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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 2, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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on facebook watch. it streams live on the facebook watch home page just a few minutes from now. neil cavuto, right now. ♪ >> neil: baby, it is still cold outside. what will it be? do you want to shovel or do you want to shop? this cyber monday, shop. it's not even close. i am neil cavuto. let it snow as long as it doesn't get in the way of americans in their computers. if you are among the americans doing that this snowy cyber monday. skipping the line and shopping online. keep in mind, the day ain't ov over. by later tonight, experts predict we will point, click, and buy our way to close to $10 billion in sails.
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out of best buy warehouse in new jersey. >> you can see behind me, we are just in the middle of a shift change. they are doing a team meeting. it has been very busy here all day long. they have been busy fulfilling all of those cyber monday orders. as you said, we're expecting $9.4 billion in cyber monday sails, online sails. what exactly are people dying? it includes clothing followed by home goods, small appliances, smart home gadgets, pcs, tvs, travel experiences. here at the e-commerce center, it's all about efficiency. the robots you are looking at our supplement to the human workers. they sort through thousands of products for faster ordering. this is how you are able to get your order the very next day.
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we are taking a look at the computer tracking of all of the robots to see where they are moving which products they are grabbing from here, they will go down to a worker who will sort through them. then they will be boxed by a machine that creates custom shipping boxes to perfectly fit any item which cuts down 40% of the waste. you mentioned that we could hit a record later today, maybe even close to $10 billion with this snowy letter. adobe analytics says that the golden hours of retail is from 10:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. eastern is when 30% of today's sales are expected to be done. those people are getting the last minute deals. >> neil: thank you very much. maybe folks are unloading stocks to get quick cash for shopping. stocks were not soaring today. worries about trade and manufacturing weighing on the
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market. will strong consumer sales outweigh any of those fears? what do you think? >> it depends on what you mean, outweigh. consumer spending has carried a lot of the economy in the last year with the trade uncertainty. it's a good thing that people are feeling generous at christmas and well enough to shop. >> neil: we talk about consumer confidence. do you think it will last that way through the season? >> yeah, i do believe that consumer confidence will likely last to the end of the year. i think we really would need a dramatic shift in trade war talk, something really tangible for the confidence overall to shift. >> neil: there is concern that the china thing is bumping along. one day we get good comments and other days we get medium comments.
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some days the market shrug it off. >> one thing that will take consumer confidence a lot lower, the stock market. if that will do it. consumer confidence is very high and has been high for some time. a year ago, the market at 20% under. a corrected top to bottom 20% was discounting to greater risk of recession. our clients are up 25%. now i am telling people to hedge position, protect your position, or so mike your position for a profit. i think the market is way too complacent for current levels. >> neil: and things were hunky-dory in the first half of the month. and the bottom fell out and certain things happen. you are richly rewarded sticking with stocks regardless. what do you think the lessons are this go-round? >> if i knew the lessons of the stock market, i would be in aruba. >> neil: you would still be
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reporting on this from a rubella. i the workaholic that you are. >> i follow a consistent buy high arc sell low policy. that trade deals that you mention not just with china but with mexico and so forth are the big question marks. if the president can conclude them, just having concluding the deal, that could add more to growth. it's good but it's 2%. it's not the 3% number we were hoping for. it seems to me if i was the president, that would be the idea to concentrate on. >> neil: as we look at retail, and whatever you might say about the reluctance of cfos and ceos and purchasing managers, average folks have a totally different mind-set. what do you of that? >> i think we have seen a lot of wage growth. people do feel more confident.
