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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 19, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EST

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victor david hanson and victoria green victimized by twitter. we hope you maria: good morning. good tuesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, january 19th. your top stories right now, 6:0. janet yellen facing nomination hearing today. what she says about big spending, what it could mean for the country's mounting debt and your wallet. we will get you the preview. parler fights one more day to stay online. new details as the company's website comes back but the app is still banned from google and apple's app stores, the latest example of twitter's censorship
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admission. watch. >> [ indiscernible ] -- rhetoric. we feel like it is a global approach. maria: the attack on free speech coming up this morning. then, tackling the coronavirus in all of its forms, surgeon general dr. jerome adams is here in the next hour, outlining the road to recovery. we've got a pretty good rally underway right now. dow industrials right now bouncing back after being closed for martin luther king, junior day yesterday, dow industrials up 182 points right now, the nasdaq up 127, s&p 500 higher by 27, coming off pretty good losses over the last couple weeks. investors are looking ahead to major earnings from bank of america and goldman sachs, that may set the tone. we've got the numbers for you when they hit the tape. and then netflix reporting later this afternoon, we will give you
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the preview. spotting a liar, what you need to be on the lookout for so you know when you are not getting the whole truth. "mornings with maria" is live right now. ♪ maria: european markets this morning trading mostly higher, take a look. the fq100 is up 15, the cac is down 2 and the dax higher by 24. in asia overnight, stocks finishing higher, except china. the shanghai composite was down a fraction. best performer honk of kong, up better than 2 and three quarters percent. now some of the top stories this morning. president-elect joe biden set to reverse some of president trump's immigration policies on the first day in office. his sweeping proposal would provide a path to citizenship for 11 million people living in the country illegally.
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those under the daca program would be on the shortest path to citizenship. the overhaul would still need to clear congress. meanwhile, the biden administration is rejecting president trump's ban to lift bans on travel into the united states from europe, the u.k. and brazil. these restrictions were put in place last spring to stop the spread of the coronavirus. president trump's order lifts that ban on january 26th, the same day all travelers must present a negative test or proof of recovery from covid-19 to enter the united states. parler taking the first steps to come back, the social media platform teaming one a russia owned technology company in order to make the website reachable again, while the platform is still unavailable, visitors to the website can see a message from the ceo, saying he expects service to be restored soon. he told me they will need build their own infrastructure to
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prevent future shutdown, twitter's latest censorship position, a top twitter executive is heard saying that twitter will continue to purge accounts that it deems to be pushing conspiracy theories. twitter confirmed the authenticity of the leaked video. and finally, the nation's capitol is on high alert this morning and this week ahead of tomorrow's inauguration. there will be 25,000 national guard troops on-hand, according to reports, there are fears that qanon members may try to disguise themselves as soldiers. there is said to be no credible threat. but the national guard is taking no chances. the acting defense secretary says they've been taking several measures, including vetting the troops. this is more troops than in iraq and afghanistan combined at the
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capitol this week. markets are set to open higher. we're watching earnings from the banking sector many we will get bank of america, a number of banks will be reporting before the opening bell, bank of america and goldman sachs among them. net thrix set to report -- netflix set to report after the close tonight. joining the conversation all morning long is fox business' dagen mcdowell and mark mattson. great to see everybody this morning. thank you for being here. let me kick it off with markets this morning and jeff, your reaction to what we're seeing. pretty good rally underway. what's behind it an is it sustainable? >> i think it is sustainable, maria. our work actually suggests we should get a pause last week and this week but so far that hasn't -- i guess last week was kind of a pause. it's like the perfect scenario. you've got good earnings, you've got low interest rates, you've
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got -- looks to me like the virus is going to be in the rear view mirror in the not too distant future which means people will be going to movies and restaurants and that will give the economy a lift. when you scratch most individual investors, they're bearish. i think eventually that money finds its way into stocks. secular bull markets last 15 to 20 years. we ought to have another four to eight years in this thing and nobody believes it. maria: we've got rates at record low levels. but we're going to hear from janet yellen today, all eyes on capitol hill, the treasury secretary nominee, former federal reserve chairman knows a thing or two about rock bottom interest rates. she's expected to urge congress to pass more aid in order to avoid a longer recession. what are your expectations of what we hear out of janet yellen and will that further this rally, i think. >> i think she's going to be
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selling the biden stimulus package. i think she's going to be speaking to all the points on the biden stimulus package and she does a very good job of doing that. i would expect the markets to be friendly to what janet yellen has to say at 10:00 a.m. this morning. maria: the major indices seeing prices surge in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic, jeff. what's your take in terms of this vaccine getting widely distributed? do you think that will represent the kind of stimulus that nancy lazar at cornerstone macro is talking about. she's got a report out, it's the vaccine, not massive stimulus that matters and that's what's going to bring gdp up. she says she's got room to go all the way up to 7% potentially in 2021 for the gdp. >> i think that's a bit optimistic. i think gdp could come in somewhere between 5 and 6% and i think she's right on the
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vaccine. i think it's all about the vaccine. i think the more you can roll out the vaccine, i think the better it is for the economy. and i think the markets are sensing that and i think that's why they're going higher here. maria: mark mattson, jump in here. >> well, i think it's important for investors not to be so myopically looking at the u.s. market. in 2000, large s&p stocks and tech stocks had an amazing run, followed by a disastrous crash. i think investors have to be prepared for that. many people don't know they can lose 50% of their stocks overnight. not only investing in the us, but they've got to be invested in emerging markets, they have to be globally diversified, europe and asia and furthermore, they need to really do a stress test on their portfolio and see what kind of volatility is
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actually crept into it and hedge it with short-term, high quality, fixed income and if they don't do that they could -- problem with predicting the future is no one can do it. so they have to be prepared to build a portfolio that doesn't have a guess for the future. maria: well, it's a good point. and jeff remarks do you think about that? there's so many issues where international markets. you've got the issues around china, you've got a weak recovery in europe, we're going to hear from the european central bank this week. how much of one's money do you believe should be placed internationally, jeff? >> i think you should have some positions in international markets. i tend to use mutual funds to do that. i don't buy the individual stocks. as far as a crash is concerned, it's typically one crash to a generation and we've seen ours. could we get a pullback? yeah. but i doubt seriously you're going to get a crash in this ebbing with you at this market with all -- equity market with all the money sitting on the sidelines and people wanting to get in.
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maria: jeff, it's great to see you this morning. thanks very much. we'll check back soon, in a week that is jam packed with earnings certainly will direct and set the tone for markets. jeff, good to see you this morning. have a good day. we are just getting started. coming up, retired four star general jack keane is here, talking about security surrounding the inauguration, china's latest sanctions on the u.s. over taiwan, we're going to get into it. next hour, new york congressman tom reed will be here talking about bipartisanship, bridging the congressional divide and the surgeon general, dr. jerome adams, joins us with an exclusive report on community health and economic prosperity. the latest on the vaccine rollout coming up. 8:00 a.m. our, doug collins will be here discussing the big sec censorship. mercedes schlapp will join us to discuss president trump's legacy. we've got a big show this
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morning. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ we fell in love in a hopeless place. ♪ we fell in love in a hopeless place. ♪ we fell in love in a hopeless place. ♪ we fell in love in a hopeless place.
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maria: welcome back. the first hearings for president-elect joe biden's cabinet nominations are set to begin this morning. the hearing kick off with janet yellen, the intelligence committee will hold a hearing for the director of national intelligence pick. appearing before the senate homeland security and governmental affairs committee will be alejandro mayorkas. anthony blinken will sit before the foreign relations committee, holding a hearing for defense
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secretary nominee, lloyd, austin, happening today as thans week. what do you think about the nominees, who will have an easier path and who will have a tougher path getting past the senate? >> i think janet yellen will have the smoothest path of maybe the entire cabinet. she is a very familiar figure on capitol hill and in the world of finance. it's possible she'll get confirmed tomorrow, on the day of joe biden's inauguration. but this is unusual. no cabinet official do we think will be confirmed before the inauguration. in the past, for president trump, two of his cabinet no, nominees were confirmed by that point, for barack obama it was six. things are getting off to a somewhat slower start than it's been customary in recent times. maria: i don't know about
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slower than the trump administration, everybody was acting secretary for years. >> he had some problems with confirmations and keeping people but at this point, at his inauguration, he had two of his cabinet appointments confirmed. there's been a modern tradition of trying to get national security officials in particular confirmed and ready to go because of the need to take over. we think general austin will get confirmed. we don't anticipate a big problem there, once he gets a waiver, for having served in the military in the past several sen years. all these nominees we think are likely to be confirmed. it's just going to take a little bit of time. maria: susan, we're just getting news of bank of america and its earnings are authorizing a huge buyback plan, he three and a quarter billion dollar stock purchases from bank of america as the company reports its earnings. this speaks directly to the economy after that huge spending package that joe biden announced
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last week, $1.9 trillion. do you have an expectation that this moves the needle in terms of economic growth, as so many small businesses face shutdowns? >> maria, i should leave the economic analysis to you. you know more about it than i do. i do know the biden folks and democrats in congress thing this big spending package that the biden administration is proposing will do a lot to help small businesses, to help individuals, to help schools reopen. and to help with distribution of the vaccine and i know i heard earlier on your show how important distribution of the vaccine is for the economy of the nation. maria: absolutely and all of the stimulus coming into the market has certainly been a positive for the stock market. we'll see when markets start focusing on debt. president trump is expected to issue as many as 100 pardons and commutations on the final full day in office, today, including the president's personal attorney, rudy
6:18 am
giuliani, steve bannon, rapper r lil wayne. >> it's probably better waiting to see. a lot of the speculation has been around whether he'll pardon himself. white house officials are telling reporters that doesn't seem to be likely you to happen. it might be seen as an acknowledgement of guilt. president trump has said he hasn't done anything wrong. it would also take away his fifth amendment protection. we're watching for will he pardon himself, will he pardon his kids, will he pardon rudy giuliani. he's got just about 24 hours left to do that. maria: what i'm wondering is if he's going to pardon jewel january assange. there's was -- julian assange. there was a lot of conversation about whether or not julian assange would get a pardon and there are people who were
6:19 am
appealing to the president in that regard. susan, there's a usa today poll out as you know showing most americans are braced for violence at tomorrow's inauguration. look at all these national guards troop. more than 65% feel the country is headed down the wrong track, susan. what's the reaction to the poll you've taken there at usa today. >> it's so different from the tone that we usually have from americans at the point of an inauguration. usually this is a celebratory time where people who -- the folks who won are really encouraged, the folks who lost the election are giving them offense, their moment in the sun. that's not what we're finding this week. the wounds and divisions from the election are still pretty raw and that attack on the capitol january 6th have left scars on americans. they are now as you say -- seven out of ten, braced for violence at the inauguration. we hope that doesn't happen tomorrow. maria: absolutely. susan, it's good to see you this morning.
