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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 7, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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protect america we are going to fight against this. >> their trafficking human beings, children and very often leaving them out in the wilderness, it's horrible what's going on. thank you for the work you do, appreciate it. >> thank you, i appreciate your. >> i am in for elizabeth mcdonald, this is the evening at it. that does it for us, thanks for watching. have a great evening. ♪♪ kennedy: one of the reasons i decided the government everything takes longer when a lumbering bureaucracy tries to get anything done. the surgeon general came out with a new/issuing a public health advisory about kids and their declining mental health post pandemic. thanks for the update but if you been paying attention to any of the studies and statistics from the last year end a half or even before, you would have seen the painful decline happening in real time. if you would have pulled your head out of your big government
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but bubble long enough, putting kids and lockdown, forcing them to zoom classrooms and keeping them in prison when you knew they want catching or transmitting the virus, that was criminal and now we have the evidence if you go back to september 2020, mental health reported 903% increase in exciting screening. laptop october last year, 1000 teenagers, half reported lessening mental health and debilitating loneliness. march of this year, medical lines saw 90.7% increase in self harm. 94% increase year-over-year and overdoses. teachers didn't have eyeballs on at-risk kids sometimes those are the only concerned adults who can assess alarming changes in mood or behavior. you don't hear a lot from those forgotten souls because they are shoved into choice list
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government environment where big government dollars and dreams go to die. we've heard plenty from teachers units about how membership would be a logical back to classrooms until the world was sterilized and flooded with hundreds of billions of dollars. in l.a. schools until there was no homelessness or police, that was real. all while suffered through not one but two readjustment. working their way back into school after 18 months off has been brutal but the surgeon general is just getting around to giving a representative. apparently he's been too busy colluding with attorney general and fbi to label parents domestic terrorists instead of identifying and alleviating kids mental health problems so what can we do now? love your kids, check in with them as much as possible and ask questions, offer support, get to know their friends and get them to therapist if they need one stay in the faces of scoreboards, administrators and teachers unions guilty of actively conspiring against vulnerable learners in the name of compliance. and safety. comply with this.
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that the memo. the fight finally realized this pandemic has been especially hard on kids. that's what i have been saying for well over a year so what will they tell us next? knives are sharp? fire is hot? thanks, geniuses. let's get to mike's party panel with it. alexandra wilkes, democrat strategist and former biden campaign surrogate for whom all laws written,, that's part of te reason parents are so frustrated because their kids are hurting. what is your take from the surgeon general's public health advisory? >> you are right, it's not surprising and i could even see this as a somewhat new mom with
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my 15 month old when i have to take her to a place that requires a mask, i could see she's instantly distressed and tries to pull off, she's confused and wondering what's going on in that heartbreaking to see but for older kids, it took a generation already swallowed whole by devices, social networks, technology taking them away from social situations from which we all benefit, it accelerated that trend to a very unhealthy place and the one thing that really bothers me is the pandemic has taken away the birthright of every american teen, to be a little rebellious. you see the kids walking around walking home from school with masks on, blindly following orders and it's a sad sight to see. kennedy: i will give you that, they are subject to a lot of propaganda but rest assured, as
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a mother of two teens, there still plenty of rebellion. [laughter] kevin, it's not just kids suffering, she brings up some great points, i worry about toddlers and preschoolers and babies who aren't getting proper socialization because they are not reading facial cues like humans are meant to in order to learn language and proper brain development but adults are suffering, to. >> we are all suffering with this and that's why with the new variant and things, it's important to see this administration specifically saying we are not going to shut down, we can't shutdown any schools, 99.8% of our schools are open as of today and that's a good thing. that's going to be a key thing, we can never close the schools again because now we are going to live with a generation so affected these last two years in the cues you talk about, human
