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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 21, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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exploit the word korrigan and bribe you and try to get you e-mail in here, and 15, i can do it. thank you for watching, i'm bill o'reilly and please always remember that the spin stops right here. because we're definitely looking out for you. >> . >> and welcome to "hannity." now, today marked day two of president barack obama's trip to the middle east. he ignored our ali, he's trying to bridge the formidable divide between us and israel. he has the teleprompters working overtime, but that could not save him. he was not greeted with pleasantries by everybody. take a look. >> i believe your future is bound to ours. [audience yelling]
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no, no, this is part of the debate that we talked about. i have to say we actually arranged for that because it made me feel at home. and you know, i wouldn't feel comfortable if i didn't have at least one heckler. >> sean: i wonder why so many of them wouldn't be happy with you, mr. president. maybe it's because even though you're now trying to act as a friend to israel they know they can't take you at your word. you haven't paid any attention to israel until this week. rather than relying on the words scrolling on your teleprompters, the israelis should focus on what he's done in the past. this president called on israel and palestine to withdraw to 1967 borders. netanyahu said it would be quote, undefensible borders.
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but when you dare to disagree with the anointed one, you're met with vengeful wrath. and remember the hot mic scandal involving both he and former french president sarkozy, and the reporters once heard trashing of netanyahu. sarkozy, i can't stand him,'s a liar, obama, you are sick of him, but i have to work with him every day. i don't know what he means by every day, i don't remember how many times he refused to meet with his counterpart. the white house turned down the request to meet with obama, and aides were claiming that a scheduling conflict with the scheduling. and the president shared a good old laugh with david letterman during the visit.
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and when the president first set foot in the oval office, remember, he began apologizing to the world for america, to israel's detriment. >> america, like every other nation has made mistakes and has its flaws. in america, there's a failure to appreciate europe's leading role in the world. instead of celebrating your dynamic union and seeking to partner with you to meet common challenges, there have been times where americans showed arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive. >> 9/11 was an enormous trauma to our country. the fear and anger that it provoked was understandable, but in some cases, it led us to act contrary to our traditions and our ideals. we're taking concrete actions to change course.
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i am-- i have unequivocally the torture-- and guantanamo bay closed. >> and at times we thought to dictate our terms. >> sean: just pathetic and the bad judgment of obama and the administration was on full display earlier today. look at this, during a joint press conference with palestinian president mahmoud abbas, there's obama standing bee he low an enormous banner showing a picture of the man that many, including me, believe to be the father of modern terrorism. there it is, yasser arafat. now, what message does that send to the middle east with the leader of the free world is willing to stand in the shadows of that monster? joining me now with reaction to talk about this syndicated radio and television talk show host, a great american himself, billy cunningham is here and fox news contributor joe trippi. welcome back. >> good to be here, sean.
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>> sean: from my perspective, i don't think things could be worse in the middle east. and now we've got a president, the segment with rudy guiliani, cover the cross at georgetown, we've got to golfer the cross, but he speaks under the picture of a terrorist arafat and he's funding a terrorist regime led by a terrorist that thinks the israelis are descendents of apes and pigs in egypt. tell me, joe, is that acceptable foreign policy in your mind? >> sean, look the prime minister of israel and bill clinton met at camp david with-- >> was he a terrorist. >> you can't do-- it doesn't matter whether he was or not. you have to deal with-- if you're going to have peace you have to work with both parties. you don't have to like both parties, but. >> sean: cover up the cross, but speak under a picture of arafat. >> we were meeting with abbas' on their turf, in their
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presidential arena and you come-- if you come to the white house, if you come to the white house and meet with our president and you don't like the fact that george washington is sitting over a desk-- >> george washington isn't a terrorist. and wait, i have a question. >> the british probably thought he was. >> sean: was he a terrorist? >> of course he was. >> sean: thank you, thank you. but the british probably thought that george washington was a terrorist. >> sean: if i was president, billy cunningham, i wouldn't speak under a picture of a terrorist. >> sean hannity we wondered what a second jimmy carter term would look like we now know. there's a line in north korea, don't cross the line, nuclear bombs are going off on north korea. the revolution happening in egypt to whom we give hundreds of millions of dollars when the leaders compare jews to snakes and them to pigs. he's drawn another line in iran, guess what? talk to the north koreans,
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what happened when the nobel prize peace winner draws the line, the answer is nothing. and 100,000 or more syrians have been killed and obama is fiddling as damascus is burning and that's a foreign policy? joe trippi, you've got to be kidding me. (laughter) >> that's some really good stuff, man. look. >> sean: yeah, it is, the truth. >> it's true. >> it's not, it's not. we've got a guy -- look, the president has under his leadership three billion dollars has been in aid to israel to their defense systems there. 275 million for the iron dome. >> sean: i got that. let me ask a question, joe trippi. wait a minute. >> every step of the way we've been there and said he won't let iran have a nuclear weapon. they don't have one yet. >> sean: is it a mistake to give the former terrorist head of the muslim brotherhood, mohammed morsi, f-16 tanks 1.5 billion taxpayer dollars, is that a mistake, joe trippi?
