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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  January 30, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PST

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this is the coldest day a lot of people have ever seen in their entire lives. >> don't use your lungs? that's a heck of a warning. >> no deep breathing. >> go to fox nation. >> and your radio. >> bill: it's cold outside. more in a moment. breaking news from the white house. new reaction from the president on word that venezuela's president is open to talks with the opposition leader. the u.s. is pushing behind its support behind juan guaido. a live report out of venezuela out of the developments there today. meanwhile, the deadly deep freeze hitting millions today. a polar vortex dropping temps into the negative double digits. it is not here yet but it will get here. we're waiting for it. i'm bill hemmer. >> sandra: warm in here. record breaking temperatures
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sweeping the nation and how bad it will get in several areas across the country. expected windchills could drop into the negative 60s and take a look at this stunning video. a place we know well, chicago river. there it is nearly completely frozen over. states of emergencies already underway in illinois, wisconsin, and michigan. >> bill: that storm also grounding thousands of flights. these temperatures can cause frostbite in five minutes' time. schools are closed in north dakota to pennsylvania. officials urging people to take the weather seriously and don't take chances. >> we're concerned making sure that people across our state are warm and safe during this 25-year low in temperature and windchill. >> if you don't need to be outside at this time, don't go outside. these are a public health risk. you need to treat it appropriately and with that effort. they are life threatening conditions and temperatures.
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>> trying to get us out of here before it gets out of here and freezes. >> december was really warm and i knew we would pay for it. this is just really cold. >> bill: we feel you. mike tobin is live from the chicago river. you look bundled up. hello. >> lots of layers. you know it's getting serious when the chicago river freezes over. it is iced from bank to bank right now. my phone says negative 21 with a feel of negative 54. that's what they mean when they talk about the windchill warning. you talk about life threatening conditions. aside from the seriousness, the reporter throws a hot cup of water into the air and see how it works out. there you go, a cup of mist. not to undermine the seriousness of what is going on. it's so severely cold the rail operators are lighting the rails on fire with the commuters trains because the rails can get so cold they
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shrink, crack and sheer off the bolts. it happened in minneapolis/st. paul where the blue line had a crack in the line. fortunately the worst that developed out of that was a number of delays for the people commuting. a number of flight delays. more than 2,000, 5,000 delays, 2,000 cancellations with the epicenter in chicago. something that rarely happens. mail service is suspended in wisconsin, north dakota, south dakota, nebraska, kansas, minnesota, iowa, illinois. you talk about closures from schools to businesses, when in doubt if it's in the north central part of the country, that business is probably closed down. lots of warnings about going outside particularly without the proper gear. you can succumb to frostbite in minutes. there is a homeless population in chicago. the city opened up warming
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centers. the homeless shelters open. they turn no one away and taking city buses and drive them to the tent cities where the homeless population lives. i spoke with a lot yesterday saying they're veterans of the street and not going inside. as the sun comes up today we'll see how those people are doing. still life threatening conditions here in the city of chicago and the northern central part of the country. >> bill: an amazing report. mike tobin, we'll be in touch with you and so many others throughout the day. >> sandra: new trade talks with china kicking off at the white house at this hour. the two-day talks aimed at diffusing an escalating trade war. both sides hoping to reach an agreement by march 1. that is the deadline. china's slowing economy could give the u.s. an upper hand in these talks. president trump is also under pressure to cut a deal. kevin corke is live at the white house with more on all of this, kevin, good morning. >> good morning. let me explain this for the american people. this is what you need to know.
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the u.s. and china have a massive trade economy. a relationship that is really unparalleled but grossly imbalanced, say white house officials. china doesn't allow americans to own, sell and buy in their country the way we allow them to do that in this country. and so that is the origin of the ongoing trade dispute that you folks at home have heard so much about between the two largest economies in the world. it is also the reason behind the continued talks here in the white house campus today. >> the president wants fair trade with china. it has to be reciprocal. right now china has free access to our markets and we have limited access to theirs. the critical issues that we've talked about is market access, making sure there aren't forced joint ventures. >> open markets will allow the united states to export like
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crazy. and that -- we've been handcuffed. if we do that, if we do that, now not only will the united states grow faster, china will grow faster. >> mnuchin and kudlow there. to get china to the bargaining table the president approved hundreds of billions in tariffs on chinese good and promising to move ahead with another $267 billion if a new deal can't be reached and important to point out that parts of the u.s. economy have suffered. you mentioned china's economy has been sliding. parts of the u.s. ag sector has suffered because of the ongoing trade dispute. more trade talks today. the idea is to get the two sides to come to an agreement to end this trade war, not escalate it. we expect pictures from the eeob. meeting not far from here. i promise to pass the pictures along when we get them. >> sandra: a couple days of big meetings. thank you. >> bill: another big story today.
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senator kamala harris backing medicare for all according to a sours in her campaign and denying a report, the person in the campaign she was softening her position and eliminating private insurance would -- marsha blackburn with me now. what is the republican reaction on that? you know it will be a campaign issue on the left. >> i'm telling you, just don't do it. that should be the reaction because it is too expensive to afford. $32.6 trillion over a decade. and what we know is that as you stood up obamacare, people know too expensive to use it. too expensive to afford it. and by the way, you know, bill, they ought to put the $700 billion they took out of medicare to stand up obamacare, they ought to put that money back because the medicare area wage index, a lot of pressures
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there. rural hospitals are closing. so we don't need more government-run healthcare. >> bill: we're getting language on both sides that's pretty interesting. here is eric trump last night with sean hannity on this topic. >> the democrats are not the party are jfk. they have become so radicalized. how do you pay for this stuff? we would become venezuela and so many of these other countries. it doesn't work. it's not what america is about. america is about hard working people, america is about capitalism. >> bill: the lines are being drawn in the campaign. is that extreme that america would become venezuela? >> when you look at some of the proposals being pushed forward in the house or by some of those that are running for president, you have to say my goodness, this is not what we are about. we're a nation of laws. we like the rule of law. and we want people to abide by the laws. take for instance the border
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wall debate that is going on right now. the border security debate. that is what is on the table and the president has set that table. he has made not one or two, but four offers. it is up to nancy pelosi to be good to her word and to come to the table and negotiate. and to solve this issue. because you have had every president from 1992 forward have money for border security and for a border barrier. and now they're trying to take that away from the border patrol because they don't like donald trump. >> bill: you know what donald trump has a golden opportunity next tuesday to make that case before the american people. there will be tens of millions of people watching and let's see how he makes the case. here is the tweet from the west wing earlier today. if the committee republicans and democrats meeting on border security is not discussing a wall or physical barrier
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they're wasting their time. a look at the border security conference. nine democrats, eight republicans. steve scalise says if you do not strike a deal there will be another government shutdown. is that where we're headed? >> my hope is you do not see another government shutdown. nobody wants the government shut down. nobody wants it shut down. what we want is for the democrats to negotiate and come to a resolution on this. as i said, since 1992 you've had money for 700 miles of border barrier, border fencing. and what we're saying is it should still be in the budget. what the democrats are doing is trying to take that out of the budget. that is what this debate is about on border security. the money has been there for every president since 1992, bill. they have built 700 miles of border barrier. and what pelosi and the democrats are saying is let's
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take that out of the appropriations process. let's not put that money in there. the border patrol says they need three things, a barrier, technology, and more boots on the ground. and they can go out here and say we're for border security all day long. if you aren't for all three of those that the border patrol says they have to have, then you are not for border security. we need to stop drug traffickers, sex traffickers, human traffickers and gangs from coming in this country. >> bill: let's see what they come up with if anything. thank you, marsha blackburn. thank you for your time there. cannot emphasize enough the opportunity the white house has next week to make their case. let's see how well they do tuesday. >> sandra: moving on to this. centrist democrats trying to put on the brakes on the socialism message that's out there. >> they have to have realistic things. we are not overnight going to change everything we do. people aren't going to
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overnight give up their jobs if those jobs happen to not be on the right side of the green new deal. >> sandra: well, there it is. michael bloomburg calling out ocasio-cortez. our next guest says she is the new leader of the democratic party. >> bill: exclusive reporting from fox says a top house committee looking to remove so help you god from the oath of the witness. democratic congresswoman debbie dingell is on that committee and get her reaction coming up. plus this. >> sandra: president trump calling out his intelligence chiefs moments ago over their comments on his foreign policy decisions. republican congressman adam kinzinger is on deck and will react to that.
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>> sandra: stacy abrams will deliver the rebuttal to the president's state of the union address, the former democratic
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candidate for georgia governor has anticipated an invitation to counter president trump's speech next tuesday. it was scheduled because -- rescheduled because of the partial government shutdown. abrams will be the first african-american woman to give the democratic response to a state of the union address. >> bill: brand-new op-ed making the case self-proclaimed socialist ocasio-cortez and the democratic party are becoming one and the same. murdoch writes this. despite having served in office less than a month she is now the pace car for the democrats turbocharged race to the far left. if aoc says it many democrats adopt it as their new gospel. is that true? byron york is looking at that. what do you think about it? >> aoc is 29 years old. a member of congress for 27 days and helping set much of the democratic party agenda, i think, because she gets so much media coverage. she has brought a lot of
6:17 am
attention to ideas like abolishing ice, like medicare for all, like a green new deal. these are all hot topics among democrats and she is part of the reason why that happened. >> bill: michael bloomburg was in new hampshire. he had a good turnout. we watched the numbers as they dip their toes in the water. he said the following about her ideas. >> i'm a little bit tired of listening to things that are pie in the sky that we never are going to pass or afford. i think it's just disingenuous to promote those things. you have to do something that's practical. >> bill: he got my attention by pie in the sky. he is mr. climate change. he has led that charge here in new york and around the world. >> and mr. gun control as well. that sort of realistic message that medicare for all is pie in the sky or green new deal is pie in the sky, that tends to not capture the voters' imagination.
