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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 11, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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they don't respect the rules anymore. so i just get a giant bag of fun stuff and get more than i'm supposed to. >> dana: i bet everybody wants to come to your house for halloween, tyrus, thank you for joining us, everybody. i'm dana perino. >> shepard: it is 3:00 and american troops pull back in syria where america allies are under attack. word today that the united states is sending new troops to that region. this time, saudi arabia. that as iran claims missiles hit one of its oil takers. fox news is in the middle between the three countries, and here, the capital of the nation's kurdish reason -- region but of course the kurds are or were america's partners e war on isis. we have complete team fox coverage with on the ground, but first, a live look at the white house where we are
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expected to hear from president trump in just a few minutes but this comes after bombshell testimony on capitol hill from a key witness and the impeachment investigation. the former ambassador to ukrai ukraine, marie young evanovich, telling house lawmakers that the deputy secretary of state told her president trump personally pressure of the state department to remove her, even though she has done nothing wrong, she blames what she calls unfounded and false claims by people who clearly have questionable motives. that is all according to her opening statement today. the trump administration removed the then ambassador who is a respected career diplomat at the same time rudy giuliani trying to get ukraine to investigate joe biden. president trump called the ambassador "bad news" in july phone call with ukrainian president during which he asked the foreign leader to
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investigate his political rival. the rudy giuliani, soviet born, conspired to remove the ambassador from the post by funneling foreign money to a u.s. congressman to buy his influence. the former ambassador's interview is still going on behind closed doors right now. we weren't sure whether the ambassador would show up today after the state department announced it would block employees from testifying in the impeachment and query. another key witness is the ambassador to the european union. he says he will defy the trump administration's orders and testify himself next week after house democrats issued a subpoena. gordon's son could be critical to determine whether president trump withheld military aid to ukraine in order to pressure that country to launch an investigation into his rival joe biden. the president said there was no
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pressure and he was just concerned about corruption. fox news has now confirmed the whistle-blower who originally sounded the alarm about president trump and ukraine is asking to testify in writing rather than to appear in person to protect the whistle-blower's identity. now team fox coverage john roberts live at the white house but first mike emanuel from the white house hill. >> in the opening statement by fox news, marie yovanovitch telling the committee about her conversation with deputy secretary of state john sullivan. she says "he said that the president has a lot of confidence in me and no longer wanted my services as an ambassador. an assorted campaign against me and the department has been under pressure from the president to remove me since the summer 2018." the leading house intelligence was hoping to learn from ambassador marie yovanovitch. >> we will want to get her on
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the record, did she support the trump administration? did she really say these negative things about the trump administration? was she looking at journalists? was she monitoring journalist in the united states? these are all questions that we want the answers to. >> earlier from a democrat gave marie yovanovitch high marks so far. >> she is acting kind of like a true ambassador, she, herself has been deeply involved in has been the object of wrong, false statements. and she is clearing that up. >> the trans transcribed interview has been going on for about five hours. >> shepard: might come at the trump administration apparently tried to stop this testimony from happening, right? >> that is right. we got the statement from three committee chairs, adam schiff, the state department told her not to show up today so at that
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point, they had to take further action list take a look at it, the intelligence committee issuing a subpoena to tell marie yovanovitch to comply so the ambassador is cooperating with the subpoena in answering questions for democrats and republicans and staff. the chair fired a warning shot saying any efforts by trump administration officials to prevent witness cooperation with the committee will be deemed obstruction of a coequal branch of government and adverse imprints may be drawn against the president. on the underlying allegations of corruption and cover-up, but a house intelligence republican said the democrats should make this whole impeachment inquiry official. >> if it was urgent committee really meant it, why wouldn't you have a vote? why wouldn't you have a boat too to say why would we can't impeach him? they been impeaching him since the day elected and before that. >> next week with congress back here to be busy with hill, the
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advisor on russia expected on monday. thursday, gordon's online, the investor to the e.u. is coming to capitol hill as well. also receiving a subpoena, energy secretary rick perry. shep. >> shepard: mike emanuel belong to investment and impeachment inquiry heats up on capital here but we expect to hear from john roberts, president trump, has not begun, john? >> the last time i checked, holding outside of the oval office, and they may have gone in last minute or so but this is a meeting between the president and chinese -- but on the positive side, there could be some sort of deal between the united states and china on trade, a comprehensive deal that the president want to but may be something a little smaller. we are not sure but that is so i don't want to speculate. let's go back to the issue at hand, rudy giuliani, i talked with rudy giuliani earlier today after a couple of reports surfaced the u.s. attorney's
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office for the seven district of new york beginning to look into giuliani's financial dealings with the two men. giuliani told me he had a couple of relationships with lev parnas and furman, legal advice and consulting for them on business and security matters. but don't forget, furman and lev parnas put giuliani in touch with former federal general in ukraine as giuliani trying to dig up material on joe and hunter biden. giuliani said he has no reason to believe the dealings with lev parnas and furman under investigation. he told me those campaign finance violations they were arrested for go back to before he started working with the tube. those two men have been indicted by the southern district of new york for campaign finance violations in the u.s. office alleged they made a calm -- associated with president trump and pete sessions. the u.s. attorney jeff berman talking about it.
