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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 12, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EST

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radio host larry elder, general jack keane among our guests. thanks for watching "fox business tonight." we hope you have a wonderful, wonderful evening. we'll see you tomorrow. maria: good friday morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo and it is friday 12th. this as the communist party continues to steal intellectual property, bully its neighbors and moves to supplant the united states as the number 1 super power. tennessee senator marsha blackburn weighs in on china and policy this morning.
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democrats dig in 15-dollar minimum wage as speaker pelosi promises it's in next package. scandal in new york state, an aide for governor cuomo says his office purposely withheld data about nursing home mortality to hide it from the feds. we are following the shocking story all morning long. markets this morning are lawer, take a look. mixed story with the dow industrials down 56 and the nasdaq down 26 and the s&p 500 down this friday morning following record day on wall street yesterday. both nasdaq and s&p 500 notching all-time highs while the dow finished slightly lower. we begin today's session in unchartered territory. impeachment 2.0 rolls on. president trump's team has 2 days to present its defense as conviction looks less and less likely.
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crypto craze continues. not this year. more people plan on skipping out on valentine's spending this year. the reason making a buzz this morning. we will tell you all about it. mornings with maria is live right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ maria: european markets look like this, take a look, biggest mover is disney, in european markets dax index down 70. the uk economy contracted by 9.9% in 2020 according to for national of statistics. largest contraction in the uk on record. gdp grew by 1% last quarter. in asia overnight, markets
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closed for lunar year, it is the year of the ox. the justice department and san francisco u.s. attorney seeking information from brokers and social media companies. chairman of market manipulation, impact of criminal misconduct played a role in retail short selling frenzy as massachusetts regulatorred subpoenas the man who was one of the driving forces. democrats digging in on their push to increase the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. house speaker pelosi promising that the wage increase to 15 will be included in the next coronavirus relief package. this as house financial services committee approves proposal to give airlines 14 billion as payroll assistance as part of aid package. push for vaccine. the u.s. has struck a deal to
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buy 200 million additional vaccines from pfizer and moderna bringing the total to 600 million vaccineses as cvs and walgreens begin rolling vaccines today. eligibility requirements still in place but the hope is that this will speed up the process. republicans are calling for new york governor andrew cuomo to be removed from office after one of the aides admitted to covering data on nursing homes. this happened during video call with state democrats and the aide says they hid the true numbers out of fear of the feds finding out. a reported 15,000 people have died in nursing homes all of this when governor is supposed to visit the white house to meet with president biden about american rescue plan. we will have more on the bombshell report throughout the morning. former president trump's legal team set to begin rebuttal in today's impeachment trial. democratic case managers have spent last few days arguing that
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trump's words and actions directly instigated riot on january 6th, we are told that the former president's legal team may use one of two days allowed for rebuttal. the senate can vote to convict or acquit. big tech helping to push the nasdaq to all-time high, take a look at yesterday's close, where we had unchartered territory. nasdaq was up 53 finishing at new word highs while the drew was down a fraction. joining me right now senior strategist, also joining the conversation all morning long fox business dagen mcdowell and fox news contributor liz peek. great to see everybody, welcome. big earning story this -- this morning around -- around disney. what are your thoughts on the -- on the quarter so far for broad
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s&p 500 companies? how are you viewing the earnings impact? >> yeah, so i think that's what we are seeing right now is what -- to be expected if you are getting this much influence and cash into the market, you just everything to go up because where else is the money going to go? investors are going to look at fundamentals and probably end up talking about gamestop. as you know one of the things that we look at is how are companies margin their liquidity and one of that indicators is the foreign exchange part. as we look at last quarter, we look at astrazeneca doing good job in managing liquidity all related to foreign capital, et cetera, et cetera, but then on the on the other hand, we had the losers too. the world pools not looking good about this. they need to digitize the
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information. you mentioned earlier and i think you are absolutely right, technology companies continue to be hot for in many ways recurring revenue and predictability of their value is just higher than it is in companies like the volvo or the aduddas, no surprise there. technology is still going to remain hot because people are really going to get to understand this. maria: yeah, tech has certainly driven this market for now several years. i want to ask you about what went on with the gamestop federal prosecutors are set to investigate whether or not that set in surge in gamestop stock was by criminal manipulation. prosecutors are allegedly subpoenaing information from robinhood, another retail trading platforms. this is what former sec chairman harvey pitt told us when he
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joined us this week, listen. >> the only question here is were any of the individuals having gamestop taking steps to try and artificially inflate the price of the stock. i think it's a good thing that the sec said they will do a complete review and figure out who was pushing this stock. that's helpful after the fact. but the end of the day, unless there's clear evidence that someone is deliberately trying to influence the price of the stock, there's very little that the government can do about this. maria: what does it mean wolfgang, do you think we will see higher standards, bigger regulatory bite as a result of this? where is this going? >> i don't think we will. i think it's pretty normal and we have seen this again and
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again when you had drastic moves in individual share price or quite frankly in the market that the sec has to investigate. that's their job. did somebody happen or not. you have to look at the fundamentals of the stock and why did people make the trade. a lot of people said there's hype there, okay, it's a rumor that actually it's 140% short and they will start running to cover, et cetera, et cetera. that's just market things. what you have to do is look at fundamentals as investors and do the fundamental hold up or not. that's what one should do and that's what people do. i don't see anything coming out of the gamestop from that perspective here but, you know, unless there's something as he said that was -- was intentionally misleading which i really, you know, so far nothing has come up to that but pretty typical. maria: all right, wolfgang, great to get your insight. wolfgang koester joining us from
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kyriba this morning. after soaring 64% in trading debut yesterday. take a look. move continues, the ipo was priced at $43 a share and a day and a half later it's sitting at 71.64 on bumble, the big ipo of the week. we are just getting started this morning. coming up, reopening new york city, former cke restaurant ceo andy puzder to allowish door dining. next week we are eyeing the gamestop frenzy and possible new federal investigation in the word on wall street and then challenging china, tennessee senator marsha talking about the president's change of heart when it comes to dealing with america's biggest rival. what went on in the phone call between president xi jinping and president biden, we will take a look? in the 8:00 a.m. hour governor cuomo under pressure on bombshell reports surrounding nursing home states in the
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empire state and what the governor's office may have known. crypto going mainstream, more companies looking to allow bitcoins to transactions, will more follow suit, we will discuss, don't miss a moment of it, you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪
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that has helped offset losses from theme parks and content sales. it was up 21 million subscribers in this quarter alone. joining us cfra media analyst these are pretty impressive numbers, what's your take? >> i think, maria, those numbers -- you couldn't have asked for more. i think the top line number, bottom line number actually came in way ahead of expectations especially in backdrop of the covid-19 pandemic which had $2.6 billion hit on the operating income. albeit less than we expected. the theme parks, you know, actually showing signs of significant pinned up demand but the real story is acceleration that we have seen in disney plus. so this is really a seamless transition into the direct customer strategy that disney has been spearheading now.
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maria: in theaters and parks before we see a true opening and back to normal, what's your take on the longer-term sustainability of these businesses? >> i think the longer-term outlook seems pretty positive. you know, i think disney remains very well positioned as best as anyone to benefit from the widespread availability of vaccines. you know, the legacy business is -- are really starting to be back up and running even though they have issues with the theater closings, but the key for disney is the robust content pipeline that we see that's really beginning to circulate around the various businesses with streaming still front and center. they said that they are going to have 300 to 350 million global streaming subscribers by fiscal
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'24. we are think they are ahead of that pace. disney plus is in a little more than two dozen countries, netflix in over 190 countries. you can get a sense of the tremendous runway that disney plus has as they continue to accelerate their international launches in the weeks and months ahead. maria: so tuna, the stock this morning is up 2%, what's your outlook longer term, would you buy the stock where it is here and put money the work? we've had an incredibly strong start for the month of february, disney included. what's your take going forward? >> we would be buyers at the levels, maria, no doubt the stock is trading at a huge premium to the broader media and entertainment sector. we think the premium is justified by the company's transition direct to consumer strategy and that's why we raised our 12-month target price
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at $220 and we think there's tremendous upside as we kind of look out over the next 12 months as they continue to make this transition to direct to consumer and as the vaccines become widely available, you know, i think -- i wouldn't be surprised if the stock would pop higher on that news. maria: wow. well, it certainly happened fast, didn't it, from when the streaming business started up to 95 million users, tuna, good to see you this morning, thanks so much. >> thanks a lot, maria. be safe. maria: all right, tuna amobi, we will see you soon. governor cuomo under pressure, bombshell reports on how his covered nursing home deaths. we are looking at bumble solid ipo this week. the debut ahead of valentine's day a sweet one. up one and a third percent already in the premarket this morning. back in a moment. ♪ ♪
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6:23 am
in-laws in nursing homes to covid. dagen: this is an apology by the -- it was the melissa de rosa, secretary to the governor. this is an apology to democrats in the state of new york, trying to make amends for any political damage done to them. this is not an apology to the grieving loved one of those killed by andrew cuomo's, andy cuomo's nursing home order that was put in place late march that sent covid positive patients back into nursing homes and prohibited those very nursing facilities from even testing people for covid. this is a cover-up pure and simple and it should be handled by the department of justice. this is a monster, this is a
6:24 am
sociopath, this is humanamedic and it's for the joe biden administration to investigate cuomo. maria: why did he make this decision, he made a decision to send the patients into nursing homes, why? dagen: well, there's certainly an issue that janice has covered with donors from hospitals. we could go into that at great length. maria: wow. dagen: it could have been just a mistake but the mistakes -- again, all the -- the families wanted was accountability and admission. by the way, we only found out how many people died because of latisha james, because of attorney general in new york, she finally stepped up and released last month that report that estimated the deaths of us
6:25 am
innerring home residents was 50% higher and that number continues to grow. it jumped this week to over 15,000 when you factor in assisted living and adult care facilities. but again, this is all about politics and preserving political power. it's about donald trump quite frankly. they were worried about trump making it a political issue. they never gave a damn about those who were killed. they never gave a damn about the families. don't forget this man, andy cuomo, wrote a book on leadership and accepted an emmy for his performance while tap dancing on the graves of those killed by his incompetence. maria: wow. liz peek? liz: yeah, i think that dagen has said it pretty well but the most shocking thing to me in
6:26 am
what this secretary revealed to her fellow democrats is, first of all, she pinned the blame on donald trump and said that it was all his fault for making this a political issue which, of course, cuomo had done months earlier. the other thing is they sat on this information for a very long time and she says that they were worried about a possible justice department investigation. well, what does that tell you about the -- the truthfulness or honesty of new york state dealing with the federal government. i mean, it's a pretty extraordinary admission. at any other time or place, maria, andy cuomo would be forced to resign. if the media were doing their job, cuomo would have to resign. this is an appalling admission of lying and deceitfullness and as dagen has said, they have yet to apologized in any way to the families who lost people in this
6:27 am
horrific situation. maria: we will be speaking with new york congressman tom reed in the 8:00 a.m. hour this morning. ly get his take on the bombshell report as well. so we will keep talking about that. meanwhile new york city is trying to bounce back. details as the big apple takes the next step in the indoor dining comeback. we will tell you all about it. no love this valentine's day, why many couples will be skipping the romance this weekend. it's making a buzz, come in a moment.
