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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  November 12, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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hmm? think about that. ( chuckles ) >> present trump breaks down his trip by meeting with the australian prime minister. we'll go live where president trump is on the last stop of his trip. first, if you're republican senator you probably should watch tonight's show. you probably won't like what i'm going to say. let's get to the top story, the elite fight back against populism. welcome to the next revolution. this is the home of populism. the elites are out for blood. they want to crush populism and
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they've got all out to do it. we have to be smart to be back it started off with the election results with the leasing look at the scale of the republican losses populism has peaked they said. it's just old white men. hang on. populism is different to them bigger than the gop. it's about standing up for the victims and here they are. let's bring up the income chart. half the country saw their incomes go down with bush and obama. it hurt so people and young people. positive populism means a pro- worker, profamily, pro-democracy agenda to help everyone left behind. don't let the elites tell you it's a narrow negative movement.
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took a dark turn with the allegations against roy moore on thursday. it's obvious that this is a political hit job, plain and simple. the idea that this shows up a month after the election after they endorsed a democrat in the race. the idea that it's a coincident is laughable. if you read the original piece the reporters admit they were in alabama looking for dirt. if we are going to defeat the elites we have to be smart. men republicans are saying if the allegations are true then moore's a disgusting child molester who has no place in the senate. yes, jon lester's are the lowest
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of the low and have no place in our society. there's no way the truth will be proved, not next week, not before the election or before he takes his seat in the senate. all we have is his word against his accusers. for me we can let sean hannity settle it. more was rattling, incoherent and contradictory. if you read the testimony of his accusers any reasonable person would believe him. the elites desperately want to paint populism as pariahs, don't give them the satisfaction. for the sake of positive populism, roy moore should step aside. tell me what you think. follow me on twitter and tell me your views. let's get to our guests. and red senior
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contributor, karen davis. roy moore, what you have to say about that? >> i have to admit, i don't have that much original to say on this anymore. i wasn't following that closely in the first place. i think your monologue was excellent. the only thing i would add is that i'm nervous about which hand hunts and i hate pedophiles. at this point it's too late to replace the candidate. he could step aside or maybe we just let the voters. >> think there's potential ways of making this happen. like delaying the race.
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>> i think it's a sad day. number one, this is not the beginning for roy moore. he said more heinous and disgusting things. he's been on record saying gay people should have the death penalty put against them. so if his work words and language is limiting to a lot of americans. this is the icing on the cake of what is bad news for the people of alabama. it's my hope that every alabama whose apparent votes against the sky because he is a dirt bike. >> the point you make populism is true. if you look at the positions he's taken have to do with what happens to jobs and wages and things that joe president trump to victory as we argue all the time. it's a different set of
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positions. muddling it up with populism is wrong. it's that we have to separate that out. president trump didn't back roy moore. >> right. he batc back to mcconnell quote unquote pick. roy moore's going to be on the ballot regardless of his steps aside. a month ago we saw polls that he was in trouble. says something about the candidate he was before the allegation that he was tied with the democrats. it's because of controversial statements. delegations will hurt him and he could still win but he's gonna be on the ballot no matter what. it hurts the republicans coming out but there's really no place
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with the allegations being credible. >> your shaking your head at the notion he just might win. >> what if he does win? >> we've heard from folks in the senate that he would go to the ethics committed and he would be expelled. hopefully those would have a backbone and expel him. no matter how it comes about which have give the washington post credit for, it had 30 different sources. beyond the victim here there's 30 other sources. even if you discredit the victim. >> i suspect some of our viewers will be thinking it's a media witchhunt, i think it's important to read the whole piece. there details in there about the
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testimony that i think makes you think of course it's terrible if anybody can just trump up any allegation and derail someone's political career, and wreck their reputation. of course that is terrible. but read the whole story. >> am a big believer there's a big difference between allegations and truth. allegations are allegations and truths or truths. this story with 30 sources is clear where the truth is aware roy morris. >> i thought was sean hannity. >> that's when i started tuning in, i saw the sean hannity interview. these like have you ever dated a train teenager, i don't quite remember. that's not the answer to give
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when you're accused of molesting a child. >> so big election, not necessarily in terms of the scope but the impact on the elite and their argument that this populace phenomenon is all over in the fight back began. where do you think the political land after those results? >> i don't know this is the event for democrats to hang their hat on. let's just take the governorship for starters. i can't speak to all the ends and outs. but really connect chris christie who pulled the whack move by closing down the parks and then taking his fat behind to the beach with his family while people at the beach had to leave.
