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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 31, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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into 9/11. >> harris, stick around for the after the show, show. go online, go to and click on the after the show, show and we'll talk to some of the children. have a great day. >> see you tomorrow. >> bye. martha: thank you very much, you guys. today donald trump heads south of the border. he will meet with the president of mexico before giving what is being billed as an historic speech, laying out his immigration plan as he now sees it. vice presidential candidate mike pence is here to talk with us about it. that interview in just a moment. welcome to "america's newsroom," i'm martha maccallum. gregg: the republican presidential nominee accepting an invitation by the mexican
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president. he said tonight he will try to clear up his immigration policy. >> hillary clinton's immigration policy which brings in illegal immigrants and refugees to take jobs from our hard-working african-american and hispanic citizens, instead of providing if free healthcare and jobs to millions of refugees from around the world that we have no idea even where they come from. we should rebuild our inner cities and provide jobs to struggling americans who have been struggling for years and years. >> that on the immigration speech for tonight. joining us is republican vice presidential nominee and the governor of the indiana mike pence. governor, it's good to have you with us. the reports are there was some
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dissention in the ranks of the trump campaign whether this visit to mexico who has been highly critical of the candidate was a good idea. did you agree from the outset this was a good idea and were you in on that conversation? >> i couldn't be more proud donald trump is demonstrating the kind of decisive leader he will be as president. we got an invitation last week. both presidential candidates received an invitation from president nieto. donald trump being the leader he is. then the midst of when he's about to give an historic speech on immigration in america. he's going to go to mexico and begin a dialogue with issues we differ on, issues we'll insist they come to the table on, and
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also issues of common issues. the president of mexico was elected in 2012 committed to take on the cartels and to deal with the drugs and the violence around the drug trade. i think donald trump and president nieto will talk about the issues they agree on. they will talk about building the wall, the physical barrier to ends illegal immigration in this country. martha: there are reports there were some in the trump camp who thought this was not a good idea given what he said about mexican citizens and given the president of mexico has compared his to
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mussolini and hitler. >> when mexico sends its people, they are not sending their best. they are sending people that have lots of problems, and therm bringing those problems with us. they are bringing drugs, they are bringing crime, they are rapists, and some i assume are good people. i'm going to stop heroin from coming into this country and there will be big repercussions. i'll get the government mexico to stop it or they have got problems. martha: we got now comments from the former president vincente fox who said he's not welcome in mexico. he said we don't want him, we reject his visit. i don't know why president nieto has offered him this opportunity. >> i'm glad the current
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president of mexico has a better attitude about the man i believe who will be the next president of the united states of america. this is a great opportunity for a current world leader and future world leader to begin to sit down and establish the kinds of relationship that will enable to us have a dialogue about all the issues we are dealing with. if the common issues of drug trafficking and stopping illegal drugs into this country. the human trafficking that's happening. and i think donald trump will make it clear we want to begin the process of renegotiating nafta and making sure trade agreements are to the benefit of the american worker. today is more about a relationship. what you are seeing in high relief is not only the decisiveness of donald trump, but also you are seeing someone who doesn't come from a background in politics where i
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guess hillary clinton is still processing whether or not she is going to go pore when she is going to go. donald trump gets an invitation to sit down with our neighbor to the south. he understands all negotiations begin with relationships and that is what's going to begin today. i expect in 69 days when donald trump is elect the president of the united states. these two men will have an opportunity to move both of our nations forward toward law and order. ending the drug trade and in the united states ending the flood of illegal immigration that's harming our economy. it has brought violence to the streets and tragedy to too many american families. martha: in terms of decisiveness. clearly, i think this is a move that will make many people think it's presidential to sit down and start talking with the mexican president who is the
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current sitting next can president. i don't know how much credence people will give. he has been criticized about his stance on immigration. give us insight into what we'll hear tonight. it sounds like he has to stick with the wall building. even with that warm if it takes a electronic or natural form in some sections of that wall. the area that sees where there could be compromise is the 11 million. how you divide them up and where you start with those people. give us your thoughts on that. >> i want to let his address in arizona speak for itself tonight. i'll be joining him at that forum. but you should get ready for more of the same. the same principles that donald trump put the issue of illegal immigration at the very center of the national debate. it will be articulated again
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today. he will lay out a firm commitment to border security, to internal enforcement, to ending sanctuary cities. and, you know, i think what's interesting about this meeting with the president of mexico today is that we have a saying in indiana, good fences make good neighbors. making sure we have a wall, making sure x have a secure border is actually the beginning of a more honest and more successful relationship with our neighbor to the south. i think your viewers should anticipate a strong speech committed to ending illegal immigration. you will hear donald trump make it clear we are going to prioritize getting people out of this country who have in addition to being here illegally have violated our laws. but with regard to the process itself. there will be no pathway to legalization.
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no pathway to citizenship. people will need to get in line and leave the country to do that. >> people who -- if the tomorrow crime they committed is to be here illegally. will they be able to stay. or will they have to go back and gain reentry? >> i think donald trump made it clear there will be no pathway to citizenship, no path way to legalization. people will have to leave the country to get in line like everybody else. i know the focus on this issue and i respect that. it's a fair question. but when i talk to donald trump. his focus is on the american people. his focus is on families in this country in ohio and indiana. illegal immigration has been suppressing immigration and costing jobs.
