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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  August 14, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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stay out of it. vote on gretawire. see you tomorrow night at 7:00 tonight a "red eye." coming up on "red eye" is your favorite coffee mug racist? shocking new research suggests you may be starting your morning with a piece of bigoted dish wear and you don't even know it. plus, how confident is the vice president he would lose to a mier cat in an election? >> that's not a hyperbole. that's a fact. >> and finally, what is more dangerous than the gdp? cats who can jump through hula hoops or open doors? we have the fierce debate the mainstream media has not considered, next. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> let's welcome our guests. she is hotter than a hot
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[bleep] and every bit is artificial. i am here with joanne nosuchunsky. and two times zero is zero. it is andy and he is the bin laden of borders, the anti-christ to acorn. she is the legendary activist james o'keefe. and just leak a potato he is twice baked. actor and comedian sherrod small. he now hosts "race wars" we will talk about it with his comedian friends. >> # red eye, baby. i'm bag. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> for all of our chatter, it doesn't matter. americans have almost no impact on our company's public policies. they are shaped by wealthy individuals and business groups. researchers looked at policy issues and found the
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government almost always favors the preferences of corporate elites. they are describing our impact as, quote, nonsignificant and near zero. clearly this something that could happen -- -- >> as always we have brought in a lively studio audience to help us tonight. thank you for joining us this evening. by a show of hands how many would prefer i host the show shirtless and covered in oil? it took some time for them to think about it, but they chose wisely. sherrod, i will go to you first. in the green room you said this is why we have to impeach obama. >> i would never say that. obama is doing a terrific job and i don't care if i am the only one on the channel saying it. in your face, o'reilly. why do you think it is -- >> it has always been that way. corporations always ran this country, right?
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that's why i do corporate gigs as a comedian. i will get to the heart of the nation. i will have my voice be heard. >> it has nothing to do with the money. it is corporate. >> the corporation is paid more than the average citizen. >> they are interested in profit as opposed to the government which has no standards. >> we have to break it down like this. corporations ain't like a big robot somewhere. it is humans who run the corporation. you can still reach the humans in those positions. >> you are a beautiful person. is this why you do what you do? the only way these days it has an impact is to somehow do something that is out of the norm. >> i think we can take on the people in power, but we have to go grassroots and go viral. i think the stuff we have done even this week with the border patrol responding. i met this person on facebook and we went to the government office and the whole thing came tumbling down. i don't like the study. we can change things. >> is he refer together pimp with the fur coat? >> and she was a prostitute.
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she was from miami. i was the pimp. >> and they believe you were a pimp. these people have to be fired. >> in baltimore they don't dress like miami either. >> yeah, baltimore is kind of -- i went to college in baltimore. >> have you ever seen "the wire." >> i was in "the wire." i stabbed that girl in episode three. i had to even the score. >> were you pookie wilson? >> you exposed people. that was great. >> what are we talking about here? >> i don't know who this dude is. itit is like, yeah. what up. >> that's because they are white. gentleman i we just all look alike. >> joanne, good to have you back . does it bother you are ever bit as powerless in public policies as are you in your
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own personal life? >> a little bit which is why i contributed to the study. it was short, but distinct. money is power. we know that. we pretend that the two don't really matter, but people who don't have can rise above. i think it is great though that we now know this. we have said this and it is out in the open and we can spend our time doing more important things like grooming , watching shark week. those are things we can take uh hold of and make a difference. >> you are used to this study not mattering. i disagree with everything about this. i think you have an impact if you stop thinking about government and start thinking about entrepreneurial activity. you won't know about that because you sit at home doing nothing. apparently i have answered my own question. >> this is among the least
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shocking studies ever done. if the tea partiers and the occupy movement ever figured out they were mad about a lot of the same stuff, they would actually be a dangerous, powerful combination. >> like the wonder twins. >> they have a bunch of differences, but their overall reason for being is the same. it is a government viewed as not responsive to the needs of ordinary citizens. it is more concerned with maintaining its own power and because all the government wants to do is stay in power it has to give bailouts et cetera. there is a spot where if you could just join two groups that hate each other, in they could just find the common ground they could be a powerful force. >> how naive you are. >> the occupy people are over here. i think a lot of things we have come together on. >> here is the huh poke craw see. he just changed billionaires. he went from -- he went to
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thesauruses as opposed to the right wing coke brothers. there really was no change. he just got his rich people. >> they have their rich people who don't give a damn about us. >> the money smells different. >> one last point. they bring up the corporate elites, but they don't bring up the government elites. the government will always be the winner. >> people have to step outside their comfort zone. they have to be willing to take the risk and the reputation hit. >> that is the scary part. >> your hit is more damaging. the media is on your side, sherrod. >> my side? >> i don't know. >> ain't nobody on my side. >> i am on your side! >> that depends. >> is he profound or just per miss skew us with?