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>> i don't know if it's a mistake or not. >> sean: so what do you think, bill cunningham. >> we can't afford 6th graders on spring break going through the white house and we ship terrorists like morsi, hundreds of millions of dollars, tanks and f-16's. they're going to use them to kill israelis, we're supplying the weapons to kill israelis and that's a nobel peace prize winner. that's one way to look at it, bill, on the other hand it's been egypt and the enforcement of the peace agreement with egypt-- >> that was under mubarak. >> right, and what we know is so far the muslim brotherhood has kept that in place. so-- >> no, no, whoa, stop for a second. muslim brotherhood when he they first took over the parliament, the first thing they did was declare israel their number one enemy before we've done that. wait a minute, wait a minute. >> have they attacked israel yet, sean, have they. >> sean: no, too many internal
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problems, but if they implement sharia which he's now doing, we're giving money it a terrorist who is not-- he has not rescinded his words that the israelis of descendents of apes and pigs, this is insanity. >> by now according to you guys we would have been attacked by iran by nuclear missiles because the president is talking, because the president is talking with iran. >> sean: all right. >> that's not good enough. >> sean: well. >> it's the same thing. >> sean: let me ask you a question. we have a relationship with egypt. >> sean: one more question. >> and so far they haven't attacked anybody and we are going to depend on that government. >> sean: so obama-- >> whether we like that government or not to have have peace and protect israel. >> sean: the president won't speak underneath the cross at georgetown and speak under you acknowledge a terrorist yasser arafat. what if he spoke under a picture of bin laden. is there any difference between bin laden and yasser arafat. >> you go to -- we're trying to create peace somewhere.
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>> sean: it would be okay with you. meeting with the leader-- >> apparently. >> sean, you have to have -- yeah, it's all right, sean, no. >> sean: and billy cunningham last work. >> you cannot pick who you're meeting with. >> sean: yeah, i can, i would. >> sean hannity, yasser arafat gave birth to osama bin laden. in the '70s and '80s he was the site of more terrorism in the islamic world arafat. and to have our president underneath a terrorist like that. crucifixes are bad, terrorists okay with obama. >> sean: and rudy guiliani is here to react to what's going on and the decision by obama to give a presser under this image of arafat earlier today and the man that many consider the father of modern terrorism. also, a quick programming note, tomorrow night, special "hannity" edition, live audience edition, live 9 p.m. and we will show the president as he makes his first trip to israel since becoming commander-in-chief and examine
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>> all right. so remember back in 2009, president obama's team wouldn't allow him to stand in front of a quote, religious symbol when he gave a speech at georgetown university, you're laughing. because they said they wanted a neutral background.
