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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 28, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EST

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let's just assume the answers is nowhere good. and let's be glad that guys like captain vanderpol and his crew toil away on the high seas for the benefit of us all. because even in international waters, that's how america works. cheryl: good morning, i'm cheryl casone, i'm in for maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, it is december 28th. your top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. the turning point on covid-19, president biden admitting there is no federal solution in controlling the virus, kicking it back down to the state level before leaving for a delaware trip, another long weekend for the president, as the cdc is updating its guidelines, saying one only needs five days quarantine if they become infected. what the changes mean for you, all morning long. taking a look at your markets,
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we have another strong kickoff to your markets on the last trading week of 2021. the dows is up 81, s&p up 12, nasdaq up 86. we're looking to extend the gains we got from yesterday. investor fears over the spread of omicron largely dissipating. at the close yesterday, it was a strong day for the dow, gaining more than 350 points, nasdaq and s&p higher as well. the s&p by the way at a new all-time high. as for european markets, take a look at european markets right now. as you can see right there, they are mixed again, a little bit pressure on the ftse, the cac and dax are higher. and in asia overnight, green across the board. the nikkei in japan best performer as you can see on your screen, gaining more than 1 and a quarter percent. "mornings with maria" is live right now. ♪ they say 2,000 zero, zero,
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party, oops out of time. ♪ so tonight i'm going to party like it's 1999. ♪ i was dreaming when i wrote this so sue me if i go to fast. cheryl: i guess we could say if it was 2021, there you go, guys. good morning to all sowf once again. let's take a look at what's happening right now with shares of apple. as you can see, the stock is higher right now. basically this is our morning mover. the stock is higher by about half a percent right now. as for apple, what we're looking at right now is a company that really has had a strong year overall and is really looking to maybe make some moves. we've been talking a lot about the iphone. we've been talking a lot about what's going on with apple as far as the stock overall and iphone sales but again, our morning mover right now, the stock we're going to watch today overall is going to be apple. and let's take a look at a oil
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right now. we've been watching oil a lot as you can see. right now oil, especially this morning what we've been seeing after the kind of pullback we had last week, over fears about omicron, that has actually started to dissipate. crude right now is higher by more than 1 and-a-half percent. this is the fifth day of gains now and we're sitting in a one month high for crude. remember i told you yesterday maybe gas prices could ease up a little bit. i'm going to take that back. prices are rising right now in hopes, again, that omicron is going to have a limited effect on global fuel demand. well, joining me this morning, i want to bring in sandy vilerey. sandy is one of our favorite traders if you will. as we look at futures trading higher after the s&p 500's record day, sandy is going to give me a lot of good news about all of this. sandy, the dow, the nasdaq closing -- hitting those record highs. i want to talk about that. i want to bring in for the rest
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of the three hours, i have two of my favorites, hello to joe concha, he is a contributor with the hill and a fox news contributor as well, and steve forbes is with me this morning, forbes media chairman and former presidential candidate, steve forbes. we've got a lot to go through. i love our panel today. sandy, let's go back to what's going on with these markets. we're watching a stock like apple, we're watching oil pries. it's all about -- prices. it's all about the omicron variant right now. based on another record close we've got with the s&p in particular, it's like what covid. markets seem to have really moved further and further away from these fears of omicron, even though the case numbers are so incredibly high. what's going on out there? >> yeah, i really feel like the market's a bit of a coiled spring here. imagine that the market overreacts to something. when you look at november and the way people were looking towards omicron and a fed that was going to be too hawkish, i think both things are so baked
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into the market that people thought it was going to be worse than expected an the pendulum always swings too far in he both directions. so if we have cases that peak in january, february of omicron, this could be a thing of the past and then i think when you look at what the fed's doing, they've been as transparent as can possibly be about ending the taper in march of 2022 and probably three rate hikes in 2022. so i feel pretty good you could buy stocks here and enjoy the rest of the year and hopefully get a nice january effect in in sectors that have been beaten up unfairly that are good opportunities. cheryl: well, then i've got to ask you what's going on here because if you're looking for opportunities, and we had had a guest on yesterday saying the same thing, where do you look for opportunities? because tech was so highly valued and some say overly valued in 2021. what do you like? what sectors in particular? >> yeah, so when you look at technology specifically, i mean,
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once the fed says we're going up in rates, technology stocks act really, really poorly. it's not good. i remember back in december of '18 when the fed said they were going to go up in rates you saw technology get beaten up. december was down 9.2%. the fed did a 180, kept rates lower for longer. the technology stocks get hit pretty hard. i like baskets like financial technology, insurance technology, areas like that where i don't think they -- they don't have the exposure that some of these other software as a service companies that don't make money that are going to have a larger discounted rate to present value. i would rather be in something like a palomar technology, one of my favorite holdings that uses technology but it's an insurance company and a it's been marked down unfairly, down 30%. i think it's a great opportunity. cheryl: that's interesting. there's a lot of good picks there. i think again the smart investors out there are saying all right, that's it, i see what's happening, the landscape is more clear. let me start to look for some
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deals and maybe i sell some losers for tax purposes by the end of the year. i want to ask about what's happening with global growth. economists are lowering expectations for early 2022 due to surging covid cases driven by omicron. what do you say about that? i'm wondering here, if it's true that omicron is kind of this more mild case of covid and if that takes hold around the world i'm wondering if they're going to have to revise these expectations again. >> yeah, i think growth will slow a little bit on a global basis but i do believe omicron is short-lived and the market is actually telling us that's probably the case. i think it's looking right past it. interesting to see some of the airlines and hotel stocks and things like that, the way they're react aing to it. but if i'm going to be in a sector like that, i love gaming. i love caesars. they're actually immensely --
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really all domestic. they have no international exposure. they're getting into gaming and online gambling which i think is going to be very strong for them with a $4 billion acquisition of william hill and even here in hows ya that they're about -- louisiana they're about to make gaming on your phone legal, which is interesting. i want to stay in specific names. i like to take a rightful approach as opposed to a spray and pray approach and a put money everywhere. we like these specific names and think they'll work out well especially as we get to the january effect and those that have been selling stocks that have been losers in 2021 and taking those losses can have a nice january and really act like a coiled spring. cheryl: yeah. well, sandy, hey, some great picks from you. i had my pen and paper out. you didn't see it. i'm hiding myself right now. a lot of notes. i do think there's a lot of reason to be optimistic now after the holiday weekend and kind of as the news flow has
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shown us, looks like we'll be hopefully getting out of this sooner rather than later. sandy, thank you for being here. good to see you. >> thanks for having me, cheryl, appreciate it. cheryl: and we're just getting started this morning, everybody. we've got a lot of news to get to this morning. this is big, the cdc putting out new quarantine rules that are cutting isolation time in half. we've got dr. mark seagal later on if in the hour. plus travel turmoil, flights are getting canceled left and right leaving holiday travelers scrambling amid staffing shortages and the surge in covid cases. we have a live report from the philadelphia international airport ahead. we're look ahead to the 2022 midterms and what steps republicans need to take to take back the house and the senate. don't miss a moment of it. you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ i'm going to need some whiskey
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cheryl: some of the top stories we're watching this morning. more flights were canceled monday as airlines faced more struggles in the busy holiday season. more than 1300 flights were scrubbed due to a mix of bad weather and staffing issues. seattle tacoma international the hardest hit, two inches of snow forcing 20% of flights to stay grounded. there is the airline sector, the stocks have had a tough go of it by the way since all of this started. well, a former raiders cheerleader is facing federal charges after attacking an elderly man on a plane because he wasn't wearing a mask while he was eating. and it was all caught on camera.
