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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 1, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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we only have a few seconds left. >> have a wonderful july 1st. >> thank you to you donna for with us on the show. >> great roster. that is from 9:00 to noon. >> bill: good morning. fox news alert. this is a brand-new claim. the regime says they have reached a cap on enriched uranium. first known violation of the accord with western powers since the u.s. was removed from the nuclear agreement about a year ago. increased tensions between washington and tehran. no word yet on how they will respond. first, however, it started with a tweet. it ended with president trump making history. stepping foot on north korean soil. history, indeed. good morning, we will catch you up.
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>> sandra: it is great to have you back, bill. good morning, everyone. i am sandra smith. early morning hours on sunday. with a historic handshake, the president walked with kim jong un into the kingdom, then returning to the dmz were the two leaders agreed to restart stalled nuclear talks. >> bill: here is how the president summed up that meaning together. >> when i put out the social media notification, if you didn't show up, it was going to look very bad. i appreciate it. i really think that you go back to you and a half years, you look at what was going on, it was a very, very bad situation. it is an honor that the u.s. can stop over that line. i wasn't sure. that i was ready to do it, and i want to thank you. it's been great. >> sandra: pretty amazing
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stuff. we are alive at the white house with more on this monday morning. hey, rich. >> a very public invitation, saying that he was going to be in the neighborhood, and why not come meet him at the dmz? you tweeted "after some very important meetings, including my meeting with president xi of china i will be leaving japan with president moon. while there, if he sees this, i would meet him a at the border z just to shake his hand and say hello. hours later, this. they hosted their third meeting as president trump becomes the first sitting u.s. president to cross into north korea. the president says that they agreed to restart nuclear talks. >> it was a great success because we maintained our relationship. so we are going to have teams that made over the next few weeks and start up process. we will see what happens.
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>> both north korea and the united states had previously designated negotiation teams but had made very little progress toward actually getting north korea to give up its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program. >> sandra: what is the latest on the south three of us? >> yeah, it happened just a few hours after appear that scrambling of drugs, apparently because of unidentified objects flying between the border of north and south korea. well, it turned out to be a flock of birds, though it highlights the tension in that region that has existed for 70 years. the south korean government has been a strong supporter of improved relations and has push the negotiations with kim jong un's regime and the united states. they say about that quote, since it is expected that the nuclear negotiations between washington and pyongyang would strengthen its efforts to create a virtuous cycle between inter-korean relations, denuclearization, and
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north korea-u.s. relations. there still are strong sanctions, but over the last more than year and a half or so, because of the conversations, north korea has adhered to its commitment not to launch any ballistic missiles and not to test anymore nuclear weapons. >> sandra: a lot of news over the weekend. >> bill: what an image that was. stephanie grisham with well noted -- in the dmz. >> hey, back off. [bleep] >> bill: a little hip check there. apparently suffering bruises in a scuffle between north korean security guards. trying to make sure that they get inside the meeting right there. it ended when secret service agents intervened. grisham is okay. >> sandra: sharply criticizing the presidents and impromptu meeting with kim jong un.
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joe biden releasing the statement. "coddling of dictators is one of the most dangerous ways he is subverting our values as a nation." senator elizabeth warren to rooting out "our president shouldn't be squandering american influence on photo ops and exchanging love letters with the ruthless dictator. instead, we should be using principled diplomacy, our security, defend our allies, and uphold human rights." and they were not the only ones with concerns. >> i have no problem with him sitting down with kim jong un in north korea or anyplace else. but i don't want it simply to be a photo opportunity. >> of course as a country, we want this to work. we want to see denuclearization of the korean peninsula, reduction in these missiles, but it's not as easy as just going and ringing hot dish over the fence to the dictator next door. >> i'm not quite sure why this
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president is so bent on elevating the profile of a dictator like kim jong un when he has not lived up to his promise. it has been a failure so far. >> i think this has been the president trump of appeasement to her. i have no idea why he is shaking hands with a dictator, who just was sending missiles into the sea of japan. i mean, you don't reward that kind of behavior with a visit to your country from the president of the united states. >> sandra: reaction port and quickly. president trump has yet to directly respond to any of those criticisms. >> bill: how significant was the historic visit to the dmz? we want to bring in former national security advisor to dick cheney. welcome back to our program. >> hi. >> bill: how significant? >> i think that remains to be determined. it was incredible political theater, and these two men have
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clearly established some kind of very unique relationship, but the question remains as it has for the last year, whether that relationship can actually be used to advance in core american interests of reducing the nuclear threat out of north korea. >> bill: they have chairman kim on the ropes. i think you would agree with that. he did not get them. so what next? >> well, we have had for months now in which negotiations have been in the deep freeze. probably the most important thing coming out of this meeting is an agreement to restart those working level negotiations. the question is does kim actually empower them to negotiate what is denuclearization look like, and how do we get there? what is the road map? that is the next app used to be when there was a little bit of color provided by tucker carlson, who was just a few feet away. he described the health of karen
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jim as a man who is wheezing and is in poor health. that was his casual observation. he is not a doctor. how do you heard about any of this prior to this weekend? >> no, that's the first i've heard of it. looking at the man, i can imagine he's got too much weight on for such a young man. who knows what has other personal habits are? no, hadn't heard any of this information. >> bill: tucker also said he's a hard character, struck me as kind of self-contained. that's the mystery we are all trying to figure out. "wall street journal." here's a headline today. "the trump doctrine. it is always personal." "the symbolism is more potent on the substance. mr. trump is betting, as he always does, that flattering and personal engagement can persuade him to give up his nuclear weapons." is that it, or is there more to it? >> listen, the president is clearly investing a huge amount in this personal relationship with kim jong un, who has -- as
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everybody needs to remember, is a ruthless, brutal dictator, who was determined to keep north korea as a nuclear weapon state. nothing that we have seen in the last year suggests that it is going to change anytime soon. so the question is what's the deal look like? how are we going to reduce the threat? there is some talk today, headline in "the new york times" that maybe we are going to return to that deal that was on the table as an initial limited step to really get the ball rolling. let's see what happens in these working level talks. >> bill: i think that john bolton talked about that earlier on twitter. one more observation. president xi, you don't know what the chinese leader did from ten days ago, perhaps opening the door a little bit. getting the north koreans to act that way that they did, on behalf of the security guards.
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also, take note of south korea, their leader was not there. do you believe that a significant? >> short. listen, kim gained enormously from this meeting. i do think we do have to remember it, despite the security concerns, having the president of the united states come to his doorstep, enter his country, give him that level of legitimacy while he remains a nuclear weapon state, is a huge deal for him. it is being celebrated and north korea. having his worst adversary in the united states, john bolton, excluded from these meetings, and of course, having the south koreans -- the south korean president on the sidelines, making this a deal between the united states, the world's only remaining superpower, and kim jong un, holding onto his nuclear weapons, is a huge deal for north korea. >> bill: the hip check was something else. john grisham, thank you, stuart.
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sir. bill richardson is here. he will join us a little bit after 10:00 east coast time. >> sandra: we look forward to that. >> bill: john makes a lot of interesting points. >> sandra: meanwhile, we are moments away from the opening bell on wall street. dow futures are setting the stage for monster rally. when it rings 20 minutes from now after president trump told tucker carlson in an exclusive interview that he feels confident trade deal with china will happen. >> you just recently ours ago met with the chinese president. are you closer do you think after that meeting? >> he wants to make a deal, i want to make a deal. the largest steel ever made of any kind. we got along very well. we understand each other. >> sandra: president xi from china met at the g20 summit. you can catch more of the
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president's interview with tucker carlson right here on the fox news channel tonight. what all we can spend, and the market's action is hinging on what happens next with china. we anticipate the open. they are less than 1% from record territory. >> bill: you and i watch it all day long. i've got 26,000 on the dow. so we might get the deal. >> sandra: by the way, the month of june, extremely strong for the u.s. economy. >> bill: every plane crash in texas. ten people are dead when private aircraft went down near dallas. investigation coming up here. plus, there is this. >> sandra: protest between some on the far left and the far right during a violent confrontation in seattle. after the radical antifa group attacked the conservative
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journalist. the journalist was left bruised and bloodied. now one u.s. senator is debating federal action as a result. >> bill: free health care to illegal immigrants. one white house advisor saying that democrats are not living in reality. we will take that up next. >> i hear some of this, i hear some of their narratives. i don't understand what planet they are describing. the united states economy is booming. and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services. and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. a place for mom is a free service that pairs you with a local advisor to help you sort through your options and find a perfect place. a place for mom. you know your family we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice.
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>> i hear, i see some of this, i hear some of their narratives. i don't understand what planet they are describing. the united states economy is booming. i do not know what some of the candidates are saying. i don't know what they're facts or basis is. economic growth is strong, and i will make this warning. some of the policies i've heard in some of these early debates, in my judgment, would do great, great damage to this prosperity and jobs and income and weight cycle that we are experiencing. >> bill: beside an awful lot there in that clip. larry kudlow was apparently mystified by some of the proposals he was hearing from the left. with me now, former white house chief of staff or george h.w. bush. how are you doing? good morning to you. >> happy fourth of july week. >> bill: and to you as well. what do you think about larry kudlow's remarks?
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>> well, i think he makes the right point, but i think larry and the republicans are not really fully explaining what they really mean when he says he doesn't understand what planet they are coming from. the democrats talk about income inequality, and what they want to do is solve that problem by punishing people at the top. where republicans want to solve that problem by elevating the job opportunity and income to the middle class and the job opportunity and the income for those below the middle class. you can sell the inequality problem two ways. the way the democrats want to do it destroys the golden rule of investment that comes from the top that creates the job that elevates wages. the way that the republicans are doing it creates jobs, elevates wages, and the proof in the pudding is in the great two years that larry kudlow likes to talk about.