6:18 am
so might be better for govering. i would look for the number of candidates to embrace these idea to get more attention in the democratic primaries than michael bloomburg does. >> bill: howard schultz is out there. he is getting hit from everybody. here is tom perez head of the dnc with bret last night an special report. >> if he chooses to get in the race i hope he gets into the democratic party. >> he is saying he is not. >> i tend to agree mayor bloomburg who said i've studied independent runs and what it would do in 2020 is simply split the anti-trump vote and help donald trump get reelected. >> bill: that point has been made a thousand time in the last 24 hours which mark cuban, remember him out of dallas, mavericks during the election of 2016? he was always in the greenroom
6:19 am
badmouthing donald trump. and he would stand there for hour after hour. he sent out this tweet. if 21 months before an election you don't believe your candidate's platform is strong enough to win an election with independent candidates you might want to rethink your support. that sounds like friendly fire. bloomburg has listed himself as independent and howard schultz. how do you see cuban's reaction on that? >> what is extraordinary about the whole howard schultz thing, we should say now it would be very generous to say he has an uphill path to the presidency. what has been interesting has been this collective freak-out among democrats when schultz announced he was just thinking about running for president. and what they're worried about is what perez just explained, which is donald trump won the presidency in the rust belt states in ohio, pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan. he won by very narrow margins in three of those. he won by a bigger margin in ohio. there were some very narrow
6:20 am
margins and democrats are worried that if a third party candidate came who appealed to people on the left, that would take voters away from whatever democrat is challenging donald trump for reelection. so the level of concern about this was really extraordinary. i think it gives you an indication of just how -- i don't know desperate democrats feel right now approaching 2020. >> bill: i mentioned friendly fire. starting to sound like republicans in 2016, aren't they? an interesting primary battle and there will be stories to follow. thank you, byron. >> sandra: president trump just weighing in on the growing crisis in venezuela as the opposition leader calls for more mass protests today. and disputed president maduro says he is open to talks with the opposition. we're live on the streets there next. >> we have been fighting for the last 20 years to restore
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and if we are ever late, we'll give you a automatic twenty dollar credit. my name is antonio and i'm a technician at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> sandra: fox news alert in washington right now where high-level trade talks are underway between the u.s. and chinese delegation meeting right now. this is video coming to us. this happened a few moments ago at the white house. the two sides getting together trying to end a month's long trade war between the world's two biggest economies. under pressure to strike a deal by march 1. steve mnuchin there meeting with the chinese delegation. wilbur ross. maria bartiromo joins us now. what are they telling you as
6:25 am
far as expectations for these two days of meetings? >> i think they have very optimistic plans in terms of getting a deal done by the deadline. here is what i know. the chinese want to get a deal done. number one, they can't afford to have protests, people upset there is an issue between the u.s. and china. the chinese leadership wants to do a deal. there are many sticking points. what i learned when i was in davos last week. i spoke with one of the chinese officials who runs the financial services industry, dr. fang. he is already making plans to open up the chinese market to financial services companies. ubs has given the green light to own 51% of a bank in china and three years 100%. why three years to own 100%? i think they're moving toward china opening up its market to allow foreigners to come in own 100% of a company and moving toward the chinese buying more goods from the u.s. what i think is very hard to
6:26 am
change, and i don't think is on the table, is the chinese making official plans to stop stealing i.t., stop the espionage and stop the forced transfer of technology. these, sandra, are the most important issues and i don't know how the u.s. gets around those. >> sandra: if they do come up with a deal, what indication are we getting that they'll actually follow through on that? that will be a big question. >> exactly right. >> sandra: you with larry kudlow yesterday on these trade talks. >> the growth potential from china trade. people tend to look at this as a negative. i don't know the outcome of these talks. here is what i know. the scope of the discussion will be the broadest and deepest in the history of u.s./china trade. that's very important. everything is on the table. >> sandra: everything is on the table. i wonder if the president thinks he has the upper hand in this. in your interview with steve mnuchin the treasury secretary he said the president will be
6:27 am
involved in these talks and discussions directly. we didn't see him in the room just there but that's still a possibility that he could. >> absolutely. at the end of the day president trump is setting the tone here. i do think right now the u.s. has the upper hand because it feels like the chinese really want to get a deal done. like i said, the most important issues here are the theft of intellectual property that has been going on for decades. the forced transfer of technology. mnuchin said the huawei news is a separate thing. i don't know how you can separate these two things. huawei has been stealing trade secrets from u.s. companies. how is that different than stealing intellectual property? at this point it was a separate thing. that was a department of justice issue, the huawei sanctions, but i think this has to come up. i think the chinese are going to have to make a real sure effort to actually make the americans believe that they are trying -- they are making an effort to stop stealing i.t.
6:28 am
and enforcing transfer of technology. >> sandra: the editorial board at the "wall street journal" said they should be separate issues. to your point how can it not come up? two days of meetings with the chinese delegation. this is important as we finish up here. the president mentioned china 18 times in a speech to the american farm bureau federation two weeks ago offering assurances a deal will be reached. expectations are really high. >> don't forget. they signed into law the $867 billion farm bill. the administration is trying to respond to the farmers who are upset by the tariffs and they've seen an impact. >> sandra: thanks, maria. >> bill: president trump firing back at intel chiefs after testimony at a hearing yesterday that went kind of like this. >> scope and the various threats facing the united states and our immediate interests worldwide is likely to further intensify this year. >> bill: the president defending his foreign policy decisions on syria, isis and
6:29 am
north korea. adam kinzinger reacts to the back and forthcoming up live next. have you seen this story? >> she has physical signs that she is about to give birth. would that still be a point at which she could request an abortion if she was so certified? >> my bill would allow that, yes. >> state of virginia considering new abortion legislation after new york state one week ago passed a new law heavily criticized by conservatives and the catholic church. we'll have that for you coming up. because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. ♪ so even when she outgrows her costume, we'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure together. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only when you book with expedia.
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>> bill: 9:32. venezuela's disputed president nicolas maduro now open to talks with the opposition after months of protests against his socialist regime and new pressure from the united states. the u.s.-backed opposition leader juan guaido speaking exclusively with trish regan from the fox business network saying democracy will be restored in his country of venezuela. >> we hope that will be as soon
6:33 am
as possible. the pressure and the support of the united states is important and all the other countries in the world that support us. we are sure that we are starting to change. this is the last chapter of change, the last chapter of a nightmare for many citizens that were forced to migrate, forced to leave their country. that lose their life. >> bill: steve harrigan live in venezuela with the latest. good morning. >> if you watch state television here in venezuela, that's really the only way to get news here on television, you really get the sense this is a nation on a war footing. you see disputed president nicolas maduro meeting with the troops and generals. sometimes even training with the troops, running in the field. he has warned his people that this country could be invaded by the u.s. and he has warned americans not to get sucked into another vietnam. he is clearly facing the toughest challenge of his seven
6:34 am
years in power here. he faces a charismatic opposition leader who has already been recognized by the u.s. and by much of south america, juan guaido is calling for demonstrations today from noon to two. a walk-out. it will be interesting to see how many people turn out and further demonstrations this weekend. the government is trying to squeeze him. they've frozen his bank accounts. not allowing him to leave the country. there has been a stern warning from u.s. national security advisors john bolton. he says that any harm that comes to guaido will be met with serious consequences. back to you. >> bill: steve harrigan thanks live from venezuela. >> sandra: for more on the crisis in venezuela let's bring in adam kinzinger member of the house foreign affairs committee. good morning to you. that's a strong warning come from maduro. don't get sucked into this, he is warning the united states. >> he has to say anything he can to try to freak people out. he doesn't have a lot backing
6:35 am
him. his hold on the military is tenuous at best. the only reason the military appears to support him in any way is because he is the only person giving them money. the reality is some of these rank and file soldiers make a couple bucks a month. they're begging for a food box from the military and they're worried about their family. you can understand that from their perspective. i think the vast majority of the military would turn at the point that it appears there is a breaking point to back guaido. they understand they live in a bad situation. the generals are being taken care of. they're trying to keep hold. i think that's why a credible military threat. doesn't mean we're threatening to invade but a credible military threat is -- >> sandra: guaido appeared on fox business network praising democracy and the president. >> we saw democracy under threat in the country, in the
6:36 am
region. and we lost democracy. democracy for the region is crucial. this is very clear to president trump. that's how he has manifested it and also we need to speak about democracy. also with our neighbors. >> sandra: fascinating to hear that from him. he is calling for demonstrations today. >> it will be big. i tell you, i give the president a ton of credit for his clear-eyed assessment what is going on in venezuela and marco rubio gets a ton of credit for this, too. he has been talking about this for a while. this affects us here. we had the monroe doctrine, interest in your hemisphere and for too long we've ignored that because of what is going on in the middle east, china and elsewhere and you see what happens in regimes that are socialist or even far left. look at all over central america and you see this immigration crisis to our country right now because of
6:37 am
the policies of those nations. if you look at columbia, they're hosting close to i think 3 million refugees from the crisis in venezuela. it is disturbing people. it is mass movements of humanity like we saw in syria into europe and it is our interest to insure there is democracy in venezuela and it is not like we're not coming in to impose democracy on an unwilling population. the population deeply wants it. we have a guy with tenuous control over the military at this point. >> sandra: we'll continue watching the developing situation there. meanwhile when it comes to iran, the intelligence chiefs and military brass seem to be contradicting the president. the president is tweeting about this this morning. he just wrote, quote, the intelligence people seem to be extremely passive and naive when it comes to the dangers of iran. they're wrong. when i became president iran was making trouble all over the middle east and beyond. since ending the terrible iran nuclear deal they're much different. but a source of potential
6:38 am
danger and conflict and testing rockets last week and more and are coming very close to the edge. their economy is crashing, which is the only thing holding them back. be careful of iran. perhaps intelligence should go back to school writes the president in a string of tweets. that was the latest one this morning, congressman. >> i agree with what the president is saying about iran. iran has 40,000 troops in syria. they do have domestic problems and there is a lot of economic issues in iran where i wish the president wouldn't do is show division with his intelligence chiefs. it isn't beneficial for us or for our presence on the world stage. if you disagree with intelligence, that's fine. he is the president and has a right to do that but he shouldn't put it out on principle. iran is a threat. he made devastating gains against iran. but they are still a major
6:39 am
threat. i don't like putting the dirty laundry or the disagreement with intelligence, the backbone of any decision we make on foreign policy. it is not helpful to put it out on twitter. >> sandra: interesting to hear that from you. what we heard in that hearing that took place, that briefing on worldwide threats to the united states, dan coates, gina haspel, the islamic state remains a forceful presence in iraq and syria. what we've heard from the president is that isis in syria will soon be destroyed. >> so i met with the president on isis and i can tell you he is very introspective about it. he very much understands he wants to defeat isis, the bedrock of his campaign promise and realizes if you don't defeat them they'll come and fight us again. where i disagree with him is this idea of a rapid syria pull-out of a negotiated solution without any real concrete evidence in afghanistan. that leads to a rise in terror
6:40 am
again. it is not just because they'll have areas to plan, which they will. but also the psychological impact that it has on isis. they can go recruit now. it is imperative for us to lean forward on this and never give up. the only way we can be defeated if we're defeated in our will. i know the president wants to do what is right. i hope he stays on strong offense against isis. >> sandra: good to get your thoughts this morning. thank you. >> bill: the hoopla for the super bowl well underway. it comes with a ton of counterfeit gear. the feds are snapping up fake nfl clothing. rams and patriots jerseys look legitimate. my knockoffs are being sold and an nfl rep tell us legitimate merchandise has a hologram and quality color printing. word to the wise. i will be your eyes and ears on the ground. >> sandra: will you wear gear this weekend? >> i have not.
