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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  May 19, 2012 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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and 6 million voters. >> sean: we will do the mainstream media's job. thanks to all of you. that's all the time we have left. as always, thank you for being >> good morning, everybody. it's saturday, may 19th. i'm juliet huddy in for alisyn blind chinese activist is said to be heading for the u.s. will he be open welcomed with open arms? david? >> vice president joe biden says he is getting tired of being accused of engaging in class warfare. >> i resent the fact that i think we are talking about we're envy. it's job envy. it's wealth envy. we don't dream. >> but as the administration's big government tactics helped or hurt the recovery?
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mitt romney responding. >> don't get fresh with the fresh prince of blair, sometimes reporters don't understand what caused this smack town? how many versions can we work into this? and boom. that's a little love tap? "fox & friends" starts right now. >> there it is, the tough mother competition. obstacle course is on our plaza this morning. that is 8,000 pounds of ice right there. that water is 18 degrees. >> we'll be diving in that water, swimming below that wooden barrier set up there, just part of the tough mudder fun that also includes 10,000 volts of electricity.
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we will run through that field. i say we, i mean me. >> right. >> because clayton, thus far, though we are asking for your encouragement via twitter, facebook, email. >> omg -- >> i actually thought juliet would do it. i stood up for her yesterday when everyone said she wouldn't do it. i said she will. >> i woke up in a cranky mood today. >> ice would be great for you. >> yes, seriously. pull me down. i totally would have done that. a hundred years ago they used to put me in water. >> there is time, i agree with clayton. time is too short. >> anna. >> anna coyman. >> i don't want to steal her thunder. >> and rick reichmuth will take on the tough mudder course. this all benefits wounded warriors. raised over $3 million for one of the great programs in our country, wounded warriors. it's a survival test. it's not necessarily all about
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who is the most fit. it's a mental challenge. >> you have to have team members, though. team members. you said you want to go up on that wall by yourself. you need a team. >> i just want to clear the wall by myself, yes. >> there is no i in team. >> you have to challenge yourself. i saw the weekday anchors do it yesterday. steve and brian needed quite a bit of help to get over that wall. >> i don't want any help to get over that wall. >> wow. >> reichmuth, can you get over that wall. >> all i can say is i'm going to enjoy watching this. >> i can't believe you literally said. no. >> wow. >> we will encourage him. we have four hours. we start with news. >> let's get to this. >> this is a fox news alert. we are learning that blind chinese activist gong cheng and his family is wheels up and heading for the united states. >> juliet, just in the last few minutes since i sat down
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in the chair we learned from the ap who is reporting that chen is on a united airlines flight to newark liberty airport. is he expected to arrive sometime in the 4:00 p.m. hour this afternoon. that's a 12 hour and 24 minute flight. we know chen has been telling his friends that he is happy to leave china but is he a little bit reserved and worried about what is going to happen to the members of his family. he he broke his foot breaking out of his house arrest last month and he was taken directly to the airport in beijing by officials at the hospital where he was being treated. the last update that we got from the state department, they said his foot should not be an issue in his travel. listen. >> do you have any updated on his health status? could he, if he were given, a passport and then a visa, we
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have been in contact with him a couple times yesterday and today my understanding is leg and foot are healing well. he is starting to move around in his cast. we don't have any reason to believe that there would be health restrictions in his travel. >> now, that was from thursday. and she turned out to be right because we do know he is, according to the a.p., on this flight and the american nonprofit china aid based out of texas says that we sank the chinese central government by fulfilling one of her commitments by facilitating chen's trip to the u.s. we have calls out to the state department right now. we're waiting for an official comment from them. we will keep you posted as the morning goes on. back to you. >> thank you, peter. appreciate it let's get to other stories making headlines right now. this is another fox news alert. the eurozone crisis and other economic issues set to take center stage at the g-8 summit today. the meeting bringing together. president obama hosting a
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dinner at camp david last night. the main topic of conversation dave briggs. no, it wasn't. i'm sorry. diplomatic issues especially concerning iran. among other things, they agreed the iranian government needs to disclose more about its nuclear am its biggss. maybe they talked about clayton. president obama will hold a press conference from camp david later this morning. stay tuned for live coverage. another fox news alert alert a private company was on the verge of making history launching a space craft to the international space station until this. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. and lift-off -- we have had a cut-off. >> i don't think so. the launch or lack of the space x falcon. falcon 9 rocket i will just say x sounds cooler. it was aborted just as it was about to take off.
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a nasa spokesman says there was apparent lay an automatic shut down by the on board computers. instead of blasting off cape canaveral the rocket stood theren othe launch pad. engine problem is expected. next launch attempt will be on tuesday if the problems can be fixed on time. certainly hope it can. good luck. the kennedy family once again saying good by to a loved one much much too soon. a funeral for mary richardson kennedy set to take place in just a few hours in bedford, new york. mary is the estranged wife of robert f. kennedy jr. he she is the mother of his four children. she was just 52 years old when she hung herself in a barn behind her home. there was a wake yesterday. robert's sister and long time best friend mary kennedy. carrie kennedy took a moment to speak to the press about mary's depression. >> she fought that battle through the her life. and she fought it with dignity and with love and, you know,
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in the end, the demons won. >> after the memorial service, mary will be laid to rest neither kennedy family compound in hyannis port, massachusetts. those are the headlines today. >> amazing things were happening in the world besides facebook yesterday. that was only thing i heard about all day friday. >> check in with rick reichmuth because there is something going on besides facebook. >> there is. memorial day we are going to be looking extremely warm. meantime today storms across the central plains could see a tornado or two. showers and storms across the southeast coast. we have been watching fires all week across parts of arizona and colorado. wins today lighter but going to remain extremely dry. it's going to heat up there. there is your temps as you are weighing up this morning. extremely warm. start of the day. stay warm today. the east looking good but you see that little spin right there. more showers across areas of
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the carolinas and down towards florida. that slow mover will make for rain, monday, tuesday, wednesday across parts of the northeast. that's where we will watch the storms fire today. all across the central plains. area of nebraska down to kansas and out across the west looking extremely dry again. here is that threat for severe weather from parts of texas up towards areas of iowa. worst tornado threat across nebraska and in towards kansas and that will be this afternoon. all right, guys, back to you. >> thank you. let's talk a little politics this morning. it has clearly been set. the battle has been framed between mitt romney and president obama. only president obama's chief warrior right now seems to be a very angry, very fired up joe biden doing all the fighting, taking the battle to mitt romney and it's yes, over wealth. >> he kind of says the g.o.p. isn't painting a true picture of how the democrats feel. he talked about his family growing up. let's listen to this. >> i resent the fact that they think we're talking about
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we're envy. it's job envy, it's wealth envy, that we don't dream. my mother believed and my father believed that if i wanted to be president of the united states, i could be. i could be v vice president. my mother and father believed that if my brother or sister wanted to be a millionaire, they could be a millionaire. my mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams! >> look, i stead yesterday and i will say it more calmly today. [ laughter ] >> i don't think these guys understand us. and i'm including us because we come from the same kind of background. we weren't poor. i wasn't joe biden hard scrap pell kids coming out of lines of scranton with a lunch bucket in my hand. i was just a normal middle class kid with a father with a high school education and worked like hell. >> resenting the fact that there is class warfare being thrown around in this discussion.
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at the end of this discussion, joe biden then comes out and attacks mitt romney for being wealthy, a rich guy. on the one hand saying this isn't class warfare we all interest v. big dreams but at the same time attacking the rich guy. >> it's the notion of they that i can't figure out they the rich guys think differently than us. the rich guys is the ones raising all the money for the democrats right now. george clooney raising millions of dollars. president obama is loaded worth in the neighborhood of $10 million. so, not exactly the average middle class family are the obamas. but mitt romney clearly making this about the economy, trying to shut out everything else. here is his message. >> he went out and borrowed $787 billion and said that if we were allowing -- congress allowed him to borrow that kind of money that he would hold unemployment below 8%. it hasn't been below 8% since. a lot of people said that is outrageous yeah but we put in
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place a whole series of elements that are critical to the future of america. and you have got one behind us right there. that's what they're saying. [ applause ] this is the absolute bring to nowhere if there ever was one. that's your stimulus dollars at work. a bridge that goes nowhere. >> that's the sawyer bridge in new hampshire. you know, you see the obama campaign ads which are these attack ads and then you see things like this. and mitt romney has a new ad coming out. first add general election and basically about what i'm going to do on day one. keystone pipeline, that you will business. you know, is he talking about the future. >> obama care, tax cuts. >> when i hear attack ads at this point whether it's from the republicans or democrats you know what i hear wa, wa, wa. >> not really until august, the obama administration cease this as an opportunity for two months now to define mitt romney before mitt romney can define himself. his approval rates are going up. this is an opportunity right now given these economic numbers to try to frame mitt
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romney in this way. under president obama 16 states have gained jobs. and look at this, 34 states have now lost a combined 1.4 million jobs. but, the white house now saying, look, 22 states have seen unemployment now drop below 7%. this is a good sign. so two thirds of all united states now have unemployment below 7%, which is a good sign for the white house. >> yeah. jobs numbers are offed in the eye of the beholder and how you spin them because, of course, opponents of that would say the number has come down because some people have left the workforce. i found it interesting they broke downstate by state and the states that are creating the most jobs are north dakota. >> texas. >> and texas. all about energy. not green energy, but, of course, oil and gas. >> and manufacturing. >> and manufacturing. so, it is interesting to look inside to see where this economy is headed. >> on that note, we have got to go. coming up the house approved a
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multi-million-dollar defense budget even though the white house opposes it. what does that mean for our troops? we'll talk about that. >> this is what happens when you try to get jigy with it on will smith. the details on this reporter smack down coming up. there it is. love tap combines the comfort of aircool memory foam layered on top of beautyrest pocketed coils to promote proper sleeping posture all night long. the revolutionary recharge sleep system from beautyrest... it's you, fully charged.
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usaa. we know what it means to serve. veto any additional military spending so what will this mean for our troops. >> joining us now is the author of changing the rules of engagement. martha laguardia. >> thank you. >> tell us about your book. >> changing rules of engagement is about 17 inspiring women who have done extraordinary things and broken down barriers, helped change culture in the world's
3:18 am
greatest military. they are top leaders, succeeded in new areas that were restricted to them before and they offer some leadership tips that apply to everyone. >> apply to every executive woman trying to climb the ladder. great lesson a lot to be learned from. back to this spending issue. the house pushing through an increase over what the president wants. now, leon panetta our own defense secretary says that could happy hurt because the disagreement could prevent some of the cuts that need to be made is this the wrong time to be cutting our defense budget or is it is the perfect time. >> the coast where i live we are next to the air force base. when we hear the jets soaring above we call that the sound of freedom. my question would be what is the cost to defend and protect that freedom. in a time fiscal constraint what do our soldiers, airmen,
3:19 am
coast guard men and women need to effect a mission that they have been given with quality and top success. >> these are also missions that are so unlike what we were used to in the past. we are fighting against these enemies that live in caves that during urban warfare they grab women and children and put them in front of them. mix into this motley group. it's a totally different type of enemy there are families who are dealing with their husbands and wives and mothers and fathers going out there is this a message we are not 100% on board with you? what are you hearing from your friends. >> the best that one can do is to get to know a veteran and appreciate what their service involves, the dangerous environments that they serve. in the variety of missions. >> sacrifices. >> not only the soldier that goes to the front lines but the families that stay back at home and the military child. and do people in america really understand that because only 1% of our population serves in the military. >> and today it used to be
3:20 am
that everyone knew someone who served in the military. their neighbor, their cousin, their brother, their uncle today it's not the same is this something to you want to armed forces day. >> take a moment to reflect and pause and understand what our service members do to protected our freedoms and give us the opportunity like we have and the ability to have a voice, to live in a democratic society. i think a lot of that is due to the members of the military who protect and defend. >> all right. martha laguardiakotite, the book is "changing the rules of engagement." i think everybody should pick it up. learn what the women had to deal with the military. apply it to the work place or whatever you do. >> she has written a up can pell books actually. >> right. >> we need to get on it. billions of your tax dollars being used tore federal tax programs. one problem it doesn't seem it to it be -- tell you more about that. >> do you want a better flying
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>> federal job programs cost $18 million don't seem to be jobs. $4.01 was spent on staff salaries. is there a way to stop all of this wasteful spending? joining us is small business owner amelia antoinettey. what is going on here? we have all of these different agencies, no more than 49 job training programs spread
3:25 am
across nine agencies, it all seems to be flushing money down the toilet. >> it's exactly what you are doing. you can't teach what you don't know. >> explain that you can't take a group of people who have never actually employed anybody and doesn't know the resources in order to employ them and have them go teach and create these new training programs. they don't know what they're teaching. they don't understand the content. a, they don't understand what small business people are actually looking forward in order to hire. we got the cart in front of the horse. they don't know how to move people through duplicatable system. >> they create this new agency. that's not working. instead of fixing that. i'm going to create and create another agency and another agency and another agency because nobody wants to start by fixing the problem. >> there is not really a profit and loss system here. >> um-huh. >> the private sector would operate, right? >> absolutely. you are not looking at these balance sheets the same way. it's simple for them to be training people at $4 loss for every $1 that goes into it. >> you have got it have you
3:26 am
nailed it. that's the problem with all of these government programs there isn't a profit and loss. there is no accountability system, right? in the private sector is you invest money and report to somebody who says i want' a return on thane vestment. well, you don't have that here. there is no return on investment. if anybody looked at this they would dismantle and shut this down faster than your head could spin. >> when you are in college, you go out to these internships and oh my god now i'm actually learning this. i'm in the field. i'm working with the companies that are doing. this i'm going to blow your mind amelia, what if we took this government money and funneled it to small businesses and set up programs where we were training individuals at small businesses so the small businesses are getting the money, they are the ones doing the training, they are teaching the people, not the federal government. does that blow your mind. >> no. exactly taking like an incubator model and supporting it with microlending. give you lending and resources inside of a an incubator. that would, would.
