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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  January 19, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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eric: one hour from now president trump delivers from the white house what we are told is a major announcement, an offer to the democrats to address the partial government shutdown and improving border security. fox news is learning the details about what we expect the president will say in those upcoming remarks, but the big question is will the democrats agree? hello, everyone, and welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm eric shawn. arthel: i'm arthel neville. the president planning to support protections for the so-called dreamers in exchange for more border wall funding, and the question now looming, will house speaker nancy pelosi agree and help trigger an end to the impasse in washington that has kept the government partially closed for 29 days and has left hundreds of thousands of federal employees without a
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paycheck? eric: well, the president's expected announcement comes, of course, as there have been new developments south of the border. hundreds more central american migrants are on the move, we're told, heading toward our country from mexico and the guatemala/mexican border gates were temporarily left open. the president reacting to that earlier today. >> i think it'll be an important statement having to do with the, as you know, caravans are coming up. they have a big one coming up now. i'm disappointed that mexico is not stopping them. i mean, mexico seems, unfortunately, powerless to stop them. many got through. they broke through the mexican area where, in theory, they were guarded, and they weren't so well guarded. so you have a lot of people in caravans coming up. if we had a wall, we wouldn't have a problem, but we don't. we have too many open areas. the walls that we fixed and the walls that we built hold beautifully, but we have a lot
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of open areas, and it's too bad. now, the previous caravans we stopped. they're right now in tijuana. i don't know what they're doing in tijuana, but they're not in our country, that i can tell you. arthel: let's go to garrett tenney live following the story right there from the white house. hi, garrett. >> reporter: hey, arthel. the administration is framing this as the president's latest effort to get democrats to come to the table and actually negotiate. and to do that, he's expected to lay the groundwork for new legislation that would include some immigration sweeteners for democrats. fox news has learned that the proposal will grant temporary legal status to the 800,000 daca recipients and extend the temporary protected status of more than 250,000 immigrants from countries such as el salvador and honduras who are slated for deportation. in exchange, the president would get $5.7 billion for his border wall along with $200 million for other border security measures
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including additional border agents and humanitarian aid. democrats have pushed for both daca and tps, but at this point it's not clear if those additions will be enough to bring them onboard to actually vote for the president's wall which democratic leaders have repeatedly said is a nonstarter. some republicans, though the, believe this latest deal is also part of a larger strategy to show that it's the democrats who are not willing to work out a compromise to reopen the government. >> i think this time he may very well try it and do it in such a fashion that the public understands it's not the president that's, you know, dragging feet. and this particular case there's been no response from our colleagues on the other side of the aisle. all they've said is until you open up the government, we're not even going to talk to you. >> reporter: we're told the president wants to get this legislation through the republican-controlled senate this next week, but from there it would head over to the house where speaker nancy pelosi has said she won't give the president more than a single dollar for his border wall.
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it seems to lead to the standoff continuing, but if nothing else, at least it does open the door for these negotiations which have stalled over the last week to start up once again. arkansas -- arthel? arthel: we will hear the president in his own words in just about an hour from now. thank you. eric: president trump's offer linking the wall funding to dreamer protections comes as democrats and republicans are pushing for the government to open. would speaker pelosi and her caucus be willing to accept such a deal? joining us now is democratic congressman dan kildee, chief deputy whip and member of the house ways and means committee. congressman, thank you for joining us. >> thanks, eric. eric: what do you want to hear from the president within the hour? >> well, the first thing is we're not going to do this anymore, we're not going to shut the government down over one area of disagreement. when democrats and republicans actually have come to agreement on almost the entire federal budget, all but a very small force. so i hope he says let's reopen
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the government, let's work together to resolve these issues and not present a proposal which is really not the result of back and forth negotiation, but is actually a constructive step toward some kind of compromise. i hope that's what we hear. eric: yeah. let's take a look at what that compromise is, what i have been told, specifically the president will announce this: for the $5.7 billion on the wall, he will offer some daca protections and for the dreamers, a big democratic topic, they will continued temporary protected status for those in that category, at least $200 million or more for drug interdiction, more border patrol agents, more humanitarian funding. it seems there is, you know, a list of democratic proposals in this agreement. do you think speaker pelosi would agree? >> i don't think she would agree to what he has put on the table because, frankly, it's the entirety of the president's proposal which many of us don't
