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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 7, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> steve: elephant. >> good job. >> then i second myself. >> steve doocy have a great show. fox and friends starts right now. >> thank you, ladies . today is tuesday. i am juliet in for gretchen and we are brand news on the gunman in the sikh massacre. >> steve: mitt romney is gearing up for the bus tour and guess who is riding shot gun? which potential vp are coming along for a ride on the mitt-mobile.
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brine - >> we'll talk about the landing. fox and friends starts right now. >> steve: welcome to fox and friends . we have been preparing up to this last second and why brian is on the pda. >> brian: i am responsible for the twitter account. >> steve: you are twitchy. brain brain i -- >> i am not twitchy. i go to the laptop to talk to hundreds of people. >> you are testing on company time. >> brian: i talk to 10s was thousands of people on my personal account.
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>> steve: millions of you are waiting for the headline. >> thank you for pushing me to the headline. we are learning new details about the accused gunman in the deadly shooting spree. steve has the latest. bring us up to date. >> good morning, juliet. a vigil in oak creek got together to grieve on what happened in the sikh temple. there will be another gathering as a part of the community's recognition of national night out and an opportunity to know your neighbors, under the grimmest of circumstances. we are hearing about the first panicked 911 calls for help. >> i am taking a report of a altercation. there is a lot of noise.
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there is a balding mail with glasses may be inside with guns fired. >> man with a gun. in the parking lot with a white shirt. >> steve: when police arrived on the scene. they found wade page armed and an officer was shot and a second officer engaged with gunfire. a lot of folks had kept track of the story. developments involving wade page was a complete surprise to the family members. >> i am devastate his father is devastated and we are in shock . we don't know how it happened or came from. wade was a beautiful loving,
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and gentle child and teenager. >> steve: his stepmother was surprised by the violence he committed in the final minutes of his life. his underpenings of white supremacy and hate were not a surprise in the southern law center which said they have been aware of his involvement in white supremacy and metal bands with lyrics that espouse that point of view. a employer that had fired page had found a application to the local kkk. it is left for us to surmise that the leanings toward white
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supremacy led to what happened. >> we have the rest of your headlines here. arizona shooting suspect jared loughner is in court today and expected to plead guilty in the massacre that left people dead and injured congressman gany - on gabby giffords. the judge must find he is legally competent and understands what happened. in afghanistan terror attack in kabul. a homicide bomber drove a pick up truck filled with explosive in the gates. no one was killed. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack. it didn't stop there. new video in kabul shows a road side bomb. they were traveling in a
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minibus when it went off. mitt romney's campaign scoring more cash than the president for the third month. president obama and the dnc raising 37 million . romney raising 101 million. president obama acknowledged the woes to the supporters nasa curiosity rover on mars. this is video shot of the rover as it was landing on the red planet yesterday morning. >> steve: it doesn't look like a red planet to me. >> this picture was sent back. it is a mountain on the red planet that is taller than any mountain in the lower 48 of the u.s.. u.s. scientist said the layers
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could explain how mars changed over time. >> after this probe's land and sends pictures back for next six months we have one more satellite and we are done. >> steve: how did it happen? >> it costs seven dollars a person. >> steve: george bush said we are going to return to the moon and mars with manned space flights and the current administration scrubbed that and if we want a ride to space for man, we have to call russia. >> we want to go to the space. >> steve: space ships o bis buses. it is call would the romney plan for a stronger middle class. it is a bus tour that kicks off on saturday and the speculation is for this to be the perfect time to roll out the running mate especially
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now we have an idea of the famous hitch hickers. we have governor mcdonald there and goes to north carolina and senator marko rubio is thrown out then ohio senator rob portman. >> it will be just mitt in north carolina. i sense these are lejet mate audition and cite their base. >> when you travel with somebody for a period of time they know. >> they start to get on your nerves. >> i think synergy is 10 percent. and the other is can you help the ticket or in the. governor christie, not stopping in new jersey, not a battle ground state. >> steve: as of friday they were led chris christie is not a reasonable contender but we
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have reason to think he might be. >> could this throw us off . >> steve: it is so important to pick the spot. and dick cheney talked about that with hannity. >> this is a first level decision that romney will make . first time the american people see him make decision that has consequences . it is a real test. governor romney is treating it with that kind of seriousness. >> it is go to time for romney . talks to shawn hannity last night and he had made comments about sarah palin. listen to what he is saying. >> i like governor palin. she aise and effective
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spokesman for the party and conservative causes and she believes in a lot of same things that i believe in and she is effective of that. the question i questioned was the mccain process that was used in 2008 met the describes and my answers were no . i don't think they did. >> who knows about the process more than dick cheney who was asked by presiden bush to do that. >> it he felt bad because it came out that he didn't think that sarah palin was the right choice. we agree on a lot of the same things and principles and he emphasized the word process. >> he is got an opinion and not a guy that pulls any punches. >> he clarified further what
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he said. >> speaking of sarah palin if the past is any indication of how we will learn of mitt romney's choice. look to wikipedia. the day before sarah palin was named as john mccain's running mate, her wikipedia page was updated 68 times, the day before. >> may i ask a question though. anybody can go in and write on wikipedia. >> steve: i just fixed brian. and last off 12 years as chinen tale. >> yes,?and my time in nascar. tim pawlenty was updated. go to wikipedia it is there. >> steve: who is up dated. paul ryan is the leader right
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now. you are not talking a spike like with sarah palin. all of ryan and jindal and portman and pawlenty. >> it is 24 hours before palin was named. >> steve: there is a bus tour and there is speculation he will roll out the vice-president. the bus tour starts on saturday and the olympics start on sunday. >> ann romney is not around. she is with her horse at the olympics. first look at a controversial movie in america. >> is that what i think it is? >> when was the last time you saw bin laden? >> but it is raising the
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question. how did they get the details, weren't they supposed to be secret? >> steve: they were. >> not happy with the way the country is directed. he is not either. he said it is somebody's fault. it is your fault apparently? wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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[ all ] i'm with scottrade. >> steve: don't like the direction the countryy is going? according to the next guest it is not the president's fault it is yours. craig rejoins us. >> some blame big government and big business.
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i blame big electorate? >> steve: what do you mean? >> the american voters went in the booth and elected this man president. and reallyy, we can blame him to the extent that he has not fulfilled his job in a property way, but who is responsible for it? we the voters, we the people. >> steve: it was main stream that did not vet him? >> where was the voters. >> steve: you were one of the voters. >> i am a small government guy at this point. i was a leftist and demonstrated against the war in viet nam and john lennon and i was out there on the left and fringe. i no longer am. i of a guy to run the government for four years. instead we got an ideog .
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if it was not for us. he would be obscure out of chicago. >> steve: you say the denial of the country over electing him. >> there is whole set of elections convictions. your inner mind is saying to the outer mind. move along here and just keep going. as long as we are in denial about the issues we face and the fiscal over hang and the deficit and national debt, we elect this kind of cand date. >> steve: one demographic that helped him to get elected was the jewish voters. he's not doing so well, why is it? >> two factors, number one the economy. jewish folks are active in entrepreneurship and small
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business. and this president attacked initiative that you did not build that. that is offensive to jewishh voters. and the other issue came up in the recent barage against mr. romney for his comment that jers lemm was the capitol of israel. barack obama came out in june and said my firm conviction is that jers lemm is the capitol of israel yet they are attacking hor it >> steve: craig, you feel romm rom will have more support than johnn mccain did four years ago? >> i think so. 399 percent of the jewish voters voted for ronald reagan. the note that the jewish vote is in the democrat's pocket is not true. ningsh people are tur republican. it went from 111 percent in
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'92 with clinton, to 16 percent for the first bush . 24 percent for the second bush . that dropped to 22 percent for mr. mccain. we are in a uptrend and i am looking at 30 percent of the jewish vote. >> steve: we thank you very much. >> you are welcome. >> steve: we told you about the president's advisor with cash connection with iran. but blood money from syria? imagine losing your pension and 20,000 people just did. tim geithner didn't like they were not in the union. no unnn, no pension. we'll be right back.
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c>> 23 past the hour. quick headlines. two 13 years old accused of stealing one much their parents ride and going on a cross country joy ride. they made it hundreds of miles before running out of gas. tim githe githe - gietener and the pension. >> we told you about the top advisor of the president doing a speaking gig that has connections to iran. it gets worse.
3:25 am
there is blood money from syria. joining us is former white house advisor. and david floof -- plooff, what is the problem. >> the problem is this as greta reported last night. she was unsure why the story hasn't gained more traction. only this week thanks to the post breaking the engage: papers in israel and south africa are reporting about the mtm group in which he spoke for, for a fee of $100,000. for the u.s. district court of columbia in dc. a face filed by turkey against
3:26 am
mtm in south africa alleged they drove 70 iranian government officials to aloww that deal to happen between the mtm group and the iran cell. the pieces are fascinate it is all over the papers in south africa and israel and just now making traction here in the u.s.. >> is it possible he had no idea and he just had a major company offering him to speak some >> you would like to think so. but the under treasury who spent two yours in the administration said the iran cell was part of the iran revolutionary guard of course, who provides the funding and trainning to eric bolling and hamas and other terrorist groups. that's been known since 2006.
3:27 am
>> brian: go ahead, finish. >> in 2008, the european union cited the same company and the major owner of the iran cell for being the front for the acquisition of nuclear-type weaponry and systems et cetera. it is like a james bond novele as far as the relationshipps here. >> brian: what was did jay say about it. >> criticism of from plouffe. the criticism is coming from the rnc. i don't recall criticism when senior members of the george w. bush administration giving paid speeches to company in credit sweeps and they were cited for violation for
3:28 am
financing in iran. >> brian: is he equating credit sweeps with a company that has direct links with an outlaw nation like irann? >> he's trying to. those sort of relationships in the international banking system, it is not quite the same as having your mtn group of officials flying in tehran and cutting deals. there is allegations that $400,000 was paid to make the deal happen with clear sigh ties to the iranian revolutionary guard. what is key is for folk to take the look at the case that is filed in the u.s. district of clummia in march that is pending before the court regarding all of the bribery and there is an executive from mtn group that turned witness.
