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tv   America Live  FOX News  August 24, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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we have someone being -- jon: all right, the good news, it appears that no other motorists were hurt or killed by this guy's crazy -- no other motorists were hurt or killed by this guy's crazy antics alongside the palmetto expressway in dade county, florida, miami area. our coverage continues now on "america live." >> here again our location just to the west of 27th avenue on the pal palmetto expressway woue the eastbound lanes. we've got a police officer up on the roof of that vehicle now going over the top of the fence there. they're indicating that the guy -- >> wow, what a scene. we have just watched it unfolding in miami, an intense car chase, the likes of which we haven't seen in the some time. it ended with this silver mercedes that you can see nose first into a fence. at that point we saw the driver of that car leap out, go over the fence. questions about whether or not shots were fired on either side. we do see some gunfire, and now
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take a look at this. they are in the process of apprehending this man, i believe it's a man who was behind that wheel. he sent these police on quite a car chase. the chopper at one point said it was going 111 miles an hour and that it was keeping pace with this car. >> we've got officers from as far away now as all the way down -- martha: all right, we're going to keep a close eye on this situation. we'll tell you how all of this ends. quite a scramble on the ground with the police in miami. what an event, what a day it's been, folks. we've had a lot of breaking news. more on this moments away. and a brand new fox news alert for you as well on the new details on a deadly shooting outside of one of the most >> speak to a brand-new fox news alert. new details on the deadly shooting outside of one of the most iconic landmark. so the area around new york city's empire state building is a crime scene after what police are calling a workplace dispute that spilled into the streets.
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e understand the gunman had been fired from his job, and he shot a former colleague to death. a construction worker alerted police to the situation, and what followed and played out there this morning was a hailstorm of bullets. bullets. nine innocent bystanders were wounded in this chaos before officers managed to take down the gunman. here is more from mayor bloomberg. >> this is the end beginning of the investigation. a lot of people that were injured. two are dead, the perpetrator and his victim. nobody else, thank god, we don't know much about him. we are just starting investigation and trying to figure it out. the public is concerned and should be. we don't know yet about the victim or what interaction had occurred, whether there was any between the victim and the murder. martha: david lee miller is lie
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in manhattan. what is the latest mayor? reporter: the mayor went on to say that this is a terrible tragedy, but he also added that there were extraordinary acts of terrorism. the shooter has been identified as fiftysomething jeffrey johnson. some fiftysomething your soul. he was a disgruntled former employee of the hazan imports apparel company, located in the shadow of the empire state building. the person killed 41-year-old steve urkel. >> a little after 9:00 a.m. this morning, men who had been fired about a year or so ago, began shooting near the empire state building but out on the street. he killed one person and at least nine other people were shot. some may have been shot accidentally by police officers.
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after the initial shooting, johnson made his way around the perimeter of the empire state building towards one of the main entrances on fifth avenue. he was unaware, martha, that he was being followed by a construction worker who had witnessed the shooting. that construction worker alerted police who were on counterterrorism duty. that is when the massive shootout took place. when it was over, johnson was dead. as many as nine bystanders were wounded. according to the police commissioner, this based on the capacity of the handgun used by the shooter, some of the bystanders who were shot may have been hit by police fire. this could've been a great deal worse. we also learned that in the shooter's possession and in a black bag that he had with him, he had another magazine. the magazine contained eight more shots, if, in fact, he was
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preparing to reload. martha: in god we saved him from that possibility. david, thank you very much. the empire state building has been the scene of a tragic shooting in 1997, when a 69-year-old palestinian man opened fire on tourists on the observation deck on 86th floor. he killed one person, wounded six others, before shooting himself in the head. the wounded gunman later died in new york city. investigators determined the batman in the late '90s came to united states on the west bank. all that breaking news, the biggest story of the week. we are turning to the race for the white house. just days to go before the republican national convention gets underway. we have brand-new fox polls that are showing an epic battle that is shaping up for the presidency of the united states. right now from the republican
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ticket, romney-ryan at 47% of the bow, obama-biden at 44% of the vote. this is the first time that we have a look at the teams together. the first time that paul ryan is really in the mix. on the ticket with mitt romney, we are getting a look at what kind of matchup it looks like. it is also -- this is important as well, the first time that we have fox news polls that are of likely voters, not just registered voters, when we get this close to the election, 70 some days away, we are getting a feel for what likely voters are thinking in the election, and the numbers are getting accurate as we get into this kind of territory. i am joined by chris stirewalt, host of power-play on fox welcome. reporter: it is good to be here. martha: a huge night and week for mitt romney as he gets ready for all of us. the biggest night of his political life is the speech he gives at the convention.
