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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 30, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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r card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet? ♪ >> welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it's clear both of the country's political parties have changed radically. they are changing still. we covered that every night on the show. donald trump has transformed the gop, you may have read about it. on the democratic side, there have been profound changes too. ones that don't get as much attention. party for hundred years stood with america's middle class now represents the nation's richest and poorest. the party position on policy have changed accordingly. a lot. this is about 20 years ago, democrats champion free speech. they worried about illegal immigration, loudly. they criticized voluntary
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foreign wars and they argued unrestricted trade hurt american workers. by the way, quite a few of them, democrats were pro-life too. senator harry reid among them. that's not surprising. democrats said they cared most about the vulnerable in our society. even bill clinton who vetoed partial abortion ban he wanted to keep abortion rare. he said that a lot. try that in today's democratic party. lots of luck. modern democratic activists celebrate abortion as a positive good. shout your abortion, they proclaim. they put it on t-shirts. abortion isn't bad. we need more of it. governor andrew cuomo signed a bill making that possible. it's called the reproductive health act. the law legalizes abortion right to the moment of birth for any reason. to most people, aborting a child moments before delivery might
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seem uncomfortably like killing. a lot of pro-choice people feel that way. it's a concern. cuomo's law addresses that concern. law declares children who have not been yet born are not in fact human. so don't worry about it. cuomo eliminated the world trade center in lower manhattan with pink rights to celebrate the bill signing. he described it is a profound moral victory. the national press didn't spend time covering this. no matter how much you might like roe v. wade, maybe you love it, there's still something pretty ghoulish about celebrating third term abortion. maybe that's why only a tiny percentage of american voters supported read around 13%. a small percentage. nobody really wants to hear the details about any of this so nobody asks. that's why the video we are about to show you, which is not gory, don't worry, but it is remarkable. in it a virginia democratic lawmaker explains in detail a bill she has introduced that
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will remove all restrictions on late-term abortions. she was asked what would that mean exactly and she tells the truth. watch this. >> where it's obvious that a woman is about to give birth, she has physical signs that she is about to give birth, with that be still point at which she could request an abortion if she were so certified? she's dilating. >> mr. chairman, that would be a decision that the doctor, the physician, and the woman -- >> i understand that, i'm asking if the bill would allow that. >> my bill would allow that, yes. >> tucker: so abortion at the point of dilation. if you're confused about what that means, ask anyone who has given birth. and then think about it for a second. if there's a lot going on, obviously but just think about for one second. you may be pro-choice, are you okay with that? virginia's governor is okay with
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that. he thought about it. he's been in office a little over a year. he's often described, always described as moderate and that's pretty amazing given his reaction to her late-term abortion bill. if this is from today, watch this. >> it's done in cases where there may be severe deformities, there may be a fetus that is nonviable, so in this particular example, if a mother is in labor i can tell you exactly what would happen, the infant would be delivered, the infant would be kept comfortable. the infant would be resuscitated if that's what the mother and the families desired and then a discussion will ensue between the physicians in the mother. >> tucker: a discussion about killing the infant? the infant. he is direct enough to call the infant what an infant is. but again, the infant would be delivered and resuscitated if that's what the mother desires. in other words, the governor has
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just told us in public on camera that it's okay to kill a child after the trial has been born. that used to be called infanticide, not rhetorically, but literally infanticide, taking the life of a child who is breathing. the governor seemed to say that, did he misspeak? you would help, but no, he didn't. he is a physician, a pediatric neurologist in fact. he's not some clueless claimant who mangled a talking point. this is what he thinks, this is what his party thinks. no one ever says it but this is true. this is the new moderate pro-choice position. you should know that. lisa boothe is a senior fellow at the independent woman's voice and she joins us tonight. thanks very much. if this is one of those trends that is kind of escaped unnoticed. it's not just in the two states we highlighted, virginia and new york, there are also bills in vermont and rhode island and probably much of other states who allow this. tell us what you found out about this legislation.