3:29 am
his name is chris kilwan and it is fascinating to see what the allegations are. >> brian: thank you so much. >> thank you. >> brian: you heard about it and now the first look at the most controversy movie in ameria. >> is that what i think it is? >> where was the last time you saw bin laden? >> brian: how did hollywood get the details? wasn't this operation supposed to be classified? and the key to the presidency. one team connecting every single one of the commander-in-chief to a certain piece of royalty. happy birthday to wayne knight. >> well, i hear it. ♪ [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's
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it's got that sweet honey taste. but no way it's 80 calories, right? no way, right? lady, i just drive the truck. right, there's no way right, right? have a nice day. [ male announcer ] 80 delicious calories. fiber one. >> the best of the morning,. presidential candidate mitt romney goes grocery shopping. >> brian: this is grocery shopping. >> he was leaving hunter's shop and save in nehampshire. >> brian: yeah. >> i wondered if he got the
3:34 am
skim milk. >> brian: this is what happens when your wife goes to the olympics you have to shop yourself. i got to get the groceries. >> what a photoop. >> brian: he's got grand kid and they get juice boxes that don't aloww spillage. >> steve: we told you about it for months. first preview for the new cath rein bigelow movie. zero, dark 30 and all about the day bin laden was killed. here the first peek. >> you recognize that photo. no birth certificate or cell phone. he is a ghost. >> he's right in the inner
3:35 am
circle. >> the whole world is wanting in on this. what is the target. >> where was the last time you saw bin laden? >> oh, my god. is that what i continuing is? >> it has a great cast. it is done by katherine bigelow . released before the election. but i think it was sony. >> steve: columbia. >> thank you >> brian: how much intelligence should be revealed in a movie like this. >> steve: none. >> brian: that's right. the war on terror continues. and should we be telling how highest levell approximate ops work in conductor of business and prepare.
3:36 am
i don't see the upside. >> they got cooperation from somebody. >> steve: it is classified information. keep in mind, she had been working. katherine bigelow was working on the movie and had script and worked with mark ball and worked with on hurt locker. they had worked on the movie before bin laden was killed . soon as that happened and they threww the script out and then in comes the new script >> brian: which is a intelligence document. >> are you going out to see it and the fight and concern like these gentleman talked about. or no, we are not going to. the fact is, this is information that is classified and it is getting out there anyway whether or nott you see the movie. >> steve: i don't know. with this administration a lot of stuff has gotten out. it is just that keep mind it
3:37 am
was supposed to come out before the election and all of the stuff was supposed to make the president bert. >> brian: they pushed that aside. your headlines. >> steve: fighter jets intercepted two small planes that came too close to air force one when the president was headed to connecticut. and plane was intercepted over long island and the other in connecticut. both landed without problems. there goes the president. >> brian: and warning signs about the colorado shooting suspect ignored. jameless holmes' psychiatrist made contact with a police officer before the deadly movie massacre. there was supposed to be a gag order on all of >> the nypd is plannning to subpoena twitter after a threat was posted on
3:38 am
the new york website. cops were alerted that there was a user on twitter sending chilling tweets many of them about shooting up a broadway theater and how he would do it. and plannned on it. dozens of police officers were dispatched to the theater. nothing found. twitter allege wouldly refused to release the twitter's user information to the police and now they have to get a subpoena for that. >> steve: peter johnson junior is talking about. want to end up in the oval office? a california girl discovered 42 out of 43 presidents share a ancestor for king john in england known for signing the mag nacarter. only president not related is martin van buren. historians could only link 22. and the teenager found out she
3:39 am
can count president obama as family. he is her 18th cousin. >> she's probably in harvard right now. buyers are gathering in upstate new york in a beautiful area. cheryl casone is live in sarahing ta springs at this year's auction. good to see you. what is going on up there are? >> good morning, this is an action that is one of the most exclusive and most amaze expensive auctions in the world for thorobred. i was up late watching millionaires buying horses. they are getting them washed off and cleaned off. a lott of buyers are coming through this auction site today and the action happens tonight. we were on the ground for the first round of the auction.
3:40 am
two horses went for more than a million dollars. a lot of these horses will be sent to japan and middle east and europe to be raised. these are yearlings and this is a huge industry, guys. last year 10.7 billion wagered on horse racing. and we have a lot of notable people on the ground here. yesterday, we followed around, celebrity chef bobby flay. he is a good friendd of fox and friends. we asked him, why would a chef with plenty of money want to get in horse racing where there was a lot of risk. this is what he told us. >> i am looking at it as buying a building literally. it is like buying an expensive real estate. if i buy that horse tomorrow night, i am going to own her for 20 years and i know that she's not going to reap the
3:41 am
benefits for me in the first year to five. but down the line she may as time goes on. >> juliet. you know me. i walked in the middle of the first viewing of the morning of the horse. this horse is about a year old. they believe that this horse could fetch hundreds of this happeneds. that is a gamble in the auction. these gentleman are doing is evaluating the horse and there are huge books on the horses . they will be looking at the horses throughoutt the day and then tonight, again. they are expecting, folks, millions of dollars. the ruler of dubai and he had his auctioneer with him and they spent a billion on two horses. they will be out here and
3:42 am
talking about investing in horse racing. >> a good crew to hang out with. i like cheryl out there. >> steve: thank you for the live report. she will be back with five company. i wonder if billionaire are involve would. >> that is closer, thank you. next on the run down mr. doocy and the rest of you. if you thought the chick-fil-a controversy was over there is another company cross hairs. >> steve: and shooting and workplace violence. is it politicings. judge gives his ruling. ♪ ♪ three, six, nine
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upon >> brian: quick headline. gay rights advocates are pushing for a boycott after amway president gave money for the national organization of marriage. we used to sell amway in my house. is that how you say the name. he is taking the number one spot on maxim top 100 list. she is still single at 40 and use on line dating. >> steve: she's been on the show. >> brian: still single. >> they took the pictures and she hadn't pulled up the bottoms. >> steve: how shocking. >> brian: brand new details about the suspected shooter in the sikh wisconsin massacre. wade michael page was a army
3:47 am
veteran. he had to leave the service afer appearing drunk on the job. >> he was among the sevenpeople killed sunday morning in a case that is classified as domestic terrorism. what classifies this as terrorism. this is very interesting. use the hypothetical here in new york city. something happens, a shooting like this. ray kelly said this is an act of terrorism. >> the legal definition of terrorism is two or more acts of violence intended to change the policy of the government by scaring the population or scaring the government. >> is this what happened in the case? >> it doesn't. you are talking about the wisconsin case. page appears to -- he's dead. a disgruntled nut job who hated muslim and thought
3:48 am
killing the sikh he would eliminate the muslimb population. it was an absurd way of thinking but not domestic terrorism. on the other hand fort hood shooter who killed military in the place where they work while dam condemning the behavior of the government and the employer of the people he killedment government refuses to call that terrorism. >> brian: while hailing allah. >> steve: you are saying that the has an case was terrorism and the government got it wrong. what is playing here. >> i think what is playing here is politicings. there is a political ramification to calling people terrorism. it scares people. if you call it workplace violence it doesn't scare united states as much as with the word terrorism.
3:49 am
can you see the law allows the government to prosecute plotters. the two of you could be convict of an act of terrorism. you could get the death punishment because the law allows the government to prosecute the plotters. in the case of terrorism. >> brian: there was a group tracking this guy and other skinned hads and other skin head and nazies. we have to stay ahead of this. this group's doctrine is to wipe out everybody who is not white. >> if these people planned the assault and helped him, they can be prosecuted under the terrorism laws . >> steve: they will be questioned. people in the photos. >> i would think that the government would question them. they would want to know who else is involve and would when
3:50 am
it will happen next. i hope i made it clearer. >> you did. >> test coming later, brian. >> brian: it will be. >> pleasure guys. >> steve: forget everything you want to know if you want to raise good kids. let them fight and play with toy guns. i think you will be freaked out by the next guest. i am a bit. >> brian: need beer and don't have a ride. call 911, of course. >> what is going on. >> ty... to experience the largest, most efficient line of luxury hybrids on the road, including the all-new esh. ♪ while many automakers are just beginning to dabble with the idea of hybrid technology... ♪'s already ingrained in our dna. during the golden opportunity sales event,
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get great values on some of our newest models. this is the pursuit of perfection. that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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all you parents out there forget what you know about
3:54 am
raising kids. our next guest says it is okay for them to play with play guns. this is wild. but i want you to explain. you have rules here. let let them express anger boy hit and kick. >> you have an angry child and needs to hit. don't stop that action. let him hit the sofa. you can kick a card board box and get those feelings out. >> let's hope he gets older and doesn't hit people. toy guns are okay. >> bad guy, good guy play is fine. we hear scary stories in the news. we get scared. but if they are playing
3:55 am
pirates, they are not going to be a pirate. war play has advantages for moral development because kids are exploring good and evil and trying out to be a hero. >> what about the video games. a lot of think that video games lead to children being more violent. >> yeah, a lot of people think that. i think that with any kind of screen time, you need to limit those to some degree. how they are behaving in real life and not prepackanged fun. >> allow kids to choose,/, reject play mates. you don't invite everyone to the birthday party. >> even beyond that. a child doesn't have to play with everybody. we get scared of social rejection as an adult. we try to stop it. rejection and takin
3:56 am
risks is an important life skill and kids need to be able to experience rejection and recover if someone said no. >> i agree with that. kids don't have to say i am sorry or share? >> right. those are two uniscrersal ideas about parenting, think about saying sorry. sorry, is magic and lets them off of the hook . they walk away as soon as they are sorry. it is better to take action and take responsibility and then make a guarantee that they are not going to push it again and knock over the tower again. >> i know we have lots of tweets and e-mails. what do you think? e-mails us at fox again the book is called it is okay not to share and it is a long title and we'll leave it at that. thanks for joining us today.
