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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 27, 2019 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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thanks to my panel. thanks to all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot. we hope to see you all right here next week. eric: it was a huge victory for the trump administration, they say, as the supreme court rules that the administration can divert billions of dollars in pentagon funds to build the border wall. that money was frozen by a lower court because of a lawsuit. hello, welcome to a brand-new hour of america's news head quarters. i'm eric shawn. arthel: i'm arthel neville. five supreme court justices voting in favor of the white house. the trump administration has $2.5 billion for construction of the wall along the southern border. president trump tweeting, wow, big victory on the wall, the united states supreme court overturned lower court injunction, allow southern border wall to proceed.
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big win for border security and the rule of law. let's go to garrett tenney, he's live in washington with more. garrett. >> reporter: to be clear, this is a short-term win for the white house which is now able to access those additional funds while this case works its way through the court. so for now, the president is able to redirect $2.5 billion from the pentagon budget and use it to start construction on an extra 100 miles of barrier along the border. however, the aclu which is challenging the trump administration in this case, is vowing to keep this night alive saying in a statement, this is not over. we will be asking the federal appeals court to expedite the ongoing appeals proceedings to halt the damage from trump's border wall. this is just one of several lawsuits seeking to block president trump's emergency declaration which he made earlier this year to access billions of dollars in additional funding for a border wall after congress refused to p fund his signature campaign promise. this morning, former acting i.c.e. director tom homan says
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he has no doubt the additional wall will make a difference in securing the border. >> if you really look at the data, every place that they built a border barrier has resulted in a decrease in illegal immigration and decrease in illegal drug he flow. this is a huge win for the american people. i think the president will move quickly with the dod and dhs to contract additional miles of new border wall in strategic locations across the southwest border. >> reporter: democrats are not as convinced that the wall will have any effect on the flow of drugs into our country. one of the key points of the court battles the democrats point to is the constitution's separation of powers which they argue the president violated by going around congress to get the funds for the border wall after congress rejected it. until a final ruling, the trump administration has the green light to break ground. arthel: garrett, thank you. eric: the president announced a new agreement dealing with guatemala. he announced with guatemala's
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president they will try to stem the flow of migrants that come from other central american countries. the deal requires migrants passing through guatemala to claim asylum there first before they reach the u.s. david spunt is live at the white house with details. >> reporter: the united states will provide asylum for those seeking asylum from guatemala if the united states deems that acceptable. there were many parts of the agreement. the agreement was signed yesterday in the oval office. president trump says guatemala's also making many different concessions to this rule that came in yesterday. the president signed the deal with guatemala. it's considered a safe third agreement. it would force migrants traveling through the country to the u.s. to claim asylum in guatemala. in special cases the u.s. could make sure those people do so in the united states. the administration believe it will cut down on the number of immigrants into the united states. heres' the president.
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>> i think it will be a great thing for guatemala. they don't want these problems either. so we're able to get this done and we got it done fairly quickly. >> reporter: the u.s. and guatemala began discussing this several months ago. we were told by sources that the president and other members of the administration threatened tariffs on guatemala, threatening tariffs if they don't come to the table with the deal. the deal was signed yesterday. remains to see how that will play out. eric: there's a controversy we understand for the president's tweet targeting a prominent democratic congressman. >> reporter: yes, he did. elijah cummings from baltimore, the chairman of the house oversight committee. the tweets came early this morning. president trump several different tweets raising many eyebrows, a lot of concern from the democratic side. i want to read part of the tweet that perhaps is getting the most attention from president trump. he tweeted that as proven last week during a congressional tour, the border is clean, efficient and well-run, just
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very crowded. cummings district is a disgusting rat and rodent infested mess. if he spent more time in baltimore maybe you could help clean up this very dangerous and filthy place. the president taking heat for the den no tenor of the tweet. nancy pelosi tweeted that congressman cummings is a champion in the congress, a beloved leader in baltimore and deeply valued colleague. we all reject racist attacks against him and support his steadfast stance. they are now on august recess. they will be back in the house of representatives september 9th. eric: david, thanks so much. arthel: we're going to bring in susan grico. we're going to talk about the $2.5 billion from the defense department's fund to the wall. is this a political win for president trump, susan?
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>> well, for now, as garrett pointed out this will get challenged further. there are other lawsuits, the congress, the states, other entities are trying to stop the president. this is one tranche of president that the president moves by declaring a national emergency in february. this bit of funding, the $2.5 billion, is one of the groups of funding that legal experts thought he had a better chance of using, of being able to redirect. there's other parts of the funding that might be harder for him that might get stumble on he legal challenges. the important part of the ruling is that it allows him to move forward right now. they can start taking that money and they can work on the parts of the wall that they think are going to stop the surge along the border. and as former director homan was saying, the border patrol is sg if they can build the wall in certain places, they can redirect their efforts to other important things, including stopping drug flow and dealing with migrants who are getting
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through other areas. so it does -- it is expected to help in some way. i know democrats are saying it's not. border officials say it will help, that it's part of the solution. and it's also very important for the president because don't forget, he campaigned on this. arthel: he did. you know the call and response of the campaign trail was build the wall and who is going to pay for it, mexico, the crowd would shout. do president trump supporters care that they are paying for the wall? >> that is such a great question, arthel. that is the key question. you want to go and ask voters do you care and here's what i think you're going to hear. he's trying to get it done, he's working on our behalf to try to build the wall and he's winning. he's taking on congress, congress wouldn't give him the money. don't for get we had the huge fight last year and congress said no, they gave him a tiny fraction. they think he's fightin fightinr behalf. i think they'll forgive him for not forcing mexico to pay for
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the wall and finding this other method, even though the democrats are not haw loung allo move -- democrats are not allowing him to move forward on this. arthel: nancy pelosi said the latest supreme court ruling allowing donald trump to steal military funds, to build a wall, rejected by congress is deeply flawed. susan, because building the wall was candidate trump's campaign promise, does this infuse politics in this decision by the supreme court? >> well, certainly democrats can argue that. we know now that the court is -- leans more conservative because of appointees from the president over the past couple years. and democrats can make the case, look what happened to the supreme court and they're ruling in favor of the president. the problem for democrats, there is a big crisis on the border. there have been hundreds of thousands of migrants coming
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over the border, a lot of unaccompanied kids. we're not able to handle it. that's clear. they haven't come up with their own solution. so it's kind of leveling the playing field for this battle over what to do next. the president can say i'm trying to do something here, i'm trying to stem the tide and democrats can say no, this is all political, there is no real crisis, the president is a meany for trying to build the wall, wasting the money. the argument may fall short. i feel like the supreme court ruling is a win for the president. it may be temporary, we know that. but he's getting going on this wall in certain areas where it can be effective and he's going to be able to go out on the campaign trail and say look at the victories i'm winning on behalf of you, my base, and that's really kind of what he wants here. he doesn't want to go out on the l campaign trail and say i haven't built any of the wall, it's been a complete failure. they see him fighting and importantly, they see him winning. arthel: susan, finally to some of the points you made, will we ever see immigration reform or
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overhaul through legislation? >> well, something to pay attention to, again, we go back to the supreme court. they're going to have to rule eventually on the dreamers. these are the young people who came here illegally as children. i think that's what's keeping congress from acting. they're waiting for the supreme court to make a decision on that for them and it's taking a away the urgency. the dreamers is the urgency, trying to push congress into taking action. once we see the supreme court move on that, then you're left with what happens to the rest of the illegal immigrants who are here now. there needs to be an em pee tuso force congress. right now in congress it's not there. >> how long is the wait to see a decision from the supreme court on the dreamers? >> months. well, in fact, people are saying it may not even come ahead of the elections. so we're talking a long time. do i think there will be immigration reform in the rest of this congress? i don't see how it's politically
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possible because we're getting into the high campaign season now and this is a toxic issue for both parties because they have not been able to come up with a deal on it. they tried last year. very hard with several different bill in both chambers, all of them failed. it's really -- it's been the toughest issue. i covered congress for decades. i watched them struggle with this. nothing is there right now for something like this. and so it's kind of depressing, actually. arthel: that it is. quickly, can the defense department, their budget, can they forfeit or hand over a big drawl of $2.5 billion, can they stand it. >> the money we're talking about right now is dedicated for drug enforcement and they can move it to the border to say drug enforcement is building the wall. arthel: it was originally earmarked for military personnel funds. >> correct. and what are we going to do with the military personnel. that's the question. will they be diverted from
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things that the military would like to use them for. they're going along with the president right now. there are other parts of the funding, the military construction, that's like $3.5 billion, there's -- congress is suing to stop that. that's where you're going to have military saying wait a second, we need this money for bases, for missile installations, other important things. that's the bigger fight. the tranche we're talking about that the supreme court ruled on yesterday, that is i think the military is more willing to go along with that one. arthel: more on this later but we'll leave it right here for now. thank you, susan. >> thank you. arthel: eric. eric: authorities in italy now saying two american teens have admitted to killing a police officer in rome. italian police say the murder happened yesterday as the officer was trying to recover a backpack that the pair allegedly stole following a drug deal gone bad. kitty logan is following this disturbing story from london for us. kitty.