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>> so is very rare for one party to hold power once a term is up, he served his term, that was not a surprise that virginia is right next to washington, d.c. nobody can afford to live in d.c. anymore. they go to virginia. >> one of the things you said about the results was a scary thing for republicans was we saw the obama coalition, back what about the trump coalition that put him in the white house? the people who actually managed to come together in greater numbers? it didn't happen this week, but does it say anything about the midterms? >> gillespie did pretty well with some of the trump
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supporters in western virginia, there is not enough of them. virginia is a bad example to test it out if it's a way for democrats or not. the parts of the state that would be read in republican, lot have moved out. they been flooded in with elites, that turnout. >> but a lot of people just think whether they win virginia by five points are nine, 29 points is still the same number of electoral college votes. if the president trumps looking at 2020 does he have anything to worry about? >> i think it's too early to talk about 2020. but here's what we can learn from virginia. you have to look beyond the governor's race. when you look at populism it's a
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grassroots up type of race. so i look at the outward virginia, maybe 40 or 50 miles outside washington, d.c. you have sideshow bob who's been on the house for three to four decades. pushing for this far right of agenda. danica ran on bad traffic. she beat him overwhelmingly. the democrats finished with 15 different state legislator rights. the reason why is because democrats focused on the issues and the thanks for affecting virginia. the argument you've heard
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republicans make is that he wasn't close enough to trump, i reject that. you look at sanctuary cities, and virginia there is none. the second argument was ms 13. >> you're quite right. there's a lot of details on local issues there. thank you so much. still had a breakdown the senate tax bill and tell you why you still might be getting a raw deal. then were live in the philippines were present trump is wrapping up his trip stuff happens. shut down cold symptoms fast with maximum strength alka seltzer plus liquid gels. only have a sore throat?
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>> welcome back.president trumpd in bilateral summit with another visit to the philippines. the president is due to meet with the philippines president of the prime minister of india later tonight. john is traveling with president trump and joins us live. the president of the philippines is a colorful character. what is the meeting with him and present trump going to be like. >> that the british understatement.
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in america we would say highly controversial figure. he has been since he was elected a year ago last summer getting off to a magnificent start. with president obama where he called president told obama the son of a poor, causing president obama to cancel the meeting. he figured president obama would have words about the human rights record. since then things have gotten worse with the drug war. they're not claiming responsibility, but there's been killings here. some 13000 people involved in drugs whether dealers are users who have died in the philippines.
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we don't know president trump will bring that up in the bilateral meeting. if he does and brings it up and accusatory fashion, sports comply. there's been good cooperation between the united states and philippines, getting rid of isis backbiters in one of the cities which was alluded to in the opening statement. president trump did not come here to confront him. he needs his support with putting pressure north korea and the expansion in the south china sea. i think this is going to be more of a get to know you meeting. there's no question that america's looking at the philippines wondering what kind of leader is he and how is president trump going to deal with them going forward? >> steve: it's very important what you say, one of the other things that is come up in the
6:20 pm
past 24 hours is the meeting with president putin and russian meddling. president trump has been back and forth about what he believes. he's actually you actually spoken about that, what is cc right now? >> i've had an opportunity to talk to him a few times. he talked to me yesterday, he was leaving the hotel. we talked about the meeting with putin and he said it happened very quickly putin came out of the gate saying he did not meddle in the election. the president did not say whether he believed him. we talked about the statement to the press pool and he said i was us and i believe him i just say i think when he says that he really means it. but then i asked him at the press conference if he believes
6:21 pm
that putin said. he did not come out to say that but he said he sided with american intelligence. but the one thing the president told me is that he's trying to work with russia in this investigation going on it gets in the way of it. he's getting a bad rap in terms of his approach towards north korea. he said people think he's trying to start a word he said he's trying to prevent a war. >> steve: overall how would you say the president in the white house are viewing this trip? >> there looking at it as a success. let's go back to japan where they said japan and -- are behind the president 100% when comes to north korea and all options are on the table.
