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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 30, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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and they plan on naming her tom, she is due two days before the super bowl. tom brady should go visit them when they have a baby, great p.r. >> greg: special report is up next. >> bret: the governor of virginia is accused of supporting extreme abortion rights as other state legislators battle over abortion. negotiators try to keep the government open past february 15th and a captured isis commander offers no apology for his actions, we will take you to syria. this is "special report." ♪ good evening and welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. the commonwealth of virginia is at the center of a whirlwind of abortion backlash tonight. the democratic governor is being accused of supporting infanticide by pro-life groups as across the nation democrats
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push pro-choice bills. correspondent gillian turner is here, this is getting all kinds of reaction. >> ralph northam the governor of virginia, the democratic governor dove headfirst into the abortion debate earlier today with comments on the proposed bill in his stage to increased women's access to third trimester abortion. >> it's done in cases where there may be severe deformities, may be a fetus that's not viabl viable. in this particular example if a mother is in labor, i can tell you exactly what would happen. the infant would be delivered, the input would be kept comfortable, the input would be resuscitated if that is what the mother in the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mothers. >> he himself is a pediatric neurologist and the comments got a swift pushback. a northam spokesman clarified
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comments only pertain to infants who weren't viable or had severe deformities. >> the third trimester goes all the way up to 40 weeks. >> to the end of the third trimester. >> the drafters garnered criticism when they acknowledged it would ease restrictions on abortions for women all the way through labor and delivery. the virginia bill is similar to one passed last week in new york and signed into law by governor andrew cuomo who ordered the world trade center with pink and celebration. it's also part of a growing trend kicked off for left leaving legislators across the nation to strengthen abortion rights. new mexico, massachusetts, and rhode island have all considered new laws. 29 states passed 80 separate laws making access to abortion easier, outpacing 15 states that adopted just 27 new restrictions to abortion and family planning. a recent poll finds only 15% of
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americans believe abortion should be available at any time during a pregnancy. one of the new democratic houses first acts was a bill to repeal the hyde amendment which bans any federal funding for abortion. vice president mike pence says it's a nonstarter. >> president donald trump will veto any bill that weakens protection for human life. >> state houses in indiana, kentucky, north dakota, the louisiana are among those currently seeking to restrict abortion. two proposal laws or ongoing lawsuits. that includes a utah proposal to ban abortion after 15 weeks. >> the issue may rise to the supreme court but even with the conservative majority there are signs now the court may not be ready to yet revisit roe vs. wade. >> bret: battle ahead for for 2020. what's your reaction for this bush removing abortion restrictions by states? depending on the state, let me
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know on twitter. you can use the #specialreport to fund the government trying to find the compliments over border security between democrats, republicans and president trump. john roberts joins us from the north lawn for the latest state of the deal is not exactly art. >> day one of the negotiations has come and gone and while members appear to be saying the right things about cooperation and compromise, their negotiating positions still remain miles apart on the central issue of a border wall. >> today, we begin in earnest in negotiation to resolve our differences on this critical issue. >> it's as heavy lift as in a committee has had. 16 days to cut a deal acceptable to republicans, democrats, and the president or face another
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shutdown. >> it's important to meet our responsibilities to secure the border. >> a sharp warning from president trump who tweeted if the committee of republicans and democrats no meeting on border security is not discussing or contemplating a wall or physical barrier, they are wasting their time. a position paper handed out by democrats specifically said we will push for a smart effective border security, one that does not rely on costly border barriers. >> we are going to be evaluating all the facts, in addition we'll be talking to as many experts as we feel it necessary and then we will resolve the money. >> some committee members have asked dhs for information on a border barrier, mostly where it will go and how it will be buil built. there has not been a request for any briefings on the need for a wall or how all the systems will work together. the house minority leader did a