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>> you're going to jail. >> [bleep] cheryl: so the fight started when cornwall was trying to make her way to the bathroom. she was blocked by a flight attendant with a drink cart in the aisle. she is not wearing a mask either. he was eating with his mask off. just thought i'd point that out. president biden signing the $768 billion defense bill yesterday but he complained the plan doesn't provide money to move he detainees from guantanamo bay. biden said in a statement the bill constrains the flexibility of the executive branch, adding congress should eliminate restrictions on transferring those housed in gitmo. he complained about a provision requiring reports on how much american military equipment was
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he destroyed when u.s. forces left afghanistan and the cost of all of that might be interesting to note too. signing of the defense spending bill comes amid continuing foreign policy issues, the biden administration faces from places like iran, russia and china. meanwhile, while on a call with america's governors yesterday, president biden actually agreed with republicans on how to handle the pandemic. watch this. >> there is no federal solution. this gets solved at a state level. i'm looking at governor sununu on the board here. he talks about that a lot. my message is simple, if you need something, say something. cheryl: well, the wall street journal's editorial board writing this, if this is the way mr. biden is going, he should notify the supreme court that he plans to have osha withdraw its over-broad vaccine mandate. joe concha, you know, i was
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watching this yesterday and i just felt -- first off, them moving the press out kind of quickly i thought was kind of strange but also the back and forth with the governors i felt was -- was not a good look for president biden. i'll leave it there. joe: yeah. cheryl, pushing reporters out, that was strange but predictable. we've seen that movie all throughout 2021 where there is no access to this president. he won't answer tough questions when tough questions are actually presented and perhaps candidate biden and president biden should get together over onion rings and beers and go bowling together sometime because they don't seem to know each other very well in terms of what biden talked about when he was running for office and how he is acting as president when we talk about covid solutions and states handling it and the federal level handling it and i guess it's much easier to complain and tell you everything that's wrong than to be in charge and actually govern, actually execute on your promises. and yesterday -- i'm sorry, over
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the weekend, the president had a telling exchange with a t reporter and he was asked about a report that the administration rejected a covid testing surge for the holiday season a couple months ago. the president responded saying, no, that didn't happen. if that plan wasn't rejected, why is the president and his team, including dr. fauci, so caught offguard here when it comes to testing, a major failure. we're seeing it with lines stretching box for testing over the holiday season, cheryl. cheryl: steve, you know, as well this pushback on the states, the states have shouldered enough burden. i think people were looking for more federal leadership when it came to covid. we are nearly two years into this, steve forbes. two years. and we can't get tests. steve: well, this is what happens when the government gets in charge. we saw in terms of the creation of the vaccine that was a privately led effort. the federal government was cooperative instead of blocking
6:19 am
it. we saw early on with the cdc and the fda what they did in blocking testing. so we're off the mark in 2020 on testing. we saw the slow approval of the new therapeutics from pfizer and merck. when the government gets in there, it mucks things up. as for president biden saying the states are going to be in charge, i bet they're going to walk that back or ignore it. he always says things, then had they walk it back and then they try to clarify it or declare phi it or whatever -- de clarify it or whatever is needed. they're going to pushit wit b maesndes esth'tptheytheeyuteho ataho a tppntnt ankkk off.ff.ff it son't don d tet ri aty e' ge'ois g ts t iav t ttas. er tert'at poi poi oi at you youus made. welkintalk aintautin theepor ror th wth oereder a group o o exids eid need toetet sts o tutmerinsricariorheholidai
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dd i hadoo como o toepor tely ately sayt' tot i messags pblemblorblss white wh c. ay mauseseoming up, we're going to stay with this topic. could vaccine mandates be coming to the airline industry. dr. anthony fauci wants to put that on the table. new polls show biden's approval rating hovering near record lows. what this means for the 2022 midterms, that is next. ♪
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cheryl: cutting down on quarantine, the cdc is shortening the recommended isolation time for asymptomatic covid-19 patients. people can quarantine for only five days as opposed to ten. if you're boosted, you do not need to quarantine if you've been exposed to the virus. joining me now, fox news contributor and a nyu langone medical center professor of medicine, dr. mark seagal. so good to see you. what do you make of this quick
6:25 am
outabout-face by the cdc yesterday. >> a couple things, cheryl. first of all, they're getting tremendous pressure from the entire economy which is basically saying with omicron spreading like wildfire, over 500,000 cases over the past day, if they continue with this 10 day quarantine isolation bit -- and by the way it's just a guidance. everyone thinks it's a law or rule. it's a guidance. it would mean shutting down the entire economy. and it means by the way what the government here has never understood, which is public health is more than just a virus, isn't it? it's the impact of how you react to a virus. so i'm really glad they made this move and i've been asking for this for weeks you now, five days instead of 10. cheryl, they did it with a lot of confusion attached. first of all, there's a difference between the word isolation and quarantine. isolation is what you do if you're sick, if you have covid. i think the five days works for that, by the way, even though some people will argue they're returning to work and they may
6:26 am
still be contagious. we need the rapid test, don't we. we need the rapid tests that biden basically said no to in october and that's a huge problem because i want a rapid test before you get back to work. in terms of the quarantine, and i'll be brief on this, if you're exposed to someone else, are you kidding me. right now, everybody's exposed to other people with omicron every single day. the quarantine makes almost no sense and people who are unvaccinated that they want quarantined are the exact people that aren't going to listen to any government guideline. cheryl: so let me ask you this, then. as far as -- we had dr. jeanette nesheiwat on yesterday. she said that 95% of the people that she's seeing were not vaccinated, frankly. it was very high. but those that were vaccinated the symptoms were very mild. is that what you're seeing in your practice? >> i don't think that -- with all due respect, that's almost impossible to believe in new york city where over 90% of the people here are -- adults are
6:27 am
vaccinated. i'm seeing a lot of covid patients. i treat a lot of them by televisit. some i see in the office with full protective equipment. new york city is a place with a lot of vaccination. but there is a point to be made here. i think people need to understand that the vaccine works and that the booster works and the reason it works and the way it works is that it decreases your risk of severe disease. if you're boosted and you get omicron, you're almost definitely going to get a very, very mild case, cheryl, a very mild case and everyone that i talked to that has covid that didn't get vaccinated wished they had. but the government as usual is pretending that the vaccine decreases spread when it may not. it's actually not very good at that. it's much better at decreases severe disease. cheryl: and my apologies, i think i misspoke. i think she said more than 90% were vaccinated. my apologies to her because i love her so much. let me move on to dr. fauci. i'm glad you said that,
6:28 am
dr. seagal. dr. fauci is walking back on his comments in support of domestic flight vaccine mandates. i want you to listen. >> do you recommend to president biden there should be a requirement for vaccination for domestic travel? >> you're talking about requiring vaccination to get on a plane he domestically. that is just another one of the requirements that i think is reasonable to consider. i did not say i support mandates on domestic flights. i said that is something that is on the table for consideration. i didn't say i support it or didn't support it. cheryl: dr. see gal, your re-- dr. seagal, your reaction? >> cheryl, i think the whole problem here is the super imposition of government. the prime minister of australia shocked us the other day and said he thinks government overreach is the problem. he was part of the problem. now he's actually recognizing it. here's the point. if an airline wants to say
6:29 am
you've got to be vaccinated to come on board or that you have to be boosted or that you have to have gotten over covid, by the way, which should count for some immunity, they have every right to do that as a private business. the government getting involved is wrong. it's really an issue of what a private business thinks constitutes the safety of their airline or puts them at risk for liability. i did to the knicks and the knicks basically say bring a vaccine or get a rapid test before you come in. then can you go around without a mask. it actually is working for madison square garden right now. everywhere has a different idea based on their own business reality. the government should not be involved with super imposing mandates, especially when the vaccine is waning. cheryl: and at this point it's personal responsibility, for those that are comfortable and vaccinated and boosted, maybe you live your life. those that are not vaccinated maybe that's a different choice,
6:30 am
certainly. dr. seagal, a lot to go through. it's good to see you. >> great to be on with you, cheryl. thank you. and you're absolutely right. cheryl: see you soon. all right. coming up, we're going to stay on this topic because it is an economic story. covid closures, apple is shutting its stores over omicron in new york city. we'll have the details coming up. plus, airlines are under pressure as hundreds more flights are canceled today. what this means for the company's bottom line. we're going to talk about the financials of the airlines coming up. you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ i don't care, i love it. ♪ i don't care, i love it. ♪ i love it. ♪ i don't care, i love it. ♪ i don't care with liberty mutual, so we only pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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cheryl: welcome back. i'm cheryl casone, i'm in for maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, december 28th. a look at markets this half hour. futures are looking to extend
6:35 am
yesterday's big gains of we've got green across the screen as you can see, dow higher by 92, s&p up 12 and-a-half. fears over the spread of omicron largely dissipating in trading yesterday and apparently this morning. all three major indices finishing in the green last night, the s&p 5 p hundred hitting a new all-time high. european markets are mixed right now. we've seen again this morning pressure with the ftse, the cac 40 and dax are higher. in asia overnight, green across the board. the nikkei in japan was the best performer there. and here are some top stories we are watching for you this morning. a gunman fatally shooting at least four people and injuring three including a police officer in a colorado attack last night. the gunman opening fire at six locationses across the denver area. the suspect later died at a hotel in lakewood. police believe the gunman acted alone. a motive is unclear. well, apple announcing yesterday
6:36 am
it's closing all 12 of its new york city stores to indoor shopping as covid-19 cases rise. customers are still going to be able to pick up online orders at stores. it's unclear when the stores will reopen. there is apple in the premarket, that's a stock that we're watching today. meanwhile, goldman sachs is mandating covid-19 booster shots for anyone entering the office, that starts in february. in the meantime, required testing is going to double to twice per week for goldman employees. that stock is also fractionally higher. then there is this, a time capsule found buried where a statue of robert e lee once stood in richmond virginia will finally see the light of day. the governor shared x-ray photos of inside the capsule yesterday and announced you won't have to wait much longer to see what's inside the box. they'll open it today at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. reports suggest the capsule could contain a rare photo of abraham lincoln, coins, books, and civil war ammunition.