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>> i think it's pretty terrifying, gone are the days of president clinton saying it should be safe, legal and rare and negative people like governor ralph martin, who is supposed to be a moderate openly advocating for infanticide. and what we are seeing with this trend is democrats embracing abortion up until the moment of birth and what i think is so interesting about this is democrats are now embracing the physician that is wildly out of touch with the majority of americans. you look at the poll done in january and 75% of americans only supported abortions for three months and below, including 61% of democrats -- 61% of people who were pro-choice, only supported that. and the reason being is because you look at abortion at the third trimester, it's barbaric. if they are talking about injecting a baby that is viable at this point outside of the mother's womb in the head, torso or heart and forcing his child into a full lethal
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cardiac arrest. if the mother is then going to carry this dead child in her womb for two to three days and have a stillborn baby. so that is why you have the majority of americans that oppose this kind of thing. >> tucker: it's just so interesting that this is happening and it's coordinated by abortion providers who obviously are major donors to the democratic party but it's happening in exactly the same moment at the party is working itself into a frenzy of moral concern about people who are in our country illegally, about climate change. the message is this is a party that really cares and yet here you have a sitting democratic governor saying you get to kill the kid, the child if you want. has anybody said anything about this on the democratic side? >> i have not heard much from the left on this outside of endorsing it like governing andrew cuomo obviously did when he signed the act into law in new york city, but you're right,
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the left tells us that a wall is immoral but this is somehow moral? and i really think the democrats need to check themselves because they are so wildly out of sync with the american people and remember hillary clinton had even supported repealing the act which is decades old law that the majority of americans support as well which would allow for the funding -- the taxpayer funding of abortion. so democrats are now becoming way out of sync with americans and i think republicans should raise the alarm on this, get loud and so should president trump because democrats are out of sync with americans on this. >> tucker: it seems that way. lisa boothe, thanks very much, great to see you. monica klein is a founding partner, thanks a lot for coming up. i'm sure you describe yourself at pro-choice, i'm sure a lot of people watching right now think of themselves as pro-choice for so i'm not attacking for that but i wonder what you think of what the governor of virginia just said when he described the child as an infant is born,
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there's a point where the mother and the physician can decide whether to kill the infant or not. what do you of that? >> i understand that you want to go back to a time where roe v. wade was illegal, where women were having a back alley abortions and they were using coat hangers to have abortions, which is actually what's barbaric. >> tucker: i'm giving her time to make a real argument. i'm not arguing for the repeal of roe v. wade. >> that is exactly what you're essentially saying. >> tucker: it's not what i'm arguing and please don't be tiresome. if the governor of virginia, a rising star democratic party just said this, this pending legislation that mirrors it and i'm asking what you think of it, that's it. i'm not here to debate roe v. wade. >> right now we productive health care is under attack by the republican party. 72% of americans support the right to choose and yet we have trump and predator kavanaugh trying to repeal roe v. wade and trying to take away control of our own bodies. this isn't about babies, this isn't about health care, this is what you attempting to control women's bodies. >> tucker: please don't be a
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robot, you are smarter than that. this is the governor of virginia, i just want to know what you think of it, does that bother you? it just happen. >> it bothers me that you are attempting to control women's bodies. if that's what you're doing. the republican party right now is working overtime to repeal roe v. wade as a take away choice in every state. >> tucker: i wonder if you think you're convincing of her body or if your unwillingness to address what just happened today on tape that we just played is a sign that you can't defend this and if you can't defend it, i wonder why that is. have you paused to ask yourself is un-american, as a person, as a woman, what do i think of that? >> as a woman what do i think of a? if you ask yourself why you spend so much time talking about this rather than thinking about why your party is trying to repeal roe v. wade and control women's bodies? right now there are seven states where there's only one abortion clinic. there are four states with bands if roe v. wade is repealed women cannot get we productive health care. this is but a woman's right to
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choose and he was a man should not have a single say in that. >> tucker: wow, do you think that you are making a case that most people agree with? that it's okay to abort a child in the third trimester for note -- >> you keep trying to put words in my mouth and keep trying to say that the democratic party is hurting children but your party is the one that is tearing families apart at the border and allowing children to die in federal custody. so whose party is actually harming children? >> tucker: wow, let me just ask you one quick question. >> go ahead, tucker. >> tucker: i think less of you after having this conversation. >> i already think less of you so don't worry. >> tucker: is an honest question, have you thought about it, do you have a real answer to what the governor of virginia said or are you going to throw yet another talking point at me? have you actually thought about it? will you answer that question at all? >> i have thought about it and i'm telling you that your party is attempting to change the conversation about roe v. wade