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>> bill: i think it is fair to analyze the individuals. i think it's more important to you analyze the issues. here is a video from last week when debate number two, nine number two -- they were all asked to raise their hands if they would give health care to illegals. they all put their hands appeared all ten of them on the stage. when you think about the issues, no borders, no borders on health care for illegals. no borders on college. no borders on the border itself. there is a video. >> they don't understand the consequences or the foolishness of their policies. they don't understand that there is going to be accosted to the health care out of the pocket of the government, which means our taxes, but most importantly, there is going to b be at magnet effect that is going to compound again the difficult problem at the border. if they don't believe incentives in the wrong direction create problems, they ought to look at
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what happened by increasing the availability of loan money to students, which allowed the universities and colleges to free will increase tuition. once you create a magnet like that, people will exploit those policies to make bad things happen. >> bill: i think that gamble on the left is that they believe the economy will not be persuasive enough to a certain amount of americans. let's see whether or not that is the case. here is tom breslin on the whole issue. >> democrats believe that you should be able to buy into a health insurance system. it's not a handout. we are in a different era. i believe that what we are doing right now is the right thing to do. it's an essential issue of economics. frankly, of morality. >> bill: the point that he is making is that they are paying in, so it's not a freebie. >> they may have some of them
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paying in, but the net cost is going to be well over 50 or $60 billion a year, which is well over half of a trillion. also going back to pushing the fact that he thinks that she tries to say that republicans don't care about pre-existing conditions on health care. republicans did a lousy job in responding to you that in the last election. they better start pounding back and remind that democrats and the voters that they really are against getting rid of pre-existing conditions, and they support a modification of the health care plan that retains that. >> bill: governor, thank you for your time. thank you, sir. happy fourth of july. >> sandra: fox news alert as grieving friends of mackenzie lueck speak out about her shocking murder. >> if she knew what was going to happen, she would have not met that individual at the car. and that is just straightforward. her death is not her fault.
6:21 am
not her actions are anything that led up to it. >> sandra: police arresting the man that they see kidnapped and killed mackenzie. we will >> sandra: ted williams about that case. plus, this. >> bill: not is our sheriff's deputy dragged by a speeding car after a traffic stop. the details on how best happen coming up florida. if you live with diabetes,
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>> bill: traffic stop trying then to my nightmare for an officer in florida. check this out. >> i'm telling you right now, i'm telling you right now. stop. stop. put it in park. >> bill: body cam footage shows that a sheriff's deputy
6:25 am
being dragged by the speeding car. the driver in the car, asking him if there was marijuana in the car. that is when the driver -- we see more of that. >> there is a 9 millimeters that at least three people saw him throw in the bushes as he was running from us. one of the crimes that he was acquitted of was murder with a firearm. this was a bad dude who almost killed one of our deputy sheriffs. >> bill: they eventually cornered him, arresting him. the deputy arrested for nonlife-threatening injuries. >> sandra: and i got a reminder of all those men and women who put their lives on the line each and every single day. seeking exclusively to fox news after learning their friend was dead. they say that the man now in custody killed mackenzie after
6:26 am
meeting her in a park in the middle of the night a few weeks ago. her friends on the emotional toll that this has taken on all their loved ones. >> no person, regardless of their gender or dating life, deserves to die. mackenzie is not responsible for the death and murder of mackenzie. >> there were days when i was so down and no one could lift me up but speech. she would really be there for you. she would always say the right thing. at the right time. she was just the kind of soul -- the kind of soul you would ever meet. >> sandra: ted williams, attorney and fox news contributor. good morning to you. this horrific story with a horrific ending. we have been following to sense the very beginning, and it did not end well. >> sandra, this is a sad ending to a very promising life here. and i have to agree with her
6:27 am
roommates there. no one deserves to die the way mackenzie died here. from what we know, in june, she had gone to her grandmother's funeral, came back, and for some reason or another, and the authorities have not clarified it yet, she met with this man in the park after being dropped off there by lyft driver. and as a result of that, they found her charred remains in the backyard of this young man that has been charged with her murder. a very sad ending. >> sandra: what we know about whether or not she knew her alleged killer, ted? >> well, there is some knowledge that to some degree she knew him -- and the way that they were able to trace this was by using cell phone towers. they were able to marry up his cell phone with her cell phone,
6:28 am
and that he had some photos of her in his cell phone. >> sandra: just a horrific story. i know now that there is evidence, and they do have the suspect. are we learning that anyone else could have potentially been involved in her murder? >> that is the $64,000 question, and i am sure that they are trying to find that out, looking to see if there were any accomplices -- or other individuals involved in the death of mackenzie. >> sandra: there had been some during the process of her missing for two weeks, there had been some speculation that perhaps she met someone online that she was on these dating websites that possibly would have led her to her killer. her friends took that on in these exclusive interviews. talking about victim shaming, and they really wanted to put that to rest. >> i think that victim shaming -- is saying that kenzie
6:29 am
died because she did ask y and z. i think that is almost a security blanket for other people. that would never happen to me because i would never do xyz. >> that is one of the hardest parts. that is not fair to kenzie or any woman. >> sandra: it's tough because there was so much speculation because she was missing for so long, and there was nothing really to work off of other than phone records and social media accounts. final thoughts, ted? >> there was an excellent investigation. law enforcement did an excellent job, and now i think that they will try to get justice for mackenzie and her family. >> sandra: we all pray for that. thank you very much, ted williams. >> bill: breaking news. big stories from overseas, president trump making history, stepping foot, the first time a
6:30 am
u.s. president has ever done this, on north korean soil. we are learning today that's before briefs the nuclear deals, so how will the trump administration deal with that? >> sandra: new calls for federal action against the mayor of portland, oregon, after radical antifa protesters attacked a conservative journalist. chaotic and violent clashes broke out over the weekend. >> tell me what happened. it looks like you got hit in the four had a little bit. what did they use? >> their weapons and their han hands.
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>> sandra: all right, well we are talking about it now if you are just a few minutes ago, stocks trading on wall street began. you are looking at u.s. stocks in record territory now. up 250 points out of the gate, 26,843. to your point, bill hemmer, this is what we were hashing out. if that hour to close there, that would be a record high. the previous record is 26,820. >> bill: so you can get fresh high on that out. you can get a fresh eye on the nasdaq. the s&p 500. what other dates dates that would be. >> sandra: and a heck of a corridor. growth continues. this is what you hear from the trump administration howard 2020
6:34 am
candidates going to run against that? >> bill: trade talks being restarted. whether they get anywhere is our gas. this is going to be still a long slog. do you get a deal before you are really in the thick of this campaign? >> sandra: let me tell you, mcdonald's and visa. we will keep watching this for you. >> bill: ted cruz today he is calling for a federal investigation after protests turn violent in oregon over the weekend. [yelling] here is the same. antifa protesters appear to attack a conservative journali journalist. he is caught up in the middle of the thing by himself. posted a picture of his face after visiting the emergency room. >> i just got beat up. no police.
6:35 am
in the middle of the street. they stole my go pro. they punished me several times in my face and my head. >> bill: ted cruz is now seeking legal action against the mayor of portland. aspects of the story there. we are live in l.a. with more. >> good morning, bill. the question being did the portland mayor and police allow protesters to attack a handful of conservatives on saturday? in one incident, a group of masked man hospitalized right-leaning blogger. it demonstrators used pepper spray and bear spread and quick drying cement and raw eggs at a minority marching for "patriotism and prayer." they show cuts and bruises to his face, prompting ted cruz to say "ted wheeler purposely allowed the attack." "federal law enforcement to
6:36 am
investigate and bring enforcement against the mayor who has ordered his police officers to let citizens be attacked by domestic terrorist." "this is a premeditated attack on someone because they don't like andy, who happens to be g gay, asian, and conservative. ted wheeler knew this was coming. people must speak out." >> where was the mayor? even in washington, d.c., you have left wing politicians like maxine waters actively encouraging violence against conservatives. >> so last year, asking the feds to investigate wheeler. during the violent protest, and for allowing antifa process to harass drivers. a charge that wheeler denies. >> i want to be clear.
6:37 am
as police commissioner, we do not police based on the content of speech. we will continue to support first amendment rights. >> so, please eventually call this a civil disturbance and ordered the individuals protesting to disperse. eight injured, three arrested. we will see what happens. >> sandra: back to our top story, president trump setting foot on north korean soil, making history side by side wi with. the cheerleaders heading back to south korea where they agreed to start nuclear talks. here are some leaders responding to that news. >> first of all, they haven't been testing a long term missiles anymore, so that is safer. they are economically and out of her position. he is willing to go further than others. you have to build trust. that takes time. >> if we do that, and i think
6:38 am
north korea will engage in denuclearization. 90% denuclearization. we can talk about more flexible sanctions. i think that the moment is there to have peace. >> sandra: let's bring in a harry kazianis, director of korean studies. good morning to you. appreciate you coming on the program. you wrote extensively about this. how is the strategy working for the president and the united states, meeting to gather over the weekend and the surprise visit, how does this move us forward? >> i think it's a genius move by the president. he is looking for new ways to engage with the north koreans. look at it this way. go back to 2017 when we were on the brink of essentially a nuclear war with north korea. 20 million people die and that conflict. instead of going in that direction, we now have a president where he is essentially pen pals with
6:39 am
kim jong un. i know a lot of people don't like it, and i don't blame them to be honest with you, but i think we are a lot closer to ideal, and i actually think that the north koreans will engage with us, and we will make that deal happen. i think we are close. >> sandra: you take that on in your most recent piece. unconventional north korea strategy. is it worthy of a nobel peace prize? this is published on" you write that he has done more good than president obama did in eight years. >> you know it? i stand by that statement. if you look at these strides that they made during the obama years, the obama administration advocated this policy of strategic patience. essentially what they did is they took their head and stuck it in the sand. this is why president trump has to deal with them the way it is now. he wants to actually contain the growth of their power.
