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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 8, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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the 99.999% that are good peopl people. we will never be the rage, hate destroy trump between the mob. let not your heart be troubled. there she is. laura ingraham. >> laura: you added a word. you added we will never be the rage hate. wait a second. >> sean: it flows naturally. >> laura: [laughs] we have to come up with a whole series -- >> sean: of hannity-isms. >> laura: for the hate trump, get to melania media that wants to grind conservatives. we need a whole list. >> sean: i made a decision, and 2016, every single day, i was giving out obama's failed record because nobody else was going to do it. i plead guilty. >> laura: [laughs] hannity, awesome show tonight. we do have a great show. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. democrats are just now realizing
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that they may need those pesky white working-class men to enact a presidential election. governor mike huckabee will react to my angle and just a moment. when it comes to the immigration debate, media types are working overtime to set trump up as a bad guy. lara logan with can't miss analysis, and that disgraced cook county prosecutor, she is a travesty. the smollett fiasco, kim foxx now knows why she is coming under attack. her expo nation as a draw draw but first, democrats' working-class blues. that is the focus of tonight's "angle." with the russia collusion fantasies going up in flames, democrats are trying to find new meaning in their political live lives. to satisfy their left-wing corps, well, they are dabbling with socialism and racialized in almost every issue out there
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imaginable. that is obviously not enough to enact in 2020 because of may stoke their radical core repels the working my class of voters that are not in the millions for donald trump or 2016. so i think democrats are in something of a conundrum here. for all their bluster about trump's vulnerability, they are the ones with a big problem. unless you think steelworkers and, let's say, the rust belt are clamoring for this message. >> we have a president today who is a racist. who is a sexist. who is a homophobe. who is a xenophobe, and who is a religious bigot. this country continues to be plagued by institutional racism and racial inequality. >> laura: now are coal miners families in west virginia excited about this?
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>> hundreds of years of the slavery in institutional racism have caused massive inequity and harm to black people and has held black communities back for generations from achieving their full potential. >> laura: modified union workers in michigan? is this the approach they have been waiting for? >> our planet is in peril. we need to be bold. there's a lot of people now that are going back on the green new deal, they say it's impractical, it is too expensive, oh, it's -- if we use to govern our dreams that way, we would have never gone to the moon. >> laura: for their new oracle is part social media ways and part socialist trendsetter, democrats risk and exodus of working-class voters. >> the idea that you can be poor and benefit from the color of your skin does not compute for a lot of people. it's very painful to admit that you had advantages.
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>> laura: in 2016, white voters constituted more than 74% of all voters, according to pew research. remember, obama did very well in the voting bloc in both 2008 and 2012. yet some democrats seem to be actually working overtime to scare off as many white male voters as possible. >> it will be much more possible going forward in the way that i talk about our marriage and also the way i acknowledge our truth of the criticism that i have enjoyed white privilege. absolutely, undeniable. i have been arrested twice in my life. those mistakes didn't end up divining me or narrowing my options in life. a lot of it has to do with the fact that i am a white man. >> laura: [laughs] unbelievable. even old joe biden is trying to play rachel catch racial catch up. he recently apologized to anita
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hill for the whiteness of the senate judiciary committee. >> there were a bunch of white guys. she faced a committee that didn't fully understand what it was all about. to this day, i regret i couldn't come up with a way to get her the kind of hearing she deserved. >> laura: the liberal media also keeps raise front and center. they make more secretive the belief that being white is a negative and running for office. >> is a time to have somebody of color and a woman at somebody younger or someone more establishment? >> i think the democrats across the country are going to help decide that. >> but as a white guy, are you trying to calculate whether or not this is the right time for you? >> laura: they are obsessed. the race and diversity focus undoubtedly comes off too many americans is deeply unfair and itself kind of racist. now these voters call themselves