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at least up to now. how are the numbers shaping up? what is the romney team doing differently? and why are we seeing this and how is it playing out? reporter: how else would you want the fourth quarter of the game to start bit tied up? for political junkies, people who love the horse races and drama politics -- this is exactly what he wanted to be. all tied up when you go into the convention. every four years, it is a pivot point. the inflection point where you change the discussion about all the parliamentary said have been firing up your base and doing those things for the undecided voter, the persuadable voter in the middle. then you have nine weeks of absolute, out and out, smash mouth politics being played as you try to get to the edge. the way it looks right now, and the pool is very revealing, the way that this rate is going, they hope that mitt romney would not survive to this point. there had been five months of scorching negative facts,
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personal attacks on mitt romney that, for a while, last month, or early this month, seemed to be working. a new tougher tone for mitt romney used to have engaged and it seems that he's still in this thing and he has to be pretty happy about that. martha: absolutely. the paul ryan pick, and the tougher tone. both of which you cite is to be coming into play. another element of this, one of the biggest criticisms that all the negative advertising money was spent on for mitt romney is that he was rich and out of touch. so much went to that narrative in august. you know, there was a cover of the national review that said own it, mitt romney. look at your success and your life. own it, make it a part of who you are and your vision of the american dream is for other people. do you see that message getting through to mitt romney as a campaigner? reporter: i think that this was probably a deliberate strategy. when we talk to people in
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romneyland, make it to the convention and reintroduce mitt romney. the majority who were asked what they think about him, the majority think that he is not being fairly accused of being a candidate for the rich. they think that the attack from president obama and others is not accurate. that is good news for mitt romney. what he is doing, and he says it in a wall street journal op-ed today, and we will see more of this leading up to the speech on thursday by mitt romney, he is trying to make a positive of what obama is trying to make into a negative, which is to say that i am a turnaround artist and i know about the economy. it was intentional to wait to this point and start the push over the next week. martha: it is interesting. there is a piece in the "new york post" that takes a look at the money it has been spent. $120 million in mostly negative advertising by the obama campaign over the course of -- leading up to the end of the
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summer. when you look at where president obama was on june 23, he had a 2.4% advantage over mitt romney. after all that advertising in the summer months, his lead has slimmed down to 1%. they have to be asking themselves -- if that money was wasted up until this point. reporter: it was not wasted, but it was not as successful as they wanted it to be. we have never seen an election like this. incumbents don't do what president obama has done. he generally are not as intensely negative. they have put all their chips on the facts and they shelled out tens of million dollars of months, hammering away at mitt romney from his biography and character. they wanted him gone by now. what they wanted was the president to carry a lead into his convention and put the republican way the following week. mitt romney survived and made it to this point. the money wasn't wasted because mitt romney's negatives are higher than his positives. undecided voters -- it is a
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wasted, but they didn't get everything they wanted out of the dough. martha: these polls that just came out are interesting. we have been looking at the reports as well. some of them will be brought up a little bit later as we get into the panel. how he's doing with women and seniors. very interesting internal polls. thank you so much, chris. >> even-tempered, florida. reporter: at the bottom of the hour, we will take a closer look at where the candidates stand with the crucial group at all. independent voters. what are they thinking right now as both sides tried to court them. issues. the economy and the women's vote. imagine your local hospital refusing to treat you if you are in the hospital and ill and had to go back within 30 days. that is what could happen under the new health care law. even for serious medical issues like a heart attack, you might
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not be covered if you go back within 30 days. according to some of this report that we have. why doctors like or next guests are very concerned about that penalty for hospitals. we will talk about that and janet napolitano, homeland security homeland security chief, the target of a major lawsuit. we will tell you why 10 10 federal immigration officers say the new policies forcing them in their job to violate federal law. plus, good samaritans saving a woman while carrying her young son, falling onto the subway tracks. we will show you this amazing rescue video. that is coming up as well >> you're not going to let that happen and not react. you can can't sit there and watch her get run over. >> i would not think, i would just react. i would be so scared about the baby being down there okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
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martha: there are new concerns among u.s. doctors over a provision in the presence health care law that could hit more than 2000 hospitals serious fines and penalties. the issue in all of this has to do with people who make repeat visits to the hospital. within 30 days of the first time they go in for a certain ailment. how much would medicare b paying for those when they have those revisits? beginning in october, it could mean that maybe what ensues, even if you are suffering from a serious condition. i will explain all of this and how it works. ceo of vital springs technology joining me now. author of a new book, the secret of changing who pays for your health care. it is always good to have you here. >> thank you. reporter: the suggestion is in terms of insurance and medicare coverage, if you are in the hospital, and then you are
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released, and you are be admitted within a 30 day period, what they are suggesting is you must've done something wrong. maybe you didn't keep that person long enough. because of that, the hospital will get a smaller payment from medicare. dropping it by 1%. if you have to treat that person again than the 30 days, you must have done something wrong as a hospital. that is the suggestion. am i right? >> that is exactly right. that is meant to be the mechanism by how the obama administration was going to try to get to the affordable care act. by reducing reimbursements to hospitals and penalizing them if they were not delivering quality care. but what happened when the supreme court ruled, that the mandate to hold, is that hospitals were hoping that they could make up for these decrease in payments with the states expanding their medicaid rosters so that they could get more payments and make a further decrease payments.
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now, the state may or may not have to conform. the hospitals that have been on life-support are ready to have the plug pulled. because they are really concerned about taking this cut on the readmissions and not having more patients from medicaid sign-up to make up for those losses. martha: there is a feeling in this country, and i have filled it with family and friends, but some people get kicked out too soon. the hospital is making a mistake. and they shouldn't cap that person another 24 or 48 hours and they might have prevented what made them come back to the hospital. is that an issue in hospitals today? >> it is a great point. the good hospitals may end up getting punished, and that hospitals may end up getting rewarded. here is the fallacy. unfortunately, if a patient dies in hospital during their admission, that never gets considered as a readmission rate. but the good hospitals, let's
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say a teaching or university hospital that is taking care of sick patients, is actually getting penalized for that, for actually being a good medical care center. the method of how these have been in place, it is counter intuitive as to what is in the best interest of the consumer. the patient getting the best care. martha: what happens if someone has a heart incident and they projected for 24 hours. ten days later, they go back into the hospital. do you fear -- the hospitals not going to turn them away because they come back within 30 days. what is up with that? >> the hospital won't turn them away, but that's a great example. if you have heart failure and you have been discharged him a there are a number of things that have to happen when you leave the hospital. you have to make your appointment and get your medication. you have to make sure that you are conforming with your diet. they are holding the hospital accountable to everything that
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happens after you leave the hospital. the reality is that there are so many other people in the community, including the patients themselves that are responsible. you have to coordinate the care for all of that in order to minimize the incidents that the person is rebounding. they say look, you are going to be responsible in terms of whether the doctor wasn't accessible or you got the wrong prescription or did not didn't do that build -- it really could end up leading to longer wait times. people are going to be fearful about taking care of patients and getting penalized. the hospitals will have to absorb it. but it's going to mean that they're going to take bigger losses and not get the patients, as i said earlier, to sustain themselves. martha: another example where health care is being taken further and further away from the people who are intimately involved in it. doctor dr. sreedhar, thank you r
10:21 am
potarazu. >> thank you. martha: a mother and daughter on the subway tracks. how they were pulled to safety coming out. and a group of federal immigration agents suing homeland security secretary janet napolitano. why they say they are being forced to break the law under the administration's new immigration policy. what is really behind all this? our panel will weigh in asked. >> these policies are most efficient use of our resources, ensuring that we do not divert them away from the removal of convicted criminals by pursuing the removal of young people who came to this country as children, and who have called no other country home. questions. when you're caring for a loved one with alzheimer's, not a day goes by that you don't have them. questions about treatment
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martha: there are growing fears today of a perfect storm that may be brewing in tampa, florida. the republican national convention set to get going just days before the tropical storm isaac is expected to reach hurricane strength and make landfall there were other parts of the united states. we have a lot of areas that need to be concerned about. both the rnc and residents in tampa are preparing for the worst. just in case. the mayor says until it becomes a real-time threat, business as usual. >> tampa is excited about hosting the rnc. we don't have any plans to cancel it. the decisions on the preceding would be the rnc's decision. my role is to call the evacuation. at this point, we are not looking at doing that. if they have to bring an umbrella, bring one. martha: rick leventhal is down there. he is in tampa. hello, rick leventhal. reporter: the city hasn't been
10:26 am
hit by a major hurricane in nearly 50 years. it could still create some major issues, including on the sunshine skyway bridge behind us. this bridge will close it wins top 40 miles per hour. three other bridges to be affected as well. because of structural issues, but because the bridges sea level and could easily flood and storm surge. if the bridges are closed, delegates and others will have a tough time getting around into the convention. including up to 3500 deputies which are helping out with rnc security. amy have to stay home. if that happens in the national guard would have to step up and fill the gaps. of course, florida's experience with that weather has been good, but tampa is prone to flooding. tropical storm debby dumped rain, closing streets, washing out some roads, creating sinkholes in the area. some residents are already stocking up on supplies, especially in the florida keys.