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martha: i think you will find agreement across the country that criminals should never ever be in this country. it's the people many here have ripped with who have been here for a long time, who haven't committed any crimes. those are the people at the center of this and perhaps republicans need, definitely need, their relatives, certainly, to vote for you and for mr. trump. what are they going to get out of this speech tonight, are they going to get a hand extended to them in any way that might make them more comfortable voting for the two of you? >> i think you have seen donald trump reaching out with compassion and humanity to minority community in this country. that's going to continue. through the speech tonight and in his visit to detroit later this week when he meets with african-american leaders. make no mistake about it, of what we do going forward will be
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donahue mainly and with the compassion of the american people. but the principles underpinning this. upholding the rule of law and the constitution. those will be unchanged. that's what the american people including the latino and hispanic community and every community in this country want to see. illegal immigration has cost jobs and resulted in lower wages for americans. and too often as fox reported very clearly, it brought violence to our streets and brought tragedy to american families. martha: as you well know, there are a lot of white women voters in the suburbs who have lost -- who are -- who lost confidence in the candidate. there are people that no doubt are watching this speech tonight closely. they are watching the detroit
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visit next week looking for a measure of confidence in the candidate and in you. that is an unusual outreach. what we'll see in detroit and perhaps tonight. he has to thread the needle with nose voters. how are you going to succeed with those voters? >> i think we are going to continue to speak about the priorities in this country which are security and prosperity, and the supreme court. and having the highest ethics of integrity in the highest office in the land. donald trump is going to speak from his mind tonight. he will lay out that plan to end illegal immigration, be a nation with a strong and secure border, with a wall. we'll end sanctuary is. we'll have an e-verify system. i'm confident you will also hear the compassion donald trump has for families in this country. the deep compassion he has for
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latino and hispanic and african-american families who have been paying the price illegal immigration in lost jobs, opportunities, lower wages and too often heartbreaking violence that cost american lives. the american people want to see a leader who will take a strong stand. we have been talking for 5 years about dealing with illegal immigration. donald trump made it clear he will make it a priority of our administration. we'll end the flood of illegal immigration and reflect the compassion of the american people when we get that done. martha: it will be an interesting day between the historic visit to mexico and the historic speech. thank you very much. gregg: more problems for the hillary clinton campaign. the department of state releasing another batch of new
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emails related to the attack in benghazi, notwithstanding repeated claims from clinton that all the emails were turned over. we'll have that and much more still ahead.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. gregg: the f.b.i. set to release a report on the hillary clinton email investigation in response to several freedom of
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information act requests. the f.b.i. recovered 30 emails related to the benghazi attack. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge live in washington has been following this story. reporter: hillary clinton signed this statement under oath last august, telling a federal judge she handed over all or government-related records. but we learned there were at least 30 from benghazi that were found after the f.b.i. did a forensic scrub of hillary clinton's server. we don't know if the emails are duplicates of what's already out there. but if they are new and they were deleted by clinton's team. it could reopen the benghazi debate. clinton told her daughter chelsea it was terrorism and
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told the public that a video was to blame. the federal judge questioned why it would take so long, given the number of records, and ordered the department to update the court next week. gregg: it's not just that she signed a document stating the emails had been turned over. she also testified under oath and said the exact same thing, i learned everything over. now suddenly it's not true. the f.b.i. found additional emails, right? reporter: they found 14,900 recovered as part of the f.b.i. investigation. and what's also interesting is we are anticipating that at some point this week portions of the f.b.i.'s investigation into hillary clinton's email practices could be made public. but our contacts are emphasizing the review is ongoing and the
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expectation is that file will not be released today. president obama's spokesman said they are not involved in the process. >> i have seen those report and i can tell you the white house did not consult with the f.b.i. about that decision or any of the other decisions they made in terms of handling the investigative material. reporter: media outlets filed a freedom of information request. it will likely include the f.b.i.'s recommendation to the justice department against filing charges. the clinton campaign has welcomed the release of this file after a series of what they say are selective leaks about the interview. and this week we also expect a more of clinton's schedules from the state department to be public from that time when she was secretary of state.
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gregg: the 302 will be interesting. if f.b.i. agents never asked her her intent, how could the f.b.i. director determine she didn't intentionally mishandle classified information? reporter: these files will have sections blacked out or redacted for security reasons and personally identifiable information. this will add fuel to the criticism of the investigation that it was not thorough when you can't see the line of questioning. martha: three major storms threatening the united states right now. we'll tell you where that extreme weather is heading next. questioning * w -- gregg: we are hearing the many 911 calls made in orlando. we'll play some of these 911 calls for you tonight. >> we were leaving the car.
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gregg: a fox extreme weather alert. people in hawaii bracing for hurricane madeleine. but the track could shift and make landfall. it would be the first time since 1992. a tropical storm warning for part of the gulf coast in florida it could become a hurricane by the time it makes landfall there later this week. >> get ready for more of the same. the same principles that donald
6:26 am
trump put the issue of illegal immigration at the center of the national debate. they will be articulated again today. he will lay out a firm commit to the border security, to ending sanctuary cities. martha: governor mike pence on what we can expect from donald trump's speech. he also announced a surprise sit-down with mexican president enrique -- nieto. what do you think of it, governor. >> i think he's someone donald trump will be able to sit down with and talk about the challenges we have.
6:27 am
mexico is the number one trading partner for texas. this is a very important economic issue as well as a national security issue. i think it's very wise for donald trump to accept this invitation to sit down, start a dialogue and i suspect it's going to be very progressive. martha: hillary clinton said i met with him before, and i'll meet with him again with it's appropriate. do you think she is rattled by this? >> they are rattled by a lot of things. including this email that is literally putting our young men and women's lives in jeopardy. this email verges on criminal. martha: the f.b.i. reviewed it.
6:28 am
jim comey came out and said there is a lot of reckless behavior, but there is no intent. >> i disagree with him. martha: how is this going to affect her, given this decision. >> comey has a lot of explaining to do. the clintons were clearly trying to hide this server. they did not want that information in. and for comey to stand up and make excuses for hillary clinton is absolutely and totally unacceptable. for a man who prided himself on being top law official in this country. i would suggest the man ought to resign. >> this will come up in the debate a environment. i would imagine. if it doesn't come up, donald trump will find a way to bring it up. what is your advice for him? as he goes in there.
