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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 12, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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family dinner a thing of the past? three meals a week with loved ones according to a poll. nec a decline of how often they can eat with their family over the years. a guy who has nine kids, i love eating with my kids. good for family bonding and unity. that does it for me tonight. thank you for letting me in to your living room. ♪♪ maria: happening now, former president trump search warrant release. ran new information we are learning after officials stormed his home taking out classified documents. likely not to happen for prices. this essay fox news poll finds 75% of voters are not happy with the economy. hunter biden may not be alone. following a report following
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nancy pelosi start and a chinese firm. stabbing an author on stage at an event in new york. we are live. new york city mayor eric adamson texas governor greg abbott as more buses arrive in new york city in texas. i am here for elizabeth macdonald. that evening and it starts right now. ♪♪ >> we begin with stocks ending higher today as the snp books it fourth straight weekly gain. passing the democrats nearly $740 billion spending bill. the inflation reduction act now goes to president biden's desk for signature. republicans worn the sweeping package will only hurt the economy. a warrant served against former
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president trump mar-a-lago home released. answering on the motivations behind monday's raid. we are live with the latest details. jonathan. >> hi there. with the consent of former president trump and the department of justice, this federal judge agreed to release documents surrounding this search warrant that was taken out by the fbi on monday. the government believed it may be a violation of federal laws against gathering, transmitting or losing defense information, concealment, removal of documents or destruction or falsification of records and investigations. it did not include specific details on how any of these crimes were committed. the property received classified records some marked as top-secret. the former president pushing
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back. the sensitive documents related to documents related among the items targeted in the search warrant. he posted that the nuclear weapons issue is a hoax. the feds are leaking stories to justify their unprecedented search of a former president's home. >> it was not acceptable. try to come up with reasons to make it sound okay. they do not have a good reason for doing what they did. >> several media organizations have filed a separate motion for the judge to release unredacted copies of all the documents associated with the search warrant. they say that there is so much rumor and speculation surrounding this very high profile case. they believe being able to see the full search warrant and the affidavit associated with it would put some of these rumors to rest. >> that is the key.
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>> further reaction on this. we have former acting attorney general along with attorney -- let's go to matthew first. a little bit more information, but no real specifics. it allows for locations to be searched included the 45, all other rooms or areas used or available for you to be used by the former president of the united states and his staff. it could be stored including all structures and buildings. this opens the doors for agents everywhere. >> they went all over mar-a-lago , including their private residence and the presidents office at mar-a-lago. what they found is very interesting.
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eleven classified top secret classified information. i think what this case will boil down to is trying to charge president trump two things. did he have knowledge that this was classified or that he possessed classified information because that is the standard. did he declassify this while he was president? he did several tranches of declassification while he was president. >> as you mentioned, they collected some 20 boxes and photos along with it along with documents that include classified. varied classified documents, can you break down what that actually means and is that significant? >> the highest classification. top-secret, specifically special compartmentalized which means that those are individual
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programs that are read into it if you do not have the proper clearance, you cannot do anything. it does not mean it has not been declassified. based on what president trump has been cheering on social media, that is what it boils down to. he believes they all were. i think that that defeats any knowledge requisite. it points to the fbi could have maybe thought a little bit more and try to resolve this without executing this. >> this is really unprecedented to have a former president of the united states that could be the actual opponent of this current president and have this, you know, raid happen of his house. speak to that a little bit. does this set a new precedent? >> it does. it demonstrates how out of touch the department of justice is
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with how this was received after the news was announced. you saw the outrage that poured out across the country. you see that a lot of folks think the fbi and doj has lost its way. there is a two-tiered system of justice. if you think about hillary clinton's case, same example. she did not have the requisite knowledge. president trump believed that the information he had was declassified and the case is over. before they get to that threshold, he did not even know that he had it. the gsa is the one that packed up his office and created these records and boxes in the first place. >> this is nancy mace today. listen to this. >> this has never happened before. you sell mayor garland doing damage control yesterday