6:41 am
have you picked the rams or pats yet? >> sandra: who do i want to cheer or who am i picking to win? how about you? >> bill: it's 6:30 in the morning in los angeles. i think it's safe to pick the patriots. as of today. how do you cheer against them the way they've been so dominant? >> sandra: i'm asking you. >> bill: i hope for a good game. >> sandra: we can agree on that. here is a question for you. will nancy pelosi make a deal on border security? >> speaker pelosi would not negotiate because she thinks a victory was status quo and i don't think the country expects that of us as well. >> sandra: a new round of talks beginning today on capitol hill. could some moderate democrats break from leadership in support of a border wall? we'll ask congresswoman debbie dingell. >> bill: new trouble for facebook. forced to pull this controversial app that collected data from users as
6:42 am
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it's always ready when needed. or... not. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. to help the world keep advancing. >> i do believe speaker pelosi is out of step with her own party. just listening to what her members have to say. the real question will be will she allow the bill to come to the floor? if we come to an agreement inside the conference. even if she disagrees with her, but her conference supports it. >> bill: kevin mccarthy calling out speaker pelosi saying she is out of step. talks get underway to work toward border security. what does michigan democrat debbie dingell. co-chair of a house committee think about this? you're bundled up and in unity with your folks back home.
6:46 am
thank you for your time. you heard kevin mccarthy say speaker pelosi is out of step with her party. is she? >> you know, i don't think she is out of step with the party. she kept the caucus together in terms of saying let's get the government reopened and then we'll negotiate. i don't think there is anybody that wants to see a repeat of what we just saw. i trust the conferees on both sides and optimistic we'll get a strong package coming out of this conference that will give us strong national security border period. >> bill: senator rob portman was speaking the way you were, the republican senator from ohio. you are confident this conference can reveal something that will pass. zblie believe it is going to happen. >> bill: will nancy pelosi give it a vote on the floor? >> why are we always -- you know where i am right now? i'll be blunt. i'm tired of republican win,
6:47 am
democratic win. this conference needs to be a win for the american people. i believe that's going to happen and i believe it will come to the floor and pass it and get on with doing the work that we were sent here to do. what people wanted to see us win the house. healthcare, infrastructure and do things that really matter to people right now. >> bill: will you get to a deal that the president can sign? that can be a wall, barrier, whatever the phrase you want to use? >> i believe strongly we'll get a strong border security package. it is going to contain -- does it have a fence or wall for some part of where it might be appropriate? there are many places it's not. it will also have technology. it will fill the customs and border patrol jobs. ports secure. we have a group of people going into the room. our conferees know how to work together and get something done. >> bill: you specifically will
6:48 am
vote for a -- fill in the blank. >> i will vote for a strong border package. let's see what they come out with. i suspect it will be a strong mix of the kinds of things we need. there isn't one answer. we need to have a mix of different solutions and different programs. i think that's what they will do and that's what i'll vote for. >> bill: i hope you come back. >> i am. i'm not going anywhere. >> bill: you are on the natural resources committee. and a call to remove the phrase so help you god. the suggested language for those sworn in for that committee. do you swear or affirm under penalty of law see in the yellow there underneath that is the red. the new language. that the testimony you are about to give is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and so help you god is omitted. why would that be something that would be anticipated? >> i watch fox just so you know and that's how i learned about this watching fox this morning. i've been trying to find out what's up since then. my understanding is there is not a requirement that language
6:49 am
be in there. a republican suggested it be added back in. the chair of the committee will add it back in. it is my full intent to vote to add it back in and let us put this issue behind us and focus on the issues. this is important. i'm a catholic girl. i think people are trying to cause some trouble here to divert instead of focusing on what we'll do about healthcare. pre-existing conditions. >> bill: you would not support that is what you're saying? >> i will vote for what my understanding in. >> bill: this will not stand, is that correct? >> this will not stand, plain english. >> bill: come on back. >> i will be back. >> bill: february 15th we're watching the calendar. thank you for your time. >> you got it. thanks, bill. >> sandra: life threatening windchills in several parts of the country. what you need to know before you head out. >> temperatures, when combined with windchill, may very well
6:50 am
fall to extraordinarily dangerous levels. even 10 minutes of exposure my very well be harmful. your insurance rates skyrocket after a scratch so small you could fix it with a pen. how about using that pen to sign up for new insurance instead? for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today.
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>> bill: a bit of a recall to tell you about. check your freezer, tyson foods is recalling 36,000 pounds of chicken nuggets. they may contain rubber. they were sold in five-pound packages labeled white chicken nuggets and used by november 26 of this year, 2019. there it is. if you have it, officials recommending throw it out or return it to the store for a refund. >> sandra: chicago police are investigating an assault on empire star. they're searching for surveillance video of the
6:54 am
incident. investigators are treating as a possible hate crime. matt finn is live with new details on this. >> this morning chicago police tell fox news they have reviewed more than a dozen surveillance cameras in this area where the actor jesse said he was attacked. so far they haven't identified any assailants or getaway vehicles. police tell fox news that the actor was not able to pinpoint the exact location where the attack happened but it is in an area of chicago a few blocks north of the river dense with hotels and high rises, bars and restaurants. so far surveillance video shows him in the area along with other people coming and going and that the actor's digital footprint indicates he went to subway that night like he told police. police say now they'll follow up with the buildings in the area to see if they can identify anyone on surveillance that night and also expanding their search into other neighborhoods. he is an actor on the hit series empire. here is a portion of the video that lee daniels posted to
6:55 am
instagram. >> you didn't deserve nor anybody deserves to have a noose put around your neck. to have bleach thrown on you. >> he is also a musician with tour dates. according to a promoter, his appearance scheduled for this weekend in california indicates the show will go on. the post reads saturday night's show will go on as planned despite today's awful events. chicago police tell fox news they're taking this case very seriously and that the f.b.i. is assisting. sandra. >> sandra: matt finn, thank you. >> bill: new reaction this morning from the kamala harris campaign about her comments about eliminating private insurance for 160 million americans. sparked a new debate on healthcare with some on the left and some on the right and some in the middle all taking shots. what she is now saying about medicare for all. top of the next hour. >> do you support senator
6:56 am
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regular check-ups. we use ultrasound technology to literally look inside your arteries... for plaque which builds up as you age- and increases your risk for stroke and cardiovascular disease. and by getting them through this package, you're saving over 50%. so call today and consider these numbers: for just $149 you'll receive five screenings that could reveal what your body isn't telling you. i'm gonna tell you that was the best $150 i ever spent in my life. life line screening. the power of prevention. call now tow to learn more. >> sandra: fox news alert. life threatening temperatures sweeping through the country now. in particular the midwest. right now minnesota colder than both mars and the north pole. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," everybody. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: good day to be inside
7:00 am
watching "america's newsroom," right? deep freeze in the midwest gripping a lot of people. millions. get a load of temperatures. predicted windchills released by the national weather service show that minnesota and parts of north dakota 65 degrees below zero. look at those temperatures. >> sandra: the chicago river frozen almost in its entirety. states of emergency declared in several states with officials warning folks be safe out there. >> we're concerned making sure that people across our state are warm and safe during this 25-year low in temperature and windchill. >> december was really warm but i knew we were going to pay for it. and yeah, we're really paying for it now, yeah. this is really cold. >> stay inside. don't shovel your driveway. it's too cold. if it gets into the negative 30s frostbite. >> bill: so cold even the post office is calling for a time
7:01 am
out announcing they're suspending service in the states that you see on your screen. we're live in minneapolis. look at you, ray. good morning. >> good morning. it's very, very cold out here. the national weather service thermometer said it was negative 30 in minneapolis with a windchill below negative 50. you can really feel it in your hands. you feel it in your toes. you can feel it when you breathe going through your nose and into your lungs. you may wonder how does a city like minneapolis keep operating when it is just so deadly cold outside? that's what we'll show you right now. it's called the minneapolis skyway and it is a series of what are in essence indoor sidewalks that go for about nine miles and 83 city blocks. they say it's the biggest system of anything like this in the world. and what you can do is get in your car in the morning if you have an attached garage, drive
7:02 am
to work into an underground garage where you then take an elevator up into this skyway so you can get from your home to work without ever taking a single step outside. a lot of people have been doing that today. in fact, there is a pastor's conference going on at the convention center where we are and people are going from the hyatt across the street to the convention center in their jeans, sweater and not doing anything because it is so warm in here. so this is how minneapolis keeps going. they've got the airport working hard to make sure that's running. they have the school system shut down, however, both minneapolis and st. paul schools were closed both yesterday and today. but man, it is brutal. you can feel it. it is dangerous. you spend any more than five minutes outside you are at a high risk for frostbite. people are trying to stay indoors. >> bill: skywalk system they have there is amazing. warranted today. thank you, ray, in minneapolis.
