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tv   Watters World  FOX News  February 3, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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jumping over ice. that's insane. did you even know this guy until tonight? i teach you so much. happy super bowl watching. jesse: welcome to "watters world." i'm jesse watters. the waiting game is over. a memo alleging abuses against the trump campaign has been released. the fbi and doj would not have secured surveillance warrants on the strum campaign without the christopher steele dossier. steele briefed several media outlets including the "new york times" and "the washington post." he continued to pass information
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to the department of justice under obama through bruce ohr who was demoted, even after he was cut off from the fbi. here with reaction, the president's son and executive vice president at the trump organization, donald trump, jr. this thoughts on the memo. >> pretty incredible. i want people think what if bush had done this to obama? what would be reaction be? i have never seen the made more interested in not having more information in my life because they are all complicit in this. i said it on "hannity" the other night. what's been great about the last year of nonsense i had to go through is the tomorrow collusion that has been uncovered is at the high top of the fbi. we have to make a distinction between the people at the top
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and the guys on the streets who have to kick in the doors. boots and suits. jesse: they are alleging in the memo that this guy paid for by hillary. a foreign agent created fake dirt about your far it and shopped it to cnn, "the washington post" and the washington times. then took those reports and gave it to the judge to help bolster the credibility of the warrant application. the whole year and a half they must have known this thing was bogus and they were in cahoots with him. they worked with him. >> no one else could get away with this besides the obama administration. they what he poundized the fbi and doj to attack the duly elected president of the united states. jesse: if this happened on the other side if bush and mccain
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conspired to spy on obama -- what if they had a bunch of lies from kenya or hawaii about the president's nefarious background and that got into a judge's hand and they signed off on a warrant four times. >> they neglected to tell the judges where the information was actually coming from. jesse: they didn't say the was from hillary or fusion gps. so hillary basically paid for the surveillance of her political opponent with the help of the obama administration. is this investigation rot to the core? >> it always has been. it's so ridiculous. let it go. the real problem i have had other than millions in legal fees and lots of time wasted and
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being smeared throughout the media. at least they uncovered this. what if they wouldn't have. there is a little bit of sweet revenge for me and the family in the sense if they wouldn't have done this, this stuff would be going on. this would be going on at the highest levels of government. they would be continuing to do it to my father. imagine how effective he could be given the year he had, without this cloud over his head? i want it to come teen end. you have been look for two years and you have couple with nothing other than their own nefarious actions and own collusion, and couple with something. at this point come to something. if they try to drag it out for a year, so the democrats have their talking points. you see the democratic senators saying this is mccarthyism. you have a guy screaming russia, russia, russia, screaming about
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mccarthyism in the irony is ridiculous. jesse: what would you like to say to adam schiff right now? >> i think he has some soul searching to do. 99% of intelligent people believe he's the one leaking this. when i did my testimony to his committee it was supposed to be secret. it's done at 7:00 and at 12:00 in my twitter feed i am reading leaks verbatim from the house intelligence committee. but that's what's going on in our government. he's scared. because he had the media in their back pockets as we see from all of this. these buys are working together with the radical left and they are getting whatever they want done. the problem is they used to have
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credibility. so they are able to sell that narrative. that's why you could see them ramping up so effectively to say this isn't a big deal. i guarantee you after we leave this, that's what we'll be reading about from all the major sources. jesse: fit was such a big dud they wouldn't have cared if it got out. i want to show the audience what your father said when he was asked about the memo. let's hear it. >> i think it's terrible, you want to know the truth. i think it's a disgrace what's going none this country. the men he was sent to congress, it's declassified. congress will do whatever they are going to do. but i think it's a disgrace what's happening in our country. when you look at that and seether things, what's going on. a lot of people should be ashamed of themselves and much worse than that. i sent it over to congress and
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they will do whatever they do. it was declassified. let's see what happens. a lot of people should be ashamed. thank you very much. jesse: you have had two competing narratives the last year. you have the media on the left saying donald trump was a colluder and obstruction of justice in cahoots with the russians to win the election. now it turns out the department of justice and fbi under president obama rigged the investigation for hillary and turned the screws to trump. now it looks like in a corrupt and illegal way. the facts are out now. the facts belong on this side. >> 100%. this has been a' more recent narrative than the other. they have been looking at the other one for over two years.