6:40 am
he couldn't do that because he had to try to figure out what to do what the north korean mess. i think this is why they deserve a lot of credit. and i really do think that we are going to get to an agreement. >> sandra: we went back and looked at the days that followed president trump's election in 2016, and i pulled up a "wall street journal" article. "president obama warns donald trump on the north korea thought." in the 90 minute closed-door meeting with then president barack obama and president to be president trump that obama warned him that they saw north korea to be the top national security threat. foreign policy officials in that piece quoted that we needed more intense strategy to achieve peace. >> so the question is why didn't they do that, then? i mean it is absolutely
6:41 am
ridiculous. their reports go back to 2015. the obama administration officials, other people were saying that north korea was close to having the capability to hit the united states, so the question as president obama, why didn't you do something about this? i think it is absolutely ridiculous and a grave mistake. >> sandra: how do you react to some of the criticisms that we are hearing in the wake of those visits? particularly some from 2020 presidential candidates on the left, that say we are engaging a dictator, calling a dictator, that this is not the way to proceed. >> ask them what is your strategy then. the problem is that if you open a history book, you realize that we have to deal with countries that we don't like. that is just a fact. so what i think the president is trying to do is engage them, if you would like a better future, you want to revitalize the economy, then there is a way to do that. it is called denuclearization.
6:42 am
>> sandra: what do you believe is next? >> we have to hash out the details now. we have to figure out that the north koreans are serious. >> sandra: harry kazianis, great to get your opinion and analysis on that. >> thank you. >> bill: in the news this morning, massive demonstrations turning violent in hong kong. carrying their way into a government building in hopes of getting the attention that they need for their cause. so what's going on there? we will explain. >> sandra: they say her to be an exchange joe biden last week showed she has the best democrat to take on president trump, but the present? not so impressed. should he be more concerned? >> i think she was given far too much credit for what she did. what she said. and i thought that he didn't respond grade.
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>> sandra: fox news alert from syria where air strikes were carried out, killing several al qaeda leaders who were applauding external attacks against citizens and our allies. military officials say northern syria remains a safe haven for terrorists actively coordinating attacks. >> i just felt the need to talk about it in a way that was not
6:46 am
about -- not only in the context of just some academic discussion about who you work with and -- but also, let's be really clear and remember what these guys are about. and the impact of their words. >> bill: senator, le harris has generated lots of attention for her campaign. apparently some money too. byron york is here to analyze. how are you doing? good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. >> bill: she has conceded that she was planning to go after him. you say that it is truly weird. how so? >> disastrous policy in the 1970s and 1980s, widely disapproved up by majorities, black americans and white americans. now, harris is attacking joe biden for not supporting this disastrous policy.
6:47 am
and by the way, it was one of the reasons the democrats offered so severely electorally in the 1970s and 1980s after electing jimmy carter for one term in 1976. they did not elect another president until bill clinton and 1992, and the idea that harris is resurrecting this policy as an issue is really stunning, i think, to a lot of observers. >> bill: here is lindsey graham, suggesting that there are rumors of his demise are greatly exaggerated. >> the rumor is that maybe it is not his time, he's not up to the task. i think you will underestimate joe biden at your own peril. he is going to change the narrative. one thing i'll say about, harris, and i have said this before, she's got game. >> bill: she might have game, and there's a long way to go. it is my sense that there is too
6:48 am
much focus on the individual's right now. there were dramatic themes that came from that debate. themes on the issues. and a lot of free stuff, whether it is college, health care for illegals, or maybe perhaps some candidates don't believe that there should be borders on the border. it appears that the issues in the themes that were developed are quite troubling. what do you think? >> i think you're absolutely right. we have spent a lot of time focusing on the site between harris and biden, but there wery more important. the biggest one i think being borders. you have a majority, almost all of the candidates, supporting decriminalizing the illegal crossing of the u.s. border. now you combine that with the fact that most of them also supported the government run health care. people who are in the country illegally. that is a really potent combination. i think you're going to find
6:49 am
republicans criticizing that a lot because they are on the record now, and if they want to back down from her later, they will have to contradict what they already set. >> bill: i just want to point out what you are writing about today. this piece is brando. "anti-trump fever." what do you mean by five? >> we have had a few troubling developments. one of which is an opt out in "washington post" basically justifying the exclusion of trump supporter's or people who support policies that trump opponents do not like, excluding them from public accommodations like a restaurant. it was written by the owner of a restaurant in virginia who throughout sarah huckabee sanders last year. became kind of famous for that. another was an op-ed by professor who advocates the doxxing of mid and low level
6:50 am
employees of border protection, dealing with refugees and asylum seekers on the border, to try to shame and embarrass them into no longer supporting federal policies. >> bill: thank you, byron. good to have you back. >> sandra: deadly bombing rocking afghanistan's capital with the taliban claiming responsibility. we will have a live report next. >> bill: also, gas taxes are going higher in storage comic states like california. how high will they go? we will talk about that with charles payne. coming up shortly. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life. call usaa to start saving on insurance today.
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>> bill: a bit of history made over the weekend. yankees and red sox play the first-ever regular-season game in london. that's cool.
6:54 am
17-13. wow. yesterday, hitting a home run to give the yankees 12-12-4 lead. taking a game in the series over the red sox. >> sandra: that's amazing. >> bill: 's saturday afternoon, i looked at it, and i said what is that score? wasn't sure if it was football already. >> sandra: nice to have you back, bill. >> bill: had to hit the beach for a couple of days. >> sandra: at least 48 hours. fox news alert. the taliban claiming responsibility for the attack that killed at least one person and injured more than 100 othe others. live for us in london with the latest there appeared hey, benjamin. >> hey, sandra. this was a huge blast even by taliban standards. negotiations with the taliban and trying to find an end to this 18 year war. the taliban and set off this
6:55 am
powerful bomb in downtown kabul during morning rush hour. 16 are so far reported data and a total of 105 have on her, including at least 50 children from a nearby school. they stormed to the building, and the taliban quickly claimed responsibility. it has ended just in the last hour. this all comes as insurgents were holding their latest rounds of talks in qatar where they have political office. a potential deal has now emerged that would see u.s. and nato troops withdraw, guaranteeing that territory will be not used by foreign militants. there are fears now including among women that any deal could eventually see them sweep back into power, stripping away rights and freedoms. during the visit last week, u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo said that washington would like to see an agreement before september 1st. it's considered an ambitious
6:56 am
deadline, scheduled later this month. the taliban will not talk directly to the government. they accuse them of being u.s. puppets, so while we have these negotiations going on, the attacks continue in afghanistan. sandro. >> sandra: benjamin hall, thank you. >> bill: plane crash killing ten people near dallas, texas. crashing into a hanger right after takeoff, killing eight passengers and two crew members. heading to st. petersburg, florida. investigation now underway into the cause of the crash. we will have more on that in a minute. meanwhile, another fox news alert. two big stories breaking at the moment. iran claims their first breach of the nuclear deal, exceeding the limit on enriched uranium. that is coming just one day after president trump is history making moment on the korean peninsula. he was on the dmz was chairman
6:57 am
kim, restarting nuclear talks. airhead lanter he will speak out i said hey, i am over here. and we got to meet. stepping across the outline was great. a lot of progress has been made. this one in particular has been great. so i just want to thank you. movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services. and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. a place for mom is a free service that pairs you with a local advisor to help you sort through your options and find a perfect place. a place for mom. you know your family we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice.
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>> sandra: fox news alert up your new pouring in sb six takes another step into history, becoming the first sitting president to enter north korea. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. last minute visit -- entering north korea for a few brief moments, then returning to the dmz where they worked out a deal to restart nuclear talks. meanwhile, some 2020 democrats are blasting the visit. they do not like it. watch. >> we are going to do a really comprehensive good deal. nobody knows how things turn out, but certainly this was a great day. this was a very legendary, very historic day. >> i'm not quite sure why this president is so bent on elevating the profile of a dictator like kim jong un when
7:01 am
kim jong un has not lived up to his promise from the first summit. it has been a failure so far. >> i have no problem with him sitting down with kim jong un in north korea or anyplace else, but i don't want it simply to be a photo opportunity. >> bill: peter doocy now. campaign reaction live in plano, texas. peter, good morning. >> good morning, bill. pyongyang hasn't really been progressive primary issue so far, but it is now as a democratic presidential hopefuls are trying to capitalize on the president crossing from south korea into north korea. joe biden says through a spokesman "he has also been repeatedly tricked into making major concessions with a murderous regime while getting nothing in return." standing up for american interest, it is no surprise that they would prefer it that donald trump remain in the white house. elizabeth warren excellence her
7:02 am
position like. "he should not be exchanging love letters with a ruthless dictator. instead, we should be dealing with north korea through principal diplomacy." "defend our allies." "the president should take the threat and their crimes against humanity seriously. this is not a photo op. our security and values are at stake." just 1 of 4 democrats who mentioned north korea last week. she joined michael bennet, andrew yang, and beto o'rourke. the others, none of the top democratic contenders have really emphasize any sort of foreign policy proposal. that could change this week as candidates are about to start standing out to either clean up a mess from the debate stage last week or try to keep any sort of momentum that they may
7:03 am
have started on the debate sta stage. bill. >> bill: thank you for that, peter. back with you shortly here. >> sandra: fox news alert now from the mideast. iran reportedly reaching the limit of enriched uranium agreed upon and that deal. back to the remaining pack, falling short of tehram's demands, pressuring the u.s. into easing economic sanctions. iran foreign ministry saying his company so my country will not be forced to negotiate before washington shows respect. >> bill: they confirm that iran, the total stockpile exceeded 300 kilograms, which is a level you need to get to an order to get the enrichment up to a level that they were pursuing. watch the fallout from that coming up shortly. in the meantime, we've got this puritan people are dead after a
7:04 am
small plane crash. trying to determine why a twin engine plane crashed into hanger at the airport on sunday morni morning. >> it looks like this clearly reduced power. i didn't know if it was on purpose or not, but then it started to veer to the left, and you could tell it couldn't climb. we looked at each other, and we were like oh, my god, they're going to crash. >> bill: casey stegall live in dallas there. casey, good morning. >> hey, good morning. i want you to take a look at the scorched hanger back here at the airport where this all happened yesterday. investigators say they don't have much in terms of information about the victims. they say they are in the process of notifying next of kin. all we know is that eight passengers and two crew members were on board. look at that as i went in a
7:05 am
cell phone dramatic events. just engulfed in flames. firefighters were close had the fire out fast, but witnesses describe violent impact after watching it veer sharply to the. attempting to gain altitude, but those officials say it looked as though the plane couldn't fully get that altitude. the weather was clear at the time, and now the federal probe into what went wrong has been launched. listen. >> we will not be doing any analysis here. this is just a fact gathering stage. and i suspect that within possibly two weeks, we will have a preliminary report out. >> now, investigators say that joe was previously owned by a chicago charter company, but it recently changed hands, so that's why there is some
7:06 am
confusion about the tail number and who actually owns the twin engine plane. the flight plan shows that they were bound for florida yesterd yesterday. the hangar where it crashed is private. it was unoccupied at the time. nobody on the ground was hurt. bill, back to you. >> bill: thank you. casey stegall. tough story there today. >> sandra: fox news alert. an update on what we just told your mom moment ago. the atomic watchdog , allowed into the 2015 nuclear agreement. all of this obviously happening in the wake of big news this weekend. this is something we are watching for you. this news just breaking moments ago. >> bill: as the squeeze is put on north korea, essentially forcing chairman kim to come
7:07 am
back to the table, it is clear that the sanctions are working, and he wants really from that, so too does before. >> sandra: all of this ties in, bill. this is related to the potential for a chinese trade deal. after the market saw what happened over the weekend. some reaction. this is the administration moving in the direction of peace. that is bringing come to the market. the doubt -- >> bill: this story is intriguing because you got the nuclear deal on the table. they don't like it. they back out of it. they have been trying to reverse the decision of the administration. you've got tensions running at a fever pitch between washington and tehram. whether it is not story from last week, the possible attacks out of iraq into saudi arabia. a report earlier today about a u.s. air strike in syria.
