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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  May 13, 2012 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, may 13th, here is what's happening. mitt romney, reaffirming his stance at a religious university. >> marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. >> alisyn: would the religious vote move his campaign forward? we'll debate. >> dave: and with other issues taking center stage is the administration trying to he deflect from the economy? president obama blamed john mccain for the same thing and tactics in 2008? >> i'm going to keep on talking about the economy. i'm going to talk about health care, i'm going to talk about education. i'm going to talk about
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energy. >> dave: is the effort distraction here. >> clayton: and food fraud at the lunch line costing taxpayers billions of dollars. how a big bureaucracy is not only wasting cash, but hurting our kids for school lunches. "fox & friends" begins right now. >> dave: sloppy joe? ♪ ♪ icht. >> clayton: oh, happy mother's day to the mothers out there. welcome into "fox & friends" on this beautiful sunday morning here in midtown manhattan. >> dave: and there's natalie in the center. and a nice relaxing mother's day for you as always. get up at two in the morning, and go to work and what's that they want. >> alisyn: go home and dive into the family chaos, it's
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great. >> dave: it's a dream. >> alisyn: i'm grateful. >> clayton: my wife was texting, i was leaving at 3:30. both kids are up. both kids the same night. happy mother's day. we want to thank 1-800-flowers on thank them for the flowers on the set. >> alisyn: i want to say hi to one of our special moms out there. sue, she watches us every saturday and sunday and good morning, sue, happy mother's day. >> dave: happy mother's day to you all. meanwhile, a big saturday for mitt romney. some say his most important speech yet as he addresses the commencement at liberty university. as you might imagine, gay marriage was a part of the speech, everyone waiting for mitt romney to confirm this. >> now, as fundamental as these principles are, they may
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become topics of democratic debate from time to time. so, it is today with the enduring institution of marriage, marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. >> clayton: there he was making the point that-- of course the university founded by jerry falwell, the evangelical leader and it was an interesting moment because you had a number of students who didn't actually go to the commencement speech who wanted to stay home, didn't believe as some do that evangelicals, and evangelical university that mormonism is not a strain of the christian faith so you had roommates basically saying i'm going to the speech and some saying you'll not going to the speech and he affirmed evangelical beliefs and talking about faith all afternoon. >> alisyn: he did. it's interesting the way he dealt with gay marriage was different than how rick
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santorum suggested he do so. he mentioned this sort of as a brief moment. he did mention it, but didn't dwell on it. rick santorum says it's an issue if morm were to capitalize would get more voters, a potent, weapon, if you will, for governor romney if he's going to step ut on hopefully governor romney will continue to stand tall on how detrimental it would be for society if this were to change, so, just interesting, i mean, different tactics and what you think, whether or not he should talk about it more at length. >> dave: as clayton acknowledged. there were some that weren't happy with it. that was the money line, one small part, but the loudest ovation of the afternoon. i think that crowd that did go, they were all waiting for him to confirm his thoughts on
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the issue. >> clayton: and he read from a teleprompter, prepared remarks and repeatedly invoked god throughout his speech and read off a laundry list of christian leaders and thinkers, pope john paul ii to the novelist c st. louis and hit the right notes as we were just talking about, there were those who refused to go to the speech altogether because of his mormon faith, but he says he can bring them together. all faiths together and that's what he was trying get his message across. take a listen. >> i know that there are very significant differences in creeds and theologies certainly between my faith and liberty university and yet, we find common ground and common purpose and service in values that he we share and i think, also, in our world view as relates to what it takes to have a strong america, to preserve our freedoms, to protect the institution of
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family. these, these causes bring us together and allow us to lock arm despite the different theological views that we have, and i think as dr. falwell has said today, we care very deeply about finding people who share our values and views and work for a person who can become our commander-in-chief. perhaps not our pastor in chief. >> and another thing he addressed in that interview is his quote, wild and crazy side, that ann romney referenced a week or so ago. we'll tell you what he said about his crazy side and some of his pranks. >> clayton: and his staff acknowledged a number of pranks. >> dave: he's a prankster and some things he's done. >> alisyn: fasten your seat belt, it gets nutty. >> dave: it is good. you think he's dry. wild and crazy. >> alisyn: meanwhile, now that romney has given his big speech, what's on tap for the president this week? for that let's go to peter
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doocy. hey, peter. >> alisyn, the president is going to be all over the map and start things off in new york city by giving his own commencement address at barnard college, a private women's college in manhattan and at that commencement the rounder of a pro gay marriage group is expected to receive an award and then off to see the segment for the view on abc where we expect the president to speak about his own new public position regarding same sex marriage and then head to a fundraiser co-hosted by ricky martin and the lgbt leadership council and the futuro. and then the at someone's home and then tuesday at the white house in d.c., at an event honoring law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty and l.a. galaxy of major league soccer to be recognized winning the mls cup last year and wednesday the president is going to layout a to-do list
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for congress aiming to create jobs for the middle class. thursday, nothing that we'll get to see, just meetings at the at white house. but, friday after a speech here in d.c., symposium, the president flies off to camp david for the g8 summit on saturday. later on saturday to chicago for an n.a.t.o. summit a broad spectrum, but the fund raising for the week is going to happen tomorrow. >> alisyn: thank you, peter. >> clayton: and interesting, what is the topic a on the stump speeches across the country? >> well, yesterday, we heard the to-do list the speaker is talking about on the radio address, and wants congress. and this week he was off message, some would say, talking about the legalization in some capacity of gay marriage across the country, but the president has a long history sawing that that kind of talk about these types of
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social issues is perhaps a large distraction from the focus on the economy. >> alisyn: right, back in 2008 when he was a candidate obama he talked about how the wedge issues were just not what the country was focused on or should be be focused on or cared about, talking about the economic health of the country and that's what everybody cares most about. in particular we look back at 2008 how often he talked about what distractions the web issues was, and making english the national language of the nights. >> when we get distracted by those kinds of questions i think we do a disservice to the american people it's ease toy get caught up in the sill aniness and the tot for tat, and i will not be false charges. >> senator mccain and his operatives are gambling that they can distract you with smears rather than talk to you about substance.
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>> i am going to keep on talking about the issues, i'm going to keep on talking about the economy, i'm going to talk about health care, i'm going to talk about education, i'm going to talk about energy. >> in fact, we don't hear a whole lot about health care at this point. it may be proven unconstitutional by the supreme court. we don't hear a whole lot about the stimulus or the economy and the positive direction it's moving or lack thereof. and there in lies the problem, how do you run on the economy, that's clearly not in the shape it needs object. >> karl rove said these the exact distractions, speaker boehner turned the switch in front of gay marriage right back to the economy and mitt romney talking about the economy. of course, a little bit yesterday off message at liberty university talking about social issues, karl rove on the show, saying these are the particularly the distractions that the obama white house wants right now.
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take a listen. >> you've got a lousy record on job and weakest since the great depression so the president welcomes a conversation about anything, anything, anything, but the economy. he loves, he'd love to be talking about "the washington post" bullying stories for weeks, anything to keep us talking about, jobs growth, the economy, debt and affordable care act. >> alisyn: and meanwhile, let's talk about immigration, another thing that obviously is a hot topic on the campaign trail. jan brewer, the governor of arizona at a big g.o.p. event in arizona last night where they were picking the delegates for the tampa national republican convention and she fired up the crowd, got a standing ovation and talked about how arizona will never be a swing state. >> with the right spirit is
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united, and courage and common cause, the white house will belong to us. not-- not-- this state will remain red. >> clayton: the of courses. supreme court-- we don't know which way they'll rule on portions of the immigration law. >> dave: as a side note, ron paul supporters were vocal saying it's not a done deal. we still have areas of the convention so we haven't heard the name ron paul in a while, but its supporters, vocal and passionate. >> vocal is a nice understatement. >> it's an understatement because they booed mitt romney's son josh off the stage. he got up on the stage to talk and they booed him off they were so upset--
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>> not the coalescing they hoped for in arizona. >> alisyn: a fox news alert. an afghan peace negotiator was gunned down overnight in kabul. this is 70-year-old ramani, he was shot outside his home three gunman fired and took off. he close to karzai and a former official. his death as seen as a major blow to karzai's u.s. backed peace effort. and emotional candlelight vigil at boston university for three students killed while studying abroad in new' zeela zeeland. hundreds gathered to remember austin, and daniello, and the three died after the van they were riding in, in the city of topal drifted off the road and flipped over. >> and never be peace in my heart. i love you.
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>> he was absolutely wonderful. >> he lived the life that he wanted to live. >> five other students were also hurt in the crash, one critically. two remain in stable condition and two others have been treated and released from the hospital. well, the dalai lama is afraid of being poisoned chinese agents. he had received warning that they've trained women to wear poison in their hair or scar offed. and they're not known if they're from chinese agencies. they're unable to confirm the plot, but increased security on the grounds. >> it's not so sunny in california. the budget hole ballooning to a projected 16 billion dollars, up from 9.2 million dollars in january. democratic governor saying that california will have 0 to make career cuts and public safety.
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if they reject the tax hikes in november he's expected to layout a revised spending plan and brown blaming it on the economy and blocking billions of dollars in state cuts. just in case you fell asleep early. "saturday night live" cast members past and present taking some shots at the bid for the white house. >> joe, what's wrong? >> what's wrong, are you serious? do you really not get it? >> does it have something to do with the whole gay marriage thing. >> doy! >> it's not fair, okay? i was the first one said it should be legal and now you're the one getting the credit. you know, sm people say i make a great president, all right? better than you even. >> who said that, joe? >> george. >> we're going to talk about your imagery friend george
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again? >> he's gone, come out, george. >> that guy is a real buzz kill. >> (laughter) >> well done. it's great to see will ferrell back. >> i know. >> and actually a clever sketch there, i think. nice to see them start the show with that. >> let's check with rick reichmuth. >> rick: not always so clever. i am not hiding that at all. yes. >> clayton: will ferrell on screen is funny. >> rick: good to have him back at least for a day. all right, guys, another soggy day in the southeast, appalachians and cause a few problems and especially in may. and rockies severe weather and northwest in portland, you're going to have a great, great mother's day. this is the rain across areas of the southeast and do want to talk about this a little bit a storm, slow mover much
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of this last week and take a look at video now coming out of storms that were in louisiana area, on tuesday. this was a water spout that came on shore and take a look at this. somebody was taking this video out from their house and this is the house next door. usually we say, you know, get to a safe place if you can and don't take pictures if it's dangerous and this is too close, but these images amazing, a slow moving tornado and whipping up the debris. very dramatic. going back to the the storms, the showers back there, across the southeast, and cold front like detroit, and upstate new york and slowly move to the south and this moisture pulls up to the north in the next couple of days across the northeast are soggy and looking pretty good. across the west, the showers, little disturbance across parts of new mexico and hail and winds and anywhere to the west, another extremely spectacular and warm day. we will see a lot of rain across the east coast at least in the next two days, areas of
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florida, towards the southeast and georgia into the carolinas, we need a lot of rain across georgia, we'll take it, one to two inches on the the day that you want to take mom out. here are the temperatures and warming up pretty good. across the areas of the southwest and still, very, very nice towards the pacific northwest. back to you. >> thank you, rick. no secret that the schools are strapped in the news, and a little that you or i know, that we turn over a large portion of the school lunch issue to outside food processing corporations and handle like every aspect testify, right, when the food arrives and when it arrives on the truck and the school doesn't nitpick, they outsource that. turns out some of the big food processing companies are making quite a pretty penny off of taxpayers because of kickbacks and choosing certain distributors over others. >> now, nearly 20 states are joining a fraud investigation
3:19 am
into the school lunch programs. they make a deal with the food processor who gives back a bonus, but the company told that bonus is going back to the schools itself. and not these companies that are pocketing the money. >> right, by the way, we're calling it kickbacks and the bonuses are legal, but it's not legal to not give it to the intended recipient. >> right, to the school. >> to the school and cheryl asked, a great investigative reporter. there are 17 states doing this investigation. let's look at new york. new york was robbed of 20 million dollars. >> right. >> because the big food-- they kept the money instead of giving 20 million dollars. again, these are schools that are it-- have cut lunch programs. don't have toilet paper and they could have used the 20
3:20 am
million dollars, instead keeping it, the solution they've figured out to cut out the middle man and take the money to the school and apply it directly to the farm. >> dave: the producer. >> clayton: and you also wonder why certain kids are eating garbage for lunch half the time. >> alisyn: like pink slime. >> clayton: pink slime or the other stuff, processed, highly processed food or french fries is considered a vegetable? really, a deep fried paotatpota this is what jamie oliver's smoe is about, but it's bureaucracy that he's fighting and get some headway. why not use the local farmer, and now you learn about the kickbacks. >> dave: if there was a 20 million dollar settlement in 2010, multiply that at least 1 states going forward with a from you fraud investigation, you're looking at hundreds of millions.
3:21 am
>> alisyn: you asked what that was, that was mystery meat. >> dave: slop? i love sloppy joe. >> clayton: cheese covered pizza. >> dave: i think that's a vegetable serving, too. >> clayton: pizza is a vegetable. >> alisyn: again, even the public schools are obviously, victims, if you want of the bureaucracy, that things get so big, you then lose track of millions and millions of dollars. >> clayton: and the teachers and schools have enough to deal with. not enough to get with the administration accounting issue at their school and turn it over to somebody they think is competent enough. and and weigh in on this, also, and find this on twitter, ff weekend on twitter. >> meanwhile, a facebook billionaire, you've given for social network, a safe haven by the u.s. as a child and mobsters threatened his life and now he's trying to skip out on paying his taxes by denouncing his u.s. citizenship. >> wait until you hear that story, and celebrate our
3:22 am
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♪ >> welcome back to "fox &
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friends" everybody on this mother's day, we're saying happy mother's day to all of you, some of the moms of our staff and there is head writer, kelly cramer with mom sue. >> and here is our writer, jason, and his mom wendy. happy mother's day to you guys. >> and our production assistant robert mcnally and his mom, happy mother's day. >> alisyn: and so tall. production assistant christy and her mom, they look beautiful there. that's mom laurie. >> and head writer katie and mom karen. happy mother's day. >> great. >> which brings us to a mothers day, a kerr if you fe feel-- kerrfuffle, about ann romney never working a day of work.
