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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  March 14, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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right now go to and answer the question who was right about presidential power senator obama or president obama. go to gretawire. up next the o'reilly tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye." is the government building a mustache comb that doubles as a motorcycle? an in depth look at what some are calling the most useful item ever. and does ben afflec think greg gutfeld's latest book is not as good as his last one? >> it couldn't be more relevant. you qant hit -- you can't hit a homerun every time. >> are squirrels depleting the world's supply of tissues? we have the footage that will blow your mind. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> and now, let's welcome our guest. she would rather laugh with the siners than cry with the saints. she is an ugly cryer.
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waive. there you go. sometimes she forgets. and former executive vice president of diligence, tv's andy levy. >> that didn't last long. >> and he is so cool his sunglasses wear sunglasses. the editor-in-chief of and reason tv. yeah, keep nodding, neck. and he once dug up a dead man to kill him again. he said he needed the practice. it is mike baker, the former cia operative and maker of diligence knee pads and del inteligence paperweights. for your knee pad swell fin and paperweight needs. think diligence. when you hear their name whispered in your ear it means no one else can help you. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> i would say i love you, greg, but it looks like you already did. >> should they get a prize for
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exposing our spies? i am thinking it might be time for -- pulitzer prize winners will be announced next month. gutfeld? be serious, but thanks. reporters who helped edward snowden destroy america's national security, will they be rewarded for their efforts? the stories that came out of this completely changed the agenda on the discussion on privacy and the nsa. but the head of the ames center for journalists says journalists should not be given stolen national security documents who has made america more vulnerable to terrorist attacks and it is more likely to die at the hands of terrorists and enemy regimes.
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meanwhile, new documents leaked by snowden showed they hacked thousands of computers by tricking them into thinking they were communicating into facebook servers. for more let's go live to "red eye"'s national security cory spawn department. correspondent. >> what are you going to do? those wall street fat cats. mike, i go to you first because i am hoping you snap in two minutes. should glen greenwold get the pulitzer for the work with the evil, evil spy snowden who may be a hero. he could very well be a hero. i might be wrong.
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this is the episode in which mike doesn't swear. look, everyone knows my position . frankly i have said it before and i will say it again. i think what snowden did is admirable. i think he is maybe not a hero, but i think he is someone to be admired. if i had the opportunity to go to moscow and buy him dinner x i would. i would shake his hand and say thank you for what you have done to this country. >> this is outrageous. >> there you go again. >> look. i know there is no way you could possibly understand this, but we need -- >> you are a hater. >> what is it about snowden that drives you crazy? why don't you appreciate what he does? >> all he had to do was go through the proper channels. he ran off to his best friend
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putin's arms. meanwhile look what putin is doing. >> now you have a thing about putin too? >> you really think putin would have invaded cry crimea? you are naive and it sickens me. >> i am so confused by this. it didn't go the way i planned it. i am confused. >> this is why i left diligence. >> so there are journalists in russia who are risking their lives and reporting on the government there. these guys just got -- they leaked national security stuff and it made you a rich editor. >> that's true. first off i got into journalism. i didn't get into it for the awards. i got into it for the breakfast buffets and the meetings and the parking lots and the parking decks especially. it is a nice place to
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hangout. >> if the pulitzer prize -- who gives a [bleep] -- who cares about the pulitzer prize. >> you already said it. >> if the people who created the most important journalism -- of the past several years, not just the past year. if they don't get the award -- the pulitzer is out of columbia, right? it is a junior college in harlem or something? >> it is a community college. >> it is over. that is the most important story and they have done great work. mob that smoa den -- nothing that snowden did reflects on the ability of the american government to do anything well. they can't even keep their secret. >> keeping in theme here -- i am going to surprise you with this. except for what i said earlier, people do know where
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i stand on this. i promised my wife that i won't pop a vein and have the stint in my heart shoot-out my ass. >> that would be great tv. >> what i do believe is it would be ludicrous if the pulitzer committee doesn't recognize what these individuals did in terms of publishing the information. not that i fall on that side, but i think it would be disin -- disingeneral us with. they awarded it to president obama for nothing. >> didn't cate blanchett win the pulitzer last year? >> nobody cares. >> this is the point. >> are they different? >> oh i confused the nobel with the pulitzer prize. sorry. >> the point is it is