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thanks very much. we'll be watching of course and bringing our viewers the story. susan page. coming up, immigration, mixed signals. joe biden promising 11 million people a path had to citizenship while telling a new migrant caravan they will not be accepted just yet. we discuss that coming up. a sleuth for the truth, the subtle ways you can pinpoint a liar, it's making a buzz this morning. stay with us. ♪ my kind of night. ♪ yeah, that's my kind of night. ♪ my kind of, your kind of is this kind of night. ♪ we dance in the dark and your lips land on mine.
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are headed towards the united states border. joe biden is telling them not yet, because they will not immediately get into the country. this as the biden administration is planning to unveil an immigration bill after taking oath tomorrow. the bill providing an eight year path to citizenship for an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants. dagen mcdowell, good morning to you. your reaction. .dagen: this is what happened when you pander to the left and that's what joe biden did on the campaign trail, even promising federal healthcare for illegal immigrants. come on in was the message. and this is one crisis that's already in the making, before joe biden is even inaugurated. i just want to point out, he's kind of walked back the talk that he was going to reverse the stay in mexico program of the trump administration, he was going to rescind that day one. he's walked that back. maybe because he knows that it works. keeping people in mexico as they are claiming asylum, rather than
6:25 am
allowing them into the united states and potentially releasing them into the population. but what about our pandemic, the roughly 18 and-a-half million people here who are collecting unemployment benefits, untold many more who are unemployed. what about our hospital system, our healthcare system, which is at a breaking point? what about this being a super spreader event, this caravan? are you going to covid test them when they get to the border? are you going to quarantine them? i think this is something that they are incapable of dealing with, the incoming biden administration. maria: dagen, talk about the impact, though. when you've got all of these people coming in illegally, eventually those people are going to look for jobs, they're going to look for government services. it takes away from american citizens. that's why there is such outrage about it. partly. and then there's the security issue.
6:26 am
we don't know what happens when you've got illegals coming in, in terms of security. dagen: right, just think bouts any border -- about any border communities, if people end up coming across the border and residing in the united states illegally. again, the strain that this country is under because we're trying to battle covid and come back from it and you're going to add to that, you're going to add to the misery of people who can't find work? again, leisure and hospitality is one of the most hard-hit areas. i think this is unthinkable, what we're witnessing. but this is what president joe biden promised people. maria: yeah. we've got breaking news this morning, markets, bank of america announcing plans for a share buyback, i mentioned it earlier in the show, $2.9 billion in buyback in the first quarter, it is declaring a dividend, 18-cents ashare. it comes ahead of the company's
6:27 am
earnings. the stock is trading up about 1%. what do you make of bank of america and the banks. you be buying these stocks? >> i think everybody should have some financial stocks in their portfolio, speaks to diversification. but i want investors to really take a deep dive and start to research the history and violations that some of these companies have had. bank of america happens to be one of them. they have a very long sheet of violations that they've had, with the sec, with finra and banking regulations and wherever you put your money, you should be verifying if the people actually have high morals, high standards, and are ethical. and if not, then you shouldn't put your money with them. maria: yeah, i guess really the question i'm asking is we've got low interest rates but they've been creeping up. that's a positive for margins tore the banks. many people say that the banks are going to have a much better
6:28 am
year in 2021 than they saw in 2020 for a number of reasons, interest rates at rock bottom levels were hurting their bottom line and the economy, the economy seems to be recovering at this point. nancy lazar looking for 7% gdp. going into 2021, do you want to own banks rather than where you were in 2020, where the stocks were under pressure. >> i think investors have to look at this as a k-shaped recovery. a lot of people have made a lot of money and real estate has gone up. look, there's 10 million people still out of work. eventually the rent comes due, eventually the mortgage comes due. no one knows the long-term effects and no one know what biden is going to do with a potential lockdown. i think people would do well to stop -- to diversify more broadly, not to sector pick or gamble on which sectors they're going to be leaning towards and keep the portfolio more balanced. there's too much risk right now. maria: that makes sense.
6:29 am
coming up, washington, d.c. is on lockdown this morning. retired general jack keane is here to discuss the ramped up security. you won't believe what one democratic congressman is saying about national guard troops who are not biden supporters, we'll bring it to you when we come back.
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maria: welcome back. good tuesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, january 19th. a look at markets this half hour, we have a rally underway this morning, the dow industrials up about 200 points, the nasdaq is up 127, about 1% and the s&p 500 higher by three quarters of a percent, 28 points higher. global markets are also higher. this is after the day off yesterday, markets were closed, martin luther king, junior day yesterday. investors are watching a slew of earnings this week, this morning we get bank of america and goldman sachs. later on in the day we get netflix after the close, later.
6:33 am
you see the companies reporting and their stocks are up this morning. bank of america announced a few minutes ago a major buyback ahead of its earnings report. european markets are mostly higher, fractional moves across the board in europe this morning. fq100 is up 20, cac is up 5, and the dax index in germany higher by 57. in asia overnight, stocks finished mostly higher. best performer was hong kong, hang seng index higher by almost 3% overnight. meanwhile, this, california breaks yet another covid-19 record. cheryl casone with the details there. cheryl. these are not good records. cheryl: exactly, maria. good morning to you. the state now the first in the country to top 3 million confirmed cases. that number has tripled in two months. los angeles county has over 1 million cases right now, despite it being one of the areas still on lockdown. meanwhile, hospitals in california are overwhelmed. patients are now being set up in field hospitals around los
6:34 am
angeles county area. president trump is expected to issue as many as 100 pardons and commutations in his final day in office. lil wayne and sheldon silver are said to be on the list. the president is not expected to pardon himself or issue preemptive pardons to his family. allies have warned him not to pardon supporters who took part in capitol hill riots. tesla has begun delivery of the china made model y, after the company broke ground on the shanghai factory two years ago. they can build half a million cars per year at this facility. building the vehicles locally in china allows tesla to avoid shipping costs and import duties. tesla in the premarket up 1 and three quarters of a percent, maria. finally, this, you may not want to miss out on the chance to become a multimillionaire, the
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$850 million mega millions jackpot up for grabs in tonight's drawing. the big prize is tomorrow's power ball drawing, standing at $730 million, the combined jack pots hitting a whopping $1.6 billion. you can't win if you don't play, maria. maria: that's right. you've got to be in it to win it. there you go. all right. [laughter] maria: thank you, cheryl. security in the nation's capitol is it an unprecedented level this morning ahead of the inauguration tomorrow. a new report says far right protesters have discussed posing as member he betters of the national guard to -- member berms of the national guard to infiltrate the inauguration, the way democrats infiltrated two weeks ago and put on maga clothing. chris miller says there is no intelligence about a potential insider threat to the inauguration, this as
6:36 am
congressman steve cohen is suggesting that national guardsmen who support president trump should be vetted as possible security threats. joining me now is fox news senior strategic analyst, general jack keane. thank you for being here. have we actually gotten to this point where we are questioning our national guard? did you hear what steve cohen said about the national guard troops, general? >> yeah, i mean, congressman cohen's statement, it's not only outrageous, maria, i mean, this is a statement that's significantly irresponsible and is completely baseless. what this man is saying is that because national guard soldiers, some national guard -- we don't have any idea how many or what, and neither does he, because they may have voted against the incoming biden administration and because they're white, that these soldiers, as soldiers, would take up arms against an
6:37 am
incoming administration. that is what this man is saying. that -- i've been around national security for 50 years. i have never, ever heard a politician in the united states of america or leader of any conscript say something like that it is totally outrageous and baseless, as i said. and he should apologize for a statement like that. maria: it's absolutely disgusting. our national guard are working so hard and they're patriots to this country and to question their loyalty to america is disgusting. i agree with you. let me ask you china. this is obviously the biggest threat to america right now, general. the foreign ministry announcing it will sanction u.s. officials over, quote, nasty behavior, in regards to taiwan. so china is pushing back aggressively against america. the move follows the u.s. removing several self-imposed restrictions against taiwan. we spoke about this. this was a move to try to
6:38 am
strengthen ties between the united states and taiwan. china doesn't like it and they're obviously going to be pushing back and doing what they can to stop the united states from getting involved in this relationship between taiwan and china. your reaction, general? >> well, i think taiwan is going to be a major issue you that the biden administration is going to have to face. i think president xi, he's at his most aggressive and most ambitious in the seven years he's been in power now and i think he looks at the united states and the incoming administration, that they're going to have some understandable distractions. one is covid-19 and what it's doing inside the united states. two is recovering our economy and i also believe he thinks that the biden administration will be involved in climate change and he'll probably be wanting to work with them on that. but he's going to press hard on taiwan. and i think it's going to be a contested issue and we're going
6:39 am
to find out pretty quick, i believe as a result of xi's actions, stepping up military intimidation which he has done rather significantly this last year, how the biden administration is going to react to that. will they have the same strong view that the trump administration has, that taiwan is an ally of ours, that we should continue to provide defense capability to them so they can shore up their own defenses, and are we going to be -- will we respond with our allies to china's provocation? this is going to be on the table, a maria and we're going to see how this administration reacts to it. maria: well, this is a really important issue and we are going to be following it because the trump administration was probably the toughest against china than we've seen in our 40-year engagement. would you say that's a true statement? and where do you believe the incoming biden administration will be poised to try to work with china and where will it be
6:40 am
poised to try to hold the line and ensure that they require that they put consequences in place for theft of intellectual property for human rights abuses and all of these broken promises? >> i think there will be more -- they will be more consistent coy in tone and will look for cooperation and collaboration with china certainly on the pandemic itself. i don't believe they'll have the same hard line that president trump had in terms of holding china accountable for deception and for spreading it and they'll look for cooperation on climate change. the issue is will they they take a strong stand like the trump administration has done against huawei and if china gets the majority of the networks, they're going to own personal data, they'll own the telecommunication systems in those of countries, we know that for a fact. will they stand up and stop
