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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 9, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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and win your first gold medal, there is nobody you would rather share it with. >> oh. no thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> shepard: this is "the fox report." and there is breaking news as we hit the air tonight in the financial meltdown that rocked the nation and the world. the feds have just decided who will not be held accountable. a live report just ahead. plus, pretending to be a medical professional. and the accused is just a teenager. >> i started doing cpr on her for like a minute. >> shepard: investigators say he had everybody fooled and now he is facing decades behind bars. but he insists it was all the hospital's fault.
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plus, puerto rico, the virgin islands, they are vacation paradises but also new hot spots for drug cartels. and now targets for the feds. tonight, riding along with the airborne cocaine hunters. and we saw him walk across niagara falls on a tight rope. [cheers] >> but this time dare devil nic woe linda is taking a stroll without a safety harness. tonight, walking the wire 100 feet in the air. there is breaking news now on fox news channel. just minutes ago we got word that the department of justice will not prosecute goldman sachs or any of its employees for the company's role in the nation's financial crisis. the securities and exchange commission had previously ordered that investment bank to pay $550 million to settle charges that goldman mislead
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investigators about subprime mortgages. it's breaking news and mike emanuel is on it from d.c. explain what the justice department's decision means here, mike. >> well, shep, the department of justice just announced after a careful review and more than a year of thorough investigation as they put it determined that based on the law and evidence that exists at this time there is not a viable basis to bring a criminal prosecution with respect to goldman sachs and its employees with regard to the investigation. in other words they didn't think they have the goods burden of proof what the slaw and what investigators know. i should noted that they also do say if any additional or new etched emerges, today's assessment does not prevent the department from reviewing such evidence and making a different determination if warranted. so, in other words, if new evidence comes forward, they will go forward. shep? >> shepard: you know, mike, many in washington and some in the president's own party have
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said they're frustrated that nobody is being held legally accountable. >> that's true. including close allies like congressman john conyers who said this before the house judiciary committee back on june 7th. >> four years after the worst economic upheaval since the great depression, we are still looking to hold some of those wall street barrons accountable. >> so there may be some frustration on main street if you will to this decision by the department of justice. again, just happening moments ago. and perhaps a sigh of relief for some on wall street. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel with the breaking news from d.c. tonight. governor mitt romney is accusing president obama's campaign of running personal attack ads even if analysts say those ads are not true. listen here. >> you know, in the past, when people pointed out that something was inaccurate, why, campaigns either pulled the ad, they were embarrassed. today they just blast ahead.
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the various fact checkers look at some of these charges in the obama ads and they say and yet he justong and keeps on running them. >> shepard: governor romney did not specifically mention this advertisement from an outside group that supports the president. it features a former steel worker who says he lost his health insurance when governor romney's former company bain capital shut down his plant and his wife years later died of cancer. the evidence the group behind this advertisement insists it is not accusing governor rom any of causing the woman's death. ed henry is live in colorado springs where the president was campaigning today. ed, it does seem that this ad continues to dog the president. >> it does, shep, in part because the obama campaign has been insisting for a couple of days that they knew nothing about this man's story and that they had nothing to do with it, the ad coming out because as you said it's being done by a democratic super pac that is not directly affiliated with the obama campaign in chicago. after jen, the obama
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spokeswoman said that yesterday they had no details about this man's story. we learned back in may the obama campaign itself back in chicago hosted a conference call with this very man who told the story about the cancer, so it suggested there may have been some coordination. they walked that back a little today and acknowledged, in fact, that they had this conference call back in mavment and last night on the campaign trail in colorado the president was painting his campaign as a substantive one and beating up on republic super pacs. take lafn. >> over the next three months, 89 days to be precise. [ laughter ] the other side will be spending more money than we have ever seen. you have got these guys writing 10-million-dollar checks. you have got these super pacs that are just. [booing] >> just going crazy. >> the obama campaign tonight is basically saying they think it's it the republicans who are going crazy here by protesting over this ad so much when the president has
