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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 9, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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the final bell is ringing on wall street and it's a down day but not by much. the dow has recovered most of its losses throughout the day. the best i and businesses coming up on "your world with neil cavuto." >> neil: welcome everybody, i am neil cavuto and today we are departing from our usual heap of politicians who scream at each other to remember a man who never screamed at all and has left the world for good. ross perot is dead and he was 89 years old. some younger folks out there may not remember him or know him but older americans once and forget him. a man who let his charts do the talking and it's not just that they underestimated him, they underestimated the power of what he was telling us and how our government has failed us. a rage so palpable that some say he had festered still in the
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populous wave that would later bring us donald trump. ross perot, a man who made a billions in life worried about the billions more that government was wasting in route to what he warned would be his physical death if we didn't wake up. and he was on it. armed with a little more than charts on a stand and a matching chip on his shoulder. ross perot figured that if he didn't say something, no one would do anything. back in 1992, ross perot took on the established parties to say both democrats and republicans have failed this country and he was going to save it. run for president of the united states and get the attention of everyone in the united states. they said he was wasting his time and no one would want to listen to lectures on budgets that really didn't seem to matter, too depressing, too boring, too much.
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but the political experts underestimated american voters as much as they did ross perot themselves. this third party candidate who took on erin incumbent republican president, and a rising democratic star named bill clinton who had electrified car, crowds and managed to upend politics. in fact before he abruptly quit that race himself for a short time, ross perot was a leading those established candidates. when he reentered he still managed what no third party candidate had ever done before or since. garner a stunning 19% of the vote. his message was as simple as it was unconventional. his goal, be frank, be jarring, be real but he put it out on paper. leave it to bill clinton to heed his warnings.
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the seeds were planted with ross perot that election year and hopefully a reminder to politicians now, you can and should level with the american people this year, in all years. years after that historic ron it was a message he repeated as a ceo. >> our people are doing a fantastic job for their customers and are going to be doing a fantastic job for their shareholders, because they are shareholders also. >> now do i read into this, mr mr. perrault, that ross perot may be hanging up his political cap? >> the one thing i can tell you is, building the economy is a lot more fun than being around politics because it's based on results and performance. politics are magic acts, and performance. it's a lot more fun to do this all day every day. >> i am making sure that i'm
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living up to all the customers. a lot of those would like to see ross perot run again. do you entertain at? >> ross: i'm talking about business today and totally focused on making sure this company reaches its full potential. >> neil: and i don't concentrate on what i was wearing, what was i thinking? but a man who single-handedly changed politics by not acting like a politician at all and who proved he could level with the american people and show a way out to the american people. today we remember that and will lead without it, which is why we are all over that. with his son, ross perot jr., on his dad's quest to keep the nation's debt from blowing up. u.s. attorney general david walker who launched a national campaign could make the importance of spending only what you had sink in.
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and ross perot darnell sent the two party system tumbling down. we begin with a man named ross who made a household word out of ross. ross and bernie helped make ross perot. it's an honor to have you. >> it's an honor to be on and on behalf of the entire political team, would like to express our condolences. america lost a giant of a man today but he has a tremendous legacy for all of us to enjoy forever. >> i share that and offer that to you as well. what you guys managed to pull off then was an historic third-party run, the likes of which we hadn't seen before and certainly cents. what made it think, do you think? >> what made it click was his ability to communicate with the
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average person. that's something that you see in texarkana, texas, and he is 30 minute infomercials. he used 30 minute infomercials to educate the american public and it worked. people tuned in and people loved it. he gave them facts and gave them a little humor along with it. >> you can remember a number of times, what's so bad about the debt when you think about it? the chinese and others will always be buying it? and he said it's different investing and owning. >> since then we are up to 21 trillion and we have to pay interest on that. if people want to provide financing for any one government program, look at the interest we are wasting on a national debt. doesn't b by a minute of it
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education or a mile of highway or a -- it's wasted money. >> neil: and he was also the first to call it a question, consensus views not only on debt but even when it came to nafta, and what do you think of that part of his legacy? >> i think there are lots of parts of his legacy and that's one of the important ones that we should be looking to. basing trade policies on strength and not on favors. nafta was all about building an extrajudicial system to go to protect investors against government takeover of their properties down there. it wasn't about fair trade but it was managed trade with multiple volumes of books. ross was able to take a lot of these complicated issues and explained them to people.