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>> protecting the integrity of our elections and protecting our elections from unlawful foreign, functions of the campaign finance laws. and this office has made clear, we will not hesitate to investigate and prosecute those engaged in criminal conduct that draws the integrity of the political process. >> shepard: we should point out giuliani was not mentioned at all in the indictment. a couple of things about the former mayor, he is considering to respond to a house subpoena with house documents related to the ukraine investigation and his involvement over their mek trying to dig up material on the bidens. an offer from lindsey graham to appear before the judiciary committee but the caveat he needs to consult with colleagues whether he did that he could protect issues of turning gnomic attorney/client privilege. >> shepard: of the treasury secretary with sanctions about to be slapped on turkey, is that right?
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>> not sanctions to be slapped but the authority to do it if necessary. president trump signed an executive order and this really is a warning shot to turk as president not to go to too far in syria. and it would give broad sweeping authority to the treasury department to level sanctions against the turkish government and turkish entities if the president believes that they have gone too far. the president tweeted yesterday, he's got three options in turkey. he could send american troops to handle the situation, slept sanctions on turkey or me and mediate -- mediate but not necessarily himself but the united states to mediate between the turks and the kurds. the president says he prefers the third option. he wants to make sure treasury has got the hammer to make sure that they do what he promised. this is the treasury of secretary. the president wants to make clear and it is imperative turkey not allow even a single isis fighter to escape.
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these are very powerful sanctions. we don't want to use them. but we can shut down the turkish economy if we need to. >> we should point out a schedule to visit the president of the white house mid-november, shep. >> shepard: john roberts chief white house correspondent, thank you, john. we are waiting for the president to weigh in on capitol hill questioning as well as the quickly rising tensions in the middle east. this afternoon, we are learning more than 1,000 u.s. troops along with fighter jets are headed to saudi arabia. this is new and a tug-of-war over recent oil and today, iran claiming a missile attack on one of its tankers. and all of it in the backdrop of a deadly assault on american allies in syria. new today, the pentagon is now warning that it isn't just the kurds in danger, but also u.s. troops are at risk. as turkey ramps up its attacks. the strong words from u.s.
