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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 18, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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m the bad guy? you threw a fish at us, so, yeah. yeah. coverage for land an now, that's progressive. tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye," should we ask hot model what's to do about isis? and how will they know we don't have the answer if we never ask? we pick up where special report left off. and how well does the vice president know the letters of the alphabet? >> i think i can name them all off the top of my head. let me say that again. i think i can name them all off the top of my head. >> and finally, what is more adorable, a sleeping puppy, a newborn cheetah cub or both happening out together? mike baker settle itself all next. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight jie. and now let's welcome our guest. she has more wave than a surfer in a hurricane.
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i am here with joanne nosuchunsky. that's weird. some like breakfast. some like dinner. my favorite meal is a camille. camille foster, co-host of the independents week nights on the fox business network. if you don't have it, you don't have it. he is a bit of a hothead which goes great with his hot legs, abs and chest. am i right, ladies? mike baker, former cia operator and maker of diligence soft soap and deter -- detergent and soft soap. when you think somebody is under your bed, they are. and you will be dead soon. and andy levy, sentinal, when you want to know what diligence did with your money, think sentinal. we have hacked into diligence's system and and know where their funds are. we will get uh full refund.
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sentinal. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. it keeps getting better. >> how are the numbers looking for sentinal? >> they are up. >> up is good. >> aye -- isis and ebola are taking a tolla. there is shrinking support for president obama's policies. according to a fox news poll, my favorite kind, 58% of voters think things have gone sideways including almost half of democrats. meanwhile, 35% believe everything is going to be all right, to quote jimmy cliff. that's right, the spread eve -- of ebola and these are all concerns for americans, but we will focus on one tonight in our new segment -- new york
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city officials are so worried about causing widespread panic, that 9-1-1 dispatchers are banned from saying ebola over the radios where the media or anyone can hear it. instead dispatchers must use the code letters f/t as in fever slash travel. if there is an outbreak the supplier of body bags is ready to step in. with the company saying, quote, we have more than 100,000 bags on hand. well that's good to know. what should you do in times like these do? here is my plan. >> panic has never been so adorable. the world is going hell in a hand basket. can you blame them? it is not like it is going to heaven in a foot basket. >> i think that will start
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catching on. it is serious. it was my father who is the best man you would ever meet. everything was going to a hell and a hand basket. i can understand why people would say that. i don't know we could go back 30, 40, 50, 60 years to find this many crisis happening at one time. it was bad enough the economy situation in the islamic state, and then you had ebola. you can understand the angst people are feeling. it is over blown to some degree? sure. unless you are going to get hit by ebola the same you will get hit by a bomb from an islamic state. collectively when you get these things starting to pile on and the russian crisis and china pushing back and the feeling we don't have the place in the world we used to have, it makes sense. >> camille, i made a list here, 2014 i believe, is the worst year ever. it is a wedding cake of catastrophe.
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it started with malaysian airlines 370. and then you had the flight 317 and then isis and then ferguson and the whole immigration thing where everybody showed up on our border like surprise. and then we had the secret service guy with the guy running on to the white house. and then after all of this stuff is going on, isis is cutting back and with more beheadings, and you have ebola. is this just because we are embedded in this crazy news cycle or there is something happening. >> i don't know there is something happening. one cuban missal crisis is a hell of a lot worse than everything happening simultaneously. >> we can all look forward to that. >> you are saying that is worse -- >> i think it is facialing nuclear uh. laying -- facing annihilation over two people being sick and one person dying from ebola. >> well, in this country. >> yes, but even in africa there are things that are going to kill far more people
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than ebola. there are horrible things they deal with on a regular basis like ma rare yaw. malaria. in this country we have big problems. we were talking about this. there are infections you can contract in the hospital that are likely to kill you. 70,000 people will die from that this year. >> sepsis is a blood born disease. >> sepsis is an infection in your body from something. >> everybody gets it in the hospital and i know nurses can say you are a stupid idiot. it is not sepsis. >> i don't think it is one. it is an infection you have inside of you. >> how did we get into this? >> we jumped to the conclusion that you are an idiot. >> they have, believe me. i am not allowed in most hospitals. joanne, what keeps you up at night, isis eerks bow law and what -- ebola and what might you wear? >> it is actually the room spinning that keeps me up. optimism doesn't resolve
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problems so that's why people are harping on everything because we want solutions. golf also doesn't help. a lot of these democrats who are saying that they think everything is going to hell and a hand basket are realizing that while hope and change is great you can't hope for change. you vote for change. i think we are going to see some of that in the elections coming up. >> you are right. what you said about pessimists, they are happier than optimists. they get stuff done and optimists sit and say everything is going to be all right and then they die. 9-1-1 dispatchers can't say ebola. so -- but now when they hear f/t. >> if you are trying to avoid panic, don't tell us the code. it defeats the whole purpose. the interesting thing about the poll was they didn't actually ask people if the country -- if the world was going to hell in a hand basket.
