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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  March 21, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld. there is a guy that never works out, but always showers. now to andy levy. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> let it go, america. our top story, a new study shows that being drunk can make people more politically conservative. the shocking story that is actually more nuance than you are thinking it is, so settle down. robert disco -- robert deniro makes a joke. and they call the killing of osama bin laden the most audacious plan in years, which i think means the day since 1512 and under the forces of gasccon in the bay the tell of rivena even though he lost his life. >> it is defoit. >> i don't believe it is.
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>> it is de-foix. look it up. >> i don't care. >> it seems you don't or you would have pronounced it correctly. >> i don't care about the french. >> neither do i so why are we speaking? >> exactly. >> go away, weird man. let's welcome our guests. shy puts the leg in allegations. i am here with criminal defense attorney recommend knee spencer. remi spencer. and kurt loder, "reason magazine." the good the bad and the god awful. you must read it now. you can see his new digs under the under passes. bill schulz. sitting next to me, the great tucker tucker carlson, fox news interest crer and editor in chief of the delightful "the daily caller" add a dot-com and you can look it up. and our new york times correspondent. good to see you, pinch.
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>> today art and leisure profile. the ifc celebrating the history of gay cinema throughout the month of april. on top for tonight, keep the lights on. , postcards from america and return of the jedi with an extremely graphic sex scene between c3po and r2d2 and the ewok. children and pets are not add split -- admitted during the first two minutes of this inter galactic hump fest. >> thank you for that. >> it is a tour de force. >> i'm sure it is of the. >> i don't know what they were thinking editing it out. >> yes. does drinking booze improve your views? according to a study, getting drunk makes you more conservative. researchers at the university of arkansas decided to, quote, test the hypothesis that low effort thought, whatever that means, promotes political conservatism. no bias there, fellas. there was a test that found when the brain was pre
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occupied or distracted people had more conservative thoughts. another test showed that time pressure also caused you to make conservative decisions. the only ties i care about -- the only test i care about measures the blood alcohol of drinkers and as the booze level increases so does the political conservatism. the author's conclusion, it is a consequence of low effort thought. amazing how the conclusion backed up the hypothesis. i believe we have take of one of the authors conducting research. tucker, i get this study was just from the hypothesis alone was meant to mock or rip on conservative thinking.
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but did it? >> i kind of buy it, actually. i'm serious. being a little loaded lets abandon the pieties. once you stop lying to yourself it is hard to be liberal. it definitely takes you out of the mpr mainstream, and that's a good thing. >> if you are going to take a world view, australia is america drunk. >> yes. >> it is true. it just occurred to me. it is like, that's like me at night i love it. >> kurt, isn't it a fact that when you are drunk you never really become more liberal. after six beers are you not going, welfare is not such a bad thing. you go, welfare, get that crap out of my country. why is that? >> if people came up to me in a bar and started asking questions like this it would make me want to exercise my second amendment rights. who paid for the drinks ? >> well, this could have been an excuse for the researchers to go to a bar and pick up on young conservative women,
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which makes them extremely intelligent. probably, i don't know -- don't even know anymore. remi, what do you make of this stuff? >> i think this study is ridiculous. i think when you are drinking your guard is down. and not to be the pessimist at the table, but people are at their core concerned about their own well being. it is about self-preservation, and a lot of conservative views are more about earning what you get and keeping what you earn, and not the government handout. it makes sense that more people would be more innately conservative, but less likely to say so when they are in front of their peers or in front of their colleagues at work. >> it is like hollywood conservatives will never say anything, and then when you are at a bar they will do this thing and wink at you and go, yes, i am with you. >> nobody wants to admit to being a little selfish or less generous. >> i must ask you to leave. >> not at all intending -- i am not trying toil ply that.