7:08 am
so all of this now is brewing here, and iran wants economic relief from the sanctions that have been put over their country. this is how they are reacting to this administration. really has an economic stranglehold on them. talking about it over the past two weeks. iran is reaching out in ways that we have not seen in some time. we will watch this and see where it goes. the news of the hour is this, confirming that they have exceeded the limit needed to enrich uranium. watching all of this as well. this brings us to today's headliner, bill richardson, live out of switzerland. former ambassador to the united nations. has made several trips to north korea. thank you for joining us here. we have a lot of reaction to this. what is yours, sir? >> well, here's the positive.
7:09 am
one, this visit may restart stalled and nuclear talks that were going nowhere. secondly, it's good that the president has a personal relationship, even though we have made no negotiating headw headway. third, there is less tension on the korean peninsula. my worry, bill is that we are legitimizing kim jong un. we have given him three freebies, and he has done nothing on denuclearization. he has 60 nuclear weapons. he has muscles. he is probably laughing all the way to the bank. now, the president did get a political win. i think the next step is important. can we reach a compromise where we back off of saying no sanctions or relief, and north korea does something significant on denuclearization and missiles? >> sandra: we apologize. there is a bit of a delay between the three of us here,
7:10 am
but governor, those watching and listening who saw what happened over the weekend, they are going to say hey, what happened it during the bombing us? just reference those days. president obama sat down and the white house, talking to about to be president trump, saying that this is the most important issue your administration will face. do you give him credit for where he has gone so far, especially when you compare it to the obama years? >> well, i do give him credit. i have said it many times on your program. for reaching out directly to kim jong un. there is less tension in the peninsula, but in the area of accomplishments on denuclearization, kim jong un has done nothing. he promised that he went out the first summit. tension is less, but he is still threatening japan and america
7:11 am
with guam and alaska. he has not carved his use of nuclear weapons and missiles, and he said he would. so what do i want? i want this summit to lead it to the negotiators, not the president. he should step away and let his negotiators cut a deal. some sanctions relief for some denuclearization. keep negotiating in the next few years. this is not going to be a one-time result. >> bill: here is how the president reacted on his relationships. just listen to this. >> i really think if you go back to and a half years, you look at what was going out prior to my becoming president, it was a very, very bad situation. dangerous situation for south korea. north korea, for the world. i think the relationships that we develop has been so much to so many people. >> bill: it is my sense
7:12 am
that -- that's a good thing, as he readily point out. it is my sense that chairman kim needs this meeting more than we do. the economic sanctions are struggling north korea to this point. i want to address such as for the sake of this long delay we have. that is question number one. number two, the point that tucker carlson had about the level of health that heat notice, being only a few feet away from chairman kim. had you notice that? >> first, i do think that chairman kim came back from illinois very badly damaged -- the summit broke up, and he had promised his people sanctions relief, and he got nothing. yes, he got a photo op with the president, but that's it. north korea is in serious economic straights. we need to make a trade deal with china.
7:13 am
because we depend on them for the tough sanctions on north korea that affects our troops and security. other people around kim jong un, what i hope is that there is a new negotiating on his side. the foreign ministry. >> sandra: governor, to bill's last question there, as far as the physical appearance of chairman kim, when he arrived there to meet with our president, he appeared to be struggling to breathe, unhealthy, wheezing. that was the account of our own tucker carlson. >> well, i don't think so. he's a young guy. he is obviously a little overweight. it may be it emotion of the moment. i don't know. but i do know that he is very secure and has power, but at the same time, he wants to keep his power. these summits with the president, face to face on the
7:14 am
world stage at the same level, good politically for him internationally and in north korea. >> bill: last question. do you sense breakthrough, or this relationship that stretches out over a year or two years or even beyond that? five years. into the next election. >> well, obviously, the president is thinking of the next election. these are very good photo ops, political photo ops for an election. you know, i'm an american. i want to see progress. i worked on this issue for many years, negotiating from the bottom to the top. we haven't gotten any deal with north korea yet except the lessening of tensions. what i want to see is north korea, you can't have 60 nuclear weapons. maybe with verification. we will lower sanctions on you, but you've got to perform.
7:15 am
so far, north korea, they like you to make the first step. they want you to do it all. then they hold back and don't give you anything. so you've got to watch them. you can't just give them what they want. >> sandra: governor bill richardson. we appreciate your time this morning. thank you. we apologize for that delay. breaking news. meanwhile, millions of protesters storm that government building in hong kong, successfully taking it over, spray painting slogans all over its walls. this brand-new video coming into our newsroom. what is going on in hong kong? we will explore that next? >> bill: violence in portland, oregon. leaving him bruised and bloodied, it is free speech under assault there? ira-team is going to take this on an just a moment. >> i just got beat up.
7:16 am
no cops at all. in the middle of the street. they stole my go pro. bckdbç
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7:20 am
battering buildings, cars under at least 5 feet of ice. take a look at this. a street that is completely engulfed by ice and snow. >> sandra: that's in mexico. that is quite the storm there. >> sandra: i hope everybody is all right. and tivo protests turn violent this weekend. [bleep] >> sandra: conservative journalist there to cover the demonstration. attacked by a group of master men. andy ngo tweeting this picture of himself from an emergency room. now ted cruz is calling for a federal investigation for allowing that situation to get out of hand. tweeting this. investigating and bringing legal action against the mayor, who has ordered his police officers to let citizens be attacked by domestic terrorist.
7:21 am
let's bring in our 18. jenna ls reeves, constitutional law attorney and member of those from 2020 advisory board. chris stirewalt should be joining us in just a moment. welcome to the a-team. welcome to "america's newsroom." ted cruz had a very strong reaction. does the law play in his favor on what they were instructed to do? >> well a federal investigatio investigation -- constitutionally, we need to be responsible american citizens and actually take hold of our state and local government. at that would the best i've heard. one something gains in national media, everyone is pointing, calling on the dash we have lost what it means to be responsible americans. i would say that our recall of the mayor would be the best constitutional outcome, and certainly, we are seeing that the entire situation in portland of course is horrendous.
7:22 am
i don't see what in terms of a federal question ted cruz is really thinking. he didn't specify that. he is just calling for enteral intervention. >> bill: the ambassador from germany as well. >> i think any attack on any journalist should be condemned by everybody in it. period. full stop. it doesn't matter what side you're on. good policing can stop any protester from most attacks. not all of them. we saw that in boston in the wake of the charlottesville attack. when they came to boston, peaceful protest going on, antifa was trying to create problems. here is the problem with ted cruz's criticism. he is only doing it in this case and defending alex jones. he should condemn all attacks, not just this one attack. and i think calling for a federal investigation this one time -- >> bill: here's the problem here. he is walking among them, he had a target on his back.
7:23 am
he talked to police. you can see the injuries on his face. watch. >> i reported it. nothing was done. in the middle of the street, and the front. they stole my go pro. >> okay, what did they use? >> their weapons and their hands. >> bill: reporting suggests three times he has been assaulted at these events, and nothing has happened. >> this is absolutely unacceptable that this kind of behavior is allowed in america when we have criminal laws on the state and local levels that are to be enforced. so, for the mayor, for political reasons, that that was ted cruz a letter, if that is really what was going on here, state and local government -- let's not forget here that you know we have on one side that a lot of times, if policemen intervened
7:24 am
too quickly, then everyone claims police brutality. then on the other hand, they don't intervene quickly enough. >> bill: this was bad. this went on. this was not just a one strike deal. this went on for some time. >> absolutely, and i think everyone can agree that police should have intervened, and again, that is why we have to make sure that we are keeping our state and local officials accountable, and is not just the federal government that needs to intervene. the residents of portland need to be engaged in their local government, and we can't just only get concerned when it gains national media attention. >> i think unfortunately the entire press corps at large, especially if you cover politics these days, feels like there a target. the environment against -- >> sandra: like that? >> physical violence is always wrong. period. full stop. >> sandra: he retweeted the photo. sickening criminal assault. don't cover this out.
7:25 am
many are, marianne. you referenced the ambassador earlier, bill. he jumped on the stories. he said where is mary chad wheeler? where is the national media? >> two things. yes, that mayor needs to address this. i have seen plenty of others, including where i live in boston handle situations like this. we cannot ignore how the media has been made out to be an enemy these days. >> sandra: it seems that you're deviating from the actual story. >> now, i am not. >> bill: you should say it is unacceptable. >> let's be clear. i am saying any attack on any journalist is wrong. period. full stop. i set that out the top. my point is that because of the environment is that many people are making that media the enemy. we cannot do this, and it is wrong. it is wrong if trump does not, it is wrong if the mayor does
7:26 am
it. >> sandra: you may say that the media is taking on this violence. >> i am not saying this. >> i would agree and the sunset of course the media has to do its job, and of course we need to still have freedom of speech and the press. absolutely no excuse to say that he has us coming or anything like that. this is where law enforcement needs to do its job. we have to make sure that freedom of speech is protected in the appropriate channels here. so i would say again, drive it back to you this isn't for federal government interactio in here. what we are doing in this country is prioritizing politics and sound bites over protecting americans. >> bill: thank you. >> sandra: we will have you back later. >> bill: breaking news now. a president trump reaching what could be a breakthrough with
7:27 am
china. the record for the longest expansion in history. >> sandra: off the highs. plus, president trump and president xi jinping agree to a cease-fire. moneyman charles payne has something to say about all of that. >> no promises, no deal made. no timetable. i want to emphasize that. the president says several times this is about the quality of the deal. being detected was not an option.
