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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 14, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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@howardkurtz. and facebook "mediabuzz" ." they will will be officials in hawaii planning to hold a hearing this week after an emergency alert mistake causes chaos on the island. they received a warning telling them a missile trike was imminent. it would take 40 minutes for a second alert saying it was a false alarm. i'm arthel neville. eric: i'm eric shawn. the state will investigate that hearing set for next friday by the legislature. and the chairman of the fcc in washington says he plans to
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launch an investigation, too. a desperate search for shelter as some families resorted to trying to hide their children in sewers to protect them. officials say it came from an employee pushing the wrong button during a shift change. >> it was a wrong button that was pressed. >> we recognize this false alarm is a terrible thing to happen. we implemented changes to assure it doesn't happen again. we'll further refine the processes as we go forward. eric: will carr is in honolulu where the panic and fear has turned to anger and outrage. reporter: so many peopling
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exactly how this could happen after a terrifying morning yesterday. and as they wake up this morning they will be seeing the headlines in the local paper that says oops, and has a finger on the button. it read ballistic missile threat inbound to hawaii, seek immediate shelter, this is not a drill. this struck panic, residents believing north korea fired a missile that would only take 30 minutes to hit hawaii. many people thought they were going to die and held their families for what they thought would be their last moment. >> i was playing golf and i thought it would be the last thing i'm going to see.
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reporter: the director of the hawaii emergency management agency said an employee hit the wrong button during a shift change. that led to a string of events that did not allow them to follow up with another text alert for 38 minutes. >> shouldn't there be more safeguard than one person touching one button? >> absolutely. the fact that these processes failed so hic all that caused this trauma and terror across at 8 of hawaii must be fixed immediately. reporter: it was the military actually and not local officials that ended up notifying people that this was a false alarm. eric: people wonder if the military, the federal government should take over this responsibility. hawaii has been taking precautions for a potential
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attack to be prepared. what have they been doing? reporter: there is a long history here. we are not too far from pearl harbor. during the cold war they had a lot of drills and false alarms. as the rhetoric has ratcheted up between president trump and kim jong-un of north korea. hawaiians have been told however unlikely, they need to prepare for the potential of an attack, and that's why so many people were terrified yesterday. eric: the "telegram" said this is not a drill. arthel: the president tries to reach a deal on daca in a federal spending bill that congress must pass by friday to avoid a partial government shutdown.
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the administration resumes accepting daca applications. the president tweeted the daca deal is probably dead because they just want to talk and take desperately needed money away from our military. reporter: democrats say they want to preserve daca. but president obama is firing back saying daca is quote probably dead because he says democrats don't really want it. they just want to talk about it. the trump administration's plans to end the daca program in march unless congress send in information renewing. while a court challenge against daca makes its way through the system. the secretary of homeland security doesn't think that was a good decision. >> the program was
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unconstitutional. what we should be focused on is we need a permanent solution. reporter: the democrats say they want legislation to keep daca alive. and they are pushing for the dream act which would give illegal minors a way to get citizenship in the u.s. >> you have to look at the compromise dick durbin and the rest of us have reached. it's a combination of border security and at the same time we are saying that we should put the dreamers on a pathway to citizenship. reporter: some republicans are sceptical. they say they have been promised funding for a bored wall before and then the funds dry up. arthel: eric? eric: president trump spending the weekend in florida, but he's still taking heat for the
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comment he made on immigration reform during the private white house meeting. kirstjen nielsen was at that meeting and was interviewed about those comments. >> the president will continue to use strong language when it comes to this issue because he feels passionate by the. what was passionate about it is although the deal presented in theory does not address the core security issues we need to do our job and there is nothing to prevent us from getting here again. eric: the false missile warning raised concerns about the administration's readiness to deal with a real attack should it occur. reporter: day two at the weekend
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winter white house where the president, he's nearby at the trump international golf club which of course he owns. he did golf yesterday, no word on who he may have golfed with. that's where the president was yesterday afternoon when hawaii's false alarm weren't out for 38 minutes about an incoming ballistic missile. amid reports that the white house was scrambling, homeland security secretary nielsen said this on "fox news sunday." when we look at response, we act under the national response framework. we did have what's called a deputies committee exercise in december and we planned to have a cabinet level exercise early next month. reporter: president trump began the day tweeting.