6:41 am
china from running the table on that and will they confront china over taiwan? these are the two i think major issues we're going to see very early on if the biden administration is not only going to cooperate with china, but are they willing to confront china with our of allies. when they talk to our of allies in the region, they're going to find out that our allies were rattled a little bit as a result of the november 3rd election when president trump lost because he has shored up our allies against the chinese communist party and they have concerns whether the biden administration will have the same backing to our allies in the region that the trump administration had. that issue is the undercurrent going on right now. maria: yeah. that's a really important point that you make, general. right now, 30 countries have already banned huawei because of the back doors and the data going back to the ccp. we'll see. that's on the united states' lead, right? so the u.s. is in the lead and
6:42 am
others follow and work with us on that. general, we'll keep following it. we'll keep talking with you about it for sure. general jack keane, thank you sir. quick break and we've got the word on wall street. coming up, top investors looking ahead to janet yellen's capitol hill testimony and then we're talking bitcoin. where does it go this year? we're watching earnings all morning long, bank of america and goldman sachs coming out this morning. we'll bring you those numbers, the stocks are up going into the quarterly report. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. stay with us. ♪
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maria: welcome back. big bank earnings this week, bank of america hitting the tape just in a couple moneys or so along -- moments or so. this will give us a really good window into what went on in the quarter, bank of america looking like it is a miss on revenue. let's break it all down with cfra director of equity research, ken leon. the numbers are coming out. looks like the earnings are a beat but the revenue is a miss. one of the issues here are margins because of the rock bottom interest rates we've seen
6:47 am
throughout 2020. let's get the actual numbers and then i want to get your reaction. we know it's a miss on revenue. cheryl casone with the specifics. go ahead, cheryl. cheryl: it is, yeah. to your point of, maria, the numbers are just crossing. the estimate was $20.68 billion for revenue, they came in at 20.1 billion. the earnings per share was a beat, they came in at 59-cents the estimate was for 55-cents. as far as that stock repurchase, the buyback that you talked about about 30 minutes ago, we're finding out that's $2.9 billion. there's an additional $300 million on top of that. the fed back in december said that the banks, they deem them healthy enough during the coronavirus pandemic to start buybacks. provisions for credit losses, coming in at $53 million, to protect themselves against credit losses. that is a decrease from the last time they reported that number. of also, we're looking for provisions when it comes to equities and fixed income trading.
6:48 am
i don't have those numbers numb. it's a beat on eps but a slight, slight miss on revenue and they've got a reserve release. it's $828 million, that's a reserve release. now that the banks are feeling more comfortable in the economic environment they're starting to draw back down on the reserves that they bulked up in 2020 during the pandemic. stock is up 1 and-a-half percent. back to you. maria: thanks so much, cheryl. on that reserve release, they got the go-ahead from the federal reserve. ken leon is a director of equity research at cfra. i want to get your take on the earnings period overall. first, your reaction to the b of a number this morning and where it tellses about where we are in terms of the banking sector. >> it's great to be here, maria. it tells us the dark side of 2020 is behind us, the reserve he release means that they theye
6:49 am
over-reserved for calamities of writeoffs of especially the consumer. the focus is on 2021, outlook for recovery. the revenue miss is probably coming from the consumer where we saw not only lower loan activity, but also loan balances including cards, credit cards. what that means is the velocity from the consumer, which is so important for bank of america, still has room to grow on the upside or rebound. capital markets probably are going to be just like the other three banks last week, very strong, firing on all slenders -- cylinders and cheryl's comment about return of capital, the fed still needs to release bank of america and others from still a moderately restricted period so they can raise the dividend and aggressively buy back shares. bank stocks have done well. the context for investors, they're up over 50% since
6:50 am
september. the december 18th fed move was positive. when we look ahead to this year, it's will this u.s. economy recover at a pace that the consumer plays in. and i think a narrative that might change, maria, is that the consumer might be saving more. we're seeing that in fed data, staying in their homes, maybe improving them. but credit card activity is driven by business and leisure travel and restaurants. maybe that's the narrative for the second half of this year. maria: and what about the broader economy, ken? what have you gotten in terms of your expectations on the fourth quarter earnings elsewhere? i mean, it just started with the banks, i know that. but your expectations for the year in terms of earnings growth, ken? >> you know, it's going to be positive, maybe 4, 5% in the first quarter, we're seeing that the cyclical sectors like industrials and materials and
6:51 am
even energy are beginning to turn around. energy and real estate probably second or third quarter. but financials are playing right into that cyclical play which is why we favor them right now versus growth sectors such as technology. maria: all right. ken, we'll leave it there. great to see you this morning. thanks so much. ken leon joining us there on earnings. we'll be right back. stay with us. we've got a market up almost 200 points right here. we'll be right back. ♪♪ for every trip you've been dreaming of, expedia has millions of flexible booking options. because the best trip is wherever we go together.
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6:55 am
very high places too. the country music superstar performing at joe biden's inauguration wednesday, joking he'll be the only republican there noting his presence there is about bringing people together, not politics. he joins an all-star lineup which includes lady gaga and fan of our show, jennifer lopez. looks like the celebrities are coming out for tomorrow's event. i like the idea they released a play list of the songs. i thought that was a great idea. everybody loves music. dagen: i love garth brooks. he said he's doing it for unity. he joked he may be the only republican at the inauguration. i hope his wonderful wife, the equally talented, trisha yearwood is there. fingers crossed on that. maybe not, but a girl can dream. maria: yeah, hopefully. next up, if somebody's acting a lot like you, they could be lying. a new study reveals that people who are not telling the truth become copycats. the findings published in the
6:56 am
open science journal find that people who aren't being truthful tend to mimic the body language of the person they're talking to and they're lying to. mark, this is an interesting tell. mark: well, it's important for investors to understand because some estimates show that up to one in 20 people are actually sociopaths and it might be more than that on wall street. so i would -- reagan said trust then verify. it should be the other way around, verify, then trust. you want audited financial statements, you wants audited returns, global investment protecting performance standards and then you want to make sure that your money is in a third party custodian that the manager can't manipulate like madoff did. there are con people out there, con men, con women. when someone shows you who they are, you have to believe them. your own american dream could be at risk. maria: that was maya angelou's
6:57 am
famous quotes. still ahead, the word on wall street, top investors discussing janet yellen's plan to avoid recession. we're going to preview it. where does bitcoin go this year after a swashbuckling move last year. it all starts next hour, "mornings with maria" is live on fox business. and home insurance here. why not... schuuuuzp... put them together. save even more. some things are better together. like um... tea and crumpets. but you wouldn't bundle just anything. like, say... a porcupine in a balloon factory. now, that'd be a mess. i mean for starters, porcupines are famously no good in a team setting. save even more when you bundle home and car insurance. you're clearly someone who takes care of yourself. so why wait to screen for colon cancer? because when caught in early stages, it's more treatable. i'm cologuard.
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maria: welcome back. good tuesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, january 19th. your top stories right now, 7:0e east coast. parler is fighting for its future, new details as the company's website comes back but the app is still banned from google and apple app stores. it comes amid the latest example of twitter's censorship, admitting censorship. watch. >> we've seen violence unfold as a result of immigration or of
7:01 am
potus rhetoric, we feel like it is a [ indiscernible ] approach. maria: headed to the hill, facn hearing today. what she says about big spending, debt, what it could mean for the country's mounting debt and your wallet, all coming up this morning. congressman tom reed is here on what needs to get done in washington to get the economy back on track. plus, this, tackling the coronavirus as new variants pop up across the world. surgeon general dr. jerome adams ahead, outlining the road to recovery. markets are rallying. we've got the dow industrials moving up in the triple digits after the markets were closed yesterday for martin luther king martin lutherking, junior day. earnings of course setting the tone for markets, bank of america reporting mixed results in the last hour. the company beating on earnings but missing slightly on revenue
7:02 am
estimates, goldman sachs is expected out in less than 30 minutes and netflix will report its quarter after the market close tonight. then, this, 850 million bucks up for grabs, the mega millions drawing is tonight, going inside the potential tax hit on those earnings coming up. "mornings with maria" is live right now. european markets this morning are fractionally higher. fq100 up 7 points, cac up about 3 points and dax index higher by 46. european central bank meeting this week so we will see markets look forward to what comes out of that. let's check asian markets, stocks finished mostly higher overnight with the best performer in hong kong, hang seng up 2 and three quarters percent. president-elect joe biden is set to reverse some of president trump's immigration policies, in his first day in office. a lot of executive orders expected in the first 10 days.
7:03 am
his sweeping proposal on immigration would provide a path to citizenship for 11 million people who are living in this country but illegally. those under the so of-called daca program would be on the shortest path to citizenship. this overhaul would still need to clear congress of course. meanwhile, the biden administration incoming is rejecting president trump's plan to lift bans on travel into the u.s. from europe, the u.k. and brazil. these restrictions were put in place last spring to stop the spread of the coronavirus. president trump's order was expected to lift the ban on january 26th, the same day all travelers must present a negative test or proof of recovery from covid-19 to enter united states. parler teams up with a russian owned technology company in order to make its website reachable again. while the social media platform is still unavailable, visitors to the website can see a message from ceo john matze, he says he expects the service to be
7:04 am
restored soon. he told me the company eventually will need to build its own infrastructure to prevent further shutdowns and be less reliant on big tech. twitter's latest censorship admission, in a video leaked by project veritas a top twitter executive can be heard to say that twitter will continue to purge accounts that it deems to be pushing conspiracy theories. twitter has confirmed the authenticity of this leaked video. time for the word on wall street, top investors watching your money. joining me now is payne capital management president, ryan payne, dennis gartman and ceo mark mattson. great to see everybody this morning. thank you so much for being here. mark, kicking it off with you. we've got a pretty good rally underway, markets are set to open up 181 points on the dow industrials after the long weekend. we're watching earnings of course and a number of banks reporting before the opening bell.