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support and most border security experts don't think is the answer, including many republicans. in exchange for temporary status for these dreamers. i think the basics are there, but i don't think in the space of a few hours we can work out those differences. but i want to rush to my main point -- return to my main point. i feel this way whenever it's democrats or republicans doing this. let's not shut down the government in order to get something that we can't work out through negotiation. because, let's face it, our ability to come to resolution is not enhanced by a government shutdown. our ability to come together is actually made more difficult as a result of a government shutdown. so let's deweaponize the use of these families that work so hard for all of us and the threat to the economy. let's deweaponize that, take a deep breath if, open the government, shut down with goodwill across the table and try to work out these differences. eric: the president, perhaps,
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would say there isn't goodwill, you know, from some of the democratic -- >> well, there isn't -- [inaudible conversations] the last time -- well, wait a minute now. because we disagree over the kind of border security we ought to have is not a lack of goodwill. that's just a difference of opinion. i think sometimes we tend to characterize these things as if they are intractable differences. they are just policy differences. it's not something you shut the government down over. and the last time, of course, leader pelosi and -- or speaker pelosi and the senate leadership was at the white house the government spent a few minutes with them, slammed his hands on the table and left. now, he might not have liked what he herald, but you don't walk away. you try the work through the differences. eric: some of the democrats were also invited to a lunch a couple of weeks ago they didn't show up for. so finally, do you see any room or any light for democratic party and pelosi to support, let's say, the fence?
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it's now a fence, it's not a wall. 234 miles, i mean, it's the most sensitive parts la raid doe, the rio -- la laid doe, as well as near yuma. in light of the democrats were in support of the 2006 defense act which was basically the same thing? >> we already have, we already have. but now the president is negotiating in reverse. he's gone back now to $5.7 billion for the wall that he described earlier. so, look, we support border security. we're americans. we want safe borders. we have a disagreement as to how we get it done, and we should never, as i said, never shut the government down and threaten u.s. security, threaten american safety, threaten the families that work for the american government in order to get something that we can't work out over the course of a few weeks. let's deweaponize the use of the
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federal government in this conversation. let's get back to negotiating. let's get back to legislating the way the framers intended us to. eric: and that may, or his remarks within an hour, perhaps, maybe could start pushing the ball toward that. as you point out, employees miss a second paycheck midnight on tuesday. so that continues, and we know what they're going through. congressman dan kildee, thank you for joining us this afternoon. >> thank you, eric. eric: of course. we will have white house reaction, more of that tomorrow on "fox news sunday." vice president mike pence will join chris wallace to discuss the president's announcement and what it could mean for the shutdown talks. of course, that program airs at 2 and 7 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. you can also check your local fox station where you live, because it's on that, or just keep it right here on the fox news channel, and you can see all the continuing coverage of this vital issue. arthel: yeah, eric. and as we await president trump's announcement coming up in just about an hour --
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actually, less than an hour -- a new migrant caravan now beginning the trek to the u.s. border. about 2,000 central american migrants crossed into mexico from guatemala after the gates were reportedly left open. griff jenkins is live with the latest. griff? >> reporter: hey, arthel. that's right, they came in quite peacefully, a stark contrast from what the new mexican government said was going to happen. they said they were going to try and control the southern border. obviously, they didn't. have a look around, this is that 2,000 you speak of that have come in here, and they are under harsh conditions. it's about 90 degrees here right now. you can see here 50 miles north of the border where they entered they're sitting down for the night. they've only got 2400 more miles to go to tijuana. quite an unbelievable, difficult journey. that, of course, took 29 days last time. they're into day 6 here. we've been talking to them, arthel, and we tell them are you