7:03 am
men highly the cold will cancel a lot of flights across the midwest. these with the early morning windchill numbers from o'hare. minus 49. midway minus 47. minus 46 lansing, michigan. if you are going to travel by train or by air or even by car, check out the schedule before you go. it is cold outside. some fatalities already blamed on the cold weather. it is serious. >> sandra: don't take chances. we have families in the midwest and my family in chicago, everything is shut down. no work, no school, no post office delivery. just stay home. watch a movie. >> bill: good idea to hibernate. >> sandra: news breaking on the crisis in venezuela. disputed president nicolas maduro says he is ready to hold talks with the opposition amid growing unrest and turmoil according to an interview with
7:04 am
russian state media, opposition leader juan guaido suggesting it could pave the way to freedom in the socialist country. >> there will be elections in the short term. our constitution, article 133 of our constitution mandates that the president of the national assembly will take on the executive powers to call elections in the shortest amount of time possible. those elections will give the ability to the country. >> sandra: fascinating interview with the opposition leader there. rich edson is live at the state department with more this morning, rich. >> good morning. protests, growing crisis in venezuela and more financial and sanctions pressure from the united states and president nicolas maduro says he is willing to negotiate. he told the russian state media source that i'm ready to sit at the negotiation table for the opposition for us to talk for the benefit of venezuela for the sake of peace and its
7:05 am
future. shortly after president trump treated maduro willing to negotiate with opposition in venezuela following u.s. sanctions and the cutting off of oil revenues. guaido is being targeted by the venezuela supreme court. massive protests expected today. americans should not travel to venezuela until further notice. the state department did just raise its travel advisory to level four, the highest level and means don't go there to venezuela. this as the trump administration is building ties with the opposition government in venezuela transferring authority of government bank accounts in the u.s. from maduro to opposition leader juan guaido. his top diplomat in washington met at the white house with vice president mike pence as the u.s. and two dozen other countries officially recognized the opposition as the legitimate authority in venezuela. >> we have been fighting for the last 20 years to restore our democracy. hasn't been an easy task. but here we have in my view a
7:06 am
unique opportunity. >> venezuela's supreme court has also ruled that guaido cannot leave the country of venezuela as authorities there have launched an investigation into him and trying to freeze his assets. sandra. >> bill: kamala harris supports a single payer system of medicare for all period. bring in the a-team. richard fowler, fox news contributor, brad blakeman, former deputy assistant to george w. bush. a lot of testosterone here today. kaiser poll asked the following question, do you support guarantee of a health insurance as a right for america? 71% favor it. however, if you go deep into
7:07 am
the numbers ask a question like this, what if it leads to a test delay for yourself? 70% are against it. when you go deep into the numbers you get a different reaction. what do you think about where this goes? >> the more they go the less they like it. they understand that healthcare won't be something that is going ton deliverable on demand by the government. a duty owed to all is a duty owed to none. now we have a choose who our healthcare providers are. under obamacare we have less than a choice. the democrats plan was to implement obamacare but the holy grail is what kamala harris said, a single payer system. no more free market for healthcare. not only does it affect healthcare doctor relationships. it will effect prescriptions all the way down the line. it is a bad idea. >> bill: she said get rid of it. >> sandra: i think it's important to hear her in her own words. the way she says it that makes
7:08 am
you stop and think she is making it sound this easy. so here is number four, kamala harris on medicare. >> we need to have medicare for all. >> for people who like their insurance they don't get to keep it. >> listen, the idea is that everyone gets access to medical care and you don't have to go through the process of going through an insurance company, having them give you approval. going through the paperwork and delay. let's eliminate all of that and move on. >> i'm not saying i'm the big believer in medicare for all but we as a democratic party debate the ideals for our party. with that being said remember in the mid-terms the number one issue for voters was healthcare because they were afraid that under donald trump the pre-existing conditions would lose health insurance and the rise of prescription drugs. republicans haven't had an answer to these problems. we need to figure out the answer immediately. republicans don't have an answer to them and for folks
7:09 am
who have healthcare through their employer, that's not a problem. folks who don't have their employer who doesn't provide healthcare it's a big deal. going to the doctor is a big deal. >> bill: back to the sound bite we played. let's eliminate all that. is that what sticks to her during the campaign? >> it will stick to her if she became the nominee. she had a good roll-out. a big rally in oakland, the good fundraising number in her first day. this is a imagine or slip-up for her which will haunt her if she makes it to the general election. she acknowledged that by having her spokesman saying that senator harris isn't backing one medicare for all plan but is willing to look at other medicare for all plans which would allow people to keep their private insurance. the fact is, bill, most people are covered in this country and most people who are covered like it. and that's the obstacle to the socialist schemes. >> sandra: michael bloomburg. we have to get this in here had
7:10 am
interesting things to say about these ideas thrown out there. here is number eight. michael bloomberg. >> i'm a little tired of thinking to things that are pie in the sky that we never are going to pass or afford. i think it's just disingenuous to promote those things. you have to do something that's practical. >> bill: pie in the sky. >> mayor bloomberg is a businessman and politician who ran a big city. he understands more than anyone else the cost of this to the american people. there is no way to afford it. and you have a ceo, a big liberal democratic supporter of starbucks who comes out and says completely unrealistic. it would bankrupt the country. so you have someone like kamala harris who never worked a day in her life in the private sector and she comes and so dismissive. let's get over it. she can't tell us how to pay for it. >> bill: what's important about framing that argument he was talking about the green energy policies that have been proposed by some on the far
7:11 am
left and that's what he said about pie in the sky. new yorkers know michael bloomberg is mr. climate change. he is pushing the policy. >> he talked about healthcare. >> bill: he is calling these idea pie in the sky. >> the thing about bloomberg and schultz. they are billionaires who don't have to worry about health insurance. they have no idea what a single mother working at wal-mart has to deal with. how would they know, they're billionaire? >> hang on. we're ganging up on richard. >> they have no idea what a single mother is going through and not living her reality. how do they? how is it possible they know? >> schultz came out on 60 minutes saying the democratic party has moved too far left for him. the democratic spent the last 48 hours by proving him right saying it's time to move on from private health insurance. having the liberal mob heckle him at book appearances. he is starting to feel as conservatives have felt for the
7:12 am
last several years. the democratic party has lurched to the left. >> sandra: there is a piece about how the left continues to move further and further to the left. aoc equals dnc. pace car for democrats turbocharge race to the far left. in that piece writes. as alien as socialism is to the u.s. something only in america what she has achieved. ocasio-cortez is not even 30 but the tail wagging the entire donkey. >> i think that's harsh criticism of ocasio-cortez. i would warn conservatives about attacking ocasio-cortez just like we learned when we attacked donald trump. the more you attack somebody like ocasio-cortez the more energy you give her, right? she is almost like popeye eating her spinach. >> sandra: the idea of her and her ideas pushing your party further to the left. >> i think the reason -- i
7:13 am
don't think -- i think ocasio-cortez speaks for the folks in bronx and queens. i said that all along. the fact she gets so much heat from the right only speaks to the fact that her ideals resonate with people who live in her district. >> she goes way beyond her zikt. she is the darling of the most whacky of democrats pushing her party so far to the left. i remember a time richard if you called a democrat a socialist you were defaming them. now they get angry if you don't call them a socialist. your party is in crisis. >> no, we're not in crisis. we're in the majority in the house. >> sandra: mayor bloomberg's comments and that was that why try to sell something to the country that would never work and pass as he said? >> i think the move of all these primary candidates to the left created space in the center. even the center right. 51% of democrats say they're liberals. >> that means 49% don't.
7:14 am
>> it creates space for a candidate like mayor bloomberg who has a lot of people looking at this seriously to say look, the party can take some progressive ideas but we can't just abandon it to aoc. i notice it's a sign of power in american politics when you become an acronym. that's what ocasio-cortez does. she should be separated, i think, from some of the other far left. >> bill: good discussion. great topics coming up for you in 30 minutes, okay? back to your corners, matthew. thank you. , richard. >> sandra: we have this breaking news on our exclusive coverage on the ground in syria. our own benjamin hall speaking to a captured isis fighter. >> enemies, enemy. the ones who fight the muslims. someone tried to fight america these people are enemies of the world. >> isis losing territory but not the will to fight. we'll be live on the ground. >> bill: president trump under
7:15 am
pressure to get a deal with china on the trade war. big meetings now underway. both countries at the white house behind closed doors, so what will they get done? sandra. >> sandra: plus we are watching apple this morning. some big news on the earnings front and the outlook ahead. is the iphone facing the end of the line? what their latest report tells us. money man charles payne will be here and he joins us next. i'm a veteran
7:16 am
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7:19 am
we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> sandra: an update on the houston police officers injured during a drug bust on monday. three officers still recovering in the hospital. two others have been released. four of the officers were shot with another suffering a knee injury while serving the search warrant. police killing the two suspects in a gun fight. the president of houston police union saying it's time to put critics of law enforcement on notice. >> make sure that we hold them accountable and it is funny because everybody wants to increase accountability on police officers, which is a good thing and we welcome it. yet when i say accountability to talking heads in the media or activists suddenly it's a four letter word and nobody wants to use it. we'll hold you accountable and call you out when you are lying on our officers and call you out when you're trying to drive a wedge between us and our
7:20 am
community. we aren't going to let it happen anymore. >> sandra: the sheer bravery of those injured officers the police chief says it's the third time one of them has been shot in the line of duty and we will hear more from that man when he joins us live in the next hour of "america's newsroom." >> bill: looking forward to talking to him. stock markets are moving. critical u.s. trade talks now underway at the white house with chinese leadership. will they get a deal done? money man charles payne is looking at this now. hello, sir. what's a deal look like? >> i think it will be -- we'll get it in pieces. china made a huge offer already to totally erase the trade deficit between now and 2024. that's the low hanging fruit. the other parts are more complicated. the i.p. left and how to account for it. i think wall street would cheer if we got something akin to we have certain pieces in place and agreed to keep moving.
7:21 am
extend the deadline on the tariffs. raising them for another three months. i think that's the best case scenario that we've got coming out of this meeting. >> sandra: this is huge for president trump. >> bill: it really is. >> sandra: expectations are high. >> i have to be quite honest with you. first of all no other president every fought that fight before. there are a lot of critics last year, a year ago that said tariffs don't work, it's a dumb way to go about this. use the world trade organization and yet both parties had decades to resolve this. president trump took a very hard line and again a lot of presidents would take what he has been offered already and take a victory lap. it's huge. when you talk about a trillion dollars buying american goods, a trillion dollars worth. getting rid of the joint ventures which they said they'll do as well. allowing more companies in china including banking companies and insurance companies. that's a gigantic victory. >> bill: you would settle for a deal now with all these things
7:22 am
on the list accomplished you will never go back to get another bite of that apple. >> the last bite of the apple no matter what. this is the last bite. speaking of apple. their review and profit dropped. the iphone has matured. it declined, revenue for other products and services grew 19% in 19. here is my take. smitty and i talk about this all the time during the commercial. my take is apple is evolving as a company. started with the mac, went to the ipod, went to the iphone and now the services sector of that company is really on fire. what is your take? >> the services part is going well. 19% in the tech world is not necessarily on fire. i think the criticism is they're being flat footed here. the world is changing. those products you talked about were all revolutionary products. i don't know what they have revolutionary on the table. when you sit on $250 billion
7:23 am
you don't have to organically create this stuff. i worry about as an apple shareholder is them sitting on the cash and waiting too long to go after the hot areas. >> bill: that might be. stock is up 7% today. >> nowhere near the all time high that it achieved last year. question marks. they beat lowered expectations. they aren't going out of business. i would like to see tim cook become more aggressive in a tech world that's ultra competitive right now. >> sandra: the headline would lead you to believe that apple is struggling. >> the headlines were crazy. every morning i write. my morning report i took four or five headlines from last night. you would think the company was going out of business. but the fact is that apple has never been afforded the kind of
7:24 am
valuations that the amazons of the world or face books of the world. they've never traded at those levels. >> sandra: price throughout the big boards today. apple is a big -- >> bill: everybody owns it in their 401k. >> boeing is the most influential stocks in the dow jones industry all average. they're up across the board. we talk about china and grand -- boeing is the epitome of great american excellence driving the dow higher today. they had a blow-out number. guidance was phenomenal. >> bill: does apple by a tesla or spotify? >> they talked about 1.2 billion devices out there. 900 million users. maybe netflix if they want to get into that game.