7:05 am
we just heard from bank of america reporting a miss on revenue but a beat on earnings per share and b of a announced this morning that it is authorizing a nearly $3 billion stock buyback. tell us about that, mark. why is a buyback a positive and usually sends the stock trading higher. >> well, any time that a company thinks its stock may be slightly under-valued, they buy their own stock. and that tends to raise confidence in the ownership for the other stockholders. but i want to have a cautionary tale for most investors because it's easy to get sucked in especially during an earnings season to get a lot of your money into the large s&p 500 type stocks but really the highest expected returns come from small stocks because they have higher risk and then stocks that are depressed, they have high book to market or low price to earnings ratio and those have been largely ayou voided by investor -- avoided by investors. it's great that the earnings are positive for the large
7:06 am
companies, but my message to investors is don't get sucked in, just to the headlines of the day. you have to think more critically about how you built your portfolio. maria: yeah. and one thing that we want to watch on these banks is the expenses. that was one of the issues with the jp morgan quarter, that people were talking about, that the expenses were actually trending a bit higher. at the end of the day, these look like fine numbers. but the stock will move based on the growth expectations and that also involves the amount of money they spend. ryan, we're watching capitol hill of course this week because treasury secretary nominee and former federal reserve chairman janet yellen will be testifying on the hill this morning. she's is expected to urge congress to pass more coronavirus stimulus in order to avoid a recession. what are you expecting in terms of a reaction in markets from yellen's testimony this morning? >> there's been a lot of reaction already. now we're talking about another
7:07 am
1.9 trillion in spending on top of the fact we had $3 trillion at the beginning of the pandemic, $900 billion in december and we could get a multibillion dollar infrastructure deal sometime in the next two years and i think the market's voted on this, the fact that we're already seeing inflationary pressure. like you're already seeing interest rates and commodity price goes up. the more remarkable thing about this is we already know what consumers and businesses are going to do with this money. they're going to sit on it. quarter over quarter, we've seen an 8% increase in deposits, $2.1 trillion sitting in cash. companies right now, they're more flush with cash than they've been historically, like 8% of their balance sheet right now is sitting in cash if you take financials out of it and we know consumers are hoarding the cash which says to me we're going to see a huge spending boom sometime later this year because as the economy reopens, we know americans love to spend money, that money's going to start getting spent but also if you look at corporate ceos
7:08 am
they're going to look at earnings are going up. i'm sitting on all this cash. we just talked about buybacks. they're going to keep happening. you'll see capital expenditure on top of that in research and development. we're going to see a bone fide spending boom this year and markets are telling you, financials are up big. dennis gartman is talking about financials, up 19% this quarter and material stocks as well. you want to diversify right now. other parts of the market are starting to move, predicated on all this spending. maria: i think you're right about the consumer spending because not just businesses have hoarded all this cash but consumers as well and that's why the savings rate has moved up. similar sentiment from cornerstone macro and nancy lazar who told us last week when the economy reopened in the third quarter, real consumer spending surge sed even though the fourth quarter was a little
7:09 am
disappointing. she is expecting a pretty big boom in consumer spending this year. what is the story around bitcoin, seeing a major surge in recent months, now topping $37,000 on bitcoin. that's actually down from levels earlier this month which was at $40,000. i know you're not bullish on bitcoin. what do you want to say when you see such a move in bitcoin over the last year? >>s volatility of bitcoin is astonishing. in the last week at one time we were trading above 41,000, 48 hours later we were trading at 30,000. bitcoin, god bless everybody who is trading it. it is a trading circumstance. there will become a time when monetary authorities of the world aagree with one another and say we're going to stop the allowing of trading in bitcoin and we'll stop trading in cryptocurrencies. that will happen at some point in the future. until that point, we'll walk in one day it will be trading at zero. millennials like it. they want to trade it.
7:10 am
it wants to go higher. it can go higher without me. the problem that bitcoin has is its volt tilt -- volatility. will it ever be used as a method of transaction. if someone sold a house two weeks ago for two bitcoin and 48 hours later the valuation was 30,000, what's the propensity for someone to walk away from the transaction. until you get stability, it will never be used as a modem of transaction, it's a thing that moves across the page going volatiley one way or the other. god bless those who have been bullish of it. i wish them well. if you do something with bitcoin today from a technical perspective, which probably be a buyer. would i be enamored for the long term? i would be very, very careful. maria: i understand your take on this. do you believe there will be a digital currency, digital money? >> oh, yes. maria: what is it? we don't know that it's bitcoin
7:11 am
or if it's something else. but what are your thoughts there? if you saw a digital product in terms of money, you would want to get in and know more about that, right? this is where we're going, no? >> maria, that's exactly where we're going. there will be a digital rmb, a digital dollar, a digital euro, a digital canadian dollar, there will be all kinds of digital currencies at some point in the future and they will usurp bitcoin and the other cryptos. the chinese are moving towards a digital rmb. we will move towards a digital dollar. there will be digital currencies everywhere which will replace the cryptos. that's when the monetary authorities say enough is enough is enough already. no question, it's coming. maria: we'll follow that. this is a story we feed to delve into further for sure. it's great to see all of you. mark, you're staying with us all morning long.
7:12 am
thank you for that. quick break and much more ahead this morning. coming up, new york congressman tom reed is here, we're going to talk about bipartisanship, joe biden says he wants to bring unity to the country. how do you bridge the congressional divide, that's next. the surgeon general is here, drn exclusive report on community health and economic prosperity. the latest on the vaccine rollout coming up. next hour, doug collins will stop by, talking about big tech censorship and criminal justice reform, what does he expect in an incoming administration policy. senior advisor mercedes schlapp will discuss president trump's legacy, what policies joe biden is looking to reverse. joining the conversation all morning long this morning, dagen mcdowell and mark mattson. we'll get back to this fantastic panel when we come right back. you're watching "mornings with maria," live on fox business. ♪
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maria: welcome back. finding a path right down the middle. joe biden will be sworn into office as the 46th president of the united states tomorrow. this as democrats take control of the white house, the senate and the house for the first time since 2011. it comes amid deep divisions in this country of course. joining me now is new york republican congressman and problem solver's caucus co-chairman, tom reed. thank you for being here. do you think democrats will come to the table, be willing to compromise, despite the fact that they are in control? >> i hope so. i think they have to if they want to get anything done. with the razor thin majority in the house, it's only a four seat majority and with people going into the administration two seats there and then broken even in the senate, and to get 60 votes in the senate they're going to have to compromise. and there's a group of us in the
7:17 am
problem solver's caucus that are willing and have sent messages to president biden, we are a group that wants to work with you for the sake of the country. this country needs to come together and solve problems. maria: so what do you think are the most important policies that are iffy in terms of coming together? where do we need to see the most progress in terms of coming together, congressman? >> well, i think right now it's covid-19. and so if president biden wants to come to the table and talk about how to get vaccines quicker into the communities, i read some of his proposals about having fema like distribution, emergency type of takeover so that we get the vaccine distributed across the population to get the herd immunity quicker, not in november, october, but closer to early summer, late spring, i think there could be an appetite for that type of investment being made. there are things over the horizon, things like infrastructure that i think
7:18 am
beyond covid. but this artificial barrier of deadline of 10 days, 100 days, this is hard work trying to find common ground. i would encourage the president don't try to do things in a rush. do things where you reach out, you bring people in, because they have to be there at the takeoff in order to be there at the a landing. working to find common ground takes hard work. we can be there if we do it right. maria: i think that sends a message if he were to reach out to republicans, to conservatives to try to get more ideas and diversification of ideas, because you look at what the impact of certain policies have had. higher taxes, you know, open borders, you've also got in new york, for example, you've got the change in cashless bail. i mean, you've seen an exodus out of new york throughout this pandemic because of taxes, because of security. shootings are up in the double
7:19 am
digits. what are you going to do about it, representing new york, congressman, what do you need to see happen in order to get that revenue back in new york so people stop this exodus to low tax states like florida and texas? >> you need long-term, stable, bipartisan supported legislation that can withstand the test of time. that you're not beholden to political pandering to the hard left or to the hard right. what you need to do is sound policy that looks at these impacts for the long term. take the $1.9 trillion package. we just put $900 billion into the system and you just had a great segment on the impact of savings and where that money is going and so before you talk about investing additional $1.9 trillion into the system, let's see where the $900 billion goes. when you get the velocity of money up and running into the economy, let's turn the economy on so you don't have a rush of sugar into the economy when you open up the economy and have all these savings rush into the
7:20 am
system in an uncontrolled way, unintended consequence type of manner. there's a lot of us that think about these things as elected officials and that's the kind of information we need to have with the incoming administration and institute limit on intended consequences. someone has to pay for this at the end of the day and that's what the high taxes come from. right? maria: and at some point markets figure out that you're talking about the overall number in terms of overall debt this country faces is about the same size as the economy, $23 trillion. at some point, markets will sell off because of all of this debt. hasn't happened yet because rates are so low. but little by little, lube look at this move in -- look at this move in rates, a lot of expectation of inflation at the end of the year as well. we'll see if markets start reacting and selling off and causing a vicious cycle, congressman. that's what we're watching here. >> with national debt levels where they are, you can't fight inflation with raising interest
7:21 am
rates. it's impossible. that's the quagmire that we're in. maria: congressman, great to see you this morning. thanks very much for your insight and leadership. congressman tom reed joining us this morning in new york. the debt question, janet yellen is facing questions on capitol hill today, certainly debt will come up. she is calling for more aid, more stimulus to be thrown at this economy. how much debt is too much? we're going to talk about it when we come back. a green incentive, a michigan marijuana shop is giving out free bags of pot but there is a catch. the deal is making a buzz this morning. stay with us.
