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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 2, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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and the "superman." we will have a party. >> so you will have pictures on monday for one more thing. >> i had not thought of. >> have a great weekend. "special report" is next. bret has a special interview. >> bret: thanks. this is a fox news alert. good evening. i am bret baier in washington. people here in the nation's capitol and across the country get to see the just declassified memo alleges fbi abuses in surveillance practices. we have complete reporting and reaction. and a live exclusive interview with devin nunes . the man who put together the document and fought to release it. president trump called the findings in this memo a disgrace. fellow republicans say it shows high level politization of the justice process. democrats say it's damaging and out of context. john roberts is at the white
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house. but we begin with catherine. first to get exerpts of the memo. >> thanks. the white house sent a letter to the house intelligence committee confirming the president used his authority as commander and chief to declassify the records without changing. the memo paints a troubling picture. the 4-page republican staff memo makes the case that the secret national security court was kept in the dark by the fbi and justice department when they sought a surveillance warrant for trump campaign aide carter page. the court was never told the former british spy was paid by democrats to put together the trump dossier. christopher steele admited to bruce ohr his feelings against candidate and said, quote:
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ohr was demoted over his contacts with steele and simpson whose opposition research fun fusion gps directed the trump project. bank records show ohr's wife worked for fusion gps and began investigating trump in may 2016. republican investigators said the court was never told about the dossier's political roots. neither the initial fisa application nor renewals disclosed the role of the clinton campaign in funding steele's effort but they were known. the deputy fbi director andrew mccabe testified before the committee that no surveillance warrant would have been sought without the dossier information.
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steele was directed to brief a half dozen american media outlets. matt gertie -- the majority did not go with the story. the carter page fisa application cited a yahoo news article which focuses on page's july trip to moscow. page denied working with the russians. >> i have never broken any law in russia or relating to any russian person. >> according to the memo, an fbi counter intelligence chief said the creation of the dossier was in the early stages. days before the inauguration, comey said the document was salicious but it was used to renew the surveillance of page
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by comey, mccabe and obama attorney general and later by the trump appointee rod rosenstein. >> the republicans raised the specter of legality made to the fisa court. >> thank you. the president said a lot of people should be ashamed of themselves. many. his opponents are not. john roberts has that part of the story on the north lawn. >> white house officials say the decision to release the memo was made by the president with input from his national security team including law enforcement and intelligence officials. while the white house praised the men and women of the fbi it pointed to bad actors with a political bias against the president. meeting in the oval office with north korea defectors today, president trump left no room for
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interpretation how he felt about the memo. >> it's a disgrace. people should be ashamed of themselves and much worse than that. >> reaction to the document came in like a flood. carter page the trump volunteer at the center of the fisa memo said the oversight by congressional leaders represents a giant historic leap in the repair of america's democracy. former fbi director james comey tweeted: in a conference call, adam schiff from the house intelligence committee ripped the memo as blatant politics.
