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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 9, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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almost 2,000 crystals and 24-carat gold thread. it is being sold by a uk based artist for nearly 40 grand. some of the proceeds donated to uk health service. that is lot of money for a little ugly. that us does it for us tonight on "the evening edit" starts right now. >> breaking news a verdict reached in the jussie smollett case accused of faking his own hate crime. fox turned back on the lights on a new christmas tree after a repeat offender burned last one down. good always comes from bad. crime in focus. criminals capitalizing on weak laws nationwide. that arsonist like so many criminals released from jail. the white house answer, throw money, your money at the problem. we investigate what needs to be
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done to bring safety back to the streets of america. joining us tonight, former white house chief of staff mick mulvaney, congressman nancy mace, mark green, dan bishop, former top white house covid official dr. bret giroir, former top dhs official chad wolf. tonight more senate democrats voting against biden's vaccine mandate. saying it is not about being antivaccine. it is about unconstitutional federal overreach. we're on it. new polls from npr, monmouth, show majority, more than half of disapprove of the president's job performance. tonight why the white house new move pressuring media for positive coverage won't work. remember when the biden campaigned pressured the media to censor coverage of hunter biden. plus this debate. democrats demand the irs get your bank account information to potentially audit you after overseas criminals stole an estimated $140 billion in
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pandemic jobless benefits. where's the oversight? also this, china and russia rattle the white house. china threatens to attack taiwan. russia threatens ukraine. top democrats like senator tim kaine warning any failure to respond militarily to russia could embolden china. this story coming in, hillary clinton's former campaign lawyer now turning against a top fbi official to fight special counsel john durham's criminal charges. we look at what is ahead in the criminal probe of the botched trump russia investigation. plus, reports of the border crisis is turning more hispanics into swing voters and republicans as more lawmakers warn biden's weak border policies have ignited a major drug crisis hitting the nays. where is the action from the white house? thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit," it starts
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right now. elizabeth: let welcome to the show. the fox christmas tree was relit after a arson attack burned it down a few days ago. we'll move on to this, california governor gavin newsom goes on bc show "the view," that property crime is higher in texas. texas has a major problem with open border. democrats run austin, dallas. california made it practically legal to steel shoplifting, stealing $950 below. you can call that peaceful looting. texas the threshold is 2500. according to the fbi, the violent crime rate is barely below texas at 442 crimes per 100,000. texas at 446. we gave a lot of data to you
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now. we want too give you update what is going on in states like california. kelly o'grady has more. reporter: hi, liz. i'm out broadway plaza in walnut creek. it's a quaint wealthy community. you have got the holiday tree behind me an yet one of the sites of the one of es mo destruction tougher smash and grabs crimes we've seen this year. over 80 looters made off with $100,000 worth of merchandise a couple weeks ago and that happened in just under a minute. you can see the video here. they walked right out of the front door. if you recognize this type of crime because these robberies are happening everywhere. it is not just in major cities but small towns and suburbs across the country. why are we seeing the explosion? everyone is asking. some are blaming sentencing and bail reform like prop 47 in california. lawmakers passed that. it lowers shoplifting chargeses from felonies to misdemeanors if you steal less than $950. that means justice is not always a sure thing. it is leaving businesses like
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the ones here in wall net creek to fend for themselves. >> make sure the justice system actually does follow through with being able to, be able to put these people behind bars. really frustrating and also a, a way, for us to just make sure that we're staying on top of those, those procedures to make sure that there is accountability. reporter: now today 20 retail ceos including the nordstrom one expressed urgency to congressional leaders to pass the informed consumers act that will help prevent the thieves from taking the stolen merchandise to sell them on online platforms. i talked to a number of shops here they're very frustrated but they wanted to remain anonymous to preven thieves being invited into their stores as the holidays approach. it is heartbreaking, liz. elizabeth: kelly, thank you for your journalism there, kelly o'grady.