7:22 am
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7:25 am
component. first the earnings per share beat, it was a substantial one like we saw with bank of america. the estimate, 747, we came in at 1208 on earnings per share. the revenue, though, we saw a miss. the estimate for revenue, 9.99 billion. they came in at 7.74 billion. a couple of things i want to say here for goldman sachs. the q4 net revenue for the equities trading came in a lot higher because of some intermediation that they're talking about. basically, the revenues and equities, 2.39 billion, a 408% jump for the -- 40% jam jump for the quarter. there was a jump of 23%. so it's the trading story on goldman sachs that really seems to be moving right now. the stock is up about 1%. again, it is a dow come pone co. compensation and benefits expenses, 2.48 billion.
7:26 am
a piece of that is tied to covid and the pandemic in the fourth quarter. we've seen them talk about that before. the extra expenses they're paying with personnel, obviously during the time of a pandemic which as we know, maria, has not really eased up if you will, especially in q4. back to you. maria: yeah, really big move in goldman sachs earnings on that beat. cheryl, thanks so much. stock's up about 1%. how much is too much when it comes to debt. treasury secretary nominee janet yellen is headed to capitol hill this morning, she is calling for the country to act big when it comes to coronavirus relief. she said now is the time to do it with interest rates at historic lows. even though rates are still at historic lows, they've rallied quite a bit in the last six months. dagen: the argument is that the rate is so low and with the u.s. struggling with the economy, you can keep borrowing and spending as far as the eye can see. we're already in, as the wall street journal article points out, we're already in the company of greece, italy and
7:27 am
japan because our debt is more than 100% of our gross domestic product so our debt, that's in the hands of the public, exceeds the annual output of the united states. we are back to where -- our debt is twice as high relatively speaking right now as it was during the great depression. and we're getting near the levels of where we were as a nation at the end of world war ii, when, well, we were as the journal writes, we turned the economy into a military machine. so nobody really knows how much is too much. but i do know one thing. that a crisis that could send longer term interest rates spiking can show up out of nowhere. and they would not be able to handle it. politically, biden administration can point to the bush administration, bush 43, again, spending went up. they cut taxes. deficits rose. and even before the pandemic, the same thing was going on with the trump administration, where
7:28 am
cut taxes, big spending programs and our of debt moved sharply higher. so i don't think that there's any division between right and left and conservatives and democrats anymore when it comes to borrowing money and spending it. maria: yeah, and i think these sharp reactions haven't happened quickly. you've got a market that one day is not focused on it and all of a sudden the next day is focused on it and you see big money players start selling stocks aggressively, thinking the debt is going to be a major problem at some point. that's what happens when you have a reaction for markets and have you to be careful if this is not going to be a serious sort of vicious cycle. dagen: absolutely. right now, remember, we're -- the federal reserve is financing the debt. they're in essence printing money and buying debt. and buying our debt. that's a short summary of it. but how long can that go on and what kind of destruction does it
7:29 am
lead to for our economy and the dollar? maria: all right. quick break and then the surgeon general is here. dr. jerome adams will join me with an exclusive report on community health and economic prosperity, it's the very latest as well on the vaccine rollout. you'll want to hear from dr. adams coming up. stay with us. our retirement plan with voya, keeps us moving forward. hey, kevin! hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... graduation selfie! well done! and voya stays by our side, keeping us on track for retirement... giving us confidence in our future ...and in kevin's. you ready for your first day on the job? i was born ready. go get'em, kev. well planned. well invested. well protected. voya. be confident to and through retirement. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (quiet piano music)
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maria: welcome back. good tuesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, january 19. a look at markets this half hour, we're looking at a rally underway this morning, futures indicating a triple digit move out of the gate. this is off of the highs of the morning. the nasdaq is up 105 and the s&p right now up 25. one day after the markets were closed yesterday for the martin luther king, junior day holiday. investors eyeing earnings, bank of america beat earnings expectations this morning, although it was a slight miss on revenue, goldman sachs beat on the top and bottom lines with
7:33 am
its quarterly results. that stock is doing very well, goldman sachs up 1 and a third percent, boa is down better than 1%. samsung's heir heading back to prison. cheryl casone with the details. cheryl: this story really rocked asian markets. lee, the heir apparent at samsung, convicted of bribery for a second time. he was found guilty of bribing south korea's president to win the government's support for a 2015 merger of two samsung affiliates. lee was sentenced to two and-a-half years in prison, minus time served. bickeren stock is pursuing a sale. they are in talks to be taking over by cbc capitol. they have been -- capital. they have been exploring a sale for months. no final deal has been reached.
7:34 am
and finally, there's bad news for struggling movie theaters, a fresh batch of films set to be released over the next couple months are being delayed or sold to streaming services, as cases of covid-19 remain high. sony's spider-man spinoff has been delayed until october. amazon prime is in negotiations to buy the tomorrow war for an estimated $200 million. maria, those are some of your headlines from here. back to you. maria: all right, cheryl, thanks very much. a fox business exclusive right now, a new report from the u.s. surgeon general's office addresses community health, disadvantages across the country. we are looking at that because the report calls for businesses to put higher value in stakeholders, becomes stewards in their communities, develop partnerships with local organizations and use new indicators to track community health. joining me now is the u.s. surgeon general, dr. jerome adams. dr. adams, thank you for being here. we appreciate your time.
7:35 am
let's take a look at this report. how can businesses implement these changes in the report? >> well, good morning, marie y and you've been talking about it all morning. record debt. the greatest unemployment since world war 2. small businesses shuttering every single day and it's related to a virus and our ability to overcome this will be directly related to our ability to boost vaccine confidence and get people to follow public health measures. covid has shown us that our communities, if they're not healthy, our businesses are not going to be healthy and that's why this is a once in -- it's never happened before this type of surgeon general's report where we partnered with the business unity, uva darden, school of business, the chamber of commerce and business round --roundtable, to help businesses understand when they invest in vital conditions, housing, a good paying job, child care, they they lift up communities, and they improve their bottom line. they make their workforce
7:36 am
healthier, they help create lower healthcare expenses which businesses pay 20% of those healthcare expenses in this country and we all do better. and so really appreciate the opportunity to direct folks to this report. it's we want them to check out american express, hyatt, bank of america. these are all groups that are doing this already. we need more people to do it to help had us recover from covid. maria: yeah, those companies have done great at it. let me ask you about tracking the coronavirus and the different variants, dr. adams. new variants from those in the u.k. have been detected across at least 12 counties in california as this disease continues to mutate. what do we need to know about that? a new strain is in south africa now. reportedly 50% more infectious than the leading strain of covid-19. what should people be aware of with these new variants and how does that affect vaccine acceptance? >> well, great question and what we need people to understand is
7:37 am
that the viruses mutate, it's what they do, and we need people to understand this virus has already mutated 25, 30 times. that doesn't mean that it's going to be more deadly or more contagious with any particular mutation but what it does mean is that we need to be especially vigilant about what i call the five ws. wear a mask, wash your hands, watch your distance, wait a little bit longer to gather, and when it is your turn, get vaccinated. in this race against the virus, we need to get to community immunity before the virus mutates away from the vaccine and again, we need businesses, we need everyone to understand that when we all engage in these five ws, it helps us open restaurants sooner, helps us get back to our businesses. we're really all in this together. maria: what about getting the vaccine? if you get the vaccine, is there a possibility that you are a carrier, if you have the antibodies, once getting the
7:38 am
vaccine? >> so that's a common question that we get. we're still looking. we don't know for sure whether or not you can still spread the virus because the outcome that we looked at was prevention of severe disease. i got vaccinated on fox news and now i know that i am one of the people out there who has a 95% lower chance of a severe complication. i don't know yet whether or not i can still spread the virus which is why it's important to continue wearing a mask but i tell people, make sure you understand that 95% lower chance of spreading the virus is significant. that can help us end the pandemic and honestly from a scientific point of view we have every reason to believe it will lower the chance of spreading the virus. we don't want to speak before the actual data tells us that's certain. maria: that's a really important he question and something to watch for sure. what about if you are -- a lot of people are trying to get back to work, their regular lives but
7:39 am
they may have been exposed. who knows who has it around you. if you feel you were exposed to the virus, is there anything you can do in that couple of day period before you even see any symptoms? >> absolutely. we want people to know that more and more studies are coming out showing that over 50% of the people spreading the virus are doing it without symptoms or before they have symptoms. so if you've been in a high risk environment, if you've been around people outside of your household while not wearing a mask, we want you to consider getting tested and workplaces can help with this. they can encourage people to wear masks and watch distances, especially in break rooms and lunchrooms. they can encourage people who have been in high risk environment to get tested. if you get tested, that can help you understand whether or not you need to quarantine and it can also help direct you towards treatments like monday he know slow -- monoclonal antibodies. go to find out the steps that everyone can take.