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they said what do you think of the world? 58% of people just said, i think it is going to hell in a hand basket. it is bizarre. you don't suspect that. >> there was a write in section. >> i can't for the life of me imagine why so many americans think the world is going to hell in a happened basket. hand basket. isis, are they crossing the border or are they already here? >> if you talked like that you would go much farther in tv. >> instead you are stuck in a rut. >> i can talk like that the whole show. >> i think you should. that's what i do. jane had a great point. there should be a bar called hell in a hand basket. that way you could say where are you going? hell in a hand basket. they said we were not alarmed enough about ebola. >> given what we know, you should have no concerns about ebola at all, none, i promise.
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unless a medical professional has contacted you personally and told you of some sort of is po expotion sure -- sort of exposure, fear not. do not listen to the words on the television or read the words on-line. the people who say and write hysterical things are being irresponsible. >> he has a point, doesn't he? >> and it makes sense. yes, it is a concern. i think it is more of a concern in a sense of how the cbc and others, who are dealing with it. >> you are talking competence, the concern about competence. >> right. if anything this is a test run for that day when likely there will be a major issue we do actually get spun up about. and we should be concerned about the way the cdc -- the cdc said this whole situation in dallas has caused us to analyze how hospitals are dealing with infection control. it just dawned on them that maybe that is something they should be thinking about.
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>> are we, and when i say we i mean camille, hipocrites? you are a libertarian. >> yes. >> you shouldn't be expecting anything competent from the government. >> i generally speak and i don't. in this case, what i think should happen with the cdc, i don't want to see a guy get fired. that would not play indicate me. you take the cdc and you narrow the scope of things that you are actually asking them to do and you make things really, really simple. if all they are doing is disseminating information it sounds like a good idea. if they are busy putting together security theater or weird thermometers at the airport when it is not likely to stop anything, i am less interested. >> instead of developing programs like how to defeat video game violence. that's the problem. quickly i will go around the table. i like doing that. it makes me feel like a real host.
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before we got to the show -- what is the show called? he is considering an a ebola czar. who is your choice? any reason why? >> i like the names. >> that's why you will never be in a position of power. >> say what you want. i am sick of people call mongering and making people feel a sense of calm when they really shouldn't. >> it is easy for him to be calm in that giant studio. actually by the way, it is not even on earth. >> we haven't seen him in six months. >> and he lives and feeds off you blood. i don't know what that is. what do you think, joanne? what is your czar? >> kirk cameron. he has a face we would like to look at and hear speak. >> there is a lot to clues
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choose from -- choose is from and kirk was an original choice. thoughts? >> i would go with brian cranston. i loved him in "breaking bad" and i think he is available. >> i think he is. what about you, camille? >> most influential man in america, kanye west. >> he would be great. >> people would listen to him. >> there would be no if, ands and big butts. >> we have an ebola czar. >> the surgeon general? >> no, there is a woman who works for hhs whose job is to deal -- >> she must be ticked off. >> and nobody has seen her since it started. >> maybe she is busy working. >> she might be. >> you know who my choice is? vladimir putin. that's a thought. you know czar, russian. that's the depth of my
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thinking on "red eye." i don't think very much. not at all. the mouth moves and nothing is going on. totally empty thinking of unicorns and rainbows and chocolate soup. a man with a tan required a fan. was there a ban? check out my van. >> what? >> pretty nice. the florida governor rick scott refused to debate democratic challenger charlie chris on wednesday. that worked. yes, it did. charlie chris had an electric fan under his podium and he didn't like it. >> let me explain what this is all about. the governor has asked to have a fan, a small fan placed underneath his podium. the rules of the debate that i was shown by the scott campaign say that there should be no fan. somehow there is a fan there.