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something that exposed another country it would not be up for a pulitzer. if it was venezuela. >> sure it would be. >> i doubt that. >> don't they give a pulitzer for foreign coverage? >> i did not look up that fact and i am still right. i am so right that i don't have to do research. joanne, isn't spying supposed to be the kind of thing that spies do? like exposing the fact that spies spy, how is that important? >> yeah, i know. >> are you -- you are on your way to a pulitzer yourself. >> i do have to say the great thing about writing about this is creating a greater dialogue. we need to discuss civil liberties versus national security. what is too much and what is not enough? i feel bad for all of the
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other writers, especially this year who had like really good work. it is a terrible year for me because of everything that happens. >> but you know what, i understand -- i think you can have that conversation while we still have spooks and smies -- and spies. generally people who start dialogues are a you no -- are annoying people. we don't need you to ruin our country. andy, how much money did you spend bribing the pulitzer board to give the prize to your hero and buddy glen greenwald? >> every penny i have. it is not going to take any bribe money. i think they will split it. >> isn't that great? >> i can't think of any story that was broken by reporters
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over the past year that was bigger with the possible exception of my 17-point history. i never really did it which to me smacks of anti-semitism. >> can't you win the pulitzer for the best cut and paste? >> no, they said i didn't even do that. they said i entered by saying i had done it. now i am ineligible. >> jm glad i fired you from -- i am glad i fired you from diligence. >> you did a cut and paste job using nothing but glass particles. it cancels each other out. >> i believe in using secondary primary sources. >> exactly. i know you hate me for this. i don't believe it. i think the nsa exists independent -- they are the adults in this world that take care of the bad [bleep] that we don't want to know about. i know that sounds bad and evil and nonlibertarian --
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>> well, it is. >> i think there was a way for snowden to express his dissatisfaction with what he claims he -- you know what he claims he was dissatisfied with other than rather than stealing a treasure trove. all of those documents -- mean if we actually believe the chinese and the russians have not accessed that information -- is diluting a word? >> thank you for the pulitzer. that to me is the most heinous part. >> you don't believe they haven't done anything? if snowden who was not like a 30-year vet or like a super spy, he was like a low-level employee. he was a contractor. >> a junior systems administrator. >> he just got taken off the hourly rate and put on a salary. if he can walk out with everything i am betting the rsh sheens and the chinese
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either already had it or they won't understand it when he gives it to them. this is more a question about the american intelligence community which has been shown -- >> let me ask you this -- isn't there more concern -- it was an interesting irony that when he spoke it was on a google platform. shouldn't there -- i could give you a stack of meta-data and you would not know what was in that. but yet what google and am amazon and all of the others are collecting is far more damaging at the end of the day. >> i actually don't think it is more damaging. google and amazon can't send out drones to kill you. >> or can they? >> that's later. >> you you can buy a diligence drone on amazon. >> i am feeling very vulnerable right now, just like our country. >> i feel within 10 to 15 years we will have to pick a
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side between google and amazon. >> it will be like "the hopinger games." the "hunger games." >> there is a difference between what is done between commerce and what the government is doing. there is no reason to believe the nsa is gaining a lot by sur veiling every aspect of every part of every american. >> let me ask you this. >> that is not what they are supposed to be doing. the nsa -- they are only supposed to be looking at stuff that is overseas or the overseas agents. >> we don't have the time to dive into this. >> we have an hour. >> we have to get to that idaho beer story because i have something to say about that. >> can i make a point that i get it. spies spy on other countries. but other countries in this digital age and age of everything contact people within our country. >> the government spokesman
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and people in congress, the nsa said there may be up to 50 cases in which meta data and the surveillance programs were used and they were not actually able to substantiate any of that. >> you haven't been able to find a victim either. >> they dropped that number. they kept dropping it. >> or did they? >> the most important thing is it is good for americans to know that this is being done. >> fair enough. >> is it me, but i thought it was going on. >> we offer up all of this information on our own anyway. here is my credit card number. here is where i am. >> have you never given me your credit card number. >> you won't even give me your phone number. >> you have taken things out of her desk. >> i am gaiskly the government. i am basically the impost. >> you do return it.
