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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  October 20, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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fox news. lauren green. jon: that's how fox reports on sunday october 20th. i am jon scott. thank you for joining us. see you next week. d1 president trump challenged on two fronts setbacks to the impeachment defense and a tenuous cease-fire in syria. >> turkey is guarding separately watching over everything. >> vice president penson secretary of state pompeo negotiates a pause in fighting. >> this allows us to go from where we are today to establish a buffer zone. >> is it a cease-fire or surrender quick.
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>> get over it. there will be political influence and foreign policy. >> the president's chief of staff triggers a firestorm if there was a political quid pro quo with ukraine. >> things went from very very bad too muchun worse. >> today an exclusive interview with wife loan - - white house chief of staff maldini. >> mayor pete on the rise after going after rivals after the latest democratic debate we will ask his path to the 2020 nomination plus pelosi and trump in their first meeting since democrats launch the impeachment inquiry. >> that crazy nancy. shenq is crazy. we will ask our panel about the growing hostilities between the president and the speaker of wda the house. and our power player of the
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week now he wants to solve the mystery of what happened to amelia earhart. right now on "fox news sunday". t1 hello again from washington we b begin president trump announced by tweet last night he is backing off a controversial b decision to hold the g-7 summit next year at his own resort now the search will begin for a new site. but the president is still under fire from a growing number of republicans. gop voted more than two / one against the policy in syria. the chief of staff maldini had a political quid pro quo and later denied he said that. and more damaging testimony in the house impeachment investigationai in a moment we will talk with the president's chief of staff who just
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flinched when i said that but first let's bring in the latest from the white house t to a precarious t pause best describes the circumstances on the ground in syria. even as we learn much more about the strategy for american forces there. >> the current game plan is to reposition into western iraq. but then two missions but then to perform that counter isis mission. >> the impeachment drumbeat was a fever pitch as house intelligence committee shifts has a cascade about ukraine and a possible quid pro quo tiger say to cooperation incredibly the gulf between the house democrats and white
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house begins to grow and the speaker stormed out of the white house meeting by accusing the president of having a meltdown over a bipartisan houseboat all as the president defended his decision to host the g-7 summit in miami saying boat based both on media and hostility we will no longer considering. a reversal after criticism and accusations. >> can you acknowledge the appearance of impropriety that maybe this is something you want to reconsider. >> we absolutely believe this is the best thing and we will have it there. >> that was then this isve now. that mentioning cap - - camp david as a possibility of the g-7 summit it hosted g8 inme 2012. >> joining us now for an
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exclusive interview white house chief of staff maldini welcome back. >> i flinch because that's what people said that's what i said i'm looking forward to the conversation. chris: so why did you say in that briefing that president trump had ordered a quid pro quo investigating the democrats that they depended on. >> that's not what i said. here's what i said and i will say it again hopefully people will listen there are two reasons we held up thes aid. the first was the rampant corruption in ukraine by the way it is so bad that in 2014 congress passed a i law requiring us making sure corruption was moving in the right direction.