6:29 am
he said he's not preparing in a conventional way. he's not drilling with briefing books and she doesn't need to. >> i don't necessarily buy that hillary clinton is the be all and end all and this incredibly wise individual. she has been around and she knows how to talk around issues and deflect and what have you. but at the end of the day, it's going to be about her record. he will bring up benghazi and he will bring up these emails. he will bring up a host of issues. and i would suggest to you going all the way back to whitewater, going back to the beef cattle trading futures. going back to travelgate. when you start thinking about the drama this country has seen from the schin tons and reminding the american people, is this what you want the next four years? i don't know what the federal
6:30 am
judge will find out when they start look at those. by the won't be somebody like f.b.i. director comey who i think has some skin in the game somewhere to protect the clintons at this particular juncture it's an extraordinary failure on his part. martha: governor perry, thank you very much. good luck with your daughter's wedding which i know is coming up. gregg: isis is vowing revenge for the death of one of its top members. what the terror group is saying about this high-profile killing. martha: new clinton emails have been found and are believed to be related to the benghazi terror attacks. how could they be part of the personal information that was deleted by hillary clinton. as the f.b.i. repaired to release their report, what questioned did they ask her when she was in saturday afternoon.
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martha: we are hearing some of the heartbreaking 911 calls that were made during massacre at the pulse nightclub in florida. the orange county police department released 20 recordings including from those who took shelter in the bathroom. >> i'm hearing gunshots all over the place. >> did you find out what bathroom she is in?
6:35 am
martha: awful. what a night that was. 49 innocent people lost their lives before the suspect was shot and killed in standoff with the police. the attack is the worst mass shooting in american history. gregg: the f.b.i. recovering 30 emails related to the benghazi attack in the hillary clinton eminvestigation. those emails were not part of the thousands previously handed over to the department of state.
6:36 am
clinton said she only withheld and deleted personal emails. joining me the assistant attorney general under president george w. bush. we'll get to her representations which may or may not have been true. the public is going to get to see this f.b.i. file. their investigation into hillary clinton's emails. what might be there. >> i think it's a good thing they are making this available. i know my reaction and the reaction of a lot of americans where he heard director comey's statement. his ultimate conclusion didn't seem to match the fact that he established. i think what we are going to see in this release which apparently could occur as soon as today or the next few days, is the interview notes and the witness summaries that would give more insight into what led director
6:37 am
comey to make the determination he did. >> it's a crime to intentionally mishandle classified information. trey gowdy has seen the report, the 302, and nowhere in there does the f.b.i. ask clinton her intent. how could comey have concluded she didn't intentionally mishandle classified information? >> that's one of the things that jumped out at me when i heard congressman gowdy's remarks. when you want to find out a witness' intent you say what were you thinking? what did you know when you engaged in the conduct you did. it will be interesting to see from the interview notes and the 3. >the -- and the 302 what exact i they asked mrs. clinton.
6:38 am
gregg: it's also a crime to handle classified information with gross negligence. gross negligence is extremely careless. did comey draw a distinction without a continues and did that tell you the fix was in? >> it certainly raises some suspicions. that's why i think it would be helpful for all of us to see the actual evidence before director comey was before he made his decision. he madhidecision in the wake of a lot of suspicious conduct including bill clinton meeting with the attorney general at the airport. gregg: hillary clinton swore up and down in a federal court and before congress that she turned everything over and that's not true. here is what she said. >> we turned over everything.
6:39 am
i turned over every work-related email. >> we turned over 30,000 emails. >> we already released 30,000 plus, what's a few more. gregg: now we know she didn't. did she lie? >> she'll have explaining to do if there are regular haven't emails concerning benghazi that were never released before. she said in court, in public and a variety of different contexts that they did a thorough search and now we are learning that may not have been true. gregg: the benghazi attorney has
6:40 am
sent a request for areferral. >> we have seen evidence that they used a sophisticated device to wipe these emails clean. it appears they did everything to put the emails beyond the peach of man or god. gregg: not only purge are you befor -- not only perjurybeforen of evidence. martha: donald trump will head south of the border ahead of the immigration speech. will he stick with the hard line policy? gregg: the two presidential candidates gearing up for an epic showdown. >> i never debated before professionally or as a politician because i was never a
6:41 am
politician before. according to everybody i did very well in the debates i participated in. [cellphone vi] do you want to answer that? nah, i'd never with a kid in the car. it's ok. i'm not here. [phone vibrating multiple times] i'm there.
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to get it there. because when you ship with us, your business becomes our business. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. priority: you martha>> he insulted the moderas and his opponents. i want to take it seriously and talk with what we can do and how important it is. but you have got to be prepared for wacky stuff that comes at you. >> i don't know if it's make or break. i am the one that survived. i enjoyed the debating process.
