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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 11, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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her this girl forgot her blanky. she decided she could go without it. that is so stinking cute. >> kids will be fighting in a few years but right now they are cute. jillian: have a good day. ♪ ♪ me and my gang ♪ we live to ride ♪ we ride to live ♪ me and my gang [cheers and applause] ♪ we're going to rock this thing ♪ me and my gang ♪ ♪ me and my gang ♪ [cheers and applause] ainsley: hey, how are you? thank you for being here. thank you so much.
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steve: live from new york, it's "fox & friends" live show. [cheers and applause] ainsley: fun. who traveled the farthest? anyone from california? brian: i heard the island of statin? staten island? i heard that over there and i heard pennsylvania over there. ainsley: anyone from south carolina? you are? where? where? steve: we will have three hours to meet all of you. ainsley: just the city? >> [inaudible] ainsley: daniel, my sister is in mount pleasant pleasant. brian: i was in mount pleasant yesterday. they miss you but they can't have you back. ainsley: travel has gotten so bad because we all brag about charleston. everyone in charleston saying stop talk about it.
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brian: ways charleston has oneway streets really small. after the one point put me on a highway. that's all i ask. i was taking turns. ainsley: used to it. new york city is the same way. steve: worked out. got here just in time for the big live show. how many of you watched the rally where he was just a partisan? brian: i wish it was longer. steve: 102 minutes. 19500 people in attendance. there were thousands outside. we will talk about that in a minute. if you missed the president, he made very clear he is going to win the state of minnesota in 2020. [cheers and applause] steve: and the democrats are actually hurting themselves. watch this. >> our bold pursuit of this pro-american agenda has enraged, it's enraged the failed ruling class in washington. they want to erase your vote like it never existed. they want to erase your voice and they want to erase your future. [boos]
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but they will fail because, in america, the people rule again. [cheers and applause] democrats are on a crusade to destroy our democracy. that's what's happening. we will never let it happen. we are going to keep on fighting and we are going to keep on winning, winning, winning, winning. [cheers and applause] steve: and he ask say he intends to wins a i said a moment ago. minnesota, a republican has not carried that state since 1972. the president said i'm going to be the next one. brian: he is spending money. he is lining up volunteers. i thought it was very interesting, too. he is pointing out the big picture. along with pointing out impeachment, it's when it started. hours after the inauguration. now the quest for impeachment begins. guess what?
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we are three years in and it never stopped. ainsley: he told some pretty emotional stories about visiting our soldiers at walter reed and how they have sacrificed so much. they are missing arms. they are missing legs. he talked about the letters that he has to write home. he said that's the toughest part of my job. i have to write letters to parents that say your son is not coming back. your daughter is not coming back. everyone gets a different letter which i thought was also sweet. we were growing up you saw cops and wearing people wearing t-shirts coming for trump. even in the audience even police officers were wearing those. my daddy always told me don't use cons it's disrespectful. it appears that law enforcement officers are adopting that now. i heard tom homan using those exact words. steve: they were in attendance last night. they sold a lot of those red t-shirts. ainsley: the mayor didn't want the police officers to wear their uniforms. steve: nonetheless, the president, that whole
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impeachment thing, you can tell it's front of mind for him. he doesn't think it's going to work and last night he made that clear. >> we just got rid of the russia hoax and then the week later the ukraine hoax starts. [laughter] i had a week of like i can think about everything, it's so beautiful. they destroyed so many lives. and they are continuing to do it. and it's a disgrace. when all of their ludicrous hoaxes have been exposed as frauds, these fakeers then tried to impeach you for daring to call out their own corruption. brian: right. there are some developments. i'm a little confused because the administration says i'm not cooperating but today it looks like they are going to athrough ambassador which clearly has negative things to say, you would think, about the president because the president got rid of her and said she has been bad mouthing me all over ukraine i'm going to
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make a change there he is going to let her talk. why not let your appointed european ambassador talk on monday. why let her talk on friday? i don't think trey gowdy can get there soon enough to maybe take some organization. steve: i think the president yesterday was talking about there are certain rules and requirements mr. gowdy may not be able to help the team for a month or two. one other thing regarding the whistleblower we are going to talk about this a little later on. the "wall street journal" says that the whistleblower would like to talk to congress but only on a piece of paper. they would like to submit the testimony. don't want to appear in person because they are worried about being identified. for personal safety. ainsley: if you think about the inquiry in secret. the transcript no quid pro quo. pelosi says she doesn't want to go on record because then the g.o.p. would be able to call in the whistleblower. biden was bragging about quid pro quo. i understand the president's frustration here. brian brian i'm a little intimidated by the overhead
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camera. steve: sharper image it's a drone. brian: no kidding. warm do you get that budget. steve: that's how we were able to fly everybody in first class. thanks for coming, folks. [cheers and applause] steve: anyway, we are going to come bang and meet you folks in a minute but right now griff jenkins is in washington as we learn more about that whistleblower. griff: good morning to you, steve, ainsley and brianment and esteemed audience guests. we are trying to find out hot whistleblower is in washington according to the washington examiner he worked for vice president biden he was the point man on president obama's ukrainian policy. details on the national security council at the white house and has since left in that capacity, the source says. he would have come into contact with biden. lawmakers, 13450e excus excuse r the whistleblower pushed back. they did acknowledge the tie to candidates when they were
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elected officials. >> the "wall street journal" routeing this morning that this whistleblower wants to testify in writing not in person to protect their identity. meanwhile, last night in minnesota, the president had choice words for the former vp's son. >> by the way, whatever happened to hunter? where the hell is he? fellows, i have a new idea for a new t-shirt. i love the cops. let's do another t-shirt. where's hunter? griff: oh, and he wasn't done there. >> hunter you are a loser and your father was never considered smart. he was never considered a good senator. he was only a good vice president because he understood how to kiss barack obama's [bleep] griff: now it's all eyes on former ambassador maria appear in closed door transcribed interview. it's not the traditional hearing or deposition. that has different rules.
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will she show? it's not actually certain given the accommodation pulled u.n. sondland earlier this week. sondland now expected to appear as well for one of these transcribed interviews next week. we shall see if that happens. maybe it's a sign that the administration is cracking the door open to cooperating somewhat. the scope by the way house democrats is widening. they have now issued a subpoena also for energy secretary rick perry, guys? brian: that should be interesting. rick perry, secretary of energy. go over and there and talk about energy. i have nothing else to add. steve: the word ukraine audited in that six word transcriber. brian: i will thank you, griff in fact break. he gets paid by the update by the way. [laughter] it's amazing, it looks like they only have this transcript. this is what they have to go on. still all-out effort. steve: for the phone call. ainsley: which we have read. brian: get the underlying situation on the mueller
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situation. on some level they are thinking the president upended their strategy by releasing the transcript because he hadn't been cooperating with the post game show on the mueller probe. they thought he would do the same thing. they are trying to gte something. that's why they are trying to get it behind closed doors. you know you get nothing if you hear nothing leaking out of the meeting. steve: exactly. because when mr. volker came out last week, he didn't say what was said inside. but then eventually we heard that he apparently said there was no quid pro quo repeatedly. republicans want the transcripts out. the democrats do not. speaking about the post game show let's talk about the nba. are you paying attention to what's going on in the nba? >> yeah. steve: how many think the nba looks terrible in this? [applause] brian: basically corporate america has given in pretty consistently to china. we haven't been paying much attention because there is so much else going on. tiffany's kowtowed and apologized.
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marriott. fired workers one ad insulted them. mercedes has given. in now the nba one tweet by the general manager of the rockets saying basically showing sympathy for the protesters in hong kong because they want this thing called freedom. and it's unearthed a multi-billion-dollar 30-year relationship with an entire country and instead of standing up the way they stood up when the problems they had with eric garner and stand up and don't shoot and other issues in our country and taking on our president at every turn, not showing up at the white house. they have gone radio silent on this. ainsley: steve kerr and popovich of the spurs have been disdainful for the president they don't like his policies. steve kerr with gun control because his father was killed in beirut. when he was asked about it, this is what he had to say. listen. >> in all the years that you have gone to china and the teams have gone to china, has it come up that the nba's business interests in
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china are at odds with a country whose human rights record is not in step with the united states? >> it has not come up in terms of people asking me about it, nor has our record of human rights abuses come up either. people in china didn't ask me about, you know, people owning ar-15s and mowing each other down in a mall. the world is a complex place, and there is more gray than black and white. brian: there is a huge difference between the similarities, the analogies that steve kerr made. steve kerr has the right to ask that question and sound out. people in china don't. what you have is when you have a million muslims jailed in what we would call creampsz. when you have people who have fought for people china being held in prison and when you have tijuana and hong kong constantly worrying if today is the day they will get steam rolled. and the nba gets pushed on
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by a country, where is the pride to stand up? you can't which china. and he sits there and pivots to what's wrong with america in china. to me that's inexcuivel. steve: there is a game scheduled for tomorrow. apparently the chinese are going to allow them to play provided they don't have any media opportunities. brian: not televised. steve: no freedom of speech. ainsley: why are they afraid to speak out. brian: 1.5 billion. 500 million basketball players. and since michael jordan came on the stage in the middle of the 1980s, they have been crazy for basketball. the nba, you have leverage. there is no replacement. show it. stand up. steve: out of curiosity, show of hands, who has lost respect for the nba over the last week or so? i would say that it's 100 percent. let's see what they do next. ladies and gentlemen, we will come out and talk now a couple of minutes. in the meantime somebody is
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steve: it is. ainsley: craters. -- were you going to say something. brian: i had the "american idol" beat. i thought it was going to last my entire career. that was mandisa. what happened to her. ainsley: she is making christian music now. now you should feel bad. brian: now i feel terrible. make me feel better. this is a good segment. ainsley: sesame street tackling one of the toughest topics of the day, the opioid crisis. brian: online only segment features a character named carley whose in foster care while her mother is facing addiction. >> my mom needs help taking care ocare of herself. steve: let's talk to dr. nicole saphier about what sesame street is doing? what do you think about this. >> very important to reduce the stigma and raise the awareness of substance abuse
3:19 am
and mental health. steve: it's everywhere. >> rampant. i do have concern with normalizing substance abuse. addiction. it's the parent's role for parents to have a conversation with their children about it. preschoolers about substance abuse. steve: what age do you start talking to your kids about it because they see it everywhere. >> absolutely. schools are incorporating some of this into their curriculum. i think middle school age is probably a little bit better for them they have more of an aware anywise. i think the target audience for sesame street might be a little young. i do like that they do take social issues kind of like south park and talk about them and all inclusive. i just want to make sure that someone is actually talking to those children and they are not just being put in front of these shows and not having a follow up conversation. brian: i think, too. maybe it helps that you can click on it rather than it comes up on your episode. so maybe if you know of a family that's going through
3:20 am
it, maybe you get your son or daughter and say if you want to understand what they are going through, maybe watch this as opposed to on then sewed today, where have you no choice. >> kids click these days. ainsley: my daughter is 3. she watches sesame street. if she watched that episode she would have questions mommy are you okay? what's going on? i think 3 years old is just too young to start talking about that. >> i have to agree what you little bit. again, i like to promote awareness and decreasing awareness when it comes to substance abuse i would wanted to have more conversation about it. steve: it is out there. ainsley: the fear aspect i don't want anyone to know anything is wrong. steve: how many of you are members of fox nation? you know what? we need to see more of you. take a look fox because, dr. saphier. tell us what have you got going on. >> documentary i have been working on the last several
3:21 am
months america's opioid conspiracy went live on fox nation yesterday. incredible documentary. we looked at some of the deep rooted issues when it comes to how the opioid crisis came to how it is. whistleblowers, former addicts. we have a great little preview of it. >> there were many different lies that purdue pharma told in order to turn oxycontin into the multi-billion-dollar product that it would become: >> they flooded the marketplace with these opioids, got people hooked, and as a result of getting them hooked, they were able to sell even more. >> i would hear the doctors come like brain is trying right now, 106 fever. 105 fever. 107 fever. brain is frying. i wanted to tell them i'm not brain dead i can hear you. steve: take a look at it. dr. saphier. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] brian: tom homan is walking
3:22 am
into our studio right now and he's up next. steve: and look who is here. [cheers and applause] can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? woman 1: president trump, i are a walking, talking disaster. you will not be president for much longer, guaranteed. man 1: finally, your crimes have caught up with you. woman 2: in my humble opinion,
3:23 am
you, president trump, and your henchmen, will continue to bloviate. man 2: i just want to let you know that your plan ain't going to work. you're not going to separate us, and you're not going to destroy this country. because we're going to stop you. tom steyer: i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message.