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aware that you're not likely to get asylum when you get to the united states? they say they're totally aware but they don't care, they'll still try and enter, most of them illegally. now, some of them are not in the caravan. this time around the mexican government offered temporary work visas good for one year. those people had to register right at the border at the port of entry, and there's 2,373 that took that offer. but this group here of 2,000 is going to grow because there's two more caravans behind it, one that's already left el salvador and another set to leave tomorrow morning from honduras which is where this one began just a week ago. arthel: do you get the impression that many or more of those immigrants there, migrants, will take up mexico's offer in terms of getting work there for a year? >> reporter: well, that's a good question, and here's the rub, arthel, and that is once you've passed a port of entry,
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that's the only place you can take the temporary work visa offer. once you've gotten in here, you cannot -- and they were setting people up with wristbands to formally register them. so if you've made this journey and come illegally, the most you can do now at immigration checkpoints because it's a well known route, you can turn yourself in and get self-deported because it's become too much to bear, and they'll send you back to your country. but if you've not stopped and registered, it's not available to you. arthel: so then what's the mexican government doing for those who are behind you right now? >> reporter: the mexican government is giving them what they can in the way of federal and local help in terms of health facilities such as treating them already for dehydration, exhaustion, blisters and the like. but they've run out of supplies in the first town because they're saving some of those resources allocated for those that are going to be in the country under the legal work visa. as far as, you know, what the larger federal response will be
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from this new lopez obrador government when they get several days into this and, certainly, up to tijuana, it's anybody's guess. there's no word from them. they held a press conference last night and did not address it. arthel: griff jenkins, thank you very much for that update. eric: a lot of news on this saturday. it is busy and we will be here. still ahead, the special counsel, robert mueller, his office issuing a very rare statement to the media. what his team is saying about the controversial buzzfeed report or and the president's former attorney, michael cohen. i didn't really know anything about my family history. went to ancestry, i put in the names of my grandparents first. i got a leaf right away. a leaf is a hint that is connected to each person in your family tree. i learned that my ten times great grandmother is george washington's aunt.
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chicago, from new york city and right on in washington d.c. but this year there's been a cloud of controversy hanging over that movement. we're live at the march ongoing in washington at freedom plaza near the white house. hi, david. >> reporter: good afternoon, eric. that controversy has really lowered those numbers. we're seeing approximately 10,000, that's what authorities were estimating today. i did have a chance to speak to people, though, all around the country who came out today. they said the point was to promote equality for home and in the workplace. now, estimated to be a million women here, that was about two years ago for the first one. but i want to talk about what happened over the past week. one of the co-chairs, tameka mallory, she's been fending off kris schism with her friendship -- criticism about her friendship with louis farrakhan, promoting the dnc to pull official support from the event. former chair debbie wasserman schultz from florida wrote an
12:18 pm
op-ed this week. she wrote, quote: it's clear that the leadership of the march has yet to account cut ties with those who prom alling gate hate and anti-semitic rhetoric. until it does, i cannot stand alongside it. just within the last hour and a half, eric, leaders from the march came on stage, they addressed this anti-semitism controversy. take a listen. >> i want to be unequivocal in affirming that women's march and i and my sisters condemn anti-semitism and homophobia and transphobia in all forms. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: march today began about 11:00 and is just wrapping up now as people are leaving. eric, back to you. eric: all right, david, thanks so much. arthel: special counsel robert mueller's team disputing a controversial buzzfeed article calling it, quote, not accurate. the article claims president trump ordered his former attorney, michael cohen, to lie to congress about the
12:19 pm
president's pursuit of a trump tower project in moscow. doug mckelway has more on the story. >> reporter: it is either one of the biggest blockbuster stories of recent history or one of the biggest journalistic blunders we've seen in a long time, and it's looking more like the latter. the special counsel's office, which seldom goes on record, issued a remarkable statement last night that refuted a buzzfeed piece alleging president trump ordered his attorney, michael cohen, to lie to a congressional committee. that would be a crime. it's called suborning perjury. quote: >> the way that the buzzfeed storys framed, it came from two law enforcement people who at least suggested by the story possibly to be from mueller's own shop. and i think under those circumstances he thought for the
12:20 pm