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let's welcome back to the show former white house chief of staff mick mulvaney. we her that reporting. the white house wants to spend more taxpayer money on crime. is that effective. >> liz, by the way thanks for having me. i'm happy to be here with nancy mace an dan bishop. you're surrounded by kirlinians. that is excellent. democrats want you and us to believe mention how much you care about something how much you spend on something. now they added $5 billion to the build back better plan. keep in mind 5 billion out after program that is roughly $2 trillion. that is one water of 1% of the total. even then, it is not how much you spend it is how you spend it. it is policies that back up the spending. it is the policy in california for example, right now, regarding petty larceny that is giving you what you're seeing in california. you can put as much money into the program as you want but if you're not going to prosecute people for theft under $950 you
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will not change any outcomes. no, this is one of several times that when the amount of money you throw at something really isn't going to change an outcome. elizabeth: local bad democrat policies that brought us back to the0's, right? not just inflation. we're seeing incarceration rates in the u.s. at a 30-year low. the lowest since 1995. we have progressive d.a.s around the country releasing many violent offenders with few restrictions. we have five dozen cops killed in the line of duty. that is an historic high. carjackings have doubled in major cities like chicago, new york. and now 12 major u.s. cities is broken annual homicide records in 2021. you know, mick, there is still three weeks to go in the year. >> one of the things we knew in the trump administration was that word gets out. if word gets out, for example that you're not going to prosecute crime, criminals know that, just like if word gets out you will not deport people,
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people will come to this country. we focused very heavily during the previous administration, what was our messaging if you come to the country illegally we'll deport you. if you commit a crime we'll prosecute you. that is what we tried to communicate with people. what you're seeing now has little to do with money t has zero to do with money. this about is the policies that underlie what you're seeing in blue states and blue cities. my wife and i were talking last night, i don't know why you would be in law enforcement right now in a place like los angeles and new york f you're not respected, if you're not supported, people don't really want you to do your job, why would you do it? i think a conversation we need to be having not only city to city but nationwide. elizabeth: that thin blue line really support us. they need our support. to your point law enforcement say they can feel the difference on the streets. beverly hills police chief mark says the criminals know they can do whatever they want. you multiply all of that because
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of all the prisoners released from jail because the coronavirus and no bail. smash-and-grab mob looting rocking the country. i would like your reaction to this. the mayor of chicago says retails need to step up their game. watch this. >> some of the retailers downtown anyone michigan avenue, i will tell you i'm disappointed they're not doing more to take safety and make it a priority. for example, we still have retailers that won't institute plans like having security officers in their stores. making sure that they have got cameras that are actually operational. locking up their merchandise at night. chaining high-end bags and purses seem to be something that is attracting a lot of attention on these organized retail theft units. elizabeth: all of what the mayor is saying would help, right? >> sure. but what is the message? the message the city will not do it for you. the government that you pay to help serve an protect, that is one of the basic functions of
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government is to sort of keep people safe in the city of chicago refusing to do that. they simply do not have the backs of people on the front line of law enforcement. when you come to work at fox every single night you want to know your team is behind you especially your bosses will back you. when i was at the white house i wanted to know the same thing. the same for everybody. law enforcement tonight in los angeles or chicago, you have to ask yourself, do your bosses, do the elected officials have your back and you think the answer is probably no. that language that you discuss heard from the mayor of chicago is not the type of thing that says we're going to back our policemen and women. what you're hearing is still defund the police and people should take care of themselves. that is not a message i think warms the hearts of many americans. elizabeth: mick mulvaney, you're terrific. come back soon. you're a great writer. good to see you, mick. china and russia rattling the white house. china threatens to attack taiwan, russia threatening ukraine. top democrats include tim kaine saying failure to orb.
