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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 2, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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tomorrow night at 7:00. tucker carson is coming up. he is a big wild cats fan, too. see you tomorrow >> tucker: well, good evening and welcome to tucker carlsson. and a caravan is traveling across mexico tonight. mex an authorities are speeding them to their destination which is our country. they are not refugee. they have no legal right to come here and that is about the sum total of what we know about them. we don't know if they have skills or gang members or speak english. they know if they can cross the border in to california, they are set. democratic politicians will give them benefits and they can go
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anywhere in the country just like millions of them. if you wonder why america is not like the country you grew up in. will anyone in power do going to protect america this time or will leaders sit passively back as the invasion continues. the president sent a series of tweets, act now, congress he tweeted. our country is being stolen. to that, official washington scoffed. how dare the leader of the country have the right to tomorrow who comes here. jim schumer who poses as a journalist in cnn. >> as often happens with issues like this. it is a fact free zone. you heard that fox news rhetoric. an army of migrant. it is a group of folks who are seeking a sylum.
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the president tweeted caravans and multiple of people storming the border it is not true. >> tucker: it is more propaganda from the obama people seeking to be reporters. cnn is the left view as well. is it america's view and do voters think we have a moral obligation to admit every person in the world xh any time they want to come and feed and house and educate at our expense. the boaters think that. jiszicca is the franciscan is joining us. thank you for coming on. when the obama guy said they are seeking a sylum. does that mean we can do nothing about this? >> if they are seeking a sylum
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go seek it to mexico in this case. but that's not what this is. this is a political stunt designed to challenge the united states and in particular the trump administration. this is organized by activist and a walkathon by open borders. they recruited the people to join this group and making their way to the united states and it is a public relations stunt and a challenge to our sovereignty. and the president needs to meet the challenge and not just carry on the way the obama administration did and welcome them in. we don't need to accept their application. they are trained on how to commit a sylum fraud. >> tucker: why would it be a thousand people or 300000. or whole population of sal vador. the two-thirds that don't
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already live here? populations in poor countries are exploding. and what exactly is our recourse when that does happen? what do we do to prevent that from happening. >> we have to prevent it from happening now. this is building to the point since the obama administration changed the rules on a sylum and friendly judges stepped in and said you can't detain kids and one thing we can do is prevent them from getting to the united states. and do as we have done in the past and until mexico we want to come in and head this off before they get to our border. and we have a lot of leverage with mexico on migration issues. it is not their job to control their border and we make it in their interest to prevent things like this from happening. let's face it. mexico gets a lot more out of
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our bilateral relationship than we do. we need to use that lecherage and maybe kind much tie it in to nafta if we have to. but we don't need to just sit back and stand by while people take advantage much our lack of a secure border. >> tucker: so 60000 americans died from drugs and most came from mexico. they are hostile countries that are sending them. why is the military not sent to our border and why is it not a host ail act to our country. >> it is, and we could invoke and say and declare it is an inigration emergency and requires extraordinary measures and the federal government has a plan on how to deal with mass migration. when the haitian boat people came and we sent the coast guard
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out to intercept them. and there are tools that the president has to bear and work with the state of texas depending on where to try to make landfall in the united states. we can move money around and authorities and authorities to take advantage of and use your leverage with mexico and we don't have to just sit back and wait for them to arrive. >> tucker: jessica, thank you. i appreciate it. the founder of border angel and he joins us and thank you for coming on. i understand that you are for more immigration into the country, but i can't imagine you support people walking across mexico and just showing up and expecting to be let in. and if that were to happen we would no longer be a country. >> mexico is not a hostile
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nation. >> tucker: of course it is. >> no, it is not. it is people coming on in central america. this is happened since reagan interfered. they are escaping violence and hunger and looking for refuge and trying to come to the country and you have a boerpd patrol spokesman and said come and you will get in, that's a lie. that's not the way it work and it causes these people to cross and think they will get. most will not get in. >> tucker: i am not sure why you would feel an obligation to defend the government of mexico which his been literally for years and trained people with documents that we have on how to get in this country illegally. why are you flacking for them? i don't know what is in it for you. stop lying about this. mixture co could stop it right