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the president was also concerned whether or not other nations, specifically european nations were helping with foreign aid. mrr so that i did mention in the past the president had mentioned about the dnc server to other people publicly even the president in the phone call but it wasn't connected to the aid and that's where people got sidetracked two reasons for holding back the aid. chris: the me pursue that because i believe anyone listening to whatve you said in that briefing could only come to one conclusion let's play what you said. >> he also mentioned to me the corruption related to the dnc server absolutely no question. but that's it and that's why we held up the money. >> so quid pro quo the funding will not flow if the democratic server. >> we do that all the time with foreign policy. chris: you were asked
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specifically what is investigating democrats one of the conditions for holding up the aid was that part of the quid pro quo? >> you say it happens all the time. >> look at the answer before that it was a long answer about corruption. i said the exact same thing i just said nowd that the reason we held back the aid and i can prove it to you. the aid flowed. once we could satisfyce ourselves that they were doing better with corruption we got that information and once we could establish the omb to do research and other countries aid to ukraine, they don't give hardly any legal aid once those two are clear to the money flow there was never any connection between the flow of money. chris: i hate to go through this but you said what you said paragraph for that
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exchange you were asked another time why the aid was held up and what was the condition. you didn't mention two conditions you mentioned three vertical let's listen to all three because you stated it very clearly. >> corruption whether or not other countries were participating in support and whether or not they were cooperating in the ongoing investigation with the department of justice is completely legitimate. chris: not only did you say investigating the democrats was one of the three conditions, not to and that was part of the quid pro quo also part of the justice department investigation into the origins of the russian probe. not only does the press thing that you said it but here is a
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statement put out by a senior justice department official if the white house was withholding aid to the cooperation of any investigation into the department of justice this is news to us but everybody thinks that's what you said you said there are three points not to. >> in just a few seconds ago to say is a quid pro quo there was not. >> but youhr were asked and you said that happens all the time. >> and reporters will use their language all thehe time my language never said quid pro quo. so that list of three things what was i talking about? things that were legitimate for the president it is legitimate for the president to know what is going on with the ongoing investigation w into the server and everybody acknowledges that it's completely legitimate to ask about thatt it's legitimate to tidy aid to corruption and to foreign aid from other countries i see how people
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took that the wrong way absolutely but i never said quid pro quo because there isn't. chris you have been in these briefings you know how back and forth it is with rapidfire look at the facts on the ground that you can certify and what should put this issue to bed is that the money flowed without any connection whatsoever. chris: in the first answer you said that's why we held up the money but here you said for those two reasons now you acknowledge it was for three reasons if you held up the money for three reasons that is a quid pro quo. may be the president backed off of thatt but that was the proposition. >> i am not acknowledging that. but go back to what actually happened in the room. by the way go to the phone call i hope we get a chance to talk about that.
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they never mentioned the aid at all on the phone call. he doesn't say by the way do this or else the money will flow. we all know enough about this president if he feels very strongly he will put it out there directly. that did not happen. >> maybe i recognize people misinterpreted what i said but the facts are clear for everyone tout see. >> in the briefing you flatly denied any connection between holding up the aid and investigating joe biden and his son. in his phone call with the president he specifically mentions the bidens. do me a favor the lawyer pushed all summer to pay hunter bided and a former nsc official testified this week before congress john bolton was so disturbed by the way you are directing people to work with rudy giuliani, he said "i am not part of whatever drug
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deal, metaphorical that's they are cooking up. no question you were following the president's orders but your fingerprints are all over linking aid to ukraine with investigating the bidensst. >> that's not true i will take one of those at a time. i was surprised because john bolton never complained about anything that was going on. none of us have seen the testimony which is entirely different story. bolton never complained to him on the hill. hechris: but he testified. >>. >> she complained to her boss john bolton. >> who did what? chris: he told her immediately to go to a lawyer at the nsc and complain. >> he didn't go say anything
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to anybody. so now go back to the president's phone call. at the end of the day that's what this is about. hee president's phone call with ukraine i don't blame you personally to say do me a favor go look at the transcript it is do me a favor take at the look at the dnc server than he talks about corruption in ukraine and giuliani then he talks about that close cooperation between the countries and corruption and a new ambassador to the us he talks about bill barr and then at the very end he mentions the bidens everybody else says do me a five or one - - a favor that's not accurate to look at the transcript yourself. >> turning toor syria. defense secretary overnight
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has said those 1000 troops who are being moved out of syria moving to iraq they are not coming hom home. >> the quickest way to get them out of danger literally the number was 28 you had 28 special forces between tens of thousands of soldiers tens of thousands on the other side and i hope when we release the letter this t week it will put to bed the nonsense how the president supposedly greenlighted this invasion. >> it has been released but this is what we deal with all the time in the submit administration with the impeachment of ukraine or syria. that it'she a green light the president greenlighted this. we put out facts that put that to bed nobody says we were