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the final horn doesn't have to mbecause with nhl center ice on xfinity you get up to 40 out-of-market games per week. and with the all-new xfinity sports zone,
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you get everything nhl all in one place, even notifications about your favorite teams. watch every barn burner, barreling check, and all the top shelf action. plus get instant access to your teams with the power of your voice. that's simple, easy, awesome. say nhl center ice into your voice remote to upgrade for a great low price, or go online today. steve welcome back. ainsley: president trump ramping up freud fry on refugee settlement. listen. >> i issued an executive action, making clear, that no refugees will be resettled in any city or any state without the expressed written consent of that city
3:26 am
or that state. so speak to your mayor. steve: that city's mayor responded by tweet, quoting here: consent given. immigrants and refugees are welcome in minneapolis. so it's official according taccordjacob frey, what about illegal immigrants. did anyone ask the people of minnesota should they get all the refugees that they got because they just seemed to have showed up. here to react is fox news contributor tom homan. [cheers and applause] brian: i know in our town in particular we had that -- when you were working there there was that surge of unaccompanied minors. all of a sudden the working class school districts who are underfinanced anyway doubled their class size these kids just showed up because the federal government did this without consulting the state government or the local government. is that right? >> no, it's not. the mayor needs to remember who he works for. he is not a dictator.
3:27 am
he works for the taxpayers of that city and the taxpayers have the right to decide. [applause] >> they pay school taxes and property taxes. they should have a say in how that city runs. shame on him. i would tell him the same thing i told representative jay paul. they work for us. ainsley: what did you think of the rally last night? the he getth kept calling the police officers cops. tell them how grateful. my daddy always said don't say cops. it's disrespectful. we learned in journalism school not to say cops. i found myself moving to new york and now everyone says it. what do you think as a police officer? >> my dad says the same thing. my dad was a police officer in new york. cops are cops. splicial in new york. we are cops. i don't think it's a bad thing at all. two uniforms thought front of the building this morning. they call themselves cops. every time i see an nypd officer i will shake their hand because they're the finest 1% this city has to offer.
3:28 am
steve: last night at rallies, there was a squabble between whether or not the officers could wear their uniforms inside the arena as of last night. a lot of officers and supporters wore those red cops for trump t-shirts right behind the president there was dozens of them. don't know exactly what the complete count was. but at least the people who were attendance last night were big supporters of cops. >> well, look. i think the american people should be big supporters of cops. right? these men and women leave the safety and security of their home every day to defend this nation and put themselves in harm's way. many don't go home. if did you go to the national law enforcement memorial in washington, d.c. there is over 20,000 men and women who have died serving this country. they strap a gun to their hip. tools of the trade. i have been to the national sheriff's association. this president has the sense of every police officer in this country. he loves first responders and fire department. this president gets it. god bless him for it. i have said this many times
3:29 am
and i will say it a thousand times more. i have worked with six presidents starting with ronald reagan. this is the greatest president i have ever worked for. donald trump. [applause] ainsley: tom homan was just named man of the year by blue magazine. what an honor. steve: congratulations. >> thank you. i got a presidential -- highest award issued by the president and something i sheriff. when you get an award from cops, family, i have loved them so many years. that is really special. they always show a picture of me yelling at somebody. brian: i don't know where they get them. [laughter] >> i was in the white house press briefing and yelling at a reporter for asking me a stupid question. [laughter] >> i'm yelling all the time. maybe i need to yell yeah less. i'm angry about what's going on in this country. ainsley: you are saying what we're all thinking. >> when i go to congress, i refuse to let them lie to the american people. it's a shame they're not under oath.
3:30 am
they can hit the gavel all they want. they can try to shut me up. but i want to get to the truth for the american people. [cheers and applause] brian: you worked for president obama, you worked for democrats and republicans, and you are just amazed how they have a different tone. you are the same guy. it doesn't matter who you are out there for. congratulations. that's great. you think when you retired you wouldn't be jingle bell but now they are still noticing everything you are doing. that's awesome. >> greatest honor being recognized by cops because i was won. ainsley: whe brian: when ainsley gets pulled over she says i know tom homan. ainsley: works every time. steve: up next, studio audience, it's diamond and silk. [cheers and applause] ♪ feel like a room without a roof ♪ because i'm happy ♪ clap along ♪ if you feel like happiness is the truth
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i see new opportunities for our students, and i see them truly hopeful for what they may achieve. ♪ it's going to get loud ♪ like a tailgate ♪ like a subway station ♪ loud ♪ like a freight train steve: in new york, it's 650678934 in new york city. look who is here. the fan favorites. diamond and silk. [cheers and applause] >> our president did a fin nominal job with his message bringing it across to the american people. i loved it. >> i loved how he talked
3:35 am
about all of the corroboration. ainsley: daily beast saying elizabeth warren has been in contact with andrew gillum, the guy from tallahassee, florida, ran against desantis for the governor's position. what do you think about this? that could be her vice president should she get the nominee. >> pandering again. elizabeth warren who is a fake, a fraud, and a phoney. guilliams needs to be very careful because is he about to be used. what happened in the obama era when all of these black people rushed to the polls. you will never see that happening with an elizabeth warren and gillum. back people look at elizabeth warren as a rachel doll jail. she is a fake and a liar. >> she claims to be a minority and she does not know who she is. >> she doesn't know minorities. it's offensive. black people are not going to vote for her.
3:36 am
steve: they are talking about the fact is he from florida and to win the presidency you need to win the state of florida. maybe putting somebody on the ticket from florida. >> i don't care where he's from. she is not going to win the election with him. that's a 52 fakeout. brian: still investigating him for ethics violation. most people about focused what was happening with the dallas. other people looking up into the suites and they saw ellen degeneres and george w. bush together. that upset a lot of people in the lgbtq community. they thought it's a sell out. i'm not sure what that was about. she came out and said i'm friends with him. just because we disagree on certain things doesn't mean we can't be friends. listen. >> just because i don't agree with someone on everything doesn't mean that i'm not going to be friends with them. when i say be kind to one another, i don't mean only people who think the same way you do. i mean be kind to everyone. steve: but there has been backlash because some people
3:37 am
just simply do not like george w. bush are infuriated he sat down next to her. >> kudos to her. i appreciate what she did. >> kudos to her. >> now ellen get to see the people that she represents, the party that she represent, what they do. >> yep. >> it's like the mob. >> um-huh. >> they bash you when you don't go along with their agenda. brian: that's what happened at minneapolis arena last night. >> i don't want to focus on the protesters there were more people inside that arena. over 20,000 people. and outside the arena. >> yes. >> than the protesters. so why are we focusing on the protesters. brian: they are just intolerant is my point. ainsley: actor. first put out a tweet saying she supports ellen and she had to take it down because she had had so many people that said so many things. mark rough low has been very
3:38 am
mark ruffalo has been very. >> that's so sad. >> really sad. >> we want to look at the atrocities that happen in america. let's look at the democratic party. >> that's right. >> the party of kkk. >> that's right. >> the party of jim crow. >> the party of slavery. >> party that they represent. >> that's right. >> let's talk about that if you want to talk about that. listen, it's time for us to stop with the bickering and start loving each other even when we are different. >> that's right. yes. yes. >> that's something that is missing. we don't know how to agree to disagree when we are having a disagreement. we don't know how to respect each other anymore. the sad thing is that the left blames the right. but i seat left out there like you say protesting in the street. steve: america, pardon me, has become so polarized afraid to speak out. you certainly aren't.
