to the chinese military. those are some of the headlines we're following this morning in the newsroom. dagen: thank you so much. coming up, house minority whip steve scalise discussing yesterday's chaotic scenes and the certification of the electoral college. next hour, georgia congressman jody hice talks the balance of power shift in the senate after
7:12 am
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dagen: time for the word on wall street, top investors watching your money this week. joining me now ubs financial services private wealth advisor, allie mccartney, senior wealth advisor courtney domingus. mark, futures are pointing to gains this morning. yesterday the dow managed to close -- hit an all-time high, despite the rioting that we saw in washington, d.c. you look at the dow climbing yesterday, what is your take on the market reaction to yesterday's events? >> well, it's quite su surprisi. as a matter of fact, small value
7:16 am
stocks yesterday were up over 5% which seems very amazing to even comprehend with all the chaos. but my message to investors in times like this is take a deep breath and relax. any time you have fear, the panic is natural to set in. selling starts up and you just end up he destroying your portfolio. but i also want investors to stress test their portfolio. you should analyze it and look in worst case scenarios, large stocks, value stocks, tech stocks have been up massively over the last couple years in spite of covid and most investors would be shocked to analyze their portfolio and find out they could lose 50 to 60% of their money. you have to analyze it, look at the risk and diversify. have you to have some international. you have to have high quality short-term fixed income in case a crash hits. it reminds me a lot of 2008 and 2009. investors mead to be careful but not panic. it's a hard line to walk for
7:17 am
most investors. dagen: delisting chinese companies in the united states, state department and defense department officials reportedly discussing blacklisting alibaba and ten cent over alleged ties to china's military and security services, as the ne new york stk exchange reversed course again and decided to delist three chinese telecom companies after receiving guidance from the treasury department. your reaction to this, courtney? >> yeah, we're really seeing the market's reaction to this, where the stocks are see sawing on the news of delist, not delisting and delisting again. it's going to affect anybody who owns these stocks individually as opposed to owning them in funds. many of the funds own them through a thing like the hong kong exchange. the big thing that's overweighing investors it's happening at the end of the trump administration and the big question is, is there going to be any changes to that with a
7:18 am
new administration going forward. you're definitely getting trepidation on that going forward. it's something we'll have to continue to watch and see how of it progress as we move forward. dagen: allie, let's talks about the federal reserve. the fed minutes from last month's meeting showed central bank o of officials have wide support tor for the growing asst portfolio. this comes as the ten year treasury yield moved above 1% for the first time since march. what do you make of these moves? >> so i think if 2020 proved anything, it's that wall street and main street are very different animals and so the fiscal stimulus and the monetary policy that chairman powell and the fed have enacted have really largely been wall street driven, while -- excuse me, while the fiscal stimulus has largely been main street driven. one of the biggest risks that you talked about to continued growth in the equity market is
7:19 am
how much the fed is buying and to the other point you made, is interest rates, right. 50 basis point move in interest rates equates to about a 3% movement in the stock market. so what the fed continues to do as you said, they expanded their balance sheet by $7.4 trillion since june, they've been buying $120 billion of treasuries and mortgages a month. basically what they were saying was don't worry a 2013 taper tantrum where we start to unwind our balance sheet is not exactly in the future. ubs has put out some research saying they actually think between, let's say june and august, if we have as much of an efficacious rollout of the vaccine, if we have the earnings revisions that we think, if we have individuals who have larger
7:20 am
than normal savings going out into the world and spending that, we start to see inflation and maybe this will happen and it will definitely worry the markets. so this is a major show of support that one of the legs of this policy stool that a we've been talking about since march at this point is not going to be yanked. dagen: allie, great analysis. office. allie mccartney, mark mattson and courtney, great to see all three of you this morning. coming up, analyzing the aftermath, we discuss where the republican party goes from here after yesterday's unrest, that's next. stay with us. i didn't realize how special
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7:24 am
washington yesterday as rioters stormed capitol hill, breaking past barriers, breaching the halls of congress. one woman killed, three other people died after suffering reported medical emergencies. karl rove writing a new op-ed in the wall street journal titled this. the republican party is in disarray. he calls out the consequences of president trump's actions as the democrats take the senate majority of of. joseph, after everything that happened yesterday, now where does the republican party go from here? it's not just -- it's the chaos that we saw in washington yesterday. but it's also the fact that those two democrats won in georgia and democrats control the senate you now. you could see a dismantling of potentially of president trump's economic and financial legacy. >> well, i think there's a few things at stake here. number one, it's how we lost. you look at a place like georgia
7:25 am
where republicans really in the past had no business losing elections and it seemed as if the coalition that we've been able to build traditionally is starting to fall apart. more importantly, because it appears with the full 2020 picture that black voters by and large told the gop to go to hell at a time when they're voting more now than ever before. i think if you look at the legacy of president trump, you talk about those 7 million jobs, pre-covid, you talk about the recovery in a post-covid world, yes, i think that democrats are trying to enact plans whether you're talking about court packing, whether you're talking about getting rid of tax incentives, talking about getting rid of opportunity zones, all the thinks that are the linchpins of success for the presidentrump administration coe disman teld under a joe biden administration. i think we have to be able number one to find ways to work across the aisle to try to keep as much of that intact and then number two, trying to rebuild
7:26 am
that coalition because we've always had a fractured party. we are the original big ten party. the main thing we have to focus on moving forward is how do we bring those independents back into the tent, how do we get those young people to feel as if the oxygen inside that tent is enough to sustain their hopes and dreams and ambitions. dagen: and trump supporters, jon hilsenrath. jon: yeah. i think donald trump is the center of this question about the republican party. and on that i want to say a couple of things. first, as relates to what happened yesterday, there's been a lot of discussion today, dagen and you're focused on what congress prepared. i think we need to think about the geography of what happened yesterday. these events started at a place called the elipse, between the white house and washington monument. at that event, the president called on his people to march down to congress. the president's son, don junior, said we're coming for you and