3:27 am
the problem is you are not going to get buy in because all of these people want to secure their job. securing their job far more important than training people and putting them in the marketplace. you have got two competing member ofs. this is the problem over and over again. i keep saying. figure out where the money is and the motivation is all to keep people's job security not put jobs out there on or give businesses what they want. small business is desperate for more resource and desperate for more help especially in they can actually now basic there is a one-on-one dollar. i invest a dollar and they invest a dollar. immediate return on investment. we just wasted $14 billion that we would have had higher percentage of return and lower percentage of risk if we would have had the right people allocating your funds which is your small business community. >> not paying attention. >> yea private sector, bad government. >> exactly. amila, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> are you tired of those
3:28 am
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♪ ♪ >> men and mud. >> this is the tough mudder competition. these guys, team work and climb over this wall. dive through 8,000 pounds of ice water, which is 18 degrees at this hour by the way. dave briggs is going to go out there and do it a little bit later. [cheers] >> is he always cruising for a bruising. i'm going to get hot coffee and watch him. >> i think maybe the chief marketing officer, tough mudder. >> are you doing everything? i saw one of the guys they went on to that thing and one guy jumped over. >> i'm definitely going through all the obstacles. for those of you still asking yourself what is tough mudder? we set up a mini version on our plaza. this is basically a 12-mile test of your will and of your
3:33 am
physical fitness. of your mental toughness. and this mini version will test it enough for me. >> that last little bit you saw, they have electrodes going down into the -- so you are basically getting electrocuted. >> i like that. >> reichmuth is standing next to that electrical pit right now. >> you should do the weather from the electricity field. >> i'm going to do this at 7:30. you are requesting to do it at 9:30 when it's warmer outside. >> exactly. >> what are you saying? >> i'm just saying it's probably going to be another 10 degrees warmer when you are doing it which is going to be good for you. >> faster than you. [bell] >> rick, are you going to be doopg the rest of your weather hits after you do this mudder thing. >> i think they have provided some kind of a shower in an outhouse we will be able to clean up in. >> rick will be shirtless for
3:34 am
the rest of the program. >> and everybody will turn off the tv. >> it's a team building experience. let my competitive juices die down a little bit. this is about team. this is not about individuals. >> it is until maybe we will see if they will let us do a little competition, dave, in the after the show show. >> i will be watching that as well. let's get to the weather guys. there are a few things going on. including a very nice morning here in new york city for a tough mudder competition. there you go. out across parts of the plains. we are going to see severe weather today. see the clouds exploding in the northern plains. anywhere where that green is, that's where it's humid out right now. you need that humidity to get that severe weather. where you see the yellow that's where he we will see the severe weather today. wind and isolated tornado or two. best chance of that across areas of nebraska from lincoln down to manhattan and kansas or so. also the rest of the day in towards the northeast, a beautiful day. i will tell you we are one of these patterns, sometimes you get in that pattern where you get rain every weekend. we're in the opposite.
3:35 am
we are having spectacular weekends across the northeast right now. enjoy it today 78 in new york. 84 back in cleveland. 83 in syracuse. warm but nice day as well. humid. see showers and thunderstorms florida and parts of the carolinas. worst of the weather today is across the central plains where we will see that cold front move on through. and out across the west, another nice day as well. warm down across parts of the desert. nice up pacific northwest with sunshine. we will see warming trend this week across the deserts. we might be pushing 110 by the time we get to wednesday and thursday. all right, guys, we will send it back to you inside. >> thank you, rick. >> interesting discussion and story we are bringing you this morning about organic food. research looking into whether or not those who guy and buy organic, the foods that have no preserves in them that aren't filled with different chemicals are somehow more pretentious in a way or judgmental of those who don't
3:36 am
eat that type of food. >> basically if you eat organic food you, my friend are a jerk. that's not from me. that was based on a psychological study that broke down people that actually choose organic food over inorganic food. they found those people to be far more judgmental than those who did not choose organic food. >> it's the patting themselves on the back. >> it's a self-righteousness. >> right. that's the argument. when people can pat themselves on the back for the behavior that they feel, to your point is self-righteous, then they are more inclined to be jerky when they are looking at other people, perhaps, who didn't buy that type of food. >> it's lick when you go into these really expensive, exclusive clothing stores and the sales people are looking at you like you are a piece of, you know, you know what when you are walking. in sometimes when you go to these organic food stores they do the same thing. if you ask to have something, do you have fruit platters. if you want fruit platters go to safeway.
3:37 am
>> here is what the professor of psychology said who performed this study. there is something about being exposed to organic food that make them feel better about themselves and that made them kind of jerks a little bit, i guess. it's really about a lot of the organic foods are marketed with moral arguments. not just the health benefits but moral incentives. >> even the moral names like honest tea. which is an organic tea. so this idea that i'm being honest with myself when i'm eating and drinking organic tea. can i see people doing. this you sort of do this. >> you are kind of a jerk. >> absolutely i'm a jerk. >> snob. >> my wife and were at wal-mart the other day. wal-mart has done a lot of organic foods. they have great selections. we bought organic burgers no preserves. don't want chemicals and stuff like this. you are buying all this food lettuce and different things. looking behind you in the line like that person has tons of processed food. can you see yourself saying. >> you are making this moral
3:38 am
judgment. >> they don't love their children. >> you are saying why don't they love their children? >> let us know. >> probably were. you laugh but -- >> weigh in here at ff weekend friends email. >> jerk. >> tough mudder competition coming up soon. we begin with a fox news alert out of italy. at least one student dead and several others fighting for their lives this morning after a bomb went off outside their had. it happened just a little while ago in the southern town of brindisi. the school is named ever a prosecutor to worked to take down the mafia before they killed him and his wife in a similar blast exactly 20 years ago this weekend. that's horrible. wow. the confessed mastermind behind the september 11th attacks and four alleged accomplices could be facing separate trials. military judge said to be split up defendants because of difficulties in scheduling hearings for the five men and their lawyers. the judge also questioning if
3:39 am
one trial would create issues with evidence that could hurt one defendant but also help another. the next hearing is scheduled for june. but attorneys for some the defendants have asked for postponement. talk about anti-climate particular, facebook shares gaining just 23 cents in first day of public trading yesterday. the ipo falling way short of all the hype. it was still enough to make plenty of investors and employees instant millionaires and billionaires and make the company worth more than $104 billion. critics say it could have been more lucrative had the initial offering price been a little bit lower. others are blaming nasdaq, claiming it failed to handle the share volume. >> i can't look at this guy's smug face. i want to smack it megyn mcdowell and i. don't get fresh with the prince of blair. he slaps a reporter who --
3:40 am
>> you kissed me on my mouth. >> oh, it was the mouth. >> he was obviously caught off guard at the premier of the men in black 3 movie in moscow. we are told the reporter involved is a tv personality whose schtick is kissing celebrities. >> will smith played mohammed ali in that movie. >> with you then he went. >> will smith will knock you out. >> i would not try to punch -- punk that guy. >> men in black put the thing up to your eyes. >> sports now, the staples center is the place to be four playoff games if the essentially the three days between the kings, clippers and lakers. lakers getting it right friday night. fourth quarter game three. l.a. down 3. kobe bryant boy, does he have it right now. 36 points high off the glass. he was 18 of 18 from the free throw line. that set the lakers record. kevin durant right there
3:41 am
missing a three that would have tied the game. lakers back on the board. 2-1 in that series. l.a. overall was 41 of 42 from the line, yes, a little shuffle there. >> what happened there? >> tried to kiss him. >> world peace as always in the middle of that else where, the celtics and hawks, kevin garnett struggled a bit. didn't did have a big shot early as the celtics open up a 14-zip lead. 18 to 3 lead. up 15 at the half. but the hawks, i mean, excuse me the sixers, thinking of the hawks in the laround. sixers andre, 16 points, he had five in the final 90 seconds of this game. as the sixers even at 2. do they have a shot, morris? philly looks like they have life, man. >> yeah, if they can get lucky with some of the breaks they got in the last series, i don't know. >> that could be a good series. l.a. at it. back-to-back night for the lakers. very busy. >> philadelphia phillies six
3:42 am
games in a row against your boston red sox last night. >> appreciate that. >> glad you didn't work that into sports. did i that for you. >> mitt romney says the reverend wright ads are the wrong course to his campaigns. he won't be a part of that will taking the my road help or hurt him? >> you want a better flying experience? oh, praise the lordia from ticket courts to the t.s.a., we will tell you how to get better flight service from the -- you can fly virgin america and get great service. but that's one simple tip from me. get other tips coming up.
3:43 am
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and i thought "i can't do this, it's just too hard." then there was a moment. when i decided to find a way to keep going. go for olympic gold and go to college too. [ male announcer ] every day we help students earn their bachelor's or master's degree for tomorrow's careers. this is your moment. let nothing stand in your way. devry university, proud to support the education of our u.s. olympic team. >> i love this segment. everyone dreads the trip to the airport. wait in lines and security business and what can do you to make the experience better. >> the ceo of up your service
3:46 am
the author of "uplifting service." ron couchman. >> nice to be here. >> tips by the way you say be appreciative and polite it's hard when you are in those situations not to get fiery how can it pay dividends. >> it pays dividends to you as the customer and service provider. there is always two sides to every story. on one side is the service provider and their job is to give you uplifting service. the way you are as a customer can also impact their mood and their desire to give you good service so be an uplifting customer. >> i had a friend who booked a first class ticket. she wanted to sleep on the plane in those american airline seats that go all the way back there was a change in the configuration she got bumped to business class which was a totally different seat. there are people still sitting in first class. she was annoyed. the flight attendance can't. everybody told her to calm down. she ended up sitting in business class and lost all that money that she paid.
3:47 am
>> that's going to happen from time to time, right? then the question is what do you want the airline to do for you and how are you going to get them to do it. one is you go in and you are the complaining customer. then they have to deal with your negative emotion and the situation. if you go in and say i'm actually a loyal customer and something happened here and i would love to have the chance for you to bounce me back. >> what's your name by the weighed ms. susie smith. >> use it in a positive way. thank you so much. clayton, thank you for doing this interview this morning you just smiled. >> i was touched you used my name. >> third tip provide information just the way you want it what do you mean by that. >> let's say you have a reservation credit card number you show up as upset customer you are going to throw it all at a service provider. high, i have a special situation here. i appreciate your help. i have all my information ready how would you like me to give it to you to make as it easy as possible for you to serve me? that lets the service provider know it's a two-way street you
3:48 am
are going to uplift each other and go that extra mile for you. >> if you are already on the flight and nothing can be done, what you can do afterwards in the flight so ever. >> yeah, afterwards is if they did give you good service, it's your chance to give them a compliment. one positive compliment can make someone's career it can shift the mood in the whole company or on that whole flight. if you didn't get good service then again it's your chance to go back to the organization and say a complaining customer is a loyal customer. the non-complaining ones will just go complain online. >> you say confirm next actions what do you mean by that. >> what are you going to actually do for me. make sure i understand. when is it going to happen and make sure it's clear promise in both directions. makes it easier for them to serve. >> you this is such a good book number one on amazon. >> number one on amazon and barnes & noble -- >> appreciate it. >> are you eating right for your body type? break down the difference between hunters and farmers next.
3:49 am
ron, pay attention to this. it is very important. >> your kids probably spend more time on facebook than talking to you. should you be worried? we'll explore that coming up.
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
>> diets may be frustrating when they don't work. next guest says successful diet is knowing your genetics. answer simple questions are you a hunter or farmer. >> author of the new book the hunter, farmer diet solution. he joins us this morning. it's a very simple question, doc. we can determine how whether we are a hunter or a farmer in a very simple way. that you do we so doo so. >> we don't mean an actual
3:53 am
hunter or farmer, hunter type or farmer type the way your body stores energy. more in the bell the hunter time or more in the butt and the thighs. do you have a bigger belly or butt. >> simple way to determine is your body, exactly birth weight. >> birth weight is a predictor is where we will gain weight later in life. it's odd. smaller babies that were born small, less than 7 pounds are more likely to put on belly fat later in life. they will become the hunter type whereas bigger babies, greater than 7, between 7 and 10 are more likely to be the farmer type later in life. >> all of this is predetermined. >> programmed early on. >> people might be doing a great diet it might be the wrong one for their particular body type. not easy losing weight. stack it in our favor. research eating right for our type actually produces twice the weight loss as being on
3:54 am
the wrong diet. >> show people how to do it. if we are the hunter type. what types of food. >> the hunter is not just a hunter. it's a hunter gatherer. anything they could find gather, forge, they could eat. so, of course, some meat, some fish, some lean protein sources are excellent for the hunters. also some beans or berries and fruit. those are things that the hunter could find. those are all fine for the hunter type diet. >> pomegranate juice is a hunters can have that as a great way to get a beverage. >> perfect. move on to the farmer type. what should you eat? >> farmer is somebody who can't handle fat. think about it, you couldn't grow anything that's fatty in the garden. that's whether the farmer type should be eating. a low fat diet. of course some great ways to get low fat is high in grains. things like began nola becomes great for the farmer. nice whole grain bread. all the vegetables, of course. i really love that and one of
3:55 am
the best power foods for the farmer type is soy milk. soy also helps to balance the who hormones. >> there is pudding up here. >> this is ice cream. better choice for a lot of people for desert. ice cream has a little protein, it has a little carbohydrate and some fat. it is a blend. great desert choice for the hunters. >> that's fantastic. there is flushers you say these types should use. non-bleached coffee filter who does that help and why. >> this is for the hunter type. what people don't realize when you use a non-bleached filter you remove the one harmful ingredient in coffee that can raise cholesterol. for the hunter type who is getting more heart problems we want to keep the cholesterol down. that means using unbleached paper. >> skip the white coffee filters and secret weapons for both types. >> sure, especially for the hunter type here. we have chromium. and it's a great supplement for the hunters. it improves their belly fat weight loss. we also have some vitamin d
3:56 am
which is important to lower inflammation. >> these are all over the counters. >> hunter farmer diet solution. the bebb site. >> hunter farmer >> brilliant. thank you, sir. appreciate it. >> thanks, dave. i just hunted for this. i just killed this yogurt. >> you sore tough. >> found it in the forest. gained jobs since obama took office. where is the recovery? >> high speed chase caught on camera. man so desperate to get away from the cops that he jumps off the bridge. does he make it? do they get him? tell you coming up. most life insurance companies look at you and just see a policy. at aviva, we do things differently.