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activate your va streamline benefit now. >> shepard: the breaking news the pentagon is now warning that turkey's mility assault on northeastern syria is not threatening only american allies, but also putting united states troops at risk. all from the pentagon and it comes as turkish shoulder gnomic soldiers to bombard the area for the third day now. they are target? u.s. allied kurdish fighters who fought side-by-side with american troops in a battle against the islamic state for years on end. but the turks call our allies terrorists. this comes just days after president trump announced u.s. troops will be pulling out of the area, a move even his closest supporters have
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criticized, accusing the white house of a banning american allies. the republican senator lindsey graham tweeting today "every concern i had about president trump's serious decision is coming true in spades." the reemergence of isis is on the way, and if you think only europe is threatened, you are sadly mistaken. the defense secretary said the united states is not abandoning the kurds but insist america did not leave dominic give turkey the green light for this operation but during the same ns conference, the pentagon is sending roughly 2,000 u.s. troops to saudi arabia with fighter jets and other warplanes. more on that from the pentagon shortly, but first we are hearing more from civilians caught in the cross fire between the turks and the kurds. >> these are my brother's children, my brother's children. >> shepard: the united nation's refugee reports tens of thousands of people right now
12:17 pm
trying to escape this violence. it is an eerily familiar pain in the region where a bloodiest civil war has gone on for eight, long years almost. and where the islamic state unleashed atrocities throughout the country. team fox coverage, reporting from the pentagon, first, steve from li iraq, steve. >> shepard this was day three of the turkish military operation against kurds along the syrian border, and they are pushing in deeper. kurdish officials say the goal is to establish a 20-mile buffer zone all along that border. that is an enormous military operation and one that is tremendously ambitious. to do that, they have to move out hundreds of thousands of people now they are met. you can see the scene today, smoke rising from some of those villages. some kurdish villages across the border in syria now surrounded by turkish forces, using
12:18 pm
warplanes as well as showing throughout the day. and you try to get an accurate death toll, it simply doesn't exist at this point. turco turkish officials with more than 200 kurdish fighters,d turkish admits one of its soldiers killed along with at least nine civilians. one thing to note that is clear, that is the chaos this military operation has unleashed. the u.n. now saying more than 100,000 people are on the move, and they are pleading, trying to get south by whatever way they can, cars, buses, motorcycles, cars, families taken whatever they can to try to get away from the fighting. hospital -- hospitals to the north shut down, and fled and those not able to get out in tie consequences can be dire. >> this house you see here, children were playing and the boy died and the girl lost her leg. >> shepard: there has been widespread international
12:19 pm
criticism of turkeys military operations, and antiterrorist organization and not just u.s. officials but european officials and the middle east, even russian president vladimir putin said this military move by turkey could open the way for resurgence by the islamic state. and they have bristled at the criticism and warned european leaders. i can open the door and let loose 2 million syrian refugees into europe and is bowing the military operation will not be over until every last terrorist is neutralized from a shepherd back to you. >> shepard: steve, and iraq, team fox coverage continues lucas tomlinson with the latest from the pentagon, lucas. >> shep, despite president trump to reduce military troops in the u.s., his defense secretary order 2,000 additional troops to saudi arabia. this is in the wake of an attack on two saudi oil refineries last month the pentagon blamed on iran. speak with the forces from
12:20 pm
saudi arabia in stead of defensn the interest and assets in the region but also to reestablish h respect to iran in the wake of an attack on saudi arabia. >> defense secretary asked for president trump's new joint chief of staff with deployment to include two f-15 squadrons, two missile batteries and one terminal battery used to take out missiles and drones. and a rainy and drones and cruise missiles carried out the attack on the two saudi oil refineries. before the attack, pointing south toward yemen and a proxy group carried out attacks on the kingdom in recent years. in a press conference earlier today mark said the additional forces were meant to deter iran from future attacks. >> sent a message to the iranians, do not strike another sovereign state and do not of threaten american forces or we will respond. and i have said time and time
12:21 pm
again, do not mistake our strength for weakness. >> earlier today iran claimed oil tankers struck by two missiles in the red sea. u.s. officials say they don't have evidence that that occurred, shep. >> shepard: lucas tomlinson life at the pentagon from a thank you a woman found a cameras memory card and apparently check it out to find its rightful owner. instead, what she found had her go straight to the police. according to court documents, the card contain pictures and videos, one showing a man's hands squeezing a struggling woman's neck. and on this video, you can hear her complaining that the hand is getting tired from the strangling. so he slams down his foot, stomps on the woman's neck and curses and frustration, telling her she needs to die. that is one of many videos which the cops say document a twisted night of torture. also, a stalker with a pop star in his sights. how investigators say the
12:22 pm
suspect used reflections in the singer's eyes to carry out his crimes. >> as a struggling actor pain happens. saturdays happen. aleve it. aleve is proven better on pain than tylenol. when pain happens, aleve it. all day strong.