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afternoon. hillary clinton bathroom was never rated and she had a personal server, private server with classified information on it. his home was never rated and he stole classified information from the national archive. now his pant leg in and out of the building. the left does not hold their side accountable on any of these issues. >> you alluded this to some of those cases there. in the last 30 seconds or so. the president that it sets, you cannot undo this. president down the road will now have to watch it darkly what happened with their administration and the next administration, aren't they. >> don't forget about general petraeus as well. going to this issue. you have released forces that you will not totally appreciate what you have done. the american people will expect
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this tit for tat. obviously you can have a tear to -- two-tiered system. >> we will let you cover this from all angles. let's bring in thomas dupree. thomas, july 5, 2016 james comey outlined how hillary clinton had eight e-mails i fall into the top-secret classification. there was no raid, though. is this a double standard? >> it certainly raises these questions. we have to have a one tiered system of justice in this country. there is no question that hillary clinton was mishandling classified information, even if she lawfully had information to she was not handling in the proper way. look, i understand that there could be differences, differences in scale and differences in intent. this is just a different situation where it is more agree
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just. i think any americans are looking at this and saying wait a minute, isn't this the same thing we just went through with hillary clinton and look how that turned out. >> taking a step back, mayor garland was denied a vote to become a supreme court justice by senator mitch mcconnell. now we are seeing attorney general garland targeting conservatives. talking about the task force at investigate parents at the pta meeting. lack of movement on the case against hunter biden. is there an inherent bias? >> the great irony here, of course is that president obama nominated him to the supreme court because president obama thought he would be attractive to conservatives. that is kind of the irony here. this is a guy who came in famously saying he was going to restore the justice department, eliminate any partisan bias and that when he does this, from my
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perspective, wanted the big mistake that he did not get in front of this. it took him days to come out and make the public statement that he did. >> it lets people get their emotions going. posting a poll on twitter asking americans if they agree of the radon trumps mar-a-lago home. 78% disapprove. it shows the normative steps this raid was in the minds of americans. >> that is the thing. the justice department, gold standard historically in terms of its integrity, doing everything by the book. those are some of the things mayor garland said in my view to address the nation. he had to have known the firestorm that executing this would create. this public blowback and the pushback and the questions could not possibly have taken him or the administration as a whole as
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a surprise. i'm a little perplexed they were not better prepared for that. >> thank you very much. and a lot of questions at this attorney general will have to answer going forward. i appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you. >> a new report following a connection between nancy pelosi's son a chinese tax firm and a visit to taiwan. the gop says it will do the opposite. congressman brian style next on "the evening edit." >> it does nothing to reduce inflation. it should be called the inflation expansion act. more focus on green new deals and any other issue in the bill. . and did all i could to prevent recurrence. verzenio reduces the risk of recurrence of hr-positive, her2-negative, node-positive, early breast cancer with a high chance of returning,... as determined by your doctor
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♪♪ >> the house voted to push through nearly 740 elgin dollar inflation reduction act a key vote on the passage of this bill on the senate side with democratic senator joe mansion voters in his home state are speaking out. hillary vaughn is in washington on that. >> good evening. we went to west virginia and talked to a few people that think the inflation reduction act will bring prices down for
6:17 pm
them. we talked with a lot of people that were not buying it and do not think that it will do anything to bring prices down and a lot of them are not happy with their senator joe mansion who helped go she ate the deal. >> do you think that that will bring prices down? >> i think it well. i think it will. >> put your money where your mouth is. i will believe it when i see it. >> generally like joe mansion, generally respect his opinion on a lot of things. joe, you are wrong on this one. this is not going to help us. we are going to actually see more inflation come about because of this right now. spending causes inflation. [inaudible] i think things will not get any better unless there is a change in november. maybe there will be a change in november and i'm looking forward
6:18 pm
to that. >> i am concerned with the amount of money that is involved in that. it seems like a lot of money. i am a democrat. >> even some democrats in west virginia are worried about the hundreds of billions of dollars in new government spending including the 300 alien for the clean energy industry. edward. >> it is not just west virginia voters. it is other folks across the country. joining me as congressman ryan. your reaction to senator mansion he was trying to spin this as good for his voters. >> the democrats will try to continue to spin this. try to claim this will reduce inflation. it will increase inflation. they should be no surprise to a democratic party that told us inflation was temporary and transitory. trying to redefine recession. the building came up for house. about to be signed into law.