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interaction, we are seeing achievement slip on the global stage right now in terms of reading and math and curriculum so is this ramifications across the board and we have to be cognizant of this generation going forward. kennedy: math is not racist, we have to constantly reinforce that math is a beautiful thing and something we should be teaching in schools and parents should have the choice what their kids learn and where they learn it, we are not there yet. we are making headway and the reason we have to put up so many fights is because kids are being propagandized not only about the pandemic but everything else. are you unsurprised also by these outcomes? >> i think politicians and bureaucrats are well-equipped to make these choices that's the problem and this is where medicine and science and social scientists have failed us. we know what the scene is, some people became ill with covid and
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some seriously zero and some even hospitalized or died, that is the scene. we shut down schools and businesses and sent kids home. isolate them just as bad for them as it is for seniors and happen? what happened is the unseen. alcoholism, weight gain, suicide, unseen consequences and policies so two years ago bureaucrats weren't equipped to make these trade-offs, they should be done by parents so when you create national standards to be fair, a lot of this was the trump administration behind the mandates and shutdowns so it was a terrible idea never based on science, it was based on hysteria and fear so we acted like a hysterical and fearful country. kennedy: and i will give them this, they were unprepared for any pandemic not just this one and that fear which could have been short-lived and when the data started coming out
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particularly about students and their ability to receive and transmit the virus, that's when they should have open schools and that was known very early on considering how long schools were shut down and that is the fault of the authoritarians the fact that they had all of these tools in the data but they continued to make bad decisions and believe me, bad decisions and authoritarianism surprisingly, nono harding. you know who else is slow? new york city mayor and part -- bill de blasio. new yorkers say they feel blindsided by the new mandate on workers and business owners say it will make an already difficult year even worse, especially for small businesses. the mandate takes effect in less than three weeks, plenty of time for everyone to get ready. he says i can be out of job, i don't care. he's confident it will get through.
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really? >> we are confident because it's universal. our health commissioner has put mandates in place, one in state court, federal court every single time it is because they are universal and consistent and protecting the public right now from clear and present danger. kennedy: the only think universal is how many new yorkers despise bill de blasio. a judge altered present biden's vaccine mandate for federal contractors, is not a telling sign of things to come? called this pandemic theater do you think it would withstand a court challenge? >> i think given scrutiny federal judges are applying to the biden mandates, they are looking at the authority of the issue and agency and whether or not an agency has the authority and whether or not administration has appropriately complied with requirements for
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this kind of measure so in this case with bill de blasio, we will see how the courts handle back if it's different or not but what we are losing sight of here is we've all fallen short on personal responsibility, the idea who would control the virus and contain it, it's an outrageous thought. the best we can do is vaccinate ourselves and i'm vaccinated and encourage others to get vaccinated because it protects us from getting seriously ill, being on a respirator, not a vaccine that would protect other people so we have to accept personal responsibility. kennedy: we have to and personal responsibly doing the right thing for you is different than a one-size-fits-all government mandate so kevin, if the city
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government can require private witnesses to have their employees vaccinated, why can't it require them to make sure their employees are not obese or sedentary, that they don't smoke? all of those comorbidities are complicating factors that increase covid mortality so the vaccines are only one part, why not mandate certain behaviors? >> those are some good points. i've been in new york the last two days in the city is getting it right, you have 90% . kennedy: i was joking. your government can't say move your but, fact -- >> no because i would be targeted but new york city is getting it right, you have a 90% vaccination rate at least one dose, i don't understand what bill de blasio is doing on the way out of town in the last three weeks of his