6:45 am
martha: new details on how donald trump and hillary clinton are getting ready for the debate. clinton's team is apparently researching donald trump's deepest insciewrts in an attempt to exploit them to get him to erupt on the debate stable. they are speaking to the ghost writer for his back to "the art of the deal." could all of these leaks just be both sides playing games with each other. we have ed rollins and joe trippi. welcome, gentlemen. you have both been in these kind of rooms where there is debate prep going on. hillary clinton's folks are using a psychologist to see how
6:46 am
i respond to women and how he might go after her. >> she'll basically want to do a traditional debate prep. she has a great deal of knowledge. mr. trump has to be careful. you can't cross the line when you are debate ago woman. he's a much bigger physical man. she had a debate where the opponent crossed the line and essentially damaged himself. he will be treated differently. he won't be front and center this time. it's a shared stable and historically debates reinforce those who support the side. martha: it will be a very different environment than he had in the primaries where he had a whole bunch of people on the stable. a lot of times we discussed
6:47 am
afterward he hung back a fair amount. he would come out with a zinger and land his attack on somebodyt one-on-one with he and hillary. what do you expect the dynamic to be and what do you expect from him? >> i think it will be a much, much different environment for him to debate in. as you pointed out, it's a much different thing. he can't let four other candidates get into a fight and sort of let him drop back and come in for the kill like he was able to do over and over again in the republican debate. he's going to be front and center the entire time. so there is like really can he sustain that? can he have enough detail? the other thing he was able to do the zingers and pull back and let the others fight over the details. that's not going to happen here. the other thing about this. no one goes in telegraphing what
6:48 am
they are really going to do. the big question in the second debate is was reagan too old? they didn't telegraph he was going to walk in there and deliver one of the most memorable lines in debate history, which is i'm not going to go after my opponent for his youth and experience. even mondale laughed and it was over. the whole question went out the window because they went in to effectively address it. trump needs to address some of his negatives with humor. >> he has a sense of humor. he will not be frightened by the stable. traditionally candidates walk in and they haven't faces anything like this. he's used to being a showman. my sense is what he can't do is overstep. he can't make a big substantive mistake. so my sense is he has to spend
6:49 am
more time in prep than he might talk about and he will be just fine. martha: the word is he's not doing traditional debate prep. he does want laura ingraham to play hillary clinton and come at him with jabs. is that wise? should he put himself in that forum? if there is a substance vacuum. if he gets asked something and embarrassed he doesn't know the answer. that's a potential problem for him clearly. >> that's going to be a big problem. i think he should get used to something like laura ingrahm coming at him. that might be helpful for him. he may make a mistake in one of the debate preps he can learn from before learning it in front of the american people in terms of hillary coming after him. but you can overprepare, too. dick gephardt.
6:50 am
we gave him six different ways to attack. and on his first question he delivered all six of those attacks against the frontrunner. none of us thought he had been paying attention in debate prep it's a difficult thing to prepare somebody for one of these things. it's not easy. >> as this race closes up, the first debate will be very, very important. martha: great to have you here. thanks a lot. gregg: a nearly 14-hour long standoff ending in the arrest of chris brown. if you follow him on social media, you know he did not go quietly.
6:51 am
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gregg: singer chris brown is out on bail after a woman told police he threatened her with a gun. brown was posting on social media the whole time. adam housley has more on this. what happened yesterday? reporter: let's start with -- he has been bailed out of jail on $250,000 after he was arrested. a 14-shower standoff that didn't end until a search warrant was served and brown came out. it started with a phone call at 3:00 a.m. tuesday morning from a woman at a party outside hits home. she claimed she had you a gun point at her. cops responded to the scene and it took that long period of time before brown came out. during this entire time brown did decide to post messages on instagram where he ranted in foul language.
6:55 am
>> stop playing like i'm the villain. you get the warrant or whatever you need to do, you will walk up here and you will see nothing, you idiots. reporter: there are reports this resulted in an argument over jewelry. the person he had the argument with said she refused to sign a non-disclose sure agreement after seeing a piece of jewelry in his house. she had charged filed against her and grand larceny. >> i have been telling you girls over and over again. he pulled out the gun and said get the f out of here and threatened me. that's when i just left. reporter: brown was released after posting the bail. gregg: what we remember quite
6:56 am
well is brown's rap sheet. altercations, everything from hotels to recording studios, bowling alleys. night clubs, especially. it's hard to keep track of it all, isn't it? >> this is just part of it there. obviously rhianna was the biggest one of all. since that time in 2009 when he was convicted on assaulting her. february 2009. that's when he saw the girlfriend rhianna turn herself in to police. 2015 a woman filed charges on assault claiming she was thrown off brown's tour bus. a lot going on with him. we'll see how it plays out. gregg: i have got 17 on my list. we'll have to compare notes. martha: donald trump announced a surprise sit-down with the
6:57 am
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and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. martha: donald trump is going to sit down with the president of mexico hours before he gets his big beach on immigration. some have said it will be historic and on landmark . words like that being thrown around about this speech tonight as we welcome you to our two of america's newsroom area. bill: i'm greg jenner in for bill hammer. accepting an invitation issued over the weekend by president enrique pena nieto of mexico.his running mate mike pence telling us last hour the meeting will be a dialogue concerning their differences but also their
7:01 am
similarities. >> at the end of the day i think today is more about our relationship. the relief here is not only the decisiveness of donald trump but also you are seeing someone who doesn't come from a background in politics where i guess hillary clinton is still processing whether or not she's going to go or when she's going to go. donald trump gets an invitation to sit down with our neighbors to the south, he makes a decision to go, to sit down because he understands all negotiations begin with relationships. greg: correspondent john roberts is live in phoenix. he joins us now, john? >> greg, good morning. senior republican leadership is looking at this trip as an opportunity for donald trump to look presidential. president nieto issued two
7:02 am
invitations last friday, on to the donald trump campaign and one to hillary clinton. donald trump jumped on it in a few days and hillary clinton has been saying you know, we don't need to go to mexico because we talk to them all the time, we will do it when it's appropriate but in the last hour or so saying we look forward to meeting with president nieto at the appropriate time. it will be interesting or at least it would to be in that meeting because these are two men who have said unkind things to each other or about each other's country, nieto saint trump was a mussolini type character, donald trump saying he was to renegotiate nafta, using their government of sending criminals across the border and of course the signature issue of the campaign saying he wants to build a wall and mexico is going to pay for it. you might remember that a vote response from the mexican president, he dropped the f bomb in talking about donald trump and his plans to build a wall. sing a short time ago trump is not welcoming mexico prompting trump to tweet that
7:03 am
he was railing against my visit to mexico also invited me when he apologized for using the f bomb. on bill o'reilly's show in may, trump said he thought it would be a great idea for trump to come and visit mexico. here's more of what mike pence said is likely in store for the meeting which should be in three hours. >> it will enable us to have a dialogue about all the issues we are dealing with. the commendation of stopping drug trafficking, stopping the importation of illegal drugs into the country. they're going to talk about the issues they agree on but i'm sure beginning conversation about that wall , our commitment to build the wall, physical barrier, the obligation we want to see to end illegal immigration in this country. >> the initial plan and this could change is after the private meeting, the two leaders both give personal statements and then take questions from the media. all of this hastily arranged, that plan may not come to pass though we hope it will because it would be great to see that your people together .