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and take control of women's bodies. i'm sorry that is a man we are focused on is controlling women's bodies but we will not allow you to do that. >> tucker: this is a child who has been born, this is not a woman's body, this is an independent person. >> you pretend that you have over children we are completely fine with ice tearing families apart and children dying in federal custody. thank you, i appreciate it. new york governor andrew cuomo identifies as catholic, we just described the law he signed and celebrated. >> what they think you should do with your body, they want to dictate through the law. if you said what if she was more important to you right now, choice or taxes, choice or economic development, i don't know what people would say. >> we have it extreme, conservative agenda in washington. kavanaugh is going to reverse
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roe v. wade. i have no doubt. >> this is still a democracy! and new yorkers want to protect a woman's right to choose! >> tucker: the applause really says it all. father johnson morris is a catholic priest, administers to a parish in the bronx in new york and he resistant to grandfather morris, thanks very much for coming on. >> i'm sad tonight. >> tucker: i am too actually. i think it's a appliquéd issue and i certainly know a lot of people who disagree with me on it in general terms, but you think you live in a country where when a politician stands up and says when a child is born if you the right to kill that child if you so desire there would be a chorus -- a bipartisan cordis of people saying you don't have the right to kill people just because they're inconvenient but there isn't that course, no one is saying anything, i wonder why? >> your last guest i think gave us the most convincing explanation. if they don't want to take on the issue.
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and you showed a video earlier of the governor of virginia saying -- this is a pediatrician who says this is what's going to happen. if a woman has dilated, about to give birth, we will, in this case, we will make sure -- and i don't think you brought this part out, but it was unbelievable to me, we are going to make sure, first of all, he doesn't say the word baby, is comfortable. and then we will resuscitate the baby if the mother wants us to. but first we are going to make it comfortable. then we will resuscitate if the mother wants us to and then we will enter into discussion about what to do next. this is not -- this is not a crazy activist group, this is the governor of virginia! and it's exactly what the governor of new york thinks right now. that's what were dealing with.
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the world has gone crazy. >> tucker: so where is the catholic church -- another catholic church as an institution and i should just say clearly are not a catholic. but the catholic church from my understanding is totally opposed to this. and yet it offers communion to politicians who support and abet it, who increased the incidence of it, why is that? >> the catholic church would say anybody would agree with this, including governor cuomo and anybody else, they should not receive communion themselves. they should say -- the whole question has been about excommunication, for example, of governor cuomo. excommunicate asian. most evangelicals , most christians, not catholic christians, what is even excommunication? it has to do with you are no longer part of the communion of the church. anyone with right reason would say if i believe in this crazy stuff that we just talked about then i am not in communion with the catholic church.
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i should not even be going to communion, right? so the catholic church has to decide are we going to publicly they were now excommunicated? if that's going to be helpful for the soul of that person, let's go for it. if it's going to be -- does that make sense? >> tucker: yes, and it's certainly not my fight. let me just ask, give give it to me quickly, what's the case that you would make, a lot of people have kind of internalize the libertarian argument, it's your body, you can do what you want, it's an appealing argument for those of us who distrust government, which a response to that? >> i'm glad you brought that up because your previous guests just said this has to do with a woman's body. in the example that she had just been given, the baby had already been born. >> tucker: appointed at all. >> the umbilical cord had already been caught. is that still her body? so it doesn't make sense logically. but i think it doesn't make
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sense even when the baby is inside the body and any mother who has a baby was kicking her in her stomach day in and day out and moving, knows that another human being. i think one really important thing that nobody has been talking about in the new york state is that what they've also done is they got rid of in all other state laws the idea that there is personhood of the unborn. let me just say that again, they have said that we are going to get rid of the status of person of the unborn. so let's say a woman is beat up and she's eight months pregnant. up until now, that would have been murder of the child as well. and that's no longer the case according to this. >> tucker: it's not. let's just call it what it is, this is a death cult, obviously. >> i think cardinal dolan said ghoulish, which have to do with the goal log, which to do with the love of death. and that's exactly what this is.
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>> tucker: thank you. >> i'm sorry. be what i think people should know this. >> yes. >> tucker: well, the new agenda on the left has an awful lot of free stuff. some of it for noncitizens. the free stuff for americans most people are for, why are we giving it to people who aren't from here and don't hold citizenship? good question. after the break. ♪ this isn't just any moving day.