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but brighter themselves -- trump showed up in 2016 and appealed directly to te forgotten americans. >> the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. everyone is listening to you now. >> laura: so well the deplorables feel more comfortable with the democrats new self-appointed spokesman for moral and cultural issues? >> of me being gay was a choice, it was her choice that was made far, far above my pay grad. that is what i wish the mike pences of the world would understand. if you have a problem with who i am, the problem is not with me. your quarrel, sir, as with my creator. >> laura: if there is a poll
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that shows that this focus is on the top of any list of voters' concerns, let alone the concerns of working-class catholic and he voters, i must have missed that survey. at least one democrat who knows a little better about winning national elections is warning that his party is in danger with all these intraparty litmus tests. >> we start sometimes creating what is called a circular firing squad. where you are shooting at your allies because one of them is straying from purity on the issues, and when that happens, typically the overall effort and movement weekends. >> laura: clearly talking about reparations, green new deal came of that kind of stuff. the democrats about to be a circular firing squad he was
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referencing has caused even candidates with the best chance to kill appealing to working-class whites, like joe biden, to move our last. let's face it, they are zero appetite at this point for a moderate like howard schultz. that is some happening. and of course the elephant in the room and this entire debate if the democrats can attract these type of working-class voters, is that the word "economy" -- it's painted on the side of the big fat elephant in the room. and the economy, according to pew's latest survey, is still the number one issue for americans nationwide. in a new gala poll, trump scoreh republican voters on his handling of the economy. so how on earth are democrats going to beat the strongest economy in the g7, with record low unemployment, almost 500,000 new manufacturing jobs created? what is their argument for beating that? in the last 12 months, but wages
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have risen by 3.4%. headlines like this were just not seen during eight years of obama. blue-collar voters finally getting a raise, workers are making more money, so democrats, what are they going to say? they have a race, socialism, and they have one other talking points left in their manual. >> what about the economy for the people who don't have choices or don't have the education that i have? >> probably unemployment is way down, across sectors. >> help me out here. >> unemployment is not the only statistics and there needs to be an informed debate about the economy that needs to look at income inequality. >> at a time of historic income inequality, should be asked to be a greater share. >> we are talking about
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generational poverty, general disposition. >> a nation of massive inequality. >> markets about rule is about the rich taking all, it's about the powerful getting all about. >> laura: income inequality, a long-winded way of saying that. >> this argument is a loser. wages for most americans are going up now, not because of government mandate, but because of trump's policies. what are they? lower taxes, less regulation, pressure on china trade cheating, and the tighter labor market for all working people. so the democrats' answer is higher taxes, more regulations, and more low wage labor is flooding into america. that is exactly the opposite of what most working-class voters want. oh, oh, for those liberals who put all their hopes and being saved by changing demography, here's a news flash: this is the percentage of white noncollege graduate voters in a handful of key states, and i want. they make up 60% of the
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population. in michigan, 54% of the population, ohio, 55%, pennsylvania, 51%, and wisconsin, 58%. trump does really well with that group obviously. now even a progressive writer for "the atlantic" noted the folly of the demography will save us thinking, saying, this is wishful thinking. first, the u.s. won't be majority minority until about 2045. moreover, even in 2040, 37 states will remain majority white. today's radicalized democrat party has moved further away from the voters they need to win in 2020. they still have no clue. it's unbelievable, really, how to speak to the working-class white voters, let alone how to get their votes. they look down there elitist noses on all working people of all backgrounds. and their values, come on. they pretty much looked on their
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noses at everything about the working-class people. no slick advertising slogans or campaigns or candidates who try to out-christian the trump -like pence ticket will overcome the deep distrust of many working-cs americans, rightly feel toward this 2020 democrat field. and that is the "angle." joining me now, governor mike huckabee, former 2016 presidential candidate and fox news contributor. and d dawkins, a former georgia state rep. all right, does your party even want to turn this around with a working-class? >> i think that our party has been doing a great job. we've always been working with those who are less fortunate, and i think that we're leaning now into a very dangerous place. we have put so many apologies that will help everyone in america, and for whatever reason, i think a certain demographic has gone away from what the democratic party has been trying to do for years on top of years.