3:57 am
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3:59 am
>> good morning, it's saturday, may 19th. i'm juliette huddy in for alisyn camerota. a fox news alert.
4:00 am
diplomatic fight between beijing and washington. a blind chinese activist is on his way back to the u.s. will he be welcomed with open arms? house speaker john boehner fired up over fast and furious. >> we want to hold everyone at the department of justice and the administration accountable for what happened and what didn't happen in fast and furious. >> boehner now saying all options are on the table when it comes to getting down to what happened. >> plus facebook is making waives on wall street by going public yesterday. but is it leaning to cyber overload for your kids? we'll discuss this. we report. you decide. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪
4:01 am
>> who is that? >> that is bausched wire. >> he just got clipped. >> some of our wounded warrior friends. >> is it rick reichmuth down there. >> rick reichmuth will go through the course next hour you will see rick reichmuth get after it. this is a mini version of the 12-mile mental and physical, brutal task that people are going through all over the country, guys in 30 different states and around the world now tough mudder is expanding. >> unbelievable. there is 8,000 pounds of ice right there. that water 18 degrees. >> oh, boy then the end of the court they are making their way through now. this has electricity pouring through it. >> 10,000 volts. >> fun. >> good news is once you go through the pain, enduring the punishment. you benefit wounded warriors. one of the great organizations in this country, of course, helping out our troops. >> you will be doing this? >> go to tough
4:02 am
find out more information there. we will have much more on that throughout the show. first we have this fox news alert for you this morning. >> all right. so this is where we begin a blind chinese activist jong cheng leaving china on a plane for the u.s. peter does is has the details what's the update, pete? >> julia united airlines is in the air with chen, his wife and their two kids on board reportedly in business class but surrounded by heavy security and based on our own online flight tracking it should touch down in the garden state in the 6:00 p.m. eastern hour now and the u.s. state department told us on tuesday that we, the united states have been ready and waiting for this have been waiting for this blind dissident coming here for a while. >> everything on the u.s. side is completed. we are ready when he and his government are ready. we have been for more than a week now in terms of his visa
4:03 am
to come pursue his studies. >> the american nonprofit china aide says we thank the chinese central government by fulfilling one of her commitments by facilitating chen's troop to the u.s. chen has been offered a fellowship to study at new york city new york university across the hudson river from newark where is he heading now. not sure what kind of detour is he going to take if any before he starts his studies. we have reached out of to the state department this morning and haven't received any type of official comment from them. we will let you know as soon as we do. back to you. >> pete, thank you very much. he is headed to newark airport. can i come pick him up if he needs a ride i have my brother's suv right now. >> somethin' tells me that would be a diplomatic i want. an international incident. >> what are you saying? >> you on a freeway. let's talk about in this morning. let's talk some politics, they are hitting the campaign trail, mitt romney. president barack obama and the vice president all hitting the campaign trail hitting different parts of the country
4:04 am
this week. we were curious as to what the campaign message would be. remember last week on the show because obviously the discussion over gay marriage how would the obama administration frame the argument going forward. now we have some- >> -- there has been a lot of distracting side issues up until the last couple of days. now the battle has been clearly framed. of course, by mitt romney and not necessarily by the president. but by his vice president, joe biden. some say a little too angry this week. but clearly he has a message. >> i resent the fact that they think we're talking about we're envy. it's job envy. it's wealth envy. that we don't dream. my mother believed and my father believed that if i wanted to be president of the united states, i could be. i could be vice president. my mother and father believed that if my. [cheers] >> my brother or sister wanted to be a millionaire, they could be a millionaire. my mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams! >> look, i said it yesterday
4:05 am
and i will say it more calmly today,. [ laughter ] i don't think these guys understand us, and i'm including us because we come from the same kind of background. and we weren't poor. i wasn't joe biden hard scrap pell kid coming out of lines in scranton in w. a lunch bucket in my hand. i was just a normal, middle class kid with a father with a high school education and worked like hell. >> we were talking about sort of taking the temperature where the campaigns are at this point. you have got vice president biden and, you know, the obama campaign really going on the attack, the screaming, the yelling, and the attack ads against mitt romney. meantime you have mitt romney releasing his out of the general election. all about moving forward. what am i going to do from day one if and when i get elected? keystone pipeline, things like that. >> they are highlighting a look at that ad on day one. he also yesterday was up in new hampshire standing in front of this bridge, which of
4:06 am
course, is still in the fixed in this empty repair job. sort of emblematic. mitt romney is going around the country and stood in front of abandoned factories and yesterday standing in front of this decrepit bridge which was supposed to be part of the stimulus money to be fixed as president obama asked for some 700 and some billion dollars to improve infrafracture. all weationed on stimulus. this bridge behind me is a bridge to nowhere. listen. >> he went out and borrowed $787 billion and said that if we were allowing the -- as congress allowed him to borrow that kind of money he would hold unemployment below 8% it hasn't been below 8% since. a lot of people have said yes that's outrageous. we put in whole series of elements critical to the future of america. you have one behind us right there. that's what they're saying. this is the absolute bridge to nowhere if there ever was one. that's your stimulus dollars at work. a ridge that goes nowhere.
4:07 am
>> mitt romney there in new hampshire. it really does depend on where you are how to you tailor that economic message because we got new data last night about how the unemployment rate has gone up or down in 16 states it seems just 16 states have gained jobs in the obama administration. 34 states have lost a combined 1.4 million jobs. but there is, againsting on how you look good news as well. >> look the other way, the white house is doing just that hey, look, this is great. two out of every three states now, the unemployment rate has dropped below 7%. but then the other side is saying well, look, the areas in the states that those are dropped in are areas like texas, areas like indiana. areas like ohio. the worst state is california. has a massive budget punch. >> taxes where they continue to increase taxes specifically on the rich. people continue to leave and go to your point to texas also north dakota. >> kerry was crowing about
4:08 am
that when he was hoping to run for president. >> my congratulation there. >> and romney's favorability up to 40%,. >> that's a gun poll. >> g.o.p. is pushing really hard on attorney general eric holder in an effort to try to find out what that department at the department of justice knew about the fast and furious scandal and where does the accountability begin? where does it end? yesterday, speaker boehner says wants the department of justice held accountable and he wants all of the information on the table. take a listen. >> today, our leadership team sent a letter to attorney general holder asking him to comply with the subpoena and "for information. we are -- we want to hold
4:09 am
everyone at the department of justice and the administration accountability -- accountable for what happened and what didn't happen in fast and furious. all options are on the table. >> you are saying if the attorney general does not comply with your request, does not respond favorably to your letter you are going to put a contempt resolution on the floor. >> george, what i said are all options are on the table. >> all options on the table. so, there you go. and the latest on that, which is a 15-month investigation now as that continues. 15 months,. >> you want the bad news for the obama administration van jones, the former green jobs czar he was critical of the obama administration's handling of fast and furious this week. suggesting if it happened in canada it would receive a lot greater attention than it does because it happened in mexico. >> you know it's bad news for you when you have got. >> friendly fire from van jones. >> more on that coming up. >> let's get to some headlines though and another fox news alert. this eurozone crisis and other economic issues said to take
4:10 am
center stage at the g-8 summit today. the meeting bringing together the world's top leaders. president obama hosted them for a dinner at camp david last night. the main topic of conversation, diplomatic issues, especially concerning iran. among other things. they agreed the iranian government needs to disclose more. about its nuclear ambitions. same old story. president obama will hold a press conference from camp david later on this morning. so stay tuned. we will give you live coverage for that one. police meantime are calling him the highway killer. 28-year-old james wily, he is charged with murdering two drivers on the side of the road in mississippi this month. at first authorities thought the killer might have been posing as a police officer. and ambushing drivers late at night. now they say that wasn't the case exactly. they say wily robbed his victims to get money for drugs. if convicted. he could face the death penalty. a new report finds that nearly $800 million in federal grant money has gone unspent. republic senator tomko burn
4:11 am
says congress should be embarrassed by the study, which found a large number of grants have expired and years past when they should have been closed. the findings come a day after the release of a government accountability report. question the pay off for 18 billion-dollar investment of taxpayer money on a federal jobs training program. and those are your headlines. boys. and there is the stud right over there. rick reichmuth. >> let's get to rick reichmuth. >> listen to the way she introd me right there. >> there is the stud. >> don't get used to that. >> ali will be back and she knows better. >> now, you are running at 7:30. >> 7:30. >> 8:00 hour. >> 20 minutes. >> are you scared? >> i won't lie, i'm a little bit anxious. >> anxious? >> that's how i describe it too. >> i am anxious for you. >> which one of those are you most afraid of or anxious about. >> it's funny, it was the ice water but kilmeade said it's that mud you are dry and you
4:12 am
are stunned when you first get into that mud and it's freezing cold muddy water. >> by the way it's not just mud, it's rocks. >> so i'm with kilmeade. i think that part. >> all right. let's talk quickly about the weather. we have severe storms today across the plains. showers across parts of the east coast. we have lighter winds in arizona and colorado which is good for those fires out there. also a big thing that a lot of people are excited for it's tomorrow first annular. ring of the sun. mostly the western part of the country that's going to see it we will see a partial eclipse anywhere you see that yellow. live in the strip from midland back over towards reno and northern california right around sun set you are going to see a complete annular eclipse. a very exciting event for those guys tomorrow. weather by the way looking good for everybody along that stripe. guys? >> glad have you warm weather today for your big adventure
4:13 am
it? >> should warm up by 9:30. that's what i'm happy about. mitt romney says the reverend wright ads are the wrong course for his campaign. will taking the high road help or hurt him? we debate that next. >> high speed chase caught on camera. a man so desperate to get away from the cops and he stops right here and, watch this. he just decides i'm not going to jump off the bridge that will get me away from those cops. did he get away? the details coming up. wake up!
4:14 am
4:15 am
that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
4:16 am
>> welcome back. talk about a political punch. vice president joe biden is coming out swinging against presidential hopeful mitt romney and the g.o.p.
4:17 am
listen. >> i resent the fact that they think we are talking about we're envy. it's job envy. it's wealth envy. that we don't dream. my mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams. they don't get us. they don't get who we are. >> but as word got out as a controversial ad blitz linking the president to reverend jeremiah wright. romney denounced the effort and immediately called to the end to the personal attack the. >> i want to make it very clear. i repudiate that effort. i think it's the wrong course for a pac or a campaign. i hope that our campaigns can respectively be about the future and about issues. and about a vision for america. i have been disappointed in the president's campaign to date, which is focused on character assassination. >> all right. so, what approach will win out against among voters nasty or nice? here with the fair and balanced debate. tony cats and fox news
4:18 am
contributor ellis henican both of whom plus i have agreed to give $100 to mr. scaredy cat clayton to do this mudder thing. so just leave that. see what clayton has to say. >> wounded warriors he doesn't even get it. >> bringing up reverend wright, good move or bad move mood. >> don't you love the holier than thou mitt romney after what he did to newt gingrich and -- the attack ads he killed them in the primaries. i think it's totally fine they should try to slime the president, throw all this stuff at him because we know from four years ago it simply did not work. you are not going to beat barack obama on the character issue. >> it's still 2008 that's the prism at which they look at president obama. as a question of straight-out strategy no i'm not super in favor of it. stick to economy economy economy, jobs jobs jobs.
4:19 am
you look at that ad which rom romney put out. day one keystone pipeline. obama is third on that ad which is kind of impressive. when vice president biden talks about being i resent being called a racist because i'm a member of the tea party. i don't want him talking about his scrappy scranton upbringing and recents the class and race warfare when they engage in class and race warfare. >> when i hear the attack stuff i start tuning it out. you expect to hear that from both sides. what i want to hear is what is going to be done to help this country get better. >> clearly, there are fundamental differences between the view of america that these two parties have. who it is ought to pay the freight. whether the people at the very top ought to take some of the responsibility. >> because they don't now. not at all. >> look how many taxes mitt romney pays if you want to get into the details of it. that's a great debate. it's going to be ugly because there is a lot of money out there. let's have that debate. >> there is a lot of money out there and what the progressives say is let's take that money and grab all of it
4:20 am
like the golden dawn party out there in greece where the leader of that party has stated that imrees is a rich country. they don't need the imf bailouts. greece is a rich country. it's not a rich country talking about taking from rich people. you cannot have a society that just takes. i think romney should not use -- in the campaign. >> clayton will hopefully take our money. 100 be out there doing the tough mudder competition for the wounded warriors, clayton. >> come on, clayton. come on. >> thank you, guys for jing us today. always good to see you. we used to work together years ago. >> we'll pay not to go. >> this is a serious one. we will talk about this in the break. he assaulted a federal agent and killed man. what's his punishment? he wrote a book report is this justice? fair and balanced debate still ahead. then your kids probably spend more time on facebook than they do talking to you. so should you be worried? should you take control over their cyber activity? we report, you decide. ♪
4:21 am
4:22 am
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>> between facebook, cell phones, video games, kids are spending more time with tech gadgets an they do their parents, if you can believe that. >> with my cell phone i text a lot. probably over 400 a day. my parents wouldn't hear what i talk about so much. online they don't know what i'm doing which is bad to say. that's pretty much privacy factor. >> so should you be worried? jim stiers, the author of talking back to facebook. the common sense guide to raising kids in a digital age. is he here to give us some tips this morning. jim, nice to see you this morning. >> good to be here. >> facebook is just a tool.