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maria: welcome back, good friday morning, everybody, thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo and it is friday february 12th, a look at markets this half an hour, lower opening this morning for broader averages. dow industrials down 78, nasdaq down 29 and s&p 500 right now
6:31 am
down 11 and a quarter but they are pulling back from another record day on wall street yesterday. both nasdaq and the s&p 500 notching all-time highs yesterday while the dow finished lower the nasdaq begins today's trading session at 14,025. the s&p 500 at 3916 with gains on the session at 4:00 o'clock on wall street yesterday. european markets this morning picking up where wall street left off, we did get economic data on the uk economy. the uk economy contracted almost 10%. largest on record. gdp did grow in the last quarter by 1%. ftse 100 is up 1 point, the cac quarante is also up 1 point and the dax index in germany lower by 70. in asia overnight, most markets still closed for the lunar holiday. this year is the year of the ox. markets were opened in japan and they were down a fraction.
6:32 am
wintery weather back here in the u.s. causing dangerous conditions on the roadways and more snow is expected to come this weekend on valentine's day, cheryl. over to you. cheryl: yes, happy valentine's maria, here we go, more weather. at least 6 people by the way are dead now, dozens have been hurt after icy conditions led to this, massive pileup in fort worth, texas, over 130 cars were involved. first responders had to battle freezing temperatures to pull people to safety in all of this. this as nearly 20 million americans are in the path of more winter storms this weekend. airlines already delaying more than 1200 flights, temperatures expect today dip to record lows in parts of kansas, oklahoma, texas and arkansas. well, talk about girl power, white wolf, the cofounder of dating app bumble is the youngest female self-made billionaire this after her company went public yesterday on the nasdaq at the end of trading. wolf had a net worth of
6:33 am
$1.5 billion. bumble debut at 76 bucks a share, you were talking about this earlier, there it is again, the stock is up almost 2%. 71.65 right now. well, president biden's to cost pipeline is costing jobs, now facing layoffs, furloughs or temporary reduction of hours as they were forced to cut order. executive order costing a thousand jobs and could lose another 10,000 according to some estimates. and finally, maria, don't mess with the momma bear, a texas mom goes full blitz on a suspect was peeping tom tackling to the ground after trying to run away from police. she says he was looking in her
6:34 am
15-year-old daughter's window. texans are looking for a new linebacker, maybe she should apply. maria: wow. that's amazing, what great video. thank you, cheryl. that must have been scary too. new york city ready to reopen finally, governor cuomo moving reopening day for the city indoor dining for today instead of sunday. restaurants can now resume service at 25% capacity. joining me right now the former ceo of cke restaurants, former labor secretary nominee and the capitalist comeback author andy puzder. andy, great to see you, thank you very much for being here. it's been a long time coming but the governor is moving the opening date till today going into the weekend. what is your take on the money lost and the revenue lost, how quickly will these companies be able to gain it back? >> well, they are not going to gain it back quickly at 25%. the percentage should be much
6:35 am
higher. 25% is arbitrary. there's no scientific data that would support 25%. more data supporting 100%. it's going to help some restaurants. look, these restaurants on the verge of collapse. it's not going to help them much. i think this is an act of political cowardess by the governor of new york that will be criticized for making another mistake. thank you god they are opening the doors and it needs to be more and it needs to be fast. maria: so how many restaurants would you say have gone bust because of what they've been faced with this year? i mean, clearly we needed rules to -- during the lockdown, but look at how florida has really flourished, andy, and then you compare that to new york. and even the number of -- mortality numbers are lower in florida and they've been open. >> well, governor desantis has
6:36 am
done an incredible job with the -- with the fight against covid. if anyone should have written a book tvs governor desantis. the numbers a month and a half ago said 10,000 restaurants had closed and another 500,000 were in trouble and all of that was before they shut down outdoor dining in california. i have a friend of mine in california that run molly's in santa barbara where you could be open 365 days a year called me in tears because she couldn't pay. i would say at least 150,000 restaurants closed permanently and it's a disaster for those who own the restaurants and those who work in the restaurants. maria: it's true. i'm looking at a report that says at least 1,000 have closed permanently in new york city alone. let me switch gears to ask you about what's coming out of washington and how it impacts the restaurant sector.
6:37 am
house speaker pelosi is promising federal minimum wage hike to $15 an hour. the increase she says will be included in the house stimulus package the next time. we are expecting $4 trillion in the second package coming. she also believes the relief bill that they're talking about now will be passed by the end of the month, signed into law before march 14th when key unemployment programs are set to expire, andy. your reaction to what is to come in this stimulus package including that minimum wage? >> well, i mean, i tell you, you have to look at when larry summers and phil graham agree on something, you know there's a problem. they both agree that the stimulus bill could set up hyperinflation and tank the economy. that's number 1. putting that aside, if you're looking at -- the white house has come out, the national council of economic adviser two members said what their goal is full employment. how do they plan on getting there? one is the stimulus. by the way, stimulus doesn't lead -- you are not going to open up a new restaurant or a
6:38 am
new grocery based on a stimulus bill because you know the stimulus is going away. to get to pelosi's points, how on earth do you get to full employment? how do you create jobs if you discourage businesses from hiring people by raising the minimum wage and cbo came out that the 15-dollar minimum wage would kill 1.4 million jobs and you discourage businesses from hiring and then you're providing unemployment insurance benefits so generous that it's more profitable, it's more economically sensible for people to stay home than to work. so you are discouraging businesses for hiring, you are discouraging people from working and then your claim is you're trying to create full unemployment. the approach is absurd and won't help restaurants and won't help anybody. maria: i mean, as a former restaurant head yourself, when you've got more costs higher expenses to being forced to pay some employees $15 an hour, what do you do? do you cut jobs?