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>> bill, you are drunk every night of your life. and yet you spout liberal talking points. please explain this contridiction. >> liberal talking points. i do spout them. >> this finally explains santorum. all of the stuff that comes out of his mouth, it was like, wacky, no, it is buzz. he said that kennedy's speech which he misquoted wasn't because he was angry. he was loaded. now it makes sense. >> that explains the need for throwing up. one of the things -- the over arching part of the conclusion was what they were trying to say that conservatism is a simple kind of thinking. that is when you are drunk you make snap decisions. they also talked about a time pressure thing. when you are under time you think conservatively. isn't that wrong? aren't they saying that is common sense? >> all of the really smart people ar enlightened as you
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know. anyone who disagrees is a mouth breathing moron. probably who lives in arkansas. every one of my neighbors believes this. science has backed it up. >> as a mouth breathing righty when i get drunk i will say nice things about obama. >> i don't it. >> truth serum, sir. >> it makes sense because liberals are pre pretentious and they talk a lot. but if you are drunk it is a lot easier to say, love it or leave it or axis of evil or hate is for freedom or anything over two sentences. >> here is the thing. i find that when i am -- when i can't think of anything to write about, i pretend i am drunk. i know it is true. if there is a story that i have talked about for 17 days in a row i get into a mind set -- >> do you think calling girlfriends at that point? >> if you think drunk you
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always have an opinion. >> i never buy a flag lapel sober. i come home with a bunch when i am drunk. >> whether you sober they are on your lapel. when you are drunk, god knows. >> nipple piercing. >> the doctors at the er always have a good time. they are trying to guess which flag it is by the x ray. >> they call me old glory. from studies to statues, is the monument to ike way too lady like? will family members of dwight eisenhower try to stop a memorial for the late president which features him as a barefoot boy rather than a world leader and war hero. but it does have its fans. back in december it delighted in the feminine sense bill tee. he said, i bet even his name wears glasses. "gary produces a design with several hierarchies of the classical memorial. showing interiority rather
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than masculine power expeks ter national display he has, quote, region deered the vocabulary of memorialization. the rye viewer said criticism of the work likely stems from, quote, the basic feminization of the memorial language. the park contains a statue of eisenhower and later versions of himself. it is a reference to the dreaminess of youth and the traditionally feminine passivity of reading. meanwhile, the memorial plans to show a bio pick of the former supreme commander which i believe we have a preview. >> you didn't have a lot of hair back then either, remy.
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if eisenhower was your great grand dad what would you do? >> i didn't understand anything that that critics from the washington post was saying. i am not sure how you get femininity from that. we should honor him as a war leader and president of our country. i realize it is art. but when we talk about memorials for our president we need to set bar a little higher. look at the lincoln memorial. that is a perfect example of power and strength. >> he is sitting. >> the washington monument. when the revolution comes the art critics will be the first to go and i will not raise a finger. and we have enough memorials crowding the great lawn we call the mall. we don't need another one, especially not one of a little kid. >> they don't need to be that big. they just need to be mess skew lynn. and that's the problem. here is what i am getting. heroic achievement is seen as
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masculine. masculine is a fault. therefore we have to do something passive and internal and interiorization whatever that means. >> i can't get enough to think about this. it looks like an industrial park. at least it doesn't look like it is melting into a puddle of glob glob -- glop. he is the go to architecture guy. >> how old is he? i feel like i have heard his name. >> if he is still alive he is too old. >> terrible thing to say. >> i didn't mean that. >> they are all the worst. look at america's urban landscape and how many ugly buildings there are and the architects are not held responsible. i am not kidding. they should be in jail. >> what about the guy from spain, that dude? >> i am not sure which one are you talking about. >> i can't think of the guy i saw in spain. he was an architect i met in a bar. >> that's what he said. >> he said he was an
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architect. fooled me. bill, do you care if this memorial is feminine or masculine? >> you get what you pay for. have you ever seen frank gear rewith his glasses that only, a techs wear and his silk coats? even his sky scraibers -- scrapers are not falic. and speaking of getting what you pay for. $100 million and it took a duck cade to make is -- a decade to make? no more memorials. if you want to remember something, read a book. >> if eisenhower was alive he would throw a grenade into this place. imagine 60 or 70 years from now, the obama memorial. it would be like having a statue of him as a community organizer. >> which would be fitting. >> i set you up for that. >> the whole po nie t is you capture the essence of the person. you would have hitler and tojo. that was his achievement. >> but obama as the first