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been out here for two days in colorado talking about substantive issues like healthcare and tax cuts, shep. >> shepard: that said, now we are hearing from this man who was featured, i guess, in that advertisement. >> that's right. and he is suggesting that maybe baseball capital wasn't so bad here. bain capital ended up closing the man's steel plant. the man did an interview joe, in which he is saying bain offered him a buyout before he was pushed out so maybe he wasn't so bad off as many people expected. take a listen. >> in my case, in my department, they actually offered to buy our jobs out from underneath us. >> and the bottom line is, well, man's wife before she died did not lose her health insurance because of bain capital. she had her own health insurance. the facts there don't quite ad up for this democratic super pac. bottom line the romney ad is is -- campaign is saying you
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turn big elections into small things when you don't have a record to run on, shep. >> shepard: ed henry from colorado springs tonight. brand new fox news polls that show the president is polling ahead of governor rom anymore. the president up by 9 points among registered voters nationwide. that's outside the margin of error. pollsters tell us that's the biggest lead since romney wrapped up the republic nomination. more voters say they trust governor romney to do a better job time prove the economy. that's within the margin of error. it is a statistical tie. the governor was here in new york today and so is campaign carl cammeron who has been following. what else are we learning from these polls, carl? >> mr. romney is trailing and this is significant. mr. obama made headway with all the attacks not only from his own campaign but from some of his supporting super pacs and it's taking a piece of mitt romney. particularly with independent voters. independent voters seem to be growing for barack obama. as a direct consequence of some of these attack ads. not only is it only the second time that he has actually gotten out of the margin of
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error in leading this, as you said, the first time he has actually been outside the margin since mr. romney clinched the nomination. it's a big shift. romney now is counting on the vice presidential pick to shift the momentum back his way. >> shepard: carl, the polls tell us that governor romney probably won't get delegates in this area but he got money in this area. >> he is raising. >> shepard: i said the president i meant governor romney. >> wishful thinking for him too. is he raising money and awful lot of anticipation for the running mate. today he raised $5 million between yesterday and here in new york and in new jersey. and he has raised over 400 million thus far in hopes they think to about 800 million all tolled. and then it is all about raising speculation in anticipation, the frenzy about who the vp is going to be. there is lots of talk about paul ryan the house budget committee chairman. lots of talk about tim pawlentyy, marco rubio and rob portman. any one of these could be announced but we have been saying all along it wasn't likely to be this week. it wasn't likely to be until
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the olympics are over. romney is going to kick off big bus tour on saturday. that bus tour is supposed to end on tuesday. which means now, maybe as soon as wednesday and with a 9 point deficit he needs a bump and the running mate could provide it. >> shepard: carl's bag is right around the corner. where are you heading? >> boston. we have a meeting with romney staff to talk about this bus tour. which everybody says is to go around to talk to voters but we have suspicion it's to announce the running mate. >> shepard: man accused the movie theater massacre appeared in court today. something by itself could determine the outcome of his entire case. you'll learn what they said from the journalists of fox news on this thursday fox report. only centrum goes beyond. providing more than just the essential nutrients, so i'm at my best. centrum. always your most complete.
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>> shepard: the man accused of shooting up the movie theater in colorado is mentally ill. that's the word from his attorney today. james holmes appeared at a hearing in which news
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organizations, including ours, were asking a judge to unseal documents in this case. the suspect's hair, still that orange color and our producer inside the courtroom said he he looked disinterested most of the time, others called him dazed, like last time. police say holmes killed 12 people, wounded dozens more when he opened fire during the movie, the new batman movie, last month in colorado. casey stegall with the news. is he live in the town of centennial this evening. any clues what sort of mental illness they are alleging here, casey? >> well, shepard,s a you know, there has been a lot of speculation that it is schizophrenia we are talking about here, but it really is just that tim. speculation because no one is talking because of that gag order. did i speak to a legal analyst here in colorado earlier today who told me that the very mention of mental illness multiple times in this hearing very strategic on part of james holmes' defense team. already mounting a probable
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insanity defense here. plus they are also most likely privy to his medical records by now. which could include some of his previous mental healthcare assessments by psychiatrists he was seeing, shepard. >> shepard: but the hearing itself, casey, was for our request for unsealing documents. what happened there? >> well, the judge said that he was not going to rule from the bench on that particular issue today. instead, he he said that he would issue a written ruling by monday. and i have got to say if these court documents are unsealed, we would learn a wealth of information. police reports, evidence logs from both the crime scene at the movie theater and his booby trapped apartment. plus interviews with eyewitnesses. and if that gag order is loosened, investigators and attorneys would finally be able to comment on some of the proceedings here. this would be huge in covering this case moving forward, shepard. >> shepard: casey stegall at the courthouse for us. now, a judge has again slapped the u.s. soldier accused in the fort hood massacre in texas with contempt of court.