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complete democrats aren't looking to do what's right for the country, they are simply looking for a win. >> you know who they want to help? themselves. after the president tsai a three week continuing resolution, the speaker gloated with a presidential style enrollment ceremony. >> one democratic conferee indicated success will take careful consideration and compromise. >> the deal probably won't be perfect and will please everyone but we were sent to washington to work together and to improve our laws and keep this country safe, not to stand on the sidelines while americans suffer. >> at the same time the committee got to work, the white house began two days of trade talks with chinese vice premier. white house officials were optimistic the meeting would finally yield progress on making much-needed changes to the trade relationship. possibly complementing complics i request from the doj to
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extradite while cfo for by livg sanctions against iran and stealing sanctions from the companies. the united states is pushing hard against that fearing that if huawei were able to complement that, china would have a global network able to steal technology. >> bret: the power struggle is intensifying tonight in venezuela as demonstrators take to the streets to show support for the opposition leader. president trump offered his own support on the phone. steve harrigan is in caracas, venezuela, and has our story from the ground tonight. >> downtown caracas turned into a protest zone for two hours wednesday at scheduled by the opposition before another major march on saturday. it marks the first show of outrage by supporters of juan
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guaidó since he declared himself interim president one week ago. the whistles and horns of sound of the frustration of a populace battling a million% inflation, shortages of food and medicine, and a former bus driver nicolas maduro as president we elected last year in a vote marred charges of fraud. >> those men must be in prison, imprisoned because they are harming children who are 12 and 13 years old. i've been protesting since 2002 and i will stop protesting. >> and what the white house said was a show of support for venezuelan democracy, president trump phoned juan guaidó, the opposition leader now recognized by the u.s. as president of the country. he told fox news that trumps support is critical. >> i am certain that the concept of democracy by president trump is very clear and we lost that.
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>> maduro told russian media he would be open for talks to keep the peace a strategy he has used in the past to divide opposition and buy time. if he is also his in support with the military, training with them in photo ops on state television. >> we are on the right side of history, no one should doubt that. we have the historic reason and we defend the truth of the history with more than 500 years of fighting. >> with the financial backing which helped support some loyalty could be eroding. venezuela sells 500 barrels of oil a day to the u.s., 40% of its total sales and one of us only sources of government income. that income will be cut sharply by u.s. sanctions on venezuelan oil. >> bret: steve harrigan live in caracas tonight. back here in the u.s.,
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senator kamala harris is not barack obama, there is one big difference when it comes to health care. there is no promise to keep your health care plan if you like it or to keep your doctor if you like him or her. the california democrat tonight is defending her goal of ensuring everyone and if senator harris isn't the only presidential candidate or potential candidate to take the medicare of for all plunge. peter doocy takes a look at this issue. >> kamala harris is putting aetna and cigna and every other private health insurance company on notice. >> how important is it to get rid of private insurance companies because there's confusion about that. >> i'm glad you asked. the bottom line of the most important is that everyone have access to health care. that is the goal, that is the purpose for me supporting the policy of medicare for all. >> she isn't the only one
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offering medicare for all, kirsten gillibrand is too. >> i believe that health care should be a right and the privilege. >> health care for everyone. >> dnc chair tom perez isn't sure his party's nominee will push medicare for all but he insists that they will try to ensure every american. >> the democratic primary will have a debate about how do we get from 90% coverage to 100% coverage. >> the idea that everyone could apply for government run insurance coverage only available for people over 65 or disabled is an idea that is a lot more popular in the 2020 primary. >> medicare for all. >> than 2016 when senator bernie sanders ran on it. >> i think more people understand that medicare for all will provide health care to every man, woman, and child is a right, the more they are supportive. >> it seems like a steep climb but senator harris believes her colleagues in the upper chamber