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we have former white house doctor top official brett giroir. democrats voting against biden vaccine mandate. not about against vaccine. they support vaccine. it is about unconstitutional central government overreach. being vaccinated still getting fired during a worker shortage. keep it here on "the evening edit". ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪. elizabeth: the white house scrambling, even democrats oppose the president's federal vaccine mandate for private businesses. senator joe manchin, jon tester, michigan governor gretchen whitmer too. they say it is not the place for government to tell businesses what to do. they're saying that now. they're worried about worker shortages. the supreme court ruled the power to oversee vaccination is up states. four states have blocked biden's vaccine mandate. grady trimble has more. reporter: liz, the senate voted 52-48 to prepeel president biden's vaccine mandate for private businesses with 100 or more employees. unlikely the democrat led house will take up the measure. even if it takes it up and
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passes it president biden said he would veto if it makes it to his desk. still, two democratic senators, joe manchin and jon tester jointed republicans in supporting the vaccine repeal. >> getting a vaccine is a decision between a his or her person with their doctor. it should be up to any politician coming from a mandate from our highest authority, the president. reporter: another sign the democrats are souring to the idea of vaccine mandates, governor gretchen whitmer of michigan, phil murphy of new york and kathy hoe kuhl have come out of certain types of mandate citing staffing challenges mandates could cause in a recent meeting meeting with business leaders, governor whitmer said i know if that mandate happens we'll lose state employees. that is why i haven't proposed a mandate. we have a lot of the same concerns. it will be a problem for all of us. so you see,. liz, more and more prominent
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democrats voicing opposition to these mandates especially the one proposed by the leader of the democratic party, joe biden. liz? elizabeth: thank you for your reporting there. we have former white house testing czar, dr. brett giroir. thanks for being on. what was the reaction to the senate vote? >> i was very happy with it. i would hope it would be 100-0 to vote down the mandates but 52-48 is good. the democrats have tried to say if you're against a federal government mandate, one branch of the federal government mandate, you're anti-vaccine and antiscience, all this villainization. that is not true. i'm pro-magazine. the vaccine is not position of the federal government. the court i willlous straighted the law well and had great public health principles why they struck it down for interim.
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elizabeth: president biden announced the federal mandate crackdown right when afghanistan exploded. that is why chief of staff ron klain tweeted about ramming it through working around the constitution using street yaw osha. this is all is headed to the supreme court. could it end up in the supreme court? a lot of conservative justices they're expressing skepticism over mandates. >> you know i'm not a lawyer but let me say one thing, that the court's opinions were often clearer about public health than the biden administration have been. they said the mandates were overly broad. they didn't apply to people that didn't need to get vaccinated at all. they didn't take into account things like natural immunity or other mitigating measures. so i think the courts from a public health standpoint were completely sound and completely defensible. the law is the law. i don't go there. i went to medical school, not law school. elizabeth: we hear you, 1905, people misapprehend the 1905
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supreme court ruling. it said the power of vaccinations is up to the states, not the central federal government. that was a smallpox epidemic at that time. that is what they're talking about. it's a slippery slope when you have a central federal response overseeing what is going on with people's personal lives when it should be done at the local level, right? >> i 100% agree with that and public health is a state and local endeavor, it really is. the federal government controls certain things like ports and international travel but public health is state and local. that is the way our system works. it is true for ebola. it us true for covid. it is true for drug use and substance use disorders. that is the way it should work. closer to the people. keep the federal government out of it. certainly keep them out of interactions between a doctor and his or her patient. elizabeth: now we got this, the governors of maine, new york, i think new hampshire, talking about deploying the national
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guard in response to dangerously low staffing at statewide medical facilities due to the pandemic. also business owners cannot afford the biden mandate. they're understaffed across the board. they can't afford to fire workers right now. their challenge is to get workers, not laying off workers. >> well let me be clear about that first point. the national guard, when you deploy the national guard, these people are working. if you deploy a health worker in the national guard, they're the people working in hospitals an ambulances. it's a zero-sum game. that makes absolutely zero sense. not like pulling active duty army in. these are people have in the community you pull out of their jobs, send them somewhere else that will not solve the problem. it seems pretty obvious to me having worked with the national guard for decades how that actually works. elizabeth: final word on this. the media raised a five-almost fire on the omicron variant. the cdc says one in 43 known
6:21 pm