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>> it's about telling a political story that is helpful to the president and injure the work of the special counsel. >> paul ryan said it was necessary to get the facts out in the light of day, saying: >> a big question raised by the memo: what happens to deputy attorney general rod rosenstein? he oversees the special counsel investigation. but the memo reveals he signed one of the fisa surveillance applications against page. in the oval office president trump was asked if he still has confidence in rosenstein? >> you figure that one out. >> amid accusations of a partisan smear of the fbi the white house said would it be happy to hear opposing
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arguments. the press secretary said: >> the president's comments in the oval office about rosenstein left ambigutty. there is no consideration about firing rosenstein. >> john roberts, thanks. let's get the inside story on the memo from the man in charge. devin nunes the chairman of the house intelligence committee that released this document. thanks for joining us. >> great to be with you, bret. >> what do you think the biggest take away from this memo is in your eyes? >> well, i am sad we had to get to this point. we should have never been here. it's unfortunate. i didn't want to have to do this. but the sad part is i have an
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obligation to the american people when we see fisa abuse. these are secret courts that exist to target foreigners to catch terrorists and the american citizens that are represented before this court have to be protected. the only place that can protect them is the u.s. congress when abuses occur. it's not a place we wanted to go. but it's where we have to go. >> did you write the memo? >> myself and gaudy and 2 investigators. >> did you read the actual fisa applications? >> no, i did not. this has been one of the bogus news stories that was put out. the agreement we made with the department of justice was to create a reading room and allow one member and 2 investigators to review the documents. i thought the best person on our committee will be the chairman of the over sight committee
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gaudy. they would come back with their notes and brief the rest of the committee members >> did you or anyone on the committee coordinate with president trump on the release of this memo? >> no, in fact, we opened up the investigation into the doj and fbi for fisa abuse and other matters last summer. >> how about president trump's lawyers? >> no. >> outside conservative groups, one put out an ad targeting rod rosenstein the deputy attorney general saying he needs to do his job or quit. it seems like it was timed out. did you work with any outside groups in the formulation of this memo? >> no, i personally like rod rosenstein. the bottom line is mr. rosenstein and attorney general sessions and director
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wray have work to do. first you have to admit you have a problem. they have been unwilling to do that. >> the fbi and doj say there are material omissions in this memo. what did you leave out? is there justification for the f fbi's behavior we have yet to learn? >> we looked specifically at just fisa abuse. we wanted to keep sources and methods out. 10 days ago we were accused of a lot of things. especially we were going to disclose our nation's top secrets. that was a total fallacy put out by the left and the mainstream media. part of that was we had to take this information and reduce it down into a summary with just the pertinent facts about the fisa abuse. the only area that i am familiar with that we left out would be the history of carter page. i explained why we left this out
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to the director of the fbi. the director of the fbi is well aware of my concerns about mr. page. i don't believe that somebody like mr. page should be a target of the fbi, especially using salacious information paid for by a political campaign like this dossier was about mr. page and supplemented by a news story that was created by christopher steele himself the author of the dossier. this is outrageous. >> will you vote to release the democrats memo? >> yes. >> when? >> it has to go through the same process. >> when do you think it will be? >> hard to say. i don't know yet. i have only read through it once. we will have to go through and scrub it again. let's not forget. these are the same democrats who never wanted to start an investigation. they belonged our subpoenas back in august.
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they tried to block our ability to go and get the records from fusion gps that led to a lot of discovers in this investigation. these are not honest actors. they know they are not being honest. i get tired of playing whack a mole every day with the democrats on this committee who never wanted to start this investigation in the first place. >> democrats are criticizing a lot. jumping on one particular part. number 4 the memo states that the department director of the fbi andrew mccabe testified before the committee in 2016 that no surveillance warrant would have been sought from the fisa court without the dossier? democrats say he never said that. did he? >> yes, it was a summationave long interview. that's sufficiently what he said. -- that's definitely what he
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said. other witnesses said similar things. the main things used to go out and get this warrant was the dossier and the story that corroborated the dossier. >> why not put mccabe's quote in there? >> that's a process we have to go through. the quotes are pretty damning themselves. i would not mind doing. that we would have to go through a process to release transcripts. >> dossier, this was integral? >> yes, the dossier was presented to the court as if it was true. the court was not told that the democrats paid for this. step back for a moment. this is not going after some terrorist. this is about -- they opened, the fbi opened a counter-intelligence investigation into the trump campaign in the summer of 2016.
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that's what happened. then they got a warrant on someone in the trump campaign using opposition research paid for by the democratic party and the hillary clinton campaign. that's what this is about. it's wrong. it should never be done. >> is it true that the fbi led the fisa application with the dossier? >> yes, the largest percentage of the entire application has to do with the dossier and then using the news story to corroborate the dossier. >> democrats insisted that the fisa court was told of the political nature of this information. take a listen. >> is there anything inappropriate about a partisan political document, the steele dossier being used in an application to surveil an associate of a presidential candidate, in this case carter page? if that is not disclosed in the application. is that wrong do you think?