4:25 am
it's no different than maybe it was during the 80's when you see the 80's teen girl lay be on the bed talking four hours to her best friend. somehow it different today? >> it's a different kind of tool. first of all digital. if it's used wisely it can be a great tool by the way. if it's used improperly, it can have real social and emotional consequences for kids. it can be anonymous. not looking at someone in the face like i'm looking at you now. don't have an understanding of the emotion involved. it can change the dialogue. kids curate their photos all day every date. >> set time limits. that's a hard thing to do. tip one, how much time should a kid be allowed to be on facebook or social media. >> not so much. your kids younger and my kids teens you don't want them on there two or three times a day. fine for them to check where the latest event. too much time in front of a screen is in the healthy for kids and not healthy for the way they relate to other people oftentimes. >> choose age-appropriate material. there is a gray area.
4:26 am
how do you say you can't have access to that? >> you can go to a site like common and find out what is right for your kid. and every parent needs to think about that young people need to consider stuff because there is so much out there whether it's porn or inappropriate violence. stuff there is a loft steeler on the web that you can get to it through facebook and other platforms you have to be concerned about. >> go to common sense can you find out age appropriate applications for ipad and iphone and those things on there. you mentioned unplug. get the kids, we talked about this on the show last week try to get kids for the summer to unplug for just a small amount of time. >> that's a huge theme talking back to facebook. look, you and i both know the best relationships and experiences in life are not in front of the screen and not digital. they are with other people. they are outside in this incredible world we live in. you do need to unplug. for parents out there that is such an important message. >> i find this next point really fascinating. maybe you can take it through this a little bit here. learn their world. you and i use text messages to communicate hey i will be five
4:27 am
minutes late for lunch. they are using text messages in dialogue fashion much differently than we're. >> you know, clayton, that he very important. you have to do your homework. we did not grow up with this. when we were growing up there was no facebook or youtubes or ipads or iphones. it's different for parents. you have to embrace their world. the genie is out of the bottle. we just saw the facebook ipo, it's not going to go away. you have to use it and then you have to understand it and set some limits. because, common sense parenting really matters. >> one big common sense thing that people don't do is put a commuter in a common room of the house. they will put it up the kid's room. that's a huge mistake. put the computer in a main area, why? >> location location location. the classic real estate line is absolutely true for media. a tv set or computer should not be in the bedroom. the challenge comes when you give your kids phones or they have ipads because it's so easy to go in your room. the point of it being in a common room because you as a parent have access to it and you can set your limits and values. location does really matter with devices. at night, you know, phones
4:28 am
keep kids up. they actually interfere with sleep because of the constant stimulation from text messages. don't let your kid go to bed with your cell phone. a third of teens text messages are sent after lights are supposed to be out. so, remember that. >> take them out of the room put them in some common area. jim styer the book is called "talking back to facebook. great read. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, clayton. >> talk about a graduation president. one girl getting a big surprise from her soldier brother as she grabs her diploma. awesome. more on that reunion still ahead. are you ready to get muddy, clayton who is still ignoring me. greg briggs, rick reichmuth are as well. >> are you? >> i have plans after the show if you would have asked me a little bit earlier of course i would have. all of that coming up.
4:29 am
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[ male announcer ] tempur-pedic -- the most highly recommended bed in america. welcome back, touch mudder competition on our plaza. mini version. 8,000 pounds of ice. 18-degree water. with electricity shooting three electrodes down at the end of the course and bausched wire wrapped around the entire
4:33 am
course. >> this is something the navy seals would do. >> sure. >> in their sleep. but. >> this is like an afternoon much fun for the navy seals. >> dave briggs, anna coyman who is being a stud today. rick reichmuth is about to do this. this is heavy stuff. >> rick is hitting lead off here in just a couple of minutes. anna is going to be in the two spot in the 8:00 hour. how nervous are you guys? >> i'm pretty nervous, brian who has done this. says i don't want to do this again. that doesn't make me feel good, brian. >> that's a man who lost a leg in iraq. he knows what pain is all about. he doesn't want to do this now i'm scared, guys. we'll so you in a couple of minutes. >> first headlines. >> begin with a fox news alert. getting brand new video out of italy where a bomb exploded out of a high school this morning. it killed a teenage girl and it left several others fighting for their lives. listen to this one. investigators say it's no
4:34 am
coincidence the school is named after giovanni he is a prosecutor that worked to take down the prosecutor before they killed him and his wife in a similar blast exactly 120 years ago this weekend. first their sat scores were thrown out because they sat too close together. now nearly 200 high school students in new york are dealing with another major headache. their makeup exam now postponed for a full month. they were supposed to take it this morning but yesterday they were told it would have to wait because of anticipated traffic problems caused by the brooklyn half marathon. the kids saying taking the sates is trussful enough this is just making it worse. so they are going to add on 200 extra points,. >> how nice. >> bonus. >> high speed police chase in michigan ends abruptly after the suspect just gets out of his car and jumps over the bridge. cops try to pull nic aims over for registration violation. he runs off. police say is he a 27-year-old. he still alive and he is on the lamb. they believe is he likely hiding out with family or he
4:35 am
fled the state. that's what he looks like sort of unique tattoo on the side of his face. florida teenager getting a whole lot more than her diploma at her high school graduation. take a look. [. [ applause ] ] >> that's so cool. army specialist scott thompson surprising his little sister jessica just a second after she received her diploma. the two hadn't seen each other more more than a year since he was deployed to afghanistan. i'm getting choked up watching it now. >> mother says it was tough keeping the reunion a secret. >> she just broke down several times all she kept saying she wanted her brother to be home for her graduation. it would be easier to say it will be, baby. he wanted it to be major surprise. >> thomasson will get to spend the next two weeks with jessica and the rest of his family before he heads back to
4:36 am
afghanistan. what a great surprise. >> let's check in with dave and rick who are outside right now. >> and anna with. >> a tough mudder preview, guys? >> yeah. we are already to go. reichmuth is going through this thing in just a moment. we will talk to alex patterson who is the chief creative officer of tough mudder. this thing has exploded around the country, in part because people love to help the wounded warriors project. it's a physical and mental, brutal test. why is it growing in popularity so fast? >> i mean, i think people are sitting at their desk and need a challenge to spice up their life. life is easy these days. you can't go through an airport without, you know, doing your roller back thing. a grown man can't even hold their own luggage. tough mudder is the antithesis of that. getting muddy and getting a beer afterward. >> roll on through this as we go through it carry on baggage. >> bad news is you don't get a beer after this. you are still on the clock. anna can have one when she does it in the 8:00 hour.
4:37 am
>> they made us sign waivers making our knees buckle. >> death waiver is that what i'm signing? >> that's what we call a liability waiver. i remember overhear ago kid at one of our events saying mommy, did daddy sign a death waiver? yes, i guess so he did. >> just made my kids and my wife freak out. the normal course is 12 as i said brutal miles. this is kind of a mini version here on our plaza. take us through each step of the way. >> sure what we have first is what we affectionately call the kiss of mud. low crawl underneath barb wire watch out for rocks. next 10-foot wall what we call the berlin wall. what you need there is what tough mudder is all about team work and cam rad derly. what we have after that the artic enema. [ laughter ] it is the world's worst ice cream headache. >> college shrinking. >> disappearing. there is 18 degrees someone told me? >> i don't know what the physics of that are thing is
4:38 am
mostly ice and then some water thrown in. what we finish is is 10,000 volts of live dangling electric wires. that's a mental test. run through it. it shocks you but then you are done. >> rick reichmuth, which part are you most nervous for? >> honestly, i don't know. i'm the nervous about all of them. i feel like i want to gopher othat wall by myself. i understand i got a guy thing that i want to do it? this i hear is brutal because it's rocks, it's not mud but it's rocks. >> anna is going to be in the 8:00 hour. rick is going to go through this course with our friend brian. is he a wounded warrior. he gave a leg in baghdad in 2007. and june is tough as nails. and, again, it is not a race. alex? disiewnt to start them off? all right. tough mudders, 1, 2, 3, go.
4:39 am
>> alex you are going to be my reichmuth looks very strong. >> he just got snagged on the barb wire. he is going straight over. he wanted to go with no help but he probably needs help let's see if he can do it he is going to try to get a leg. barely any help. >> guy thing. go on now. but to go into ice dumpster called the artic enema. >> rick is in it and is he under it. june, brian, brian, june, you have got to go under it. holding hands, out of the artic, freezing oh, june, june. >> june looks like an icicle. >> going through as a team. oh, absolute. rick got hit. rick got great. fantastic job. orange head band.
4:40 am
>> reichmuth, great effort. >> outstanding performance. that's going to be tough to top anna. rick now that you have gone through it if you can catch your breath for one moment. your reaction? >> two things to say when you first hit the mud at the beginning, i was not expecting that at all. like a feet in you get what it is. but shocking. >> shocking. >> that water is awful. it's awful. if there if there is negative good about that water. >> i wish i had gone before you because now you are making me dread it even more. >> going under in that water, because your body is not moving. got to swim underneath. i thought i was swimming i still got the bausch on my head i'm going nowhere. that's awful. >> any scrapes? bruises, cuts? >> you look good. >> am i all right? >> there is some blood.
4:41 am
all right, guys. i think an outstanding performance. alex patterson who created this torturous course. >> brian, great job. june, great job. anna, later on, guys. should be good. >> i'm cringing in here. i can't even sit down i'm cringing so much. >> real quickly. there has been $400 right now $400 on the table to wounded warriors if you do it. folks contribute. let's get that number up. >> clayton? >> all right. if we can raise $2,000 by the end of the show, i will do t. >> $2,000? >> wounded warriors. >> $2,000. >> people, come on. we can do this. >> you are soaked. >> coming up, he assaulted a federal agent. he also killed a man. what's his punishment? write a book report. is this justice? a fair and balanced debate coming up. >> teachers getting another multibillion-dollar bailout from the federal government do. public schools have a funding problem or a spending problem? we report. you decide. ♪
4:42 am
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4:45 am
>> new $70 bailout plan is on the table. help create jobs in our nation's public schools. a similar 10 billion-dollar plan passed didn't have much of an impact. do public schools have a funding problem or a spending problem? >> joining us now is kyle, the founder of eag with more on this. kyle, nice to see you this morning. kyle? >> good morning. >> so tell us about this new edu jobs fund. is it going to do what the last one failed to do? >> well, it's hard to believe
4:46 am
that because there has been no analysis whether or not this additional spend something having any impact on student achievement. to me, that's what it should all be about is with r. we doing things are we spending dollars that will lead to student achievement? to date, the answer has been no. >> this is a plan pitched by u.s. rep joe crowley democrat here in new york. $70 billion bailout plan. take a look at some the things that we're talking about here. total funds awarded were $10 billion. total funds received $8 billion. number of funded jobs 95. why would he be pitching this if this looks like a failure? >> well, i think it's hard to judge his motives difficult to do that here we are in election year and continuing
4:47 am
to spend more money on government jobs i think unfortunately is the democrat's jobs plan. that really is kind of the limit of their imagination spurring jobs growth. spending money on public schools. continuing to increase that level of spending is not doing anything for student achievement. in fact, there was a stud i can't that was just put out from nevada which showed that in that particular state, and i think it's true across the country, spending continues to go up. but student achievement is flat or is declining. one of the from things. $10 billion broom have given the states. this money is simply a handout to the teachers unions. election year. almost election year. this money is being handed out to teachers unions what are you saying to that? political talk or truth to that? >> well, i think there is truth to that. teachers in unions pays duce
4:48 am
goes to political activity and pushing out the vote and those sorts of things. the calculations that we have done has showed that the national education association is which is the larmtest teacher's union. save or create $100 million in dues, and the aft. the american federation of teachers is about $35 million. so clearly there is a huge incentive for the unions to see this type of legislation pass. >> kyle olson, founder of eagle thank you very much for joining us. very quickly, you are now joining in the wounded warriors fund? >> that's right. >> to get me to do it for $2,000, we're up to $400. and kyle, you have something you want to say? >> sure, i had a couple friends do the tough mudder in vermont a couple weeks ago. and i saw doocy do it yesterday. so i want to give $500 if clayton will do that this morning. >> thank you very much, kyle. $900 now. see if the rest of our guests will be so generous.
4:49 am
>> or our viewers. >> only have an hour left. >> you are shaking in your shoes, aren't you? >> i am. >> coming up on the show, he has admitted to shooting a man to death. is he facing charges for assaulting a federal agent. what's his punishment? write a book report. sound like justice to you? we'll debate that coming up next. born to leap, born to stalk, and born to pounce. to understand why, we journeyed to africa, where their wild ancestor was born. there we discovered that cats, no matter where they are... are born toe cats. and shouldn't your cat be who he was born to be? discover your cat's true nature. purina one.
4:50 am
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4:52 am
>> welcome back. ottis mobley jr. assaulted a federal agent. tried to bay grenade launcher and killed a man during a drug deal. what's his punishment? reading and writing book reports. joining us to weigh in on this is defense attorney arthur idol. arthur, you are taking the defense on this. you think it's okay for this guy to have to write a book
4:53 am
report? >> are we allowed to venture in the area of the truth here. >> why not? >> the truth is this is not his ultimate punishment. this is what has to happen while they are waiting for the case to go to trial. this is his bail package. so like everyone else, you go in front of a judge, whether in state without or federal court. you hear the charges, judge i'm afraid is he going to flee. the defense attorney says no, judge, is he not going anywhere. in this particular case the guy doesn't travel or have a passport. family was there and said they would watch him. they agreed for him to wear electronic bracelet. >> what's the problem here. >> the problem is whenever you are setting bail there is two things you have to worry about. whether the defendant is a flight risk, which he clearly is because if he is found guilty he is going to go away for a long time and whether is he a danger to the community. he killed a drug dealer, he beat up a federal agent and tried to buy a grenade launcher, this guy should be sitting in jail. here is my question to the judge. what kind of light reading is going to change this guy around? >> rehabilitation process. >> wait a minute. writing a book report, arthur?