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could come around. >> if congress votes in a way that reflects the values and the desires of the american people, then congress will vote for a policy that gives everyone access to health care. >> for years, republicans have been the ones trying to repeal the affordable care act and replace it with something else and democrats have successfully blocked them. now democrats running for president have decided obamacare is not good enough anymore, they want uncle sam more involved in health care. >> bret: a huge issue this year. as expected, the federal reserve chose not to raise interest rates today and pledged to be patient on future hikes. the market like that news along with earnings from boeings and apple, the dow rose 435 and the s&p jumped 41, the mastic finished ahead 155. fox con technology group is changing the focus of its plan
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to $10 billion campus from blue-collar manufacturing to a scaled-down research hub. president trump and wisconsin governor scott walker touted the original plan as a once in a generation economic development opportunity, the world's leading electronics manufacturer said a decision is due to a change in global market pace and promised 13,000 jobs will be graded there. one democratic leader said fox con may be leading another community high and dry. republicans are blaming democratic governor tony devers for the decision, he said his team is in contact with the company. the deep freeze in the midwest is making parts of the region colder than antarctica tonight, dangerously cold. even the reliable post office is keeping some workers off the streets and many states. in chicago, the cold is already
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turned deadly. >> for those forced to be out in the elements, the severe cold that has settled in over the northern midsection of the nation has been difficult. >> it's hard to take a breath in, it sticks in your lungs a little bit. >> in some cases deadly. fighting a fire on chicago's southside was complicated by the air. four people were saved, two perished. >> these weather conditions make it hard for us to do our job. the men and women on the scene did a tremendous job. >> in milwaukee a man 55 years old collapsed and died shoveling is no. amtrak services canceled service internet up chicago work crews send fire to the rails to prevent them from sharing off bolts and cracking. if the salvation army handed out
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hot soup and anonymous donor paid for hotel rooms for residents of a tent city. some like george arroyo refused to leave his tent and he will stay outside again tonight. >> i'll stay over here. >> the minnesota department of transportation stopped plowing icy roads as the rigs were breaking down in the severe cold. even the post office took a rare step of suspending service and parts of 11 states. most schools, public offices and businesses which had the option of shutting down did. if as the severe weather created hardship in the some scenes of beauty, midwestern leaders stressed people need to keep taking it seriously until the cold breaks. >> it's not just the person who's risking it, by going outside, it's other people, first responders who may have to show up on the scene. >> international falls minnesota, it's still negative 20 with the wind driving it to negative 38. green bay, negative ten, feels
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like negative 33. traverse city, michigan, a ball made 2 degrees above zero. here in chicago it we've warmed up to negative 12, it hit negative 20 to 5 degrees shy of the all-time record. >> bret: up next, inside the mind of ununrepentant and captured isis commander on the ground in syria. they customized my insurance, so i only pay for what i need. i insured my car, and my bike. my calves are custom too, but i can't insure those... which is a crying shame. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ >> bret: overseas now, syrian forces backed by u.s. troops are closing in on the last stronghold of isis. commanders on the ground to say that danger from a terror group is not gone, merely changing. correspondence to benjamin hall in syria spoke with a captured isis commander who offers no apology for his actions. >> i'm a muslim. >> this isis fighter from trinidad was caught fleeing the battlefield, now in the custody of kurdish forces he tells fox news he's in the hands of a la. >> you joined a group that murdered, brutalized, tortured people. you joined that group and you knew that, so you have to take some responsibility for that.