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>> that fact was disclosed to the fisa court. part of the evidence was from a politically motivated source. >> true? >> no. these are things i said earlier. these guys tell so many lies, you can't keep track of them. >> that's not true? >> no. the court was not made aware. i would think that a judge -- in the judge knew we have an investigation of the trump campaign. going after the trump campaign advisor and hillary clinton's campaign paid for this information. if that did happen, which it didn't, the judge would have to be i think considered very suspect. i don't believe that happened. >> the former fbi director james comey tweeted out went on to criticize this entire operation. your thoughts on that tweet and comey's reaction? >> well, mr. comey had a chance
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in january, february, march, april, i believe all the way until june to come clean on who paid for the dossier. he asked about it in january. he said clearly he knew that republicans started the dossier which was a lie. then when asked, who finished the dossier? he didn't know. now, maybe he was lying. maybe he didn't know, but both seem to be a problem. mr. comey is welcome to come back and tell us when he learned the democratic party and the hillary clinton campaign paid for the dossier. come back and share that information. but, i think the american people understand that the fbi should not go to secret courts using information that was paid for by the democrats to open up investigations to get warrants on people of the other political party. that's the type of stuff that happens in the banana republic. >> comey said some of the
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dossier are unverified and salacious. are there parts of the dossier that are true? >> that russia is a country and carter page is a person. >> you don't know anything corroborated? >> no, i don't know what the fbi agent was smoking that would think that carter page who hasn't had a job for many years, who is a russian sympathizer, that the russians who said he was an idiot in court testimony and this was presented before the court. russian agents said carter page was an idjot. do you think that the russian would offer him a 19% share of the major oil companies in russian. this is crazy. you would think is wild stuff. there was a good chance that the
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dossier came from russians. there is clear evidence of collusion with the russian but it's about the democratic campaign and the hillary clinton national committee that the news fails to investigation. >> fisa is controversial to begin it. it was challenged. members look for reasons to vote against fisa. civil liberties concerns. was the memo with held before it was voted on by congress? >> no, 702 is different. >> i'm sorry. >> we found no abuses within 702. i made that clear to my colleagues. the fbi stone walled us. we had to subpoena documents in august. at the beginning of january,
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remember when the fbi director and rod rosenstein tried to do an end run around our committee and attempted to go to the speaker so we would not hold them in contempt? that was not until just a few weeks ago. >> let me ask about you. there was supposedly a meeting where rosenstein came up to you about document production and got heated. is that accurate? >> i had never meetings with mr. rosenstein. i like him personally. i think that he can fix the problems over at doj. we are willing to work with him. >> you don't think he should be fired from his job? >> well, that's not my decision. all i can say is that mr. rosenstein has a long career. he's never been in washington, d.c. >> you know there are some members who are using this to question the mueller investigation. are you separating the two? >> well, i think what happened is the mainstream media and the
3:20 pm
democrats are tieing this to the mueller investigation because they are trying to perpetuate this nonsense of obstruction of justice. they know there was no collusion. i have been saying this for a year now. there was no evidence of collusion. >> are there other memos that will come out? >> yes, this completes just the fisa abuse portion of our investigation. we are in the middle of phase-2 which involves another departments. specifically the state department and the involvement they had in this. that investigation is go going. we work to find answers and asking the right questions to try to get to the bottom of what exactly the state department was up to in terms of this russian investigation. >> some people called you a russian agent.
3:21 pm
others said you should be fired. the barb today on cable tv were amazing. your thoughts in dealing with all of this in the job you have? >> yeah, it's enjoyable. because, we have the underlying facts. we have been investigating this for a really long time. you know that you are over the target when you are being attacked from all sides. >> mr. chairman we have to leave it. there we appreciate the time, sir. we will follow it up. >> thank you. >> up next. great job at numbers. we will look at the economy and analyze all of this with the panel in a bit. you take care of business. let office depot® officemax take care of you. this week all dell pcs are up to twenty five percent off!
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despite good jobs numbers, wall
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street took a major drop today over rising interest rates. the dow lost 666 points. its worst day in 9 years. the s&p 500 fell 60. and the nasdaq 145. the dow plunged more than 4 percentage points. let's get analysis of what is happening with fox business network. >> investors went on a selling spree. the prices of stocks fell and the dow logged its worst week in 2 years. the reaction was puzzling. u.s. employers hired more people in january than forecasted. adding 200,000 jobs. 20,000 more than expected. more workers in manufacturing and construction found jobs. hiring managers in two other sectors were also busy hiring.
