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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 31, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EST

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or maybe you really want to be entertained, you've got back, too. baseball field, basketball. i guess it's true what they say, everything is bigger in texas, even the fire pits. >> dallas texas, this has been "mansion global". ♪♪ cheryl: good morning. i'm cheryl casone, i'm in for maria bartiromo. it is friday, it is december 31st. it is new year's eve. your top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. americans are trying to figure out a way to have the safest new year's celebration ever as reported cases sending nationwide -- setting nationwide record for a second day in a row. president biden p who vowed to shut down the virus and won't purchase rapid tests until next week, spending his time at the beach.
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democrats are starting to panic ahead of the midterms. we're watching all of these stories all morning long for you. taking a look at markets, futures are on the decline on the final trading day of 2021, the dow is down by 52 points, s&p is down by more than 6, nasdaq down 26. all three major indices dipping to finish near session lows yesterday as technology and consumer stocks drag down the markets in the final few moments of trading. you can see the closing numbers on your p screen. here's the big story for all of 2021, it was a sea of green for your markets, 19% gains on the dow, 22% gains on the nasdaq, it's so big i can't say it. s&p 500 seeing over 27% growth. the s&p is kind of the broader market number we look at. as for european markets this morning, we're seeing red arrows across the board as you can see there for europe, the ftse and cac 40, those are lower, germany's market by the way is
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crowed today. -- closed today. in asia overnight markets were higher. the hang seng had a half trading day. the kospi and nikkei are closed for the holiday. "mornings with maria" is live right now. ♪ for old acquaintance be forgot. ♪ and never brought to. ♪ should old acquaintance be forgot. cheryl: beautiful shot of new york city's times square to start your morning for you. here is your morning mover. that is bitcoin, prices jumping roughly 2%, although still trading below the key 50,000 level, the cryptocurrency has had a rough month, down 15% for the month of december. for the year, however, bitcoin is up 65%. we're going to dig into bitcoin
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later on in the show. and take a look at shares of peloton. while falling, on a downgrade this morning. j & p securities cutting to market perform from outperform. raymond james warned they see peloton subscriptions coming in lower than the company's forecast. this is one of the stay-at-home winners, now it's a bit of a loser, down more than 1 and-a-half percent this morning. futures are down this morning. we've had a pretty strong week for markets. just want to remind you here. this is the final trading day of 2021 with the dow down 54, s&p down 7 and-a-half, nasdaq down 26 and change but overall the markets have had a very strong year and we are up for the entire year. joining me now, wealth consulting group ceo, jimmy lee. and also joining the conversation all morning long, new york post opinion editor, kelly jane torrance and former trump state department senior advisor, christian whiten. good morning to all of you.
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jimmy, i am going to start with you on these markets. your thoughts on the year that is wrapping up today? >> good morning, cheryl. and happy new year. what an amazing year that we've had this year. i'm happy that what we thought we would get which are very strong equity returns played out as you just discussed with the returns across entire stock market. as we go into 2022, we do expect more volatility but we're still bullish and i think investors already have a playbook on what may happen. so with the virus and with potential shutdowns, people are back and forth had on traveling and it affects certain sectors but we know that when the sectors -- i'm sorry, when the economy fully opens up again, what may happen with those sectors. so i think in 2022 you may see what we saw about a year ago in the first quarter where investors potentially are rotating back into some of the more cyclical sectors such as energy, financials, materials,
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industrials, and so forth. i think investors need to be patient and look at these corrections or potential dips that we'll see next year with more volatility as buying opportunities. cheryl: well, jimmy, we've had several analysts this week talk about that exact same thing and those same sectors in particular. we heard a lot about energy because that was actually one of the stronger sectors for this week and as the country reopens, you're right, the omicron variant dissipates, that's kind of the story for most markets -- most market folks i talked to. let's look at oil here. oil and energy go together. we've had the biggest annual gain in 12 years. you've gone brent crude on track to end the year up 53%, west texas intermediate, the contract we watch here in this country, up 57% for the year. strongest performance for the two benchmark contracts since 2009. here's the thing, though. with the high oil prices come high gas prices, that's been a drag on the economy. how do you balance that out? >> well, boy, i tell you, i just
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filled my tank up in california a couple days ago and it was the biggest number i've ever seen. so inflation especially in areas where consumers are spending a lot of money such as gasoline, food, healthcare expenses, it's a big deal but we also have wage increases. so i think that hopefully employment continues to get better. people are putting more money into their bank accounts and they're spending. as we know in the united states, we have a consumer led economy and consumers have been spending and i think retail has been phenomenal, better than a lot of people have thought. so i think going into 2022, like i said, i've seen most of the analysts that are predicting single digit high, kind of single digit high -- high single digit returns for the s&p 500. potentially if the fed doesn't surprise us too much, if we don't get anything crazy from any new bills in terms of
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raising taxes too high next year and we don't get a lot of geopolitical risk coming out of china, i think we may end up getting equity returns that are higher than what a lot of people predict so once again i believe that investors will buy on any meaningful dips in the stock market and selloffs but investors need to be prepared because we haven't had a lot of volatility this year. next year will probably be a different story, most likely in the second half of next year. cheryl: you're slobbing for volatility -- looking for volatility the second half of 20226789 you said something interesting about china. i want to dig into that. what would u.s./china relations need to look like in 2022 to be a market positive? >> well, we want china to settle down as far as what they would do with regulation and certain sectors that have been hurt because of new rules they've been implementing such as maybe gaining in some technology areas. we want the rhetoric between
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china and the u.s. to improve in terms of relations and really china to stabilize themselves and china's very important, as we know, the second biggest economy in the world, especially with their trading partners to worldwide growth and china will be an important story in terms of sin he crow knifed global -- synchronized global growth. we're looking for international markets actually to perform a little better going forward, valuations are actually better overseas than possibly here in the u.s. as the stock market's gone up as much as it has. so we want china to settle down a little bit from that regard and we're hopeful. cheryl: you tell me that right as i pulled back on my emerging markets investments. i want to bring in christian whiton. this is your area of expertise. react to what jimmy just said about china. >> of course, we can hope that xi jinping's left turn and really what he's done of course takes chinese ruler has
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fundamentally breaked with the pro market reforms that began in the 1980s in china. so we can hope that happens. it seems unlikely. similarly, the concern and a rhetoric over taiwan is likely to continue because xi jinping has calculated that it's to had his political advantage to continue to threaten taiwan with invasion, if you will. cheryl: yeah. and the crossroads between politics and markets, the story will continue into 2022 when we cover both here on this show. jimmy he lee, thank you so much -- jimmy lee, thank you so much. happy new year to you. we're just getting started. coming up, russian president vladimir putin is talking tough in the face of possible u.s. sanctions. but how much fire power does he have. we'll have reaction. plus, new york city's vaccine mandate will not go away when the new mayor takes office tonight at midnight. but with out-of-control covid
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cases in the city, do the mandates even work anymore? and we are just hours away from 2022. how americans feel about the new year. don't miss a moment of it. tony gonzales from texas is going to come up, he's talking border and maybe his predictions for next year. you're watching "mornings with maria," we are live on fox business. ♪ ♪ limu emu... & doug ♪ ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪
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the evolution of sports betting is now b2b technology
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for restaurants, bars, casinos and consumers. the future of sports betting. elys game technology. cheryl: some of the top stories we are watching for you this morning. the u.s. shattering its single day case record again for covid, nearly 650,000 cases reported
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yesterday. with the spread of omicron, the cdc is advising people they should not board cruises in particular. while americans are forced to wait in long testing lines ahead of the holiday weekend, president joe biden is vacationing in delaware as you can see. well, another day of airline disruptions, the faa warning of more cancellations amid the recent spike in caseses thanks to omicron. staffing shortages and brutal winter weather overall, this begins the second week of travel troubles. flight aware reporting over 1,000 cancellations into or out of the u.s. this morning alone with nearly 400 flights delayed. amtrak also reducing its new year's schedule due to a rise in cases and bad weather. two dozen northeast corridor and long distance routes will be affected. well, president biden and russian president vladimir putin holding a phone call yesterday, their second this month, to discuss ukraine. white house press secretary jen psaki releasing a statement
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after the call saying, quote, president biden urged russia to deescalate tensions with ukraine, he made clear the united states and its allies and partners will respond desize i'vely if russia further invades ukraine. it would include extensive sanctions against moscow. putin warned that russia would severe any ties with -- sever any ties with washington if they follow through on the threat. there is devastation in colorado after fast moving wildfires caused two cities to force evacuations. 21,000 people in louisville, 13,000 in superior, all told to leave their homes. videos from social media show an absolute scramble as people are told to get out before it's too late. you're looking at pictures of eric adams. we'll get to that in a second. over 300 homes in superior were gutted. officials worry there could be more structures that were lost. no reports of any deaths right now. the governor has he declared a
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state of emergency. thanks for getting the pictures up. it's been a heart-breaking start to the new year for residents of denver. we were showing pictures of eric adams, because we want to talk a about this right now. here in new york city, we are marking the start of a new year and a new era. mayor-elect eric adams will be sworn in just after midnight. he plans to start his administration off using many of outgoing mayor bill de blasio's covid rules, adams announcing he will keep new york city's vaccine mandates for private sector employs ease and businesses, that's everyone, folks. he said the administration is going to be focused on compliance instead of key word here, punishment. this comes as covid vaccine mandates continue to impact all americans, 37,000 new york state healthcare workers have reportedly been lost for he refusing to get the shot. if you look at what's happening with the military, fox news confirming 206 marines have been kicked out of the military. christian whiton, i want to bring this in to you.