10:27 am
they are encouraging people to gather food and water and pet food. >> hurricane threats to florida are real. they take preparation. people who have been through hurricanes and storms in the past will tell you that the outcome can be better if they prepare ahead of time. reporter: martha, the fact is no one knows how bad it will be because the storm's path is so hard to predict. martha: in the meantime, we packed our snacks and numberless and everything else we can think of. rick leventhal, thank you so much. remember, folks. two days from now, fox news will be packed up and headed down there. live in tampa on the eve of the convention. complete coverage starting sunday, august 26. bill hemmer and i will be on some high winds or high water. megyn kelly and bret baier, all of them down there on fox news
10:28 am
channel. back to this story that we mentioned, janet napolitano is facing a major lawsuit over the president's new immigration policy. we will tell you why 10 federal immigration agents believe that they are being forced to violate federal law. and whether their case holds any water. and a new poll of likely voters. we will tell you which coveted voting bloc that they were very concerned about for mitt romney. it may be moving his way. the king of the cycling world is losing his crown. what about the story? the legal battle that is brewing over lance armstrong's seven tour de france titles. >> i chose not to interfere with what i was doing. i think that speaks for itself.
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martha: we have a fox news alert. breaking news moments ago out of mexico. the reports are that two u.s. government officials have been shot in an attack on a vehicle south of mexico city. chris stirewalt has been checking this out. what are you learning? ornament about 45 minutes outside of mexico city, we now understand that these are two u.s. embassy workers who have been ambushed inside of their armored vehicles inside the car with them was a mexican navy captain. also in the car, but not injured
10:33 am
-- we are being told that one of the embassy workers were shot in the stomach and the other was shot in the leg. their condition, we don't know about. we don't know the statistics about the ambush, but it is similar to what happened in february of 2011. remember the two vice agents who were ambushed in monterrey, mexico? the i.c.e. agents were shot and killed. how in the world you ambush an armored vehicle and get through? at that time, we learned that one of the i.c.e. agents lowered the window a little bit, allowing the cartels to get the gun barrel inside the car and began to fire. the other agent was able to get that window up and could not start vehicle after that. we are being told the vehicle in question have a number of bullet holes in it. riddled with bullets, and again, just trying to find out new information about these two u.s. embassy members who were shot about 45 miles outside of mexico city. as we get the information, we will bring it to you.
10:34 am
martha: okay, we are curious about the condition of the u.s. embassy employees. thank you very much. in the meantime, let's take a look at some of the fox news polls. a little bit more in depth right now. taking a look at a group of voters who are likely to decide who will win the white house. you have to be close to the election to pull up the likely voters. independents, as we all know, the folks in the middle claim the elections. this is how it shakes out. they support governor mitt romney. 42% to president obama's 32%, and then you have the folks that everybody will want to persuade, 26%, they say that they will vote for someone else or they are unsure of who the world untenable both were at this time. it was key to president obama's victory in 2008. john mccain, 52 to 44%. let's have a conversation and a look at the numbers now.
10:35 am
alan colmes, welcome. very interesting numbers here. let's take a look and start going through them. the first one that we want to pull up your, let's get that up on the screen. can we take a look at the first one out here? >> there it is. okay. this is the first look we are getting at paul ryan and joe biden in the next year. who is the stronger vice presidential candidate? 49% say paul ryan, 39% say joe biden. what do you think of that? >> i don't make much of that. a bit of a bump with paul ryan. 40% don't know who he is to certain polls. people don't vote based on the vice presidential nominee in most cases. i don't put a lot of stock in that. martha: he was supposed to be a disaster. trace gallagher?
10:36 am
>> i don't know about that. martha: according to a lot of democrats, it was supposed to be the biggest mistake. >> martha, this is huge news. there is always a big spike after a convention and festivities great to. to see these encouraging numbers, martha, before the rnc even starts, this is gigantic. it confirms the momentum that mitt romney and paul ryan have. confirms that independents are leaning towards the change. my bags are packed and i can't wait to be in tampa, florida tomorrow. [talking over each other] >> your bags are packed for the christmas party at the romney white house. [laughter] martha: we should point out that they are our battleground polls showing president obama ahead in most states. while these numbers are very favorable and encouraging for people like mike gallagher who want to see mitt romney improving, there is a mixup of a
10:37 am
neck and neck race. let's talk about women and take a look at how this is stacking up. we also heard about how horrible the republican platform is for women. when you take a look at this, it is tightening up. romney is still ahead. 48%. romney and ryan, 42%. that gap has narrowed considerably. >> it is still a big problem for mitt romney. what i think is important, as you just pointed out, the swing states. ohio, florida, and wisconsin, in particular. one pool that is fascinating to me, people say that they want a change to medicare. they seem to favor mitt romney over president obama in medicare. but they say they don't want any changes, overwhelmingly so. [talking over each other] martha: what that says is that is the senior vote. seniors are 50% romney-ryan and 40% obama-biden.