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they plan to have sex with someone different every day for a year. it is part of a performance piece called the sherrod small. just kidding. misha -- >> is that the dude? >> stop. he wants to explore how the hookup culture enabled by apps actually leads to loneliness. the 26-year-old says he will be sleeping with dudes and he is not even gay. kidding, he is. one art news website put it his performance may seem ludicrous, but he is pushing an everyday reality to extreme. speaking of art. >> absolutely. i condemn that. that is not art. can you defend his work as legitimate art. >> that number pales in comparison to what i do every day.
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just kidding. my girlfriend is in the green room. trying to make a joke. >> you are going to a -- avoid this topic? >> would sex with a new person every day enhance your loneliness? >> great question. you know i will not avoid this question. it sounds delicious on paper, this whole experiment. is he going have sex with men and women? >> no, just men. >> are people volunteering for this or is he running up on you and starting? >> he will just look for strangers and have sex. >> it will not work out. some people will go there to have sex with him and they will have eyes and they can see him and say i ain't doing this. >> is that wrong? >> no he is right. >> once you have somebody set up for every day, it will be a lot of rain days, a lot of rainy days a. he will have to make up for it.
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>> am i right 1234* i am -- am i right? i am no daylight expert. >> it was funny without you. >> as the only medical professional on the panel is what he is doing healthy? >> i think possibly. go ahead and have sex with a different person every day of the year. it is not art. performance art is for artists who realize they have no talent. they just had to go ahead and do something weird and then say it was art. i think it was the "new york times" piece and save the date operates with year long performance art pieces. >> they ask powerful questions about the hookup culture. no it doesn't. he is getting laid every day.
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>> this is a guy who has a compulsion and he is lonely, but not particularly attractive and trying to pass this off as art so he can get laid. >> it is a good game. good for you trying to get laid. as a dude i would go like this -- >> it is not just about getting laid. in the past he has been per miss skew us with and he has been sad after the act. he wants to get to the point he can have sex without emotion. that's not art. that is therapy. he is trying to do sex emotion aversion therapy. that's a selfish thing. an artist is supposed to be for others and not yourself. >> if that is art, freshman in college i was rembrandt. >> tomorrow it is politics. >> i am going to try again with you, james. art is no longer art if everything is art. art has to be something you
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appreciate. if all of a sudden activity is art, this is arts. >> i admire that he is out there doing a balsy thing. >> literally. >> the fact that we need more people speaking the truth to power. i just admire the gumption there. we need more of that. maybe it is not art. maybe it is. >> he is anticipating. >> i would not call it gumption. it is more like [bleep]. ladies and gentlemen, that is terrible. i don't even know what that means. it is not art. it is an experiment with std's. it is an embrace and a slap in the face. it features russian loving rat fink edward snowden clinging to the american flag. snowden is seen doing his best linus and tells wired, quote, i care more about the country than what happens to me. please. when asked if he will see his traitors in the u.s. he said he probably won't.
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he revealed a few more nsa secrets that knocked out country's system and monster mind that will strike back at cyberattacks. i am so glad i know that now. he revealed he wears a disguise to avoid getting caught by u.s. authorities. i believe we have tape of him. >> what did you say, joanne? >> is that a tattoo? >> that's exactly right. andy, i am going to you first because i know he is your hero and man crush. even this cover has to make you puke through your eyeballs. >> the only question is do i want one giant copy of the cover to hang in my apartment or a bunch of smaller copies to put up like wallpaper? i am probably not going to sleep tonight trying to figure that one out. other than that, i thought the interview was good. i think what he says about
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wanting to come back here is true. his problem is if he came back for trial he couldn't give the details he would want to give. unless that is going to happen he is not coming back. >> what do you think. is he a tray for, a hero or a dilutional beta male? >> i will disagree. i don't care if 450e is -- care if he is a hero or traitor, it is what he exposed. he put himself on the line. >> our country on the line. >> if he comes back to the united states, when he comes back, it will be interesting to see an open trial where you can get the discovery open. i just wish people would have his, again, balls to do something. >> people who have his balls are in the military. they put their lives on on the line and he exposed them. >> we need more in washington. >> he claims that he did not put anybody in harm's way. in this interview that andy read, he doesn't even know what he released. he says he doesn't have what he released anymore.