3:21 pm
>> he joined isis five years ago with his wife and children saying that stoning, death, and mutilation are permitted by the koran and he would've been happy to die for the caliphate. >> if i didn't get caught, i would've been there dying right now. i would've told my wife if you wish to die with me, if you stay and die with me. i'm not apologetic for something i believe in. if i believe in something, why should i leave? i was shot in my face and i didn't die. >> he spoke about the future. >> did you see them preparing for an insurgency? toward the end when they knew they were going to lose. >> i told one of the interrogators from america, i think people have underestimate underestimated. he told me before we underestimated them. >> one of the last towns was
3:22 pm
hodgen, obliterated due to u.s. airpower another reminder of the force brought down on them. the battle here was a street to street and house to house. when president trump took office he told the military to take the gloves off in the battle against isis. looking at the scale of u.s. artillery and air power, it's clear that's what they've done. the caliphate has days remainin remaining. outside the village far in the desert, some isis fighters are still trying to escape hoping to fight another day. hidden among the families, they flee into the surrounding desert where they are swept up by the kurds. thousands of men, women, and children have come out of the desert fleeing the fighting nearby. they have split into men, women, and children, now they have to find which ones are isis. >> isis brides from utmost claim they were forced to joined by their husbands. their children would have attended isis schools indoctrinated from a young age. they are known as cubs of the caliphate, it's a worrying sign
3:23 pm
for the future and the big question is what to do with them. while isis may be defeated as a territorial force, there are indications that many remain. villages nearby are no-go zones and there are an estimated 25,000 followers still at large. fox news heard the surround advisors had asked for safe passage to turkey in exchange for a cease-fire. the stf said no, they want these battle hardened fighters finished off now. benjamin hall, fox news. >> bret: russians are using special counsel mueller's special counsel materials in an effort to discredit his investigation according to a new court filing. prosecutors on his team say confidential material provided to concorde management and consulting was somehow released as part of a disinformation campaign. prosecutors say the company should not be permitted to view additional sensitive evidence
3:24 pm
because that evidence could end up outside of the united states and risk national security. concorde is 1 of 3 entities charged by mueller in a conspiracy to spread disinformation on social media during the 2016 presidential campaign. president trump met with russian president vladimir putin without a u.s. notetaker or translator last year at the g20 summit according to the financial times. that meeting lasted about 15 minutes. president trump had previously canceled the meeting citing territorial disputes between russia and ukraine. sarah sanders downplayed that meeting saying it is typical at the multilateral offense to have informal conversations with world leaders. up next, washington pushes to become the 51st state, the district of columbia launching a movement which has gained both esteem and opposition, we'll explain. beyond our borders tonight, the talibans it wants to be an
3:25 pm
inclusive government in afghanistan. they told the associated press once u.s. forces withdraw from afghanistan, the caliban wants to live with other afghans, tolerate one another, and a start life like brothers. the remarks are the most conciliatory comments to date from the taliban. more than 400 schools in bangkok are closed for the rest of the week due to dangerous air conditions there. the city's governor declared the city and pollution control zone allowing authorities to take legal measures to combat the threat. many pedestrians have begun wearing face masks but have been encouraged to stay inside when possible. italian authorities seized nearly $150 million worth of cocaine hidden in bags of honduran coffee. the 1400-pound hall today is one of the largest in recent years. just some of the other stories are beyond our borders tonight, we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ >> bret: the nfl commissioner says the league will consider rule changes including using instant replay to avoid bad calls like the one that cost of the new orleans saints a trip to the super bowl. roger caddell addressed the no call for the first time ten days after the game today. >> part of any kind of discussion post again, it's
3:30 pm
never a good outcome for us. technology is not going to solve all of our issues. >> bret: new orleans fans not happy obviously, the super bowl takes place sunday in atlanta between the patriots and the rams. on monday, president trump praised the schools for introducing bible literacy classes. critics pushed the hashtag #exposedchristianschools. >> it began with a hashtag on twitter two weeks ago, it surfaced after a private christian school in virginia announced second lady karen pence would teach art. the hashtag exposed negative perception over religious schooling. >> it's a changing culture in which there are many people who really find christianity itself to be strange and a sometimes
3:31 pm
offensive. >> russell moore is a president of the ethics and liberty commission then he says christian education is no question under attack. there are many people who have had positive experiences at christian schools. >> leaders are accused of banning lgbtq students, employees, and parents of students, but supporters say with the school does is require strict adherence to scriptural beliefs. the move prompted outcry from the human rights campaign and glad. they reached out to fox news in a statement, if disturbing second lady karen pence would put her stamp of approval on an institution that targets lgbtq students. >> to see major news organizations attacking christian education is deeply offensive to us. >> education secretary betsy devos came to encourage school leaders. >> there is nothing i do that my
3:32 pm
faith perspective doesn't inform in some way. >> house speaker nancy pelosi praised the council's message. >> hope is where it always has been sitting right there between faith and charity. >> the president's endorsement of bible literacy classes would apply to public schools in certain states, the aclu has already promised a fight. >> bret: thank you. here in washington, d.c., the district of columbia houses a government but does not have representation, full representation in that government. they heavily democratic district is trying to change that by making another push for statehood. correspondent doug mckelway looks at the likelihood of d.c. being added as the 51st star on the flag. >> taxation without representation is the plea for statehood stamped on every d.c. license plate. d.c.'s representative eleanor holmes norton hopes this is the year it happens. >> i'm very optimistic that we are going to get the first vote.