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>> full disclosure. i keep a small fan under my death. it is a german fellow. >> he was later asked why he would bring a fan knowing it would cause a dispute. >> why not? is there anything wrong with being comfortable? scwhrieng there is. >> there is nothing wrong with being comfortable. not at all. good point. he has long been a fan of portable fans and traveled with them since 2000 when he ran for education commissioner. after the date they tweeted a picture of the rules he signed saying he added a note saying debate host will address any issues with a fan if necessary. scott's campaign disputed the cause and saying they were not notified charlie had taken the stage. other states held giewber gnaw gubernatorial debates this week. in vermont, the garden state.
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>> that's our fault. >> i know. >> in vermont, the candidates focused on important issues. >> second of all i would reinstate all of the rest areas on the state highway that he has removed. one man told me he has diabeteses and he has a right to work under the americans with disabilities act. he needs to go to the bathroom once an hour, but he can't because there is no restroom for 74 miles on 89 and he works for the state highway transportation. peter, you are going to face a big lawsuit from -- a class action lawsuit from the state of vermont foreclosing down rest areas and denying your own employees the right to go to the bathroom. you are uncivilized. >> you are awesome! by the way, that is the best argument to tell police officers when you keep going to rest areas and you are alone and you are
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loitering as i often do. mike, i'm your smallest fan. what is wrong with rick scott wanting charlie chris to play by the rules? >> i don't see this as an issue. if he was showing up without wearing trassers and he had some benway balls attached to the nickers, that's something to talk about. but the fact he has a fan to keep his packaged cooled -- am i wrong about this? it is not up here. is that what it is for. >> i assume so. if it is under the podium it is blowing cold air on his johnson and maybe it helps him think. i am looking it up now. >> it is a powerful fan. i think it deals with flop sweat. >> you don't have flop sweat down there. >> anybody sweats on "red eye"
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is called flob sweat. ask you meal, is this the candidate you want, someone with a fan? >> no. you have to respect a guy like that, a guy who requires a fan. he is not even doing anything exhilarating. he is talking. >> maybe it just feels good, joanne, and what is wrong with feeling good? >> he says he wants comfort. i think anyone else can just take off their pants behind the podium. you are behind the podium. no one is going to see it and the temperature is very important in debate. i would worry about -- i think this is a crutch for him now. he says he has been using this for years. i wonder what else he does. does he always need like the same pair of socks? does he recite the alphabet backwards? >> have to touch something 16 times. did i do 16 yet?
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it is true i have little things i do before each show as andy will tell you after i'm dead. that's the deal. which will be in 2020. the rules, no electronic devices. why should the safety blanket be an exception? >> i have to say, greg, you know this about me. i like a breeze. i like a man who enjoys a good breeze. i think he went too far when he unzipped his pants and said my boys got to breathe. it is things like this, this is a really, really tight race. and things like this can make a difference. it is a shame that one of these guys has to win. >> it is the truth. >> i may have to add that both candidates look like they are members of a futuristic cult. they are tall, skinny men who
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are -- they all look like they belong to a cult that chases a comet. >> rick scott is an observer from "fringe." >> there is a third party candidate in this case. he is polling 8% libertarian. it is ridiculous that in a debate that is dominated by a fan that it didn't get to participate. it is unfortunate for the voters of florida. >> but willy does not use the fan. >> thank god for libertarian candidates. thank you, camille. >> and a lot of studies show they pull equal amount of votes from democrats. >> i don't read studies and i don't want to read. why should i change my opinion based on fact. they change every day. i don't trust them. mike baker teaches us how to murder a manussing only -- murder a man using only toe
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nail clippings. look at all these children.
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they all lost their lives because of preventable medical errors, now the third leading cause of death. only heart disease and cancer take more lives. proposition 46 will save lives with drug and alcohol testing to make sure impaired doctors don't treat someone you love. safeguards against prescription drug abuse. and holds the medical industry accountable for mistakes. i'm barbara boxer. let's save lives. vote yes on 46.
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neil young says the u.s. should be fighting climate change instead of islamic terrorists. lend me your ears, ear lenders. >> our army and our armed forces are the biggest co2 providers into the -- it is amazing and yet we are fighting isis. >> what do you think about that? >> we are fighting these wars against these organizations and their carbon footprint has to be like 1% of our huge army and our navy and all of this stuff with all of our big machines. we are doing more damage to the earth with our wars. >> let me get this straight.