6:37 am
well, president biden's approval rating continuing to slide. the latest gallup poll showing a majority of americans disapprove of the president while only 43% approve of the job that he is doing. tom bevin is co-founder and president of real clear politics and joins me now. tom, good morning. what do you make of the latest poll results? the president's approval rating has continued to sink throughout the year. >> yeah, good morning, cheryl. this is a story we've seen repeating itself in poll after poll for the last three or four months, essentially. and biden still has pretty strong support among democrats, low to mid-80s in terms of his job approval rating and obviously republicans are overwhelmingly against him in the 90s. but it's independents whereby den started off his administration with pretty strong support among independents but he's seen that deteriorate to the point where you have more than 40% in most
6:38 am
polls not just disapprove but strongly disapprove of the job the president is doing overall and that number actually goes up when you dig into particular issues like crime and immigration. so he has loss the support of independents across the board and it's really been hurting him politically. cheryl: yeah. well, there's another new poll that shows 45% of independent voters would prefer the gop to run the house and the senate, that's an 18 point lead over democrats. i mean, is this going to be a big shakeup in november of 2022? >> well, the corollary to biden's job approval is the generic ballot which is the question is asked if the vote were held today, would you vote for republican or democrat, no names attached, just generic titles. usually, democrats have an advantage in that and perform better than republicans in these polls. right now, republicans are
6:39 am
leading by 2 and-a-half points in the real clear politics average, we've had independent polls that have republicans leading by 10 points, the largest margin ever recorded in the history of those polls. it seems if the election were held today, republicans would absolutely thrash the democrats in both the house and the senate and so the landscape currently favors and history favors republicans at this point but again, long time between now and next november. cheryl: well, steve forbes, let me bring you in. we've seen this play out in the virginia governor's race. we saw what happened there. we're seeing it in other races now in smaller areas. this could be kind of the writing is on the wall basically for the democrats. steve: it is, if they continue on the present course. i'm wondering, tom, what you see the democrats doing. they tried to use president trump in the virginia election, did not work out very well. so what role do you see for president trump and what do you think the democrats are going to try to do in congress to try to
6:40 am
turn this thing around? they see the poll numbers, especially the senators, coming up for re-election next year. >> yeah, steve, it's a great question. really, with -- unless had they can get build back better put back together and across the finish line, there is no plan b for democrats. even if they pass that, it's not clear that that would solve their problems because the two main issues in the minds of voters across the country right now are covid, but more importantly inflation. inflation is dragging the numbers down for democrats across the board and they really don't have a plan to deal with inflation. in fact, the administration has been at times dismissive of inflation and that is the real problem and unless they can figure out a way to turn that around, that's what's really going to drive i think the numbers in november and again, right now, we could be looking at republicans picking up 40, 50 seats in the house, three, four, five senate seats if inflation does not get turned around.
6:41 am
democrats, there's not a lot in congress on the table right now to deal with that issue. cheryl: well, joe concha, come into this. all the in-fighting -- sorry, tom. but all the in-fighting, joe, that we've seen amongst the democrats, whether it's aoc, it's bernie sanders, i think they're hurting themselves. they really have no one else to blame at this point for these poll numbers. joe: yeah, cheryl. it's a question of who is running the democratic party right now. obviously, the default answer would be the president of the united states. but when you see polls that show that many democrats don't want joe biden to even seek a second term, i saw one where only 36% of democrats want joe biden to run again and he's losing to this juggernaut candidate named someone else, 44% want someone else, they can't name who it is but that's how that goes. tom, i wonder as two guys who
6:42 am
follow sports fairly closely, in these situations when things are going so poorly and the wins are not stacking up and the losses are really adding up on inflation, on crime, on afghanistan, on the border, on education, you name it, you start to fire people, right? the gm gets fired. the manager gets fired. maybe a player gets traded but this administration seems very reluctant to hold anybody accountable or at least make some changes in terms of personnel and i think until they do that, people are going to say okay, they seem happy with the status quo, ron klain just tweeting out an op-ed yesterday saying 2021 wasn't that bad. well, that's not good enough to the american people. we want greatness. not mediocrity. >> i agree with that, joe. they're approaching a point where there needs to be a reboot. there will be pressure put on them by democrats particularly those in tough races in november in the house and senate to say hey, what you guys have been doing thus far is not working and clearly the numbers reflect
6:43 am
that. and so -- but it has been steady as she goes and that is not just from the administration, but also from members of congress who have said listen, their intense focus on build back better and getting that across the finish line by whatever means necessary in both the house and the senate, even though there were plenty of folks who said that's going to cause inflation to rise, that's a problem politically, democrats said no, we need to do this, this is our one chance to do it because we won't have the majority in next november. so i think it's across the board. you're right, i think at some point there has to be some sort of change in direction, some sort of reboot that rights the ship because they can't continue on the path they're on with the numbers they're getting politically, particularly among independents. cheryl: yeah. tom, you know what, i'm a big believer in new year's resolutions. the democrats are probably going to need to subscribe to that philosophy as well. otherwise, i think november's going to be a disaster for them. tom bevin, thank you for being
6:44 am
here. >> thank you. cheryl: we've got a lot more coming up. keeping the press away from the president. the biden administration under fire again for denying reports that the chance to ask biden questions deknee reporters a -- deny reporters a chance to ask questions, what happened yesterday, we're going to talk about it. tune into fox business prime tonight, american dream home with me, that's at 8:00 p.m. eastern time, followed by mansion global can casey mcdonald at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ you don't know you're beautiful. ♪ if only you saw what i can see. ♪ you'd understand why i want you so desperately. ♪ right now i'm looking at you and i can't believe. ♪ you don't know. ♪ you don't know you're beautiful. ♪ ♪♪
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cheryl: sky high nightmares, airlines and travelers grappling with staff shortages, a rise in covid cases and bad weather during one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. today alone there have been over 500 delays, 700 cancellations for u.s. flights as airlines face a hit on first quarter earnings. joining me now third bridge vice
6:49 am
president and global sector lead, peter minelli. the big question is how much more can the airlines take. thank god we didn't have a big snowstorm on the east coast in the middle of christmas. >> good morning. good to see you. look, the good news for the airlines is take demand is rising. people want to travel and at times we've seen there's been a bit of a struggle here in executing on the flights that they have and some is controllable but some of it like the weather is not. over the last few months we've actually seen an improvement from the airlines in terms of staffing, the holidays are a bit more he predictable than some of the surges and back-offs in demand we saw in the beginning of the summer but overall things are on the up. cheryl: how quickly can they pivot based on the new cdc guidance that we got yesterday?
6:50 am
>> well, i mean, the airlines have been adapting to a lot, a lot of changes and it's actually been fairly effective. a year ago we had middle seats that were empty across all these airlines. they invested a lot into cleaning and even their own vaccination of their own staff and things like that. so the industry has been adapting well and, you know, we'll see what other regulations do come up. but it is an industry that has been able to perform well. cheryl: yeah. yeah. didn't used to be like that. they are now. dr. anthony fauci by the way walking back comments about the possible vaccine mandate for domestic flights. do you think at all that a mandate could still be a possibility and what would that do? >> well, you think about airline as part of the broader
6:51 am
transportation sector, it could be a bit more difficult to think about that that could be a mandate, whether it's trains, planes and busses and things like that where you do have different people, you know, in these different ways to travel. so i think we'll wait and see. i heard what you guys were talking about earlier, about potentially walking this back but i imagine that the airline industry would having to say and they would probably be against that, you know. as we said earlier -- cheryl: they've been vocal. that's the thing, they've been really -- the ceos have been very, very vocal. i'm thinking back to gary kelly on the hill saying the masks aren't that effective. you know, air in the plane is, what, 99.97% purified, things like that and then ed basstian
6:52 am
the ceo of delta, he's been pushing back, saying you've got to address -- saying this has got to be a change, these quarantines and the guidelines because of the labor shortage. i think to your point, they're adapting rather quickly and i think the ceos are finding their voice a lot stronger. i want to ask you about something else that's happening in the skies, it's kind of a mess up there as you know. there's a woman facing federal charges after this video showed her slapping and spitting on an 80-year-old man mid--flight. let's watch this real quick. >> you're going to jail. yes, you are. cheryl: this was right before christmas eve. this is happening everywhere. it's a mess up there. what's going on? what can the airlines do? >> well, i mean, the airlines like a lot of industry are struggling to add staff. you know. a lot of people were furloughed or retired and, you know, it is
6:53 am
a struggle to get people trained and ready to fly. at the same time, our experts do point to the politicization of masks as one issue to deal with but the airline industry has struggled to find pilots and flight attendants to work to meet the rising demand. as we said earlier, people do want to fly. it's getting enough people into these planes to work these flights that's been a challenge. the pilot issue has been more of a problem for a decade, kind of in the making where we are. the airlines are investing a lot now in training flight attendants and getting people ready to go. it may get a little bit easier here in the coming months as seasonal he demand starts to tail off a bit and the airlines can catch their breath had. but yes, this has been an ongoing issue since the recovery
6:54 am
began. cheryl: yeah. and if you're a brand-new flight attendant and you're up there, that's what you're dealing with on christmas eve. i mean, they work so hard and it's just -- i feel for them. i really do. peter, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> all right. good to see you. cheryl: well, coming up, markets are closing at record high as we finish off the year. what this santa claus rally means for investors going into 2022. that's in the word on wall street, top of the hour. don't miss it. ♪
6:55 am