7:27 am
the president's legal advisor, rudy giuliani, said trial by combat. you know, i think one could make the argument that they really egged these people on and there are going to be consequences for that. i think the big question is right now is what are the consequences literally for the next two weeks, not the republican party over the next few years but what are the consequences for president trump for the next couple of weeks. i've got a few that i'm making a list of. first, i think there's a chance that congress either before or after the inauguration censors the president. the left will be calling for a new impeachment. the left will be calling for the 25th amendment. today, as we speak today, the big question is, is he allowed back on twitter. i don't know if they're going to allow him back on. and then there's a h question of the inauguration. i honestly don't know if the president is going to be
7:28 am
welcomed at the inauguration. i think vice president pence will be welcomed at the inauguration and then finally there's the question of who is in charge of this white house? there are reports yesterday that it was vice president pence who called out the national guard. dagen: right. jon: i think we've got to be asking the question of the next couple of days, who is running the show over there on pennsylvania avenue. dagen: just to be clear, what president trump said yesterday in his speech was we're going to the capitol to try and give them the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country. that's exactly what he said. and i heard and saw quick, forceful condemnation from republicans across the board of what they were seeing yesterday, of what we were all seeing. jon: rudy giuliani said trial by combat. dagen: he said that before the violence erupted on capitol
7:29 am
hill. jon: exactly. dagen: i know. but i'm saying that there was forceful condemnation from republicans and conservatives far and wide and that is sure as hell something that we didn't hear last summer when stores were being looted and businesses were being burned for weeks if not months and somebody raised the issue on twitter, why didn't the violence from antifa and other rioters from the left all summer long, why didn't that hurt the democratic party? worth discussing in the weeks and months ahead. coming up hearing from house leadership, steve scalise is here to talk yesterday's unrest on capitol hill, that's next. there are many names for enthusiast. but there's only one way to become one... by going all in. the new lexus is. with a lower center of gravity,
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cheryl: welcome back. i'm cheryl casone. here are some of the top headline we're watching this morning. the louisville police department taking action against two officers involved in the breonna
7:33 am
taylor raid, firing the detectives. analysis shows that cosgrove was the detective that fired the shot that killed taylor while james who wasn't at the raid prepared the search warrant. breonna taylor's death was one of the police involved incidents that sparked protests across the country. costco had a great december, announcing net sales reached $19 billion. that's a 12% increase from the same time last year. driven by fro zon frozen foods d liquor sales. company says online comparable sales rose more than 62% for the month of december. apple users dropping a lot of cash on apps. the week between christmas and new year's eve users spent $1.8 billion in app store purchases. apple says the money came from in-game purchases. disney plus and the game among us some of the most popular apps. apple stock is up a little more than one and a quarter percent.
7:34 am
and neil young becoming the latest artist to strike gold with a song catalog, selling 50% stake to investment company hypnosis for $150 million. this covers copyright and income interest for more than 1100 songs. young has released some 70 albums as a solo artist and collaborated with bands like buffalo springfield, crazy horse, cross by crosby, cash an. dagen: chaos on capitol hill, protesters storming the building yesterday following a huge rally to support president trump. one woman was shot and killed, three other people died after suffering reported medical emergencies. joining me now, congressman, house minority whip steve scalise. congressman, you tweeted out yesterday that capitol hill police saved your life again when you were shot on that ball field. can you tell us about what you
7:35 am
saw yesterday? >> yeah, dagen, good morning. and you know, yesterday was such a dark day for our country to see the capitol get overrun like that. and we were in the middle of a debate, dealing with the constitutional duty to count electors and we're in the middle of that debate. i was participating in that he debate and next thing you know capitol police detail that's with me came over and said we've got to go. and it was just very quick and alarming that we had seen that there were a lot of people outside but that -- you started hearing reports, they were starting to breach some of the perimeters of the capitol and ultimately breached the house itself and not the house chamber but the senate chamber was breached, the capitol itself was breached and there's just no place for that. it was a very alarming day to see it come to that and we all
7:36 am
needed to denounce that in the strongest terms. i surely did. i think we all stood together and said this shouldn't happen in america. dagen: can you talk about your more personal reaction? you've been through being shot by -- who was a bernie sanders supporter. again, almost lost your life. to have to experience that yesterday, i was listening to you on the phone on fox news when you literally came together as lawmakers because you knew that you needed to resume as you pointed out that constitutional duty and to certify the electoral college and just, again, from a personal perspective, what your feelings were yesterday as you were going through all of this. >> you know, there were a lot of emotions and some deja vu flashback to that day three years ago on the ball field where it's a surreal moment of. you're not expecting that.
7:37 am
again, sit i sitting in the houe chamber, conducting a debate. you don't expect the capitol is going to get overrun. that's i think where the emotions came out. i worried about the capitol police officers who were being attacked. i worried about my colleagues who were there and we had a lot of questions along the way and once we got together as house and a senate leaders later that day, we talked about how to get the capitol back and it was critical that we get control back of the capitol, get back to work that day. you can't let that happen. there was a lot of anger that i had that shouldn't have happened but that we can't let it win the day. we can't end the day with us being denied the ability to get back to work and do the people's business and we made that very clear to law enforcement authorities from the secretary of defense on down.