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this is moving day with the best in-home wifi experience and millions of wifi hotspots to help you stay connected. and this is moving day with reliable service appointments in a two-hour window so you're up and running in no time. show me decorating shows. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. ♪ >> tucker: democratic party supports expanding the american welfare state, free health care, free college tuition, lots of other free things. the case they make is that this is a rich country and the welfare state is popular.
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and they are right, it is popular, actually. look at the polling on the subject. but there's beenad a change. traditionally the welfare state was for a country's own citizens. today's democrats are fighting hard to expand it for those whoo are in this country illegally, for noncitizens who shouldn't even be here. for example, in new york lawmakers just passed a bill to provide taxpayer financed tuition to illegal immigrants. new york state assembly woman joins us tonight. thanks very much for coming on. so in a state like yours where there's a lot of poverty and a lot of homelessness and a lot of broken infrastructure, your subways for example are appalling, no offense. how can lawmakers justify giving free things to people who don't even have a right to be here in the first place? >> that's absolutely outrageous. if you are a family with a household income of $81,000 you qualify for absolutely no tuition assistance. if youou are a graduate studentn the state of new york you qualify for absolutely noo
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assistance. yet this bill would allow who are here illegally and actually residing in the state of new york for just 30 days and they take the ged, they then qualify for tuition assistance program that so many middle-class citizens and legal residents who are struggling to get by on average $40,000 in debt after college, they are receiving it. >> tucker: i so the message is really, really clear from lawmakers to the citizenry, to the population, we don't care about you, your interests are relevant to us. our people getting that message? i understand what they're lawmakers are saying to them? >> yes, it's a slap in the face and i believe new yorkers are learning real quick about what the shift in the state senate sdemocrats are starting to do. new york city for example, the property taxes have gone up 44% over the last five years and we are seeing the mayor give free health care to individuals who are here illegally, 300,000 of them as you mentioned, we have
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76,000 homeless here in the ofe new york. >> tucker: so has there been any backlash? as you know france right now is almost paralyzed from a middle-class backlash against policies like this, are you seeing anybody in a state of new york say you know what, this is intolerable, we are fighting back or are they all moving to florida? >> i hear it all the time as a legislator and it's very frustrating to me because i love the debate against the dream act, the tuition assistance bill that we just talked about and for last eight years. and now this year year we saw passed because the democrats took over the state senate. here are all the time for my neighbors, for my family, people want to leave the state because they can't afford to live here, it's a high tax state and we are not benefiting from it because of the city and state high taxation. that's the reality of it, so what did they do? they continue to tax us more and to make matters worse, the mimiddle class isn't even receiving the same benefit so i think that's what's really frustrating for those i
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represent and people across the state of new york. >> tucker: taxi more to pay for people who have no right to be here inre the first place. it just couldn't be clearer what they are saying to you. have fun in florida, i hope you get there soon. thank you very much.uc >> thank you. >> tucker: in his inauguration speech california governor gavin newsom pledged to be a defender of sensory loss. he spoke like a religious profit while doing so, watch this. >> a house stronger than the coming storms had open to the world. how's that provides shelter to all who needed an sanctuary to all who seek it. we will not have one house for the rich and one for the poor or one for the native-born and one for the rest. we will build one house for one california. >> tucker: may be the thickest person in american politics but his policies are real. he now wants to use $20 million of taxpayer funds to create an immigration rapid response team
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that would aid migrants arriving at california's border. lives in california, host of popular radio show there and he joins us tonight to respond. ethan, great to see you. i don't know if you're going to say this but i will just say it before you even do, i think there's a huge level of public support for a deeper safety net. maybe we can afford it, maybe we can't, but the public wants at at all the bowling shows it. why not respond to american citizens with the following bargain? yes we are goinges to raise taxs on some people, we will give yoe more of what you want but we are only going to give it to american citizens because that's our job, to represent american citizens. you're not an american citizen, you don't get any free stuff. we're not going to tuck them in a class to pay for people who shouldn't be here in the first place, why not make that the deal? >> in this specific instance he actually is protecting -- the $20 million that you're talking about, he is helping americans citizens because of happening as we have a crisis at our border.