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this narrative that i'm hearing today is one of identity politics, and i thought, for one, that white men, republicans try to stay away from identity politics. i don't think our message should be geared around white men. >> laura: what i am reading is that the big ap story today about how democrats -- this is the democratic party speaking, not me -- democrats know they need white male voters. barack obama knew that. so did bill clinton. it doesn't mean they cash bill clinton didn't even win the majority of white male noncollege graduates, mike huckabee. you know this argument pretty much wider than anyone else out there, you and pat buchanan and rick santorum, you are all making this case 20 years ago. this is a real issue. when people feel like they are talked down to by the elites, frankly, and both parties come but trump cut through that. >> laura, normally i agree with
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you but tonight come i got to tell you, you have become a cynic. the fact that you actually believe that those voters out there who go to waffle house, listen to leonard skynyrd, like to watch nascar and basketball, that those voters don't care mostly about whether they get to see donald trump's taxes, you know the issue they sit around the kitchen table and talk about is trying to make sure that we don't have any cars or airplanes in ten years, not just for the people who get to d them but the people who make them. those folks sit around their kitchen table hoping we have open borders so that anybody can come into the country and live right next door to nancy pelosi. again, how cynical is that you think that you are not as concerned about cow flatulence as are those families that sit down at the kitchen table to eat a rib eye. i mean, laura, i'm disappointed. i thought you understood the voters better. >> laura: [laughs] dee -- a little sarcasm from the governor. dee, the split jeans and msnbc
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said earlier today. it seems to indicate to me at least of the democrats are starting to really eat their own. what obama warned about with the white versus more diverse candidates in the field. let's watch. >> everybody's been kissing him too. it's amazing -- it's because, let's be candid, his supporters are whites. they are looking for a white guy who makes them feel good about themselves. basically he's got a rhodes scholarship, the mayor of a small city, he is a white gay version of cory cory booker. >> >> laura: do you agree that? >> i think we have to be very careful that if we don't start calling each other names come but we need to be focused on the issues. i agree with governor huckabee, people are concerned with whether or not we will have living wages. although socialism -- not in the
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rust belt. >> laura: yes, they are. "the washington post" story we just put up. "the washington post" headline is in october, blue-collar wages rising, eight years under obama, they weren't going up. they are growing up now, that is good news. >> >> laura: no, it isn't, it's a fact. >> we have to look at the real numbers. >> laura: you can't say something that is not true. are you saying that real median income has not gone up in the past two years under trump? are you saying that? >> i say median income has increased with certain demographics. there are many people -- >> laura: what are you talking about? we measured it on a national basis. >> where are the tax breaks? people have not seen tax returns unless they are in a certain demographic. so we haven't even seen it. where is that? most of the people i know have not seen them. we have to have an honest discourse. people really care about issues like obamacare, making sure that they can keep their health care, making sure you have medicare,
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medicaid. >> laura: yeah, all right, joe, i want to get to joe biden. biden is trying to appeal to these white working-class voters. he knows that obama was able to appeal to them. he knows that it is a spot for democrats especially when you're running against an economic populist like trump. here he was, biden, last friday, speaking to electrical workers. let's watch. >> how the hill do we get to a place where a lot of you don't think the rest of the country sees you or hears you or knows you? >> laura: this is why biden, i still think, governor huckabee, is the strongest candidate out there. he speaks rights to those forgotten men and women who feel like the global economy has left them behind. >> hair sniffing and shoulder trudging aside, joe biden offers the most universally relevant message. i don't think the democrats are
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going to let him win. i got to take issue with what dee said about the economy. breath numbers ever for african-americans and hispanics in terms of jobs. best ever. as to economy since 19 best economy since 1969. manufacturing drugs coming back. the lowest on employment numbers we have seen in years. all i can say is, thank you, president obama, he did a great job. i know trump is getting credit for it but we know who really made that happen. we're just glad that a lot of people have their jobs and after 40 years of wage stagnation -- 40 years -- wages are actually going up and you have people who work for restaurants and they say, don't give me $15 an hour, don't save me, because i'm doing better without your help. i mean, that is the economy we are living in. if we don't acknowledge that, there's an alternative reality.
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>> laura: is a great time to be american. >> who are these people you are talking about? >> laura: they are american people. >> black people, yellow people, red people -- >> they are not in this part of the conversation. >> laura: dee, are you also saying that these record unemployment, they bureau of labor and statistics, is that also and on the grand conspiracy and it's all false? >> i actually think that is correct. i believe that. i think it is starting to turn around when obama became the president and trump has been on the trend pray that i do believ believe. >> i want to say -- can i say, thank you, obama, for making sure that the first step program that actually recognized that there a lot of african-americans locked up in jail for the rest of their lives for small crimes, i remember vividly that it was obama who did that. no, by golly, it was trump. >> obama did try to do that by the senate blocked the vote. >> laura: thank you a lot.