9:17 pm
to remedy the situation they covered up the cross that would have appeared directly behind him. our commander-in-chief today standing under a banner showing the yasser arafat, known terrorist. joining me now with reaction is new york city mayor rudy guiliani. 18 years ago you had an experience with yasser arafat. >> 18 years ago i threw yasser arafat out of a concert at avery fisher hall. he was specifically not invited, we didn't want to invite dictators, terrorists murderers to the concert. he had a ticket from somebody and i had my chief of staff throw him out and it was on the front page. new york times bitterly ca castigated me for showing disrespect. when i was a u.s. attorney i investigated him for the murder of leon kinghoffer, he
9:18 pm
ordered the murder of a man in a wheelchair thrown into the mediterranean. only one of the americans. i'm not telling you this off the top of my head. i investigated him as a u.s. attorney. had papers issued if he came to the united states we could pick him up. i kept him out during the reagan administration. >> sean: billy cunningham used the term, gave birth to bin laden. >> the man was a total phony and one of the biggest mistakes we made, goes back starting a little with the end of the bush administration, completely in the clinton administration, they bought into the phoniness of yasser arafat. the man was not a guy who was a terrorist who turned around. he was a terrorist who turned into a big thief. his wife is sitting in the south of france with hundreds of millions of dollars. that's the hundreds of millions through arafat, hillary clint--.
9:19 pm
>> major thief. the reason it's in the shape it's in, arafat stole the money going to the palestinian authority. >> sean: given by the united states. and to me when the president of the united states stands there with this guy's picture in back of him, it says to me, does this man have any sense of history? does he know what the heck he's dealing with? this is a man who's murdered at least 27 americans, those are the tip of the iceberg, that's i can count. one of the people who invented modern islamic extremist terrorism. he stole hundreds of millions if not billions from his people while he watched them staff starve. >> sean: and i don't know whether to laugh or cry, going into a catholic university and demanding they wanted a neutral zone and look at the picture of the cross covered. >> so jesus is an embarrassment and arafat isn't? i'm having a hard time with
9:20 pm
that. the reality the president of the united states should never give a speech with a terrorist, a murderer and a crook of international proportions behind him, but it shows his complete ignorance of what's going on on the ground there in egypt, in egypt, palestine, israel. it also shows that he has this moral equivalence between israel and the palestinian authority. doesn't he know that the palestinian authority is a country, or wants to be a country in which there have been tremendous amount of corruption and terrorism. >> sean: firing thousands of rockets into israel every day, thousands. >> that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to bring them along, but do you that through honesty, you don't do it by falling into their traps and you do it by being honest with them. we're happy to have two countries, but we're not going to establish another corrupt country along the borders of one of our strongest allies.
9:21 pm
you can prove yourself you can have an honest government. and we'd love to see you be a country. but until-- if you give a thousand concessions it's not going to help with the palestinian authority. the problem has been with the palestinian authority all along. we gave all of this money to arafat. he stole the money. mrs. arafat is sitting in the south of france with the money intended to help the people. >> sean: what's wrong with his moral compass, i look at this, our president's maoral compass is skewed. we can't say disaster and-- >> sean, i can't judge his morality, i'm not capable of that. >> sean: there's something wrong here. >> his ignorance of the history of the middle east is astounding. to not know who and what arafat really was, to buy into this sort of politically corre
9:22 pm
correct-- clinton gave him everything he wanted and arafat told him no. arafat didn't want peace, he couldn't make money with peace and extended into bush administration. all that have was because he would have lost power if he had made peace and-- >> that's embarrassing, how do you think the radical islamist world, would he have given money to morsi, a guy we're giving f-16's and billions of dollars to a guy who thinks that the israelis are descendents of apes and pigs? >> i would think that they think they have a man they've manipulated, that they've pulled the wool over his eyes. >> sean: more sympathetic to them? naive and dumb. >> i wouldn't say dumb. >> sean: naive and ignorant. >> ignorant of the facts. >> sean: and it's impossible to be that-- >> maybe he doesn't accept the fact that arafat killed 27 americans. maybe he believes that arafat was a converted-- you could be a terrorist and
9:23 pm
turn it around and that's happened in history w arafat the that didn't happen. with arafat went from being a terrorist, and remained a terrorist and then became a master crook. >> sean: well said. >> that's history, that's the truth. >> sean: kicking him out of avery fisher hall was one of the proudest things i ever did. >> sean: good for you. >> i think that history proved me correct. >> sean: mr. mayor, thank you for being with us. still tonight ann coulter is in the studio with a plan to solve america's crumbling health care system. first a heart felt sincere message for the hollywood liberal possibly senate candidate ashley judd. i hope you're watching. friends of ashley call her and later tonight, a top nbc news a anchor is stunned that anchor is stunned that afafafafaf mallonrothers magic? watch this -- alakazam! ♪ [ male announcer ] staples has always made getting office supplies easy.