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it's the fourth time the judge has kicked major nidal hasan out of the courtroom because he showed up with that beard on his face. the judge says that goes against army regulations plain and simple. defense attorneys say nidal hasan grew that beard for religious reasons. the judge said earlier that he had shaved the beard himself if it's not gone by the time the trial starts later this month. nidal hasan is charged with killing 13 people and wounding more than 30 others in that shooting spree back in 2009. today, attorneys discussed expert witnesses they may want to present at trial. a medical rescue team has returned to new zealand now after making a daring flight to antarctica to save a united states scientist. the scientist was at a research base there and experienced some sort of medical emergency. it's winter right there in antarctica and that means it's very dangerous to land plains or to try to. the plane had to touch down on a runway of solid ice in
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temperatures around 13 below zero. there rescuers picked up the scientists and flew back to new zealand, no problems. the foundation that runs the an artic research base says the patient is in stable condition but may very well need surgery. not releasing details about the person's identity because of privacy laws. another high wire act from that guy who walked a tight rope across niagara falls. but today things were very different. we watched this live on "studio b." tonight, nic woe wallenda of the flying wallendas tell us why he thinks about dying up there and why he was so worried about his shoes. a guy who says he got spooked out by randy travis. cops say they found the country singer naked, wreaking of booze after a car crash. now we'll hear the 911 call that led the police there. that's coming up as fox reports live tonight. at purina one,
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>> shepard: that dare devil who recently walked a tight rope across niagara falls today took his acted to atlantic city. today there was no harness or safety net of any kind. today there he is high above the beach walking the distance of about a quarter mile, 100 feet in the air near the tropic can know casino. no net, no nothing 10 miles down. [cheers] police estimating 100,000 as he completed this stunt. a couple months ago he walked a tight rope 200 feet above niagara falls. at the time he said the abc television network forced him to wear a harness for that stunt. they were airing it. and he said he wasn't happy about the harness. the chief fox report
4:21 pm
correspondent jonathan hunt was there in atlantic city when it happened this afternoon during "studio b." jonathan, he seemed worried about his grip on the wire before he even started the thing you remembered as we watched all of this unfold live on "studio b," shep. he started out walking backwards along that rope with one shoe on and one shoe off. it wasn't clear to us on the ground what that was about at the time. i spoke to nick wallenda afterwards and he said he was worried about the amount of sand that got stuck to the grease on the table. listen to this. >> when i got to the top. i put my foot on and said something is not right here. i decided to take a shoe off and see how it would feel bare foot. >> that's what you were doing. shep and i were talking about you had one off and one off. >> that's right. i wanted to see what's going to be more safe or comfortable without a is shoe or with a shoe. as i backed up into that fresh wire. the wire shoe actually feels. what feels more grippy wire shoes which mom makes paid off.
4:22 pm
>> yes, his mom makes those shoes. the soles of which, by the way, are made out of elk skin. if you are thinking of ever walking a wire, elk skin is apparently what you want on your feet, shep. >> shepard: not much scares thee wallendas, you talked to him about something that doeshe. >> we talked a little bit about what scares him the most? he says it's the winds always the most dangerous in this thing. he felt a couple of stiff breezes while he was up there. nothing that really scared him. did i talk to him with whether he thinks about dying given that his great grandfather 1978 do id doing a walk exactly the same height as the one nick did today. listen to this. >> i don't think about death. i think about my great grandfather. i think about the fact that i need to lose attention if i lose my balance i could die. so yes i guess i do think about death in a way. >> scary. >> in not scary at all. >> scary as heck to me.