7:28 am
7:29 am
if i was recognized the whole operation was blown.
7:30 am
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7:31 am
charles payne from the fox news network. how are you, sir? >> i'm good. thank you very much. >> truce is what they wanted to see. restarting these talks. i think wall street is getting used to the idea that there won't be grand bargain for some time to come, but there won't be this economic pressure. the additional tariffs. it may be ultimately, moving toward some kind of a deal. >> sandra: hold on, did we just finished the best juna for the u.s. stock market since the 1950s? certainly there is optimism about a trade deal among other things in the stock market. >> the federal reserve, which is interesting. you see where we were about 100 points off of the high right now. reports on manufacturing data. came in a little bit better. the expansion. i think the market would be higher.
7:32 am
in my mind, it would solidify 50 basis points rate cut in july. the market is expecting the fed -- going in the right direction. >> bill: in order to make it right for both sides -- >> we have had tremendous problems with property theft, forrester transfers of technology, tariffs, nontariff barriers, cyber hacking going on, and other issues. those have to be remedied. that is a very important point. it is impossible to predict. >> bill: at the end gets my attention. do you believe we are ripe for a breakthrough. do you believe that they plot on? it will take us right up to the national election. >> i wouldn't put up a time
7:33 am
limit on that. i think we need to understand that these problems go back a couple of decades. particularly with china. continuing to steal that property. they are not ready to do it on this level just yet. so you've got a lot of dynamics and forces. but i think we will get a series of -- >> bill: you are suggesting progress. >> a series of small victories hopefully. winning a lot of small battles. >> sandra: i've got to tell you about a lot of folks in the midwest, what they're talking about, that is filling up your gas tank. i got a phone call from my sister in the chicago area. long lines, trying to fill out. >> that's crazy. these taxes are just outrageous. of course, california is the worst. california, the average for a gallon is $3.75. for the united states, it is
7:34 am
$2.75. almost $0.50 of that is the tax. if you drive a diesel car or truck, forget about it. another $0.10. >> sandra: ohio, illinois, tennessee, california. those are the states increasing the gas tax. >> here's the sad thing. those are states where you already have massive end, inequality. already, you have people at these lower income levels struggling because everything else in those towns and states are out of reach. >> bill: interesting because the economy is so good he would think that the state budgets would be in really good shape - [laughs] >> sandra: shocking. >> bill: california has a surplus right now. >> you know, california, they pull out the red carpet, they spend a lot of money. it's a petri dish for welfare state.
7:35 am
they just can't keep it going, bill. they have to keep raising taxes. you can get a surplus. retroactive tax. those kind of debits. gimmicks. >> bill: what is happening in there? those who are well-to-do leaving the state. >> it is an exodus out of the state. it has been mind-boggling. here is the good news. the governor has actually pushed back. can you believe this? democrats that enough is enough. when they cry uncle on another tax increase, you know someone is out of touch. from my great state of new jersey, here is the thing that i think people need to understand. $1 million is a lot different than 5 billion, which is a lot different than 10 million. when you start to lump all of these together, you open the door. soon that million dollar
7:36 am
threshold will be 900,000. 700,000. guess what, you may be lucky enough to be part of the surtax. they are insidious. they have got to figure out different ways to run these things. >> sandra: hitting the middle class. >> bill: 11 years? the expanse -- >> it is the longest since the 1850s. >> bill: man. >> people need to understand, though, we have gone from survivor mode to just prosperity mode. the average gdp, one of the lowest in history. so we have always to go. >> bill: room to run. >> sandra: this is happening -- >> this is why we love it. we are kind of contrarian, i think. >> sandra: on here last week boasting about those gdp numbers. all right, charles payne.
7:37 am
>> great to see you back. >> bill: great to be back. >> sandra: thousands taking to the streets of hong kong. part of an ongoing protest they are against a proposed law that could allow people to be extradited to the mainland. we've got live look now at protesters as they have stormed hong kong's legislative chambe chambers. many in the room are members of the media. important to point that out at this point here. live from london bureau with the latest air. hey, greg. >> hi, sandra. we have been tracking the story. the last couple of hours from hong kong. just in the past two hours or so, it has gotten more threatening if not violent. they have made their way inside the city state legislative council building. complete with hard hats and gas masks. they are occupying the place,
7:38 am
and as you know, sandra, there is a media inside as well. as we witnessed firsthand when we were on the ground there last week, the police today are showing remarkable restraint. in fact, they are nowhere to be seen inside of that chamber. they got criticized for overacting to approach us, which left dozens and dozens of people injured. what should have been the main event today, pro-democracy much did see tens of thousands of people marching peacefully through the streets of hong kong. again, among other things, they are concerned about the proposed extradition law, which they fear could see them center right into the chinese justice system. finally, the embattled chief justice, made her first appearance marking the anniversary. from a british colonial -- among the other demands of the protesters, in fact, that this
7:39 am
is beijing back to boss of hong kong goes. we did hear from john bolton, he was in mongolia today. he is asking china to respect international norms and dealing with the situation. so far, short range at least, they seem to be doing that. back to you. >> sandra: greg palkot and london. thank you. >> bill:>> it's an essential isf economics. it is an issue of morality. >> bill: raising their hands last week in support of the move to the party moving too far left. our a-team is going to take that on next. >> we never talk about liberty or individualism anymore. or success or a true free-market capitalism. look around you. look at all the wealth that we haves..
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"i got it!" so bookers are booking a one, two, three, that's a four day weekend
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"awesome" and with getaway deals on accommodation starting from 15 percent off, you can be a booker at booking dot com >> we are destroying their society. we are destroying their economy. because that is the end result in the decade or two if this continues. and then we have proposals being made by democrats running for president of the united states. not a single proposal on actually cutting the debt. but ballooning the debt. why would we destroy such a society? it is time to take on the left, time to take on the leadership,
7:44 am
it is time to take on socialism with americanism. >> bill: painting on a rather picture of america as the left it takes control. back with the atm. adjoining is now, chris stirewalt. >> heck yeah. >> it was off on sunday for him. the thing that people have to remember with politicians is that they live. they lie constantly. they do not do the things that they say they are going to do. donald trump was going to have a ban on all muslims entering the united states. barack obama was going to have a health insurance plan with a public option. if they had to run on what they said on that debate stage this week, they couldn't beat anybody. they couldn't be at donald trump. they cut it couldn't beat mickey mouse. if you have open borders and insurance for everybody at -- >> bill: and free college. >> sandra: what are you
7:45 am
suggesting? we should let it slide? >> no, we should mock them as they deserve to be mocked. we should have a little will rogers and all of us, but on the other hand, they are going to move off of that as soon as they getal election because they are politicians. >> bill: depending on which one it is. are republicans missing out on this? because instead of focusing on the individuals -- what he is pointing out right there is pretty glaring. this is a party that has taken great steps to the left. mary anne well, yes. as a broad brush, the republicans go after democrats at large, certainly, especially since the field keeps switching all over the place. but speaking of mocking, to his point, allow me to mock mr. live in here talking about the deficit. the united states spent
7:46 am
$234 billion then a token for the first time in history, biggest deficit. donald trump has created a $1 trillion deficit in less than six months. the biggest deficit in the history of the united states. so he is entitled to his opinions, but those artifacts. if you think the democrats are going to run up the deficit -- >> bill: we all know that that is an issue. >> bill>> sandra: there was a mt where tim ryan, he thinks that there is a perception problem when it comes to the democratic party. he said what about the forgotten blue-collar worker? >> we have a perception problem with the democratic party. we are not connecting to the working-class people. we have lost all connection. we have got to change the center of gravity of the democratic party from being coastal and elitist and ivy league, which is the perception, to somebody from the forgotten community that has
7:47 am
been left behind for the last 30 years. >> sandra: you can decide if that was effective or not because he has been calling for medicare for all down the road. >> the democratic party on the hole, but really the u.s. constitution and what american liberty has fundamentally all about. this is not just my politics versus years are democrats versus republicans. anything goes, whatever the american people happen to want, that that is what we elect people to represent us forth. what the constitution does, and what conservatism -- we are genuinely conserving something. the most liberty for the individual. so when you have democrats that are so far left, why they are not connecting with the average american is because they are saying i can do your parenting, your work, you are everything better than you can, and i can make decisions on your health care, your parental rights, your freedom of speech. everything better than you can. so what they are missing here,
7:48 am
and what i think the american people really need to understand the messaging that came out from that and what donald trump has been so successful is because he is wanting to actually fulfill the american dream by giving the most liberty back t to the american people to have -- >> bill: sounds like a campaign. >> i feel the energy. i feel the rat has here in spirit. speak about the constitution is here too. that is the fundamental issue. >> if you want to go meta, i am with you to go meta. the primary election system that we have in the united states is producing more stupid outcomes. the party drifts further and further away from where 70% of the country is. 70% of the country is living right here. 70% is normal. they are pulled farther and farther to the extremes by primary elections that make people dumb. i admit i am deep state swamp
7:49 am
thing, but if we go back to the system where we have conventio conventions, let the party owners -- we need stronger parties. the reason things are as bad as they are, we need stronger parties. plaintiff parties to choose. >> sandra: you guys. >> bill: i just want to squeeze that in. what a difference a debate makes. your line is this. "for kamala harris, for others, it was game over. "already? you have ten seconds. >> boy did elizabeth warren and connelly harris help themselves in that debate. >> bill: bernie, joe, and peter over? >> no, i just call it like i see it. >> sandra: thank you. we have got to get going. taylor swift in public dispute over who really owns her music. calling the person manipulative
7:50 am
bully. carley shimkus is here on the bad blood brewing. ♪
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
♪ ♪ >> sandra: all right. taylor is slamming a music executive after he bought a record label, big machine, that controls masters of her music catalog. accusing him of the manipulative bullying. also lashing out at the founder.