3:27 am
and a survey looked at the worth after mom. from dirty diapers to driving kids to soccer practice, what does it add up to in salary. >> alisyn: if you were to translate it into the working world and a price tag and everybody would say motherhood is priceless. if you put on a price tag, a full-time mom should be be paid $110,800. and that's what it adds up to. >> a part-time mom nearly $66,000 a year and how many hours does the average full-time mom work? it's a doozy. 95 hours a week. >> clayton: wow. >> alisyn: oh. >> dave: if you add up all of those duties, by the time you get up at 6:01, to the time you finally put the kids down around eight. >> clayton: that doesn't add up to me, to me, it should be much higher, ladies. >> dave: oh, you're such a panderer on the show. >> clayton: when you add up 95 hours, come on, when you look
3:28 am
at the job that they break down here, housekeeper, van driver, laundry machine operator and ceo, ceo is listed as the jobs they look the at. ceo at 95 hours a week plus all the other job duties, i think that's small that number. >> alisyn: no, i agree with you. the dirty little secret, at least for me, i don't know about all working moms, it's easier to come to work, being at work is easier than everything that you have to do at home and wrangling your kids. >> dave: i can agree with that. i do a lot of taking care of kids and it's much harder than sitting here with you. >> clayton: i used to joke with my wife i'd be at the office and we'd skype and say hi or face time and she'd be sipping like a chai latte through a straw, and how is it going, no diep hers. >> i'm going to enjoy my day. >> clayton: yeah. >> and remember when joe biden
3:29 am
the vice-president said it's your patriotic duty to pay your taxes? there's one guy that doesn't obviously believe that, eduardo savrin, remember him from the social network? he's renouncing his citizenship all to save a bundle on his taxes. >> one of the four founders of facebook. the money guy, that mark zuckerberg went to we need some cash and he of course had some money, a lot of family money and put up as an investment. ba bear in mind he came from brazil. he fled brazil and became a la citizen in the late '90s, he worried because of his family in brazil he was the target of kidnappers, and he found safe
3:30 am
haven and citizenship. >> alisyn: and everybody has a fantasy of speaking away and not pay taxes, look at the what the country gave him. safe haven, he went to a fancy prep school in the the united states and then went on to harvard and then was able to start arguably one of the most successful enterprises in this country's history, facebook and he's he going to dodge and get out of paying 600 million in taxes and he gets 4 billion dollars if he were to sell his shares when facebook goes public. >> clayton: projected it's worth. >> alisyn: and he has to pay 600 million dollars after this country gave him so much opportunity and success. is that the right answer? >> just to break it down. he paid an exit tax to leave the u.s., singapore resident. 220 million, but he already saved that in capital gains, why? because singapore has zero, zero capital gains tax, where he lives like a king, we are told, atop the highest tower
3:31 am
in singapore. >> clayton: models come over every night and bias crystal champagne, it's truth. >> alisyn: i'm picking up your julisy. >> dave: alluding to another billionaire, mark cuban. >> clayton: he called him out, called hip a pipsqueak, and renouncing your citizenship to avoid taxes. he had no loyalty, he got her, got rich. he has no loyalty. and gave you safe haven and arguably the best story in our generation, we're curious to know what you have to say. yes, it's on the up and up, douk that if you want to renounce your citizenship. >> clayton: i'm curious if anybody interviewed him, ask mark zuckerberg said about this. they had a falling out.
3:32 am
and he was squeezed out of 10% of the company. >> dave: how is it going to survive on that 4 billion: let us know on ff twitter. >> they say he was a hero to the the bitter end. former marine austin anderson one of four people died when their plane crashed into a field in rural kansas, passed away only after pulling a fifth passenger to safety. hanna is the only survivor she and the others worked at or graduates of oral roberts university, flying to a christian rally in iowa when the plane went down and the cause of the crash is under investigation the case of isabella celis, missing from arizona and child protective services has banned her father for having contact with older brothers and authorities he
3:33 am
declined to provide further details, but it's common for child protective services to get involved in these types of investigation. isabel was at her father's home the night she vanished. and michigan governor snyder is asking congress to level the playing field for businesses and online. the state be allowed to charge 6% sales tax on purchases as the state law stalled in the house and 17 states adopted some laws and some are challenging them saying only congress can regulate interstate commerce. world war ii veteran completing his bucket list visiting the great state of rhode island and 80-year-old keith gray said it's his mission to see all 50 states and rhode island was his last stop. here he is talking about it at the capital building in providence. >> i was younger, i had that desire, and this completes it today. >> it is beautiful.
3:34 am
impressed. >> alisyn: he was accompanied by his wife of 65 years, thelma. he says out of all 50 states, texas was his favorite because that's where his grand children live. that's wonderful. >> when he left world war ii, he was adding states, now hawaii, and alaska. >> alisyn: take me a long time. >> dave: and to sports, we'll start with basketball where world peace has returned to los angeles. good news, right? so, too, did order as the los angeles lakers outlasted the denver nuggets in game seven of their first round series and l.a. now gets oklahoma city, starting monday. that should be be good. elsewhere, celtics-sixers tipping off the second round series and philly would go up 12 in the second quarter, up ten even in the fourth. and clayton is shaking his head, why? because the celtics would not go away and they'd finish on a 23-7 run. and kevin garnet, a season high 29 points, and he had an awful lot of help from rondo,
3:35 am
one of the great players in the nba, his 8th triple-double in his post season career, his best play may have been one where he ran the opposite way to the other bucket to preserve a win, speed the key in this game. 17 assists, 13 points, and 92-91 the final. to the ice, rangers-capitals in their own game seven. new york wasting no time lighting the lamp, 90 seconds in, brad richards blasts one home to maybe it one-zip. and rangers scored what turned out to be the game winner. and now it's new york-new jersey devils, starting monday. nascar now, jimmie johnson looking for his first win of the season, gets it at the 500 in darlington raceway and that's the 200 cup win for hendrick motor sports,
3:36 am
congratulations, road rage between the crews of kurt busch and ryan newman, curt rammed newman's car after the race and this scuffle went on between the crews afterwards and a nascar official you see there, was actually tossed on to the hood of that car. and kurt busch has been known for some extracurricular activities. >> there's some controversy, did he get thrown onto the the hood or fall on the hood. they're investigating. >> dave: i think it was kind of. it wasn't intentional, but look, kurt busch who was on the program last week, a lot of fun gets himself in a little color and colors outside of the lines a little bit. meanwhile, speaking of coloring outside the line, and all over major league baseball today, because mother's day raiding money for breast cancer awareness, pink bats. proceeds go to the komen for the cure. this is bonny rait signature bat and get them all at and they'll raffle them off and players will wear
3:37 am
pink wristbands and franklin pink batting gloves. check out >> clayton: you can get in sports, all of the accoutrements are in pink. i think you have one from one of the years past. >> alisyn: that's right. where is that bat? >> it's probably somewhere-- >> in my office. >> clayton: let's check with rick reichmuth, probably to blame. >> rick: ali is so involved in sports. you see the lights go on and totally noticeable, fun to watch. alisyn, a very nice mother's day for you, happy mother's day to you. a nice one at least across the northeast, first half gets worse as we move in toward late afternoon maybe a chance for a shower. take a look at temperatures as you're waking up this morning, a pretty nice morning. people headed out, maybe should be making mom breck task in bed. how about that?
3:38 am
here you go, you're looking pretty good. take a look at your forecast for the day today. we'll start to see clouds increase across areas of the northeast and hit that button once for me dave. and starts to see the clouds on the increase and temps are going to be nice and by tonight, see the rain move in across much of the area and down to the southeast, where you see a little bit more of the rain showers, hit that button one more time there. see a few more rain showers and a washout. a lot of kentucky, tennessee and southern appalachians where we'll see the heaviest of the rain and head to the western side and we'll see showers across eastern new mexico and places maybe like lubbock and midland, texas. we'll have a nice day and see a lot of clear skies and testimoni temperatures warming up. and cooler in chicago, cloud cover as well and across the areas of the west, it's just very, very warm. and hit that button one more time for me, very warm
3:39 am
conditions, especially up across the pacific northwest and see temps into the 90's, and it will be warm. and nice in across california and warm in areas of arizona, back to you inside. >> dave: thank you, rick. mention one more thing. 30 major league baseball bat girls have been affected by breast cancer, also at parks. great day. >> alisyn: great cause. >> clayton: ball day to talk mom to a ball game. i always take my dad. >> alisyn: i hope nigh husband is watching. >> clayton: coming up on the show, lawmakers outrage. did the administration leak too much information about osama bin laden as foiled bomb plot? does it undermine our national security? >> and living prayers and produce? one church wins the war to help the economy by growing its own garden.
3:40 am
we'll meet the pastor who fought the government for this at one. ♪ ♪ blue birds singing a song, nothing, but blue birds all day long ♪ ♪
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3:44 am
this man's blood. nick wallenda practicing the first time on the tightrope he'll use to walk above niagara falls. wow. that walk taking place june 15th. let's simulate that, guys. >> clayton: yeah, let's interview-- >> clayton will do that, thank you, ali. lawmakers outraged over the way the obama administration handled a foiled bomb plat nearing the anniversary of usama bin laden, including chairman of the house intelligence community, mike rogers. >> other students, i believe, were lost by the fact that it was leaked on monday, and now, all of what you see now is just simply isn't helpful to trying to make sure that people are protected, that security services overseas, our relationships are protected. >> it's just another example of president obama, quote, spiking the football. joining us to weigh in on this is middle east expert
3:45 am
jeremiah. >> good morning. >> clayton: immediately when i heard the story and learned it was a british operative and mi-6 or mi-5 and the amount of time invested in this whole thing, my immediate gut reaction was, well, does this screw us up for future missions like this, now that the the cat's out of the bag? >> oh, it sure does, absolutely. and listen, last weekend, we were able to take out one of the planners, who was behind the bombing of the u.s.s. cole because of this intelligence network that's been set up. here we are, ibrahim, the master mind beyond the bomb is on the loose and we were close to him. we let the cat out of the bag and as of last night the cia has taken out approximately 11 more al-qaeda members who are scurrying across the country, going to ground, going into hiding and now trying to kill as many as possible, but unfortunately, they're going to regroup, they're going to
3:46 am
change their communication channels and we've busted up an incredible intel source. >> dave: seems to be a pattern recently of high ranking leaks. if that risks some serious intelligence, why then? what is the advantage of leaking something like this and who might it come from? >> listen, i don't want to be disrespectful of the president, but this last week was unbelievable, to see that man out on the road cheerleading himself. it's an absolute disgrace. we've the got navy seals, we've got army special forces, we've got seal team six going in, these fellas, don't come back, they don't come back into the sunlight and pat themselves on the the back and just for the sake of spiking the football one more time this week on the heels of doing so over the killing of bin laden by our people, this president has put at risk one hell after intelligence
3:47 am
operation in yemen, the saudis are furious with us, the brits are, the yeminis who are working with us for al-qaeda-- >> you've mentioned the british. i mean, this was a british organization, they realize that they could infiltrate al-qaeda in yemen and easy it would be or not to get on the phone to try to get on the phone with al-awlaki. and this was a british operation, why were we taking credit for it? >> well, i wouldn't say it was strictly a british oranges.pera and the u.s. was involved. the gentleman who was a double agent had a u.k. passport. though he was born in saudi arabian, he was yemenees, he was a wonderful candidate to do what he did and al-qaeda
3:48 am
they're looking for foreign passports who can travel freely globally and into the united states. that's what we threw away was the concept, model, of using them. >> dave: we're not hearing from david petraeus, what might he think of it? >> i know the general from baghdad and i can't speak for the man. and there's a perfect example of a gentleman who does not pat himself on the the back for the hard work that he does, complete opposite this have president. >> clayton: do you think they shift majorly now in tactics and we have to go back to the drawing board to try to get the high level al-qaeda guys as a result of coming out with this story. >> no, it's not that they've shifted in tactics, they've gone to ground and reconstitute-- i've got to tell you who knows how many double agents are dead in the last 72 hours because of this leak?
3:49 am
they'll go to ground and the next round of bombs we have no intel on. >> dave: thank you for joining us this morning. thanks for your insight. >> you're welcome. >> clayton: living on prayers and produce. one church wins the war to help its parishioners in a down economy by growing its own gordon. we'll meet the pastor who fought the government and won. and we'll tell you how to have a tax-free summer, morris. >> clayton: what are you talking about? you need to pay attention to that, text-free ♪ love it... and chantix worked for me. it's a medication i could take and still smoke, while it built up in my system. [ male announcer ] along with support,
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3:53 am
>> prayers and produce, one small idea into a big one when a florida church decides to help out a congregation and community by start ago garden and produce stand, but not without putting up a fight by their local government. joining us now to explain how it works, is senior pastor wayne freed and john freed of the fellowship church. thanks for being here. >> thank you for having us, we're glad to be here. >> alisyn: pastor wayne, will the me start with you. two years ago you started to start a garden, to grow a gordon, why? >> the real reason was because i had been telling our people, hard times were coming. and i didn't think they really heard me, so, i thought by starting a garden, it would really get the message across.
3:54 am
>> and he kind of set us up there, you know, he just almost made us do it, me and another guy in the church, david larry and got us out it there and said tricked us, and he said told me john david is going to start that an and we showed up and started the garden. >> alisyn: hey, that's good trickery right there. now, pastor john, you started this garden, at first, it was, you know, a small plot and it grew into an acre and what was the response? who were you giving these vegetables and this fruit to? >> well, at first we weren't really giving it away at all to the public. it started like dad said, to make the church, help us all realize that, he was serious about the things he was saying, hey, let's do this right here on our own property. get started because the idea, if you can't do it now, if you don't know how to do it now ab how will you do it when the crunch is on, is it time to
3:55 am
learn or when things are possible? and so for the first several months, there really wasn't any harvest, it was working the ground and a big learning curve answer then just started not to be clichish, but the garden grew from there. >> alisyn: and pastor, wayne, what ended up happening, as i understand it, people did rely on your garden for food and f for produce and you ended up giving away lots and lots of vegetables and fruit and ended up taking donations. if somebody wanted a charitable donation and somehow you ran afoul of the city. what was their objection to your garden? >> well, i think john can answer that best, i do want to say that the number one purpose for that, moving that out on the street is for ministry. because, everyone at that came up got-- i think we could have missed somebody, but the purpose was to witness jesus, pray for the sick, and ministry, to help
3:56 am
talk to people and reach people outside the four walls of our church. that was part of the thing that triggered all this was when the comment was made, that as long as we did it inside, everything was fine, well, you know, this is a -- and we die for what we believe in. >> and that was the charge, was that this, the citing from the city that we were running a retail operation, an on your position is not a retail operation, but an outreach ministry and adapted into things differently than what we originally planned when first started. >> alisyn: sure. >> as we got into it we really began to realize the deep needs in our community. and if there's those kind of deep needs now, what deep needs later on if the economy continues to worsen. >> alisyn: sure of course. and we want to give the viewers an update on friday, there was a hearing and you won. the city agreed that you were
3:57 am
serving a good purpose. you didn't have to go inside. you stood your ground and you fed your people and it was really a beautiful lesson there. wayne and john, thanks for coming in and telling us this story. >> thank you. >> thank you for having us. >> alisyn: more "fox & friends" in two minutes. whe? she quit. [ male announcer ] even with technology -- it's all you. that's why you've got us. get up to $200 dollars off select computers. staples that was easy.