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so you only pay for what you need. it's a different kind of wireless network designed to save you money. save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus get $250 back when you buy an eligible phone. call, click, or visit a store today. wilde fire alert and this is incredible what is happening in los angeles county. it is about half past noon now and the fire dangers are enormous. 100,000 people under evacuation orders at this very moment. multiple homes have gone up in flames. residents have been told to get out. the santa ana winds are blowing. the fires are spreading, and we will be live there in just a minute on fox news. but first, this just income a video of capitol police arresting the actress james
12:27 pm
fonda at a climate cha investigation. according to the senior producer, chad pilgrim, jane fonda was 1 of 16 people arrested on capitol hill steps today. she talked to chad as she left earlier this hour. jane fonda said she will demonstrate at the capital against climate change every friday from now until january. somebody found the memory card as i mentioned on the street in anchorage, alaska. the police say it was full of videos and photos of a man beating and killing a woman. and now come investigators say they track down the suspected murder. chief correspondent jonathan hunt, jonathan. >> shep commit is a terrible m fascinating story and perhaps the easiest to understand in chronological order. earlier this month from october 2nd, the police in alaska found the body of a woman along a highway south of
12:28 pm
anchorage. two days prior to that come with same police were handed a camera memory card found on the street. on that card, the police they were horrifying pictures and videos of a woman being strangled, beaten and raped by a man carrying out the brutal attack. the police quickly realized the body they found dumped on the side of the highway was the woman in those disturbing pictures. they identified her as 30-year-old kathleen henry. they also identify the location of the attack as the hotel in anchorage, matching the video with those in the hotel. the man was quickly identified by the police in part because of his distinctive south african accent as brian stephen smith. he had been a guest at the hotel from september second-fourth, rested at the airport in anchorage on october 8th as he
12:29 pm
returned from a trip. he was in an arraignment hearing wednesday. he has been charged with murder and assigned a public defender. anchorage police in the meantime praised the action of the woman who turned in that card saying the actions by her will be instrumental in making sure that smith will be held accountable. they said it is, shep, a perfect example if you see something, say something. a boy, did she see something on the memory card must be five. >> shepard: incredible, jonathan hunt, thank you my friend and all the best. a man accused of taking, stalking to a whole new level. the police say he targeted a female pop star by looking at her social media photos and using the reflections in her eyes along with googles street view view to figure out where she lived. the reflections in her eyes and what train station she used. the police described the man as an avid fan.
12:30 pm
they say he found her, groped her and knocked her down. now, he has apparently confessed and faces indecent assault charges. a live look at capitol hill where we are waiting to hear from lawmakers when they wrap up an interview with a former u.s. ambassador to ukraine. remember, this is at the center of the entire investigation ongoing now. we will hear from the fox news sunday anchorage chris wallace for the friday check in the wildfires scorching thousands of acreage in southern california. a live report from one of the hardest hit areas as at the bottom of the hour the top of the news and life pictures now from sky fox, the flames are leaping into the air and the santa ana winds begin around this time or live a little before now really, this time of year but it is hot and dry and perfect conditions for an absolute catastrophe. how many homes have burned, there is no way to know with this point. it is an all-out war on a raging
12:31 pm
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>> shepard: bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news, the major league pitcher taking a foot in the face after trying to crawl through a doggy door. seriously. and wait until you hear the explanation he just gave the cops. pig out, a pork producer of the southern staple is sounding the alarm about a shortage. and it could take ham and bacon off of the menu nationwide. more than 100,000 people told to leave their home as flames raced their way. it is a fox news wilde fire alert. a live look los angeles county and wide shot from sky fox, fast-moving wildfires burning
12:36 pm
homes, quick closing freeways in southern california, flames fueled by strong, santa ana winds and extremely dry conditions. 100,000 people order to leave their homes. >> everything is on fire. it is bad. my dog was in the house and i had to break the window to get out. >> shepard: fire officials say the wildfires have burned 4,000 acres. hundreds of firefighters battling to get the flames under control. the wildfires come after hundreds of thousands of people had their power cut off and what the power company officials called a move to try to prevent the virus. it didn't work. william la jeunesse reporting live 20 miles north of l.a. >> shepard, in a wildfire is chaotic but this one exploded last night 9:00 p.m. and that santa ana winds literally jumped over that ridge, raced down into the l.a. basin and down canyons like this ripping through the
12:37 pm
community of porter ranch as people slept. they sheriff's office called for 100,002to evacuate. most of them left, very chaotic as they arrived and the fire jump to freeways, the letter letter 5 and 210, a jailbreak as if nothing. the firefighters trying to race ahead and almost pointless -- pointless to slow it down. the firefighters playing defense right now with the winds over 20 gusting to 50. trying to protect these structures also, dropping and only 25 of 23,000 homes sustained damage and one man in his 50s died of a heart attack trying to protect and save his home. >> the wind is pushing it trait demonstrate to the stables. by the time we got up there, the smoke was really, really bad. >> i so that we were probably going to eventually need to evacuate. so i woke everybody up and said listen, let's pack. >> shepard: so you already know, the freeways are a nightm.