7:25 am
you got 250 billion. make a netflix. 33,000 manufacturing jobs. i got to tell you something, this is the biggest number since october 2014. from adp. i got to tell people, i know we talk a lot of politics and the country is divided. the manufacturing miracle in this country is something everyone should stand up and applaud. it is real. >> sandra: thank you, charles. the crisis in venezuela taking a toll on millions. >> people needing food. humanitarian aid. >> sandra: president trump just spoke to the opposition leader juan guaido. we'll tell you what we're learning about that conversation next. >> bill: also big push for border security. the meeting begins today. bipartisan lawmakers, nine democrats, eight republicans trying to avoid another shutdown. will they get a deal?
7:26 am
senator cory gardner with his take coming up live in a matter of minutes right here. sing, and with newday's va cash out home loan, you can borrow up to 100 percent of your home's increased value. you could get 54,000 dollars or more and lower your payments by over $600 a month. with automatic authority from the va, newday can say yes when banks say no. take advantage of your home's increased value. call newday usa now. go to or call 1-800-405-6714
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7:30 am
talk to your doctor about aimovig. and be there more. >> bill: syrian forces closing in on the final strongholds of isis in that country. real danger that these killers could shift back to unconventional warfare launching terror attacks in the west. benjamin hall with an interview with a isis recruit in captivity. he is in northeastern syria. >> this man denies ever being a front line fighter saying he was with isis for five years and in that time he saw one person being killed but that man deserved it. he saw lots of floggings and tried to see a local stoning of a woman who gave herself up for a man. he missed it. he was also totally unrepentant. >> i would have been dying right now. i would have been taking a bomb
7:31 am
and my wife and children if you wish to die with me. i am not apologetic to something i believe in. if i believe in something, why should i leave, for what? i was shot in my face and i didn't die. >> towards the end when they knew they were going to lose. >> this is what i told one of the interrogators from america. i think they overestimated. told me before we underestimated them. >> we also saw other isis fighters trying to flee the final battle and saw them in the desert outside the last isis-held village thousands of men, women and children came out of the desert and split into men and women and children. now the hunt is on to find which ones are isis. among them also isis brides with many children. those children will have known
7:32 am
nothing else but the islamic state and will have attended islamic state schools. the great fear the ideology stays with them and likely they will be released shortly. >> bill: you have spoken with a lot of people in that country. what's the real number? how many isis fighters exist today there in syria? >> the numbers vary. there is no doubt there are many of them. we're hearing 20,000 possibly more. as isis lost the last few cities fighters went into the local population. those that came from the area were not found towards the end. the foreign fighters are the ones remaining. that's the big concern right now. they are waiting and biding their time until they can erupt again. if chaos insues in the region that's what they need. they can work off that and many people fear they will be back. >> bill: benjamin hall in northeastern syria. stay safe. >> sandra: for more on this we
7:33 am
bring in senator cory gardner on international security. what we're looking at today. he is a republican on the foreign relations committee. thank you for your time this morning. you've been listening to that report along with us and here is the latest from president trump this morning on isis. he wrote when i became president isis was out of control in syria and running rampant. since then tremendous progress made especially over last five weeks. caliphate will soon be destroyed. unthinkable two years ago. we seem to be hearing different perspectives and different assessments on isis coming from the president and his team and military brass. >> well, the last thing this country can afford is a mission accomplished moment where credit is taken for the collapse of a terror organization or ideology that has the ability to go back into hiding and come back without
7:34 am
notice. we know people will carry forward this ideology and people who will back phil the terrorists killed on the battlefield. the president made -- credit to our men and women in uniform and payloads of weapons and bombs on isis targets in the last eight years. they've done a great job taking out the bad guys. this isn't over. we haven't destroyed it. our intel community is very clear we have to keep the pressure and keep the work and safeguard the american people from this ideology and people that wish to do us great harm. >> bill: topics to go through. venezuela the president tweeting this, maduro willing to negotiate with opposition in venezuela. he tweeted following u.s. sanctions and cutting off oil revenues. guaido is being targeted by venezuela supreme court. americans shouldn't travel to venezuela until further notice.
7:35 am
>> democracy, freedom. human rights matters around the globe. our interests in what is happening in nations in this hemisphere are greatly concerning us to. the abuses, atrocities by the maduro regime. the failed state of socialism. the point that president trump made at the united states venezuela is not an example of failed socialism. it is socialism at work. they've been deprived of basic conditions that make human dignity happen. we've recognized guaido as the legitimate leader of venezuela. president trump spoke to guaido today and encouraged his support for guaido and the venezuela people and the resumption of great relations between venezuela and the united states. >> sandra: senator, how far would you like to see the united states intervene there? >> i think we will work with our regional partners. the states and nations, our all aisles in the region that have
7:36 am
said enough is enough. maduro needs to go as the people of venezuela, elected body has recognized guaido as the leader and where we'll continue to work at a regional response to make sure that maduro's reign of terror against his own people is put to an end. >> bill: want to hear guaido last night about the threats to him and others in that country. >> they have threatened my integrity, families. i'm not the only one. there are over 300 political prisoners. a member of parliament was murdered despite threats towards our integrity and our families. we remain cohesive and mobilized and united because this is our goal to rebuild venezuela. >> bill: when he discussed 300 political prisoners and laid it out why we should care. we'll follow the story. you have a battle on the hill on the border shutdown and government shutdown and border
7:37 am
security. big meeting today. first sarah sanders from yesterday on what it would take to get a deal. >> the president doesn't want to go through another shutdown. that's not the goal. the goal is border security and protecting the american people. >> bill: debbie dingell. we talked to her last hour. she says she is on board. a colleague of hers, senator bob casey, democrat from pennsylvania hemmed and hawed earlier today. would not commit to a lot of the questions that were asked. he said the following. >> it would help if the president either said nothing or just was encouraging instead of predicting failure or seem to be rooting for failure. >> bill: asked about steel slats and would not concede that point. what are democrats willing to give and do you believe today that you can get something the president will sign? >> well, that's what this entire exercise of reopening the government has been about. commitment by democrats to get
7:38 am
the government open and work in good faith toward a border wall, border barrier, border security. we've been here before. that's why i hope we see a different result with the democrats who have been reluctant to provide the kind of security we need on the border. so i hope over the next several weeks with this working group we can find a way. you have people like senator king, joe manchin and others who support barriers on the border. if they want to call it something else, call it something else. the fact is we need to have security. we need to have a functioning government and we've got a couple of weeks for congress to do its job that the american people expect it to do. and make this a reality. look, a few months ago people supported on both sides of the aisle 25 billion for border security. now just this past week they wouldn't support a fifth of that. so let's put down the partisan attacks and barbs and get to work, do the american people's work protecting our border and building the barriers. >> bill: yes, no or maybe do
7:39 am
you get a deal? >> i think we will, yes. >> bill: senator, thank you very much. cory gardner from republican from colorado. come on back. >> sandra: thank you, senator. >> bill: so there is a new battle in the war over abortion. a new bill in virginia has pro-lifers outraged that goes further than the new law in new york state that the catholic church came out against. >> with liberty and justice for all. >> sandra: amazing footage there. educator told in an email not to say the pledge of allegiance during a board meeting. she did it anyway to a chorus of boos. are conservative ideals under attack in this country?
7:40 am
our a-team will join us again to dig in on all of that. >> in the email that he sent to me the week before he stated that it was because it had roots in white nationalism, racism, nativeism. and i reject that.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
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tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms. if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. i got real relief. i got clearer skin and feel better. now, watch me. get real relief with cosentyx. >> this is important. i'm a catholic girl. i think people are trying to cause some trouble here to divert instead of focusing on what we'll do about healthcare and pre-existing conditions. >> sandra: that was democrat debbie dingell commenting on removing the reference from god from the witness oath. she will not support the move to remove so help me god. back with our a-team. do you have thoughts on that? >> i think debbie dingell is right. we can't strip away our culture, heritage. we are as a people.
7:45 am
what the foundation of our nation from our founders was based on. so i'm very happy that debbie dingell has made this a priority to say we're not going to investigate it or think about it. pretty much dead on arrival. >> sandra: what does it say more broadly? >> the fastest growing religious group in america are the nones, people who express no religious affiliation. many of them are part of the democratic party. you see with these moves the democrats moving away from any support of organized traditionalist religion. >> two things. one i agree with debbie dingell on this. in the presidential oath of office, the highest position in the country, so help me god is not in it. >> no, but they typically put their hands on the bible. >> the oath for the highest offers in the country. >> doesn't matter. that's --
7:46 am
>> bill: the culture wars that seem to be erupting from time to time. i get the sense that we're going through one of those now. the question about the oath, you have this woman in california who was mocked for trying to say the pledge of allegiance. you have this abortion battle in new york state. the law was signed into law a week ago yesterday and then you have this exchange from the state of virginia. why don't we go with number two about a minute long but it is rather telling about the direction possibly where this state is headed also on this. >> how late in the third trimester could a physician perform an abortion if he indicated it would impair the mental health of the woman? >> i mean, through the third trimester. third trimester goes to 40 weeks. >> to the end of the third trimester. >> i don't think we have a limit in the bill. >> bill: it's obvious a woman is about to give birth and physical signs she is about to give birth, would that still be a point at which she could request an abortion if she was
7:47 am
so certified? she is die lateing. >> mr. chairman, that would be a -- you know, a decision that the doctor, the physician and the woman would make. >> i'm asking if your bill allows that. >> my bill would allow that. >> new york is codified. is this the real movement for the democratic left? >> yes, states are the petri dish of public policy and when one state goes, other states tend to follow. as a republican, as a citizen, culture wars that we're seeing in this country are very, very troubling and it has a cascading effect. i hope that virginia -- i'm a resident of virginia. i hope they do not go there. >> bill: is this the real movement, richard? >> you have to look at them
7:48 am
differently. let's do the with abortion first and the pledge second. as far as the abortion goes, if you listen to the sound there carefully and i think most important part of that sound i heard was this is a decision that the doctor and a woman should make and nobody else. that's the most important thing. the republican party, the party with less government intrusion. this is where i agree with the republicans when it comes to reproductive health it should be between a woman, her doctor and nobody else period. >> sandra: to be clear, this is a virginia delegate, a democrat, a woman proposing a bill that would allow abortion up to the day a child would be born. >> right. i heard something different from richard. i heard her silence, awkward response when the man questioning her said you mean right up to the point the woman is die lateing. that is an extremist position. the democrats have to be
7:49 am
worried they come across as extremists on the abortion issue or issues involving religion and state more bradley. that's why with your interview with debbie dingell was interesting. she went to healthcare. pre-existing conditions. that's what won the democrats the house. they can't make the mistake of thinking that the majority that elected them to the house is for this sort of abortion extremism and for repudiating god in our public life. >> this is one of the things that bother me about some of these debates. we debate the symbols but not about the real issue. we talk about the pledge and in god and the pledge is clear saying liberty and justice for all. let's talk about -- let's have a fight how we create liberty and justice for all. a fight to be had on that. today people of color are dying. they need justice. one got hurt at a starbucks --
7:50 am
subway because he was gay and african-american. that's about liberty and justice. let's have that fight instead of talking about the symbols. >> our country was founded, our constitution. we strive to be a more perfect union. we aren't a perfect union. >> sandra: this issue is very clear. legalizing abortion up to birth and that is the issue that is up for debate. it is hard to believe. thanks to all of you for being here. our a-team today. >> bill: facebook with a major u turn. shutting down an app for younger users. we'll tell you about that coming up next.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
>> bill: pulling a controversial app from apple products that paid people including teenagers $20 a month in exchange for near total access to personal data. hello, sir. different twist on this. what's up? >> what we say access to prnl data this is everything. they were given root level access on your phone so that means that the app that was running those who you are emailing and messaging and calling, what websites you are going on. other apps you're using.