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it's affecting our border communities and it's because of thein failure in washington, d., to ever get around to addressing the issue and implementing functioning -- stuff that you would i have talked about. this $20 million out of a $140 billion state budget, the fifth biggest economy in the world is to help with a crisis on the ground of people in need. theseke are people who are desperate. >> tucker: that's one way to describe it. but i would describe it a very different way but let me just broaden the conversation and tell you what you already know, there are all kinds of programs in california that shovel taxpayer money into the pockets of noncitizens, some of them here illegally. why not and all of that? if you're not a u.s. citizen you can't benefit from taxpayer dollars. to look after its own citizens of all nationalities, religions, races, whatever but all american citizens and nobody else, why not put that on the ballot and make that proposition? what you think that would pass by, in the 100% range? when i do that?
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>> a long time ago when it was more republican state it did past and it was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge so we can do that. furthermore -- >> tucker: hold on, just explain to me -- i think we both agree that the point of the government -- we elect the government, we give a portion of our celebratory c government to look out for us, american citizens. that's why citizenship is meaningful. one judge didn't like it, bringing to the supreme court for it. the case what's the case against it that you should take my money by force and give it to someone who's not even allowed to be here in the first place? why is that justifiable? >> because we are also taking their money. they are working in our economy, they are contributing to california's gigantic, fifth biggest in the world, economy. they are paying taxes, contributing to our economy in many different forms. i'm sure there are a handful who are. >> tucker: there working for tyson's chicken or some big employer that wants to pay people less so they hire people from the third world to exploit them. i get it, i understand what they are doing it. i'm not benefiting from tyson's
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chicken or walmart or whatever, any of these big creepy companies that don't like my values. if a they have nothing to do wih me, i'm an american citizen. why am i paying for somebody who is violating my laws in my country? i don't getd it. >> they are paying. the pay sales taxes, they are paying property taxes, they are renting facilities too reside i, they are buying food, there working and when they're working off and they are the employment taxes. they are contributing. >> tucker: so i have the obligation to send the money? >> who were you sending money? for you sending money to? >> tucker: i'm sending money to the state and federal government within reach handles it, not to the american middle class, they are not eligible for any of these assistance programs as you well know, they go to people who shouldn't be here in the first place. we just interviewed an assembly person from new york state, anyone making that much combined, not much in new york is not eligible for tuition assistance but an illegal alien is. the kind of told you everything, doesn't it? >> i can't speak to new york but
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i sure can speak to california. california has very generous programs to help people in thee middle class in this state to attend schools and as a matter of fact there was just a deal announced with our brand-new governor newsom who i think is doing a tremendous job so far to actually hold tuition study. they are not going to raise tuition in this state. >> tucker: wouldn't be a little more affordable if we just took care of our people, the citizens? and we balance our budget and we have a surplus and no more debt, then maybe we can handsome out to other countries but maybe we take care of our people first, wouldn't that be a good place to start? >> we got to go back to 1986, they are our people now. some of them have resided since the reagan amnesty. i had a driver just the other week, i was talking to this guy, his family came right after the reagan amnesty -- >> tucker: -get citizenship. >> the children a are u.s. citizenship. >> tucker: there is equal as you c and me, american citizensi don't discriminate against them
9:31 pm
if you're not a citizen why are you taking benefits that we are paying for? >> again, contributed to our economy. their entire family, the whole structure is part of our community, they are contributing. we have specific issues with cartels and gangs and stuff like that, you what i actually probably in agreement. >> tucker: poverty and homelessness of our people that we are ignoring so that we can help people who shouldn't even be there. >> we are not ignoring them in california. we are taking a really aggressive stance on the issues right now. >> tucker: i hope you'll come back and tell us how you are solving the worst homelessness crisis in the history of the country. thank you very much, good to see you. evidence continues to pile up of serious political bias at the department of justice, the fbi, the most powerful law-enforcement agency in the world. devon nunez joins us after the break. ♪
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>> tucker: evidence continues to emerge that the fbi may have become overtly political in its investigation of the term campaign.