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administration and he didn't give anyone a heads up in the business community so it looks like it's performative with all of these regulations. new york 90% vaccination rate, 20% higher than the national average, new yorkers get right in regards to the pandemic because new yorkers bear the brunt of this very early on so i don't think it's going to work at the end of the day and we need to work with businesses and individuals to encourage the vaccination rate to increase but this mandate is not going to do it. kennedy: what you think, jeff? incoming mayor eric adams will repeal this? if so, how do you appeal to people who haven't been vaccinated? is not the job of the city government? >> i think he's been politically harmed by this from a lame-duck mayor issuing stringent regulation any city in america so he's forced as a new mayor next january to come in and decide whether to keep or repeal
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it so i'm sure he's not please having that so early. i'm skeptical about the 90% claim, i've read articles that show maybe half of certain communities in new york are vaccinated so i don't know about that, i would accept 90% at face value but more important, i think virtually everyone in new york city who wants to be vaccinated or intends to be other than small children for whom it was only recently approved, i think they already are. there is a cvs on every corner so de blasio is basically creating a showdown, force vaccination with people who we know almost by definition are holdouts so it strikes me as sick and an authoritarian move and i am pleased he's gone. i love new york and i think the new mayor will be a breath of fresh air, we'll just have to mop up after this clown. kennedy: if you had a bedbug
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with black lungs, that would be a better mayor than bill de blasio. short life, zero rational capacity and highly infectious still would be a better option than bill de blasio whose horrible dumb and annoying to look at if no one wants him to be governor and everyone wants him to go away, probably even his wife and own children. can't wait to talk to you about tons of stuff. a trial we cannot ignore, testifying against ghislaine maxwell and her testimony facing a terribly dark picture of epstein and alleged madam. shannon will be here to break down the case next. ♪♪
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this is as disgusting as it is important. today the third of four accusers testified in court against ghislaine maxwell and her testimony, the accuser caroline described the cycle of abuse where maxwell would facilitate hundreds of meetings with jeffrey epstein. caroline said ages of 14 to 18
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maxwell paid her big money on behalf of them and even wrote the girl herself. maxwell continues to maintain her complete innocence in the face of six trafficking related charges but is there any situation where maxwell could go free and what about the other powerful people hiding behind her silence but joining me now, inker of fox news tonight midnight on the fox news channel 9:00 p.m. on the west, it is shannon, you are a dream come true. >> always great to be with you. kennedy: the trial is a living nightmare especially for the victims will have to testify in open court and relive the experiences that caused them to become drug addicts and in many cases they were encouraged to work as pimps, to bring in other teen girls to satisfy jeffrey epstein, how powerful has the testimony been so far? >> i think it is really getting
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attention because people hear the story and it's not just these young women who are grown adults not testifying what happened to them when they are vulnerable, many say they were perfect victims and they came from troubled families or didn't have the greatest situation at home, parent there with them, finances were a disaster so to think about being a 14-year-old girl, you could pay $300 and you are told he will give him a massage and if you recruit friends, $600 bonus, that's a ton of money to a team especially 20 years ago but to hear them talk about how ghislaine maxwell was key to this and she sometimes was involved, other adults involved in the abuse of these girls, she maintains her innocence in all of us but when so many of them from different backgrounds tell the same story over and over, you have to think it will have impact. we can't see it for ourselves though. kennedy: one of the issues i had with the defense, it sounds like
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there case is falling apart, they went after one of the victims case and said how could you possibly have been the victim of abuse, you got paid a handsome settlement from the victims fund in a very ambitious person so being ambitious somehow means it's okay you are sexually abused by someone. that seems like tacky disgusting justification. >> victim shaming is not a good look because these women have got wrenching stories being young and very afraid and manipulated in many ways with violence and threats of violence against them and their families, consistent stories these girls from troubled backgrounds had nowhere else to turn. it's not like they could run home to a stable home and tell mom about this what happened. they hid it in proper friends into it so they wouldn't be alone and they were dragged off on trips and places they felt