reputation of his own investigation he needed to shoot it down. >> reporter: buzzfeed's editor, ben smith, stuck by the story anyway, tweeting: we stand by our story, and we urge the special counsel to make clear what he's disputing. this morning the president weighed in enroute to dover, delaware. >> i think that the buzzfeed piece was a disgrace to our country. it was a disgrace to journalism. and i think also that the coverage by the mainstream media was disgraceful, and i think it's going to take a long time for the mainstream media to recover its credibility. >> reporter: cohen is sure to be questioned right out of the box about the buzzfeed story and the special counsel's reputation of it when he testifies publicly before the house oversight committee on february 7th. arthel, eric, back to you. arthel: doug, i'll take it here, thank you. and coming up later this hour, we will get one capitol hill reporter's take on what this could mean for house democrats forging the ahead to exert
12:21 pm
maximum oversight pressure on the president. eric? eric: meanwhile, there's a high stakes diplomatic sequel in the works. president trump gearing up for a second summit with north korean leader kim jong un. all in a bid to try and rid that regime of its nuclear weapons. but do you think that dictator will really give up his nukes? plus, that winter storm barreling toward the northeast as it unloads a messy mix of heavy snow and freezing rain on millions of people in the midwest. now the east coast is in the bull's eye. we'll tell you more when we come back. ♪ ♪ failure is not an option. more than half of employees across the country bring financial stress to work. if you're stressed out financially at home, you're going to be too worried to be able to do a good job. i want to be able to offer all of the benefits that keep them satisfied. it is the people that is really the only asset that you have. put your employees on a path
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amazon prime video so when you say words like... show me best of prime video into this... you'll see awesome stuff like this. discover prime originals like the emmy-winning the marvelous mrs. maisel... tom clancy's jack ryan... and the man in the high castle. all in the same place as your live tv. its all included with your amazon prime membership. that's how xfinity makes tv... simple. easy. awesome. arthel: republican senator lindsey grahn turkey urging president trump to slow down the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria until isis is truly defeated or it could lead to turmoil.
12:25 pm
>> there are thousands of isis fighters that lurk in syria, and the goal of destroying isis is not yet accomplished. in terms of the desire to withdraw, i can understand the desire to withdraw, but withdrawal without a plan is chaos. arthel: now, earlier today u.s. africa command said an a airstrike in somalia killed 52al al-shabaab fighters after a large group of militants attacked somali forces. this follows an announcement that u.s.-led coalition airstrikes killed more than 200 isis fighters last week in syria including four senior islamic state commanders. eric: and there's new reaction after the white house announced a second summit between president trump and north north korea's kim jong un, set to happen next month. the missile defense review says the regime is, quote, an extraordinary threat to the u.s.
12:26 pm
and that pentagon review named pyongyang as a major nuclear threat along with russia, china and iran. meanwhile, south korea says they do welcome any agreement between washington and pyongyang after the president met with a top north korean official at the white house yesterday. >> we had a very good meeting yesterday with north korea. that was an incredible meeting. it lasted almost two hours, and we've agreed to meet sometime probably the end of february. we've picked the country, but we'll be announcing it in the future. eric: kitty logan has more live in london. hi, kitty. >> reporter: hi, eric. well, yes, it's a positive response from south korea. the government there says that they hope this will be a turning point with regard to negotiations between the u.s. and north korea. now, today a spokesman for the south korean president says the government will do all it can to support that second meeting. their hope is for a more solid
12:27 pm
commitment from the north to stop developing nuclear weapons. now, of course, president trump met north korean leader kim jong un for the first time last june in that historic summit in singapore. the two leaders then reached a broad agreement that north korea would work towards denuclearization, but further negotiations to nail down those details have since stalled. despite that, president trump was upbeat. he says both leaders are looking forward to meeting again. he says the white house has exchanged letters with kim jong un since the singapore summit and that there is progress. now, the bottom line is the u.s. wants north korea to halt its nuclear weapons program, and until that happens for sure, it intends to keep up those sanctions on the north. and the government in pyongyang claims it is cooperating, and it has been pushing hard for those sanctions to be lifted as soon as possible. but washington wants much more of a commitment from the north before taking any further steps, so there is deadlock, but the summit could give the two leaders a chance to make a more
12:28 pm
solid agreement. now, we don't have yet an exact location or date for that summit, but we are expecting it to happen at the end of february. eric? eric: kitty, thanks so much. arthel? arthel: new developments on our southern border. hundreds of central american migrants making their their way into the are arrested as a new migrant caravan makes its way through mexico bound for the u.s. plus, the women's march taking place across the country amid a storm of controversy. more on this just ahead. ♪ ♪ , and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. sorry, is that too loud?oud. you don't need any more hormones in your house. that's why you chose kraft natural cheese. made with fresh milk without the added hormone rbst. it's cheese as it should be.