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now. it is it a long country. and they are not. this is an act of hostility. >> the thing is we allow people to travel freely in the country as a lot of countries do. you are lying. show me a document where the mexican government is training people to cross into the united states. the mexican government is not doing. >> tucker: really? i am sorry, i win with superior knowledge here. no, no. >> superior arrogance. >> i know you are san diego and your racism is well known. >> tucker: the mexican government has given instructions to people, i've seen it with my own eyes on how to get across the border. bullpen the hold on, this group much people could be stopped any time by the mexican government which you feel a need to make
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apologies are. they ketain people. but they are not because they are going el norte. and they are a hostile power. >> movement people are not coming to the united states. most people go elsewhere and no desire to come here. 250 million people. united states has 11 million and that flow has shifted and dropped 40 percent. >> tucker: you are missing it. why should we take any that come here illegally. >> there is no way for them to come here legally. and the demand for the drugs and invading iraq or interfere nothing civil wars. that causes people to flee. >> tucker: so our sins are the reasons and so you hate america is what you are saying. and you know what, it is interesting, you are blaming america for illegal immigration into america. >> central america is mexico is
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part of america. >> tucker: it is a separate country and not the same as honduras. and 1-third of all sal dorian citizens live in the united states. so what point do we atone for our sins in elsal vador. >> it is stop taking their natural resource and invading sovereignty lands. you have a president. >> tucker: we took the natural resources of elsal vador. >> daca ended and people have been here since 1212. >> tucker: i am not asking your opinion on trump. i am asking you hold on. the policy that affect all of us as americans, and you are saying that hondurans have a right to come here because we take the natural resources was hondid your aus. can you be specific. >> the invasion of united states of sovereignty lands whether the
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interferrance of. >> tucker: what did you do of hondear aus. >> iran contraand united states take resources. for the mother country. >> tucker: they are coming here for bad things in honduras. are you representative of people on the left? what are you towning talking about? >> when they invade from sovereignty lands, they should be a welcoming nation and they are not. they are desperate people. >> tucker:in want to have a rational conversation. and we should have one. get back to me when you explain to me what we did for honduras to deserve this. >> first they came for confederate generals and now no statue is safe. a california town planning to
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a statue've president william mckinley on grounds he pursued policies offensive to native americans. and we have paul here tonight who voted for the removal. thank you for coming down. of all of the statues that you tear down why mckinley? >> it is the only one we got. >> tucker: good answer. and here you have a guy that joined the union army at 18 and fought the confederacy and spent years in battle. i don't think he has a reputation of a cruel guy and he was a victim much gun violence and why are you picking on him? >> i think if you look at all of the stuff about him. you mentioned a couple of things, but there is tons was
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other stuff about the guy and when you talk the totality of everything he was responsible for and what happened in his presidency. you look at it. positive and negative. if i was offered that statue as a city councilman i would say no thank you. i am basically correct being a 125-year-old error of judgment. >> tucker: you didn't put the statue there and are you having a town wide vote on this? >> the city council 112 years ago decided to put it there and the city council has the power to remove this. and if the citizens don't want it to happen, we have referundum initiate itch that happens in dallas that happens constantly and it cana be a thousand signatures and on the ballot. >> tucker: why not let them do that anyway. say there is a paul pitoino
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statue and i hope there never is. but how would you like it is, how would you like to be assessed on everything. how would you like it if people say tear the statue down and he was flawed. and shouldn't we be more dpof given. >> we are all equal and don't deserve a statue. i think it is a mistake to put statues up in human. statue of liberty is not a human or a stylized person and when you put up a human, you are always going to have a problem. whether missionolini. a problem. >> tucker: you are kind of winning me over with that argument and i think we shouldn't worship the politicians and so i kind of
5:19 pm
agreement i want sure we don't agree on anything other than that that. i think it is a islamic point and still a pretty good point. since his statue is up there, and no one living made the decision to put it there. you have to make a an affirmative decision to put it. are you not saying his sins were out weighed. and he fought against slavery and by the way, he was a victim much gun violence. shouldn't that give him a pass? >> you know, i totally see the god points and i see the bad points and i as an elected official. and a representative of the people in the town, i have to say go deep inside and what would i do if i was faced with this any other time? and 13 years ago, it came before us before and we didn't have a majority and so it stayed.