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>> it is always a little sticky. that's because it has gone through the digestive system. should i just stop before i ask? we will move on. they said to whitey, you aren't in vie tee. they sent out an invitation to build a supporting community for people of color and made clear it was occasion -- it was an occasion not open to caucasian. the e-mail to all colleagues read, quote, if you want to create space for white folks to meet and work on racism, white supremecy and white privilege, please feel free to do just that. anger over the exclusionary event prompted the group to can sell it and apologize. it raise the question, how many walnuts can one man crush in 60 seconds.
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>> that would be great if like you -- >> it is like brazil nuts. >> wouldn't it be great if you told your wife, honey, i am going to take you to see the nutcracker. she said oh, you never take me anywhere. yeah, put on your best. put on your very best. >> by the way, you people at home, check out the full 50-minute youtube video. jay it is riveting -- >> it is riveting. >> diversity, joanne, you started a white power group at college. how do you feel about this? them saying you can have your own thing? >> that's what i was trying to do. i. >> i admire that. >> whenever you title a group
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or event diversity something you are projecting discrimination. you are asking for it. it should have just been happy hour if you want anyone to come. >> that's true. >> and i think the ms. black horn who is in charge of this group should be fired. it is fascinating that it says this is a hate free space, but then says you are not welcome in this space if you are white. that's hateful. i am white and it is hateful. >> but are you a white supremecist and i hate you. >> okay. >> andy, are you jewish, and the only black person on the panel. what do you make of this? >> he said on the panel. >> by the way, that's not why i fired him from diligence. >> we'll see if the lawyers agree. >> it is as if you pointed out full of exclusionary happy hour. some minorities feel they can
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have a more open discuss of race without white people around. i do. you are not ending racism and white privilege by shutting white people out of the discussion. you have to talk about it with everyone. >> it is a good time to talk about ladies free drink night. >> are you against that a? >> i think so. i am waiting for snowden. snowden hasn't let me in yet on what i am supposed to think. >> we only have two minutes. there is an ideology a combination of white privilege and aggression. >> i am legally bared from being on campuses. except for preschools. it is the strangest thing. >> what is the question? >> i don't remember. >> i agree with the ukrainian.
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i thought it was funny for somebody to take them up on the offer. i want to talk about white supremecy. it is odd for anybody to feel they are put upon. also i agree with what nick and andy said and we thought you made quite a good point. >> that was nice. you just showed the diversity group by including everybody in your commentary. find out in mike baker's new book. first, are people like tom cruise the only ones who have a hope of getting married? probably. he is a man's man after you all. female announcer: during sleep train's big gift event
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get hitched? a new study has look eatd -- looked at what mates certain traits the marrying type. they are attractive and green and of course like greg. they looked at a group of young adults -- what's so funny? in 1994 they were rated on their attractiveness, grooming and personality. those who scored higher were more likely to have gotten married by 2009. to better illustrate the research here are photos of people who are the marrying type.
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>> seems accurate to my. seems accurate to me. after profiling people, and also of getting married, you have done it a couple teams. do you agree with the study's conclusions? >> yes, i am always fascinated with these studies. i don't want to say they seem obvious and somebody is wasting time and money, but i agree with the findings of the study. if you pay attention to your hygiene and you dress well and you are attractive there are chances you could get hipped. >> it is not that hard to get married these days. >> the problem is not being married anymore. >> are you married or single? >> i am not married. >> i am surprised that you ascribe to any labels.
12:25 am
what words am i using? >> the easter seal labels for return mail -- >> just try to stick to the topic. >> i am glad to know that there is a whole field where you get paid to state the obvious. i need a fall back plan. the great thing about the study was that it started with a quote from aristotle who is famous for saying women have more teeth than men and women and slaves are like -- they are equally bad. any study on marriage ability that starts with an aristotle quote, let's put that in the circular file. that's unfair that you would go after him because he is dead. >> no, it is because he is greek. >> joanne, as a gold digger, isn't a job or a large bank account important in deciding marriage? >> yes. apparently i have been going after it all wrong.