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eric: fox news alert, we are waiting r president trump to make that major announcement from the white house about half an hour from now. his pitch to the democrats on what he wants to do to beef up border security and it's also an effort, of course, to try and end the partial government shutdown. and this is all happening as hundreds of migrants are arrested in arizona. and guess what? officials said they tunneled underneath the border wall there. jeff paul live in our west coast bureau with more on this. hi, jeff. >> reporter: hi, eric. this is one of the largest groups border patrol has ever arrested at one time for trying to illegally cross into the u.s. authorities saying the 376 people from central america were mostly families. they believe the migrants used short, shallow holes to dig along the border just south of yuma, arizona. investigators say they dug in seven different spots, 10 miles
12:33 pm
east of the san luis border crossing. the barrier was up in the mid 2000s, but there is no concrete footing to prevent digging. some agents now worry what kind of message could be sent if changes aren't made soon. >> as other countries around the world see our immigration vulnerabilities, they will continue trying to exploit our weaknesses. they see that they can come into the country through yuma, ads, and that's what they're doing. they're just funneling through. >> reporter: in new mexico a group of nearly 250 migrants were taken into custody after turning themselves in to authorities at the antelope wells port of entry. investigators say the group had been smuggled into the u.s. and was made up of mostly people from central america including many families and small children. border patrol says it has head 2600 caravan-related arrests so far. arthel: so we're counting down,
12:34 pm
less than 30 minutes now before the president mix his remarks, announcement on border security and the partial government shutdown. this as the standoff in washington enters week five. let's bring in our political panel right now. beverly hallburg is the president of district media group, and joel reuben is a democratic strategist and former deputy assistant secretary of state under president obama. he is also the president of washington strategy group. so let's jump in, guys. beverly, you're up first. so as we are learning the early details of president trump's announcement, if president trump says, okay, guys, democrats, give me $5.7 billion for my wall and elle give you extended temporary protections for deferred action for childhood arrivals, or daca, and also legislation to extend the legal status of temporary protected status, tps holders, beverly, is this a deal the democrats can afford to turn down? >> i don't think they can turn
12:35 pm
this down because let's also remember that democrats, especially the democrats in leadership, were for border security before they now are against it. so even when you take a look at across this country even though americans don't like shutdowns, most of them do agree with border security. so if democrats are able to get some compromise when it comes to dreamers, i think that's a hard one for them to turn away, and i think this shutdown will become something they own if they don't move forward. i think this is a smart move by the president. it's going to be hard to get some conservative republicans onboard, especially the house freedom caucus, but i do think there will be moderate republicans supportive of this as long as it isn't amnesty. arthel: so, joel w the house democrats scheduled to do another batch of six bills next week, including an additional billion dollars more for border security which could put their offer to $2.3 billion at that point, right? >> that's right. arthel: also $524 million for
12:36 pm
infrastructure at ports of entry plus another $563 which would be for more immigration judges, which the president has requested that one. however, joel, will the democrats be receptive to a presidential deal that that includes daca protection, temporary protections and the $5.7 billion, taxpayer dollar ask for the wall? >> arthel, what you've just described is a clear commitment to border security. i think there are two things the president should say today, one is that he'll open up the government immediately, and the second -- and i'm not holding out hope -- that mexico is going to pay for this wall as he had promised. absent that, i don't see democrats coming onboard because what we're looking at is a temporary offer for a permanent ask. and really the negotiations need to continue. they need to be done without the pressure of this shutdown which is not generating any real
12:37 pm
results. the president is making an offer. he made this offer a year ago though as well and then backed away from it when he got a little bit of heat. so is this an offer in writing? is this something they're negotiating about, or is this just a press conference? really a lot more questions on this than there are a answers. arthel: so, beverly, you know, various polls say most americans are blaming the president and the republicans for the shutdown. the president already owned it. the democrats are getting less blame according to those polls, but as we sit in day 29 of shutdown, can the president afford the political backlash if he does not end this thing today? >> well, there's one thing that's different about this shutdown than past shutdowns, and that is that the president has been moving forward with this with his main -- arthel: beverly, excuse me, i am going to cut you off momentarily because the president, actually, held a -- he held a naturalization ceremony in the oval office. this was a closed session and