omicron cases in the u.s. have been hospitalized. almost all the rest had mild symptoms. we have researchers in south africa saying that too. now we have the leaders of pfizer and biontech talking about multiple doses equal one full vaccination. meaning it could be three doses or four. dr. fauci is saying it is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when the definition of fully vaccinated changes. what is your word on that? >> my word on that is we still have a lot more to know. and remember, our goal is not, look if i got the sniffles for one day, and had no long-term effects, that is not a vaccine failure. that is not our goal to eliminate everyone from ever getting the sniffles. it is to keep you out of the hospital and out of serious illnesses. right now we need to be concerned about it. but the vaccines are holding up. it may not be perfect protection. people are not in the hospital, they're not dying. of course people will be
6:22 pm
hospitalized with omicron, particularly the elderly where vaccine protection has worn off and those with a lot of comorbid conditions. that will happen, but don't get alarmed. elizabeth: we hear you. dr. brett giroir, thanks for your guidance there. good to see you. come back soon. still to come, former hillary clinton's campaign lawyer turning against a top fbi official reportedly throwing him under the bus in order to fight special counsel john durham's criminal charges. we look what is ahead of the criminal probe of the botched trump russia investigation. up next south carolina congresswoman nancy mace. new polls from npr, marist, monmouth, show a majority disapprove the biden's job performance. why the white house's new move pressuring the media to do positive coverage will not work. remember when the biden campaigned pressured the media to censor coverage of hunter biden? remember how democrats demanded the irs get your bank information for possible audits to pay for their spending, after
6:23 pm
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elizabeth: we got breaking news. jussie smollett found guilty of five out of six counts of disorderly conduct, for staging a fake hate crime against himself. these are class 4 felonies. they carry a sentence up to
6:27 pm
three years in prison. let's move on to this. new polls are out. not good for the white house. a new monmouth poll shows nearly half of americans, 46% believe president biden's actions have hurt the country. a new npr marist poll finds 51% disapprove of the job he is doing. 61% say the u.s. is headed in the wrong direction. welcome back to the show congressman nancy mace from house oversight. great to see you, congressman. >> thank you. elizabeth: now the biden campaign, remember the biden campaign, rather, they bullied journalists during the campaign not cover hunter biden selling access to joe biden story. they called up reporters. they pushed to censor that coverage. now the white house reportedly working behind the scenes with the media to get positive coverage. your reaction to this story? >> shocking, quite frankly. when you look at the media coverage of the last four years of trump's presidency, and you see the way he was attacked day in, day out, and you compare his policies to the policies of
6:28 pm
biden i've seen polls where the disapproval ratings of president biden are upwards of 55%. 5% of -- 75% of americans do not believe the actions he is taking to helping americans. if you eat meat, cost of steak is up 24%. used car is 26% more, heating your home, natural gas, 28% increase this year over last year since president biden was sworn into office. elizabeth: so asking news organizations to give favorable coverage when it is the white house's own policy mistakes driving the headlines, they're basically asking the media to write to their headlines. let me ask you something, how can the white house gotten so much so wrong? it was shocked by the taliban. it was shocked by gas prices, inflation, border and crime. how did they get it so wrong? >> i first want to address one thing going after the media to get positive coverage. that is called propaganda. it is wrong.
6:29 pm
it should not be allowed in america. we have something called the first amendment, free speech and freedom of the press. the president of the united states does not dictate to the press he or she hopefully sometime in the future got it covered. they got it wrong time after time, looking after crisis after crisis. whether you're talking about the exit from afghanistan, the crisis at the border. i'm on oversight, we had a hearing about the oversight problem at border but we talked about the northern border, less than 10,000 apprehensions in a single year. not the southern border withhundred thousand -- 300,000 apprehensionses in october alone. wages are not keeping up with inflation right now. everything he is doing is causing or exacerbating the problems that the american people are having right now. i know the district i represent in south carolina, they want none of it. we have to have leaders that will care about their future,
6:30 pm
their jobs, their kids. we want the best place to work and retire in the world. elizabeth: you know what is really bothering people? the fact that the non-partisan joint committee on taxation confirmed an average of 87 million americans earning less than 400,000 would have their bank account information reported to the irs under the democrats plans and this is after the reports came out that an estimated $140 billion in jobless benefits during the pandemic was stolen by overseas crime syndicates including in china or russia. so they're mad about that. what do you say? >> the waste, fraud and abuse in federal spending is rampant. we're not even having hearings. not investigating any origins of covid. but where abuses of fraud has happened. we waste enormous amounts of money, buckets of cash, pallets of cash around the world on these things, we're not doing it, administration is not doing anything about it. i can tell you congress eight
6:31 pm
either right now. elizabeth: congressman nancy mace, good to have you on. come back soon. the house gop overseers are investigating irs story, stolen jobless benefits story. we'll stay on it. still to come reports of the border crisis is turning more hispanics into swing voters and republicans. as illegals continue to pour across west texas border as east texas battens down. from house foreign affairs, congressman mark green. china and russia rattling the white house. china threatens to at tack taiwan. russia threatens to attack ukraine. even top democrats tim kaine says any failure to respond to russia will embodien china. back in two.