5:20 pm
this time 13 years later, it came up again, and we had a majority and so, our majority for it to leave. >> tucker: have you sochled all of the problems in your town and like literally a utoppia. >> hey, look. no body sochls all of the problems. >> you have no crimes and no one double parked or divorced or like you know what i mean? no one choses microwaves burritos over brussel sprouts and so in the spare time you tear down mckinley statues, is that what is going on? >> no, that is an opinion. as a city councilman. i have to cover everything. it has come to us before. and it came before i even lived here and this issue and it is like okay, stop wasting time. i am willing to take the freight and make the decision to make
5:21 pm
that motion to move that thing so that we can be done with it and move on and not waste any more time. so yeah, i really don't like wasting time about it. >> tucker: i disagree with you. but you make a good point about not wor sthping people. i am with you on that. councilman. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: jason nicole system a professor and coming on. >> thank you. >> tucker: unless you agree with the professor who i think has a good point. we shouldn't name things about living politician. whether kennedy killed a woman or robert bird. or any politicians. i strongly agree with that. but mckinley. why is he so sinful? >> if bee look at his history. he did things in terms of the indigenous people and giving
5:22 pm
their land to white settleler and breaking up their a utomny. and he has issues in his past. but at the same time, i think it is important for us and it is interesting this discussion. i am going to play the republican here and say that you had a city council, a local group who made a decision for their community, that's what they are elected to do. and yet you and i here in washington in our shirt and ties is testifying them what they did was wrong. >> tucker: i feel fully empowered to pass decisions on what governments make. >> you have no. >> tucker: i do. and just because a government is small doesn't mean it doesn't make terrible decision. i am not that kind of conservative. and a lot of tyranny on city
5:23 pm
councils. i have seen it living in a small town. we are retroactively judging people selectively. you wouldn't have a problem with a monument for the cherokees and they brought the african-american slaves. i am not attacking the cherokees, history is more complicated than we pretend it is. and you know that as a professor. and why do we knowledge it is black and white and good and bad people. >> we talk about presidents, we need a dialogue about the totality of what they have done. in this particular case, and the most important point to me, is that activist say they will raise $65,000 to remove the statue. it is not a burden on the taxpayers and housed somewhere. they have a veteran's place. >> tucker: it is classic red guard nonsense and destroy the
5:24 pm
past and thinking that will create a future. >> that is not destruction. past. your past still xicht and they will -- exist. >> tucker: no one is offended by this. >> there is a native american community 20 minutes south of arcata don't like to see the statue. >> tucker: i will talk to one of them. but taking down a statue does not improve their lives of the community. why do we have a fdr memorial and he put in internment camps. >> in living memory. some of those people are still a live. it was like 80 years ago. >> i think you are trying to make an argument that i am not
5:25 pm
making and you are trying to debate me with something on a point i am not making. what i am saying here, just like you know, people may be offended by certain things in certain communities. i don't think we should force it on that community to have that statue. if they want to remove it. >> tucker: i am not forcing on a rka d a. and i think the marijuana level is so high i that i am not sure they will take the statue down. and i am betting on that. and it is it a principle here worth talking about. and how do we assess people out of our past? do we impose the values, that we have at this right moment on people retroactively. and a lot of people are heroic. and chavez beat up illegal aliens. i think he was a net positive to the state positive california.
5:26 pm
and see what i am saying. >> here's what i believe. why can't we take this mckinley statistic and put it somewhere and have a dialogue about what he represented in the good and bad. most people don't know about mckinley. because no one cares about learning history. >> it is a huge problem. i bet you can't find ten people in america who can't tell us ten things. >> i think the people in arcadda. tuck tuck i don't think so. i will sit here in silence and you tell me facts about william mckinley. that will be the shortest conversation on television. >> and demolition of the
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>> tucker: with well a caravan from central mexico is going through mexico and demanding to come to this country. the president said he dislike it and so he is called a white supremist. >> it is an army and invagsz of brown people from central
5:31 pm
america. this is the implication. tuck this is after the happy easter tweet president trump went after immigrants. >> tucker: the first guy who was a political appointee for obama. >> and the left is making a point that we have no right to deny people entry when they come here. it doesn't matter who or where they are coming from is thatment position? >> yes, and what is whacky to me about the tucker, half of the illegal immigrant population including the 1100 people or whatever it will be by the time they hit the rio grande and half of the illegals in this country came here since 9/11. and in other wars, they broke
5:32 pm