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the discussion about the military in particular goes back to the nation's infrastructure and society working or not working as a whole. you know, the marines has over 90% vaccination rates, just to be clear here. but still, are mandates really necessary as omicron has showns us that these cases have become much more mild in vaccinated people. >> right. no, they're absolutely not. if you look at the data and that's what we've been told by the shut-downistas, all along. look at south africa where you had a huge spike in cases and no spike in deaths or hospitalizations. then look at the u.k. which was sort of number two on the list here, same situation, where you had dramatic increase in cases and it didn't follow through. the idea that you're going to kick out marines, these are people who by definition are in the prime of their physical life, who are near the perfect physical specimen, if you will, for military service who can
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absolutely handle the illness if they get it, it juts defies -- just defies logic. same with adams in new york. i think he has a lot of goodwill, considering how terrible his preed decemberer was. -- predecessor was. it would have been a clean break with the disastrous de blasio era to ditch some of the mandates. unfortunately, he missed that opportunity. cheryl: and i'm surprised by this, kelly jane. you know as well as i do that eric adams has been meeting with business leaders here in this city. i mean, ceos of major companies about getting new york back, our economy back and this first move by him has got some of us scratching our heads. >> i'm certainly scratching my head, cheryl. you're right. i was really surprised by this move and i was surprised that eric add a dams actually -- adams actually said that bill de blasio handled the pandemic well. new york state has one of the highest death rates from covid and new york city, the unemployment rate here is more
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than twice the national average. and i think a big part of it is these mandates and notice that none of these mandates have been shown to decrease death. states that didn't have them did just as well. sometimes better than new york city and eric adams says he wants people to p come back to new york and spend money here. well, having the vaccine mandate in place, keeping the indoor mask mandate, all of these mandates make it less likely that office workers are going to return, make it less likely that tourists are going to return. you know, we had a piece in the post this week about tourists totally shocked that your 5 to 11-year-old child has to be vaccinated to get into a restaurant. a lot of countries, the vaccine isn't even approved for kids that age. you have tourists cutting their visits short, not going out to restaurants. eric adams, i'm surprised, he's a lot more business-friendly than de blasio but he's not
6:21 am
making the right steps to bring business back to new york. cheryl: well, and i read that piece in the post, kelly jane. you were talking to tourists from costa rica who had no idea that these vaccine mandates were in place and they were cutting their trips short. we need tourists back in this city. now you've got times square cut down for the new year's eve ball drop. all of these things are not in line with what eric adams says he wants to do which is bring this economy back. we're going to talk more about it in particular with the outgoing mayor and another parting gift from him. new york city's outgoing bill de blasio owes taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars for his failed presidential campaign but is he going to pay us back? yeah, we're talking about that. plus, are you feeling lucky? how you could start off the new year with half a billion dollars. ♪
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cheryl: well, it is bill de blasio's final hours as new york city mayor. i was just fixing my hair because i'm so happy because i'm going to be celebrating the fact that he's leaving office tonight. he's leaving behind high crime,
6:26 am
high unemployment, and yes, unpaid bills. as he prepares to exit, de blasio is not saying when he will be repaying taxpayers the $320,000 he spent on security during his very brief and embarrassing and failed presidential campaign. the soon to be former mayor did not respond when fox when he plans to do so. kelly jane, the post also reporting he is in debt by about 2 and-a-half million dollars. >> it's incredible, isn't it, cheryl? we're getting rid of mayor de blasio at the stroke of midnight but he still owes new york money and we don't know when we're going to see it. you know, what's amazing to me is how little self awareness bill de blasio has. as you mentioned, his run for president completely embarrassing, barely registered, absent from new york for many times, trying to get the campaign going. he actually is likely to run for governor next year. it's mind-boggling that this man
6:27 am
thinks anyone wants the to vote for him for governor. you know, cheryl, when i moved here from washington, d.c. to start the post a couple years ago, i needed to learn more about new york politics. well, the first thing i learned was everyone hates bill de blasio. it doesn't matter if you're on the left or the right. everyone hates the guy. he's just really destroying the city and it's really sad that we're still going to be having to chase after him as a debt collector for who knows how long. cheryl: and what is so interesting, as a new yorker as well, and i will admit to you, i definitely started doing more -- following more local politics during the pandemic a than i think i really did before. and what i couldn't believe was how badly mangled their entire response to covid was, always behind the ball. don't get me started on cuomo. but at the same time, you've got a democratic mayor, a very, very heavily democratic legislature in albany and then you've got a city council that's so full of
6:28 am
progressives, they can't even stand up straight half the time in the morning to be honest with you, kelly jane. seems like basically he's done so much damage but there will be no accountability for this guy. >> exactly, cheryl. and you make a good point. there was really nothing stopping bill de blasio from doing what he wanted to do. he certainly can't say that he was hamstrung by city council. he can't say that albany was against him. he had every opportunity to keep making the city great. he inherited the lowest crime rates in decades and he's leaving office with some of the highest. we saw like a record increase in murders last year and this is a part of it of course is albany's bail reform laws but a big part of it is bill de blasio. he really has a very anti-cop attitude. he's really with his leadership put cops in a terrible position. he really has very little nice
6:29 am
to say about the police on a good day and a he's really encouraged new yorkers to have little respect for them and of courses encouraged police not to do their jobs, really handcuffing them, police are worried about actually reacting to crime because they don't know what they're going to get in trouble for doing so. it's really a failure of leadership on so many levels, cheryl. it's going to take some time for the city to recover and eric adams certainly has his work cut out for him. cheryl: wow, does he ever. i've got to show the post cover because basically the new york post says good riddance to de blasio on his final day. the end of an era. you've got to love the new york post. michael goodwin writing he is nyc's worst mayor ever and writing instead of following the obvious path forward, he decided to break what predecessors fixed. he leaves the city in dramatic
6:30 am
decline. many people wonder if it can be saved and that is a very good question. adams has some good ideas, he certainly appears to want to reinstate the plain clothes officers in the city, looks like he wants to work with business leaders to get the economy back and tourism back. how much faith do we have in eric adams, kelly? >> that's a great question, cheryl. you know, the post did actually endorse eric adams in the democratic primary and in the general election and we thought he was the best candidate to win and bring new york city back and a especially because he put law and order at the center of his campaign. but things are going to take time. education, for example. bill de blasio had a war on excellence. he basically put a pause on gifted and talented programs which are one of the best ways for minority kids to really come up in the world, get a great education, get themselves out of
6:31 am
poverty. he's really just devastated the schools and that's something that the effects are going to be felt for years. eric adams has said positive thing about gifted and positive programs, he said good things about excellence. let's see if he puts it into practice. cheryl: yeah. i think as far as we know at this point he's planning to bring back those programs. so tomorrow's a new day, kelly jane. kelly jane torrance, thank you so much, we're talking with you for the rest of "mornings with maria." you're staying with me. we have a lot more coming up, folks. china is warning the u.s. will pay a, quote, unbearable price for its support of taiwan. our next guest is going to weigh in on what 2022 may have in store for u.s./china relations. plus, covid cases are out of control. why americans are now being told to stay away from cruise ships. vaccinated or not. ♪
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cheryl: welcome back. i'm cheryl casone. i'm in for maria bartiromo. it is friday. it's december 31st. a look at a markets this half hour. futures on the decline on the final trading day of 2021, but don't let this fool you. we'vehad a very strong good weed year as you can see, the dow is down by 71, s&p is down by 9 and-a-half, nasdaq down by 36 and change. all three major indices dipping to finish near session lows yesterday. technology, consumer stocks did drag down markets in the final hour but look at this. for all of 2021, it was a sea of green for markets. you had a 19% gain on the dow, 22% gain for the nasdaq, s&p 500 soaring 27% for the year. european markets are in the red as you can see, you've got the ftse and cac 40 slightly lower, the dax in germany is closed
6:37 am
today for a holiday. taking a look at asia, markets were higher overnight. the hang seng had a half trading day. the kospi in he korea, the nikkei in japan, they were closed for the holiday. and some of the other headlines we are watching for you this morning. a shocking 110 year prison sentence for a trucker has been reduced to 10 year. colorado's governor commuting the sentence thursday for a trucker convicted in a 2019 crash that killed four people. the original sentence was based on state minimum requirements. that sparked widespread backlash in that state. a petition to have the sentence commuted gaining nearly 5 million signatures, one of the most popular campaigns ever on believe it or not. well, the cdc sounding the alarm on cruise travel. it raised the travel warning to the highest level for cruise ships yesterday. big blow for the industry. it's recommending people do not go on cruises, even if they're
6:38 am
vaccinated. the agency stopped short of saying that sailing should be stopped completely. cruise stocks hit hard on this news yesterday and this morning we're also seeing some mixed moves. carnival and norwegian are slightly higher, royal carribean is under pressure this morning. jp morgan is reportedly offering staff a chance to work from home for the first two weeks of 2022. with the caveat that they have to come back to the office by february 1st. the bank told workers it's not changing long-term plans of working from the office. citigroup by the way is doing the same around the holidays. they're also allowing staff to work from home at the beginning of the new year. the banks have been pretty clear. they want folks back in the office. then there is this, one lucky winner stands to start the new year off right. the power ball jackpot climbs to $500 million. the next drawing set for tomorrow, the first day of 2022