7:38 am
i was in conversations with many of those officials and we talked about the importance of getting control back that day, because not only people all around the world -- country were alarmed and watching but people all around the world were too and it shouldn't have happened but we had to send a message that we were going to get back control of the capitol and get back to work that same day and we did. dagen: i've pointed out the quick, rapid, forceful move to condemn what was going on yesterday on capitol hill inside the capitol, particularly by republicans and conservatives. it was important to see people coming out and saying find these people, arrest these people, prosecute these people. but where do you go from here? have you spoken to president trump at all? have you communicated with him? >> i didn't speak with him yesterday. i spoke with vice president pence during the period where we
7:39 am
were working to get control of the capitol again but, you know, i was very quick to condemn it. you don't care who does something at that point. that violent -- you condemn it because there's no place for it and whether it's coming from the left or the right, it's coming from -- these are anarchists, these are terrorists. this isn't some display of a constitutional right at that point. when you resort to violence -- and i called it out last summer when i saw it. i called it out yesterday. i wish both sides were equally vocal last summer when it was going on because, again, whether it's coming from the left or right, it's not a political spectrum issue. it's about respecting the rule of law and respecting law enforcement too because they did injure a number of capitol police officers and nobody should stand for that. dagen: does president trump need to tone down his rhetoric? again, his video statement
7:40 am
yesterday was, again, drew bipartisan condemnation in his effort to tell the rioters to stop, the statement included we had an election stolen from us. it was a landslide. the other side knows it. go home now. we love you. and it was just off-base according to many. what do you want to hear from president trump going forward? >> i'd like to see an unequivocal condemnation of what happened. there's no just a justificationr people resorting to violence. we can debate our differences, we can express our strong opinions. we have a right to assemble and free speech but we didn' don't a right to resort to violence to settle our differences.
7:41 am
that's not who we are and any time that happens it needs to be condemned. dagen: where does the republican party go from here? >> we go where we've gone throughout our history. we fight for the freedoms of people. this is who we are as a party. we're the party of lincoln. and there are real strong belief that's we've always held. we believe in the power of the individual and we believe in the rule of law and that's what we're going to continue to fight for. we've seen a socialist move to the left by the democrat party. they're no longer mod rests and liberals -- moderates and liberals. they're far left progressive and socialists. that's where the core of the party it. i don't think that's where the core of democrats across the country are. that's where the leadership structure of the democrat party in washington is. i think that's out of touch with this country. and we've got to continue to lay out a strong alternative for
7:42 am
what our view of america is and i think we need to do a better job of that. and that's going to be one of the challenges we face as we point out the ills of a socialist left movement. we have also got to show the country what a conservative agenda looks like and how it benefits them. dagen: congressman steve scalise, thank you so much for being here this morning. great to see you as always. >> thank you, dagen. god bless. dagen: god bless. players and blessings always for strength. coming up, containing the new coronavirus variant, the risk from the mutated strand and how much it stands to affect children. you're watching "mornings with maria," live on fox business.
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
dagen: the coronavirus mutating, the more contagious variant now in at least five u.s. states and 33 countries. this as scientists investigate whether or not it is more likely to spread among children. joining me now infectious disease expert, johns hopkins center for health security senior scholar, dr. amesh adalja. what are your concerns about this new strain? by the way, great to see you as always. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. the biggest concern with this strain it is a more efficient transmitter. that means it gets between people easier, which means we have to do better with our social distancing, with our hand washing, with our wearing face coverings. it means we have to greatly
7:47 am
accelerate the speed of of vaccine rollout because the quicker we can get the vaccine into people's arms, the quicker this variant or any variant becomes less of a problem. dagen: what's been the hangup, quite frankly, dr. adalja? because, i know people in florida, in south florida who have gotten vaccinated. they're elderly people. they got vaccinated over a week ago and the hospital reached out to them. here in new york, it's a disaster. >> each state has different capacities and capabilities to be able to deliver the vaccine and i think that's why it's important that the federal government help with that last mile, turning a vaccination -- tourinturning the vaccine into a vaccination. each state has a little bit different prioritization scheme, each state has different resources in terms of the health department and the way hospitals are rolling this out. we need to figure out what's happening in each state, meet the states where they are and
7:48 am
augment their ability to vaccinate in every state so we can put this pandemic behind us and i think it's likely to be multiple factors in different states that are causing this problem. dagen: simple question. the vaccines, because, again, i think -- you know, the moderna vaccine, for example, can be kept once it's thawed in a regular refrigerator like you would use to store insulin in a pharmacy for 30 days. much shorter time period for the pfizer vaccine. are we losing doses of this vaccine because we cannot administer them fast enough? >> there definitely have been some doses that have been lost. hopefully this isn't a major problem. this is why i encourage hospitals, if they did thaw the pfizer vaccine, don't stick to a bureaucratic prioritization scheme, don't throw the vaccines in the trash can. the goal is to get the vaccine
7:49 am
into people's arms even if you have to deviate with the prioritization scheme. dagen: what's been good is there is a ground swell of demand for these vaccines. i mean, i shared this on the air. but my father, as soon as the pfizer vaccine was approved, he called his cardiologist in rural virginia, asking when can i get the vaccine. he's 84, just had an aortic valve replacement, a heart attack over the summer and the nurse hung up on him and said don't bother us and i think that that is -- people want the vaccine and i -- the communication from the medical community is, well, off base. >> i think it's a great thing that people are calling their doctors, calling hospitals of, trying to get access to the vaccine. we want to see high demand for the vaccine. we have a pry or of at thi -- pn group and hospitals are struggling to get through the
7:50 am
frontline workers, going into long-term nursing care home and you're seeing the elderly getting it. it's starting to trickle out. the more demand there is, the better it is for all of us. hopefully, states will have the ability, the infrastructure to be able to meet that demand and i think that's increasingly happening, we're starting to see speed up and eventually i do think everybody that needs the vaccine will get vaccinated. it's going to be a rocky start. we should have planned better for it and the states need more help to do this. dagen: dr. adalja, great to see you as always. thank you so much for that. i'm making a joke but like don't be rude to my dad and hang up on him because i'm going to show up at your office and i've got a much bigger set of lungs. [laughter] i think a lot of people feel that way. i'm a great healthcare advocate for my family. so dr. adalja, great to see you. i'm making a joke. coming up, new york crime on the rise, the alarming statistics from america's largest city. that's next.