4:54 am
you are laughing while you are saying t t. >> in federal court, versus state court. even though the sentence is appear more harsh, in federal court. the judges are very likely to allow people to flee -- to not flee to go out on bail. you know why? because the united states of america has the resources to find somebody like this. the first time they use a credit card an easy pass, anything that identifies them. they find them like this. the electronic bracelet program, and his family support, the judge says you are going to stay home. the government is not going to pay for you to sit in jail. >> you are making the argument he shouldn't even be sitting out any i. with a. he shouldn't be sitting there doing book reports because he killed someone he should be behind bars. >> he is not going to be tried for that in this case. he should be behind bars. [ applause ] >> get credit for telling the truth on tv. >> arthur i will bring you ankle monitor next time i see you. take you three seconds to get that baby off. yes, it is. >> the fbi, the cia secret
4:55 am
service. the resources of the united states of america to grab this guy. >> maybe get him for not returning a library book in this case. >> we already tried. we here at "fox & friends" have tried to put ankle bracelet on arthur. >> and also my ankles are fat. >> arthur has given a lot of money to the wounded warriors project. we have the tough mudder competition out on the plaza. jonah has mentioned to me we raised $900 to get me to go through this course. jonah is putting up $500 to the wounded warriors. >> raise 9. >> i will put up an even 6. we only need 500 more. >> 500 more for the wounded warriors project to get me to do it. >> help us out. everyone is getting involved here. the viewers are all over it. we are way past 2,000. >> oh, awesome. >> i want hard numbers. >> thanks, guys. coming up on the show the energy department's loan program back in the spotlight for giving green energy companies your tax dollars.
4:56 am
the question at hand, did politics play a role congressman mike kelly weighs in on that coming up. maybe the congressman will give the money. you know the saying you are what you eat? it's apparently true. new study says organic food buying can make you a jerk. we'll explain at the top of the hour. what does eating processed food make you? ♪ i've worked hard to build my family.
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my feet and exactly where i needed more support. i had tired, achy feet. until i got my number. my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotics number. now i'm a believer. you'll be a believer, too. learn where to find your number at the blind chinese dissident who sent off a firestorm on his way to newark, new jersey this morning. how will he be received the details breaking straight ahead. >> her push to mandate birth
5:00 am
control outraged catholic church. that can explain this reaction to kathleen sebelius when she showed up at georgetown university's commencement. [booing] [shouting] >> the health secretary receiving a not-so-warm welcome. what she said to fire up that crowd. >> just call the man in smack. actor will smith laying the smackdown on a russian reporter. you won't believe that caused him to go off. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >> new were afternoon here on
5:01 am
the blast. come down and watch the mini tough mudder competition happening here. there is anna coyman. she dual it at 8:30. i don't know what those are jumping jacks or jazz -- whatever they were. >> i saw her in the green room. disher all you want. let me tell you something, she is tough. >> she is tough. >> do you see those guns on her? she does triathlons. she not some sissy. she is going to be out there. >> the question is we know she is going through. the question is this morning will clayton morris compete? hash tag clayton compete on twitter. we asked to raise $2,000 for wounded warriors. he said he would go. >> tony started it all he put up 100 bucks. i said look, i will go if we can raise $2,000 for wounded warriors i will go and do it. we have already gotten pretty close. we are at 1500 by guests in the studio. >> in the studio. i'm told one viewer pledged
5:02 am
5,000. >> wow. that's our viewers. >> if you do it. so, anyway. get out there. if you want to donate, it is wounded warrior we're trying to this stuff on twitter. clayton competes going to talk about the mental and physical test behind all of it. >> we also really need to see this guy get out there and do it. >> you saw anna's guns wait until you see these babies. [silence] >> crickets. >> president obama set to hold a press conference about an hour from now as world leaders have r. meeting for a summit this weekend. for more on this joined by period doocy. he joins us live with the latest on it. pete? >> leaders from all the g-8 nations, canada, france, germany, italy, japan, russia,
5:03 am
the u.k. and u.s. are all ought our president's retreat damp david. iran and syria were the main topics of conversation. iran is on the tip of everyone's tongue. few days the p 5 plus 1. five permanent members of the u.n. security council plus germany are going to get together in baghdad to discuss the iranian nuclear program and a senior white house official told us yesterday, quote: the g-8 affirmed the importance of having a united effort in approaching these baghdad talks next week and continued to underscore a commitment to a dual patrol car process diplomatic situation in iran. when it comes to iran. it there was some agreement among the leaders there that a plan to cush violence and get international monitors on the ground is a good idea. russia didn't seem to want to admit that the syrian government has had any role in the trouble there for the last few months. the white house has been
5:04 am
saying, of course, that syria's president assad should step down. russia hasn't said anything close to that but the white house says the transition and not regime change was the focus of last night's discussion. the leaders also talked about north korea and burr matchett most of them later on this evening are going toly no out to chicago for the nato summit. juliet? >> thanks, peter. >> thanks very much, peter. i'm sorry i was on the phone with my beau who i think is going to be donating some money perhaps for the warrior project for you as well. >> nice. >> let's get to other stories making headlines. another fox news alert, the blind chinese activist guangcheng and his family are headed to the united states. this is the video you are seeing. just into the newsroom of guangcheng entering an airport in beijing. he and his family left a short time ago. they are headed for newark airport in the beautiful state of new jersey. state department spokesperson victoria new land releasing a statement just a short time ago.
5:05 am
guangcheng escaped house arrest last month. he been awaiting permission to travel to the u.s. to study. the kennedy family once again in the news and saying good by to a loved one much too soon. al funeral for mary richardson kennedy said to take place in a few hours in bedford, new york. mary is the estranged wife of robert f. kennedy jr. as you know and also the mother of his four kids. she was just 52 years old when she hung herself in a barn behind her home. yesterday, a wake was held. robert's sister mary's long time friend carrie kennedy. mary was carrie kennedy's made of -- maid of honor. she took a moment to speak to the press about mary's battle with depression. >> she fought that battle flute her life. she fought it with dignity and with love. and, you know, in the end, the
5:06 am
demons won. >> after the memorial service, mary will be laid to rest near the kennedy family compound in hyannis, massachusetts. >> a private company was on the verge of making history. lawnching a space craft to the international space station. it was a celebrity tore moment until this happened. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 11, 0, lift off -- we have had a cut-off. >> and lift-off. yeah, the rocket was aborted. the launch of the rocket was aborted. it was about to take off as you just saw there. nasa spokesman says there was apparently an automatic shutdown by the on board computers instead of blasting off from cape canaveral the rocket just basically sat there gressing everybody. a complete deflation of an exciting moment. >> and engine pressure problem is suspected. they are going to try to attempt this again on tuesday
5:07 am
and see what help if they can. >> like reichmuth in with a check of the weather. are you, yourself, now recovered from your tough mudder? >> i'm cold. i am cold. it's not that it's that cold out here. it's wet and chilly out here. these guys are tough. look at this guy. he didn't do it and look what happened to his face. right there. you didn't even do the race. he just got kicked in the face, i think. all right. listen, talk about the weather, guys because we do have a few things going on today. take a look at your temperatures across the country as you are waking up this morning. there you go, dave. it's 59 degrees in new york city. it will probably be a balmy 80 by the time you get out here with your luck. a nice morning across areas of the central plains. get ready. we have some storms and a warm day today. move forward and take a look at the satellite radar picture. we have that little disturbance across the carolinas that will continue today. it will bring some rain showers there as well as florida. we have very heavy rain this morning across the dakotas and
5:08 am
that is going to bring some severe weather later on this afternoon across areas of the central plains. all right. send it back to you inside. >> all right. >> thank you very much. >> all right. listen to some controversy yesterday at georgetown university because kathleen sebelius, the health and human services secretary was on hand to give a commencement speech, though the catholic church had pressured georgetown to drop her from the commencement address because of her support, obviously,ened the healthcare law but, of course, contraception tied and backed in the healthcare law. , this of course, goes against the. >> at the heart of it, of course, is religious liberty. and the mandate that catholic institutions whether it be hospitals or whether it be colleges, whether they have to cover abortion. >> now, she was there but didn't mention once anything about contraception at all. and then you hear in the sound bite you can hear some intereruptions taking place as someone interrunts to protest her being if there there. take a listen.
5:09 am
>> in his talk to protestant ministers, kennedy talked about his vision of religion in the public square. and he said he believed in an america and i quote: where no religious body seeks to impose its will directly or indirectly upon the general populace, or the public acts of its officials. fl nel civil liberty act against one church is an act against us all. >> a protester stood up and started to the protest sebelius. people booed out the protester. person carted out and you hear the applause. they are booing this protester. >> everything got back to normal quickly. [shouting] >> meanwhile. >> admin style hat. >> that liberty issue not going away. a question for you this morning. does eating organic food make
5:10 am
you a jerk? >> the buying it? >> buying it, eating it. >> or eating it. >> i think they go hand in hand perhaps. if you buy it? >> perhaps. >> a little distracted right now by this whole mudder thing. >> issue with the study is the idea you are buying this organic food to dave's point you take it home and eat it. buy it and standing in line judging people who aren't buying the organic food. >> you said did you that you go to the store and buy your child all the organic stuff which tends to be a little build more expensive. you big bucks here on the curvey couch. >> why skimp on things that are about your body's health, right? we are the only country in the world spend less on our take home pay on food than other countries do. get food not filled can chemicals. standing there at check out line and you want to eat healthy. dave disagrees with me. >> this was actually a study, people. they actually studied it. they broke down the psychology of people that choose organic foods. this is from a psychology
5:11 am
professor not from us. quote: there is something about being exposed to organic food that made these people feel better about themselves. and that made them kind of jerks. a little bit, i guess. what happened is the folks that chose the organic foods seemed to be more judgmental of people and their quality and what they are doing and why they do it because largely organic foods are sold with a moral argument. you know,. >> like the names of certain foods like honest tea is an organic tea but it makes you somehow feel like you are being more honest with yourself because you are drinking that tea with that name. >> i know a lot of immoral people that buy organic. >> you eat organic food, right? >> i don't go out of my way. >> you don't? >> whatever. >> you care about your health. but i mean i don't think we stand in judgment of other people because they are eating poor food for their health. >> do you judge people when they are in front of you and go through the supermarket line guy says paper or plastic and they say whatever or
5:12 am
plastic? >> no. i'm a whatever guy on that, too. but that's one of the things in the argument, also, that those people who are asked to bring their own bags are also in a judgment. >> i always laugh of people when i see them walking in with their own bags. >> i do that from time to time. >> my wife brings her own bags. don't laugh at her. >> really? >> twitter. help us donate to wounded warriors. all right? >> i wonder what it's up to now, clayton, i think you are going to be doing this course. >> keep it coming. next on the run down though, the government use your tax dollars to fund green energy companies. was it all for nothing? >> people who can't make their house payments, can't make their car payments. can't put food on the table. can't educate their kids we are find out that we're pouring money down an open hole and the chief executive officer is bailed out. >> that fired up lawmaker following the paper trail. congressman mike kelly here next. >> this is what happens' when you try to get jigy with will smith. details on this reporter
5:13 am
smackdown coming up. watch the smack in the face. there you go. >> making out. >> security wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
5:14 am
5:15 am
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5:16 am
and i think i know exactly where those savings will go. call or click and join for free. test easy. >> wick back the energy loan program that gave money to solyndra before it failed is back in the spotlight. lawmakers on chillicothe questioning several green energy ceos. the question at the center of those loans did politics play a role. >> joining us now is pennsylvania congressman mike kelly. he was at those hearings. congressman, nice to see you this morning. what did you hope to accomplish at these hearings?
5:17 am
pope line is the hard working american taxpayers need to know and be told the truth about where their money is going. i keep hearing about we have got to make these risks and investments, quite frankly the money they are pouring the money into are venture capitalists. once they get that money they cut bait and run. a only people still left with money in the game is the american taxpayers. important for people to understand look there is great science out there. way ahead of the market. it's not affordable. the government has gamed it in a way that you have to buy 20%. a lot of these areas you have to buy 20% of your power fromee niewbles. they are forcing a market on the public. driving their energy costs up. we keep pouring billions of dollars in. we see nothing in a positive return on that investment for american taxpayers. that's where i think with our committee. we are saying please stop wasting taxpayer money at a time when we are borrowing 40 cents on every dollar we spent and pouring it down an open hole it doesn't make sense to me. >> so far congressman, $16 billion in loans have been guaranteed to 26 solar firms
5:18 am
that includes, of course, solyndra. is there something behind those loans in your opinion? is there a particular reason why these particular companies are chosen beyond being the best technology? >> well, i mean, technology, best technology for what. there is a lot of great technology out there. science is always -- innovation has always been the hallmark of american entrepreneurship. you go with technology available to the market today. not for this hope and dream that you have some time in the future quite frankly right now is not affordable. >> got politics at play. is that your suggestion? >> of course, there is always politics at play. when you look at the trail. the paper trail that leaves meetings up as far as the white house and the vice president, these folks going in talking to them and telling them how difficult it is for them and how much they need to support and the president says in the state of the union all the times listen we are going for all of the above and discounts all the below. the emphasis is on green technology, which is very expensive right now and away from fossils which are
5:19 am
affordable, accessible and abundant. why are we doing this to american taxpayers. these guys are great guys, venture capitalists. they invest and invest for one reason to make money. when they see they are not going to make money they bail out. look at some of the ceos they took $2 billion out and ran with it they took their money and ran and left the taxpayer money in. >> the ceo how are talking about from first solar actually was testifying there. weighs one of the individuals who actually sold stock options $400 million of his personal stock in recent years. the question is did he do that on the back of taxpayers? what do you say? what did he say in those hearings that made you -- way swayed you one way or the other. >> what he said is what i would expect any smart investor to say the market was tanking. i decided to get out. company stock trading at $303. when i looked the other day it was below $15 a share. the american taxpayers don't have that ability to cut and run. they are in it for the long run. whether this thing makes it or doesn't make it. they are still in it why are we taking money and risking
5:20 am
it? taxpayer money? this is not private individuals' money. they couldn't get funded in the open market. so what they do is go to the government. the government hangs out this carrot. they go after it. and then they bail. when they see the markets tanking. he did what any smart investor would do. we you are not able to do as taxpayers and not say hey, whoa, timeout. get me out of this market. i'm losing too much. that's what we have to do. >> thank you, it sounds like maybe some strings need to be attached to those government dollars. maybe you can't cash out your stock. congressman mike kelly thanks for being with us. we appreciate it? >> fellows, thanks a lot. nice to be with you. >> look at this man, he steal as car with a kid in the backseat. all caught on tape. you won't believe the great move that the boy made. details on that straight ahead. >> drop that candy bar. new study says sugar is making you stupid. really? that report and more from our medical a team next. does your phone share what you are seeing and hearing right now
5:21 am
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>> red wine drinkers and people who like sugar. new studies show that these things may have some surprising health benefits. if you are into the sweets, we're going to start with that apparently you may be in trouble. sugar can make you stupid? is that what we are hearing about this? >> juliet, this is high fructose corn syrup that we have in a lot of our beverages and prepared foods. what they did is they took at ucla they took rats and taught them a maize and fed them this high fructose corn syrup six weeks later they didn't remember the maize unless they gave them fish oil. they suddenly remembered the maize.