6:39 am
which is good for your taxes. you've got a whole year to figure it out, right. nobody hit all six numbers wednesday. there's been no winners since october 4th. all of 2021, six major jackpots for a total of $2 billion in prizes. well, china's foreign minister is warning that the u.s. risks paying a, quote, unbearable price for supporting taiwan. the comments follow a spokesman for beijing's taiwan affairs office warning that china will take drastic measures if taiwan makes any moves towards independence. joining us now, senior fellow, good morning to you. your reaction to the latest war of words from china. does this equate to military action down the line from china? >> good morning to you, cheryl and happy new year. i think these are hot line-car -
6:40 am
hard line rhetoric that will be with us for some amount of time in 2022. let's take a step back and a look at the big picture of the upcoming year. the most important event in china is that the communist party of china is going to have its big party congress towards the fall of the year. we don't know which month yet because the communist party is always kind of secretive in terms of when they're going to hold some big meetings. but in that meeting, president xi is poised to start his third five-year term and potentially he will have more time on the horizon as well. and so during this important leadership transition, it's impossible that the chinese president would look weak in terms of foreign policy issues so this kind of hard line talking points i expect that we will hear a lot more during the year but that doesn't necessarily mean that china would invade taiwan because that -- having a war, even a small scale war across the taiwan strait is not going to be good
6:41 am
for stability or the power transition within the leadership team in china. cheryl: that's interesting. i want to bring in christian whiton into this conversation, christian. this is something that you have been he focusing on heavily throughout the year in your research. your thoughts here? >> well, it's an interesting situation because xi jinping the chinese ruler would face extreme risk in an invasion of taiwan. if it goes badly, if taiwan doesn't fold rapidly, that could spend the end of xi's power rather abruptly. i have question for you. there's some report out that the chinese are working on machine brain technology out of research institutes, hopefully this is not an institute that received a grant from anthony fauci. but the british tabloid press has sort of shortened this to mind control technology. i'm curious what you make of the it apparently it was echoed by a u.s. official from the commerce
6:42 am
department. >> i'm not a neuro scientist so i can't speak to the science of that. i will be curious, actually, though, how the mind control technology would, for example, make people think forced labor practice is a good thing in china. but i think even without this advanced technology or possible scientific breakthrough, i think there's a lot on the plate of the u.s. administration to tackle in terms of u.s./china relations. besides taiwan, there are many tension points in the upcoming year. the phase one trade deal has officially expired between the u.s. and china and so what's the next step for trade policy for china is something the white house has yet to articulate and a another issue as well -- cheryl: and we don't -- >> i mentioned forced labor. cheryl: sorry, sorry. >> there was a new law just signed into -- a bill that was signed by the president into law that prevents import of goods from xinjiang region where the
6:43 am
uyghur minorities live and whether the law would be strictly enforced i think will be yet to be seen. cheryl: i'm glad you brought up the expiration of the trade deal because we don't really have a clear picture of exactly what the biden administration's plan is. there is a plan for the beijing olympics and there's been a lot of back and forth. the u.s. doing this diplomatic ban on the beijing olympics. many say that's a very weak response, while we're still sending u.s. athletes to beijing. what do you make of this? because this should be china's moment to shine in their opinion but many countries around the world say that we should not be celebrating the chinese come of communist party at the olympics. >> i think a diplomatic boy t boycottis something good to see. i think the administration made the right move to boycott the winter olympic diplomatically
6:44 am
because of all these forced labor practice and other human rights abuses in china. but i don't think that would change chinese behavior in any meaningful way because imagine that -- the way that it's supposed to work in our imagination is that we are not sending officials to beijing to attend the ceremony, for example and that made the chinese presumably wonder why aren't the americans coming and then the they find out it's because of forced labor practices and they start think perhaps our government is not as good as we thought. because of the media control in china, the chinese people are not going to learn that the boycott or what drives the boycott is the human rights abuses in china. frankly, a lot of people in china are not aware of forced labor practice in xinjiang. so i think the boycott might actually adam anything's -- add ammunition for anti-american
6:45 am
sentiment. i don't think the boycott in itself will change chinese behavior. in order to change china's forced labor practice, i think enforcing the law, the bill that just became law before the holiday would be a more meaningful move because the u.s. government has actually the information to know which suppliers perhaps have used forced labor in their supply chain and to block the import so that the goods do not come into the u.s. market and the u.s. consumers do not unwillingly or unknowingly consume products made with forced labor. i think that's a more important issue. cheryl: we've already seen -- i will push back. unfortunately what of we've already seen is a pushback against u.s. companies in china that are doing business there now, in particular the retailers and i'm thinking about walmart in particular. so the chinese play dirty. and that's not going to end. they will use whatever weapons that they have and it's probably going to be economic weapons. thank you very much. we appreciate it.
6:46 am
it's good to see you. happy new year to you. speaking of 2021, it was a banner year for crypto. so what can you expect in 2022? we're going to be talking about those markets. plus, should lawmakers be able to make stock trades while in office? nancy pelosi in the spotlight after her husband reportedly bought millions worth of disney, alphabet and sales force just do days after she publicly defended the practice for congress. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum.
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cheryl: crypto's wild year, bitcoin and other cryptos moving more mainstream this year with volatile swings. a brand-new all time high last month for coin got a lot of heads turning. now mexico's central bank announcing it's going to launch its own digital currency by 2024. joining me now, overline ceo and former citadel investment group engineer, patrick mcconnell. crypto has become more mainstream. it's also become more volatile. >> true. very true. cheryl: so what do we do with
6:51 am
crypto? >> well, that's a great question. and i guess you hit the nail on the head there with the statement on volatility. and so one of the things we can expect for 2022 is things are going to get more stable and the reason for that is a lot of these countries like mexico, for example, are starting to integrate systems that help people on-board into this ecosystem in a more knowledgeable way. there's less speculation. there's more institutional demand and there's just more education in in the market in general. so volatility will be down in 2022 and we're actually going to start seeing a lot of interesting new ecosystem effects come to the forefront in the conversation around block chain technology. cheryl: yeah. well, so blockchain and the actual market, the trade cryptocurrencies, that's something we talked about this week. i want to ask you about december because bitcoin slid more than
6:52 am
17% for the month of december. today we've got one last trading day. but it's the worst month that they've seen since may for this. so what do you make of what's happening with this? i mean, is it competition from other coins? is it concern about just in general regulation coming down heavily in 2022? what is it? >> bitcoin is up from a technology standpoint and it's up from a developers standpoint and it's up from an institution standpoint. so if you look at this from anything other than the relative price of bitcoin to the u.s. dollar, bitcoin to the euro, the technology, the ecosystem, everything is growing. so what that means to investors in 2022 is that is this going to be a growth as a et? yes -- asset? yes. will it be an asset that will continue to have this explosive speculative curve? probably not. but that's something that people in the space have come to
6:53 am
expect. so with these cycles, there's a moment to cool off essentially and during that cool-off period is when people start to educate themselves on alternatives to bitcoin. so we are about to enter a major alternative currency or alt coin time for the market. the next three to five months there will be people who came in, bought bitcoin and are now looking to explore new interesting options that might change the way that bitcoin works or entirely new coins. cheryl: yeah. it's going to be interesting, patrick. thank you for the perspective. we appreciate it. coming up, we've got a fast-moving wildfire forces tens of thousands of colorado residents to evacuate. we've got the latest for you. plus, the pelosi's latest stock move raising eyebrows, just days after the house speaker defended you lawmaker's ability to buy individual stocks, why there's a
6:54 am
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cheryl: time for the hot topic buzz. nancy pelosi and her husband betting big on big tech. disclosure forms show the pelosi's bought call options on names including alphabet, sales force, roblox and disney shares.
6:58 am
this comes weeks after pelosi defended lawmakers' ability to buy stocks even though there are calls from the right and the left to ban the practice and kelly jane, i want to adhere that he made those moves two days after she went on the record defending the congress' ability to buy and sell stock. >> yeah. interesting timing, wasn't it, cheryl? i mean, this is something i think that most americans can agree on. it's really dangerous to have members of congress buying and selling individual stocks especially companies that are regulated. and you know, in recent years, paul pelosi has made money on apple, google, amazon. these are all companies that have seen hearings or in amazon's case trying to get a pentagon -- very big pentagon contract. so this just doesn't seem right. and a lot of people wonder if nancy pelosi is slow-walking
6:59 am
some bipartisan regulation on tech firms. this is something that both democrats and republicans do actually agree on. they think tech firms need to have more regulation. they need to be reined in in some ways but it hasn't happened and this could be why. i mean, this was just -- it's just incredible to me that nancy pelosi is actually defending buying these individual stocks. she and a her husband were in the business of doing it, it strikes me that she would certainly be against it. there's clearly a conflict of interest here and we don't know what goes on behind the scenes. how it might affect what legislation comes forward, what legislation gets kicked out. it's pretty scary. cheryl: yeah. christian, this is the darn -- you had a lawmaker who is about to interview the ceo but his wife is making trades before the testimony. this doesn't smell right.