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>> reporter: hi, eric. so, yes, these two american students are now being formally held in custody in rome but not yet charged with crime. it's understood that one of the two americans is the main suspect in this murder investigation. that suspect was driven away from a rome police station after detention hearing earlier today. now, italian media claims as you say that this person has confessed to a crime, though those reports are not yet independently verified. it's interesting to note that a lawyer for this student said his client refused to answer any questions at all during that hearing today. now, these americans are suspected of involvement in fatally stabbing an italian policeman in an area of rome very popular with tourists, allegedly after a drug deal went wrong. a second officer was also injured in this incident and the suspects were apparently identified on a surveillance camera and a knife was allegedly
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discovered in their hotel room. now, police murders are pretty rare in italy. so this killing has really shocked the country. members of the public are laying floral contributes at the scene of the crime. the two suspects were apparently due to return home to california today. that return back home has been delayed, of course, and italian authorities are now permitted to detain these two students in custody for further questioning for another three days, possibly. back to you, eric. eric: kitty, thank you so much. arthel: thank you. house democrats at odds on efforts to impeach the president. as those investigating him explain the next steps. plus, the trump administration extending an olive branch to iran in a move to get the adversary to stop building its nuclear program. let's be honest, you only talk about your insurance when you complain about it. (garbled)'s so painful. good point! that's why esurance is making the whole experience surprisingly painless. so, you never have to talk about it.
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we continue to strengthen our military and deter conflict in order to advance america's interests. we will do this first by building a more lethal force, increasing readines readiness ad modernizing for the future. eric: that's the new defense secretary on iran, explaining how the u.s. is responding to the groanin growing iran threat. earlier this week, the u.s. said the regime test fired a ballistic missile in defy yanksf the iran nuclear deal. as a result of tighter sanctions, tehran will continue to ramp up be lidg up beligeran.
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first, iran attacked oil tankers and now they have a ballistic missile test. will the aggressiveness be in their interest or will it backfire. >> the aggressiveness is backfiring with the europe mean allies in the deal. britain, france, germany, it's pushing them away. this missile, crazy thing about it, this is a missile they bought from north korea years ago, reengineered and now they fired it off in direct opposition to what the un asked them to do, which was to refrain from missile testing. eric: the missile is based on a north korean design, as you said. you have north korea firing off missiles and iran in define happende--defiance of the interl normals and they say they can do it because of their defense. >> they can say just about everything. we know they have a defensive doctrine. we know they're trying to provoke the u.s. and they're trying to pressure europe to
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give them an alternative trade mechanism. that's not working either. in fact, european trade with iran is way down in 2019. eric: is this the way to do that, i mean, to be the bad boy in the neighborhood as opposed to working with everybody. >> oh, my goodness, no. that's what's so crazy about this. while president trump pulled the u.s. out of the deal, the other members, britain, france, germany, russia and china stayed in. had iran not enriched, not shot down drones, not stolen tankers and taken hostages they would be in a more similar pathetic position -- sympathetic position. eric: how much can this escalate? take a listen. >> if iran tried to seize a u.s. flagged vessel in the strait, how should or would u.s. forces in the region respond? >> i never want to get out in front of what we'll do in any particular situation. >> but it would be a bad thing. >> president trump made it
1:21 pm
clear. when american lives are at risk, the united states will defend itself wherever that risk takes place. eric: they went for british tanker, went to others. do you think they would have the gumption to target us? >> they might. they came awful close when we shot down that drone several days ago. the new secretary of defense told a little bit more about how this is going to work. there will be close air and maritime surveillance for u.s. vessels. the europeans are putting together something similar. esper said this doesn't mean you'll have a destroyer right behind you. rather, it's keeping everything in the network and watching the shipping traffic. the question for me is have they really worked out the rules of engagement, how close does that iranian fast boat come before the u.s. ship can shoot in self-defense. eric: when the president was a candidate, one rally, remember him saying if those little swift boats, the tiny small boats, if the iranians came to harass them we should quote, basically he
1:22 pm
said blow them out of the water. that would send a strong message to tehran if they did that. >> that's right. we will if we have to. i think that's in the rules of engagement. a lot of the designs come from china and again, north korea. so iran is hoping that they can use the small boat tactics to push the u.s. and our allies out of the gulf, clearly not going to happen. really, iran is just further isolating itself and digging in deeper as the sanctions really, really bite on their economy. eric: one thing is this has done, it's taking some of the attention off the palestinian situation in the middle east, in terms of peace with israel and we had the conference that the administration sponsored the other we'll week and -- other week and i sat down with jason gleanblat. he said the number one issue really is iran. let's listen to something he said. >> i think we're at a unique time in history. we have a unique president who is not only a huge supporter of israel, a president who
1:23 pm
understands israel's security needs, a president who wants to help the palestinians themselves. eric: working on that. but at the same time, doctor, do you think iran is taking residence, that that issue has been receding in the public mind, of the threat and unrest and it's all now about iran? >> there's no question, eric, that in order to reduce our u.s. military presence in the middle east in the long term, we have to solve iran. it's been 40 years since that revolution and iran has really ramped up its military provocations, particularly since about 2015. we have to come to some resolution there and get iran to behave as secretary of state says, like a normal nation or we will never be able to reset in the middle east. so yes, iran is the top issue for the u.s. allies and israel. eric: do you think it's possible for them to actually ever behave like a normal nation? what will that take? >> the traditions say yes. this is something they have to decide to do this. this is what president trump is striving for with these very strong economic sanctions.
