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tv   Legends Lies The Civil War  FOX News  April 1, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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that's pretty noble. >>chris: more good news at the arboretum this week, two new bald eagle eggs were spotted in the nest. that's it for today. have a happy easter and passover and a great week and we will see you next "fox news [ dog barking ] [ wind howling ] ♪ >> previously on "legends and lies"... >> i will burn the town and have blood. [ dogs barking ] >> it's this way. >> the negro is my equal. he is the equal of every living man. [ bell tolling ] >> let's go. >> she is determined to make all who oppose her feel southern steel. >> this guilty land will be purged with blood. >> 85 years ago, this country was born. is this the year that it dies? >> if war with the federal government is the result, then so be it. ♪
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>> to the roof. let's have this rebel banner down. [ groaning ]
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>> ♪ my country, 'tis of thee ♪ sweet land of liberty ♪ land where my fathers died ♪ land of the pilgrims' pride ♪ from every mountainside ♪ let freedom ring [ thunder rumbling ] >> a political conflict cracks the foundation of a fragile union, dividing a young nation over the issues of freedom, slavery, and equality. in a brutal battle of attrition,
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heroes will rise, cities will fall, and the blood of thousands will stain the land. america's struggle for life, liberty, and justice for all becomes the civil war. ♪ abraham lincoln, a frontiersman-turned-small-town lawyer, overcoming humble beginnings and chronic depression to become an eloquent statesman and courageous leader. but behind every leader stands a man, and behind every legend lies the truth. >> fire! [ imitates explosion ] >> abraham lincoln is known as, perhaps, america's greatest president. his election comes at what some consider the culmination of a meteoric rise. but lincoln is no overnight
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success. he has endured much to arrive at such a time as this. overcoming poverty, depression, and political failures along the way, lincoln has proven to be resilient and resourceful. yet, at the cusp of the civil war, there are some who doubt he can save the union. abraham lincoln finds himself facing what no other president in history has faced -- a deadly struggle for the soul of a nation. >> it's fort sumter. you broke it. >> i suppose we'll just have to fix it again. >> [ chuckles ] >> lincoln is cautious. he wants the rebellion crushed, but he doesn't want to move precipitously. but this is the moment when people are yearning for action, maybe ill-advisedly, wanted a policy, wanted a leader. >> lincoln calls for 75,000 troops to put down the rebellion. in response, four more states secede, including virginia, bringing the conflict to the southern border of the nation's
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capital. now the only access to washington is through maryland. >> when the troops from massachusetts are coming down, they had to walk through baltimore. maryland is a slave-holding state. its sympathies are very heavily with secessionists. >> go back, blue bellies! go back, blue bellies! [ indistinct shouting ] >> men of baltimore, we have no quarrel with you. [ indistinct shouting ] >> stop!
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>> the baltimore riot is the first combat of the civil war. coincidentally, it takes place on the 86th anniversary of the battles of lexington and concord. in fact, two union soldiers who die are direct descendants of the boston minutemen who fought off the british in 1775. so, on the anniversary of one revolution, another one has begun. >> after the riot, secessionists disrupt the railroads, halting the movement of union troops, leaving the capital more vulnerable than ever. >> [ clears throat ] mr. president, without the railroads, your troops cannot mobilize. >> at any moment, rebels will storm this city, and that will be the end of it.