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so how does he know he didn't put anybody in harm's way if he doesn't know what he did. >> he knows what he made public. >> your hero doesn't know [bleep]. >> whoa, whoa. >> i split with him and others. i have no problem with the nsa spying on foreigners or foreign governments. i want them to do that. i am not only not mad that our government taped merkle's cell phone they should be doing it. it is the stuff they are doing that snowden exposed and that's the stuff that needs to stop. and some is stoping. >> they deflect from what is exposed to who exposed it. they personalize the target. i want to talk about what he is informing people on. >> when you see a vulnerability you want to make sure that doesn't happen again. if you have a wound you need to cover it so that an infection doesn't happen.
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>> let's talk about the one thing we agree on, the kitchen looks great. >> he is not caressing that flag. he is strangling it. >> he is strangling america. he is strangling america. >> when you open up the magazine and see the pictures inside he is making sweet love to the flag. he is doing what old men do with towels on their legs. >> they always do that. >> so will he go to jail when he comes back, andy? last word to you? >> there is a decent chance he could go to jail and maybe should go to jail for what he did. again, he is not coming back because he will not get the kind of trial where he can talk about what he wants to talk about. >> one final thing and joanne i will put this to you -- "wired" thinks he is a hero because he pulled back the curtain. doesn't he realize that he
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divulges practices that somehow protects or secures the safety of a place like "wired" to publish magazines in their comfy offices? "wired" doesn't have to worry about his security. they are saying this guy is a hero even though he may have made everybody more vulnerable. >> obviously they are publishing this because it is safe to do so. there are no repercussions and they look like the hero for putting a picture of him with a flag on the cover. >> what shouldn't the government be allowed to do in the name of safety? >> they say we have to do this to keep you safe. >> that is a strong man argument. >> it is the argument you just made. >> it is civil liberties for national security. it is a balance. >> i am an adult. >> well i guess that is different than being a grown up. >> spying is supposed to be above the law in many ways. that's why it is called spying. i am an adult. >> but the spying shouldn't be
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on american citizens. >> the american citizen may be a terrorist, and he is conveying messages back and forth. >> what was going on -- >> we need the hey stack, andy. >> you need a needle. >> i am not arguing that. coming up, george clooney loves men-tioning his new fiancee. she is a delight. what does it take to win the most fun grandma? duct tape and a roasting pan apparently.
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jersey? a home in garwood, new jersey has taken down a flag with isis after a picture of it surfaced on-line prompting outrage and disgust. many on twitter expressed safety concerns and said it was inappropriate to display a terrorist banner. the police chief says they were made aware of the situation and that the flag was voluntarily taken down. an updated photo shows it has been replaced with a blue and white striped one. meanwhile, another resident in the town is making people nervous. take a look.
12:23 am
>> i am not sure i saw what i saw, but i will watch it over and over again until i pass out. >> that is a crazy dr. doolittle. >> even asian ducks want to get back to work. >> should you be allowed to buy a controversial flag on your home? >> yes. you can see them mention that they voluntarily took it down. you have a suit on your hands. >> would you feel all right if it was a confederate flag? >>t wasn't my house. it is your house. >> that was a jab at andy. >> don't you want to know where the isis supporters are in your neighborhood? >> that's my point. if you had a belief where everybody had a flag with what
12:24 am
they believed it would make it easier for everybody. >> okay we can go there. >> we did a video where people against guns we put a sign in their lawn announcing their home is proudly gun free. this is the same thing. you are showing the world who is a supporter of these people. the government shouldn't take it down. advertise it. show people what they believe. >> i think it is okay even though what they believe in is horrifying, joanne. once again your home state is in the news for being vile. do you care to defend it? >> it happens. it keeps it interesting. there was another article where the homeowner said this is my religion and it is a muslim flag. every friday i put it up for ramadan and it is the holiday. >> it is for his religion. my neighbors know. it is not a cymbal of hate.