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if your carbon footprint is small it doesn't matter if you are raping women or beheading ingnaw sent -- innocent people. thank you, neil young. maybe he should stop rocking in the free world and start in the islamic state. a new law in the netherlands will allow a dutch biker gang which is the best three words i heard to fight alongside the kurds. three members of the gang no surrender traveled to syria and some posed in pictures with kurdish fighters including one identified as ron. that's where he went. neil young is not awesome. let's listen to neil performing one of his hit. ♪ >> we didn't have to do it.
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camille, are you not a big fan of war, but is this a good argument against it? >> it is not a good argument. can i vote none of the above? >> you can. >> no isis intervention and no global warming nonsense. >> typical libertarian. >> it is the impulse that leads you into both things. maybe a little restraint and forward thinking. perhaps there is not a great deal of prosperity and maybe, just maybe trying to bomb guys that are fading into the local population and into the stone age is not a great idea especially as soon as you start they seem to be able 20 recruit more guys on the back of that. sons like a bad -- sounds like a bad idea to me. >> i am assuming you agree 100%. >> how do you agree with that? >> i had have hard time hearing camille with his head so far up his ass.
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where should i start? i am con flicked it on the story -- conflicted on the story. i have respect for you and you are extremely smart i have a lot of respect for your feelings. with neil i am con flicked it because i like neil young's music. his comments are just non-sense cal. but not unlike every other celebrity who thinks he can talk about this without taking the time to study. if somebody has an opinion and they feel well informed and they have taken the chance to think about things, fine. the opinion will be different. we have to learn to deal with it even though you may think they have their head up their ass. i think neil is way off base here. we have a problem there. if we are happy with having an islamic state with territorial
11:27 pm
integrity and we won't mind what it will deliver down the road, then fine. let's draw the curtain and say we are done. we will kill with it at some other point. we will have to deal with it and it will be ugly down the road. i understand we are all fatigued, but hoping it will go away and say let's let them sort it out is not good sound national security policy. >> so you say it will be worse now or later? >> i am con flicked it because i think war is easier later because they will all be in one place. if there is an islamic state and then you can nuke. right now you are chasing them all over the place. i want to go to andy. use your bleeding heart of gold to defend neil young. >> i think it is cool. neil young is taking a brave stance. he says he doesn't like war.
11:28 pm
i give him credit for that. probably the kurds and the iraqi christians don't like war. isis didn't ask their opinions. if neil young can get it out there that war is bad and isis willisen, they will understand that -- isis will. >> he is doing a tour out there. >> he is hitting the major sites. >> i am tired of neil young. what happened to neil diamond? jay if anyone is talking about what is good had for this country it is neil diamond. >> he should be the ebola czar, neil diamond. >> i think we can understand that. >> that's why you only date musicians. >> or they lie to me and say they are. >> they are healers and breakers. >> they are not even really musicians. >> they certainly play me.
11:29 pm
>> i am laughing to keep from crying. >> if you were an instrument what kind would you be? >> i played the claire net -- claire ron net growing up. coming up, professional clowns are angry, but enough about msnbc. oh that was too easy. tonight's sponsor is owl's. they are our target demographic. you thought it was insomniacs, you are wrong. "red eye." it is for the birds.
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their red noses are out of joint. professional clowns are condemning the show "american horror story" over a killer serial -- serial killer. they don't always listen to that. maybe they do. twisty the clown stalks people with scissors and holds children captive in an old school bus he just seems eccentric, but you be the judge. >> what the hell is this? >> you didn't hire him? troy?
11:34 pm
troy? >> well it looks like most of my birthday parties. the president of clowns international is stating that we will not support in anyway, shape or form anything that adds to clown fear. he said if hollywood producers depict clown as evil he will murder all of them. sir, sir, sir, excuse me. that doesn't help your cause saying you will kill them all. >> sir, sir, with all due respect. >> i think there is already a pin head on that show. by the way, there are throwing pins. these professional clowns, do they have a right to be upset? >> no.
11:35 pm
clowns are terrifying. i am a thorough libertarian. i hate clowns. clowns are evil from ronald mcdonald to the guy from ed. it is all bad. that was is scary and i don't like it. >> it opens up a lot of other complaints, joanne. if the clowns are angry what about harry people? if they see werewolves and whatnot? if one character is a murderer -- like if a machinist is a murderer in law and order, does the machinist union complain? >> oh yeah. you have to apologize to everyone. this season it is freak show. they are showing lots of different groups of minorities and they will have to apologize to the tallest woman and shortest man and aren't we all freaky? >> i am a freak. i am a freak.