7:00 am
>> no, it doesn't. it's stuff that will get you in big trouble in the executive branch. it's another case of congress saying do as i say, not as i do. one other quickie is with semiconductors, the pelosi's investing in micron, buying call options, there is legislation before pelosi to subsidize the industry. so bad stuff. cheryl: we've got the next hour of "mornings with maria." it starts right now. cheryl: good morning. i'm cheryl casone, i'm in for maria bartiromo. it's friday, it is december 31st. it is new year's eve. your top stories 7:00 a.m. eastern time. americans are trying to figure out a way to have the safest new year celebration ever as
7:01 am
reported cases hit a nationwide record for the second day in a row. president biden who vowed to shut down the virus, he won't purchase rapid tests until next week for the country, spending the final week of the year at the beach. we're watching this all morning long. meanwhile, hillary clinton has a warning as support wanes ahead of the midterms. what he said, you're going to want to hear this. a look at markets this morning. futures are on the decline on the final trading day of 2021 as well but, look, don't let these numbers fool you. we've had a very strong year. dow right now is down 93. s&p is down 12 and-a-half. nasdaq down 50 and change. there's your year, all three indices dipping to finish near session lows yesterday. we had tech and consumer stocks dragging down the markets. look at this. for all of 2021 it was a sea of green for your markets. a 19% gain on the dow, 22% gain for the nasdaq.
7:02 am
the s&p 500 soaring 27%. back to this morning's action. you have european markets in the red right now. you've got the ftse and the cac 40 slightly lower as you can see on your screen. the dax in germany is closed for the holiday. asia overnight, markets were higher, the hang seng had a half trading day, the kospi in korea, the nikkei in japan closed for the holiday. "mornings with maria" is live right now. some of the top stories we're watching for you this morning. the u.s. shattering its single day case record for covid again. nearly 650,000 cases were reported yesterday with the spread of omicron, the cdc is advising people not to board cruises, vaccinated or not. while americans are forced to wait in long testing lines ahead of the holiday weekend, president joe biden is vacationing in delaware,s he's on the beach.
7:03 am
well, another day of airline disruptionses, the faa warning of more cancellations amid the recent spike in cases thanks to omicron. staffing shortages and brutal winter weather, this begins the second week of travel troubles for americans. flight aware reporting over 1 you thousand cancellations -- 1 you thousand cancellation intuse or out of the u.s. this morning aloan with nearly -- alone with nearly 400 flights delayed. amtrak reducing the new york schedule due to a rise in cases and bad weather. long distance routes cheryl: president biden and russian president putin holding press saying, quote, president biden urged russia escalations with ukraine and making sure that the united states and allies will respond decisively
7:04 am
if russia will invade ukraine. put well, devastation in colorado. 21,000 people in louisville. people are told to get out before it's too late. joining me now people united adviser and executive vice president john and capital
7:05 am
director of strategy francis newton stacy. francis i'm going to start with you. futures lawer this morning. but overall big picture here, we are up for the year. francis, big question as we finish out today is what is monday going to bring and 2022, are we going to have big gains for the market again next year. >> well, the thing is that the thing that the market is going to have to content with the fact that fiscal will we will have to content with. the fed is starting to taper. we will have to see what the markets do with the lower
7:06 am
liquidity. the drivers to all time high. record amount of spending out of covid. the catalysts aren't changing and it's going to be interesting to see if soft landing, hard landing and the keys will always be in the ability to service debt. it's always about debt service and as long as we can service our debt, we should kind of settle back down into, you know, higher than normal growth, lower than the comparisons from covid but we are looking to see peak growth and how the market treats that. >> what kind of growth do you think we are going to see francis? >> medium projections, the comparisons coming out of second quarter 2020. it means peak growth has already
7:07 am
occurred. we have seen peak earnings and we are thinking we are going to see peak inflation. but doesn't mean that prices are going to stop going up for consumers. it's going to go up less or at a slower rate. markets are anticipatetory. markets started trading and we --also looking to see volatilit. it's interesting to see if volatility goes up next year but i do think that the current fed trajectory is priced in and earnings are still really strong
7:08 am
because companies had successfully passed increases to consumers. well, would they be able to continue that, it depends on the state market. >> if people are still willing to pay so much more money for ketchup. john, let's take up on the volatility here. it has been a volatile year. it is still is value till john, can we expect that in 2022, one caveat, analysts are talking about 2002 will be comparison to the year in 2018. talk to me about that. >> it's interesting. we would agree the comments that francis made. >> we believe 2022 is going to be transition here.
7:09 am
back toward economy driven by human and capital spending. it'll be volatility but we believe it would be volatility for the right reasons, the economy is getting back on track. we would agree with you, 2018, 2019. even though we had a recession we are in late cycle. next year emerging markets or small cap. we have more of a late cycle portfolio. more of the '18, '19 portfolio for our clients right now. we are airing on the side of developing markets, we agree with you, we are building a portfolio, the late cycle portfolio that we think will do well next year. cheryl: yeah, talking to people
7:10 am
like you, you and i talked about technology in the past, ray, but i want to bring you in. there's a couple of things, merging markets which we have seen pullback in. i might reverse myself on a personal basis. let's talk about technology in general at a lot of the digital giants because tech was so strong and worry about technology companies in 2022 because of the rate environment that we are now moving into. >> i'm not worried about rates. we are in the middle of great refactoring. rates on tech side are going faster than cpi. when we look at third week of january, we are going to see that this continued.
7:11 am
when you're weighing risk between inflation and what's going to happen with tech stocks, you have to start picking individual stocks and you can't ride indices like last year. you will be looking at apple, microsoft, amazon even though it's a reinvestment year and cycle, google, you look at nvidia and come back and say, hey, do i want to put my eggs on the basket and metaverse economy. 15 trillion-dollar market cap by the end of the decade. a lot of excitement. the metaverse economy will play a very big role. cheryl: apple, meta formerly known as facebook, some of those players, we saw the picks on the screen and i hope that you were taking view, you are always spot on. john, ray wang, francis, happy new year to all of you, we will see you in the new year on mornings with maria. we have much more coming up this
7:12 am
morning, crime is surging in cities across the nation. now super market chain taking matter into their own hands to protect employees and customers. plus the year of we didn't see that coming. how the biden administration missed the mark just about everything this year. joining the conversation all morning long, kelly james and kristin whiten. you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪
7:13 am
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7:16 am
cheryl: midwest super market chain high v working out strategy to help with theft and
7:17 am
protect customers and employees. this comes as stores across the country are looking for ways to crack down on crime. retail theft reportedly costing stores $700,000 for every one billion dollars in sales. that's according to national retail foundation. kelly jane, is this the new normal for retail companies across the nation? >> that's a great question, cheryl, because i was just thinking that it's fascinating that a company has to bring in security partly because of things the government is not doing that it should be doing which is its job. you have progressive prosecutors across the country who have declared they will not prosecute low-level crimes and combine that with some places actually like in california and some others who have actually made punishments less for shoplifting in california. it's just a misdemeanor.
7:18 am
there has to be something done, the root cause of the problem. it's great to have the security in but the fact that you need it says that there's a real problem and we need to fix it and the problem is the people in charge are doing things that just encourage more crime and again, this is not something it just hits big companies, it's past onto consumers, of course, in higher prices. >> well, don't get me started on the fact that we are seeing it happening in liberal cities with liberal da's that are not willing to prosecute or hold criminals accountable. do criminals, christian v more rights than tax-paying citizens. small businesses, they can't afford security and if they are
7:19 am
paying for security and i'm seeing it here in this city in new york, it's destroying their business and hard time making their rent. >> right, it's always hardest on the middle class, whether it's middle class residence or small businesses run by people in the middle or would like to be in the middle class. i feel sorry that the store has to do this, i don't want to diffuse the situation which is what they are saying, i want to identify the people doing this which ought to be pretty easy since they are not taking many efforts to cover identities and you have district attorneys and i believe the piece of work they have in san francisco, so while the smash and grab things are nothing new, it's true, they are not a novel concept. it's just that they have exploded in popularity. i used to go to a safeway in san francisco when i lived there. i didn't know i could walk out of there for free, lock up shoplifters, it's a very simple, simple approach that the cities
7:20 am
have the take. cheryl: you know, the safeway and the marina district in san francisco is pretty nice when i lived there. i would hate to see what it looks like now if it's still there to your point because san francisco is the model for what's about to happen across the country and that's cvs, walgreens, safeway, they are going to bail on the cities and you know who is going to get left, the poor communities who depend on grocery stores and these leaders, too little too late, really. all right, coming up, e. coli outbreak being linked to package salad. what you need to know at home when you get groceries. failed presidential candidate hillary clinton appears panic about the midterms. possible losses in 2022. her warning coming up.