12:38 pm
was not announced to the press. reporters were not let in until the very end. let's take a look at this tape that we just got in from the oval office at this naturalization ceremony. >> to any foreign -- [inaudible] >> state or sovereignty -- of whom or which -- >> of whom or which -- >> i had heretofore -- >> i had heretofore -- >> been a subject or citizen. >> been a subject or citizen. >> that i will support and defend -- >> that i will support and defend -- >> the constitution and laws of the united states of america. >> the constitution and laws of the united states of america. >> against all enemies -- >> against all enemies -- >> foreign and domestic. >> foreign and domestic. >> and that i will bear true faith -- >> and that i will bear true faith -- >> and allegiance to the same. >> and a allegiance to the same. >> that i will bear arms -- >> that i will bear arms --
12:39 pm
>> on behalf of the united states -- >> on behalf of the united states -- >> when required by the law. >> when required by the law. >> that i will perform -- >> that i will perform -- >> noncombatant service -- >> noncombatant service -- >> in the armed forces of the united states -- in the armed forces of the united states -- >> when required by the law. >> when required by the law. >> that i will perform work of national importance under civilian direction -- >> under civilian direction -- >> when required by the law. >> when required by the law. >> and that i take this obligation freely -- >> and that i take this obligation freely -- >> without any mental reservation -- >> without any mental reservation -- >> or purpose of evasion -- >> or purpose of evasion -- >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> all right. well, it's my privilege now to be the first to call you my fellow americans. [applause]
12:40 pm
upon taking the oath of allegiance, you have joined a nation of citizens, both naturalized and native-born, who are united by a belief in the rights guaranteed by the constitution of our great nation. as you start your lives as united states citizens, i ask that you serve and contribute to your country and you fully meet your responsibilities and exercise the rights guaranteed to you as a citizen of the united states of america. i congratulate you on this milestone and welcome you as fellow citizens of this great country. it is now my pleasure to introduce to you the 45th president of the united states of america, donald j. trump. [applause] >> i might begin by saying that, to the best of our knowledge -- goes back a long way -- this is
12:41 pm
the first such swearing in that we've ever had in the great oval office. so that's a pretty big honor right there. that's pretty good. now, they may find something back a hundred years ago, i don't know. but we looked, and we couldn't find it. and please sit down, please. secretary nielsen, thank you very much. i really appreciate it. and i am truly thrilled to welcome the five newest members of our great american family. that's what you are, american family. [applause] who are now officially united states citizens. you have just earned the most prized possession anywhere in the world, we know that. there is no higher honor or greater privilege than becoming an american citizen. our whole nation embraces you with open arms and joyful hearts, and i know that you will treasure this day forever. it's my honor to be with you, i will say that. each of you worked hard for this
12:42 pm
moment. you followed the rules, upheld our laws and contributed to the strength and success and vitality of our nation. now each of you stands here today before your proud and beaming families -- look at those families, huh? -- in the oval office of the white house. very special place. i look and sometimes say, wow, this is it, right? the oval office. so congratulations. i'd like to share a few brief words about each of our new citizens. estebrook came with her husband to the united states -- please. good idea. i wasn't going to do that, but i like that. please. [laughter] that's very nice. with her husband to the united states from iraq in 2013. she is the proud mother of two children and is expecting a third. since coming to america, she has become a teacher's assistant in our public schools doing a
12:43 pm
fantastic job, i might add, preparing the next generation of young americans to make the most of this magnificent country that she too now enjoys. and i want to just congratulate you. thank you. [applause] matthew hemsley is from the united kingdom. thank you, matthew. he is an anglican pastor who came to the united states in 2006 and earned a masters degree from gordon conwell seminary in north carolina. fine place. his grandmother was an american citizen whose ancestors first came to north america in 1637. that means you beat us. you beat all of us. [laughter] as part of plymouth colony. now the hemsley family history of the united states is renewed, and the next chapter of their american story begins. matthew, it's an honor. great luck. [applause]
12:44 pm