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>> let's just be honest you got it done. come on. >> they were obstructionist when obama was the president. >> laura: i will say this, republicans missed a lot of opportunities in the first two years when they had both houses of congress. same could be said of the democrats, from 20,802,010, tea party comes in, blow them out, 2018, republicans lost big in the midterms. both parties had opportunities to do key things. both parties botched a lot in those first two years but even with that, the economy is on fire. the envy of the world. panel, thank you so much. great excitement. the smollett prosecutor kim foxx is now facing more criticism. you will not believe who or what she is blaming it on. she is blaming it on. stay there. with instant confirmation... i got it! what? what? l.a. bookers book apartments and vacation homes as easy as hotels. ridin' scooter! l.a. baby! l.a. baby! be a booker you're welcome. at
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♪ >> laura: this kim foxx character, cook county prosecutor's office, they sullied their reputation by letting the hate crime hoax or jussie smollett off the hook. at the national, frankly, international and barron's. the anger directed toward her office stems from the idea that some folks are taking care of more than others. but she of course has another explanation. >> the effort that i have had on criminal doses reform that were once celebrated by many in this
11:25 pm
county, that are now being attacked because of one case, and one celebrity, i think we have to ask ourselves what is this really about? the first african-american woman in this role. it is disheartening to me. >> laura: playing the victim. that was predictable. here now, niger innis, national spokesperson for the congress of racial equality. you actually think that foxx makes it easier for racists. what do you mean by that? >> she's a hero of white supremacists. white supremacists and folk that have issues with african-americans for decades have wanted to keep black folk out of jobs like the one that foxx has because they said that we are incompetent, we are corrupt, and we are not good at doing our jobs. unfortunately, foxx is availing their own fantasies. laura, today is bob woodson's
11:26 pm
birthday, great civil rights icon. >> laura: oh, love him. >> great man. you know my father who passed away in 2017. in fact, your interview with me was the first public interview i did after his passing. another great civil rights legend. in their generation and before them, african-americans had a term called race man, be a credit to your race, be a credit to your people. there was a flip side to that. the flip side of that, don't be a disgrace to your race. for foxx to have done what she did, which is basically ignore a 16 count indictment that a grand jury that has many blacks on it, ignore that completely, and then on top of that, to say that anybody who is criticizing her -- >> laura: is a racist. >> making her a victim of racism is absurd, disgusting. >> laura: did you see jesse jackson her?
11:27 pm
he was standing behind her. he standing behind her, and you can sort of see him nodding approvingly during various points of her press conference. basically, she was throwing down the gauntlet on race again. using that as -- it's used as a weapon and as a shield, which i think, back to the hate crime in the beginning, the hoax, real hate crimes, and there are real hate crimes in this country, who is not going to say this hurts the cause or prosecution of actual hate crimes? now everyone will look and ask, is it real? she blows it all off. >> she blows it all off. i do hope the trump administration's justice department, as opposed to looking for phony collusion, here's a real case where they really need to investigate and not only this prosecutor, foxx, but smollett and
11:28 pm
michelle obama's former chief of staff who interviewed on behalf of the smollett. what is going on here? this needs to be truly investigated for a dig is a disgrace, and outrage, and an insult to the thousands of black americans, hispanic-americans, poor white americans who don't have access to michelle obama's chief of str political powers coming in. the justice that rank-and-file chicagoans, black, white, hispanic, asian said, justice needs to be visited on smollett and this prosecutor, foxx, ignored it. it's an absolute, utter disgrace. i think the great civil rights icons are turning in their graves. >> laura: by the way, remember how she made it out like she had recused herself? never dead. that was also totally -- >> it was symantec come over to rhetorical, nonsense. >> laura: great to have you
11:29 pm
here. we'll have you on the podcast this week. >> looking forward to it. >> laura: i think it turned out a lot. what a great american. illinois congressman bobby rush, by the way, is jumping on the razor bandwagon come blasting a chicago for being the enemy of black people. >> it is a flawed entity. kim foxx >> laura: joining me know, vice president of that police union. martin. you heard a congressman and jesse jackson, and the imprimatur for racial justice in a behind them, the sworn enemy of black people. that is -- talk about poisonous rhetoric.