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the end of the united states of america. general scott, if you find it necessary to suspend habeas corpus, you may do so. >> mr. president, you cannot -- just get me my troops. >> lincoln said, "well, congress is not in session, so i have to do it, because i can't preserve one part of the constitution and let the whole constitution go down." >> as secessionists are jailed, the railroads clear, and more union regiments begin arriving in washington. troops camp on the white house lawn, in the east room, and in the house chamber in the capitol. [ birds squawking, indistinct conversations ] bolstered by the arrival of troops, the public outcry is for
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an attack on the confederate capital, and lincoln is feeling the pressure. [ children shouting ] tad! willie! [ laughing ] hey! >> [ laughs ] >> oh! >> the soldiers are a welcomed presence... >> willie, tad. >> his good friend elmer ellsworth. >> mr. president, sorry. they got away from me. >> nonsense, colonel. they're just acting the part of good fire zouaves. >> elmer was a favorite of lincoln's from back in the days of springfield. he studied law under lincoln. lincoln kind of, like, takes him under his wing. he adores this kid, and this kid loves abraham lincoln. >> come over here. look there. what do you see? >> there was a hotel across the potomac river, in confederate virginia, on top of which flew a huge confederate flag. >> what is it, elmer? >> it ain't nothin' good, willie. >> this homemade confederate
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national flag offended this officer who was so patriotic. >> there's but a river between us and the rebels, now. >> the day after virginia officially secedes, lincoln sends troops, including ellsworth's zouaves, across the potomac to occupy the city of alexandria. >> [ groans ] >> hotel owner and southern sympathizer james w. jackson blasts ellsworth at point-blank range, killing him instantly. >> elmer ellsworth gets kind of celebrated as this first martyr.
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and that is on a national level. there's this outpouring of grief, with news articles and even songs written about him. but lincoln is also feeling this grief. so when he gets killed, this is a huge blow, personally, to the president of the united states. >> may i keep the flag in my room? >> run along, boys. i'll put it in your room. so much of promise and usefulness to one's country and bright hopes for one's self and friends have rarely been so suddenly dashed as in his fall. >> for lincoln, there is no glory in ellsworth's murder. it's evident that this will be a savage, ugly war, and he must bear the cost of every fallen soldier. [ indistinct shouting ] >> get down!
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>> fire! >> lincoln's attempt to occupy alexandria ends in bloodshed, creating martyrs on both sides. the northern public demands justice for the shooting of ellsworth, but the south considers the killing of james jackson, on confederate soil, an act of northern aggression. confederate president jefferson davis sends thousands of rebel troops to manassas, virginia, to defend against a union invasion. >> alabama, fall in. [ horses neighing ] >> if tyrants has invaded your soil, rally to the standard of your state and country. >> all: huzzah! huzzah! huzzah! >> the confederate battle plan e borders it shares with the north.
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but jefferson davis, like lincoln, is under pressure to attack his enemy's capital. an ambitious plan to engage the union troops is fueled by a southern attitude of confidence and superiority. >> any man from alabama's worth at least three yanks. we'll be home in a week. >> now, what the rebel troops may lack in numbers and equipment, they make up for with a rebel pride, a fierce determination to hold on to their southern way of life no matter the consequence. >> [ chuckles ] >> with the confederate army rallying just 30 miles from washington and union troops's enlistments ending soon, lincoln is forced to take immediate action. >> i'll implement this immediately. we will begin building up... >> but the union's top general, irvin mcdowell, is reluctant to move on the rebels. >> forward to richmond? you want me to attack richmond within a month? >> i want you to attack manassas within a month. >> [ clears throat ] mr. president, with my plan, we will cut off the confederacy