7:54 am
here is more. carley shimkus, fox news contributor. you are also a big taylor swift fan. >> sure. who isn't? >> sandra: okay, that's his favorite? >> they also have bad blood, apparently. here is what happened. he is a manager linked it to some of the top talent in the rev. justin bieber, demi lovato. he just purchased big records for $3 million. from when she was a curly-haired country star, all the way up to her reputation out of him. the is taylor swift and him do not get along. she released to the scaling tumbler post about this purchase. i will really a part of it. she says "some fun facts about today's news. i learned about the purchase as it was announced to the world. all i could think about was the incessant manipulative bullying
7:55 am
i have received at his hands for years." someone now controls her music that she can't stand. she thinks that he may have purchased big machine to control her in a way. there are two sides to every story. scooter braun's wife has come out with a post of her own. this is very interesting. talking to taylor swift. "you are given the opportunity to own your masters. you passed. shareholder, notified, personally told you before this came out. so, no, you didn't find out with the world." she is basically accusing her as sort of lying. >> sandra: or at least trying to get some sympathy. who knew all of this was for sale? this is all a strategic move. it has been trending on "the wall street journal" all morning. a strategic move for the age of streaming music. >> yes. a lot of things are coming into play here. taylor swift was given the opportunity to buy back her
7:56 am
music, but the deal was terrible. she would have to re-sign with big machine, something she didn't want t to do, and she wod have to put an album out for every old album that she wanted to regain control of. so, really? this is her music, and she doesn't have control over it. >> sandra: sheryl crow, lady antebellum. >> bill: you find a lot of these artists have gone back to try to find their own music. they have fought long battles. she ended her note by saying she has a new contract. >> oh, my gosh. that is the thing that stuck in my head. >> sandra: i think she will be okay. >> come yeah, i think she will be just fine. definitely a percolating in the music industry. >> sandra: thanks, carly. >> bill: president trump is the first u.s. president to set foot on north korean soil. our coverage of that momentous
7:57 am
event continues. top of the hour. come on back to "america's newsroom." not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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you're smart,eat you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar.
8:00 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. new defiance from iran, raising already heightened tensions. they have breached a key part of the 2015 nuclear pack. welcome back to "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: you've got another hour and you, right? i'm bill hemmer. we are now waiting for the trump administration to respond. it would be the first nonviolation since the u.s. pulled out of an agreement. we are picking up coverage in jerusalem. hello. >> that's right. the iranians have made good on a threat to breach the stockpile limit on uranium laid out in the nuclear deal. the nuclear watchdogs. speaking today in the tehram, he did confirm that his country
8:01 am
broke the terms of the 2015 agreement for the first time. after president trump pulled the united states out of the deal, and post heavy sanctions, they threaten to stop abiding by the terms of the deal unless it was renegotiated. france, germany, and britain have work to find a way for them to operate around u.s. sanctions. they failed to come up with a solution. it is fair to note that they are still under 3.67%, far from a level that would allow them to create nuclear weapons. leaders continue to partake in provocative military action both directly and with use of proxies. today, the chief of -- reiterating intelligence that they are responsible. it referencing blood pressure iran is putting on the international community during his remarks today.
8:02 am
>> only by illustrating authority can we put them in their place with negotiations, even if they are needed. we never yield to pressure, but we will enjoy that respect in return. >> the stockpile limit breached, and also the attack over the summer on oil infrastructure and the shooting down of a u.s. drone, it does appear that they are trying to position themselves to look for a way to negotiate forward with european partners and the united states. looking to bring more to their side of the table. >> bill: thank you, trey yingst. shifting gears. another big story right now, president trump making history by a setting foot on north korean soil. chair kim has agreed to restart nuclear talks with the u.s. bill richardson last hour reacting to all of this. >> my worry is that we are legitimizing kim jong un. we have given him three freebies, and he has done
8:03 am
nothing on denuclearization. i think the next up is important. can we reach a compromise where we back off of saying no sanctions relief, and north korea does something significant on denuclearization and muscles? >> bill: picking up the story alive at the white house with more. >> now expressing appreciation. it just reading a couple of minutes ago "thank you to president moon of south korea for hosting the american delegation and immediately following the very successful g tony and japan. it was great to: chairman kemp to have our very well covered meeting. great things can happen. this all started with appear to be a casual suggestion. the president was in the neighborhood and wanted to meet up with kim jong un. "after some very important -- i
8:04 am
will be leaving for south korea. while they are, he sees this, i would meet him a at the border z just to shake his hand and say hello." hours later, that would produce this. first images of of a sitting american president crossing into north korea. his third meeting with kim jong un. they resume discussions over north korea's weapons program, and he says sanctions on north korea will remain. >> i mean at some point, i am looking forward to it. i don't want sanctions on this country. but the sanctions remain. at some point during the negotiation, things can happen, and that is what we will be talking about. >> they agreed at their first summit last yea year to designae teams to negotiate. with little results to get them to dismantle -- mike pompeo said
8:05 am
the u.s. special representative for north korea will still lead the u.s. team discussions. while north korea's weapons programs are mostly intact, chairman kim has adhered to his commitment to suspend ballistic missile testing and nuclear testing as well. >> bill: thank you. it waiting for more reaction on that when we get it. >> sandra: so, will it help them in 2020? let's bring in caitlin owens. will it help? >> it depends on who you're asking, i think. president trump is most likely hoping that this bolsters his argument that he is a negotiator, and he gets deals done. making progress on the north korea front. you see democrats say that this is cozying up to a dictator. kind of making us dangerous precedent that we will make concessions in the name of good politics that we wouldn't otherwise. it also depends on the outcome
8:06 am
of this. any kind of agreement reaching this. ultimately, that will likely make a difference in 2020. >> sandra: the president to eating "thank you to president moon for hosting the american delegation and me immediately following the very successful g20 and japan." meanwhile, chris christie is corresponding to this. in the wake of that meeting, saying this is just that way he operates. >> this is the way that he does diplomacy. you have to give him credit for trying. maybe nothing will work with north korea. we don't now. they are a dictatorship, backward society that represses their own society. this is donald trump. this is the essence of who he is. he believes he gets into a room, he can convince anyone of anything. >> sandra: we are not hearing back from elizabeth warren.
8:07 am
he should not be squandering american influence and exchanging love letters with a ruthless dictator. defending our allies, upholding human rights. harris took a month and said "he should take that north korean nuclear threat and crimes against humanity seriously. this is not a follow-up. our security and values are at stake." he said this is the way this president does diplomacy. >> this is how this plays out. this is how they are portraying it this weekend. i think chris christie that is one republic intake on it. he is very freewheeling. he does a lot of things by instinct. he believes that if he gets in a room with these world leaders, no matter how difficult the problem has been in the past, he
8:08 am
thinks that he is the one who can get in the room with them and strike a deal. >> sandra: let's hear from bernie sanders, responding to the meeting. >> he has weekend the state department. if we are going to bring peace to this world, we need a strong state department. we need to move forward diplomatically, not just for photo opportunities. >> sandra: politico, with a piece out this morning. "the 2020 democratic primary is suddenly wide open." you saw others fall down in the polls, and others make a move higher. where do you -- how do you think this affects the overall rates as we inch closer? >> first of all, i think what we are seeing now is that people were right when they were saying joe biden and bernie sanders had the advantage of strong name recognition when they entered the race. now we have had the first debate.
8:09 am
americans are becoming more familiar. some of the candidates had very strong showings. kamala harris and mary pete buttigieg, that they are ones who really stuck out. ever since the debate. and i think that that race was always going to tighten. as america learned more about the other candidates. but it certainly helps that it is those particular candidates having such a good night. >> sandra: certainly they were seen as having a good night and a good week. meanwhile, fund-raising numbers do tell a story, particularly when it comes to pete buttigieg. second quarter, put the number on the screen. $24.8 million. that was a big increase from the previous quarter in which he raised $7 million. his campaign also reporting that they have nearly $23 million in cash on hand.
8:10 am
230,000 new donors putting out total number of donors at 400,000. "wall street journal" this morning, how he builds a fund-raising machine. does this show staying power, even though he may not be rising in the polls? >> it definitely enthusiasm. i think it shows that he is a formidable candidate. you know, he has the mayor of a small town in indiana. for him to be surging like this as more and more americans get to know him, his policies, i think that shows that he is i want to take very seriously in this race. he could be around for a while. the front runners are probably going to be looking at him as someone that is one of them. one of the front runners. >> sandra: the politico article, and i am quoting it here. "the aggressive approach he has taken since he formally launched his campaign earlier this year. he has made sure to leverage
8:11 am
growing national interest and his candidacy." that doesn't take away what happened in chicago over the weekend. elizabeth warren rallying his supporters there, kamala harris, they are coming out strong. >> they really are. i think the race is getting more and more interesting. joe biden is strong, bernie sanders high up there too. i think we should all be ready to be surprised. things got really changed over the next few weeks and months, especially as we are seeing these other candidates who are less well known to do really well with fund-raising and debates. we have a lot of time to watch this play out. i think it is kind of as you said, the lanes are open. >> sandra: the debates, as they are meant to do, help them get to know these candidates better. caitlin owens, great to se see . >> thank you. >> bill: the ex-wife of the
8:12 am
suspect accused in the killing of utah student -- calling it the work of a very sick person. while the suspect could have a tough time mounting defense. we will tell you why. >> sandra: plus, making history. will his unorthodox style of diplomacy actually work? >> when i came into office, it was a fiery mess. bad things were going on. and the end of the other administration, the last administration was nothing but trouble. gives you the strongest hold ever to lock your dentures. so now you can eat tough food without worry. fixodent and forget it. priceline will partner with even more vegas hotels to turn their unsold rooms into amazing deals. delegates, how do you vote? (cheering) ♪ yes, y-y-y-yes, yes...