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he said stuart varney tweeted president trump is not getting the credit he deserves for the economy. all trump, not o, meaning obama. president trump reversed the policies of president trump and reversed our economic decline. thank you stuart varney. immigration talks still dogging the administration about the s*hole comment. part of the meeting was to decide what to do about the 700,000 dreamers in limbo. >> we talk about the reality of the whole situation.
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reporter: the president saying democrats are not really serious about doing something to fiction daca. saying maybe the talks are dead. regarding the self republicans in that meeting thursday who have been asked, did the president make this disparaging racist remark. several said, quote, i do not recall. including secretary nielsen this morning with chris wallace. while some have questioned the honesty and integrity of senator dick durbin who went before the cameras basically quoting what the president said and he did confirm that to those there. senator schumer saying anybody trying to impugn senator durbin is completely off base. arthel: for more, let's bring in
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the congressional report are for "politico." how does the federal government announce last night that effectively immediately, current daca enrollees could renew their quasi legal status and work permits. how does this change when a fellow political reporter describes as what would be a war in congress this week. >> when the decision was first announced you had lawmakers on both side saying this is good, but this is temporary and what he need to work toward a long-term solution and we are dedicated to do that in the next week. so i don't see the calculation on capitol hill changing that much. they realize this is temporary. the administration said they will challenge the legality of
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this ruling so we could see it reversed at some point. arthel: in order to come to some permanent solution, where lies the jeopardy for the democrats? what are the potential pitfalls for republicans as it pertains to daca? >> the democrats said we are so kay on negotiating for border security but we don't want to negotiate on some of the other things the republicans are pushing for like the visa lottery and chain migration system. a lot of republicans said, this is not enough. we want even more. and so it's kind of unclear what both sides are even willing to negotiate on this point and how we get to an agreement next week
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before the government funding runs out friday. arthel: is this an opportunity for president trump to step in and be the ultimate deal make per and agree to a clean daca bill that would force the political hand of the democrats to agree to most of of his law items and budget items? >> that's a great question. i think last week when we saw the meeting at the white house that was on tv for about an hour. they saw that and thought maybe he can be the deal maker. we agreed to negotiate on certain parameters. republicans on the hill said they can't vote for anything the president doesn't give political cover to. but the tweets this weekend from president trump. i talked to some democratic aides. and they are pessimistic about the president's role. they think negotiators on the
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hill need to negotiate this then present it to him. but they don't know now involved they will be on the actual details until the end. arthel: heather, thank you so much for joining us. eric: there was a terrifying accident at an airport after a boeing 737 passenger airliner veered off the runway and ended up hang from the side of a cliff. that false alarm about an inpound missile heading to hawaii. what are wee authorities learning from that horrible mistake. >> there is an overriding threat hanging over all of our heads. icbm capabilities of north korea as they themselves have boasted. i'll take that. -yeeeeeah! ensure high protein.