1:24 pm
i'm glad to see european companies have pulled out of their trade with iran, reduced a great deal and i think this gives us our best chance to make sure that we try with iran. there's really no reason for iran to have even one single sense at this falling. they can -- centrifuge. they must make the choice and back off. eric: suspicions have been they always wanted a bomb, despite their denials. great to see you. great to have you in the studio. >> thank you. arthel: a heart-breaking image out of syria. this photo shows a mortally wounded 5-year-old syrian girl trapped in rub bell after an air strike on wednesday. the young girl clinging onto her baby sister to prevent her from falling. a local report says the 5-year-old and her mother have died while the 7-month-old remains in intensive care. more than 500,000 syrians have been killed in the country's ongoing civil war. more than 5 million have fled
1:25 pm
the country. eric: a manhunt is underway north of the border, how police are intensifying the search for two teenagers suspected of killing three people, including an american. meanwhile, the senate leadership not on the same page when it comes to recent bills on security. we look at why mitch mcconnell won't advance legislation that people say will protect our elections. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico for your boat. enjoy the water, enjoy the savings.
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there appears to be compelling evidence of the president's misconduct outside
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of the four corners of the redacted version of the mueller report and we will work to uncover that evidence as well. we will consider what we have to consider including whether we should recommend articles of impeachment to the house. eric: that's congressman jerry nadler and other house democrats escalating an impeachment investigation against president trump. this move comes just two days of course after robert mueller testified on capitol hill but nadler now wants to get grand jury information about the russia investigation. mark meredith explains. >> reporter: the house has adjourned for the august recess but before lawmakers left town, the focus was on president trump and the possibility of an impeachment inquiry. this week's testimony from former special counsel robert mueller has left house democrats split over whether or not now's the time congress should go forward with impeachment. since the mueller hearing, a handful of democrats have come out to say they're now in favor of an impeachment inquiry. we heard from the chairman of the house judiciary committee on
1:30 pm
friday. he says democrats are demanding to see redacted grand jury information tied to the mueller probe. he says the committee needs all the information it can get if it's to make the best decision moving forward. >> if our committee is going to recommend articles of impeachment to the house, we must make the strongest possible case both to colleagues and american public. >> reporter: nancy pelosi was asked about the timing of a potential impeachment inquiry. she addressed the split in her conference over the issue. >> i'm not trying to stir the spot. i'm willing to take whatever heat there is there to say the decision will be made in a timely fashion. this isn't endless. when we have the best, strongest possible case, and that's not endless either. >> reporter: kellyanne conway spoke to reporters on friday. she said when it comes to impeachment, the polls, nor the public show much support for the idea. >> there's no public appetite for that. there may be an appetite among the fringe, may be an appetite
1:31 pm
among some of the more left wing democrats on capitol hill. didn't look like there was an appetite from bob mueller himself. >> reporter: house democrats will have to determine how they will move forward when they return to capitol hill in september. bob meredith, fox news. the republican leader indicated his intention to bury the bill in the legislative graveyard. that's a disgrace. attacks on our elections are our greatest threat to our national security, as any others. and yet for reasons inexplicable, the republican leader refuses to bring legislation to the floor. arthel: senate minority leader chuck schumer asking senator mitch mcconnell to advance an election security bill as we head towards the 2020 presidential election. but senator schumer's request didn't get too far. moments after the senate majority leader blocked that effort, claiming the bill was
1:32 pm
partisan as it only received one republican vote in the house. let's bring in our panel. dave brown is here, the former senior advisor and committee counsel to washington democratic senator patty murray and brad blakeman is the former deputy assistant to president george w bush. good to have you both. >> thank you. arthel: brad, you are up first. who has it right, senate minority leader chuck schumer or senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> mitch mcconnell has it right. he said all but one republican voted for the house bill. if they truly wanted election reform, it would be bipartisan. they have three bills currently in the house. they can't even get their act together as to which bill they seek to support. and we have to remember, just because a bill has a good sounding name like election reform, doesn't mean it's necessarily in content a good bill. what we have to do is remember the affordable care act. they're great at naming bills. the contents of the bills contain a whole bunch of poison
1:33 pm
pills which are really meant to kill the bill. and let me give you some examples. they want immediate voter id upon getting a driver' driver'se so it's automatic. there's nothing in the bill that requires voter id to vote. and by the way, democrats give driver's licenses to illegal aliens. there's another thing that requires health care and child care to be provided from donors to candidates. that's crazy. so they purposefully put the bills forward, knowing they're not getting support and then demand action by the senate. it's going nowhere. arthel: dave, your take? >> well, brad paints a fun, fixafixfictional picture. the intelligence committee warned about russian interference in 2016. we heard as we sit here, russia is trying to interfere in the elections heading into 2020. director wray is raising the
1:34 pm
same alarm. i'm not sure how many people can raise the flag and say we have a serious national security problem. for mitch mcconnell it's falling on deaf ears. he blocked a bipartisan bill that was sponsored by his caucus in 2018. he has a pattern of obstructionism. i don't understand why. if mitch mcconnell is unhappy with the content of any of these bills, bring one to the floor, allow an open amendment process and get somethings that's a bipartisan product. he doesn't want to do that for reasons that i think smack of pure politics. evidently for him election security relitigates the issue of 2016 and we know how president trump feels about that. that is at the expense of our nation's security. that is a problem. arthel: let's listen to virginia's democratic senator mark warner, the senate intel committee vice chairman as you
1:35 pm
know, on the need to shore up our election system. >> we need to make sure every ballot box has got a paper ballot backup so in case any machine was ever hacked into, we could still make sure the integrity of the vote. i think there are needs for improvement on the private companies, three private companies that control 90% of all our voter files to make sure that miss isn't done. arthel: -- mischief isn't done. arthel: another bil would say e fbi would be notified of assistance offered by foreign governments and also considering that mr. mueller on thursday made it very plain, saying that russia did in fact -- not only did they interfere in 2016 but they're going to do it in 2020 if nothing stops them. maybe it's other countries as well. so would these bills, brad, protect the integrity of our
1:36 pm
voting system? >> no, it would rig elections to the favor of democrats. arthel: how so? >> well, like automatic voter id. yet you don't have to show a voter id to vote. yes democrats give licenses which are the gateway to voting to illegal aliens. arthel: i'm sorry, brad. one second. i'm a little confused. you're saying that you don't have to show an id to vote? i'm always asked for my driver's license. >> there are many jurisdictions where you do not have of show. it's up to state and local jurisdictions requiring voter id. i say as a national policy we should make it in federal elections that people need to show a voter id to validate who they are and their eligibility to vote. that's our most valued constitutional right. if democrats throw a monkey wrench in there all the time. democrats are not interested in bipartisanship. arthel: on my driver's license, my address is outdated.