7:04 am
reporter: greg: they're all our poll numbers that things are looking up for the trump campaign, is that cheering them up on it? reporter: it's a combination of a little bit of good news, little bad news. in the washington post poll for donald trump, bad news for hillary clinton. this looked at their on favorability ratings. look at this. hillary clinton's latest number when it comes to on favorability, 59 percent. that is an increase of six points earlier in august. donald trump standing at about 60, he's even. among women, hillary clinton's unfavorable ratings have gone up nine points. she's now at 52 percent whereas donald trump's numbers have gone down to 65
7:05 am
7:06 am
7:07 am
7:08 am
obviously if president nieto says he would like to see humanitarian concerns addressed as people are being returned to their home country of mexico, i'm sure mister trump will say yes, we will do everything we can to families together instead of removing them to their own country but at the end of the day, mister trump has promised the american people we will start enforcing our laws in a serious way, something we haven't been doing for the past seven years. >> one last question about the will wall because it used
7:09 am
to besort of a high wall that went all the way across the border. now there's talk of a different kind of wall, what kind of wall in your discussion with him you think would actually happen ? >> my expectation is that he intends to build a physical wall, we already have a virtual wall. we have sensors spread across the border. martha: he talked about electronic technology so does that concern you when you hear him say things like that? >> know because i've been to the border and there are a handful of places where the actual land lies, you may not be able to put a traditional 30 foot high fence but you can still use the structure of the land. taking the contrast to that with the rio grande sector, there you have a 75 yard wide river and there's nothing on the american side, not even a barbed wire fence or a fencepost, you canliterally climb the bank and you are in so we have to get serious about building these barriers . martha: chris kovach, thank you very much.
7:10 am
>> great to be with you. martha: we will have full coverage, this will dominate today really, his speech on immigration comes tonight. that starts at 9:00 eastern on fox news channel so we will have previews to that and talk about it afterwards as well and also this big meeting with the president of mexico and i hope as john roberts suggests there will be a q&a after they get together because that will be something to watch the eight it would be refreshing because both sides might put their own spin on it which could arguably in the inaccurate. we could start to learn more about the fbi's investigation into hillary clinton's private email server. sources telling fox news the agency may release files from the clinton case sometime this week. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live in cincinnati with more on this.what do we expect? reporter: greg, what we expect is we will receive
7:11 am
these notes known as 302 notes, they are the notes from hillary clinton's interview with the fbi in july before james comey announced he was not going to be pursuing or recommending charges against her or that the case be pursued against her. what is interesting is the campaign has been pushing all along for the unprecedented release of these 302 notes because as they say, they don't want congress to have those notes and cherry pick the information they leak out to the press which they say is what's been done so far so again, the release of these notes comes as the result of a lawsuit by several news organizations, we learn the notes could be released as early as today, greg weston mark. greg: jennifer griffin live in cincinnati, thanks. martha: the state department finding even more of hillary clinton's emails and this batch had some emails about the attack in benghazi so
7:12 am
senator clinton has repeatedly claimed all of her work related emails were already turned over. were going to talk to hillary clinton supporter glenn davis coming up, plus this . >> they are sending people that have lots of problems and their bringing those problems with them. they're bringing drugs, their bringing crime. they are rapists and some i assume are good people. greg: that was donald trump last year slamming illegal immigrants from mexico. we will take a look of all trump's statements and see if his position has changed or softened. martha: a random act of kindness from a college football player that turned on mom into a fan for life. thick around for this great story coming up after this.
7:13 am
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7:16 am
has revealed new information about the nearly 15,000 hillary clinton emails they received from the fbi. they believe that 30 of those appear to be related to the 2012 benghazi attack. that's despite the repeated claims from the democratic nominee that she had turned over all of her work related documents when she was secretary of state.
7:17 am
>> we turned over everything that was work-related. every single thing. personal stuff we did not. >> all i can tell you is i turned overevery work-related email in my possession . what we turned over were more than 30,000 emails that i assumed werealready in the government system. >> my emails are so boring . i'm embarrassed about that. >> we've already released, i don't know, 30,000+ so what's a few more? >> any day this is for a special counsel to bill clinton and he joins us now, good to have you with you today if you would excuse me let me remind you in the previous foundation, the congressman and donald trump are not using the expression deportation force and 18 million people sent home. watch how they are avoiding that subject and the congressman should somehow be asked why did you not mention
7:18 am
deportation force and 18 million people which is what trump said to jebbush, to all the republican candidates read . martha: we will see what he says and get back to that. in the meantime, she said she turned everything over, clearly she didn't turn everything over, what's going on here? >> i hope to quote james comey to answer your question and james comey answer that question by saying anything she didn't turn over, she believes she had turned everything over was unintentional. that's the same james comey that republicans like to quote . they also have to listen to him when he says she was truthful in the interview with the fbi and she didn't intentionally withhold any documents. martha: here's what we know. the state department says 30,000 emails that may be related to the 2012 attack on benghazi are among the thousands of hillary clinton emails that were recovered during the fbi's recently closed investigation into the private server. we need to see those, lanny
7:19 am
and now we're being told it's going to take a month for the state department to go through 30 emails to redact? you coulddo that in one day . >> first of all, hillary clinton said from the beginning they published all 30,000. she's also said, and i challenge every republican to call the congressional committee that's receiving these notes to do the same, she wants everything published in her notes in the fbi notes today. martha: why didn't she call the state department and tell them to release all in them today? it hasn't happened. >> along, you're asking me about hillary clinton. the state department is reviewing this with multilayered people who have to view what is classified and what should be released, what should be. you're asking about hillary clinton. she wants them all published. all 30,000 martha: she has no quarrel
7:20 am
with the state department, i guess . >> she's been trying since the day she released these emails. martha: but these are clearly not personal. it's a cat and mouse game and more and more it just keeps coming out and we were told everything was personal, it was red wedding related and yoga related, i haven't seen one single thing that was any of these area she has no pole at the state department to release these any faster? >> you're a great interviewer and i respect you. i answered your question, she's asked the state department to release everything from day one, not just recently, all 30,000. she wants the 30 released immediately because your republican print congressional committees who have examined the facts on benghazi said, and i'm quoting, hillary clinton did nothing wrong. remember, republican intelligence and armed services committee were included that hillary clinton did nothing wrong. that's a fact.
