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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 19, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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york times is reporting. but to have you on, good to have you back on. i'm elizabeth mcdonald, you been walking for evening edit. that doesn't for us. we hope you join us again tonight, have a good evening. ♪♪ kennedy: border patrol policy worth a bag of rotting parts and it appears they know it because they're trying to hide their mistakes under the cover of darkness. but now that they have been from what are they going to say? businesses in charged, according to the cover story of today's new york post, the finest publication in the land flying thousands of migrants from texas in new york.
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most of them are children and they had been taken off and landing in the middle of the night. so where are the migrants going once they land? apparently they are put on buses and sent to housing facilities on long island. god knows what else. the u.s. mexico border has been overwhelmed doesn't have any plan, where is she? today on fox, republican senator tom cotton said there's a reason it's all happening. tom. >> if they were proud of the policy, it was a political winner for them, they be having these flights in the middle of the day, coordinating it with local tv stations, celebrating what they view as a great a, schmidt. they note joe biden open for policy is a political disaster so they are trying to hide the consequences of that policy.
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kennedy: i don't mind more open borders but i will not tolerate that and welfare state. everyone is doing it all wrong, the white house has a well thought out response to all of us. just kidding. [laughter] there only taking issue with what constitutes little of the night. jen. >> why is the administration getting the migrants from the border to florida in middle of the night? >> i'm not sure it's in the middle of the night but let me tell you what's happening here. >> 9:00 a.m., very early in the morning. >> early flights, earlier than you might like to take a flight. kennedy: always semantics these people, why can't you just be straightforward about what's going on? maybe you don't want to get up in the morning to take up to 30:00 a.m. flight. word from it. desperation like this just
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proves they are in way over their heads. party panel and discuss everything including, without washington examiner senior political colonists and enterprise institutes resident fellow is back in front of a lovely barn door and joined by 2020 libertarian party, vice president joe candidate. he's in the office and the bank were apparently he's trying, good job. and she's new to the show, attorney democrat strategist kelly hyman. >> you are not going to tell her where she is or what happened there? why so secretive? >> tom cotton is right, it's a disaster at the border and they don't know how to deal with. they are doing it under the cover of darkness and amazingly ironic, they prime, they are the
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only ones pro-democracy like democratic with a small d and they have that major media so we are not a major, it's an antidemocratic form. if you are really using the power of government hide what you are doing from the people that's and like democratic rule of the people if you're hiding from them so that's what put on joe biden, why is he running an anti- democratic immigration policy? that is the question they need to ask. kennedy: but they won't answer, jen psaki will find a way to tap dance around even the most straightforward question that really requires an adult answer, he won't do that so -- she might do two steps, the tango, foxtrot, the mashed petito, she's quite adept. is this the way to exhibit immigration in this era?
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>> someone routinely flies at 2:00 a.m., 3:00 a.m., 4:00 a.m. i'm offended because i'm implying that and she should have tried to change that, that is the middle of the night where everyone should be asleep except for me. this -- you mentioned or open border, this is not a libertarian free market system of immigration we are seeing, it's government flying their mass around the country so it's a combination of three main things, the war on drugs, war on migration and lesser extent from a welfare state. the biden demonstration wants to show so much more compassionate than the ministration even as the cages or overflow micro facilities, they are not kids anymore because biden got in. now that they are filling up to the brim, they are having to not move them around the country to try to hide what's happening at the border and i'm certain when they get there, they are lined up with social workers signing them up for welfare benefits
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which is not why they came here, they came to escape the drug cartel killing them and their own country because they are not able to come here seek a better life and a legal way, they are putting cages and camps and being disseminated across the country now. it's every step of white government planned anything. kennedy: he has right, kelly. the only logical response here congress to act and create systems that are more humane because what they've got here, it is inhumane, immoral, unacceptable especially when you are flying kids around and the reason they are doing in the middle of the night is no one pays attention, no one knows when they are leaving and where they are going which is incredibly cool because tim is right, in a democracy especially one for a free press codified in the first amendment, we are supposed to know exactly what our government is doing, we are allowed to ask questions and speak truth to power. they are mostly advocating that responsibility so if they are not going to do that and