6:39 am
how do you ensure that you could, you know, have enough profit and enough to pay everyone? tell me these situations that you faced in the past. >> well, you do just what the cbo said. you don't hire. you don't hire as many people. you raise your prices which increases consumers' costs and you don't grow because you don't have the money to grow. you've really got to pull back to try and keep the doors open and restaurants across the country right now, they are surviving by the skin of their teeth. when your business is lock down, you don't do a whole lot of business. maria: sure, you live on cash flow. yeah. >> i'm sorry? maria: liz peek, jump in. liz: andy, good morning. >> hi, liz. liz: a lot of restaurants are surviving in my area by takeout but nobody is really doing
6:40 am
takeout alcohol. and it seems to me that a lot of restaurants basically needed alcohol sales particularly wine sales and high-priced cocktails to even make it. how are they surviving without that -- you know, ingredient in their overall mix? i don't get that? >> well, you're absolutely right. normal food costs for restaurants are about 35% of sales. the food costs is 15 and control is really positive and a lot of restaurants charge less for food because they make so much on alcoholic beverages. when you take the sales out of the mix, you make it a whole lot more difficult for sit-down restaurants to survive, even with takeout. so it's a huge problem and as i said, these restaurants are not surviving. you think your local restaurant is going to make it through this because they closed their doors, you're wrong. we need to do something to help these people and do something
6:41 am
fast and the thing to do is open the doors. we need to do what we are doing in florida and you're in tennessee, we need to let restaurants open. maria: before you go, president biden nominating julie sue for u.s. deputy secretary. sue oversees california system and hit with allegations of widespread fraud throughout the pandemic including $11 billion for fraud and another claim for fraudulent claims under investigation and she's going to be nominated for the deputy labor secretary. your thoughts? >> apparently if you're a progressive you don't get punished for much, you get rewarded even when you screw up. california has $120 billion in unemployment benefits paid in california since the beginning of the pandemic and that's about 25% of the total paid out in the united states. well, they don't have 25% of the population. so you have a problem right there. but then when you find out that
6:42 am
1700 checks were sent to the same address for these, you know, these government benefits, when you find out that somebody sent a 21,000-dollar check to dianne feinstein, nobody was watching. the money was running out of the door and nobody was guarding the cash register. you would think somebody that was going to be assistant secretary of labor would be on top of that. pat has been the assistant secretary for the last few years, he was an incredibly effective guy, competent, did a wonderful job, to replace him with somebody that couldn't even run the job in california, i mean it's absurd. this is -- this administration is doing more harm to an economy that should be coming back gang busters, you know, after this pandemic. you do a lot more business when your doors are open than when they are closed and we will open our doors this year as more people get vaccinated. we should have an incredible economic year and they are doing everything they can possibly think of to stop it. maria: by the way, i should
6:43 am
point the massive influence campaign that has been taking place in california by communist china. the communist party has certainly had individuals within certain parts of california that have cozied up to people like eric swawell, dianne feinstein, barbara boxer, pointing that it because the ccp is certainly trying to influence areas of this country and get inside some of our most important institutions. andy, good to see you this morning. thank you so much on all of that. great, stay with us. we will be right back. market down 69 on the dow industrials. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back, home for heros, homes for our troops is a nonprofit that helps build and donate specially adaptive customed homes for severe injured post 911 veterans. joining me ceo homes for our troops, tom, tom, good to have you, thank you so much for what you're doing honoring our great heros. tell us more about the company. >> thanks for having me, maria. you got our mission right on target. these troops have come back from iraq and afghanistan and no longer in front pages of our paper or news at night but they still got severe injuries.
6:48 am
most of them have -- severe burns, blindness, et cetera, and the homes that they are living in when they come back are basically unsafe and not fully accessible. when you think about your home and you have steps to get in from the outside and you have narrow door ways and narrow hallways and two-story homes that have carpet inside, stairs and carpet are the enemies of wheelchairs and prosthetics and the troops aren't able to completely move around in their homes and it's unsafe. i've looked at my house and i have a 2-inch lift to get into the shower. some are dealing with shower that's located inside of bath tube and some that may have good leg do hopping around but still a lot of help that's needed from spouses, caregivers and family
6:49 am
members and they are still falling out there and injuring. so the need is real, the need is urgent and basically what these troops have done, we haven't had a draft since 1973 so they're all volunteers. they went down range in the blink of an eye. , their lives, their families lives changed forever and they need help just doing the daily things that a lot of us take for granted and that's a sacrifice of freedom and independence so the rest of us can continue to enjoy the daily freedoms that we do. maria: well, what a great program. we are so grateful for all of them for defending our freedom. since 2004 homes for our troops has built over 300 specially adapted homes. tell us about the specific homes you build, what they are equipped with and you make a good point about the shower, taking a shower in the bath, this inability to lift your leg to get into a bath. you need a walk-in shower. tom: so we've -- our homes are
6:50 am
about 2800 square feet, they are on an acre of land. unique to the program is the veterans tell us where they would like to live. we find the land, get the veterans to approve it because it's going to be their forever home. we buy the land, hire a custom hold builder in the area and build a home from the ground up. each home has more than 40 adaptations inside of it from 4-foot walkway that goes around the house so that they can still enjoy the comfort of being outside and in their yard, whether they are in a wheelchair or not. wider doorways as you come in, completely open floor plan. the countertops are lower, stove top, kitchen sink, laundry room where you can roll in to washer and dryer. adaptations that a lot of our veterans, they really appreciate the home but you just took away
6:51 am
all of the excuses we previously had for helping around house and now we have to do it. in the bathroom, it's -- the master bath is roll in, it's a roll-in shower that can transfer either to a tub or they can transfer to a shower. maria: terrific. tom: do all for themselves. maria: thank you so much, these are incredible retro fits and so needed. we think our troops and thank you for all of your efforts. thank you, tom landwermeyer and we will see you soon. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ and tackle four things at once. so when her car got hit, she didn't worry. she simply filed a claim on her usaa app and said... i got this. usaa insurance is made the way kate needs it - easy.
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6:55 am
more likely to have romantic plans and would be happy if their partner suggesting saving over spending. regardless, some people will spend estimated $164 million this year to say i love you this valentine's day. liz, thoughts on people ditching the day of love? liz: well, maria, i would hate to think that covid had squashed romance in our country and we don't know what prior years looked like but there are a lot of ways to celebrate valentine's day and celebrate love that don't need a lot of money, romantic dinner at home, candlelight, build a fire, watch a movie that's romantic, all kinds of things you can do that don't require big outlay of expense. by the way, it's a heads up to me to restaurants who sort of gouged people this time of year for some special menu. i don't think you need to do that. maria: yeah. absolutely. all right, next up, how about this, dagen, see the lincoln monument without a trip to dc?
6:56 am
one new jersey man is making that possible. check this out. whoa. he built a 14-foot tall snow sculptor of the lincoln monument in his front yard. it took 60 hours and, of course, the right weather to build. this guy is known for dabbling giant snow sculptors. check this out, dagen, what do you think? dagen: i'm astonished by the talent. when i try to make a snowman, she or she, always is with a lumpy head, the head is bigger than the body. a total disaster. i hope no jerk shows up with a blow torch to, you know, destroy honest abe because again, monuments even those of snow are targets for the far left. maria: yeah. it really has been snowball and
6:57 am
snowman weather. the snow has been so fresh. i went out the other day and had a snowball myself. all right, thank you so much. we will take a break. when we come back challenging china. tennessee senator marsha blackburn will be here talking about president biden's stance on america's biggest rival. it all start next hour, mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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7:00 am
maria: welcome back. good friday morning, everybody. thank you so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo and it is friday february 12th, top stories 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. challenging china. will president biden will get tough on china's bad behavior. the president warning that, quote, china can eat our lunch if left unchecked. something he totally dismissed back in 2019 as the country steals intellectual property and bully neighbors and moves to supplant the united states as number 1 super power. tennessee senator blackburn weighs in later this hour. stimulus showdown continues in washington. house democrats digging in on a
7:01 am
15-dollar minium wage as speaker pelosi is promising that that increase to the minimum wage will be in the next relief package. new york congressman tom reed is here next hour with the latest. scandal in new york state, an aide for governor cuomo says his office purposely withheld data about nursing home mortality to hide it from the feds. we are following the shocking story all morning long this morning. markets this morning are lower pulling back from record highs yesterday, take a look at futures indicating a decline at the start of trading of 47, the nasdaq down 17 and the s&p lower by 7 points. it's pullback from yesterday's record session on wall street with the nasdaq and the s&p 500 notched all-time highs while the dow finished slightly lower. private message eavesdropping instagram says it will ban users who spew hate speech indirect messages. how do they know what's going on in your direct messages, we will get into it. open for business, new york city gets ready to open indoor dining
7:02 am
once again. we will talk to one restaurateur with his plans. the daytona 500 kicking off the valentine's weekend on fox. we will take you there live. mornings with maria is live right now. european markets this morning are mixed, take a look. ftse 100 up 14, the uk economy contracted by 9.9% in the year 2020. according to the office of national statistics that's the largest contraction on record. gdp did grow by 1% in the last quarter in the uk. this morning the cac quarante is up 11, dax index is lower by 60 points. in asia overnight, most markets are closed for the lunar holiday, today is the chinese new year, chinese families celebrating today for the new year in japan markets were open and they were down fractionally. now some of the top stories that we are watching this morning. examining the gamestop phenomena, the justice department and the san francisco u.s. attorney seeking
7:03 am
information from brokers and social media companies, determine if market manipulation or misconduct played part in retail short frenzy. massachusetts regulators subpoenaed a man named warren kitty, one to have driving forces behind the surge in gamestop stock. disney plus proving to be big plus for disney as pandemic all but shattered businesses and reported 95 million users, have subscribed to the streaming service, up 21 million in the last quarter. this coming along surprised quarterly profit of $17 million due to the streaming success. disney shares are up almost 2%. democrats pushing federal minimum wage to $15. speaker pelosi promising that it will be next in package.