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and with autoconnect implemes, it's the easiest tractor to use what will you create? discover the 1 series at great financing available >> good morning, everyone, it's sunday play 13th, happy mother's day. outrage, is the president avoiding the important issues? >> anything to keep us from talking about jobs, growth, economy, deficit, debt. >> alisyn: didn't president obama accuse john mccain of doing the exact same thing back in 2008? we'll explore that. >> dave: and tell junior who put down that ipad or iphone. lose the video games, how a tech-free summer may be exactly what the doctor ordered for your kids, clayton. >> clayton: i don't buy it and i'll fight it. an embarrassing moment caught on tape. >> we're going to let you vote
4:01 am
and cast the final vote here. going to see you in a second, nate. >> oh, man. >> that's the first date. and that couple will be live hour two starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> welcome back everybody, and happy mother's day. thanks so much for spending your mother's day with you thank you very much and thanks to 1-800-flowers for the set. >> dave: happy mother's day to my mom, claytons mom, clayton's wife. and my wife. >> alisyn: and my mom. >> dave: what is the one thing, moms?
4:02 am
ali you have to speak for your gender. one thing i hear you want a day off, you just want a day off, really. >> alisyn: i was going to say jewelry. >> clayton: do you find this is the case. if i tell my wife to just sit down and relax on the couch. >> dave: never happens. >> clayton: it's impossible. >> dave: and that's ali-- >> she has something else and sit down, i'll clean the house and lay there, i'll do it. >> dave: should ali speak for women and all moms, is it jewelry. >> alisyn: i carry the mantle for my entire gender when i say jewelry. >> clayton: thank you for 1-800-flowers for the set and more segments in the show. >> alisyn: just a quick shot outside, yes he. we have an accordian player, this is important because as if first dates aren't awkward enough. which couple had their first
4:03 am
date splashed on television and now the second date splashed on tv they're at our studio. we're giving them a special date complete with accordians and pasta and meatballs. >> clayton: there's a lot involved in the dating process. date three, date four. >> dave: and to the national television, they had to text in whether they should have that second date. we'll have that for you later on. but we begin with mitt romney reiterating his opposition to same sex marriage during a very important commencement address at liberty university yesterday. listen. >> so, it is today with the enduring institution of marriage, marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. that had the biggest ovation of the day and now that romney has given that speech.
4:04 am
what's on tap for president obama this week. we'll go to peter, it will be interesting to see his message. gay marriage or back on the economy? >> we'll have to wait and see, two days after the commencement at liberty university. president obama is going to give the commencement the at ban nard college and brags on the website the most selective of the five schools that remain single sex, all female and president obama is going to give a speech co-founded by ricky martin, lgbt. and that's it, a million dollars for na one event and a fundraiser at a private home for 60 people, 2.3 million dollars for a total of 3.3 million dollars just on monday for the reelection fund. tuesday, the president's going to be back in washington, honoring fallen law enforcement officers and the l.a. galaxy of major league soccer.
4:05 am
on wednesday, mr. obama will award an army spe specialist, the medal of honor and call on congress to create middle class jobs and he explains his thinking in yesterday's address. >> that's why we made congress a handy to-do list, just like the kind i get from michelle, it's short, but each of the ideas on this list will help create jobs and build a stronger economy right now. >> friday and saturday, the president is going to host the g8 summit at camp david and then once they wrap it up. to chicago for the n.a.t.o. summit. back to you in new york. >> thanks, peter. >> it will be interesting to see what the campaign message will be. if you watched vice-president biden last weekend on meet the press, you know that he was hitting every point that the-- on message, every campaign point on message, the only area where it went off the rails, it was when he started talking about gay marriage,
4:06 am
everything else was on script. >> right, the past week was largely spent entirely on gay marriage. before that the war on women. before that, it was all about the buffet rule and making the rich pay their fair share and some say this is all about distracting from the economy. >> what's interesting, back in 2008. then candidate barack obama talked about how these wedge issues are really just side shows and they tend to distract from the bigger issues, the ones that the country cares about, the health of the economy and he chastised john mccain for doing just that, and let's look back the at the the some of the debate performances and some of the things that barack obama said in 2008. >> when we get distracted by the those kinds of questions, i think we do a disservice to the american people. >> it's easy to get caught up in the distractions and the silliness and at this time
4:07 am
space for the tat. and senator mctccain is trying to distract you. i'm going to keep on talking about the issues that matter. i'm going to keep on talking about the the economy. i'm going to talk about health care, i'm going to talk about education, i'm going to talk about energy. >> clayton: karl rove though on our show yesterday says this is exactly what the obama white house wants, it's a distraction from focusing on the economy or other issues, advancements in the president's record. certainly on health care, obamacare and other things, so, this is what karl rove had to say yesterday. >> he's got a lousy record on jobs, anemic growth. weakest since the great depression so the president welcomes the conversation about anything, anything, absolutely anything, but the economy. he loves-- he'd love to be talking about "the washington post" bullying stories for weeks, anything to keep us from talking about
4:08 am
jobs growth, economy, deficit, debt, the affordable care act. >> clayton: there you go. we'll see what the president does. >> dave: it's going to shift back and how people are going to vote one way or another. >> alisyn: and the conversation shifts this week, maybe last week was it. we shall see. meanwhile, there are more headlines, and tell you about the tearful candlelight vigil for three boston university students killed in a tragic accident while studying abroad. they remembered the three died after the van they were travelling in, drifted off the road and flipped over. >> he'll forever have a piece of my heart. i love you. >> he was absolutely wonderful. >> he lived the life that he wanted to live. >> five other students were also hurt in this crash and one critically and two remain in stable condition and two
4:09 am
others treated and released from the hospital. a suspected u.s. drone strike killed 11 al-qaeda militants in yemen, the first of the two attacks happening just southeast of the capital. six militants died. the second strike hit two cars killing five allegedly al-qaeda linked fighters and no confirmation from our military whether the u.s. was behind the latest attacks. wisconsin governor scott walker speaking out about the state's upcoming recall election and says the loss for him would be a loss for the state and the economy. >> what i've heard anecdotally around the state for my visits, hundreds if not thousands of small businesses has been codified in the reports is that they're worried. they like where we're headed and they're feeling good about adding more jobs in the state and worried that something might happen on june 5th that instead of moving us forward would move us backwards. >> walker, of course, recalled by state democrats, upset over
4:10 am
his tough stance against unions and he will face off against tom barrett. a blind new jersey and knows guns were revoked and seized. he won them back. and the judge's ruling comes from a stipulation, he reportedly cannot fire a gun without supervision of a trained dult. he became legally blind in 1991 because of diabetes and his permit revoked in 1994 because of being blind. those are your headlines. >> dave: let's check with rick reichmuth, who has a check of the mother's day weather. >> rick: not for everybody, in the east coast early, in the afternoon not so much. across the west it's great and southeast appalachians, a lot of rain and some is heavy and some lasts all day long,
4:11 am
unformer.u unfortunately and a few thunderstorms and it's heating up across areas of the west and in fact, we have our first excessive heat warnings, and across areas of the colorado river basin. the areas of the deep south is now moving in towards much of georgia and just socked in across the western side of the state and a slow moving storm and unfortunately it's not going to get out of here soon. and the rain spreading up into tennessee and kentucky, up towards parts of ohio and across the west looking good. tell you what, an extremely warm air mass setting up across the west and in fact, our first excessive heat warnings in effect across the colorado river bay sin here, parts of california and arizona, there are temps today, tomorrow, and tuesday pushing 110 degrees. all right, back to you. >> thanks so much, rick. 105, that's nice. >> alisyn: all right. clayton's favorite story of the day. can you imagine. >> least favorite. >> alisyn: try to wrap your head around this, depriving your children of all of their
4:12 am
gadgets, ipad, iphone. cell phone, whatever it is, you bestowed upon them, take them away for the summer, and the argument is, in the wall street journal by a writer, gadgets for kids are like alcohol and r-movies, just should be for adults. kids don't know how to use these responsibly. >> dave: specifically he says, take the summer off for kids under 13. 'cause it's harmful. here is why. we ought to group these machines with alcohol and adult movies. >> clayton: come on! >> they're fine for grown-ups and not for children under 13, except for online learning and simple cell phones when they go out. >> dave: i'm as big a contributor as anyone. my four and six year olds spend a lot of time on the gadgets. >> clayton: exactly. look. this is to me, all due respect to the professor, he doesn't know what he's talking about, because these items are tools for learning, and they're tools. >> they can be. unless you're online.
4:13 am
what he doesn't know, download an educational app and my son can count to ten, he's 21 months because he's using apps to learn, because it's not online. >> dave: that's okay if they're learning. >> alisyn: and what's educational about angry birds, how is that educational. a lot of kids are playing. >> dave: trigonometry, bird angles. >> clayton: and bad books or poor books, they're all tools. and let us know, on twitter. >> dave: my kids do not agree. >> clayton: the yale professor doesn't know what he's talking about. >> dave: should the government decide whether or not to vaccinate your kids? a fair and balanced debate coming up. >> alisyn: if you feel like someone's watching you, you're probably right. a former cia officials says the u.s. has more spies than ever before. is our national security at risk? we'll ask a former cia operative about this. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
4:14 am
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4:17 am
>> the u.s. swarming with spies. here is what former cia official hank crumbton is saying. >> i would hazard a guess, they are more foreign intelligence officers inside the u.s., working against the u.s. interests now than even at the height of the cold war. >> frightening, right? does this pose a serious threat for our country's national security? a former cia operative and head of the bin laden unit worked with hank crumpton and joins us this morning, good to see you, sir. >> good morning, sir, thank you. >> you know very well, he led our response 9/11, is what he's saying true? >> yeah, i think the united states in terms of its internal security, it out of control. our borders are open, we don't
4:18 am
know who is in our country. and it's very easy to get in here and establish yourself in the first instance. in the second instance, we have a number of people we consider allies who spy on us and steal our industrial secrets or military secrets and the israelis are active in that regard and the saudis are very active in that regard and last, we have the chinese of course, who probably have the biggest intelligence presence in the united states of any country and they run a very, very good organization. so, it's a very dangerous time for the united states and it doesn't help that we have become so leaky in terms of very important information. >> and why specifically should we be concerned and how can this be prevented? how can we crack down on this? >> well, you can't really crack down on it. they really don't want to crack down on it because it's a hard, long-term thing to do. we have to worry about cyber attacks.
4:19 am
they're not going to get close to trying to control the internet. we have to really control our borders, if we're going to give the fbi and other local law enforcement services a chance to find out who is in the country and what they're doing. and we have to reestablish our reputation for potency. we've lost two wars to guys armed with ak-47's from the korean war. we've lost in iraq and afghanistan and our reputation as a potent military power is more talk than reality at the moment. so, we're really kind of-- >> you mentioned a moment ago the leaks, how concerned are you about this. what appears to be an ongoing pattern of high ranking leaks, whether the killing of usama bin laden or recently with the foiled underwear bomb plot. where are they coming from, why and how do we stop those? >> from my own experience, these leaks are coming from an authorization by the president through his terrorism advisor
4:20 am
john brennan. there's no one in the agency, for example, that's going to leak anything about what happened in yemen. it was too good an operation. it was too closely run with two allied services, and this is just, it's children's hour in terms of the white house and how it's handling intelligence information. both after the killing of bin laden and certainly in the last week. you'd have to be a fool to believe that all of these events and leaks that occurred were coincidences. this is a tawdry political campaign conducted by a very tawdry politician. >> michael sawyer, former head of the bin laden unit. thank you. >> yes, sir. >> dave: next, when it comes to vaccinating your kids. should the the government be the one calling the shots? we'll debate that. and if you haven't gotten mom a gift. it's not too late. we've got last minute do it yourself ideas that you can
4:21 am
whip up today with the kids. and still earning you some points. ♪
4:22 am
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4:24 am
>> a story all parents should hear now. washington state is in the middle of the worst outbreak of whooping cough in decades. and officials believe the number could climb. they blame washington's philosophical exemption law that allows parents to opt out of giving the vaccine. whose choice should it be to vaccinate children, the states or their parents. joining us to debate this, pediatrician and spokesperson for the american academy of pediatrics, the director of
4:25 am
communications at the elizabeth burke center for advocacy, and thanks so much for being here to debate this. becky, i want to start with you. because you exercise your philosophical exemption in california to avoid having to give your children all of the vaccines that are dictated. why do you think it should be be the parents' right rather than the states when we see the whooping cough outbreaks now? >> well, alisyn, you're right. i just exercise my exemption on tuesday. and i believe that it's the parents' right to take charge of their child's health because i'm responsible for them 24/7 until they're 18 years old. my oldest son suffered a vaccine reaction at nine months old. i wasn't about to gamble with his health for my younger son. our family has a history of auto immune disorder and to me
4:26 am
that shows the risk outweighs the benefit and on top of that, 80% of people that came down with whooping cough this year were fully vaccinated for it. so, again, risk-benefit. >> alisyn: that's a very compelling case. dr. levine, let me bring it you. becky makes a great point. why shouldn't be parents be responsible for the treatment of their kids, and why is it the state's responsibility. >> it's a complicated issue, a decision that the parent is making for their child. it doesn't just affect their child. it affects other people in the community and we know that in states that have mandates for vaccines, those immunization rates are higher and the more children vaccinated, the more we have the better the vaccines work and avoid vaccinated children coming down with vaccine preventible illnesses. >> alisyn: let me show our viewers the states now that,
4:27 am
20 of them. show you ones with outbreak of whopping cough, washington state, california and vermont and becky, those are the states that do have the philosophical exemptions, how can you not say they're not connected? >> i do not honestly feel they are connected. we're seeing a lot of efficacy problems with the vaccines, and i believe that-- i understand that i'm taking a risk. if other people want to vaccinate their children, they are protected, but again, it goes back to my family's personal genetic history with problem with auto immune disorder which i don't think are uncommon and i don't think i should be sacrificing my children for the herd. i gave birth to them. >> alisyn: understood and obviously, this is a complicated issue and parents in all of these states are making decisions that are best for their family and we shall see he if that is also best
4:28 am
for the state. doctor, and rebecca, thank you for coming in the complicated debate and love to have you back on to debate it further. thank you, ladies. >> a pleasure. >> thank you. >> alisyn: today is the day to celebrate mother's day if you haven't gotten your mom a gift. you're in luck. how to make something from the heart and won't take much time to be done and plus, it's a question that guys struggle with all the time. will she accept a second date? one guy got an answer on national television, we'll meet him and his date. coming up and how they're enjoying the second date on national television. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a powerful weapon in your fight against lawn weeds. ortho weed b gon max. with a new continuous spray wand. so you can kill invading weeds down to the root. without harming your lawn. guaranteed. ortho weed b gon max.