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and i think another thing with respect to cyber monday, using a big shift not only in the younger buyers buying everything online, but even those from the 39 to 59 years old spending more and more online in understanding the ease of use, being able to pick up at the store and making everything easier. with six less shopping days, anything can make it easier, and something that consumers seem to embrace. >> neil: the fact that online is so easy to do on days like this, a reminder of how easy it is to do. do you see anything disrupting that trend? >> the only thing that could disrupt it is a big increase on imported crisis. we don't have that. we have almost half of imports from china taxed at 25% for the
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past year. consumers don't care to answer your last question because their costs have not gone up. inflation has been stagnant. >> neil: are you surprised that it is the case with the tariffs and everything else? the president has mentioned that the chinese devalue their currency. the other factor has been american distributive stores that have absorbed a lot of that. do you think that has helped here that those american entities were doing that? >> i think it certainly helps the consumer. when you look at the actual stores on the companies, we are looking at about an 8-9% revenue increase but an 8% decline in profits. just to your point, these stores -- these retailers are eating those tariffs and taking it. this is certainly not a sustainable type of business plan where you're going to absorb higher costs and not passed on to the consumer, and
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eventually we will have to see a change. >> neil: this snowy first trading day of the year. a bumpy start. keep in mind .5 percentage points from records last wednesday. meanwhile as the president heads to london that he just flipped off the house judiciary committee, or is he working on a deal? after this. when i switched to geico. and this is how it made me feel. it was like that feeling when you go to taco night at your favorite restaurant. and they're the best-tasting tacos in the entire world. and just when you think it couldn't get any better, they bring you out another taco... ...cuz they made an extra one. ♪ extra taco! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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fifteen minutes could save you the unitedllaxin'. explorer card makes things easy. traveling lighter. taking a shortcut. woooo! taking a breather. rewarded! learn more at the explorer card dot com. >> neil: all right, good a deal be in the making to get the president of his view that he's not not going to or at least let the white house participate in the impeachment judiciary committee. a member of that committee. very good to have you. thank you for taking the time. you know if there's been any movement to get the president or the white house to be displayed?
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>> i don't know if there's any movement. i know it's a bad idea. it's not a fair hearing. i think it would be a mistake. >> neil: wouldn't it be a mistake to get your views acro across? >> i think there are plenty of members that will do their best to make sure that both sides are heard. for anyone to have to answer question on behalf of the president is problematic. >> neil: does it strike you as odd i know where you're coming from and may be the president, where he rips his own arguments. he has been saying throughout this process that he's not been able to have his say, or his people have their say in response. here's going to be provided to judiciary committee. >> if there were in fact
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witnesses, i think that's what the president was talking about. he should hear from the actual fact witnesses. i think the president has the opportunity to have members of his cabinet were others come before the committee and talk about what actually happened instead of talking about the hearsay and speculation that the committee hurt. >> neil: what did come out is that the president might have according to some of the republicans been urging a potential quid pro quo. even if you did, it wasn't a big deal. you share that view? >> i believe what happened and what the facts have shown so far have not risen to the level of impeachable conduct. i think the terrible mistake to bring the country through this process when the senate will clearly find that this was not impeachable conduct. >> neil: talking to a leader of a sovereign nation about inserting himself into a u.s. election whether it was that
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granular is not impeachable to you? >> asking a leader of a foreign nation to conduct an investigation into criminal conduct and the leader of the foreign nation did not and aid have been withheld is not impeachable conduct to me. >> neil: if this evolved anyone but joe biden, with the president have been that concerned? >> i don't think he would've been that concerned. i'm not saying it's good conduct. i'm saying it's not impeachable conduct. it is not bribery or treason. >> neil: what did you think? >> the congressman is free to make that judgment. here's what happened, and i don't think it's impeachable. other people are free to say that here's what happened that it is impeachable. it seems clear that the president pushed an agenda which
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had the ukrainians trying to do something against the president's political opponents. while he pushed that agenda, he held up $391 million in aid. >> neil: it is not black-and-white. >> it is not black-and-white. in my view it is clearly impeachable because it involves two potential bribes. as the failure to and act until a favor comes your way. not conduct an investigation, announce the existence of an investigation of joe biden. the other crime is asking for campaign aide from a foreign national. that's a crime in and of itself, just asking. they are free to say that's not an impeachable offense, but they are not free to say it didn't happen, because the evidence that said it happened is overwhelming. >> neil: i'm not a lawyer here. i am confused. i am curious what you make of
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the fact that the president might want to skip out of this judiciary committee opening hearing and others to follow, because it is essentially a kangaroo court or it's not fair. >> the rules about which the president are complaining were written by the house of representatives. the president would be very unwise not to send lawyers the there. legal scholars are arguing -- >> neil: these are not the exact same rules that the democrats are taking liberties and republicans themselves did not. >> the rules in 2015 about the majority to take those liberties. the democrats are not doing anything that the democrats did not do to nixon or the republicans didn't do the bill clinton. but i think he makes a mistake when he refuses to participate. it is a valid vote by the house of representatives that
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authorized this. it's a valid hearing that congressman adam schiff -- you may not like the rulings he made, but he has the authority to make those rulings. >> neil: what will the difference be? >> i don't know the answer to that except it appears as though the witnesses will testify before the congressman -- will the legal scholars giving opinions as to whether this set of facts that adam schiff sit over constitutes appreciable offense. if the president participates, his lawyer would have the right to call someone that says it's not an impeachable offense. his lawyer would have the right to call rick perry or mike pence or mike pompeo. >> neil: participated not to exonerate himself or plead his case? >> he also loses the argument that it's unfair if he doesn't take the opportunity to participate himself. >> neil: thought a former
1:18 pm
lawyers speaking out saying among other things it's intimidating because he is still the president of the united states. when the president accuses you of treason by name, even though i know there is no fallible way i may have committed any crime at all, what she is saying is not there, not now, i'm not going to keep taking it silent silently. >> it is a little surreal when the president treats about you even if he says things that you know are not true. i can tell you from personal experience except my personal experiences in minuscule. now she wants to say something. >> neil: would you give her advice? >> i would tell her not to say anything, because she still a potential witness and even a potential defendant depending upon what the inspector general comes out with early next week. >> neil: that is very well put, young man. >> i like the young man part.