7:21 am
martha: the fact remains that she had her own server but she was doing government business on that server. she said she wouldn't do that if she had to do over again but these things keep coming out through the fbi investigation. there continues to be more and she laughs about it on jimmy fallon and says what about a few more, what's the harm? we will release a few more. >> let me respond. martha: it's obviously an issue. >> let me respond. you are correct saying the fact that she would do it all over again, she would rather not have a server. according to james comey, that is until any evidence of hacking on that server and we know the state department ... martha: it's likely somebody did have access to it. >> the word lightly was followed by no evidence yet so there's speculation unlikely. here's what we don't have to speculate about. we know the state server
7:22 am
which everyone says she should have used which she says she shouldn't use has been hacked by the russians and chinese compared to her own server which you have to speculate, mistercomey did, likely notdefinitely . martha: wherever she did state business, that's ours. belongs to the people of this country . >> she has said she probably ... if you're 50 or over, what comes to mind when you think about healthcare? understanding your options? or, if you're getting the care you need? at, you can find helpful information about healthcare options. leaving you more time to think about more important things. like not having to think about healthcare at all. surround yourself with healthy advantages at
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greg: fox news alert, big storms targeting different sections of the country right now i had of the labor day weekend. heavy rain and high winds expected in florida tomorrow from the tropical weather system there and thousands of miles away, the hurricane warning in effect for hawaii as back-to-back systems turn toward the big island. hawaii preparing for what could be the first hurricane to make landfall there in years. rick is following it all from the fox weather center, hey
7:26 am
rick. >> september 10 is the climatological peak of hurricane season so we are two weeks away and we have a lot going on. there's gas on, we're not worried about that, tropical depression number eight that and then this thing flaring up across parts of the bill. we've been watching this for two weeks now, some waves that came off africa and it's finally getting itself together. you see a lot of the storms right here forming with this and that was one we are going to watch. there's tropical depression number eight pulling away from land, it's going to bring rough beaches, rough seas across the shore especially into the carolinas
7:27 am
so not a great day with that but down across parts of florida we are already getting rain, very heavy around the tampa area comes up some spots over six inches of rain and the center is very far away so we have a lot of rain to come yet ahead with this storm. over the last couple of hours it's getting it back together, still called tropical depression number nine. that will become later on today and the next advisory in about half an hour. this is the track that you see tomorrow evening, landfall around the big bend of florida. this is not a very populated area of florida but around it there's certainly from tampa to orlando up to jacksonville, we're going to see a lot of rain, some inland flooding and possibly a few tornadoes as well. you always get that with the tropical system. the center of this tracks closely along the georgia, south carolina, north carolina coastline and potentially even towards new england into the early part of next week. you will notice one other thing, that tracking across the coastline means this weekend, a big weekend at the beaches for so many up and down the eastern seaboard. for many it will be very problematic. greg: i see a couple of
7:28 am
routes towards new york and boston. >> we are less certain about what happened here, we will continue to track that. greg: thanks very much. martha: donald trump speaking out about our borders. >> our border will be protected. our children will be safe. martha: that was from last night and we are going to hear a lot more from donald trump tonight. has he changed his position since the beginning of the campaign and if so, how? we will talk about that coming up. greg: and mysterious signal reaching earth from outer space. is somebody out there trying to tell us something? let's feed him to the sharks! squuuuack, let's feed him to the sharks! yay! and take all of his gold! and take all of his gold! ya! and hide it from the crew! ya...? squuuuack, they're all morons anyway! i never said that. they all smell bad too.
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and i found that at cancer treatment centers of america. at ctca, our experts examine a variety of therapies, treatments and technologies to identify a plan specifically for each patient. my doctor understood that who i am was just as important as what cancer i had. we talked about options. my doctor told me about a robotic surgery that was less invasive. we have excellent technology that allow us to perform very specialized procedures for patients who have lung disease. at ctca, it's all about what you can do. i feel fantastic now. exploring treatment options is at the heart of how we fight cancer. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more about our treatment options at appointments available now. . martha: as we await donald trump's speech tonight on immigration which will follow the meeting today with
7:32 am
mexican president nieto, we are going to take a look at donald trump's evolution in his own words. trump running mike pence told us earlier's immigration plan will offer clarity andtonight you will also see compassion from the candidate . >> donald trump is going to speak from his mind tonight. he's going to lay out that plan to end illegal immigration, be a nation with a strong and secure border, with a wall. were going to end sanctuary cities, were going to go doing e-verify system but i'm confident that you are also going to hear the compassion that donald trump has . >>. martha: cheap correspondent james rosen joins us from washington, good morning james. >> midmorning. greg: the question here? is whether this is one big flip-flop on the part of donald trump and my all conventional criteria, this
7:33 am
amounts to standard garden-variety flip-flopping. the initial talk of the deportation force and assertions of the feasibility of deporting 11 million immigrants living here has given way to more circumspect talk on allowing someone to remain here provided they pay back taxes and so on, all of which has drawn scrutiny this week and criticism from both left and right but it is always well to remember how unconventional figure donald trump is. in the kind of mind that exalts the art of the deal as the hallmark of managerial excellence, is more likely seen as maintaining the flexibility needed to reach deals and otherwise gridlocked settings. the gop nominee said of her other than flip-flopping the other night in talks with sean hannity. >> there can certainly be a softening because we're not looking to hurt people. we have some great people in this country. we have some great, great people in this country but we're going to follow the laws of this country . >> where going to build a wall and mexico is going to pay for the wall 100 percent. on day one i'm going to begin swiftly removing criminal illegal immigrants from this
7:34 am
country.reporter: many political analysis portrayed lenses to drive trumps softening to the tiredness of his poll numbers with this balance but this slipperiness with pool issues is hardly limited to immigration or issues near to hispanics. hillary clinton approach to immigration as racist but she has also zeroed in on the one element in trump's immigration policy that has remained unaltered. >> by the way, mexico is not paying for his wall either. if he ever tries to get built, the american taxpayer will pay for it . we will be stuck with the bill. reporter: of course hillary clinton who is herself proudly conventional political figure has notably done some garden-variety flip-flopping on her own on issues like the dpp trade
7:35 am
deal and the keystone pipeline. martha: this never happens, right? very unusual. thank you very much. greg: for more on this i'm joined by alan combs, host of the alan combs show contributor, brad blakeman joins us, assistant to george w. bush bush. brad, if trump's original promise which is or supporters have relied on that all 11 million illegal immigrants will be deported by president trump. over the last 10 days he seems to have backed off from that. if he doesn't make it absolutely clear where he stands on deporting people here illegally , he doesn't make it clear tonight, will that have been a failure of the speech? >> yes it will. he's got to be specific and lay out a plan in how he's going to accomplish what he sets out to do.