3:57 am
>> thank you so much. >> it is a dream for illegals. one university offering up discounted college class and they are getting them cheaper than citizens. stunning numbers on voters fraud. one county had more people registered to vote than eligible. wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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or other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help rightway if you have swelng of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >> juliet: good morning, everybody. today is tuesday, august 7. i'm juliet huddy in for gretchen. new details now on the man accused in wisconsin's temple massacre. the f.b.i. had their sights set on him for more than a decade. we'll tell you all about him and what happened. >> steve: the swastika was kind a give away. >> brian: mitt romney hitting the road for a big bus tour with possible running mates on board. could the answer to mitt's vp pick be seen on-line right now? we'll palestinian. >> steve: welcome to illegal you? one major university in california now offering a up college credits to illegals for a cheaper rate than american
4:01 am
citizens. huh? "fox & friends," hour two, for tuesday, starts right now. >> steve: brian, huddy is here. >> brian: juliet in for gretchen. >> juliet: wow. hi. good to see you. wonderful 6:00 a.m. hour. >> steve: it was great. we're going to do two more. >> brian: we're going to have jenny garth and a possible number two pick. if you know how it read the internet. you might be able to tell who mitt romney will be running with. >> juliet: all right. first, we'll tell you top stories now. we're hearing the tense emergency dispatch calls as deadly shooting rampage unfolded at that sikh temple. listen to this. >> i'm taking report of an
4:02 am
altercation, sikh temple. there is a lot of noise. i'm unable to get information. there is a balding male that may have gone inside and there were shots fired. >> parking lot. white t-shirt. >> juliet: steve brown is live in oak creek, wisconsin. he have has the latest on that. we saw you an hour earlier. bring us up to date. >> yes. we're learning a bit more about wade michael paige, the single shooter that was involved in that massacre at the sikh temple on sunday. we're learning more about alleged internet postings, orthros attribute to do paige in reference to living the 14 words, urging people to live the 14 words. what does that mean exactly? well, in white supremacy circle, that's a reference to white supremacist's mission statement,
4:03 am
the extremist once said, quote, we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children, end quote. that is what paige was apparently referencing. he was also the member of a white supremacist heavy metal group. the videos of music, still available on-line, but not frequently visited, that was before yesterday. paige was killed in an exchange of gun fire on sunday at the sikh temple. despite his racist views and despite his emergence in the white supremacist metal music scene, despite the fact he had tattoos referencing his espoused racist views, this was apparently lost on family members, including his stepmother. >> the last time i saw wade was at christmas time, 1999. one of his comments was that the best thing that he ever did was join the military. in my heart of hearts, i can't
4:04 am
say that that's probably the best thing that he ever did. >> of course, page's military career was cut short by his own behavior on the job, military, u.s. army essentially inviting page not to return as a soldier, a specialist in the psychological operations unit. juliet, back to you. >> juliet: all right. steve brown thanks. >> brian: thanks. amazing. lieutenant murphy who took nine shots as people went up to help him, he said forget about me. go inside. he's from brooklyn. he's been a hero his entire life, a guy that stood out. >> steve: necessary critical condition, but he is expected to survive. >> brian: clearly wearing a vest. >> juliet: let's go to other headlines. jared loughner due in court today. he's expected to enter a guilty plea in the massacre. that left six people dead. 13 others injured, including congresswoman gabby giffords.
4:05 am
before loughner can enter a plea, a judge needs to find out if the 23-year-old is mentally competent. the deal would likely send to him prison for life. a fox news alert now. terrorist attack in kabul, afghanistan. bomber driving an explosives packed pick up truck into the gates of a nato base. officials say at least 11 afghan civilians were wounded. no one was killed. the taliban claiming responsibility for the attack. it didn't stop there. new video from kabul of a remote controlled bomb that killed nine civilians and wounded three others. the victims were traveling in a mini bus when the explosion went off. the bomber was seen fleeing the seen and captured by local villagers. they were rivals for the republican presidential nomination, but former pennsylvania senator rick santorum on the left, one of the latest stars of the gop agreeing to speak at the republican national convention in support of mitt romney, of course. advisor telling fox news santorum will fire up the conservative base to help elect romney.
4:06 am
we've also learned former florida governor jeb bush, oklahoma governor, kentucky senator rand paul speaking. the convention starts august 27 in tampa. >> steve: we'll thereby. >> juliet: running out of beer may seem like an emergency. but one tennessee man took it a little far by calling 911 for help. >> you want me take me. >> what's going on, sir? >> you buy me beer, i'll pay you. >> i can't take you to the store and get awe beer. >> juliet: look, i mean, the guy was thirsty, he wanted a beach the 67-year-old called several times asking for rides to get more beer. he was arrested for calling 911 without an emergency. it was an emergency to him. he said he was trying to call a friend. >> brian: his friend happened to have a three digit number as
4:07 am
well. let's talk about what's happening. within three weeks we'll have the big convention, at which time we know one thing, mitt romney will have a running mate. he'll have announced it ahead of time. he'll had a brief period of time to introduce him to the nation and see this team together for the first time. but we might have a clue into who it will be. if you look at the route of the bus tour and who will be joining him on this bus tour. >> steve: that's exactly right because the bus tour that kicks off on saturday is going to stop at a number of swing states. for instance, when it's in virginia where it will kick off, the governor there, very popular governor, bob mcdonald, will hop on. then down to florida, marco rubio will hop on of the then when it's over in ohio, senator rob portman will be on board as well. >> juliet: there are a couple of people who have bandied about as potentials. >> steve: in addition to them, could we see chris christy or
4:08 am
paul ryan. >> juliet: i don't know, how uncomfortable would it be and awkward if you're on the bus, you've -- >> steve: and the other guy gets the job? very awkward. that would be like going on somebody else's honeymoon with somebody you thought you were going to get married to. >> juliet: or going out with cool girls and they all leave you and mock you behind your back. >> steve: kind of like bachelor show. >> brian: one of the things is who is not included in the convention, who hasn't been announced as a speaker. why? because why would you make paul ryan the speaker if there was a shot of him making number two? they released some of the names. we'll go over that shortly. but if go on-line and do this whole internet thing, you might want to go to wickipedia and look at some of the key names. if you look at four years ago and look at the burst of edits on sarah palin and see that she was named the next day and tim pawlenty had a whole bunch, you
4:09 am
might be able to go to wickipedia. >> juliet: you're saying -- >> steve: 68 edits were made. so leading up before today's program, you can see right there, paul ryan had about ten. marco rubio, nine. bobby jindal about eight. what's interesting, though, and it goes to show you how interactive our audience is. since we mentioned the story an hour ago, marco rubio has been updated seven times and there has been a spike on rob portman. somebody with river in his handle, updated his site 16 times. >> brian: it's going to be christy. >> steve: you think? >> brian: yeah. mitt romney had really good news and it comes in the form of money for the last three months. >> steve: that's right. while the other side is trying to say, we need to see mitt romney's taxes, the republicans and mitt romney are absolutely
4:10 am
stomping the president's team when it comes to campaign dough. this past month, romney and company raised $101 million as opposed to the president's team at 75 million. and it was about the same last month in june as well. and according to the hill newspaper, some of barak obama's donors, big donors, are starting to panic because one long-time donor tells the hill, i keep telling people, we need to step it up a bit. now is the time. not two months from now. also keep in mind, the rnc has $185 million in the bank right now. >> juliet: we'll also be talking later about something i read on dickmore about the polls. maybe what you're hearing is not necessarily what's happening. if you are an illegal alien, you may be struggling for cash. you want to take classes at a great university, they're going to give you a deal.
4:11 am
much better deal than you would if you were an actual legal citizen. >> brian: ucla worked out something where they'll announce, offer illegal alien, people here without any i.d., an opportunity to get an education. about a third of the price of people that actually belong here. for example, if you take an 18 credits and illegal and qualify for this program, it will cost you $2,400. if you made the foolish mistake of becoming a resident and belong here, then you'll get punished and be paying $6,642. >> steve: that's crazy. ucla teamed up with the national labor college which is the academic arm of organized labor and they've created this dream university. what is it? here is how it's defined. national labor college designed to offer immigrant youth and young student leaders the opportunity to access higher education through an on-line learning program. you know, you see great program?