12:38 pm
it took three hours to go to two exits. right now this fire is 0% contained, shepard. >> shepard: what about those preemptive power outages across the state? >> yeah, you know, the idea is if you shut down the power, fallen trees because when they fall, they won't cause a fire. well, southern california did indeed shut off power to about 21,000 customers, not the 250,000 they warned. that is different than pg&e up north in northern california, they did cut power to 2 million people. half of those, the power restored for them, but of course, they pay $30 billion in liability claims, scared, and a lot of criticism from the government. but we have to wait until after the fire season to see if that is working as well as they hoped, back to you. >> shepard: there is a bit of a fire behind you. a tornado looking thing, look behind you, william.
12:39 pm
>> yeah, i can come of the wins, shepard of them i won't take your time, but they have been stopped. we got here at 4:00 and it's just been blowing. and that's a little unusual and sometimes they can die down in the morning, and then the sun down wins, this has been nonstop. but it is miraculous that they have only come at 20 homes are really, look how dense it is out there. >> shepard: it relatively is. we will keep an eye on it all afternoon. our team is on top of it, thank you so much. the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine is talking to lawmakers as part of the impeachment investigation into president trump. let's turn to the fox news sunday host chris wallace live from washington. chris, it keeps coming. >> it does, indeed. marie yovanovitch who is testifying behind closed doors right now, she was the ambassador, u.s. ambassador to ukraine, forced out and make a
12:40 pm
couple of months before her normal rotation would have ended and in her opening statement with fox news, has gained access to basically says she was taught by state department officials president trump wanted her head because of allegations that she had been disloyal, but state department officials or bosses thought she had done everything right, and what this comes in the midst of his allegations that rudy giuliani and those two guys who were arrested yesterday and charged just as they are about to get on a plane and leave the country, that they were, in fact exercising the campaign, because she wouldn't go along with efforts to try to dig up research on joe biden. but this is very interesting and for all the allegations against the bidens and they are certainly worth investigating, the only people that face criminal charges at this point in the whole ukraine matter are
12:41 pm
the two associates of rudy giuliani. >> shepard: when you look, it's coming so fast these days, chris. you wake up in the morning, and it's another breaking news and another breaking news. and they are all the kinds of things to be a lead story on a nightly newscast. there will be six or eight of them. so you have to back up and take a look at the big picture. i wonder when you do that with all your experience, what do you think we are seeing in this historic moment? >> well, i think for all of the criticism of the whistle-blower you are hearing from republicans the basic story that the whistle-blower alleged in the first place appears to have been largely cooperated. that there wasn't a phone call between the president and the ukrainian president zelensky. that it was so alarming, that to a lot of people inside the white house, permanent intelligence officials, not political appointees but it was handled differently than those phone calls normally be handled. it seems to have been involved
12:42 pm
around a campaign, both before and after to get information about both whether or not ukraine had interfered with the 2016 election. an opposition research on joe biden for the 2020 election. so much so that after marie yovanovitch was fired the top u.s. diplomat bill taylor was writing that he thought there was a player linkage between u.s. aid, u.s. military aid to ukraine and getting investigations on the biden research. the basic allocation by the whistle-blower seems to me have been largely cooperated. now, does that rise to the level of impeachment? does that rise to the level of removal? folks have to decide but the basic allocation has been largely confirmed. >> shepard: tomorrow is a really big day. tomorrow -- we are at the z and after resounding victory over vanderbilt, now, it is time
12:43 pm
to beat the zoo and while doing so, we will say happy birthday, happy birthday chris wallace. >> you know that tomorrow, october 12th i will forward everybody about this fact and i'm quite bitter about it. >> shepard: i'm bitter already. >> october 12th is columbus day and we did not use to celebrate some random monday but on a day columbus discovered america. >> and today october 12th but what was columbus' first name? >> shepard: christopher. >> bingo. >> shepard: wow, and when i bring this all together come i see a seven-point victory for the rebels in colombia. >> i told you vanderbilt was a cupcake. >> they are a ten-point favorite, mizzou. >> so here's the question, are you as a birthday present for me promote my show? >> shepard: just for you, chris and for synergy and the
12:44 pm
fox world, this weekend on fox news sunday, chris wallace talks with a different secretary, mark esper and the secretary 's first sunday show interview, very first one and also senator chris van hollen the democrat of maryland, he and the republican senator lindsey graham have a bipartisan plan to punish turkey for attacking kurdish fighters in syria. that is this sunday on your local fox station. check your local listings. how was that? >> that was very, very good. you know what masson come i think you have a future in broadcasting. [laughter] >> shepard: thank you. this does not make you dad. dad's at home watching right now, hi, dad, it is chris's birthday but we don't care, dad. he is saying hello back. he is 91. >> not quite there make yet. [laughter] >> shepard: i mean, good luck, chris. >> thank you. >> shepard: you are the man.