3:33 pm
the house oversight committee is set for hearings and 90% of house democrats support it. >> we have several hundred thousand people who are unrepresented entirely in the united states congress, they are americans. >> they have all warm run up te problem, the constitution. >> it reads congress shall have power to exercise exclusive legislation over such district not exceeding ten miles square. the only way to change that language is through a constitutional amendment. >> the idea that the district of columbia would have two senators would be anathema to citizens in the red states. >> supporters of statehood to see an opening in the constitutions language in a district not exceeding ten miles squared. make the district a smaller, from the capital to the white house. that would retain a federal enclave but give the rest of the new state. in the surrounding federal area.
3:34 pm
that scenario played out during the government shutdown when the treasury department stopped paying its water bill to d.c. >> is there a time from nonpayment when we cut someone's water off? >> 800 pennsylvania avenue, is that what you're talking about? >> that was a joke but it does illustrate the potential for conflict in the city that wants to be a state where 91% voted for hillary clinton. >> bret: the governor of virginia is accused of supporting extreme abortion rights, democrats across the country are pushing pro-choice bills while conservatives are finding hope in the supreme court. what about this issue? the panel joins me next.
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that requires effort? with tempur-pedic, it doesn't. enjoy our most advanced pressure-relieving material for the deepest sleep you've ever had. this presidents day, save up to $500 on select adjustable mattress sets. find a retailer at ♪ >> she has physical signs that she is about to give birth. would that still be a point at which she could request an abortion if she was so
3:39 pm
certified? >> that would be a decision that the doctor, the physician and the woman -- >> i'm asking if your bill allows that. >> my bill allows that. >> when we talk about third trimester abortions, these are done with the consent of the mother, with the consent of the physician. more than one physician and it's done in cases where there may be severe deformities. there may be a fetus that is nonviable. in this particular example if a mother is in labor, i can tell you exactly what would happen. the infant would be delivered, the infant would be kept comfortable. the infant would be resuscitated if that is what the mother and the family desire and then a discussion would ensue, we want the decision to be made by the mothers and their providers. >> bret: the virginia governor giving a lot of reaction to that comment, reacting to use all the
3:40 pm
discussion in the virginia state house about a bill that had to deal with late-term abortion. the bill was defeated which is important to point out. this conversation is happening in different state houses around the country about what to do with abortion rights. this particular day has brought a lot of reaction. this is morally repugnant, pro-abortion zealots went from safe, legal, rare to keep the newborns comfortable while the doctor debates infanticide. i don't care what party you are from, if you can't say it's wrong to leave babies to die after birth, get the hill out of public office. marco rubio, "i never thought i would see the day american officials openly supported infanticide." adoption is always an option. the virginia governor's office is putting out a clarifying statement saying he did support the bill talking about a
3:41 pm