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>> all right. don't roll out the red carpet just yet in front of the u.s. capitol because if former president bill clinton gets his way, actress ashley judd will never be a united states senator. according to politico, bubba is not a fan. and wants alison grimes to run as a democrat in that state.
9:28 pm
the winner of that primary would then likely challenge senate minority leader mitch mcconnell in the general election, however, tonight right here on this program, i am making a personal plea to ashley judd. i am urging you for the sake of the democratic party, for the sake of the country, ignore the former flphilandering president, throw your hat in the race. if you do, i'll show more ads like this one. >> you know what this country needs, an independent voice for obama. >> i am committed to president obama and vice-president biden. i think he's a brilliant man. he is now able to flower more as the president i knew he could be. >> someone who will never forget where she came from. >> and tennessee is home. >> kentucky. >> is home. >> someone who knows what's good for us. >> a lot-- >> her own grandmother says
9:29 pm
she's a hollywood liberal. isn't that what we need? ashley judd, an obama following, hollywood liberal from tennessee, kentucky. >> tennessee is home. >> and run, ashley, run, and the soon to be great senator from tennessee. fox news contributor. >> did you say former. >> tamara holder and jedidiah. >> i'm in charge. >> obviously not-- >> i'm in charge here. >> do i have to join you by the way in calling for her to run, right off the bat i will go out there and we need motivational help. one of the most polarizing figures they could put out there. it would be an enormous gift to mcconnell. >> sean: a gift. >> really, okay, let me educate you about a recent
9:30 pm
poll. because clearly you don't-- >> tamara is it possible for he you to educate me? >> i know, you know it all. opponents two-one. he's like a crypt keeper, he won't go away. >> sean: like the former klansman who used to head up your party from west virginia. >> you, two, mcconnell isn't doing anything. nobody likes him. whether you like ashley judd, or not. -- >> tamara, tamara, i will bet any amount of money if ashley judd runs against mitch mcconnell in kentucky, she will not be a senator from the state of kentucky-- tennessee, i'm sorry. >> and left leaning, a left leaning pollster currently has mcconnell leading all. and a left-leaning pollster. >> because she's incredibly polarizing. some of the things she said,
9:31 pm
it was unconscionable to breed. >> sean: unconscionable to breed. >> because there are so many starving children. and has a problem with a father giving away a daughter at the wedding. >> sean: keep going. >> a problem with christianity because it legitimizes male power and she has compared some mining laws to rape of the land. she also, there was an issue with apple, actually. the apple customers. >> sean: hold on, let her finish. >> one more. >> apple customers we have apple problems, we accused of us financing mass rape. >> sean: throws the word rape around. >> folks in the mainstream is not going to be able to identify with someone like this. mcconnell even though the poll numbers-- >> they can relate to michigan mcconnell who is 145 years old. >> sean: no, he's not. >> well, 132, but anyway. >> sean: that's not funny.