8:13 am
that is freaky. (applause)
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8:15 am
>> bill: this could be history today. watching wall street, the dow is up triple digits. optimism about the possibilities of some sort of breakthrough with the u.s. and china after the meeting with the xi jinping over the weekend if you're just watching this, we are up significantly. i am just looking at the time clock here. when we started talking about the iran nuclear watch dog group, confirming the iranian enrichment levels have been exceeded, it seemed at that moment, things started drifting lower. still a pretty good day. we will see whether or not we can close in on our record. >> sandra: we will be watching it. >> i said would you like me to come across the line?
8:16 am
he said i would be honored. i didn't know what he was going to say. but it was my honor to do it. we had a very good meeting. >> sandra: that is how the historic meeting happen, just another example of unorthodox diplomacy, already luring tensions with north korea. tensions he inherited from the obama administration, but will his average lead to denuclearization? joining us now, bruce klingner, fellow at the heritage foundation, and the cia deputy division chief for korea. good morning to you and welcome. thanks for being here. first off, your take. frankly, is history being made with that meeting? >> right, it certainly was historic, but it was a follow-up. during the meeting, he agreed to allowed his diplomats to meet with them. which is what he promised at the singapore summit. so we are back to where we were
8:17 am
a year ago. after the singapore summit, there were no meetings between the u.s. and north korea, and then when they allow the meetings, it was really just for logistics for the second summit or to talk about everything except denuclearization. so we are hoping this will jump-start actual negotiations, but so far, it hasn't. >> sandra: but when you're talking about just the tensions, using those tensions between the two countries, taking this on and a piece published on and fencing his north korea policy. he writes "the odds may still be long to reach an agreement that fully denuclearize of north korea, but president trump is unorthodox diplomacy has significantly lowered tensions from the dangerous level that even former president barack obama spoke to him about. during the transition. when he was still there, he said this is going to be your biggest
8:18 am
challenge as president." >> right. i think we need to clarify some things, there appeared president obama told president trump that north korea was a significant threat and perhaps going to be the biggest national security challenge, but the tensions weren't high in 2016 at the transition. the tensions only really rose in 2017 under the trump administration when there was talk of fire and fury. >> sandra: many might argue that point. >> u.s. advocacy for a preventative attack. the concern about military conflict, that came in and in 2017, not prior to that. >> sandra: so how would you characterize our relationship? >> we have strategic patience where the obama administration, like the bush administration, not fully enforcing u.s. law. pulling his punches on sanctions when president obama said that they are the most heavily sanctioned -- >> sandra: was not working? >> no, he was incorrect.
8:19 am
unfortunately, the trump administration, since singapore, also pulling his punches. as the president said last year, 300 north korean entities that he has decided not to sanction, though they are violating u.s. law. we are pulling our punches on sanctions. we need to increase that in order to fully enforce our own laws. and we should stop canceling our own military exercises with south korea. we have canceled 11 exercises so far. that is either degrading -- >> sandra: so as far as the sanctions are concerned, are you suggesting they are not working closer mike >> what i am saying is that we are not fully enforcing them. the president reversed at the u.s. treasury department's efforts to sanction to chinese entities in march of this year. secretary mnuchin and national security advisor bolton said it was a very good idea. i think what we need to do is fully enforce u.s. laws. we know where the evidence takes
8:20 am
us. congress sent a list of 12 chinese banks violating u.s. law to the white house. none have had actions taken against them. we need to defend our own laws and our financial system as well as fully uphold u.s. resolutio resolutions. >> sandra: would you say that the trump administration and minimum making progress? in attempting to achieve peace? >> i would say that they are attempting to achieve peace, but so far, there has been no progress or actual denuclearization. >> sandra: what more can be done? >> first of all, the 300 entities of the president said he is not sanction, the 12 chinese banks, which are committing money laundering crimes inside the u.s. financial system. there are reports of other russian and chinese entities by letting you is locked, so if we have evidence, we should be going after them. unfortunately, they have all been pulling their punches,
8:21 am
bush, obama, trump administration's have not been fully doing maximum pressure. >> sandra: good to get your perspective. thank you. >> bill: we are awaiting prosecutors in alabama to decide whether or not you charge a woman with manslaughter. she was shot in the stomach during a fight that killed her unborn baby. my police say that she could be the one held accountable instead of the shooter. we will explain all that coming up. >> sandra: violent protest between some on the far left and some on the far right, the leading of group to attack a conservative journalist. >> [bleep] [bleep] [yelling] my skin... it was embarrassing. my joints... they hurt. the pain and swelling. the tenderness. the psoriasis. i had to find something that worked on all of this.
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>> sandra: measles outbreak becoming more severe, reporting new cases, the total number to 1,095 so far this year. the epidemic largely centered in five locations. rockland county, new york, new york city, pennsylvania, and washington state. overall, 28 states have reported at least one case of the measl measles. [bleep] [bleep] >> bill: this was an ongoing and somewhat horrific incident at an antifa incident. attacking andy ngo, treated at the hospital for head injuries. ted cruz calling for legal action against the mayor after this. we want to bring in tom dupree. tom, good morning to you. you saw all of this.
8:26 am
what you do about it? >> it is highly disturbing. i agree that we need to find out what happened here. you have a situation where journalist as violently attacked on the streets of a major american city like this. you have a problem. no one wants to see portland, oregon, to send into this state. they will not call out the police department to prevent this, this is a real problem. >> bill: it seems that their strategy is to hang back. here's what ted cruz said on twitter. federal law enforcement bringing legal action against a mayor, who has ordered his police officers to let its citizens be attacked by domestic terrorist." what action would you take against the mayor, if any? speak out one thing the justice department could look at is whether there is some sort of cl rights violation. he is wielding his official power and no way to violate the civil rights of a reporter exercising his constitutionally
8:27 am
protected rights, that could be you. >> bill: here is what he says. "this was a premeditated attack on someone because intolerant radicals don't like that he happens to be gay, asian, and conservative. the mayor knew this was coming. the people of oregon must speak up today." i guess you could it -- there was an argument that you could have a recall against the mayor. it is not a likely pursuit? >> well, i don't know. it depends on what the citizens of portland thing. if i were a resident of portland, i think i would be extremely concerned that the mayor has allowed these sorts of protest to turn into these violent opportunities to attack reporters and others. they have a real problem here, and i would hope that the citizens would see this and say this is not something that is going to be tolerated in our city. >> bill: may be that the attention should be put on the group.
8:28 am
when antifa gets together, trouble follows. there was a story about an elderly motorist who was bullied by the group. it was caught on camera. it wasn't a good. >> that's the thing. obviously, the united states have a long and tolerable tradition of peaceful protest, but if you have a group that winds up assaulting people, beating them, that is not so much a thoughtful protest, it is just a collection of violent thugs. >> bill: they say there was no intervention because police waited for them to practice their first amendment rights. as well as the impact that it places on the rest of the community. i would say the second half is something that they need to figure out. the impact on the community and what we are seeing as a result when this group gets together. >> the thing is -- look, everyone understands there is i need to protect the
8:29 am
first amendment, but those constitutional rights domes extend to the right to assault journalists who are reporting on what you are doing. >> bill: it's not like it just happened and it was over with. it happened for quite a while. >> absolutely. it wasn't just one or two random people. this seems to be a fundamental attribute of this group. they just like assaulting people, particularly conservatives, particularly reporters. >> bill: we will see what happens. a andy ngo with the gopro. tom, thank you, sir. we will see whether or not there were legal implications to the community of portland. >> thank you, bill. >> sandra: new information on deadly crashes. what role outsourcing may have played in the software problem, saying boeing laid off experienced engineers, replacing them with temporary workers, making less than minimum wage.
8:30 am
>> bill: the president meeting with chairman kim. is it realistic to think that north korea will give up their nuclear stockpile? >> i outlined of the incredible prosperity that awaits north korea when this whole thing gets settled. we will be talking about this for a long time. that is a country with tremendousif potential. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be.
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8:33 am
>> i think the relationships that we developed has meant so much to so many people. and it's just an honor to be with you. stepping over the line. i was proud to step over the line. i wasn't sure, but i was ready to do it. >> bill: so, after the summit, the historic meeting, we should say, with chairman kim. they agreed to start talks, but will they ever really give up their nukes? with us now, jack ham. strategic analyst. a good morning to you. what is your take on what we watched over the weekend? >> well, it is largely a symbolic gesture. it has resulted in the opening negotiations again. so i consider that progress. after the summit sort of blew up
8:34 am
and he came home without sanction relief, got rid of his negotiating team, the chief negotiator. nothing has happened since then. the united states diplomats have tried to reach out with no success. personal diplomacy here again has moved the ball a little bit. and i think this time, bill, what will be different, is i'm confident that our diplomats are not going to move to another summit until there is some evidence that the north koreans are actually making progress along the lines that you have suggested. some evidence that they are willing to disarm and dismantle their nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities. >> bill: "new york times" headline here it is. june 30th. "the new talks the u.s. may settle for a nuclear freeze by north korea." john bolton jumped on that earlier today. here is that way.
8:35 am
"i read the story with curiosi curiosity. they did not hear of any desire to settle for a nuclear freeze. this is a reprehensible attempt by someone to box and the president. there should be consequences." what do you make of that? >> i will take ambassador bolton at face value. he is heavily involved in this. twice before. they just have not worked. so i think where this administration is, they have made a couple of changes here. early on, they were talking about getting this done quickly and the president's first term. that is off the table. we know this is long term. we want all of their nuclear program and, before we gave them any relief, that is likely off the table too. so i think if we got back here, and kim jong un comes back with something substantive, we in turn would likely provide some
8:36 am
sanction relief. what is more likely going to be a step-by-step process if we are going to make some progress towards denuclearization. >> bill: just imagine. we are going to the dmz to see 36. extraordinary. they don't just act like that, as you know, general. the u.n. watchdog that oversees the iran nuclear program has confirmed that the iranian regime has now exceeded the limits of enriched uranium. iran is responding in ways that continues to ratchet up the tensions. what is your take right now? >> remember, what iran has been up to his they are trying to remove the pressure of the economic sanctions that the u.s. has imposed. our allies and international community to put pressure on us. the provocations we saw in the persian gulf, the disruptions
8:37 am
are, the shooting down of american drums, we are stepping in that direction. it did not work. the united states has more leverage. now, increasing the restrictions imposed on enriched uranium development and storage. i think it is a relatively modest increase, and why is that? they are going to use it as a negotiating term. they want to go to the u.k., france, and germany, still in the nuclear deal. we had no choice but to do this because the united states pulled out of the deal. in return, we want economic relief from you. to compensate for what they u.s. sanctions are doing to them. and if they get that, they will go back to within the restrictions. i think that is where we are. it is largely about leverage. it is about negotiations, and i don't think we need to overreact to this, and i don't believe that this administration will. >> bill: they are going to play us off of the europeans.