12:26 am
i can see the credit score and i need tonight right up front. i can tell if they can tell a joke, brush their teeth, are pretty. it can be for anything. to get a job these are the things they look are to. if you need an apartment these are the things -- whatever. you may be the marrying kind, but can you get married? their standards are set so high and slash their ocd if they are into grooming. they don't want to deal with people who are lesser than them. >> thank you very much. >> can we take a stand against people who brush their teeth? who do they think they are? >> it is important and dental high general is religious. i always look back -- i ask myself what would ashton kutcher do with something like this? he is the marrying kind.
12:27 am
he realizes that one nightstands -- i am i flashing back to a previous story? >> if you would have asked what ashton kutcher would do 10 years ago he would say 16 blondes. andy, are you not married. is it your lack of personality, looks or charm or all three? >> it is a combination of you all three. i am the only one shocked by the study. i did not realize that people with above average attractiveness were more likely to get married. >> your parents were lying to>>e in 1994 and then checked again in 2009. i would have forgotten when they started the study. either the scientist would die or they just forgot. >> i have 500co-eds in a
12:28 am
field. >> i was supposed to check on them in 2009. look, this is on me. i straight up forgot. i didn't do it on purpose. >> if you were good looking in 1994, times have changed. >> it is amazing how when you were little you looked at old people and they were always old. gram pes was born as gram pes. you had no idea they may have looked like your dad. something happens that makes you old. it takes the ugly and good looking people and makes them the same. >> even if you look at pictures of -- when you look at pictures of old people when they were young, they still look old. there is something about older gin ration has always looked old. >> malnutrition and polio. >> tougher lives.
12:29 am
>> having strong spines. fighting wars. and it is also black and white photography. >> we took an interesting topic and sapped it of any knowledge. sarcasm, saying one thing and meaning another, by using bitter, ironic language. thanks, sarcasm. you're welcome, greg. i am so happy to be your sponsor. are you? of course i am. can't you tell by the over flowing sound spewing from my mouth? i don't know if i believe you, car -- car was seem. how do you get me to care about a story involving hockey and make it about beer?
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he bore the brunt of a stupid stunt. three australian teens, my favorite kind, staged a series of fake robberies of atm customers which they secretly filmed and planned to post on a fledgling site called youtube, have to check that out. the point to highlight the unwillingness to help a person in need. let's see how it turned out. >> give me your money! >> get off me.
12:34 am
>> it's a prank! >> is it bad? >> i probably won't need stitches. >> no sympathy from me. a bystander broke the pranker's nose, but the video has racked up over half a million hits on youtube. we forgot to add it is going viral. baker, what would you have done? >> what else are you going to do? you have to jump in help the guy. what a douche or group of douches. you have to help people. you you can't stand by and wait. >> you would have shot him. >> and then you tbet in trouble. you have to be careful when you conceal carry.