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4:32 am
>> welcome back, everybody, happy mother's day, let's get to your headlines, new developments in the murder of april kaufman, the new jersey radio host shot to death in her home. they have almost enough evidence although they would not elaborate. kaufman, a mother and advocate for military veterans received the governor's award for outstanding communications a few days before she died. and crews in arizona are trying to contain a raging wildfire. destroyed more than three square miles in the tanto national for rest and moving
4:33 am
to northeast. campers are evacuated and luckily no homes in the danger zone yet. and president obama releasing the message to moms across america and even his own, who passed away. >> i think it's important to recognize that moms come in a lot of shapes and sizes. and you know, my mother was the single most important influence in my life. i saw her struggles as a single mom. she taught me the values of hard work and responsibility, but also compassion and embassy. and as you can see, the video features family photos of the president with his mom, grandmother and the first lady. and finally, a mother's day surprise in reverse. take a look at this mom, surprises her daughter. what? oh, my gosh, mom! >> (laughter) >> and oh, my gosh, that's my mom! >> i can't believe it. >> a, you know how to skype
4:34 am
and b, you're up this early. i can't believe it, great to see you. >> it's great to see you, and i wanted to tell you i was looking through the old family albums and brought me down memory lane and i have a whole bunch of wishes from our family history. >> alisyn: that's so nice, mom. >> mrs. camerota, can you please try to teach alisyn some of your technology skills? (laughter) >> and absolutely. my mother is better, my mom is better. a beautiful picture, mom of you and i was an infant there and you holding me. that was beautiful. >> that's good. i can't see you, but i can hear you. >> alisyn: look at me. >> let's look at my mom. how beautiful. what a-- >> and hey, can we-- what are you doing today for mother's day. >> well, just hanging out and enjoying being a mother, i guess. >> alisyn: and a grandmother, your grandchildren also say happy morris day to you.
4:35 am
>> yes he, thank you. and i want to tell you that when you were born, my wishes came true, to be a mother and when awhen they were born, my fishes came through and my wish for you, some day, many years from now, you, too, can be a grandmother and have the same great relationship with your grandchildren that grandma and pappy had with you and i aspire to with me. >> alisyn: thank you, mom, that's wonderful. thanks so much for that and you are a wonderful mom and thanks for everything and how much time do we have, everyone. >> mrs. camerota, a quick if he, she's going to filibuster. was she as much of a treat to raise as she is to work with? >> she was perfect. every a day of my life, alisyn, you were the perfect daughter for me. >> you echo our sentiments
4:36 am
exactly. >> alisyn: i'm a treat to be around and that's the lesson here today. everyone. >> oh, boy. >> alisyn: mom, thank you, thanks so much. >> wonderful to see you. >> happy mother's day. >> dave: did you get her a present. >> alisyn: i did. it arrived yesterday, yeah, that's fair. >> it's pretty amazing rick. would your parents to be savvy to do skype in the middle of a broadcast. >> rick: my parents can do skype if i'm on the phone telling them exactly how to do skype and to go into the computer and make it work and you know, computer-- >> remarkable. okay, ol sin, i guess you've got a mother's day gift already, but if you don't have a gift for mom, don't worry, it's not too late. and jennifer is the founder of happy home and girls world and she has great do it yourself ideas that you can whip up in time still for mom today and that makes them still look like a labor of love. which is really what mom wants, right. >> absolutely.
4:37 am
she wants to know you put some thought and effort into it. >> tell me first what you've got. >> give a shout out to my mother because that could be a big problem and this is my co-host madeline, and we did a glitter frame, very easy, buy something very inexpensive. at tj maxx or marshals and put your mother in there and she will love it. it's about the heart, the handmade and it's very inexpensive to do. and it's swabbed on there and glitter. let it dry for a few hours. >> and mom feels, especially, if you've done something unless it's maybe like tiffany's. >> what else do you have? >> the next thing we have down here is a banner which looks difficult, but it's not at all. and madeline is-- this is the demonstration piece and what you're going to do is take a piece of cardboard, 16 inches by 5 inches, wrap it like a present so you can see the cardboard in there and flip it over, put
4:38 am
your-- glue down your pompons and flip it over and there you have the base of urbaner and there you're going to put your glitter, letters and die cuts and run your ribbon through and a wonderful mother's day banner, very inexpensive with pieces of fabric. >> and it's crafty, and i think the daughters are making it for their moms. >> and they don't want to get involved in that. >> what's the heart bouquet? >> the heart bouquet is right here and what we do is, this is the best invention so we don't actually have to cut them. you insert your punch and you get a heart. and then what we do, is take a 16 inch gauge wire, and put this back-to-back, two hearts back-to-back, and then you're going to collect those, you just glue them together. hot glue is next, but if you can't do the hot glue, do elmer's and peel them back. >> because they vent. >> yes. >> make sense.
4:39 am
>> this was made with old sheet music and this is doilies. >> is this a button bouquet i see here? >> this is the button, what we call our button bouquet, several throughout and then we put old jewelry and the kitchen chink in there, but you can even put your mother's jewelry and make it sentimental. >> where do you get this stuff? >> buy almost everything on ebay. >> if it's today and they want to run out. >> michael's absolutely. >> all right. thank you very much, jennifer. great ideas for mom and unfortunately, i have to mail mine to mom. so, it might be too late. let's take a look at your mother's day forecast, a very nice day across the pacific northwest, if you're out across places like oregon and washington. there you go, a warm mother's day and those temperatures are 95 degrees, 23 degrees above where it should be be this time of year and across areas of the east though, towards
4:40 am
the northeast, your forecast looking pretty good. especially to start the day and move forward one on that and in towards the northeast, a good start to the day and western side showers move in by the afternoon. mother's day plans if they're outdoors, do them early. down to the southeast, heavy rain across georgia and kentucky and tennessee, and a washout. mom, you'll probably want to do stuff inside. the heat is starting to build and left plenty of sunshine and sun from seattle all the way down to san diego. back to you inside. >> thanks, rick. and just talking about the new study finds bragging triggers pleasure in the brain the same as food and money. does it give us the right to brag? dr. keith ablow is next. >> clayton: i'll do that segment next because i'm a handsome man. and an embarrassing moment
4:41 am
caught on tape. >> we're going to let you vote and cast the final vote. does he get a second date? the couple here live. but first, pictures of our staff and their mom. take a look. ♪ ♪ up. with u.s. bank let's get the wheels turning. use our strength & stability to open new opportunities. to lend, and lift ...every business...every dream... to new heights of prosperity.
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good things are happening. just look up. with u.s. bank.
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4:44 am
>> it's a question that guys struggle with all the time. will she accept that second date? well, one guy got his answer on national tv at a diamondbacks baseball game. >> the big question, we
4:45 am
actually have a text for on television. do you know that? have you texted in and voted? >> no, i don't know, where is the phone number to it. >> it's probably up on the screen right now. 36929, but we're going to let you vote and cast the final vote, does he get a second date? >> yes, he does. >> oh. >> she said yes. and now, joining us live for their second date is brandon riddle and brittany mcpherson. hi, guys. how awkward is this? >> very awkward. >> brittany says very awkward. >> are you a shy person? >> i'm very shy. >> you're a shy person and your first date was broadcast on national tv because brandon made a sign saying this is your first date. is that how this started. >> yes, well, i didn't make the sense, they made it for us at the stadium. >> they made it for you at the
4:46 am
stadium and it got you attention. did it get more attention than you anticipated? >> oh, yes. >> we thought it ended with the game broadcast and then it was on the local news the next morning and then on yahoo! and we kind of, oh, my god. this went out of control. >> totally. >> yeah. >> and i mean, first dates are awkward enough, but you guys had to do it in public. how did that feel? >> like my first date in front of a few thousand people. >> yeah. >> now you're doing it in front of a few million people. >> don't have a camera, doesn't look like that. >> this feels better. >> yeah. >> the truth be told you did agree to a second date and we actually did send you to donatella's restaurant last night. and donatella is going to be on our show later and helping us make some mother's day treats. how was your real date at the restaurant? >> it was fantastic in every day. >> what did you have? >> well, we had the pizza and
4:47 am
chicken. >> there you were able to be in private. >> well, yes, more so than the usual date. >> and we're putting you up in a hotel in separate rooms, we should mention and it's only your second date, come on, people. and so, but have you at all through this been able to actually get to know each other. >> well, we said before, work for the newspaper. >> and so you work together. >> yeah. >> but you had never been on a date before. >> no, we were really close friends and he asked me out so i said yes. >> do either of you find the accordian distracting. >> no, i love the accordian. >> love it. >> how often have you had this for breakfast. >> growing up. every day i would say. >> you guys are totally, we appreciate how game you are, we appreciate how playful you've let us been with you.
4:48 am
eat up. >> okay. >> and then keep us posted how everything is going. >> happy mother's day, mom, by the way. >> happy mother's day. >> that's great. thanks so much, guys. we'll check back in with you two. >> thank you. >> meanwhile, is bragging just as good as having money? scientists seem to have found the reason, why people like to talk about this stuff and maybe the guys who like to talk about this more. >> clayton: no, no, no, we don't want to the get in the way of you doing our job. >> dave: keep going. >> alisyn: i'll take it from here, guys. and also, coming up, the food fraud in the lunch line costing the taxpayers millions. what would we know about talking about ourselves or bragging, you know what i mean, guys? ♪ [ male announcer ] what can you do with plain white rice? when you pour chunky beef with country vegetables soup over it...
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4:52 am
>> welcome back. well, everybody brags, even the president of the united states. >> i was able to sign a historic agreement between the united states and afghanistan, that defines a new kind of relationship between our countries. >> i've been pushing congress to help us get there by passing a few common sense policies. >> i said i'd go after bin laden if we had a clear shot at him and i didn't. >> i, i, i, according to them, bragging triggers the same in the brain that is food and money. >> does it give the okay to brag? joining us is the fox news contributor and psychiatrist, dr. keith ablow, nice to see you this morning. >> great to see you. >> so, what is it about bragging that is so delicious? we're comparing it to food.
4:53 am
what about bragging is so delicious? >> well, let me tell you what i think about that. and actually, feels good, people, and that thing where you raise your hand in class, call on me, call on me, well, scientists have found out that talking about yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, and this triggers the same parts of the brain that drugs, alcohol, and food trigger. and this system in the brain and people will in these studies at harvard choose to talk about themselves rather than getting paid to talk about somebody else. >> and this is remarkable, exactly what you're talking about here, this sort of penny for your thoughts, participants gave up, look at this. between 17% and 25% of their potential earnings, just to talk about themselves. so, they'd rather sacrifice cash in order to brag about themselves. >> yes, indeed. and listen, this predicts some
4:54 am
pretty rough going here, because we've got now so many tools to talk about ourselves, it's mind blowing, literally mind blowing, you can forget how to think because you're so busy on facebook and twitter telling people what you think. it feels so good that it becomes like an addiction to the exclusion of everything else. and 40% now of what we do with every day is talk about ourselvour. >> clayton: that's amazing. >> 40% of everyday speech is devoted to telling people things that we've accomplished. there's got to be a significant down side and those people we sort of admire and look to don't often talk about themselves. right? wouldn't it be refreshing to have the president of the united states grab speaker boehner and representative ryan and harry reid up at the podium and say, you know what, we couldn't have done it without everyone. and couldn't have done it, we should have all done it. >> a quite excursion into
4:55 am
obama land and this is the first internet president, what it's like to be on men's fashion magazines and somebody addicted to marijuana apparently at one time in his life. this is the different kind of guy, and narcissism and look, all of us want to be reflective, we want it think about the world and what should happens with others as well and be there for our families and kids and this me notion is a kind of drug and exactly what those who would want you not to take charge of your life. >> when you're counseling. >> and not to help take charge of the country. >> there's a funny snl character, and she has to one up something every time they say something, they said we went to camp. when you see somebody, how do you get them to stop bragging and let others enjoy what they've done and accomplishments? >> here is the thing, people who brag, who do it
4:56 am
incessantly are people who have deep questions about their worth and self-esteem. if you didn't, you'd be quiet and listen and wait for people to come to you and surprise them. hey, have you done anything with your life? well, actually, i won the pulitzer prize, but it's not-- those self-efacing people are the really powerful ones. the people with deep spiritual values as well. and there's a famous quote, i don't know who said it, i love it. those for whom god is dead worship each other. and those who have no spiritual core worship themselves. >> fascinating stuff, doc. and i appreciate it. i'm sorry i have to cut you off, but i've got more talking to do so i can't-- >> wait, i have i have more to say. >> clayton: doctor, i have more, dr. keith ablow. >> no, way. >> clayton: cut his mic, please. >> wait, wait, wait. >> clayton: coming up, mitt romney standing firm on his marriage stance, but would the religious vote move his campaign forward? we explore this at the top of
4:57 am
the hour. and a facebook billionaire was given safe haven by the u.s. as a child and mobsters threatened his life and now he's trying to skip out on taxes by denouncing his u.s. citizenship. we'll talk about it coming up. wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8. managing my diabetes ibetween takingife, insulin and testing new v8 v-fmy blood is this part of your life? freestyle lite test strips? they need just a third the blood of onetouch ultra. wow! and the unique zipwik tab targets the blood and pulls it in. so testing is easy. and you can save on these strips monthly simply by joining the freestyle promise program. so saving is easy too. yep, just call or click and join for free. test easy.