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>> i'm going to turn over to jeff and i understand that you have some questions. jeff? >> i think we are going to clear the press first. >> time for the hot topic buzz. that was president biden after little exchange that you just saw facing credit. following the covid call with america's governors. white house staff, jeff, as you heard him say clearing all press members ushering them out of the room before it was over. joe concha, this was such a
6:59 am
strange moment. >> here is an obvious statement, cheryl, joe biden is the most guarded, scripted president that we have seen in our lifetimes. you rarely take questions from peter doocy and jacqui heinrich but you will find liz cheney at mar-a-lago. joe biden has done just 16 one-on-one interviews since taking office at the same stage of donald trump's presidency, he had done more than 70 interviews and it shows and telling that this president just sits cowardly when the handlers push the press out of the room at such a crucial time when it comes to covid inflation crime, you name it. cheryl: you have to wonder if that is being done on purpose. steve forbes real quick, yet they are rolling out vice
7:00 am
president harris for interviews. steve: that's been a disaster and obviously president biden can't handle the pressure of the press but the answer she's given, shows she's totally out of her depth. people feel that's run reason why they don't ask harder questions. cheryl: yeah, joy, steve, stay right there the next hour of mornings with maria starts right now. ♪ ♪ cheryl: good morning, i'm cheryl casone i'm in for maria bartiromo. it's tuesday, december 28th, top stories, 7:00 a.m. eastern time. the turning point on covid-19, president biden admitting there is no federal solution in controlling the virus kicking it back down to the states before
7:01 am
leaving for delaware again for a long weekend. this is the cdc updates guidelines that americans only need 5 days of quarantine if they become infected and i symptomatic and what it means for you. futures will likely extend yesterday's gainsment dow up 69, s&p 9 and a quarter and nasdaq up more than 67. investor fear of the spread of over omicron dissipating. s&p 500 another new all time high. 69 now for the s&p 500. ftse 100 is closed today, european markets taking a lack, european markets interesting as you can see because you have france, germany that are actually trading higher and, again, we are seeing gains in europe, same thing in asia
7:02 am
overnight. nikkei in japan best performer, mornings with maria live right now. ♪ ♪ >> flight delays and cancellations over christmas weekend. jeff flock live from pennsylvania international airport live with more. jeff: i'm smiling, you can't see it. we have the mask mandate although no vaccine mandate it appears on the airlines, more on this in a second. some of the stranded travelers, a lot of them this morning latest numbers. i have to put my glasses on so i get it right, 684 flights canceled so far today, another 519 delays that follows yesterday which was a blue monday. take a look at the numbers on yesterday, we had 1400 plus cancellations and over 7,000 more than 7 and a half thousand
7:03 am
flights that were delayed yesterday. as i said, mask mandate but no vaccine mandate to travel, dr. fauci suggested maybe that was a possibility. he made it very clear yesterday talking to the folks at msnbc, that's not what he meant yet. >> i did not say i support mandates on domestic flights. i said that is something that is on the table for consideration. i didn't say i supported it or didn't support it. jeff: the other piece of good news, i think that's good news, the other piece of good news yesterday, cheryl, as you have reported reducing the number of days in quarantine. airline employees tested positive for covid though they hadn't been symptomatic, that of course, kept them out of work for ten days, take a look at the new regulations or new suggestions from cdc. you get a
7:04 am
positive covid test you only need to quarantine for 5 days, mask for the next 5 if as i said not showing symptoms. if you have been boosted and you get exposed, you don't even have to quarantine now, just mask for ten days is what they say. the cdc director rochelle, we want to keep society functioning while following the science. the big test is coming new years eve travel as it was at christmas. take a look at the numbers yesterday on travel, still big numbers of people traveling by air. yesterday more than 2 million people folks flew at tca checkpoints but most doubled what it was this time last year and approaching, not quite there but approaching the numbers that we had, 2 and a half million in 2019 on the same day. all day here to watch it and see
7:05 am
how it goes evolving. cheryl: yeah, i remember, i was flying and seeing people sleeping on the floors and just the planes were packed. and it's been a tough weekend if you want today get on an airplane. >> it has. >> thank you, sir, if the live report. i can see the smile behind the mask. all right, well, you know, the airline story, one of the other things wall street has been watching, let's start the word on wall street, top investors watching your money this morning, denise garthman, payne capital management president, ryan payne and wealth management chief investment robert shine, good morning to all of you. so much to talk about for the final week of trading. you have futures again higher this morning. s&p 500 hit 69th record close last night so we have the santa claus rally, i think the bigger question, ryan, has the market
7:06 am
moved past omicron? >> i think the market has done that. one thing that i have been warning about week after week is your biggest risk here in the market is melt-up because too many people have been sitting in cash and jeter after post thanksgiving selloff on black friday because we had the omicron variant and we had the fed and central banks around the world being hawkish. the reality is, the consumer confidence is up this month even with the omicron variant. i call the spider-man effect. the spider-man movie, i went to see it, not a huge marvel fan but second biggest opening ever for a movie and the theater was packed when i went to the theater. bottom line, people have learned to live with the virus. we had the two therapeutics now and i've been pounding that table saying, look, we will have a melt-up here. i told denise garthman, eggnog
7:07 am
on me if i was right. [laughter] >> it's here, it happens, i'm talking about my podcast, growing in america, yeah, i think at this point we are past it, earnings look strong, consumer confidence looks strong into next year, these are bullish signs and you have to be invested here. >> okay, ryan, you have done a gad job so far. you're bullish, hit denise garthman for eggnog, denise, you have to respond. >> ryan has been right. i have been fearful about the stock market for quite some period of time, not bearish, just not bullish, ryan has been properly bullish. we have a santa claus rally of some consequence. a lot of money on the sidelines, things usually end up badly. it will end when it ends and won't end a minute before then. the fact that we have many spacs
7:08 am
that we have, 15 to 11 century holland when they were bringing companies public not knowing what they were going to be able to do. enthusiasm that to me i find disconcerting but nonetheless, the market wants to go from the lawer left to the upper right, it'll stop when it stops. cheryl: yeah, i want to get back to the specs with you in just a second. i want to bring in robert based on what we are seeing in today's numbers, economists are cutting u.s. global growth for early next year because of omicron, the fed is dialing back bond buying, 3 rate hikes in the year, does that pair in line with what you're expecting in 2022, robert? >> yeah, exactly. denise is not far off because what we are -- what we are looking into for 2022, we have omicron in the rear view, that's what the market is seeing on a perceived go-forward basis and santa claus rally and we will continue to see in january, what
7:09 am
denise said, in 2022 we have the fed and hawkish and we don't know how it ends but it ends, at some point in time when we have tapering of the liquidity not only here but globally, taking out $2.35 trillion worth of global liquidity and you have the fed being hawkish, that's kind of what denise is talking about and i can't disagree with the other guest that the spider-man rally is in effect right now. we do like in 2022 a lot of the different areas of cyclicality and consumers are strong, corporations have really been able to meet the consumer whether they are staying at home or driving up or if they want to go to the stores. everyone is sort of coming out, cyclicals are going to be strong and obviously financials if we see, you know, the federal reserve having the ability to actually lift off, raising interest rates on a go-forward basis. 2022 will end with midterms, a
7:10 am
lot - oh uncertainty, strategically positioning to take advantage of a pullback at some point in time because we don't know if it's a win when that could happen and we would be positioned accordingly. cheryl: maybe you will get that in january, jon if you will get it this week. for two spider-man references i'm personally a still big fan of santa claus. i think he did a great job this weekend. denise, i want to go back to you, you mentioned spacs, the ipo and spac markets were huge in 2021 but there's a lot of talk about a slowdown for 2022. a lot of these venture cap firms that put all this money to start-ups kind of pushed all of the valuations a little high and there's a lot of questions now about there might be a bubble with the spac, talk to me. >> a little high, it's unconscious by high. strangely high, unusually high
7:11 am
and may still get higher and as the chairman i refuse to go into private equity and venture capital but as a member of the board of directors at nc states endowment we have been involved in private equity for a decade or so. i think there's overvalue wagses beyond reasonability at this point. the universe of spacsi find reminiscence so be careful out there. >> i agree 100%. there are bubbles forming, you have to be careful. we will be here looking out for every week on mornings with maria. cheryl: keep me posted on the eggnog bet because i will follow up with that. [laughter] >> happy new year, cheryl.
7:12 am
cheryl: you guys too. great to see all of you. great word on wall street. happy new year. all right, we have a lot more coming up this morning. unruly passengers taking over the skies man attacked by former raiders cheerleader, the crazy video has been viral. we will show it to you coming up next. plus, inflation, we have a look at what items will cost you more at the grocery store next year. president john kasamati is ishere. we are live on fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪
7:13 am
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cheryl: anger in the air,
7:17 am
altercation on camera and striking him with close fist. he was eating when he had mask down and it just escalated from there. what do you make of this whole thing? >> yeah. i heard raiders cheerleader and fight on a plane, emily compano and i thought, what have you done. cheryl: doesn't have a mean bone in the body. >> i know. it can't be. but all that said, you know, i was just looking over some headlines over the last year and there are dozens of them when you hear about assaults on airplanes and passengers getting into fights with either flight attendants or with other passengers and the common denominator every time is are you wearing your mask or not wearing your mask and then things get really vicious in a
7:18 am
hurry, so you did a great interview last hour that there are to have shortages, there are folks that aren't completely trained in the situations and quite fangly and people are getting ruder as we go into 2022 with each other and civility seems to be dying these days. yeah, it's troubling to see it but i think social media perhaps accentuates the problem even more and we see it a lot more. maybe this has been happening for a long time but increasing for whatever reason, cheryl. cheryl: well, i will tell you this joe and steve, i talked about it on fox. i was a flight attendant out of college and i wanted to see the world. i got tough to deal with the public. it is a very hard job and this is before 9/11. i can't imagine what it's like now for flight attendants to have to deal with -- i know that it's stressful for everybody to fly and get on planes and security and all that stuff.