1:37 pm
so would that stop me from voting? they could, maybe say i'll i'm sorry this is not your current address so you can't vote. there are those games. that's what i think you're talking about. >> in this day and age we should be able to verify with our computer technology if your voter id in person is maybe outdated. they could easily check that and verify it with their computer records. something that democrats are -- don't want to do and they put every roadblock ahead of that. i'm not so concerned with russians as i am with democrats, trying to influence our elections. >> i've got to jump in on this. brad, respectfully, you're taking us down a rabbit hole here. the serious issues that are on the table and you can look at florida as an example, as a state that is very far behind here, it's not just about securing the actual machines that you and i pull the lever on or push a butt on on, it's ensuring we have a paper trail
1:38 pm
of kind which many states don't. so in the event there's a hack or machines go offline, we have a paper record of who voted for who. most election experts are focused not just on the machines, it's also what are the other threats that russia, china, whomever are focused on including affecting our voter registration rules. we know that nearly every state, all 50 states is probed on a daily basis by foreign actors. in our voter registration ruled aren't secured, that's a very serious problem. a lot of experts are focused on what happens if there's a hack on election day. the nation's grid goes off. there are any number of serious and likely scenarios that mitch mcconnell and your party are not givin giving serious attent. >> that's not so. you don't need legislation for that. our security people are working on that as we speak. >> when you talk about illegal
1:39 pm
immigration as some sort of dog whistle here, you're doing us a disservice. arthel: i have to go. brad, yes or no, do you want to walk back that you think the democrats are more dangerous than russia to our american voting system? >> no, i don't. i think by putting forth these bills -- >> come on, brad. >> -- that have these poison pills that seek an advantage, they're doing more harm. i know this administration is doing everything. we don't need legislation for that. we're doing that and they have been doing that. >> they're responsible for coordinating a cyber security response to our elections. this is politics. arthel: we've got to go, guys. brad, dave, i've got to cut it here, guys. thank you. >> thank you. eric: from the swamps of washington to the swamps of florida, for a special effort under way in florida to save the american crocodile from extinction. today there are only 2,000 crocodiles in the country and
1:40 pm
25% of them call south florida's nuclear power plant home. phil keithinkeating takes a loo. >> reporter: american crocodiles are crawling back from the brink of extinction and thriving at of all places south florida's cur at this point nuclear power plant. once in danger, they're now listed as threatened thanks in large part to the florida power and light kroc deem team. they hop on air boats, zig-zagging up and down the nuclear cooling canals looking for nests and rescuing hatchlings. this year they found 27 nests and taken 300 baby crocs back to the lab. they measure the length, width and girth and inserts a microchip to track them over their lives. >> they're not radioactive.
1:41 pm
>> reporter: the team then releases the hatchling back into the wild. 25% of the crocodile population calls this nuclear crocodile sanctuary home, which is perfect thanks to the canals, berms and minimal human encounters. >> this is an old crocodile nest. you can see the egg shells left behind. adult females lay 30 to 50 eggs every year. most won't end up sur describin. >> besides the fact that they're so crucial for the environment and you go throughout the whole year waiting for this moment, waiting for the babies to hatch, collecting the babies and releasing them to the wild which is the ultimate satisfy. >> reporter: from there, the cute babies, at least cute for now, are ready for the world. phil keating, fox news. eric: , well, they're cute when they're small. coming up, i sit down with president trump's special mideast envoy, jason greenblat.
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♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. arthel: washington, d.c. dealing with a pretty major power outage right now in the 9. utility company pepco reporting more than 24,000 customers are in the dark due to an issue at a substation on florida avenue in the northwest side of the city. there were as many as 33,000 outages earlier. according to pepco's website. some of the customers won't get their power back until tomorrow afternoon. and at least two people were killed in a nightclub collapse in south korea and at least a dozen are r injured including american athletes. frightening scene unfolding overnight when a balcony inside the coyote ugly club fell to the main floor. members of the u.s. men's and women's national water polo teams were at the club celebrating the women's world
1:46 pm
championship victory. three of the polo athletes were hurt. no word yet on what caused the balcony to collapse. eric: middle east peace between the israelis and palestinians has been a tough mission of international diplomats for deck it's now. president trump and his administration along with israel and the sa arab word have say promoters broken the mold by promoting the help of palestinians. 24 have turne they have turned . i sat down to talk about all of this with jason greenblat. he went to the united nations this week, addressed the security council and gave it to them. >> international consensus is not international law so let's stop kidding ourselves. if a so-called international consensus had been able to resolve the israeli palestinian
1:47 pm
conflict it would have done so years ago. but it didn't swin. eric: blunt words from jason glean glad. hgreenblat. he is trying to work his magic on a tougher geographical challenge, peace between israel and the palestinians. and in doing so, he is trying to break the pattern of repeated failures of the past. what has gone so wrong in your view so far? >> i think because people fall back on those talking points and they speak in short sentences, more slogans, nobody is willing to make the hard decisionses that are necessary to compromise. eric: it is solving hard decisions that motivates greenblat. >> we want tremendous lives for the palestinians. we're not going to get there with slogans. eric: the visit came one month after the trump administration sponsored peace to prosperity conference in bahrain where more than 300 officials including
1:48 pm
from israel and arab nations attended. the palestinians boycotted the meeting and threatened to arrest palestinian business executives who dared to attend. they wanted to provide the palestinians with $50 billion for economic development. the plan is aimed at creating one million jobs in the west bank and gaza that would take the palestinians to a new era. >> i think we're at a unique time in history. we have a unique president who is a huge supporter of israel, he understands israel's security needs and wants to help the palestinians themselves. eric: the palestinian leadership doesn't welcome the help. the authority president has not only refused to negotiate or participate, he cut off ties to the white house after the administration moved the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem last year. how can you reasure or can you reassure the palestinian authority that this is in their interest? >> i think when they see the
1:49 pm
plan, they will see that. nobody is here to force something on them that doesn't work. it's not for america, not for the european union, not for anyone who is interested in 2 conflicts to make decisions for the israelis and palestinians. it's up to the two sides to do that. eric: iran's supreme court leader has criticized the peace plan. meeting hamas leaders earlier this week he called it, quote, a dangerous consistent spir civil despite that, he is heading back to the middle east. jared kushner and other officials will be following up on the bahrain workshop, visiting israel, israeli script, jordan, qatar. they will certainly be very busy. arthel: new details in the search for two teenagers suspected of killing three people in canada including a north carolina woman. what police are now doing in hopes of finding these teens, a
1:50 pm
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eric: canadian police are going door-to-door in a small town as they search for two suspected killers. authorities say they're carrying out the search today but they believe the pair may be likely long gone. jackie heinrich is live in the new york city newsroom with more details. >> reporter: hi, eric. police are going to door-to-door questioning people. there's concern the teens may have eluded police and skipped town by altering their appearances and offering cash for a drive out. the search is so intense, police requested a military plane to help. police have been using thermal imaging drones and dogs to comb through swamps and thick brush. the last time they were spotted was more than four days ago.
1:54 pm
a source close to the investigation says the teens are skilled survivalists but have no professional training and there's concern they headed to a bigger area to find food and blend in. the 18-year-old and the 19-year-old are wanted for the murder of leonard dick, a 64-year-old botany professor. they're also suspected in the murder of a north carolina woman and her australian boyfriend. people have been sharing accounts of disturbing behavior, a former classmate told global news he previously said he wanted to kil kill his whole fa. a video game user told the toronto globe and mail he stopped talking to him online after these images were sent and praised nazi germany. they appear to show a message, blood and honor written in german, another shows him wearing military fatigues and
1:55 pm
holding an air soft gun. police are relying on tips to track the fugitives. they're asking anyone with information to come forward. eric: thanks so. arthelmuch.arthel: ahead an upn david ortez who was shot in the dominican republic last month. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands?