4:23 pm
>> i definitely get butterflies like any entertainer like a singer or comedian when they step out on stage. >> i don't think elton johnson is thinking i could put one foot in the wrong place and die here. >> i doubt if he is thinking that. >> a lot of people coming to atlantic city to gamble with their life savings, nick wallenda gambled today with life itself. the crowd loved him for it next up by the way a grand canyon without a safety harness sometime next summer. shep? >> shepard: why not. jonathan hunt on the board walk. the man who discovered the country singer randy travis lying all naked in the road told the 911 operator he was kind of spooked out. >> i just found a guy laying in the road. >> has he moved at all since you have been there? >> not that i see. looks like it was a deer at first. as i came by, it looked to be a human. >> shepard: thought randy travis was a deer it was human
4:24 pm
though. and when state troopers arrived they arrested randy travis for drunken driving. they later added a felony retaliation or obstruction charge claiming he threatened to shoot and kill the cops. that carries a possible 10 year prison sentence. this happened about 60 miles north of dallas. officials say the country star drove off the road and crashed his car into barricades there. he posted $21,000 bail and left wearing paper scrubs from the county jail since he apparently had no clothes of his own. earlier this year, randy travis was cited for public inintoxication. his reps say there will be no comment. so think you are getting a steal on your mortgage rate? there is a new report that suggests the banks that are making out like bandits and they could be costing you tens of thousands of dollars. we'll show you exactly how and what to avoid. plus, google settling charges that t secretly tracked millions of us online. now, the web giant is set to
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4:29 pm
oregon. the coast guard sent a boat and a helicopter after witnesses called 911 it to report the swimmers drifting away from a resort beach. rescuers say all four showed some signs of hypothermia but were otherwise in good shape. missouri. police say a car pulled in front of a public bus on a rain-slick road in kansas city. and the collision hurt more than a dozen people. two of them in serious condition. cops say the bus driver tried to avoid that car, but slid down an embankment and flipped at least once. local media report firefighters had to free some people from inside the bus. >> colorado. a broken water main sent a gusher into the street west of denver. this video from a local reporter's cell phone shows police at the scene. they shut down the road until crews could get the water under control. >> minnesota. lawn mower demolition derby. the hot new sport joining the
4:30 pm
festivities of the county fair south of minneapolis. >> nothing better than washing two pieces of iron run into each other. >> shepard: the first derby big enough hit that the fair has scheduled more for later this week and that's a fox watch across america. i'm shepard smith. and this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. you could be saving thousands of dollars on your mortgage if the banks would just settle for smaller profits. that's the word from the "new york times" reporting today. the average rate for a 30 year loan is now 3.59% according to the mortgage buyer freddie mac. that's close to an all-time record low. but the "new york times" reports that rate could be half a percent lower. so, if you had a mortgage of say, $300,000, you could save 30 grand. instead, the banks are reportedly keeping rates
4:31 pm
higher so they can cash in like never before. rich edson from the fox business network leads our news at the bottom of the hour. rich, what's going on here. >> banks write mortgages, sell them to investors, use different interest rates make a good deal. that business is becoming more profitable. one watchdog group says banks are simply using historically low rate set by the federal reserve to turn an easy profit. >> these interest rates are all set to maximize the income of the biggest banks and basically to move money from the pockets of the american people to the pockets of the biggest banks on wall street. >> now, the "times" report also says fewer banks since the financial crisis means more business for existing lenders, one example it cites, wells fargo recently reported a 155% annual increase in revenue from its mortgage origination business, shep. >> shepard: wow, what are the banks saying about all of
4:32 pm
this, rich? >> a group representing mortgage bankers say lenders face much higher cost for originating loans driven by regulatory requirements and more extensive credit reviews of potential borrowers required today. banks simply say these tighter regulations and higher standards mean lending money is more expensive than it used to be. back to you. >> shepard: rich edson live in d.c. tonight. thanks. the cash strapped u.s. postal service reported today a quarter loss of more than a billion dollars. the announcement came just a week after the government agency for the first time missed a payment for future retiree health benefits. and now postal officials warn the mail agency will default on next month's payment as well. the post office has urged congress to pass legislation to help lower cost. including the price of the annual health benefits. the postal service is the only government agency required to make such payments. the polts service reports it has lowered costs somewhat by reducing work hours and
4:33 pm
increasing employee productivity. he is accused of impersonating a police officer and a nurse and a physician's assistant all while he was a teenager. and now we're getting a first look at the interrogation video with that teen explaining exactly what he did. he spoke with the detective about what happened at a medical center in osceola county, florida. police say the teenager was supposed to be working in the billing department. but he claims the hospital issued him a physician assistant i.d. by mistake and apparently he just went with it. he admits he reported to the emergency room, war a stethoscope and a lab coat and in at least one case, performed cpr on a patient at a doctor's request. >> he said "you can take over cpr?" i started doing cpr on her for like a minute or two minutes while he went out and got the medications and came back in. that was it the only reason why did i it because nobody was wells in there.