7:55 am
that's useful data for facebook targeting teenagers, that's a market that is very attractive to advertise. they have pulled the app. it is in violation of apple's policies on apps. that root level access was only supposed to be given to if your employer needs to give you a phone for work they could have root level access because it's work related to make sure your email settings and those things are correct to access work stuff. facebook has given a statement on this which is a little like -- despite early reports there was nothing secret about this. it was called the facebook research app which is true. it is the optics on all of this is really bad. >> bill: facebook is saying all those who participated signed parental consent forms. >> you hear a line like that and think what 13-year-old with a smartphone is getting their parent to sign a parental consent form so they can download an app to monitor their behavior.
7:56 am
i'm not saying parents aren't doing that. it's a scary time for parents with these gadgets in your kids' lives. they tend to know more than you. if i was a parent i would be frightened. >> sandra: think about the amount of data they've collected already. >> for them to pull the app at this point, we got what we needed to get. who cares? we don't need to apologize. we can just attack the people who wrote. it comes after another program they had they had to pull doing a similar thing. >> bill: keep us posted. great to see you, bret. >> sandra: record breaking temperatures in the midwest. frostbite can occur in minutes. states of emergency across the region. a live update from chicago in moments. 100 percent of your home's value. not just 80 percent like other loans. and that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. with our military service, veterans like us have earned a valuable va benefit.
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>> sandra: fox news alert on the deadly deep freeze gripping the midwest. minus 18 in chicago but it feels like minus 46 right now and frostbite can happen in seconds. brutal temperatures. welcome back to "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: good news is it will only last a short time. >> sandra: it with warm up by the weekend. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. 200 million americans locked in a deep freeze, polar vortex sending the mercury plunging to what will be record lows for many. talking windchill 65 below around the great lakes and northern plains. some areas colder than siberia. rivers and lakes covered with ice. several midwest governors declaring a state of emergency there.
8:01 am
>> there is a real risk of frostbite and hyperthermia with weather like this particularly for infants and seniors and those who are already infirmed. this is weather where even five minutes of exposure could have very serious health consequences. >> sandra: strong barng there. mike tobin is live in chicago braving the elements for us. mike, be careful. >> thank you. we say -- we can set a record for january 30th, the coldest temperature ever for that particular date came five degrees short of setting the all-time record. negative 27 back in january 20th of 1985. national weather service says last night we got to negative 22. it is so cold that rail operators are setting the steel rails on fire and that is because in this severe temperature the steel will shrink and sheers off the bolts or crack the rail lines.
8:02 am
you did get a cracked rail line with the blue line operating out of minneapolis/st. paul resulting not in an accident but a bunch of delays. more than 2500 flights have been canceled. 7,000 delays. the epicenter of all that is chicago's o'hare airport. so cold something that rarely happens, mail service has been canceled in sections of eight different states. roads are so dangerous that the minneapolis or state of minneapolis has pulled the plows off the roads. that is because the snowplows themselves were experiencing mechanical difficulties in the severe cold and didn't want their drivers getting stuck in perilous conditions. understand salt doesn't work in this weather. doesn't melt the ice. so assume if you are driving and make the decision to drive you are driving on a sheet of ice. better yet, take the option to postpone whatever you were traveling for for a couple of days until the severe weather breaks. the city of chicago has opened
8:03 am
up 270 warming centers. yesterday we spoke with a number of people living in tent city opting not to go to the warming centers. the city sent around five city buses so they had a place to retreat from severe cold and try to get through the cold snap. guys. >> sandra: mike tobin, hard to believe. unbelievable to see the chicago river like that. almost completely frozen over. the top at least. mike tobin, thank you very much. >> bill: hazard pay today. fox news alert the u.s. sending the first group of migrants back to mexico. this part of the trump administration's new asylum policy. migrants seeking refuge here have to remain in mexico while they await their claims to be processed. griff jenkins in mexico city live with more from there. what's happening, griff? good morning. >> good morning. yeah, more on that policy in just a moment because it's making migrants second guess where they'll go after this stop. this is mexico city. the largest shelter you'll see on the entire route from
8:04 am
central america to the u.s. border. you see the mexican marines are feeding the migrants breakfast. we have 2,673 migrants according to the officials here. most of them part of that caravan that began when we first started following this group on january 15th in san pedro, hond hond. getting them a hot meal and shower yesterday. 500 arrived. they're part of the larger number of more than 12,000 that have come in caravans, most of whom have registered for temporary one year asylum in mexico. about that remain in mexican policy, the migrant protection protocols the trump administration has just implemented last friday. it has migrants like carlos nuns second guessing to go to
8:05 am
tijuana. >> u.s. has a new policy to remain in mexico in tijuana. part of your decision to go somewhere else? >> another border. >> why not tijuana? >> the last people are there, they have a lot of problem. >> caravan coming on september 16th. another caravan coming on february 16th. this is not the last one to come. >> bill: you have a new president a month into his new term. different mexican government approach with a different policy. how is it different from the predecessor. >> it appears to be a magnet. this administration has had a very open approach here. in fact, i was reading saying
8:06 am
mexico's position will no longer be one of migration deterrents. the migrants know they get a welcoming hand from this new administration. >> bill: good to have you back there in mexico city today. thanks. >> sandra: the head of the dnc insisting there is party unity over presidential candidate over kamala harris's push for medicare for all and eliminate private health insurance. tom perez says his party is on the same page on this. >> there is no philosophical debate about the notion that healthcare should be a right for all not a privilege for a few. the democratic primary will have a debate how do we get from 90% to 100% coverage. some advocate medicare for all. some who will advocate for a market-based approach. >> sandra: no philosophical debate. how do you get there?
8:07 am
let's bring in martha maccallum. good morning. he said there are some who advocate medicare for all. some advocate for a market-based approach. >> he is saying they share the same goal but that some of the candidates will approach it differently. the debate process will be for that, figuring out the answers to those questions. interesting you had michael bloomberg and michael schultz chiming in quickly saying it will cost a lot of money. the interesting thing we're seeing new polls that if you say to people would you like to see everyone covered absolutely. everyone would like that. would you like to do away with private health insurance and everything you have to go through. absolutely. when people are told it would mean higher taxes, 60% say actually i don't like that plan. i will stick with what i've got. >> sandra: polling depends on how you ask the question. marsha blackburn was on earlier talking about congress and how congress could and should fund
8:08 am
healthcare. here is what she said. >> they ought to put the $700 billion they took out of medicare to stand up obamacare, they ought to put that money back because the medicare area wage index, a lot of pressures there. rural hospitals are closing. so we don't need more government-run healthcare. >> sandra: the republican senator very firm on that last point. >> you have about 8% of the population, 20 million people not covered. 92% of people are covered right now in america by their health insurance plan. most of them through employer-paid programs. it is interesting that pre-obamacare and post obamacare you have roughly the same number of people who are still struggling to find healthcare. i think that is an interesting alternative to put some of that money back in and that's something that republicans might want to look at. republicans dropped the ball on this whole issue and paid for it dearly in the mid-term
8:09 am
elections. the fact when they controlled the senate, house and white house they were not able to come up with a fix for obamacare is something that will continue to haunt them politically. >> sandra: a top issue for 2020 for sure. kamala harris's campaign responded to the medicare for all criticism she has received since she turned a lot of heads with that comment. she has issued this response. medicare for all is the plan that she believes will solve the problem and get all americans covered, period. she has co-sponsored other pieces of legislation that she sees as a path to getting us there. but this is the plan she is running on and we saw ocasio-cortez asked about this. stand by her on this issue. it will get interesting, martha. perez says we'll have double digit field of candidates in our first debate. where are they going to go? >> it's interesting she chose to put her focus on the medicare for all and not the
8:10 am
private health insurance will disappear part of the story. there is a lot of americans who do not want to see their private health insurance plan disappear and that is what will be really problematic what she said going forward the other day. we'll see if she back pedals on that at all. the hardest part of this equation and a lot of people feel like they have a plan and want to keep it. they said they could keep their doctor and plan under president obama. that did not turn out to be the case. >> sandra: it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. >> that's what we're here for. >> bill: breaking news out of venezuela. disputed president maduro says he is willing to negotiate with the opposition leader amid growing unrest in that country. how is that being received in washington senator rick scott in a moment joins us live coming up this hour. >> sandra: the battle over border security. could the fight come down to
8:11 am
one simple word? congressman doug collins will weigh in on that next. >> washington is a bunch of -- pure fake. people act like they care but they would fund border security and open the government.
8:12 am
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8:15 am
renegotiated. british prime minister theresa may tried to get the e.u. back to the table. now the u.k. is set on a date. it will leave the e.u. on the 29th of march. 15 past the hour. >> sandra: fox news alert. lawmakers set to meet two hours from now for talks on avoiding another shutdown. the president demanding a wall. democrats still opposed to it. there may be some compromise or some room for compromise, i should say. what if it wasn't called a wall? >> if the democrats are beginning to discuss barriers, that's a positive in all shapes and forms because that's not something they've been saying ahead of time. at the end of the day we don't want status quo. we want a solution. all those elements include as well as we have a barrier. >> sandra: congressman doug collins, republican from georgia the ranking member on the house judiciary committee. thank you for your time this morning.