7:21 am
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7:24 am
take the savings challenge at or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes switching fast and easy this holiday season. cheryl: failed presidential candidate hillary clinton out with new warning for democrats ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. watch this. >> i think that it is a time for some, you know, careful thinking
7:25 am
about what wins elections and not just in deep blue districts where a democrat and a liberal democrat or so-called progressive democrat is going to win. but at the end of the day it means nothing if we don't have a congress that will get things done and we don't have a white house that we can count onto be sane and sober and stable and productive. cheryl: that last comment, that was something else, right? so this comes as a politico report projecting republicans as early favorites to regain control of the house but warn that redistricting could still shake up some races, a lot to unpack, georgia congressman doug collinses and, you know, that's the question mark. 2022 could be a complete up end for the democrats, were you as surprised as i was as how blunt clinton was in that interview? >> yes, cheryl, good morning,
7:26 am
happy new year, yeah, that was amazing, my only question was she talking about the biden administration and sounds unstable and the biden administration along with the leftist that are in the house and the senate have pushed them out of mainstream and people want to feel secure and want to be able to deal with inflation and everyday life and the democrats are more worried about things that people are not connecting with. cheryl: i think the biggest point she hit on, the squad, aoc, that little crowd, i'm sorry, but i don't have a lot of respect for them after covering them for the last two years. they really are disrupting the party overall and showing lack of respect to senior members on both sides. that's just my opinion. at the same time, you can kind of look back and see if you're feeling more blunt about what
7:27 am
you believe is that they really driven the senior members of the democratic party into territory that's not going to bode well for any of them come 2022. >> you're exactly right and i've been working with all that you just mentioned. they are idealogues. one of the things and i talk about in the book i wrote about the first impeachment and congress at the time, they can break rules and do whenever they want to do as long as they get what they want and they don't care what anybody thinking and after put in place it's almost impossible to get out so the respect that you're talking about is very true and it is destroying the -- not only the institution itself long term but institution cheryl and causing a lot of the problems that we are seeing of which the biden administration has no clue
7:28 am
about. cheryl: how concerned should we be about the redistricting part of the issue in it is happening, i'm thinking about california but it's happening in a few states across the country. >> redistricting is extremely important and i think we have a lot of folks that are looking that republicans will bode well in most of the states especially state legislators. california, what amazes me is mark, strongest litigators on redistricting for the democrats, you know, had the audacity to talk about george and other places where maps are drawn in a very good way but praised california's maps which basically gerrymandering republicans into a smaller hole and built up democrat. we have to understand that redistricting i believe is going to put republicans in a strong position but what puts us in the strong position the biden administration's ineptness. >> you describe the biden
7:29 am
administration, evaluate the currency of the white house. which white house is she talking about? >> look, hillary clinton, tears coming and she can't get over it, i get it. the biden administration is a problem, their excuse, we are going to open up the border. we didn't see anybody coming across. we will pump money in the economy, we didn't see inflation coming on. we have supply chain issues, we didn't see that coming and then the biggest one of all and one that cost american lives, you could leave aside covid which they didn't see omicron or delta coming. when they went for afghanistan, somebody who served to iraq this is personal to me. when they say they didn't see taliban retaking afghanistan and now becoming the terrorist thug
7:30 am
country that they are again, that was the biggest slap in the face to the american people and the world, oh, we didn't see it coming. that's just a lie and they are having to pay for those lies now. cheryl: i think the one thing of this year that we cannot debacle of afghanistan and the 13 lives lost of our service members. that was heartbreaking. doug collinses, i hope that you're enjoying not being in dc anymore. >> happy new year and take care, i look forward seeing you again. cheryl: happy new year doug collinses former congressman joining us this morning. coming up russian president vladimir putin is talking tough in the face of possible u.s. sanctions, is it all just talk? we have reaction to this last-minute phone call between the two leaders. and imagine this, nascar driver who is win got antibiden slogan
7:31 am
is getting new sponsor, we have the details. ♪ ♪ ♪
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7:35 am
cheryl: welcome back, i'm cheryl casone and i'm in for maria bartiromo. it is friday december 31st, new year's eve. happy new year, everyone. a look at markets for chew. final trading day of 2021, also three major indices near session lows yesterday. take a look at this, for all of 2021 it was green for the markets. 22% gain for the nasdaq and the s&p 500 soaring 27% and that's really the broader market index, if you will. european markets, they are in the red today ftse 100 and cac slightly lower.
7:36 am
then in asia overnight markets were higher, hang seng had half trading day, nikkei in japan were closed for the holiday. some of the top stories that we are watching for you this morning, earnings taking a big hit in 2021, company respecting renew to drop 28.9% from a year ago. this as the chinese telecommunication giant is challenged by u.s. sanctions. semiconductor shortage and drop in demand for smartphones. well, cdc is investigating a multi-state e. coli outbreak of two package mixed greens. there they are on your screen right now as you can see. six people have gotten six with e. coli after eating organic greens salads are sold in grocery stores across the country.
7:37 am
qfc and president trump announced he will first campaign-style rally of the new year on january 15th in florence, arizona. trump hasn't revealed if he's running again in 2024, all he will say now he will make official announcement after the 2022 midterms. and nascar driver brandon who unwittingly started the let's go brandon champ finally able to lock down a primary sponsored and partnered with lgb coin, yeah, crypto currency based on the phrase, will drive red, white and blue for all 33 races of the series. lgb coin to promote the american dream. well, president biden and russian president vladimir putin holding a call yesterday. second this month to discuss ukraine. putin talking tough.
7:38 am
he's warning he will cut off ties with washington and u.s. follows through on sanctions if russia does invade ukraine. jen psaki released a statement after the call, here is what it reads in part, urged russia to deescalate sanctions in ukraine, made clear that allies and partners will respond decisively if russia further invades ukraine. joining me now heritage foundation foreign policy vice president james carafano. james, so many questions for you, i will start with this call, though, in particular with the fact that here is putin who doesn't have much to gdp to stand on, they have the gdp of texas in russia saying they will cut off ties if we don't back off on the whole nato-ukraine side of the story. what's your read on this whole thing? >> i suspect that the u.s. doesn't have a strategy here.
7:39 am
i do applaud the administration for not saying, you know, we are going to accept the demands because the demands that putin are making are outrageous but i think what's fundamentally wrong about what the administration is doing is their goal is to deescalate the situation. well, that's -- putin is not interested in that. the u.s. goal ought to be to support ukraine. look, we are not going to fight ukraine, there are 22 million ukraines and they can fight for themselves. the fundamental strategy is wrong. putin intentionally created. so what you don't want to de-escalate the information, what you want to do is counter putin. cheryl: i want to bring christian into this and the russian troops on the ukrainian border. >> right, right.