10:38 am
you just articulated the way that the romney folks have responded. they have said everybody out there that if you are receiving medicare, you have nothing to worry about. if you are over 55, your coverage is not going to be there. >> i don't think they're being accurate about what they plan to do. martha: what you say, mike? >> the polls don't poll and then lie. >> the democrats came up with it. you can't look at all these numbers and say the pendulum is swinging, barack obama ought to be solidly in the lead in all of these categories. the fact that he is doing again before the very first speaker takes upon him this week, it is very good news. >> barack obama his head in the ap poll and other polls and he is ahead certain number of
10:39 am
points. martha: we know the battleground states. what is interesting is that the gaps are getting much more narrow and not maybe to a certain extent what we expect to see. people are starting to pay attention. not only that, but the women thing is very important. >> this has been in the back for barack obama. i think this is backfiring against the democrats enact what you think republicans have been begging todd akin to get out of the race? the war on women is coming from people like him and they don't want any part of that message from a candidate who could sway the senate. martha: i want to show one more poll. has the country change for the better or the worse? >> here is a look at that. 46% say it has changed for the worse. 29% say it has changed for the better. 24% say no difference, and this is a right track and on track
10:40 am
kind of poll. what even? >> those numbers are accurate, mitt romney should be much further ahead. in fact, we should behead in every poll. if those numbers are real and people feel that way, they seem not to be blaming president obama for it. >> oh, my lord. that is about as great of a spin, as masterful of a spin -- in all the years i've known you, i have never heard you try to spin that way. [talking over each other] >> excuse me, the numbers are saying that americans are overwhelmingly knowing that -- [talking over each other] >> why are they supporting mitt romney to 46 to 29%. of course, barack obama has been at the helm for the last four years. to say that americans are not rejecting barack obama -- >> if that is true. [talking over each other] martha: do you know what? [talking over each other]
10:41 am
martha: all right, guys. it's a very tight race and that makes it exciting. it is a big convention week. thank you so much for coming on. always good to see you. [laughter] all right, coming up, a new lawsuit saying federal immigration officers are being forced to break the law of the country. we will tell you why 10 federal officers have now sued the secretary of homeland security janet napolitano. that story is coming up right at after the break.
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[ "the odd couple" theme playing ] humans. even when we cross our "t"s d dot our "i"s, we sll run into oblems -- mainly other humans. at liberty mutual insurance, we understand. that's why our auto policies come with accident forgiveness if you qualify, where your rates won't go up due to your first accident, and new car replacement, where if you total
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your new car, we give you the money for a new one. call... to talk to an insurance expert about everything else that comes standard with our base auto policy. [ tires squeal ] and if you get into an accident and use one of our certified repair shops, your repairs are guaranteed for life. call... to switch, and you could save hundreds. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? martha: growing concerns as janet napolitano now faces a lawsuit that has been filed by 10 federal immigration agents. the agents say they are being forced to violate federal laws under the administration's new
10:45 am
directive, that allow some illegal immigrants to stay in the united states. they were brought here under the age of 16 years old, and their other details which people are involved in that. for their part, dhs says that this is a job. they have removed more criminal aliens than ever before. we have achieved council. gentlemen, welcome. good to have you both here. >> hello, martha. >> thank you for having us. reporter: they are being asked, basically, to violate the law by sending that people who fit this criteria. which is, in part, as i mentioned -- if you were brought here under the age of 16 years old and you have been educated and in the military, a number of criteria that would allow them to get a pass. what's wrong with that, and why do they think that poses a problem?
10:46 am
>> well, it puts the agency -- the i.c.e. agents in a tough position. first of all, they are sworn to uphold the laws of the united states. that is their oath. the law is very clear. what president obama has done through executive fiat is try to basically put the dream act into effect, but the congress has never passed it. the agents have criteria that they have been operating under. the president coming in basically suspended the law. the agents are told, we don't want you to remove these people that are clearly illegal under our legal criteria of what constitutes an illegal immigrant or illegal alien. do not take any action against them. the government comes back and says prosecutorial discretion. but it's not prosecutorial discretion. not even talking about prosecution here. this is enforcement. the enforcement issue is significant. these agents are sworn to uphold the constitution and the laws of our country. the law does not allow what the president has done. he has done this by executive
10:47 am
fiat. that puts the agents in a difficult front. martha: that is part of the issue. congress did not pass this law. it was instituted by the executive branch. it puts these folks in a difficult position. >> this is deferred action. deferred action has been used by our presence. it was used by her bush xli and bush xliii. the chief counsel for the immigration service said the deferred action made sense because the immigration service has to use its resources carefully. the arizona case, the supreme court fully acknowledged that the administration has this kind of prosecutorial discretion. it was used with the el salvador ends, bolivians, and in fact, the statute authorizing agencies themselves, giving the agency this kind of discretion. that is the first point. .2 is it's not even clear that these agents, the i.c.e. agents, have any standing. they are not the agents that are
10:48 am
in charge were administratingef. it is the cia. it's not include this will get past a standing challenges. even if it did, this would be the equivalent of a police officer suing the chief of police. if the cheap word to say to him, we want to allow people, we want to give warnings to people who are speeding 5 miles over per hour. this is explicitly authorized for every other enforcement agency. this stands not a snowballs chance in you know where. >> number one, that's not correct. the agency's parameters do not allow them to create a law that does not exist. there is law on the books that sets forth what the parameters are for illegal immigration. the president doesn't have the authority on his own to change that. that goes through congress. the president was unable to get the dream act fast. by the way, critics try to do it during the first two years of his presidency when he had not
10:49 am
got it through. he has still not got it through. well, he's not the king. he's the president. he gets to act as a president under this. these agents are the front-line agents that have to make the decision as to the initial pickup. that is whether there has been a legal violation. it's up to those who enforce the laws. >> whatever the policy is, whether you like the policy or not -- there are good policy arguments both ways. the fact is it was not passed by congress. we are a government of the law. the president doesn't make much -- >> secondly, i would point him to the united states supreme court. the lesser of an authority -- it is really unchallengeable. something that is there, something that is -- it had been exercised by other presidents. it absolutely has.
10:50 am
presidents bush xli and bush 43 used it. if the republicans really don't like this, mitt romney is a leader of the conservative and republican party, he himself does not say whether he disagrees. martha: we are going to have to leave it there. [talking over each other] martha: gentleman? [talking over each other] martha: we will see where that conversation goes. unfortunately, until next time. thank you so much. we will talk about later. have a good weekend. martha: coming up, we have some brand-new details revealed about a mass murderer, james holmes. why he was reportedly barred from his college campus a month before allegedly opening fire inside a crowded colorado movie theater. superstar lance armstrong is banned for life from the sport that made him a worldwide famous sports athlete. unbelievable story coming up
10:51 am
next. >> the charges, the very serious charges, effectively acknowledging that they had substance. and that allows you under the rules that he always subjected himself to impose sanctions. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle -- 8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time.