7:04 am
, give air lines payroll assistance as part of aid package. republicans are calling for new york governor cuomo to be removed from office after one of the aides admitted to covering up data on nursing home deaths. the aide said that they hid the true numbers out of fear of the feds finding out. cuomo sent 9,000 covid patients back into nursing homes. number 40% higher than originally reported. 14,000 people have died in new york state nursing homes as governor cuomo is supposed to meet with biden about rescue plan. more of the bombshell report throughout this morning. and former president trump's legal team set to begin rebuttal in legal trial. the democrat case managers have spent two days arguing that trump's words and actions directly instigated capitol riot on january 6th. we are told that the former
7:05 am
president's legal team may use one of two days allotted for rebuttal and the senate can vote to convict or acquit as early as this weekend. time for the word on wall street. top investors watching your money. joining me rosecliff capitol ceo managing partner mike murphy and economist lindsey, great to see you both. lindsey, a look at markets, we are pulling back from a record session yesterday. this week we had comments from federal reserve jay powell, monetary policy h remain in place for now amid the pandemic. he says that the job market is still hurting and real unemployment rate is closer to 10%. i guess that means rates will be low for so long and not a lot of competition for stocks, what do you say? >> oh, absolutely. the federal reserve has no incentive at this point to remove extremely accommodating policy with the economy still struggling to gain momentum. from a standpoint, we have taken
7:06 am
right moves in the right direction. of course, the latest payroll report showing positive job creation after very dismal december. but even with the steps in the right direction, we are still talking about millions of americans unemployed. millions more rehinton federal unemployment assistance. so it's likely that it will be years before we are talking about a return to pre-pandemic levels keeping monetary policy very accommodative but providing justification for additional fiscal stimulus on top of that. maria: so does the market feel well price today you where it is given the fact that you've got no yield anywhere and this is the place where people can find yield with dividend paying companies, et cetera? or do you think valuations have become excessive? >> well, i think the market right now is overly optimistic about additional stimulus being able to bring economy back to pre-pandemic levels. absolutely, stimulus will help
7:07 am
with that in the near term but i am concerned about massive government spending in terms of longer-term consequence which is are likely to lead to massive increases in debt and deficits. in fact, the 2021 deficit is project today rise over 2 trillion. we are not talking about outstanding debt but just the annual deficit itself and so this is likely to be met with significant cuts in -- in spending or significant rise in tax increases which is likely to create longer-term impediment for the economy. right now the market seems to be having a short-sided view of the economy. maria: what an impressive move on the nasdaq if you look over the last year. mike murphy, you have big news this morning, your company set to go public on the nasdaq, part of broader move and can you tell us about the move and about this special purpose acquisition company, how does rosecliff fit
7:08 am
into the landscape? mike: good morning, maria, very exciting day. as you know we launched rosecliff back in 2016 as rosecliff venture capital fund. over the last few years we have been fortunate to grow from one fund to 7 funds and almost a billion dollars in assets under management. and as we will be looking at all of the great private companies that were out there, you know we saw an opportunity to launch a special purpose acquisition company or spac to assist one of the great private companies in becoming an even better or phenomenal public company. you know, my team at rosecliff is behind this 100% but also i partnered with a great group. you know, jordan zimmerman who you know, the head of zimmerman advertising, and karen goodwin who ran panning capital, king street, 20 billion-dollar hedge fund and ryan who was the ceo 17 years at costar,
7:09 am
35 billion-dollar public company. so we are really excited to go out, find a great consumer technology business in the private market and bring them over into the public markets and look for a great long-term result. maria: mike, it's just phenomenal news for you. you have grown the company substantially since b you started. let me ask you what going public will do for you, what would the capital raise enable you to do in the way of acquisitions ands a focus -- and focus for growth over the longer term? mike: sure, remember, maria, only a few years ago when we were talking about uber and lyft and the private markets being funded by companies like softbank with huge capital raises and we were saying, hey, these companies are staying private for too long. they're not going into the public markets. you're not letting the individual investor invest in these great start-ups.
7:10 am
it's all happening in the -- the growth is happening in the private market. so now we see an opportunity to get a great high-growth business and bring it public earlier in the one and a half to 2 and a half or 3 and a half billion dollar range, so that individual investors can partake in the upside of the company. we are really excited. this is rosecliff's special purpose acquisition company one. we hope to do this several times and assist companies going from private into the public market. so we are very excited and you'll be along the way with us. we will keep you posted every step of the way. maria: terrific. i want to hear all about it, mike, congrats to you, we will be watching the debut. thank you so much to both. mike murphy and lindsey, great word on wall street, guys. much more ahead this morning. coming up challenging china, tennessee senator blackburn is here, she will talk about president biden's stance on america's biggest competitor. that's coming up. then governor cuomo under pressure, new york congressman
7:11 am
tom reed on the bombshell report surrounding nursing home deaths in the empire state and what the governor's office may have known. plus the crypto goes mainstream, more companies looking to allow bitcoin for transactions. will even more follow suit, we will talk about it. dagen mcdowell and liz peek, we will get back to this fantastic panel when we come right back. you are watching mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪
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from our resume database. claim your seventy five dollar credit, when you post your first job at maria: well, today is the day, indoor dining finally returns to the big apple but at only 25% capacity. many restaurant owners are frustrated knowing that they can still do more and be safe, but they aren't allowed. joining me right now is the
7:15 am
owner of bobby van stake house, joseph smith. thank you very much for being here. your restaurant is extremely popular. tell me about getting ready to open again at 25% capacity and your impact to your business long term? >> well, we have been ready, maria, since the last day they closed us down which is the 15th of december. we've always been ready, but we did give it a good spruce up this weekend. it is good news that we are opening up again as much as we are not happy because we can't survive on 25%. we need 50%. we need the bars also to be able to sit at and have your lunch or your dinner or cocktail with a friend. we also -- the 10:00 o'clock close is ridiculous. we are not children. midnight would be an offer. we asked the governor to consider those things give us
7:16 am
12:00 o'clock closing and give us the bar and give us 50% so we can break even and possibly make up for the last year that we've had. i mean, we have restaurants in washington that are doing very well. we get a lot of congressman and senators coming there and there's no such laws even during the rioting time we did well because, i think, maybe they eat more than regular people than new york. philadelphia is doing better than new york and manhattan seems to be the red-headed stepchild. queens, bronx, westchester, long sigh land, -- island, staten island. they are doing 50%. maria: joseph, you make a good point because you have restaurants elsewhere in philadelphia. you've got other restaurants so you can compare the situation in new york versus philadelphia and
7:17 am
washington. i was just talking about this because we had a big difference in florida. you see a significant change because of what you're allowed to do. >> yes, it's entirely different. this is the worst-run state in the country, i believe. maybe la a little bit with us but manhattan is definitely number 1. especially midtown. we know office buildings are working at 10% occupancy, commercial districts that we are in all the way up from stone street where we have a lot of good bars to wall street to the whole lower east side. wherever there's residential, they will be okay. where there's commercial where we are, it is not. we have two locations on the west side between sixth and
7:18 am
seventh avenue, broadway is closed until june, the hotels are closed, so even with a 25%, i will not be opening those two locations up. i will leave them closed because it's pointless. if they're not in the offices, the hotels are empty, the broadway shows are not coming back till june. i'm just on the street from radio city. we just lost a fortune with the whole christmas thing. now we are going to lease easter. we need help in midtown manhattan. we need to get the vaccines to everyone. everyone because they will feel comfortable coming back to work. they are not getting it and we have the priority now with the restaurants being deemed as front-liners so we can get it. i personally got it. my staff are all signing up to get it. we are doing everything we can, but we need to get this 50%, we
7:19 am
need to get the bar open to sit at. i mean, how you come into a bar and you don't have a cocktail before you sit down for dinner or some single guys or women and they have their meal at the bar, they talk to the bartender. it's a social event. we need to get the money. valentine's is going to be busy, i have 54 street open between park and lax. we are all going to be busy. all our staff is coming back. half of them were vaccinated but they wear masks, they were gloves, you have the filtering systems in. we opened up for 5 weeks before, it cost me about 30 or 40,000 for each restaurant that i lost because we were open for 5 weeks and we spent a lot of money to get open. maria: all right. joseph, well, look, best of luck to you and all of the restaurant owners out there as hopefully you approach a busier than
7:20 am
typical weekend with valentine's day. we will be watching. joseph, thank you. good to see you tonight. joseph smith and good to see you today, rather, coming up big-tech censorship. the biggest move from instagram that can clamp down on free speech. wait till you hear what they're looking at now. plus, start your engines, we are taking you live to daytona friday with nascar race just in time for valentine's day, we will be back.
7:21 am
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maria: welcome back, facebook's instagram takes a stronger stance on hate speech now on direct messages. the company announced that it will prohibit users from sending messages that break the app's rules on hate speech. if a user continues to send violating messages, their account would be disabled. dagen, this is very revealing because if they are checking private messages and they're not going to allow hate speech in private messages, that tells you right now, right there that they are monitoring your private messaging. dagen: we know that they are because instagram said in a statement about their censorship, they were boosting that 95% of the 6 and a half million pieces of hate speech from july to september were censored by the platform without anyone ever reporting it. these services and even your direct messages are not private, period. so this will only -- if users
7:25 am
pay attention, this will only send people to encrypted messaging apps which is where quite frankly all communication is going to go. we don't know what is considered hate speech by instagram because in the past the way that conservatives were treated on these large social media forms, they were targeted when -- if you're a left-wing liberal, you're allowed to basically threaten someone's life and not get your account shut down. so, you know, harass -- i think we've all experienced like unrelenting harassment from certain individuals and they literally won't shut their accounts down. so that being said, this only hurts instagram's business, but just tell us what is hate speech? just give us all a list so we are all on the same page about who gets censored. maria: it's really important
7:26 am
that we understand what they're monitoring, liz, because many people don't realize that their private messages are not private. liz: yeah, maria, i agree 100%. i think people would be shocked to find out that those so-called direct or private messages are being monitored and scrutinized by instagram when no one has asked them to do it, when there's no reason for them to be doing it. but, look, this is part of a much bigger story and we all know that so far republicans and conservatives have not figured out a way to strike back at these companies. dagen may be right, maybe instagram will lose some followers. i doubt it because big tech is in bed with the biden administration. we are not going to look for relief there and so far they own the game. and we saw with parler, they unbelievable act to shut down a potential rival that was not
7:27 am
anticonservative. i find this most alarming thing going on in the country. the only person i've seen do anything constructive to combat it is ron desantis, the governor of florida, who is actually proposing a bill to fine companies for deplatforming candidates. it's a small step but we need other states to do similar kinds of things. maria: yeah. we had ag ken paxton from texas on this week and he said he's going to join with florida and governor desantis on that note, liz, as well. we will take a break. when we come back, we are looking at challenging china in an era of censorship, tennessee senator blackburn will talk about america's biggest rival. inside biden administration's deal for 200 million vaccine doses. we will take a look. stay with us.