6:22 pm
the south korean president was prepared to stand soldier to soldier with him at the demilitarized zone. fog prevented the helicopter from landing. moon was there waiting but the president couldn't land. the president of vietnam is very happy with the president's trip particularly the language about the nation standing on their own not been a satellite of any power. they're proud people. in terms of those three countries things were successful. china was a bit tougher. president really didn't get anything above what he asked for. and then the russia distraction. that's been talked about domestically. were not hearing from leaders
6:23 pm
that president trump shot himself in the footer stepped over his own message. it's not really been talked about here. >> thank you. i will miss our sunday evening chats across the world. thank you very much for joining us. we'll show you live pictures of the president the philippines tonight. coming up, the house and senate each with their own tax reform plan. which will be better for working-class americans? what will we end up with? that is up next. lood pressure and need cold medicine that works fast, the choice is simple. coricidin hbp is the #1 brand that gives powerful cold symptom relief without raising your blood pressure. coricidin hbp.
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get the recipes at >> steve: we been clear on thess has to do this year was deliver on the promise to get the economy moving. you wouldn't think it the way the elite talk. but we have an economic crisis right now. a crisis of jobs and incomes. i've been saying the top priority should be a big corporate tax cut in a big investment in infrastructure. those things would boost the economy's productivity which is what a wage base depends on. we're waiting on someone infrastructure but the house gop
6:28 pm
tax plan has a big tax reform for businesses. but on to the senate. they publish their plan this week in a complete what they did. i thought it was a joke. he said let's take the one thing in the house plan that helps working americans and delay it. what's the matter? they say they need to make savings to make the numbers add up. how about saving money by canceling tax breaks to the rich like the lupo. or taxing capital games of incomes so fatcats who count their money don't pay less tax than americans who work for living. that would upset their donors. the senate republicans make me sick. if they're going to change their bill they're the ones will be thrown out in the next revolution. kira, the last time your hair you got fired up over texas.
6:29 pm
we all feel like that. >> i was begging pratt congress just to stop. shockingly they don't listen to anything. so here i am back again like i love the corporate tax reduction rate. i'm with you on that. but i'm not a business, i'm a mom. i'm a middle-class mom. these people are playing games. this is number shuffling. let me tell you something. my life is not a game in my kids life is not a game. i speak to with americans when i say i'm sick of you plan business as usual while we have to deal with the consequences of your action. i need the numbers to add up and i can't get that. now they want to make my life harder by removing the allowance
6:30 pm
to deduct state taxes. were drowning in state taxes. now they want to make it harder for people who are trapped in blue states like we are. then they want to mess around with the adoption tax credit. then when people get upset they said we had no idea people get so upset. were on to you. in 2018 is coming quick. i don't think you can count on people voting you backend. >> i agree. seems to me that they're out of touch with what needs to be do done. >> the little bit of tweaking around the margins, at least the senate version goes down. some of them go up slightly, but the corporate rate is kinda shocking. i thought this was a motivating
6:31 pm
factor because they're worried they're gonna get killed in the midterms. so they usually take things down in the next election but is supposed to help their party i don't think they want to win. >> i think you're all right. i think we should lower the corporate tax rate but tax reform takes time. in the 80s it took a year to get it done. you can't do it in a week and a half. we have a 1700 page tax code. the reason you're upset his kids are tinkering with the numbers. and they're hurting real people.
6:32 pm
the hurting teachers. teachers get a $250 tax credit to pay for school supplies. >> steve: wire the teachers having to pay for the teacher union from the democrats are -- that they're cutting school budgets that's another show. but the other thing they're doing is getting rid of a -- deduction. lotta working families who benefited from the fact that they can claim the student loan interest rates and then republicans are like no. >> inevitably you've all made the point they're out of touch that's what were so angry about. coming up, the latest on the trade war with china.
6:33 pm
while president trump backs off his high hard-line, his bipartisan support national security watchdog -- we will bring you the latest up next.