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wrong about that. go back to the impeachment how did that start? there were supposed toba be we a reference of quid pro quo for foreign aid nobody said anything about that. >> were running out of time. i just want to go back to the briefing after all the blowback and the criticism did you ever think to offer the president your resignation quick. >> absolutely not was it ever discussed quick. >> absolutely not i'm very happy working there do i have the perfect press conference? know but the facts are on our side i didn't get a chance to talk about what i wanted to that senator menendez sang a letter to the ukraine sing if you don't cooperate with mueller there are repercussions for you or to talk about a quid pro quo joe biden admitting he will cut off funding if that's not a
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quid pro quo i don't know what is. i've had the chance to do everything i wanted to but i still think as chief of staff the president agrees. chris: there is a growing number of republicans in congress that are distancing themselves from the president the leader who wrote a scathing article about syria to withdraw us forces from syria is a grave and strategic mistake and a nightmare for our country. house republicans voted against the trunk policy inou syria 129 / 60. with very well-connected republican in washington who says if the house wants to impeach now there is a s20 percent chance enough
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republicans will vote with the democrats. >> that is absurd but let's deal with the issue of syria. >> know let's deal with the republicans in support. >> at the exact same thing that 20 percent is and what we're talking about the talk about the reaction of republicans and democrats on the hill the president knew that would happen. he recognized it's not politically popular in this town to make that decision to move the troops out of syria. he ran on it. chris: i just want to ask you is there any concern losing support of republicans and congress quick. >> no. >> they have to go home eventually so do i understand there are certain that are
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upset about the syria decision? absolutely the president knew that would happen but elections have consequences on foreign policy that's how we started the conversation. chris: one of the people who is testifying in congress this week on the house impeachment investigation also said he was so concerned about hunter biting getting the job in 2015 he went to the vice president staff and said this looks really bad and was turned away. >> your reaction quick. >> i am surprised i have not heard about that. chris: but i am asking you about that. >> i'm hearing of for about this for the first time. chris: it has been reported you have not heard that in the last 48 hours. >> know i've been busy chris. [laughter] chris: maybe you don't know fthis president trump has
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decided after he put you out there after that briefing he has decided he will not hold it there he blames it on the hostile media and theire partners by getting hammered by republicans. >> we talked about at great length last night if we made the decision on thursday we would've had the press conference on thursday that's fine. but i honestly think what you saw in the tweet is real. he doesn't hold back his feelings or his emotions. he is honestly surprised at the level of pushback. he still considers himself to be in the hospitality business and to put on the best show the best visit and was very comfortable there and we are all surprised at the pushback will have to find someplace else.
4:20 pm
chris: i just have to pick up he considers himself in the hospitality business. he's the president of the united states. >> that's his background. i use to be in real estate. i don't know what you have done. chris: nothing. that's all i've ever done. [laughter] >>. chris: does he understand that that looks lousy quick. >> i think people say that but to put on a g7 absolutely but we can do that someplace else. chris: thank you for coming in always good to talk ton you. up next our sunday group to discuss the impeachment investigation a new evidence us officials are concerned as far back as 25 t - - 2015 of huntersc biden's business dealings ady.
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that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. the radical democrats have been trying to overthrow the >> for three state years radical democrats are tried to overthrow the results of a great, great election. may be, may be the greatest election in the history of our country. chris: president trump rallying supporters against the house impeachment investigationly former republican congressman j fitz fox news political analyst juan williams and former democratic congresswomanon harmon and from the wall street journal author of the new book resistance at all cost so how damaging has the last week been from a number
4:25 pm
of current and former national security officials and to have his personal lawyer and whatever you make of them his comments of a quid pro quo. >> and wish there was a video to show what was going on during those impeachment hearings because they have not been open and transparent wit adam schiff physically lied in front of the committee when he had a chance to talk about that. i don't think they are laying a glove on donald trump out in dallas texas of the world it's not moving the meter at all. chris: congresswoman how strong is the case quick. >> i'm not in the room either but to be clear these are depositions. they are not hearings people talking undertr oath republicans and democrats are in the room so the questions are primarily being asked by counsel that republicans and democrats.
4:26 pm
chris: enough about the process but what about the substance quick. >> it leaks out in the press but it hasn't been a good week for the president. but he did back off on the china tariffs that's a big deal because the economy was about to go to a point where that could hurt him but the other is the troops are moving to iraq they are not leaving the area so there is a counter isis movement although the syria decision didn't make sense. >> may be the biggest surprise in my interview that t15 didn't know about the relegation's about hunter biden and he finally answered questions take a look. >> if your name wasn't biden would you have been asked to be on the board quick.