9:32 pm
>> the point is that. >> sean: you're not being funny, not close to being funny. >> i'm not trying to be funny. he's old, he's out of touch. quit trying to accuse me of trying to be funny. >> he's out of touch? >> the voters in kentucky. >> let me finish, i let you finish. >> is he out of touch on the coal mining issue. >> absolutely he is. >> sean: in kentucky? >> yes, because coal mining employment-- >> have you been back in colorado? what are you smoking? >> do you want to talk about that. >> sean: not really. >> because it's legal in colorado and i came from there. >> boy. but the point is that the republican party is out of touch and ashley judd, she's been to rehab and going through a divorce, she's done things that-- >> and rehab, that's a great resume' builder. >> what's wrong with somebody who understands the plight of addiction and certain problems. >> sean: stop for a second. we've got to stop. the comment about obama and the flowers and bragging that she's from tennessee and the fact that she lived abroad for a long period of time and lived elsewhere. and how is she going to run
9:33 pm
and claim she's a big kentucky person. let me educate you that's not going to fly. >> out of touch, it's going to paint her as out of touch. >> and she's-- >> wait a minute those quotes, jedidiah, your quotes are priceless, run ashley, run. >> not only that, but she's a member of the hollywood elite as many people see as out of touch. she doesn't live in the state. she's not in touch with key issues in the state like coal mining where they get most of their economic prosperity from and income. she's not right for that state. she doesn't have a shot. >> sean: i'll campaign for her in the primary and campaign for mitch mcconnell. >> hollywood elite. >> didn't you just have a segment called what would reagan do? aren't you a reagan fan? didn't he star in hollywood. >> sean: the form president of the united states, that guy? >> yeah. >> sean: that guy, eight years governor, eight years president. >> yeah, what's wrong with being part of hollywood. arnold schwarzenegger the guy who has illegitimate children,
9:34 pm
but is a republican. >> i don't have a problem with her being part of hollywood. >> she's part of hollywood elite you said. >> and that's going to hurt her. >> out of touch with regular people. i don't have problem with that. >> sean: if she was running in new york or massachusetts. >> totally different story. >> sean: she's running in kentucky, kentucky elected rand paul and she's not going to win, tamara and i want her to run because it's going to be entertaining as hell and i want to keep running ads like this and i hope she runs. >> karl rove, the great master mind behind the campaign. >> sean: what's karl rove behind this. >> he was behind romney and didn't win the presidency and the last two years, you were talking about romney winning and guess what? he lost and mcconnell is going to lose, too. >> sean: how much you want to bet. >> they polled mcconnell's poll issues, one of the problems he's not conservative enough. that's the problem in kentucky if he was-- >> and you got back from colorado again. >> right, i must not be the one smoking pot because bill clinton won twice in kentucky.
9:35 pm
>> that's why he doesn't want her to be the candidate. >> he want another democrat. >> not mcconnell. >> someone electable. >> sean: he doesn't want ashley judd-- >> people are conservative and-- >> yeah, he doesn't want ashley to run because he knows she's going to lose. >> too far left. >> no, because his best friend's daughter is secretary of state. >> sean: wrong. >> let me educate you, sean, his-- >> of before the segment i say this to other occ and makes her bubble like alka-seltzer in water and she steals my line. you've got to make up your line. >> and bill clinton's daughter's buddy is secretary of state and-- >> every time you're on, i want a commission. >> she's right there, there are ties there and what she's talking about is true, but bill clinton's pragmatic, he wants someone who can win, he's not stupid. >> sean: we've got to run. run, ashley, run. still ahead tonight ann
9:36 pm
coulter is going to be here in the studio with a plan to rid the world of obamacare once and for all. but first. >> made a real effort to show the face of the tea party, the placards up there, the hitler mustaches, the face, if you will, superimposed on the face of barack obama, the racial kinards that keep popping up. >> sean: and those over there at nbc news can't wrap their arms and heads around the fact na african-americans are part of the tea party movement. more of those idiotic i am be comments. tell us what you think of tell us what you think of tamara's views, hannity you say men are superior drivers? yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check.