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10:54 am
martha: incredible development in this story. lance armstrong, super cyclist, banned for life from his beloved sport. he has seven tour de france titles that are in question. the 40-year-old says he is dropping his fight against the illegal dope charges. laura ingle is live in new york with more on this story. reporter: there is a lot of sadness and anger in the cycling world today over the latest development in the decade-long debate over lance armstrong and
10:55 am
his alleged doping. while the legend continues to deny ever using performance enhancing drugs, he cites his family and foundation is the force behind his decision to drop the fight. this move has changed his standing in the sports world forever. according to the u.s. anti-doping agency, which has banned him from life from competing or having any official role in sports that followed the world anti-doping code. the organization has also stripped him of his seven tour de france titles, his olympic bronze medals from 2000, and awards from august of 1998 onwards. the u.s. anti-doping agency is investigating a witch hunt in which he wants no part of, saying that if i thought for one moment that by participating in this process i could confront these allegations and fair setting, and once and for all these charges to rest, i would jump at the chance. but i refuse to participate in a process that is so unfair. sources close to him say that
10:56 am
u.s. anti-doping agency has absolutely no power to take away any title. but it is a decision that will be up to the sanctioning bodies of the particular race is involved. the tour de france organizers have said they will wait to see what happens before commenting on armstrong's case. it might be one of armstrong's biggest sponsors who will stand behind him and the foundation, which he created to serve cancer survivors. we will have more on this as the day goes on. martha: thank you very much. a stark assessment of our economy. saying that the best case scenario for the next year is 80% unemployment. economic growth of less than 2%. here in the united states. that is a very weak number. why are we not seeing more outrage over this number from the american public? new concerns also about whale platforms in the gulf of mexico. tropical storm isaac is gaining strength. we have an update on the storm's projected path. the potential threat to the
10:57 am
united states. new details in that shooting outside one of the world's top tourist destinations. ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios
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11:00 am
martha: we are hearing from the relatives of the victims involved in a shooting outside the empire state building early thinking morning. we are hearing new details about the man who police believe pulled the trigger. i'm martha maccallum in for megyn kelly. a scene of chaos after a gunman opened fire during rush hour near the national landmark of the empire state building. police shot him dead but not before the suspect killed a former coworker. at least nine other people were killed include something who may have been wounded by police fire. family members of those hurt are now speaking out.
11:01 am
>> it's unfortunate you have got something like this so close to home. i hear it in the news all the time. but it's so close. it's too much. martha: they are just blocks away from where we are at fox news channel headquarters. david lee miller is live at the site. what are we learn being the short and his motive? >> reporter: the short is identifies as jeffery johnson in his late 50s. he was the former disgruntled employee of hazan imports. he was at that location early this morning when he opened fire on one of his former colleagues, an executive at that firm identified as steve irgalino. the short had with him another
11:02 am
magazine, more ammunition and his weapon we are told by authorities was legal. martha: it seems that the bystanders that got hit by this crossfire. there is some question about whether they may have been hit in part by police. what is the investigation telling us about any of that? >> reporter: you are right. it does appear some of the bystanders were hit by police gun fire. here is the way things unfolded a few hours ago. after the initial shooting a construction worker followed the shooter up the street. the construction worker notified nearby police to what had happened. police commissioner raymond kelly picks up the story about that construction worker's heroic actions. >> a construction worker who had followed johnson from west 33rd street alert two uniformed police officers on post in front of the empire state building 5th avenue entrance as part of our
11:03 am
counter-terrorism coverage. as the two officers approached johnson, he pulled his .45 caliber semiautomatic pistol from his bag and fired on the officers who returned fire, killing him. >> reporter: according to the police commissioner, some of the bystanders' injuries are not considered life-threatening. as for that construction worker new york city mayor bloomberg said if he was a hero. bloomberg said he saw something, he said something, echoing the slogan of the police department's anti-terror campaign. martha: just to give you context about how many people have been at the empire state building at this time. about 4 million people visit observation decks every year.
11:04 am
11,000 visitors file in during peak times. 10,000 pedestrians per hour walk past that iconic building. it houses 1,000 businesses and that makes it one of the single largest office complexes in the united states after the pentagon. only days to go before the republican national convention gets underway. the stage is set. the security barriers are up. the party is set to begin despite the threats we have been hearing about from tropical storm isaac. forecasters warn it could hit tampa within the next 48 hours as a hurricane. we'll get an update on that in a little while. shannon bream in tampa leading the way for us. how's it looking? >> reporter: it's a gorgeous sunny da here. it's difficult to imagine in a couple days this place could be
11:05 am
drenched under a tropical storm or hurricane. we'll see what isaac is doing once he shows up how close he gets to tampa. there are a lot of local preps going on here. residents and visitors if you are here for the convention try to have three days worth of food and water available and stowed away just in case. governor rick scott said the national guard is on hand to help. fema has a presence in the state as well. convention organizers say they are moving ahead as planned but keeping a close eye on isaac. >> safety is our primary concern. we are coordinating throughout the day to monitor the storm and have contingency plans in place. >> reporter: organizers say this podium area will be like nothing you have seen at any other convention. there are a record number of
11:06 am
l.e.d. screens that can change the entire backdrop. one speaker may look like they are standing in a cornfield. another may have a backdrop that makes you feel like you are inside of a working factory. but they want it to be cozy and want it to be like the people are having a conversation in the living room with someone. there is a lot being talked about with regard to ann romney. she was scheduled to kick things off. a lot of people think she is one of her husband's best assets. she would be one of the best people to roll him out at the convention to describe what he's like personally and to tout his best qualities as only a spouse could probably do. there is word that the main networks are not going to carry the rnc prime time monday night. we are told it's possible that ann romney's speaking slot could be in play. as soon as we know anything, we'll keep you updated. martha: pretty amazing they are
11:07 am
still ironing that out on all sides. coming up in 15 minutes from now we'll speak to the chairman of the republican national convention reince priebus about the tone of the convention and what they are doing to bring the republican party together. coming up at 2:15. while florida is on high alert, forecasters are closely watching isaac as it barrels across the caribbean. rick rite. it will be windy, a direct hit from a hurricane and a possibility. this is a storm early this morning it was looking better organized. it's getting drier air pulled in. all of the models doing a general similar thing pulling it across the western side of florida out across the eastern
11:08 am
parts of the gulf. a big spread still, 345 days out. we don't have a strong confidence and exactly what we can expect 3-5 days from now. once it gets into the gulf it has to go somewhere. it has to hit land. at least the projected experience now. by sunday morning kinds of looking at possibly a lot of times having spent over cuba. that will weaken the storm. it many such a big storm, it won't weaken as much as we traditionally see a storm weaken. we have to keep that in mind. certainly keeping that out over parts of the eastern gulf and tuesday night into wednesday morning we have a big cone here. maybe areas west of new orleans look at impacts as well as still act areas of and and la cha bay. we know we'll see significant rainfall. maybe some 10-inch rainfall. tampa 3-5 inches of rain.