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5:00 am
take the lead. ask your doctor if incling advair get your first fl prescription free and save on refills at >> good morning, everyone, sunday, may 13th, i'm alisyn camerota. republican hopeful mitt romney entering the marriage frey again. >> marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. >> will that help him win over evangelical voters? we'll see. >> and a fracking fight is brewing after one woman is told not to drill on her own land. should private property be off limits to drilling? >> we report, you decide. >> and why you, the taxpayer should be dish out for food fraud in cafeterias, the
5:01 am
bureaucracy of student lunches. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. ♪ >> happy mother's day, moms! >> we hope you're starting the day off with a wonderful mother's day. $152 on average is how much we'll spend on mom this year. >> wow. >> i asked on twitter, are you over and under and every guy said over. >> she said her hubby and four-year-old shopping for seven hours and she's guessing over. >> oh. >> that's what we do. >> and that's commitment. >> moms love that, at the end of the day, guys until the end to do that and they kind of cram and overcompensate. >> and we want to thank 1-800-flowers for the beautiful arrangements adorning our sets. >> in a few minutes we'll show you the best graduates from
5:02 am
graduates, kids getting ready to go off to college and laptops and $2,000 on a television set? >> are you broadcasting the show on alisyn's-- >> a 50 inch television and show you with a mokt project instead of the-- >> up a little. >> dave: one way to watch a movie. >> clayton: never looked so good. >> dave: great gadgets and you can't go wrong with gadgets for graduates. >> alisyn: let's talk politics. mitt romney was at liberty university and giving the commencement address, and he did of course, talk about the gay marriage issue that has been so talked about this week. it was interesting because afterwards he also was asked about gay marriage and the interviewer said, you know, tony perkins the president of the family research council has said it doesn't need to be the hood ornament of your campaign, but it does need to be in the vehicle and you do
5:03 am
need to talk about it and so that's just what he did, listen. >> now, as fundamental as these principles are, they may become topics of democratic debate from time to time. and so it is today with the enduring institution of marriage, marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. [applaus [applause] >> and even yesterday karl rove acknowledging on our show, that it's a sensitive issue right now for republicans, in fact, you have some large republican donors who have come out in support of gay marriage, and so, even ed gillespie, head of the rnc said, look, that-- sorry, we've got a lot of commotion. >> dave: there's a party. >> clayton: it's mother's day. that there is some level of concern and sensitivity that republicans want to have right now, but others in the party think that perhaps you need to use that as a bit of a campaign push, really go after it. >> dave: that whole crowd of
5:04 am
eve evangelical crowd were waiting for mitt romney. and you saw the ovation there, lasted quite a time. and it was one small part of the speech, but one thing the audience and even those on the stage needed to hear to kind of drum up some support from the social conservatives who have been a little wishy-washy in supporting mitt romney. he didn't talk a lot about his faith or in terms of his religion. he talked about his faith, but he's not talking a lot about mormonism, he's talking about what they have in common, not their differences. >> alisyn: absolutely. and speaking of social conservatives, rick santorum, romney's previous opponent as you know. gave romney advice how to deal with the gay marriage issue and he thinks that romney should talk about it more, make it more centered. >> a potent weapon, if you will, for governor romney if he's willing to step up and take advantage of a president
5:05 am
very much out of touch. and hopefully governor romney will continue to stand tall and understand how detrimental for society to have changed and that was my point, which is that there are others in the party saying it's a sensitive issue, don't use it as a political weapon. and rick santorum arguing that maybe you need to use it and wield it as a weapon. >> it wasn't all politics for mitt romney on saturday. we got to see a bit of his lighter side in a sit-down interview, in conjunction with this speech at liberty university. and remember, ann romney recently talking about mitt's wild and crazy side one for some that's hard to imagine and seems buttoned up and stuff and turns out he's a bit after prankster and gives us an example. >> well, you know, we have in our family, of course, a number of things that we do and like pushing people out of the boat and short sheeting their bed and putting corn flakes in their bed, a the lot of jokes and tricks we play amongst ourselves, but even amongst some others. i once had a state trooper who
5:06 am
kept on playing jokes on me and i played tricks back on him. one day he short sheeted my bed, at a fancy hotel, but i went to go to bed and i couldn't get in because he had actually come in before i got to the hotel and short sheeted the bed. and the next morning, when i came down to frek fast he of course had a big smile he was going to see how i i reacted and he pretended not to notice and got stationary from the general manager of the hotel and had it typed up, addressed a letter to me saying you're sorry your bed was improperly made, mr. romney and fired the maid who did it and that letter arrived in the office-- >> and we left out the end there, where the state trooper was just felt terrible and made him call the office and panic and he didn't really let him off the hook that easy it seems mitt romney can deliver a bit of a prank. >> alisyn: and told the hotel nobody was fired, and didn't
5:07 am
know what he was talking about and mitt romney got the last laugh and you're welcome "saturday night live" and have a good time with mitt romney being a wild and crazy guy. >> dave: when you don't drink, don't smoke, don't curse, you've got to have some sort of. >> alisyn: fun. >> dave: yeah. >> alisyn: all right. meanwhile, let's he get your headlines and to tell you about, this sad story, an afghan peace negotiator was gunned down overnight, and the 70-year-old was shot and killed outside his home and reportedly three gunman fired and took off. and he was a close advisor to president karzai and a former taliban senior officials and his death is seen as a major blow to karzai's u.s. backed peace efforts and said to have recently established contact with senior taliban leaders. and an emotional candlelight vigil at boston university for three students killed while studying abroad in new zealand. hundreds of students gathered
5:08 am
to remember them, after the three died. they were riding in a van in the town of topa, they drifted off the road and their van flipped over. >> and a piece of my heart, i love you. >> and she was absolutely wonderful. >> he lived a life that he wanted to live. >> five other students were also hurt in the crash and one critically. two remain in stable condition and two others have been treated and released from the hospital. michigan governor rick snyder is calling on congress to level the playing field between businesses and online retailers. he's joining other governors in asking the states to be allowed to charge a 6% sales tax on internet purchases. and this comes as the state law stalls in the house. 17 states have adopted such laws and some retailers are challenging them, saying only congress can regulate interstate commerce. and no such thing as a free lunch, but a new report shows that taxpayers are being
5:09 am
cheated out of millions of dollars each year by the school lunch industry. the issue reportedly concerns the food management companies, giant corporations that schools hire which food to buy and where to buy it. the problem is that many of the companies are accused of pocketing the cash rebates from meal suppliers and the money is supposed to go back to the schools themselves. the alleged scam now prompting a nationwide fraud investigation, at least ten companies have been implicated so far. those are your headlines. >> dave: all right. let's check with rick reichmuth who has a check of our weather this mother's day. hey, rick. >> a pretty day for almost everybody. areas across the southeast and temps this morning are looking good, but today and tomorrow we've got rain that's going to spread in across florida and parts of the lower appalachians and northeast for tomorrow afternoon into tuesday, and again, into wednesday. so, the east coast not looking great. the west coast, so, you're going to be looking fine and the rain we've got in across
5:10 am
the southeast from areas of atlanta, columbus and heavy rain in the panhandle of florida, heading off to the east and thunderstorms there, still through the day. now, we are talking about rain in the tennessee and kentucky moving up towards ohio and that will spread to the northeast today. out to the west, a ton of sunshine from areas of the pacific northwest down to san diego and towards the southwest and where we have our first heat advisories of the year. the warmest temperatures so far this year across the colorado river valley here, and parker, to yuma. temperatures around 110. get ready an excessive heat watch for tuesday. and the heat is going to build to the southwest and building as well in towards the northwest, and we're going to be at 78 in seattle and that 104 in phoenix, cooler across the coast and we have a little bit of a cool pocket across the lower rockies and a little bit of rain. all right, back to you. >> thanks, rick. >> and all right, well, this is certainly caused some
5:11 am
outrage this week when you start today hear, obviously, about mark zuckerberg showing up in new york city wearing the hoodie ahead of his big ipo for facebook meeting with a lot of potential investors for facebook. we're set to learn now what eduar eduardo safe erin. what money he will make, there he is, once it happens and turns out he's going to make a whole lot more money because he's renouncing his u.s. citizenship in order to save millions and millions of dollars in taxes. >> dave: you might remember the character from that social network film, the first cfo of facebook and he found out that renouncing your citizenship, to clayton's point, saves you a bundle of money. the guy could earn about 4 billion dollars if he sold his stake in facebook at the rate that they expect this company to go public at. how much is this all saved him? he had to pay 220 million as an exit tax, to the u.s. government, but already made that back, in capital gains savings, because he's now a
5:12 am
resident, full-time citizen of singapore, and they have zero, zero, capital gains tax. what he would have paid after facebook going public, 600 million dollars of capital gains taxes, now, fellow billionaire, mark cuban is furious about this, tweeting about it. to joe biden's point a month ago, is it patriotic to pay your taxes? this is a guy who ought to owe the united states something. you can tell us why. >> alisyn: yeah, let me tell you his back story. a kid at 13 years old fled to the united states from brazil because his family was on a hit list and targeted for him to be kidnapped and obviously, held for ransom. so they came here and he went to a fancy prep school in the united states and went on to harvard. then able to get the seed money i guess became part of arguably the biggest enterprise of his generation in our country, facebook.
5:13 am
>> clayton: and furthermore he became a u.s. citizen when he came here and received safe haven in the united states and received a boatload of things here in the united states. >> alisyn: absolutely. so he's returning the favor by skipping out and renouncing his citizenship and saving himself these taxes and can you say, dishonorable? >> can you say our tax code is a mess? there are going to be a lot more eduardo saverin, after the capital gains taxes go up, imagine how many people do that in the text five or tense years if the rates go up? >> again, does he owe the u.s., the country that's given him so much. >> dave: two elements to the story. >> clayton: president obama hitting the hollywood jackpot, the president's support for same sex marriage seems to be getting cash, but will a look at independent vote.
5:14 am
>> dave: plus, we celebrate our mothers and how much is mom worth? a putting a price tag on her job, her mini job just ahead. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8.
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with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported. signs include abdominal pain and yellowing skin or eyes. tell your doctor about all your medicines,
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5:17 am
>> let's look at the week ahead. president obama has another round of fund risers and tv appearances. >> joining us to weigh in is the host of fox news sunday today. shannon bream filling in for chris wallace. >> good morning, guys. >> dave: we know that chris is set to make an appearance on jeopardy, and i have a photo with him with the buzzer in hand. does he strike you as a strong contestant on jeopardy? does he have that? i mean, i don't think i fared that well, are you nervous for him? >> you know what?