3:39 am
ladies and gentlemen, diamond and silk. >> yes, you are right. ainsley: thank you, ladies. catch you on fox nation. >> thank you. ainsley: 38 minutes after the top of the hour. officially in full swing. last year more than 2 million people attended that annual event. steve: fox nation host abby hornacek is there checking out all the festivities. it's early but she suspect. hey, abby. >> hey, guys, yes, it is early. a little bit later this place will be an absolute madhouse. what started on 80 acres back in 1886 now sees over 2 million people, like you mentioned. yesterday i was lucky enough to be one of those people. take a look. >> this is "fox & friends." >> welcome to the state fair of texas. when you see this 55-foot big tex you know you have made it to the heart of the
3:40 am
longest running state fair four country. they say everything is bigger in texas. let's go find out why. ♪ 101 years old. would you say that the state fair of tax key to long and happy life. >> yes. you can come in here and lose all your worries. >> is this the line for the corny dogs? you are kidding. what's so good. >> not yet. >have you had one.>> no. >> you wouldn't be asking the question if you had. >> uh. >> i come to the fair for the chocolate bacon. >> bacon that has chocolate on top. you are right. he is right. the state fair of texas
3:41 am
nachos. these are in the shape of texas. ♪ ♪ >> this place is 277 acres. and we have barely scratched the surface. so, let's get to it. some rides and some games, shall we? >> i got the llama. >> i'm usually pretty fearless when it comes to rides. this is one that's been on my bucket list for a long time because i'm almost too scared to do it. there is no turning back. that was awesome. that was awesome. the state fair of texas is awesome.
3:42 am
i feel very light-headed. i am here is shanna trey and marilyn. what does it take to show this beautiful cow. >> takes a lot of preparation and time. you need to start at least 90 days in advance. a good feeding program. and always a good bath. she always want to be clean and pretty. >> well, she is very beautiful. and she is a mother cow. so, hopefully maybe i will have to come back for the birth. >> you will. >> so beautiful. we are doing things fox nation doing american reensz. marilyn, thank you so much for letting us meet you. ainsley: what was the best thing you ate? [laughter]
3:43 am
brian: you don't have to answer ainsley. i know the feeling. steve: i know what it's like eating all this crazy stuff and going on a ride. ainsley: if the water breaks? brian: on the cow. it's about to give birth. [laughter] carry it live. ainsley: go to fox nation to catch diamond and silk and abby. abby has a show called american arenas. first, look who is here y'all. it's ed henry. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ my kind of party ♪ orlando isn't just the theme park capital of the world,
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3:47 am
[cheers and applause] brian: the nba is now apologizing after blocking a reporter's question about a pro-democracy protest in hong kong. >> the nba has always been a league that prides itself players and coaches being able to speak out openly about political and societal affairs. i just wonder after the events of this week and the fall-out we have seen whether you would both feel differently about speaking out that way in the future. >> excuse me. we are taking basketball questions only. >> this is an alegitimate question. it's an event that happened this week. >> [inaudible] >> this particular question has not been answered. >> here to react is fox news chief national correspondent ed henry. hey, ed. ed: good to see you. i feel like the applause is getting louder. brian: cut away of that shot was even more important because james hardin super star, they were just sitting back. they wouldn't get to the
3:48 am
microphone. ed: it infuriates me because these nba players. my son patrick is a huge nba fan. i'm a baseball fan. we go to games together. these nba stars are disappointing me and a lot of people. they are not standing up for freedom. not standing up for even america in some cases. here they are under the guise of fre freedom of speech and all the rest. they have been claiming in the last two or three years that they have the right to attack president trump on a whole bunch of issues. whether it's hardin or lebron james or steve kerr how were talking about the coach of the golden states warriors. steve kerr and the rest of the warriors didn't go to the white house after they won the championship. they said president trump didn't really invite us. steve kerr said i don't want to shake his hand. it's a respect issue. he doesn't stand up for all these different. that's okay.
3:49 am
you should still stand up for the president whoever it is. if you want to stand up on rights do it. be consistent and stand up to communist china. they are not doing it because the nba makes big money in china. it's crazy. steve: china said to the nba you can play the game tomorrow night but nobody talks to the press. brian: say we are not airing the game. >> president trump doesn't like the media. he says fake news. is he shutting down free speech. meanwhile he will take dozens of questions every time he gets in front of a camera. he will exhaust everything. here you are one person, one reporter stands up and asks one question about china. we're not going to talk about that. james harden and other guys won't say anything. that's disgraceful. brian: nba did apologize, shutting down reporter during today's rockets availability. >> rejected cnn's reporter we apologize to the reporter this is inconsistent how the nba conducts media events. james hardin to the chinese
3:50 am
press, if you can call it that, apologized for the general manager's tweet of the houston rockets who just supported hong kong. ed: it gets worse because you heard steve kerr and heard this clip earlier when pressed why he hasn't talked about china's human rights abuses. he says i haven't been asked about america's. to blame america for china whether it's prison camps. the litany of human rights abuses that go on there. for steve kerr, who you know, he wants to be one of these woke guys out there speaking out. speak out on this as well. adam silver, the commissioner. to your point now the nba has sort of apologized. the beginning of this whole controversy adam silver's initial statement was like hey, let's not be mean to china. when he got the backlash -- just get it right the first time. steve: we are awful going to be watching this weekend right up there in the hezbollah neon level "fox & friends." ed: thank you very much. ♪ good, good, good
3:51 am
♪ good to be alive right about now ♪ brian: [inaudible] [cheers and applause] ♪ good to be alive right about now. tendercrisp technology, you can cook foods that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. the ninja foodi pressure cooker, the pressure cooker that crisps. but dad, you've got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands? performance comes in lots of flavors. ♪ (dramatic orchestra) there's the amped-up, over-tuned, feeding-frenzy-of sheet-metal-kind. and then there's performance that
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♪ ♪ steve: welcome back, everybody. are you working hard at the office or hardly working? >> what would you say you do here? >> okay. brian: your boss may find out soon enough according to a new survey 200 corporations some 80% say they will be monitoring their employees by the year 2020. 80%. ainsley: here with more is
3:55 am
kurt the cyberguy. >> hey, good morning. they are already monitoring our -- where we are at work. when we arrive at work and things like that. so what you want to do really is understand how are they monitoring us at work? so the obvious things are there. security camera. did you know if you have a corporate issued laptop or a phone that they can at that point through the camera of that and here's what they are looking at. ainsley: at thaat.ains tap through the camera stev. steve: it belongs to them. >> even the if not at work it's their device and they have permission to do it. they want to monitor your facial expression. why would they want to know that? know if you are frustrated at work or happy at work or anything like that. ainsley: they could listener to your private conversations with your spouse at home. >> yeah. anything you have recorded. all of the photographs on your phone or this device. steve: belong to them. it's their device. >> correct, correct. ainsley: can you do anything to shut it down. >> there are a few things you can do.
3:56 am
i want to show you this one little thing. can you open up your phone and you would find out when you open up your phone if you go to settings, it would immediately say at settings at the top next to your name whether have you what's called a supervised phone. it will say this phone is supervised by, fill in the company name. and that tells you that they are in to your junk. brian: especially if they give you the phone they have ever right to do it. steve: no expectation of privacy. ainsley: what if you are in the office and log into personal gmail account can they read your gmail. >> yes and they can hold it against you. ainsley: we are in trouble, brian. we are in big trouble. steve: it's not just your company looking at it. gmail is looking at your email too. >> all the time. you don't want your boss to judge you on personal life of what you are poting on facebook. are they going too far? under the conference room table sensors that measure your body heat.
3:57 am
ainsley: don't send out the email. steve: more on this topic on thank you, kurt. [cheers and applause] ♪ david: "life is complicated. choosing a health care provider doesn't have to be." molly: "that's why i choose a nurse practitioner for my family's primary care." david: "my np is accessible and takes the time to listen. i love my np." molly: "our np orders tests, makes the correct diagnoses and prescribes the medications we need." david: "my name is david and i choose an np."
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♪ steve: live from new york city "fox & friends" live. look as thlook at this great cr. [cheers and applause] steve: put out the word we are going to have a live show and we ask you to respond, thousands of people do it every week and we thank all of you for making the time to be with us on this friday. great to have you. brian: especially for the guys who were in jail. you look great. steve: meanwhile, how many of you folks watched the president of the united
4:01 am
states on the fox news channel and others last night where he was at the target center in minneapolis? [applause] steve: all right. ainsley: you saw all the people behind him wearing the cops for trump t-shirts. a lot of them were young so i don't believe they were cops. steve: i think they were supporters of the police officers. ainsley: yes. brian: no doubt about it the president has a big leg up when it comes to families of cops, retired cops and cons themselves because they have been let out to dry over the last 8 years leading up to the last three 2345 and a half s when they were going to charge $500,000 for the price of security for that arena. that price quickly came down. here is the president last night talking about what he has been going through for the past three years. >> our bold pursuit of this pro-concern agenda has enraged. -- it's enraged the failed ruling class in washington. they want to erase your vote like it never existed. they want to erase your voice and they want to erase your future.