7:19 am
this isn't fun for them either. this hasn't been fun for flight crews since the mask mandates, trying to keep a 2-year-old's mask on and flight attendant has no choice but to back up the faa and that's a whole other story. steve forbes, sorry, i got on a tangent there, to joe's point, everything is on camera and this really is the tension that we are seeing in the skies. >> yeah, two things, one is in terms of the mask that's why the mask mandate should be really examined and that airline ceo who made the point with the pure air in there do we really need it. do we really need it for 2-year-olds and things like that. examine the mask mandate makes people -- and so i hope that
7:20 am
people realize this is not the way to do it and there are other ways to protest and like this silly mask mandate, do the things that really rile people unnecessarily. cheryl: yeah, yeah. my one question about the story that we are talking about here was alcohol a factor, in my experience just throwing that out there. anyway, we will talk about the story later. coming up -- yeah. good question. the threat from china. taiwan is bracing for more force from beijing as 27 more aircrafts enter taiwan's defense zone, what to expect from the rising tensions next year. plus president biden is grappling with the failure of covid testing. we have a company that can help you before your next gathering. we will tell you all about it in the hour.
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7:25 am
2022. the number of chinese military patrols flying into taiwan's air defense zone more than doubling this year. it went from 380 in 2020 to 950 in 2021. that's according to analysis data from taiwan ministry of national defense. joining me now heritage foundation research fellow for asian studies, dr. dean chang. dean, taiwan and china has been ongoing issue for decades but the ccp really seems to be pushing forward on this encroachment of taiwan. how nervous should the u.s. be? >> well, the united states should be very nervous. china has demonstrated that it's willing to engage in behavior that is highly destablizing. the pressure on taiwan when it's a clear focus of tension orbiting a hypersonic weapon, you know, several months ago
7:26 am
which made it into the news engaging in really dangerous behavior on the indian border when india has nuclear weapons and as we are going into the party congress, xi jinping leaning forward to demonstrate to ccp counterparts that he's strong, large and in charge. cheryl: what should the u.s. role then be here in all of this because we are at obviously you can't trust the chinese and maria talked extensively about what's going on in hong kong in particular with, you know, the laws changing and the protestors and in the uighur issue, so much to go through. is it tough road for the u.s. because at what point do you escalate up military tensions with china when we have serious economic tensions happening between the two countries?
7:27 am
>> well, the u.s. is definitely in a tough position, past cuts in defense and what looks like a frozen defense budget when the russians are playing games in ukraine means military forces are going to be stretched. we do need to send the signal to beijing that the american position remain it is same. we are all in favor of a peaceful resolution of the taiwan straits issue but if china decides to use forces the playing with fire because it should not know how the united states is going to respond. cheryl: yeah, well, obviously i do know that our military is on high alert in the region and we talked about that previously. something else that's happening for corporate america. this is wal-mart, so they've got issues now in china. they are facing anger with chinese customers and this happened on social media, chinese social media last week, the retail giant seemingly stopped stocking product in xixang region in wal-mart and
7:28 am
sam's stores but the president with bans of imported products made by uighurs. did wal-mart react to that because they're an american company, that's the first question, second question, is this really social media users in china or is this the chinese government? >> well, with regards to whether wal-mart is responding to american law, i think it's partly that, i think it's also responding more broadly to growing public concern and unhappiness with chinese behavior. the ethical cotton movement is what started before the president signed the xixang bill into law. i think there's a growing sense of we should not be accepting of chinese genocide which the state department has found.
7:29 am
with regards to whether it's chinese social media or the chinese government, i think in this case, the two work closely hand in hand. it's important to know that in the china population they probably do accept what is happening in xixang is perfectly okay because it's part of china but the china government has been censoring companies that have been part of the ethical cotton movement. cheryl: yeah, and, again, the social media user question is we have to question everything that happens in china but in particular it raises some eyebrows. dean cheng. dean, thank you very much. >> thank you, happy new year. cheryl: coming up. you too, dean. well, coming up more vaccine mandates are hitting the big
7:30 am
apple, what this means for small businesses that already feeling the sting of shutdowns the maxwell jury is on fourth delay of deliberations after asking clarification on charges, what you need to know on verdict watch. that's coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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7:34 am
cheryl: welcome back, i'm cheryl casone and i'm in more maria bartiromo, it's tuesday decembet this is half hour. futures looking to extend yesterday's gains. santa claus rally we have been talking about it. dow up 95, s&p 13 and a half and nasdaq up almost 88. investor fears of omicron
7:35 am
largely dissipating. s&p 500 hit all time high. sixty-ninth all time tie for the s&p 500 in 2021. european markets in the green. ftse 100 is close for boxing day but you do have the french and german markets higher as you can see and then in asia overnight, green across the board. nikkei in japan, the best performer there. and here some of the top headlines we are watching this morning, jurors heading in fourth delay of deliberations in the trial of ghislaine maxwell, yesterday asked for transcripts and legal definition of the word enticement. maxwell accused of recruiting and grooming 4 teenage girls to have sexual encounters with jeffrey epstein. trial of elizabeth holmes in deliberation. she allegedly made misleading
7:36 am
claims about the technology behind theranos blood testing machine, maximum sentence of 20 years per count. well, democratic congressman peter welch and wife say they are no longer going to be trading personal stock, moves after they committed a stock act violation by missing a disclosure deadline by one week. wife sold $6,000 in exxon stock back in september days before and welch questioned practices. congress members and spouses have maximum of 45 days to support stock sales, by the way he wrote the rule. he wrote the rule that he just violated. well, the inflation crunch hitting americans hard in 2021. and it's going to extend into next year, the wall street journal is projecting that prices are going to go up at
7:37 am
least 5% on average while some may go up anywhere 2 to 20% depending on the items that you buy. some key items including mayonnaise, candy, mustard, potato, celery and even frozen dinners, they are heading higher, manufacturers looking to offset labeling and packaging costs among other things. i want to bring in ceo, red apple group, president and ceo, all of it, john, great to see you, good morning. >> always good to see you and you are absolutely right, inflation is going to continue on to the new year. we had the first wave of increases in november, december, now there's going to be a second wave of increases in january, february, mostly in february, march and it's just reflecting that the prices of crude oil is staying up, we are almost back to $80 a barrel again and when
7:38 am
the price of crude oil goes up all the related products go up including food and clothing, et cetera, et cetera. the record sales during christmas. you know what the definition of that is, inflation. price increases, so we had record sales and wall street is braced for record increases in its prices and does that mean if sales go up 10%, does that mean wall street, 36,000 dow jones average going to go to 40,000, it all comes down to inflation and the value of the dollar, et cetera, et cetera. >> well, that's a big part of it too, john, to be fair that pinned up consumer demand for goods and services and to your point a lot of americans just wanted to have the holidays with their families after nearly two
7:39 am
years of shutdowns and lockdowns and restrictions. here in new york city which is where you do business, private sector vaccines went into effect yesterday, a lot of new york business owners are weighing in on what the rules mean for them and i want to show you the soundbite and get your reaction. >> we have people from everywhere thanking us that we are standing up for what should be normal in the united states of america especially in the city of new york that people can come in, sit down, enjoy themselves and have a cup of coffee and live their lives like normal. >> i have not forced any of my workers to vaccinate and i will not, most of them are vaccinated on their own. they did it on their own. i was forced to vaccinate because of these mandates and i will never forget that i've been forced to vaccinate. >> politicians make these kind of mandates because they're not
7:40 am
laws and then they expect us to follow through and they want us to police it with 1983 technology which is a valid covid, i've got my 3, i've got my booster and they want me to basically police this. i just will not. cheryl: i don't know if you could see, he was holding up a piece of paper. how has the vaccine mandate affected you? >> well, a lot of confusion going around. whose rules do you follow? >> mayor de blasio's rules expire on midnight december 31. mayor adams come in at midnight january 1, so there's little confusion, nobody wants to go against the law, nobody wants to go against the rules but everybody, i think, tiptoeing
7:41 am
through the tulips and waiting to see what's going to happen. there's a new mayor in town on january 1st and let's see and he has said that the rules may change to his set of rules. so i think our people just have to wait and see. cheryl: so you don't know what eric adams is going to do on january 1 when he takes office, fair enough on the vaccine mandate, real quick, i have to ask you about the other thing that business owners large and small are dealing with and that's the crime wave that new york city has seen, there's a lot of pressure and frankly a lot of praying going on that eric adams can fix the disaster that bill de blasio has created in new york city. what do you think? >> eric adams has said he will put his foot down and he will have law and order and i believe him and i believe new york will turn around on january 1st, a new set of rules and i believe
7:42 am
that the police are going to be allowed to do their jobs and a lot of business people, a lot of citizens have put their foot down and said enough is enough. these politicians up in albany that are saying that bail law, bail law, the heck with it. keep new yorkers safe. that's the number 1 priority to open up new york. keep them safe from the virus, keep them safe from the crime and new york will be the greatest city in the world again. cheryl: yeah, yeah. real quick before i let you go, john, i have to bring in joe concha to weigh in. we talked about this so much, joe? joe: absolutely. you know, john just brought up the fact that bill de blasio will be unemployed on january,
7:43 am
what we have bernie in the morning, can we add so people can tune in to hate listen, is that possible? [laughter] >> i don't think we would be offering mayor de blasio a job. >> thank you for that. that's why we love you, john. [laughter] >> okay, to be clear i will not be tuning to that show ever. please don't, john, great to see you. happy new year. >> thank you for having me. cheryl: all right. we have a lot more coming up. elon musk controlling the crypto market once again, you are never going to believe how much this dog themed crypto currency surge after the tesla ceo tweeted about it. maria and dagen and i, we all
7:44 am
love the dog, this one not so much. that's later in the hour. don't forget to tune in to fox business prime tonight, american dream home with me, there i am. 8:00 p.m. eastern time. followed by mansion global with casey mcdonald at 9:00 if you love real estate, you will love these shows. you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> we went from no over the counter test in january to 46 million in november and 100 ly not enough. we would have gone harder and quicker if we could have. dagen: that was president biden yesterday admitting there's not enough testing as we see a surge in covid cases this holiday season. testing centers are overwhelmed, people are turning to at home tests if they can get them and trivo u.s. manufactured rapper self-test provides results in ten minutes. join manager toe fox business
7:49 am
exclusive interview co-ceo ron, good morning. >> good morning, cheryl, pleasure to see you again, how are you? cheryl: i'm good, good. so you must be very busy, your phone must be ringing off the hook. talk to me about the fact that americans are scrambling to get the at-home tests and they can't. what role does intrivo play in all of this? >> well, cheryl, they can, they can go to app and order at-home test, in ten minutes, swab, snapshot and they are done and they get a pass port that shows status that they are good to go and help them find good care and intrivo helps tens of millions of people and we have the availability of tests and you can find on our website via the
7:50 am
app or you can find on amazon or wal-mart or walgreens, so our availability has always been there, not only to provide with the best experience in testing but to make sure that they are getting it quickly, afford by and when they need it most. cheryl: so are you ramping up protection now because of the new omicron variant? >> yeah, absolutely. on all fronts. we are very data driven. we do health in 4d, digital diagnostics and we are doing planning since the beginning of pandemic. we were the first ones to get the emergency authorization from the fda to do covid testing and we predicted really well the trajectory of the virus and we actually increased and doubled down in technology.