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african-american president so you would have him -- >> i will be living in new zealand at that point. >> for the beer summit, that's what you are saying. actually that would be cool. i like beer and like when people are sharing beer. is deniro an unfunny zero? on monday night, a night of the week, deniro was speaking at a fundraiser with obama and ben stiller and he said this junk. oh have i to read it. santorum and romney, and now do you really think our country is ready for a white first lady? after someone in the awed yins shouted no. he ad-libed too soon, right? the republican candidate newt gingrich took the high road and ignored these remarks. of course i am kidding. >> what deniro said was inexcusable and the president should uh poll gaze for him. it was at an obama fundraiser
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and it divides the country. >> meanwhile, in other deniro news, the actor teamed up with martin scorsese and it is a new film so put on your 3-d glasses if you have them. >> that was part one in a 17-part series. dog too scared to jump into a pool to get lemon. that's why they will never invent anything. stupid dogs. >> we are getting letters. send them to greg. >> too many keys on the
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keyboard. and they said these letters and it is creepy. bob deniro -- i call him bob because we go way back. they were not clever or funny, but i'm not sure they were racist. what the hell was it? >> who cares? we don't care of the color of the first lady. we care about the competence of her husband. what he is saying if we are not ready for a competent president. >> if rush limbaugh had said the same thing about michelle obama, you know we go, but what if somebody else said it? if rush said it, he would be -- >> yes, but there is an important distinction here. i am not saying he would be in prison, but there would be a scandal. the distinction is rush is famous and has fans and followers for his own independent thought. whatever your feelings are about him, it is his position. robert deniro has made a career and fortune and a ton of fans because he is really good at acting out things that
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other people have written for him. i don't know him, and i am a huge fan of his movies, but if you have ever seen him on a talk show, he cannot formulate a single sentence, or i have not seen him do it. he is talking about a sad joke. who cares? >> it is true. isn't the real story about robert deniro is he is boring? >> well, he is dumb. he is dumb. he is also socially inept. this is what happens when you don't have somebody writing for you. he saw some sitcom and didn't even hear what anybody else was saying in the lead up and he heard too soon which ever one -- getting to be my pet peeve is too soon. even though it didn't apply to anything he was saying,. he could have been reciting his grocery list and said, too soon? and then expected something that wouldn't have come. >> that would have been funny if he was reading his grocery list. margarine, eggs, too soon? >> that would have been hilarious.
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>> there is a certain person that does that a lot. >> that but trope and their raw tips -- and narratives. >> i just threw up in my mouth. >> it wasn't unamusing. >> i never watch those movies. everybody is jumping down their throats. and anybody uses the word inappropriate, i immediately write off. >> i probably have said that, but i agree with you. >> rocky and bull wink kill was inappropriate. why he did that one, i don't know. >> well, i think what is interesting about this story is gingrich decided he was going comment on it. was he that desperate for attention right now? it is like a high school drama.
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>> he had to race to the nearest microphone. it was a microphone light in the sky and he was like, i have to head over there. what is the outrage? what happened here? coming up, does crime really pay? remi spencer discusses her new book "of course crime pays" about how keeping murderers out of jail bought me my yacht and back up yacht. good for you. >> joe biden said something joe bideny.
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are women only happy when men feel crappy? you can hear everybody go, yes. from the files of this makes complete sense, a new study shows that when it comes to relationships, dudes feel their best when their significant others are happy, but the fairer sex are not fair at all and are most content when their man is upset or agitated. and the reason for all of this? the intensity of a fellow's emotion when's he is under attack shows that he is invested in the relationship. explains the mass general hospital psychologist behind this research. quote, women tend to want to engage around conflict, remi. yes, you. the guy that has quoted that, anonymous, because he is scared to death of his wife. speaking of conflicts who could forget this >> that is a cat crime.