4:12 am
well, isn't california pretty much bankrupt right now? >> juliet: i believe they are. >> steve: don't they need money coming in? >> juliet: i believe they do. >> steve: seems like a good deal if you can get it. >> brian: six courses and you can get it and right now for a year and a half, you can't be arrested anyway. you just have to say i was brought here against my will. take a good look at these pictures. do you know who they are? let's look right now. why this royal couple has aged so much. >> juliet: please. >> steve: somebody's photo shopping again. >> juliet: then the rich are getting richer and they aren't forking over their fair share. you're going to hear it -- you do hear it all the time from the president. is it really true? we have new numbers. the president might not want to see these. >> steve: thank you, lady huddy. >> juliet: you're welcome welle to
4:13 am
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4:16 am
>> brian: rich getting richer. the poor getting poorer. that's the argument commonly heard from democrats arguing for more taxes. and where is the middle class? here is what president obama said last december. >> over the last few decades, the rungs on the ladder of opportunity have grown farther and farther apart. in the middle class has shrunk. >> juliet: does the data back him up? stuart varney? >> no, it does not. >> juliet: three conventional wisdoms you're going to debunk. >> one, that the middle class, to use the word of joe biden, is getting screwed, that it is shrinking. well, if you go to the brookings institution, that is a leftist organization. they say no, that is not true. since 1979, the middle fifth of
4:17 am
income earners, their income has gone up a real 30%. so that's middle america, the middle class doing a whole lot better. >> steve: let's take that off the list. >> second item, that the rich are not paying their fair share. >> steve: you hear that every day. >> right. we can argue all day long. what is the fair share? according to the cbo, look at this. the bottom 20% of income earners pay, of all taxes collected, .3%. that's it. the top 20% pays 67.9%. if you want to call that a fair share or not a fair share, go for your life. but 67.9% is an awful lot of money from the top 20%. item 3, that there is less social mobility. you can't move up the food chain like you used to. wrong, says the democrat led third way think tank. jim kesler there says, 60%, two out of three people who start out life in the bottom 20% are
4:18 am
out of the bottom, off the bottom rung within ten years. >> steve: they're going after the american dream. >> the american dream lives. that, according to the third way. that's a democrat organization. >> juliet: again, everybody that you cited has leaned to the left. all these groups you cited? >> yes. brookington, cbo, that's government. and the third way. they're all leaning left, all their government and refute these myths. >> brian: is this good and bad for you personally because these three myths are played out on some stage, on some senate or house floor on a daily basis. you debunk all three. you have to run repeats thursday and friday. >> i'm talking economics. i'm talking reality. i'm talking objective numbers. what we're hearing is politics. political spin to make it go your way. about that conventional wisdom is wrong. >> steve: stewart, here is the thing, i don't know if you heard, but the first tuesday in november there is going to be a big thing where people all over the country get together and vote on president.
4:19 am
because -- >> juliet: we call it an election. >> steve: because this president can't run on his record, people on the right say, he's got to do everything he can to say look, i'm doing a good job, give me four more years. that romney guy is rich and has no clue. >> are you giving me a lecture on the american constitution? >> steve: that's why they bring up the middle class and you debunked it. >> to a degree, yes. i wish that was part of the debate, objective reality, where is it in this debate? >> brian: we'll watch you at 4:00 o'clock fill not guilty for neil. at 9:20, you play yourself at your show. >> juliet: are you going to smile like that? >> always smile. >> steve: when you stay late like that to do the 4:00 o'clock show, do you get ot? >> no, i don't. >> brian: you get to come back the next day. >> i get to come back and do it again the next day. >> juliet: thank you. next on the rundown, a stunning new discovery in the fight against cancer.
4:20 am
chemotherapy might make cancer worse, our medical a team, our doctor is here to talk about it. >> steve: need proof of voter fraud? we have it next. and it's bigger than you thought. what are they doing there? find out. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8. starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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4:22 am
4:23 am
>> steve: thanks for the cue. first, 160. that's how many u.s. counties have more people registered to vote than are alive and eligible. how does that work out? the study comes from the nonpartisan group, truth the
4:24 am
vote. next, almost 50%. that's the amount of smart phone users cashing in on coupon apps on their phones to go shopping. finally, $78 million. that's how much superstar sweetheart jay-z and beyonce made last year, making them the world's highest paid celebrity couple. congratulations. >> juliet: congratulations to them is right. wow. so we're going to talk about shocking new report on chemotherapy, the most common treatment for cancer. there is a new study out and it suggests that chemo might make some cancers worse. joining us now, dr. did, the fox news medical a team. >> good morning. >> juliet: good morning. so this hits home for a lot of people. i have a very close family friend who is going through colon cancer, going through chemotherapy for it. is this panic time now for this person? >> no. obviously this is the only study that's just coming out. it's opening a lot of doors and make us understand this a little
4:25 am
bit better. how can chemotherapy make the cancer growth worse? that's a big question over here. what we're understanding is, and the big debate that always has been going on is how come chemo works in the lab when you can kill the cancer cells, but in a real body, it doesn't work as well sometimes? there is recurrence of the cancer coming back. what we're understanding in this article that came out of nature medicine is that when you give systemic chemo, you're giving it to the entire body. there are healthy cells that when gets affected by chemo, they can send some proteins that's going to make the cancer cells grow and they can cause recurrence. this is really interesting finding. what it tells us, that in the future, if we can stop those proteins, then this chemotherapy would be more effective. we can give less dose. with chemotherapy, they always get very sick. they get nausea and lose their hair. by understanding this step now, now we can block those proteins. we can give less of a dose and
4:26 am
more specific. so i think by engineering this behind this chemo in the future is going to be interesting. we can take your friend and give specific chemo. somebody else that has prostate cancer, we can give a different type. >> juliet: down the road, technology advances, it becomes more sort of personalized, individualized? >> well said. that's the way we're headed. i think this study is important not for people to go out and stop their chemotherapy. this is not a message that your chemotherapy is not working for you. we know that chemo works by stopping that fast dividing cell and it works well at the beginning. but over time, they start to become more resistant. almost like the use of antibiotics. not the same, but over time the body is going to react against the chemo and that's when it's not going to work. we have to give different type of chemo and hire dose. >> juliet: i have to throw this in when we have these type of conversation, you hear people say, that's why i'm going to go homeopathic. >> that's not always the answer. i think complimentary medicine
4:27 am
can work well along the path. but to stop your chemo and go get just acue puncture for the cancer, i don't think it's really wise. i think you can use some of that nord to make the quality of life better for yourself, but not as a sole treatment for cancer cells. >> juliet: the bottom line is always consult with your doctor. don't become your own doctor. >> always. that's the best message. >> juliet: i figured you would like that. thank you for joining us. very interesting. >> thank you. >> juliet: coming up, the tone of washington going negative. staying negative, been negative, there is no shame for house minority leader nancy pelosi. listen. >> this is the e.coli club. they do not want to spend money to do that. >> juliet: the e.coli club. she's comparing republicans to food poisoning. then, you saw the nasa scientist screaming and shouting after the mars rover landing. but there was one guy, americans found so exciting, the man -- the mystery man with the mohawk.
4:28 am
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>> brian: shot of the morning. new video coming in from nasa's curiousity. that's the rover that's on mars. take a look. this is a shot from the rover as it was landing right on mars
4:32 am
early yesterday morning. first we took a satellite of that landing. now we have the actual landing as it looked from rover. we also got this new picture. that mountain is dubbed mount sharp and believed to be taller than any mountain in the lower 48 states. >> steve: as the curiousity goes further than any rover has gone before. >> brian: yeah. of thely we're supposed to have it up earlier. cost an extra billion dollars. but indeed it works. >> juliet: curiousity. so when the rover landed and everybody was going crazy, people are watching it, there is a guy, did you notice the guy with the mohawk, i know you ladies did because he got several proposals from you. >> steve: several. yeah. look on twitchy, the title is a star is born. mohawk nasa hottie. did you write this? >> juliet: no. >> steve: sets twitter hearts aflutter. marriage proposals pour in. he works at nasa. it's interesting, he's actually
4:33 am
tweeted out, quote, not ready for the attention, but happy to show it takes all types to make mars curiousity. if only my co-workers would stop making fun of me. there they are at 1:30 in the morning night before last celebrating the fact that thing didn't fall out of the sky too fast and now is work. >> brian: are you worried about america? we put a spacecraft like this, they traveled for nine months to a planet far, far away? one step for space travel and when people watch this coverage, they pick out a guy in a mohawk as the main story line that they talk and buzz about? >> juliet: sometimes girls are more interested in boys than they are planety stuff. >> brian: planety stuff. >> juliet: i'm kidding, ladies. >> steve: if you look really close at him, he's also got apparently a stars and stripes sawed into his hair. >> juliet: yeah, i saw the little stars and stripes. he's a star now.
4:34 am
let's get to other headlines. another bombshell out raising questions, were warning signs about the colorado shooting suspect ignored? we are learning james holmes' psychiatrist made contact with the university police officer weeks before the deadly massacre. 12 people died. 58 others injured. >> steve: new jersey governor chris christie delivering on his promise to get tough on teachers failing to make the grade in new jersey. he signed a bipartisan education overhaul into law which increases the time required for teachers to qualify for tenure from four years -- from three years to four years. >> juliet: teachers are freak out now. >> steve: half of a teacher's rate will go now be linked with student results and school districts will be able to revoke tenure and able to fire teachers who get bad marks two years in a row. >> brian: no shame apparently for house minority leader nancy pelosi comparing republicans to
4:35 am
food poisoning. >> it was the water that our kids drank and the food that they made. but this is the e.coli club. they do not want to spend money to do that. >> brian: saying republican efforts to cut spending are making food less safe. >> steve: the e.coli party? where is fact checker. >> juliet: the e.coli club. i don't know if you would really want to be a member. talk about a glimpse into the future, check out prince william and kate middleton at 60 years old, a forensic artist collected hundreds of photo, analyzed their features to see how their skin might be affected by aging. then compared photos photos ands what happened. they still look great.
