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tv   Maria Bartiromos Wall Street  FOX Business  September 5, 2021 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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combined $500 million to apple and google last year so if we see it go a part of it the way it's going to get the bottom line. jack: great ideas guys thanks very much. check out this weeks edition of barron' and follow us on twitter at barrens on line. connell mcshane. "the evening edit" starts right now. >> from the fox -- this is someone. maria: welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. i'm in for maria bartiromo. a shock in the jobs market shows weak growth in august. we break it all down and the impact it can have on the economy and the democrats agenda plus president biden's approval rating plunging amid his chaotic exit from afghanistan.
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coming up to speak with mike rounds from the senate armed services committee and the european union removing the west from its list for travel to the present ceo of the u.s. travel association and what this means for americans planning to travel abroad. but first the markets for the week this after a very distant -- disappointing august jobs report adding i've been a thousand fewer jobs last month and expected. >> today's report shows that the steps we have taken passing the rescue plan and vaccinated 175 million people growing our economy and adding jobs even in the face of this continuing delta surge will strengthen our economy differently from the way things were last winter but there's no question the delta variant isn't stronger. i want to bring in market strategist kenny porcari and
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workforce analyst johnny mylie. great to see you both. you were looking for a strong jobs report. we got the opposite. the bigger pic is shock you mentioned earlier in the day was with the hospitality jobs numbers coming in at zero. what happened? >> you know it is a bit of a surprise. to see the numbers for this august jobs report because if you look at job openings we know that we are at a record high of over 10 million job openings in the united states. many industries and many sectors there are jobs across-the-board. so you have to look at this as a chair supply and demand problem. the demand is there and we did not have the supply of workers to meet that demand. there are a number of factors that are impacting that certainly covid and people still have concerns around health and
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safety. there are challenges i think even with daycare and getting children back in school so hopefully that will clear up and then of course there are the additional social assistance programs. we know that the unemployment insurance benefits, the additional unemployment insurance benefits are ending september 6 but that has been kind of a hot topic certainly in the employment market incentivizing people to stay home. a lot of different factors here that certainly a disappointing number in the jobs report. >> they are was a lot of talk about the delta variant and that pullback consumer sentiment and we have seen data and there's less spending when it comes to restaurants and when it comes to airlines and when it comes to retail. we saw a retail jobs come in negative during this report.
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all of this is what the feds will have to look at and that's september 22. i'm assuming the predictions are off the table right now. >> i would have to believe the predictions are off the table even considering what jay powell intimated last month at jackson hole. he made it sound very clear that he was almost ready to pull the trigger on announcing a program that was going to start maybe in november or december but after today's report i think that's absolutely a ♪♪ let me hear from jake powell on the 22nd there's more to say, that we are making progress that he remains concerned in the delta variant is causing some concern so therefore it's going to be steady as she goes with the continued bond spying program and rates for longer than we anticipated. >> joni you look take a look at women in the workforce in at the
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delta variant is indeed a big piece of what we saw on the august jobs report what is that mean for september? school is back in but are people going to be worried about leaving their homes with the threat of the delta variant? to go back to work. >> e it's certainly a concern and as this has been a challenge even before covid. we have seen declining labor participation for females. i was looking at the numbers this morning and it says that labor participation for women over 20 is at 57.4% and for men over 20 we are at 69.9% so that's that silly giftware labor participation at an all-time low of 61.7. we have a challenge here in our economy. we need to find ways to get women back in the workforce participating in the workforce and when he did think about offering them flexibility job
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sharing certainly working virtually can help quite a bit but that is a challenge that we have. labor participation in general is a challenge for the united states but certainly when it comes to bringing more women back to the workforce. >> companies are likely going to have do start to pay more. you have 10 million open jobs in this country right now. this report is pointing in that direction mentally but it's we are seeing corporations will have to start hiking wages. >> parody are starting to hike wages but you can see that across a range of industries. restaurants are hiking wages amazon all these companies are hiking wages so it's not necessarily that they are not sensitive to it they are not sensitive to the need, they are but for some reason it's not polling people back in and maybe