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i know if it was a dog who did it you would call it a dog crime, but that's a cat crime. remi, what in the hell is wrong with your gender? you can't deny that this -- >> i can deny it and i will deny it. this study is balogna. >> this is science, remi. this is like the earth is round science. >> women just want to know that their man is engaged. >> so you try to -- >> no, we don't want to get you upset. >> why would you want to date someone engaged? you harlet. >> you are a relationship steeler. >> i am not an expert on relationships, but i think that men may perceive a woman's attempt to get their attention or open a conversation on a particular issue as initiate -- initiating a fight. we are human beings and we have different feelings. >> blah, blah, blah, blah. blah, blah, blah. i'm sorry. kurt, why can't women seek out emotional investment in ways
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that don't drive men bonkers? >> i don't know. but there is a study that says that people who conduct their lives conducting studies have way too much time on their hands. >> this is real science, remi. >> it is not. >> tucker. >> how is it real science? >> even as you are watching this unfold between me and remi right now, even if you tell your spouse that this is true, telling her is a mistake. you can't go, here, read this. >> i am married to a woman who doesn't act like this. i would say, a, men are terrified of women. and b, women love conflict and that's why men go to war because women like it. do you think men would go to war if they didn't know they would get laid when they get home? >> i have never heard that before. what is that, is that a club? >> it don't show pictures. >> what is that. >> a huh maf raw diet that can
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switch at will. >> doing it right now? >> does bill fight with himself then? >> does the woman part of him harass the male part of him? >> you know what, that is an insult to me and my brothers and sisters slash and/or hitherto and say i did some reporting for this story. i sent this story to an anonymous stores -- anonymous source that says, this is what is wrong with you in all caps and i got a reply. it is less about wanting to see you agitated and interpretive when it comes to your actions. the result is more conflict until you become aware of our sensitivities. by the way, have you gotten a lot better. and blah, blah, blah. she went on for five more paragraphs. i stopped reading it. you know what, i got a sandwich. >> why did you send this to dick morris? >> if you actually listened to dick, you will find out he is an expert on things that are not. >> that's good to know. >> you didn't mention the
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conclusion to the study that men and women should be nicer to each other. >> that's true. that's a good conclusion. but i do believe, remi, and i was making fun of you because i love you, but this explains the entire mystery of the male and female relationship. when guys think things are going fine it is only setting up for something to happen later. >> that's not true. >> of course it is true. >> men and women are different. i think that's obviously why we are attracted to each other. >> not all of us can be different. we are part of the same species. we are not much different. we have the same thoughts. >> weep -- women want to talk more and are more emotional and men don't want to do that. if bill is asking his girlfriend -- if bill doesn't ask his girlfriend how she is doing for a month she will be livid. >> a guy is not talking because he is happy. you are sitting there and your wife is doing something -- i don't know what they do with their hands, but they are knitting a meat loaf. they are knitting a meat loaf. >> i love when they are doing that.
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you are sitting there going this is exactly where i want to be in my life. they are wondering why is he quiet? is he thinking of running off to vietnam with his house boy which will never happen? silence equals happiness. it does. >> the house boy is from buenos aires. i don't know why the vietnam thing. >> he was never there. and the rates are really good if you go to hot wire. it has changed a lot. i think the film industry over there is helping the local environment. >> your homemade film industry is burr generalling there. >> fortunately i was never able to get them smuggled out after that one mistake. >> do you have a comment on the show? e mail us. and to leave a voicemail call me. still to come, the half time report from andy levy. he is a mess. >> tonight's half time report
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is sponsored by the men who withdraw from society to live in a religious community to devote themselves to prayer, solitude and contemplation. thanks, monks.
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let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. andy, how are you doing? >> just writing something down real quick. we had a fun little insurance department here.