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immigration is the only thing left since infrastructure is not going to pass, why doesn't congress take that up next. >> that's the 64000-dollar question but we have to remember, i would disagree with you, i don't think it's secretive. we all know about it and discussing it, they have to be flight plans in place when their flight as well. we have to think about the real issue about these young children and we are a great nation, we are a country of immigrants. we have every right to protect our border but this is a humanitarian issue about these young children and absolutely, there should be some kind of resolution who should no matter if you are republican or democrat or libertarian, we should come together and have some kind of plan and work together because this is horrific these young children. the idea of the cartel and human trafficking, no one believes in that stance for that so there definitely needs to be some kind of change. kennedy: july to august of this year, there were 37800 unaccompanied minors that showed
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up at the border and that was just in two months. 655% increase over 2020 and it makes you wonder what has the government done to dis- incentivize that? don't think they've done anything, you have a large family, you know how much energy it takes to care for one child let alone almost 38000 of them in fact the inhumane part, not having a plan and not telegraphing what you're doing with these people, god knows what lies ahead of them. >> if you want to open borders you want, this is not the way you would do it but the sad thing is mike joe biden undid a trump era policy that was harsh and humane, a policy called remain in mexico. is that if you show up at our border and present yourself seeking asylum, you're going to get your day in court but not going to be able to wait here in
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the u.s. why did he do that? i don't know trump's motivations but i know the effect was there was not this giant flood of people crossing all of central america risking their lives at the hands of cartel and human smugglers and ending up in coven written border camps so even if you sign the best to joe biden, he wanted to welcome more asylum-seekers, consequence what you saw under the highways and the way they tried to cover it up from filthy dens were you proud people we have no room or is these secret fights. the humane policy was for us to issue trumps remain in mexico policy, biden did it, i think for one reason. he got rid of that role, it was trump derangement center. kennedy: there putting people on planes because objects are so bad, that's what they are more concerned about. more concerned about optics than
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children and shame on them for that. meanwhile, i'm not a huge texas fan but this is first-class trolling, introducing a bill to curb the border crisis in a new way. send the migrants to liberal hotspots. >> entire political strategy is based on secrecy. what's happening at our southern border is a tragedy. >> i've introduced legislation today in the senate called stop the surge act. my bill designates new ports of entry so rich democrats can be sitting there and suddenly t10, 30, 50000 illegal immigrants like we are seeing texts on a daily basis and i could envision them and sipping a martini going oh goodness, they want to come to our clubs. they would be horrified. kennedy: i think it would be fantastic. but what is really going to solve the problem? spike, you have a long-term
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problem with just a follow-up from the drug war and short-term problem which is overcrowding and what were cages under president trump but under president biden, they can't. >> joe biden katie camps now. if ted cruz was serious about this, i would wonder why he's okay with recent migrants in north and the color of dark as long as they are putting cages once they get there. that not only because it cost more but it's also inhumane but what he's saying is that you have politicians incrementing these ideas as i know it doesn't affect them. i now am getting ahead of the notes here but we are seeing that with the supply chain, with every aspect of our society making the best of plans, fully cognizant of the fact that it will affect them but the reason you have people sending their
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children, 40000 children unaccompanied minors, matching the choice of a parent has to make to send their child off with people they don't know to possibly pier put in cages knowing it's better than the alternative of being murdered at home by drug cartel being set up by the cia and other foreign governments because of the war on drugs. we have to address that where they are going to keep coming because they are trying to escape being murdered and whatever is done to them here is not as scary as being murdered back home. kennedy: what's being done to them not only here but on the way here, it is awful, unthinkable the parents love their children and they are making this horrible choice kelly, if the vice president were serious about finding the root causes of this intense migration problem, she would start with the drug war she isn't even mentioned that. >> i would disagree on that, i definitely think we need to come up with a solution, absolutely. these young children and human trafficking, this is a humanitarian issue .