11:30 pm
>> it's absolutely disgusting and outrageous. bobby rush, he is a former black panther. what is equally troubling about that, and he made those statements, i believe, at the same function kimberly foxx was there. i don't know why she stood by and let somebody say that about the fop and our members with whom she is supposed to be working to prosecute criminals. that is equally outrageous. really, i would like to see mayor elect lori lightfoot respond to that. i would like to see mayor emanuel respond to that. absolutely disgusting comment. our attorneys are going to send a letter to mr. rush tomorrow demanding an apology. >> laura: yogurt and apology, when cows fly. >> i think it's important. >> laura: is important to make a record of it, you are right. this is the kind of stuff that
11:31 pm
goes routinely unanswered by those who claim -- they play the race card, the victim, and they are the biggest racist of all. can you imagine getting a maximum getting up there and saying they are a sworn enemy of white people? can you imagine someone saying that? if the shoe were on the other foot, the same exact thing happened jussie smollett and he was some white guy claiming black people jumped him, never happened, made the whole thing up, jesse jackson and al sharpton would be leading nationwide protests, nationwide protests against that individual. never would work again. never would be seen again in public life. but there is always a double standard. i think people are sick of the double standard. it is predicable. i got to play something from the police superintendent because apparently bobby rush forgot that the police superintendent is black. watch. >> why would anyone, especially an african-american man, use the symbolism of a noose to make
11:32 pm
false accusations? how can an individual who's been embraced the city of chicago to turn around and slap everyone in this city in the face by making these false claims? >> laura: i think he's been a star in this whole process. he stood up for the police, speaking from the heart, extremely -- just extremely persuasive. i've been really impressed by him. >> we agree 100% for those comments. we are glad he made them. from the moment we had our protest last week, jackson and jamaal green were there, they impeded our protest, they were interrupting us, shouting at us. from the very beginning, i think they and the local media were looking for any angle they could possibly get to throw the racism charge against us. >> laura: of course. by the way, i have to read this
11:33 pm
for our viewers tonight. this is from an anonymous source letter today to foxx's office on her insult of the chicago pd. we need to be law enforcement like you do, you not only strip them of their dignity, you also contribute to the violence of the city because young african-american boys and girls who hear the head prosecutor, jesse jackson, bobby rush, al sharpton, call police racists, they act accordingly. over the weekend, 30 people were shot, not trying to draw a line there but the warmest week and we got in chicago, 30 people shot in 30 hours. >> it's about time they started backing up the police in chicago. it's about time they gave us a contract. it's been two years. that was a great passage published in the local paper that's doing a great job, a local blog. but it's 100% accurate.
11:34 pm
i get the feeling that morale is really bad over at the state's attorney's office under kimberly foxx. there is a lot of committed, tremendously good prosecutors there who must just be -- >> laura: she should resign. >> she should resign. >> laura: it has nothing to do with their skin color. it has everything to do with her incompetence and apparently, from the looks of it, completely compromised investigation with political pressure brought to bear. the feds butted to a serious investigation. this is needed and it's important. martin, thank you for your perspective tonight. we always wish the best of the police and better relationship with the community, i do know you are doing our best. by the way, another big point, do californians' liberal political class -- at this point, do they hate their constituents? wait until you hear what product they want to raise taxes on. i'll debate it with the head of the california secession movement. movement. you don't want to miss this.