8:16 am
all right. the same issues are on the table and same debate is happening again. another shutdown we face. what happens here? is there room -- wiggle room here to make a compromise? >> there should be. i think i'm surprised we're getting close to groundhog day. for any democrat what talks about this issue they ought to ask why their border security policy shouldn't be called hypocrisy. most have voted for border wall money. not barriers or security, wall money. president obama built wall. i'm just tired of it at this point. we're playing a game of semantics. they don't want to give the president a win. the president has stood firm. talked to the american people about this. they understand the security risks. it is time for them to get over semantics, find a dictionary and find the word compromise and to protect american citizens and stop putting illegals over american systems. i'm tired of their argument. it is nothing but hypocrisy. >> sandra: is another shutdown
8:17 am
going to happen here? >> that's up to ms. pelosi. she is consistent -- when the president put stuff on the table she walked away. she is not wanting to negotiate. she put her chips on a 2020 election in which they want to defeat the president and they've done so on the backs of american government worker, on the backs of american citizens as opposed to the caravans and others trying to get in here illegally. this whole situation really needs to come down for this. are we for securing the border democrat presidents and senators and democrat members have done. >> sandra: sounds like the same debate before the last shutdown. >> i think the president made it simple. he said if you aren't going to include barrier wall money to look forward to how to secure our border. he is willing to talk about other things. at this point in time it is just hypocrisy not 20 -- to do that. >> sandra: what about raising the debt ceiling? >> let's focus on the real issue. instead of throwing everything
8:18 am
else in here let's focus that you have a party who vogted even in this month in the house voted for money that would have included building more wall money but run to cameras and say we won't give the president wall money. let's focus on the issue instead of trying to dump everything else in there. the president has been clear. he is resolute and made this statement and he said come to the table with security, with border barrier, wall, whatever you want to call it. call it a rubber duck, i don't care. it is security for our nation. if you don't think a wall works, then advocate for tearing down the current walls we have. >> sandra: senate appropriations committee chairman shelby said he expects real negotiations to happen at the closed-door meeting. we all hope that something can get done. a compromise can be made. mitch mcconnell saying i'm for whatever works. final thoughts here as we await the outcome of another meeting. >> republicans do not want a shutdown. we didn't want one from day one.
8:19 am
here is what we can do and come to the table to find a solution. my hope is they get in the room and discuss what's on the table. it is clear what we need to do. let's quit arguing over semantics. it isn't a dictionary lesson class but how do you run the government. right now democrats look under f for failure. >> sandra: ouch. all right. congressman doug collins. appreciate your time this morning. we'll see how it goes. >> bill: police in houston, texas, angry after four fellow officers were shot in the line of duty. >> we are sick and tired of having targets on our back. we are sick and tired of having dirt bags trying to take our lives when all we're trying to do is protect this community and our families. enough is enough. >> bill: as those officers recover from their injuries law enforcement with a stern message for their community. we'll hear more from joe
8:20 am
gamaldi later this our. >> sandra: what will harris's medicare for all policy mean for the quality of our healthcare and access to doctors in this country? we'll put these questions to dr. marc siegel who joins us next. if you want to use it to get cash, call newday usa. va loans are all they do. and don't let less than perfect credit hold you back. even if you've been turned down for a va loan by your bank, call newday usa. they've been given automatic authority by the va... they can often help veterans when other lenders won't. by re-financing up to 100 percent of your home's value, you could take out 54,000 dollars or more. you could use that money to pay credit card debt and other expenses, plan for retirement, and get back on your feet financially. need money for your family? call newday usa right now and use the va home loan benefit
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you've earned and deserve. go to, or call 1-877-423-5739.
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unstopand it's strengthenedting place, the by xfi pods,gateway. which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. >> the idea is everyone gets access to medical care and you don't have to go through the process of going through an insurance company, having them give you approval. going through the paperwork and the delay that may require. who of us hasn't had that situation where you have to wait for approval and the doctor says i don't know if your insurance company will cover this. let's eliminate that and move on. >> bill: doubling down on the medicare proposal, immediate kaifr for all. senator harris, democratic candidate said she would
8:24 am
eliminate private insurance in favor of a single payer healthcare system. what does it mean for quality of care? what would it cost? how would it affect a doctor and a patient? dr. marc siegel is here to weigh in on this. what do you think of the idea medicare for all? >> first clarification. medicare for all is not expanding medicare. it is putting a wrecking ball to private insurance and revamping everything and putting a new product in place that the government runs. i have to disagree with the idea that harris is saying there saying instant access. working with private and public insurance with medicare and medicaid and private. there is no such thing as access based on public health insurance. the government doesn't provide access. the government is a bureaucracies. i have to appeal to the government sometimes and i get on the phone a distant bureaucrat is approving or disapproving of a procedure a
8:25 am
patient needs. that will get worse here if we have medicare for all. there is a huge bureaucracies that will come along down the pike. you will get rid of the employer-based healthcare system, a job incentive. a job killer. it's giving an entitlement to people who maybe wanted to take a job because it gave them health insurance. >> bill: 56% of the u.s. population has employer-based healthcare insurance. 16% others are covered by a private insurance that they have paid for on their own. it's 217 million americans. that is a fundamental overhaul of our healthcare system in america. what does that cost? >> it will cost $31 to 32 trillion in transition costs over 10 years. >> bill: how do you get that number? >> urban institute. a middle of the road group. it is not a slanted number. that's transition costs not to mention what the bureaucratic costs will be going forward and not to mention displacing people from the doctor they are used to. another cost no one talks about.
8:26 am
what about innovation? we're heading to personalized medicine now meaning that now is the time where you don't str a one size fits all treatment. you have a treatment that works for some and not for someone else. genetic treatments, exciting time for cancer therapy. we have the jury rig molecules that work in one patient, not in another. how is a big insurance going to cover that? >> the point is americans are amazing at innovation and we're leading the world in all this stuff. kaiser did a survey, interesting to our viewers, look closely at these numbers. the question asked what if you could get guaranteed coverage? on the left of your screen 71% favor when you can guarantee the coverage. but then when you go a little deeper what about eliminating private insurance? 58% against it. paying more taxes, 60% against that. increased treatment delay, 70% are against that. so you see a little deeper as you ask more questions where people react to the possibility of going that route.
8:27 am
>> when they hear it is coming out of their pocket they are less favorable. when you use the word coverage everyone loves it. what is coverage? basic coverage means if you go to an emergency room in a catastrophe you don't go bankrupt. everyone agrees with that. catastrophic coverage. when you start covering every bell and whistle that's where we led into obamacare with the high premiums and deduct intercontinental -- deductibles. do i get to see my doctor? >> bill: thank you so much. do you believe obamacare eight years ago pushed us one step closer to single payer? do you believe that? >> i do but i don't think the employer-based healthcare system will be destroyed. i think it's a pipe dream. i don't think it happens. >> sandra: howard schultz considering running for president as an independent. democrats slamming him for the move saying a schultz campaign would hand the white house to
8:28 am
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accepted by the ada. oral-b. brush like a pro. >> bill: check of the stocks now up 320 on the dow. apple came out after the bell yesterday. smitty and i have been going to the numbers deep into the earnings report. >> sandra: boeing, too. it is a big reason why you are seeing this rocking dow today. for the first time ever the aerospace giant posted revenues of over $100 billion. whoa. >> bill: up the 33 bucks today. do you think there is optimism you get a deal? the china talks are happening right now at the white house. >> sandra: that's a big deal. if a deal is reached this week that would have huge implications. white house sounds pretty optimistic one will be reached. we'll see. maybe not this week. there is a deadline coming up. >> bill: in the meantime there
8:32 am
is boeing. all right. >> sandra: this fox news alert from washington where a bipartisan group of lawmakers are about to sit down and hash out a deal over border security and avert another government shutdown. that deadline february 15th as the president sticks to his guns on the wall. john roberts is live with more. john, good morning. >> sandra, good morning to you. the clock is running. 16 days now to reach a deal. the three weeks the president agreed to last friday has been winnowed down to slightly more than two weeks. the president this morning firing a warning shot across the bow of the con fearese as they prepare to meet this afternoon tweeting if the committee of republicans and democrats meeting on border security is not discussing or contemplating a wall or physical barrier they're wasting their time. democrats have said they want to hear what the experts say they need to secure the border. while there have been individual conversations with customs and border protection
8:33 am
officials fox news is told the conference committee has not yet asked the cbb experts to come up to capitol hill and brief them. here is the house minority leader kevin mccarthy. >> so it is really going to be on the democrats who made this promise today at 1:30 when they walk into the room if they have the same language, that is wrong. this is an opportunity to solve this problem. to listen to what the experts have said. >> as for what the democrats are willing to accept, michigan congresswoman debbie dingell not on the conference committee said this morning it would need to be a comprehensive package. listen here. >> i'll vote for a strong border package. let's see what they come out with. i suspect it will be a strong mix of the kinds of things we need. there isn't one answer. we need to have a mix of different solutions and different programs. i think that's what they are going to do and that's what i'm going to vote for. >> something interesting to contemplate, sanld ra. an administration official told me the 17 people on that
8:34 am
conference committee, only two really truly understand border security. they happen to be democrats. >> sandra: another busy day at the white house. thank you, john roberts. >> it's almost like they are trying to snuff out the spark of your campaign before it could get started. are the democrats overwrought? >> i think the democrats need a little bit less caffeine right now is what i think. they've overrotated completely. if i run for president as a centrist independent, that more life long republicans will come my way. >> bill: that interview took place a few moments ago. that will be at 2:00 on the daily briefing. howard schultz, former ceo of starbucks and bret baier live from washington, d.c. most days i argue we need more
8:35 am
caffeine. i think some days you would agree with me on that. however, what do you think about the daggers coming schultz's way in 24 hours? >> i think most times we're under caffeinated. howard schultz may be right. the democrats reacting to this potential candidacy. the reaction is stark. they see a red light. they see a flair that says if schultz gets in the race, that it hands the presidency to donald trump. i think there are other people who look at it like listen, you run the race and see where it falls. mike bloomberg has done statistical analysis and he said if this happens it increases the chance trump gets reelected. you have a long way to go before that. >> bill: you do. another sound bite from the interview. this talks about elizabeth warren where there is not a lot of what i would sense to be
8:36 am
good blood between the two of them. just listen to and make a point about that after this. >> i find that so offensive. also think it's lewd cross. elizabeth warren knocked on my door and asked me for money running for the senate. >> did you donate? >> no, i did not. >> bill: part of the arlgment he will hear is he is an out of touch billionaire. he said i built myself from the ground up. i came from poverty and i'm a self-made man and don't criticize that. how does that argument go? >> he is not going to be debating those democrats. they would like him to get in that race and be a democrat running in that field because his chances then are pretty much nil. they aren't good as an independent. what he does bring is something that the two sides potentially are not talking about. let's say you get a democratic
8:37 am
nominee who right now looks like it is tracking left. elizabeth warren, kamala harris, bernie sanders, it is donald trump. those two potential candidates are not talking about deficit, long-term entitlement reform. we've seen things not talked about that howard schultz is mentioning. it is also interesting to watch him push back on the medicare for all and the kamala harris healthcare take out all the insurance companies. saying it is pie in the sky. that's something mike bloomberg is saying as well. >> bill: the scabs are being peeled off on the left now as they get into these issues and it reminds me already a lot of the fall of 2015 on the republican side, right? we were there for it. we watched it. we saw it every day and it led to an iowa caucus that was unpredictable. new hampshire primary unpredictable and campaign that
8:38 am
was unpredictable. democrats are headed that way for those debates. >> right. the number of candidates on the democratic side is 20 right now. the potential is 20 candidates. we had 17 as you remember back in 2015 for that first debate in august. i think their first debate will be june of this year in 2019. if you have candidates fighting for the left, you could see somebody emerge that shoots the gap like a donald trump and we have a long way to go but howard schultz is stirring the pot and making democrats very upset and nervous. >> bill: interesting. 2:00 you'll see the rest of that with dana perino on the daily briefing. see you today on special report at 6:00. >> sandra: the district of columbia renewing its push for statehood. it has been tried before. now the push is gaining traction among democrats and plenty of opposition from the republicans. doug mcelway joins us now live from washington doug.