9:36 pm
in 2016 senior fbi official met with christopher steele, the author of the now infamous trump dossier. two years after it would've been helpful to know this it has come out that he shared intel from the dossier with colleagues in the fbi, colleagues were now part of the mueller investigation. all kind of amazing and unsettling. congressman devin nunes represents california, the intelligence committee, following this since theanh. beginning. thanks very much. >> grew to be with you. >> tucker: this is very complex and we haven't covered it every single night but in the simple terms what does this tell us? >> it tells us that definitelyef the fbi knew that the information was coming from the clinton campaign, the dirt, the trump dossier as you said in thm opening, that was coming from the clinton campaign. if they lied the fisa court. we now know that for sure. >> tucker: we would know a lot more if the spying authorization
9:37 pm
from the application were made public, the president pledged that he would do that. he was stopped by his attorneys. do you think at some point he will override their judgment and release those documents? >> what i've recommended to my friends and colleagues and people over the white house is they need some kind of transparency office because the government has gotten so big, you got so many of these different agencies that there needs to be someone in the white house or the president of the united states, who's the boss, who can make that decision and make it quickly because like youea said, this is two years, e should y have known about this t least a year ago if not more. >> tucker: we saw on friday morning roger stone with the alleged crime of lying wasge surrounded by armed fbi agents with automatic rifles and arrested and it reminded all of us that wind to a federal agent is a crime and lying under oath is a crime. been a lot of lying in congress, as you well know. in order for those wires to be prosecuted they need to be referred to the doj by the congress. is that going to happen, can you
9:38 pm
imagine peter strzok for example or jim comey? >> so we are going to make several referrals, and don't forget, one of theru frustrating things is that chuck grassley, senator grassley actually made a referral on christopher steele. thee british agent who wrote -- who worked for theor clinton campaign, he was referred, nothing is happening too him. so i think until there is a new ag that gets in their and starts to clean this place up i think it's goingng to be tough for the american people to have confidence in was happening. >> tucker: i agree with that completely and very quickly, why? am i missing something? so chuck grassley, one of the senior senator's -- chairman of the judiciary. it's quite clear that christopher steele wasn't telling the truth. >> tucker: quite clear and it's just languishing at the department of justice somewhere? >> we haven't heard anything that it is. so we are working -- a lot of people think that just because republicans are out of power that we are not conducting an
9:39 pm
investigation. we still are now whether or not people are going to come in an interview with us we don't have devils, we don't have the subpoena power but we will still be trying to interview people and weak will still be making criminal referrals. >> tucker: congressman devin nunes of california, thank you very much. wegreat to see you. a television actor was hospitalized in chicago you may have read. he says he was the victim of a racist attack. don't have all the evidence, we are agnostic on a lot of this but some politicians weighed in immediately describing it as a modern-day winching. police in chicago are trying to find out more about what happened. following this, joins us tonight.t. hey, matt. >> this evening chicago police tell fox newss they have pulled hundreds of hours of surveillance video for more than 12 different cameras in the area where this alleged attack happened and so far nothing shows the alleged assault and no assailant has been seen on video. what chicago police do say is that tonight they have identified two persons of interest on the surveillance
9:40 pm
video and they plan on releasing photos of those persons sometimc soon. chicago police tonight also addressing media report that the actor suffered so mike suffered a fractured rib during this assault. police told him they do not have imitation of him suffering a fractured rib. police faith if they have happened they just can't confirm the injury. police and what they do have confirmed so far is that based on the actor's digital footprint he did apparently visit a subway restaurant around 2:00 a.m. and when investigators interviewed him and his residence he did have a small white rope around his neck, which the actor claims his attackers tied arounde him. the alleged attack that could allow about two a crime sparked a lot of support and response from entertainers and politicians. kamala harris weeded out in part "this was an attempted modern-day lynching, no one should have to fear for their life because of their sexuality or the color of their skin. we must confront the state." if new jersey senator cory booker also called this a modern-day lynching and
9:41 pm
tweeted in part "to those in congress who don't feel the urgency to pass our antilynching bill designating lynching as a federal hate crime, i urge you to pay attention" and democratic congresswoman from chicago bobby ross released a statement writing in part "this is a hate crime and simple. i'm even more disturbed by the manner in which the crime was carried out, particularly the media reports of the attempted lynchings which hearkens back to some of thes dark states in our history." he is also a musician, schedule performance in west hollywood this weekend which he apparently is going to carry onar with. >> tucker: matt finn, thank you for that. appreciate it. up next and exclusively on this program the border patrol has made one of the largest drug bustts in history. enough functional to kill 50 million people. there's no crisis on our border, just remember that. we have the facts after the break. ♪
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♪ >> tucker: the u.s. border patrol has made the biggest fentanyl bust in history, an enormous amount, enough fentanyl kill, they estimate, 57 million people.te, that's more than the combined populations of the states of illinois, new york and pennsylvania. that's a lot.