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>> this purge in homeland security. >> are we now beginning to see him act out in the form of purging and not listening to any logic? >> laura: is a purge, they say. so when people aren't getting the job done, you leave them in for as long as possible. only in washington with that be a montage we could put together. can you imagine doing that in the business world? donald trump has made a number of moves as it relates to the department of: security and not a moment too soon. christer nielsen is as the department of dhs head secret service director randolph "tex" alles is being removed
11:40 pm
after stories about lax security especially at mar-a-lago. and then the director of you cis was also on his way out. that has not been confirmed. some immigration hardliners are calling for him to be spared. joining me north reaction, former acting director of i.c.e., tom homan. what about these personnel moves? >> i think the president -- we also for the pleasure of the president. i think it's frustrated at what is going on right now, he's looking to go on a different direction. as he said, a tougher direction. i have not been involved in any of these decisions. i'm on the outside. but all three of them i think deserve some respect. they did serve their nation, difficult jobs. half of congress don't like them, they don't support what they are doing. >> laura: you have tough skin, thick skin. most people wilt under the pressure. donald trump is the only guy who could have withstood this, but think about this, -- underneath
11:41 pm
you, they do the credible fear screening can people come into the country from central america, they stay the credible fear, they are released into the system, seven to 14 days, they get out. a lot of them you never ac again. there's a lot of things they could do to re-examine the way that credible fear scamming is done, what they think, various parts of el salvador, honduras, whether they are dangerous or whether this is just a script being used. none of that was done. with all these hardliners out there going, this guy, i don't know him, but he's the greatest thing since sliced bread. the heart problem is, things aren't getting done. beyond congress, and congress has to act, there are federal things that can be done, agency level actions. but you have to have a strong constitution to do that. even if you agree with the president on the underlying issues. >> there are some things to be done. i talked about this before, i.c.e. can do more things -- --
11:42 pm
when i was in, i was in many meetings with all these folks and i actually thought francis was doing a good job at what he had of the time. i think just like the secretary said, i think the law strange them sometime. >> laura: not on everything. credible fear, they can do a lot with. >> i'm not a credible fear expert. >> laura: the new head of dhs deserves his team, acting had. he deserves his own team beneath them. this is a crisis. i like the fact that the president makes a change. it's not working, clearly. we have a team in place that asked execute and get the job done. >> i think kevin mcaleenan is a good choice. i worked with him so shoulder to shoulder the last few years. we work together under jeh johnson when the first crisis happened. >> laura: here we are. >> kevin can hit the ground running, great relationship. he is a great relationship with the government of mexico, so i think he can get some things
11:43 pm
done. >> laura: by the way, another federal judge, ninth circuit district court judge ruled against the administration today, none another injunction goes to effect on friday. the administration can't deport people to mexico or send people to mexico pending their asylum applications, which, under federal law, is allowed. we now have judges that are a permanent part of the anti-trump the mic resistance. >> president trump -- it's politicized by the other thing is, are we surprised? these people, they are escaping fear of persecution from -- they can escape that fear in mexico. >> laura: that is why they think they can go to mexico under federal law. that judge is an outrage, and obama appointee. tom, thanks. good to see you. left-wing politicians in california hate their own constituents? say it's not so. it's a legitimate question, given the way they intend to tax their citizens. this is a real list of items
11:44 pm
they would like to target. this was over the weekend. sugary soft drinks would be taxed. getting new tires for your car, well, how about a battery? both of those might be taxed. like going to the range. i hope you are prepared for a firearm tax. need a good shower after a long day? but are brash and hot water because that soon may be taxed as well. getting some nagging back pain? those prescription painkillers might come at an increased cost. we can go on and on but you get the point. it should be noted, by the way, these policies, more taxes, are already depressing the state's tax base. in 2017, about 130,000 more residents left california then moved into the states. but my next guest insists that it's their red states who are to blame for california's high taxes. alabama, mississippi, you are to blame for california. the head of the cal exit
11:45 pm
movement and he wants to see californians secede from the u.s. so if the red states are so bad, why are so many california residents moving to them? >> a lot of california residents are leaving. in numbers, it's more. but in dollar amounts, actually wealthy americans are moving to california. so actually california has raised money because we have more people coming in who are wealthier than the people who are leaving. you are losing about the middle class, lower middle class people, someone who is a manager of a local 7-eleven, and we are gaining the ceo of a tech started. financially, the numbers are looking at, great for us. >> laura: it's okay not to have a middle-class? the "l.a. times" piece a couple of years ago -- >> i know what you were talking about. >> laura: they exposed what was happening to the middle class in california. it is being shrunk, shrunk come
11:46 pm
people not going into lower class, upper lower class wages, below the poverty line but not middle-class. how does that sustain? i'm really curious about your argument that red state america is the problem. wait a second. we got farmers subsidized to the hilt of california, breadbasket, incredible people, they get hugh to huge subsidies as they do all across the country. the defense it industry is a major, major source of manufacturing in a state of california. highly subsidized by all of us taxpayers. i could go on and on. how is red state america subsidizing you when the industry that supports our military is housed, so much of it, and california? forget the military bases as well. >> i totally agree with everything you're saying. the fact is, when you look at
11:47 pm
the california state, everything you said is true, and we still lose money. we pay more into the system then we get out. >> laura: maybe you shouldn't have sanctuary states. you are a former republican. what are you now? >> i am an independent, progressively liberal, but i never really lost my fiscal conservative values. i always kept those. in 2014 when romney lost the latino vote, i realized the republic and party was not going to make the roads and needs to to capture minorities and i began to leave. i'm glad because trump is very much against california values. >> laura: california values are high taxes, high regulations, and beautiful scenery. i love california. i am a member of the california bar, just fyi. >> fair enough. i don't think those are inherent california values. yes, we have high taxes and high regulations. you are absolutely correct. >> laura: [laughs] we have an exodus.