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome to the show, he is a member of house foreign affairs. he is congressman mark green. congressman, great to have you back on. you know we talked about about a
6:36 pm
moment ago and it is happening. senior biden administration officials warning congress in testimony yesterday that china's military is actively preparing for a potential attack against taiwan. russia could attack ukraine. could this happen at the same time? >> absolutely. i think both, one could take advantage ever the other. several years ago, liz, the united states decided to do away with the strategy of fighting two simultaneously battles on the globe. we basically went to one and a maybe. russia and china know this. they also know we have a very weak president. after afghanistan, they understand that the will of the leadership, not necessarily the will of the american people, the will of our leadership is faulty and when it comes to winning, both russia and china know we have the capability to stop them, we do, the issue is the will of the leadership and with this guy it's a big question mark. elizabeth: well we hear you. by the way the white house is
6:37 pm
denying as categorically false a associated press report that biden was going to appease russia by getting the ukraine, accede over, give russia eastern sections of ukraine's own country but the white us is saying that's false. to your point capitalizing on the white house problems, today the president at the first white house summit for democracy with 110 countries says democracy is facing a reckoning. your.about leadership, he is weakened by hiss standing in the polls. his domestic agenda is stalled. they have no appetite for military intervention anywhere. senator tim kaine says you got to do that because our adversaries will capitalize on weakness. what do you say? >> that is exact lynn the issue with this president. he is perceived as weak after the failure of the withdrawal in afghanistan. so we know for a fact, think tanks in russia are saying to president putin this president,
6:38 pm
they're citing afghanistan and saying he won't respond. and remember this too, liz, the last time russia invaded ukraine was when joe biden was vice president. so whenever there is a democrat in office i guess russia thinks they can invade ukraine. so it is time for strength or this president needs to step down and get somebody in there who has a backbone. elizabeth: we want your take on this? republican senators are saying biden's weak policy on nord stream 2 opened the door to russian aggression. in fact the leader of ukraine, the president there said in august his government views the pipeline as a dangerous geopolitical weapon that the kremlin would be using. let's watch senators lindsey graham and ted cruz on this. watch. >> so you're about to lose world order here. we've been supporting taiwan for decades with armaments and democracy-building measures. we enticed them to be a democracy. if we bail out on taiwan who's next? so the world will begin to crumble when rules don't matter
6:39 pm
and treaties don't matter. they broke the treaty with hong kong to insure its democratic status. so the ukraine matters to us. unless you want to live in a world of chaos. >> the eyes of history are on the senate today. if the nord stream 2 pipeline comes online as it is on the verge of doing, the odds of russian tanks rolling into ukraine increase dramatically. we have imposed sanctions on the nord stream 2 pipeline with bipartisan unity. we can do it again. elizabeth: what do you say, congressman? >> so the nord stream 2 pipeline is now a leverage point that putin has. so he addicts western europe to his natural gas. they need it in the winter to heat their homes. so he invades in the middle of winter and has this leverage
6:40 pm
point over western europe. so the support of our allies actually you know, putin has a lever over them that he would not have if our president had kept the sanctions on the nord stream 2. another failure of this president. he basically handed an economic weapon to vladmir putin. elizabeth: congressman mark green, thank you. thank you for your service. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: come back soon. still to come reports that the border crisis is turning more hispanics into swing voters and republicans. this as illegals are pouring across the west texas area as east texas battens down. up next, from house judiciary, he is congressman dan bishop. reports that hillary clinton's former campaign lawyer now turning against a top fbi official reportedly throwing him under the bus in order to fight back against special counsel john durham's criminal charges. we look at what is at stake in the criminal probe of the botched trump russia investigation. the story next.