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1:59 pm
stepping up to the microphone, she's at the mic as you can see, she's now holding a campaign event, she's appearing in the early voting state of new hampshire, on the right of your screen, that's south bend mayor pete buttigieg, he's set to speak as well, we are monitoring events, if they make any news today and if they do, we will bring that to you both from new hampshire and iowa. arthel: well, former red sox slugger big papi has been released from the hospital, david ortiz going home today more than a month after he was shot in dominican republic, police in dr say the suspected shooter mistook him for another man, ortiz had 3 surgeries so far and will continue his recovery at home. eric: kelloggs announcing that baby shark cereal will hit the store shelves, partnership with entertainment band that created
2:00 pm
popular hit song, available in sam's club while supplies last, which may not be long that little kids are nuts about baby shark. arthel: that's true. major developments on the president's border agenda, first a ruling by the supreme court that will allow work to begin on the president's long promised border wall, second, a new agreement between the u.s. and guatemala that could stem the tide of migrants crossing into the u.s. hello, everyone, i'm arthel neville, welcome to brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. eric: good to have you back, i'm eric sean, hello, everyone, president trump reaching a deal with guatemala but first we are going to go to breaking news in baltimore where mayor bernard young is holding news conference in reaction to the president's tweets dealing with the city. the president tweeted, attacking representative elijah cummings
2:01 pm
tweeting, basically that baltimore district is far worse than the southern border, discuss, rat, rodent infested mess, here is the mayor. >> collection of unique and inviting neighborhoods, world-class medical institution and research and baltimore has a lot to offer, we can never allow nasty and hurtle rhetoric to go uncheck bid the president of the united states of america. i want to bring up my partner in government city council president to say a few words. >> thank you, mr. mayor, thank you to all my colleagues and the police commission for being here today, we know baltimore is great american city and like cities across the country we face significant challenges. and there's no better and greater champion for baltimore and cities like baltimore than
2:02 pm
congressman cummings, continues to be hero across baltimore and great country, it should be beneath the dignity of the president of the united states, the person who is supposed to be the leader of the free world to disparage and personally attack a great american city and another great american leader, however, it's clear that it is not beneath president trump, the president should be ashamed the greater good of all american citizens no matter where they live and who they voted for above all else that he decided to do the opposite, he wants to attack an american city instead of realizing that he above any other person on this planet called earth is in a position where he can help, we stand ready and willing to go beyond tweets to help solve issues that are deep and rooted in baltimore's history, we hear the president to talk about infrastructure and yet to deliver but we know that
2:03 pm
baltimore is not only physical city but through jobs, people who get those jobs will be changed significant infrastructure impact made by federal government. we know that baltimoreans and other individuals across the country live in housing that's sub standard and that if our president trump and hud director who should know how baltimore, east baltimore got serious about making the agency work for the benefit of baltimore and people in cities like baltimore instead of trying to cut the budget for that agency every year changes that can be made. president trump, what you are doing is the opposite of what your office is supposed to do, we want to work with anybody that wants to make american cities and for us baltimore a better place but we will not standby and let you deep down on our city, we will not let you stand down and beat down on congressperson, we are about solutions, we are here ready to work with you, stop tweeting,
2:04 pm
let's start working, thank you. >> any questions? >> have you heard from congressman cummings? >> no, i haven't heard from congressman cummings at this moment but i plan to call him. arthel: we will break from this right now, news conference in baltimore started with mayor young saying that he cannot let nasty hurtful rhetoric to go unchecked and then you had another city official there touting baltimore as a great american city and as they condemn the president for attacking that american city, david is at the white house with the tweets that kicked this off off, david. >> hi, arthel, president trump actually just came back to the white house from afternoon golfing at his club in northern virginia, he got back about an hour ago, this all started, though, 7:14 this morning, that's when the first tweet went
2:05 pm
out attacking congressman cummings from baltimore, the two have gone back and forth over border policy, congressman cummings outspoken critic of the president, let me put up the tweet, though, that is gaining g the most attention m are call it fiery m are calling it inappropriate. i want to read, as proven last week, during congress all tour the border is clean, efficient and well-run just very crowded, cummings' district rat rodent infested mess, if he spent more time in baltimore maybe he could clean up filthy place. the president went onto say that he wants investigation as to why congressman cummings district is getting money from congress, that's not clear how that investigation would even happen, but the president tweeting out this morning several tweets against congressman elijah cummings, the chairman of the house oversight committee, not only opposing the president on the bored, also involved heavily in the investigation into the president and any potential ties to russia.
2:06 pm
that could be something there. we have not heard again from the president but so far many people condemning his tweet you saw obviously in the news conference right there also how speaker nancy pelosi, even the daughter of former president george w. bush, janna bush hagger she worked in west baltimore and criticizing the president telling him to choose his words wisely, arthel. arthel: david, live at the white house, thanks, david. eric: big win for the president on the situation dealing with the migrants who are trying to come from central america, in guatemala they have reached a deal for that country to acquire migrants to apply for asylum in that country there before they travel to the united states. meanwhile the supreme court has also ruled that the president can proceed with this plan to use pentagon funds to use part of border wall along the southern border, the president saying action was needed to overcome the obstruction from democrats.