7:36 am
certainly we got a preview, sanctuary cities must end. under hillary clinton they will continue. we have to have a fair and balanced approach to our immigration policies with regard to the 11 million that are here. we don't have the assets, we don't have the personnel and will to round up 11 million people. we have crossed borders and we have worked for them so we have to have a pathway to legalization and i think donald trump will set that out. greg: first is going to meet with the president of mexico which prompted hillary clinton's campaign or communications director to issue this statement: what ultimately matters is what donald trump says to voters in arizona, not mexico and whether he remains committed to the splitting up of families and deportation of millions. allen, if he tonight says i'm only going to deport the criminals which means that more than 9 million undocumented workers get to stay in the us, will hillary clinton and democrats simply say you see?you can't trust anything he says. >> i don't know if what he
7:37 am
says tonight will make a difference. we played a clip of him talking to sean about how there's going to be a softening and the next thing he's on anderson cooper saying the opposite, it's a hardening. greg: do you think he will avoid it tonight entirely? he will talk about a wall, sanctuary cities, border protection but you won't say pacifically whether all 11 million will go he's got to say something. this is a signature issue. you could make the argument that lori has flip-flopped on a couple of things but he's flip-flopped on almost everything. the signature issue has not been just the wall but we're going to get rid of anybody here without documentation and we're going to keep peopleout. we're going to have a deportation force. we already have ice but i guess he was talking about a larger deportation force . greg: that means 87 percent, more than 9 million or not so the question is do they stay or go? is a clip from his running mate mike pence when he was asked that question and listen carefully, especially
7:38 am
to the last sentence. >> you will hear donald trump make it very clear that we are going to prioritize getting people out of this country who have in addition to being here illegally have violated our laws. we are going to get them out quickly but with regard to the process itself, there will be no pathway to legalization. no pathway to citizenship. greg: nobody's talking about citizenship or a pathway to legalization or any of that and he's dodging and deflecting here, he's not answering the question. do you mean criminals only get deported or not? and neither trump or pence nor anybody will answer that question hopefully those questions will be answered tonight. we know this. there are 11 million people here. some are people who absolutely don't want to remain here, some do and there's got to be a pathway to which they are going to be legalized, there has to be.
7:39 am
there's no other way to do it. we have to have a carrot and stick approach. we have to incentivize people do the right thing. we can't just rounded people up and send them away, it's just not going to happen but it will be a prioritized approach i'm sure where steps are taken. the question is what are the timetable given for those steps? greg: it may be clear as mud by tomorrow morning. allen, last question to you. you remember during the primaries that trump absolutely denounced and excoriated jeb bush and marco rubio for their own willingness to deport all 11 million. if trump doesn't stick to his original promises ... >> brad is correct, you've got to have a pathway to citizenship in the trump is saying they got to pay back taxes as he said recently, what is the incentive to do that unless that's part of a pathway to be here legally? you got to incentivize as brad has said.otherwise, what's the point?what's the process if you're going to get rid of whether it's nine
7:40 am
or 11 or 8 million, what's the process to get those people out ofthe country? and break up families if you are a family values candidate . greg: guys, great to see you. martha: college football player giving middle school students for lunch of a lifetime. this picture of florida state wide receiver travis rudolph is going viral. he and his teammates visiting the school tuesday when he noticed there was a boy with autism eating alone so he grabbed a seat and sat down and ate lunch with that little boy. the girl's mother responded on facebook, i'm happy to say it will not soon be forgotten. this is one day i didn't have to worry if my sweet boy ate lunch alone cause he sat across from someone who is a hero in many eyes. leah task is the mother behind that post and she will join us tomorrow to talk about this heartwarming story. just a small act of kindness that can mean somuch and i think that's lovely.
7:41 am
good for him. i look forward to speaking with his mom . greg: it's amazing all these other students are sitting away from the boy. martha: it's not easy being a kid sometimes so good for him for making that day easier for that little boy. greg: a big blow to isis. the terror group says a top leader killed by us airstrikes in syria. lieutenant colonel ralph peters is with us on that to talk about what it means or the isis future. martha: plus, it's no circus. clowns frightening kids in one southcarolina town. greg: clouds scare me . >> it scares everybody because that's your child, that's your baby. >> you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork. month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch.