7:28 am
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maria: welcome back, good friday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo and it is friday february 12th, a look at market this is half an hour. futures are lower this morning pulling back from yesterday's record setting day. s&p lower by 7 points on top of another record-setter yesterday where nasdaq and s&p 500 ended in unchartered territory even though the dow finished slightly lower, the nasdaq and s&p 500 will begin in unchartered territory at 14,025 on the nasdaq and 39.16 on s&p. european markets are mixed. we did get economic data out of the uk. the uk economic con contracted
7:32 am
by 9.9% in 2020 according to office of national statistic, largest contraction on record. gdp did grow 1%, the dax index in germany lower by 62. in asia overnight, most markets were closed for the lunar holiday. happy chinese new year. it is now the year of the ox. the markets in japan were opened. nikkei average down just a fraction. now this, microsoft throws its support on proposal that could change the way people get news online. cheryl casone with the details. cheryl. cheryl: that is right, maria. microsoft wants the united states to consider legislation that would force tech companies to pay newspapers for content. this is currently being debated in australia, the proposal would require publishers and tech companies to negotiate a price or submit to binding arbitration. google and facebook argue it would send unprecedented with google threatening to pull out if australia is enacting this,
7:33 am
pull out of the country completely. hedge fund already owns 32% stake in the newspaper chain behind the chicago tribune, the baltimore sun and the new york daily news. alden made an offer to buy rest of tribune at 1425 a share. the stock trading a buck. actually moving higher in the last few moments in the remarket. stock to watch today, up 2 and a quarter percent. well, a u.s. federal appeals court declining to delay the extradition of two men accusing of helping carlos goshn flee japan, michael tailor and son peter could be on a plane to japan, prosecutors say the duo helped the chairman out of the country in december of 2019. we spoke to michael they taylor in november regarding the
7:34 am
extradition. >> there's no surprise whatsoever, that's why it's shocking that our state department without any explanation stick to american citizens on a plane to go get tortured. cheryl: well, goshn was hidden in a box and on private jet before reaching childhood home lebanon which has no extradition treaty with japan. and finally this, maria, even knee problems couldn't stop tom brady from winning first super bowl ring. buccaneers coach announcing the 43-year-old quarterback is going to have minor surgery on his knee now. the reining super bowl mvp suffered pain through the majority of the season. brady to be ready for next season, it would be his 22nd in the nfl. i believe he will be turning 44 at that point. maria: yeah, you couldn't see any knee issues on the grid iron this last -- last sunday, that's for sure. thank you so much, cheryl.
7:35 am
president biden warning that china is making advancements in transportation giving an advantage over the united states. this following a 2-hour phone call with chinese president xi jinping, this is his first call since becoming president, first call with china but the recent comments contradict remarks made back in may of 2019 where he dismissed the idea that china posed a real threat to the united states, watch. >> china is going to eat our lunch, come on, man. they're not bad folks, folks, but guess what, they are not -- they are a competition for us. >> i was on the phone for 2 straight hours with xi jinping, if we don't get moving, they are going to eat our lunch. maria: joining me right now is tennessee senator marsha blackburn. senator, it's good to see you today. thanks for being here. do you think president biden is better understanding the threat that china represents? senator: maria, i would hope that he would better understand this.
7:36 am
we are working every day to protect u.s. companies, u.s. innovators and intellectual property right holders that are being adversely impacted by the chinese communist party. and for the president to come around to having a better understanding of this, i hope that will be reflected in his cabinet choices and his administration choices. china is not our friend. they are our adversary. they practice civil military fusion. you never know where one piece ends and the other begins. hauwei needs to continue to be blocked. we do not need them in the systems of the usa or our allies. we need to continue to have this administration support the clean network plan that secretary pompeo had in place because china is on 21st century global
7:37 am
domination. the sooner president biden realizes that, the sooner he admits this and stands up against the chinese communist party, the better off this country, our innovators and our manufacturers will be. maria: you know, i remember during the trump administration they had a real hard time getting the chinese communist party to admit that they had been stealing intellectual property for decades and then during 2020, we saw a string of indictments about that where john ratcliffe, the former director of national intelligence, told me the theme in china is rob, replicate, replace. they rob and steal intellectual property, they replicate the business and then eventually they will replace your business and that is basically eating your lunch. what do you think will be the most important measure that president biden needs to attack because there's so many issues?
7:38 am
you mentioned hauwei keeping on the entities list or human rights, you know, human rights moves where you have a million uighurs in camps in china or intellectual property theft where they are stealing from our companies and ultimately replacing them on the world stage. senator: that is right, the rob, replicate and replace, it affects tennessee manufacturers. we are constantly working with manufacturers who have had their intellectual property stolen. they go into china thinking that they can produce something therement it may be something that's market auto part component or a battery and eventually what happens, they will rob, replicate and replace. also, being certain that we maintain this clean network is imperative. we know that hauwei working with
7:39 am
the chinese communist party is seeking to build a database, a global database of images, of your data and this is why the conversation that you were having about big tech is so relevant to china. and then also dna. when you look at healthcare data, they want to build this so then they own all of the information about who you are, where you go. as you've heard me say, they would own your virtual you, which is you and your presence online. they know how to market back into you. big china, big tech, big media, they are all in this together. this is why i have filed my virtual you protection agenda, the browser act, the privacy bill that i have worked on since 2012 for online privacy so that you own your data and the chinese communist party does not have access to it. big tech does not have access to
7:40 am
it. maria: yeah, you know, thank you for all you're doing, senator. i know that we have talked about this issue many times and you obviously have cleared-eye assessment of what has taken place and the threats that could take place. let me ask you about big tech while we are on the subject, are you going to be able to do anything in terms of, you know, nipping their wings in terms of the dominance that we are seeing, the idea that they too are monitoring people's information. we just did a story about instagram monitoring your private messages to people. will you be able to move the needle on section 230 which pretty much protects these companies from any lawsuits even though there's so much, you know, misinformation on social media. they can't get sued. senator: you know, maria, i think the first thing that may happen is online privacy so that you, the individual, have control of your information
7:41 am
online. and you would have to give explicit consent for one of these big-tech platforms to have the access to your information. so privacy, online privacy with one set of rules for the entire internet ecosystem and one regulator may be what you see move forward first. that would force big tech to rework their business model because of the way, you know, they are paid by the number of eyeballs they control. maria: right, right. all right, real quick before you go, senator, house impeachment managers wrapping up their arguments today presenting social media posts and videos that they say proved former president trump incited insurrection on capitol hill and trump's legal team will make case that is not true and did not happen. senator, your expectations from the defense and what can you tell us so far about the trial?
7:42 am
senator: when it comes to the trial this is about humiliating the individuals that supported president trump and president trump. they want this humiliation, and they are trying to pass hr1 which would federalize elections, what they would like to do is federalize the campaigns so that you're supporting a party and they assign an individual that will represent you. this is their goal, is that humiliation and then federal control of elections. we know that this is where they are trying to go. we know that they would like to end political free speech, so i'm going to get up there and i am going to fight like hell to protect freedom, justice in the american way because we know they are trying to take away your freedom of choice in these elections. maria: well, federalizing elections seems like a scary thing there, senator.
7:43 am
is there anything that you can do to stop is that? that's number one priority -- hr1, that's the number 1 priority? senator: that's right, that's the number 1 priority. that's why we have to keep our eye on where they are going with this. they have not proven their case. the president's speech that day incited this, it was a horrible day, we all know it was an awful day. there was destruction. there was death. we know that. but then what they have done, the house managers went back months and were saying, this language, that language, using terms like i'm going to fight. people have had enough. people are going to push back, and we know that they're trying to end that political free speech. maria: okay. senator, we will be watching, thanks very much, senator marsha
7:44 am
blackburn joining us this morning. stay with us, we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
7:45 am
7:46 am
7:47 am
maria: welcome back, boosting vaccines. president biden announcing that the u.s. has finalized a deal for additional 200 million more dose it was pfizer and moderna vaccines. the additional dosages -- doses rather would be delivered by july bringing the total doses to 600 million, enough to vaccinate nearly every american. johnson & johnson is still
7:48 am
awaiting approval on single-shot vaccine saying that it's confident it can deliver 100 million doses by this june, joining me right now infectious disease expert and john hopkins center for health security senior scholar dr. amesh adalja. the cdc is talking about new recommendations of wearing a clothe covering over a surge wall markets. ly get to two masks in a moment but the vaccines coming to market. doctor: i think it's good news but it would take some time to turn vaccines into summer when this occurs. we will still have rough months ahead trying to get vaccines, hearing about shortages and canceling of appointments and we are in the race with the uk variant which is doubling every ten days. the faster we can go now and the faster we can get doses off the
7:49 am
shelves the better. we will keep going until the supply chain freezes up and deal with influenza. maria: dr. adalja, any contagion of anybody who hat government the vaccine, if you get the second vaccination, the second shot, do you have any risk of transmitting that to someone else since you got the vaccine, are you contagious in any way? doctor: if you get infected or exposed to the virus after two weeks of your second shot, you don't have to quarantine. that's the new cdc guidance. we still don't have idea if you can get asymptommicly infected.