3:26 pm
the trump administration's tax bill is starting to deliver bigger paychecks. >> my take home pay is higher too. maybe trump is making it happen. i don't know. we will see. >> i think there is more room for improvement. hopefully we will see some of that. >> i won't make a decision on one paycheck >> the labor department showed worker's pages went higher in january 2. wage growth was sluggish for a decade and increased at of the fast rate at 2009. this made some ininvestors anxious. that showdown up in the markets. investors got worried. inflation is like calories. some are necessary but too much creates a glut.
3:27 pm
when the fed sees inflation, it raises rates. >> stocks are down. we went more than 560 days without a decline of 5% or more which was the longest stretch since world war ii. historically following such long periods, we sold off 12%. >> in the past 12 months, if you had money in the stock market. here the returns. bret. >> that's the big picture. thank you. >> up next frigid minnesota with tight security ahead of the super bowl. what our fox affiliates are
3:28 pm
covering. counselors will help students deal with a shooting. a 12-year-old girl is in custody. officials don't believe the shooting was intentional. fox-2 in detroit. the father of 3 girls abused by former team usa gymnast larry nassar tried to attack the defend. randall asked the judge for 5 minutes along with nassar. the judge refused. the father apologized and the judge offered no punishment. this is a live look miami. a federal rules florida's ban on former felons voting is unconsitutional and needs to be changed. the judge said the current process to restore voting rights is flawed.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> the office pools are set. did i already pay? i think so. the temperature very cold. security is very tight around minneapolis tonight. the countdown continues to the super bowl between the new england patriots and the philadelphia eagles. at the mall of america tonight. >> downtown minneapolis has never seen this much security. with national guard humvees and soldiers joining 3,000 local officers and monitoring crowds at super bowl party venues.
3:33 pm
authorities spent 2 years developing a security plan. u.s. bank stadium is in the heart of the season. vulnerable to vehicle or sniper attacks. >> it's surrounded by private buildings. there is a hospital a block away. a lot of challenges. >> the fbi has a massive mobile command post with state-of-the-art commitment. >> if you get a picture like that, that's going to generate a whole other response. >> the feds tell us there are no signs of pre-game teror chatter, their focus is sharp. >> we are looking at social media and looking at the 9-11 dispatch and our own holdings. all of the possible ways we could gather information that would suggest there could be
3:34 pm
something in the end. when the folks fly out sunday night after finding out who won the game, that's all i want them thinking about is the game. >> the other challenge is the weather. with a low of negative 7 and a high predicted in the single digits for sunday, the game is indoors, but fans have to spend part of the time outside and law enforcement will spend hours on these streets and will have to layer up to survive these frigid conditions. >> bret: thank you. >> ♪ >> bret: in whatever happened to seguement, the little cuban boy whose mother died bringing him to america and he was taken back to russia. he is a grown man. many remember him as a symbol of a flightened little boy. i covered it back then.