12:35 am
you have to go in and help people. you have to help people in need. i understand what they were thinking about when they say we wanted to point out people's unwillingness to jump in. >> that's a a lie. they just wanted to be famous. >> this shows you should keep your head down and keep walking. that's the only moral here. >> that's true. >> they are telling people, next time we see somebody mugged we will say it is probably a prank show. >> i am from the era of new york where people -- who is that a? >> that was a false story. did they not go far enough? should they have beat him to a bloody pulp? >> yes, they would have got more hits. all over the world people would see this and love it. i am tired of this social human experiments that people secretly film and then put
12:36 am
on-line. >> where you talk about sex tapes? i apologized. >> what a is going to happen when you do a fake robbery? people get vulnerable they get on the defense and then what do you expect to happen? i think he deserved that bloody nose. >> technically you get on the offense. >> is that what i meant? i don't play sports. >> wasn't that from the happy hour at puget sound? >> i love the fact that you try to do a call back. >> it is like 1994. one of these days it is ging to work. then we'll be talking. i'll remind you. >> it will be "red eye with nick." >> how much do you blame "jackass" for insparing stupid stunts? >> not at all. they did things to themselves. they didn't get civilians to
12:37 am
do it. >> have you your stone age, information age, and we now live in the hoax age. everything is a hoax. i am sick of it. i am sick of jimmy kimmle with the hoax videos and the stupid website. >> are you sick of the holocaust too? >> i am sick of gotcha as the punch line to life. i would like these guys to go to texas and see -- and do the same prank. it will be the last thing they ever do. >> they will be an air conditioned -- >> and i will watch the crap out of that. >> this is a good shot by 16 different people. >> he wouldn't be shot by one person. there would be a whole bunch of bystanders saying wait a second. he would be -- >> it would be like the kennedy assassination all over again. next topic, some hockey fans in idaho, they have them there , are suing an arena in boise
12:38 am
claiming they were tricked into thinking a $7 beer contained more booze than a $4 beer. here is a fan of the minor league hockey team demonstrating how they would do. >> small beer is $4 and a big beer is $7. you would think you would get more. the small beer is in the big beer cup. it is the same beer. >> look at that. >> the lawsuit said the large cup holds the same amount of suds as the small. they are seeking $10,000 in damage. on thursday the arena lowered the price of the large to $6 and increased the size from 20 to 24 ounces which if my math is correct it is double. you are mow living in idaho. >> i am a steel head pan too. >> does it make you proud of your neighbors?
12:39 am
>> i don't believe in quick litigation. they sorted it out back there and maybe he could have won a rubbing. idaho is a fantastic place. they will get this thing sorted out quickly. the arena responds quickly. it is not like other places. i am surprised they went with the whole we will sue. that is out of -- that is out of character. it is definitely a pull your boots up type of place. >> pull your brong up and -- bronk up and saddle your boots. >> have you nick and you have this other character that is jabbering. >> it is great. you say it like it is no where. >> it is off the cuff. >> a victory for drunks?
12:40 am
it is caveat-douche. why not punch him in the face? >> that's an i'd -- an idaho resident right there. >> >> for figuring this out? >> there is a developmental psychologist who discovered like 75 years ago that kids at the age of 9 figure that out. pouring something into a skinny glass doesn't give you more. these guys there is no help. >> don't be bringing your john pierre j. >> you can say what you want about me, but i will be damned if you will talk about him. >> joanne, you dated hockey players and you have been drunk. >> i can't get the large beers
12:41 am
because then i have to go to the bathroom. i stick to the small ones. but you say good for them for figuring it out. it took them three years, three to five years. they don't remember because they were drinking so much. i feel good for the establishment for duping them. i think it is kind of cool. but ethically it is wrong from a business standpoint. but three years? really? >> they are my heros. i don't have many heros. >> smoa den, putin and these guys. gentleman i it shouldn't take -- >> it shouldn't take three to four years. i bet they don't know you are supposed to turn your phone sideways. i am glad they figured it out. the arena shouldn't have done that. it is fraud. >> why? >> ri calling one a small and one a large. >> they call one a small and one a tall.
12:42 am
>> they didn't say it had more. >> i think it it is a good implication that if one is a small then one is a tall. >> let's play some music. there we go. thank you, music person. we have to take a break. we have a huge debate coming up. oh there is my book. "not cool" it is in stores on tuesday. i will be in a city nearest you. here is a look at some of the cities. tennessee, florida and flay you flaw. and florida.
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should you flee from pee? it is time fo special -- >> "red eye" debate 2014, live from the" red eye" debate center. >> all right.
12:46 am
welcome to tonight's "red eye debate, live from the" red eye" debate center. i am greg gutfeld, the host of the "red eye" debate. no applause until the end, everybody. a new study claims it is not cool to pee in the pool. when uric acid mixes with chlorine it forms dangerous chemicals. one is similar to teargas and the other, believe it or not, is a nerve toxin. one professor says the study makes sense because, quote, lifeguards and avid swimmers have had sickness, nausea and all of the symptoms you would expect to get from a nerve agent. to be safe i have someone test my pool before i get in.