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from trade and slowly squeeze the life out of them. >> so, winfield scott has a plan. it's a two-pronged assault on the southern economy by shutting down port of new orleans and all the ports on the east coast and the gulf coast. it becomes known as the anaconda plan. but the blockade, man. i mean, that's gonna take -- you know, it could take years. that's not something lincoln wants to hear. >> we must take action now. >> but our troops are green sir. >> you were all green alike. >> history often paints president lincoln as a patient, cool-headed, almost stoic politician, but at the beginning of the war, he's often brash, short-tempered, even obstinate. >> i must go and prepare the army. >> now, when his generals rejet the call for immediate action in favor of a long-term, sustainable strategy, lincoln ignores their advice. he insists they take the fight into enemy territory. it's a rookie mistake that will
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cost him and the union greatly. >> with his army on the march to manassas, lincoln faces another threat from inside washington, d.c. confederate spies have infiltrated every corner of the capital, from saloons to bedrooms. >> are the soldiers finally going to be attacking the rebels? >> yes, indeed. >> rose o'neal greenhow was a matron of washington, d.c., society. she was very wealthy, very connected. >> how many soldiers are going to be risking their lives for us, henry? i want to pray for every one of them. >> [ laughs ] 35,000 prayers. >> [ gasps ] [ both laugh ] >> rose used her connections prior to the war to sort of cultivate her sources and use that information for the confederacy going forward. >> thanks to rose greenhow's
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efforts, the confederates at manassas are able to prepare for the union attack. >> fire! >> at dawn, mcdowell attacks beauregard with 35,000 union troops and still catches the confederates off guard. overwhelmed by the surprise attack, rebel forces are easy prey. >> civilians come to the battle, they bring picnic baskets, and they set up on a nearby field with the thought that they're going to watch a brief, maybe even bloodless encounter, that will swiftly bring this whole idea of secession and a nascent confederacy to a quick end. >> there's this naivety, just a lack of understanding about war. people don't get how horrible it's going to be. >> can you see anything, senator? >> well, one side's in retreat. which one, i can't say. >> civilians aren't the only
5:20 pm
ones who can't follow the action. when americans fight americans, both sides struggle to identify the enemy. >> it's chaos. there are northern troops dressed in gray uniforms, southern troops dressed in blue uniforms. there are guys with green uniforms. you got the zouaves, in their crazy pantaloon pants, running around. no one knows who's who. >> that's our boys. this way. >> take aim. >> colonel william tecumseh sherman sends an alabama regiment into chaos. across the battlefield, the rebels are forced back.
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the union. colonel william tecumseh sherman is one man committed to preserving the union at any cost. >> sherman is passionate and driven and has a tremendous resentment on the part of northerners, like himself, that the southerners have caused this, in his eyes. >> colonel sherman! crest that hill! >> yes, sir! >> this way, men! this way! >> as confederate casualties mount, general barnard bee orders his south carolina brigade to fall back. >> retreat! retreat! >> with the confederates in retreat, irvin mcdowell's union forces control the battlefield, but some rebels aren't ready to give up. general thomas j. jackson, an eccentric, god-fearing general
5:26 pm
from virginia, seizes the high ground at henry house hill and refuses to move. >> fire! >> we're in retreat, sir. >> sir, we will give them the bayonet. [ horse neighs ] >> jackson was a deeply religious man and he had a very specific idea of his relationship with god. he said, "when i'm in the heat of battle, i don't feel even remotely afraid. you would see him sitting on his horse with his hand in the air, praying. >> [ thinking ] accointo his law, all things work together for go. >> general, your hand. >> merely a scratch. >> he was one of those guys who believes, you know, god's got a day in mind when he's gonna kill
5:27 pm
you. so when there are artillery shells exploding around you, "well, you know, if i'm gonna go, i'm gonna go." and that gave him kind of a cool head on the battlefield, which his men rallied around. >> charge them now! >> stand firm, men. >> fall back! [ indistinct shouting ] >> halt! halt! look at jackson standing there like a stone wall. let us determine to die here today! for your lives! [ all cheering ] >> men, hold your fire until they come within 50 yards, and when you charge, yell like furies!