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>> what was that? >> during the commercial break john stocil came in to agree with tucker about his comments. i thought it was interesting. >> i was sitting here minding my own. >> the study says -- also your stories were really boring. the study says low thoughts and conservative. being loaded prevents you from giving pieties. i exchanged e mails with the lead author of the study who was quite helpful, by the way. i asked if he thought it was possible what low efforts thought was honesty. he said you are suggesting when people are drunk their first true and uncorrected response comes out and that is a good approximation of what might be happening. >> see, i should have been a social scientist. >> who says you aren't, tucker? who says you aren't? >> kurt, you said if
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researchers came up to you in a bar you would want to exercise your second amendment right. >> i would try to. >> why so angry? >> are you in a bar and some guy comes up to you and wants to ask you questions like this, it is annoying. it must happen to you all the time. >> just say no, kurt. >> i will try. >> remi, you said it was ridiculous, but then it made sense to you. >> no, i did not. >> i think the whole idea of the study is stupid. it is not a simple mind set that is more conservative. it is inferring a negative character trait to those who are conservative. >> you are inferring it, and it is implying it. >> thank you. >> who are you? >> what is wrong with you? >> infer and imply are two different words. it is time america learned that. >> get it out of your system. >> so infer is what he does to him.
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>> infer is how you dress for your conventions. >> tucker, the study did not conclude that they were mouth breathers and this applies to you too. the study says, quote, we argue that the low effort thinking promotes political conservatism and not that it relies on the low effort thoughts. similarly they failed to engage in the efforts full of deliberate thoughts. and the conservative ways of thinking are basic, normal and natural. >> acedemics write poorly. >> it is like another language. >> now i feel bad. what he is saying is that i might have miss interpreted what he said, right? >> yes. >> he is saying that speaking while you are drunk is part of a greater area of thinking.
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i thought he said when you are drunk you think conservatively. no, thinking in a conservative way includes drunk thinking. >> are you drunk? >> maybe. you would agree with me if he was here, and then we would go out for drinks. >> and then you would become really conservative. >> well, in someways no. >> eisenhower portrayed as a little boy. bill, you spoke of the washington post architect and said i bet he wears glasses. >> no, i said i bet his name wears glasses. >> not only his name, but he himself does not wear glasses. but he has an awful goatee. >> does his goatee wear glasses? >> no. and he is a post culture critic and not architecture critic. who cares ? >> he cares. >> i just don't care about him. here is the dumbest thing he wrote in my opinion.
12:36 am
he wrote, quote, eisenhower was a great man, but there were others who could have done what he did and could have risen to the occasion if they were taped. what ike had to do to pull off the over lord it was how the command was arranged. he had to do so many things and you can't say that. >> have you ever tried to meet a deadline at the new york tiles? >> no. >> do that or the washington post. tucker you said with the revolution the critics will be the first against the wall. howard rork would agree with you. >> that's where i stole it. >> greg frank geery is 83 years young. you said if they do a memorial it would show obama as an organizer? >> yes. >> i think it would show him
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as a boy growing up in kenya. >> andy levy, the truth teller. andy is sober by the way. >> you should hear me when i am drunk. >> ugly, ugly stuff. >> do you really think our country is ready for a white first lady joke? you said deniro flubbed a bad joke. i agree, i don't think it was that bad. >> i don't think it was funny at all. but i don't see why we care if he is trying to make jokes or not. >> i agree with that. >> and referring to gingrich's outrage you have no patience for anyone who uses the word inappropriate as a joke. >> it is a kindergarten teacher word. >> the first lady's campaign, we believe the joke was inappropriate. >> inappropriate allows you to not define what you are talking about it is like you can't go to the bathroom and we are not telling you why. >> it is the boy who cried outrage. >> that's the title of my book.