7:50 am
that data is starting to trickle out and you may see guidance change eventually. right now people are not from a public health point on people who have gotten two doses. if you have two people that are vaccinate and it's 2 weeks since vaccination, they can do whatever they can do together. can you be around unvaccinated people and not take any precautions? that's still an open question but most of us think we will have an answer soon that will be positive. maria: just to be clear, if you know someone who got the vaccine, got the second shot and you have not gotten any vaccination, is there any risk in perhaps contracting the coronavirus from someone who got the shot, not that they person has the coronavirus, but that they got the vaccine? doctor: so it's a much lower risk. we don't know how much lower. so that's why they haven't said that people who have gotten two doses of the vaccine and waited
7:51 am
two weeks can do whatever they want. they are still waiting for more data. maria: i see. okay, the cdc is recommending that people wear two masks now. one cloth covering over a surgical masks and agency says it can reduce transmission by 96% and the other not untuck mask for surgical fit. what about two masks? doctor: not all masks are created equal. people are sometimes are wearing flimsy masks or ill-fitting. that can include two masks for people who wear flimsy masks. we are going to be getting standards to the general public soon about what masks actually work, i think we can get people to wear better masks. that's the point, make sure that your mask is functioning the way it is and sometimes i require
7:52 am
two, sometimes it might mean knotting the ear lubes. maria: thank you, dr. amesh adalja, stay with us. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪s ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ sarah shopped for the lowest mortgage rate and chose amerisave, the one choice she'll never regret... ...unlike buying a do-it-yourself
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7:56 am
hamlin to take third straight consecutive daytona 500 win and if he does that, he would be the first to do in the 63-year history of the daytona 500. if you don't know nascar, you heard of the daytona 500. this is going to start, the drivers actually, excuse me, daytona dual qualifying races at 7:20 thursday night. alan bowman in the front of daytona. 37 starting positions for the 21 daytona 500 were determined in thursday's duals. 30,000 tickets, the capacity is a little under 102,000 and the fans screened with the temperature checks, they'll have to wear a mask. kind of like i said the same story for any type of -- any type of sporting event that's being held during covid. it would be largest sporting
7:57 am
event since covid began. since there's no fans they'll be doing with twitter messages which i think is pretty neat but daytona 500 is at 2:30 sunday but coverage all weekend long. back to you. maria: be sure to tune in sunday 2:30 for the 63rd daytona 500, it is live on fox. don't miss it. right here. mornings with maria next. ♪ liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ ♪ zenio, the only one of its kind proven to help you live significantly longer when taken with fulvestrant, regardless of menopause. verzenio + fulvestrant is for hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer that has progressed after hormone therapy.
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maria: good friday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, friday february 12 top stories 8:00 a.m. on a the east coast, challenging china, will president biden get tough on china's bad behavior? the president now warning that china could quote eat our lunch, if the left unchecked, something he totally dismissed in 2019 as communist party continues to steal intellectual property bully neighbors to supplant united
8:01 am
states as number one superpower we have learned bbc is banned from broadcasting in china reporting on treatment of uighurs in chinese camps we follow all morning long, a he scandal in new york state ayed for governor cuomo says his office purposely withheld data about nursing home mortality numbers to hide from feds following this shocking story all morning long markets we are expecting a decline start of trading, as markets pull back from a record-settinging session yesterday the dow industrials down 25, the nasdaq down 14, s&p 500 lower by 6 1/2 this after a record day on wall street yesterday he where nasdaq, s&p 500 notched all-time highs, the dow finished slightly lower but we are beginning with nasdaq, s&p 500 this morning, in unchartered territory stimulus showdown house democrats dig in on 15 dollar an hour minimum wage speaker pelosi is promising that it will be in the next relief
8:02 am
package, the cryptoo creates a companies allowing bitcoin transactions as one may pay workers in digital assets classiest valentine's day how you and your beau ab stand the night alone in your favorite bar "mornings with maria" is live right now. maria: european markets slightly mixed take a look ft 100 up 5 cac quarante up 11 dax lower by 59. economic data out of uyouk the uk "c" by 9.9% in 2020 according to office for national statistics largest contraction on record gdp grew one percent last quarter in asia overnight markets mostly closed for lunar hollywood japan fractionally lower on nikkei average top stories this morning, examining the gaem game, the justice departments san francisco u.s.
8:03 am
attorney seeking misinformation from broke, social media companies to determine if manipulation took place there are other types of criminal misconduct whether it played a part in the frenzy, this as massachusetts regulators soaped the man rory, seen as a driving force behind that surge. >> disney plus a major for disney pandemic has all bust shuttered the magic kingdom businesses big surprise upside 95 million users, now subscribing to streaming service up 21 million from just this quarter announcement alongside the profit of 17 million dollars, exceeded expectations, and disney shares up one and two-thirds percent. . >> democrats digging in on punish to increase the federal minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour nancy pelosi promising the hike included in next coronavirus relief package, if as house financial services committee approved the proposal to give airlines
8:04 am
another 14 billion dollars in payroll assistance, as part of that aid package, republicans are calling for new york governor andrew cuomo to be moved from office after one of his aides, admitted covering up data on nursing home deaths this reportedly happened during a video call with state democrats aide says, they hid true numbers out of fear of the feds finding out. cuomo sent 9,000 covid patients back into nursing homes number 40% higher than reported. are reported 15,000 people died, in new york state nursing homes all coming as governor cuomo exposed to visit the white house to meet with president biden about his american ask you plan we will have more on bombshell report this morning. former president trump legal team to begin rebuttal in impeachment trial, if a democrat case managers spent two days arguing that trump's words actions directly insgraitsdz the o capitol hill rite january of the legal team
8:05 am
may only use one of two days day for rebuttal senate could vote to convict or acquit as early as today or this weekend. >> futures to a lower opening for broader averages dow industrials down 1 nasdaq down 12 s&p lower by 5 points, big tech helping push nasdaq to all-time high yesterday the s&p 500 also notched a ninth record close, in 2021. joining me right now strategies founder maininging partner katie, and great to see everybody this morning thanks for a being here, what are the charts telling you right now about record-setting performance on markets. >> -- amazing, month alone s&p 500 up more than 5% i think investors wondering if sustainable especially weak seasonal, february march
8:06 am
tendity great as a you recall last year it was february 24th that we got down very, very distant corrections a lot of unease out there at the same time we are seeing big, big moves in risk assets -- small caps out performing -- down the look sustainable near-term, that kind of deep price action resolved in dramatic fashion universal for short-term perspective i think the rest pullback broadly speaking in risk assets when you look at measures like -- averages, downside risk where purchasing -- adding exposure s&p 500 brief pullback -- these -- averages several percent below current levels for s&p 500 maybe 4%, for the
8:07 am
russell 2000 index small caps, about 10%, so we think there is heightened risk here, worth watching closely short term, the risk this morning -- positive -- >> you could also look at junk bond markets get a sense of where the risk is, and why people and how people are going out on that risk curving aggressively talk more about vix index that volatility amid hideened insert what are you seeing, in terms of what is ahead. >> i say right now in sort of a high volatility regime, we call that support, as long as that support level, to executive curve we would say risk -- i think the spike that we saw last year during the
8:08 am
coronavirus driven correction that spike has kind of -- the other, but indeed can last a week or two be damaging so bracing for that kind of -- when vix can turn indication for equity indices right now sitting around 21, 22 is indeed over flow,. >> show the liz peek jump. >> good morning, question for you look at the other side what drives the market to a new high here? i mean we are already have good news on the vaccine, pretty clear that we are going to get a big stimulus bill, earnings season there is almost over, pretty good, what what could really be sort of propulsion that moves market being to a new high? i think -- simply, as a technician i focus on market
8:09 am
psychology really that expectation more than over with breakouts that have kurd risk assets i think folks feel might miss out if they don't g ahead and get with it, and apply into strength that has already happened could keep us more underneath the market, and i think a lot of people have made a lot of more than probably in if past month or so with some of these trades on short-term basis, you know situations like gamestop, you know spike, there is a little bit of reality check i would say for folks that did very well in january. no we're seeing chinks in armor look at tesla, lost you short-term, are very valley there, and has a big -- in mainly indices, i think -- that could continue to do so, but what is very, very risk short-term -- >> katie great from you as
8:10 am
always thank you so much katie stockton, much more ahead governor cuomo under pressure new york congressman tom read to discuss bombshell report surrounding the deaths in the state also economic issues in new york with congressman, then crypto mainstream more companies to allow bitcoin for transactions will more of follow, you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪♪ incomparable design makes it beautiful. state of the art technology,
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8:13 am
maria: welcome back, cuomo covid catastrophe top reportedly apologizing to democrat lawmakers on video call for under reporting the
8:14 am
state nursing home covid death toll worried about feds finding out of the vordz show governor sent more than 9,000 covid patients in nursing homes, 40% hire than reported, the controversy pushing new york congressman lee zeld tiny call on department of justice to gait cuomo visits white house with others to discuss the plan for covid relief. >> joining me house ways and means chairman tom reed your reaction to news from governor cuomo's aide. >> well, i will tell you now we have governor cuomo second in command confession to fellow democrat lawmakers admitting she committed criminal activity to cover-up for what they were hiding from the federal officials that were responsible to get to the
8:15 am
bottom of this, and make sure that skill nursing homesks nursing home we earned what happened with covid-19 that sent 15,000 people to deaths this cannot go unaccounted for arguing in committee demanding be part of this covid-19 package, for most importantly, days of cuomo are going to be numbered in albany here most important start with second in command i am looking at filing a personal criminal complaint against this individual, today, in local law enforcement offices as well as federal offices, she needs to be arrested today. maria: well she is -- saying that -- the group hid it and didn't report the transparent numbers. why is she taking a braunt they is going to be arrested,
8:16 am
who else was involved what was behind decision to send covid patients to nursing homes? >> that was governor cuomo's order, that was in effect for 46 days that killed 15,000 of our fellow new yorkers governor cuomo needs to be held to account i make sure every person needs to be held to account held for justice for 15,000, is held, in -- in regards to their activity she only confessed, in a taped confession to gaijtsdz criminal activity hiding from federal authorities responsible to make sure data was accurate she is a criminal arc here so i am going after her right now, don't make any mistake about it, governor cuomo will be held to account, and this is where it you starts, and thank god we are getting to the bottom of this covid disaster that governor cuomo ordered 15,000 new york
8:17 am
residents to their deaths. >> we just learned 15,000 yesterday; right? new numbers released on wednesday just wednesday we learned actually 15,000 seniors in nursing homes assisted living facilities died of this virus they told is 9,000 originally reported, obviously, she admitted this why tell us how this came about how you finally realized that there was this massive cover-up going on. >> because we didn't give up we have a team from steve scalise stefanik holding governor to account i was in janice dean's living room when this came out finally angels are speaking demanding justice be done we are getting to the bottom of this the attorney general the democratic attorney general thank you for doing your job, i appreciate that, because what she did she
8:18 am
started the cracks to unravel now we're starting to see in daylight justice is being done and get this second in command arrested hopefully today filing criminal complaint i will tell you let us pursue governor cuomo, he has a come in contact of throwing people around him to take the responsibilities that he should be taking, and they are sitting in jail one sitting in jail as we speak, this is the problem. when you are the leader you should take responsibility and governor cuomo its coming to you you are going to answer for this people died because of your orders. >> and we haven't seen accountability or admission when he did that press conference he justify said people died that is what is important not necessarily an order to send patients into nursing homes, so, yeah, i mooep a lot of people were upset by that press conference he gave. >> and amen.