4:34 pm
i'm not going to let her die. the teenager decided to push his luck. months later cops say in miami beach he pretended to be an undercover police officer and got caught only when he tried questioning a real under cover cop. >> the vehicle pulled up alongside of him and questioned why he was not wearing his seat belt. the undercover miami beach police officer asked him are you a police officer? to which point the person in the other car said yes. >> shepard: but the answer was. no and the orlando sentinel newspaper reports there is more that the teenager also once posed as a nurse at another hospital when he was 13 years old. last year the teenager's father said i have no answers. >> if can you come up with a reason, i'm all ears. i'm completely and totally all ears. i don't know if i get in some psychiatric help. i don't know. >> shepard: now his son reportedly faces, get this, up to 40 years in prison for impersonating a physician's
4:35 pm
assistant. but the teen insists this isn't his fault. it's the hospital's fault. trace gallagher with the story. explain why he says the hospital is to blame. >> well, as you might imagine, police say everything he says is kind of to be taken with a grain of salt. matthew claims he was simply going down to get his assistant clerk's bad in administration and that he might have forgotten to fill out his date of birth. apparently somebody filled in that he was 19 instead of 17. and then for some unexplained reason they handed him a physician's assistant badge. he called that a stupid mistake and now he wants to find out who is behind that mistake so he can have them fired. listen. >> what's -- let's let's just say that i'm a physician's assistant are you that stupid put me in a system with that without any credentials or any paperwork or nothing? you know. >> is that something that you can see happening over there? >> as far as like? >> happening like that?
4:36 pm
you work there -- >> -- i would hope not. i would hope not. that is a huge liability for the hospital and a huge patient safety issue. >> yeah, that was kind of the bold part of his interrogation as that three-hour interrogation went on he started to admit that maybe he did make some mistakes and maybe he did try to take advantage of the system a bit. shep? >> shepard: maybe. i mentioned the report that he once tried to impersonate a nurse back when he was 13. but now i understand that wasn't the only adventure at that hospital. >> no. that hospital you are talking about is saint cloud hospital in central florida out near disney. and he says knowing that he was on alert that he went in there and tried again to get a physician's assistant badge and also admitted to police that he got a bunch of badges. in fact he says he likes to shadow doctors around because some day he wants to be a doctor and that's why he hey has the badges. matthew says he cannot catch a break. in fact, he has been being accused of stuff that he didn't do since 3rd grade. listen. >> since 3rd grade. it's not really lying false
4:37 pm
accusations all the way around -- this is like maybe it's because i'm -- i don't know. sensitive towards it. i don't know. in 3rd grade i got expelled from school a teacher hit me just stuff like that. i'm prone to this type of stuff. >> his lawyers are now trying to get that interrogation tape thrown out of court but that appears to be a long shot. shep? >> shepard: i bet they are, trace. google has agreed to shell out a record 22.5 million bucks to settle charges that the company broke a privacy promise with apple. this is the largest fine that the federal trade commission has ever imposed. the investigation began about six months ago after a researcher revealed google had tapped into apple's safari browser to track user activity without anybody's permission. that violated an agreement that google had signed last october, which included a
4:38 pm
company pledge against misleading customers about its privacy practices. one of the worst droughts in many decades is getting no better. high heat. no rain causing major problems for many of the nation's farmers. the details on that and how it effects you next. plus, nasa has had a pretty good week. landing its rover on mars and all. not everything went right for the space agency. we'll show you what happened here with this jiffy pop looking machine. that's coming up. chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save.