7:40 am
james, you say we shouldn't exceed russian demands, that sounds good to not do but i'm curious as far as putin wants, wants ukraine not to be part of nato. why shouldn't we have ukraine be part of nato, seems joe biden and congressional republicans on the other side for that matter having to explain what u.s. interests are here. i recall it was general omar bradley when asked about escalating the korean war into china, the wrong war, with the wrong enemy, at the wrong time, given the concerns with china and iran isn't a war with russia kind of the worst thing that could happen? >> well, this isn't about the ukraine and put in definitely wants the ukraine back but that's not his ambitions don't end at the ukraine border. what putin fundamental wants he wants nato disbanded and hard border security on his country that includes controlling all of
7:41 am
old central europe and that would destabilize all of western europe and what the united states would lose is we would lose all of western europe and if you think we are going to match china or continue to be a force in the middle east, essentially western europe is in chaos, you kind of miss the lesson of the-two world wars. the united states needs a stable europe that's why we have a trans-atlantic community because we realize that our security doesn't end at -- at the shores of america, so it is a big deal and, look, it's not just ukraine. he's in ukraine, georgia and maldova and it's part of the deliberate strategy, that's a spear aimed at destablizing all of western europe. cheryl: well, also too, james, to pick up on that point, the other thing that's very important to vladimir putin is energy and oil, you know, we don't even say opec anymore, we
7:42 am
say opec plus because every twist and turn and we as americans are suffering for this because we have given so much power to opec plus and that is putin, that's what he cares about, it's energy exports and that seems to be a bigger end game maybe to your point than even ukraine if what you're saying is true. we've already got ukraine. the white house says it. it's money. >> right. this is not a false choice between we are going to fight a war over ukraine and we are going to sit back and just let the europeans deal with this and do nothing. that's a false choice. there's plenty of space in the middle where the u.s. can demonstrate its support to the trans-atlantic community which in our interest and -- and push back on russia and the problem with the administration's strategy at this point is its threat. if you do this, we are going to
7:43 am
respond. we should be responding and making putin pay a price right now for trying to bully everybody and trying to destabilize europe. a very famous incident that happened in syria, and putin and i heard from people who talked to russian officials, putin said, okay, let's just stop messing around in syria. this is what putin respects. he respects force. he respects people that will defend their own interest. he does not respect people who are politely asked, please don't hurt us. cheryl: the biden administration and the way that they've handled even president biden said he wanted to repair our relationships overseas. this is what repair looks like and that's what we are now dealing with threats from putin and iran and from china and the
7:44 am
fall of afghanistan happening in 2021. james carafano, happy new year to you. we will see you on the show in 2022. coming up, everybody, americans are struggling to keep up with the growing cost of groceries and gas hence my earlier comment about opec, okay. well, our president can't answer a simple question when it comes to inflation. kamala harris shocking stumble coming up. plus the fda granted emergency authorization for pfizer covid treatment pill, how can you get your hands on this one? it's expected to revolutionize the fight against the virus but where is it? you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪
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cheryl: the u.s. shattering single day case record again, nearly 650,000 cases were reported yesterday. the surge of omicron causing headaches across the country snarling travel plans, holiday celebrations and well, life in
7:49 am
general all of this echoing march of 2020. president biden is ordering rapid tests until next week. i want to bring in ceo and cofounder dr. patrice harris and, doctors, you know, this test order is this too little too late for the country. it's 500 million rapid tests but they aren't even signing the contract until next week. >> well, you know, i can go back to the very beginning of this pandemic and we have always been behind and appreciating the importance of testing and the testing process to work our way through this pandemic, so i am glad with recent announcements regarding more tests but what we have to make sure is that we get a return on that infrastructure so we need tests now and i'm glad that we are getting there but we are going to need much -- many more tests to come. cheryl: all right, so let me ask
7:50 am
you this from a medical perspective from you. so dr. fauci has already been on the air saying that he thinks bety end of january that the surge from omicron will be dissipating. okay, well, if that's the truth, if we don't start getting tests until mid-january, then what's the point? you know what i'm saying? what is the point? it's only halfway across the country by then. >> well, fortunately there are tests available. as you might imagine my company which is not a test manufacturer but we developed the software and platform to enable rapid ant again tests at home so there is some supply but there's going to be a -- a need for quick ramp up of production. i will say this and i will say this about this virus that just because omicron may reach its peak, this virus continues to mutate. i've said in other settings that
7:51 am
this virus gets an a and don't forget we are still in the cold and flu season and we at emed encourage testing particularly now, we, in fact, believe that everyone should have tests in their medicine cabinet and if they get the sniffles they can tell whether or not they have the flu or a cold or covid and then take the appropriate action, we call that test to know. by the way, we now have oral pills on the market but you have to be diagnosed early, so there is going to be a need for testing, i believe, throughout at least the spring, maybe the summer. cheryl: sure, the fda, i'm glad that you brought that up because the fda authorized the use of pfizer's antiviral pill and you have to take it early and i think that you're saying here that you can get early access to the pill through emed test to
7:52 am
treat platform, how do we get the antiviral pill because a lot of americans are interested in getting a hold of this? >> so, again, our platform allows at-home testing. by the way, if you have infectious and the test that we use, the rapid antigen tests are good at identifying someone who is infectious, you don't want to go to a testing location, you want to be able to test in your home 24/7 and that's what we do. i always say we make the right thing to do, the easy thing to do, access the testing as you know, by the way, no where near where it needs to be but we are playing our part at emed to make rapid testing available at home when people need it and then they can use the lab result from us to go to the doctor early onto potentially get the medication if they qualify. cheryl: okay. good, that's the connection to
7:53 am
the emed platform between testing and the antiviral pill and i want to make that clear to everybody because there's high interest on this, doctors, before you go hospitalizations of children from covid, obviously those children that are too young to be vaccinated, is that a concern for you right now? >> i'm quite worried about that, you know, i have a -- a love for children as i'm a child psychiatrist and, you know, children have not been totally immune to covid. we have seen that over the course of this pandemic but now we are seeing the numbers that are quite worrisome and we have to say often they may be hospitalized for other illnesses which is a reminder that everyone eligible should get their flu shot. we are still in the flu season but certainly we want to make sure that we do all that we can as adults, you know, those of us
7:54 am
who are eligible to get vaccinated who are eligible and who do and should wear a mask and make sure there's a testing protocol around that so that we can keep the youngest in our population as safe as we can. cheryl: absolutely. amen to that. dr. patrice harris, doctor, thank you very much and thank you for helping us understand and something that emed can do to utilize more safety and we can get back to a healthy america after all of this. doctor, thank you very much and happy new year. welcoming up another day and another round of canellations as due to omicron. cringe-worthy answer about the crisis.
7:55 am
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for how it topic buzz biden administration, still failing to get a handle on inflation. even though it was one of the top issues facing americans this year. >> o is it wrong to consider inflation transitory? >> the price spikes seem like they are going to be with us for a while. we have to address the fact that -- we've got to deal with
7:59 am
deficit -- pay for gas for groceries and our -- our -- to it let's talk about that. . cheryl: radio christian the guardian by an economist said government should institute price controls even -- a bad idea? your reaction. >> that is bannan republic does before nation goes completely out of control, never price controls never work the fact harris completely unprepared for this question we have inflation running 7% almost, that is official rate uno figuresly probably much worse than that money in bank account liquid assets driven by government spending by fed policy? which it is, is completely -- lost on people that means no solution anywhere in sight in
8:00 am
correction anywhere in sight. cheryl: could tell me -- decided to pivot to "build back better." iit was being award. >> a very being award moment , of course, "build back better" would make things much worse, even have, former obama administration larry summers talking about more government spending is going to make inflation problem worse she said we're doing something about it we went to the courts told them you got to be open working 24-7. that was -- weeks i think if not more than a month ago, nothing changed. they are still a supply chain crisis so she doesn't even know the effects, of our own administration's policies. this is not well for getting inflation down in 2022. >> yeah, i agree with you both one hundred percent. stay right there guys next hour "mornings with maria"
8:01 am
starts right now. . . cheryl: good morning, everybody. i am cheryl casone in for maria bartiromo friday,december 31st new year's eve, happy new year guys -- americans trying to figurative out a way to have the safest new year's celebration ever, cases hit a nationwide record second day in a row. president biden vowed to shut down virus, won't start tests until next week final week of the year at a beach watching this all morning long, meanwhile, hillary clinton, has major warning for the progressive wing of the democrats as a support wanes ahead of the midterms, what you need to know. of taking a look at markets this morning, futures on the decline, on final trading day 2021 dow down 58 s&p down 5
8:02 am
and change nasdaq down more than 13. remember major technology dragged down 22% gain nasdaq s&p 500 soaring. >> as for this morning in europe we have european marks in the red, german marked close for holiday union higher henning hen tough trading day kospi korea nikkei in japan closed "mornings with maria" is live right now. . >> here is mornings mover bitcoin, we have been watching by the bit all morning prices jumping roughly 2% still below key 50,000 dollar level 27,000 and change right now the
8:03 am
cryptocurrency wrapping up a rough month down 15%, if you look at overall year for bitcoin, it is up, 65%. take a look at peloton falling, it was a downgrade, securities cutting the stock to market perform from outperform the analysts citing declining page views on the web site interesting latest bad news for analysts, from analysts for peloton, raymond james say they see upon subscriptions lower we find out you when earnings come out down almost many 1 1/2% premarket as far as futures near flatline a down day on wall street yesterday, all three major indices here in session lows the final trading day of 2021, but you have to remind yourself, here overall
8:04 am
markets perform for the year, trading incredible, i john lonski so great to have you here this morning, also bring in rest of the hour kel. >> torrance christian whiton, overall the broader picture what have we see for 2021, a very strong market that is reopening recovery mode seems to have weathered the omicron storm in last two weeks of the year. >>, you are exactly right the s&p 500 is up by what, 27% for the year to date, that is incredible. of course, one of the reasons why, the stock market has done so well is because, bond yields remain, contained a 1.5%, ten-year treasury yield, and that is down considerably from high of the year set back the end of march when it was at 1475%.
8:05 am
now the story in 2022 however, might be different for the bond market as a result, we are unlikely to see equity markets performer as well as it did in 2021. cheryl: i think the -- for market watchers don't couple 2022 to give you gains in 21 the i am taking chips off the table which chips am i looking at. >> you are he going to look at very strong, performing sectors may have been, technology, that comes to mind, are thank you might want to leave something on the table, where you might benefit from further recovery from the covid recession, that is those industries that suffered interest a loss of sales to covid. i would stay away from bonds,
8:06 am
i would look you know, are -- for the i am took we can --let not forget zero interest rate policy for a while there is a good chance by the end of the year we are going to go to 3 rate hikes fed funds rate from zero to 0.9% could approve disruptive this the markets not to lee overlooked now looking at a historically low dividend for the s&p 500, and interest rates go higher, that tells us, that short term treasurys short term money market instruments supply more competition as a result, equity performance suffers. >> inflation, then? because, that is something that is not going to change, the inflation story, especially for january, we have already heard from ceos of mondeléz, from interest
8:07 am
campbell soup, kraft all saying they are going to be raising prices the least for january are a -- on record for month of january -- obviously, forecast higher prices, then you know suppliers start to flip out what do you make of all of that inflationary environment for the first part of the year? at least for the first half of 2022? >> it is going to be upward and on ward with inflation we are going to approach 7% year-over-year for cpi, we could be adding another percentage point or more to annual rate of price inflation. nobody, a what could make matters worse is if companies begin to provide wage hikes to workers, that make inflation more affordable then he would run danger of a wage price spiral however my greatest worry that wage growth will -- lag inflation the longer wages
8:08 am
grow more slowly, than prices, the greater is the risk of flat to lower real consumer spending for the simple reason consumers eventually can no longer afford these higher prices. cheryl: i want to bring kelly jane torrance into this we talked about this what we're seeing across the country with high prices that it really is not just from political part of it but also from consumer side, remember, two-thirds of the economy is consumer spending, people are going to start to really pull back in the 2022 because of what we're seeing? >> well that is greatest -- point, because, of course, you know once the lockdowns ended, you know meme saved money ready to spend it but now, with prices going up, condition they afford to spend it are they worried are they maybe want to -- wait until nation goes down in hopes that it actually will.