5:25 am
talking rats, number one. i don't think finance f. it's going to work in humans. i want people out there to know that sugar is really important for the brain. that's how the brain works. but if you give the wrong kind of sugar. it signals insulin the wrong way and you may get foggy and lose your memory. i think there is something here. but we have got to test this in humans. >> a little more research. wine has the same advantages as yogurt. >> we are always trying to like wine. wine has polyfeign pole phenyls antioxidants. helps digestion. it lowered blood pressure and lowered cholesterol. if you are drinking a glass of wine there may be some real benefits here. i actually believe that it increased the good bacteria in the stomach when you have wine. >> here is the caveat here though. a glass of wine. we're not talking about the bottle of wine. we're talking about the glass of wine. >> because. >> big difference. >> exactly because the alcohol itself is bad for your
5:26 am
stomach. so the polyfeign nells that may be good for your stomach. looked at huge amount of people and found they lived a little bit longer if they were coffee drinksers. why that is important. we always think coffee is bad for you that it raises blood pressure. >> caffeine. >> raises cholesterol. we are starting to find out in more and more studies it has benefits. may decrease your risk of certain kinds of cancer. may have antioxidant properties as well. now we are finding that a huge group actually lived a little longer of the that's not proof that coffee will make you live longer but if you are a coffee drinker the way i am, the way you are. >> yeah. >> maybe we will live a little longer as long as we don't go on these obstacle courses. >> i'm double healthy, drinking coffee and having a lot of sugar in it.
5:27 am
>> that's bad. >> you said good for your brain. >> no sugar or cream in this coffee. >> just testing you. always good to see. >> you great to see you. if you go on the obstacle course i'm going to help you. >> i'm not going to gone 00 obstacle course. i have plans after the show. if they would have asked me yesterday. clayton will be doing it. i have a feeling. are you going to do it snonchts. >> man in smack. actor will smith laying the smackdown on a reporter. this guy from ukraine. he was very kissy. see what caused him to go off. haven't joe biden fueling the claims of class warfare. >> dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams. >> absolutely. they don't get us. >> people want to hear governor mike huckabee will weigh in on that. and the tough mudder coming
5:28 am
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
>> go ahead, juliet. i was going to say kyle olson who we saw earlier pledged $500 wounded warrior project to have you, -- there is anna getting ready some of kyle's friends on facebook paul and ryan are they are going to going to donate. i think you are pretty much going to be doing this? >> jumping around like a monkey. >> i don't know what. >> anna coyman is about to do the tough mudder competition. all benefits wounded warriors. >> she is doing call less citizen knicks. >> she needs to save herring energy.
5:33 am
>> cold water gets you. >> run marathons. >> anna clearly is the fitness one. you know, we all exercise. look. i'm seeing if for the first time. guy not get over the wall on the first effort. >> it's not a race. you guys did it as a team. that's what i like. we decided we would wait for each other after each of the obstacles so we could go through together. >> i like that. >> great guys buddy brian over here who did this so incredibly well. inspired me. take a look at your weather picture quickly. couple things going on. picture coming from florida very nice sunrise picture appreciate that coming in from ocklawala i think i'm saying that right. nice day in store today.
5:34 am
maybe a shower or two running across that area. right now weaker up about 66 degrees. put them on my facebook page. quickly take a look at forecast for the day. around the northeast spectacular day talking about temperatures in the 70s and 80's. and a ton of sunshine. so it's going to be a great one. down to the southeast, we'll see few of those showers around the carolinas, maybe in towards the florida area as well then we are going to see temps pretty nice, humid though feeling like summer. severe weather today might see a tornado or two especially around kansas and nebraska. rain showers in the dakotas. out to the west very nice. ton of sunshine from the pacific northwest down to the southwest. dave for you we are going to be looking at temps when you do the tough mudder into the 60's. nicer than the mid 50s when i did it. >> money is rolling in. >> speaking of the tough
5:35 am
mudder, rick, good news, if clayton goes we talked about raising $2,000 for wounded warriors. steve does is is pledging. >> tony put up $100. >> i matched 100. >> raise $2,000 for wounded warriors i will do the tough mudder competition. >> we have blown it out of the water by thousands. >> kyle on earlier they are all facebooking. >> just donated 2 grand. >> steve does it if you go. these are contingent upon you going. >> i'll do it. >> keep it coming. first the headlines. this is going to be fantastic. renewed vigor today. we begin with a fox news alert. we are getting brand new video. frightening story out of italy where a bomb exploded out of a high school this morning. it killed a girl farge and left several others fighting for their lives. investigators say no
5:36 am
coincidence the school is named after falcone, a prosecutor who worked to take down the mob there in italy before they killed him and his wife in a similar blast exactly 20 years ago this weekend. the confessed mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks and four alleged accomplices could be facing separate trials. a military judge said to be proposing to split up the defendants because of the difficulty in scheduling hearings for the five men and their lawyers. the judge also questioning if one trial would create issues with evidence. that could potentially hurt one defendant but then maybe help another. the next hearing is scheduled for june but attorneys for some of the defendants have asked for a postponement. surveillance video catches a thief in denver as he tried to steal this car from a liquor store parking lot. the only problem is there is a 10-year-old boy inside. the kid eventually jumps out and then he runs to tell mom. luckily he only suffered some bruises and cuts. >> don't get fresh with the fresh prince of blair. watch will smith slap down a
5:37 am
ukrainian reporter after the guy tries to plant a smooch on the star. >> what is your problem? >> come on, what the hell is your problem. >> understated. man. >> what is so bad about that. >> because he was trying to punk will smith. >> no he wasn't. >> it wasn't custom. >> how do you know that? maybe there is. >> if i tried to land one on you i would. >> smith obviously was caught off guard men in black three in moscow. >> reporter involved excuse me the tv personality and his schtick is kissing celebrities. >> he is not borat. >> is he not insulting celebrities. >> barron cohen. >> that's part of huck huckabee's new stick. >> you wouldn't be cool with that. >> if i kissed anybody on othe set it won't be either of you two guys, okay? >> i like you a lot but i'm
5:38 am
not going there. >> neither am i. >> let's talk some politics this week. there was an interesting story that broke late this week on the front page of the names as it related to a super pac ache ad crafted that might be used that polled president -- pulled president obama and reverend wright back into the fray like 2008 all over again. mitt romney told the super pac don't do it. we want to rise above this. don't do it. was that a mistake should he? >> it was the right thing for romney to do because is he able to take the high road and say religion is off the table that's good news for romney that way if somebody tries to bring up his faith and some might try to do that he will say, look, i thought religion was off the table. having said that let me tell you, romney can't control what a super pac does, can he ask them, tell them, demand and scream and yell and take the high road. i will promise you between now and november, you are going to see some stuff that romney won't approve. he won't be happy about with
5:39 am
you there is not a dog geologic thing. >> john mccain make made a major mistake keeping this off the table. if mitt romney were to do it now, could it possibly help him at all. the folks he needs are independents. they are not going to be moved by a reverend wright argue. are they. >> reverend wright is not that big of issue. the big issue really would be the words of obama himself in his book. those are far more incendiary toward obama gels the fact you have a four year record now as president. that's a lot more than something he might have heard and we know from the new book that's out he didn't go to church that much anyway. he could say hey i wasn't there. those 51 out of 52 sundays when he was staying that stuff. >> we have been talking about taking the temperature of both campaigns and seeing where they are in this process and how it's interesting to see sort of the dichotomy. you have mitt romney who releases first general election ad and day one what i would do if i were elected keystone pipeline and things like that.
5:40 am
moving forward. then you have, you know, conversely you have the obama campaign with the attack ads and going after vice president. which is going to resonate more with americans at this point. >> i thought the romney ad was brilliant for one particular phrase. they said on day one president romney. they kept repeating the phrase president romney. conditioning people to think huh, president romney keystone, getting rid of obama care. things that made sense it elevated to presidential level. i thought it was brilliant ad. >> obama campaign cease this as an opportunity for the next two months to basically frame mitt romney for the american people who don't know him yet. they are out there trying to frame who he is to the american people. here's vice president biden talking about the republic position will this wash. we will get the governor's take. >> i resent the fact that they think we're talking about we're envy it's job envy,
5:41 am
wealth envy. we don't dream. >> saying basically the romney camp is saying the middle class doesn't have dreams. do you buy that argument. >> that's pretty stupid. you don't know me, dude, i'm the first male in my entire family lineage that graduated from high school much less went to college. i'm one generation away dirt floors and no electricity in imponched south arkansas. he wants to tell me about coming out of nowhere. i would love to have joe biden on the stage. let me have about 15 minutes and let's talk about where we have come from. folks there are republicans all over america who have worked their tails off who get where they are. >> against joe biden vice presidential. >> that's not going to ham. i just thought it was a ridiculously stupid thing for the vice president to go out there and try to light up the democrats because i will tell you what he has done. he has lit up republics who
5:42 am
have worked hard to get where they are, small business owners who resent that kind of let i can that's being employed to make it like only democrats have dreams. >> all right, the governor not vice president yet sticking around. up next, a high school facing a $15,000 fine, why? because they sell soda. and junk food. we'll explain. >> plus, it's time to get muddy. you saw rick do it. now anna coyman is taking on the challenge. practicing. >> oh, boy. get off her back. yes, you can. >> she is just testing it out. look it. she is not being a wimp. >> she is just toying with that wall. u.s. bank let's get the wheels turning. use our strength & stability to open new opportunities.
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5:46 am
sewed during 47 minute lunch period. and that, according to federal law, violates nutritional guidelines. theying get money if they didn't sell the soda. they could sell it before school and after school. we continue with the gov. thoughts on this. >> utterly absurd. the last thing the school needs is to spend $15,000 on a fine to the federal government. do we need good nutritional standards of course we do. a kid can bring a soda before school and drink it during the lunch period. the soft drink manufacturers to their credit a full months ago pulled sugary soft drinks from the school. here is the other side of the dumb part of this. the school now having paid a fine, you know what they're going to have to drop? their arts program. the last thing a school ought to be doing is dropping fine arts program we need music and arts in every school. we ought to be enhancing and not cutting them. we have some dufus in the federal government is finding them $15,000 because some child may have had a soda during lunch.
5:47 am
>> this stew stupid. >> so much hypocrisy doesn't pass the smell test. the school's principal says this is totally confusing. listen to what they have to say. >> we can't sell swedish fish. we can't sell star bursts and skittles, we can sell ice cream. we can sell the snicker's bar the milk can i ways and all that stuff. >> because there is peanuts in snicker's bar. healthy alternative. >> when common sense goes out the door and you have a bunch of people who thousands of miles away, think they can make a better decision for the kids in that school district than the parents and the administrators who actually live there and see these kids day by day. >> unbelievable. all right. folks, i asked governor to do tough mudder he said dress up like madonna and sing like a virgin. can you donate to wounded warriors if clayton goes through. >> yes. i will give 100 bucks right here and now. >> done. >> you are on. but you have got it do it.
5:48 am
>> i will do it, baby. >> watch 8:00 eastern time great interview. >> sing like that con that. >> the money for wounded warriors. i'm going to do it coming up on the show. house speaker john boehner fired up over fast and furious. >> we want to hold everyone at the department of justice and the administration accountable, all options are on the table. >> yeah, the house speaker vowing to get to the bottom of the botched operation. >> plus, they don't call it the toughest event on the planet for nothing. anna coyman, who is now finally taking a break from doing call less citizen nics and other strange dance moves outside, she is going to try to give it a try. she is going to do the tough mudder. clayton will be doing the tough mudder. dave briggs will be doing the tough mudder i will be cheepg them on happily along with the governor. ♪ people who've switched
5:49 am
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5:52 am
>> welcome back to a very muddy version of "fox & friends" saturday. good news, clayton morris has said he will do the tough mudder competition. rick reichmuth just kicked in 250 bucks to wounded warriors. >> all these viewers have been raising money to get me in this mud. >> keep the donations coming to wounded warrior daython will compete. -- clayton will compete. the co-founder of the wounded warriors project. to my right brian wagner u.s. army vet and also edward fanador. you are wounded warriors. al, let me start with you. are you stunned at the explosion in popularity of this contest and why is it
5:53 am
spreading so fast? >> well, i mean, it's an amazing aspect for everyone to get out and do that team challenge, that team sport. and a the love the obstacles literally have been taken from either the british or the american military. these people can feel a part of it now from the wounded warriors side. they get out there that team work that camaraderie that they have lost since they have been out. >> brian, you gave an incredible sacrifice for your country and service of your country. being involved in this project. what has it meant given sacrifice for their country. >> for me it con creates in despot is only a state of mind. it's is easy to sit in a wheelchair and make excuses go out and push yourself. wounded warrior project getting better every day. hopefully solidify with other people you get injured life is not over. continue on. do what you have got to do. >> you gave your leg as we just showed in baghdad in
5:54 am
2007. let's bring in edward now. talk about the bonding aspect of this and what do the wounded warriors themselves get out of this competition. >> it's actually incredible for us. some of us actually can't do the stuff mudder so we come to support our fellow warriors. and people like mike and i have bonded because of what the wounded warrior project has done. it's given me freedom new life. we are so thankful what tough mudder does for us and the people who participate in it. >> as brian said look, can you do so much talking but it's when you take action. anna kooiman is here this morning. she is about to get in the mud and go through the course. you saw rick reichmuth do it a little bit earlier. are you scared? >> i'm just hoping i don't become a youtube sensation for busting my booty going over the wall. >> scanning the mud. let's go. all right. >> going to start here. >> now you guys are going to compete with her. go ahead and go. wounded warriors. 1, 2, 3, go. >> anna is in the mud and
5:55 am
hating it but she is about to make her way through. i think she grazes the barb wire. she is proximate cause pulled through, she is not enjoying this a whole heck of a lot. keep it up, anna. here we go over the berlin wall. generally need a little bit of help here. somehow they forgot the lady. hey, it's ladies first, guys. ladies first. anna is still behinded wall here. team work. over. [cheers] >> she has cleared the berlin wall. we are headed to the artic enema. 10,000 pounds of ice it was 18 degrees when this started.