7:51 am
we built the technology platform and continuing to ramp up production right now in multiple facilities here in the united states, we are actually -- our tests are made here in the united states and are available and the short answer is, yes, we are ramping up production to keep americans safe. >> okay, okay. and you mentioned some of the retailers that people can get your test at, 8 or 9 approved. so let me ask you about this, dr. anthony fauci is advising americans to cancel new years eve amid the rise, you are launching it's called to gather, talk about to gather and how this actually works and could this help families or people that are maybe throwing new years 'parties keep their attendees safe? >> yes. intrivo provides tens of millions at home tests to keep them safe. we get a lot of demand that
7:52 am
people want to buy tests to make sure that the gatherings that they have, family dinners or parties or even going to the office for a meeting are safe and this is the best way to keep your event or meeting safe and make sure that everybody is tested before the event. even people that get vaccinated have breakthrough cases. that's what dr. fauci suggested. if you get tested ahead of time with reliable test and our test is more than 95% accurate, you actually can get safe and feel good about actually going to the event and what you can do in intrivo, together, small to medium gathering, swipe the credit card and we do everything else. we send them tests to their homes and make sure that they get them and help them with
7:53 am
digital experience to get testing experience, within ten minutes they swab and they snap and you get basically the results. cheryl: within ten minutes. yeah. i have to run, ron. real quick, i do need to ask you really quick. privacy, the patient information is privacy. there's an app which means the data is being entered, patients have privacy with this? >> absolutely. so 100% people comply and making sure that the data is private and we are 100% encrypted absolutely. cheryl: this will be great for conferences and large gatherings that businesses want to do in 2022. ron gutman. >> happy new year and safe new york party 2gather.
7:54 am
cheryl: great plug. elon musk tweets causing one coin to surge and making a buzz. we will tell you all the details after the quick break. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event.
7:55 am
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>> time for hot topics buzz. >> time for hot topic buzz elon musk driving market action, yet again, check out this christmas tree with his dog, santa -- we are go the outfit turns out there is a coin the price soared more than 3,000% puts outs a photo of a dog crypto coin goes nuts. steve: shows combination crypto social media what they unleashed with real value more bark than fight example how crises things have become i don't think musk extended to do this getting this for something he didn't intend. >> joe concha tails are wagging over this new coin. >> i see what you did there, wow! not a rough morning after all
7:59 am
is it. look, whatever elon musk touches indirectly turns to gold, in i guess crypto in this case, you have to wonder where would crypto be without social media to pump it up with photos of dogs either way tumultuous year in 2021 if tom brady,lon on same page hard to bet against in it 2022. cheryl: we did whole thing yesterday on crypto average investments trying to figure out how to get either into it i don't think there is a blockie coin there is a "there" there, elon musk powerful voice when it comes to markets crypto, and, makes a good -- >> not only does he make car kate carmakers electric vehicles head of the world on rocktry cryptocurrency when they become real money
8:00 am
especially will central banks are going to freak out all over the world people are going to have an dern, to the junk money they are putting out today. >> are they going to bet on the coin exchange, blockchain technology, looking at it we've been talking about it over a year on fox business joe steve state right there next hour of "mornings with maria" starts right now. . . cheryl: good morning, everybody. i am cher cher in for maria bartiromo, tuesday, december 28th top stories at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. -- covid-19 president biden admitting no federal solution in controlling the virus, backed down -- before leaving for delaware again for long
8:01 am
weekend, cdc says americans only need five-day quarantine if being infected asymptomatic, what changes mean for you all morning along a look at markets futures looking to extended yesterday's gains we've got another green screen to show you dow up 91 s&p o up 13, nasdaq up 84, investor fears over the spread of the omicron variant, to be dissipating, indices in the green s&p 500, by the way, 69, all-time high close of trading yesterday. >> european markets are in the green -- boxing day closed but in germany paris green arrows to show you in the asia overnight green across the board as well, nikkei in japan best "mornings with maria" is live right now. . here are your morning he movers tesla talking about
8:02 am
elon musk, stock rising nearly 2%, after analyst respected name outlines bull case says company navigated shortages better than any the aurt maker has 1400 dollar target on stock, 1100 and change up almost 2%, following apple a xep things going on with with apple valuation riding back near three trillion dollars, that is amazing, hit that shares have to hit 182.86, a stock, gainers in a row riding 2.3%, in unchanged closing new york city -- omicron a lot of news on that extended gains after s&p 500 record-setting day, for s&p this year strong start to the santa claus rally
8:03 am
seems under convey right now, industrialize nasdaq closing higher investors look at omicron the impact also looking at other things i bring in etf distributor president shane o'hara also joining joe concha steve forbes a lot of news this morning great to have you each here sean, the santa claus rally look underway we will see how week plays out, trading sessions this week, at the same time, the omicron variant seems that investors are starting to really look ahead, what are you seeing? >> so that good morning, cheryl, happy new year a little early to you i think the variant, is going to basically have the same effect on overall economy that it is having in terms of people's health first go-around devastating lockdowns caused death hospitalizations this variant is a little milder spreads easier so i think will
8:04 am
be more a nuisance than anything there will be a headwind, to the markets, but i think there are bigger headwinds beyond omicron, which is inflation higher energy prices, and higher labor input costs eventually -- in terms of valuations. cheryl: i know you -- i want to dig into airline sector obviously, cancellations over the weekend staffing shortages cdc updated guidance after frankly airline ceos many others pleading for them to revisit is what going on we're seeing a big jump this morning in airline sector except flat line on southwest airlines what do you make of airlines stock group right now? >> well, a very powerful fun probably turbulence afade for airline sector i think affecting short run
8:05 am
cancellations more people test' if air also have a staffing problem with employees testing positive, he longer term he headwinds for airlines again, a pun, would be higher energy kofrts whether or not business traveler will come back to the same extent that using airlines live in person before the pandemic. cheryl: a good point obviously, the bread and butter for air also is the business traveler, and work from home, that is changed a lot up there i want to talk about growth, because, this is, again, multisector story economists telling u.s. cutting forecasts next year in part spiking omicron cases worldwide i have seen estimates that goldman sachs taking about it maybe the first six months going to see weaker growth story with u.s. what are you predicting? >> i think i agree with that we have had winds for
8:06 am
growthier names inflation higher energy input costs labor problems supply chain issues, you know, the sector sectors favoring are consumer not overweight consumer discretionary staples, overweight energy because of pricing and still a supply demand imbalance but mostly less development in energy companies bottom line overweight materials a slight inflation, play so i think it is probably time to take a little bit of money off table on growthier names hurt in higher interest rate inflation environment move to stable names legitimate cash flow, getting paid in today's dollars. cheryl: interesting. >> a strategy terrific year 2021. >> i want to bring in steve
8:07 am
forbes pick up on something you he said we talked about this already the valuations on growth stocks, technology. -- google whatever maybe -- more a scomooer name tech stocks so strong, going feedback hurt by a higher interest rate environment we know we are going to get from the fed. >> as to that is right, i would be interested in observations on real estate, commercial real estate impact that is going to have on economy obviously, when will hit stock market seems over building in new york san francisco elsewhere, how do you see that how are you -- coming up with etfs to do parts of real estate warehouses should do well other parts that are going to do very badly? >> so great question steve i think that the development side on the commercial is probably going to continue to
8:08 am