7:51 am
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dagen: rising crime in new york city becoming one of the many surprising statistics in 2020, the nypd year-end crime data shows that shootings were up 97%, nearly doubling. while the city saw a 44% increase in murders. after everything that went on in new york over the summer, it's not just over the summer, it wasn't just the looting of businesses and the rioting here and other cities. a lot of what gave rise to this initially was the bail reform and the attitude, it's like hey, the original bail reform is you could assault a child under the age of 11 and not have to post any bail. jon: yeah. i think the bail reform was
7:55 am
certainly an issue in new york and a lot of other cities for that matter and new york looks to be an especially poorly managed city during this crisis and there's a mayoral election coming up in 2021 that i think is going to deserve a lot of attention because there's going to be a new sheriff in town, so-to-speak. in terms of the rise in homicides, i want to say this was a nationwide problem in 2020. it happened all over the country. chicago got hit really hard. new york got hit hard. places like tulsa, oklahoma and miami, florida also got hit hard with double digit increases in homicide and there were a lot of factors at play. school shutdowns, the police kind of pulling back, the coronavirus crisis and what it did to social institutions, a lot of increases in gang
7:56 am
violence, particularly in poor neighborhoods. there was a lot going on that hit cities all over the country. dagen, can i say one other last thing? i don't want to dominate the conversation. but you and i have gone at it a couple times this morning in kind of feisty ways. i want to say for people out there who are watching this, you and i really like and respect each other and i hope everybody out there understands that. i know i have enormous respect for you and your intelligence. dagen: likewise. jon: i think you're one of the smartest people on television. dagen: this isn't even that feisty, jon, quite frankly. jon: people should see what it's like off damra. dagen: you should see how i yell at i'll. i'm not yelling at you about new york. jon: i wanted to say that because we went at it earlier over some of the trump stuff. i want people out there watching this to know that we really like and respect each other. dagen: yeah, absolutely. joseph, we'll get to you in the next hour. still ahead, america's picking up the pieces, we talk to georgia congressman jody hice
7:57 am
and former arkansas governor mike huckabee about yesterday's rioting on capitol hill and more. it all starts next hour on "mornings with maria," live on fox business. ♪ piano playing ♪ "what the world needs now" ♪ the only thing a disaster can't destroy is hope help now at
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dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell if for maria bartiromo. it is thursday, january 7th your top stories 8:00 a.m. eastern. making it official congress voting to certify electoral college overnight despite few objections make joe biden the official winner of the 2020 election, president trump putting out a statement, saying there will be a peaceful transition of power on january 20th, although he ultimately disagrees with the outcome of the election after a chaotic day on capitol hill four people dead at least 52 he arrested rioters breached the capitol building taking over chamber causing lawmakers to flee following this all morning long we hear from mike
8:01 am
huckabee the bottom of the hour, and we also get weekly jobless claims, again a read on how many people are still unemployed in this country, and a newly unemployed, futures upswing 126.gain on dow after the dow hit a new all-time high yesterday, as well, despite, the rioting that we saw the market impact now that house and the senate eventually white house are all controlled by democrats, "mornings with maria" live, right now. dagen: we have markets in france and germany to the plus side this day german factory orders rising for 7th straight month economists were are expecting a decline in factory orders ib asia markets he mostly higher hang seng only loser do you have any half of 1%, chaos on capitol hill he rioters storming u.s. capitol
8:02 am
congress aimed to certify the electoral college vote, hillary vaughn, is live from the capitol, to walk us through exactly what happened, hillary. reporter: good morning, dagen before 4 a.m. when congress officially certified for president-elect joe biden as daybreak over the capitol this morning calm quiet fills halls the damage behind why rioters still echoes loudly after trump supporters terrorized attacked the capitol. >> have i feel your pain i know you are hurt we had an election that was stolen from us, it was a landslide election everyone knows it, especially the other side. but you have to go home now. we have to have peace. . reporter: chaifrz thick temperatures high members debated loshl votes state-by-state house lawmakers
8:03 am
came close to blows debating opinions electoral votes several charges at each other coming close to a brawl jumping over benches to join scuffle a fistfight almost broke out between kansas democrat, and republican from maryland, a former linebacker from titans had to be separated by staffer damage destruction caused some senators to back off plans to block the certification while others made their final stand. >> this is the place where those objections are to be heard peacefully without violence, no congressional audit is ever going to convince these voters particularly when the president will continue to say the election was stolen. the best way we can show respect for the voters who were upset is by telling them the truth. [applause] . reporter: there will be an
8:04 am
orderly transition on january 20th, this represents the end of the greatest first term in presidential history it is only the beginning of our fight to make america great again, the president though dagen so furious vice president pence would not help him overturn results of the election reported locked pence's chief of staff mark schoor out of the white house for a while. dagen: thank you so much for coming to us live from inside the capitol building, for reaction our panel joseph, jon hilsenrath, joseph, to you first. another day, calmer heads prevailing even overnight i guess mapart of the irony because of violence mob attack on capitol building four people dead one woman shot that you didn't -- you didn't
8:05 am
get to hear the objections or the -- what a lot of the lawmakers had to say, about the election and the way it was handled. >> i think the reality was that many people from the very beginning have said this was bigger than president trump, it was a notion of saying either we are a nation of laws or we are not, that states cannot unilaterally decide to change the manner in which they conduct elections without going through proper channels. i think, again, people tried to push back to the side, i think again what happened yesterday gave credence to this notion you cannot separate the two you cannot separate this notion that there was widespread election fraud from the most of us trying to have a conversation about a nation simply following the laws which were this -- collective behavior unfortunately i think the
8:06 am