4:36 am
kate probably would be dyeing her hair. >> steve: and william would probably is a crown. >> juliet: that's true. >> steve: let's take a look at the weather. take a look at the damage. talking about extreme weather. the damage in north texas when a powerful rainstorm ripped through the area there. you can see the roof ripped almost clear off. >> juliet: a rainstorm? wow. >> steve: in the christian of -- town of krum. a number of trees knocked down as strong winds swept through the area. hundreds of customers lost power and a lot of people lost their roofs down in texas. tore it open right there like a can of sardines. let's look, as you can see, as you wake up on this tuesday through the mid atlantic, a lot of shower activity. thunderstorms overnight in portions of alabama and mississippi examine rain in the panhandle of florida. widely scattered showers across the central plains, front range
4:37 am
of the mountains. as you head out, a lot of 60s and 70s. in new york, 70s. same temperature as albuquerque and denver and minneapolis. later on today is going to be another hot one. a dry one as well. they're getting a little rain in the plains. they could use a lot more today. 102 in kansas city. 105 in dallas. 100 in san antonio. phoenix, 112. mid atlantic, temperatures in the 80s, right down through florida and along the gulf coast. >> juliet: it will be chilly here. 84 in new york. >> steve: that's okay. it's summer. a lot of people inside a watching brian kilmeade's favorite sports in the whole world, we're talking soccer. >> brian: people are buzzing about it. probable lea derek jeter before he went out to play with the yankees, he said i'm going to finish the game. u.s. women's soccer team one win away and caught a big break trailing to canada. would that be enough? here it is. u.s. down 3-2. very rare call you see there. you'll see the canadian goalie
4:38 am
make it, get up and take more than six seconds to get rid of the ball. i never heard this call made. i never seen this made. she'll punt it away, but it will be too late. they get an indirect kick. that indirect kick would result in a handball for canada. you're about to see it. that handball would be converted bay penalty kick. was that a handball? you can't cut your arm off and remove it. the ball hit her in the arm, and i'm an american by all accounts. abbey would score the penalty kick, tied 3-3. the 123rd minute, one of the most dramatic endings you could possibly imagine. alex morgan, who hasn't done much yet would nail this header, almost no time left on the clock. suddenly it's a 4-3 game. u.s. would hold on to win. now they have a rematch in the world cup final against japan who beat france. unbelievably dramatic. u.s. basketball team against argentina. they led by one team at the half
4:39 am
and turned into a blowout. final score, 126-97. that's their coach. 42 points for the u.s. in the third quarter alone. kevin durant from downtown, he had 28 points. u.s. plays australia in the quarter finals. word is spain tanked their last game in order to not play the u.s. in the quarters. it was more like the wwe smack down at training camp. look at the jets beating up each other. not liking lin's hard hit. threw the ball on both sides, start beating each other up. the reason why we got it from every angle, 'cause tim tebow is in that camp and everybody is down there like he's the only football player in america. he squared off with boomer esiahson yesterday. the upstanding quarterback turned host told his listeners yesterday on wfan that tim tebow should get cut, that he hasn't been good in camp. he's been a huge distraction.
4:40 am
joe namath said he should have never been on the team. and tim tebow said i never spoke to mr. esiahson. totally out of line. i thought boomer was totally out of line, saying he should be cut? coming up on radio in a little while, we'll be playing a lot of the soccer and talk about the world amongst our guests, dennis ross, ty pennington and les gold. >> steve: you're going to be playing the soccer on radio? >> brian: playing some of the sound. >> steve: okay. >> brian: it does sound dramatic. >> steve: people cheering. >> brian: i can probably add something to it. >> steve: okay. there goes the ball. not a handball. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. >> juliet: all right. next on the rundown, serious issues along the u.s.-mexico border, is it really a good idea to replace human agents with row about thes? we report.
4:41 am
you decide. >> steve: bet you've never seen this on your way to work. a rogue shopping cart rider? in the middle of the highway. oh, my goodness. maybe that's the guy who called for the beer. hi, i'm phil mickelson.
4:42 am
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4:45 am
you have to be prescreened to use the faster method of travel. brian, to you. >> brian: thank you very much. major milestone for the boy scouts. the eagle scout award, highest boy scout honor mark its 100th anniversary. joining us, the author, michael malone, and eagle scout himself. taking a look back at some of the history in his brand new book and joins us now live from california. we got you up, michael. 4% essentially means 4% of boy scouts become eagle scouts? >> yeah. there has been about 115 million boy scouts over the last century and 4% of them. about 2 million have become eagle scouts. >> brian: it's a rare elevation. you need 21 merit badges to get there? >> yeah. it's a lot of hard work. 21 merit badges. leadership for about six months in your boy scout troop, most of all, the eagle scout service project, which can run into thousands of hours setimes. >> brian: researching the book, what do you find happens after
4:46 am
you're done with scouting when you get into the real world to a lot of these eagle scouts? >> they change america. that was the real eye opener writing this book. as you begin to look at that last century of eagle scouts and what those 2 million scouts did, they end up being most of the shuttle astronauts, united states president, gerald ford, numerous congressmen, senators, presidents of universities, academy award winners, lots of medal of honor awardees. it's an amazing election of people. they've really changed american life. >> brian: even surprised you with when you did the research. what are you learning as an eagle scout that you think helped people in life and their career? >> it's been called the ph.d. of boyhood. i think that's pretty accurate. there is really nothing else in the experience of a he teenage boy can that match what is becoming an eagle represents. ultimately you learn management
4:47 am
skills, career development. all those merit badges. i think the stereotype is that an 11-year-old boy in short pants walking the old lady across the street. but these 17-year-old eagles, they're usually managing 50 or 60 other scouts, they're working on a project that transforms their community. every community in america you see it in the america, some scout has done something really important in terms of service. then ultimately, most boys that become eagle scouts discover what their life long career is work on their merit badges. and this gets very -- this is a surprising fact, but something like a third of all eagle scouts at some point will save a life through their first aid training. >> brian: that's some of the things you lived and that you researched and it's in your book "four percent, a century of eagle scouts." thanks for getting up. >> thank you. >> brian: all right. coming up straight ahead, need a
4:48 am
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4:51 am
>> steve: last week's jobs report showing the work force added 160 -- 3,000 jobs in july, has economists breathing a little easier despite the fact that 150,000 gave up. it wasn't all good news as the unemployment rate rose to 8.3%.
4:52 am
so how does this affect the job market? there is still a lot of people who need jobs. let's talk to fox business' cheryl casone, up in saratoga spring, horsing around with the very expensive horses. she's got the top five companies hiring this week. good morning to you, cheryl. >> good morning, steve. >> steve: let's start with global foundries. who are they and who are they looking for? >> so here is what it did this week to kind of shake it up a little bit. i found two companies that are actually hiring up here in this region of new york state. saratoga springs. global foundries, semiconductor foundry. they started building the plant three years ago, but still hiring positions at global foundries. they've got 800 postings available right now. 600 here in the u.s. 350 jobs right here in saratoga. they need different types of positions. water fab operators, you can make 30,000 doing that. maintenance facilities technicians, 60 k. engineers are going to make 95 or more. managers making about 140 k. but overall, new york state
4:53 am
employees, about 1800 people right now. saratoga name to kick it off. >> steve: nicely done. a big international contractor is lockheed martin. they're looking for what, 6500 job openings world wide? >> world wide. they have a branch here in this area around the saratoga springs area. so i wanted to highlight them. we talked about them on "fox & friends" because obviously they are a global company and they're always having turnover. they have 120,000 people world wide. 6500 openings right now. they need people that can do i.t., engineering, program management, lockheed will be an interesting name to watch in the next few months because of the changes with the defense department. >> steve: also tell us about vitabur and associates incorporated. >> they're a recruiter. there is a good reason i brought these guys to you because they are ruly to in-source engineers. what we have seen in the last few years is a lot of engineering positions that have
4:54 am
been sent overseas. they want to bring engineers back to this country. that is what they're trying to do. they've got 42 direct positions opening with them and 300 engineering openings that they want to send to other companies. salary range, 31,000 to 78,000, plus bonus, health insurance. they also are working with somebody you know very well, wounded warriors. that's a partner of theirs. >> steve: indeed. lightning round. banks global transport is a shipper and they need people to help them. >> copy that, steve. freight and shipping. services around the world. they need 400 people by february of next year. 350 truck dryers, five different people to do customer support. they contacted us, they reached out to us. >> steve: and foreseeny's medical care. they're involved in dialysis, right? >> that's right largest operator of dialysis clinics across the country. they've got 1,000 openings right now. they need nurses, clinical manager, patient care technicians, billers, dietitians, you name it. but they're very -- again, large scale across the country.