8:19 am
and governor cuomo ordered that sent people to deaths in nursing home covid-19 positive patients, into nursing homes where our swhorz did not have covid-19 were exposed to this virus 46 days when federal government said don't do this when we as elected officials said don't do this you are going to kill people you have this going around we will get into that another day i tell you about the accountability is coming. >> let me ask you about the 15 dollar an hour minimum wage, house speaker nancy pelosi, told reports that look it is going to be in next -- stimulus bill, if not in 1.9 trillion-dollar stimulus congressional budget office projections 2021 deficit will hit more before more relief passed congressman we are talking about 5 trillion dollars at this point in stimulus thrown at this economy, in a year.
8:20 am
how can democrats justify this spending? is it working i know there is more money left from cares act that hasn't been spent. >> amen that is why -- we are willing to come to the table democrats on a reasonable package we saw trillion dollars unspent from money already approve 900 billion in december i want to be at table a reasonable package get this done the 15 dollar minimum wage, old d.c. game promise proves would put in aoc's bernie sanderss look at hood winking going on they are lying to progressives to get support for this package, they know not going to be in this package i will tell you i am watching this as we speak president biden we're here to work with you want to solve this problem for you i want to be part of the solution i am willing to sit at table get vaccines 160 billion -- passed work out a deal reasonable 1.9
8:21 am
trillion extreme idol illegal immigrants geting with benefits 15 dollar minimum wage this is not the time to put this agenda of politicians into this effective on what the current needs you will have republicans joining us. >> before you go we are seeing all this spending, i know soon the revenue raise higher taxes, here is what with an analyst cowen and company said expect immediate pivot to build back better recovery bill, four trillion dollars in spending including two the trillion dollars, in this tax increases congressman. how soon will we see a second bill, which includes two trillion in tax increases in your view. >> i don't know how you are going to get in a through in regards to you are going to have to do that an a bipartisan basis if that is a extreme policy proposing i don't know how that is going to work these guys have to stand down, come back to
8:22 am
reason, and also don't pass by extreme, extremism has take place over washington, d.c., now, we willing to stand up to it, it to come up with a compromise position. >> congressman good to see you watching, thank you, sir. are congressman tom reed. we'll be right back. ♪♪ these days, it's okay to do some things halfway... but taking prescriptions shouldn't be one of them.
8:23 am
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8:25 am
censorship china government taking the bi.c. british broadcasting corporation off air permanently after damage report on beijing handling of the coronavirus treatment of the uighurs, in concentration camps hong kong laws partly in retaliation to beijing's
8:26 am
international news channel, elizabeth no surprise communist government will not allow any of the speech whatever. >> does it reminded you social media treatment of conservatives in united states a little bit right? >> others, got in trouble in china over past several years the reality is that chinese government is autocratic, will not allow any kind of criticism of their policies, and heaven knows don't want to hear human rights abuses, but i would also say a little bit of a test of the biden administration i think i biden administration biden when it's is going to be tested by china on several occasions now because i think they sense a weaker presence in the white house certainly than donald trump. this is not the last aggressive move we are going to see this is not directed at united states, built i think
8:27 am
it is going to to be very telling to watch aggressive moves from china over the next several months. maria: yeah, we've already seen a lot of tests, here for the biden administration i agree with you i mean just the fact that that jack ma was disappeared after he made critical comments about the financial regulatory framework or push into hong kong or sanctions on former trump officials like former secretary of state, do you expect the biden presidency, anybody in the administration will come out and denounce these things? >> i think it is going to be very hard for joe biden to not stand up to china. i also think it is going to be very difficult for him to stand up to china, because one of the reasons that big business chamber of commerce crowd backed biden presidency is they want to get rid of all the tensions, between china, and united states, tensions that came out of trade the efforts to get a trade deal,
8:28 am
that was more fair to americans workers and i think we are just going to have a real tension here as biden administration tries to walk that fine line, between -- basically not -- confronting china and making sure american businesses still want to do business there, are able to do so. i think this is a tremendously dangerous situation. >> looking at money looking at the the growth story of 1.4 billion potential commerce. dagen: shareholders any corporation publicly traded should call out kowtowing gen flebing by executives trying to curry favor with communist government of china you will see a lot of it pay attention to anybody in the administration what they have to say about china are they flattering to china? why is the question, is it to enrich themselves or former
8:29 am
business "the washington post" democracy dies in darkness, communism flourishes in it so such thing -- in communism -- >> that is right coming up fight for 15 house speaker nancy pelosi promise over federal wage increase coming up then president biden's plan for reopening schools, as cdc gets ready to release new guidelines wait till you hear this coming up. like you become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq (city noise) ♪ quiet serenity ♪ comfort in the extreme. the lincoln family of luxury suvs.
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:32 am
. . maria: welcome back. good friday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is friday, february 12 look at markets this half an hydroahead of opening bell we are expecting a decline start of trading this morning, in about an hour's time dow industrials down 26, nasdaq down 2 the s&p lower by 7 1/4, back from a record setting performance yesterday, european markets this morning mixed uk economy contracted 9.9% in 2020 according to
8:33 am
office of national statistics largest in uk on record,. >> the first quarter -- this year european markets as you can see mixed ft 100 up 8 cac quarante up 17 dax lower by 48, in asia most markets closed for lunar holiday it is year of the ox, happy chinese new year, to all of those celebrating in japan, the market was lower down a fraction on the nikkei average. this president joe biden downsizing his school reopening plan, as cdc gets ready to release new guidelines cheryl casone with details. cheryl: that is right, maria. president biden disappointing parents across country white house walks back goal reopening schools in first 100 days, now saying they hope to have at least 50% schools open for at least one day a week within that time. cdc released new guidance for reopening focus on mitigation
8:34 am
through masks distancing over vaccinations, schools getting color-coded zones based on transmission rates. >> redmost severe. >> a hold on surrounding the trump administration attempted ban on social media app wechat, this comes one day after a similar day involves tiktok, doj says it needs time to review the proposed ban, well, robinhood expanding despite trading debacle going to open in new york seattle to scale up business republic robinhood .4 billion dollars in january in response to the trading let them to restrictions, gamestop, amc, robinhood expected to launch ipo in first quarter of this year but plans have been delayed. . >> finally this interest in seven further homes record
8:35 am
high despite covid leeltd economic downtown more than 10% home searching for homes with starting price at least a million dollars low mortgage rates rising home values only helped with this trend. and those are your headlines ahead of the valentine's day weekend happy valentine's day to you cheryl, thank you so much price for 15 house speaker nancy pelosi promising a federal 15 dollar minimum wage, that is will be included in the house o proposed stimulus package, the next one believes relief bill passed by end of the month signed into law before march 14 key unemployment programs are set to expire, joining me right now senior editor at federalist thanks very te much for joining us we are talking about the 1.9 trillion-dollar relief package, and pelosi is saying,this 15 dollar minimum wage is going to be in the
8:36 am
next package that next package expected to include tax increases, your expectations? >> the incredible amount of attention not been getting from a huge amount of our media is really shocking to me considering how massive, implications reach on this kind of idea. now, are 15 dollar minimum wage, for example, might work fine in a city like san francisco nancy pelosi represents. but how is going to work in state like west virginia democratic senator manchin rents how is that go to work in states that really don't need that the cost of living is not that high the economy can't power it, the cbo said would knock out 1.4 million jobs in a few years, we've seen a lot so far from this administration on jobs they want to get rid of so far not a whole lot in jobs they are actually going to create. my prediction on this is that some democratic senators need to get over threshold for this might get cold feet in something like this.