7:40 am
recognize that whether you're old, young, healthy or with chronic medical conditions, we all have a role to play and it will help us get back to health and get back to business and get back to life. maria: so there's nothing else you can do if you feel like you got exposed beyond wearing the mask, washing hands, being social distanced and taking a test. i mean, there's nothing that you can do to strengthen your immune system at that point if you've already been exposed? >> well, we want everyone to understand that your resilience to covid, but to most other diseases out there is directly related to your baseline health and that's why this virus preyed upon certain communities. communities that don't have those vital conditions that allow them to exercise and eat right. you can get sleep, drink plenty of fluids, make sure you eat healthy. those things will boost your immune system. take a multivitamin. we want your immune system to be as strong as possible to fight off the virus. workplaces can help create vital
7:41 am
conditions which we talk about in our report so everyone has an opportunity to be healthy, to be resilient, to prevent getting the virus, but to recover from the virus. we're going to work with workplaces to make sure they can be part of the vaccination process because that is the quickest way to get back to normal and you deal with that debt that you talked about, that unemployment that you talked about earlier. maria: real quick, before you go, dr. adams. what day do you feel that people are not contagious anymore? if you have tested positive, when are you no longer contagious? or do we not know that? >> well, the cdc says that after ten days from your first development of symptoms or positive test or seven days if you've had a negative test, that we don't feel that you have a good chance of spreading the virus anymore. goes down to less than 5%. so we encourage people to follow the cdc guidance but, again, know that there are steps that we all can take. if we're smart, if we follow the
7:42 am
five ws, we can get back to normal. we need to work with businesses to make it happen. go to, check out my report on community health and economic prosperity, engaging businesses. maria: it's a great report and well worth the read. surgeon general dr. jerome adams, thank you, sir many we'll keep fighting this. thank you so much, jerome adams joining us there. see you soon. coming up, american history revisited, we're looking at the apollo 13 launch, my next guest's efforts to a memorial to american heroes. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. stay with us. ♪
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maria: welcome back. honoring our out of this world heroes, one of the most important moments in american's space history was the apollo 13 mission. it became a heroic scramble to save the three astronauts after a rupture of a service module oxygen tank. the world watch as the crew defied the odds and returned safely to earth. our next guess spearheaded a monument to the heroes of the mission. joining me now is ceo steven barber. steven, it's great to see you. those monuments look incredible. can you tell us more about the
7:47 am
monument? >> yeah, absolutely. hi, maria. nice to see you again. we met a couple of years ago. we were able to put together the funding to build apollo 11 at the kennedy space center. the success with that, working with the sculptors out of colorado, they are the greatest sculptors in america. and with the success of that, i wanted to continue the legacy of apollo. we have become the keepers of apollo. i reached out to captain lovell. i saw the an veer i have was coming -- anniversary was upon us. i interviewed him. he has an unbelievable resume, gemini 7 and 12, say poll low 8 -- apollo 8. he became my cheerleader. i went out and found the funding. we got the granger corporation on for apollo 13, the quicken loans, with dan gilbert, funded
7:48 am
apollo 11. i couldn't be prouder. i was doing this during the pan pandemic, living the mantra that failure was not an option, that we had to build this. maria: amazing. how long did it take to build the monument? where do you want to see the monument, where is it going? >> it took seven and-a-half to eight months. the lundeys move really quick. they're the best in the world. they studied in florence. they have a background that's mind boggling. we're going to unveil it at the houston space center. we were going to do it this month. captain lovell is almost 93 years old. we want to keep him as safe as possible. we are looking at a couple months. the monuments are done, they're built. we delivered them last week. we didn't want to show the reveal. i want your viewers to see the process but we want the whole world to come out to the houston space center like they are at the kennedy space center. over 2 million people a year are
7:49 am
seeing apollo 11. we're looking at 1.8 million at the houston space center. we want to build all the apollo monuments. we want to do 16, 17 and apollo 12. maria: that is amazing. mark matson jump in here. mark: it's an important initiative, very interesting. we live in i think the done greatest country in the world, part of the american dream. the more things we can pull together and agree on, shows your individualism, the occurring and passion that -- courage and passion that americans have for exploration. it's important in times like this where people are in a political environment that's divisive with animosity and angst in the world so my kudos to this project, absolutely great. >> thank you very much. you know, i just want to tell everybody, failure is not an option. we're going to overcome and the
7:50 am
crew of apollo 13 can come back, we can bring back three guys in a machine the size of a volkswagen and bring them back to work safely, we're americans, we can do anything. everything and anything is possible. everyone needs to live the mantra that failure is not an option. you get up every morning, you i'm pro mice, you -- i'm provides, you adapt. -- improvise. you adapt. maria: in terms of going to space, our exploration efforts as a country -- >> it's mind boggling. our good friend elon musk, who is amazing, he's henry ford and tesla combined. you've got richard branson, jeff bezos, virgin galactic, spacex. there's a brand-new space age on upon us. there are zero monuments to any
7:51 am
women. we're working on building dr. sallied ride at the university of san diego. we want to build african-americans, females and males. there are none. there wasn't any apollo monuments either. we want to build the maria bartiromo one too. maria: all right. i'll look for that one. steven, it's good to have you this morning. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. maria: congratulations on this great feat, quick break and then a green incentive, check this out. a michigan marijuana shop is giving out free bags of pot. there is a catch. the deal makes a buzz this morning. we'll be right back. there are many names for enthusiast. but there's only one way to become one... by going all in. the new lexus is. with a lower center of gravity, a more responsive suspension, and an aggressive wider stance.
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7:55 am
maria: welcome back. it is time for the morning buzz. first, get a vaccine, then get free marijuana, marijuana dispensary in michigan is offering pot for shots. all somebody needs to do is have written proof of receiving the vaccination and the cannabis is free. dagen, is this a good way to raise awareness? dagen: i don't think people need incentives quite frankly, not the people i know, to go out and get vaccinated and when does this pot dispensary rescind this offer? because right now, not that many people have access to the vaccine. what about when more than half or the vast majority of the population in these states are vaccinated, like are you going to be handing out free weed? i suppose it's getting your vaccine is a reason to celebrate. other people might choose crack open a coors light. [laughter] maria: next up, big winnings,
7:56 am
big taxes. so tonight the mega millions drawing is already up to $850 million. if you are a lucky winner, expect to take home less than half of that. if you take the money as a lump sum it is valued at $628 million, it will reduce the $850 million jackpot to just under 396 million, that's before state taxes. obviously, still not a bad return on a $2 ticket, mark. but what would you do with the winnings? mark: i'm not exactly sure what i would do with the winnings. but who doesn't want to wake up one day magnificently rich and of course the -- for $2, 600 million, what a rate of return. but i hate to be a downer, maria. the reality is, the expected return on lottery cards is exactly negative.
7:57 am
so good luck for everybody playing, though. [laughter] maria: hey, you've got to be in it with to win it. still ahead, the big tech crackdown continues, former georgia congressman doug collins is here to discuss the newest leaked video from a twilter executive -- twitter executive who basically says the purge of conservatives continue as parler reserves online. it all starts next hour. "mornings with maria" is live on fox business.
7:58 am
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maria: good tuesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, january 19th top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the button on the east coast, parler fighting another day, details as company web site comes back, but the app is still banned from google and apple at stores, it comes in latest developmental of twitter censorship admission,. >> we need our goals -- to --
8:01 am
to put -- >> former georgia congressman doug collins weighing in on free speech battle coming up headed to the hill janet yellen, among president-elect joe biden's nominees will face nomination hearing today, what she says about big spending what it could mean feert country's mounting debt, and your wallet we preview, her testimony coming up, former trump 2020 campaign senior adviser mercedes slap here on incoming administration plan to reverse president trump's america first policies, markets this morning higher we are at highs of the morning right now, markets closed yesterday for the martin luther king, jr., day the dow industrials up better than 200 points right now nasdaq up better than 100 s&p 500 higher by 621/2 in the middle of fourth-quarter earnings reporting season earnings in focus big banks reporting this
8:02 am
morning bank of america issued mixed results beat on earnings per share but missed expectations, slightly on revenue, the stock is lower this morning, goldman sachs, beat on both top and bottom line with are quarterly results up better than 23 1/2 administrators goldman almost 8 dollars a share netflix, will release numbers after the market close today stock up going into its report "mornings with maria" is live right now. >> european markets this morning higher a to look fractional moves crop of dpi.00 up 8 cac quarante in paris up 5 jax in germany by 36 best performer in asia overnight was hong kong hang seng index up 2 3/4% as you see shanghai composite, was lower. now some top stories that we are watching this morning, president-elect joe biden, is set to reverse some of president trump's positive immigration policies on his first day in office we are
8:03 am
expecting a string of executive orders first 10 days sweeping proposal would o provide a path to citizenship for 11 million people living in the country illegally those under daca program shortest path to censorship will need to clear congress's approval, the incoming administration is rejecting president trump's plan to lift bans on travel, into united states, from europe the uk brazil put in place last spring by president trump to stop spread of coronavirus the order lifts ban on january 26th next week, the same day travelers must present negative test or approve of recovery from covid-19 to enter uask joe biden is reversing that parler first steps to come back social media platform teams up with a russian owned technology company, in order to make web site reachable the social media platform unavailable visitors to the web site cannot see a message
8:04 am
from from john matze expects service rewarded soon was with me last week said the company will need to build infrastructure to prevent further shut dons not be right on on big tech like amazon twitter censorship admissings showing a top twitter executive heard saying that twitter will continue to purge accounts it deems spushdz conspiracy theories social media platform has eliminated more than 70,000 accounts in the wake of capitol hill rooirts twitter believers it is are a about itr of trukt despite hate on twitter, twirnt confirmed authenticity of leaked video, office depot to watch rebuffing take over from staples more than two billion dollars adjourn reporting office depot is open to sale retail consumer facing
8:05 am
e-commerce operations or joint venture, office depot shares lower as rejecting the bid, big tech censorship, the new top story, in a new clip leaked by project veritas verified by twitter, twitter giants legal head says trackdown on alleged conspiracy theorists part of a global approach listen to this. >> we're going to -- not permit -- they are -- tantamount to -- places around the world where we need -- balance in gold, or a lot of have come from -- in that sense, we you know we do feel
8:06 am
like it is the approach. maria: this as competitor parler gets partially become on line, founder john matze telling fox news that he expects app to be back by the end of this month joining me former georgia congressman former house judiciary committee ranking member doug collins joining the conversation all morning long dagen mcdowell, mark matson great to see you doug collins pleasure to see you as always thanks for being here what do you think is going object twitter deciding it is the arbiter of truth and knocking out whoever whatever users they believe that they don't agree with. >> well, maria good morning. it is a continue agus now just out in the open with it we have been talking about this you and i on this show others for a long time they really only want to censor those they don't agree with if we agree with what you are it caning you are okay if not we are not so sure except the prop is
8:07 am