[inaudible] is from south korea and came to the united states in 1992 to pursue a masters degree. she earned a ph.d. from the university of maryland and is now a professor at azusa pacific university. her husband teaches statistics at george mason, and -- that's a great school too, by the way -- and they are proud parents of two sons. i want to congratulate you, and you're going to have a great time, great time. thank you very much. we really appreciate it. [applause] robert castle is from jamaica, and he immigrated to the united states in 2009 as the husband of a then-active duty service member of the united states army. robert is a warehouse
12:45 pm
supervisor, a strong guy, a smart guy, and they have a beautiful 4-year-old son who was born here in the united states. robert, congratulations, thank you. [applause] marcela ramirez is from bolivia and has a beautiful, lawful permanent resident of the united states and has been since 2013. he is the co-owner of a staffing company with his son. the business is thriving, he's doing really well, and it's expanding in all different ways. he says i know that in the united states you can achieve anything that you want, and i am a perfect example. in other words, he's making a lot of money. [laughter] marcela, thank you very much. [applause]
12:46 pm
you're all the beginning of a new and extraordinary adventure with the rights and freedoms you enjoy as americans. there is nothing you cannot achieve. but citizenship is also a profound responsibility. each year over 700,000 new americans take the oath and a allegiance and inherit a legacy of liberty and justice that generations of americans fought and died to secure. by taking this oath, you have forged a sacred bond with nation, its traditions, its culture and its values. this heritage is now yours to protect, promote and pass down to the next generation and to the next wave of newcomers to our shores. our history is now your history. our traditions are now your traditions. and our constitution is now yours to safeguard, celebrate
12:47 pm
and cherish. as americans and american citizens, we are bound together in love and loyalty and friendship and affection. we must look out for each other, care for each oh and always act in the best interests of our nation. and all citizens living here today, we love each other. we're proud of each other. the beauty and majesty of citizenship is that it draws no distinctions of race or class or faith or gender or background. no matter where our story begins, whether we are the first generation or the tenth generation, we are all equal. we are one team and one people proudly saluting one great american flag. again, i want to congratulate you and welcome you to the family. it's a family, it's a beautiful family. it's a family doing very well. we're setting records economically. our economy is the hottest in the world, and it's continuing.
12:48 pm
we're continuing upward. our unemployment is the best it's been many more than 50 -- in more than 50 years, and for certain individuals it's the best it's ever been historically. and will probably soon be now for everybody. it's an honor to have you with. god bless you, god bless america. congratulations. thank you. ms. -- [applause] arthel: so as a result of that naturalization ceremony hosted by the president there in the oval office, there are five new members of the american family hailing from bolivia, jamaica, the u.k., south korea and iraq. bringing back our panel now to discuss this, beverly hallberg and joel rue by. joel, i'm going to start with you because, of course, this is exactly what this country is about. i'm going to say though, as you well know, the president is a master at programming and driving the story. do you -- are you to make, are we to make anything about the timing of in this, that the
12:49 pm
president is making sure that he is putting on front his support of immigration? >> well, the president clearly is trying to demonstrate that he cares about immigrants. and i will give him an a+for this activity, this ceremony. it was beautiful. and if he were to speak about immigrants and immigration like this every day, he would likely get a lot more than what he's getting right now from democrats. the deep concern that democrats have is that he is very hostile to immigrants and the concept of immigration. this visual, this is strong, and it's powerful. the followup is what matters -- follow-up is what matters. arthel: that's a good answer there. i'm sure you would feel, beverly, that joel is saying that the president gets an a+ for doing what it is we value about our country, which is welcoming all to this great country. so what do you say, beverly? >> yeah, i completely agree. and i think all of us as americans watching this, we lo to see naturalization ceremonies. i do think this is strategic
12:50 pm
timing wise, i also think something the president has done well is focus on individuals. people who are doing this legally, he also focuses on border security agents -- arthel: i'm short on time, so i want to jump in, if you're saying the president did this strategically, what do you think he had in mind, quickly? >> i think he wants to show people that he is for immigration. you can still want border security and not want unlawful immigration. but you can still support the legal process. and i think most americans agree with that. arthel: will this warm up the democrats, joel? [laughter] >> there needs to be a lot more follow-up than just this and rhetoric, but this is a good start. arthel: all right. joel, beverly, thank you very much. and we will be right back. from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees. what's in your wallet?