specific part of it. let's bring in our panel. "washington post" columnist marc thiessen, amy walter, mark? >> this reminds me one barbara boxer was pilloried when she asked when the right to life begins when you bring the baby home. we've come back to this being the official position of the governor of virginia and the democratic party. this is another example of the democrats putting themselves outside of the mainstream of america by taking radical positions that are out of touch with most americans. even a majority of pro-choice americans find the idea appointment. a gallup poll says it dropped to 28% in the second trimester, third trimester just 13% and i bet you if you ask those americans if you support the date of birth, it would be almost zero. >> bret: it's a tough issue for democrats when you start talking about third term late
3:42 pm
abortions. you saw president trump as candidate attack hillary clinton on this several times and some people say that was one of his better exchanges with candidate hillary clinton. >> this is one of these issues, we are seeing it happen that the state legislature. we sought change in power and many of these states, the legislator change and the governor changed. we saw this on the republican side back in 2011 going the other way. when we talk about the issue and pulling on the issue of abortion, this is where we end up. you have a quarter of americans who believe there should be no restrictions at all. about one quarter of that say there should be no abortions at all and the rest of the country says there should be under certain circumstances, there can be restrictions. the debate is over what certain circumstances mean in the
3:43 pm
battles in 2011, republicans were going above and beyond what should be considered appropriate conditions. ultrasounds which is what was happening in virginia, what should those rules be? now it's going to be the debate over this and just as there was a big backlash on the vaginal ultrasound, there will be a backlash on this and you may end up with legislation that may be just on the margins. >> bret: i guess listening to the governor and his explanation, he is a doctor. it was jarring for a lot of people listening to that. it may be wakes up people on this issue to a statewide basis. >> amy is right on the pole in but mark is also right on the polling. 80% of people think it should be
3:44 pm
illegal, abortion should be illegal in the third term. if you get right up to the end, it would be even higher than that. >> knights of columbus as part of this pole. the views on abortion now, pro-choice, pro-life, let's go to abortion, when amy was talking about this, this is how they break it down. anytime you see first three months, in order to save the mother -- when do you believe a person's life begins? at conception, 42%. there you see the breakdown there in the percentages again, this is a recent poll january 8th through the tenth. the supreme court and abortion make it legal without restriction allow states to make certain restrictions and that's where the majority is. >> we are seeing this backlash,
3:45 pm
democrats are pushing for this because they are afraid of the supreme court and it revisits roe v. wade. it's one thing to do it in new york, it's not california. virginia is not -- it's a purple state, it's trending blue but it's not a deep blue state in the same way. i think that's why it's generating a lot more heat and controversy. >> bret: where does this end up? the supreme court? >> it probably does come absolutely. the differences between what the republicans are doing and what the democrats are doing now. that was a 75% position, that knights of columbus poll you showed said 75% would support abortion only in the first three months in the cases of rape or incest -- when republicans are putting reasonable restrictions on abortion, that's 75% positio position. democrats are doing 13% or less saying up until the moment of
3:46 pm
birth. if you want to see a party officially become the party of death, that's it. >> bret: we'll see how this plays out, we are going to see a lot of iterations. health care taking center stage, democrats line up to become part of the 2020 race, will talk about that ♪we've got a long way to go ♪and a short time to get there.♪ ♪i'm eastbound, just watch ole bandit run♪ whatever party you've got going in the back, we've got the business up front.