4:55 am
this is a company that's hiring across the united states. yeah, but i wanted to get a couple of saratoga companies in today. >> steve: since you're up there at the big horse show and auction, i understand you ran into the guy who owns the factor horse and he named it that because he's such a big bill o'reilly fan. >> yes. george bolton, who is very famous in horse investment circles, had one of his favorite horses called the factor. last night he was one of the biggest spenders at the auction. he spent $1.1 million on a horse. huge bill o'reilly fan. bill knows him very well. the factor was actual lea a very successful racehorse back in the day. >> steve: the factor by a nose. okay. cheryl casone joining us from saratoga, up in upstate new york. thank you very much. have a great day up there. >> you bet. >> steve: how long are they going to watch that one horse? how long does it take to wash a horse? while you were sleeping, more rnc speakers revealed, narrowing the field for mitt romney's vice president pick. laura ingraham, a couple minutes
4:56 am
from right now will talk about that. then, the key to the presidency, incredible discovery connecting all but one american president to the same person. who is that? we got it other side of our break ♪ [ acoustic guitar: slow ] [ barks ] ♪ [ upbeat ]
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>> juliet: good morning, everybody. today is tuesday, august 7. i'm juliet huddy in for gretchen carlson. we have new details on the man accused in the temple massacre. the f.b.i. had their sights set on him for more than a decade. what happened? >> steve: meanwhile, mitt romney is hitting the road for his battle ground bus tour. starts this weekend as the vice presidential rumors continue to swirl. who of those faces is in for the ride? we're live in moments and we'll talk to laura ingraham about
5:00 am
this. >> brian: i would not recommend sticking your head out the bus window. it's dangerous. then, it's a dream for illegals. one university offering a up discounted college classes and they're cheaper than we pay as citizens. "fox & friends" starts now. >> steve: we've got a busy final hour today and we got juliet huddy in for gretchen carlson. >> juliet: good morning. >> steve: good to have you. >> juliet: good to be here. let's get to some headlines. so we don't waste any more time. for the first time we're hearing the tense emergency dispatch calls as a deadly shooting rampage unfolds at a sikh temple. >> i'm taking report of an altercation, sikh temple, a lot of noise. i'm unable to get much info. but there is a fight and there is a balding male with glasses, may have gone inside with a gun
5:01 am
and there were shots fired. >> man with a gun. parking lot. white t-shirt. >> juliet: you hear the gun shots go off. that's erie. also learning new details about the gunman, wade page. he's 40 years old, killed six people. he played bass guitar in two white supremacist heavy metal bands. get this, he had been on the feds' radar for more than a while because of his associations with right wing extremists. this morning, three victims are fighting for their lives, including this man, 21-year police veterans, lieutenant brian murphy. he was one of the first officers to arrive on the scene. he was shot nine times, but he waved off other cops as they tried to come to help him. tucson shooting suspect jared loughner is set to appear at a hearing today. he's expected to enter a guilty plea in the massacre that left six people dead. 13 others were injured, including congresswoman gabby giffords. attorneys will have to prove
5:02 am
that a -- to a judge that loughner, who is being medicated, understands what's going on. the deal like would send him to prison for life. a terrorist attack in kabul, afghanistan where a homicide bomber drove an explosives packed pick up right into the gates of a nato base. officials say at least 11 afghan civilians were wounded. no one was killed. the taliban claiming responsibility. didn't stop there, though. new video from kabul of a remote controlled bomb that killed nine civilians, wounded three others. the victims were traveling in a mini bus when the explosion went off. the bomber was seen fleeing the scene, captured by local villagers. you want to end up in the oval office? you might need to check your family tree. this is crazy. as part of a school project, a girl in california discovered that 42 out of 43 presidents share an ancestor. king john of england known for signing the magna carta in 1215 as steve remembers. the only one --
5:03 am
>> steve: those were the days, baby. >> juliet: the only one that's not connected? martin van buren. of course he's the eighth president. we all know that. he's the only one not related. before this girl's project, historians could only link 22 presidents blood lines. on top of that, she's a teen-ager, by the way. she can count president obama as her family as her 18th cousin. >> steve: if i'm ever on who wants to be a millionaire that, kid is going to be my phone a friend. >> brian: and meredith will host the show. >> juliet: i want to find out how old she is. she's got to be going for harvard. >> steve: president obama calling his opponent's tax plans romneyhood, but mitt romney getting the last laugh with gigantic fundraising news. doug mckelway live with the details. >> good morning. all of which lends creatence to the idea that class warfare issue is very much alive and well in the presidential
5:04 am
campaign of 2012. toking harry reid's unsubstantiated comments that mitt romney paid no income taxes for ten years. yesterday, president obama speaking in stanford, connecticut, called mitt romney robin hood, but only in reverse. here he is. >> governor romney's plan would effective hee raise taxes on middle class families with children by an average of $2,000. to take port tax cut. not to reduce the deficit. not to invest in things that grow our economy like education or roads or basic research. he'd ask the middle class to pay more in taxes so he could give another $250,000 tax cut to people making more than $3 million a year. it's like robin hood in reverse. >> romney campaign immediately fired back with this response, quote, there is ohm one capped date in this raise who will raise taxes on the american people and that's barak obama. while he used taxpayer dollars to grow government and reward
5:05 am
his donor, middle class americans have seen fewer job, less hope for the future. mitt romney has a plan for a stronger middle class and unlike president obama, record of accomplishment behind it. also as part of the theme that the obama administration created a culture of government dependency. the romney campaign today is releasing a new television advertisement which describes how the president has undone components of welfare reform. here is a part of that ad. >> president obama quietly announced a plan to cut welfare reform by dropping work requirements. under obama's plan, you wouldn't have to work and wouldn't have to train for a job. they just send you your welfare check. welfare to work goes back to being plain old welfare. >> of course, the romney campaign embarking on its second bus tour of the campaign season. this one will take him through virginia, north carolina, then on to florida and through ohio and three potential vp picks will be accompanying him, governor bob mcdonald of
5:06 am
virginia, senator marco rubio in florida and senator rob portman in ohio. that's it from the white house. back to you. >> steve: thank you very much. >> brian: let's bring in laura ingraham now. i have a question for you, why not take a plane? why do we take buses? why do these candidates take buses? why not walk? take a plane, get there quicker, what's the point? you want to sit in traffic? try out rest stops? >> you guys don't get this. obama has actually -- i think it just broke. obama announced he is launching the first segueway scooter tour. [ laughter ] there is not going to be anymore obamalock in manhattan when he comes in. it will be total segueway tour. >> juliet: that is a very good idea. hi, laura. >> hi, juliet. good to see you. >> steve: a lovely segueway into talking about what's going on in politics. so it sounds like we've got rubio going to be on the bus, portman, mcdonald is going to
5:07 am
hop on the bus. you think any speck -- the speculation is, wouldn't it be cool if while they're on the bus, mitt romney says, by the way, this guy will be my number two? >> or maybe the theory is whoever is on the bus is not going to be chosen to be vice president. maybe that's a big bus decoy kind of deal. look, i don't put a lot of stock into who is on the bus and who is not. i have no inside information. i don't think anyone does. the good thing about the romney campaign is that when they want to lock down some information, they lock it down. which is a good sign for when he becomes president, we won't have all these leaks coming out of the white house probably. but look, i think rubio's stock has gone up in recent weeks. perhaps because the numbers in florida and the polls are -- again, a lot of people don't put complete stock in these polls, but i don't think the romney campaign is where they want to be right now in florida. if rubio can help in florida, he
5:08 am
might find himself closer to the top of the list today. >> brian: they're not where they want to be in ohio either. a bunch of battle ground states. we'll see if this is a big month or not. let's look at who we know will be speaking at the rnc convention, governor rick scott, john mccain, nikki haley, mike huckabee, john kasich, susanna martinez. rick santorum is now in the mix. he's going to be speak. the name i don't see is newt gingrich. >> juliet: jeb bush will be there. tim pawlenty. >> brian: what about newt gingrich? >> well, look, newt has been i think a loyal romney surrogate fort last few months. he's been going all over the place speaking on behalf of mitt romney. i would be stunned if the man who was the architect of the contract with america, who most of us think without newt gingrich, conservatism today probably wouldn't be where it is, for to speak would be -- i mean, i'd take my breath away. i can't imagine he wouldn't speak.
5:09 am
if he wants to speak, i would be stunned if he wasn't given a decent speak slot in this convention. i think it would be insulting to him. >> steve: we did have reince previn on. he said they're just starting to roll out. >> they're putting it together (exactly. there is more coming. did you see the new gallup poll where they looked at people who voted for obama and voted for mccain last time, who they intend to right now? this is actually kind of good news for mitt romney. >> yeah. >> steve: mccain voters, going to go for romney. 92% say they will. whereas the president of the united states, 6 points behind that for people who will be repeat business for him. >> yeah. if you know anybody who voted for mccain last time who is now switching to obama? i mean, i think -- i don't know a single person who is doing that, although i do know a lot of kind of moderate republican types who are very proud of their support for president obama in 2008 who decided to switch the other way. i think people are look for different metrics because as we
5:10 am
saw in -- you guys might have talked about the "new york times" article from yesterday that examined the different methodology for these polls. you got nbc "wall street journal," sampled more cell phone users than the rasmussen poll. so they get a better skew for obama. 'cause they tend to be more liberally oriented. so given the fact that the polls, we're not really quite sure about their own reliability, people are look for other ways to measure enthusiasm and perhaps support. this might be one of them. i think that is interesting. we'll see if that actually plays out in the numbers. >> juliet: i know you heard about this story because i know you watched, since we've been on since 6:00 o'clock this morning. >> every minute. >> juliet: so you heard about this ucla, sort of like -- i guess you would call it an on-line extension type course, ucla banding together with another group and they're offering a classes at the national dream university, is what they call it. but the gig is that if you're an
5:11 am
illegal alien and you want to apply here, you pay $2,400 for 18 credits. i don't know what this means. it's very strange. but i'm going to go with it. if you're a legal person, a legal american student, 18 credits, $6,600. >> brian: you get to go to ucla. >> first of all, number one, i have to say using the word alien, i find personally -- i have to leave actually. you guys, it's now -- there is now a penalty in place for actually playing by the rules. you can look at it that way, right? 6600 or whatever the figure was for people who are in the country legally. legal residents, legal immigrants and american citizens, versus the dream tuition is a third of the price. so that's a perverted way of dealing with things in my mind because we thought immigration was supposed to be assimilating
5:12 am
people. so we're all together. in state, out of state, we have that separation. but the idea that now we're going to further vulcanize the public into, okay, all you illegal people, you're going to be held over here and all you legal people will be held to this standard. my only question remains: are we going to have a different grading curve for those who are legally in the united states? >> brian: if you want to join me in this, i don't want to force you on camera, but i would like to defect with somebody, go to another nation, sneak back in and go to school at a discount. are you in for this? >> steve: seems complicated. >> brian: we'll go to bulgaria. >> the bulgarians could use your help actually. >> steve: didn't go to college already? >> in russia, you can't do that. mexico, you can't do that. el salvador. you can't do that. colombia, you can't do that. we are creating a system in this
5:13 am
country where people have an incentive to separate. >> brian: to magnet. >> to separate and hyphenate themselves and i think whether you're a democrat or republican, how does this make sense for any of them? >> juliet: of thee i zing, the author of. laura ingraham. >> see you next week. >> steve: you heard about it. now we're going to give you a first look at the most controversial movie coming out shortly in america. >> when was the last time you saw bin laden? >> steve: comes out december 19. how did hollywood get all those details? weren't they supposed to be classified secrets? >> brian: this isn't diary of a wimpy kid. right? >> juliet: no. someone on twitter posting threats of a possible mass shooting. literally like 100 feet away from the building. twitter wants to protect that person's identity. is that legal?