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he went on into health care and that went on over the life of his political activity. >> neil: do you think you would have gone all the way? >> in reality neil, the exit polling that was paid for by the news media on election day when people reported that they voted for clinton or bush, they were asked to follow a question. if you thought ross perot could win, would you have voted for him? this is after you get out and get back in, on the analysis of the question is ross perot would have won if people thought he could win. you know, he has a great impact on all of american life through his philanthropy and dedication, devotion and family, especially
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his commitment to politics. it's all about service and not about self. he would never was looking to get anything, it was all about serving. >> neil: thank you for bringing us ross and bringing him tantalizingly close to the white house. you know a lot of people focus on ross perot's third-party run. his son told me that more people should focus on his fight just against runaway spending. >> my father is very focused on the debt as she said and my father is a great missionary. i wish we could have fixed it 20 years ago. he had a $4 trillion problem and it's now a $16 trillion problem. let's go to work and build this country. that's what my father wants and that's the game plan. >> neil: and to the man who a lot of people say was a ross perot apostle. he worked very closely on those
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physical issues and also felt that passion. to this day he has been bemoaning what neither party says they can get. that is the gist of the ross perot legacy. >> it is. ross perot was a unique individual and the one word that comes to me when i think of ross perot was patriot. he's one of the best patriots this country has ever had and was successful in business. he truly cared about stewardship and he was a great family man. i remember seeing all the pictures of his grandkids in his office. he made fiscal responsibility a top priority for bill clinton, even his cabinet secretaries will admit that publicly. he also helped contribute to the contract for america and a combination of those two things lead us to the surpluses for four years. but now, we are totally out of control and we need a perot
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constitutional amendment that will put a cap to the debt of ddt that cannot be violated. washington is out of touch and out of control. ross got it right, let's honor him. >> neil: as you said, i would rather say the right thing than anything. and he wanted to help set the agenda for the president and the congress. and guess what? he did. and he will always be remembered for that. >> neil: when you think about it, he broke all the rules. that was unarmed campaign delivered by the oddest of billionaires.
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and he said it, you don't see what's happening. we will all pay dearly for this and it resonated. >> he knew the american people could handle the truth. and the longer we wait, the more difficult choices, the higher the risk and the less burden we are putting on our children and grandchildren. >> neil: it very well put. david walker. and i think david just touched on it. the american people should be treated like adults. you should be treated like an adult. no one likes to talk down to you and feel you are offending you if they level with you. something has to be done. that's the real legacy of ross perot. that this reality in washington, you pour more money i in and in
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and get less and less out, consisting itself, even now. tom leven on that part of the legacy. what do you think? >> the one thing about ross perot and he was a unique character in politics. you mentioned there was as popular strain which was a precursor to where we ended up with donald trump. that was the year pat buchanan challenged george w. bush. that pitchfork, a lot of boaters around the country. he hit that in a way that surprised a lot of folks. he was able to get on the ballot in all 50 states which is not an easy task. he had the money to spend about the thing that we learned about ross perot is that he was authentic and was able to explain these subjects to voters and communicate with them in a way that is not dissimilar to donald trump. in a way that experts didn't see coming and he really was a leader for that time.
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had he not gotten out of the race, we don't know would have happened. 19 million votes in that year, in 1992, for a while he was winning. >> neil: tom bevan, thank you very much. i want you to think of that legacy and getting 19% of the vote. a little more than a few days after we lost lee iacocca. two legends, if you think about it, we defined greatness and bravery. whatever your politics, you cannot deny your wisdom of what both men offered and ross perot is a stark reminder that the two parties had failed. handling the votes, he did it with charge, with every piece of logic. and the guy delivering it was too weird. they were wrong. we will have more, after this. supervisor.