5:18 am
i can tell you that they've taped so i know a little about what happened. i think he will represent fox very well ands a you know, he's brilliant and he has great eye-hand coordination and he talked about the buzzer and how tricky it was, you know when you see people playing and people are if you having with the hand and he said it was a delicate technical thing. >> he's been working on it all week. >> thumb wrestling. >> and answering questions, answering answers with a question. and including this, this week the president is heading out on the campaign trail once again, shannon and we're sort of wondering what the president is going to talk about, what is about the economy and jobs or focus turn to and pivot to more social issues like gay marriage? >> well, he does have the big fundraiser with the lgbt leadership and certainly they're going to be embracing and applauding his announcement about his evolution on that particular topic, but you've got to think that he's going to tip back to the economy because he's going to talk about the to-do list
5:19 am
he's assigned to congress and republicans are calling it a post-it note joke and more of the same. they don't think it's going to work and as you imagine they would. so i think he's going to have a sprinkling of different topics and see them on the view and he's in full on campaign mode. >> and you had john thune and senator diane feinstein on. what are you talking about. >> senator feinstein she chairs the senate select intelligence committee and we're going to talk about the drone strike that took out two strikes there and talk to her about the assassination of peace negotiator and key player in the talks in afghanistan and she's been there and talk to her about those things and also, she is sponsoring a repeal of the defense of marriage act. advocate for gay marriage and those topics, with john thune, he was early to endorse romney before the first primary vote is cast and rumored to have a short lister, so we'll ask him about that and more. >> the answer is, what is fox
5:20 am
news sunday and the host today. shannon bream. >> we'll be watching. >> happy mother's day, ali. >> alisyn: thanks, shannon. . >> dave: looking forward to the jeopardy appearance. >> clayton: and would have blitzer, remember wolf? he couldn't answer any questions. >> dave: and chris is wicked smart. wicked smart. still ahead, a group of land owners fighting for the right to drill on their own land. we'll hear about their battle with new york state next. >> alisyn: plus, skip the cash gift. and the gadgets. and clayton morris says so. a perfect gift to give the graduate in your life. how did we book him? >> i was busy and made space for you guys. >> thank you. ♪
5:21 am
5:22 am
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5:24 am
>> our resident tech geek, with the perfect graduation gift. it's cool to get dad that for graduation. >> i've gotten so many e-mails from viewers, what do i get my son or daughter off to college. what laptop? i don't know anymore, and that's why it's changing right now. so many kids right now, all they really need is a tablet, an ipad. 11 hours of battery life on campus and now with itunes full textbooks built into the ipad. no more do you have to lug around giant textbooks and also, has verizon's data plan and i would recommend the verizon ipad. hot spot feature and log in with all of your other devices and get free wi-fi. >> dave: where. >> clayton: on verizon. if you get verizon ipad, hot
5:25 am
spot feature and all of the computer get online free, a hot spot. >> dave: okay. >> clayton: and write full papers here and has voice dictation, be tab the microphone and voice dictation, it will transcribe. full transcription instead of typing out. >> alisyn: incredible. can it think up the papers for you? >> not yet. >> but if you want to write, i like to write, it helps me think. and you can write on the ipad or take notes. >> clayton: so the folks tested a whole bunch of styluses and i know they've come out with the precise styluses and these are jot, the jot pro styluses like ballpoint pens and they've got a little nub on them. >> dave: if you don't want to use it, it's an ordinary pen. >> clayton: that's the idea. >> dave: to write on the ipad. >> clayton: pull up paper, one of the great apps of the ipad write almost like you're taking paper, take notes like
5:26 am
you would in form and down load and e-mail the notes. >> dave: and point out, folks, you'll damage your ipad and won't work with you use a normal pen. >> clayton: pick those up, fantastic. >> dave: and the new mac book air is brilliant. >> clayton: if you want a full fledged desk tap or laptop, i've said the 11 inch lap tap air. if you want more, get the 13 inch mac book air. it's lightning fast, it's really, really-- >> a little more memory. >> clayton: more memory and screen real he estate. if you have multiple windows open and typing and do different things on your screens. >> dave: and this thing is incredibly light. that's what you need to highlight, folks, when you buy these. >> alisyn: what's i-home. >> incredible line of alarm clocks and make this work station for the ipad and other tablets and what you do, bluetooth, lifts up and put
5:27 am
your ipad back on here, back in the the room in your dormitory, and it's got speaker built into it. take phone calls and listen to your music inside and full typing on the keyboard. >> dave: goodbye desk top computer. >> clayton: and you need an alarm clock to get a student up and awake, alisyn. >> dave: several in my case. >> clayton: i-home makes a whole line of them. dock your android or smart ones, one for the ipad and iphone and go to and have a whole range of smart alarm clocks. >> dave: wake up it reo speedwagon. >> alisyn: i did. >> clayton: you never can find a phone in your dorm. and brooks ststone, a bluetooth speak, tphone can ring and hanging out and get the phone call and stream music to the little device and room filling
5:28 am
sound so mom can say, honey, wake up. wake up for class yet. >> alisyn: oh, my gosh, big brother or big mother. >> clayton: did you have a tv in your dorm room. >> dave: i did. but i watch a lot of movies on my iphone, i'd like a bigger screen. >> clayton: instead of $2,000 for a dorm room that's going to get beer splattered on it. big up from brookstone, hook up to a smart phone and get a 50 inch investigation. look at this. so i'm projecting from an iphone right now. this is video streaming over my iphone and it's playing on the screen and i can turn my dorm room wall into a 50 inch flat screen and compare the movie and sound over bluetooth speakers, almost like a movie theater. >> alisyn: it's a little shaky. >> clayton: i'm shaky. and mount it and take the moves and move it around different rooms. >> dave: all of these are where, >> clayton: or find me on
5:29 am
twitter@clayton. >> alisyn: and lawmakers, are calling on democrats to apologize to the n.y.p.d. we'll explain why. >> dave: a study determining a mother's worth. what kind of salary mom should be getting for the many, many, many jobs. that's next. ♪
5:30 am
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♪ >> mother's day everyone, we want to show you some photos of our staff with their moms and families. and let's take a look at our senior producer, and tracy and their son gavin. oh, beautiful. >> dave: i call him mini-me. happy mother's day to his beautiful wife and our producing dennis and son jackson, happy mother's day. >> terrific. how cute. and michelle may and her children, gavin and sophie, adorable. >> alisyn: is every son named gavin. >> clayton: i think so. >> alisyn: scotty anderson and his mother val and melissa, happy mother's day. >> they are beautifully. >> marissa dunn with their family as well. happy mother's day. >> alisyn: nice. >> dave: producer
5:34 am
extraordinare, aj, and barbara included in the photo. a good friend of the show and stops by to see us. >> dave: i'm trying out clayton's gadget to write a happy mother's day and the stylus is very cool toy. >> alisyn: that is cool. >> dave: happy mother's day to my mom and wife. my wife got the ultimate gift this morning, a good night sleep in the hotel room, with the shades pulled. no children. >> alisyn: and a special surprise for one of our favorite morning show hosts, clayton morris. >> clayton: what. >> alisyn: whose mom put together of course a video. >> clayton: oh, no. >> alisyn: the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. let's take a look at this. >> clayton: are you kidding. >> good morning, clayton, it's mother's day and i've been asked to share a little bit of what it's like to have been your mother all these years. >> alisyn: goody. >> god bless you. >> "fox & friends" and like to say it's been quite the ride. starting out from the adventures of all the super heroes which of course you're
5:35 am
carrying on to your son now which i think is wonderful and now in the world of news and technology and gadgets. and i i have to say if it weren't for you and your new passion or not terribly new passion, but the latest passion, i would not probably even know what an ipad or iphone was and it's helped me be more techie savvy in my job and my career, and you know, you basically forced it on me, but that's okay. and the end result is a good one. and i love you for that. and i have loved every minute i should say of being your mom and having you in my life has been the biggest joy ever. i'm so proud of you and i'm so happy to say that you're my son. >> oh, that's so sweet. >> clayton: your turn, buddy. and i love you, too, mom. very sweet. >> alisyn: oh. >> dave: happy mother's day to clayton's mom and she was a real, real thing this week and
5:36 am
gave birth of our daughter. she's a ceo of a nonprofit in pennsylvania and drop at a moment's notice and watched our son miles and all week, at the hospital. >> dave: and cracks on me for being a softy on the couch. >> clayton: oh, i lost it. >> alisyn: that's beautiful. >> clayton: i'll get those producers later. >> alisyn: and news to tell you about, get to your headlines because they say he was a hero right to the bitter end. a former marine austin anderson or retired we should say, one of four people who died when their small plane crashed into a field in rural kansas. anderson passed away after pulling a fifth passenger to safety. hanna loose, the only survivor she and the others worked at or graduates of oral roberts university flying to a youth rally when the cessna went down and the cause of the crash is still under
5:37 am
investigation. and new developments in that case of isabel celia, the missing six-year-old from tucson, arizona and reveal that child protective services banned her father with contact from two other brothers. they're in the custody of their mother. and what brought this decision, but common for child protective service toss get et involved in the investigations and her father was the one to discover her missing from the bed last month. two capitol hill vocal defenders n.y.p.d., demanding an apologize. congressman peter king and bob turner saying, we believe the democrats owe new york and n.y.p.d. an explanation. and they have a resolution to cut off funding for any law enforcement agency with racial
5:38 am
profiling and the n.y.p.d. say its tactics are lawful and necessary to keep new york safe. they say if mothers got paid for all of their work. average salary, $110 a year and working mom $65,000, on top of their salary and as you pointed out probably too low. >> dave: should that salary increase with more children. tougher to be as mother of three, four, five, or-- >> well, there's a tipping point. >> clayton: when they turn five. put them out to pasture. >> alisyn: that's fine, yeah. >> clayton: what happened to rick, all right, rick, you're five years old. get out there. >> rick: and i'm the youngest of five, so-- >> wow. >> rick: i know. >> alisyn: you're doomed. >> rick: a lot of work. >> clayton: for the next weather hit let's just do a radio voice. >> rick: we'll do radio, like it. ali, you had brittany and brendan out here for the
5:39 am
second date. >> alisyn: yes. >> rick: look at this. they're-- was the date that bad or did they think you cooked this food? >> well, it's possible they don't want spaghetti and meatballs for breakfast. tried to simulate a romantic italian restaurant. >> rick: they're gone and the food is still here. >> dave: 5:30 arizona time. >> rick: good point. and let's take a look at the weather and take a look at the picture sent to me from jupiter island, florida and the sunrise there. this is looking really nice. judy sent this in. this was sunrise, i believe, yesterday 77 degrees there right now and today, up to a beautiful 83 and we'll see a lot of sunshine, at least the start of the day and we'll see the rain move in there by tonight, again, and for tomorrow. and keep sending me the pictures, rick reichmuth on twitter or my facebook page. take a look at the forecast today. in and around areas of the northeast and a nice day at least to start and we'll see some clouds and rain showers move in.
5:40 am
especially to interior sections by the the afternoon. and the temps looking pretty good. and down to the southeast, where the heavy rain is across areas of georgia into carolinas, and ken tucky and tennessee and a washout for your day today. up towards the northern plains and we've got a nice day and temps are going to start to build. 80 degrees in bismark, north dakota, and the heat is on for much of this week and a lot of sunshine today for mom and across the west, it is warm, we've got warm temperatures pushing the 90's, across the areas of oregon, toward the valleys of california and 104 in phoenix. all right, guys, back to you inside. >> alisyn: looks beautiful. >> dave: did you call your mom yet. >> rick: what, at four o'clock, five o'clock in the morning. >> clayton: wake her up. >> rick: that would be the worst mother's day ever for her. >> clayton: still ahead on the show, a group of land owners fighting for the right to drill on their own land. we'll hear about their battle with new york state next.
5:41 am
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>> welcome back everybody. a new york group is fighting for its fracking rights after a member of the joint land owners coalition was denied the right to drill on their land. the group says fracking will boost the state's economy and now they're taking their case to lawmakers in albany. joining us is the president of the joint land owners coalition of new york, dan fitzsimmons. good morning to you, dan. >> good morning, dave. >> dave: this is all about the development of natural gas, what some tell me is the key to our energy independence. what are you asking for? >> well, what we're asking for is being able to develop our property in a timely manner. and to be able to get leases for our property. to be able to have our people get put back to work in new york state and actually get people back to work across the whole country. >> specifically, what types of economic impact would be
5:45 am
brought to the community, to the state. if you can't develop the natural gas resources. >> well, what we're seeing is that there's a lot of money, you get the upfront money he so the state actually gets income taxes on that money, then in new york state we have a tax that actually goes to the communities, where the development is taking place, and goes to the schools, goes to the town where it's being taken place and also to the the county. which would be a tremendous boost for our schools. we're losing teachers and we're just not having the towns are going bankrupt and the schools are going bankrupt and we really need this development and we have people in our communities leaving for years because we don't have any jobs. >> and one study estimated this could create 17,000 construction jobs, 7,000 production positions, 29,000 indirect hires, a total of 53,000 jobs, and not to mention the tax revenue of over 30 million dollars,
5:46 am
that's according to the ecology and environment, incorporated. and the other side says this can contaminate our water source. as you know, fracking very controversial. here is the statement from the opponents here, quote, over a thousand cases of water contamination have been documented near fracking operations in the united states, and there's a decisive and growing body of science indicating that fracking cannot be done safely. dan, what is your reaction to your opponent? >> well, for one, dennic is a perfect example, pennsylvania, it's by our properties and epa got done with testing there, fracking had nothing to do with the problems they've had. time after time we've researched these things, we've gone and looked. fracking isn't the issue, drilling can be an issue. drilling through a water aquifer can stir things up and
5:47 am
then settles down and gas across there, we can light it on fire and people can do that across the state. it not new in our area. fracking isn't the issue half the time. >> dave: just needs to be done safely. dan, where does the battle go next? >> well, i think what we're going to see, we've got to get albany now to come out and to come out with the dec and furthermore, too, we need nationally, we need to use more national gas and convert our country over to natural gas which will help jobs across the country and put our country back to work and that's what we've got to do. and new york state, it's going to be very important. we've got lawsuits with land owners right now that are going on where they're trying to exercise their mineral rights. our mineral rights have been taken away and we're being taxed right now on our properti properties. >> dave: not being able to use them. >> we're not able to exercise our rights so we've got speculators coming in and taking it away.
5:48 am
>> dave: and as you point out. this is going to be a national issue, there are loads of resources in terms of colorado, montana, all over the country that we could take advantage of, but are unable to as of right now. dan fitzsimmons, president of land owners coalition of new york, thanks for being with us, keep us up-to-date. >> dave: all right. coming up, a heart warming surprise for a marine was told his disabled son would never be able to walk. this one will get you. that family joining us live to talk more about their incredible rehe union. you don't want to miss that. and are you too biz toy exercise? nicky fitness is here, she's showing us some moves and even the busiest of moms can fit into their daily routine. listen up, ali. ♪ mama says there will be days like this, days like this ♪
5:49 am
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
>> happy mother's day, why not celebrate being a mom every day, here to show even a busiest mom, time to sneak in fitness, she claims, and personal trainer and expert, nicky fitness, known for her great workout dvd's and the baby booty camp workout. great to see you. >> great to see you as well. happy mother's day. >> you too. workouts for moms at every stage and newborns for toddlers with school age kids. >> and this is going to
5:53 am
simulate the baby. for babies you want a full body workout. cardio and legs and arms, and you can start with taking your baby and i have the baby look at me and google eyes with them and shoulders and biceps and chest. and plie' and lift and normally giggle and love it. >> alisyn: after the baby gets to be 15 pounds, that's hard. >> as you get stronger, the strength increases and patty cake, add crunches and booty lifts, booty and belly. >> alisyn: how does jack help with the workout? what do you say. >> jock helps us with rocking thighs and glutes. on the playground, squat with an outer thigh lift and kickbacks. >> and he's holding on and doing this and adds to the flavor. >> and runs around the
5:54 am
playground. >> and jack, well done. >> alisyn: nicely done! >> okay, so mothers of school kids, that's what i have. five and seven year olds. >> and you usually, put it high in the cupboard and the lunch box down here. >> and lunch while you're making the lunch, and you have this, thank you. >> and you then you put the lunch in the lunch box, and tasks while you're assembling and put it down here, everything is one at a time. and a lot going on. >> oh, my gosh, you are ambitious fshlgs and when you're done, put everything away up high. >> and that's great. anytime you find yourself at a counter. >> counter push-ups, a hundred. >> alisyn: even if you're moving the setet around. >> yes. >> alisyn: 99, 100, that does work. and continues on twitter and a playground workout and trying to keep it on twitter, a free newsletter and dvd's and playground workout. >> alisyn: are you okay, jack?
5:55 am
>> a hard workout. >> alisyn: you're doing great. >> dave: heimlich here. >> alisyn: you're doing great. take care of him. >> and buddy, i'm just kidding. >> that's okay. he makes all the guests cry. >> alisyn: that's great. you did a good job. thanks so much for coming in and happy mother's day. >> again, check out the website and i'll put it out on twitter and meanwhile, coming up, arizona governor firing up the crowds, vowing to keep her state red and tell junior to put down the ipad and the video games, how a tech-free summer may be exactly what the doctor ordered for your kids. you hear us, clayton. ♪
5:56 am
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>> alisyn: good morning, happy mother's day. it is sun, may 13th. mitt romney reaffirm his stance on marriage at a religious university. >> marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. [applause]. >> alisyn: can the religious vote move his campaign forward? >> some critics are outraged saying president obama is avoiding important issues. >> anything to keep us from talking about jobs, growth, economy, deficit, debt. >> dave: but didn't president obama accuse john mccain of the same thing in 2008? we'll explore. >> clayton: an amazing homecoming for a marine who was told his disabled son would never walk. [applause]. >> clayton: that family is here, live with more on their incredible reunion. cry again today. >> alisyn: i know... >> clayton: "fox & friends," >> clayton: "fox & friends," hour 4, starts right now.