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your digestive system has billions of bacteria, but life can throw them off balance. re-align yourself, with align probiotic. and try align gummies, with prebiotics and probiotics to help support digestive health
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eric: reaction's been pretty harsh to buzzfeed's recent controversial article claiming
12:54 pm
former trump lawyer mike cohen told investigators that president trump directed him to lie to congress about the timing of that trump tower moscow proposal. what does this mean? joining us is julia man chs, news -- manchester, news reporter from "the hill." what's the impact of this report? >> reporter: eric, we really need to be careful and play error-free ball at this point. it was interesting that no other news organization confirmed this for 20 hours. buzzfeed, essentially, put this report out, said they reached out to the special counsel's office, but they didn't, you know, hear back any comment until they issued this very rare report. mueller never issues these statements, so, you know, it really speaks to the mischaracterizations in the report. however, the statement that he did put out wasn't that specific, is some questions there. yeah. in term -- eric: yeah, in terms of the questions, ben smith, the editor, is saying they still stand behind their reporting and he would like to have the internal counsel, quote, make
12:55 pm
clear what he's disputing. do you think they'll actually do that? >> i high hi doubt that. you know, it took them 20 hours to put out this statement, and, you know, the fact that mueller rarely does this, he keeps a very, you know, keeps a very tight ship, i doubt we'll be hearing much more from him. eric: what about those that say, well, you know, maybe the president did say this -- i mean, there's no proof of that as we know, and they take this and run with it? >> you know, there is no proof of that. you know, the congressional testimony is one thing. however, you know, clearly something, you know, sources were mixed up here. we saw other reporters including ronan farrow tweeted that his sources weren't really lining up with this story, so he decided not to go in this direction with it. so, you know, cheerily, you know, something appeared to go awry in terms of buzzfeed's story. one interesting thing is the reaction from congressional democrats. there was lots of tweets from, you know, representatives such as ted lou, allies of nancy
12:56 pm
pelosi calling for an impeachment or steps to articles of impeachment. that doesn't bode well for democrats because they're, essentially, jumping the gun. eric: sadly, we're out of time, but as they always say in journalism, if your mother says she loves you, check it out. >> absolutely. eric: we'll be right back as we await the president's major announcement from the diplomatic room at the white house. well, ye how geico could help you save on homeowners insurance. nice tip. i'll give you two bucks for the chair. two?! that's a victorian antique! all right, how much for the recliner, then? wait wait... how did that get out here? that is definitely not for sale! is this a yard sale? if it's in the yard then it's... for sale. oh, here we go. geico. it's easy to switch and save on homeowners and renters insurance.
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ensure max protein... to give you the protein you need
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with less of the sugar you don't. (straining) i'll take that. (cheers) 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors. arthel: president trump is expected to address the partial government shutdown and border security at the white house. sources telling fox news the president will offer to keep alive two programs for non-citizens in hopes of bringing democrats back to the bargaining table. that's in exchange for 5.7 billion dollars in border funding for the wall. we will bring you that announcement live as soon as it begins. meanwhile, hello everyone. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. i'm arthel neville.
1:00 pm
eric: good to be with you. thank you for being with us this afternoon. a lot of news breaking. i'm eric shawn. the president's announcement comes as it is now day 29 of the partial government shutdown. both sides are failing to see eye-to-eye on the deal to fully fund the government. as hundreds of thousands of federal workers still not getting paid. the president about to offer the democrats a possible deal. garrett tenney live at the north lawn of the white house with the very latest. so garrett, what do we expect the president to say in a few moments from now? >> well, eric, we're told the president is going to lay out a proposal that would end the government shutdown by giving democrats some of what they want on immigration in exchange for his border wall. fox news has learned that the proposal will address daca and tps immigrants by granting temporary legal status to the 800,000 daca recipients and extending protection status from 250,000 immigrants from


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