5:14 am
pjj will be in here to talk about this. it's shocking that they wouldn't turn this over, but who knows? hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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5:17 am
>> steve: twitter is an extremely popular media site. but it may become the new destination for anonymous threats. following the colorado shooting, some posted this to twitter, quote, this bleep eight no joke. i'm serious. people are going to die, like aurora. now police will reportedly subpoena, here in new york, the site, twitter, to reveal the name of that user after the tweet. so can twitter be held legally responsible if anything goes wrong? peter johnson, jr. is looking at this breaking story. >> it's an interesting story. the new york city police department is kind of off the charts upset because twitter is saying, we're not going to tell
5:18 am
you the identity of the person who posted those tweets at the show in new york city. what they've done is posted their hercules unit there, this super arm team to make sure nothing happens outside the theater. we know of another threat against ellen page in los angeles, a death threat against her. she was in "juneau" and another movie. so now there are subpoenas and search warrants going out to twitter. twitter litigated this and is now appealing it. there was a case called people versus harrison in new york city in the spring and then the summer about an occupy wall street guy. the district attorney's office here wanted his tweets about what he was doing on the brooklyn bridge. twitter says no, we're not going to give it to you. so now we're appealing it. they're appealing it right now. >> steve: that's crazy. so because this guy said he's going to -- i'm going to shoot up people at the theater, the nypd made this emergency subpoena request. we want to get this guy's i.d
5:19 am
apparently he wrote, yeah, i'm in florida now, but working on my hit list. >> twitter says we have a policy and we looked at it and says while we invoke emergency disclosure provisions, when it appears a threat is present and immediate, this does not appear to fall under those strict parameters or as per our policies. but the law in the state of new york that they are appealing is different. it says if you post a tweet just like if you scream it out the window, there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. there is no proprietary interest in your tweets which you have now gifted to the world. >> steve: so because it's public, they should be able to act on it. >> they're saying it's not a private e-mail, it's not direct tweet. it's public tweet that millions of people can see. so how can there be an expectation of privacy? unfortunately, we're seeing more and more of the situations where police have to subpoena and serve search warrants on twitter
5:20 am
when they don't give up this information in a quick way. they're saying, we looked at it. we don't think there is a threat. >> steve: but the cops should know who tweeted that. >> absolutely. the law has to be clearer. there is an appeal going on. they're trying to protect their corporate interests because they don't want people who go on twitter to believe that they're going to be served up to the police on every obvious little thing. but when there is an emergent public need like this, obviously they need to give this up. that's what the law in the state of new york says right now. they need to give it up. >> steve: unfortunately, with a lot of social media, when you're anonymous, you can be a real tough guy. >> a real hero, real tough guy. >> steve: peter johnson, jr. covering this break story. thank you. meanwhile, straight ahead, ladies, michael phelps is taking his gold and running into the arms of a girl friend. who is she? find her identity coming up next. we're not going to twitter it. and "fox & friends" is on a mission to save this sub. how you can help this navy ship from being sent to the bottom of
5:21 am
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5:24 am
>> juliet: 24 past the hour. daily caller obtaining e-mails that show treasury secretary timothy geithner led a push to end pensions for 20,000 nonunion retirees in delphi. a gm company. this apparently happened during the government bailout. auto bailout. union members still cashed in. 22 olympic medullaes aren't the ohm thing michael phelps is smiling about. check this out. it's his girlfriend of five months. she's a model.
5:25 am
i don't know why they go for models. she's 25 years old. her name is meghan rossi. the two made their first official appearance last night on the red carpet in london. what a lovely couple. >> brian: now he's retired. he needs a job. this is an update to a story we told you about on of course "friends." u.s. says a cold war era submarine could be sent to the ocean floor. it needs $3 million in funds to restore it. otherwise the sub will become a reef. the sub has played a significant role in defending our country. joining us now to help save it, mac burdette. where are we at right now? how close are we to the 3 million? >> good morning, brian. since the fox broadcast a few weeks ago, we are now at $30,000. that seems insignificant in terms of 3 million, but it is a major start. >> brian: so you have $30,000. and let's talk about the history of this ship and why the navy thinks we're best off sinking
5:26 am
it. what has it done? what has it been part of? >> first of all, it was a world war ii sub. it was commissioned in 1945. the significance is she is a gunny class. the last remaining guppy class remaining in the united states. she was part of that transition between the diesel subs of world war ii and the nuclear navy that came as the cold war moved along. >> brian: if this sub is able to survive, if we get the 3 million, what do you hope happens? becomes a museum, like the intrepid in new york? >> she is a museum today. you can visit it right now. it's just she's in deteriorating condition and we just simply can't take a chance that she could actually sink at the dock. so we have to move along with the process over the next year to see about making a reef of her. but in the meantime, we hope we can raise $3 million to save her. >> brian: and in terms of the navy pitching in, why can't this be fit into the budget?
5:27 am
>> well, that's a good question. the navy owns all the warships in the museums today. their policy is very clear, that they will loan the ships to various museums, states, organizations, but they do not provide any funds for maintenance. that is the responsibility of the museum that receives the ship. so we're basically trying to do the job of the navy. we've got three capital ships in patriot's point and it's pretty tough to do. it's a lot of money. >> brian: so we're going to try to get there, closer closer and. we'll keep having you on until we get there. go to our web site, we will show you from that site how to donate to your cause and the cause of americans. mac burdette, thank you for joining us. >> much appreciation, thank you very much. >> brian: next on the rundown, if you thought the chick-fil-a controversy was over, think again.
5:28 am
now there is another company in the crosshairs. more intimidation coming your way. then, you're heard about it. now we're giving you a first look at the most controversial movie in america. >> oh, my god. is that what i think it is? >> when was the last time you saw bin laden? >> brian: it's rages the question, how did hollywood get all these details? weren't they supposed to be classified? >> he's right in the inner circle. s >> the whole world is going tong want to know this. because it matters. at hp we don't just believe in the power of technology. we believe in the power of people when technology works for you. to dream. to create. to work. if you're going to do something. make it matter.
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>> i'm so honored. >> steve: brian? >> brian: what do we have out back? shot of the morning. when in malawi, do as they do. hillary clinton dancing with a woman starting her 11-day african tour. it wasn't all fun. she was headed back to board her plane, she was hail by a swarm of bees. her detail scampered for coverment i thought they were supposed to stick it out and fight it out. everybody is okay now, though. >> juliet: she ran into the jet. >> brian: yeah. >> juliet: i think they ran in. >> steve: a little malawi wowy. all right. >> brian: we know there is good president bush video of him dancing also in africa as well. >> steve: we've seen that. this morning you're waking up in the world of show business,
5:33 am
they're all atwitterrer on the west coast because now the producers of this movie called "zero dark 30" that talks about the day bin laden was killed by our navy team 6 seal team, a clip is out and it runs about a minute and a half. we'll play you about half of that so you can see what's coming from hollywood. >> it means recognized that photo. >> no birth certificate, no cell phone. the guy is a ghost. >> he's right in the inner circle. >> the whole world is going to want to know this. >> i want targets! >> when was the last time you saw bin laden? >> oh, my god. is that what i think it is? >> steve: remember the controversy because she had this
5:34 am
movie in the pipeline. she was working on it and then the bin radin raid with seal team 6 -- there she is with her co- film maker. when bin laden was killed, apparently they threw out the script? so what happens? it sounds like the white house, the pentagon are coordinating information to present to them, the movie makers, and reportedly, this is what so many people are upset about -- classified information was shown these movie makers about this movie that was going to be shown before the election, that certainly makes president obama look good. >> juliet: if that is indeed true, that is horrific and unbelievable. but it's still going to make people want to run to see that movie. it's got a good cast. katherine bigelow did "the hurt locker," which was a great movie. we'll have to wait and see. because they could be cutting things up in the editing process. we don't know yet. >> steve: we don't know. but if there are national security secrets in there, our
5:35 am
guys put their lives on the line to get that guy and you would hate they would give anything up. >> brian: all right, 26 minutes before the top of the hour. some headlines. fighter jets intercept two small planes that came way too close to air force one last night. it happened when the president was headed up to connecticut for several fundraising events. one plane was intercepted over long island. the other over new haven. both landed without any problem problems. >> juliet: another bombshell report out this morning. raising the question, were warning signs about the colorado shooting suspect ignored? we're now learning james holmes' psychiatrist, she actually made contact with the university police officer weeks before the deadly movie theater massacre. 12 people died and 58 others injured. >> steve: amway now the latest target of chick-fil-a-style attacks. gay rights advocates are pushing for a boycott of amway after their president donated $500,000 to the national organization for
5:36 am
marriage. the boycott also affects the orlando magic basketball team, which devoice father owns. he reported no dip in ticket sales. >> brian: this next video might be the cutest thing you've seen all day or ever coming out of nfl training camp. >> i love you. >> oh. >> you made my day. >> brian: that is cameron. he's meeting his favorite player, arizona cardinals linebacker sam chough. she just got a picture and an autograph from sam when she decided to profess her love. >> steve: that is adorable. >> steve: let's look at what's going outside. there you go. >> brian: maybe people don't -- live in an apartment without windows. >> steve: that's true. mid atlantic, a bunch of showers there. down through portions of florida, the panhandle, right along the gulf coast.