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i took a 20 minute meeting. but they needed it to be true because they staked their entire credibility. their whole narrative. now we can keep going. now we can keep on the heat. jesse: what will it do to the media's credibility which wasn't high to begin with. now this whole hoax exposed. what do we do? >> it gets rid of the notion there is any objectivity. jesse: except "watters world." >> fair and balanced. it's really news entertainment. it's still a 24-hour news cycle you have to do this. they are not relaying news, they are relaying news with their preferred choice of spin. that's a shame because you are doing a disservice to people who want to get real news.
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jesse: you have the dossier used to get the wiretap. the fiction is in for hillary and they hated donald trump, and the whole investigation now is questionable. and you have steele in the memo here, the paid for guy from the hillary campaign quote was desperate that donald trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president. that goes to motive right there. i want to talk to you about the state of the union. we were down there together. the president made a lot of great point about unemployment, black unemployment. despite those things being good for america, a lot of people on the democratic side of the aisle did not stand or applaud. >> after years and years of wage stagnation, we are finally seeing rising wages. african-american unemployment stand at the lowest rate ever
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recorded. i halted government mandates that crippled america's great, beautiful auto workers. so that we can get motor city revving its engines again. that's what's happening. jesse: it's not like not rooting for america during the olympics because you don't like the president. >> i said it in tweets a while ago. they would rather see america fail than see america succeed under donald trump. if donald trump said he was all for oxygen, they would stop breathing. the derangement is real. for the congressional black caucus to not stand up for all-time low african-american unemployment? that's crazy.
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pastor darrell scott who is a friend of use. he said would you rather see high numbers so you can continue to peddle the hate against trump? who wins? we should all be rooting for success for our people. i think real americans are starting to see this. jesse: your father is putting out a generous offer about a path to citizenship in exchange for wall funding. but i don't think they want to solve the dreamer thing. i think they want to force someone to start supporting people. they like the campaign issue for seats. >> it's all they have. all-time high stock market. all-time low unemployment. bonuses being paid by companies. hundreds of billions of dollars
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already coming in because of tax reform. what's their platform for 2018? we want to make america worse again? jesse: a lot of democrats will run in districts where it was close with hillary and trump. are they going to say we are against bonuses? are they going to say we are against low unemployment or rising paychecks and go along with pelosi and schumer? are they going to say yeah we recognize the economy is good. here is how the democratic party can make it better. >> i think they will go with the former because they can't help themselves at this point. but the problem is rather than being reasonable and coming to the table, they forced themselves first and further left. they are left of commie right now. and i don't think that's where america is. i think people want some moderation in their thought from
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their leaders. jesse: the democratic brains have come to the conclusion this will be a wave election in the mid-terms. they don't have to do much and just run on trump hatred. donald trump's arofl rating skyrocketed. he's up at 42%. a 10-point jump since the last poll. i believe the tracking poll, rasmussen has him at 49%. there is another poll that shows a tie in the congressional generic ballot between republicans and democrats. it's not a lock the democrats are going to take back the house. >> don't kid yourself. some of those polls are understating. it's easy to say we are not for trump. we would call people, no, i'm not voting for trump. we started asking people, who is
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your neighbor voting for? oh, that guy is voting for trump. one of the polls said trump is tied with obama's approval rating at the same time in their presidencies. imagine you had the media being your biggest cheerleader versus you're biggest detract tore. think of -- biggest detractor. people are starting to finally see the truth. the one thing i'll say about my father, he has a big soap box and he's not afraid to use it. i had a lot of people who said what happened? the republicans didn't automatically cave? the republicans are getting used to being able to win again, and that's a big deal. jesse: your father has definitely taken a lot of heat. hillary had the memo on her
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side, the media on her side. the incumbent president on her side, and she still lost. it's amazing your dad even won. >> i don't think it is because i saw the enthusiasm gap. when you look at the way we worked. if she did one or two events a day, it was a miracle. but he would be out there every day having conversations with people. there were times on the campaign trail where i what in the same market she or tim kaine had been and i'm drawing 10x what she did. there was such an enthusiasm gap. the ironnive all ironies is it took the billionaire from new york to be able to relate to middle class blue collar america. but that's what he did.