2:07 pm
garrett tenney live in washington with the very latest on the court's ruling and what both of these decisions mean, hi, garrett. >> legal fight is not over but in short-term it is a win for the white house, 5-4 ruling allows the administration to move ahead with plans to build border wall while case works its way through the court. the president is able to access 2 and a half billion dollars from the pentagon's budget to build 100 miles of wall along the bored, last night the president touted the court's ruling on twitter, wow, big victory on the wall, the united states supreme court overturns lower court injunction, allows 7 border wall to spreed, big win for border security and the rule of law. these funds are part of the roughly $6.7 billion the white house targeted for the wall earlier this year when president trump declared a state of emergency after congress refused to fund his signature campaign promise. this morning on "fox & friends" the president of national border control council said the new stretch of wall will make a difference in securing the
2:08 pm
border. >> this ruling by the supreme court is going to allow border patrol agents to better secure the border by dictating where illegal border crossings take place especially the narcotics and the criminal aliens that are entering the country. >> democrats aren't convinced the wall will make any difference, though, senate minority chuck schumer criticized the court's ruling saying it's a sad day when the president is cheering a decision that may allow him to steal funds from military to pay for in effective, expensive wall for which he promised méxico would foot the bill. acl, which is challenging the trump administration in this case is not backing down either saying this is not over, we will be asking the federal appeal's court to expedite the ongoing appeal's proceeding to halt the irreversible and eminent damage from trump's border wall. the white house is till trying to get access to another $4 billion in funding for the border wall but unlike the 2 and a half billion dollars the supreme court just gave the administration access to, those other funds are still being
2:09 pm
blocked in the separate lawsuit while the legal battle plays out, eric. eric: thanks so much. meanwhile house judiciary committee chairman nadler those among leading charge to proceed with impeachment investigation of president trump, this after the public testimony from former special counsel robert mueller on wednesday, republicans during that hearing begin the beginning of the russia investigation and the alleged fisa abuse but democrats on the committee, they filed a petition to unseal grand jury material from mueller's investigation, mark has more from washington. where-- the house has adjourned before august recess. this week's testimony from former special counsel robert mueller has left house democrats split over whether or not now is the time congress should go forward with impeachment. since the mueller hearing a handful of democrats have come out to say they are now in favor of impeachment inquiry, we heard from the chairman of the house
2:10 pm
judiciary committee on friday, he said democrats are demanding to see redacted grand jury information tied to mueller probe, he says the committee need all the information it can get to make the best decision moving forward. >> if our committee is going to recommend articles of impeachment to the house, we must make the strongest possible case to the colleagues and american public. >> house speaker nancy pelosi was asked about the timing of potential impeachment inquiry and she addressed the split in her conference over the issue. >> so i'm willing to take whatever heat there is there to say, when we -- a decision will be made in timely fashion, this isn't endless and we have the best strongest possible case and that's not endless either. >> presidential adviser kellyanne conway spoke to reporters on friday, when it comes to impeachment nor the public show much support for the idea. >> there's no public appetite
2:11 pm
for that, maybe appetite among the some of the more-left wing districts on capitol hill but truly -- doesn't look like appetite from bob mueller himself. >> house democrats will have to decide how to move forward when they return to capitol hill in september, in washington mark meredith fox news. >> all right, thanks, arthel. arthel: eric, two american teenagers are facing murder charges in the stabbing death of a police officer in rome, italian authorities say the officer was investigating the theft of a bag after a drug deal gone bad, kitty logan explains. >> two american students have been formally detained in rome on suspicion of murdering an italian policemen. it's understood that one of the two americans is the main suspect in the investigation, that suspect was driven away police station following
2:12 pm
detention hearing earlier saturday. italian media clams this individual has confessed to crime although those reports are not independently verified, a lawyer for the student says his clients has refused to answer questions during the hearing, but italian police say they suspect the student of stabbing italian policemen to death in area of rome popular to tourists after drug deal went wrong. the policemen were reportedly trying to stop the students stealing bag from person on the street, a second police officer also injured in the incident. the suspects were apparently identified on surveillance cameras and identify was allegedly discovered in hotel room. police murders are rare and killing shocked the country. the two american students were due to return to california on saturday, but they now can be held initially for a period of 3 days for more questioning.
2:13 pm
in london kitty logan, fox news. eric: 39,000 people are without power right now in washington, d.c. where it's in the low 90's, power company tweeted just a short time ago about it saying they are working to restore service to customers as quickly as possible, that blackout hitting the northwest part of the city, the outage reportedly stemming from a problem in substation, they say all power, though, expected to be restored by 7:00 p.m. tonight. arthel: political unrest in puerto rico in the wake of the governor's resignation, why protestors are focusing on possible replacement. renters in? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could save a bunch too. antonio! fetch computer!
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2:17 pm
immigration politics, clearing the way for administration to move money from the pentagon to build section it was border wall with méxico and the administration has announced it signed new asylum agreement with guatemala, what does all this means, host of the jimmy weinstein show podcast at national review online, the president has been quarreling about this, he has been talking about using and moving pentagon money from that budget over to build the wall, congress has the power of the purse but the supreme court says you can go ahead and do that pending lower court rulings. >> pretty good week from the president both two rulings on top of what he saw as a mueller hearings that he probably he was happy with, they didn't hurt him, this was a pretty good week to end with the two rulings, two rulings, we have to see how they impact the immigration situation, whether they actually help with the -- the border
2:18 pm
problems that we have, i think politically, though, they are certainly going to help the president, argue at least to base that he's moving along and doing what he said which was get tough on the border. >> building the wall wouldn't that be a visible demonstration of progress that you would want to point to and probably go down to and campaign next to or even just point to and at the same time guatemala deal which says those migrants from central america, from el salvador and from honduras who come from guatemala, they have to apply for basically amnesty there first before they can go on into méxico after they apply for asylum. >> certainly with the wall he might just do that, where the construction is going on and say, look, i'm doing what i said and i think for most of his base they'll be happy with that, i will say that there's part of his base, the ann coulter wing
2:19 pm
of his base who have been critical on him on immigration and building the wall and they will not be satisfied by that, they think it'll be too little, most of the base accepting on him fighting washington and on the guatemala issue, i think the base will accept look at what he's doing, we still have to see how that plays out. , guatemala is not a safe country, i don't know how they will process asylum seekers if they have thousands upon thousands, they've never done anything like that and they are not particularly stable, we will have to see how that plays out, i think on a political civil for most of his base they will applaud him for that. former deputy attorney general tweeted this, quote, wow, what happened to your big promise that méxico will pay for the wall, no victory for america.
2:20 pm
the visittics will say, they are taking money from the military that is earmarked for that and that will leave deficit with the military. >> yeah, i sympathize with the critics who point to past presidents and this president using the emergency powers too loosely, when we see in that tweet and with some of what the president's own tweets is that this has become a political issue, the idea that the wall should be the number one issue on immigration and people getting angry over it, you know, especially when in the past both republicans and democrats have come together to build parts of a wall seems a little bit silly missing the forest of the trees here, there's a real problem with immigration, both sides are using for political maneuvering rather than trying to solve the problem. eric: the republicans say democrats haven't done enough, they did pass humanitarian purposes, finally flowing down
2:21 pm
there but there's been total gridlock on this issue on capitol hill. >> i think there has been gridlock and both sides to some extent, genuine people who want to solve the problem, people who see this as political women that helps both of their bases rally, both democrats and republicans in different ways, i think they see it as a rallying cry and solving the issue, remove the rallying crying, instead of solving the problem which is solvable, you get, you know, they think not solving it will be able to rally the base by demonizing the other side. eric: finally a few months ago the president looking at the mark-ups there, your reapplication of when he's down there looking at the concrete? >> i thought from the very beginning we would see more of the president going down to the border when the wall was showing the wall and wearing a hard lat -- hat or passing infrastructure bill and wearing hard hat and watching road being constructed,
2:22 pm
that seems right up his alley, we haven't seen so much of that. i can imagine during the campaign if he's able to build more section it was wall as you mention, we might see that next year as we move in 2020. eric: even before next year, you know. >> possibly. eric: redesigned and spikes, and the slabs as oppose to just concrete, so we will wait for that, jimmy weinstein as always, thank you. >> thank you. eric: arthel. arthel: police in canada releasing surveillance video of the two teens suspected in the murders of 3 people including a north carolina woman, they are hoping this will help locate the fugitives while work that the pair may have changed their looks to avoid getting recognized. jacqui heinrich with the story from new york city news room. >> the teen fugitives may have paid someone to get ride out of town, possible said it's possible they changed appearances and someone helped them all this as investigators
2:23 pm
confirm to us someone else did help them when their car got stuck on trail earlier this week, this is the last-known video seen july 21st shopping, earlier that morning, several mimes away in another province a resident in cold lake alberta noticed a car stuck on a trail behind their house, they went out to get help, help the drivers get unstuck and it wasn't until later that night the home owner realized from social media they had helped two suspected killers get away. police describe interaction as unremarkable and at the time the teens were driving the toyota, later found burned out where the search has been focused for the last few days. police are still going door to door and nearby lake questioning people, combing through swamps, thick brush and abandoned building with thermal energy drones and dogs, last time
2:24 pm
fugitives were spotted was more than 4 days ago and source close to investigation says the teens are skilled survivalist but no professional training but probably went to bigger area where they can blend in and have food. they were charged with murder of 64-year-old college professor leonard dick and suspected in murders of north carolina woman and her australian boyfriend lucas fowler, police are reportedly investigating nazi images, one of the suspects allegedly shared online and source quotes that investigation are suspecting robbery gone wrong. arthel: jacqui heinrich, thank you. eric: north korea launching two short-range missiles, how will this impact nuclear talks, we will take a look next.