11:48 pm
we have the liberals in hollywood, the biggest capitalists of them all, the liberals of silicon valley silicon valley, because capitalists of all, and they all terribly guilty because they are big capitalists and they are multimillionaires, millionaires. they all feel guilty, and i am glad. we're out of time. up next, lara logan takes on the media's manipulation of the immigration debate. you don't want to miss >> tech: at safelite autoglass, we really pride ourselves on making it easy to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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♪ >> kirstjen nielsen is a great example of what happens when you go to work for donald trump. he is a greater predation killer. here's this woman who was a reasonably admired bureaucrat, and for the rest of her life, for the rest of her life people will look at her and think, that is the woman who put children in cages. >> laura: me because the media people like you lied, jeff. joining me now is laura logan, former cbs reporter, 60 minutes correspondence, reported all over the world about really, really couple gated issues. in a fair fashion. it's great to see you. on this issue of immigration, something that i've been reporting on for 20 years, all the changes, all the stresses on the border. but reporters are basically now just advocates for their own self-created ngo.
11:53 pm
it's unbelievable. >> laura, there are few journalistic questions that i would want to ask if i was reporting on this, which is, where does the previous administration with the children that they detained? they also put them in prison, right? how do i know this? is a report of her 60 minutes, i was approached by unicef. i had meetings with them about doing a story. i was so concerned about the number of children in detention under the obama administration, they asked 60 minutes to look into doing a story on it. this wasn't the first time it's happened. it's not being treated the same. anytime there is not a consistent standard and reporting, that is a red flag to journalists. >> laura: lara, the root causes of this also not being covered, why this is happening, why is this flow into the country, why the caravans. none of that is really being looked at. everyone is empathizing with the poor families, and i understand that, but that is not real
11:54 pm
empathizing -- it's not really reporting. is emphasizing. it's different. i want to get your thoughts on the president's decision to skip the annual white house correspondents dinner, third year in a row now. what about that? he will hold a rally instead. >> why would the president want to go to a dinner, which is full of a room full of people that have made it clear that many of whom have made it clear that they want him removed from office? they don't just hate him, they see him as unfit, and may have made -- this is not a general way street. if the president is allowed to criticize donald trump, then who criticize the press? that is the way i look at this. this is about with the first amendment is about, and this is about everybody's rights. so would you go to a dinner with a bunch of people who made it very clear that they were your enemies? it doesn't make sense for him. it's not going to change the coverage. i skipped the dinner for the past few years because it
11:55 pm
becomes very partisan affairs. they make a lot of people uncomfortable. they are not what they used to be. journalists and journalistic organizations in this country need to stand up and go back to what we are supposed to be at our core. if they want to be critical of the president, which is part of our responsibility and duty as journalists, then they don't get to weep about it when he's critical in return. this is very consistent with donald trump as the leader. it's a very bold move. he doesn't care that he is not being -- >> laura: i love it. i love it. i have not been in the number of years. no interest in going back. we really appreciate your perspective on this tonight, perspective on this tonight, it's going to be passover in just a few days. and these people are in desperate need. these are very difficult times for israel and the jewish people. as the government spends more and more of it's resources for battling terrorism. the situation has become a crisis.
11:56 pm
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many of these people are ill they're sick, they're alone. they don't have the money to afford things that many of us, most of us, take for granted. people, who don't have enough money to even buy some matza the unleavened bread as the bible describes it. israel and it's people need your help now. you can make a life changing difference by calling and saying that you give a $25 food box to help a family in need in israel. thank you and god bless you for your support.
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12:00 am
to enjoy what seems to matter like this. i remember that quote and tried to live by it. >> that was tony bennett on the best advice he got from his dad on being a coach and how great it felt to win. no matter what field you are in. that's all-time we have tonight. take it from here. daymac we begin with the fox news alert, donald trump taking up homeland security beyond the dhs. secret service, immigration and customs enforcement, time to put together a much tougher team on immigration. what happens next? mike pence over evangelicals and lgbt queue issues, pastor robert jeffers ways


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