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kennedy: you disagree the drug war hasn't had consequences, direct consequences from snorkels terrorists taking over enriching themselves and running please countries into the ground flax what part of that do you disagree with? >> i disagree the part about our vice president, she has met with other countries as well. kennedy: for drug were? she talked about the root causes and consequences of the drug war? >> i wasn't there at the meeting, if you were there want to give me some insight, i wasn't there but. kennedy: let's get into the meeting, i'll bet you $1000 she never mentioned anything about the drug war, $1000. >> okay. all right, i will bet you $1000. i mean, let's hear the meeting and find out what exactly happened. i don't know we will note the exact meaning. kennedy: i can't wait, i love money. last word, tim.
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>> absolutely, thank you, kennedy, i appreciate it. kennedy: i would appreciate if the vice president were a serious person. we will talk about what they have done to the american countries, shall never do it and she certainly won't do it publicly. go ahead, tim. >> kamala is a cop. [laughter] >> you took my line. [laughter] kennedy: all right, stick around. coming up, china and russia teaming up to take on the u.s. military and can we beat them? anyone knows, mike baker is next. ♪♪
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like you, my hands are everything to me. but i was diagnosed with dupuytren's contracture. and it got to the point where things i took
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for granted got tougher to do. thought surgery was my only option. turns out i was wrong. so when a hand specialist told me about nonsurgical treatments, it was a total game changer. like you, my hands have a lot more to do. learn more at today. they both hate us, they both have nukes and now they are teaming up. no, i'm not talking about my parents. joint naval drills sailing ten fossils off the coast of japan, technically considered international waters japan from our ally, come on. the team outcomes as he launches a giant military drill of the trust of crimea, hypersonic missile technologies, of even during? you don't even go here. on top of that, north korea are
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testing missiles, we've missed them so much. what can president biden duke to counter this cozy new access, cia officer important square, group chairman and ceo, mike baker, welcome back. >> not just chairman but ceo as well. kennedy: that's right, big title for a big man. >> it is and i parked cars, to for visiting clients. what can president biden do? actually, very little that's what they are on about and that's with the russians and chinese are doing, they are seeing an opportunity for if the russians and chinese have always had this was our dance where on occasion when their mutual interests align, they come together and it's not particular cozy relationship but for good purpose, they don't like each other but they do it because it wears us out and breaks us down and we are doing it again but
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russia -- we always have to remind ourselves in this day and age, is not the cold war. russia has a gdp of a small european nation. that grows when the price of oil goes up which is what happening, likely to see this, it will probably top over 100. that's when russia flexes its muscle when they start really feeling it because that's where their money comes from. the chinese for a variety of reasons my paper and flexing their muscle, building their navy in particular, they've been pushing out, looking to gain additional maritime bases overseas, they've got one so far working in iraq i forgot to do that. they are upset because the biden administration hasn't rescinded sanctions and tariffs put in place by the trump administration. they imagined that would happen immediately, it hasn't because i think president biden and the team looked at it, it's not a bad idea so there's a lot of reasons why it's happening right now but at the end of the day, i think we don't have much
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leverage and certainly president biden is being tested, i don't think he's going to respond in any strong way. kennedy: i don't even think lloyd austin, secretary defense will respond strongly. he said to russia hey, you better adopt your cyber attack. it's like or what? are you going to do? right and angry handwritten letter? >> well, a harsh written memo is oftentimes all it takes to get the russian and chinese back on but they did the same thing saying we want the chinese to stop the economic espionage, russians to stop their cyber shenanigans, secretary austin, he's a well-respected individual but he came out and he's in the ukraine right now which is another reason why the russians are engaged in it and they are sailing between japan but secretary austin when he talked
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about this, they want the russians to stop their cyber shenanigans but he talked about how they have taken some steps to improve, that's ridiculous. no, they haven't. the russians are just as aggressive and increasingly oppressive as we get into the next election and will continue disinformation campaigns because it suits their interest. kennedy: you do you know what else they are going to do as soon as the prices go down? screw around even harder. if we where they want to hurt the russians, get off of oil, finally get on the alien technology we've had our hands on for decades now, implement it, these are self propagating sources of natural abundant energy we've got, -- >> are you talking about die littering them crystals? kennedy: all i can tell you is we've got the goods, we should start using them now.