6:00 am
captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> alisyn: a lot of misty eyes on the set this morning. we have been crying intermittently throughout the show. please stick around for the next hour when surely there will be more water works. >> clayton: true. >> dave: a great segment, don't want to miss that, bottom of hour and want to say thank you to 1-800-flowers for the mother's day flowers, happy mother's day to all of you moms out there. the third-highest -- i guess, popular day at church, behind easter and christmas. >> alisyn: is that right? >> dave: father's day nowhere near the top ten. isn't that interesting. >> clayton: there's a lot of golf involved in father's day. >> alisyn: that and godlessness. >> dave: what is with that. >> alisyn: sundays, mothers drive the train, whatever mom
6:01 am
wants to do. >> dave: mom wants to go to church, dad loves to play golf. >> clayton: maybe it's the spring weather or something, in the air, something... >> alisyn: maybe. >> clayton: dads, get on board. >> alisyn: we have a big hour for you, let's get to your headlines, show you what is happening. an afghan peace negotiate yaeshti negotiator was gunned down, outside of his home, reportedly three gunmen in a car, fired at him and took off, and, he was a former taliban senior official and the death is seen as a major blow to karzai's efforts and he had recently established contact with senior taliban leaders. a vigil for three boston university students killed in a tragic accident while studying abroad in new zealand. hundreds of students gathered to member the three. they died after the van they were riding in in the town of
6:02 am
topal drift off of the road and flipped over. >> a piece of my heart... i love you. >> she was absolutely wonderful. >> he lived the life he wanted to live. >> alisyn: five other students were also hurt in the crash and one critically, two remain in stable condition while two others have been treated and released from the hospital. some are calling this the biggest political speech to date. presidential candidate mitt romney delivering the commencement address at virginia's lib birth university yesterday. among other things, he used the opportunity to reiterate his opposition to same sex marriage. let's listen: >> so it is today with the enduring institution of marriage, marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. [cheers and applause]. >> alisyn: you can lure the line got him a huge round of applause from the nearly 35,000 people in the audience. of course, president obama came out in support of same sex marriage a few days earlier. well, we all know that mothers
6:03 am
are special, and, "forbes" magazine list the world's 20 most powerful moms, just in time for mother's day. among them melinda gates, number 5, michelle obama, number 7 and beyonce, number 14 and, u.s. secretary of state and mother of chelsea, hillary clinton. >> dave: did you make the list? >> alisyn: strangely, no. >> dave: forbes, there is a mistake. >> clayton: and let's check in with rick reichmuth, with a look at the mother's day forecast. >> rick: pretty good, but a lot of rain in the southeast appalachian and into the northeast, tomorrow and, cool across the rockies and a heat wave building across the west, the warmest temps so far, headed towards summer, about to be june and rain down across areas of the southeast, right now and look at the video, though, from grand isle, louisiana, from last
6:04 am
tuesday. the video just coming out, right now, a waterspout moved on shore and they say they cannot take much damage and, a small tornado and if it hits the right spot, it can do damage and don't be close to the storms, not the case on this one but, dramatic video across this area, a slow mover causing damage and same storm bringing heavy rain across areas of georgia, moving into the carolinas, across parts of the tennessee valley, and, will slowly spread towards the northeast this evening and, tomorrow and the start of this week we'll see rain, across the west, not the case. in fact pure sunshine, from seattle all the way down towards the baja peninsula of mexico, and our first heat advisory, in fact, excessive heat warnings in effect across the colorado river basin between arizona and california. temps will reach around 110, the hottest we have seen so far this year and the rest of the country, temp-wise, looking
6:05 am
nice. warm across the pacific northwest, a little cooler around areas getting the rain for the day today. tomorrow we'll see that heat build towards the far northern rockies and the northern plains, all right, guys, back to you. >> dave: thank you, rick. question this morning, as we look at the week ahead, what will the issue be for the obama administration when it comes to the campaign trail? recently we have seen these messages, of course the embrace of gay marriage and before that, the war on women and before that, it was making rich pay their fair share, specifically, the buffett rule. haven't heard a lot about the economy. >> clayton: or health care, other big signature policies from the obama administration. and the question, because if you watched vice president biden on "meet the press" he was on message with the campaign every step of the way and one area where we went off the rails and got the white house, i guess into trouble was on the gay marriage issue and the question, whether or not those wedge issues as you have mentioned are a distraction from the key economy questions, but, then, candidate obama was critical of
6:06 am
senator john mccain for talking about things other than the economy back in 2008. take a listen: >> president barack obama: when we get distracted by those questions we do a disservice to the american people. get caught up in the distractions and the silliness and the tit-for-tat that consumes our politics. i will not allow us tow be distracted by the same politics that seeks to divide us with false charges. john mccain and his operatives are gambling they can distract you with smears rather than talk to you about substance, i'm going to keep on talking about the issues that matter. i'm going to keep... i'm going to keep on talking about the economy. i'm going to talk about health care, i'm going to talk about education. i'm going to talk about energy. i'm going to keep on standing up for hard working americans... >> alisyn: is that montage another example of the difference between running for president and being president? obviously, some of the promises
6:07 am
and the things you say on the campaign trail cannot be fulfilled for whatever reason when you are president or is it as karl rove believes, an actual diversionary tactic the president is trying to stage distractions because he can't hang his hat on the economy. let's listen to karl rove yesterday on our show. >> you've got a lousy record on job, anemic growth, weakest recovery since the great depression and the president welcomes a conversation about anything, anything, absolutely anything but the economy and loves -- would love to be talking about the "washington post" bullying story, anything to keep us from talking about jobs, growth, economy, deficits, debt and the affordable care action. >> dave: the shiny object, take your eye off the problem. >> clayton: i would disagree, because if you look at the "gallup poll," they say it will have no effect on their votes, they don't care about the issue
6:08 am
but the independent number in the "gallup poll" told mean, it dropped for president obama when the issue rose and that is where he is going to need independent support and it raised a little bit for mitt romney there and he's losing independence with this issue. >> alisyn: let's talk about fascinating editorial, in the "wall street journal." basically, can you imagine spending the summer with your kids, free of all gadgets, take away the ipads and take away the iphones and take away their angry birds and what would the kids do, during the summer? >> clayton: miserable. >> dave: hang on, not just what would the kids do, what would the parents do when you need an hour without a baby-sitter? that is the i-baby-sitter. >> clayton: and the ipad. >> dave: get an hour of work done. >> alisyn: absolutely and the -- we have become too relionel on these and it's not doing anything good for to your kids' brains. >> clayton: this yale professor argues this and i disagree, he says, we ought to group the machines with alcohol an adult
6:09 am
movies, they are fine for grown-ups but not good for children under 13. except for on-line learning when they are at home and simple cell phones when they go out. i disagree, gadgets are tools, right? and you can choose to put garbage and use them for, you know, bad purposes or you can fill them with educational applications, and, do that sort of thing, you said, what about angry birds, earlier. >> alisyn: that is what he said, the professor said, angry birds is not enhancing your brain power. >> dave: i'm telling you, there is trigonometry involved in that game, i swear, there are angles involved. >> it is physics. to get the bird to figure out exactly the length... >> dave: angle. >> clayton: depth perception. >> alisyn: the professor says what brains most need are not stimulation, yes, stimulation is constant, but what they need are rest and to be worked out. the brain needs to get exercise and needs rest. >> clayton:en moderation. >> alisyn: and he said he couldn't get on-line -- it is like giving us a 1 million page magazine to flip through.
6:10 am
>> dave: this is mass bing math i'm with clayton here. you need to limit it, you need to keep an eye on that... >> alisyn: what is this right time? >> dave: some say an hour, i think an hour is far too much. >> clayton: don't psychologists say unstructured play time. >> alisyn: outside in a playground, not angry birds. >> dave: moderation, my son knows all the animals in the forest thanks to peek a boo forest on the iphone. >> alisyn: there is also nature. >> dave: preschool monkey lunch box. >> clayton: exactly. >> dave: keep going with these i you made a great case. inside all summer with the gadgets. >> dave: how do you feel, fss weekend. and friends@fox >> clayton: he gained support from around the world for his promise of change and now they say the tide is turning and
6:11 am
president obama is losing his support. we'll explore that next. >> alisyn: and jan brewer firing up the crowd, vowing to keep her state red. we'll hear from her, coming up. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8.
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learn more at >> clayton: he campaigned on hope and change in 2008 and, got a rock star-like resings germany. 200,000 people gathered to see him and critical ex-say the tide is turning around the world against president obama. the editor of real clear joins us to weigh in on this. nice to see you this morning. >> good to be here. >> clayton: what happened. >> what happened is basic. president obama violated something we are all taught when we joined the business world,
6:15 am
which is to underpromise and overdeliver, to essentially manage expectations, instead, obama, running for president, basically told the people of the world that he would calm the seas and erase poverty and world peace would be declared because of his presence and that he would remove tuove politics fro politics and basically he said he'd change human nature by virtue of being president. based on those proclamations, he had nowhere to go but down and expectations were so high the hangover was going to be severe for most people. >> clayton: critics say, look the world was not happy with president george w. bush, either. that in our national interests, we annoyed some of the other countries around the world because we cannot be everything to all countries. what do you say to that. >> absolutely, a lot of the world was annoyed by george w. bush. the difference was obama tried to say by virtue of sending him
6:16 am
to the white house, things would change and reality mugged him and it is not easy to leave afghanistan or leave iraq and bring the troops home. and, if you look at his economic policies, that he claimed would heal the u.s. and the world, they are innimical and, he did not manage expectation properly and had so many people devoted to him, reality hit him inned the, too. >> clayton: there are specific things you cite that are problematic. the president promising to close guantanamo bay, a lightning rod issue and proudly said he'd do that and lately pointed the finger about global strife, towards, specifically, europe, saying the u.s. has nothing do with this and also vowed on the campaign trail, by then, to cozy up and be closer to the muslim world, that doesn't look like it happened, increased drone strikes throughout pakistan and yemen and other places.
6:17 am
and there are major political issues he has not accounted for. >> without question president obama promised, a lot of things, no way he could deliver on. in his defense, you are trying to get elected president and will say a lot of things you will regret down the line but, certainly, if you were trying to manage expectations, if you claim you can lower the sea level and erase the human condition of poverty and probably the most obnoxious of all, you can change the political ways of washington by showing up and making it a collegial atmosphere you are setting yourself up for failure. he had nowhere to go but down. >> clayton: the silver lining for him, germany does not vote in our elections. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> clayton: apparently there is a problem with the ten commandments, so a judge says, let's settle on six of them,
6:18 am
father jonathan morris is here to weigh in on them. and, a restaurateur, donatella, who will show us how to cook up delicious dishes, get the kids to help. ♪ [ male announcer ] american innovation. 29 years ago, it helped us invent the minivan. ♪ today dodge grand caravan is the most awarded minivan ever. ♪ who knows where innovation can take us next? ♪ directions to the moon. ♪ high schools in six states enrolled in the national math and science initiative... ...which helped students and teachers get better results in ap courses. together, they raised ap test scores 138%.
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6:21 am
>> alisyn: it is mother's day and what better way to celebrate than with delicious food and done donatella is here, and she's here to show us mother's day treats and congratulations, this is your first mother's day.
6:22 am
>> i'm excited, i have a six-month-old at home. we have to start mother's day with a drink. instead of a mimosa, i'm doing a mom-oso, like a martini, rose with a straw. >> alisyn: got to have the straw in this. >> and, you painitake pitas andh with olive oil and... >> alisyn: any old pitas. >> i like populous pitas and, cheese, and, you can grill it on the grill. >> alisyn: oh, yes. and, it doesn't melt. >> it doesn't get, nice grill marks and you take a little fig jam. >> alisyn: always a crowd pleaser, by the way.
6:23 am
>> spread it on and take the cheese once it has the grill marks and put it on and take arugula and fresh figs and top it off and there you go. >> alisyn: spectacular. >> kids love to make it and it is delicious. >> alisyn: perfect, after your main course. >> after your brunch, dessert. of course, there's a theme here. sorbet, a great dessert to have. easy and fun. >> alisyn: a prosecco float. like a milk shake. >> you pour it in with the lemon sorbet and it is refreshing and beautiful at this time of year. >> alisyn: so good and cannolis. >> i have cannolis, and we're known for it at my restaurant, donatella. and you can do this. ricotta, confectioner's sugar, cinnamon, a little liquor, and,
6:24 am
you whip it up. >> alisyn: a little harder. >> as you whip it up fill it ine a pastry dbag -- how old is you daughter. >> alisyn: 7. >> she has a great name. >> alisyn: allisandra. >> you a like to cook? >> alisyn: i do, but in new york it is hard. our kitchens aren't huge in new york. >> you whip it up. that is it. >> alisyn: why does this ricotta look darker. >> you put a little too much cinnamon in it and, toppings, kids love that. chocolate on one end and pistachios on the other. >> alisyn: fantastic. beautiful. >> and you can buy shells at a store, so you don't have to make it. >> alisyn: a great, great dessert. these are such great treats, thanks for coming in and showing them to us and you can get the book, donatella cooks.
6:25 am
>> come to my restaurant, downtown. >> alisyn: what time should i be there. >> any time, 7 days a week. mother's day. is your husband cooking for you? >> alisyn: unless he is at this moment, we'll find out when i get home. i hope so. >> my husband is good at pouring. >> alisyn: donatella, thanks for coming in, happy mother's day. >> happy mother's day. >> alisyn: let's go to the guys. >> dave: we've lost ali for the rest of the program, coming up the budget hole deepening in california and we're talking billions, where the state may be forced to make cuts. >> clayton: a heart-warming homecoming for a marine, who was told that his disabled son would never walk. >> clayton: the entire family is here to tell us about their incredible reunion. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm.