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they would be safe if they brought others along and they were pressured into it, bring of someone else and then we can let you into this vicious cycle so victim blaming is dangerous. the defense will do what they have to promote trying to separate ghislaine from epstein and the more we hear from people and their orbit, they were very much in this. kennedy: and investigator said they were rarely apart and also what witnesses said who had known them for 20 years and she would be paid $30 million over nine years, that's like hunter biden money and i know they are fighting over the evidence, some of the semi nude picture of young girls and hard drives and passports, tons of photos and other evidence, do you think the judge will allow the jury to see that. >> you've got to's see it as relevant and we all seek but thank you for following this, it's not easy for people to
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follow when you're just getting sketches and secondhand accounts of what's happening critically important so i'm glad you're covering it and fox is covering it, we will wait and see but there's a lot of stuff in the hands of the fbi and beyond that could be used if the judge allows it. kennedy: if these powerful men were praying upon and sexually abusing young women, justice is coming for you, it's not just elaine. i hope they all meet their fate. thank you so much. >> see you later. kennedy: coming up, president biden and vladimir putin spoke today as russia prepares for war in europe. that's fun. was sleepy joe able to convince him not to invade his ukrainian neighbors? here with me to break it all down, he is here with me next to break it all down. ♪♪
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high-stakes space between president biden and vladimir putin with more than 90000 russian troops reportedly positioned on the border with ukraine, seemingly back to invade, up to the president of united states of america, de-escalate the competent as leader of the free world so of course again with grandpa joe forgetting to turn off the mute button. >> there you go. >> hello. [laughter] >> good to see you again be to he's like nothing and then he's like what is he doing? is a monkey. jen psaki said the administration watching to see if russia does invade ukraine
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and potential punishment for being drawn up. is that what they are doing? the world leader still tries. here with me now, chairman and ceo, mike baker. welcome back. i feel it was just days ago. >> i know, it doesn't seemed like yesterday. kennedy: jen psaki has like we are totally going to do something if they invade, maybe. i don't even know. like, we'll talk about it. you think putin is just posturing? is he having fun or does he really want to annex ukraine? >> it's incredibly complex situation press landed on resident biden's desk. you remember the sat questions from a is to be as hissy as 2d's are in a simplistic way, ukraine is to russia as taiwan is to china. it's that sensitive of an issue so not only is putin so raging
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about the collapse of the soviet union and he's said numerous times in public he wants to rebuild in some way soviet union but the idea that nato may embrace ukraine -- it's right on the border. if that hot button issue for food so we need to understand the dynamic that drives them in the spirit the other problem, there is no good solution. we could light on additional sanctions, we haven't seen any real indication of that. they annexed crimea, safe and into ukraine already, both with their proxy troops and they've got russian troops in georgia so this president for this but i suppose if you wanted to be optimistic, hubert say maybe what he's doing is playing his
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hand all at once showing all his cards and is all in on a big bluff 175,000 or more troops on the border with ukraine because i think that's what's going to get ukraine to back off this idea of perhaps joining nato which is not a done deal in getting nato to back off the idea of embracing ukraine so maybe that's what he's doing. if you were optimistic, plus what you would think. kennedy: i am not optimistic. i do think he's employ the old training bluff. we all know that trick and that's all he's got. >> what is that, ukrainian plus? i don't know. kennedy: it's not like the trombone, it's like the cap bagel and it's completely different. [laughter] what does the u.s. do?
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cyber retaliation, it sounds like black friday scheme. >> what they are doing so far which probably for population seems mild, inapt, further economic sanctions but that's really what we have, limited options unless we want them, the u.s. or nato or other allies, nobody has the stomach to do a groundwater are growing with military conflict with russia so that will happen so is all you have is economic sanctions from what else is there? maybe cyber retaliation. the problem, it's an untested battlefield to do cyber attacks. you have to worry about it escalating rapidly into something that would be extremely ugly. kennedy: been they will try to shoot satellites out of the sky, be a bunch of jerks. there is no good solution so we have to trade with everyone but
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russia and get off the gas. >> we also have to realize talking is important even during the cold war and its bazaar, what's old is new again. we got cold work with russia, increasing tensions with china, it seems bazaar but what we know -- half the dialogue, where is act know when you need him? i don't know where i pulled that one out from but you have to maintain dialogue. [laughter] bring back good old spiro. to be fair, i'm annexed eastern ukraine, third