5:28 pm
[ indistinct shouting ] >> jackson's brave stand inspires the retreating rebels to stop and mount a counterattack, shifting the tide of battle. [ shouting continues ] for the first time, the confederates unleash their demonic rebel yell, terrifying the yankees into a full retreat back across to bull run, directly through the picnicking spectators. [ horse neighs ] [ screaming ] >> everybody's in complete panic many of them drown in bull run creek on their way to escape, as many others are captured by confederate soldiers and brought to richmond prison. >> get back in there and fight! >> this battle causes the rapid
5:29 pm
evaporation of this idea that the war can be quick and bloodless. >> oh, very gloomy is the house of woe, where tears are falling while the bell is knelling. a sense of mystery the spirit daunted and said, "the place is haunted." [ laughter ] >> manassas is a disaster, mr. president. >> [ coughs ] >> draft an official message. i need 500,000 fresh troops and a competent commander. >> lincoln blames irvin mcdowell's inexperience for the defeat at manassas, so he turns to a brilliant
5:30 pm
35-year-old general, george mcclellan, known to some as "young napoleon" for his bold and pompous nature. >> general george mcclellan was one of the most intelligent military officers to serve in american history. he trained his troops very well. very precise in their drill. so mcclellan's army is arguably one of the best-trained armies in the world. >> gentlemen, our new army of the potomac is shaping up even better than i expected. it will soon number over 100,000 fighting men. >> and when do you plan to take this army of yours to battle? >> my intelligence indicates that the enemy's strength in virginia is over 150,000. >> [ chuckles ] >> if we have enough soldiers to take on such an army, i assure you i will crush the rebels with one campaign. >> [ chuckles ] 150,000. [ chuckles ]
5:31 pm
>> perhaps, mr. president, you would care to go for a ride and see the army i have built for you. all of you may come, of course. though, general scott, i've heard your days on horseback have, uh -- have ended. please >> mcclellan was an u.s. army engineer officer, and he looked like the right man to do the job. he looked like the man who would lead u.s. army forces into decisive battle against the confederates. >> for months, mcclellan refuses to put his army into action. his delays and excuses frustrate lincoln at a time when the president is dealing with a personal crisis. >> [ coughing ] >> please don't let our boy die. >> it's all right. just lay back. >> in his first year, president lincoln is confronted by unspeakable loss, both personal and political. as the death toll mounts, there's a realization that this may be a war of attrition.
5:32 pm
the coming months and years will test his limits as a man, his fortitude as a leader, and the resiliency of democracy. but even with the union hanging in the balance, for the devoted father, losing his sick son may be too much to bear. >> [ coughing ] great, another dead end. sarge, i just got a tip that'll crack this case wide open! turns out the prints at the crime scene- awwwww...did mcgruffy wuffy get a tippy wippy? i'm serious! we gotta move fast before- who's a good boy? is him a good boy? erg...i'm just gonna go. oh, you wanna go outside? you gotta go tinky poo-poo? i already went, ok? in the bathroom! as long as people talk baby-talk to dogs, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> for nearly a year, the south's violent rebellion has consumed abraham lincoln's life. during past troubles, he has turned to his family for support, but willie's death, to typhoid, leaves him more alone than ever. >> mother. come say goodbye to our boy. >> mary lincoln handled tragedy very badly. willie's death sent her over the edge, and lincoln didn't know what to do for her. it was hard. mourning, as well,d had to run a country.
5:37 pm
>> willie's death scars and weakens the president. but in a national crisis, lincoln must find the strength to unite the nation by any means necessary. for months, top general george mcclellan has refused to attack the confederates. tensions between the president and the general run high. >> where the devil is? he's as late to a meeting as he is to a battle. senator. >> sir, the president and his secretary of state are here to see you. >> i cannot tell you how disgusted i am becoming with these wretched politicians. they are the most despicable set of men. seward is a meddling, officious, incompetent little puppy. the president is nothing more than a well-meaning baboon. >> george mcclellan looks down on the president of the united states. he kind of dismisses him as just
5:38 pm
being sort of beneath him. >> while mcclellan stalls the union offensive in d.c., another general is on the attack in western tennessee. after capturing fort henry, ulysses s. grant pushes toward fort donelson, a vital confederate outpost. for grant, this is the first step toward redeeming his past disgraces. >> at the beginning of the american civil war, ulysses s. grant is a has-been, kind of a loser. this guy had had a promising military career. kind of whittled it away at the bottom of a whiskey jar. >> as the civil war escalated and the army discovered it
5:39 pm
needed anybody who had had any experience in the army, then they were willing to give grant a chance. >> howdy, sam. >> now grant lays siege to fort donelson, which is under the command of an old west point friend. >> general buckner. >> all right then. fine. >> general grant. i don't suppose that $300 i loaned you, uh... [ laughs ] ...would buy me any leniency. >> no, general buckner. no leniency, no terms, except immediate and unconditional surrender. >> [ sighs ] let's see the paperwork. >> grant had an understanding of the war that few others had. he understood that this was gonna be a whole lot tougher and require a much tougher style of fighting than most other generals did.