4:02 am
[crowd booing] but they will fail because in america, the people rule again. [cheers and applause] democrats are on a crusade to destroy our democracy. that's what's happening. we will never let it happen. we are going to keep on fighting and we are going to keep on winning, winning, winning, winning. [cheers and applause] steve: the president said for the first time since 1972, a republican, he, will win the state of minnesota. he also took aim at ilhan omar, a congresswoman from the district -- minnesota's fifth congressional district the target center actually there he referred to her as an america-hating socialist. once again he said that the democrats are out to get him
4:03 am
but he's not going to let them win. brian: he is going to have to reverse the momentum. fox poll, served a couple thousand people. 51% of the country wants to see impeachment proceedings continue. none of them were there inside of the arena last night. speaking of impeachment. let's start by talking about some of this whole thing. some who didn't hear directly whistleblower took some notes and had their version of what went on in a phone call with ukrainian president. underplayed is far the ukrainian had a 12-hour press conference at which time he said he never felt pressure and along the way said he had no idea that aid was even being delayed when he was talking to the president. very few people reporting that on the whistleblower, some connections have emerged. ainsley: this is the headline of the "wall street journal." ukraine whistleblower may not testify in person. wants to turn over some documents, according to this article and not testify in person. steve: what they want to do
4:04 am
is give testimony that's written rather than appear in person because they do not want their identity revealed. we had a u.s. attorney on the program yesterday he says when somebody files for whistleblower protection they are not guaranteed anonymity. they won't lose their job but nonetheless this particular person who it sounds like still somehow involved in the bureaucracy is -- does not want their identity revealed. they say they worry about their personal safety. when people find out, that would be bad for them. months, on capitol hill, there is a guessing game. there are a lot of people who think they know who this person is. and, in fact, "the washington examiner" yesterday had an item that said that apparently this whistleblower had a professional relationship with joe biden. they said that former cia officer, given what is known about the whistleblower, he no doubt worked with joe biden when he was vice
4:05 am
president. ainsley: according to the examiner. he said absolutely no doubt they would have worked together. brian: they still don't have the case, even though they have the votes and they will go ahead and do it. they still don't have strong enough case. hence the arrest yesterday of two ukrainian associates that rudy giuliani was representing. find out what they know. they were immediately subpoenaed to come behind closed doors and talk to adam schiff's committee. steve: that was a campaign finance violation because they did all sorts of stuff that looks really shady. money funneled to a pac and the pac -- pro-trump pac quarantined that money, did not spend it and is waiting for the, i think the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york to tell them what to do with the money. brian: they are looking into the links between them possibly pressuring the u.s. ambassador to the ukraine to to get out of there. that's what played into what
4:06 am
rudy giuliani was doing, the same thing. ainsley: presidents talking about litters he had to send home. he makes them each individual letter. >> not like one form letter that he sends to all the neams. he talks about going to walter redd. elm his love for them. listen. >> you know, my father always used to say, son, he meant it, too. never say cops, it's disrespectful. say police officer. i said okay, pops. honestly the truth is with time. i love you guys, whether you are cops, police officers, law enforcement, i will call you whatever you want. it doesn't matter. you are so great. so respected. you don't even know how much our public loves you. you don't know it. but i will tell you what, cops love trump. trump loves cops. [applause] steve: as you look at those people behind him wearing
4:07 am
the red t-shirts. those are the cops for trump t-shirts it started like wildfire this past week and there you see them cops for trump because there in minneapolis the regular police officers were not going to be allowed to wear their uniforms inside. >> so they started this movement to come up with red t-shirt fund raiser. brian: all getting their handshake and able to talk the guy who spurred the making of those t-shirts. ainsley: this is pretty touching. kissing,in, hugging, shaking hands, saluting law enforcement officers. going to middle america and talking to the people. even though he is a billionaire. people who love him for this. brian: tom homan was just here. he talked about all the presidents he has worked for. there is something special between law enforcement and number 45. >> my dad said the same thing. my dad was a police officer
4:08 am
in new york. i was a police officer in new york. cops are cops. especially new york. we are cops. i will tell you cops love this president. i have been in the icp and national sheriff's association. this president halves the sense of every police officer in this country. he loves first responders and fire department. this president gets it. steve: one of the things about our audience they responded very favorably to tom homan. ainsley: can i come and talk to you byes about centers? [applause] sandra: tel ainsley: tell me what you do. >> [inaudible] ainsley: what did you say, steve? steve: he was under cover until just now. ainsley: why do you serve, joseph? >> i just love what i do. really on the spot right now. ainsley: what did you think about what the president said last night. >> love the president. if my friends and i would have the opportunity to meet him we would love it.
4:09 am
is he there to support us. we appreciate it. ainsley: how do you know each other. >> grew up in mill town, new jersey. >> we grew up and now law enforcement in separate towns. ainsley: law enforcement, too? >> us three. ainsley: would you do you do it. >> help people. ainsley: why do you do it? >> nic. ainsley: where is lou? lou, what's your last name. >> louupton. what do you. >> basically counter-terrorism. tactile firearms and police canine handler. ainsley: why do you serve? >> i'm not a police officer. i'm certified as a handler though. very important to help save people i'm passionate about keeping people safe and a world challenged by nefarious actors. ainsley: thank you for all you do to encould us safe. what did you think about what the president's rally
4:10 am
last night? >> amazing. ainsley: what did you love most. >> everything. just the spirit and support for law enforcement and military. ainsley: is it ok for us to call police officers cops. >> cops or leo. >> ainsley: bless you. thank you for being here. we will go back to the sofa on the surfy couch. brian: meanwhile, that is what is going on here on the floor. upstairs in a safe location on the stairs is jillian mele. ainsley: there is jillian. jillian: that's right. good morning. we do begin with a fox news alert. high winds now fueling out of control wildfires in california. homes and businesses completely engulfed in flames. firefighters are battling the fast-moving saddle ridge fire after it jumped over two federal reserves and pushed into neighborhoods. the family spreading 4600 acres. mandatory underway as underway y
4:11 am
power outages to the state. attacked off the coast of saudi arabia. two missiles hit the tanker but newly released imahmadinejads show no visible damage. no one has claimed responsibility and the saudis have not commented. the blasts comes amid high tensions between u.s. and iran. tackers near the strait of hormuz. two associates of president trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani now facing federal campaign finance charges. prosecutors say igor and -- illegally funneled money into u.s. elections. businessmen detained at washington dulles airport while boarding a flight to germany with one-way tickets. they are being held on a 1-million-dollar bond. any patriots fans here? giant fans? all right. there we go. to the nfl thursday night football tom brady passes peyton manning for second place in career passing yards as the patriots beat up the giants.
4:12 am
>> this one is blocked. out of the air, into the end zone for the touchdown. >> 35-14 win. we got some boos when i asked if there were patriot fans here. i'm just saying, i didn't make that up. brian: tom brady wasn't very good in the first half. but good enough to beat the giants. everyone is hurt. steve: round of applause for jillian. [cheers and applause] brian: straight ahead on our show. tammy bruce is in here live for our studio to talk about everything that happened in the rally last night and so much more. steve: there she is. hey, tammy. [cheers and applause] ♪ ahh! my mower! (burke) the number "one." seen it, covered it.
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♪ ♪ brian: democrats at some networks refuse to air president trump's re-election campaign ads like cnn and nbc targeting joe biden and his ties to
4:17 am
ukraine. steve: here to react is tammy bruce. >> hi, guys. great. steve: complaint story. >> look, this is what has been kind of fascinating. it's been happening for a while. remember joe biden's team had warned everyone to stop booking rudy giuliani. in this case a number of networks have decided they have refused to air trump campaign commercial that criticizes joe biden which is what campaigns are for. have a discussion about what people are doing. what they have accomplished. steve: is the ad inaccurate? >> well, it's public information. it's facts that we already have out. it's of course a campaign audi. critical. doesn't present it in a neutral way but meant to give you some information about the nature of what joe biden and his son hunter have been doing and that's fair game in a campaign and dynamic when you are a politician. then there is,, what we have learned with the "new york times." they printed an op-ed piece by peter schweizer that was
4:18 am
critical of not just joe biden but also a little bit critical of mitch mcconnell as well. the joe biden team is campaigned publicly exsore united stated the "new york times" for doing. this for effectively going out of their lane that they shouldn't have done it. this is what totalitarians do to state media. expectation bye bye den campaign that you do not criticize him. brian: it's the craziest thing ever. they are demanding people stop booking rudy giuliani. they are upset at the "new york times" for publishing this editorial from peter schweizer that was critical of him and his son as well as mitch mcconnell. here is an excerpt. it says what hunter did was legal and that's the problem. we need a washington corrupt practices act to stop political families from self-dealing. >> this is not one off with the bidens. this just scratches the surface. these are things of interest to all of us regardless of our political party about a system that is likely corrupt and yet it
4:19 am
reinforces that when the biden team team feels comfortable ordering media what to do and not to do gives the impression that steve: the biden campaign did put out a statement regarding the "new york times" and this op-ed by peter schweizer despite voluminous work done by the independent press and fact-checkers including some by the "times," to refute the heinous conspiracy theory that donald trump attempted to bully ukraine into propping him up for him the paper ran an op-ed none other by peter schweizer making more malicious claims about the biden family. so, they are saying not true. shouldn't have run it. >> look, he noted that they go through not just their own fact-checks but the "new york times" goes through and does fact-checking as well every single word. and so while you might disagree or you might not like an end result, at least for us and, of course, there is all kinds of information out there. it's more information with which you can use to come to
4:20 am
your own conclusion. ainsley: joe biden was on camera admitting a quid pro quo. >> yes. it's not just that action. it's the nature of how much money was being dolled out. hunter biden background and larger context of sitting on boards and making $50,000 a month. brian: just watch for the debates. amy klobuchar says my 24-year-old would never sit on the board of an international company. kenosha says it doesn'cory bookt mean it's right. >> on its face it looks awful because it is awful. yet, there seems to be a system that politicians we wonder how are they all getting to be multimillionaires and rich in public freakin' service. [laughter] >> this might be part of that answer. and it's unacceptable and we need 20 have that conversation. steve: tammy bruce, everybody. >> thank you. steve: premiers tonight and the stars on the show are live. take a look back there.
4:21 am
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what are you doing back there, junior? since we're obviously lost, i'm rescheduling my xfinity customer service appointment. ah, relax. i got this. which gps are you using anyway? a little something called instinct. been using it for years. yeah, that's what i'm afraid of. he knows exactly where we're going. my whole body is a compass. oh boy... the my account app makes today's xfinity customer service simple, easy, awesome. not my thing. ♪ all the gold ♪ in california. [cheers and applause] steve: welcome back, the hit tv show gold rush is back tonight with a brand new season as the stars seek to strike it rich and the stakes have never been higher. >> i always knew i wanted to be a gold miner ever since my grandpa taught me how. >> i have been talking about
4:25 am
golding mining on my own. >> there is gold out there. we're going to find it. >> yeehaw. >> left the mine. brian: gold rush season number 10 premiers tonight. first the stars are here live advice on how we can all live the ultimate american dream. ainsley: joining us now on the end you have rick ness parker in the middle and parker over here on the right. guys, thanks for being with us. season 10. this is huge, your show is doing so well. how did this all happen? how did you all come together. steve: rick? >> i got to started season 3. i have been involved 8 years. i met him, parker here when i was up in alaska playing music with my band. and something about alaska spoke to me and i was like i want to figure out a way to spend the summer up here. something just worked, you know. it turned out he gave me a be jo. i started mining and kind of
4:26 am
just never looked back. steve: yeah. when you are out panning for go that on tv, what is it like when you are shaking it and it's like wow, there is interest is a great big nugget right there that's mine. >> when that happens, i will let you know. [laughter] it doesn't happen like that. steve: how does it happen. >> very small amounts of gostled spread across large amount of dirt. we move a lot of dirt to get it. steve: exactly. that's the misconception they think they is a great big rock there something the size of your head. >> when i first started that's what i thought. i thought i would be seeing gold everywhere. walking around staring at the ground. brian: yet he hired you anyway. >> that was a mistake. hindsight. ainsley: parker, how does this happen? this has been a part of your family a long time. >> i grew up mining with my grandfather. ainsley: how does that work. >> mining usually old creek beds and areas that have
4:27 am
historically is had gold in them. and i don't know how does it work? you move a bunch of dirt and wash some rocks and hopefully something shine in there. brian: mine gold. >> yeah. what's the attraction? >> what's the attraction? i think the freedom. the game. the chase. you know, the chances that you take. you are never quite sure if the bills are going to be paid out of it or not. steve: you are up to season 10 premiers tonight. here's the preview. watch this. >> we're having issues with water licenses that allow us to mine the ground. >> two drudges sitting there ready. spend millions of dollars and i can't believe we can't use any of it. >> i thought we would be bringing it up here. and i talked to several people and they just don't seem to think it would be well-suited for this ground. steve: oh, man, so what happens to that guy? >> i think that was me.