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are a lot of reasons he may want to. what is our response? it's very limited. kennedy: joe biden is going to sit on his own balls and the ioc will give russia more olympic games, that's what's going to happen. mark my words. [laughter] ball sitting and olympics for everyone but the good guys so i guess i'm the only one. we have to go but you have five seconds. >> good news is at least the current u.s. administration has experienced dealing with putin and issues around ukraine because most of these cats were there in 2014 when this started. kennedy: and they just keep digging them up again. dumb. mike baker, thank you so much. meantime, biden administration finally turning to do something
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right for a change. white house announcing it will hold a diplomatic boycott at the upcoming olympic winter games in china, that means no american officials are going to be going. doctor joe is staying home and they say it's because of china's rapid human rights abuses, things like you know we talk about all the time, genocide and slave labor, spying on their own citizens not to mention intellectual property theft and american corporations, athletes will still be going and they should, nobody wants to punish them for all of their hard work and some gop lawmakers say biden remained tough enough regardless of chinese and they are promising to retaliate they will send people to l.a. in 2028, good, plus traffic. his biden acting to tough or not tough enough? let's ask alexander fuchs, jeff. what is the appropriate response from the u.s. government in terms of china yet again getting
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the game. >> they got into thousand eight and we didn't boycott diplomatically then, ioc granted olympics, i would make a big distinction between the chinese people and athletes and chinese government as much as i would make that distinction between the american people and the biden administration. i think the olympics should be nonpolitical, but knows the world need something. we need goodwill we want to watch the best athletes. i think it's a long story, we don't normally send a diplomatic delegation anyway. kennedy: but you've got to do something from enough of giving china and russia international boarding of us. they came to saudi arabia next next north korea? that would be neat. kevin, i don't think this administration would get it right if they were given a manual. they would go too far, they wouldn't go far enough no matter what it is, there aren't a lot
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of winning strategies here whatever losing one, they probably will pick back. >> it's a winning decision for the american people and the world in terms of opposition and rightly so against the communist chinese government, the regime and not cells of the chinese people, this is something that has wide bipartisan support and republicans call for the president to do the first of its kind jimmy part of pitiful boycott in the 80s when the games went to the ussr so it's a big deal chinese government on this, that's a good thing. one of the things joe biden can do is rally other countries to do this, how great would that be kennedy: australia is like you can on it. >> they want to join us in that and it would be a good thing and something the president can do. kennedy: fair like we can't go
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there. that's where it originated. >> that's on my on kennedy. kennedy: whenever we talk about joining new zealand, i'm there. alexandra, what can we do with, two, four, against? pick your preposition, china. >> i think this clearly doesn't go far enough because the greatest punishment of all would be sending kamala harris to china. [laughter] we all know we haven't inflicted true punishment on them but all seriousness, this is the easiest thing we could have done and while china might put out some statements indicating how angry they are when it comes down to it, they've gotten everything they wanted. what is the world not talking about right now? china's role creating the public
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pandemic has affected us all, we are not talking about the horrible human rights abuses. instead we are talking about the olympics and it's a distraction, they can say they are angry all they want but it's exactly what they want. kennedy: we don't even invite you. you are stupid and dumb and all the people who represent your country, not even a little invited. stop trying to america happen. thank you, panel. >> you can't fit with us. [laughter] kennedy: exactly. you're not wearing pink self. beautifully done, thank you all. coming up, who is the media harder on? president biden or former president trump? chief of staff langan and molly and i will make fun of him, next. ♪♪
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♪♪ kennedy: i hope my mics not on. ♪♪ there we go. that was last night mouth trumpet monday song. here's some more holiday cheer. this is so literally hitler they've been asking president biden tough questions like this -- >> mr. president -- >> chocolate chocolate chip. kennedy: chocolate chocolate chip.