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it still is people are concerned or the women especially are still home taking care of families and children who are not going back to school who are fearful of leaving the house in order to get other family members who may be at risk rate i get that but look there is a lot of hybrid working and there are a lot of people that can work in this gig economy. you can't go work in a restaurant or in a hotel you have to physically be there and that's where they will have to see a bigger increase in wages to draw people out. >> it will be months for the labor partisan -- participation way. kenny and joanie bily great to have you here. president biden's approval rating of plunging to a new low. the pentagon talks about working with the taliban. senator mike are on response and we we'll hear from the afghan interpreter who was rescued and
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♪ and if it shines or rains oh ♪ ♪ i can't complain ♪ ♪ it's still a beautiful day ♪ ♪ because i ♪ ♪ got love got love ♪ ♪ got love got love ♪ ♪ it's a beautiful day ♪ >> this is a ruthless group from the past and whether or not they change remains to be seen and as far as our dealings with them at the airfield in the past year or so anwr you do what you must in order to reduce risk not necessarily what you want to do. it's possible. tarja predict where this will go in the future with respect to the taliban. sharon: is the taliban begins
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planning for its new government in afghanistan we heard from the pentagon. if possible we could be working with the taliban in the fight against ice isis preceptor corda senator mike rounds serves on the senate armed services committee foreign relations and veterans affairs committee and joins me now. senator is great to have you here. what did you make of that suggestion from general millie that we could be working with the taliban in the future. >> general mellie -- general millie is doing the best he can under very difficult conditions. the strategic decision by our president to leave afghanistan on not on the conditions basis but a day certain put our military and a very tough position. he's doing the best he can undergo strategic decisions that have already been made. he asked to his options open. >> this president has faced a lot of criticism. most americans wanted to get out
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of afghanistan but the biggest criticism of president biden is he -- our allies before the trial and the equipment that was abandoned leaving bagram airbase. you think president biden needs to answer for those criticism that he absolutely botched this withdrawal? >> i don't think he listened to his closest advisers and i don't think you really listen to the folks who in our department of defense would be people we would consider the experts. i think robert gates and 2019 gave us a heads-up as to what we could expect. he indicated he didn't think the joe biden had made a good policy decision in the last four decades when it came to foreign affairs were national defense issues and i think that says a lot.
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i think it was his lack of judgment in this particular case and the stubbornness, sticking to a date certain rather than allowing the conditions to determine our approach to getting out of afghanistan. once the decision was made to get out certainly americans wanted to see an end to the war but very few americans wanted to see what happened when we lost 13 of our men and women that we should never forget gave their lives and now we have left hundreds of americans there abandoned at this point and we have thousands of if afghan nationals who worked with us who were eligible to be taken out of afghanistan that have not had an opportunity to leave and people to work side-by-side with our men and women in uniform for at least a year. a number of them worked for other federal agencies and they are not able to leave yet. these are thousands of individuals that have been left
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hanging. cheryl: and facing possible torture and death by the taliban and the president's ratings have hit the lowest of his presidency and the other stunning admission we found from the airport on this phonecall with president biden and then president ghani basically the president biden asked him basically give us a different sense of the world and present a different story to the world. all of these coming out and a couple and a complete disapproval of how this was handled. >> what the president asked for was a change in perception and the facts were that the afghan government than national, their national army have always been set up to fight with support from the united states and air support in intelligence and surveillance and so forth. he was on the ground hands-on but in the position where we
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have not been losing servicemen and women. we were providing it valuable service in the afghan nationals offered 65,000 individuals in the fight so far but when you take away that support that they depend on it makes it difficult for them and they lost confidence in what was going on. i think the president in his discussion with president ghani found that if he would have listened to president ghani what they were asking for was a declaration of continued support for an extended period of time and that probably would have saved lives long-term and could very possibly have allowed the national government to have succeeded in maintaining some sense of peace for the country for an extended time the future. cheryl: instead we left in the middle of the night without telling them and that was a betrayal and also fox had an exclusive interview with the
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afghanistan interpreter who helped senator biden stranded in a remote valley. this picture was from that time and the interpreter is not shown here. he goes by the name mohammed for his safety because he's been left behind in afghanistan here's his message for the president. >> mr. president do not forget me. at the moment in afghanistan it is a very hard situation. i'm wondering how i'm going to get out. do not let me and my family get left behind. the man who helped to rescue joe biden i could not get his wife and four children out now is stuck stuck in a somebody's pleading for help. >> he is not alone. our office has been working with other individuals that helped our national guard from south dakota when they were there.