11:09 am
up around pensacola, panama city, up to 10 inches of rain. there has been a lot of flooding here and lot of rivers at very high stages so we'll likely be seeing flooding concerns by the time we get towards tuesday and wednesday. martha: thank you, rick. today marks 20 years since another storm hit our nation and it hit it hard. hurricane andrew blasted through florida in 1992 after reaching category 4 status and it was a tropical storm. just 24-48 hours before that. it hit central louisiana two days later as a category 3 storm hurricane. andrew caused 23 deaths in the united states and $26.5 billion in damage. it was the most expensive u.s. hurricane ever until katrina hit a decade later. most of the damage in florida was due to the winds.
11:10 am
2,524 homes destroyed. 20 years ago today. a troubling report on the u.s. economy came out this week that shows we could be seeing the start of a long-term stall. unemployment lines not getting any shorter. the jobless rate hanging in there at 8%. is this as good as it's going to get and could things still get worse? what about the attitude in america about all of this? our panel will discuss that. new reaction to a tell-all book about the raid that killed usama bin laden. we are going to take a look back at the initial intelligence leaks that started all of this. and how far up did they come from? lieutenant colonel bill cowan joins us. he has a thought say about that. a dramatic rescue caught on tape. a woman holding her child falls
11:11 am
on the subway platform. wait until you hear what these people did to kick in and help out. >> you are not going to let that happen and not react. at least in my opinion. you can't sit there and watch her get run over. >> i wouldn't think, i would just react. you know what i love about this country? trick question. i love everying about this count! including prilosec otc.
11:12 am
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11:14 am
martha: we have a fox news alert. the blood of two american officials is believed to have been shed in an attack south of mexico city. two u.s. government employees shot and wound on a highway 45 minutes south of mexico city. their diplomatic vehicle was quote riddled with business. the two men have been hospitalized. one with a wound to the leg. the other hit in the stomach and hand.
11:15 am
a mexican navy captain was also in the vehicle but according to reports was not injured. martha: preparations are underway in tampa as government mitt romney will go from republican presidential candidate to republican nominee. but there are several factors that could force big changes. tropical storm isaac. but despite that possible distraction, one of the big questions is what will the big message be coming out of this convention. joining us with the weather report is reince priebus, chairman of the republican national committee. what are you thinking? there was concern about a possible postponement of the convention. >> certainly we are nimble and able to move and have contingency plans in place to be ready for anything. but the reality is that now we
11:16 am
know -- or at least the tracker is showing this thing well off the coast of tampa. so we are at a place where we are moving forward. there is no changes that we need to make, even the coastal hotels will be fine is what we are being told. we are moving forward. we are just told we'll get some banded rain showers occasionally through monday and tuesday. and we'll have a great convention. we are looking forward to it. it's a great week for our delegates and our opportunity. and i think our obligation which is to tell the mitt romney story next week. martha: one of the people the campaigns used to feel tells the mitt romney story better than anybody is ann romney. there is some discussion underway whether she'll speak monday night or tuesday night and whether the networks would carry itw if she spoke monday. that would be a lost opportunity
11:17 am
for the romney campaign. >> as of now she is slated to speak on monday. but certainly you are right. she does such aincredible job and she is so real and authentic and connects with people. i think she is -- she is a great surrogate to tell the story of who mitt romney is, and why we think he's such an incredible decent honest man that can lead this country back. martha: there has been a lot of discussion about him embracing his bain capital tenure, the successes he has had and his business like. that's the biggest focus on of the negative advertising you have seen from the orer side. this is a huge moment for him. this is a man who wanted to seize the nomination last time around and has finally done so. what do you think has gone inthe the campaign's goals for this big night? >> it many really important that
11:18 am
the american people get to know who mitt romney is. people are just getting to know mitt romney which is why our convention is so important, that we launch the idea that in america you can still live the american dream. here is a person with ann that gave away his entire -- his father's entire inheritance. he built something from nothing. he has good family, five good boys. save the olympics. he was a governor as a republican which i think most people would agree as a republican governing in massachusetts would have been tough, but he was able to balance budgets without raising taxes. and i just think it's important that we do two thing next week. one, we are going to continue to prosecute the president as to what he promised he would do and what he delivered and where we are that this economy. but the second piece of this is showing this country that we have a nominee that can lead this country and put our economy
11:19 am
back on track. and that's what we are trying to do next week. martha: you talk about that connecting. early on there was so much discussion about mitt romney's inability to connect with people. some peel paul ryan -- teaming up with paul ryan has helped him to some degree. that he loosened up on the campaign trail. i just read some quotes on an interview he and ann romney did and they talked about tithing and how much they give through -- how much they give to the more man r. to the mormon church. ann romney says it makes her cry because she feels so grateful they have made so much money that they can give. he says it makes him cry for another reason. >> one of the themes we as a
11:20 am
pair it have to embrace is success. this president somehow has a problem with the american dream. i don't think parents in america whether they are republicans or democrats begrudge success. i think all parents want their kids to be successful and live the american dream. i just think this message of a glass half empty america that barack obama is touting is not the image and message anyone in this country thinks is a good message. we want to be positive. i think mitt romney and ann have a great message for this country. if you work hard, you put your head down and try to live the mission every day. you wait on god's timing and good things can happen. martha: we'll see your side. they will get a big chance to present their side over the course of next week. we'll look forward to it. then the democrats the week after that in charlotte. two days from now fox news will
11:21 am
be live in tampa on the eve of the convention. complete coverage starts monday. bill hemmer and i will be on from 4:00 to 6:00. we start sunday august 26. a woman is taken on a terrifying highway ride. but it was her own car doing the driving. we'll tell you how this crazy story happened and how the harrowing ordeal happened. a dramatic rescue caught on tape after a woman falls on to the subway platform holding her 2-year-old son. >> would you be concerned about that third rail if you jumped down there? >> i would be so scared. it was a baby. >> if i fell i hope someone would help me out. insulin users test often.