after math of people took to thuggery in the capitol disrepublican the flag our way of life i think un. >> that is where we are. >> a columnist for the "new york post" headline today from the senate to mike pence trump destroys the party on the way out of the door, that with the -- the legacy at least short run is chaos, and then really, the financial and economic legacy could potentially be ripped up, under a biden administration, with the did democrats controlling both the senate and the house. chuck schumer, to quote him, he said he will be the new majority leader potentially he said we take georgia and then we change america. changing america maintenance regulation, higher taxes. >> have i think the first thing that is going to happen
8:07 am
out of new congress is going to be a big spending package, are and then we are going to have to go from there, see what they do on taxes, and regulations, are you know, i think in the short run the big questions for me what are the implications for president trump really who is in charge of the white house over the next couple weeks before the inauguration, you know the one thing i want to say on an optimistic note is there is a business channel we've got the stock market there, and lower right-hand corner, stocks are rising today and very interestingly to me, the dollar is rising, and the dollar has been rising since around 11:00 last night, and what i am seeing in the markets is an affirmation that american institutions are aren't weak they are robust in mid of chaos that everything happened we have seen american
8:08 am
institutions behave resiliently the market seems to be marking that up with a stronger dollar and stronger stock. >> go ahead, joseph. >> i think also add on to that point, i think people you know made all this noise about oh the -- you are going to have democrats majority in the senate chuck schumer going to take over, i mean we don't necessarily have all the rules per se, for how the next majority leader is going to be chosen, you know, there is really has to be some type of brokering of pour in a 50-50 tie majority leader is not official title per se so i think you see a jostling in kamala harris, would become vice president of vacancy all temporary blips along the way so i think we are going to see a slow burn here when it comes to markets as we try to figure
8:09 am
out are democrats going to try to become more aggressive in their are we going to see type of moderation, stability i think all markets to this decree, how far left was joe biden that administration how far left o do they get pushed in same goes in the senate and in congress, that i was talking to someone yesterday, who is a democrat, who said the plan at least initially as jon said more spending, huge will it be huge infrastructure package, something that president obama talked ub about literally every speech he gave about the economy i think brought up infrastructure spending the goal to find maybe one to two trillion dollars in revenue that will be more in form of he corporate tax reform where might be a minimum tax say 15%, people will be die
8:10 am
congesti die congestiveing that, in have joe biden in have favor of forgive nepz than chuck schumer bernie sanders wants hundreds penn not as big as liberal members of democratic party are insisting on. >> loan forgiveness you reported really well in the week if you go far with student loan forgiveness you are forgiving loans for all kinds of upper middle class families got kids in harvard princeton who are you helping if you do is that? any student loan forgiveness in my mind has to be were attached to fixing completely utterly broken higher finance system where federal government is subsidizing college tuition inflation. >> right no matter how much democrats try to do a lot in
8:11 am
senate are up for reelection about in two years do they -- do they go so left wing that they throw away their reelection chances? this -- people are already talking about this. looking at lists of people who are with whose seats are terms are up. so we will be watching. and reporting, and analyzing, over stories this morning democrats taking control of the u.s. senate what we're talking about after that sweep in georgia cheryl casone has more. cheryl: yeah, so democrats, raphael warnock,. >> ossoff he projected to win unseating incumbent republican senators perdue, loeffler gives control of the senate, house and whoots warnock peach state's first black senator ossoff becomes senate's youngest member, 33, president-elect joe biden naming judge merrick garland pick for attorney general
8:12 am
nominated to supremacist in 2016 by then-president barack obama did not receive a congressional hearing served on u.s. court of appeals for d. d.c. circuit, lifetime appointment in confirmed. >> covid-19, seven days into the new year nearly 4,000 died yesterday one every 24 seconds in united states,. >> reuters reports more than 130,000 on tuesday, koepz as governors corroborative the country work to speed up the vaccination rollout one in every 914 u.s. presidents aside from covid-19 since the pandemic began new york stock exchange, are reversing course three chinese telecom companies will in fact be delisted from trading following guidance from treasurer department president trump signed executive director back in november that
8:13 am
banned americans from investing in china mobile telecom, unicom citing ties to the chinese military dagen i know some headlines initial jobless claims in a few minutes. dagen: so i am looking at total number of people the week ending december 19, i think, who were drawing unemployment benefits, because the most recent report we got last week, it was 19 1/2 million people drawing some form of unemployment. >> the claims four times, higher than the pre-pandemic numbers, great to get that average down for sure. we will see. >> likely to go up a lockdown in california as you pointed out yesterday. dagen: adp. dagen: has been hard, hard to bring. cheryl: hard to bring bad news out we got to do it. >> up of former arkansas governor mike huckabee talks where republican party goes from here after yesterday's in rest rioting you are watching
8:14 am
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. dagen: breaking news president donald trump former chief of staff, the current envoy to northern ireland mulholland said he is resigning from diplomatic post, joseph you first on this there have been i think stephanie grisham resigned from white house yesterday the spokeswoman for still the first lady but some of this is to even be i don't want to read into the reason, but some of this is to be expected if the president is leaving office january 20th with inauguration of joe biden. >> well, look i think going to be a mix i think it is for people who were already one step out the door i think an opportune time, i think also
8:18 am
this is not normal became crime scene unavoidable rooelt we talk about president trump going to be a fixture for a long time but i think this is a man called nfl players who kneeled sons of [bleep], people breaching the halls of congress, complete utter trampling of the values we holed dear in this in any case that we've got a serious problem here so i think that is going to be part of it i think we will see more people will resign but i think ultimately again we have to have a nation that comes together says there is a before, and an after, unfortunately we are clearly living in the here after we have to make a determination about how we are going to choose to conduct ourselves as a nation as a party.