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arthel: panic on board a turkish airline, an airplane that skidded off a runway and plunged count side of a clip just a few feet away from the black sea. the terrifying ordeal caught on cell phone video. passengers say there was panic and screaming when the plane
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careened off the runway. all 168 passengers and crew members on board were safely evacuated. the airline is investigating. eric: there was panic in hawaii yesterday morning after that false emergency alert. the hawaii congress one and gabbard says she hopes the false alarm will help the trump administration step up peace talks with north korea. >> i have been calling on president trump to sit across the table from kim jong-un without preconditions. there is so much at stake. the people of hawaii recognized this yesterday, experienced it personally. the leaders of this country need to experience that same visceral understanding of how lives are at stake. eric: joining me is former
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ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. and chairman of the gates stone institute in new york. should the president take it congresswoman's advice and sit across the table from kim jong-un? >> of course not. here is what goes into this negotiation. maybe the congresswoman knows what the compromise position. but north korea is not going to voluntarily give you have that capability. i think what this mistake in hawaii really shows is we have gotten complacent over several decades about the threat of nuclear weapons. if you are a baby boomer you remember doing duck and cover at school. but there is a millennial generation that has been alive since there was an atmospheric nuclear test. i think this is a serious matter
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to be sure in hawaii. but the lesson it teaches us is not to go see if kim jong-un is having a good day to prepare a better missile defense and again living in a world with irresponsible lead verse their finger on the nuclear button. my understanding is that the market for home air raid shelters has been increasing recently of the luxury variety. but the fact is as a matter of basic history. if north korea does get deliverable nuclear weapons and is on the verge of them and iran is behind them. i think it is a historical turning point, it means half a century or more of american proliferation policy will have failed. there is every reason to believe
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others will and perhaps even terrorist groups. eric: the president has been cite sides for some of his language on north korea. others are praising it. let me read you what a top south korean general said. my president has stated president trump deserves huge credit for the two koreas to come to the table. i don't hope he is mad, but he put the north koreans at an imbalance. he put us in a direction where negotiations have started. we'll be able to find a better exclusion. you think the president stands at an imbalance and what does that mean? >> i think he definitely convinced the kim dictator smip that the threats of military action against the nuclear
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weapons program is real. i don't think that resulted in this upcoming joints olympic team against the two koreas. other than it might buy him time. if the north is as close as many people including our intelligence community believe, perhaps he can make it across the finish line and achieve that capability before we are able to do anything about it. eric: so you have believe it's a bit of a head fake. at the same time they are tinkering with the nuclear devices and missiles back in the north. >> this scenario of joining the olympic games and the two korean teams marching together has been tried before in 2000 and 2004. with so many things with north korea. they get out a playbook they
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used before. this is not an earth shattering development. there is more evidence it's a propaganda ploy. eric: how do you think it will play out after the olympics? >> our president made it clear in his speech to the u.n. that denuclearization is the path forward. i don't think it chinese have done what they have the capability of doing. the president is approaching a choice of letting north korea getting deliverable nuclear weapons or looking at military force. he has been in office for one year brand-new the problem has been brewing for 25 years and he will have to come up with the answer. eric: do you think kim jong-un will back down? >> i don't think he will back down unless presented with overwhelming force.
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the prospects for a peaceful solution increase to the extent north korea and china think the military option is real. arthel: a former army private convicted of leaking classified government documents is planning to run for senate. details on chelsea manning's political ambitions. daca recipients getting relief from the federal government. >> if we focus on what we are for and we come in the room and talk about the things that will help this country, i think we can couple with a solution. but we have to put emotions aside and make sure we are doing right by the people who elected us.
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arthel: chelsea winning from a former army private committed a leaking sensitive documents to wiki lakes is running for u.s. senate. she was sentenced to 35 years in prison but was granted clemency by president obama. caroline shively lab in washington with more on the story. reporter: good morning, arthel. she was jumping into the race, posting this week. we are running for senate followed by rainbow hearts on the hashtag we got the spirit or message on youtube was a bit more ominous. >> we don't need more or better the errors. we need someone willing to fight. >> a woman and candidate, but in 2010 was army intelligence analyst private bradley manning who was caught giving wiki lakes documents about u.s. wars in iraq and afghanistan prisoners in guantánamo bay. it was the largest leak of classified documents in u.s.