2:25 pm
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we carry flowers that signifyn why we want to end the disease. and we walk so that one day, there will be a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor.
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2:29 pm
i think this allows negotiations to go forward. a lot posture before coming forward. arthel: member of hoover institute board of overseer, john, what is kim jong un up to? >> trying to decouple for political pressure to get sanction's relief very similar to what iran is doing with europe. arthel: how does this look for president trump considering he extended himself the reputation of his presidency and the country in historic fashion by taking those 20 steps onto north korean soil, first sitting president to do so and this is what kim jong un hands president trump in return? >> first of all no violation
2:30 pm
with regard to trade, no long-range missile test or nuclear tests. president trump given north koreans nothing, there's been no sanction's release, administration on both sides when they have done this have given sanctions release and in some cases money or aid in return, in this case the north koreans and iranians have gotten actually nothing. >> president trump has given kim jong un a major spotlight on the world world stage he has in effect legitimize kim jong un, that's a biggie for kim jong un. >> well, not really, north koreans always had a big spotlight on them, in the past whenever they did this basically extortion they were rewarded for it n this case -- in this case, they haven't been. arthel: a little photo-op, the biggest photo-op of the century, are you kidding me, john, little photo-op?
2:31 pm
>> no, arthel, at the end of the day what does north korea want, sanction relief. what north koreans really want is sanctions relief and resolution of economic difficulties, in this case they are not getting anything for it. arthel: so, all right, so now what, how should the u.s., south korea, japan react at this point? >> well, their reaction is very important, iran -- a big unreported story, iran tested interrange ballistic missile this week and effort to do the same thing, decouple the united states from europe and get sanctions relief in their case, it's not the coincidence dealing with same administration and dealing with same policies are doing the same thing, they are testing limits to have administration and in the past they have been indulged by administrations and in this case they are trying to decouple the other from regional allies in the hope of getting financial relief, if the united states
2:32 pm
caves and either caves the either one will be more difficult to deal with, so it's important that when we analyze this we don't look at isolated incidents because if they are not talking to each other, they are watching what the other one does. arthel: good point there. should president trump reinstate military exercises with south korea? >> no, there's no reason to do that. keep in mind, you're dealing with north korea, not just kim jong un, you're dealing with the military and all of the nations that go to north korean regime and kim jong un has to deal with him and has to be able to keep house in order, the idea is no sanction's relief, keep dialogue open, but continue to draw hard line and break this cycle or whenever the north koreans or iranians test something or lunch a missile where indulged. arthel: will it stop kim jong un, the sanctions haven't stopped him, i will keep doing
2:33 pm
my missile testing even though i told the president i wouldn't do it. where is this heading? >> what north koreans agreed not to test long range continental ballistic missile, nor also agreed not to test nuclear weapon, ie, nuclear detonations, they have done neither, just because missile is not a missile is not a missile. so north korea technically is abiding by the agreement -- arthel: we should be okay with short-range ballistic missile testing? >> no, we shouldn't be okay, sign of desperation to decouple the united states from south korea from anything else. not to say it's serious, new type of missile, copy of russian missile, it is serious event but in looking at what we should do now what you don't do is cave
2:34 pm
into this. arthel: okay, that said should the consideration of a third summit between president trump and kim jong un at the white house no doubt be taken off the table? >> definitely, that should be used as leverage, i agree with you there, arthel. we don't want to indulge or rewarded this type of behavior with that, i don't think that kim jong un wants to come to washington but what you can't do is rewarded with sanction's relief and at the same time you don't want to play too hard either where you're giving hard liners in pyongyang that are a lot more hardline than pyongyang licensed to undermine any peace efforts or possibly to overthrow him. we can't forget that kim jong un is not -- may or may not be totally in control in pyongyang. arthel: sean, thank you, mr. jordan, we will see you next time. >> good to see you, arthel. arthel: same here. eric: political drama, playing in and out puerto rico with resignation with ricardo rosello, protestors have been celebrating ouster this as they
2:35 pm
set sights on likely successor, bryan llenas live in puerto rico with more on the political turmoil, hey, bryan. >> hey, eric, lots of uncertainty, ricardo rosello may be out friday august 2nd, the corruption allegations have had negative impact and reputation of the island as well as u.s. territory's relationship with washington, d.c., i'm in puerto rico where signs of slow recovery nearly 2 years after hurricane maria are everywhere, it's not just here, the you look all around the area signs of slow recovery everywhere with blue tarps in and around the island, requiring government of puerto rico to provide more documentation and proof before they release rebuilding funds, fema says this is an effort to make sure u.s. taxpayer money is being used properly amid allegations of government corruption. we spoke to puerto ricans who
2:36 pm
say they welcome oversight rosello administration mismanaged funds. >> in reality a lot of money has arrived here and they should be spending it better. i don't know where the money is. i don't know how it's being utilized, i don't know where it's going, a lot of money. >> yeah, some $13 billion in disaster funding has made its way down to the island so far, meanwhile feeling the heat, puerto rico's governor and waiting secretary of justice juan vázquez, to take off friday but calls for her to resign amid allegation that is she didn't fully investigate the possible diversion of aid supply trucks meant for victims of hurricane maria, meanwhile protests are planned for monday as puerto ricans are calling really to just clean house of all corrupt politicians associated with the rosello administration. there's a real scenario, eric, where juana vázquez takes office next friday, picks secretary of
2:37 pm
state and she resigns and that secretary of state then becomes the new governor, so lots of political uncertainty and really the people of puerto rico just are sick of it and they want new government that will represent them and interest. >> wow, they are going through a lot after hurricane with this political instability and not over yet. bryan, thank you. arthel: political ping-pong, police in hong kong has cleared train station by force after protestors refuse today leave, officers in riot gear used batons and pepper spray to dispersion crowds, crowds in the train station after police first used tier -- teargas and meant to show defiance of white clad mob that attacked people at the same train station last weekend leaving 45 people injured. we are we are nearly 1,000
2:38 pm
protestors have been arrested in russia today, during violent protest in moscow, police say about 3500 people poured into the streets were against the exclusion of opposition politicians from the ballot in upcoming city council election in council, the demonstration lasted more than 7 hours, this as shown antigovernment uprising as they continue and comes week after the city's largest opposition rally was held there in years. arthel: democrats in the house pursuing impeachment investigation just days after former special counsel robert mueller testified before two congressional committees, so what's next, we debate with our panel after this. not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ prpharmacist recommendedne memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere.