8:09 am
but, you know john what are the chances, of that? it seems like this administration is not recognizing what is causing inflation so going to keep doing those things that contribute to inflation. >> well, obviously, joe manchin probably did the biden administration a great favor by basically -- killing "build back better." that could be beneficial to the economy later in the year, we also want to consider federal reserve policy we've had a situation where, the money supply growth, since covid struck has been much faster than anything we observed during the inflationary 1970s. and that is money supply growth begins to slow down, we may begin to see -- off inflation but may not be until 2023, 2024 we have good reason to be very much worried about
8:10 am
inflation, building up inflation, believe it or not, we are a much older economy today, than 1970s, 1970s median age u.s. population, was about 29 years. today, it is roughly, 39 years, my sense is that an older population will end up, having more problems dealing with higher prices, in terms of affordability as a result we don't realize this yet but consumer spending is much more vulnerable to further price hikes, compareded to what happened in 70s a young population, fast-growing income growth, upside possible for income. >> i am so glad you said that one of the things with labor department report has been that that older generation of boomers a lot left the workforce early during the pandemic. they are not coming back.
8:11 am
that spend power gone contributed to labor shortage you lost workers older generation decided to frankly leave have had enough john lonski happy new year, we will see you in the 2022 on fox business, thanks john, we've got a lot more coming up border patrol agents arresting five turkish in articles entering the country illegally,. failed president candidate hillary clinton appears panicked midterms pointing finger at her own party her warning, that is next hours away from ringing in 2022. america's -- going into new year stay with us you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. . . ♪♪ care.
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cheryl: some top stories we are watching for think morning, -- u.s. shattering covid cases reported yesterday omicron cdc reviving people should not board cruise ships. americans are forced to wait long testing lines ahead of the weekend president joe biden is vacationing in delaware, president biden russian president vladimir putin did hold a phone call yesterday the second this month talking about ukraine, white house second. >> saying president biden you are recognized russia deescalate tensions with ukraine to make sure united states allies partners will respond decisively if russia further provides ukraine part of response extensive sanctions against moscow
8:17 am
clinton warns russia would sever any, inviting to follow through on threat. presidential candidate hillary clinton, suggesting democratic party could be to blame for potential losses in 2022 midterm. >> i think that it is, a time for some -- you yellow careful thinking about what wins elections, and not just deep blue districts where, a democrat and a liberal democrat or progressive democrat is going to win at the end of the day it means nothing if we don't have a congress that will get things done and we don't have a white house we can count on to be sane, and sober and stable, and productive. . cheryl: this comes as democrats concerns grow due to wave of retirements in infighting over biden's "build back better" bill.
8:18 am
nonpartisan office showing republicans, favorite to take back the house in 2022, i want to bring this up to you bernstein making comments this morning white house counsel economic advisers member saying this is what he is saying in interview, well president biden did talk to joe manchin, after joe manchin's said he would not vote for "build back better." that is all they've got right now kelly jane. >> in any case weak isn't it cheryl, i just was truck by hillary clinton comments, you know it is a little bit rich for hillary clinton to be talking about what will lead democrats in election but very interesting point i think you have to read between lines to get criticizing progressives but noted i still can't believe she said this we need a white house that is sane and sober and stable, and progressive. she didn't name names i
8:19 am
couldn't help but think she is talking about this white house, while prfz are making wrong moves i any about what she is saying this white house is going along with them this white house, is catering to them this white house is ignoring, democratic moderates people like joe manchin. so, you know, biden -- to listen to advice he won white house she didn't, this is very solid analysis, and as you say someone like, you know, the white house council saying joe biden talked to joe manchin, but that is not enough he talked didn't listen to concerns listen to concerns of entire country putting trillions more into economy when you are already seeing inflation, that is at a record 39-year high. joe listen to hillary. >> obviously, kelly jane i feel the same way, i think
8:20 am
what is sad about comments from bernstein this morning trying to put lipstick on a pig, to be honest, senator cramer was on earlier this week said the joe manchin just probably saved the careers of for democrats, christian, because he basically stopped -- meaning four democrats in shaky ground in home districts for 2022, don't haveing to on the record to vote for "build back better". >> right we will see if that is decisive, because "build back better" adds trillions of dollars for spending huge tax increase we've lad tax increases in the form of inflation the democrats have a year left, hillary sort of put a finer point on what kellie said, hillary saying be more moderate like bartender saying maybe you at you to drink less slee is not moderate bill
8:21 am
clinton, bill clinton ran, for president said against tax and spend, he got a bucket ub in midterm hillary clinton was not in favor of moderation of clinton administration i think she is looking at polls realclearpolitics generic poll, 2.4%, republicans ahead republicans even do well another poll by cnbc politico, financial network, that says that republicans are up 10 points i think she sees big change coming. cheryl: well, certainly, the telling joe biden, keep doing what you are doing. because it seems to not be working for the public and they are going to go vote in november of 2022 for sure, coming up the marine corps kicking out hundreds of troops for refusing to get the covid
8:22 am
vaccine, texas congressman a navy veteran served in iraq and afghanistan is next -- accelerating time lines for all-electric will american cities with me able to get infrastructure ready in time? . . flexshares etfs are built with advanced modeling. to fill portfolio gaps and target specific goals. strengthening client confidence in you. before investing consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. go to for a prospectus containing this information. read it carefully.
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cheryl: over 00 roonz booted from military for refusing to get the covid-19 vaccine, follows december 15 deadline by biden administration for service members to get shots joining me now texas congressman, tony gonzalez a member of the appropriations committee, and navy veteran served in iraq and afghanistan, congressman, the marines navy army arms forces are being -- unfairly penalized frankly by mandates; correct? >> yes good morning, cheryl merchandise are wrong approach whether you are a soldier sailor airmen marine whether a border patrol agent a truck driver doesn't matter these mandates are the wrong approach, you know in navy i was a cryptologist took two years of training, before i ever was able to really do my
8:27 am
job, this is a same thing, biden administration is taking people out that have had years of training the wrong approach. as coming cost of living decreases cost of because of with a pentagon did another topic the border you are del rio you've got a constant fo of migrants town there agents o discovering arrange around the world el paso five migrants from turkey attempting to enter since october encountered 950 migrants from turkey in particular, should we be concerned? >> ho we should absolutely be concerned. you know, a national security threat, on southern border american people demand genuine accountability, vice president harris even though doesn't want to visit border going to
8:28 am
be responsible for that occurs at the border i go back to it this is a national security threat, you know, a month ago kevin mccarthy individuals, sounded alarm on folks coming over, on christmas day, just a few days ago, i spent the day on the border, visited two different sectors telling me same thing from syria jaipt on terrorist watch list coming over you he mentioned turkey never going to end unless the administration implements policy that actually works. >> is anybody from the -- doj homeland security excuse me i misspoke is anybody on the ground from homeland security to screen people. >> it is chaotic of a situation you are seeing what is happening in arizona right now they have limited manpower, border patrol agents are over worked underpaid
8:29 am
under manned, and it is just a terrible situation, you are seeing what is happening in yuma, in arizona what happened in texas nine months ago going to see this continue o to spread because this administration isn't taking border security serious what is going to happen they are going get americans killed like they got americans killed in afghanistan months ago you are going to see americans killed in united states, if the administration doesn't absent shouldn't be a partisan issue. of the. >> my point about bringing somebody -- bringing specialists from homeland security bringing them to the border to dig into this maybe assist not many people that specialize in middle east come to southern border helpfying out if letting terrorists in our borders it is frightening, continue get me on whole covid thing obviously, the other big issue at border we are dealing with omicron in this country, then there is a lot of
8:30 am
criticism, of the inability to screen migrants for covid any updates from this -- >> you make great point as far as the covid situation, you know, there is a -- occurred at all, historically over 20% migrants that come over tested positive for covid we are seeing a spike that non absolutely has a to be higher than that to your point on dhs dhs needs to do more starts with house intelligence committee with democrats, where is swar we'll, shiff, asking for borrowed security intelligence peace needs to happen only a matter of time before something terrible happens for republicans to sound alarm built up to us us to make sure we win back the
8:31 am
house can when we do completing part time changes that work. cheryl: well, there is a lot of talk now that the midterms in 2022 that the house could absolutely go back to control for the republicans. and despite the stories seeing out there congressman i think a big topic of discussion, for 2022 and we will have you back to talk more about border then on this show, congressman tony gone exactly frez texas congressman thank you very much to you we've got more coming up right now, another day, another round, of cancellations, cdc guidance, flight disruptions we are live at philadelphia ♪♪ ♪♪ . . make them wanna come back for more ♪♪ ♪♪ .