8:37 am
>>. maria: we will see about that executive orders talked about particularly president biden rescinding president trump emergency order at border yesterday, to no more american tax dollars to build a border wall your reaction? >> especially given that school report we heard a moment before, to come in say because of coronavirus, keeping our schools closed because of trump -- the border a difficult moech to try to sell nonparticularly surprising joe biden said he was going to do a lot of this bernie sanders told us he was promised to get most left wing administration since fdr the speed he has done it amount of attention somewhat surprising how this kospi could play with people kids out of school see border now open difficult politics. >> yeah, i mean there is also this walkback on reopening schools, as well.
8:38 am
they want to have schools reopen 50% of them one day a week, chris. >> have we're well beyond that level well more than 50% schools in america are open, one day a week at lease so the idea that 100 do as going to be where we are now, is -- where we weren't earlier this year not exactly a o good metric now we saw the white house start to walk o that back a little bit, just yesterday, the press conference kind of flip-flopped on it where to set incredibly low standards for americans need to have their kids in school, by the way, for a lot of people kids are at schools the only people are aren't there are teachers, this is a fight going to come to a head teachers unions versus american workers. >> china threat, president biden had a two-hour call with xi jinping yesterday, he is now warning china is making serious advancements in
8:39 am
transportation advantage over united states following a phone call with president xi jinping but recent comments contradicted remarks in may 2019 where he dismissed the idea china posed a competitive threat to the united states. >> china is going to -- eat our lunch? come on man they are not that folks, guess what they are not competition for us. >> i was on the phone two straight hours with xi jinping. if we don't get moving they are going to eat our lunch. >> what is your reaction to this do you think biden is -- uh is changing tuna on china or not we have to wait to see what policy looks like obviously,. >> so far i haven't been given promising since he rescinded last minute order from trump administration to monitor china's meddling with money in u.s. universities, i don't know why it took so long for trump administration to do that i can't imagine why joe
8:40 am
biden would possibly want to get rid of it, it is worth keeping close eye who he puts in to oversees technology in department of commerce to try to get idea is he going to be hawkish on china as some in his administration are oar say come on man come on man they are not bad guys as we heard earlier this year at some other appointments, leaning towards. >> liz? >> yeah, you know it strikes me christopher that basically the biden administration starting out the way obama white house did. talking about everything but number one concerns to americans which is jobs we have a higher minimum wage in opposite of they won't open schools allowing more than a million women to go back to work, their -- i just find this a remarkable indifference to the number one issue, in america, which is putting people back to work. and it seemed to me like they learned nothing from from 8
8:41 am
years of sluggish economic recovery. do you see it that way or am i being too harsher. >> i see it exactly that way what seems a lesson the democrats have learned for getting working class base roots within a month after 2016 election forgotten that gone back to a lot of ways they were i was somewhat surprised it has been really, really did i for trumka union leaders to square thousand they endorse this administration said backing joe biden for president first thing joe biden has done in office, is say, union jobs matter significantly to us in environmental agenda get kissed keystone pipeline you combine getting rid of oil sector jobs, in new mexico raising minimum wage trying to raise minimum wage west virginia abolish skiingstone pipeline pie in the sky some day there is going to be green
8:42 am
jobs not actuality it is going to be very, very difficult for them to try to win back working class voter that they had previously in history. maria: chris great to talk with a this you morning thank you so much good to see you we will follow all above as you know creates. >> from federalist. >> bitcoin foundation chairman will weigh? >> how you can win a 20,000 dollar bar tab you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business.
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maria: cryptoo crazy oldest bank bny financing bitcoin digital kourns follows nascar announcement preparing to support crypto directly this year, miami mulling option to pay workers in crypto joining me right now bitcoin foundation chairmen former child actor broc.k. pierce. >> what is it going to do for digital currency bitcoin. >> this is huge you have to remember that these are not decisions that were just made recently, you no he that whole idea of he overnight success,
8:47 am
bnymellon has been working on piloting projects investigating blockchain cryptocurrency since 2014 i think this is a watershed molt for cryptocurrency a watershed moment for bitcoin organizations like mellon do not attacking reputations of things like this lightly, it is oldest bank in the united states the largest custodial bank in the world i think means it is open field for any financial institution to get involved, that had been thinking about it. >> well a great point, so how long until incidentally assets do you think are fully integrated into the financial system. >> day before yesterday, mastercard also announced that they are going to make cryptocurrency available to all merchants, this is something that has been available for a while. two companies like bit pay go
8:48 am
copy microsoft accepted bitcoin payments sony did many did the microsoft card potentially visa american express level means we could see ubiquitous adoption i think you that moment mass adoption of cryptocurrency is about to start happening. >> what kind of a regulatory framework comes ep with that? do you expect that we're going to see new rules and regulations around the usage? >> yes, i i mean keep in mind there is already a tremendous amount of regulation in place. and a lot of those regulations were created that predate the internet and technology i think we need take a look at regulation make sure passing sensible regulation there to protect people upgrade our systems the same way new technology is upgrading our systems you pointed out i
8:49 am
think worth noting that now just yesterday, miami passed this resolution where the mayor of miami is -- making it available for government employees, to potentially receive up to 100% of their pay in cryptocurrency like bitcoin, this is -- this has been a wild week and one other thing worth noting, on monday it was a 10-year anniversary of bitcoin breaking the buck meaning 10 years ago this week, bitcoin hit one dollar for the first time, and this week we get all-time highs north of 48,000. maria: wow. that is incredible, here we are 47,900 what would you say to those looking to buy it here at this price did they miss the boat? >> certainly not but i never encourage people to invest in bitcoin or cryptocurrency, i encourage you to invest in yourself i recommend if you afford it buy 10 dollars 0
8:50 am
dollars worth so you what about us this craze is about to make informed decisions if thinking about investing i encourage you average your way in a little bit today a little bit a week from now week after that not buying at top or bottom of the market, that is i think the most intelligent way to buy in. >> brock, great to talk to you thank you so much, coming up valentine's day gift that keeps giving how you can grab -- making a buzz this morning we tell you all about it all about it when we come back. ♪♪
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maria: welcome back time for the morning buzz with miller highlight from love beer company wants one couple the best date with a private night at favorite dive bar all favorites peanut popcorn bratwurst beer need to write out love story in 150 words or less doesn't end there winners receive 20,000 dollar i highlight card to cover bar tabs for life how does that sound. dagen: i think awesome but miller highlight best consumed on a boat fish it does beer if going fishing i i guess that is how couples --
8:55 am
>> i have len sitting here trying to think what is my -- not that i have one not a great shape on this by the way, apparently this won't be available till after valentine's day has come and gone disappointing can't get 150 words out on romantic night before that. >> a all right. a short break final thoughts in all-star panel more "mornings with maria" live on fox business right after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ . >> ♪ ♪ at t-mobile, we have a plan built just for customers 55 and up. saving 50% vs. other carriers
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sfx: [sounds of everyday life events, seen and heard in reverse] ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ sfx: [sounds of fedex planes and vehicles engines] ♪♪ sfx: [sounds of children laughing and running, life moving forward] maria: welcome back. of morty mover with shares rising by better than 5% actor-- after carl icahn reportedly taken a seven% stake in the company.
8:59 am
he says he may seek a seat on the board and that's moving the stock. you can see activist investors moving in on stocks and they typically move the stock's. dagen mcdowell, liz peek, final thoughts. liz? >> the big overarching theme is that the democratic party has become the party of big tech and big business. i don't think voters understand they have abandoned the bert-- working-class american. i think that will color everything over the next four years. maria: we will scrutinize those policies if so. final words, dagan? dagen: will the governor of new york behold accountable for covering up nursing home death for his own again appeared it was said last week that every democrat voted against holding him accountable for misreporting data on covid relating nursing home deaths and now, we know the
9:00 am
truth what will the justice department do about it? maria: and congressman tom reed made news on the story this morning when he joined us. dagen mcdowell, liz peek , thank you. happy valentine's day. i will see you tonight on wall street and sunday on fox futures. take it away, stu. stuart: good morning. good morning, everyone. did you get into bumble? do you hold disney? dabbled with pot stocks, did you? we will get to this. bumble went public thursday. the stock went straight up from the 43-dollar offering fret-- price and the founder of. "there coordinated yellow is now worth a billion dollars took at 31 she is the youngest self-made billionaire with the s


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