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2:42 pm
eric: house judiciary committee chairman congressman nadler, of course, democrats in the committee are debating the next steps toward potential impeachment proceedings against president trump. this comes after special counsel robert mueller testified before two congressional hearings last week, nadler saying that the committee needs to build strong case before recommending possible impeachment vote, can we get that? let's bring in legal panel, attorney misty and michael jay moore, former u.s. attorney in george and partner, michael, i will start with you. >> sure. >> this seems to be nadler building legal procedural foundation, first step under the law to move to -- go to courts such as getting the secret grand jury material that mueller used to base his investigation on, could you describe that procedural legal process? >> you know, under the law the grand jury information is secret, done in a way so that people can testify and remain anonymous and they don't have to worry about name come out in the
2:43 pm
press and they give information in criminal procedure and not worry about being threatened and those kinds of things, purpose of having the grand jury secret, in this case, my guess democrats will move into the provision of federal that in judicial proceeding a judge can release that information so it can be used in that proceeding, they'll be an argument of whether or not the impeachment inquiry or process is judicial proceeding or political proceeding but i think if you remember that impeachment takes place in the house, the trial in the senate and the chief justice of the united states supreme court presides over the trial, it's going to be hard for people to argue when you have chief justice sitting there. they'll be asking court to release the information and allow them to have access to.
2:44 pm
do you expect nadler and the committee will get what they want? >> there's a distinction between the watergate situation and nexton era and now and specifically that distinction is that back in 1974 the full house voted to declare an impeachment inquiry open, so we don't have that here, so whether or not the court is ultimately going to find that default under category, it's pretty mirky, and especially because the court of appeals for the dc circuit has said this is a very narrow interpretation of when grand jury can be shared and there's very limited exceptions so i do not think that this is a slam dunk for the democrats. i think this is going to be a very telling decision in the dc court. >> they don't even call it an inquiry which is the legal standard, they are calling it an investigation.
2:45 pm
>> and that's it, eric, that's why i think that they are going to have a problem stepping into the courtroom and the reason the why i believe is just because the democrats can't get all on the same page as to what to do next, as to whether or not even pursue impeachment, so this is kind of a way to soft-ball in a political way to not have to make that black or white decision, that's my view on why we are hearing this in such a mirky and limited fashion instead of going for it and saying this is truly an investigation. >> as you showed on the screen, 100 democrats supported impeachment but you need 218. let me play you a sound bite, michael, of what the president says. >> obstruction is interesting, they have interviewed lawyers, everybody that they we wanted to interview, people that have -- i could have kept back by using presidential privilege, i could
2:46 pm
have kept back and i give them and they say obstruction. >> 10 obstruction counts that mueller could not bring, michael, what's your sense of that and what the president said? >> well, i mean, i think he must have forgotten that bob mueller wanted to interview him and he refused through lawyers to participate in the interview and had big negotiation about whether or not he could answer questions in written form and to suggest somehow that he has let testify is farce, fake news because in fact, assert privilege all of the time. we can go down the list, bob mcgann, we can go person after person and pretend that didn't happen and i think that's the issue that we will see when we get to grand jury information, in the nixon case, nixon
2:47 pm
authorized to look at grand jury information, trump has not. court is going to be -- decide whether or not chief executive can block the congress, legislative branch from doing its job and its job under the constitution to conduct impeachment inquiry if they believe it's crime and misdemeanor. do we allow the stuff to come out the executive branch through doj, special counsel, does that mean that all that can be secret if the executive doesn't want it to come out, that makes the whole process for impeachment and i just don't think that makes sense. >> sounds the court would side with congress on that, michael. >> i don't think they will have much choice. otherwise what does it mean to have an investigation, i mean, if you're investigating the chief executive and the chief executive gets to decide whether or not the investigation and the materials are allowed to be reviewed by the congress, that -- that doesn't make sense to me
2:48 pm
and so what i suggest to you every court and decision makes sense, but in this case, i think there's probably compelling reason to allow the information to come forward. there are numerous accounts, one of the most damning things is effort to get mcgann, his lawyer to fabricate a story, i mean, that's his lawyer talking. i don't put much credence when i hear things i've been exonerated. >> and congress wants to hear from mcgann. final word. >> one thing that came out of the mueller testimony that i found to be most relevant with respect to obstruction question, he was asked did -- was there anything that impeded your investigation and the answer was a clear une -- unequivocal no.
2:49 pm
it's paramount and i think the court will have a tough one. i do not think it's black and white, i'm not sure dem wills get what they want. eric: i hear michael trying to sneak in there, go ahead, mike. >> he said at the outset of investigation he was directed that they couldn't indict a sitting president, that meant that there was no real inquiry into the obstructive conduct, they looked at and found 10 particular instance where is they may be but the idea of siding they will charge was taken. eric: after all this, we will all be able to pass the bar examination. >> very true. eric: thank you for this and we will be right back. >> thank you. as an instant savid i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family.
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arthel: 2020 democratic candidates out on campaign trail making pitch to voters in early
2:53 pm
vote states like iowa as they gear for democratic debates in detroit. kristina. >> hey, arthel, well democratic candidates campaigning hard today, fox survey released thursday shows how they will do in hypothetical general election showdown against president trump, the polls show senator kamala harris losing by 1 percentage as democratic front runner joe biden not only does he have double-digit lead among democratic primary voters, this poll shows biden beating trump. the biden campaign tweeting this, we know you have polls, we glad you saw the latest, you are losing by 10, have a nice day. elizabeth warren had a house party in new hampshire today, she criticized president trump's campaign strategy which targets voters who are unhappy with their economic situation.
2:54 pm
>> if you feel stretched financially, if you're anxious about your future, blame them, blame people who don't look like you, blame people who weren't born when you were born, blame people who don't worship like you, so long as people are turned against people, working people against working people, then the rich and the powerful who are picking everybody's pockets get a free walk. >> kamala harris one of the 10 presidential candidates who attended the urban league conference in indiana, here is what she had to say about donald trump at the conference in front of a large audience of many black voters. >> donald trump says he wants to make america great again, well, what does again mean? back before the civil rights act, back before voting rights act, back before roe v. wade, we
2:55 pm
are not going back, we are not going back. in fact, i will tell you where we are going, we are going to the white house. indiana mayor pete buttigieg in forum. arthel: national urban league playing major role in 2020 election, thank you, we will be right back. seriously. i don't even recognize myself. and thanks to my cashrewards credit card from navy federal with never-expiring rewards it's gonna be a killer honeymoon. woo! maui!! boom navy federal credit union. our members, are the mission.
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the earth than the moon and nobody saw it coming, asteroid 2019 was reportedly undetected as it hurdled towards earth in speed of 15 miles per second before flying past nasa says it was just 45,000 miles away from earth on thursday, scientists say they missed it because it was coming from the direction of the sun. >> we don't want to hear that that they didn't see it coming, oh, well, spacex sends slime into space, spacex rocket traveling to international space station carrying the green slime, it'll be used as part of science experiment to figure out how slime moves in zero gravity, if you have kids, you've seen the show, channel for young ones and they take the green gu, get young people more interested in science, math, and engineering, that's a good thing.
3:00 pm
arthel: it is a good thing, a friend of mine jenny baldwin worked on campaign. we will be back tomorrow afternoon. jon scott is next. jon: president trump touting big win on immigration what he calls landmark deal with guatemala. good evening i'm jon scott and this is the fox report. note ♪ ♪ agreement comes after months of negotiations, require migrants who cross in guatemala to apply for protection there instead of u.s.-mexican border, temporary visas for guatemalan farm workers, the president hails it as a win-win. >> we are sending clear message to human smugglers and traffickers that your day is over and we are investing in the future of guatemala, the safety of migrants and their families,


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