5:37 am
also thunderstorms kind of heavy. look at louisiana. that cell is building, as is one in portions of southeastern alabama. also widely scattered showers across portions of the plains states. but they really need more rain out there. given the drought. it's just been historic out there. it's going to be another hot one. it's starting out in the 60s and 70s, northern plains, 70s and 80s down south. later on today, though, look at this. close to 100 all over the central plains states and down south through texas. even hotter in arizona. 80s for the most part in the eastern third of the united states of america. meanwhile, in chicago, today, 92. >> juliet: and that, i believe, is where jeanine pirro, the trial of drew peterson picking back up today. he's charged in the drowning death of his third wife, kathleen savio. the court was released friday after an emotional testimony from savio's sister. she testified that kathleen had told her weeks before her 2004
5:38 am
death that peterson had threatened to kill her. >> brian: so what can we expect today? joining us live from chicago, jeanine pirro, the host of "justice" with judge jeanine. what do you expect will happen? >> this week we expect that the illinois state police, crime scene investigator, as well as the, quote, homicide investigator who first arrived at the scene will testify. you will hear that they made a decision within 30 minutes that this was an accident. in spite of the fact that kathleen savio had quite an injury on the back of her head, they made light of the bruises on her body, said that they were insignificant, and they didn't collect any evidence. curiously enough, the state trooper has now been reassigned to patrol and the second guy was on the scene who bought into the accident theory, this was his first homicide. so he wasn't quite sure how to handle it. so you're going to see the prosecution today putting on the reason that kathleen savio's death was called an accident and the absurdity of it and what was
5:39 am
going on in chicago in joliet, bolingbrook, the police department where drew peterson is allowed to bring in his fourth wife, stacy, now missing, and he is there as professional courtesy while she's questioned as to drew's whereabouts when kathleen died. so he was within one foot of her and we are going to get a sense of what was going on, why that call was made that it was an accident. >> steve: sure. judge, we understand that during the first week -- we know you covered it -- the defense called for a mistrial twice and the judge said no, sorry. but at the same time, the judge admonished the prosecution because they did some stuff they weren't supposed to do. >> well, the judge and i unearthed the pack that the d.a. in this case had unseated the now judge as d.a. so there is a history there. there is bad blood there. the victim in this case, guys, was called every name in the book by the defense in the opening statement, from mad to angry, to possessed, to crazy,
5:40 am
to bonkers. it was really shameful. i think that hopefully things may turn around now. the defense has allowed in evidence that the judge had suppressed for them, they accidentally said that drew tried to make it look like an accident in cross-examination. the point of that being, i think things may turn around this week and although there were three motion for mistrial last week, steve, they were all denied and hopefully they'll be able to get on a more solid footing this week. >> steve: what a story. it's all unfolding in joliet. judge, thank you very much. watch the show on saturday nights, 9 p.m it's a good one. starring that woman live today in chicago. >> juliet: thank you. i hope it clears up out there. looks like it was raining. >> steve: if you were watching the fox cast, you saw there is wide lea scattered showers there. >> juliet: yeah. i have concern for her. >> brian: not even umbrella worthy. >> steve: thank you very much. >> juliet: if you're not happy with the way the country is going, our next guest says just
5:41 am
wait. it gets worse. he says he knows president obama's plan for a second term and they're stunning. >> brian: then actress jenny garth here, enters a brand-new chapter in her life, being a single mom. she's here live. back with us. >> juliet: is her hair pulled back. look how cute that is. we'll talk about that when she comes in. >> brian: with audio hey, i love your cereal there -- it's got that sweet honey taste. but no way it's 80 calories, right? no way, right?
5:42 am
lady, i just drive the truck. right, there's no way right, right? have a nice day. [ male announcer ] 80 delicious calories. fiber one.
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you >> brian: quick headlines. about to make history action becoming the first woman to officiate an nfl game. the nfl using replacement refs because of a contract dispute. technology giving out the glimpse into the future. check out prince william and kate middleton old, very old.
5:45 am
forensic artist collected family photos and analyzed their features to show how their skin might be affected by aging. that's one bored guy. steve? >> steve: king, though, brian. thank you very much. republicans and democrats are getting ready for election day in november. what will happen after the election? in particular what, would a second term if featured right there, is reelected president of the united states? >> juliet: what would that look like? joining us is author of "fool me twice, obama's shocking plans for the next four years exposed." aaron klein, good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> juliet: how did you get this information? it seems like it would be information that the administration wouldn't want to throw out there. >> actually a lot of the people in the main stream media could do what i did that. is the very same progressive organizations and key activists who calved, who perfected obama's first term strategy, people who helped write the stimulus bill, who helped craft the healthcare legislation, they actually have been very hard at work at
5:46 am
obama's second term. >> juliet: that doesn't mean they're going to continue those same pieces on the agenda? >> i'm not saying 100%, every single thing will be implemented exactly as is, but this will be the blue print. this is the wish list for obama's second term. on job, on the economy, on immigration reform, on healthcare, on a whole slew of very specific issues. >> steve: let's look at. so specific things. you mentioned immigration reform. you feel that if president obama gets a second term, if he doesn't -- if congress doesn't play ball with him, he's just going to change the laws by executive fiat. >> by executive fiat and also through interagency directives. for example, we have specifics in there. we're talking defacto amnesty. >> steve: how would he do it? >> let's say there would be an executive order to identify a vulnerable population. and they actually define vulnerable population as among several other things, including that anybody who contributes and
5:47 am
who has a salary that then goes to the family and the family is dependent, that's pretty much every illegal immigrant living in the u.s. this while, by the way, also taking away the border agent's ability to do their job, even specific areas where illegals cannot be apprehended throughout the country. including cemetery, all sorts of other things. >> brian: military cuts -- >> juliet: this is kind of frightening. >> actually this comes from the same reports that informed obama's first term agenda, specifically on the military. and that already helped to slash the military in massive ways. but that was just the beginning during the first term. the second term, we're talking about more slashes, up to possibly even 20% if they have their way, of armed forces, of ground troops, of the air force. what's shocking is that we have the actual specifics of what they might cut. like submarines, even obama's nuclear, the president of the united states nuclear arsenal. but this saving, get this, would be used for a possible new green
5:48 am
stimulus. >> steve: of course it would. where would you expect that money to go? finally, on the campaign trail and we heard it again last night with the romneyhood thing where he talks about fairness and class warfare, class envy and stuff like that, what is economic fairness? >> economic fairness, which comes originally from marxist doctrine, about spreading the wealth. but we have the specific plans. paycheck fairness where among other things, the government would actually determine what would be fair compensation for each job. we're talking private jobs, not just public jobs. >> steve: and you feel and i read the notes, that all has to do with minimum wage. >> living wage actually. >> steve: it's fascinating stuff. check out the book called "fool me twice." aaron klein, who we listen to on the radio in the city. thank you very much. >> juliet: new advice for parents. if you want to raise good kids, let them play with toy guns.
5:49 am
what does johnny garth think about that? she'll talk about it. >> steve: there she is. let's check in with hemmer for a preview of what happens in 12 minutes. >> how are you doing? good morning to both of you. time to put up or shut up on taxes, guys. who has the best plan for you, the voter? we'll let you know. there has been a shift in voter loyalty. we'll see which side favors whom. four pinocchios for harry reid's claim on mitt romney. and the number of doctors saying no to medicaid patients. it was not supposed to be this way with healthcare reform. we'll see you in ten minutes on "america's newsroom" on this tuesday
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
>> i'm in transition. i feel like in the cross roads of it.
5:53 am
>> did you feel connected and appreciated in your marriage? >> i'm used to facing rejection head on with what i do for a living, being rejected by people that don't like me or do like me out there, being in the public eye. >> juliet: very sad. >> brian: very real. >> juliet: she went country, now jenny garth is back in the city. this is a new chapter in her life, single mom, getting -- >> never go full real apparently >> juliet: you and peter are in the midst of a divorce, amicable? >> yeah. we have three beautiful girls together and we're raising them together and that's what we're focusing on. amicable, we're parents. >> juliet: you guys got married really young. >> super young. i was like 23. he was 21. and that was my second marriage. >> juliet: was it really? oh, do tell! >> steve: it's that kind of stuff that made for a great reality show. did you that. and that ended and now you're in
5:54 am
los angeles raising your daughters who we just saw a picture of, who were eat ago bagel about an hour ago. did you see the interview that huddy did with the woman to wrote a book that said it's okay to let kids play with guns and don't say you're sorry and don't share. >> i heard about this book. i would read it. i want to read it with an open mind, but i kind of feel like i might not agree with some of those things. especially the i'm sorry part. if my kid, for instance, bites another kid, my kids used to bite kids. i would definitely make her say sorry. i think instilling those morals that -- what being a human being is about, they're trying not to, i think, maybe influence kids with adult sort of stereotypes. but i feel like there are some things you need to give your children as a gift. >> brian: i think today we're in a generation of overparenting. we're not allowed to do this or
5:55 am
that. you can't run in the house with scissors. we used to encourage that as a child. keep running. now we can't run with scissors. it's a shame. jenny, you were in the country, now you're back in the city. what's the best place to raise children? >> you know what? it doesn't matter where you raise your children. i think it just matters what goes on in your home examine if you have a good energy. >> steve: and crest. >> i am back to work. but i'm bringing my daughter with me, who is nine, we have partnered up with crest and oral b and we're doing this campaign about healthy habits, going back to school. summer is over. so we got to try to, as parents, rein our kids in and get them ready for back to school. >> brian: right. are you pro-floss for children in. >> yeah. my girls are flossers. they have cute shapes now. they love them. >> juliet: you have perfect
5:56 am
teeth. >> i'm fortunate. i have a wonderful dentist and i have good teeth. >> brian: did you have braces? >> i did not have brace. >> brian: 'cause we watched you as a kid. we would have known. you were born with perfect teeth. >> i was supposed to wear a retainer, but i think i remember throwing it out. >> brian: has your pallet ever been expanded? >> no. that's an odd question. >> steve: we've done the show for a long time, that's the first time you asked that. >> juliet: i was an extra in a scene at -- i think you were shooting at oxidantal college. i was standing right behind you. >> i remember that! >> steve: always a pleasure. thank you very much. >> thanks. >> juliet: congratulations to you. >> steve: floss and crest. we're back in two minutes. ♪ i'd like to thank eating right,
5:57 am
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