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jesse: the newly released memo alleges widespread abuses by the fbi and the department of justice. joining us, michelle malkin. what else your take on the memo. >> before it came out i said what we were seeing is independent kaightss of the corruption of our core intelligence infrastructure, but fundamental corruption of our media establishment. and this confirms it. if you look at the way this memo highlights how the dnc and fusion gps were manipulating this sacred process as president trump put it of approving the fisa warrants and handling very sensitive, classified information, then using the media to corroborate what the dnc said, even though there was collusion between fusion gps and the media sources being used to
5:21 pm
confirm this phoney evidence. jesse: hillary, foreign agent steele who hated donald trump, and said so, he was peddling this fake news to the press, and the department of justice was using that fake use to bolster their attempt to get the wiretap approval. >> there are two media names in here that were name checked. michael isakov and david cork. jesse: isakov is a good investigative reporter but clearly does not like republicans. >> he's on top of the vile bias.
5:22 pm
it shakes the american public to its core. if i were a judge on the fisa court, i would be questioning the veracity of many of these applications that may have rest on similar democratic opposition research. jesse: according to the memo, they hid the hillary financial connection from the judge. they hid the fusion gps connection from the judge. so the judge is signing off on things he doesn't understand the basis of because he's being lied to by federal officials in the obama administration. that's corrupt at its core. i'm sure -- i think it's comey signing off on this, rosenstein, mccabe. they must have known where this phoney dossier came from.
5:23 pm
they must have known it was financed by hillary clinton. they must have known this guy was not a straight shooter, chris steele. and they hid that information from the judge. that implicates him. >> they were signing off on the fruits of the poisonous tree. the fact that we can have high-level judges on the fisa courts being left in the dark when they are making grave decisions. jesse: shouldn't the judges, more aggressive in poking holes in it. or are they blindly signing off? >> these are great questions that need to be laid bare in congressional investigations. i am not going to make an assumption either way. jesse: this is determined through the memo hillary paid
5:24 pm
for spying on the trump campaign and was in cahoots with the. was it based on a lie, is it poisoned from the core? what does it tell us about the larger russia investigation? >> i think a cancer has metastasized. the twin corruption between our foreign intelligence agencies and the mainstream media to cover it. they are supposed to be investigative watchdogs when they are in fact acting like lap dogs in shopping around this faulty information. a fundamental question is how many other fisa warrants and applications were based on this kind of stuff. jesse: we are hearing from congressional sources this is just the tip of the iceberg.
5:25 pm
people said the memo was hyped up. it was a little hyped up. but i believe it was hyped up for a reason. this is very, very serious stuff. we love having you on to talk about immigration because you are so passionate about it. the president talked about the ms-13 murder, some teenagers were killed in long island. and he had the parents there as guests. the democrats were uneasy when he talked about this. according to joy reid who reacted to this. this is what she said. roll it. >> he makes it sounds like the biggest issue in the united states is ms-13, a gang nobody that doesn't watch fox news has ever heard of. jesse: msnbc doesn't think ms-13 is a big deal and it's only
5:26 pm
covered on fox. the family members were very upset with msnbc for down playing the threat. they had their daughters killed. >> this is a shining example of liberal media privilege. msnbc privilege. i have been covering these illegal alien gangs. the violence they brought not just against fox news viewers, but like the families that donald trump honored. these are minority families, they are planning, they are brown, they are yellow. jesse: i thought black lives matter. if black lives matter people on the democrat side should be clapping and standing and supporting these parents who lost their daughters at the hands of the gang members. >> what the state of the union did was expose the true colors of these monstrous progressives.
5:27 pm
not only did they attack the families of the victims of the ms-13 crimes. and the way they belittled the north korean defector. there was a progressive reporter who likened him to north korea's tiny tim. jesse: the guy who defected. that's real resistance. it's not wearing a funny hat or sitting on your hand and not clapping. diamond and silk are back. stay tuned. how can you make your house the center of the neighborhood? first, mix liquid gold velveeta with the one-two kick of ro*tel's diced tomatoes and spicy green chilies. then, find space for extra parking. lots and lots of parking.