5:40 pm
>> like stonewall jackson, grant is an unlikely hero who finds new life in the crucible of war. but george mcclellan, the perfect general on paper, shrinks from the heat of battle, and now dark rumors circulate about his true allegiance. >> a traitor is in our midst. lincoln's new secretary of war, edwin stanton, believes he has proof of mcclellan's treason. >> mcclellan is delaying because he wants the south to win. >> lincoln's patience with the pompous, power-hungry mcclellan is perceived as a sign of weakness among fellow republicans. but it's really a savvy political maneuver by the president. while mcclellan, a democrat, may not be the general to defeat the confederacy, lincoln can curry favor among the northern democrats by keeping him in command. now, if he fires mcclellan, he
5:41 pm
risks losing their support, which he desperately needs as the war drags on. >> mr. president, i'm happy to -- >> general, it has been nearly a year with no battle undertaken at your command. and now rumors fly that you are a confederate. >> i built this army single-handedly out of drunken rabble. >> you do not deny you have friends in the south. >> of course i have friends in the south, as do you, as does everyone in the north. i have been chosen to save this union, not to destroy it, not to change it... but to preserve it. >> we must have action now! >> my dear brother sam has enlisted with the confederates! he'll die for sure. how could he do this to me?! why would he enlist with the confederates?! >> mary was so distraught, so mentally unstrung, she never
5:42 pm
really did recover from willie's death. she slowly decayed, mentally. >> there's a man that talks to the dead. perhaps i can employ him to reach willie in heaven. >> please get ahold of yourself now. >> get ahold ofyourself, abraham! get ahold of this country. >> with everything around abraham lincoln falling apart -- his country fractured, his family broken by grief -- the president must hold on and find the courage to persevere, before he loses the war. ♪ >> when someone watches the news, they want someone they can trust. our job is to cut through the talking points. >> we're gonna ask the tough questions because there's a lot of conventional wisdom out there that needs to be challenged. >> what i'm doing is making sure that whatever has developed through the day, people are fully informed from coast to coast. >> we're 24-7 news, but we're really down to the minute.
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>> we're gonna be fearless. we're gonna be fair. >> whether it's 4:00 a.m. or midnight, we're there. ♪ advil presents a big breakthrough in pain relief. advil liqui-gels minis. a mighty small pill with concentrated power that works at liquid speed. you'll ask... that wwhat pn?liquid speed. advil liqui-gels minis.
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[ indistinct shouting ] >> reeling from his army's losses, his son's death, and his wife's descent into
5:47 pm
grief-induced madness, lincoln faces an even greater fear, a dissolving union and an end to american democracy. >> lincoln believed that if there was one split in the union, the rest of the union would fall apart, the confederate states would fall apart, and, all of a sudden, instead of one peaceful country, there might be 15, and there would be no end to the wars. >> hope arrives when general mcclellan finally his moves army into virginia. at sea a new technological advancement holds even more promise. the navy's wooden fleet is rendered obsolete overnight by ironclad warships, like the unionmonitorand the confederatemerrimack. in the battle of hampton roads, neither wins decisively, but they usher in a new era of naval warfare. >> the rules begin to change, specifically with the introduction of a few technical innovations. this is at the absolute cutting
5:48 pm
edge of what modern warfare is to look like. >> and for the union, good news comes from the west. ulysses s. grant chases the rebels through tennessee to the city of corinth. he stops near a church called shiloh and waits to attack the rebels. >> before grant can make his move on corinth, he essentially just tells everybody, "take five, and we'll wait for reinforcements." [ explosion, rumbling ] >> rebels. >> grant discounts signs that the confederates are advancing. it's a strategic surprise that they just had not anticipated.