3:35 pm
tonight steve has the story from miami. >> thanksgiving 1999. this man was fishing 3 miles off the coast of fort lauderdale. >> i was looking at the inner tube. i seen my cousin pulling in the fish, i seen a hand move on that inner tube. >> it belonged to gonzalez tied to an inner tube by his mother. perhaps her last act before perishing with 10 others. elian's father was still in cuba and asked for the boy back. miami relatives including two great uncles refused to send him back to the dictatorship his mother died trying to escape. >> the ultimate sacrifice of the mother who wanted freedom for her son. it tugged on everybody's heart. >> the custody battle
3:36 pm
electrified cubans on both sides. e in little havana around-the-clock vigil were held around the family home. the stalemate involving this little boy could throw new immigration talks into jeopardy. >> in cuba, fidel castro led daily protests demanding the boy's return to his father. the international drama dragged on for 7 months. until the clinton administration sent immigration agency armed for battle into the home. the fisherman who saved the boy had him snatched from his arms. elian's father, elian joined the young communist union and became an engineer. 18 years later fidel castro is gone from the scene. the u.s. embassy in havana is
3:37 pm
open for business. this case put a spotlight on the bitterness that divided cuban families. dalripple has never seen the boy he saved and lost. in miami, steve, fox news. >> it wasn't what you expected. was it what you thought was going to happen? did it meet the hype? we will ask the panel about the memo and the interview with the chairman of the house intelligence committee when we come back. claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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3:41 pm
that. >> they cherry picked information from the fisa application and also from mr. mccabe including information he provided to us about the genesis of the investigation which did not involve the dossier. >> the only area that i am familiar with that we left out would be the history of carter page. i explained why we left this out to the director of the fbi. the director of the fbi is lwell aware of my concerns about mr. page. >> bret: top senate and house democrats should a letter to the president saying:
3:42 pm
a reference to watergate there. let's bring in the panel. byron york, susan page, and matt schlapp. >> well, the first thing on the memo itself, there are two big points. one is said the memo was an essential part of this effort to get a wiretap warrant on carter page. two it said andrew mccabe number 2 at the fbi said without the dossier there would not have been a warrant. >> one clarification. it's not a quote in that part. i asked nunes about that. he said there was a process to put out the transcript of mccabe. they would have to go through that to get the transcript put out. but he said it was an integral part and the fbi led with the
3:43 pm
dossier in the fisa applications>> there is also the possibility that somebody else who was in a position to know also said without the dossier there would not have been an application. those are two really, really big things. on the other hand, then you look at what you have now in the dossier. then you look at what the fbi, the justice department and democrats have been saying the last few days: this would be an assault on the rule of law. it would reveal american intelligence sources and methods. you ask: does it do that? i think the answer is no. >> i agree the question about whether or not they could have gotten the fisa warrant without the dossier, that's an important point and underdispute between the two parties. i hope we know what he said and the truth on. that the most important thing about this report out today is whether it is , in fact used for additional fors. -- purposes.
3:44 pm
for instance the president's tweet and the comments you just aired indicate he would like to fire people as a result of this. that could be extremely consequencial. >> matt, the talk on both sides, some congressmen are piping this up as the moment of the biggest things. others were too. on the democratic side they were concerned about sources and methods and what would this do to the institution. where is the truth here? >> bret, is it going to destroy our national security? if this document is released? then the document is released and it's called a nothing burger and it's not important? i think the democrats who have been critical of devin nunes need to pick a lane. i think it's important -- you are right.
3:45 pm
this is not going to break the back of those folks who used the federal government to go after a political opponent. it's important to take a breath. a lot of conservatives don't like fisa and don't like the government spying on americans. are we okay with one administration using these powers to go after their political opponent? i think that is very scary. >> bret: there were 2 trump appointed deputy attorney generals who continued the fisa surveillance? >> that's right. >> bret: what does that tell you? >> they might have job security issues number 1. i am willing to give him the benefit of the death. -- doubt.
3:46 pm
if you read the fisa memo this was done to advance the democrats and hillary clinton, why would they want to continue it? even the russian said carter page was an idjot and didn't want to use him as a spy. e >> bret: and steele said he was desperate that donald trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president. >> i think that part is less important than the fact that the dossier was a research product funded by the democrats. i do think maybe one of the most beneficial effects right now is the release of this memo created momentum for the release of more stuff. what did mccabe tell the committee? we want to see the mccabe interview?
3:47 pm
what is really in the fisa application? we want to see that too. what is in the democrat's letter? we need to see more rather than less. >> bret: susan, overlooked in the end of the interview, nunes said more is coming. there will be other memos. this is phase 1 just focussed on fisa. there is be an official call for another special counsel. >> what is interesting is not the partisan divide. it's the divide within the trump administration between the fbi and the justice department and the white house on the other side on whether it was proper to release this report. that doesn't have the partisan tinge. >> bret: next up a lightning round on friday. winners and losers.