4:27 pm
>> i don't know. probably not i don't think a lot of things would have happened in my life with my last name was not. biden. chris: but we also learned one of those officials testified before the house impeachment investigation this week was so disturbed in 2015 when he started working for this company at least the appearance if nothing else that it seemed to be self-dealing that he went to the vice president's office and said this really looks bad. and he was turned away. >> it is a big deal. but it should surprise no one prior to the press deciding this was a whole issue that we are not allowed to talk about that he did nothing wrong there were stories about this former officials that worked for joe biden saying they were uneasy with the situation and they knew what was happening
4:28 pm
so the issue has always been the appearance question is the question whether or not hunter biden was profiting off of his father's position pickle you don't have to go much farther than that because it does hurt joe biden with the primary voters at the president who doesn't like to back down did overnight and set okay i will not hold the g7 summit next june at his resort after there was a lot of squealing about it from democrats that said this is self-dealing that one of the reasons because it would hurt his case against joe biden quick. >> i think the cancellation is a step in the right direction but this is so blatant and over-the-top self-dealing on the part of the president to put his self-interest or as a
4:29 pm
history in the hospitality business above the national interest. that upholds the whole ukrainian deal that larger it's a campaign promise that he broke he said he would divest of all business interest so this was in the right direction but think he had no problem a pair - - appointing his son-in-law as an emissary to the middle east and he's dealing withri the crown prince of saudi arabia? >> but that's just a decision that rudy giuliani the present can decide that's just a policy. >> that you are putting in yourness family and position of critical policy that's from the shadow foreign-policy run by giuliani but to my mind durell is a struggling
4:30 pm
property here is the president to say i will help my own business and forever branded because the g7 was held there. >> this is a very complicated subject of glad he decided not to because he wants his message out not to be in a appearance of conflict that's a very complicated discussion whether or not the t empire has profited or more likely he has probably taken a hit there is good evidence his bookings are down at a lot of places. [laughter] i'm not arguing for president i'm just saying look at the numbers you just can't run around to sayresi he is profitig off the presidency. >> but you cannot make any conversations. >> there was never any conversation in the court
4:31 pm
syste system. >> there are court cases right now. we have to take a break mayor pete joins us here in washington after a debate that has some saying he could compete with joe biden as a centrist voice in the party all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life. get your auto insurance quote today.
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ch chris: pete teethree is trying to get into the top tier of 2020 candidates and his performance paid off with more than $1 million of campaign contributions in the first 24 hours after the debate joining us now is the mayor of south bend indiana now welcome back. >> good to be with you let's start with your latest poll numbers you are in fourth place at five.8 percent in ohio with 13 and fourth in new hampshire eight.7 percent. as a candidate from the midwes midwest, don't you have to finish in the top two or three in iowa or you are
4:35 pm
done quick. >> certainly a strong performance in iowa is critical to win the nomination. we have a terrific ground game of over 22 field offices and 100 organizers in a message that connects that democrats first and foremost want to know we can defeat and replace president trump also how the policies we put forward will affect their lives whether medicare for all or any number of issues. >> even now there are so many iowans who have it narrowed down to the top three but are taking time to evaluate their choices we have to close the deal between now and the caucus. >>. chris: you have stalled ever since the terrible police shooting in south bend this summer and folks noticed a more aggressive performance by
4:36 pm
you in the last debate taking on elizabeth warren for medicare for all and told c gabbard with troops and gun buyback. >> your signature senators to have a plan for everything except this. >> that is dead wrong i don't need lessons from you on courage. political or personal. chris: was that a conscious effort to jumpstart your campaign quick. >> these are topics of very passionate about for what is being done not just me but american credibility so the fact that right now people who put their lives on the line trusting the united states would have their back and are now betrayed the fact that us troops in theop field feel their honor has been stolen from them by their commander-in-chief how could you not be fired up with something like that? that's the season to lay out
4:37 pm
what we are passionate about it i want to make sure there's no question in any voters mind how their life would be different under my presidency. >> one of those distinctions is that 2021 they could make historic gains on immigration and guns but not if they push too far or promise too much do you think some of those solutions on climate change and medicare for all our two drastic quick. >> we have a chance but we can do that through purity test i am proposing medicare for all who want it that means we create a version everybody can
4:38 pm
get access and if you want to keep your private plan we are okay with that. i think that's a better policy than kicking people off of their plan and it's also something more americans can get behind and the condition our country will be in when the presidency comes to an end one way or another how polarized and divided this country is, is not a political question but governance the good news is we can govern in a bowl direction but we have to do it in a way that moves towards unifying rather than polarizing the american people. chris: not surprisingly the left is firing back that elizabeth warren said she will not participate in big fundraisers even if the democratic nominee against trump next fall. you said we will not beat him with pocket change here is how aoc responded.