4:28 am
[laughter] brian: the guy you were talking to? >> oh, i think we were talking about my wash plant from last year. steve: which means? >> i moved to new ground this year. it discussed that it wouldn't do well in the new area with all the rock and stuff. ainsley: what do you think about seeing yourself on television now. you were in a band. you never mined before. you all talk. you end up getting in the bills and now you have this huge successful tv show, making a lot of money doing what you love. >> yeah. ainsley: what do you think about it when you watch your show? >> i mean, i think these guys can say we spend six months a year in the woods in the middle of nowhere mining for gold. brian: like this in the woods. >> everywhere. brian: how do you deal with the fame? do you have publicists? >> they hope we are not like dropping a bunch of swear words on live tv. steve: we do the same thing. >> we talked about starting a brawl. >> we were going to have a brawl today but it doesn't feel like a brawl.
4:29 am
brian: you two can't handle ainsley. ainsley: i can take you. [laughter] >> it's on. steve: guys, it's really great having you. tonight discovery's number one show gold rush tonight at 9:00 p.m. on "discovery." >> thanks for having us. >> thanks for having us. brian: meanwhile the doctor is in the house. someone call dr. oz. the man that never gets applause. [cheers and applause] ♪ all i want is to have my peace of mind ♪ ♪ that voice asking me, "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. we're the rivera family and we plan to be with usaa for life. see how much you can save with usaa insurance. see how much you can save seaonly abreva cany to help sget rid of it in... little as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. abreva starts to work immediately
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♪ leaving the dream ♪ never giving up. [applause] ainsley: i love that song. 2020 democrat bernie sanders vowing it comes back to the campaign trail walking back
4:33 am
claims that he would be scaling back following that heart attack last week. >> >> i misspoke the other day i said a word i should not have said and the media drives me nuts to make a big deal about it. going really well. looking forward to a full recovery. working on schedule right now which is going to take us to iowa, to nevada, probably back to new hampshire. we're ready to go full blast. brian: just looking for flights, it looks like. posting a video of himself playing baseball on twitter. steve: nice shot there bernie. dr. oz joins us host of the dr. oz show. dr. oz, after what bernie, whether he misspoke or not, after what he has been through with the heart attack about 10 days ago, he has a debate coming up. and they scaled things back should he be doing as much as he is doing. >> i think he is at the
4:34 am
right spot. i connected with sanjay gupta who met with senator sanders. he thought he looked strong and vital. when he on my show in the last month he also looked strong he said he had no problems. he acknowledged last night his word he had overlooked signs and symptoms that he actually was at risk for a heart attack which is common. brian: he couldn't hold the microphone. >> holding the microphone up and had pain. egg northbound the pain not connecting the fact that it might not be connected to holding heart issues. feeling light-headed the sweatiness that he had at the event that prompted him going to the hospital didn't get that they were going back to the hotel. open up about the fact this has been going on for while. i have have to thank dr. gupta for being open about this and something i hadn't thought about that much but is important after the first visit back to his doctor in vermont, apparently the he canio cardio gram routinely done showed the heart function wasn't as strong as it would normally be. this is very common after a
4:35 am
heart attack. i think that news, when senator sanders got it got him to thinking maybe i should be scaling back this is an issue. 80% of the time. four out of five times that heart function will improve significantly over the course of the month. most important thing to do is see how that heart function recovers goes back to normal go full speed. if not temper back a little bit. ainsley: the most stressful job in the country. >> running for president. ainsley: if he were your patient what would you tell him. >> i would never tell a patient of mine not do their job take their use away take their life away. give it a couple weeks. recover fully stay on the meds. do what we think is going to happen. i'm bullish on him. i think he will be fine. he didn't seemingly have any heart failure after his event, the heart attack. i'm optimistic he will recover like most people do. brian: got to wonder other people up in age like joe biden should also do your show like bernie sanders had the courage to do. >> i will on the show this week.
4:36 am
and i love the fact that the chemists are coming out one by one. what senator sanders said which i think they all should do. release your medical records. we don't have to sit here and guess. violate issue. we want everyone to be healthy. i think most of them are. brian: president says healthiest person to ever run for president. steve: meanwhile zeecialtionmear in the house. randy beth. hold up your hand. right there in the front row. stand up randy beth. what's your question for dr. oz. >> not to do with heart. it's to do with the opioid crisis the trump administration really spreading a spotlight on it i happened to have been in healthcare and behavioral health services are always understaffed and overwhelmed. my question is what is being done or can be done to get the help to the people to make it more available to them? >> interestingly, i had patrick kennedy on the show yesterday. he had been through
4:37 am
addiction issues, bipolar. he made a couple points i'm going to reiterate to you. first off, you are eligible for all the care if you have insurance to anyone that has a chronic medical issue has. if you have diabetes or any chronic problem that gets treated you get the same care. although it's a federal law and the president has spoken to this. we don't enforce this law. and a lot of times people have the hard time getting access to the right people at the right time. that's the biggest issue i have faced. went to the mall in washington. did a huge concert and event 50,000 people there that's the number one thing people said. know we needed help. biggest allies a lot of folks from law enforcement. it's law enforcement. it's the police officer of america. dea. they are saying this is not a criminal problem. this is a medical problem. allow people to get access to it. some countries like portugal completely done away with anything criminal if you have had less than 10 days of a supply of a drug. singapore, harshest treatment against drugs. here's the rule. listen carefully. if you do drugs, did you go to the hospital, not the
4:38 am
jail. if you sell drugs, they kill you. it's very different than what we do here. brian: i don't know if i like that template. it's a very different approach than we have had put the small time guys in jail and let the big guys get away with it. brian: gary is here. he wants to ask a question of dr. oz. dr. oz will actually satisfy your deductible. steve: gary is in the front row. gary, what is your question for dr. oz? >> right here. >> can't see that far. what happens sometimes? >> my question for you is what is your opinion of pharmaceutical pricing? >> pharmaceutical issues crosshairs i think for both pears. you have a bipartisan offering. i do believe in the near future. i just want to caution you a couple things. if you use clumsy government regulations you are going to stifle innovation. that is major issue for a lot of the medical profession myself included. i have got to say i like some of the ideas stimulate
4:39 am
competition. the whole idea you would be able to get most competitive pricing. if you are selling a drug cheaper in europe same price here. logical. fines for the bad players. 16% of the health budget is pharma drugs. only 16%. if you lop off 1% from that funding, you are still not fixing the healthcare debate. real way fix healthcare is not how we pay for it but actually how we deliver it. everyone ought to have their own doctor keeping on track not just medication but all things happening to you. most expensive thing about healthcare is bad healthcare. brian: if i have to choose my own doctor i choose you. you two have to get somebody else. ainsley: said the other day it's friday. if you have a drink a day you live longer because when you are drinking, you are being social with your friends and the social interaction makes you live long. >> not for breakfast. ainsley: not for breakfast. everyone likes that. brian: haven't had a drink
4:40 am
all week. told i have got to have seven. [laughter] steve: 20 minutes before the top of the hour and jillian joins us right there from the landing with the news. jillian: it is 5:00 where just saying. incredible new surveillance video shows the moment undefeated pro-boxer espnews jr --spencer flipped his fer. can you see the car was completely destroyed. officers say spence was speeding and not wearing a seat belt. the champion expected to survive. beto o'rourke status exempt. oppose same sex marriage. >> there can be no reward, no benefit, no tax break for anyone or any institution, any organization in america that denies the full human rights and the full civil rights of every single one of us.
4:41 am
ainsley: o'rourke's 2020 rival cory booker did not fully answer when asked the same question. take a look at this. a bride pulls off the ultimate prank on the groom at their wedding. check it out. >> [laughter] >> no way. dude. that was their first look. philly fanatic surprising the groom who is a big philly's fan. he thought he was getting a first look at the beautiful bride but got a full look at the fanatic. bride in the background that was a nice little moment that they shared. got to love that. >> so cute. you have that area. jillian: i am. ainsley: you grew up with this moss scott. that's awesome. brian: do you remember the first time a mascot kissed you, right? >> we have to talk about that after the show. ainsley: mascots don't show. brian: they kiss. janice: they can do some crazy things. hi, you guys. how are you?