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we need to get off the dirty filthy russian oil, bankrupt the oligarchs and get our own hypersonic technology. >> oh and we could spend all day talking about hypersonic's and i know the viewers would be fascinated but that is an area i've been talking about hypersonic's for a while now, it's an area people need to pay attention to. there is a very expensive phrase going on between the u.s., china and russia to develop the next generation of weapons which will be hypersonic live vehicles and weapons that the important part, all we have to remember is they travel very fast, not as fast -- but they are -- exactly but they are maneuverable. right now anything over 5 miles an hour, about 3800 miles an hour is considered in that range of hypersonic weapons but well
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beyond that, ten or 15, 20 miles someone is something people should pay attention to if you ever seen article about hypersonic's, read it, it's important. kennedy: i have a mock 15 razor in that is effective and if the chinese get their hands on that, it's going to be smooth sailing and we are never going to catch up. talk about this report in terms of afghanistan, state department is launching their own internal review for the botched withdrawal, what you think they are were defined and whether be consequences or is it another empty pursuit? [laughter] >> brother be consequences? no. is it a pursuit? yes. the psaki -- it's an investigation, no investigation happening here, look away. it's a review. washington d.c. is where all
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good reviews and investigations and committee hearings go to guy. nothing is going to come from this in terms of accountability and what we should hope for at best is the pentagon state department, they do a hot wash, everything that took place my decisions that were made from mistakes made and they do it better next time if god for bid there is a next time. kennedy: there is going to be a next time, we thought there wouldn't be a next time after vietnam and then we went -- okay, go ahead. >> the war to end all wars, don't forget that. kennedy: afghanistan or world war i? [laughter] >> world war i but i digress. i may be the only person. kennedy: i love hearing you talk, i think you are wonderful, fascinating and brilliant. people are like blah blah blah. [laughter] mike baker, thank you so much. coming up, supply chain crisis.
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have a affected you yet? if i told you wine, beer and food all missing from store shelves, we are going to have to eat fat children, i will tell you how to boil them, next. ♪♪
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♪♪ kennedy: i saw them perform that live at mtv and he was wearing blue metallic bomb and was the best thing i've ever seen in my life, one 100% true. last night, the winner in a bunch of people said debbie they didn't like my dancing. all right, time to panic so supply chain food shortages,
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they are getting worse every day and snap surprised they are starting to have real trouble getting beer and wine to stores around the country, meet could be next. we are going to be a bunch of vegans by christmas. the problem is lack of packaging. food and beverage companies, they are not shipping products, no fear, no styrofoam, no steak. what is the biden administration doing about this and what will you miss the most when there's nothing left to buy? the panel is back, party panel, tim carney, spike cohen, kim. when will people really start panic and acknowledge that there is a supply chain crisis? >> i might be the first one, we buy lots of stuff because we have lots of people. kennedy: how many children do you have now? >> at least six as up dinner tonight. kennedy: well done. >> it's a taco tuesday in the
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amount of ground beef consumed at my table was major and it's the thing, what makes america a wealthy country has nothing to do with the money we have, it has to do with the ability we have to get beef onto my children. the ability to get air into my stomach. this is what makes us wealthy. i give words to some people and somebody else gives beef to me. if i give words to people, then i get money and the money can't turn into beef and beer, we are no longer a wealthy country so when the biden administration jokes about this, i'm sorry if you are pregnant is delayed, is not just treadmill. i don't exercise. i chased kids around the house and i try to feed them. it's the beef and beer i am missing. we are no longer a wealthy country. kennedy: you are absolutely right and that's what sets us apart from the communists. relative from romania, they were just stand and stare at petito chips. they couldn't believe
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proliferation of suites and that's what people want. millennial's and jen zeke who claims to be socialist, they love the choices. they love having to choose between lyft and uber, over each and door -- and that sets us apart but we won't have that because people like jen psaki don't take it seriously insight i guess you're just going to have to do without, i guess you can't have. >> yes and soviet russia -- here's the thing. when we hear the washington post tell us to lower expectations from we hear jen psaki and economic advisors and biden administration thank it's a high-class problem which is good to know, i'm glad to hear low income friends and loved ones and neighbors aren't suffering in a major way from this. this is what happens when government here and across the world have been playing red like we might with the economy for