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♪let's groove tonight. ask your doctor about toujeo. ♪share the spice of life. >> steve: for the turnaround from president trump during his asia trip. looking back will look at what he talked about, now he's shifting the blame. here he is on friday. >> i do not blame china or any other country, of which there are many, for taking advantage of the united states on trade. >> i wish previous administrations in my country saw what was happening and did
6:38 pm
something about it. they did not, but i will. >> in related news, house republicans introduce legislation that would strengthen the government's authority to control overseas investment in the u.s. giving more power to cps. it would expand opportunities in critical technology or infrastructure. just a few weeks ago i call for more power for that. all chinese companies should be thrown out of america and we should use this committee to block further investment by chinese companies where the chinese regime in our economy. >> elizabeth, the argument i was making is that the real threat long-term to this country comes from china of their literally
6:39 pm
forcing american text companies to hand over vital property to them so they can be competitors. since then we've had a bill to make it possible for this committee to block that handover of technology. where do we stand on this trade war with china? >> the problem with the technology is that it only has the ability right now if their full acquisition. as you know, they're taking up stake in the company to get the secrets. we have all this investment in technology and money coming into the economy. so what trump did was try to get 250 billion of business with china it wasn't touching technology. it was tech meat production, automobiles. there's a tricky line we have
6:40 pm
where we want the trade balance to be better and want to do business but meanwhile they're doing business in one area in silicon valley that's not good for national security as we have seen that this committee. >> steve: my views we don't want to particularly doing too much trade with china and they're getting all the benefit. >> i think we do too much with china over losing american jobs to blue-collar and white-collar jobs. interesting for this president. you can't look at this with china in a vacuum, you have to look at it in a world where we need china to help us deal with north korea and kim jong-un. so the he's trying to give a stick and have an olive branch. will work with you a little bit on trade because we need to at the table when it comes to north
6:41 pm
korea because you're the only one that can pull north korea back from the brink to solve what could be a potential nuclear war. >> to think the chinese will really ever helpless with that? >> i don't think they're really helping us with north korea. it's a fine needle to thread. i have not read the bill. i've not been that interested in that up to this point but i do hate pedophiles. >> steve: i think you should bring it up with the philippine president. i totally agree. this relationship with china will be central to our politics. feels to me doesn't really get the attention it deserves. >> also believe that the chinese
6:42 pm
don't like the military buildup. as more more ships go over there we do more exercises in the region was see the chinese become more engaged. >> was interesting during the campaign as an overlap between the populace left and right. will that continue with the democrats? >> of the transpacific partnership other countries just signed another version of the year later that was a central issue that got trump some of the bertie sanders support. withdrawing from that was huge. he should absolutely continue doing what he can with china. it's a tricky thing. he did san twitter was that china is going to up the sanctions on north korea.
6:43 pm
>> i hope that we up the pressure on china over trade. coming up, are you addicted to technology? the ex-president of facebook said if you are, my radical plan. that's coming up next. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months,... ...with reduced redness,... ...thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has... requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. tell your doctor if these occur. otezla is associated with an increased... ...risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have... ...a history of depression... ...or suicidal thoughts,... ...or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla... ...reported weight loss.
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>> the former president social media giant says the social networking platform was designed to exploit the way people think. listen. >> the unintended consequences of a network when it grows to 1 billion or 2 billion people, it literally changes your relationship with society, with each other, it interferes with productivity in weird ways. god only knows what it does to our children's brain. exactly the kind of thing a hacker like myself will come up
6:48 pm
with because you're exploiting of all mobility. >> he joke that facebook would probably delete his account. i think sean's has put a spotlight on something important. the impact of the technology revolution on our society and our humanity. i wrote about this on fox i argue that the real culprit to make them people addicted technology is not the individual apps but the smart forms that allow people to access them, anytime anywhere. i set out a plan on how to deal with the social harm caused by smart forms. number one, ban smart phones for kids. require all makers to show regular mental health warnings. tax phone usage and erect that towards mental health programs and restricted in use in public spaces. keep it together for a second.