4:42 am
civillies foselfys for everyoner and hugs. i will ask permission first. take a look at the maps. we have a big old winter storm that has brought this amazing cold front. look at that minus 4 wind chill in denver. it dropped like 50 degrees in a matter of 24 hours in some places. >> here's that winter storm along with the cold front that's going to move through portions of the mississippi river valley and the ohio valley. we received over 2 feet of snow. those are freeze advisories in place. below freezing for arrested pooh of hours. and that's going to cause some problems. there's the food parade, so this area of low pressure moves up into canada. that cold front will sweep along the east coast and it will hopefully boot that low pressure center that's off the coast of the northeast over the next couple of days. i'm so happy you are here, my friends. can i start hugging people? who wants a hug? >> that's so sweet. brian: thanks, janice. hugging fanatics. all right, j.d., thank you
4:43 am
very much. meanwhile, how much would you tip at a restaurant for terrible service? some say 20% is mandatory. ainsley: no matter what. steve: our live studio audience weighs in on tipping coming up. ♪ only in america ♪ (logo whooshes) (logo chiming)
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4:47 am
restaurant to have either breakfast, lunch, or dinner. the big he question i question r you get served how much do you give your waiter? really good service give them more? really lousy, give them less? according to the "the washington post" you have to give one number. brian: even if the service is bad you still have to tip 20%. is that right? is that your personal code? ainsley: i want to hear from the audience. i always do that even if it's bad service. steve: i think a lot of people think that if i provide really good service, i might get up to 20%. if i do a really lousy job. somebody might walk out and stiff me. brian: best thing waiting you have amount of control tips you have if you do a really good job. what is the line you cross? is it -- i will give someone a tip if the food is late. is it obnoxious? they don't come over to me? are they lazy? everyone has that one thing
4:48 am
where they draw the line. ainsley: if you are nice to them they are usually nice to you. steve: talk to. so people. where is tonya. wall side. ainsley: way back there. steve: tonya, should waiters and waitresses get an automatic 20% regardless of the service? >> i think waiters and waitresses deserve a lot of money. i do not think that it should always be put on the customer. i think that the employer should give them more money in their wages so that they are not always relying on customers to give them the 20%. steve: very good. ainsley: tim has an machine. where is tim? there is tim right here on the front row on the window side. yes, sir. hey, tim. >> good morning. same idea. restaurant industry we pay their workers. they don't pay very well and on us. pretty clever on their part. steve: one of the reasons why here in new york some people are pushing for $15
4:49 am
per hour minimum wage but then again, it becomes a very expensive meal. brian: have a necessary, is a first off, what is good service in a restaurant? what's good for vanessa? >> you have to check in. you have to make sure the drinks are full and plugged in and smile. brian: what is the line that you say this is going to affect your tip young man or young lady. >> if you can't keep my drink full and check on me to make sure i'm happy with my food. those are two big huge service no-nos in waitressing. steve: what's the smallest tip have you ever left. >> i work in the service industry i'm probably the worse to critique i expect a certain amount of service. i plead the fifth. ainsley: work in the service industry at some point. >> i say that all the time you absolutely should have to work with the public so you know how to treat them. ainsley: there is a with a restaurant i love i always tip 20%. recently my best friend and i in new york we are not going there anymore because the service all of a sudden has gotten really bad. we are very nice to them we
4:50 am
aren't going to go back. >> i give them a second shot. steve: good news is here for everybody here during the commercial ainsley, brian and i are going to wait on you. ainsley: brian is going to open his wallet and give everyone 20%. brian: absolutely. ainsley: there is a football player we talked about him yesterday. is he a big pep talker it's going viral. watch this. >> let's show we can beat them on the home field, on our home field. we can beat them anywhere. we can go to new england for goodness sakes. ♪ ♪ steve: that pint-sized is here. is he here next on "fox & friends" ♪ ♪ searching ♪ streetlights ♪ ela's, and blackout. people
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
. >> have passion. be determined. we can beat them anywhere. we can go to new england for goodness sakes. go beat them. steve: it's a pep talk heard around the world. ainsley: how cute is he. 10 years old. lane bridges giving a texas size speech to his teammates before leading them to victory. it's now going viral on social media. brian: joining us right now to give america, the nation, the ultimate pep talk and our audience is 10-year-old lane bridges from texas. [cheers and applause] steve: congratulations that was very good. after you gave that pep talk, how did your team do? >> well, they played as great as they could. they run all over the field and stopping them from any gain to the end zone. there was one point they got
4:55 am
to the 5-yard line and we drove them all the way back. steve: what was the final score? >> 6-0. [applause] ainsley: is it because of your pep talk? >> i think that they just knew to be determined means to have glory and to be victorious in the end. brian: that's what you want to do this weekend. and i was just wondering i know you have got to get ready for your game. can you get this audience in america ready for their weekend by giving them a pep talk? ainsley: good idea. brian: is that possible, lane? >> it's possible. steve: round of applause. [cheers] >> so, i would like to say something. we all have been knocked down in the past. we have all had hard times. but does that really matter? >> no. >> just because the world knocks you down, doesn't mean you can't get up.
4:56 am
you are more powerful than the world because you have the ability to change it. so when you get knocked down, just remember, you are stronger and you are braver. [cheers and applause] steve: that is great. now, where does that come from? have you heard that in movies? have you heard that, where? >> i watch a lot of sports videos and i just see all of these people. i really just really like them. and i use what they're saying. ainsley: what do you want to do when you grow up. >> i would like to be an architect. ainsley: what grade are you in. >> only in fifth. brian: i would like you to coach the giants. [laughter] steve: ladies and gentlemen, round of applause for this kid.
4:57 am
meanwhile next hour mark steyn, judge jeanine, charles payne, stuart varney. liz claman all in front of our live studio audience. ♪ ♪ . . when you book direct at
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♪. [applause] ainsley: born free. my dad was born today. october 11th. i love you, daddy. happy birthday. steve: speaking of somebody we love. mark steyn. [applause] steve: are you running for
5:01 am
something? ainsley: you look nice. i like the color combo. brian: seemed like ainsley was surprised you look nice. ainsley: you always look great. steve: i'm sure you were watching president of the united states last night at target center. out in minneapolis. thousands in attendance. forethose who missed part of it, we have it here on the channel. president talking about a lot of stuff. >> pursue of the pro-american agenda, it enraged the failed ruling class in washington. they want to erase your vote like it never existed. they want to erase your voice, and they want to erase your future. [booing] they will fail because in america the people rule again. [cheering] democrats are on a crusade to destroy our democracy. that is what is happening.
5:02 am
we will never let it happen. we are going to keep on fighting and we are going to keep on winning, winning, winning, winning. [cheers and applause] brian: he went into a territory, didn't really vote for him. >> no. brian: that was a lot of hostility on the outside. on the inside a lot of passion. >> didn't vote for him, it was nearly 49.5, 50.5. brian: that is the state. talking about that -- >> yeah. but the great thing is he takes it to the enemy's turf. i saw him in burlington, vermont, capital of bernie sanders fiefdom. he was terrific. he was magnificent there. he gets to the numb of it, he said they want to erase your vote. they have been doing that since the wednesday morning, whatever it was november 7, 2016. they didn't like this result. they determined to find one way
5:03 am
or another. the russia investigation. now this thing to nullify that result. that's terrible. steve: but the democrats, the resistance turned on a dime, when there was no there, there, when it came to russia or the obstruction of justice, the whistleblower out of nowhere pops up, president of the united states offered quid quid pro. >> they moved to ukraine because they are next on the map. there is a lot of tajikistan, uzbekistan, in three years time they will fine some guy who worked with joe biden on uzbekistan who decides he wants to be a whistleblower. brian: going to the romania next. rudy giuliani says there is something there. in all fairness, president to the into ukraine and sent
5:04 am
rudy giuliani over there. >> look, hunter biden is what the swamp is. he was getting 50 grand a month in a country where it is $200 a month, the average salary. you were talking about tips five minutes ago. what do you think when the average salary is $200 a month what do you think they tip at restaurants in kiev. hunter biden is getting 50 grand for a non-job, because of his last name, nothing else. that is the swamp. that is the smell of the swamp right there, hunter biden 50 grand a month for non-job job. steve: what do you make of the president saying where is hunter? >> i would like to know where hunter is. he can't, they tried this last time around. hillary, with the clinton foundation and all that, and they said, okay we're not going to cover any of this. we'll not report on this. we'll protect the candidate to drag her across the finish line.
5:05 am
brian: clinton foundation has gone into the toilet. >> have you seen the picture of their australia headquarters. like an abandoned compound where they haven't paid the rent for two years. if you're looking to pick up some cheap property, the clinton foundation headquarters in australia. i think you can get it for 12 grand. ainsley: what do you make of what the media is doing? they're pulling ads, not airing trump campaign ads and nbc and cnn. steve: because the biden campaign is complaining about them. >> that is one thing i can't, really what all the stories in the news have in common ainsley, whether it's ellen degeneres with president bush. the left increasingly doesn't want to win the debate. they just want to cancel the debate. we'll only have political ads for one side. there is name for societies that do that. they're banana republic. one party totalitarian state, in
5:06 am
a competitive, multiparty system you can't just say we're only running ads from one -- i saw an ad, when i woke up on this very show we know the president watches this show. so here's some people we want them to listen to. it was a tom steyer ad, billionaire ecolunatic who wants to become president. brian: we aired it. >> you aired it. say what you like about brian kilmeade and steve doocy and ainsley earhardt but they're man enough to listen to the other side. brian: we say one thing, the check clear? then you're on. [applause] steve: regarding the saying you can't run the trump ad, if an ad is not accurate it should not run. if it is accurate it should run. >> what i find so bad about this, these are unproven
5:07 am
allegations about ukraine. who alleged them? like getting accused on tape, by the way i dumped the body in the bold cox car around the back of the freight yards and then complaining his lawyer complaining these are just unproven allegations. joe biden confessed to it. ainsley: mark, what did you make of ellen degeneres. she was sitting in the box sitting next to president bush. media went crazy. a lot of actors went sy about them being friends. >> i this is the next stage. there is one thing about the "new york times" to tell them they shouldn't carry this columnist or this network shouldn't run this ad. they're presuming to mediate your social relations. ellen degeneres is a huge star. if you're as big as ellen degeneres do you want to be told who you can sit next to at a sporting event? at a certain point, unless you're actually prepared to live
5:08 am
like that, you have had, you've had enough of it. you mentioned, romania, brian. i was in romania just after the fall of communism and all those guys, they were people who had been reported to the secret police if they happened to be seen in a restaurant with the wrong person. and they had enough of it. so if it is not good enough for romania, how the hell did we reach -- ainsley: how is our country -- if you're not friends with people that vote differently, supposed to only hang out with people that think just like you, how can we move forward as a country? >> you can't. then it is tribal. it is look in rwanda. you can't share the same space. you find yourself sitting, i find myself at some play a few years back, two minutes after the lights went down, this person was sort of ushered in and sat in the empty seat next
5:09 am
to me. it was barbra streisand. i didn't say, oh, my god i'm sitting next to some democrat, what the hell happened here? usher, receipt me, find me restricted view seat in the balcony. we had pleasant interaction at intermission because otherwise you can't live in the same country. brian: you're both singers with successful singing careers. >> yes. brian: you have an album out where you sipping show tunes. >> my christmas album is better than barbra streisand. you can take that to the bank. steve: mark steyn, thank you. [cheers and applause] meanwhile, ten minutes after the top. hour here in new york and jillian joins us with a fox news alert. jillian: good morning. let's get right to this. a live look in los angeles where high winds are fueling out of control wildfires. several homes and businesses completely ungulfed in flames.