struggling as again, the work models change from part time work at home to even exclusively working at home we have two real estate etfs srvr, owns weight center, towers, 5g, ai, autonomous vehicles, the real estate that application supply chain work logistics, so, looking at investing in real estate because you think you need an inflation hedge, always traditional has been a good hedge you can be slef selective focus on sectors that are going to grow data centers cell phones towers distribution network. cheryl: yesterday, about investing in rental market whether like apartment reit spread out not just take a lot apply ee can't buy a home
8:09 am
invest in real estate other ways two great names thank you for that sean o'hara good to see you. >> good to see you. >> coming up, hypocrisy from president biden says there is no federal solution to covid. even as he pushes for vaccine mandate we are going to break that down, polls show president approval rating hovering new record loss what this means for midterms later in the hour you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪♪ ♪ where the green, keeps on ♪♪
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planning helps you live your dreams today. today, things can be pretty unexpected. but your customers, they still expect things to be simple. and they want it all personalized. with ibm, you can do both. businesses like insurers can automate it processes across clouds. so agents can spend more time on customer needs. and whatever comes your way, you've got it covered. saving time and improving customer service, that's why so many businesses work, with ibm. zine. cheryl: some top stories
8:14 am
this morning cdc shortening period for a covid positive case quarantine five days instead of 10, recommended to wear a mask around people for five days, anyone vaccinated who is exposed to the virus does not have to isolate but precautionariry masking a test should be considered all recommendations from cdc yesterday, president biden signing 768-billion-dollar defense bill, but -- to provided money to guantanamo bay, biden said bill constrains flexibility of the executive branch adding congress should eliminate rerestrictions complained about how much american military equipment was destroyed when u.s. forces lefs afghanistan price tag would probably be interesting,
8:15 am
defense bill continued foreign policy issues biden administration, taiwan russia, china airlines facing struggles in holiday season almost 700 flights nixed today more than 1300 scrubbed yesterday mix of bad west, staffing issues, the hardest hit two inches of snow facilitating 20% flights to stay grounded all of airlines, have pressured moving higher this morning, on a call with america's governor's greed with how to handle the pandemic. >> there is no to federal solution, are this gets solved state level, governors sununu on the board talks about that my search is simply if you need something, say something.
8:16 am
. >> editorial board calling out biden apparent change of hart writing yesterday if this is the way mr. biden isgoing notify supreme court to, vaccine mandate. >> manchin is not here but concha is, and we -- i look a lot like manchin so people mix us up all the time, candidate biden -- president biden sorry i had to do it i am not having -- to control virus biden said he would stop it ridiculous no one man can stop or control like promised now after his administration, failure to provide access to testing i saw lines for blocks outside
8:17 am
testing facilities urgent care in jersey across the country now buck doesn't stop with mr. biden he punts to it states message from white house, cdc says quarantine five days that is great but then you have dr. fauci on cnn saying don't go anywhere new year's eve stay home fauci says on cyy running an ad hyping new year's eve show quote crowds are back so are we unquote i leave that there cheryl. cheryl: [laughter] okay -- freudian slip, i met your wife ultra cool more cool than you -- calls with senator joe concha -- i will take, compliments with you, what can i say, i don't know we haven't had many dates because of
8:18 am
omicron. >> is it, if she agrees i am all for it -- steve forbes your reaction to all this back-and-forth? >> i think one that joe biden is going to be walking back, the federal government far left fringe in control of the white house right now, and much of congress on if democratic said to, they love power. and they are not giving it up even if it doesn't work states should be doing it florida texas others have shown what the state responsibility can do in a positive way, washington is not going to learn that so joe biden can say anything he wants, far left is in charge. . >> he will walk it back he usually does very good at walking backwards. cheryl: yeah, walk it back correct it or jen psaki fixes the mask -- it is -- you know
8:19 am
media i think joe would agree it is confusing -- didn't mean that, yes, he meant that that is not what he said that is not truth it is a mess. and obviously, keeping him away from reporters i think because of it, quick break coming up the economic impact of omicron may cause mild former cdc director is going to explain a weird year for fashion x-box luggage by gucci no exception some of the strangest during the year big buzz coming up. .
8:20 am
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cheryl: economists are downgrading global expectations for 2022 amid flare-up in cases, tied to o omicron airline cancellations fueling the forecast international federal, state governments consider actions to slow the spread.
8:24 am
douglas, a former director, great to see you good morning, what do you making about froth how big a factor is omicron. >> -- we have seen this before this is going to be a headwind in leisure hospitality some service sectors will diminish top-line growth also seen that each time we've had one had less impact on economy reality is people are adapting to working in presence of the virus, greater testing use of therapeutics that come out --ff, the -- omicron on it bodies lessened impact primary mission public health mission, and, continue to expand right now growing between i expect 4 or 5 in first quarter
8:25 am
>> do you that is a bullish forecast for q1 i think interesting so see inflation impact with a consumer is going to do, three-quarters of the economy what do you think? >> a we'll, we saw slightly, off consumer spending report in november then i think that people over reacted to that underneath it we saw increase in business investments so business going up, on balance i think we saw the growth economy move up a little bit there is a lot of reasons to be optimistic about the growth of the economy we have tremendous, labor payrolls going 9% annual rate we've got solid business spending household sector has wherewithal to spend 2022 carrying two trillion dollars of fiscal stimulus did not spend in 2021 into next year the economy is on a path to
8:26 am
growth quite rapidly the only real straighten is virus, public health issue, that is what federal government and states should be focusing on. cheryl: interesting, the white house, doubling down on, this is amid all infighting within the democrat party what do you say? >> well, i think on merits there is no reason to do this. if you look back, in the march of this year we passed american rescue plan there was no particular reason to do that either it was two frldz stimulus at the a time economy growing , 6 1/2% yielding lots of inflation, and, incentives to not work, there is no reason to double down in economy again is growing rapidly, primary issue is coronavirus should be focus not discretionary social policy spending programs. cheryl: we still have, you know, i go back to progressive wing in democratic party, that
8:27 am
want to see president use executive action, again, i am not saying that -- considered by white house is going to happen, but the it is a possibility, because again this is politics this may not be common-sense but it is politics. >> yeah, but there are -- executive has a lot of authority many things this president can do, he cannot unilaterally extend child tax credit cannot unilaterally, paid family leave provide childcare subsidies something congress has to do i have been saying all year it is inconceivable to see democrats can't coalesce against the platform tun into law i think he believe conceivable watching how hard it has been you can imagine february, march next year getting together a smaller version of that campaign platform, acting new law i am watching for that, if president is going to
8:28 am
do something via administrative actions most likely on climate front greatest rulemaking authority over energy standards, environmental standards, cross the range of government activity i would keep an eye on that. >> that is like we got to run but a whole new can of worms could be another blow to economy if they continue down regulation energy or drilling companies oil production, decimated. >> the president has said climate is number one priority, being the best thing to do to get legislation that deals with it, in economically efficient way, loss of carbon tax, could do that there is no great impact on growth but a heavy regulatory carries economic threat one of the reasons worth watching in 2022. cheryl: a great to see you happy happy new year.
8:29 am
>> president biden signing multibillion dollar defense bill into law has plenty of provisions to complain about it in -- brad brakeman here inflation takes a stranglehold on industry what you need to know coming up. . ♪♪ ♪ as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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cheryl: welcome back i am cheryl casone this for maria bartiromo, tuesday, december 28th markets this half hour ahead of the opening bell, extending gains s&p 500 uncharted territory posted 69th record close of the year.