9:31 am
history. 2013, manning was convicted and sentenced to 35 years in prison, then late last year president obama commuted the sentence to the seven years already served and she was released from the military prison here she was challenging ben cardin, the two-term senator up for reelection in november. the two would meet in the maryland democratic primaries this june. many promised to fight that would take one to win this and thought of as an easy favorite. some of the main recognition could bring heavy media coverage and outside money from the far left to the race. manning is viewed as a patriotic whistleblower by some in a traitor by others for her legs are as a writer she covers issues, civil liberties. she often criticizes police and authorities. last week she treated expletive the police on one person appreciation day. manning is a convicted felon but that doesn't appear to bar her from running for congress. arthel: caroline shively, thank you beard train to the
9:32 am
department of homeland security will continue accepting applications for sub 10 renewal spirit after a federal judge issued the order last week temporarily blocking president trump's decision to phase out the program. the agency notes it will not process new applications, so what does this mean? the immigration attorney chairman of the new jersey bar association immigration law section member of the american immigration lawyers association, michael, welcome. immediately for clients of yours and others across the country, this decision. nobody knew they can now renew. >> as of yesterday common u.s. has enacted the new regulation response to the decision, but it's unfortunately only a patch come a temporary fix, but it does prevent over 122 dreamers per day who are losing their daca status can now renew. over 20,000 people about where
9:33 am
daca recipients that didn't make the deadline but the president established for october can now apply and does all of them, 800,000 of them expire in the next few months they can reapply. but it's only temporary. eric: it's only temporary. how can a permanent policy affect the people you deal with? the president this morning said instead. >> i hope it's not dead. congress has to do the right thing and stop using young people at a local pond as bargaining chips in the overall immigration debate. i think that if both sides come together and give a little, take a little and not take the extreme positions, we can reach agreement. do you know in 2010, congress the senate did pass limited restriction on family reunification? brothers and sisters were prohibited from getting petitioned for immigration benefits. that is a start. another started looking at the
9:34 am
elimination of the diversity lottery system. two things in exchange for a permanent daca solution could easily be negotiated. eric: what about chain migration. critical after one of the terrorist acts allegedly was not just diversity lottery system they said in the other suspect chain migration. >> chain migration is a misnomer right now limited to parents and children and brothers and sisters of u.s. citizens, lawful permanent residents. >> is matching? >> well, you can be limited as i said in 2010 there was an agreement in the senate to limit it and eliminate brothers and sisters from being eligible for migration on family-based reunification. are we really saying if someone comes to the united states you cannot bring spouse, cannot bring children? that is nonsense. >> depends upon the
9:35 am
qualifications and we'll see what happens in the bill. jeff flake was on this week and there will be something this week. let's listen to at the arizona republican senator had to say. >> if we want a comprehensive bill, i'm all in, but we can't do a comprehensive bill which would take months and months to negotiate before the march 5th deadline. i've been negotiating and working with democrats on immigration for 17 years and on this issue, and on daca for the dream act for a number of years. the democrats are negotiating in good faith. we are trying to come forward with a compromise then i think we have and you'll see that this week has been that the senator saying so far one plan is a ten-year path to citizenship for sub 10. $1.5 billion another billion dollars for increasing security. what would you like to see? >> i think that's a good start. i don't believe we will have
9:36 am
comprehensive immigration reform in the near future but the country desperately needs to change. eric: how do you get there? >> people have to come together. i was a page in the house of representatives back in 1969. i can tell you the very vigorously supported their position. they didn't demonize and hate the other side. eric: still the issues both sides are fighting conservatives saying they are lawbreakers and there's no way right now for them to potentially come together. >> reasonable minds can differ but they do have to come together for the good of the united states. eric: file this week facing the government shutdown. this issue to be dealt with again at a later time. >> it has been kicked down the road by future a judge all substances in an enactment of the new regulation and hopefully now that daca is not in imminent
9:37 am
danger of being funds added, they will reach an agreement on the spending bill. eric: for right now, clients and others are able to stay. >> protected for the time being. eric: thanks for joining us. arthel: thank you, eric. pretty shocking picture. a car slammed over a building. how does that happen? it appears the driver hit a center divider and went airborne. the impact caused a fire which was quickly put out. amazingly, the two passengers in the car suffered only minor injuries and no one else was hurt in this incident. after burning for days, the oil tanker sunk in the bottom of the east china sea. officials say may have caused the tanker's demise and the fate of the crew on board.