12:25 am
it is not a symbol of hate. it was good luck and life. it is a symbol of hate and destruction. and so you have to be sensitive to that, i think. >> it is your house. when i was a young man like 12 are on on something, there was like an old dude who had an old johnny mathis album. johnny mathis looked like he had cancer in the picture. >> are you right. it is like the person -- when i lived in allentown there is always a guy with a sofa outside. it drove me crazy. it is like, i'm sorry, this is not "sanford and son." this is not a junkyard. after awhile i just gave in and put my sofa in the front yard and realized maybe i was wrong. outdoor furniture inside is weird, but indoor furnitures outside is god like. >> it is fun. >> it is amazing.
12:26 am
instead of just having a studio apartment it is like a two-bedroom. if you are above you can sleep outside. >> and the animal feces all over it. >> it is just like inside. >> there is no difference. >> andy, is this a free speech issue? i'm going to say you will make the predictable yes answer. it is to eat your tv dinners in front of your black and white screen and weeping to yourself about the lost opportunities. >> no, it is not, greg. if they took it down, fine. i don't know -- i am not sure why the cops were involved in the first place. it could be though -- it sounds like they went to inform this guy. his name is mark done away which i was -- dunaway. >> it sounds like the cops may have gone to him and said you should be aware that people are talking about this.
12:27 am
the owner says he took it down because he didn't want there to be public concern. i don't have much of a problem with that. he says he replaced the flag with a san diego chargers flag which i think is worse. >> definitely worse. >> absolutely worse. the chargers? >> you hang a giants flag or jets flag if you are a loser, but not a chargers flag. >> do you think he was confused and a fan of the saturday tv show, isis? >> it is possible. >> nobody knows what i am talking about. >> joanne gnaw something, not you. not you. the actress played isis. she was a brunette. >> what year? >> 1971, 1972. >> no, man. >> it was a spinoff of shazam. >> joanne gnaw cameron. but the one point i can make before we go, does it mean it is in the states? you are saying he doesn't know
12:28 am
what it is about. what if he does know? >> he knew what it is about. when two white cops show up at the house -- i don't know, the kids put that up. >> as jennifer pointed out, he said that he has flown the flag for 10 years every friday and during ramadan. >> he knows. >> but to him it is not -- there was no isis 10 years ago. >> or was there. one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. >> where did you get that from? >> the movie. >> coming up, are gang members the biggest threat crossing the border? the deadlier threat are people in costumes. first, a word from our sponsor. >> tonight's sponsor is box-o-mystery meat. it is a box of mystery meat. it could be beef, panda or wool imam moth. the only thing we know is there is a meat surprise in every box. thanks box-o-mystery meat.
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all right, even our greatest foe can come and go. he crossed the border dressed as osama bin laden. the administration officials said the border is secure. his stunt made a statement. or as i like to call it, a
12:33 am
stuntment. i am going to phrase how easy it is for terrorist ghosts to enter our country. >> i am james o'keefe and i am right in the center of the mexican-american border and i see no border patrol and no security. thousands of people have stood in my foot steps right now and they have come from south america and honduras and guatemala and they have all crossed the border. if they can cross, anybody can cross. i am here today to ask you, do you feel safe?
12:34 am
>> if i was fleeing my country that would stop me from going. i have to cross that? i will just go back to my bed above the liquor store. i want to go to the person who can speak most knowledge uh blee about this. did you really not see a single border patrol agent? >> not in that area and not for miles. >> not for miles. >> we crossed five times. four in plain clothes. i was actually more afraid of the people on the mexican side and we could see people, maybe cartel members. it was scary being down there. >> what do you say to the critics which it is a typical criticism that it is doctored and there may have been people -- i think gawker said you were a few feet from a border patrol person and stuff like that? >> there was no one around. they will always criticize me. the fact that there are 12 million people in this country
12:35 am
illegally is test meant to what we proved. there was no one around and walked halfway to i-10 and it is shocking and shows that the border security is national security. >> did it shock you? >> i know you say in the video you walked the six miles to i-10 without incident. were you wearing the bin laden mask the whole time? >> no. there was a point we were walking through the desert. i had a cameraman and there was white border patrol vehicle and we tried to walk toward it and flag him down and he drove away. the sheriff we interviewed said there is no border patrol in the area. there are catwalks you can walk across the river and i don't think anybody knows they exist. i saw cnn play the video so people are seeing what is going on. >> to me, i wasn't surprised a white guy with a film crew wasn't hassled by the border patrol. >> i guess i should just keep doing it over and over again. >> let me do it. let me go across. >> i won't even let you cross