6:49 pm
>> i think were losing what it is to be human being. you go to a bar where people are supposed to interact and get your drink then you look around and everybody's on their phone. so if you go there to interact you to just eight home and drink by yourself. >> one thing that's upsetting as you hear families sitting at the restaurant and they're all on their screens. >> about regulating this? >> i agree, i think it's a problem. >> but not to be flippant about it, we have to regulate. we do regulate things like underage drinking and smoking. it's not a complete free-for-all. there are certain things we think are bad for society.
6:50 pm
>> i love how people are coming out now telling us years later that by the way we engineered this. >> i agree. i think it's a problem. everybody is hooked on the phone. minus sitting right over here. i just saw a study that just the mere presence of yourself on takes up a portion of your -- i agree, the wait until eight campaign, i think that's good. >> there's room for that social pressure on things like that. is trying to make the comparison with smoking and tobacco you could do that in quite
6:51 pm
low-impact ways. so maybe there could be messages saying maybe it's time to take a break from your phone. >> i don't disagree with your assessment of the problem, but it makes me itchy when he start talking about another tax. i don't need another tax and i don't anymore warnings. >> i just, when we bring the lawn to it is what i have the problem. the last time we spoke about this issue and i said the biggest issue, we can't put the toothpaste back in the two. i think it boils down to what's happening in a family. in my family we use a lot of technology. we dinner together with no
6:52 pm
phones, we play games and travel together. >> i think people try really hard. and i just want to start the conversation because people do care about their relationships. some of it so distracting and addictive. some rules of the road to help people concentrate on each other in real life would be helpful. were running out of time. coming up, we celebrate veterans day with a special look at an incredible american hero. stay with us patrick woke up with back pain. but he has work to do. so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong. what comes to mind?aving time and money, whatever it is, can help you save both along the way.
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(distant) you comin', boy? sfx: (dog) gulp! woof.
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... steve: will come back to the next revolution. as the country gathers to mark veterans day this weekend one family in southern california has an additional reason to
6:57 pm
honor their father. it's a veteran that served in the army during world war ii. anita death his wife. >> every day buddy read the bible and he says he keeps his face sharp and his mind young. >> we caught up with his sprite world war ii army veteran just before his 100th birthday, just two days before veterans day. buddy, how are you feeling mark a great. how about you? >> buddy enlisted in the army air corps on october 9, 1941 just a few months before the attack on pearl harbor. the second lieutenant pilot and navigator in the european theater. the kids say, like others that generation, he never bragged with more stories becky did go back for a 50th reunion with my mom and it was an emotional time for him. >> he lost his beloved wife of 73 years just last year.
6:58 pm
now, his for adult kids, a grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren are throwing him the fashionable lifetime. >> it is unbelievable. everyone is amazed when i say that my dad is going to have hundredth birthday. they all say well, talk about teens. >> good genes and good health habits. a healthy diet, daily exercise and lots and lots of vitamins. >> the main one is that he attributes longevity to is the [inaudible] >> my dad has never had a surgery, never been in the hospital. >> to be at this stage in life is really special. >> i feel so proud that my father stood and still stands for one nation under god and that he gave his life to go and fight for the very freedoms that i get to enjoy every single day. >> it is not lost on him that this milestone birthday falls
6:59 pm
almost right on veterans day. his army jacket still in pristine condition reminds him of how it felt to where it. >> you wore that jacket and had a great impact as a young man. you have an obligation to your country these days buddy continues to be of service with a century's worth of sage advice. >> love and respect one another and to pray and thank the lord for all his blessing. >> in los angeles, anita vogel for the next revolution. steve: thank you, anita. the power of good teens runs in the family and he has a baby brother who is 96 years old and he made it into the big celebration last night. we love that. it was great. before we leave each item want to think era, richard and for joining us.
7:00 pm
next week we have some special look at how the government is helping working-class americans. we've reached out to the trumpet ministration and we will see what they have to say. times the children, join us again'm next monday for the next revolution will be televised. p. ♪ >> this is about improving people's lives and making difference. >> if they think this is the bill that they must pass in order to stay in power, they have it all wrong. chris: we will discuss what's in the house and senate's plans and whether republicans have the votes with a point man on tax reform. republican chairman kevin brady. then after a sweeping election losses this week, the gop is now dealing with growing


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