9:38 am
also, officials trying to figure out exactly how the false alarm went off, where the employee pushed the wrong button when there are two buttons in a really redundant system. the cyberexpert will tell us about how the officials there had been handling this than what they should do to tell people if there is an helped put a roof over the heads of hundreds of families, he's most proud of the one
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are presumed dead in this accident. chinese media saying a large amount of oil from the tanker is no burning as you can see in the surrounding waters. arthel: missile alert set folks into a frenzy in hawaii yesterday with some people seeking shelter in the sewers. here's the timeline. a mosler went out to hundreds of of thousands of cell phones around 8:07 local time. 13 minutes later, the ema tweeted there was no missile threat. u.s. pacific command reiterating around 8:35 but it would take 40 minutes after the initial alert for the hawaii emergency management to send a message to cell phones confirming a false alarm. hawaii's governor yesterday explaining the delay. >> no automated way to send a false alarm cancellation.
9:44 am
we have to initiate a manual process and now was why it took a while to notify everyone. the 38th minute interval is really the interval we had to manually go through the process to provide notification on the smartphones and cell phones. arthel: joining me now is tyler cowen with every security intelligence expert. also a former cyberdeputy chief intelligence officer with the defense intelligence agency. good to have you here with us to talk about what was a scary mess they are. we know now that this is caused by human error. how is the system supposed to work? let's start there. be my first upcoming thank you for having me to talk about this really critical issue. how the system is supposed to work has the missile warning systems than they receive very strict protocol
9:45 am
followed to determine whether this threat is real. then, they work with the emergency management team who can start sending out the alerts. this is the problem. that is how it is supposed to work. there are checks and balances, but that is not how it works in the same in spirit arthel: everyone seemed to be very shocked that there were as enough safeguards prevent such mistakes. >> there most certainly should have been more safeguards such as this should not have been where one person can push the wrong button and send out massive hysteria and there should be checks and balances. there should be technical and policy controls in which one person cannot accidentally push the wrong button.
9:46 am
there should be things like multifactor a password, use biometrics or clearance for multiple people, but there should be checks and balances in a technical and policy manner that stopped this from happening because this caused mass hysteria. it was terrifying to people. arthel: of course it was. the governor as well as the ema has already said, and they both have said first of all they are suspending the testing center december 1st, hawaii had reagan dated testing in the wake of the whole north korea tensions if you will in the threat of a possible missile heading to hawaii or somewhere in the mainland. i was supposed to happen the first of every month as of december 1st, but that is temporarily shut down as they tried to fix this problem here. why did it take the hawaii emergency management agencies so
9:47 am
long to rescind that dire warning to make sure all citizens knew this was a billbod into some common cell phones and it really cause mass hysteria. people didn't know what to do. it took a very long time to recall the warning. eric: before rico, tyler, do you feel everybody involved, all parties involved can get this
9:48 am
fixed to avoid such a mistake from happening again? do you feel confident that can happen? >> absolutely. it's really kind of an easy fix. you just have to put policies in control and controls in so that someone accidentally pushing the wrong button cannot cause a mass hysteria. there is also the procedures with the military who shares information with state emergency management board to have this ability. there's definitely technical and policy controls that will need to be put into place. eric: i'm sure they're working on it and that will happen stat. tyler cowen, thank you so much. take care. trade your thought, new details on the illegal immigrant who police say let them on a high-speed chase on the greyhound bus from wisconsin to illinois on friday. coming up, a live report on now.
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