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julie: drama in the skies over syria after rebels shoot down a russian fighter jet and killed the pilot in the northwest part of the country. that russian pilot opened fire on the fighters who tried to capture him before he was gunned down. the russian military has been in syria since 2015 in support of president bashar al-assad. the super boys one day away.
5:32 pm
fans are gathering in indianapolis to enjoy the festivities. the nfl inducted 8 new players into the hall of fame. the class was hea. jesse: we are going to have our video blowingers and outspoken trump supporters respond. -- video bloggers and outspoken trump supporters. what do you guise think of the memo. >> they have some explaining to do. the fact that they put this
5:33 pm
dossier into the news to spread fake news and took it as a basis to spy on not you president of the united states, somebody needs to be held accountable. if they don't need to fast go, don't collect $200. people need to go to jail for this. jesse: the ax is going to fall and i think people will get locked up. maxine waters issued one of the five dem kraict responses to the state of the union in which she called for unity. but in her own words, let's here what she had to say. >> one speech cannot and does not make donald trump presidential. he is a dangerous, unprint, divisive and shameful racist.
5:34 pm
>> they refer to me as auntie maxine. i wanted to be an enabler. with this kind of inspiration i will go and take trump out tonight. jesse: mad maxine wants to take trump out. she says the russians are conspiring against her. what do you think about mad maxine? >> i think she has a serious problem. for her to be a representative of people, it seems like she is only representing her own agenda to bash someone and she should be bashing herself. she lives in a $4.6 million mansion on a $174,000 salary. she hasn't done anything for her district while she is living high off the hog.
5:35 pm
then i heard she said about our president. we need to vote her out. why is she in office? steve scalise was there, he took a bullet, he was there, and he was able to stand there and represent his district. shame on maxine waters. you weren't even there to represent the people you represent. >> it's people like maxine waters that keep black people segregated. and not allow them to have opportunity of being part of the american dream. shame on maxine and other black individual that call themselves leader. jesse: i can't believe she has a $4.6 million mansion. i have got to do what maxine is
5:36 pm
doing. i'm in the prong line of work. me qulan came out wearing a gorgeous white outfit. but over at cnn, here is their analysis. >> is there anything you wanted to tell us about her outfit? >> she is wearing a cream colored suit. last year female democratic senators wore white to protest trump's policies against women. there was even a hashtag women wear white. it could be a total coincidence, but i find a lot of the stuff she does these these days to look at it twice. jesse: they are saying melania is part of the #metoo movement and she is protesting her husband. >> our first lady was wearing something beautiful because she has class and she knows how to wear it. i want the suit.
5:37 pm
she is part of the make america great again movement. that's what she is part of. jesse: you guys would look great in that white suit. keep going with what you are doing. the tour is hot. everybody is signing up for the tour. go check it out. diamond and silk, everybody. we'll be right back. [♪] (giggles) which truck would you pick? the chevy. there you go. boom. that was obvious. plus it looks cooler. no doubt about it. now they know what to get me.