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9:41 pm
time for media mash the weekly roundup of the ways the suckup, lap dog mainstream media tries to put a spin on the news. and going back through the material none other than the president of the media research center, brent bozell. >> how are you. >> sean: is it possible to do this without the thrill up the leg, kiss ass, segment? it's impossible? >> it's deja vu all over again, he can't stop, we have to have something to talk about. >> sean: here is mathews, how the african-americans can support of the tea party, and buys into the lies he perpetuated. >> it seems like a lot of us that worked on the show and watched the program, we've made a real effort to show the face of the tea party. all the packards up there. the sort of hitler mustaches,
9:42 pm
the black face, if you will, superimposed on the face of barack obama, and the obvious racial kinards that keep popping up in the sort of visuals, what does your study tell you about the nature of the racial piece of the tea party? is it a resumption of the old south of the way things were before the civil war, for example? is it like the old dreamy nostalgia, "gone with the wind," that kind of america, where there were no gays and blacks were slaves and mexicans were in mexico. and even suggested chicago, dog whistle, dog whistle. what has happened to this man? something is wrong with this guy's brain. the it's like wrong all the time. >> a couple of observations, first, will this man ever shut up? (laughter) got to pull the plug from him to get him to stop.
9:43 pm
>> sean: you know what somebody said chris mathews asks a questions, answers the question and then asks what do you think of his answer. i'm sorry. >> he disagrees with himself. and what gets me is that at the beginning before he starts going into the talk of his, he's showing the real face of the tea party. no, he's not, he's showing the real face of character assassination. what follows that is character assassination. this continued all week long. on monday night so wrong on cpac, it was called grossly unfair and inaccurate. on wednesday, he was back at it it with this claim that nobody who was black would ever want to be a part of this racist organization. well, ask herman cain that question. ask mia love that question. ask senator tim scott that
9:44 pm
question and ask clarence thomas and he'll say in 1991 they did it to me, too. >> sean: let me ask you this: remember media matters bragging that they the wrote the copy for all of these nbc news shows, supposed news shows? the pew research, now i've been claiming over and over again that nbc news and their cable operation has become the extension of the obama press office. and all right, so let's take a look at what we've got here. the pew research center for excellence in journalism calculated that 85% of nbc's commentary opinion versus 15% actual reporting and the commentary comes straight from the white house. let's take a look at a few of the highlights here. >> the republicans lie. they want to see you dead. they'd rather make money off your dead corpse. they kind of like it when that woman has cancer and they don't have anything for her. they need to move on to a
9:45 pm
debate about the main issue, which is obamacare. and they can bring depth into the conversation and say we're not calling mitt romney a murderer. what we're saying is that if he's elected president, a lot of people will die. >> i want to see hard core republican conservativism put up there on a debate stage with president obama's practical approach to governing and i want to see hard core republican conservativism crushed. >> i look at obama as a perfect american, the guy went to school, never broke a law, he did everything right shall raised a wonderful family. a good husband, a good father. my god, i don't think he had a speeding ticket. he does everything right and he's been pretty moderate on the guns until the horror of newtown, i don't know what they're afraid of except he's black. >> sean: he's having an
9:46 pm
obama-gasm. and did he forget part of that-- >> that measures time 85% of it and tells you everything we've been saying. and the quotes show you it's not just opinion, it's radical opinion and wonder what the suits at comcast corporation are thinking. they're the ones who control it and making a mockery of them. >> sean: what do you think of matt lauer, brian williams, tom brokaw thinks about their news operation? >> probably that they wish they worked for fox. >> sean: i don't know they probably slant left, but i think, maybe they're proud of it. they don't say anything about it. they don't have the courage to speak out. i bet you tim russert would. >> it pays to be a radical sometimes. >> sean: and when we come back ann coulter is here and this time she has a conservative solution for repealing and replacing obamacare and we'll lay that out and conservative radio host jason mattera
9:47 pm
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>> welcome back to "hannity" now. earlier today the house passed a continuing resolution which funds the government for
9:51 pm
another sucks montix months and might have been a mistake. in order to repeal and replace obamacare, house republicans need to take a stand. i sat down with columnist ann coulter to talk about my idea. she didn't agree. watch. >> joining us the one and only ann coulter. you killed it as always at cpac, congratulations. >> thank you. >> sean: here is some concern among republicans over the issue of health care. >> yeah. >> sean: all right. so paul ryan comes out with a budget and i'm glad we are he going to balance it in ten years, a lot of things i like, still has growth, liberals can't say we're cutting because we're every year for ten years. if they want to repeal health care it's not going to happen through the ryan budget. that means the house republicans have to hold the line and quote, shut down the government and deal with the president demagoguing. >> i'm not sure that's a good idea. >> sean: all right, we're going to disagree, i like this. but, ann, we won't get to a
9:52 pm
balanced budget unless we get to the monstrosity. >> i agree. what we have to concentrate on is winning. as the last series of elections have shown us, passion and principle is great. >> sean: but that's passion and principle. >> you need to win elections and how you actually change stuff. obama is not going to sign the repeal of obamacare and i was working for the u.s. senate after the 1994 election, because i thought things wouldn't change if real right wingers didn't go and work there and i remember what happened. things were going gang busters, first republican congress in 40 years, we cut taxes and that gave us the magnificent economy that clinton brags about and yet, that government got shut down in the end of 1995, our first, the republicans first term there. it really, really hurt republicans because it looks like we can't care about the things that-- >> they hung on, they won. not only that, but that's how we got to a balanced budget.