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>> to come out with the suggestion that we are going to eliminate, eradicate the insurance industry is such a -- it's so false. it speaks to the level of politics that we now have. >> the bottom line in the most important is that everyone have access to health care. >> you could never afford that, you're talking about trillions of dollars it's just not practical. >> we have got to fight to do exactly what every other country does and guarantee health care to to all people as a right. >> bret: it seems like this will be the battle in the democratic primary. you see the dichotomy. obviously howard schultz is considering running as an independent, michael bloomberg is a democrat. paying for it, the reality of it and insurance companies going by
3:51 pm
the wayside, that's a big deal. >> what medicare for all means and democrats benefited from the fact that in 2018, medicare for all could mean whatever it wanted it to mean. two words put together that everyone likes, all, and medicare -- it sounds great until you have to explain how that is going to work. if you are a democrat running right now for president, you have to embrace this in some way, shape, or form. it's going to be a by the end, to be single-payer, ultimately what i find the most fascinating is in 2010, the affordable care act passes. democrats spend zero time talking about it in 2012, the president literally does not run one add talking about this law. 2014, democrats don't want to talk about it. 2016, democrats don't want to talk about it, now suddenly we've moved beyond the
3:52 pm
affordable care act and we are way into this. the only person besides michael bloomberg that would be defending it would be joe biden would if he decides to get in. let's stop talking about medicare for all, let's talk about making the affordable care act better and this is a challenge. 51% of democrats say they wish, they want democrats to focus on fixing the affordable care act, 38% said they want democrats to focus on medicare for all. >> bret: i want to take everybody in the time machine back to the time when obamacare was being put up for a boat. i interviewed president obama at the time, a lot of talk about -- this is not the camel's nose under the tent toward single-payer. this is not everybody is going to get free health care. this is not canada, this is not the u.k., stop talking like that it's just a republican talking
3:53 pm
point. >> here we are. that's what kamala harris and that town hall -- let's just eliminate it, let's move on. we'll go to single-payer. that's where the energy in the party is even broadly popular among some republicans but certainly among democrats, 70 plus percent are in favor of medicare for all or single-payer. if you call it single-payer, it goes down about ten points. medicare for all is a wonderfully packaged praise. if you ask people in polls how are you going to pay for it, and taxes go down even further. democrats are going to want to figure out what they have to go for and explained to the public how they're going to pay for it. >> this is why howard schultz is not running in the democratic primary, they have moved so far left from the time of barack obama saying not going to nationalize your health care but he couldn't get the nomination
3:54 pm
running as a normal, moderate, centrist democrats so he has to run on the outside and the democrats are upset about this not just because he's going to split the anti-trump vote but because he is constantly calling them out about how far left they've gone. he called elizabeth warren's new wealth tax ridiculous, he called the kamala harris not american, he called up a 70% taxation, it's not what americans want. he says there is nothing free, is not with the democrats want to hear. what the democrats message is we can give you all of this free stuff, we are going to tax the billionaires and he's there telling them it's not going to work. >> bret: he could potentially be the only candidate in the race talking about the deficit and debt and entitlement reform. >> which is very low down on the list were americans want to talk about that. i think it's the issue of doctors and access, it's going to be a bear question. >> bret: we will have many panels ahead to talk about this.
3:55 pm
when we come back, the polar whether in the midwest is not stopping some local heroes from lending a hand. we'll show s you. . . parents aren't perfect, but then they make us kraft mac & cheese and everything's good again. ♪ ♪ this simple banana peel represents a bold idea: a way to create energy from household trash. it not only saves about 80% in carbon emissions... it helps reduce landfill waste. that's why bp is partnering with a california company: fulcrum bioenergy. to turn garbage into jet fuel.
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♪ ♪ >> bret: it's cold in washington let's be honest not anywhere as cold as the midwest people around the country snowed in. polar vortex bearing down on the midwest. the goodness of people is warming hearts all over the area. here's a couple we thought we would bring you. the lamyra wrestling team in wisconsin spent one of their snow days outside. well below freezing temperatures in wisconsin so they could shovel sidewalks and driveways all around their community. way to go, guys. that's a good workout, too. in iowa, firefighters went above and beyond to help one woman after she went into labor on monday. the woman's aunt captured this photo of two firefighters who decided to
4:00 pm
shovel the driveway while the other responders were inside helping deliver the baby. i would work on that delivery first but it was nice to have the driveway cleared, too. momma and baby are doing just fine. good stuff. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. here's martha. >> martha: polar might be a good middle name polar vortex. something like that. >> bret: there you go. >> martha: thank you, bret. speaking of that we have an extreme weather alert tonight insanely cold it is colder in the united states than it is at the north pole and it is dangerous. frost bite that can set n minutes. some people in areas are being told that even breathing heavily outside could compromise your lungs. not a great idea. good evening, everybody, i'm martha maccallum and this is the big story out of the gate tonight. we have mike tobin standing by this a freezing city of chicago. rick reichmuth here with me in the studio and kentucky governor matt bevin who said that closing schools today was a sign that america is going soft. he is going to join us in a


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