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jesse: a renewed cry to lock her upcoming from president trump. putting out a double standard on the government's treatment of hillary clinton for her reckless handling of classified materials. while on thers paid dearly for
5:42 pm
lesser offenses. he tweeted huma abedin put classified passwords into the hand of foreign agents. joining me now, a fox news ex plowlsive, the sailor president was referring to, former navy machinist christian saucier. you took photographs of a submarine and threw them out. and they were confidential which is the lowest level of classification. yet you were prosecuted and ended up going to prison. how do you feel about hillary not. >> it's blatant proof of the double standard of justice and how the department of justice
5:43 pm
answer the fbi were weaponized while letting unpatriotic liberals like hillary clinton and her aides escape. it should be upsetting for all americans that were held to a different standard than crooked politicians. jesse: you are not in a studio because your parole or probation officer says you can't dough to a studio. and you are wearing an ankle bracelet. yet hillary clinton had top secret classification on her materials, yet comey came out and said no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case, but they brought a case against you. >> i watched all those speeches comey gave. i said i know a prosecutor who
5:44 pm
is going after somebody for far lesser. mine was confidential. there was never an argument that i had nefarious intent or caused national harm. it's not a requirement. gross negligence is enough to break that law. i basically possessed classified images on a secured device, my cell phone and that was breaking the law which is what hillary clinton did on a much larger scale with much more sciewsh information and nothing happened to her. jesse: when you hear reports about text messages going on between fbi agents and the memo we are seeing come out that shows department of justice officials, fbi officials had worked to let hillary skate while at the same time going hard against donald trump and using lies to justify that
5:45 pm
investigation, what do you think as a guy that's just a machinist working on a southbound marine? >> it's very upsetting that somebody like myself who had two deployment to the middle east, who gave 11 years of my life to this country to have their life destroyed for something so minor. and she lied to the fbi and the american people and nothing is happening to her. mike flynn made a mistake and his life is destroyed as well. what has hillary clinton ever done but lie to the american people. but she is given the benefit of the doubt because andrew mccabe is a friend of hers and
5:46 pm
took money from her. i saw it's upsetting the way that justice is dolled out in this country. jesse: perhaps the president will commute your sentence or give you a pardon situation. he watches "watters world," so maybe that could be an opportunity to make things right. thank you very much for your service and hopefully everything works out in your favor in the long run. >> thank you for having me on. jesse: another tom brady controversy on the eve of the super bowl. that's next. will not be deterret because your office is measured in acres and a half day of work is twelve hours. nor, will unyielding temperatures and a long list of grueling tasks stop you. your relentless spirit drives you forward
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jesse: super bowl 52, new england versus the patriots. tom brady is in the news for something that has nothing to do with football. here he is with his son.
5:51 pm
jesse: joining me now is the founder of bar stool sports which has taken over the internet. earn that saw the video thinks the kid lingered a little long. what do you think about it? deflategate. spygate. parisian culture you kiss each other on the cheeks. a lot of people don't have dads. he has a dad that's loving. there is no story here. it's a distraction. jesse: obviously you are not
5:52 pm
paying any mind to it. i want to show a map of the country. i think it entire country is pulling for the philadelphia eagles except some states in new england and north dakota. the injured eagles quarterback went to school there. what is it like to have everybody rooting against you guys? >> they hate us. i think the patriots should be the model franchise for everybody. they never take anything for granted. they show up day in and day out. philly fans are trash. it's sad that a lot of people will be rooting for philadelphia. jesse: i grew up in philadelphia. i was at the nfc championship game. i saw some ugly things, i call it passion. i think someone put a tom brady
5:53 pm
jersey on the rocky statue. let's see if we can get a look at that. if you are a phillies's man there will be blood in the streets. do you think it was fair poking the bear like that? >> we are the bear. poking the bear you have to wear the giant. i looked it it was gamesmanship. whatever want to do about it. maybe you are provoking the bear and you won't get punched in the face by philly trash. jesse: i hope you have a lot of security when you are out at the super bowl. i think you better keep two, three security guards to watch your back. here are the three key to the game. keep brady off the field.
5:54 pm
the eagles need to dominate possession. if they can run the ball against the patriots defense, the patriots deestles hasn't had a great time stopping the run. then on our side of the ball you want to hit brady and our linebackers have to cover your guy. what do you think? >> i think it's going to be a good game. i think it eagles are pretty good. we have braid crane belichik and it generally ends up in our favor. so barring some sort of travesty like an earthquake, i don't know how the patriots can lose this game. jesse: a lot of people said donald trump wasn't going to be elected president. so anything can happen. i wish you luck, try not to get punched. >> thank you. i'll watch my back.
5:55 pm
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jesse: time for "last call." diehard eagles fans are psyched about the eagles fan. but one fan had a big fear after wake up from having her wisdom teeth removed. jesse: that's a real fan right there. the video has been viewed a million times since it was posted last week. all i can say is fly, eagles, fly.
6:00 pm
follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. and remember i'm waters and this is my world. -- i'm watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: breaking tonight, president trump takes to twitter in the wake of the fisa memo bombshell. i'm jeanine pirro. the president late this evening quoting the "wall street journal" on twitter saying the memo lays out how the fbi failed to inform the fisa court that the clinton campaign funded the dossier. the fbi became a tool after anti-trump political actors unacceptable in a democracy. the president goes on to say the fbi wasn't straight with


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