8:19 am
dagen: i believe, in the greatness of this country, and as sad as it was to watch what happened yesterday, and i heard and i would consider myself to fall into this as forceful quick rapid swift unequivocal condemnation of what he we were seeing happen on cop hill any time there is violence like that including what was happening over the summer, in in left wing cities by grooubs like antifa there needs to be not just people condemning it but people calling for the arrest and prosecution of those individuals, who commit crimes, one thing struck me, in the a very powerful way, yesterday, and what andy mccarthy former federal prosecutor had to say on the air on fox news, i respect an andy immensely difficult to
8:20 am
watch this with knowledge i prosecuted terrorists conspiring to do very thing attack our capitol installations of the government with rapid prosecution of people who committed crime yesterday that is one way we heal this needs to happen over and over and over again. coming up trying to impeach again trump house democrats ready to push trump out early. their plan ahead. these days, it's okay to do some things halfway... but taking prescriptions shouldn't be one of them. so cvs works to make them affordable with a proprietary search tool that looks for savings. plus we deliver, free. no wonder cvs customers are better than most at staying on prescriptions. which tends to make you healthier. get a free prescription savings review at cvs.
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get 0.9% financing (announcer) 2021 rx 350. do you washed pounds? stress? do you want to flatten your stomach? do all that in just 10 minutes a day with aerotrainer, the total body fitness solution that uses its revolutionary ergonomic design to help you maintain comfortable, correct form. that means better results in less time. and there are over 20 exercises to choose from. get gym results at home. no expensive machines, no expensive memberships. go to to get yours now. weeks left in his term some house democrats looking to impeach president trump again, this time blaming him for yesterday's unrest on capitol hill the violence the rioting, congresswoman omar taking to twitter yesterday writing i amdrawing up articles of impeachment, donald j. trump
8:24 am
should be impeached by house of representatives roasted from office by united states is that the we can't allow them to remain in office it is a matter of preserving our republic we need to fulfill our oath, jon you mentioned this in terms of -- some is posturing in materials of the timing president trump has announced a peaceful transition of power going to be out january 20th anyway. >> yeah, i think you know the two ideas on the stream that people are talking about are impeachment and 25th amendment i think there is a lot of blowback that the president can face over the next few days what i am looking at today, is what happens with twitter? twitter banned him 12 hours 12 hours i think almost up. so what are they going to do with that, i am very interested to see, what
8:25 am
happens with the inauguration. there was a lot of -- discussion about whether this president would want to show up, i think there is a question now that whether the president will be welcomed. and then there is also a question of really who is in charge at the white house, mike pence yesterday according to a lot of reports, was the person who facilitated ordering the national guard so the president is a person tends to be in the spotlight i think going to stay in the spotlight next he couple weeks going to be blowback, i just don't know how far it is getting go at this point. >> i was a pointing out all morning one thing i want to reiterate you heard republicans, conservatives far and wide immediately and forcefully condemning what happened on capitol hill yesterday, it happened immediately. and that it is not something that that you heard from leadership, even in democratic party until it was starting to
8:26 am
hurt them in polls over the summer when rioting, in our nation cities destruction of livelihoods i expect from everybody when one side or the other is involved in rioting violence everybody needs to -- we need to arrest and prosecute people for years partisanship on left talked about bullying, going after people on the right, harassing them we've seen that, i am talking to arkansas governor former arkansas governor mike huckabee coming up we saw what happened to his daughter when she was sarah sanders when press secretary for trump there needs a coming together not just on the right, it is -- a collective effort to take
8:27 am
down the temperature in this country. governor huckabee he is up next, jobless claims, stay with us. in other words, we want a hybrid. and so do retailers. which is why they're going hybrid, with ibm. a hybrid cloud approach with watson ai helps manage supply chains while predicting demands with ease. from retail to healthcare, businesses are going with a smarter hybrid cloud, using the tools, platform and expertise of ibm.