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it's an ice cream cone and i'm going to like an ice cream cone. say hello to a sailor. does ron really think president biden really think that was he only pretending to be insane? the federal senior editor at fox news jupiter one and only mollie hemingway, welcome back. >> it's great to be here with you. kennedy: what is wrong with him? >> i mean, i think things are rough for him right now. he's running the white house had nothing but trouble every single one of their policy ideas has been a disaster, the country is responding with horrible ratings so he's lashing out trying to come up with an explanation and also i think democrats are used to a certain level of friendly media treatment and it's a slightly less friendly media for couple of months so even though they are super nice and
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generous, they asked the sweetest question, they are a little off what they are used to so they are struggling. kennedy: i am actually proud of the journalists who tell the administration because that's what they are supposed to do, they are supposed to be skeptical and bring truth to power and they are supposed to report what's happening, they haven't done that for so long, they forgot how. i don't think ron claim has any idea what it's like to be attacked by a narcissistic blowhard like jim acosta. i look at peter doocy and i want to give him a glass of lemonade because he's so polite and well-prepared where jim acosta was such a loudmouth and all he did was try to get himself airtime so he could write a book, it was gross in this administration is not dealing with any about. >> i could lose two fingers and
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still count on one hand the number of press people that have done a fairly decent job covering this administration. what we have been subjected to by the white house press corps is an abomination, straight up propaganda. the first press conference they had, with trump she would ask her to initially hostile questions of no import so she could grandstand about her personal far left political views. president biden, her first question was something like don't you think for problem is because you are so nice everybody wants to come here? i am not exaggerating, that's what she asked. that's what we get day after day and they were a little harsh on biden for afghanistan because press corps loves war and continue wars. that's not holding anyone accountable and they haven't done anything at all even though the country's spiraling and the people in the country are suffering from inflation,
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national security problems, border issues, tyrannical covid policies, what does the administration has done in terms of vaccine mandates, you should have a president outraged and asking questions. kennedy: do they not have kids? i don't understand. one client is upset because he's a real president so he is the reason all of these poll numbers are so low. it is your fault, ron. thank you for being here. >> thanks, take care. kennedy: i will confer with myself after the break. topical storm is next. ♪♪
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and new report claims kamala harris is afraid of bluetooth. is this the meanest nickname for doctor joe biden. this is topical storm, bluetooth. topic number one. harry party harry potter movies are just like covid variance. there want to keep making new ones until we all stop complying. new trailer promises return of magic master harry potter,
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hermione granger and ronald weasley. the special will celebrate the first film in the exciting new adventures. harry whipped out his magic wand for broadway theater audience. the time hermione dated. i just barked a little in my own mouth. [laughter] topic number two. over 30 staff members and customers were forced to stay overnight in a denmark ikea after getting stuck in a snowstorm, either that or follow the cartoon instructions to build their own snowplow. customers say they had a great time the source watching movies drinking beer, tasting swedish cinnamon balls. i haven't seen those since the sauna. sounds like my trip. each customer slept in their own
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show room. there ikea beds for once were already assembled. set up blankets, they were given a sewing kit and a live sheep. that's bad. topic number three. now the most heartwarming christmas movie, that's the second mentioned throughout the show. wonderful. from canada, check out this video of duck wearing christmas costumes. i love them so much. here they are, duck health and duck gingerbread man. whack whack whack. these two are perfect together because one is an duck and one is a lame-duck like kamala and joe. it seems like the perfect time to announce our new segment, sent a picture of your duck and we will put them on tv. to clarify, we are not talking lunchmeat. topic number four, 3500-year-old
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artifact, by order of a federal judge after being looted after the u.s. invasion thus overturning sentries all president finders keepers, hoosier sweepers. this is the dream tablet and grade report of the ancient sumerian believed to be one of the first pieces of literature. american say they don't mind returning it because the movie was better. the tablet was illegally smuggled out of iraq and sold by an auction house to the company hobby lobby in 2014 and believed by the justice department before hobby lobby could cover it and plot and sell it as a cutting board for $22.99. hobby lobby denied knowing the tablet was stolen and forced to play millions, only hundred biden paid more. think about that for a second. before we go, it is tickle me
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tuesday. on twitter, # tickle me tuesday. please do not look it up you big cheat. how do you make lady gaga matter? ♪♪
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[laughter] kennedy: kamala harris favorite
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segment, tickle me tuesday. she likes to cackle. here's the tickle you been waiting for, how do you make lady gaga matter? poker face, pop-up poker face. mama. >> you better, that's a good one. [laughter] kennedy: what is he, fat albert? they all got it right on twitter. thank you for watching the best hour of your day. tomorrow night -- ast. - upbeat music it is here that you will find new smyrna beach, which national geographic named one of the top 20 surfing towns in the entire world. in fact, the 17 miles of white, sandy beaches are playground for water sports of all kinds. swimming, boating, even scuba diving. and if you're craving culture, you've got art galleries, museums, and theaters waiting here for you. but the crown jewel of new smyrna beach


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