they have a little bit of a consistency problem what you talk conspiracy way iranian leadership anti-semitism? this is not the normal pattern of conduct if you are truly being being a true arbiter the problem they have is protected by what they call section ex230 was never intended the original, section 230 they depend on never intended for them to become editorialized body they expected to be a platform views put out never do they decide what is right and wrong now they are open with it being fed by what happened to make sure they can actually remove competitors as well very concerning. . >> but, you know, i mean the fact that they are in open with it, saying yes, we are going to continue this purge, we are going to take out, conservatives, even, as you
8:08 am
said, the ayatollah khomeini tweeting on twitter saying death to america that is still there, but if fact that they are out in the open with it, clearly admitting they are taking a side they are not bulletin boards as the case in expectation back being when section 230 was put in the communications act 1996 protects them from lawsuits shouldn't 230 be rolled back at this point? they are admitting it we are taking a side not a bulletin board, so, what wouldn't that be enough to -- to move this ball forward in the congress? >> it should be, look, for those on the left or democrats who think what is happening right now is good let me warn you everything goes in a cycle here in from now what twitter believes wrong what happens in six months if they believe the other side is wrong bet that are a about iter. >> section 230 myself nooeb removed let me say this section 230 provides outlet to
8:09 am
actually go after twitter and thesaurus right now because it does not protect editorialized does not get into salonede liable, sections 230 to protect platform as twitter, facebook others from others who comment not censoring when they take it over to becoming news agency what they have done they've take place thementz out of 230 i am of the opinion that department of justice and others could go after them under the current section 230 because they are not covered by that under the actions that they are doing. >> yeah, a great point, dagen mcdowell jump in here. dagen: doug i had that very conversation with folks over the weekend about now that they kind of some tech companies twitter, the like, have broken that wall they revealed that they are deciding who can be on the platform and who can't, that
8:10 am
they are editorial entities, if you will, that section 230 does not cover them broad way you might expect that being said,ing do you think that these tech companies are kind of playing a little game with the democrats who are now in control? in power? in the house and the senate? and the white house, like, oh, we will censor as long as you don't roll back completely that section 230 protection? >> dagen i think you are exactly -- this by twitter is not first remember videos from google the last election this is going on for a while not doing undercover you make a great point this is something i want to continue to bring out, because received a call a year 1/2 ago from an author that put in section 230 was a member of congress furious saying this is not what this section is about doj could go after them right now, so this
8:11 am
let's take a new -- obviously look at what they are doing that is is trying to -- soften their image with democrats now in control but yet censoring conservative speech we should not be allowed -- speak, hateful none of us agree with those have place outside of this focus we've had that in normal dialogue this is an area they decided if you believe differently than we would we are going to take you off our platform that is when they have become just like fox or cbs other major networks because they have become an intent in which they are using publications don't call them platforms call them what they are agency information -- >> that is right creators of content i want to ask about rolling back president trump's policies we know all will the success president trump had joe biden is planning to take
8:12 am
immediate action on executive actions following inauguration tomorrow. here is what lindsey graham told me, in his transition team outlying plans to rejoin the paris climate change agreement extended eviction foreclosure restrictions travel ban on muslim countries equal status to 11 million medium orders we hear he will take from aides what lindsey graham told me on "sunday morning futures" about biden and incoming administration priorities, watch this. >> they are going to roll back border security at the border and you see the caravans beginning to form now. they are going to raise your taxes, they are going to impose regulations on the economy, they are going to try to make d.c. a state, they are going to try to implement parts of the "green new deal" being medicare for all will through budget reconciliation i've got a fight on my hands here is what i think republicans need to do work with biden where we can maybe
8:13 am
failure but fight like hell turning americans into socialized nation i know you hope new administration turns attention to major bipartisan issues you headed lgg. >> he has to spend at least first part doing what he calls reversal of trump era the problem is that the trump especially border control things like that actually were good for our border we have seen a shutdown we are seeing what is concerning to me especially on immigration front you are seeing caravan coming, we have relived this nightmare before we knew in border where we can make a safe, secure you are not giving false hope everybody americans needed he to be aware of concerning that you are going off things like really -- this turn to leftward are, if he truly wants anything done lasting impact that doesn't hurt
8:14 am
country where i believe this immigration policy others will actually hurt you have to turn back to the realities that he has very narrow window in congress very narrow majority with an in which i don't think american people will stand for it is concerning can turn especially at border somebody dealt with that border situation this is not good people need to understand it is not fair to raise poor peel's hopes in middle central america if they leave everything can automatically be grand full life in america he knows that is not true that is false hope. maria: well, look the higher taxes, as well, kamala harris said number one priority in office to reverse donald trump's tax cut plan we will see what that does to the economy of course watching all of this in the coming couple years doug collins good to see you this morning. thank you, sir we will be right back. stay with us. a rally underway
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
8:18 am
on wall street take a look, dow industrials up 200 points right now nasdaq up 101 s&p higher by 26. global markets starting 2021 on a strong note the, as investors are looking toward a potential eshhe pandemic end, with vaccine directors one big star of the previous year spaks, spegs acquisition companies raising over 70 billion dollars in 2020 next guess at hel men and women of acquisition a spak that focuses on fintech companies last month raised ipo cost to 300 million dollars a great success, joining me ceo of goldman sachs, acquisition corp macklin azhar great to see you. thanks very much for being here we are getting a lot of bank earnings out this morning, bank of america, goldman sachs, and, of course,
8:19 am
focused on those capital markets, one of the things that really drove capital markets was spaks ipos tell me capital markets action what you have seen in that regard. >> good morning, maria. thanks for having me on your show good to see you yes capital markets have been really, really strong as back end last year continue so far this year, particularly in stocks that as you probably notified, 53 spaks raised first couple weeks of january, over 20% of all stocks raised last year a record in itself 84 billion actually raised last year in spaks, already 15 billion raised so far in january, so, tremendous you know, demand continues to go into the spak, space, and that is really driving the market on spak side -- not only focused on but huge
8:20 am
beneficiary of that you probably saw last year 19 tractions, 19 spaks, and 15 billion done in the space on -- what we are doing is focusing on this side of the atlantic in europe where only a fraction of -- the number of spaks looking for -- only 3 or 4 we are one first mover, and over crowded in u.s. over 270 spaks, virgin territory in europe tremendous opportunities, great european champions would deserve to be listed on new york stock exchange what we want to offer them market continues to be very, very strong. >> yep that is a great point that you are making i am glad you brought up tmt, telemedia
8:21 am
technology you working on those for much of your career, looking at fintech as tmt, do you think the valuations are getting ahead look tmt certainly technology, has been the best performing industry for over a year now. are you worried that valuations are getting away from you? >> too expensive. >> not yet compare this time to end of 90s early 2000 very far away from those valuations i think the earnings this time around are murp stronger a lot of companies in tmt benefiting from pandemic work from home, the media companies, with services, et cetera, all that is benefiting tmt companies i think valuations are going high, but they are still -- you know much lower than we've seen in the past i think it is warranted, valuations for that sector is still warranted
8:22 am
given backdrop of the pandemic. maria: very we've got to jump quick does european economy feel better to you ecb meeting this week we only have a couple seconds. >> not -- but i think looking much better a second quarter you can vaccinate four million on track to vaccinate 15 million by -- a quarter of the population i think looking for q2, and but starting a little bit slow. maria: i see, great to see you this morning sir thank you. we will be right back. write your next adventure. handwriting recognition and the audi q3. lease or purchase a new audi suv and have your first month's payment covered.
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8:26 am
this. >> i also think to some of them are believing the garbage they are being fed 24p 7 on intent by constituents, bathing into this big lie the question is how are we going to really almost deprogram these people who have signed up, for the cult of trump. >> wow dagen mcdowell, deprogrammatic people is what katie couric is saying new thing calling it the big lie no mention of the real big lie of russia collusion we are fed four years your reaction. dagen: -- those people in on the left, in the media are one of the reasons that people don't trust what anyone has to say. because the lies they were told year after year literally over a decade, so that would be laughable what katie couric
8:27 am
said if it was sobriety doggone frightening when you are seeing not just dismissal the way the reason that what 74 million americans voted for president trump, was it for his policy? because, again, you now see the left in coordination with big technology companies apple google amazon twitter, censoring people he will where does its depend he do these people on left liberal media elites do they think they should basically be in control of thought that they should be in control of all our speech because that i have said before kim strassel wrote about it you friday now it looks like big tech companies monopolies in coordination with government or even at direction of people in the government, they now open themselves up to major lawsuits. on constitutional grounds on antitrust grounds, so where
8:28 am
does it end? i am glad katie couric has the high ground here, maybe she should you know start the church of katie. of. maria: it is you believe unbelievably to me anybody could speak like this, in america. the with -- the freedoms that we enjoy, and the special country that this is, in terms of independence freedom to actually say you want to reprogram people, and eliminate anybody for their thoughts and their beliefs, i have the is actually quite extraordinary. dagen: yeah she is talking about anyone who voted for trump, if as they are in a cul.t. believes it clearly i don't think they he was trying to be clever who is going to be in control of all our speech and our thoughts? who is going to police -- who is going to tell us what we
8:29 am
ought to think say believe, read all trump voters irreparable racist bigot nazi, red necks deplorables we have heard it all before now has taken another step where it puts our first amendment rights, in danger, freedom of speech in danger. >> they are doing it by capturing one phrase calling it the big lie, as if it is a lie that we saw irregularities in the election which is not, the real big lie was russia collusion for four years, we have not seen any mea culpas from nice organizations quote/unquote that have told us four years that trump colluded with russia congress missed entire china threat mark your thought quick before we go to a break. >> maria this is reminiscent
8:30 am
of he george orwell's 1984 un-american, at core america is about free speech freedom of the press freedom of thought they are trying to shut down, they are actually trying to brainwash people deprogramming them you have to brainwash them into something else, and, actually, deplorable from every american that levees freedom of speech free speech of thought we should -- you know, do a martin luther king did should peace fully demonstrate peaceful resistance this is america not russia. dagen: left is acting like their speech will never get censured you heard from angela merkel eventually they come from you now is the time for everyone to stand up for speech, that they dislike even hate, because that is what america is built on, freedom
8:31 am
of expression a freedom of speech. maria: right where is jack ma a the lot of people wondering where he is some believe in some kind of a reeducation camp, reeducation place where he is getting educated about embracing authority, that feels more like communist china than america what you just heard from katie correspondic we are going to take a break when we come back trump 2021 adviser mercedes schlapp has a thing or two to say will discuss america's legacy, policies joe biden is looking to reverse pm back in a minute. there are many names for enthusiast. but there's only one way to become one... by going all in.