6:19 pm
raise taxes, increase spending, move us in the wrong direction and the american people at the end of the day will be left paying the price. >> here is white house press secretary this morning discussing this spending bill. listen to this. >> think about the energy costed utility bills because of the investments that we are making, they will steal that right away. >> they will feel that right away. >> they will feel that right away. let's do it this bill passed and we will see how the mechanics and all of that will work through. >> we have heard that before. let's get this passed and then we will see what is in it. as the policy spend now and see what is in it. >> they will feel it when they fill up the car with gas. democrats just passed a tax increase on oil and gas companies. at a time when we should be unleashing american energy the democrats are moving in the opposite direction and working to increase taxes.
6:20 pm
this continued reckless spending is what is driving prices up and americans are feeling it every day at the grocery store, at the gas pump. as parents go by back-to-school products. day in and day out it is clobbering americans. >> you talk about taxes. you are the cochair of the middle class jobs caucus. $20 billion in extra revenue from the inflation reduction act would come from audits, more audits on taxpayers making less than $400,000 a year. are you surprised? >> this is unbelievable. hiring more agents dan fit in lambeau field. there will be more new irs agents had people filling the stadium. this is busloads of irs agents that will be out there harassing everyday americans. this is ludicrous what the democrats are trying to do. they will have to work their
6:21 pm
tails off to spin this. the american people are smart. they have seen what has happened with reckless democratic spending. they have seen what is happened from rising crime to rising energy prices. this november is our opportunity to retire nancy below see once and for all and put a check on the biden administration. >> a new fox news poll shows 75% of people are dissatisfied with the way things are going. the president believes more spending will fix that. what do you think? >> the exact opposite. coupled with tax increases that got us into this problem in the first place. we should be ripping the band-aid off of these legacy covid era policies. we should be going back and putting forward the policies that president trump did that grew the economy coming into the recession. before we hit the pandemic, what we saw was rising wages for all americans.
6:22 pm
what we saw coming out of the pandemic under the biden administration is falling wages. wages not keeping up with inflation. we need to stop at the democrats are doing. we need to allow americans to get their way of life back. >> you talked about earlier the fossil fuel industry or oil taxes. the american gas association along with others have said in a letter to congress, $6.5 billion tax on methane emissions would result in consumers paying about the mentee and percent or for natural gas. winter is coming. is this a back and way that the inflation reduction act will go after the fossil fuel industry? >> you are exactly right. winter is not far away in wisconsin. it comes early. trying to increase taxes on the oil and gas industry. they want to make sure that americans cannot afford it so they turn to alternative forces.
6:23 pm
the last thing that we should be doing, and. of time where energy costs are already hi, and a period of time we are in a recession, allowing the administration to increase taxes and costs for american consumers that are just trying to fill up their car with gas on the weekend so they can take their kids to school, get to work and go to the grocery store to buy groceries. >> house speaker nancy pelosi, changing the topic, house speaker nancy pelosi took her son to taiwan as an unlisted guest. we will do this story later, but, what are your feelings on that? what are your feelings? where's the regulation on this? >> pelosi writ large continues, continues to raise red flags. it is unbelievable that these red flags keep getting raised. we need to look into this. the pelosi administration that we watch every day is not going
6:24 pm
to do the investigation. we see corruption. we've got to look into this. >> thank you very much. a new report now reveals a connection between house speaker nancy pelosi son as we just talked about and a chinese tech four. we have a contributor ahead with his thoughts on that. >> nancy pelosi has posed for much of her career. here she is, her son, not getting these jobs without her. ♪♪
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♪♪ edward: let's get right to this. joe concha joins us now. a special trip to taiwan. the daily mail reported paul pelosi junior was the second largest investor in a chinese tech firm only after the chinese ceo. he received 700,000 shares as compensation for work that was done. in march of this year he still held 140,000 of those shares. is there a conflict of his accompanying the house speaker on this trip to taiwan? >> must be rhetorical friday. look, yes, that is absolutely the case here. when you read over the facts of the story, went to taiwan with
6:29 pm