7:42 am
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martha: there are reports that creepy looking clowns are trying to lower children in the woods and it sparked a frenzy in one town. police in greenville south carolina receiving reports suspicious characters with
7:45 am
white ace paint and colorful costumes, parents say they are terrified of what could happen. >> they came back and were like, it's a clown so everybody was like, no it's not. nobody not believing them. then they come back crying. so we was like, it must be something in the woods . martha: very scary. local deputies increasing patrols in that area and launching an investigation. greg: a fox news alert, what could be the death of one little girls wanted terrorists. isis officials now saying mohammed al-adnani is a strategist and a spokesman for the group was killed while serving operations in the city of aleppo. officials confirming an airstrike but could not confirm his death. the pentagon saying this, we are still assessing the
7:46 am
results of the strike but mohammed al-adnani's removal from the battlefield would mark another significant blow to isis. joining me to talk about it, lieutenant colonel ralph pierce, a strategic analyst and author of the dam of petersburg. it's good to talk to you this guy was effective at recruiting terrorists , propaganda, he was also a top strategic and organizational leader so how much of a blow to isis is this? >> in my view greg, this was the greatest blow to islamic terror since bin laden was killed. others may not agree but to me, mohammed al-adnani was the key, the head of isis had a regional vision but al-adnani to get global and to me, he was a combination, he was walt disney, steve jobs and karl marx rolled into one. let me explain that area he was the dark world walt disney in the sense that al-adnani, all these beheading videos, he knew what the audience wanted
7:47 am
before the audience knew it. compared to steve jobs because he realized the incredible possibilities of electronic media and finally karl marx because this guy had really dumb ideas and still found the global following. greg: 'scommunications skills were far superior to anybody in the terrorism world. he would issue for example these edicts to loan will attacks on westerners and just pick one guy out. here's one of his messages. smashes red head with a rock, slaughter him with a knife, throw him down from a high place, joke and poison him and he was influential , was he not, in precipitating some key homegrown attacks in western countries? >> indeed he was. he was a visionary and al-adnani was a multitasker. he was aspokesman but he was also the brains behind these videos. he was a master of rhetoric . to us it sounds less but to the young mentally dislocated
7:48 am
, socially dislocated young males he's trying to reach, knowing what he offered was beheading videos and the mass shootings and lately wanting captives alive, that went right to the heart of the islamic muslim movement. >> is there a vacuum for this particular key role and we've come to believe over the years that there's always 10 guys ready to take the place of one that goes down but is there somebody, a low-level official that has the kind of skill? >> that's the crucial question and the answer is we don't know. some positions of operational commanders, field leaders, i'm not sure there necessarily charismatic, they can be replaced but when you look at al-adnani's combination of vision and skill, going to be top.
7:49 am
there may be another jihadist waiting in the wings but i would see him honestly as harder to replace than albert dottie himself. greg:lieutenant colonel ralph peters, good to see you . martha: with john scott, let's find out what's going on on "happening now". >>. jon: we are awaiting several live events today including a visit to mexico by donald trump and the key speech on illegal immigration set for tonight. also hillary clinton's each to the american legion today about what her campaign is calling american exceptionalism. we got live coverage and analysis plus new polling suggests historical lows for both candidates popularity. and the new email involving ben ghazi is all i had on "happening now". martha: researchers are picking up a powerful signal that is being sent from somewhere out there in the stars. the theory behind where that is coming from next.
7:50 am
>>. [erie music] we have come to visit you in peace and in goodwill. relook.
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7:54 am
what is out there? joining me now, colin powell, science editor for aion magazine, good to have you here thismorning . >> good to be here. martha: something sending a single to us, what could it be? >> here's what got everybody excited area a group of russian astronomers working a telescope called the rattan 600 in the russian caucuses pointed it at the stars at the almost the exact pointof the son 94 light-years away and picked up a signal, strange looking signal that didn't look like a normal, natural signal so they catalogued it . hey, this goes into the weird file of things that need further investigation and then they sat on it because they didn't follow up observations, they were able to repeat it so we are actually getting this news a bit delayed. now the people arestarting to, other people know about it. they're starting to look into
7:55 am
it . and the good news and bad news, let me start with the bad news which is this signal is looking like this is probably not it, this is probably not the real deal. russians are backpedaling now and saying it may have been a signal from an on catalog russian spy satellite that passed through their field of view. the consensus is unfortunately this is not the alien signal from a faraway star system we've been looking for. good news is, if you get a false alarm at your house, that's when you get another alarm. we're setting up an alarm system for alien civilizations, you're going to get full salon when you do that and this is actually, it's unfortunate that this probably isn't the signal we've been waiting for but the exciting thing is, this
7:56 am
is part of a big step in finding these things and it comes at a truly exciting time, not just the signal but many pieces of news over the past couple of weeks that make us more optimistic about finding life in the universe. martha: so i'm a little disappointed because i would like to have not a bigger? in your story because i find it intriguing. what you are saying is we have a way to receive a signal if anything comes? >> right. what happens, there are a whole series of people looking right now and one of things i find interesting about this story is people always wonder if scientists catch the signal from outer space, what will they tell us what the world will government keep it quiet #the answer is it's actually very hard to keep these things quiet. the only reason that this news didn't come out sooner is the russians were trying to replicated it and were having a hard time doing it but it really was a signal. if it kept happening, other people would have seen this
7:57 am
right away so one important thing is if it's out there, were going to find the truth. martha: we will stay with that and be right back, stay with us. t sleep? t sleep? enough. take that. a breathe right nasal strip of course. imagine just put one on and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. so you can breathe, and sleep. better than a catnap. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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>> before taking his team to state for the first time...
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martha: we'll be back are reports on this mexican news conference with donald trump. jon: donald trump who kicked off his presidential campaign saying mexicans have brought drugs and crime to this country is ready to sit down with mexico's president. welcome to "happening now." i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee.


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