12:38 am
>> you know what else is inappropriate? unacceptable. >> really? >> really. when somebody says is unacceptable, they don't give a reason why. i do that when i am complaining for things like when i am on the phone with budget rebt a car. i say that's unacceptable and the person says, what, what do i do? then we exchange phone numbers. >> and then the cabin in vermont. the oldest story in the book. >> it is sexy slinky. >> the oldest story in the book. women are happiest when men are miserable. greg, you said this was a new study. you failed to mention that the name of the study is eye of the beholder, the individual and contributions of i'm path thick relationship satisfaction. why? >> i couldn't pronounce it in the tele prompter. fair point. >> and i think maybe you miss portrayed what the study showed. it showed women, quote, are most content when their man is upset or agitated. i think what it actually
12:39 am
showed is somewhat closer to what remi said, and the study says women like it when men show empathy for their feelings or frustration and anger. >> not going to happen. >> according to the study. when she is acting crazy and getting mad she wants him to join in the craziness instead of hoping the whole thing will blow over. while he wants her to be happy he refuse tones gauge with the illogical insanity. but he doesn't and that's when he realizes he likes being single and then soon enough he is. >> what is up captain personal? >> that was not according to the study. my bad. >> i just think women want to see that their men can be as passionate about the relationship as they are. >> just one second. >> would you prefer if i talk about cats? would that be more interesting. >> i would prefer to talk about sports. >> spoken like a true single
12:40 am
man. >> sports cats are about cats that skateboard and do extreme sports. >> it is a spinoff of bureau-cats. >> i pitched it to hbo and they didn't get it. cats working in dc and trying to solve problems and they didn't get it. the whole sports cats thing. i think it will hit. >> i think mtv2 or espn3 or something. >> i was look teg hallmark channel -- i was looking at the hallmark channel. >> it is not a sportscast i don't think. >> you never know. 80 is the new 90. >> in a way they have cats. >> just don't feed them mountain dew. they explode. >> trust me. i though from what i speak. >> your definition of speed is different from most. >> thank you, andy. coming coming up, i will be
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back at my apartment if you would like to see. first, what is new with the teenage mutant ninja turtles. not much according to my bed sheet.
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dismie was there anything more -- was there anything more bold than turning osama's blood cold? joe biden said the killing of bin laden was the bravest act of bravery in five centuries. that's like 60 years. uttered the vp during a fundraise neither new jersey, quote, you can go back 500 years -- oh. you cannot find a more audacious plan, never knowing for certain having more than 48% probability that he was there. he spends four to six hours a day watching him make decisions. noting this guy is not only smart as hell, but she ready to make the decision and stand back and live with it. it sounds like my uncle carl.
12:45 am
after the show we will meet him. let's discuss this in -- >> lightning round. lightning round. >> remi was biden right? is this the biggest thing to happen since the 1600's. >> it is so audacious and radical and so freakin cool. it seems like a weird word for the vp to use. but it is a huge thing. >> so you agree? it was the biggest thing, bigger than d-day? >> i don't know if it is bigger than d-day, but -- >> well that was the question, the biggest thing in 500 years? if you said yes it was bigger than d-day. bigger than the san francisco earthquake? >> i think it was a bold decision. >> bigger than elvis? how about when the beatle when's on the ed sullivan show? >> not bigger than that. >> that's the po nie t i was making. okay. that's it for us tonight. just kidding. tucker, i'm not sure this is true. biden mentioned if the raid
12:46 am
failed obama would have lost the next election. but if the raid failed would we have heard about it? maybe we would have heard about it. >> i think we would have given where it took place. it was next to the large pakistani military academy. it is an interesting statement. in light of the belief that biden was one of the people in the administration agitating for the raid. the president was hesitant. it is a matter of fact the public would have given obama a pass on the sincere attempt to kill bin laden. i don't think it was perilless, but we will never know. >> there has to be some other audacious plan in the past 500 years. the last guns and roses album for example spent a decade and they created a masterpiece. >> i think it is putting joe biden a heartbeat away from the president. biden also said, i literally do get to be the last guy in the room. what room was he referring to? >> he was figuratively the