his mother. she did not announce that he was going on this trip beforehand. did not reveal it until she was asked about it after the fact. paul pelosi junior beats the s&p 500 like a drum. it is almost as if he can see the future when he is not getting overserved as napa restaurants importuning his vehicle while drunk. mining companies and lithium should be noted is produced, 75% plus out of asia. i am sure he was just there for the sights and sounds and not for any business reasons or anything. we have seen this movie before. so often. hunter biden did not go to china with his father when he was vice president to do any business over there. it is nothing new. it usually involves like a mom or dad getting their son or daughter a job at a company they work at or friend that they know
6:30 pm
and not making obscene amounts of money and countries that are not friendly towards us. whether that be china or russia. >> joe, we had to do a where's waldo with the pictures because he was not listed on this trip. one of the only reporters day after day talking about hunter biden. now the house speaker son. she makes a case that the chinese offered the sweetheart deals and expect something in return. listen to this. >> her son would not be getting these jobs without her. he has nothing to recommend him other than he is the son of the third most powerful person in the country. edward: i want to get your thoughts on that. what do you think? >> hunter biden is on the board of an energy company in ukraine. he literally had no experience in energy whatsoever outside of taking the amtrak and that uses
6:31 pm
energy. it is crazy. i just get a kick out of the house speaker nancy pelosi when she said nobody is above the law. she said that earlier this week. it should say nobody is above the law except for hillary clinton, hunter biden, paul pelosi, paul pelosi junior, eric holder, i could go on here but you have finite time. when republicans take back the house in november, there has to be investigations into these things. it is just so blatantly obvious to here in front of us, to maranda's point, it is a great one, paul pelosi, the only reason he is on these boards is because his mother's name is nancy and she happens to be the speaker of the united states congress. edward: a spokesperson for the house speaker's office spouses and children have been allowed on these trips. basically saying nothing to see here.
6:32 pm
the chinese do not see it that way. >> of course not. there is a reason why nancy pelosi could have listed her son was going with her. if you do not beforehand, it does not look sneaky afterwards when you are asked about it. transparency obviously not the house speaker's strong suit. we will have to see where this goes when republicans start to look into it when they take over the congress in january, edward. >> it should be very, very interesting. thank you. fear the turtle. >> you beat me to it. [laughter] >> renewed concerns that president biden is going soft on china. accusations and the defense coming up. a suspect in custody after stabbing someone on stage at a new york event caught on video there. retired officers next on the evening and evening edit
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♪♪ edward: a man is in custody after officials say he attacked someone on stage today during an event in new york. he is undergoing surgery. we are live in james county new york with details on this. brian. >> the renowned novelist selman is currently undergoing surgery after being stabbed at least once in the neck and abdomen. new york police say the 75-year-old author was airlifted by helicopter to a nearby trauma center after someone attacked him on stage moments before he was set to give a lecture southwest of buffalo new york. witnesses say he was pushed to the ground by a man that looked as gnocchi was punching or stabbing the author 10-15 times in front of an audience of roughly 2500 people. audience members rushed the
6:38 pm
stage. a state police officer subdued and rested the suspect has been identified as a 24-year-old from fairview, new jersey. >> we are in the process of obtaining search warrants for various items. there was a backpack located at the scene. there was also electronic devices. >> police gave no information on a motive or his nationality. rusty is an award-winning author 14 novels. his 1988 book the satanic verses which some considerable estimates have led to 30 years of death threats to the iranian regime. he was also put on his head by then ayatollah calling for him to die over that book. again, no connection at this point to any of that as the investigation continues and the fbi is now involved. >> i want to ask you quickly before you go.
6:39 pm
we saw john bolted there as well as mike pompeo. any connection with those plots russia mark. >> no connections yet. no motive, no information on his nationality, no information on whether he has a criminal background. it would be very telling to whether there is a connection. arrested and charged by the doj earlier this week. bounties for the assassinations all bolted and mike pompeo. we will let you know. >> thank you for being on top of that. appreciate it. >> cities desperately searching for answers to fight historic spikes in crime as their police departments are now dealing with severe staffing shortages. struggling to fill their ranks. that's welcome retired officer bill stanton. first of all, thank you for protecting new york. what is the answer here? >> the answer is simple.