8:34 am
yesterday. according to a strong day dow 76 s&p up -- ftse 100 closed for box day. he french german being markets higher nikkei in japan congest performer headlines we are watching this morning, los angeles police department releasing the body camera footage after an officer shot and killed a 14-year-old girl in a store police called targeted a man suspected of assault one officer fired three bullets at distance one bouncing off the floor struck the girl in a dressing room. the 14-year-old died on scene officers fired shot on paid leave not identified. well 2021 found several retailers closing stores a variety of factors changing
8:35 am
attitudes to spikes in crime, cvs said going to close 9%, in 10,000 locations, digital, to locations making a shift to e-commerce citing crime for walgreen's target for several locations, in san francisco. the powerball jackpot 441 million dollars third highest this year no tickets sold in winning combination last night will keep getting bigger until a winner picked last winner in october person in california back at a ticket worth nearly 700 million dollars next chance to win big tomorrow. >> president biden signing 768-billion-dollar defense spending bill into law yesterday, but didn't come without some complaints. the president, to provide money, out of guantanamo bay,
8:36 am
requires report how much american military equipment was destroyed in the afghanistan pullout, complaining about that bill cut thousands of troops from interest cost of living sites business he got me, former senior white house adviser brad blakeman your reaction, bothered me in inflationary environment don't make a lot of money they were having a hard time, and then the u.s. military comes in, or administration does this. your reaction. >> it is unconscionable putting thms on line something bigger than themselves their country not rewarded for service notpaid what they should be paid in private
8:37 am
sector the government has no problem doling out money to people to be idle during covid, to make ip for that they're not receiving, in their paychecks, so same said for military why isn't military leading the way, in the government's doling out of money, for people who serve their country. instead of people paid to sit on couch. unacceptable. cheryl: yeah, well, there is a lot going on with the president, to add to issues a poll shows 45% independent voters prefer gop to run the house and senate i am sure president biden approval ratings are a piece of this, brad at this point they've got a 10-point lead over democrats in that that poll if house democrats not running for reelection this year if or running for something else you are saying, we've got a -- in midterms in 2022.
8:38 am
>> look historically at president's first terms, clinton got wiped out it was a wave. obama first term got wiped out over 60 turnovers in house, 80 turnovers in the senate they weren't in a position biden is today the fact is that clock is running, on biden, getting "build back better," lifting up approval ratings that suspected a going through hourglass fast. didn't get this-year bull build next year reconvene january 3, three weeks state of the union what is the president going to say in state of the union if not able to get a signature bill passed once state of the union passes every won and woman for themselves, as they look to save their own skin for the midterms -- distance from the president going to be a disaster. . >> they've got reason to worry bring in joe concha the
8:39 am
governor's race in virginia biggs capital -- the biggest capital. >> state joe biden won 10 points virginia a blue state education, a huge issue democrats did not see that coming usually own that my home state new jersey murphy nearly got a beaten, won is here election by 14 points, so, yeah, the pie shifting inflation probably driving that along with education with crime with border with you afghanistan. but a quick question for brad, i mentioned the president obama, 63 seats in the house in his first term after he passed signature bill obamacare republican only need to flip five seats to retire nancy pelosi for good, there are so many things wrong direction right now do you see any scenario where democrats can hold on to the house, and the senate? because, i mean, in other
8:40 am
words, let's look at best case for president the democratic party i don't know if "build back better" does the trick for them because people aren't going to feel the effects of that in time for the election so i am curious, what saves this president? >> joe, i honestly don't see any scenario that saves this president,because the first year of the president should be best year of the president, he hasn't had the kind of achievements that you would think a president would have, the white house is truly run by a committee, not by the president. they -- roll him out once in a while they have to when they do cross fingers hoping he gets through it american people see a president not in charge they see, covid, now, coming democrats going to playbook shutting down again a problem with education not only kids answereding still with a inflation at the my
8:41 am
house wasn't a joyous celebration it was bemoaning the fact america going down tubes i don't think anything will save this president from midterms the question is once republicans gain power what are they going to do how are we going to exercise that in a way that a sets us up for 2024 . >> well, oak on house side obviously, nancy pelosi is at risk but senate side brad minority leader mitch mcconnell loving, will goup poll shows -- 68% disapprove of job performance 46% approve, president trump has spoken out against mcconnell weapon what do you make of numbers. eye to be the give much credence for that election are about the person standing for office if senate comes back into republican control, will
8:42 am
mitch mcconnell be leader that is away far down the road, what we need to do is hang together on those issues that joe spoke about, education, inflation, strong economy, you know, rebounding, military strength, these are thing americans care about in education, of course, i think a question for republicans to decide, when we -- regain the majority in the senate a right now not going to be an issue, this election cycle. cheryl: steve forbes into this discussion. >> i wonder what you by impact defending on redistricting whether red states will cancel out real gerrymandering taking place in illinois, new york, california. >> that is a great question, that is -- that is going to be very important for many districts, as redistricting is
8:43 am
going to be hashed out in next couple months, we have to see where chips fall, and, by the way, steve will there be ligs buyer to election on any redistricting? that is going to be important to watch a, but redistricting is always a crap shoot best laid plans sometimes don't work out like you thought they were. >> we're seeing that play out in new york a couple other places as well then another can of worms, brad blakeman great to see you. thank you brad. >> thank you. >> all right coming up, a pair of might freak you out making a big buzz don't forget fox business tonight "american dream home" with user truly
8:44 am
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. cheryl: pandemic a toll on restaurant industry from lockdown to say supply and labor shortages amid surging prices what we have seen at grocery store is making its way to dining out, in november restaurant prices jumped 5.8% compared to a year ago joining me adrián, a "celebrity chef" restaurateur, good morning to you. you know i think what impressive about you dark news you have been expanding that is amazing. >> thank you, cheryl, i mean i am sincerely blessed to expand challenges are there inflation, i mean you see in grocery store and right down, staffing issues triple down to i don't know if people know
8:49 am
when we get delivers we pay extra, higher gas prices crazy talking about effect so, all these costs only so much restaurants can take. cheryl: i have friends in restaurant in new york i hear you also a leisure shortage restaurant industry down 750,000 jobs from before the pandemic, i mean how are you dealing with that, employees? >> thankfully our attracts people passionate about what they are doing, so, what we have now are people that really love the restaurant, before you had people needed jobs, that was -- you know but
8:50 am
people that truly love it. . cheryl: in miami, no vaccine mandates there new york put in mace how do you think policies affect how has its effected you not having a vaccine mandate how do you think it is affecting those of us here. >> personally, i, safety first, but obviously, this is a personal choice. i you know, i -- the freedom have to choose however i believe my staff safety first, guests an experience that is safe. cheryl: i hear you. so i want to bring in in steve forbes obviously, this has been a big business story for so many people. steve go ahead. steve: in terms of the couple things one is customers.
8:51 am
after this covid forced lock downer you saw tipping in restaurants people wanting to help them out. do you find that in florida is that just a regional thing? >> o thanks i tell you our guests are generous risen to occasion know a service industry helped out, so i think that, our servers are very, very grateful for that. cheryl: ip been tipping like a rockstar since beginning i was before i tell you give -- these guys work so hard guys gals in the industry. >> jump in here. >> i am curious, as far agency, what you see going on in other parts of the country, i will share a story i was in nantucket, around labor day i got scolded by the host of a restaurant because i walked up, up to outdoor restaurant with my family said hey why don't you have your mask on,
8:52 am
nicest wayet i said out doosh restaurant i thought okay she said no wear mask until seated then take it off. >> i go how does that make sense i can talk while eating but i have to walk to table when not talking with mask on crazy, so, do you see people, mostly showing up with masks on then taking them off when they sit down? or is it miami and florida and people are just revising this is indoor contagion not outdoor one necessarily. >> i agree with latter, in miami right now no mask policy, we actually urge safety first. and i do we train our staff absolutely to say everything kindness. >> have no way members are going to be aggressive to someone about wearing mask
8:53 am
they are going to be kind about it. >> not issues like new york, obviously, fights attacks on servers hostesses we have seen that here. has that happened to you there. >> not yet i believe in very beginning when there was a mask mandate, some weren't accepting it i think one in the beginning, we are thankful that most people understand. . showing pictures, give you advertising as well, thank you for being here. >> thank you so much. cheryl: see you on my next trip, coming up, the eight weirdest clothing items from 2021 we've got them all in big buzz of the morning coming up right after the break.
8:54 am
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8:58 am
a little early to see this, slimy shoes, a giant pink sweater worn by the nba star. like the many watch and painted to shoes the creep me out and the two piece crop short suit for men. satan sneakers will make the list. the microsoft and gucci console bundle so your x box can travel in style and finally elongated adidas sneakers. would you wear any of these? >> i would have to have a big new year's eve to do any of that stuff. whether it is bloodcurdling, those shoes with the toes, if you want to define the end of american civilization just look at that stuff. sneakers, how would you get those on? how would you walk with those things?
8:59 am
examples of an affluent society or civilization nearing the end, crazy. cheryl: of all the things that happened in 2021 this might be more disturbing than any of it. >> horrifying this early in the morning. the crop top suits back on again, i want to wear that thing the next time i am on "mornings with maria" hosting to see if she can keep a straight face. i could pull that off particularly the apps part. as for the shoes and the painted toe shoes i know ashley webster who is up next after the show is currently wearing those right now and he better show those on the air. hopefully you are listening and certainly do your viewers a favor and so the toe shoes. cheryl: you just threw it down for ashley webster for another 3 hours on foxbusiness.
9:00 am
thank you very much. markets up stronger. i am handing that to ashley. giving youths and strong green numbers, take it away. ashley: thank you. i have slippers on this morning. i put the painted shoes away for now but thank you for peeping. good morning, everybody. i'm ashley webster in for stuart varney. president biden says there is no federal solution to the surge in covid. he says it is up to the state. let me ask you this was why doesn't he rescind the osha mandate. when we were in the middle of the most contagious covid strain we've seen to date why is he on vacation in delaware. we will get into that. the cdc has shortened the quarantine time for people who tested positive. isolation time dropped to 5 days, they are not showing symptoms. they should then wea


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