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they have asked us for help to try to get individual afghans out. it's been frustrating with a red tape in the bureaucracy involved trying to get them their special immigrant visas. these are folks that stood side-by-side phot side-by-side with our men and women and now we have left them there. it's not just that one interpreter. it's thousands of them who under our promises should have been able to leave the country when we left the country and now they are at risk so this is being played over thousands and thousands of times right now. they are at risk and they are been reports that taliban are going door-to-door. executions are occurring. we know that they have not changed to they just executed an individual who is a singer basically singing folk songs and
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shot them in the head because they didn't believe that music belongs in afghanistan. this is not the place you want to leave your friends are your allies even if the president decided it was time to get out. cheryl: and that's why we are hiding his identity for his protection from the taliban. they are standing on the world stage has taken an enormous hit. senator mike rounds thanks so much for being here. europe taking america off its safe list for travel to the u.s. travel association on what this means for travel abroad. that is coming up next. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual,
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cheryl: the travel industry is sounding off after the european union cut the u.s. from its safe travel list this week citing coronavirus infections in the u.s.. joining me is the presidency of the u.s. travel association a national nonprofit representing america's travel industry. roger it's good to have you here. >> it's good to hear from you cheryl. cheryl: what does this move by the eu mean for americans who travel there and what does it mean basically for travel to europe in the near future? >> i think it's disappointing especially as we see the vaccination rates rising between the countries and it creates another uncertainty is people are just beginning to plan their trips back and forth against the continents. cheryl: one of the things is
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that the countries are going to get that recommendation from the eu but the countries don't have to agree to it. they could say for instance that you can come to europe if you're vaccinated. you think that's a possibility because they are hurting for tourism dollars just like the u.s. is. >> i think that's very much a possibility. it's one thing to recommend and another thing to implement and it will be several weeks and i think we will see it go down the next few weeks so hopefully many countries who use their common sense and open to america's who are vaccinated. cheryl: emits in the delta. the airline industry is getting its feet back in the water fee will and trying to get back to normal and furloughed workers back on airplanes. what do you think this means for the airlines now? >> it's going to be challenging but also all that's been going
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on back and forth between the countries of the domestic travels are strong for the u.s. airlines and with kids going back to school we will have to depend on more than domestic travel. we have to depend on international travel. cheryl: we have the situation with candidate that i want to ask about the canadians open the border to the u.s.. u.s. is extending and the canadians don't want to come and again that's dollars that could be going to new york and detroit in other cities. what is your reaction to back? >> cheryl there is no logic to this. canadians are vaccinated 60% so they are healthier than our own country from a vaccination standpoint. $1.5 billion a month is lost in the border cities you mention better hit the hardest. cheryl: it's on both sides and
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it's heartbreaking to see what has happened to the small businesses in particular heard roger dow it's great to see you and thank you so much for being here. >> it's a pleasure, thanks cheryl. cheryl: don't go anywhere. more "wall street week" after this.
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so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪♪ cheryl: welcome back. make sure to tune into "wall street week" for round up of the week that was in the preview of the week to come and soon you be able to watch me hosting the new
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"fox business" program at american dream home. i'll be falling families as they hunt for their perfect house. turn in tuesdays starting september 21 at 8:00 p.m. eastern time and that will do it for s.b. thank you for watching. have a great labor day weekend. ♪♪ gerry: hello i'm welcome to "the wall street journal at large." coming up america's ongoing -- in afghanistan the president thinks it's been an extraordinary success for no speaking with general jack keane about the damage to the nation's security and also about what might come next. also supreme court declines to strike down one of the most restrictive laws


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