11:22 am
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11:25 am
martha: the fda may have traced a deadly salmonella outbreak to a farm in illinois. 180 victims got sick from bad can't loaps. chamberlain farms have destroyed the rest those melons. >> * a neighborhood watch volunteer accused of killing a teen will be able to leave his florida county to meet with his attorney. he's out on a million dollars bond. norway's mass murderer anders breivik, a judge declared him sane and guilty of killing 77
11:26 am
people. he was sentenced to the max of 21 years in prison. hard to believe that sentence considering the scope of that horrific crime. a dramatic rescue was caught on camera after a mother and child fell onto a subway track in boston. tell us the background. >> reporter: the mother admitted she wasn't very familiar with the boston transit system. she and her 4-year-old son had just come from a duck boat tour. she got incited cambridge station. she walked right past the yellow line, there they are, up and doom, over. there was a guy behind her quickly threw off his backpack. the first thing he did was grab the boy and pull her back up there. you can see a number of people
11:27 am
were pulling their back packs and pulling their briefcases off. but they got them up rather quickly. what would you do in that scenario. a lot of people said they wouldn't hesitate. they would jump in. >> you are not going to let that happen and not react. you can't sit there and watch her get run over. >> i wouldn't think. i would just react. that baby is down there, you know? >> reporter: the transit authority says it was quick action. they parades the people who helped them up. but they say in this case the best thing to do because those tracks are electrified is to get a transit employee to turn off the power. if i fall down there don't go get a transit employee, please help me before the other trains come the other way which is exactly what they dmid this case. i think it was exactly the right call. really quick thinking. martha: let many back off and
11:28 am
call somebody here. thank goodness they helped her out. she went right after that edge. she thought there was a lot more floor there than there was. awaiting the tell-all book about the killing of the world's most wanted air rifts by a navy seal who was one of the first through the door. but the military's top brass has major concerns about this book and what it may or may not reveal about navy seal tactics and intelligence. the big question is what about the intelligence leaks on this operation in the first place and how high up did they go? we'll dive into that controversy. breaking details on the deadly shooting that happened during the rush four new york city outside the famed empire state building. we'll get them out to you. exactly who was this gunman that
11:29 am
police say triggered this chaos at that iconic landmark. >> i thought they were firecrackers. everyone started running for cover along with me. the girl that was running next to me fell down to the pavement and when i looked at her i could see she had been hit in the leg.
11:30 am
11:31 am
11:32 am
martha: we are learning more about the man who opened fire
11:33 am
outside the empire state building. in the end two people were killed, including the shooter. nine others were injured. we understand this gunman who has been identified as 58-year-old jeffery johnson had been fired from a job a year ago less than a block away from the iconic new york city landmark of the empire state building. he returned to that business this morning at 9:00 and shot a former colleague to death. this happened at 9:00 eastern. a very busy time in the streets at that hour. here is a woman who received a call saying her relative was there and had been hit. >> i said what happened? she said i don't know. she didn't tell me nothing. martha: what a scene that was down there. there is some of the video from earlier today. federal officials say the attack is not related to terrorism. that was one of the early concerns given the place where all this happened. but they believe it was a
11:34 am
workplace dispute and that's where that investigation is right now. let's get you back to this story. there is new reaction to the scheduled release of a tell-all book about the top secret mission to kill usama bin laden. the book is called "no easy day," and it's said to be released september 11. the account written by a retired navy seal that was part of that navy team 6 raid that took out the world' most wanted terrorist. you probably remember this discussion goes back further to when those sensitive details of that mission started to pour out just the day after. and then speculation started to swirl as to why that would be because everyone in the room agreed the details of that mission needed to remain top secret yet it all started to unfold quickly afterwards. some critics pointed to the
11:35 am
white house as being the source for those leaks claiming it meant to boost the president's political standing and give him credit which was due in many ways. and the details and releasing of them. a lot of concerns. now this book's planned release brings attention to where the leaks started from in the first place. retired lieutenant colonel bill cowan is a military analyst. i read through some of what you said about this. you feel very strongly about all of this. and let's start where -- once the details started to pour out the cat was out of the bag and maybe that's what aloud this navy seal to begin this conversation. >> that's true. a lot of us who come out of that special ops community like seal team 6 take exception to people talking about things they
11:36 am
shouldn't be talking about. historically seal team 6, delta force and the specialty units have been working for years on behalf of the united states government, missions overseas and historically none of them have had anything to say in print. we haven't seen this book yet. we don't know what he has to say. maybe it many only a 10-15 page book. maybe it's hundreds of pages. he says he wants to talk about the difficulties the families have. he wants to talk about the difficulties the seals and soldiers go through. it will be hard to tell what he uses as filler to make this story interesting and it's hard to concede to say there won't be some things divulged that shouldn't be divulged. martha: he has written this under a pseudonym. but he was there when usama bin laden was shot and killed. i want to go back -- it seems to
11:37 am
me your outrage centers mostly why we are having this conversation in the first place. there were details that began to come out after this thing began to be known. >> there is so much information put out there not only about the bin laden raid. also about stuxnet, the joint effort we had with the israelis to go after the iranian nuclear program. those are prime examples of information being leaked that should not be leaked and which damages national security. i say damages in a number of ways. one is people need to remember it's not just al qaeda or iran that we are worried about learning things. the russians and chinese are not our friends in all of this. this seal whose real name is now out there. you can be sure all of our enies are looking to find out who his friends were on
11:38 am
facebook. you try to put this linkage together who people are associated with. you have this overall problem of information getting out there, very sophisticated bad guys using it to do things. you step back and say what's the motivation. martha, most people who are in very sensitive positions who run sensitive operations and have access to them are polygraphed on a routine basis to make sure they are not divulging information. in the white house at the highest level of the administration people are not polygraphed. they are given access to that information by virtue of their positions. it comes to reason that most of these leaks are coming out of the white house and the motivation is to keep this administration in power. martha: the early "new york times" reports cited senior administration officials as being the source. but the administration said they did not leak this information. does this go anywhere from here?