8:39 am
>> with democrats now in control of the house the move for d.c. statehood has gained momentum. the non-voting delegate introduced a bill on the first day of the new congress to do just that. >> i had hr51 designated for our bill for the 51st state of the union. i have a commitment that there will be a hearing on hr51 from our good chairman oversight and government reform chairman elijah cummings. >> on that same day speaker pelosi promised to grant full voting rights and statehood to the district of columbia. it enjoys overwhelming support from democrats. >> we have 700,000 people unrepresented entirely in the united states congress. they're americans. they serve in our military, they pay taxes, they contribute to our community.
8:40 am
>> but most scholars believe statehood would require a constitutional amendment. 2/3 majority vote in both houses of congress and ratification by 3/4 of state legislatures. that won't happen. >> we live in a divided nation. the idea the district of columbia would have two senators would be an -- after all, let's remember the district voted for hillary clinton by 93%. >> bill: another impediment the constitution's balance of powers. a new heavily democratic state could abuse the small federal enclave that it surrounds. during the government shutdown the d.c. water authority jokingly discussed shutting off the water to the white house because the federal government wasn't paying its water bill. last summer some local d.c. politicians discussed revoking the trump hotel's liquor
8:41 am
license that the holder be of good character. that's a theoretical impediment right there. consider that as long as the republicans hold the senate and white house, this isn't going anywhere. >> sandra: doug mcelway, thank you. >> bill: there is a crisis in venezuela, a possible revolution underway. reports of an olive branch being offered. why you should care. we'll talk about that with the new senator from florida rick scott. our guest live from the hill coming up next after this. as a country give you as a veteran is the eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. if you need cash for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. give us a call. call now: 1-855-376-1361.
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when heartburn hits... fight back fast with tums smoothies. it neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum tum tum tum tums... smoothies... ...and introducing new tums sugar-free. >> the ones out there spreading the rhetoric police officers are the enemy, know, we have your number now and keep track of you all. >> bill: new details emerging from the deadly office-involved shooting in houston. authorities identified two suspects shot and killed in a drug raid. houston police chief giving an update on the officers's conditioning saying thank you for your continued prayers and the officers rount wounded and injured earlier this week.
8:45 am
three remain hospitalized. the officer underwent knee surgery will be discharged today or tomorrow. they face a long road to recovery. joe gamaldi, the houston police union president. thank you for being here and my best to you and all the officers and their families down there. why did you react the way you did on camera the other day? >> you know, what i was trying to do in that moment was just vocalize exactly what every single officer at that hospital was feeling. every single officer on this department was feeling. and every single officer in this country is feeling. we're sick and tired of people using anti-police rhetoric against us and painting targets on our backs. we've just had enough. we go out there every single day and put our lives on the line and all we want is a fair shake and for people to understand we're the good guys and love our community. >> bill: why do you think the reaction in some circles has
8:46 am
been just the opposite, joe? >> well, you know, in cases like this everybody looks for their full outrage and they want to be outraged by what i said. let's be clear here. what i said was i want to keep people accountable. everyone wants to talk about police accountability. that's a good thing and we want that. when i talk about keeping other people accountable, suddenly it's a four-letter word. what i tell them if the shoe fits, wear it. >> bill: got some numbers here officers killed in the line of duty. go back to 2017, 38 in america. 2018, 48. as of the 20th january we're 4. let's hope that number doesn't go much higher. the argument you're making is relevant to what's happening this weekend. the super bowl is in atlanta, georgia, the level of controversy there has been with the league and kneeling, the reaction to it. a lot of people disagree with the message you are trying to deliver. to them what would you say as it relates to this weekend? >> you know, what i can say is that we're going to speak out
8:47 am
any time that false narratives rears its ugly head. let's be clear. officer deaths by gunfire have been up from 2013 to 2016 almost double. what changed? what changed from 2013 to 2016? 2014 we had a seminole moment where we had ferguson, missouri everyone wanting to spread the narrative of hands up, don't shoot. a complete farce. it goes to show you that we allowed this to take hold and now as a result our officers are painted as the enemy when we're quite the opposite. we aren't there shooting unarmed civilians left and right as people would have you believe. we interacted with the public to 200 million times and we only shot and killed 995 people. i say only because when you talk about millions of contacts, 200 million, only 995 people and of those 995, only
8:48 am
46 were unarmed. of those 47 that were unarmed, less than half were minorities. i understand it is a hot button issue. the statistics don't bear it out. those are from the "washington post". >> bill: thanks for coming on today. we've been looking forward to talking to you. i hope you come back because it is an issue continue to be out there. joe gamaldi, houston police union representative there. thank you, sir. >> sandra: 12 minutes away from "outnumbered." let's hear what's coming up. good morning, melissa. >> good morning. a big backlash continues against presidential candidate kamala harris's medicare for all plan and the proposal to scrap all private health insurance. some democrats apparently not keen on throwing their support behind this and a new poll revealing how voters feel about it. plus a left wing billionaire stepping up his push for the president's impeachment trying to exert maximum pressure on
8:49 am
congressional democrats. whether he can force any hands and if it could hurt the party. all that plus our #oneluckyguy. "outnumbered" top of the hour. >> sandra: looking forward to it. thank you. fox news alert. president trump speaking to the opposition leader in venezuela as the crisis there intensifies. how will the u.s. respond to this situation? senator rick scott will join us live next. the latest innovation from xfinity
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8:53 am
>> we have got to do everything possible to put pressure on maduro to step aside. i've been speaking to the president about this. i talked to president juan guaido this week. met with venezuelan leaders in miami this week. we have to do everything we can to keep the pressure on. now is the time to get rid of maduro. what he has done to everybody in that country is despicable. these democrats talk about socialism. that's exactly what maduro has done and it has been horrible for parents wanting to have a child worried if they would have food or medicine. it is horrible what's happened. we need to do everything we can to put pressure on maduro. these democrats have said this is a coup. no, this is fighting for democracy and freedom. it's fighting against socialism. it is fighting to do the best thing for venezuela. >> sandra: to what extent do you want us to do everything we can to get involved? >> i think we have to put everything on the table.
8:54 am
>> sandra: which includes what? >> i think we've got to look at every option, military option, every option possible. the more maduro believes we're committed. i want to thank president trump for listening to all sides. by going out there and, you know, talking to guaido. talking to congressional leaders and listening to what we had to say. we need to declare them a state sponsor of terrorism. they are. call it what it is. maduro is a horrible individual that has been horrible for the people of venezuela and i'm disgusted what he has done to venezuela. >> sandra: are you getting the sense things could calm down there? >> well, he hasn't stepped aside. he says now he wants to talk. but i mean that doesn't mean anything. we watch it up here where people say they want to talk and they say no. it doesn't mean much. i think we just have to keep
8:55 am
pressure on every second. >> sandra: the opposition leader said on fbn in an interview democracy for the region is crucial and this is very clear to president trump guaido said. let's move on to other growing threats worldwide threats. we know there is a big briefing on that this week. it appears that the president is in disagreement with our intelligence committee when it comes to iran, north korea, the president took the opportunity to sort of slam the intel community with this tweet earlier. he said quote the intelligence people seem to be extremely passive and naive when it comes to the dangers of iran. they are wrong. what do you make of what you are hearing from the intel community and president trump on these issues? >> well, i think his job is to hear from everybody. listen to everybody and make the best decision he can.
8:56 am
yesterday i met with the opposition leaders to assad in syria and i have a lot of concerns about just walking away from syria. i know our military does. i know our intelligence community does. i do also. what they asked for yesterday is for no-fly zone. i think we need to look at that. but we have to listen to everybody and the president, his responsibility is to make the best decision possible after getting input from everybody. >> sandra: how are things going there, senator? you were on with us last week and you were talking about your first few weeks on the job. final thoughts. >> i think i've been here three or four weeks. an interesting place. a lot of good people up here but a lot of people that say something and do the opposite. >> sandra: it's a big job. appreciate you coming on the program. please come back soon. >> bill: a critical meeting underway on border security. house senate lawmakers trying to work toward a deal. will we see progress?
8:57 am
we'll tell you next. come on back.
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9:00 am
>> bill: good news is here, we are warm so far in new york but it's going to change soon. >> sandra: good luck to everybody. >> bill: what about our midwest brethren? >> sandra: hang in there. dress warmly. that's it for us, "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ >> melissa: new reaction to calls for may 2020 democratic party front runner for the radical overhaul of the nation's health insurance system. now the lines are being drawn. instead of the democratic party and across country, just days after white house hopeful senator kamala harris called for private health care plans to be eliminated. this is "outnumbered," and i'm melissa francis. here today, my partner, harris faulkner. >> harris: happy, happy! >> melissa: fox news contributor lisa boothe, former ohio senate democrat minority leader capri cafaro, and joining us on the


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