12:47 am
last guy in the room. in a sense, aren't we all there? >> i have to say, you can say audacious in the last 500 years because we can't prove it. it is not like there are any history books or anything. i was born in 1964, so i don't know what happened before that. that's the thing. this is a huge achievement. it should be shared by everybody since september 11 trying to get this guy. it was an awesome achievement for a lot of people and there were a lot of achievements like d-day and things like that that were important. why am i being so series right now when i have to make a tease? time for a break. don't think of leaving me now. whrap
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well michael bay, the director, not my neighbor is fueling the wrath of fan boys everywhere after details about a new live action teenage mutant ninja turtle movie and how he is changing the mythology. the turtles are from an alien race and tough and edgy and funny and lovable. but according to the nerds, the angry nerds, the turtles
12:52 am
can't be normal. they are mutations. the radio active goop. fans need to take a breath and chill. i look at this and i listen to this and i am with the nerds. isn't this like remaking the wizard of oz? >> it is exactly like that. what needs to be done here is we take michael bay away from the turtles and get him far away and assign him to direct all future john carter sequels. >> there you go. i don't know how i feel about michael bay. it is too loud for me when things are going on, tucker. but why should you mess with a good thing? the mutant was in the title? >> first of all it is kind of hot. >> it is. and this reminds me -- remember scotty from star trek was always attacking the fans? >> yes. >> you can't break down -- you have to stay in character for the creator of one of these
12:53 am
franchises? you can't ever say like, get a life, fans. that's right. >> it is like if you are going to remake the poseidon adventure, that's a huge change. seriously you are taking mutant, remi, out of -- why would you do that? who would do that? >> would you do a class action suit you being a lawyer? >> the thing is, i don't sue people for a living. i am a defense attorney. >> she always talks to me like i am 12 years old. i am a defense attorney. >> not every lawyer sues other people. if i was one of those lawyers i would sue for sure. >> he is destroying the brand. these are the people that will pay money to go see the film. he should cater to them. i know i am not going to go and see the film. >> tell me about it. it would be like bill. they are changing the godfather to the god uncle.
12:54 am
>> it would be pg-13. >> and it would be wacky. >> is there such a thing? >> i am one. >> i never heard of it. >> they call them guncles. bill, answer the question. >> you talk about the teenage mutant ninja turtles and you come to me last? really? really? epic fail, greg. epic fail. everyone knows the radio ago tip goop surrounded the turtles and splinter their rat sen say and they went on to grow and become what they were which was these heros that would go around new york city and they would hide for sure, but this will turn into slow-motion scenes put against an aerosmith soundtrack and i am not watching it. >> did you know that? >> i love teenage mutant ninja turtles. >> i thought you were making it up.
12:55 am
>> they all had special ninja skills. >> that's so sexy. >> i'm free afterwards. >> the only thing i know about teenage mutant ninja turtle is the crime hour on the weekend about the guy who played one of them in the tv show is a stuntman who killed those people on a boat. people at home are going, i understand exactly what he is talking about. it was that mystery on the actor who killed those people on the boat. he was an actor mutant ninja turtle. >> he should have been playing shredder. believe me, the fans will know what i am talking about. >> time to close things out with the post game wrap up from our own shredder, tv's andy levy.
12:56 am
12:57 am
12:58 am
back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> thanks. tucker you have great video of tom hanks at "the daily caller."
12:59 am
>> we do. it should be huge. tom hanks did a show and it turned into a show and a guy showed up and they were telling jokes. this video should be everywhere. it is on our site. i hate to plug anything, but i am plugging that. >> so you are saying there is not enough outrage? >> kind of. it is pretty amusing. >> the video sin appropriate though. is inappropriate though. >> now you are getting me. but it is a good video and you should watch it. >> it was an epic fail on both their parts. >> really, bill? >> remi, is it true you are doing a seminar on technology in the courtroom? >> yes. next thursday if you are a licensed attorney in new jersey or you need credits in new jersey we are -- i am moderating a seminar about technology in criminal cases. >> excellent. kurt, what do you have? >> i have really got nothing. >> did you see "21 jump


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