4:39 pm
small dollar grassroots comp --dash campaign with teefive pocket change out funded him by millions we should be working to end big politics not protect that. what do you have to say quick. >> first of all you don'tum go from mayor of south bend to a competitive candidate without knowing a thing or two about grassroots campaign my campaign is fueled by the contributions of almost 600,000 individual donors and most are small contributions i am saying we cannot go into this fight with one hand tied behind ourit back the president and his allies $125 million they will have a responsibilityd country to make sure we go fight with everything we've got indeed we
4:40 pm
need to end the era of big money politics that's why campaign-finance reform is so important and it will never happen as on those currently in charge. >> the last time we talked was in august i pointed out not to charitably you were at 0 percent in the polls among african-americans now there's a new pullout you are now at 2 percent support. you describe big outreach to minority communitieshe why isn't it working quick. >> it's not about the polls. >> it is about the pole. >> in order to do well you have to deserve to do well and we are focus on the substance of what i have to offer voters want to know how their lives will be different with african-american voters they want to know my agenda for black americans we are putting forward the most comprehensive plan of any candidate to uttackle systemic racism from
4:41 pm
empowering black entrepreneurs to fuel businessss development to deal with discrimination in housing to cutting incarceration by 50 percent because we know the criminal justice system disproportionately harms african-americans we need to make that case is extremely well received when i have a chance to open it uptheir optioo that in a short amount of time. chris: i want to press on this the voters trying to understand who you are you were supposed to attend a big fundraiser in chicago one of the host p was the same city attorney who worked very hard to block this video of a shooting of mcdonald the lawyer backed out of the fundraiser. but you also donated $5600 to
4:42 pm
your campaign at a time when they try to get to know you isn't that a mistake you cannot afford to make quick. >> this came to my attention and within one hour it was taken care of. that situation there of justice and transparency for mcdonald is much more important than a campaign contribution. >> can you understand where people would say he was taking money during the fundraiser held by the city attorney quick. >> and we took care of it. the biggest question is how will my life be different? when the sun comes up that first day after trump is president so those issues i want to tackle speaks to black voters and all voters who are seeking a better life in this country to turn the page from the chaos and corruption we're
4:43 pm
under right now. chris: pete teefive safe travels on the campaign trail. turkey agrees to a temporary cease-fire in syria we will ask our group what that means for us interests in the middle east ♪ the calming scent of lavender interests in the middle east until it's done with downy.
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here, hello! starts with -hi!mple... how can i help? a data plan for everyone. everyone? everyone. let's send to everyone! [ camera clicking ] wifi up there? -ahhh. sure, why not? how'd he get out?! a camera might figure it out. that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. >> the kurds are very happy, turkey is very >> the kurds are very happy turkey is very happy the united states is very happy and you know what quick civilization is very happy brick it's a great thing for civilization. chris: president trump with of optimistic assessmentci the cease-fire brokered by vice president pentz we are back so what do you think congresswoman of the deal quick. >> i think sadly pentz is
4:47 pm
scrambling on the plane to come up with an announcement to make t sense i applaud him for trying but i don't think he succeeded so where we are now is the cease-fire is not holdinge the kurds, our allies lost 11000 people they are being massacred with a vacuum filled by isys and the syrian government and by russia and guess what? israel, our deepest ally is now surrounded by ran on the syrian border and then on the lebanese border now this creates the existential threat leading to dangerous circumstances and finally isys is regrouping and they are from europe they will get to the turkish border and
4:48 pm
attack. >> staunch trump supporters have real problems of northern syria strike that was good although temporary but the president did the right thing and exactly what he was campaigning for go if you cannot go and fight to win the war then bring them home. if they said it and the house feel so strongly that pass the piece of legislation don't do a slap on the hand to write the op-edo. >> mitch mcconnell quick. >> yes. pass a war powers authorization do that and put on your big boy pants. the president is doing the right thing. chris: then the meeting on syria at the white house this week with the indelible picture ended with president trump calling the speaker
4:49 pm