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>> neil: all right. we are just seeing vice president joe biden's tax returns for the last couple years. keep in mind this coverage the purity of the private citizen leaving the white house and the vice president's mansion and he has done okay for himself. he and his wife jill have made more than $15 million since he left office. he made a lot of money. it so much money it works any of the opponents including who up until now was the number one money maker the presidential candidates, kamala harris of california. who will come up with her husband made a little bit more than $2 million. but the fact of the matter is however you view this, if you count the years he was vice president and release tax returns every year and all the years before that he was senator, they have more than two decades of returns that joe biden has released for all
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the world to see. i've been going through year by year and they are all there. at how big of a deal was that. here we go. no mystery, that's a lot of years of returns. >> it is. i think if he was the nominee it would put some pressure on president trump. the president is an odd situation. and that targets donald trump's taxpayer, and that looks very, very skeptically at legislation that was written just to target
1:20 pm
one taxpayer. so even though this legislation basically says to the congress, do you want donald trump, a private citizens state tax returns, and it, joe biden has a really revealed so much today that it's mind-boggling. the amount of charity is so generous that this i think we'll put a lot of heat under the president's feet if joe biden is the democratic nominee. >> it kind of puts republicans in a corner here, you can't start picking apart tax returns. but i am wondering, this is another reminder. all the candidates have promised to do this but how important is
1:21 pm
it? >> you know, i think -- and i say this respectfully. president trump has made it important because the selling point for him in 2016 was, he was a very successful businessman who accomplished so much and would use those same skills in the white house. but he wasn't able to back that up with the tax return so it might be a little less important. you might be less important in 2020 than 2016. i didn't know that statute existed but the statute says, the chair of the house ways and means committee -- not the president, not the speaker of the house but the chair and get a hold of tax returns but steven mnuchin will not surrender them and he has them in the his desk
1:22 pm
drawer. >> neil: thank you very much. and you will be on later tonight? >> i am attempting to fill in for a colleague, kennedy. >> neil: looking forward tont that. tonight, we will have more after this greater details. richer stories. get your dna kit today at i get to select my room from the floor plan... when i book at free wi-fi... ...and the price match guarantee. so with hilton there is no catch. yeah the only catch is i'm never leaving. no i'm serious, i live here now. book at and get the hilton price match guarantee. hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?!
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>> this is about keeping -- you know this hat? make america white again. they want to make sure that certain people are counted. it's really disgraceful. >> neil: does everything come down to racism? anyway, the house speaker is summing up the trump administration's approach to the citizenship question on the census that it's racist and motivated by wanting to advance the white population in the
1:26 pm
country and, to hell with everyone else. we have built the goering and jeannie is a known. the racist argument aside which i think -- i don't know where you go with that. but the issue of the question, the attorney general saying there is a way to get it back in there, the failure is to adequately make the case for having it put back in there. where do you think it goes? >> the failure is why they needed it in the first place. chief justice robert was right, you can't have them acting without making a case as to why they are doing it. so, we are hearing how they are going to answer that the minute they answer that and then this will be gone there because chief justice robert, if it even got back to the court, would flip to
1:27 pm
defy. this is a question that was there in the past but i think a big question is -- >> i understand correctly, it is a question included in virtually every major western powers census. they all had variations of this and they all asked the question in germany and britain and ireland. and, the broader issue was the implementation. how do you end up time after time, jumping the shock on the political angle and these political advisors are making arguments that are right on paper or right in principle,
1:28 pm
however not right in application. >> neil: when you are looking at all of this, where does it go? do you think in the end of this question will be -- this is really an outrage by john roberts because they basically said they gave a reason but he didn't accept the reason even though what they did was lawful. that opens the door to a lot of second-guessing a lot of lawsuits on things. to joe's point i believe i saw a harvard poll today, something like two-thirds of americans are in favor of the question and that includes a majority of hispanics and a majority of democrats. slight majorities but still, a majority. i'm not sure this is the issue that people want to die on because a lot of people pick the common sense point of view. the race argument, that's what you say when you don't have an argument. >> they argued that there was a sinister motive to it. >> this notion, make american
1:29 pm
comic america white again might be the stupidest thing that nancy pelosi ever said. realistically you talk to most americans and there might be some hesitation amongst people in the community and minorities to answer these questions, there always has been. if you take a deeper look, you are talking about politics. and we are talking about texas and florida. that will adversely impact minorities, and the influence of texas is diminished, then you are going to see a lot of g.o.p. powering. so i think, that to me is the argument that should be being made of. this is not about politics and the way that they want to make it about politics, it's simply about being able to say, that we have 10 million people that are
1:30 pm
undocumented or 20 million? it's also a way of saying from a national security standpoint. >> neil: if you guys don't mind, and i will go to you on this. tax returns are out for joe biden. he's done very well since leaving the white house and he and his wife have need $15 million. and, decades of returns. period >> if the president's needle hasn't moved in 2016, i don't think -- you know joe biden has been in public office for so long, we have seen him and he has been vetted so many times.