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>> well, it's getting worse for syria. ending that 17 month long conflict. iran hosting leaders from dozens of nations, including russia, china, and venezuela. tehran, of course, is a major backer of the syrian regime and its leader, the president bashar assad. and a top iranian official said today that his country opposes foreign or military
4:42 pm
intervention and accused the rebel firefighters of -- fighters of using civilians as human shields. ache at this vai vistas on the other side estimate 20,000 people have died since the uprising began. most of them innocent civilians. >> meantime the president assad named this man his new prime minister to take the place of the one who defected earlier this week in support of the opposition firefighters. -- fighters. triple digit temperatures in the west. scorching conditions in california have officials issuing heat warnings and statewide advisories to conservative energy as folks up the ac. lack of rain making the most severe drought in 50 years even worse. in the key farming state of iowa. extreme or exceptionally dry conditions have more than doubled since last week. the latest u.s. drought monitor as they call t shows shows more than three quarter of our nation still suffering
4:43 pm
very dry conditions. our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is with us. when is the relief coming? >> they have got a little bit of relief as far as temperatures go. this drought has been expanding so quickly because it's been so hot. these temperatures, july the hottest month that we have ever seen in the u.s. those kind of temperatures causing the big problems. take a look at the map and you can see exactly what's gone on. overall across the country, this last week, the drought did not expand, but right in that center part of the country those darkest colors, that's where it did. you are talking about that exceptional word. that is the highest category of drought that there is. and that's why this is so bad. temperatures though right now, shep, you look across the plains there, a little bit better right now there. but that heat had gone somewhere and it's all moved out across parts of the west. take a look at tomorrow. 1:15 in phoenix. 1:19 in lake -- 1:24 in death valley. the heat is on there. the good news a little bit of a break temp wise across parts of the central plains. >> don't tell death valley that though. action in the tropics still though. >> you think we haven't had all that much activity but
4:44 pm
we're kind of still at the beginning of t. go back to the maps and you can see what's going on. nooa just updated their numbers for the year what they expect to he see. they increase what we expect to see for the next couple of months. that is important. this is a graph where you see most of the activity. that arrow there is where we are now in the time line. you see all of the activity starts to get going. this next month, month and a half is going to be very busy in the tropics, shep. >> shepard: hope you are wrong. people could use the rain. maybe just a tropical storm. rick reichmuth, thank you. the heat and the drought also mean more bugs, a lot more bugs according to the experts. they say the experts and spiders are cold-blooded and they develop more quickly in the extreme heat. they are seeing more bugs this year than last summer. wildlife workers say they are also seeing more bears, thankfully, showing up at homes looking for lunch. the drought is drying up their food supply just like it is ours. the u.s. forest service reports it had to close some
4:45 pm
campgrounds because the bears just kept raiding the picnic baskets. the fall of an international drug ring and an enormous hall of contraband on display. our top story as we go around the world in 80 "around the world in 80 seconds." germany. customs officials say they have arrested every member of a group they accuse of smuggling synthetic stimulants into the country. they say the suspects are from country austria, serbia, spain as well as germany. one investigator says the 155,000 pills they seized is their biggest ever hall of the drug. -- lawful the drug. haul of the drug. hong kong, workers tried to clean pellets from a small southern island. they came from shipping containers that fell into the water after a storm last month. a chinese oil company made those pellets. a spokesman says the company has put more than a million dollars into a clean-up fund.