either a third rate politician and she got up as you can see here and walking out. here's what they said afterward. >> that crazy nancy. she is crazy. >> i talk to the president all the time this is a very serious meltdown on the part of the president. chris: they cannot even legislate they can't even stand to be in each other'st presence. >> what you see from the house vote that even republicans were shocked. chris: to go against the president quick. >> 129 republican voters of the majority so it shows there is bipartisan outrage to allow those kurds to be slaughtered in this way but the response to your question about the
4:50 pm
meeting, i think nancy pelosi and chuck schumer in the house leader were strong enough to confront the president to get in hishe face to say this is the wrong policy and he responded with elementary school bullying a politician. she is no third rate politician by anybody's measure. but the policy is the measure that the k problem and to be clear is not about bringing troops home he just sent 2002 saudi arabia so this is about the president pulling the influence out allowing the allies to be slaughtered and compromising america's integrity and promise to our allies this is a quagmir
4:51 pm
quagmire. chris: both sides talk about to walk and chew gum at the same time to get some things done w com like passing the usmr the trade deal with mexico and canada. can they get anything done with the bitterness that you could say we're already in the full pledged campaign. >> whatever happened in that meeting it doesn't matter because it exposes what you said that they would go forward with the impeachment inquiry and this is one of the consequences i don't see how anybody gets anything done while they are in they middle that you see this from the trump white house perspective, they are trying to remove him from office. that does make it a very difficult circumstance. i agree everybody once that
4:52 pm
but that's to talk about governing what they have accomplished and what they want too accomplish. but i am not quite sure that's the dynamic. >> does impeachment and politics cover everything quick. >> a history of the clinton impeachment everything stopped government funding runs out 21st and it would be tragic if once again that was through the nightmare so the congress has to pass the budgetor bill and i think the leadership of congress will find a way forward. chris: they need to keep the government running. >> thank you and we will see you next sunday next the power player of the week. try to solve the 82 -year-old mystery of what happened to amelia earhart. means choosing tt
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♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win. here is the power player of the
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week. , she said i could do anything and then went out and did. he is talking about amelia earhart, the aviator whose i disappearance has only added to her ledger. in august she led an expedition to find a trace of ehrhardt or her plane. it is a subject of a new national geographic documentary. >> a new life on one of the world most captivating people. the world-famous amelia earhart. >> is not the loch ness monster, it's not bigfoot, that plane exist which means you can find it. >> she was on around the world trip on 1937 but her plane vanished in the pacific. >> weir feared she pushed the boundaries what was humanly
4:57 pm
possible. shattering in the air while breaking barriers for women on the ground. >> she ran out of gas near a tiny asphalt and that's where she took the novelist. and spending two weeks searching the coral reef a remote underwater vehicle. hours and hours searching with a a flashlight. thirty-four years ago he led another ago expedition. and shock to the world by discovering titanic. how does this compare to finding titanic quick. >> this is tougher. a lot tougher. >> he feels a kinship with ehrhardt. they're bothhe kansans. >> people say you are nuts you
4:58 pm
cannot do it and then i go do i it. >> is there some amelia earhart in that quick. >>nd but on land in case he survived an underwater. it looks like coral. >> we pounded the area and in the end quick. >> we did not find the plane. i know where it isn't. >> that is science you go down dark alleys but then don't go down them again. using technology in two years ago again at another site nearby. >> now you get to do bell.
4:59 pm
>> absolutely developing the technology and going out and using it then coming home and sharing the story. >> the special expedition premieres tonight on national geographic. lves the unofficial sunday show of the washington national. this week the national championship in a four-game sweep of the st. louis cardinals setting up the national trip to the world series that is why the astros in game one of the series tuesday night right here on fox and someone is so excited that he showed appeared today. [applause] teddy roosevelt one of the president has dropped by and he has delegated me too say go mets, don't leave me hanging. that is it for today. have a great week. we will see you next "fox news sunday".
5:00 pm
back war is just that. >> the tehran conference is really important in the first meeting of the big three. >> three days and tehran was the clash of the titans. these are the most powerful man in the world had ever known.


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