9:53 pm
>> it hurt us, it hurt us trying to push other things and this is -- repealing obamacare, yes, keep talking about it and putting it in. unless obama signs a repeal of obamacare. >> sean: that's symbolic, that means obamacare will never be taken out. >> no, it isn't. i plan on winning the senate back in two years. >> sean: on health care, what you're suggesting is the republicans only do the symbolic vote to repeal, but not really take the stand to do it. >> i think shutting down the government would not-- >> we're not going to shut down the government. that's obama's line. >> no, shut down the government, you're saying it's important it doesn't ruin the credit rating and medicare ts. >> sean: the social security and military keeps functioning and 2.7 trillion dollars to spend. >> at some point in the next three and a half years, before the next president, not four years. >> sean: maybe the president to sign it your way. >> he's not going to sign. the government is going to shut down at some point.
9:54 pm
it's symbolic and ultimately the republicans lose and they look impotent. >> sean: you risk something, ann, once the new entitlement is entrenched and fully implemented, it's-- >> i'm glad you ut brought that up. that's what i was the most worried about, it would be like social security and medicare. >> sean: never get rid of it. >> we didn't get romney and now i'm reconsidering that position because obamacare is turning out to be such a disaster, everyone's insurance payments are going up. you know that free obamacare appointment you get with your doctor. if you go in, all they can do is ask you if you have a gun at home. if you say i'm here for my free obama appointment, what's this rash? sorry, have to make another appointment. nobody can deal with it and the forms you have to fill out. i think that obamacare is not going to be like social security. >> sean: it's going to be like the dmv on steroids. >> and it's going to cost more and people shall the
9:55 pm
recognizanrec-- the recollection of a half decent functioning health care system is in people's memories. we have to win in 2014 and 2016 which is why republicans should be focused like a laser beam on nothing, but getting elected putting the democrats in the position, defending criminals and these programs and-- >> i want them to win, but the single best thing to energize the base and energize their voters is to take a stand against obama. why do you think that everybody was celebrating rand paul? because he took a stand, he stood up. >> no, i'll tell you why, because the mainstream media agrees with him on drones, unlike me, i love drones, i think they should be used for stop and frisk. and code pink-- >> under those circumstances you're the one that's going to be hit with the drone. you'll be the number one target. >> no. >> sean: ann coulter loves drones, stop and frisk them. >> and anyway i love drones,
9:56 pm
and so did code pink and why it was covered so much by the media. >> sean: if we don't do it now we'll never get rid of it. >> we have one half branch of government and i disagree with you, it would make the republicans look bad and harder to win in 2014. >> i don't know if i like it better if i agree or disagree with you. ann coulter always good to see you. thanks for being with us. coming up next tonight on "hannity." >> wanted to ask you a quick question. do you think it's becoming of the president to conditiostantl attacking fox news and rush limbaugh. limbaugh. >> sean: and jason mattera [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. governor of getting it done. you know how to dance... with a deadline. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle...
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