9:46 pm
fox correspondent hillary vaughn has the latest on this story. >> we got our hands on an internal memo from u.s. customs and border patrol the details this bust,t, the biggest fentanl seizure in u.s. history. according to the memo, four days ago in arizona at the port of entry officers stoppedrs a tractor-trailer crossing the u.s.-mexico border into the u.s. within a fentanyl to kill 57 million people. it's plenty a fatal dose to wipe out the entire populations of texas, arizona and new york state combined. if t they found it under the flr of the trailer, 114 kilograms of fentanyl. according to the dea, just 2 milligrams is considered a lethal dose. they also grabbed 179 kilograms of methamphetamine at 1 kilogram of fentanyl in pill form. the street value for the fentanyl alone over $102 million. the officers arrested the smuggler, a mexican national who
9:47 pm
attempted to drive the drugs across the border. the suspect was a part of the dhs's trusted traveler program called fast, that stands for free and secure trade for commercial vehicles. it started after 9/11, kind of like tsa precheck but for truck drivers crossing the border. a complete background checks and meet other requirements to get expedited screening. the driver's past pass has been revoked and they plan to announce all of this in a press conference tomorrow and will also have a follow up the historic hall. tucker. >> tucker: amazing story, thank you very much for that report. there's an awful lot of outrage in this country all of a sudden and would like to keep track of this because it's interesting and i told you a lot about where we are going. people are outraged about virtually everything. sometimes they get pretty creative about getting outraged. here's one interesting example, a restaurant patron in phoenix, arizona, recently complained to management about agr photograph that was hanging in the
9:48 pm
restaurant of coal miners drinking after work. the patron argued that because some people might think the coal miners who were covered in coal dust were instead in blackface, it was offensive and it should taken down. what to make of this? we decidewn to ask robert, the president of the woodson center and he joins us now. thanks very much for coming on. what does this story tell us? >> tells us that race grievance is just triumphing throughout country. that i am upset as a civil rights person that we would spend so much time being concerned about a picture hanging of a white man and coal dust and somehow that's offensive. it deflects attention away from her critical issues facing black americans. >> tucker: exactly. >> we have more blacks killinge other blacks in one year and we did in the 70 years of lynching
9:49 pm
lynchings. a 9/11 every six months of blacks killing blacks and they are going to tell me our problem is a picture hanging. >> tucker: so is it possible that -- let's say you are in charge of a society or a big city and your policies weren't helping at all, people were still dying young, shooting each other, for example. maybe you would encourage people to be mad about irrelevant things like coal dust pictures so they wouldn't be mad at you for mismanaging their lives. >> that's true. because many of those killings that are occurring in cities run by black democrats over the past 40 years. so if politics and race where the issue, the question is why are not blacks succeeding? if we look -- in other words, at a time when whites were at their worst and blacks were at their best between 1920 and 1940 during segregation, the education gap in the south was three years, five years for blacks, eight years for whites. within 20 years we closed that gap within six months because we
9:50 pm
established schools, 5,000 -- the ceo of sears partnered with bookerre t. washington, he invested 450 million -- $4 million. at the black community matched that and build 5,000 schools and so that's why we did that. there were five high schools in every major city. baltimore, new yorkew and atlana where the class sizes were 50 plus. we had tattered schoolbooks, the buildings were torn down, but the test scores of those blacks in thoseho high schools exceeded all of the teste scores of whits and those same c cities. even though we were spending less. so the issue that we ought to be talking about is why -- we are to be talking about black resilience and that is how did
9:51 pm
we achieve in the face of oppression, legal segregation and wire we failing now post civil rights in cities -- education systems run by their own people? >> tucker: is a great question, no one even seems to care about the schools anymore. i know you do, thank you for that. super interesting. china is clearly the top cyber threat to this country. what can be done about that? first acknowledging a problem but senator marco rubio of florida says he has a plan after that and he joins us to explain. ♪
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9:55 pm
♪ ♪ . >> tucker: official washington ha >> tucker: official washington has spent more than two years in utter hysteria over the threat that macedonian facebook users might pose to american democracy. but take a deep breath and ask yourself, is macedonia really the top cyber threat to the united states? is russia? no, of course not. when actual experts on the subject testify, they always have the same thing. china is the top cyber threat to the united states. the director of national intelligence, dan coats, testified as much to congress this week. senator marco rubio of florida was at that hearing and says he plans to combat chinese buying of the united states. senator rubio joins us tonight. summarize for our viewers, if you are, quickly, what senator coats said at this
9:56 pm
hearing. >> they all agreed that china is the most comprehensive intelligence threat to the united states has ever faced, and because it's a commercial threat, they steal our products and reverse engineer them, and sell them at lower prices, subsidized by their government so they can bring our businesses out, they steal our research from universities, they do that by either hacking them and stealing -- sometimes they just hire the researcher and have her bring the research with them. sometimes they embed students and our system, and they take that information and steal it back with them. they steal our military secrets, and they also run the supply chain. they are embedded in commercial parts of our communication system. for example, they make a router, surveillance camera, and can embed themselves into our system that way, especially with defense, and commerce. they steal business, defense, and in center armrest threat. >> sean: it's terrifying. what can we do about it? >> tucker: first of all, we have to admit it exists.