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worker's comp insurance? get a quote in 3 minutes at . dagen: welcome back i am dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo. thursday, january 7th we are standing by for those initial yobless claims, one of the most important pieces of economic news that we get every month every week certainly, we have the big jobs' report. that is out. tomorrow. but right now we want to see how many people filing for unemployment, given the lockdowns, and more onerous lockdowns in l.a., for example, cheryl hit me. cheryl: a couple things crossing first initial claims number came in actually a little bit than expected i can slain why estimate 800,000 came in 787,000 they also revised the jobless claims for the week of december 62th to 790,000 tiny bit higher for
8:31 am
that week a little bit of a revision looking at continuing claims 5.072, 5.072 better than expected, i do have the trade devastates 68.1 billion actual that widened we are looking for deficit to widen to 65.2 billion november, came in 68.1 billion i didn't mention earlier but want to throw out jobs' report tomorrow dagen we got a revision, after adp number talking about yesterday afternoon, the november december jobs -- december jobs 71,000 looking for 100,000 jobs nor tomorrow morning report revised for expectations on 71,000, they also are looking now for unemployment rating to up from 6.8% estimate yesterday morning when you and i were on air together 6.7 a lot of maneuvering right now with all
8:32 am
numbers as you can see, dow up 16 back to you. dagen: thank you so much cheryl, cheryl casone. congress certifying the 2020 election results overnight, declaring joe biden the 45th president of the united states, this followed the chaos, in d.c. yesterday, as rioters stormed capitol hill breaking past barriers breaching halls of congress one woman was killed three other people died suffering reported medical emergencies, joining me now he former presidential candidate former arkansas governor mike huckabee governor first your reaction to what we saw on capitol hill yesterday. >> absolutely revolting. was not an act of patriotism this was act of anarchy, there can be no excuse for it, it is one thing to protest last summer we saw people protest actions they felt were egregious but what we saw at the capitol yesterday -- was really a level of anger,
8:33 am
that are has no place really in our culture. you can fill up a propane tank 500 gallons to heat home, cook food a misplayed spark will blow up and take a lot of people with it what we saw was misplaced spark utter emotional reaction resulted in death of a young woman frankly humaniliation for people of united states of america people who decided to storm capitol break windows occupy nancy pelosi's office vandalize the country will understand they set this country back did not do their cause whatever it was any favor, they make us all look stupid i am you frustrated this level of anarchy happened in our nation's capital showing disrespect for our constitution and way of life.
8:34 am
dagen: president videotaped remarks to tell people top rioting was lacking to say the least he said we had an election stolen a landslide the other side knows it you need to go home would he love you condemned by left and right democrat and republican, what -- what do you want to hear from president trump now? because again, he even went after his vice president yesterday telling him to not certify the electoral college, mike pence steed ood up said do not have power to do this under the constitution people certainly -- fears eased by him acting and as a check on what the president was telling him to do publicly, but what do you want to hear from president trump now? >> i want it to end well i
8:35 am
mean he has had four years of getting a lot of things done that many of us were hopeful for deregulation of businesses lowering taxes pushing back on china standing up for lives of in born babies standing with israel this is a president has a lot of accomplishments unfortunately nobody is take about those. they are talking about yesterday. in few days he has left before he will turn the reins to joe biden and kamala harris he needs to be the statesman that is something that i understand he is angry about the election. heck i am too, i don't know whether it was all on the up and up but there is a time a way to go about investigating that it doesn't involve storming the capitol, or inciting people to, you know, just take law into their own hands that is not how you resolve things we need to focus on principles what have the movement was about, of
8:36 am
make america great, not get into the passion of saying if it doesn't happen my way, i will just burn the place down. that is not how we behave as adults not how civil people baif behave very important america takes a step back talking to each other rather than yelling at each other look for ways to pick a this country truly great we didn't make it great yesterday we made it looked like something that we would run from not something we would run to. dagen: i am going to point to apiece miranda divine in "new york post" haswritten in terms of where this leaves the republican party even conservatives, from the senate with the victory of the democrats in georgia, to mike pence, trump destroyed the party on the way out of the door. looks like scorched earth. >> i think that is a little
8:37 am
harsher i don't think trump destroyed the party i think over the course of the past five years helped to make the party something that would would actually be a political force and i go back to the points. his principles the things he stood for putting america first that is a good thing, i am glad we had a president that didn't just roll over for china, because of the big corporate interests that wanted him to i am glad he wasn't owned by donor class that has run d.c. for so long you don't know the difference between democrats and republicans. what needs to happen is party takes those principles basic core values, of making america our focal point making us strong, economically, morally socially making us the great nation a light to the rest of the world, and not allow ourselves to devolve into anarchy that we saw yesterday in d.c., that has to be
8:38 am
republic defender eighthed revelocitying i hope people are prosecuted for it never show up in public places again. >> before rioting you had two one of the georgia senate races was called yesterday, in the middle of all this, but two extreme far left candidates have won senate seats, in georgia. not moderate democrats either -- these are as far left the as they come. this leaves trump, president trump's legacy is in the short run people remember the chaos from yesterday. but the legacy economic financial legacy us two of two democrats far left democrats winning in georgia would get ripped up in short order, regulations, regulations laid-back on, and taxes strictly on corporations, hikes undoing what would have been his economics.