8:38 am
sanction stay in place. final word on that? >> sanction stay in place. let's get other ally assistance. we have leverage now that we didn't have particularly when the president exercised some restraint, not responding. but also be prepared for more provocations coming from the iranians if they don't get this economic relief from the europeans. increasing the uranium enrichment. >> bill: glad to get your thoughts on all of this. we are going to hear more of that interview and prime time. tucker's exclusive interview from the dmz. you can watch it at 8:00 eastern time right here on the fox news channel. >> sandra: meanwhile, the problem with the 737 max jet involved in two crashes, after
8:39 am
the company reportedly laid off experienced engineers, replacing them with temporary workers making as little as $9 per hour. more on what we are learning here. >> good morning, sandra. bloomberg says after speaking with former boeing engineers, they found that they were increasingly relying on cheap overseas labor. the company has under investigation. it now, that's bloomberg report says that they are frequently using subcontractors and temporary workers, some of them make as little as $9 per hour to handle these complex software issues. they say that they were named in the report, they did not work on the software that has been linked it to the recent crashes. i just spoke with a boeing executive. he sent me this statement. "boeing has many decades of experience working with supplier partners around the world. our primary focus is on always ensuring that our product and services are safe and in
8:40 am
compliance with all regulation." right now, the justice department is investigating them. last week, they pushed to settle some lawsuits that were brought by some of the passengers killed in recent crashes. they remain grounded. we also heard from u.s. airlines, having to cancel a number of flights. canceling 115 flights per day through september 3rd. united says it too has canceled flights through early september, and late last week, we learned that southwest is going even further. removing the 737 until october 1st. we are still waiting to see when those flights will begin. we are waiting to hear from boeing. right now, no date has been set. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: they are calling it a miracle. in a moment, we will explain what is happening. the suspects ex-wife now speaking out, saying that he's
8:41 am
aggressive aggressive and dangerous, as mackenzie lueck's friends and family speak out exclusively with fox news. >> i think it's so important to remember kenzie, how and where she lived, rather than how she died. this person has taken too much from kenzie already, and i don't want him to take any more from her. [laughs]
8:42 am
8:43 am
>> what he did to this beautiful
8:44 am
young woman took place no more than 50 feet from my own back door. that is very unsettling. >> sandra: we are getting new reaction as investigators in utah gather evidence at the home of the suspect in the murder of mackenzie lueck after police revealed that they found her burned remains in his backyard. he asked a contractor to build a soundproof room in his basement with hooks on the walls. with all the evidence piling up, what type of defense could he use? let's bring an former prosecutor. we should mention that the contractor reportedly was so spooked by the question, that he did not. this is a heartbreaking end to the story. she was missing for two weeks. we have the video of her getting dropped off in the park, and now we find a book worst-case scenario. >> this is really a tough case to defend. of they found him basically --
8:45 am
the evidence is in this man's backyard. not that you're going to choose to commit a crime, but utah is very unforgiving. it is a death penalty state, and it is only 1 of 4 states that do not allow an insanity defense. >> sandra: not very forgiving. we are learning more about the suspect and his past. and his ex-wife was supposedly so fearful of him and his outrage that she went into hiding. the daily mail has this exclusive interview with her. >> there is like something about him, he would be a sweet person, and he would be aggressive. his personality, it was good, then it was bad. and like he was really aggressive. >> sandra: there were red flags out there. >> wear their red flags out there?
8:46 am
it is one thing to have an ex-wife they might ex-husband was aggressive. it is another thing to see the police reports. where there anything filed in family court? it is really hard to say. if we don't have a criminal history, it's really hard for police to look back and say you know what? we could have done more. but it's a shame. we wish we could have done more because this outcome is the worst-case scenario. >> sandra: no utah criminal record. his home was 5 miles from the park where lueck was last seen. here is more on that exclusive daily mail interview with the ex-wife. >> i ended up -- he was trying to -- he caught me. >> sandra: this is her description of a time that he acted violently towards her with a butcher knife and cut her leg.
8:47 am
the university of utah, some students are taking action now to secure the safety of other young students. other young women on the campus. that is just an absolutely horrific story. moving on now to this pregnant woman in alabama. she thought and fly it over the father of her child. she is shot in the stomach. the baby she's carrying dies. the great -- recommending manslaughter charges against the woman who lost the baby, saying that she initiated the fight. >> that has me shaking my head. i don't know historically if we have ever seen a case like this. is it possible to be charged with manslaughter for reckless disregard of human life? yes, that happens all the time. is it possible to be charged with manslaughter for killing someone's fetus? yes. most famously, scott peterson charged with double murder.
8:48 am
but a case like this where you have a pregnant woman that gets in two a fight, and someone else rings about the death of a fetus because of this fight, to charge the mother with manslaughter, i think goes beyond. >> sandra: is it fair to say that this is somewhat of an unprecedented case that they are looking at here? >> completely, but we have to remember, it's alabama. they just enacted a law that will go into effect in alabama, basically criminalizing all of abortion. as was their way of getting around a loophole? right now in november of this year, if you are a doctor and you do an abortion, you will go to prison for the rest of your life. is this way to say don't even try? if you cross the street against the light and you get hit by a car, are we going to charge you with manslaughter? isn't that much of a slippery slope? >> sandra: that is what happens. but they recommend that she be charged, rather than the shooter. they say based on the facts
8:49 am
presented, she acted in self-defense and did not warn charges against her. so jones should face charges for her actions, resulting in the death of an unborn baby. our hearts go out to that community really now in utah. thank you very much. >> bill: coming up next, "outnumbered" comes your way. they have a preview. hello, ladies. >> after making history, president trump proposes an even more dramatic for us, inviting kim jong un to house. will that actually happened? and will all of this lead to north korea giving up its nukes? that is what it is about, after all. >> tom perez defending a dramatic shift in party policy from the time when president obama told congress is health care law would not cover illegal immigrants. it is it's really a different era now? former interim d.c. chair,
8:50 am
donna brazile, on the couch. it should be awesome. >> bill: we will see you then. three more suspects arrested in the shooting of david ortiz, including the alleged mastermind. police in the dominican republic now searching for more who may have been involved in this. moving is hard.
8:51 am
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>> bill: there are new developments in the shooting of red sox legend david ortiz pugh three more suspects arrested as police in the dominican investigated what they call a case of mistaken identity. offering to pay $30,000 for the shooting of his cousin who was sitting near david ortiz. so far, 14 people have been arrested, and more could be on the way.
8:54 am
here is bryan llenas. >> good morning. the plot as told by the national police in the dominican republic is a complicated mess of a conspiracy. on the night of june 9, we are told david ortiz was sitting next to a man named david fernandez. he was their real target of the assassination attempts that night. ordered by victor hugo gomez. they say that he ordered a hit on his cousin, david fernandez, because he snitched on him in 2011. it was a drug case that led to his imprisonment. a man named alberto rodriguez mota arrived and took a dimly lit photo. they say that the image looks like david fernandez was wearing white pants, when he in fact was wearing black pants. big papi was wearing white pants. they say the hit men got confused, and they shot ortiz
8:55 am
instead. both the mastermind and the men who took the photo were arrested on florida. he has denied any involvement, a third person arrested on saturday, allegedly renting an apartment for gomez, where he had from police. 14 suspects have been arrested and will spend up to one year in pretrial jail as the investigation continues. one other suspect is a fugitive at large. many dominicans are not buying the story that big papi, a recognizable dominican hero and superstar was somehow mistaken for a man he looked nothing like. skepticism also comes from a place of deep mistrust of corrupt government down there. >> bill: we will give you new developments when we get them. >> sandra: new reaction to the president making history over the week on the korean peninsula, the first u.s. president to step foot on north korea. so will this lead to the north
8:56 am
giving up its nukes? "outnumbered" will take that one up in a new hour. (vo) parents have a way of imagining the worst... ...especially when your easily distracted teenager has the car. at subaru, we're taking on distracted driving [ping] with sensors that alert you when your eyes are off the road. the all-new subaru forester. the safest forester ever.
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8:59 am
we will see if it is a short holiday week. >> we have before we leave this desperate search for 73-year-old by eugene, found alive after he was lost for a week in the woods. he was separated from a group hiking near the mountains near l.a. on june 22. he stayed alive by drinking creek water and sleeping near rocks worn by warmed by the sun. the rescue crews heard him yelling for help and that is where they found him. >> lots of tears and lots of joy. we are just so happy and thankful for him to be back and he said no more hiking. >> he was taken to the hospital and they can barely comprehend f this miracle. >> sandra: we will grow through this music revolution, sony introducing the walkman 1979 the very first portable audio cassette player and on it went to the disk men. eventually outpaced by the mp3 players like the ipod all of
9:00 am
which enjoyed a personal listing of your favorite tunes. can you believe it? it was that long ago bill hemm bill hemmer. >> did you own a walkman? >> sandra: the i pride will make the ipod changed everything and how you plug in your earbuds. good stuff. it is great to have your back, bill hemmer. we will see you tomorrow. "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, new reaction to president trump six historic meeting with north korean dictator kim jong un when he became the first sitting u.s. president to set foot in north korea. questions now over whether the regime will finally agreed to dismantle its nuclear program. this is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis and fox news anchor dagen mcdowell, fox news contributor lisa boothe, former dnc interim chair and fo


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