11:39 am
does this conversation lead to some of those levels do you think? >> there is an convenient nation ongoing by the fbi. i don't think any conclusions will be reached before the election. it may not be for quite a long time. but it's like any good attorney. go find what the motive is for somebody to be talking about something they are not supposed to be talking about or doing things they are not supposed to be doing. and the motivation for somebody in the intelligence or special operations community, particularly those with access to very private and sensitive information, their motivation is to always be quite for years and years and years and many years thereof. it's not in our dna. it's not in our dna to talk about them. i would say in the case of the seal it remains to see what he has to say about the bin laden raid. i think it is unfortunate that he wrote that book. in terms of the administration i hope some good investigation
11:40 am
ferrets them out. somebody in that white house in my judgment, somebody in that white house or administration is going home every night to have dinner with his family or going out every night with his friend at happy hour. but in a pakistani prison there is a doctor sentenced to 33 years in -- years in jail. his crime? making sure usama bin laden was in that compound so the united states could make a good case for striking that compound. martha: you are talking about the doctor who tried to get positive dna on usama bin laden. that man is in prison for 33 years for having helped us with that mission. a huge story that has fallen under the radar. thank you for being here and for speaking out on this. thank you, sir. so back here at home we continue to take a look at the future of
11:41 am
the u.s. economy as a backdrop for this presidential elect. 8% unemployment could be the best case scenario is what we are learning now for next year. and that's only under certain conditions that depend on our policy makers. what does this mean for the election. and growth under 2%. our panel will talk about why folks seem to be getting used to this reality. and firefighters are take on major wildfires out west. boy, have they been working hard the past month or so. the latest on this ongoing battle and the to it's take on firefighters out there and residents forced to flee their homes for safer ground. >> it's an emotional rollercoaster. my wife took some stuff out. she hasn't been here with the kids for five days. she has taken pictures out. i go into the house. i see the pictures are gone and know there is a possibility that anything could happen. road trip buddy. let's put some music on.
11:42 am
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during the autobahn for all event.
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responsibility. what's your policy? martha: fixing the u.s. economy and putting jobless americans back to work. those are two big goals right now in america and they are two huge issues in this election. but a new report from the non-partisan congressional budget office known as the cbo told us this week we need to brace ourselves for a very stark reality in the coming year or couple of years. the cbo says the best case scenario for the u.s. economy is an 8% unemployment rate and economic growth of 1.7%. that's not going to get us off the mat here. but americans have come in some ways to accept these times of disappointing expectations. what does that say about where we are as a country. what our expectations are at this point. two great guests to talkb to
11:46 am
about this. fox news contributor dog shown and bill le gurks rn. you guys are big thinkers and message people about the state of this country. this is something i have been thinking about a lot. sometimes you get the feeling that people are sort of becoming accepting, big. that we are like everyone else and we are suffering through this economic malaise. i don't really know who's to blame in all of this. what's your feel for that? >> i think people are discouraged. that's a different kind of thing. martha: beaten down. >> i think people are afraid not on for their jobs that they night lose their jobs. but people aren't moving because they don't see the opportunities. so it's easy to say this won't be changed.
11:47 am
martha: people are disappointed i think and heartbroken but are we accepting it and saying to ourselves we can pull out of this hole? >> i think we are disspirited. the thing missing in this country is leadership. when ronald reagan ran whether you liked him or disliked him, you had a sense he wanted to revitalize the american spirit. the american people are looking for someone like that on the right or left and what they are not seeing from president obama or mitt romney is that leadership and vision in a new direction. martha: that may be what's going on here. now we have a huge opportunity. so the folks who write the speeches and the people hunkered down in the rooms right now need to seize on this feeling out there and say we have got to
11:48 am
show people we have a plan. >> you have to speak to people's aspirations. there are wrong ways to do it. everyone remembers jimmy carter's famous malaise speech in which he did not use the word malaise. he was -- it was supposed to be a confidence building speech but he said we have to do with less. that was not the vision people wanted. i think that's why reagan was so effective. people need to see leaders who have confidence in their abuilt. martha: if you were writing a speech for mitt romney. they are working hard on it. this is a huge moment for a man who tried a couple times to secure this nomination and become president of the united states. what would you say to this man. >> he has had trouble because of who is. a big businessman switched on different positions and so forth. i think he's getting there but i think he needs to be more
11:49 am
aspirational, to talk about people about buying their own homes, and not doing it with government. i think there is another way of look at this and to have confidence. people always say reagan was this optimist. there was a lot of negativity in reagan, the misery index. but what reagan had was a confidence in the right circumstances. the american people to get on with their lives and do incredible things. martha: we have seen politicians who find their voice and find the ability to communicate it. president obama is trying to find that voice again. he seems to have lost it. >> that's the challenge. the american people are disappointed in president obama. it's not that they dislike him. they feel he made a promise will ending partisanship and rising about of and it hasn't been realized. what he has to speak to at the
11:50 am
democratic convention is where he plans to lead america in the second term and how he addresses that gap between his likability and the doubts about his job. martha: what are you going to do? that's something -- >> i don't think he's going to do that. i think he can't -- he does not want to be specific because for one thing i think his plans are more of the same. i don't think he thinks things have not worked. i think he thinks things have not yet to the extent he wants. >> the american people want consensus, compromise and result. they don't want partisanship. bill is right. but they are not looking for more fighting and blame. they want to come together. they are the greatest country in the world and when they come together we can meet any challenge and solve any
11:51 am
problems. martha: people have i think to a certain extent been disspirited. we'll see. thank you so much. always good to see you both. we'll be right back with more "america live."
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martha: an suv races down a missouri highway at speeds of up to 110 miles an hour. the terrified driver calls 911 to report her gas pedal was stuck. the vehicle finally slowed down near the iowa border. the driver got out and a trooper was able to puts the suv in park. all right. this an extreme weather alert. wildfires are flooring up
11:55 am
causing -- are flaring up causing major damage in the west. they are trying to make some headway in california. hundreds of structures remain vulnerable. dan springer has been covering this for us. he's in red bluff, california. dan, how is it going? >> reporter: some good news to report from northern california. crews have it at 8% containment. but i think it's even higher than that. but they are definitely getting the upper hand. what a relief for the hundreds of people who have been driven from their homes by the flames. we see very little fire activity. the 2,500 firefighters have done a great job and have no doubt saved a lot of properties. we are seeing signs of appreciation all over the place from those homeowners. this has been a costly fire. the fire started friday by a
11:56 am
lightning strike. and all the property damage, 84 structures including 4 homes. what about all the costs to people who want businesses in this area. we ran into some people who run businesses yesterday and they are really hurting. there is only one guest right now, a firefighter. the lodge, store, restaurant and rv park, she says fires are costing her half of her income. >> we haven't had people here for the motel rooms for a goo month now. our restaurant has taken a loss and our rv park. this is one of our biggest months. >> reporter: you can imagine with the dozens of fires raging across the west how many of these small towns are hurting in terms of tourism dollars. at usaa, we believe honor is not exclusive to the military,
11:57 am
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