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maria: welcome back tesla has begun delivery of china made modely. cheryl: that is right the milestone coming after company broke ground on shanghai factory two years ago now has capacity to build half a million cars per year at this
8:35 am
facility, billing vehicles locally in china allows tesla to avoid shipping costs import duty the chinese government set ambitious goal having account for 20% at you 00 sales by 2025, pulled back a bit up one and a half percent. first lady melania trump released a good-bye message ahead of tomorrow's departure from the white house. >> my fellow americans because being the greatest honor of my life to serve as first lady of the united states, i ask every american, to be an ambassador of be a best to focus on what unites to us raise above what divides us always choose love over hatred peace over violence, and others before yourself. cheryl: she mentioned be best initiative talked about work with veterans, anyone who was
8:36 am
looking to get early tax refund you might be out of luck irs says it is delaying the start of the 2021 tax season sl february 12 urging americans file electronically this year deals with backlog nearly 7 million unprocessed paper returns maria from last year, those are headlines back to you. maria: all right, cheryl, thank you so much meanwhile, thousands of honduran migrants thwart united states border incoming administration telling them not is not the time to come to the united states they will not immediately get into country as joe biden is planning to unveil a sweeping immigration bill tomorrow, providing 8 year path to citizenship for estimated 121 million illegal immigrants joining me right now form senior adviser trump 2020 campaign, former white house adviser for respect communicates mercedes schlapp good to see you.
8:37 am
thanks for being here. >> great to see you, too, maria, happy new year. >> joe biden wants to make censorship real for daca recriminates. >> quite frankly, i ee ree recipients. >> i think you are seeing taking down america first moving towards america last policy so in essence i think when you see joe biden, for example, making the decision to not move forward with the pipeline we know cost jobs would lead to less energy independence in the united states joe biden taking actions, for example, in this sweeping immigration legislation that he is putting forward. i am sure will not include border absurdity components to it something that president trump and our administration did do. we tried for a long time to
8:38 am
work with democrats. to help come up with a comprehensive immigration bill that would include border security revolve issue of redact avenue recipients talking about legalizing 11 million a direct signal to countries in central america guatemala, honduras seeing caravans coming our way saying joe biden needs to keep his promises when we get to the united states, let floodgates open. >> what other policies do you think that an incoming administration is going going to look at to reverse what you find moee most problematic we talked a lot about president trump's stance on china-u.s. china policy something we are focused on, very much, knowing what we know now about china, but what other policies do you wonder or question worry about that could reverse couriers. >> well i think one of his
8:39 am
first actions as well is rejoining the paris climate agreement as we know is incredibly problematic we have seen research, in cases where you would lose jobs here in america, because of signing the paris climate accords this is a bailout for china a bailout to india they want india, for example, wants billions and billions of dollars in foreign aid in order to o make dheengs reduce carbon emission china doesn't have to comply that is problematiced problematic at end of the day paying more than fair share putting united states in a position about globalism not taking care of american workers in the united states, i think that is incredibly problematic you are already starting to see these dictators, for example, in north korea basically saying we are going to continue with missile testing, we will see a
8:40 am
iran against emboldened to ann there a israel, why this they know weak leadership in america going to take twang including china. >> senator josh hawley found a new publisher for his book, simon & schuster dropped him following assault on the capitol. mercedes your reaction to what we're seeing with twitter not only banning president trump, but saying this is going to go on a long time, we are going to be purging anybody they don't agree with, frankly, and then you've got somebody like senator hawley senator cruz, who simply wanted an investigation into irregularities that occurred. on election night. >> let's remember that with democrats back in 2000, 2004, 2016 where you had democrats object to the election
8:41 am
certification, that is is a legal recourse a legal process, that the senators house members are able to bring up they are able to object to certification for democrats they made it a point to try to bully force members to resign that in and of itself is undemocratic not what our system is made up to do, ted cruz, josh hawley house members all have right to object and bring us us questions, the biggest concern i have is you when big tech and other i would say leftist media outlets are basically saying you can't even bring up the word "election fraud" you can't bring up the word "voting irregularities" we have are right to acquire try to revolve issues we see problematic in some states, unfortunately, as conservatives as republicans, we are being silenced starts
8:42 am
with donald trump will end with everyday americans simply want to have their voices heard. maria: like i keep saying, this is more reminiscent of communist china am alan doctors derz with me on sunday, there are groups at harvard saying we are going to take your degree if you had anything to do with president trump you yourselves may well feel it former communication staffers of the president reportedly facing difficulty getting jobs after leaving the white house there is truth to that mercedes? >> many of our campaign staffers he they have been able to get jobs very talented young men and women, those who worked very hard for this president, in the administration, and also on the campaign trail, at the end of the day the corporations are making a big mistake, if
8:43 am
they are going to be targeting trump officials, these men and women sacrificed time honorably served our nation they put put agenda that really helps americans prosper they put an agenda in place, that made it tough -- tough against china, there is some really great work that we've done, sadly i would say two hours in capitol those thugs basically destroyed the legacy much work that we've done we are going to make sure that we are able to talk about the president's accomplishments bring to light what this leftist agenda that joe biden-kamala harris and democrats senate leaders are going to push forward four years i think very problematic a wake-up call to americans. maria: what do you want to say quick a couple seconds about president trump's legacy mercedes. >> i am troud that i worked in his administration i also worked on his campaign one
8:44 am
thing about president trump is that he taught us to be fighters, he talked about the importance of it is about america first, it is about american workers american families that we have the opportunity to succeed we want to a keep america strong not going to bow down to the globalist ties we are going to see moving forward under a biden administration, first and foremost we must continue to protect first amendment must continue to ensure we are able to speak freely not a be censored by big tech. >> absolutely good to see you, this morning a spotlight on all. >> the incoming administration will shareholders every get paid we discuss that the banking sector oval when we come back.
8:45 am
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. maria: welcome back, the largest are only it in aors of mortgages fannie mae, freddie mac what is the future trump administration is leading their fate now leaving fate to incoming biden administration last minute moves allow fannie freddie to retain capital but will fall short of reprivatizing companies paying shareholders who lost everything under ob administration analytics managing partner david great to have you this morning thanks so much for joining us what is your view where fannie and freddie are right now
8:49 am
whether or not they will ever go back, to being shaerld shareholder owned public companies as opposed to government sponsored entities. >> thank you maria for having me here today i have to say it is amazing that the trump administration could restructure middle east could not restructure the, a footnote total control power of gses the agreement secretary mnuchin signed left a lot of people unhappy, as you said, also, progressive housing groups unhappy, the three interests aligned until the criticism originates until government is respected as being paid back that balance
8:50 am
sheets, fannie freddie note capital for 11 years you won't have access to kind of housing that america needs, and when risk is on taxpayers fannie freddie act conservatively continue take risks until shareholders are able to recognize the value of their shares, the enterprises will not be able to raise kind of capital they need, to take on more risk, and protect the taxpayers. of the. maria: let's not forget what took place here, under president obama, the obama administration took money from from fannie and freddie used it for other things, like ebb obama carrier shareholders of fannie fred feel like they were robbed they want to be paid feel they should be private companies again, has -- has the incoming administration said anything about this are you expecting any change? >> well, no, i am not i think
8:51 am
the document we saw last week very, very curious, i think the next steps we are going to see, you encourages a settlement while they left enterprises, also rebuilt so-called clicks preference senior preferred shares that means there is not an incentive for private sector to more capital to restructuring the key element looking for next months the supreme court will rule, we think that shareholders will be vindicated in early may in that ruling the government shares deemed paid back there will be a negotiated settlement where shareholders will see their stakes restored to proper value able to participate able to participate in the restructuring. >> all right. quick, before you go we are watching bank earnings all morning this morning, what is your take on the industry
8:52 am
right here charles schwab reported goldman sachs better than expected anything to say about financials in general david real quick. >> i just want to say -- great time or banking business, issue -- huge stimulus coming into consumers i would be i am looking for -- to over perform outperform analysts' expectations, help -- >> david good to see you this morning. thank you sair we will be right back. stay with us. the buzz right after this. giving us confidence in our future ...and in kevin's. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected.
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maria: welcome back time for the morning buzz getting up close to dinosaurs from safety of your car?
8:56 am
the jurassic qwest exhibition in pasadena rose bowl in pasadena ka featuring over 70 prehistoric creatures some as large as 50 feet dagen, through the pandemic we are seeing more experiences, involving cars you got drive in movies skrerts political rallies now dinosaurs even covid tested in a drive through. dagen: i love this, if i was in cali i would go out pasadena rose bowl a traveling show you see that there is an a human wearing what appears a raptor costume you can't defend yourself in the streets people might believe it i think that costume might do it. >> who doesn't love dinosaurs i have 8-year-old 4-year-old
8:57 am
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maria: have a great tuesday we will see you tomorrow. "varney & co." begins right now. take it away, stu. stuart: i shall. good morning. janet yellin is the nominee for treasury secretary, a major power in the financial world and in one hour she will be outlining her policies. we know what she's going to say, investors love it so i will call this the yellin rally. dow jones industrial will open roughly 200-point gain, a similar gain in percentage terms in the nasdaq and a solid game for the s&p as well. janet yellin will say


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