4:46 pm
india. smoke poured from the top stories at an apartment complex in mumbai as firefighters tried to evacuate residents. local media reports some indian celebrities including film makers a former cricket player have offices in that bidding. no word on how the fire started. peru, a belgium base jumpler led his crew on a four hour trek through the jungle so he could jump more than 2500 feet from a remote water fall. >> one of the most intense jumps i have ever done. >> he says he has done more than 2,000 jumps and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 "around the world in 80 seconds." >> shepard: hello from mars. nasa scientists say it looks like the desert from california. we got a crazy picture today. look at this thing. 360-degree view from the
4:47 pm
planet in color from the rover they call curiosity. panorama stitching together thumbnail images the camera. like you can do with a processor. this is the best image yet so far so good for a 2.6 billion-dollar mission. but here on earth, a bit of a set back. >> 3, 2, 0,. >> shepard: jiffy pot here was a flop here. nasa's experimental lunar lander got off the ground before it crashed and burned. happened at the kennedy space center during the landers first free flight. officials down on the florida space coast says there was a hardware component failure as they put it and that they knew there was a possibility that the test would fail. the feds report a lot of the illegal drugs that enter our country pass through u.s. territories in the caribbean. coming up, how places like
4:48 pm
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hearing over florida's stand your ground law. under that law george zimmerman could potentially avoid a trial if the judge finds zimmerman acted in self-defense. and did not create the danger that led to the shooting. the hearing likely will not take place for several months. trayvon martin's parents have argued that george zimmerman singled out their son and that was zimmerman's aggression that really led to his death. also today, prosecutors released 76 pages of
4:52 pm
additional evidence in the case. mostly consisting of zimmerman's community college records. a major cocaine bust in the waters off puerto rico sparking new concerns about u.s. territories serving as gateways for drug trafficking right here at home. federal authorities joined puerto rican police on monday to seize more than a ton of cocaine from a disabled boat. some 20 miles off the island's south coast. officials say a man towing that boat noticed its crew acting strangely and called the cops. they found 38 bales of cocaine hidden inside the gasoline tank there and arrested both guys on board. the feds report the traffic typically comes from south america and that nearly 1/3 of all drugs that reach the continental united states pass right through the caribbean. phil keating is streaming live in san juan tonight. phil? >> shep, since these islands are all u.s. territories. all cargo ships from here to the main land is treated as domestic. meaning far less stringent
4:53 pm
inspections, the d.e.a. tells me that 80% of then heads towards new york and miami. >> traffic. going to the northeast. it's wheels up for yet another night of high tech hunting for cocaine smugglers. >> on crease routine missions,officer creighton with u.s. customs and detection uses intel and radar waters to interdict around the coast of puerto rico. >> before we didn't she as many mother ships coming to puerto rico or the dominican republic and now they are becoming ordinary. almost as ordinary a bust like this. haul bag after bag from the vans to the table. some bricks labeled with the tyinger. >> approximately a thousand kilos, street value over $80 million. >> u.s. commonwealth is booming as a transshipment point for the south american
4:54 pm
drug cartels because once the drugs get here, they're much more easily smuggled into the u.s. main land as domestic cargo. >> we need more resources and this is the proof we're not just saying it. we're showing it. 80% of this 800-kilos would have been going to the northeast corridor. >> the governor of puerto rico had been lobbying washington unsuccessfully for many months to commit to a caribbean border initiative that would dramatically increase the number of officers, resources and dollars down here to battle this drug trade. shep? >> shepard: phil keating, san juan for us tonight. phil, thanks. you know how popular country music is in the united states. so who do you think loves it most? folks in what city? well, the country music capital is not nashville. in fact, it's a place that does not have one single solitary country music radio station. that's next. hey girl.
4:55 pm
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according to the folks at nielsen folks bought more new york than dallas and chicago. and nashville. we cannot hear any country songs on the radio without satellite. new york city and surrounding areas has no country radio music station. none, zero. before we go, the team's top five things of the day. number five, israel's national airline elal will honor tickets folks brought dirt cheap online pricing glitch. word that visa mast err card could settle suit from retailers. psychologist warning that the tucson supermarket shooter is still mentally ill and could break down during trial.
4:59 pm
number two, a defense attorney says the accused movie theater massacre shooter in colorado has a mental illness. gist no other details. neither goldman sachs or any of its workers will face any criminal charges for the trades that helped trigger the economic meltdown. that broke tonight. goldman sachs spokesman tells fox news we are pleased that this matter is behind us. that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in the year 1836, jesse owens won his, what did i just say? that could not have been the year just -- 1936. he won his fourth gold medal enter lineal. alabama son share crime stoppers and ohio state university track star won gold in the 100 meters, broad jump, 4 by 100-meter relay. he and his team tied or set world records in every event. fans in geanrm treated jesse owens like


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