into a country that is on orange alet. we are tommed we are on a orange alert. if law- abiding americans go to the airport. be advised security coding for today is such and such. and yet 1100 people are announcing they are walking the country and the united states government throes up its hands and said we can't stop them. what is the point of orange alert and 300 million americans shuffling through the airports bike a bovine herd if any of the six and half billion people who are not american can come over the rio grande and take a flat bottomed boat and come. >> tucker: the point is we are
5:33 pm
the problem. jim or whatever his name on cnn told us that we are the problem. they are virtious one and shut up america and obey. >> he probably doesn't know that. there was a french novel published and i a lot of people on the left don't like it. it predicted what is happening. a bunch of people got in a ship in india and sailed to the south of france and all of the media commented what is the big deal about this. we are the sinful one and we are the stain of all of the wicked ism, and imperialism and they are the virtious one and let them in. >> tucker: you get the inpregz that you are softened up and
5:34 pm
people tell you to shut up and obey. and we get to the moment where we can just be told to step aside and let people come in your place. >> and i think that is largely what it is in fact. and i think that is why i pay great taejz to the left's assault on language. someone it said you know. those of us who are opposed to this is antiimgrant. i am an immigrant. it is boring bullpen you go fill in pafrp work. and the left appropriated that term and now it is an army of people who don't bother with paper work and simply from being in poor impoferrished countries and whose resources the united states pillaged supposedly. they have the right to walk in to the country. >> tucker: exactly. so why should we care that
5:35 pm
a statue to president william mckinley. a victim of gun violence is about to be torn down in northern california. it feels like it is worth paying attention to. why is it? >> it is worth paying attention to, it shows when you hand the left a victory they move on to the next thing. rich lowery said on fox news last year, he said he didn't feel terribly excited about defending robert elee or jefferson davis. but if they come after washington and lincoln he will be there defending those guys. tearing down statues of american presidents and a guy who took a bullet for his country. once you give them and hand them the first victory. they simply move on to the next one and you know what is interesting to me, tucker, obama, when he looked for in
5:36 pm
judges. quality of empathy. that requires us to be able to understand human beings in the age in which they live. you are not tearing down a statue of mckinley. you are tearing down the representation of all americans who voted for him and agreed and supported him. you are disowning your own history and saying i am just going to live in a hyper present tense disconnected from my past. >> tucker: i knew you could explain it better than anyone i met. and that's what bothered me about it. thank you for articulating that. >> thanks a lot, tucker. >> tucker: america's management presence in syria could be coming to an end and some people are upset about the prospect of that. and new video of something pretty amazing and shot by a passenger on a commercial airplaner the other day. it is unbelievable. we'll not describe it but let
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>> tucker: president trump announced last week that american troops could be leaving syria. i don't think most people had an idea. now that isis territory is overrun and the group is mostly destroyed we can leave. in washington, it was controversial the american troops leaving another theater in the world. thank you for coming on. >> you beat. >> tucker: you' tu -- you bet. >> tucker: the president said we will take away isis and so can we declare victory?
5:42 pm
>> it starts with what is our interest in syria. we don't give a dam about syria. assad has been our enemies if ever. and we don't care about syria and so what do we care about? we kicked isis' butt and they will come back and reoccupies and that would be bad. and we tonight want iraq and jordan to be destabilized and we hate if it destabilized that we are building a fire breaker. and we don't want israel and iran to come to an end. and we don't want a repeat of huge, humanitarian on steroids for all of the million was refugees in western europe and destable themselves again. the question is we need to come out in a way that the problems
5:43 pm
don't bite us. >> tucker: undergirding are two assumpses. one that we have an obligation to defend them. and our presence is stabilizing rather than destabilizing. i don't see evidence of that. >> we have created a wedge that keeps those problems from spinning out of control. israel and iran are not shooting at each other. and iran, and jordan is holding together. jordan is a keystone state that keeps the region together. and iraq is holding together. and isis was utterly crushed in record time. >> tucker: that is great. but we are also in the position to be held hostage. one of our troops was killed and got no press coverage. it made me sad to read it. and we killed 200 russians.
5:44 pm
>> right. >> tucker: why would we want to be involve would in that? >> we don't want to. what we want is a region that doesn't fall apart and create bigger problems. you want a policy that doesn't do what obama did, declare victory and walk away and then the problems pour back in and you have a bigger problem than when you started. >> tucker: you think obama not enfwanled in the region was the reason for the syrian war? >> no, but the way we pulled our troops out of iraq and laid out the politics, that allowed the problem much syria to great a caliphate and that attributed foreign fighters all over the region and now we are worried about the tens of thousands of fighters coming back. >> tucker: why should i think assad is bad? >> i don't care. i am not for assad.