5:10 am
firefighters about battling the saddle ridge fire after it jumped to two freeways and pushed into neighborhoods. mandatory evacuations are underway as utilities companies expand preemptive power outages to the southern part of the state. breaking this morning, turkey claims 277 kurdish fighters are dead as the invasion into syria enters the third day. those numbers are not confirmed. there are reports of multiple civilian deaths in the attacks from both countries. turkey announcing a turkish soldier was killed. several republican senators have proposed sanctions for the attacks on u.s.-backed kurds. president trump says hopes to mediate in the conflict. overnight the nba announcing a end to all team media sessions during the trip to china. the announcement after a tense exchange between the houston rockets and a cnn reporter. watch this. >> whether you would both feel differently about speaking out in that way in the future?
5:11 am
>> excuse me. basketball questions only. jillian: the league later apologized. the nets game did go on as scheduled but did not broadcast on chinese tv. they're scheduled to play tomorrow. jillian: the international space station where a scheduled spacewalk is underway. the first-ever all female spacewalk will take place t was rescheduled from the spring because of spacesuit sizing error. they didn't have enough right sizes. that will be attempt number two. brian: they need new ever readies. thank you, jillian. ainsley: former acting attorney general matthew whitaker is here live. steve: ladies and gentlemen. [applause]
5:12 am
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5:16 am
♪. [cheers and applause] ainsley: rock the ka sba h. brian: our guests get to choose the walk-in music. why did you pick that song, matthew witter. >> i thought about sandman. somebody previously used that. ainsley: you can use the other one, mr. sandman, bring me a dream. steve: former acting attorney general for the united states of america. we have questions for you. there is story in the "wall street journal." am apparently the whistleblower who started the revealing of what the president said to ukraine, apparently his lawyers asked if it would be possible if instead, instead of appearing live in front of congress or shielded, his identity, could he just submit written testimony. >> right. so first of all, as a former prosecutor we have the primary evidence. we have the evidence.
5:17 am
let's start from there. the whistle blower is a color. so now, what they don't want is the american people to know anything about this whistleblower. they want it as generic as possible, so unlike in a trial where you can assess the credibility, the person's posture, mannerisms, sort of all the non-verbal. they want this generic, completely scrubbed testimony to make it look as bad as possible. i think, you know, fundamentally, this is against the constitutional structure and against really what we stand for as americans. if somebody will accuse somebody else of doing something wrong, you should stand for that and say that -- ainsley: why do we even need a whistleblower? we know what is in the conversation. we read it all? >> we don't. the american people are to the point now we're going to have to do our own work instead of relying on others to tell us. we need to read, first of all the transcript and see in the
5:18 am
call. steve: we have. >> doj already said there is no crime here. the constitution has a bar which it cannot be hit with this situation. second thing, read pat cipollone knee remember to the congress. it was characterized as political. it outlined what previously happened in proceedings like this. nancy pelosi is unwilling to go down what the precedent is for this situation. brian: couple of things. now they will look for more conversations to be released. the vice president is being pressured to release. he might do it, his conversation with the leader of ukraine. now who knows until they asked for the vladmir putin conversation. now we understand the president of the united states will start gutting foreign policy portion of the state department. >> this is impeachment attempt in search of facts. we have a house 13 months before the election, before the american people get to speak
5:19 am
whether they want another four years of donald j. trump or not. they are trying to undo the 2016 election. they're determined to do it. it is a shame. we shouldn't let this happen. we should demand the democrat house follow previous precedent. steve: there is story couple days ago, byron york broke, apparently a whistleblower had connection to a democrat. now there is another headline yesterday they talked to a retired cia officer, looked at everything known about the the whistleblower. it is felt this whistleblower probably worked with joe biden at some point when he was vice president of the united states. i know in washington everybody is trying to figure out who the whistleblower is. >> right. >> they will be surprised if they show up or eventually named. if you're a whistleblower provided protection, are you guaranteed anonymity? >> no, you're not. you're guaranteed you can't be
5:20 am
retaliated against. that is the whole reality behind the whistleblower statute. the idea that that wouldn't be safe is ridiculous. this person is making a huge allegation against the president of the united states on derivative information, from a phone call. we've seen the evidence. i think they should testify and stand in front of the american people and importantly in front of congress to answer these questions. brian: rudy giuliani's associates tieded to ukraine scandal were arrested yesterday on campaign finance charges. they were linked to the pressuring of the u.s. ambassador in the ukraine to out of her. is this going to be more complicated for the president or for rudy giuliani or neither? >> so what they have currently been charged with appears to be unrelated to any of this other thing. there is an attempt to conflate everything in this big pot of accusations. brian: look at timing. >> look at timing. but i think, for right now, for me i put that aside until it
5:21 am
develops more and there is more connections. right now it looks like a straight up campaign finance violation but you know, again, the democrats on the left trying to again undo the 2016 election, to find any reason to undo the election are still trying to find something. so they will try to throw this into the whole mix to dirty the waters. steve: thank you very much for giving us your analysis. >> all right. [applause] brian: matt, thanks. he produced some of the biggest movies in hollywood. just little ones like apollo 13, "a beautiful mind," "night shift". brian grazer is here. [applause] good afternoon board members.
5:22 am
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♪ [cheers and applause] brian: here is a movie you might just know. >> hi. how are you doing? i'm bill. you call me billy blake. you must be chuck, right? nice shoes. hey, it's all right. guess this did where i'm working. i'm your new partner. switch. brian: one of my favorite all time movies. that is scene from night shift, the movie, our next guest produced along with hits "apollo 13". "eight mile." ainsley: and "a beautiful mind.." this is the his new book,
5:26 am
face-to-face, the art of human connection. steve: hollywood producer, author, legend, brian grazer. [applause] brian: the keaton character there, that is who the book is about. a guy not connecting. randomly going off, that has a lot to do with your book. >> it is. first of all i was acutely disex-i can. i coin read at all. i found a way to learn a lot, looking at people. doing that micro step, looking at you, connecting honestly with sincerity and interest. that gave life so much to me. that gave so much. but this character in "night shift" didn't look at anybody. that character was based on me. i wrote to the story, doesn't look at anybody, anything, bouncing around, his eyeballs are spinning around his head. that was antidote what you
5:27 am
should be. brian: ron howard said this to you, one day, he is your famous coproducer, do you realize you seldom look other people in the eye. writing things to-do list. >> i was. during actually the making of this movie, and then also on the movie "splash" we did later with tom hanks i felt like, i was, one of the write hes, i was contributing but wasn't looking at actual writers, the cowriters. so ron goes, it really hurt their feelings when you don't look at them. i thought about it. and, i'm going to change that trait. so even though you can use eye contact to learn a lot. you really want to validate people as people. that is kind of essential. brian: especially when we're in our phones. steve: when you look at somebody eye-to-eye, the eyes are the windows to the soul. brian: yes. steve: you have a knew project you're working on, very popular book, "hillbilly elegy".
5:28 am
tell us what you're doing that for netflix. >> this was a book, now the movie, "hillbilly elegy," that is a book about growing up in the appalachian area, deprived from real education and social recognition. just like a kid that was traumatized. how he is able to come alive just through grit and hard work. he joined the marines. he got into yale and yale law school. and he became a graduate. now he is incredibly successful. i made that sound easy. this is an emotional epic this movie. ainsley: when does it come out? >> it comes out in about seven or eight months. brian: one thing you want everyone to take away from your book, you try to meet new people in different occupations, makes them a better person. >> this would count but i know
5:29 am
you. i get to meet the other two. steve: we have 100 people in the audience. >> for 35 years every week i do something to disrupt my comfort zone. that means i reach out to people that wouldn't ordinarily want to meet me. they could be science, medicine, politics, religion, all art forms but that we don't really intersect unless i force that intersection. but if you do something to disrupt your comfort zone, which all of us can do, you learn the most by doing that. and everybody wins in that equation. you know, what i try to do, i might meet a scientist. i met jonas salk. i met nixon. i met ronald reagan. i met everyone of our presidents in fact. the advantage you get out of that is, you're trying to create the very best date of your life. so therefore you bring something to the table when you talk to somebody. you bring some sort of exist of
5:30 am
knowledge. then everybody wins out of that. you have disrupted your comfort zone learning that language. obviously some very powerful insights happen. ainsley: such great advise. >> all these techniques exist in the book. the art of human connection. steve: brian grazer. ainsley: thank you, brian. brian: a lot of movie stories along the with the book. [applause] steve: speaking of face-to-face we have lot of guests coming up. ainsley: we have our fox business panel, stuart varney, charles payne and liz claman. [cheers and applause] ♪ billions of mouths.
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♪. steve: all business, all-star panel. stuart varney -- [applause] ainsley: good morning. steve: talk a little bit about china. what is going on? the president said last night ultimately we'll be in a better position. >> looks like we get a mini trade deal with china. looks like it. not confirmed. ainsley: a mini trade deal? >> yes. not the great big include everything deal, intellectual property and that. a skinny deal they're calling it. you get some action on tariffs. they buy more of our foreign produce. it's a mini deal. the result is a huge stock market rally first thing this morning that means your 401(k) will look real good today. >> your 529s, your pensions.