6:40 pm
get behind law enforcement. don't look to prosecute cops for doing their job. taking legal lawful action. what they are doing is disenfranchising police. they knew when this first started that it would end up like this and it is only getting worse, not better. >> it is not an easy fix. talking about more than a year of rhetoric of defunding the police, police officers need to be investigated. the fix will not be that fast either, right? >> you are absolutely right. this has been a long rollout. demonizing police. where you have prosecutors becoming effective defense attorneys for the perpetrator and prosecuting the witnesses. the cops are made to be in fear
6:41 pm
to do their job where they are fighting. they are not only fighting for their lives as bystanders now do not help them, but they help the bad guy. they are fighting for their careers. they are fighting going to jail. now the cop does not want to get out of the patrol car. the cop makes this a paycheck no matter what. when you tell a cop you could just sit in your car, collect a paycheck and not go to jail, that is what we see happening in many cities in the country out of fear they will go to jail. edward: this is a problem all over the country. san jose police officers association has a survey they've done. one of five officers say they plan to leave or retire. will this come to a point where community safety may be a risk? >> community safety is already at risk. a bodega owner has to defend himself and they set the bail out $500,000 in the perpetrators
6:42 pm
girlfriend was stabbing that's a bodega owner and they decide not to bring any charges. it is like we are living in some mad max thunder dome movie. cops are leaving their job and fleeing the city's. going to cities that respect. >> i've not seen tina turner out here either. i appreciate your help. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> a war of words ramping up between eric adams and texas governor greg abbott as more buses full of migrants today arrive in new york city from texas. new concerns that president biden is being soft on china. retired army lieutenant colonel on "the evening edit" isn't that right phil? sorry, i'm a little busy. what in the world are you doing? i'm in the metaverse, bundling my home and auto insurance. why don't you just do that in the real world?
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chinese president planning to visit southeast asia and meet face to face with president biden in november.
6:47 pm
marked the first time this leader in asia. the first in-person meeting with president biden since american leaders inaugurations. retired army lieutenant. biden made the commitment to meet president this year and they are hoping to do that. not confirming any details of this. do you see this president should this meeting happen in making any demands that china backs down and follows up on those demands? >> i think that by just leaving open the prospect of meeting after this incredible belligerent action in the united states is already looking weaker. the u.s. should have basically told them to pound sand. the thought of the meeting with the chinese leader is completely inexcusable. that would have been in china space and had some impact.
6:48 pm
what the united states has been trying to do essentially is de-escalate the situation like they think china some type of petulant child. the u.s. attitude actually emboldens that. trying to look strong going into the party congress. the americans essentially trying to be afraid of him and saying this guy is dangerous or reacting. that makes him look stronger and strengthens his position. it will make it more belligerent, not less. >> slow walking arms into ukraine initially, the debacle in afghanistan lap left 13 servicemen killed, the president visiting saudi arabia not getting anything close to what he wanted, does china view this administration as a rival? >> certainly they they viewed the united states as a rival because we have a powerful military in the world's largest economy in a lot more friends and they do, but, look, this is essentially the obama
6:49 pm
administration. everyone from the president on down are mostly obama officials. that playbook was extremely -- very early once this administration came into office, they saw the same exact playbook why the russians were not deterred through invading ukraine. why they continue to fight because they just do not think the americans will step up the aid to stop them. why the chinese were emboldened in taiwan, why the iranians are making outrageous commands. it becomes clear that they are out stocking former american officials and trying to kill them. >> why doesn't the president pivot? why doesn't the administration see it and pivot? >> why a ballclub losing 30 games in a row doesn't start winning games. they don't change the lineup and they don't change the place. it is that simple. they are two years into office.