6:41 pm
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now from house judiciary, he is congressman dan bishop. it is great to have you back on. we have new reports coming in, this is what is going on, this is the latest in special counsel john durham's criminal probe of the botched trump russia investigation. hillary clinton campaign lawyer, michael sussman his team is turning against fbi official james baker, reportedly throwing the former fbi general counsel under the bus in order to fight special counsel durham's charges. what do you say to this. >> this is pretrial jockeying. james baker, sussman, the clinton lawyer, and former justice department lawyer, by the way went with a fantastical concocted tale about computer traffic between trump and the trump organization and the alfa
6:46 pm
bank, a russian bank. it was all made up and sussman told baker that he wouldn't coming in on behalf of a client but he was in fact the clinton campaign's lawyer and james baker is the key witness. they're trying now to raise doubts about james baker but the fbi already had a opportunity to respond. they got this in writing, notes taken contemporaneously. it will not get them very far i think. elizabeth: they have got three interviews that mr. baker did with the special counsel's office. the the allegation are that michael sussman lied to the fbi. sussman is pleading not guilty that he lied. this is one of the showcase, cases of the durham criminal probe. it is basically, it's saying that sussman claimed to the fbi's james baker that he was not representing anyone. he was coming in as a private citizen with a trump alfa bank story. meaning the trump computers were talking to russia's alfa bank,
6:47 pm
it was trump hotel marketing spam emails. there is a simple question can be asked and posed to the jury. this is supposed to go to a trial or court next thing f sussman is innocent, why didn't he just say to the fbi, i'm coming from the hillary campaign. we've got this information, want to share it with you? >> well, exactly, liz, and if you look at everything about this phase of the durham investigation it's all becoming that way. what you find is not openly was it the case that fusion gps was hired by the dnc, that fusion gps who hired chris steele, so-called, mi6 former private investigator or private eye, that he was getting information from this igor igor danchenko who durham indicted but danchenko's conversation comes
6:48 pm
from a democrat operative. it goes around in circles but leads back to the hillary clinton campaign and hillary clinton. it was a exercise the whole time and the fbi took the nation through a hoax investigation against president clinton. elizabeth: if you're innocent, why don't who you're working for? you know what i mean? >> exactly right. elizabeth: that seems like a simple question that blows up the whole sussman case. they're saying here, they hear there is a memo from a government agency that questions the credibility of the fbi's former top lawyer, mr. baker, by the way, the prosecution, durham has turned over 91,000 pages, unclassified discovery, more than 5,000 pages of classified discovery. but you're saying that there is contemptp rain just notes taken that show james baker is telling the truth, right? >> that is exactly right. james baker went back to the fbi after having meeting for sussman which he has now been indicted and baker then told the story to
6:49 pm
another executive at the fbi who took notes then. so the fbi, you know they have considered all this. they have decided they have enough evidence to proceed to seek a conviction with proof beyond a reasonable doubt. that is what they're doing. elizabeth: there could go to trial, or a court right in the middle of the midterms next spring. wow, this could blow up during the midterms. let's move on to this. democrat adam schiff even though there are many discredited claims in the debunked steele dossier, that the doj-ig, multiple experts said this is totally false, he is still thinking parts of it are trust trustworthy going after trump. watch this. >> according to cnn and other major news organization as series of investigations and lawsuits have discredited, discredited many of the infamous so-called trump dossier central allegations and exposed the unreliability of that so-called dossier's sources. do you worry, congressman, that your credibility, other democrats credibility could be
6:50 pm
hurt by that and that it potentially could impact how some see this current investigation? >> no. people have been following the investigation understand the very limited role that the steele dossier played. and also understand that while we may now know that one of his primary sources was lying to him, it doesn't change donald trump's corrupt behavior in 2016. elizabeth: well adam schiff is misleading again. the steele dossier did not play a limited role. the doj inspector general noted the fbi used the steele dossier as a basis to get fisa wiretaps meant for terrorists to go after the trump campaign. there goes adam schiff misleading again. your word. >> adam schiff is the just see smollett of congress. he just hasn't had his trial yet. elizabeth: congressman bishop. good to see you. up next former top dhs official chad wolf. we have reports that the border crisis is turning more hispanic
6:51 pm