5:35 am
[applause] brian: go to the oval office today to meet. we know a lot can go wrong. we've seen it in the past. what do you think happens? a press conference emerges and the market roars? >> i appreciate stuart's optimism and i'm an optimist, but one single tweet from president trump could derail the whole thing and if he does not like the terms of the deal. i thought the skinny bundle on trade deal is not something he wanted. he want ad very big deal that included all kind of things. the chinese tend, we've been proving this, they have stolen intellectual property of u.s. companies that go in to try to do business there. we don't do that for them. steve: that is their business model. >> pretty much. the president says that is a deal breaker. >> maybe we're using the wrong word. let's not call it a mini deal. call it a pause in an aggression which we need. the next stage will be diesel --
5:36 am
deceleration and then the ultimate deal. this is step in the right direction. the ultimate deal is a heck of a thing. we're talking about dismantling to your point their business model. it will not happen overnight this is huge thing from the. if they push off tariffs from october 15th, to december 15th, that will give the business community a sigh of relief. stuart's point that will make the market go higher. >> the president is negotiating from a very strong position. the united states is not exactly the only game in town but we're the best game in town. our economy is growing much faster than europe or japan. our unemployment rate is half the level of europe. it is actually less than china. our stock market has gone up to the tune of $9 trillion since he was elected. brian: manufacturing is suffering and -- >> no. let me, no. i'll tell you what the numbers there, you're falling for the mainstream media trap. first of all the mainstream
5:37 am
media and every academic manufacturing will to like this forever. it will never go up again. imagine. they had 5 million manufacturing jobs created in two years. the pace slowed down. brian, get this, it is not suffering. that is the wrong word. we went up to the moon. to the moon. now we're coming back. rate of growth is slowed. [applause] steve: all good. ultimately if we wind up with a skinny deal or a deal in some measure, the president will use this as a victory lap because it will say -- >> it will be a victory lap. steve: i went to bat for everybody, i didn't get everything. >> this is not the end. this is the beginning. as credits scroll up. this is part of a negotiation. >> charles this is going on a long time. >> not fractured. >> one certain gear and president said a trade deal is so easy to get done. it is bearing out that it is not that easy to get done. ainsley: how is the refresh
5:38 am
going for fox business? >> the refresh is amazing. our new theme is invested in you. we always were, the most important thing you guy have 529s or 401(k)s, pensions, correct? you care about your money. everybody does. not just the left. not just the right. everybody cares about their money and that's the theme of fox business. we're there to not rail against this haing on political front, it is what is the trade? how can you make money protected and safe. brian: are you against the refresh at fox business, charles? >> i got an upgrade for my wardrobe. so i'm all for it. >> we're reinventing the way tv does business. we're finding a different way to communicate with people like our viewers right here to communicate about money. directly and to the point. brian: they focus too much on wall street, not you guys. >> the establishment media on tv business is all about qe3, earnings per share, the federal
5:39 am
reserve. steve: you're more main street than wall street. >> not necessarily. steve: you're not all main street? >> we have very sophisticated viewers. we have people who are aspirational viewers, who want to be multimillionaires and billionaires. what we do instead of the other guys, guys, we don't do a tick by tick on a stock other people may not own. how does it affect the bigger picture. we do it with personality, from the morning throughout the afternoon until the market closes we have 200 years of experience. steve: refreshed channel an website. >> the american team. ainsley: charles, will you give brian a hug? [applause] ainsley: thank you. i feel better now. brian: never got into a fight on manufacturing. [laughter]. steve: speaking of aspirational. janice with the 10-year-old
5:40 am
fellow from texas. ladies and gentlemen, take a look. one day he will be doing this. janice: so lane, no offense to everybody else. this is my favorite part of the show. lane, would you like to do the forecast? >> of course i would. janice: take its it away, my friend. you see the maps. where are you from, by the way is it. >> texas. janice: is that where you're from right there? >> yes, ma'am. janice: tell me the forecast. >> 42 degrees with cold winds and cold front passing through. it will be there for 24 hours but nothing to worry unless you have a flight there. that will probably affect it all the storms and winds are coming. janice: there is the forecast for the rest of the country. do you want to give highlights. >> new york you don't have to worry. the cold front will not come to you. it will go to the east coast or its going to canada. no way could it hit new york
5:41 am
unless it take as sharp turn. janice: you're hired! [applause] how amazing is that? how amazing. brian: too much emphasis on new york. ainsley: lots of hugging. steve: stuart, you're off. your show starts in 19 minutes. through our studio there, folks. it is judge jeanine! [cheers and applause] ♪. ♪ - [woman] with my shark, i deep clean messes like this, this, and even this. but i don't have to clean this, because the self-cleaning brush roll removes hair while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans
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♪ [cheers and applause]
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steve: the judge is here. brian: judge jeanine pirro is here, author of radicals, resistance and revenge, right? >> the left's plot to remake america. yes. brian: sorry. i guess what we're witnessing right now with the whole ukrainian situation. now the whistleblower want to testify but in writing behind closed doors. >> writing, behind closed doors. of the worst case scenario, if they want to listen to him, they want to change his voice. give me a break. who is this guy? number one is a cia person. what we're experiencing right now, cia, intelligence agency attempting a coup against the united states president. that is what is going on here. this is intelligence agencies trying to take out a president. and you know, we have, bottom line is, who is afraid of? they always try to make themselves victims. everybody's a victim. i was a prosecutor for 150
5:46 am
years. every criminal i ever tried was a victim. you're not a victim. you need to come out. you know, barack obama, i was reading this morning, he fired whistleblowers. now in this administration, we're not enentitled to know who they are. ainsley: we read the conversation. we know what they said. >> whistle blower is nothing more than hearsay. he hear someone say something. he is a friend of joe bidens. he has all the defense attorneys from the left. this is absurd, the best evidence is the transcript. the president was open. he was willing an transparent. here it is, here is what i said. now what? steve: the president was smart, he was taking a lot of heat because the whistleblower we had her through leaks, the president made promises to world leaders. there was quid pro quo. it was very scary. they had to come forward. they never thought the president would actually release it.
5:47 am
they did. now this person does not want their identity revealed because they say, personal safety. >> personal sift -- safety, hogwash, that has nothing to do with it. if they don't want the person revealed who he is, what his connections are. >> you say political connection. >> political. the whole thing reeks of politics. brian: what should the strategy be. we're not cooperating. we don't like the situation. >> the administration. brian: republicans can't ask any questions. the transcript the cannot be released. president towed his booed did i, european ambassador don't testify. the ambassador of the ukraine who he threw out, will testify. she will light him up behind closed doors. what is their philosophy. >> i don't blame the administration. brian: what is the strategy? >> you have to ask the administration. i'm thinking as prosecutor, they say this is political. clearly it is political.
5:48 am
when they decide they want to take down a president, that is political. especially 13 months before an election, really? after we spent two years trying to figure out if he was a putin puppet or russian asset. brian: asset. >> what did you think i said. lost my train of thought. we have the president who is now the subject of a coup. he is entitled to due process. he is entitled to have his attorney in the room. he is entitled to have cross-examination. he is entitled to have witnesses. what the left is doing, got this in the intelligence committee. why? because it is closed. we're not entitled to hear anything of what they're saying in that committee. so now what we hear are little leaks from little adam schiff, who comes out and says, this is this, that is a problem. so of course the administration says hey look, you want a real impeachment. you vote it.
5:49 am
by the way all you people in the states where i won, put it on the line right now. let's get this all down. is this about party and politics or is this about justice in america? steve: nancy pelosi doesn't want to take a vote for that reason. she wants the hammer last year. brian: the word is is considering it. >> if she does take the vote, that's fine. no one more ready for a fight than donald trump. there is no one more prepared, smarter, who knows how to counterpunch. he is the man. my money is on him. steve: that's it. >> what else we talking about? brian: watch justice. >> by the way, the president, the president is calling in this weekend on justice. we have eric trump, devin nunez. the big thing, the president is
5:50 am
calling in. brian: trump centric show. >> you can be there too. you want to be on? brian: i love to. but i'm partying every weekend. dance the night away. thanks, judge. ainsley: thanks, judge. steve: our studio is filled with fox news super fans but how much do they actually know about fox news? it is quiz time with tom shillue and you. [cheers and applause] as a financial advisor you have to listen. you listen to your client's goal of sending her daughter to the music school of her dreams. and you help her turn it into reality. principal. we can help you plan for that. start today at a peaceful night sleep without only imagine... frequent heartburn waking him up. now that dream is a reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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what are you doing back there, junior? since we're obviously lost, i'm rescheduling my xfinity customer service appointment. ah, relax. i got this. which gps are you using anyway? a little something called instinct. been using it for years. yeah, that's what i'm afraid of. he knows exactly where we're going. my whole body is a compass. oh boy... the my account app makes today's xfinity customer service simple, easy, awesome. not my thing. [cheers and applause] ainsley: this morning, we have a
5:54 am
live studio audience, full of fox news super fans. brian: they say they are. so we'll test your fox news i.q. steve: that's right. here to quiz us on all things fnc, the host of the quiz show on "fox nation," tom shillue. [applause] >> you guys can help them if they happen to need help. steve: they have buzzers in hand. they will try to answer the question. >> question one, what year was fox news founded? >> 1996. >> 1996, is right. [applause] brian: just had anniversary. >> quick with the buzzer. make sure i finish the question before you buzz in. steve: he bite us. >> question how many hours of programing does "fox & friends" have in a seven-day week?
5:55 am
robin. hours of program. >> 23. >> that is kind of an odd number but it's right. [applause] steve: is this rigged, they seem to know obscure facts. >> she was doing the math. three hours on the weekdays. extra hour on the weekend. brian: game show scandal. [laughter]. >> question number three, which fox anchors have shows on fox news and fox business. two of them. >> cavuto and maria bartiromo. >> those are the two, yeah. [applause] sean in the lead with two. brian: i never met either of them. >> who has won more competitions on "fox & friends," pete hegseth or ed henry? robin thinks knows the answer.
5:56 am
>> pete hegseth. >> he is a great competitor. go to the tape. >> do i have to make is? all right. >> watch it, pete. >> yes, yes. >> pressure is on. [shouting] >> i won. i won. >> don't want to talk about it. steve: looks like ed henry is a big winner. >> shaun is the winner with two buzzing points. robin johnson and, i know you're a little slow. i knew you knew the answer. >> defective buzzer. brian: tom shillue, great job. >> thank you everybody. [applause] protect healthy cells.
5:57 am
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6:00 am
[cheering and applause] >> well, that was fun and remember, please join us for a live studio audience. >> bill: great show, guys, good morning. question at the moment will she or won't she? that is adam schiff on capitol hill this morning. marie yovanovitch scheduled for a close door interview with house lawmakers. will the white house block her testimony as we saw the other day? we'll follow this by the minute and let you know as it happens unfolding moment by moment. i'm bill hemmer live inside of "america's newsroom." you've almost made it. >> sandra: not there yet. good morning to you. i'm sandra smith. this is just part of the story this morning as we learn more about the whistleblower who filed the complaint against the


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