5:56 am
[cheers] >> and she is out. one more obstacle. one more obstacle. this is the electrical field. >> here she comes into the shock field. 10,000 volts. [cheers] i'm sure she is out of breath. anna kooiman well done, congratulations. >> how do you feel? >> it's nothing compared to what these guys before us. oh my gosh. that shock at the end. i can't wait until you go. >> electrical shock was the worst part? >> no, the ice was the worst part. it kicks you at the end. >> anna kooiman sitting in the makeup chair, you know. >> are you ready for this? >> i'm not ready. i'm not ready y. >> more "fox & friends" in two minutes. thanks so much. >> more on the g-8 summit when we come back.
5:57 am
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you'll be a believer, too. learn where to find your number at >> hello, everybody, it's saturday. may 19th. i'm juliet huddy in for ali. a fox news alert. awaiting comments from president obama. expected to speak moments from now as world leaders gather for the g8 summit. we're live straight ahead. >> dave: vice-president joe biden fueling the flames of class warfare some say. >> my mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams. [applause] >> they don't get us. >> dave: is it attacking the rich really what the american people want to hear? >> plus, he's got skills on a scooter. he's norman the scooter dog. what in the world? and folks, this is why i get out of bed. >> dave: what's a water skiing
6:01 am
squirrel? >> this is why i love this show and morning television. "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ >> welcome into "fox & friends" the money is pouring in. our viewers are donating thousands of dollars to the wounded warriors, in an effort to get me in the mud. i don't know what that says. >> dave: more from the wounded warriors and tough mother competition throughout the next hour when clayton and i compete. we begin with the fox news alert because president obama is set to hold opening remarks at camp david any minute now on the g8 summit. hi, juliet. >> hello, peter doocy is going to tell us about it, live in washington. hey, pete. >> reporter: hello, we're waiting to hear from president obama any minute, some short welcoming remarks at camp david before a morning full of meetings on economic and
6:02 am
global issues with the leaders of the other g8 nations, canada, france, germany, italy, japan and russia and the u.k. and now there's also talk about afghanistan's economy and the economies of the middle east and north africa before most of the leaders head out to chicago, for the n.a.t.o. summit this weekend. at a working dinner, everyone was dressed down. iran was the magic topic of conversation, ahead of a major summit in baghdad. a white house official tells us that quote, the g8 affirmed the importance of having a unified effort in approaching these baghdad talks next week and continued to underscore a commitment to a dual track process in which we seek a diplomatic resolution to the situation in iran. now, syria was discussed at the dinner last night and russia hasn't yet publicly placed any blame for the violence there on the syrian government which kind of flies in the face of what the white house has been saying for months which is that the syrian president assad should step down, but the white house
6:03 am
tells us that specific regime was not discussed last night, rather, j us a need for an overall transition and there were a few light moments, it wasn't all business, like when france's new president alan was the only one who showed up wearing a tie and the president sees him a little bit and they start talking about serious things, back to you. >> he said it's press, and nervous how his press would react, thank you, peter, appreciate it. >> that's right. >> interesting how it sets up at the g8. they want to push, instead of the awusterity measures, they want to push growth and stimulus, kind of like how obama versus romney in the campaign and maybe president obama sees more ally in the new french president alliance with president obama's belief system not just austerity how he won the election over there by the way. the vice-president's remarks catching a lot on fire,
6:04 am
talking about the rich and focusing this debate now between the rich and the middle class. and the have's and the have notes. mitt romney maybe not getting in the mud so to speak, and went in front of a bridge yesterday. which was empty, abandoned. falling apart. which was supposed to be a symbol of the stimulus money well spent by the obama administration, so it's still sitting in the ruins, listen to mitt romney. >> borrowed 787 billion dollars and said if we were allowing-- as congress allowed him to borrow that kind of money that he would hold unemployment below 8% and hasn't been below 8% since. that's just outrageous yeah, but we put in place a full series of elements that are critical to the future of america, and you've got one behind us right there. that's what they're saying, this is the bridge to nowhere if there was one. that's his stimulus dollars at work. the bridge that goes nowhere.
6:05 am
>> the sawyer bridge. the white house arguing look, we didn't give enough in stimulus money, there wasn't enough on the projects and therefore some of the money wasn't doled out properly and have infrastructure projects that need repair. >> that's a problem. whether or not there was money and he say, well, it wasn't doled out. still, that's a problem. >> clayton: jobs at the heart of this. how does that create jobs fixing one bridge. is that a government job that goes away, a shovel-ready prnlg that never was, these are the arguments. >> dave: and the main guy behind the stimulus, trying to sell it on the stump was of course joe biden. he's not talking stimulus, perhaps that didn't work well. and now he's turned to that battle against the rich. listen. >> i recent the fact that they think we're talking about envy, it's job envy, it's wealth envy, that we don't dream. my mother believed and my father believed that if i wanted to be president of the
6:06 am
united states, i could be, i could be vice-president. my mother and father believed that if my brother or sister wanted to be a millionaire, they could be a millionaire. my mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams. >> look, i said yesterday and i'll say it more calmly today, i don't think these guys understands us, and i'm included us because we come from the same kind of background, and we weren't poor, i wasn't joe biden come out of the mines in scranton with a lunch bucket in my hand, just a normal middle class kid with a father with a middle class education and worked like hell. >> and then you have mitt romney releases his first general election ad, called day one, and you know, pretty much everybody you talk to says it's a fairly effective ad, and listen.
6:07 am
the first day after being elected when he finally takes office. >> this is what governor huckabee was saying, the pipeline. >> saying that president romney over and over and over again sets the tone for what framing mitt romney as the president, so it's effective ad. >> dave: we want to mention we're awaiting the president' remarks in camp david at g8 summit and take it in his entirety, and hoping that the measures that he's taking here in the united states have worked and this is why you should take them abroad and they would say that the stimulus did work, just look at our unemployment rate and it depends upon how you see this recent jobs data. because on one hand, only 16 states have now gained jobs under the obama administration. and so, it appears that some of these stimulus activities may have not worked, again, depending how you see it, clayton. >> right, and then the unemployment in other states going down in 22 states, dropping below 7%, so, by all
6:08 am
accounts. that's great for the obama administration, these two out of every three states saw unemployment drop and the worst offender, california had the highest unemployment problem. but the states that where you saw a lot of growth and drop in unemployment, arguably are areas that are outside of the federal issue right now. which is texas. you have a lot of oil and gas jobs being-- >> you have less regulation. >> less regulation, indiana, north dakota, so, can the administration argue that they've been great for ohio? or can governor kasich say look, we cut regulation in ohio and that's why we're seeing unemployment go down. >> or can governor rick perry say because we have jobs and-- >> everybody a going to want to take this. let's get to headlines and what's about to happen to you, the end of the hour. >> we're thinking about it. >> oh, you should. all righty, hours before the president heads to chicago for this weekend's n.a.t.o. summit. police charged three protests
6:09 am
in their 20's with terror conspiracy, authorities say the charges stem from allegations they plan to make molotov cocktails and six others, bless you, were arrested in the raid, but they were not charged and security has been high throughout the city and preparations for the summit. delltations from the country discussing the european missile defense. chinese activist and his family are headed for the united states. this this is new video into the news room entering an airport in beijing, china and he and his family will evident this morning, headed for newark liberty, soaks person new land releasing this statement just a short time ago, saying, quote, we're looking forward to his arrival in the yates later today. we also express our appreciation for the manner in which we were able to resolve this manner unquote. and he he escaped house arrest and awaiting permission to
6:10 am
travel to the united states to study. top republicans turning up the pressure on attorney general eric holder this morning, demanding he release documents on the fast and furious gun running operation. here is house speaker john boehner. >> we want to hold everyone at the department of justice and the administration accountable for what happened or what didn't happen in fast and furious. all options are on the table. >> so you're saying if, if the attorney general does not comply with your request, does not respond favorably to your letter, you're going to put a contempt resolution on the floor? >> george, i said all options are on the table. >> house speaker, majority cantor, majority whip wrote holder a letter and so far no reply. you can say so long to the days of sit, roll over, take a look at norman, a talented pooch not only riding the
6:11 am
scooter, he's peddling itself. can you imagine walking down to get the paper and seeing this. >> norman the scooter dog. >> and a tough competition. >> do you think there's a human being in the costume. >> dave: ewok, i'm telling you, let's get out to rick reichmuth. >> rick: even the dogs have to be overachievers now days, man. hey, you know what we've been doing so much stuff out here this morning, which is great, but one couple i want to say hi to, it's your 50th wedding anniversary, happy anniversary. >> thank you so much. and you guys had one thing you wanted to do on 50th anniversary, you could have gone to hawaii what did you do. >> we come to fox news in new york. >>. >> rick: there we go, we had to put you on. happy anniversary. rain across parts of carolinas, the florida area, throughout the afternoon, the
6:12 am
other story is crossing the northern plains where we had the rain showers there and that's going to bring us a threat for severe weather later on this afternoon where you see that little yellow bulls eye and extends from parts of minnesota down towards texas and we haven't had that much severe weather, but a threat for it today and it's back, we might see a tornado or two. the temperatures warm-up across the plains, 90 in chicago and dave briggs, the sun is coming out for you here on the plaza. >> dave: i don't know that that's going to make it better, rick. watching you guys do that that makes it worse. >> clayton: look at the ice truck over his shoulder. 8,000 pounds. >> we want it to be as cold as possible. >> coming up we're going to go in the wounded warrior area, but awaiting comments from the president, he's expected to speak just moments from now, as world leaders gather for the g8 summit. steps to the mic.
6:13 am
. >> and coming up, mitt romney condemns the plan to smear president obama in the ads and a job killing vampire, why isn't the media standing up for mitt? we'll explore this. you've seen rick, seen anna, now, dave and clayton, headed for the ice dunk. >> that's-- that's fresh ice. >> oh, man. >> and the electric booing aliao. the electric something or other.
6:14 am
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♪ >> welcome back. earlier this week. mainstream media attacking mitt romney after reports that a super pac, tying romney rejected the ad immediately told them not to do it. >> dave: and the president's campaign continues to go
6:17 am
negative with ads like this. >> they've made as much money off as we could and closed it down. filed for bankruptcy. and families with communities. >> and a vampire. why don't the mainstream media reject ads like this. >> dave: the national review, author of tyrannies of cliches. >> good morning, sir. >> great. i'm freaked out by the wookie on a bicycle. >> dave: i thought it was an ewok, but it's an ooh wookie. i'm glad that you've broken it down for us. let's talk about the interesting dynamic. mitt romney said no super pac, let's stay away from reverend wright. obama campaign makes for the time at bain capital. the administration accepted a
6:18 am
lot of money from bain capital. almost mitt romney since 2007. is that something they should be doing all the while talking bad about his time there? >> look, i mean, i think it's unavoidable that they're going to make bain capital into an issue, right? the obama people are trying to do the same thing to romney that the bush people tried to do to kerry, take what the kerry people thought was the strongest issue and turn it into a weakness. trying to take romney's strongest issue in the private sector and turn it into a weakness, what bothers me the incredible double standard. i understand why romney doesn't want to be aassociated with the attacks jeremiah wright and this biblical piece, and buzzy nugget in it how mitt romney may have bullied some kid, 52 years ago. and yet, everyone says that
6:19 am
jeremiah wright not vetted not discussed by a vast swath of the news stream media, would be outrageous and disgusting to make him part of a campaign issue, i find that bizarre. >> clayton: you almost sound surprised by this. you've been around long enough to know. the swift boat attack ads and the swift boat ads and trying to dig through that. and the whole rickets ad and brought to being to the floor. why don't we see it on the other side? . well, at the end of the day, he think there are a lot of motives, some people are decent and honest and shouldn't be too broad a brush. there is a he a deep nagging insecurity in the mainstream media how they're such cheerleaders for obama in 2008 that they really don't like the idea of opening up the pandora's box and reminding people how much they were in
6:20 am
the tank in 2008. the stuck with obama's literary agent being a birther, and saying that obama was born in kenya. i'm not a birther, i think that obama was born in hawaii, but goes to show how the press sort of ignored that stuff and ignored jeremiah wright, ignored obama's own biography. and i think that in some ways, what they're trying to say we did nothing wrong, nothing to see here, let's put all of our attention on romney how mean he was 52 years ago in high school. >> should be interesting given that narrative how mitt romney plays it whether he shows some passion and anger. jonah goldberg from the national review, thanks for being here. >> good to be here. >> clayton: coming up 0en the show, parents, take a look at the video screen. what's happening could be the key to autism. ground breaking now, what you could do to see the first
6:21 am
signs of the prem. >> and don't get fresh, the fresh prinz prince of bel air a sometimes supporters don't know what caused the smackdown ahead. ♪
6:22 am
6:23 am
6:24 am
>> 24 minutes past the hour now, we have a fox news alert. what you're watching is a historic meeting, the president, president obama about to give opening remarks at camp david on the g8 summit. >> you're welcome as long as you don't break anything. >> this is by the way, the largest gathering whatever of international leaders at camp david and i'm glad that we could have arranged for good weather. last night, we had a chance to discuss some court issues that
6:25 am
affect our common security and i want to say that we are unified when it comes to our an i proech with-- approach with iran. i think we all agree iran has the right to peaceful nuclear pow power, but international rules and norms and its inability thus far to convince the world community it's not pursuing the weaponization of nuclear power is something of grave concern to all of us. we are hopeful about the discussions that will be taking in baghdad, but all of us are committed to firmly continuing with the approach of sanctions and pressure in combination with diplomatic discussions and our hope is that we can resolve this issue
6:26 am
in a peaceful fashion that respects iran's sovereignty and its rights in the international community, but also recognizes its responsibilities. we had a discussion about syria and we all believe that a peaceful resolution and political transition in syria is preferable. we are all deeply concerned about the violence that's taken place there and the loss of life. we are supportive of the annan plan, but we agreed and expect this will be reflected in our communique that the annan plan has to be fully implemented and that a political process has to move forward in a more timely fashion to resolve that issue. we also have a chance to discuss the situation north korea. all of us agree that north korea's violating its
6:27 am
international obligations and that there is a path for them to rejoin the international community, but that path is not going to be -- or that objective will not be achieved if they continue with the provocative actions that they have shown over the last several months. and on a brighter note, we had the opportunity to discuss burma and all of us are hopeful that the political process and transition, transformation that is beginning to take place there takes root. many of us have i can at thatten action to open up, trade and investment with burma for the first time in many years and we've had discussions with the leadership there. our hope is that this process will continue and we're going to do everything we can to encourage that process.