1:31 pm
i don't think -- i don't think we are going to see a huge impact from this unless there is something that i don't know and those tax returns and obviously, i don't have a chance to look at them yet. >> i agree. i think the voters made that choice when they voted for the president. it does put pressure on some of the other democrats that are running against him, ironically, but i don't think the president will feel the pressure especially since i'm not sure that the biden campaign is upon the ascendancy at the moment. >> the president has nothing to lose and everything to gain. and the people who voted for him before he voted for him in spite of not knowing. >> we got all your tax returns. >> she came really close to take a republican house seating in kentucky the last go around and now she is setting her sights on
1:32 pm
mitch mcconnell and people are paying attention and giving a lot of money. the woman who wants to make sure mitch mcconnell becomes the former senator from kentucky, after this. ♪ limu emu and doug.
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1:36 pm
>> it will be a spirited race, particularly since i become the leader of my party and the senate. you'll notice i get more attention than i used to do. i look forward to the contest and laying out our differences to the people of kentucky. it's because she's a great candidate and a great republican and she realizes mitch mcconnell will throw everything but the kitchen sense her. >> neil: they are talking about retired marine fighter pilot amy mcgrath already making ways after jumping into the kentucky senate race. she's hoping to unseat the republican mitch mcconnell taking aim at some of the signature legislation. on the tax cuts that mitch mcconnell champion to, would you work to remove them? >> i think it's important to note that the only piece of legislation that senator mcconnell was able to do when he had the power was the
1:37 pm
tax windfall for corporations and the wealthiest 1%. the problem i had with the tax cuts is not that i am for tax cuts or against tax cuts for the middle class, i'm not. so everybody wants low taxes. the problem i had was his priority was always corporations. at your priority should have been the people of kentucky and he should have made the middle-class tax cuts permanent and he didn't do that. >> neil: but to be fair, you could argue the size and scope of the tax cuts but about 80% of americans did get them. i don't know how that percentage breaks down in kentucky but could you tell residents in kentucky that i'm going to scrap all of those and start fresh? >> i wouldn't tell them i would scrap them all, i would fix it. i would give tax cuts to the middle-class and working-class in particular. i think that's very important. >> neil: is of the tax cut at
1:38 pm
21%, you would solve that? >> i think that something you should look at. and it democrats out of hand, the democratic president and the debt has exponentially gone way out of control. would you make it a central part of your duty to become a united states senator to address the debt? >> i think we absolutely have to address the debt. it's something that's very important to me. i'm also very concerned about it. guys like mitch mcconnell and senator mcconnell have said they are concerned about the debt and then, when they get in power, what do they do, the increase it. >> neil: they all do that. how do you stop it?
1:39 pm
>> i think you stop it by getting people honest about the american debt. that's very important. >> neil: but barack obama was sincere i take it. and no one seems to get a handle on it. you might scale back some spending to deal with it? >> we were on a path to decrease our deficit in the last few years of the last administration and, we were on that path. then senator mitch mcconnell came in with this tax windfall and almost doubled it. >> neil: i don't know that we were on a path, and you would go ahead and address entitlements, tax cuts that were in trail now?