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the better part of two years now shutting things down and opening them at will like that scene and squid game for if anybody is still moving, they turn around and die. that's what's happening right now with the economy and as a result, it turns out you can't pull levers all day long and it doesn't result in disruptions in the supply chain and employment and labor and everything, i fight every few days and i've seen real time what happens when everyone is getting furloughed because they told them they were shutting down as a result, they don't have enough workers and it's affecting everything, food, everything else and even before that, regulations like beef, beef suppliers, they want to sell to consumers, they have to put their beef through fda improved inspector instead of just being allowed to use any inspector butcher and providing directly to consumers. all of these things are disruptions in the supply chain and its perfect proof of what happens when central planners try to control something, can't
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possibly note the different ways. kennedy: it is the central planning best achilles' heel of the international economy and i only eat bison that i struggle with my bare hands. food and booze shortage for people shortage that could ruin your home and holiday plan, it all has to do with vaccine mandates 40% of agents have not gotten their mandatory job. november 22 deadline. oh wait, right before thanksgiving. they could all get fired. fewer people to harass, means longer lines during the holiday travel season. that's okay, senator chuck schumer. he said tsa workers don't comply with vaccine mandates, let me see your passport, i am a dog. okay. >> if tsa led to jobs, send in the dogs. kennedy: i prefer dogs.
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they were just sit around and start and sleep all day. is it going to ruin thanksgiving? >> i hope not. for someone who likes to travel and enjoy traveling, i do believe everything is going to be all right. i do believe they are going to come up and show up and hopefully i won't have long lines traveling during the holiday season. kennedy: what happens if tsa workers don't get their jobs? >> fire them. >> there's the mandate but also exceptions as well and guidelines they have, people make meet the criteria for the exception that they don't have to get vaccinated. some people have exceptions whether it religion or health reasons, some can't get vaccinated because of their pre-existing condition so it's important to honor that as well and there are exceptions through
7:38 pm
tsa for that. kennedy: patchy says they are not going to honor them promote their religious exemptions. >> no ended too bad but the easy way around that is to do what employers do, to say if you don't get vaccinated, you have to submit to regular testing. sometimes it's three times a week which is not necessarily pleasant, sometimes employers make the worker pay for it and you can now get rapid test for about $15 a pop. that needs to be allowed or alternatively, in addition, if you have proof of recent and fiction in the last few months, patrick count because that provides the same level of immunity having a one-shot johnson & johnson, we don't know it for sure, science is all over the place. some studies come in different directions. you should get vaccinated and your employer has the right to require that of you but out of justice, every employer
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especially the government to say you are free to just test multiple times a week, if the employers don't do it and police departments and county might not do it, it's punishing people for not going along rather than caring about safety. kennedy: spike, 20 seconds, take us home. >> i'm fine with the dogs, put the dogs there and we can snuggle the dogs on the way to the plane, well, tsa. in the atf, too. kennedy: department of energy, get rid of all of it. a way better start. all right, we saw everything, thank you so much. coming up, don't miss retired air force nuclear missile, ufos. disabled u.s. news.
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maybe they could start world war iii, why do the aliens hate us? ♪♪
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♪♪ kennedy: time for conspiracy theories, october. they say aliens are out there and now they say they've got proof. early today, former u.s. air force officers held an important press conference reviewing evidence that a ufo dismantled a series of american nuclear weapons for beckett, they say they've ordered to keep silent about it but they are telling their stories now. joining me tonight, former u.s. air force captain and crew commander, robert, welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me, appreciate it. kennedy: in 1967, you saw a strange object take ten minute
7:45 pm
missiles off-line, they were in operable this thing was moving in away no human technology was at the time, are you convinced that was a ufo? >> i'm convinced it was something we can't explain. it was reported to me, i was underground, i couldn't go upstairs and look at it because obviously controlling nuclear weapons, we can't do that. this object blue fast, 90 degrees turns, very much like what was reported by the pilots in the navy so there's no question in my mind, this was reported from the upstairs so very unusual objects. kennedy: what was the explanation from the air force?