9:57 pm
for a long time, china was viewed as a benign threat, a country -- the conventional wisdom in washington was, don't worry about china, they are developing country. once they become like us, once they become as rich as we are, then they'll become just like us. h well, it hasn't worked out that way. at least people have woken up. you already see things happening. thear justice department going after huawei. every day you see more of this happening. use the other countries doing it, poland, numerous countries are taking the threat seriously as well because huawei has already embedded in here. they are so much more to do. we still struggle, for example, with academia. i can't tell you how many universities in florida that i've talked to inside, the confucius institute, they use the agents of influence to shape the narrative and potentially identify americans who come in 20 years from now, could be a mayor, congressman, a leader of a major a corporation, and start to recruit them to the chinese.
9:58 pm
how many schools focus on that? we've got them kicked out every school but one in florida but more universitiesa. are breaking up that threat. it is still an enormous challenge to convince academics that this is a threat. >> tucker: considering these schools, almost every last one of them, rely on tax dollars, either. through guaranteed student loans or direct through grants to operate, doesn't the congress have some leverage on thiswe question? >> we do. eventually it may get to that point. what we are hoping to do in these defense briefings, another member of the intelligence committee have been hosting these closed meetings with leaders of business, academia, even the press. a walking them through threats that china poses. i can tell you two, three years ago, ath huge challenge. the business community, they saw china as a huge market that wanted to sell things that make things cheap. people are starting to wake up to this threat. we have a long ways to go. >> sean: my last question, is
9:59 pm
it a partisan question? are there senators on the other side, democrats, who understand the threat and are willing to address that in the straightforward way that you are? >> absolutely. mark warner is a vice chairman of intelligence. he's been with the leaders. this is not -- we have not turned this one into a partisan issue yet, and that is a good thing. i think the challenge really becomes from the pro-corporatist, pro-business -- i'm pro-business, but not to the expense of national security. some idea that ultimately open trade, more commerce, and engagement, selling things over there or making things over there is more important in our national security, that is where i think thee challenge is more embedded. that is changing a little bit, as i said. we still have some challenges. >> tucker: thank you for this. senator rubio, i appreciate it. >> thanks a lot. >> tucker: well, we are out of time. what a roller coaster of a show. [laughs] is pretty unbelievable. but it always is. we are at an unbelievable moment. pay close attention and learn something. we are.
10:00 pm
we'll be back tomorrow. 8:00 p.m.. they show that is the sworn enemy of sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. hopefully cheerfully. good night from washington. i sean hannity is live for us in new york. >> sean: great show as always. great to see you. a big, incredible news nine. not all of it great. if you value human life, children, babies, basic human decency come i want you to listen up because tonight's watch on the radical left is more important than anything we have talked about lately because we now have people in this country, democrats, people on the left, those people that claim to have a monopoly of compassion. they label conservatives, oh, as racist, sexist, heartless, misogynist, hateful, they want to dirty air and water and theyt want to throw granny over the cliff. we hear that every two and four years. as we speak, we have, in this, multiple states, legislators,


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