12:36 am
49th street. >> the mexicans would have arrested me. >> it is painful to show how easy it is for fugitives to escape to mexico. >> like i said, maybe i will go down dressed like hillary clinton with the moo-moo she wore. >> no because hillary needs a walker. it is clear she could never do that. >> my question to you, james, you know cancun and cabo exists, right? why go to this part of mexico? i have been to mexico many times and i never saw the dirt river. >> i thought the rio grande was wide, but it looked like a drainage ditch. >> you thought you were at the rio grande? you were actually in a muddy ditch. >> i thought it was kansas. >> and would it kill you to bring back a pack cemg across the -- package across the border? >> be a mule. >> there was $30 million of cocaine and marijuana and heroin. >> where is the room? >> they are going burn it. >> what about the otc
12:37 am
percocet? you can fit a year's supply under that. >> i guarantee you one thing. they are not burning those drugs. >> yes, all burnt, chief, all burnt. >> i will get rid of them. yeah. >> the sheriff makes like $30,000 and they are good guys. they are texas law enforcement. only the border patrol can arrest these immigrants. something needs to changing in washington. >> joanne, what is your reaction to the video being an expert on the border. >> of course. i think a lot of the focus is on amnesty and giving people refugee status and people and it is a matter of not how we react to the people who come, but we need to react more and focus on keeping people out like terrorists. i am not -- that's not -- that sounds bad. >> keeping out potential
12:38 am
terrorists. >> you are hearing some stories about gang members and cartel and these people are coming in. >> they have been coming in. >> i should just stop talking. this is a problem where i think if we throw money at it and if we get more border security, then scary people like you won't be coming in. >> the sheriff said he needs basically one guy per mile to secure the border. that's not a lot to ask. if they want to spend billions, they can certainly put one guy -- >> hire mexicans. >> i always thought once you cross the border they say, okay, put this on. now watch the border. >> you see a guy come across and turn around a and say you can't come. i now work here so don't blow this for me. >> that's the solution. >> the fact we are having this conversation is the reason why i made the video. >> have i to tell you -- have i to tell you swree been having it for two years. >> cnn showed bridges no one
12:39 am
has ever seen before. the mainstream media is forced to cover this now. >> crazy. >> we have to take a break. more stuff is on the way including my favorite story of the night, robot butlers or rutlers. does it matter at this point. "not cool," have you ordered it yet? it looks beautiful, doesn't it?
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12:43 am
they will take your order and then your job. a new study shows half of the u.s. employment could eventually be replaced by computerization. it is already starting at a star wood hotel in california which is testing out robot bellhops. check out these sex machines.
12:44 am
>> that really showed me on that [bleep]. that is butler, the robotic butler standing three feet tall and slightly shorter than me. it can fetch guests everything from towels to toothpaste to snacks. there are kinks to work out including one disem bowelled an elderly guest and strangled an innocent farm girl off a greyhound bus. they claim that robots will not be replacing employees, but they would say that, wouldn't they? >> is this your solution to the border problem? >> that is exactly the solution. what this eliminates is having a few dollars in your pocket and you say i have to give this person two bucks and now you have a robot. >> i stay in hotels all the time being a stand up comedian and don't bring that to my
12:45 am
room. the last dude will fall over it it. i already know the remote control is swimming in dna. >> now i have to bleep that twice. >> maui have four. jay now we have four. >> i will put do not disturb on my door as soon as i get there. i don't want your towels and i am relaxing. >> would you rather have a human touch or robot touch? >> a human touch. i don't mind robots. i may be able to use robots in my undercover work. i may learn from this. i will send robots to the fundraisers. >> i like how you used every topic. >> that's my mission. >> joanne gnaw, do you still have to tip a robot? at some point they are going
12:46 am
to want it and they will make you feel bad or they will come back. >> i wonder if the tipping is different. it says how is my service? how is this today? will they take a short survey? just give me my towels and go. i think this is a good idea for the simple tasks. i hate when i call down and i need more champagne flutes. i get them an hour later. by that point i have drank out of the bottle. people are lazy and slow and they don't understand my need for what i ask for. >> greg, the last thing i meed is robots walking around saying black people don't tip. >> you know what would be great? if robots became comedians. then they could joke about white robots. >> have you heard the one about -- shot up. shut up. >> i tried to get a cab, but they wouldn't pull over for me. >> and then i turned into a cab. >> andy, where is this going?