voters into republicans. legals are pouring across the west texas border as east texas battens down. congressman steve scalise says biden's border pollries are igniting a major drug crisis hitting the nation. keep it here on the evening edit ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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back with us now, former acting dhs secretary much 12. great to have you on. your reaction to this order prices attorney hispanic voters to swing voters, a new poll from the "wall street journal" found hispanic voters are now split between republicans and democrats on the generic ballot in 37%. they don't like people breaking the law, what you say? >> what you know hispanic whether they lived on the border or anywhere in the interior in the country who came here illegally, like other americans don't want to see individuals rewarded for breaking our laws and illegally entering the country so the idea that they would somehow welcome those who break the law isn't the case and we got data on the polls that show there's evidence of that. liz: legals are pouring in from
6:56 pm
a apprehensions more than doubling versus rio grande sector in east texas with a crackdown. i want your reaction to this, listening to steve releasing the present border policy sparked a major drug crisis hitting the nation. >> the opioid crisis is a direct result of president biden's open borders. the border crisis led to many other crisis but especially when we see this infusion of drugs coming across our southern border. border patrol agents will tell you it's a direct result of the open borders but also made every community in america a border town now because the crisis of the border is affecting every community in america. there is not a district of all 435 councilmembers who haven't been affected by deaths from opioid coming across the border. liz: you and i started talking about this last year that the drug crisis is connected to the
6:57 pm
border hitting u.s. cities, it sounds like it's getting worse. what you say? >> i think that's right. you can't separate the number of individuals coming across the border illegally month a cartel of transnational criminal organizations pushing across, the same folks who push across illegal narcotics and making upwards of $14 million a day through human smuggling the biden administration project through theft policies so they put the revenues back into the criminal enterprise and you see more drugs coming across the border every day affecting communities and killing americans everyday so that you are certainly linked. it will items across the border as well as illegal products. liz: what do you think of vice president kamala harris? she said she was focusing on the border talking about root causes for central american comp countries, most of the illegal
6:58 pm
emergence come from but the president of guatemala says he's only talked to her once about the border. >> other than meeting with kamala harris in june. >> the only one. >> that's the only communication you had with the biden administration about illegal immigration? >> yep. kennedy: what is your reaction to that? >> it's a dereliction of duty for the vice president to be put in charge of root causes of migration and only to have one conversation with one of the three primary countries in central america we see a lot of this mass migration coming from so the idea she's engaged is a farce. she has no intention and provides no leadership on this issue and left it to others to try to figure out while she does evidently other things more important. most americans continue to view the border crisis, historic border crisis we have is that, a crisis that needs to be fixed. liz: so the white house says vice president was working on
6:59 pm
root causes out of central america and made like there's a lot of work being done but she's only talked to him once, that sounds pretty astounding. >> absolutely. we can assume staff conversations are going on but the vice president provides leadership to only have one conversation with a leader from central america, it is astonishing she's been put in charge of this and yet doesn't want to do it at the end of the day. liz: now we see a stream of migrants moving away from where east texas, they are still having problems from moving more west. border towns in texas are sick of it, they don't believe the white house at all what's going on, they seek crime from their children in elementary schools scared because of car chases. your final word? >> i think as you see the crisis in the rio grande valley make
7:00 pm
start to crack down and put more resources there, you will see it move not only to west texas but into arizona as well. liz: good to see you, thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth mcdonnell, you have been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness, thank you for watching. have a good evening during this again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: breaking news from the verdict is in, jussie smollett is very much guilty on five of the six counts against him and now he's looking at up to 15 years in prison for lying about a phony hate crime. the jury only needed about eight hours to deliberate and found evidence overwhelming. claim two is beat up by two guys screaming this is mag a country in chicago. in the middle of the night. during a frigid snowstorm. he testified


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