5:49 pm
>> shiloh was the first great slaughter of the war. and it was just a back-and-forth, brutal, brutal battle that saw the southerners drive the northern troops almost all the way into the tennessee river. >> fire! [ insects chirping ] >> by nightfall, grant's army is devastated. the union soldiers are in no position to fight. even general william tecumseh sherman is ready to withdraw to safer ground. >> [ coughs ] >> it's okay. after that terrible sunday at shiloh, the only thing just impossible as it seemed to be was to put the river between us and the enemy and recuperate.
5:50 pm
>> i don't give a damn what you advise. we are not gonna give up this fight. >> sir. >> lincoln needed a general who was willing to take chances. and grant's approach to war was very simple -- attack and attack and attack. sometimes, you would lose, but then you attack the next day. and this is exactly the kind of general that lincoln wanted. >> if you're going to tell me to retreat, "cump," save it. >> well, grant... we've had the devil's own day, haven't we? >> yep. we'll lick 'em tomorrow, though. >> grant and sherman worked together well and supported one another. their idea of how to fight and plan battles during civil war was specifically the absolute annihilation of the opposing force. >> after driving grant back on
5:51 pm
the first day of shiloh, spirits among the rebels run high. confederate troops, like mary lincoln's brother, samuel todd, spend the morning celebrating their victory. >> whew, boy! you see them yankees running last night? >> [ laughs ] >> this is the worst coffee i -- [ gunshot ] >> during the night, union reinforcements arrive, and grant and sherman mount a lethal counterattack. >> at the time, the battle of shiloh is the bloodiest battle ever fought on americ soil, an omousign of worse things to come. few americans are prepared for carnage on this scale. in fact, the human cost of the war is so great, many union loyalists want to surrender and abandon the united states of america. but president lincoln is
5:52 pm
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>> since the first shots at bull run, a wave of death has swept the nation. every family knows loss, especially the lincolns. they've lost a dear friend, a son, and now mary lincoln's brother, samuel todd, has been added to the ever-growing list of the dead. ulysses s. grant ekes out a narrow victory for the union army. but the cost of his win is startling. >> i saw an open field so covered in dead, it would have been possible to walk across the clearing, in any direction, over dead bodies, without a foot
5:57 pm
touching the ground. >> grant and sherman understood that this was a war of attrition and it was going to go on and be a bloody, awful slog until one side couldn't fight anymore. >> the growing number of war casualties and the untimely death of willie are too much for president lincoln to bear. >> lincoln himself quietly, stoically, bore his pain, as well, but he was clearly suffering. this loss really affected the lincoln marriage for several years, because both people were lost in their depression. >> are you feeling receptive? and you, my dear -- are you feeling receptive?
5:58 pm
well, then let us begin. [ breathes deeply ] >> "those tattered flags that, with the open door, seemed the old wave of battle to remember. while fallen fragments danced upon the floor like dead leaves in december. for, over all, there hung a cloud of fear, a sense of mystery, a spirit daunted." >> please, willie, speak to me. >> call him again. he hears you. >> "and said as plain as whisper in the ear..." >> willie? >> "...the place is haunted." >> please, willie. speak to me. speak to me, willie. speak to me. >> the untried president lincoln
5:59 pm
faces a baptism of fire in his first year of the war. between the fractured union, his crumbling marriage, and the deaths of family, friends, and thousands of patriotic americans, lincoln struggles to maintain control of a country that is slipping away. to truly save the united states, the president will have to confront the war's true cause, the existence of slavery, and give meaning to the deaths of so many of its sons.
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steve: good evening and welcome to the next revolution. i'm steve hilton. we have something really special for you. we talk about some of the big popular issues like immigration, trade, and the economy. the way the rich have gotten richer. also an economy with corporations getting bigger and bigger and market competition disappearing from different areas. we talk about corruption and


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