12:47 am
>> oh, i'm never going to eat bacon again. i will have a big slab and i will feel bad. >> we have done this before, but nobody died or was poisoned. is this a way not to pee in the pool? >> as a former lifeguard at a new jersey beach that was sandwiched between a sewage treatment plant, we aspire to be lifeguards at the pool. i have to recuse myself. >> you seem angry over that. >> i have to defend central shore, new jersey. >> what size does the body of water have to be before it is okay to pee? >> not a kiddie pool.
12:48 am
anything larger is fine. i am one of those people who i can't actually go in a pool or even in the ocean. i hate having to get out to go to the bathroom. >> it is called gentleman's bladder. or in your case, was a gentleman's bladder. changing the color of the water when you pee didn't stop people. now he are telling you it is -- now they are telling you it is poe -- poisonous. >> my little guys swim three or four times a week. >> by little guys what do you mean? >> my little guys who follow me around. >> he has three sons. >> yes i have three sons and they swim three to four times a week. when they get in the pool there is a cloud that forms over the top of them and moves and follows them. >> they are like underwater
12:49 am
pig pen. >> that's a good idea to do a peanuts cartoon, but underwater. >> you are not allowed near the public pools. >> should i ask you why? >> it is not about peaking. >> how about don't pee in the pool because it is gross. why do you need all of this? >> you ask what the size of the body of water is. it is not a question of size. if it is a body of water in which fish pee, then go ahead and pee. otherwise, don't. >> fish tanks are fine. >> or a coy popped. coi pond. >> it is called 5* boy pond. it is for those shy swimmers. >> that is a koi pond.
12:50 am
my head hurts from -- whatever. anyway, when we come back, something else. female announcer: what will you get with your new sleep train mattress?
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andy -- >> are we starting? >> yes. you can see andy on "the real story" with gretchen carlson. it is a fishing show. 2:00 p.m. eastern time. coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" 6789 kimberly guilfoyle and so is mikey k. he is a homely man. >> e block. last story. that's the last story. >> it is baby's breath from above. that's one of the things you can only read and enjoy. a florist pays by drones. they are grounding the high-tech method of delivery, but a federal judge cited with the perveyor saying if he accepted regulating drones, a paper plane could be subject to the f.a.a. penalties.
12:55 am
wow, this is big stuff. >> it is. it is bigger than the snowden thing. >> there are going to be flowers everywhere. what if you have allergies? >> the next thing you know the company is delivering flowers to your doorstep. am i wrong? >> if they can deliver flowers anywhere in detroit, why don't they deliver bus tickets the hell out of detroit? >> that's a good point. >> the delivery man, will he soon be obsolete? >> that's sad. >> who will you date? >> if the drone could bring me pizza, i am all for that. otherwise, no, people, we need jobs. we don't knee robots taking our jobs away, but the people will build the robots, joanne. >> not everyone knows how to do that. >> that's the problem!
12:56 am
>> i know how to deliver a pizza. i don't know how to turn on a computer. >> plus the robots will be building the robots. >> that is true. it gets to my opinion -- >> do robots like flowers? will they deliver the flowers? >> last question to andy. all of you, shut up. what i see happening is drones are going to be everywhere. what will stop people from abusing them 1234* drones will be targets of bullying and then when they are aware they will exact revenge and attack humans. >> no, man, this is like the 60s. you take the war drones and you give them flowers. everything will be just great. >> that's it? >> i will be the human leader of the drones. >> you will be like grew from "despicable me." >> people in detroit are probably saying, oh, this is what we needed to make living
12:57 am
here nice. we will end on that note. >> that was a note we could have ended better on. you know what? it is almost over so i will just keep talk aing and stair at you and you will stair at me and it will be awkward for two more seconds and then it is going to end. what's next? too.
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good night. >> hello, everyone. i'm andrea tan tarz along with bob beckel, eric bowling, greg gutfeld and dano perino. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." six days now since flight 370 out of malaysia went missing, and it seems like the only thing we know is there's global confusion over exactly what happened. yesterday satellite images released by china gave hope that there was finally an answer, and then there was a report that the flight may have been in air for four hours longer after it went off the radar, but malaysia said both reports aren't true. >> those reports are inaccurate. when the chinese satellite


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