6:50 pm
the kind of administration that learns from their mistakes and improved, we would've seen that by now. >> exactly. thank you. lieutenant colonel i appreciate your insight on this. this is something that just will not go away. china is our arrival. we need to step up and look at that going forward. >> thank you for having me. new york city mayor and greg abbott. more bus loads of migrants arriving new york city from texas. >> this has always been personal to governor abbott. into as been personal because the government continues to fail us. ♪ you know how to spend a little less to get a little more to make life a little better. ♪ nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard.
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edward: new york city mayor eric adams speaking out today after two more buses of migrants arrived in manhattan. greg abbott continues to send busloads to the democratic led cities including washington, d.c. sparring over the bus battle. nate. >> good evening. two more buses arrived in new york city today with 89 migrants on them. we also heard an official with
6:55 pm
the mayor's office here in new york city say that governor abbott is inciting anti-immigrant hatred. take a look at this video before 8:00 a.m. this morning. you see commissioner manwell castro shaking migrants hands as they get off the bus. they will keep accepting all migrants from texas. he also has a new accusation against the texas governor. >> you see people, human beings, it is just disgusting. new york city will not fall for the trap. new york city will continue to be a welcoming city. governor abbott is -- we will not do that in new york. >> new york city mayor eric adams is responding to a new york post article that claims some migrants are getting preferential treatment compared to homeless americans including veterans. the mayor says that is not the case. >> we treat everyone who seeks shelter assistance the same way
6:56 pm
as universal and how we treat people, that is what we have always done. >> in washington, d.c., the mayor is renewing her request for national guard support after the pentagon rejected her initial request last friday. one week has passed. we will see what comes of that. 6800 migrants have been bus to washington, d.c. in the past few months. back to you. edward: a small fraction of what is illegally coming across the border, these border towns are dealing with. former acting dhs secretary said it is sad that they had to resort to busing to get attention on biden's border crisis. here he is earlier today. >> what he is having to do a shame big city mayors like mayor adams to actually care. to actually get involved in this fight and be part of the solution and lien on the biden administration to solve this issue at the end of the day. he should not have to do this. if this is what it will take to
6:57 pm
get others talking about this crisis in talking about solutions, then they need to continue to do this. >> joining me now is a congressman that will talk about this. i want to get your reaction. this move finally has the white house fielding questions about the border again. >> well, it is good that he is fielding questions about the border. let's make something clear. when the mayor said before everyone is treated the same, no, actually, someone that was a veteran in the navy should be getting preference and should be taken care of. a veteran that stood up and fought for our country and is now homeless. nobody is anti-immigration. this as people being concerned with illegal activity that is occurring and people that are illegal crossing the border. now it shows. everywhere should be a section
6:58 pm
where he city according these two cities. everyone should welcome everybody in, yeah, it is real easy when you are only getting a certain number of them. when you are a border town, small towns that are being overrun. certainly i can understand why governor abbott is doing what he is doing. he is doing the right thing as a good governor for his state. the real bottom line is we have to close the border. i want the folks listening out there to know, not just in new york, not just in washington, they are not just in texas. they are flying them out across the country, they are busing them out across the country, changing the whole fabric of the united states of america because that is what joe biden wants to do. he does not want it america that we know and love. he wants to change of fabric, bring people in that are illegal and undocumented and don't belong in america.
6:59 pm
>> congressman, you are on the homeland security committee. 1.6 million people have illegally come across the border fiscal year 2021. it is 2.86 million people illegally flooded under this entire presidency of joe biden so far. that is more than the population of washington, d.c. by a lot. the entire population of chicago what kind of security issue is this? >> it is a major security issue. we are making a new state made up of illegal people. secondly, the drugs killing our children all over the country comes from china. we know this. it actually gets through to the southern border and is brought in. more and more and more and stronger and more deaths because of it. talk about the terror watch list. not the ones that we catch,
7:00 pm
hundreds of them, there are many that escape. they cannot catch everybody. this president and this majority congress will not even fund the adequate border control. >> i appreciate it. congressman from new jersey. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> you are watching "the evening edit." that does it for us. thank for watching. have a great evening. >> happy weekend to all. welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was in helps position you for the week ahead. i am maria bartiromo. the biggest climate bill in history. i am getting reaction from tennessee senator on that. why it took days


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