6:26 am
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6:29 am
>> clayton: happy mother's day, we have photos to show off, our staff and their moms and -- who is that? gretchen? gretchen karlsson and her kids, christian and kaia. >> dave: happy mother's day. >> alisyn: and laurie winer and her mom, linda. lovely. >> dave: megan mcdonald, who helps us immensely, with her
6:30 am
mom, anna. >> clayton: and, diane, happy mother's day, mom and a special surprise for our own dave briggs, look at that. he different know about it. take a look: >> hi, david. every day is a happy mother's day for me. because, i have seen you pass onto your family, the god-given love that we shared, and we know that love this is greatest gift of all, these are a few of my pressures that remind me of you. the cards... >> clayton: the shrine... >> the art work. >> dave: i was a talented young man, you can see. >> the pictures... >> dave: self-portrait. again, creative. >> school papers. >> dave: i was a writer. always enjoyed writing. >> alisyn: look at these adorable pictures. >> dave: the senior pic. >> and, the clock that reminds me that you said you'd always have time for your mom.
6:31 am
love you, dave. >> dave: wow, nice line, mom. happy mother's day, mom. >> alisyn: and your mom is traveling this week, as we understand it. >> dave: my mom, there she is with her husband, carl and my kids, emerson, william and my new baby girl, logan, they were in israel and had a wild trip and, there is my wife, brandi and the kids, and we're in cabos and happy mother's day to my mom and my wife. a nice surprise, thank you, mom and high wife is fortunate enough to be in a dark hotel room with no children around. >> clayton: your mom had all of that prepared. a massive shrine. >> dave: i know, i'm a little curious as to the shrine, i have never seen that before. >> alisyn: a special room. devoted to david. >> dave: yeah. >> alisyn: great, jen rivera was able to put that together, even though your mom was travel in
6:32 am
israel. your headlines, what other news is happening and we start with a heart wrenching detail about the plane crash that killed four people in kansas on friday, and we are learning they were flying to a christian youth rally in iowa when the plane went down and a retired marine, austin anderson, one of the people on board, he reportedly spent his dying moments pulling a 5th passenger to safety. hannah luce is now in critical condition and the only survivor of the crash. she and anderson graduated from oral roberts university just a few days ago. wisconsin governor scott walker speaking out about the state's upcoming recall election and he says a loss for him would be a loss to the state and the economy. >> what i have heard anecdotally around the state from my visits, to hundreds, if not thousands of small businesses and, have been codified in those reports is they are worried. they like where we are headed and are feeling good about adding more jobs in the state but are worried something might happen on june 5th and instead
6:33 am
of moving us forward would move us backwards. >> alisyn: democrats wants him recalled, spent over the tough stance against unions and he'll face off against milwaukee mayor, tom barrett during the special election june 5th, the g.o.p. in arizona gathering to select delegates for tampa's national republican convention, later this year, jan brewer, firing up the crowd with a rousing speech saying arizona will never be a swing state in national politics. >> the right spirit, unite, in courage, and common cause, the white house will belong to us. [applause]. >> not under my watch, not under your watch, this state will remain red. [applause]. >> alisyn: and brewer assured her audience, mitt romney will be voted into office this november. it is not so sunny in california, the state's budget hole ballooning to a projected $16 billion.
6:34 am
that is up from $9.2 billion, in january. democratic governor jerry brown now saying california will have to make severe cuts to schools and public safety, if voters reject tax hikes in november and he's expected to lay out a revised spending plan and blames the growing deficit on the economy and federal requirements and lawsuits that have blocked billions of dollars in state cuts. finally, an incredible video out of seattle children's hospital, a young cancer patient used news to prove how strong they really are. let's watch. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ >> alisyn: that is great. >> dave: my facebook friend, one of my viewers, sent that my way.
6:35 am
>> alisyn: set to kelly clarkson's "stronger", an inspiring song, even without the pictures, and, then, lots of people watching that on twitter, and, kelly clarkson is how planning to visit the hospital in person. and, can someone get out the box of tissues? how many times have we been weeping on the set today. >> dave: the spirit and fight in some of those folks. >> clayton: get prepared to weep more, rick reichmuth's mom sent him pictures of him, and we want to toss it outside to rick reichmuth. >> dave: my god! >> alisyn: oh! is that your prom picture. >> rick: let me tell you, this is going to be your worst mother's day, ever. >> dave: she's playing a prank on you. pictures of you through the years. >> rick: my senior picture, graduation with the glasses that changed color, what are those called.
6:36 am
>> clayton: mood classes. >> rick: we as a baby. squinting at the monitor here. >> dave: 20 years and 20 pounds ago. >> rick: there is my beautiful mom and dad. happy mother's day to you, mom, i guess you are forgiven for those pictures. you know, it is so early, out west, to get my mom up. so, happy mother's day means you don't have to wake up. you know what? i have miriam and megan here and you say it is your best mother's day ever because you are here. >> yes. >> rick: and the only thing to make it better, she wanted to see clayton, alisyn and dave. come on out! the weather story, we have a warm day out across the pacific northwest, in fact all of those temperatures you see, the number on the right, how much above your average you are today. 95 degrees in oregon, extremely warm -- m medford, oregon. and, your forecast, a nice day,
6:37 am
at least a nice start to the day across the coast and interior sections, later on we'll see the rain move on in and temps looking good. down to the southeast, heavy rain across areas of georgia, the carolinas, into tennessee, kentucky, spreading in towards ohio later on today into florida as well. and also, we'll see a few showers across parts of eastern new mexico and west texas. some of those could be a lil' caesar's, maybe a little bit of hail and some wind. temps-wise across texas looking good. the northern plains a very nice day, tons of sunshine including around madison, wisconsin, megan and mary ellen are from, nice day, temps looking great as well and across the west, talking just about heat, all the way up and down and in fact our first heat advisories in effect down across areas of southern california and, arizona, along the river basin, and heat, it will become summer. >> alisyn: great to see you as a young man. >> dave: do you still have the sweater. >> alisyn: he turned it into a sock.
6:38 am
>> dave: nice pair of argyles? a good looking man, rick. >> clayton: apparently there is a problem with the ten commandments and in order to fix it the judge said, let's settle on six of them and we asked father jonathan morris about that, next. >> dave: a heart-warming story, doctors said it was impossible but a six-year-old told he'd never walk gives his marine dad the surprise of a lifetime and they are here to share their incredible reunion, ahead. they are here with us, on the curvy couch. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
6:39 am
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6:41 am
[ male announcer ] go online to reach every home, every address, every time with every door direct mail. >> dave: welcome back. a new push from a judge to scale back the ten commandments like in the movie, history of the world, part one. >> hear me, oh, hear me, all take heed, the lord, the lord
6:42 am
jehovah has given unto you these 15... ten, ten commandments! for all to obey. [laughter]. >> alisyn: having a little fun with that this morning. but, there really is a story about compromising on the commandments. believe it or not. >> clayton: joining us now, fox news religion correspondent, father jonathan morris. >> dave: great clip. >> and to think i never knew that that happened. >> dave: you don't know that that was the history. >> clayton: mel brooks, how you get your history. >> thanks to "fox & friends." >> clayton: turn you onto "blazing saddles." a lot of stuff happens there. let's talk about this. in order to fix this, we'll have six and, you know, we'll remove the ones where god is affiliated with this, and god is this problem in the commands, father, did you know this? >> his suggestion was in relationship to a court battle about whether or not the ten
6:43 am
commandments could be displayed in a public school and he said, fix the problem and get ones that are specifically religious out and leave the other 6. there is a phrase. bad theology is a hard task master. okay, blank look, you don't know that, if you have a bad concept of god you will be guilty about things you shouldn't be guilty about, et cetera, et cetera, right? well a bad philosophy of constitutional law is a hard task master and you come up with stupid ideas or suggestions, you know, even from a purely historical document, you don't suggest it gets edited so that kids can see something that simply is not what it proposes to be. no such thing as the six commandments, a bad suggestion but it is what happens when you have political correctness con
6:44 am
awry and think any public expression of religion is bad for the country. >> alisyn: the aclu says, when the government promotes one faith, whether it is through the ten commandments or other religious documents, it automatically diminishes all other faiths. >> they do have a point to a certain degree. the courts said if you display a religious symbol, whether a crash to the ten commandments, et cetera, you should also have religious symbols, that represent other portions of the population. and i think that is a pretty decent, fair suggestion or proposal but you don't say, hmm... i don't think this is going to be right, so, let's edit this out. that is bad, bad. not good judging. >> clayton: how does it diminish? i'm curious about that, the idea
6:45 am
your faith is somehow given an affront, how or other faiths diminished. >> we don't want the government or governmental institutions establishing one religion over another. saying this is the religion that will be practiced or promoted or respected. and others will not be. we don't want the government to do that. we might be happy, now, listen, the majority of people are christians and therefore let the government promote christianity. no, we don't want that, we want the government allowing us to practice, have the free exercise of religion and not to establish one over the other. father jonathan morris, good message and, you are preaching to the moms. >> i never preach to my mom. she wouldn't listen anyway. but i want to say mom, i love you so much and i'm so grateful, for not only the life you have given me but the gift, raising
6:46 am
me in a beautiful family, together with dad. >> dave: you did a great job with this one. >> first time he has said it. don't believe it. >> dave: great job with this one. >> thanks. >> clayton: coming up next you don't want to miss this, father. there will not be a dry eye in the place, an amazing story, deployed military dad got the shock of his life. look at this: six-year-old son, told he'd never walk, welcomes him home by doing what doctors said would be impossible, walking to him and giving him a hug and the entire family to share the heart-warming reunion with us, in the studio. stay with us. you don't want to miss it. >> alisyn: hi, guys! i'm really going to miss you.
6:47 am
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6:49 am
>> alisyn: something one u.s. marine will never forget and neither will you after you see it. after travel thousands of miles
6:50 am
from afghanistan, for a reunion with his family, staff sergeant jeremy clooney ended up getting the surprise of a lifetime. doctors said his son, michael, would was diagnosed with cerebral palsy would never walk. imagine his shock when he saw this: [applause]. >> alisyn: that is your daddy, right there. the family joins us this morning. oh, wow. welcome, guys. what a great video. what a great moment! >> it was. >> alisyn: before we get to how you were feeling, sar gentle, at that moment i want to say we often see these heart-warming family reunions, with soldiers who are returning to base and usually the soldier is surprising the child, not the other way around and, how did you make the surprise happen for your husband? >> well, one, it was a lot of
6:51 am
work for him, i knew he came a long way to do what it was he did. >> alisyn: your son, michael. >> yes. he worked hard, trying to walk on his own. >> alisyn: how long did it take michael. >> he worked four or five months and got it down to where he could walk a good amount. >> alisyn: four or five months you knew you want to surprise your husband. how did you keep it a surprise that your son could walk? >> it was hard. i had to make sure i didn't post videos on facebook of him walking or status updates or that kind of thing and had to tell family they couldn't post it, either. >> alisyn: including all of your guys, mariah, melissa an logan, how did you keep the secret from your dad? >> we just didn't tell him. and, stopped trying to tell him and... >> alisyn: it must have been quite a challenge. he's saying, yes, that's you.
6:52 am
incredible. sergeant, tell us about the moment, when you came home, what were you expecting. >> i was expecting a normal homecoming, come and find my family and give 'em hugs and kisses and stuff, and, you go home and go back to normal life, and, the last thing i expected, was to see him some cancered that screen and just walking on his own. it is -- at that moment, when he came -- you can't describe it. no describing it, no words for the feelings that rush through, really. heart-warming. >> alisyn: so beautiful. and it is so beautiful, and, you must have been equally surprised because doctors led you to believe that that was not going to be possible. >> that is true. we had gone through a couple of surgeries and lots of physical therapy trying to get to the point where he could use the assistance of a walker and with that walker, 10, 15 feet and be able to go up to the kitchen table and, move to his own
6:53 am
bedroom to play with his own toys and never expected to be walking on his own and now he doesn't use the walker hammered at all and goes everywhere with his classmates at school and, kids go on the playground and play and it is great. unbelievable. >> alisyn: that is so great. and, are you surprised, sergeant, not only your wife but your children were able to keep this secret from you? >> alisyn: i talked to them on the phone, once or twice a week, and, you know, get on facebook and have a video chat with my wife and she'd keep the camera hidden in the corner and he'd be walking around the side, and did a good job. a total surprise! >> alisyn: that's great, logan, was it hard to talk to your dad when you had to keep the secret from him. >> not really, i pretended that my brother never could walk and pretended it never hand. >> alisyn: that is a good way to handle that. melissa, there have been other milestones for michael as well.
6:54 am
>> alisyn: yes. his teacher recently informed us that he can read and they do reading tests and they ask him questions and he can find the answer on the box and push the button. >> alisyn: gosh, so wonderful and sergeant, what is the future for you now? >> currently, i've moved from a deploying unit to a nondeploying unit and i'll be an instructor, and, two or three years, i'll continue on with my military career, along the way, michael, you know, michael will be right there, to no telling where he'll go next and we're working on more and more independence now that he is walking and able to move around on his own, where he goes from here and we'll adjust, my military career to fit his needs. >> alisyn: really nice. how is it going? we have a surprise for you. there's one of the best restaurants in new york, it is
6:55 am
called developme dell friscos and they'd love to have you go there for dinner, here's a gift certificate, the sky is the limit, justin, you will love it, trust me, great juice boxes there! so, our thanks, all of you guys, mariah, alissa, justin, logan, michael, and staff sergeant jeremy, and melissa, your story is so wonderful and so inspiring. he's going to take a time out. right there. all of that, great, thanks for coming on "fox & friends." appreciate it and we'll see you guys again, tomorrow, on "fox & friends," more "fox & friends" in two minutes. ♪ ♪ give faith a fight be chance ♪ and when you get the choice ♪ to sit it out or dance ♪ i hope you dance... [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
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>> clayton: a very touching last segment there and happy mother's day to all of the moms out there in the audience, this morning, thanks for watching and a big surprise, this morning... joining is now on the phone, is our own fair weather guy, our rick reichmuth, his mom on the phone. >> dave: what do you have to say after the photos. >> rick: how dare you, mom! >> caller: they are always beautiful to a mother! and, they are beautiful to me. >> rick: you always wonder if every kid is beautiful, in real life, because, a mom says they are and, now we learned it's not the case. >> alisyn: please. you are beautiful, rick. >> caller: you have a little


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