1:40 pm
>> we want to get as many people in the office and look at republicans and democrats and look at our debt and how we address it. we started to try to do things like that with the simpson plan and the dementia plan, but we didn't want to go that. we had the tea party that held up our national debt and said, they were going to basically hold it hostage. >> neil: everyone had a hand in this. i guess what i'm asking you, and also as someone who served in the military in this country very on honorably, would you be open to paring defense? >> is somebody who has served in three combat tours as a marine, i don't think we compare defense spending until we stop the wars that we are in. it's very important to me to make sure that we have body
1:41 pm
armor for our marines going forward. i don't think we can think about that right now until we scale back and that is why i am for things like authorizing military force, that such a big important thing for me. >> neil: we want to let you know that we did put a call out to mitch mcconnell's office and they are working on getting him on. in the meantime, the democrats fight for a $15 minimum wage. a government study has said that 17 million americans might get a raise but a little more than a million would lose their jobs. .r around the corner? or could it turn out differently? my doctor recommended eliquis. eliquis is proven to treat and help prevent another dvt or pe blood clot... almost 98% of patients on eliquis didn't experience another. ...and eliquis has significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. eliquis is fda-approved and has both. don't stop eliquis unless your doctor tells you to. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding.
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1:45 pm
welcome elizabet elizabeth macd. >> they were staying up upwards of i think 7 million losses. that was cbo saying that. >> neil: they said it's boosted and someone would have to go. >> those people who would benefit, we want higher pay from workers but how do you do with the way the government top down does it? we know that bernie sanders loves the nordic countries. finland, sweden, iceland, denmark and norway, they do not have a min wage. >> some have a higher minimum wages and some have. but the markets ultimately would decide that. you and i know towns where jobs
1:46 pm
go begging at $15 and wendy's and all these legendary stories, they can't get these job sales. >> your point is well taken about the states doing it, the cost of living is different in each state. certainly lower in the midwest versus new york or california. so if it's a one-size-fits-all federal minimum wage, or should we leave it to the states? we know china has a mandated minimum wage and they pay like a dollar an hour. so it's about whether the government should mandate for the private sector. we talked about amazon lifting its minimum wage to $15 an hour. people say that was a moral thing to do. amazon was morally right to do that. what did amazon do? they's cut stock compensation and cut jobs. >> the armageddon not a lot of folks feared with this coming was, it didn't materialize.
1:47 pm
we have record employment lows w sense of the states where wages didn't go up but that's a booming economy. >> so that's the issue. can a booming economy left more votes than having the government's step in and say left the wages? again and again, we say what is the best way to get wages under the rise? i don't know if the top-down approach works. i'm just looking at all the data here and we see with the minimum wage, more than half believe that low-wage job within a year and they go up the income ladder. so it's not that they are locked on that minimum wage job, they have mobility up and out. it's usually college-age students who have the minimum wage job and it's terrible that we are in this country where people are trying to easement, academic raise money on the minimum wage. >> the economy itself, there minimum wage goes up anyway. looking forward to see you tonight, young lady. the evening at it in the final
1:48 pm
stamp on all these things. meanwhile, the green new deal didn't get very far. now emma cut ocasio-cortez is teaming up with bernie sanders to declare a climate emergency. they are saying their own party leadership isn't paying attention so they will which means, you better pay attention or you won't believe what happens. e it. it's amazing. oh is that travis's app? it's pretty cool, isn't it? there's two of them. they're multiplying. no, guys, its me. see, i'm real. i'm real! he thinks he's real. geico. over 75 years of savings and service.
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>> neil: keen to be green. congresswoman ocasio-cortez, center bernie sanders heating up to introduce a resolution declaring climate change is an emergency after the green new deal failed to take off. >> because congress never agreed to a green new deal.