8:39 am
legacy. >> have i think that is an anxiety we have next two years good thing about america we have elections every two years a chance for course correction reset so in 2022 if democrats do what i think may do run the table push things over just like they did in obama's first two years, we are going to see a backlash you are going to see republicans who stand up for basic conservative principles economic sanity, we are going to see them get elected both to senate and house, and then we are going to once again have some at least -- balance of power in washington. and maybe stop what may be two years of utter what would i call philosophy chaos far left it's running u.s. government an assault on our system as well. >> you condemned what happened yesterday, i heard swift condemnation from literally everyone who i follow who is a
8:40 am
member was a republican or well-known republican elected officials otherwise. of what was going on yesterday, and i condemned would the violence looting in rioting all summer long by antifa other left wing only aingtators rioters that is not what you heard from the left. in fact as eric erickson wrote on twitter this morning he was saying that you have to be blunt, you also have to mention that the left wing you partisans for years have been advocating for to harassing bullying defaming good people people on the right and people who went into the trump administration, so i want you to speak to what your own daughter when she was press secretary had to endure in lexington virginia, all of this needs to stop governor. >> well it does, dagen, you know,, for example, i think the way my daughter responded to the way she was thrown out of a restaurant bullied
8:41 am
harassed at the white house correspondents dinner set the right tone do on to he oez what you would have them do on to you she didn't scream that she got up quietly gathered linings left, let scorn fall upon bully restaurant owner when hid eeous comedian wasn't very funny tried to harass her on television she didn't stand up throw a plate of food at her set there quietly with benign smile after said simple it says more about her than me that is how we handle that two wrongs don't make a right how my mother raised me how i raised my daughter treat others like you want to be treated you don't want to have somebody spit in your face yell scream at you burn your house down don't do it to anybody else that simple jesus
8:42 am
taught us a basic simple room we call it golden rule if we live by it we will live better. >> thank you, governor huckabee always a pleasure we will see you soon thank you. >> thank you dagen. >> social media response how twitter fake responded to yesterday's unrest you are watching "mornings with maria" police on fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪ for every trip you've been dreaming of, expedia has millions of flexible booking options. because the best trip is wherever we go together. ♪
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>> social media scrutiny twitter facebook suspending
8:46 am
president trump social media account following unrest in washington yesterday twitter citing severe violations of civic integrity policy as reasoning joining me harvard law distinguished fellow, this is my opinion. twitter, is certainly and even facebook seem hanker to go do this narrow, even before what happened yesterday but -- what do you make of this. >> so far they have been very cautious fearful of trump administration now not worried about it pressure built up like a pressure cook inner silicon valley there has been so much, criticism of the tech industry employers have been -- google having union now union wanted to make more money, the union wanted to stand up for political causes, so, now, this is a relief
8:47 am
valve for pressure cooker a lot more clamping down i won't be surprised if the president's account is suspended a week at a time. >> twitter censored one of our largest papers the "new york post," basically, locked down its account it wouldn't -- i was astonished twitter would not allow older people to disseminate a story about hunter biden, that was true. it wouldn't let anybody disseminate story the account locked down almost two weeks at least 10 days again, there is that push towards censorship, i wonder like how does twitter walk that line? i have lost a lot probably over 1,000 twitter followers last day i suspect they were just fake accounts that are
8:48 am
being purged, but like -- where does that leave twitter? >> so far, the tech industry has been judge and jury make up their own rules this is why we need to regulate it -- section 230 has given them carte blanche to do whatever they want to do if i come on your show start swearing you are going to censor me hold me responsible for what i said i can go on twitter social media platforms, not only can't do what i want they get to profit from it highlight things they want amplify violence, what we saw yesterday, was shock, this is not right to, the fact is twitter facebook social media has polarized extreme left left on extreme right look the same because ofporization that it does i have had long conversations with executives
8:49 am
privately, in the technology industry, years ago. saying that they have to actively go outside of that comfort zone that isry roivend reforced, they tell you what you want to hear you don't hear it created even more than in our everyday lives, echo chamber in vacuum there is a loop of where you just hear what you want to hear, you don't hear anything outside of that, are, quite frankly, before we go, there are democrats senator elizabeth warren they are no fans of the size of some of these large technology companies. so president trump might be heeding out the door joe biden will be inaugurated january 20ths should they also be concerned about democrats that want to bust them?
8:50 am
>> you know the teching industry losing right now, now suddenly they fear they will be regulated what is more, about regulations can play the game it is worried about being broken up what happened instagram, to facebook all under same umbrella able to buy whatever companies they want they have to be broken up the energy needs to be controlled regulated needs to be broken up otherwise more power than u.s. president able to rad callize control what we see hear good thing held accountable. >> great to see you -- i haven't spoken to you a very long time please come back we love to chat. take carry we'll be right back. are you frustrated with your weight and health?
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>> lbmh completing acquisition of tiffany and company on this letch brew named,. >> tiffany, executive officer, louis vuitton will become -- let's move on, good for them, new york state alternatives to fill budget gap left by pandemic governor cuomo putting legalization marijuana and sports betting on the table will outline his formal agenda monday, lawmakers in state facing a devastate more than 8.7 billion dollars, jon this is -- new york is going to be grasping at anything to
8:55 am
bring in revenue the states weathered first couple months of the economic storm okay, got a lot of federal support in particular the unemployment front but that support disappeared, and new york is now scraping but a lot of other states are going to be scraping too they are going to be going to things like gambling revenue, drug revenue marijuana sale revenue all scraping for money until there is an economic recovery, are we are going to be seeing stuff like this, this is -- you know in part why there was vigorous debate last few months whether states should get more help from congress, and they lost that debate. >> generosity are ev what they are raising taxes higher residents new york city raise
8:56 am
taxes basically speed the cycle up leaving state taxes are too high red states where people are moving. >> i mean this is ridiculous, you are dealing with over a decade of fiscal mismanagement abuse in this city now trying to balance budgets on most vulnerable citizens of our state because again that is what always happens people who are going gambling people with least amount of resources to gamble with, purchasing of drugs people we also know accessible, comorbidity issues that led. cycle of doom we find ourselves in today, ultimately again this is, city to city, people tax richfully states go to -- bring terrible policies with them. dagen: more "mornings with maria" thank you, live on fox
8:57 am
business, right after this.
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dagen: thank you, joseph ended john, always a pleasure "varney & co." starts right now. stuart, it's all yours. stuart: thank you. good morning. by now, we have seen the chaotic and frankly disgraceful scenes of violence and insurrection at our nation's capital, wednesday, january the sixth, at a good day for democracy but this morning, thursday january 7, we are waking up to a political transformation. 3:40 a.m. eastern, congress finally certified the election for joe biden. he is the next president. tran 81 in georgia and the democrats now run the house, the senate and the white house. some of the presence of supporters are walking away from it. lindsey graham took on the floor of the senate and said counts me out. it's


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