11:36 pm
i do think that clowning is an art form. a lot of actors have to take clown classes and it is a dying art unfortunately. i don't see evil clowns the same way i do talented clowns who study the craft. >> it is interesting you call it a craft. it is not. it is a dying art. it is one of those things where like older people do it, but they are not -- maybe they are not transferring it to younger people. it is like being a magician. you don't see a lot of magicians except the [bleep] that wear ed hardy shirts. >> you are not talking about chris angel. >> no. >> let's assume you aren't. >> aren't the clowns a cliche hollywood plays off of? why aren't there more positive clown role models? >> that's an excellent
11:37 pm
question. i interested find this topic interesting. i spent eight and a half months under cover as yucko the clown. they are going declassify it and i talked about it on the independence. so there was an interesting perspective and i understand why people are fearful of clowns. we terminated a lot of people in that operation. i wouldn't let my kid spend anytime with a clown if that is what you are asking. >> that smeared the whole clown industry. clowns are unnecessary. think about the old days when you had no television and no phonobraphs. a guy -- phonograp hs. it was like the moment there were motion pictures you didn't need anymore clowns.
11:38 pm
stand up comedy. who needs a clown? who needs a clown, andy? who needs a clown? >> don't we all need a clown in a lot of ways, greg? a couple things. one i would like to point out my sources know what mike baker was doing was not sanctioned. >> did he use the word rogue? >> he used the word rogue. >> the problem is you can't take this guy seriously he is a clown. >> who hired the clown. they say they are having a clown protest. on the other hand there is nothing scarier than a bunch of protesting clowns. you expect them to start breaking out axes. >> but then they are right. they are absolutely right they are being stereo typed. >> not all clowns, greg.
11:39 pm
that's what we need to take away. >> all terrorists are clowns, but not all clowns are terrorists. that's our conclusion. >> have you ever dated a clown, joanne? >> i have to think about it, but no. >> a magician? >> oh yeah, stole all of my money. >> did he steal your heart? >> no, i held on to that. >> it would be great if she woke up to these giant oversized shoes next to her bed. >> i was so misled. >> you are going to have to put that nose back on or something. >> wake up and there is make up on the pillow. by the way, i like this "american horror story" as is a show, but i don't think it is square re. scary. what they are doing is picking stuff we have already been told is scary.
11:40 pm
they are in mental hospitals with the second or third season and do haunted houses. they are classic. most of the stuff that scares you is not that. in the dark, noises. that scares me. but nothing like this stuff. it is frightening. the stories we did a couple nights ago, not square -- scary. >> a couple seasons ago they had adam levine in it and that was scary. >> we are making adam levine jokes. i think we have done enough. ebola makes you more conservative. haven't we had enough of this story? "not cool" order it on-line. back in a moment. first here is what is coming up on tomorrow on the independents. >> hi, guys tomorrow night we have a special show called i'm skeptical. whether it is ebola, isis, global warming and voting. there are reasons you shouldn't believe everything
11:41 pm
you hear. and that handsome andy levy and others will see you on the independents.
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can't make jokes about it, make pie. is easy llama phobia -- islamaphobia a scamaphobia. it is serious stuff.
11:45 pm
author sam harris who was asked to be on red eye who turned us down after saying yes and then turned us down was critiqued for his statement on the bill maher show. the publication asked him what he thought of the word islamaphobia. he said islam is not a race, ethnicity or nationality. he said they are ideas. it should not beacon fused with an anamous toward people. and yet it is done strategically as a means of shutting down conversation on important topics. camille, what do you make of the argument? it is a social construct and it is an anti-seem might -- anti-semite. there are plenty of people who do that mistakingly you can
11:46 pm
also bow correct that easy llama phobia like racist is the thing you deploy in order to disrupt conversation. you ought to be able to criticize a set of ideas on the merits of those ideas. it doesn't mean there are people out there who view islam in the same way they would view judaism and are anti-seem mights. >> if you disagree with ideas how is that phobic. >> they are distinctly different. i am reluctant to call someone a bigot until they have demonstrated it in the most explicitly as possible. when they come out it is to disrupt conversation. >> that happened with mike in the grown room. the the green room. >> it was really, really, really awkward. >> it was the whole black face. >> that is not a clown face. >> that's for tomorrow's show.