5:45 pm
>> but be clear. heap is a bad genocidal dictator. is that our problem? i actually don't think so. we care about our interest. >> tucker: the whoefl gulf would like us to be deeply involved because we are worried about iran. and we seem to be doing their bidding. >> the way this administration did iraq and rolled up isis and we didn't put tens of thousands of troops. we put a modicum much force and people on the ground do that and other people had to step up and other people doing bad things backed off. and so i think there is a middle ground between doing nothing and walking away and letting the house burn down. >> tucker: when lindsay graham said it is a disaster. >> then you should be suspicious because lindsay graham said
5:46 pm
that. >> tucker: if you want to know what time it is ask him and it is opposite time. >> it makes no sense for the united states to be in syria forever. how we walk away is mattering. >> tucker: you are making me feel better. good to see you. amazon is so ubiquitous. ings rheumatiod arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist move to another treatment, ask if xeljanz xr is right for you. xeljanz xr is a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. it can reduce pain, swelling and further joint damage, even without methotrexate. xeljanz xr can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma and other cancers have happened.
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>> tucker: every night this week we'll bring you a piece was our series tech tyranny and the way tech companies are dominating american life in a way it hasn't
5:51 pm
been happening before. >> amazon power over data is so great now even the u.s. military is seeking their help. and within a few weeks, they are expected to request a 10 billion contract that allows amazon to be the sole provider of the cloud computing. and matt is a fellow with citizens nonoply. and they are passing people by and no one is stopping to ask people by. and what are the implications of this. >> this is how they buy information technology and that is the heart of everything right now including war. and so this is a decision by the pentagon or potential decision to do something unusual. which is to not have multiple suppliers of a key resource that they rely on in this case, data.
5:52 pm
and they are handing over a bottle neck much our security and that is what is concerning to people. and they have relationships alm over the worltd and all sorts of entitties and could have a reason to manipulate american national security interest and even if they do a great job and no other services, last year, because of a tippo and an amazon data center and a bunch much websites went down including pinterest and securities and exchange commission. it is a dangerous thing to award a contract over a vital resource over to just one computer. they spread to split it and so jeff is not the sole guy in charge. >> tucker: a company that has
5:53 pm
relationships with foreign governments. this seems nut and why would the pentagon do this? >> it is like a bad movie plot. what is the first thing you are going to do when you get in to a war with the united states. undermine the pentagon's ability to access the data and if it is just amazon ws it is easier to do than than if you have multiple stores of supplies. i am not sure what the pentagon is thinking and there is power centers that are thinking about this. and they might think that if you awarded one company they will have the best security and if there is penetration of one security barrier, all of your eggs are in one basket. and there is different arguments why you would award it to one country. >> has any company had more power than the history of any
5:54 pm
other country than amazon or google ever. >> it is a good question. i think, i mean, you could look at standard oil in the 1880s or '90s and they didn't have ability to manipulate them in the way that jeff and larry does. and so it is hard to say. this is crazy. >> they could control your energy but they have had no control over your mind. and matt, thank you for paying attention to this. >> and it will continue every night this week and again and again and again. and it is worth investigating the dangerous powers of big tech because no one else is. up next, something odd was spotted the other day. and we'll show you the video and you decide for yourself whatever it is. feel the clarity of
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: one of those stories people are too embarrassed to cover because it's weird but it's true. a passenger aboard a commercial airline flight the other day recorded footage of a strange thing in the air. take a look at this, recorded over the aegean sea near greece. it shows a dark object maneuvering in a very odd way through the air spouting what seems to be smoke. the man who founded believes it is similar use scene over switzerland. that is absolutely bizarre. there aren't even any good guesses as to what that might b be. authorities of course haven't weighed in on that, as i haven't weighed in on many of these videos. doesn't mean that there isn't an obvious explanation for it. it just means that no one has
6:00 pm
come forward with one and that tells you a lot. we've got more videos like this. we will bring them to you in the future weeks. that is about it for us tonight. tune in every night at 8:00 to the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. have a terrific night. sean hannity is next. hey, sean. >> thank you, tucker. welcome to the special edition of "hannity." i'm katie pavlich and for sean. tonight, for the hour, we'll focus on the problem. president trump is trying to fix these repeated failures by pushing forward border balls and stricter immigration laws while liberals are openly defying his administration on the federal government. california of course is leading the way by fully embracing its sanctuary state status post but cracks are starting to show. we will cover all of that later tonight but first, we start with presen


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