12:47 am
you could tip robots, but -- like paper clips. something made of metal. >> the cool thing is if you give it a positive review it does a little dance. if you give it a negative review it tass you in the genitals. the first time it is at a drug person's room it will be the last time it is used. >> and they are experience sigh. >> they are expensive. they are thousands of dollars. >> i think you have your next halloween costumes. >> i understand you just assaulted me. the real tragedy is that they teach robots how to make beds who will walk in with me when i am in a shower naked? >> oh i don't seem to have a towel. can you hand me your robe?
12:48 am
>> i stand in the shower for hours waiting for a chance to see. >> they can't arrest me then. >> you meant to do that. >> i must go. you are disgusting. all right. coming up, kevin kostner made out of butter. dreams really do come true. and do you have videos of animals? send them to at fox eye.
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>> coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye," it is testosterone thursday. i like that picture. >> e block. last story. that's the last story. >> so before we get to the story i want to talk to sherrod about your amazingly successful pod cast. what is it called? >> race wars. he was just nominated for writing on the amy shoe man show. but we named it race wars because we want people to listen to it, but if you listen to it, we don't want easily offended people
12:53 am
listening so we named it race wars. if you listen to it and get off fended who will you complain to? we are protecting our intellectual property. >> how many people are listening now? >> about 30,000 a week. >> that's great. >> it is crazy. i didn't even know what a pod cast was until the white man brought it to me. i kid. >> how come you didn't call it a sherrod cast. >> you know what? we may have to use that. >> you need more jewish friends. >> tell me about your guests. >> audi lange. greg gutfeld is coming through. >> i haven't been asked, but i would be happy to do it. >> on fox people are funny coming off of fox. >> we have to get approved. you never know. >> so it is white people on white people. it is a great pod cast. a lot of comedians on there. it is fun. >> and me. >> and you. it is a fun show. >> i am still waiting for the
12:54 am
invite. >> i told you months ago to come through. >> have you gone through the channels? >> lovely girl. >> with the hat? >> i it is funny. >> it is on itunes and sound cloud. thank you, greg. race wars, go now. pick one up. >> let's do this story. i can't believe he is now butter. field of dreams premiered 25 years ago and to celebrate somebody made a sculpture of kevin kostner out of butter. his likeness contains lactose. it is being featured at the iowa state fair. she watched the film repeatedly to get the face right. frankly it churns my stomach. >> how did you know if it was the real kevin kostner? the answer is it is not in the awful movie. >> james you are a huge critic. how would you grade that work? >> i am a huge critic. i mean, i am trying to compare
12:55 am
it to the guy who has sex every day. it is pretty creative. this is where they basically determine who will be the next president. >> why couldn't you use butter sculptures? >> i was thinking of my under cover work. >> send the butter sculpture to the epa meeting. and then as it melts abort! get out! >> butter sculptures to the border. >> that it was tupac's first album. >> is this disgusting or art? >> this is disgusting. her hands have been all over it. you can't use that butter again. you can't donate the butter to anyone. your grimy hands are smearing all over it. >> andy, what do you think they will do withtter? >> this is perfection. kevin kostner is an american treasure. we are all lucky to be living
12:56 am
and he made draft day and jack ryan and shadow recruit better than they were. >> did you see those movies? >> i did. >> i love kevin kostner. between that a and there is nothing more american than artery clogging butter this is perfection. >> if you ever meet the real kevin kostner you can't say i can't believe it is not butter? >> we used that in the story. >> did you? >> what person would you want to see sculpted in butter? >> it looks like grand paul to me. >> i don't know. >> i wanted a sculpture of butter of lou daabs. but i still don't think that would be as smooth as the man himself. >> lou is always smooth. >> was he made from salted or unsalted? >> that is nonof your business. we have to go.
12:57 am
joe app -- joanne, sherrod small. that does it for me. i'm greg gutfeld. what did you say? race wars. >> race wars, baby. every week. sound cloud and itunes. there is white people in there too.
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that doesn't even make any geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. perino along with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, greg gutfeld and eric bolling. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >> secretary of defense chuck hagel made an alarming announcement about the terror threat posed by isis. >> the people of iraq, the country of iraq is now under threat from some of the most brutal barbaric forces we've ever seen in the world today. it's a force in a dimension that the world has ne


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