11:47 pm
>> i get dinged for the movies. i'm sorry. >> you really are -- >> you get scared for life. if islam had certain doctrines about jihad and the treatment of women and gays how is it easy llama phobic if you called them out on it? >> i look at this from an operational perspective. i am not smart enough to look at it in a theoretical concept. if extremists whether they are islamic extremists or belief system, if they are engaged in terrorism our job is to hunt them down and terminate them. i don't find it bigoted. i find it operationally sound. i spent so much of my life overseas, i know that there is a lot of muslims who are traisk and wonderful, wonderful people. and i know there are others who we should just get on
11:48 pm
after. i don't deep think any of this and that's where i get lost. i was following the first five seconds. i started thinking about clowns again. i am not a person to talk about this. i had uh plot of angst. so with something like extreme mitch, i could give a [bleep] 3w islamaphobia. >> you said, mike, kill that person. >> all right. no problem. >> by your logic, joanne, you would be an excellent cia agent. >> is that who keeps calling me? >> it is the guy who says he is from the cia. >> unless he says a musician. >> i agree with camille. now people view that as
11:49 pm
completely intolerant. all squares are rectangles, but not all rec tanged are squares. not all muslims are jihadists. there is not a global islam because views differ from different areas of word. islamaphobia is a word we don't use. we shouldn't use it. >> there is an error in viewing terrorism from the religious belief. when guys are leaving the uk to fight in jihad and order copies of islam for dummy, that tells them something. >> i won't jump on anybody's time here. >> too late. >> in the old days of terrorism, you don't have to talk about how scary it is dealing with the red army, november 17th, and we forget that this has been
11:50 pm
around a longtime. i'm sorry. i hear the music in my ear. sorry. i didn't mean to quash. >> not all muslims. >> not all muslims. >> pink
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a single ember that escapes from a wildfire
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can travel more than a mile. that single ember can ignite and destroy your home or even your community you can't control where that ember will land only what happens when it does get fire adapted now at
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factor 8:00 p.m. eastern.
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we have stacy dash and the return of john devore. remember him? >> no. >> e block. last story. that's the last story. >> his pink panties are all in a bunch, andy. a man is suing the delaware surgery center for damages after waking up from a colonoscopy in a pair of pink underwear. been there. he was a victim of a prank carried out by colleagues. don't get your colonoscopy where you work. while under anesthesia they put on the underwear. he said he suffered emotional stress when they did not take care with respect and not engage in extreme and outrageous conduct. if you are going to get a colonoscopy go to a different center. >> you are not even supposed to date people you work with.
11:55 pm
and don't [bleep] where you eat. this guy forgot not wear his panties before the operation. he woke up and he was like, oh god i shouldn't have worn those today. now they all know. i better sue them and claim they put them on me. >> it is an interesting conspiracy, joanne, what do you think? >> i don't think that's the case at all. why would a man want to wear really comfortable, beautiful, silky -- because it touches the women's underwear. >> his friends could have waxed him clean. they could have taken pictures. >> that's an interesting legal argument. they didn't chop off your general tills. camille would you press charges? >> colonoscopy? didn't katie couric get one done on the air? why were you asleep? >> they usually put you out.
11:56 pm
>> not katie couric 1234. >> she is a strong woman. >> was she awake? >> she was talking. women are different because they don't have colons. >> andy, that is not right. they don't have stomachs. >> i couldn't sleep through a colonoscopy. >> they gave me funny stuff and i laughed myself to sleep. much like our viewers do every night. we are fox news' colonoscopies. you got the last word to say you big hunk of poop? >> who hasn't woken up -- >> i did a seven and a half month operation in women's under wear. agency in romania. >> why is it romania? every time you go there you webbed up in -- dash waking up. >> don't sue your friends though. >> they are not colleagues.
11:57 pm
they #r co -- they #r calling league. i feel em -- embarrassed. -- hu
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starts next. >> are we trying that hard to keep ebola out? and should the government impose a travel band? can republicans take control of the senate or blow it? they are 25 miles from baghdad. is isis capable of taking iraq's capitol. and houston mayor pastor's sermons are fair game. i say game on. ♪ >> good evening, and i am mike


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