7:46 pm
>> there was none. at the time, there was no explanation, we were ordered to sign nondisclosure statements which we did and for about 27 years, i never spoke about it to anyone. kennedy: go ahead, i want to hear more, i'm at the edge of my seat. [laughter] kennedy: >> in 1994, i picked up a book called top-secret, thought it was might incident, the air force declassified it and sent a request reviewing information to the air force asking for documents about a particular missile shutdown situation, didn't say anything about ufos and low and behold, the air force declassified one of the two incidences, there were two incidents, one in march 16, 1967 and another 24th, 67 which was
7:47 pm
the one i was involved in but i started speaking openly at that time when i received documents from the air force and i've been speaking now for over 25 years. kennedy: i wish more would speak about it because there is this idea that we haven't visited -- we've been visited by extraterrestrial societies under thousands of years were advance of us because they don't want human beings to destroy the earth they know we are capable of that with nuclear devices, do you think they were coming to make sure we didn't blow ourselves up? >> i don't know about making sure certainly is my opinion, i'm speculating the reason we've had such incidences, there have been many, we discussed in our press conference, there are many more, people just aren't coming forward yet because we need open hearings and some relief from nondisclosure agreements they've
7:48 pm
made but definitely they have shown a light on weapons storage areas, they've shown a light on missiles, they've shut down missiles by simply upsetting our navigation system. they did no damage, i want to emphasize that, no damage to the equipment. they simply shut them down and they were brought back up quickly. kennedy: should people be this,e have to take it seriously, people need to take it seriously.
7:49 pm
kennedy: do your own investigation, you will come up with fascinating stuff. thank you so much. >> thank you. kennedy: topical storm is next. ♪♪ ♪♪
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rothenberg was seen dancing and singing on stage at a concert, witnesses say everyone was having a good time and then she did her thing and the climate changed. that's how you go off the dance floor. then, topic number one. we begin tonight with incredible video from lake tahoe, california. check out this time ops capturing changing weather over the course of days. major sure is beautiful when you don't have to sit there waiting for it to do stuff. i love time ops technology. it's how i also watch my schools plays and sporting offense. i like to make it into a drinking game taking a shot every time i know rain. if you watch president biden best buy, he almost appears alive. democrat are already using this video as evidence of climate change. we've only got 12 more seconds
7:54 pm
before irreversible. this is my favorite. i love paprika. you can see by the end of the time ops, completely covid in snow making the neighborhood only slightly wider than it was before. topic number two. online casino based in the united kingdom paying people $7000 plus, a weekly box of donuts, watch every episode of the simpsons for us democrats call it, an honest living. the platoon casino, looking to hire a symptoms analyst to watch every minute of the series intake note any time the cartoon predicted the future like the time to symptoms predicted donald trump to become president predicting your skin turns yellow from staying inside and watching 33 seasons of the cartoon once each episode is analyzed, they will use it to predict what else might come from the show. for instance, slimy trying to
7:55 pm
sell his state on a pointless rail system? look at that crusty old squad with messy hair. trying to run for higher office. only time will tell. topic number three. just in case you need another reason not to go to australia, domino's has a big one. selling red and white pizza, just in time for their new slogan, locked the door, it's domino's. the new peter was created in response to social media pole even though it sounds more like it came from social media control. domino's describe the piece as a cultural bridge combining australian tradition with american obesity. it could be our countries collaboration desert storm. if you soil your answer within 30 minutes or less, it's free. topic number four.
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just doing my job. before we go, tonight to call me tuesday joke. # tickle me tuesday. here we go. what you call shoes made of banana peels? i'll tell you next. stay here. ♪♪
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it time for tickle me tuesday. here is the tickle you've been waiting for, what you call shoes made of banana peels? slippers. [laughter] tomorrow night, daniel turner, congressman mcclintock and hannah cox. can't watch thet show? dvr it. make every kennedy date a good one. on average, this town gets 361 days of sunshine per year, and it makes it the perfect place for locals to enjoy its 35 miles of sugar sand beaches, especially st. pete beach, which was recently named america's best beach on tripadvisor. - oh yeah. that's the view right there. - downtown has a vibrant arts scene. the city is home to the salvador dali art museum, and there's an annual festival held every february.


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