8:32 am
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. cheryl: the travel nightmare will sfwoen new year thousands flights continue to be canceled in omicron surge, jeff new york is live from philadelphia, international airport, with more, details, good morning jeff. >> nightmares we're calling it cheryl this continues to go on yeah, here at philadelphia international, we are also having weather this morning, heavy fog out there you can see behind me a little bit weather in denver and seattle take a look at cancellations in conjunction with mostly from lack of personnel over 1,000 cancellations today 500, plus, delays, and that comes on heels of yesterday, another thousands plus, 1400 plus yesterday, 8,000 plus, delays yesterday. hardest hit airlines from not weather but omicron induced outages that would be united
8:37 am
10% flights canceled yesterday jetblue 17% flights, delta another 6% and 163 cancellations talked to folks at aaa say weather is a problem today as well but mainly not enough personnel thanks to the virus. listen. >> you are not going to the hospital not dig but they continue to go to work you've got, airlines, flight crews cabin crews personnel in airport -- closed to public they are sick they have to stay home. >> so the flight gets canceled i leave you with a statement from jetblue. they now just announced more cancellations through january. into january, the quote we expect a number of covid cases in if northeast which is where -- located to continue to surge for next he week or two
8:38 am
means there is a high likelihood of additional cancellations. not a pretty scene at the nation's airports, happy new year. -- happy new year, anyway to you jeff flock, we appreciate you jeff flock thank you very much. i want to stay with airline story bringing former spirit airline ceo ben, your reaction to jeff's report? . >> well, fascinating. happy new year time period airlines typically see sick calls but when you combine in, the omicron, and how fast replicating a challenge we saw in weather just unfortunate large amount of cancellations i think food that some airlines are proactively
8:39 am
cancellation ahead of time, not cancellation is a great thing but at least if you are still home, and you can make some other arrangements that is better than being stuck in a at a gate then told your flight is canceled. cheryl: the problem is that this hit during the christmas travel season, and so many americans that were so excited to actually get on airplanes maybe see family members they hadn't seen in two years now are stuck, where they spent christmas, you know we love mom and dad mom and dad might be ready for us to go. so, i think the airlines are having trouble in my opinion still going to have problems getting everybody where they eventually need to be there is also the issue of the international travelers, many of which are stranded right now overseas. >> you are right about that the way airlines are going to
8:40 am
get out of this by doing some proactive cans lakesings month of january not big travel for leisure travel businesses aren't starting to travel a lot with any regularlarity yet people aren't going back to the office soon, anyway, it seems air also are going to have a breather available to them, but first they got to get through this holiday through the new year's i think if people are patient, and people are talking to their airline they will eventually get where they need to go. . cheryl: . >> give people one little tip, too go to twitter and starter messaging the airline that you are trying to communicate with, airlines have done a real good job of getting on to
8:41 am
twitter responding to customers that way i know sounds crazier but it actually does work, let me ask you about cdc change in guidance, that happened earlier this week. does that does that happen fast enough for the airliners to respond? i know we think of airlines as behemoths, but the turnaround personnel considering quarantine guidelines have been shortened by cdc it is hard to react that quickly, but it is encouraging guidance by cdc. and i think it is good that they are saying you know five days versus 10 days that is good for the international traveler coming in also goods for airline employees who are home, and test positive, and, therefore, call in to say they can't come to work, they can come back now the sooner, potentially. so i think it really comes down to getting that information out quickly, again, how quickly the
8:42 am
airlines can be in communication with all their employees, those who have called in sick those who are still coming in, it is good news but i am worried that it is not going to be as helpful over the next couple of days as we might think it should be. cheryl: what do you make of new guidance from cdc about cruise industry put cruz industry on highest level alert when it comes to worried they said don't get on a cruise ship, what do you make of that, they are not shutting down the cruiseships. but this is one -- this is almost there frankly. >> well, i was really surprised at that almost as if some of these people making a decisions never been on a cruz ship you can be not around a lot of people on criesship if you want. i don't know why they would shut down say don't get on a cruise but okay to go into a disney hotel. or go into a hotel property
8:43 am
where you are going to be having dinner, in dining area, but then going back to your room, when you are not at the park or something just seems very picky on an industry that admittedly had problems but compared to total number of people that are cruising still seems relatively small i was surprised at that guidance, because it was so specific to cruise. >> -- i got to ask about a story from earlier this week, there has been a huge rise in spikes confrontations on airplanes all you going viral, how are airline dealing with this? >> well, it is a very tough thing for flight crews to have to deal with some flight crews are very good at dealing with conflicting situations onboard some aren't quite as good as that unfortunately when you mix high emotions and
8:44 am
tense situations can happen on airlines some lash out it is something airlines should not tolerate i appreciate the fact that their banning people o emwho behave that piem i like fact faa suggests finds on people, there is a company a lawyer named mark put out a practical plan five-point plan to stop these behaviors onboard, i would encourage your request listeners go on line look for the plan to stop behavior, it includes, you know following uphold people accountable, publishing names, things like that. cheryl: well we've also got a lot of video out there, that can be used, in courts, people need to behave when they get on the airplanes they lose their brains for some reason with they board and aircraft thank you very much i am going
8:45 am
to read that report thank you for that happy new year to you as well coming up a year of reckoning are lawmakers going to reign in companies like facebook and google next year? my next guest weighs in americans setting goals for new year i am going to tell you mine in this morning's big buzz you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. . ♪♪ ♪ eed. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ i always dreamed of having kids of my own. ♪ ♪
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cheryl: the -- digital space as time goes on 2022 should approve no exception, as technology advances, joining me now, daniel newman a world everything coming our way 5g technology startle cars, ai, possible big tech regulations let's start with all the good stuff we're expecting more of what is it
8:50 am
going to boob you in one thing we need to look for next year. >> i think continue to see advancement of the conversation around the emergence metaverse conversation a.i. physical realities are running together we've heard experienced economies this isn't a new topic, but as we said more time in devices to pull us into that physical universe combining tij physical experience kinds of holy grail for technology providers companies like facebook, that are sorry meta selling this painting a a vision a number of interesting companies, nvidia already doing it this is one of the things that excites me, of course, the next generation, economists driving coming back, and very excited what is going to happen in '22 as well big at the with meta metaers very in general is this more for
8:51 am
entertainment gaming for kids basically or something that is going to actually transform into business? >> i think a little bit of both i think we are already seeing it, is know i mentioned roadblocks gaming platform we go advertising immerseed into blended reality heard for yeared about reality in a headsets too heavy clunky when you start to do blended rent as use mess verse may have called ar, technology integrated without to having bury headed in phones around airport or down a major street i think that is what they are starting to make sense, also as we have new work reality, starting to put people in the same room in more thoughtful ways we have already seen there is some challenges to
8:52 am
get people who are remote, and -- into meetings getting them to be able to participate on equal he levels i think some technologies there for language translation, you know instant cracks noise in background that is motors very applications like nvidia doing with technology to make instant language translation eliminating background noise seamless for meetings then get avatars will really change the way we meet but i am not saying we are going to instantly be influencing business the same way probably influencing commerce. >> one point i want to ask about cars smart cars vehicles everywhere infrastructure the support, electric vehicles a question mark. are we going to get there of a going to take some time, from my experience, i toured tesla
8:53 am
getting -- one supercharge spent too much time at superchargers during trip i am getting at we need more accessibility, yes, we know people are excited we've seen rivian, lucid, market expect a created we need more charging stations in other infrastructure, we expect transformation to happen in the near future. >> well, they did just pass 1.2 trillion-dollar infrastructure package, so there is money allocated for charging stations across the country, of course, allocating money spending money effectively is something washington isn't good at see if they make it happen in 2022 thank you very much happy new year to you we will see you after the first of the year, speaking of new year's have you set your new year's resolutions? kelly christian myself we are going to share ours with you that is after the break our
8:54 am
big buzz. . . that's why so many businesses work with ibm.
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>> time for the big buzz of the morning. >> new zealand the first country to read in 2022.
8:58 am
millions i decided on a new year's resolutions. new polling shows less than half a one this year but the most popular is to get healthier lose weight. i making my resolution. i will hold off on mind. what is your new year's resolution? >> i love seeing people who show up at the gym and buy a years membership and are there couple weeks. watch more tv, eat more, stop recycling, my main want is to be meaner to people, taking inspiration from george costanza's father, you people have done a lot to disappoint me and you will hear about it. like the side you should be blunt with people, send it back, that's the only way they will improve.
8:59 am
>> we are never going out to dinner, never happening. >> that is funny. maria: what about you? >> i never had a steak undercooked. i make the same resolution but i making it this year. that is to write my novel finally. something i have been wanting to do almost all my life but the last couple years my expectations have gotten lower. i went a little easy on myself and i hope 2022 will be the improvement on 2021 for 2021 definitely was on 2020. maria: a lot of people say i just want to stay healthy and get through the year and lose
9:00 am
weight, i want to be a faster runner. i've been running since i was 25 years old. i've done marathons but i want to get quicker. my resolution when i the new york city marathon is to do a lot faster. i'm putting it out on national television, there is no going back for me. great to have you guys was great to have you with us, you're a big part of our lives, we love the producers. big shout out to our senior producer on this program and foxbusiness colleagues in the team at "mornings with maria" and all of you. i'm also grateful i get to work with ashley webster because ashley, one of my people to hang out with. happy new year to you.


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