3:48 pm
3:49 pm
3:50 pm
3:51 pm
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> bret: back to the friday lightning round. the president tweeted that the democrats are not just calling about daca. they have to get moving fast or they will disappoint you again. march 5th is the daca deadline. back with the panel. >> i think there is increasing realization that trump has boxed in the democrats on this. he created the march 5th deadline and offered democrats more than they asked for in terms of legalizing daca recipients. but he wants this stuff in return. they for a real dilemma about how much to give him. >> the idea we would have a deal on immigration looks unlikely. both sides see political advantages for going into the mid-term without a deal. >> bret: speaking of of the economy, today, a big hit in the
3:52 pm
stock market. down more than 600 points. 4.12%. the other indexes. matt, down mile stones. since the election the overall trend is still well up. >> yes. i can't blame people for wanting to cash in with the way the market has been on a tear. you will have some selloffs. i don't think this is an indicator of the economy. the economy is the effect of all of the pull back on the regulations. the tax cuts are great. that hasn't hit the economy yet. >> bret: a danger for a president to tie his success to the stock market? >> yes, and reagan had a bad day. donald trump had to do everything to talk about what is happening instead of talking about this investigation. i can't say i blame him. >> bret: winners and losers? >> jeff beyss on atomzon.
3:53 pm
he increased his fortunes in january. my loser is nancy pelosi and the democrats who sat on their hands and had sour looks on their faces during the state of the union. i know they don't like the president. they could have maybe appreciated a few things like falling unemployment. >> the world's richest man is always a winner. >> he wins. >> my wins calvin franklin. a custodian that works on capitol hill. he got his job through a good will program for people with disabilities. senator john kennedy invited him to be his guest. >> loser? >> neal portnoy, he gave the grammys, almost none to women. he said women ought to step up. leading women artists and executives are suggesting he
3:54 pm
step down. >> presidential winners and loser. richard nixon is my winner. he is no longer the dirtiest of the dirty tricksters. that's it. >> bret: loser? >> barack obama. we were talking about everything we know about the fisa process. everything that was done with the intel community. few people are asking why did obama choose to leave office in that manner. >> bret: patriots or eagles super bowl 56 and score? >> gag. the patriots again. something like 24-15. >> i have no idea. i will pick the eagles. they are the underdogs. 31-28. >> okay. >> patriots 24. eagles 23. decided in the last 5 seconds. >> [laughing]. >> bret: you are all wrong. patriots 34 in a last second game. notable quotables when we come
3:55 pm
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boost high protein be up for it >> ♪ >> bret: well, it's been a long week. notable quotables? >> the state of our union is strong. >> i have not seen so many stone faces in an audience since easter island. >> that's not just bernie sanders's book. >> it's one question you ask over and overagain. what keeps nancy pelosi up at night? >> nunes is a stooge for the white house to do all of this. >> american civil liberties were abused. that need to come to light. >> i think mr. mccabe has been deeply and unfairly maligned. >> thanks, obama. >> instead of a hand of friendship, he presented a clinched fist. >> do it right. >> they talk a good game with daca. but they don't produce. >> i am a person, heart and
3:59 pm
soul. hopes and dreams. >> americans are dreamers too. >> it's a scene you don't want to ever see. there is a loud bang and things stop. >> your reaction knowing he is teaching a bunch of 17 years old this? >> well, the guy ought to go to hell. >> a locker room full of guys ready for the dhnehe challenge. >> oh, boy. >> some people take it to the extreme. >> bret: it's been quite a week. thanks for inviting us into your home. that's it for this "special report." tune into fox news sunday this weekend. interviews with democrats and republicans. that should be fiery.
4:00 pm
check your local lowlcal listin the super bowl of course. "the story with martha maccallum" starts right now. >> ♪ >> martha: breaking tonight the memo that details the questionable methods used by the fbi and the department of justice to surveil an american citizen on the trump campaign is out. democrats and the fbi fought as hard as they could to keep this under wraps. the house intelligence committee said the memo proves these same people worked hard to get the dossier out into the public. that's one of the many questions in all of this tonight. i am martha maccallum this is the "story." the president summed it up like this. >> what do you think? >> i think it's terrible, if you want to know the truth. it's a disgrace what is going on


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