12:45 pm
i appreciate you. wildfire alert and there it is, just look at this, this is from a chopper way up in the air. can you see how high the flames are leaping above the trees? there is absolutely no stopping that. absolutely incredible pictures coming to us out of southern california. and now, we can give thanks to the first responders, the firefighters working tirelessly and see the fire and tornado in the middle of that? the winds whipping the flames up into the air. brutal conditions. hundreds of thousands have evacuated. live coverage nonstop throughout the afternoon and evening on fox news channel s in the us. it's a competition for the talent. employees need more than just a paycheck. you definitely want to take advantage of all the benefits you can get. 2/3 of employees said that the workplace is an important source for personal savings and protection solutions.
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>> shepard:
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>> both men are due back in court sometime next week. >> trace gallagher live from los angeles. the move comes just days after china called off multiple nba events over the now deleted tweet from the rockets general manager supporting pro-democracy protests in hong kong. the nba commissioner adam silver
12:53 pm
said the league will continue to for players and employees. it could soon be a bit harder to bring home the bacon. the warning from the world's largest producers and what china has to do with all of that and the markets today, wow! there is news that we may be getting better on china and trade. the president is talking about it, the pool is in there, and a little while, we expect to hear from the president and we will have that for you in the next hour without any doubt. the dow was up more than 500 points just minutes ago. still almost 400 points. so a great day on the market. top of the overhead lines just minutes away and we will have more right after this. ♪ usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them,
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>> bret: a personal moment now. gathering and reporting the news has been my last work. 33 years, the past 23 right here, since the day we launched fox news channel in 1996.
12:58 pm
the opportunities afforded this guy from small-town mississippi. fox news has allowed me to travel the world gathering the facts of the day for you. at columbine, katrina, iraq, israel, lebanon, 9/11, and every life altering event along the way. i have met leaders, heroes, and victims of all strides. i've witnessed and reported on the events that shaped our reality. together with my colleagues we have written a first draft of history and endeavored to deliver it to you while speaking truth to power without fear or favor it in context and with perspective. i am eternally grateful for the opportunity. for handing me the breaking news raines is managing at her, senior correspondent, and chief news anchor for this news netwod humbled. i've worked with the most talented, dedicated, and focus professionals i've ever known.
12:59 pm
they have sacrificed endlessly and tirelessly to get the news exactly right and i am so proud of them. i'm honored to have anchored their work each day. i will miss them and our time together greatly and deeply. so recently i asked the company to allow me to leave fox news after requesting that i stay they obliged. under our agreement i won't be reporting elsewhere, at least in the near future, but i will be able to see more of geo and our friends and family and then we will see what comes along. this is my last newscast here. thank you for watching today and over the decades as i traveled to many of your communities and anchored this program, studio b, and fox report, plus endless marathon hours of breaking news. it's been an honor and my pleasure. even in our currently polarized nation, it's my hope that the facts will win the day, that the truth will always matter, that journalism and journalist will
1:00 pm
. i'm shepard smith. goodbye. >> greg: wow. i'm neil cavuto and like you have a little stunned and a little heartbroken. i don't know what to say. shepard smith, as i said, just a few days ago on this very network. a decent human being, a heart as big as texas. i didn't say texas at the time. just lower manhattan. it wow. a better newsman you probably cannot find. again, a bigger more emotionally connected to humankind, you cannot find. shepherd, i don't know what the heck you are planning to do or where you will go but i just know you will be great at doing


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