6:28 am
finally, we had a brief discussion around the issue of women's empowerment where we've agreed that both when it comes to economic development and when it comes to peace and security issues, empowering women to have a seat at the table and go et more engaged and involved in these processes can be extraordinarily fruitful and this is something that we will also be introducing during the g-20. so, i want to thank the leaders, despite the fact that those coming from across the atlantic ended up staying up i guess until six in the morning their time, the discussions were very fruitful this morning, we're going to be spending a lot of time on economic issues. obviously, the euro zone will be one topic and all of us are absolutely committed to making sure that both growth and stability and fiscal c
6:29 am
consolidation are part of a package in order for prosperity that we're all looking for. we're also talking about uncertainty in the energy markets and how we can help to resolve some of those issues and we'll be spending time talking about the development, the middle east, north africa and our capacity to sustain economic development in afghanistan, obviously, in chicago during the n.a.t.o. meeting we'll spend more time talking about security, security matters, but here we want to make sure that we recognize the need for afghanistan to be able to sustain a development agenda moving forward as we begin the transition out of war. so, again, i want it thank all the leaders for being here and so far, this has been a frank and useful conversation and it gives me great optimism about our ability to meet the challenges in the future, all right?
6:30 am
thank you very much, everybody. >> thank you. >> that of course is president obama at the meeting of the g8 at camp david. much more casual than the typical affair when you have people of this caliber. and the president there. coming up we're going back to the mud and mud competition not just david, it's david and clayton, clayton was forced by you, by us, for the benefit of the wounded warriors, going to take on the tough mudder challenge coming up next. stay tuned. (cheers). all energy development comes with some risk, but proven technologies allow natural gas producers
6:31 am
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6:34 am
>> we're back. it's a tough mudder competition, 8,000, 8,000 pounds of ice. 18 degree water, a giant wall, mud, rocks, barbed wire and electrical volts charging through wires. >> and rick and dave is already outside. rick has done it, and a
6:35 am
stellar job. anna, a stellar job. dave briggs. >> the way that clayton described it sounds like something they have at guantanamo bay. people are paying to do this, signing up by the thousands and are' in a suit. a problem here clayton. >> i've got to get changed. and she's staying on the exercise bike at the gym to see this. >> rick: good call. tell you one thing, dave briggs, the sun a shining and feels warm here now and you're lucky because it has not been this warm. >> it's not just changed the-- trust me it's going to feel better. >> pounds of ice. >> rick: let's talk about the weather, we have some weather out there, some storms across parts of the plains and dave, right now latest 63 degrees in new york city, around 7 degrees warmer than it was when i started. 73 this morning in kansas city and waking up 72 in minneapolis and the line where we might see storms firing throughout the afternoon, but here is your forecast for the day today. a beautiful day, again, you
6:36 am
know, sometimes you get in the patterns of bad weekends and we're in a pattern of good weekends again right now. extremely nice in the day tomorrow. the southeast a pretty nice day except for parts of south florida, a few thunderstorms, warm throughout texas into the northern plains, aen that's our trouble spot for the day today. areas of nebraska and kansas, possibly seeing a tornado or two this afternoon, temps warm to the eastern side of that and across the west, tons of sunshine, especially in the southwest, nice and warm. all right. to you inside, juliet. >> thank you, we'll see you shortly, begin with a fox news alert. a brand new video out of italy where a bomb exploded outside of a high school, killing one teenager girls and several others fighting for their lies. investigators say it's no coincidence, the school is named after a prosecutor, was a prosecutor and worked to
6:37 am
take down the mob and killed in an is i am lahr explosion. and health and human services kathleen sebelius, getting not so warm a welcome at georgetown university. let's take a look. >> my life in public service. [yelling] >> sebelius interrupted by anti-abortion protests, she played a key role in passing the federal health care law and contraception mandates and the archdiocese of washington criticized georgetown for inviting her, saying she was inappropriate choice for a j he is -- jesuit. >> no, watch will smith slap a ukrainian supporter after he tries to plant a surprise smooch on the star. >> oh.
6:38 am
come on, man, what the hell is your problem. >> why does he need the security guy in the background. and caught off guard after the premier of men in black, the reporter involved is a tv personality and got a schtick and and that's kissing celebrities. maybe he knew about this guy, maybe not. >> and they've raised a lot for the wounded warriors. >> he has and home depot, dave white is here from home depot. >> i thought you were saying my wife dave white. >> we've had long marriage. and my wife said they're so informative an and learning a lot. working in the garden and yard and you have a lot to live up to today. >> i've seen pictures, doing a good job by the way. >> thank you. >> here we can build a free ring using simple thing things from home depot. >> similar to many so of the
6:39 am
things mike and i have been talking about, ways to create some nice focal points in the yard that bring a lot of beauty in landscaping out and this is literally, it's a tree ring and you should have seen me before watching you guy like a tree ring circus over there. >> i was waiting for the pun. >> and rooting you win. the first thing, you want to identify a tree in the yard or plant from scratch, out line. >> you loop a piece of string around and get some chalk. >> a chalk line. >> see the line that we marked and aum you do is walk around it like this and chalk it. let a nice circle and once you do that, dig out some of the yard. the turf at the top and helps you get a base and bury the first player of pave stone and buy a couple of inches. watch out for the free roots, you don't want to damage the
6:40 am
tree. >> cut out the tree roots. >> lay it down so it's not sticking up from the grass. >> it will keep them nice and firm there, so the sand helps to level them and make sure that everything looks nice. from there, pretty simple. when you stack the next course, the way the blocks work, they have a lip on the back. not talking about a huge remaining wall, not retaining a lot of dirt. it helps to keep them in place and accept the next layer in between so you stagger the seams. >> right, overlapping them. >> so you're over lapping them and this is simple. you don't need cement or concrete or adhesive. they're going to sit there. once you've done that. put some nice topsoil down and some plants in and consider the kind of mulch that you want. you can do anything you want and see the examples of the pavers that we have. there's so much variety.
6:41 am
>> you can do this in just a few hours, and go into home depot to the lawn and garden section where i spend half of my weekend and pick out the pavers. >> and a foot path. >> it's a practical project, a nice little weekend project to do with the family, and they can do this and it's terrific, one thing to caution about, when you put mulch in, you don't want to pile up the m you will much, on to the tree too much. keep a couple of inches between the million much layer and the tree. you did a great job. >> that was fantastic. i'm so proud. >> back to you, juliet. >> thanks, dave. >> thank you very much. all righty, is the federal government cut gutting our military and national defense and spending your money to combat climate change? the shocking results from a new report coming up. >> you've seen rick and anna, dave and clayton are in the
6:42 am
house, outside the house, actually, headed for the tough mudder competition. first, let's check with neil cavuto, what's coming up on the cost of freedom. business block, neil. >> forget about facebook's bumpy opening ride. focus on a bolter why getting bounce. why what is happening to one of facebook's founder, and the debt crisis today. but the former president is discussing america and bill clinton says hike taxes on everyone not just the rich. is he right? is he wrong? the government insisting that inflation is tame. why aren't shoppers buying it? the cost of freedom at the top of the hour. we'll see you then. where you n by curveballs. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way?
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i wish i would have known that cause i really don't think i chose the best location. it's not so bad... i mean you got a deal... right? [ bird cries ] go online to reach every home, every address, every time with every door direct mail. >> welcome back, 45 minutes before the hour. 45 minutes after the hour, excuse me. a new report shows since 2008. the federal government has
6:46 am
spent nearly 70 billion dollars to combat climate changes and according to senator james inhoff, he believes he's being done at the expense of our military. >> i've been a strong support earth dod's energy solutions that are an i fordable and make sense, including the nonalgae biofields and natural gas. to take money away from core programs to invest in unproven technologies as fair cap and trade is not only wrong, but reckless. >> juliet: joining us the daily collar's michelle fields, good morning, i saw you on hannity last night discussing these things. so what kind of money are we talking on climate change during the obama administration? >> well, since 2008, 70 billion dollars has been spent on climate change, which is obviously worrisome, because a lot of the money ends up getting wasted on things like slolyndr
6:47 am
solyndra. what's more worrisome, the obama administration is imposing the green energy plan on the military and forcing them to spend 4 billion dollars of its budget on energy research, for instance-- . than what. >> but, i'm sorry? >> and explain a little more about what they're asking the defense department to do? >> with he will, they're asking them to look into alternative energy fuel and alternative energy and so, the secretary of defense says that this is absolutely necessary because, the cost of fuel is so expensive. so there's no other choice, but to look into doing energy research, but that's not necessarily true, because, there is the keystone pipeline, which the obama administration refuses to approve, which would bring in 700,000 barrels of oil per day into the united states. so, it's not the only option that, that this administration has. >> i mean, what, what information? what valuable information have we gleaned from this research? >> well, look, we don't know. they're basically just
6:48 am
diagnose research, so we don't know where the money is going or how if we've gotten anything from it, it's basically wasting money. this is not what the military should be doing. that's part of that. that should be part of the energy department, not the military. >> michelle fields from the daily collar and showing up here on some show on fox, thanks for joining us today. >> we appreciate it. >> thank you. david is getting ready for the tough mudder, where is clayton. clayton is nowhere to be found, mia. are you kidding me? we'll get him out there. don't worry, i'm heading out now. i'll take care of things. ♪ ♪ tough enough, tough enough ♪ does your phone share what you are seeing and hearing right now with the touch of a button ? droid does. does it post it instantly to facebook with sound ?
6:49 am
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♪ >> and donating $100, clayton would do it for $100? >> and there is an anna. >> and dave. >> rick did it. >> our viewers around the world have donated well over $10,000 at this point so far. (cheers) >> and let me just-- >> and that's what this is all about. >> we need to show you what's going on here, this is the first part of this. the first leg of this competition, not only dealing with barbed wire, but take a look at the mud, this is no sissy mud, these are rocks, rocks. >> rocks like this are in this mud and even alex patterson told me, this mud is rockier. >> let me tell you it's rocky and eat your skin up. >> one of our wounded warriors here served in iraq in the army and he knows what main is
6:53 am
all about. how does this compare? did you do stuff like this, crawling through mud with giant rocks and 10,000 pounds of ice? >> much more, much more. >> so this is nothing. >> hey, we could eat this for cereal. >> dave: clayton, what are you most nervous about, the rocks like that. >> clayton: no, i have an aversion to a cold shower. the fact that that water is 18 degrees filled it 8,000 pounds of ice right now the scareiest part. rick you said it took your breath away. >> it's all about teamwork and that's what the guys are about. if at any point you're going you've got the guy to start it and service members who can help you tloo you and when you get to the ice you're going to want some help. >> before we, hold on, before we go, go to wounded warrior and donate money to those incredible cause, thanks to everyone who donated money. thank you so much. (cheers) >> are you ready to be-- >> ready? >> ready, you guys? >> take extra care of clayton because he's going to need it.
6:54 am
>> all right. on your mark-- go! (cheers) ♪ (cheers). ♪ (cheers). here they come. they're coming over. >> and the hardest, everybody is complaining about this part. and it's freezing, 18 degrees
6:55 am
and filled with ice. >> it's freezing all morning, about 80 degrees outside, not warm enough. >> woo! >> oh, oh, oh! clayton, are you all right there? how is my hair? >> it's never looked better. >> come here, dave. come over, dave. >> all right. >> are you all right? >> that was worse than i thought. >> oh, my god, that cold water and the dark. oh, my god. >> and you guys didn't see this, but carlos was so fat. he did it flip into the ice bath. >> that was fun. >> that was fun. >> and just remember, raised a lot of money for wounded warriors, that maybe we
6:56 am
wouldn't do if you had not jumped in here, buddy. (cheers). >> whoo. >> i understand there's beer involved at the end of this. >> and tony started this! wounded warriors, baby, you guys are awesome. thank you, guys. oh, my god, i'm shaking from that shock. >> stay with us. >> i don't want to get mud on this. nice job, you guys, good job, that was awesome. ♪ . >> freezing. ♪ new honey bunches of oats fruit blends and their unique taste combinations. like peach/raspberry. with one flavor in the granola bunch and one on the flake. two flavors. in harmony. honey bunches of oats. ke your day hes better.
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the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious. last year, many areas even reported record tourism seasons. the progress continues... but that doesn't mean our job is done. we're still committed to seeing this through.
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