1:52 pm
period the new nonbinding resolution that says, the climate crisis severely and urgently impacts of the economic and social well-being, health and safety and national security of the united states. the time is now for congress to declare a climate emergency and swiftly mobilize federal resources in response to protect the interests of our nation and its people. and ocasio-cortez continued pitching the climate emergency on a conference call just now. >> this right here is the first step in declaring a climate emergency as frankly acknowledging scientific facts and the basic steps of what we must do in order to start pursuing a plan that we need to. >> there is a lot of text about how bad global warming has gotten and the need to address it, but there is not a lot of new text about specifically how these democratic lawmakers would do that. i believe it not these democrats
1:53 pm
believe that mike are trying to take a page from the trump playbook. earl blumenauer says donald trump declared a national emergency at the border and they decided they could declare a national emergency for the planet. expect to hear this on the campaign trail because kamala harris who is involved with this as well called climate change and existential threat today. >> neil: thank you peter. what would you call a social media summit without facebook? i kind of like a media journalism powwow without inviting howard kurtz? we have howard kurtz, what the heck is going on with facebook, after this. that a speaker is just a speaker. ♪ or - that the journey can't be the destination. most people haven't driven a lincoln. discover the lincoln approach to craftsmanship at the lincoln summer invitation. right now, get 0% apr on all 2019 lincoln vehicles
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but i can tell you liberty mutual customized my with the creamy taste of philly, car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> neil: all right the white house is planning social media later this week. one platform with challenge with facebook. and we were not invited. that is weird. media buzz post howard kurtz, a
1:57 pm
good read of things unusual. what do you think of that? >> it is a facebook bashing summit. the president gets all the social media companies, facebook, google and especially lately twitter he is accused of making it harder for people to follow him. he's got 60 million followers and sometimes everybody is trying to knock out the fake accounts and so forth. but i think the number of conservatives and conservative groups are invited. we will see a lot of complaints of bent mic against the big companies. >> he is saying they don't treat him fairly and especially critical to take. but facebook not even being there, but rather a chance to tell them to their face. >> it would be a much better television show down, persis trump, but that will not happen. >> neil: are the ceos coming to this? >> i'm not positive about that but of course that will
1:58 pm
determine how much attention he gets. but look, there is no question, neil facebook, twitter, google executives and the rest of the organizations. we talked about the conservatives, they have a problem. and systemic, it remains to be seen. they also have a problem because basically the claimant is turning against them talking government regulation and designed by the government regulation. they've done such a terrible job of combating hate speech and bowling and russian propaganda and all of that. they almost invited it because always apologizing, and they don't seem able to get a handle on this. but the antitrust question, looked successful businesses that play by rules i don't see the problem they are. it should be separated from the complaints by trump and republicans of bias. >> neil: do you think social media in general, the word about china and all these other entities, that candidates still going to leverage all they can? >> it is a given.
1:59 pm
absolutely but who is better at it, the front runner joe biden. they just put up all these things with a petition and click on this. he doesn't say anything personal. trump, of course, people think he goes too far on twitter. but he makes so much news with that. i think any candidate doesn't learn to compete in this age of instant -- isn't going to be able to. >> neil: do you think a future president that is reluctant, they've got to use this. he set the stage to make sure they do. >> it's like jfk using tv. we all live on our phones now. and i think they might not way -- he is in the same toxic way but yes, i think the game has changed forever. >> neil: jfk. had a ham and eggs this morning. i just can't picture it. we will see. howard kurtz, the media buzz, definitive on all things but it will be interesting and we will check back with you on how that
2:00 pm
is all going. all right, just a reminder we were down a lot more today. we finished 22 and two-thirds points on fox business and everyone and of course, china, trade happening they are. the latest tweet from the president. here comes "the five." ♪ >> jesse: hello, everybody i'm here with jesse watters, katie, dana perino, and this is the five. "the five." a battle over a citizenship question in the 2020 census is getting downright nasty. president trump refusing to back down after the supreme court halted the move and nell nancy pelosi is going after the president with this mayor. >> this is about keeping, you know, this hat "make america white agai


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