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>> neil: facebook ceo mark zuckerberg responding to criticism over his political ad policy in an interview. look who was with him. his wife. it is not the first time and about a public figure has turned to a spouse to try to turn things around. bill clinton relying on heather a. candidates of john kennedy to barack obama astutely showing off their better halves to help close the electoral deal. distinguished fellow on how stuff like this does work and have a new phase or a new facebook on the guy in question. what did you think of this? i thought she was phenomenal. she certainly humanized him in ways that i think he tried, but failed.
1:24 pm
>> he was having to address an editor at that was critical of him. i think his wife being there was helpful to him in the interview. >> neil: i think she calms his inter-presence. he has this off-putting antisocial guy. he's anything but. when they have been in interviews together, he's a very different bill gates in a very appealing couple. make a difference. >> she is an attractive woman, and it makes a difference. in the political realm, it's more important because all the businessmen are trying to select products, the politicians are trying to seek votes. there may be a more direct connection with an appealing wife. he had the picture of president kennedy up there. certainly it was very effective. >> neil: she was all about 31 years old when he was running for president.
1:25 pm
he obviously recognized the appeal. you could argue much the same with other candidates who have tried that. less so with someone like ronald reagan and nancy reagan. ronald reagan always remain so much more popular than his wife. it depends on the marriage. >> ronald reagan has a softer image. nancy reagan was accused sometimes of trying to influence the people he was appointing an office. of course, she consulted that astrology. she sometimes to have been a drag on his strategy. jimmy carter had trouble not so much with his wife but his brother. you remember billy carter. he had a connection with libya where he was trying to leverage president carter's fame in order to secure a loan from libya. also he had that redneck image. he was guilty of public.
1:26 pm
he said i'm not running a three-ring circus. and so, it can be embarrassment. >> neil: i remember his late mom saying i'm running for president. she said president of what? we all know how that turned out. let me ask you a little bit -- not aligned with all of these examples. that was always a much scrutinized, ripped apart marriage. i was wondered when they did media interviews together, they never seems to click. >> lady diana was so much more appealing than prince charles. apparently there was jealousy that set in and that worked against prince charles and the long run because the marriage didn't last. and he had to take black somewhat for the problems in the marriage. >> neil: is america ready for
1:27 pm
mayor pete? we will soon see. i will that be received? >> that could be an awkward situation that's in a totally new dimension. the whole issue of spouses. presidents have only been an issue since president kennedy. we had eleanor roosevelt that was active. the kennedys were the first one to use it in a spectacular way. we had television coverage. it was important by then. when the kennedys went to paris, you may recall that she was so well received, she could speak french. she had a college major in french literature. the french were captivated by her. president kennedy ended up saying, i'm glad to have been the man who accompanied jacqueline kennedy to paris. i enjoyed it. >> neil: a great example. you never know. that timing is everything.
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the appetite americans have could be somewhat different. you never know. then there is mike bloomberg. he might not be too worried about being left off the next debate stage. that could be his strength. more after this... may 1 of '75... the magic moment. congress really democratized wall street... i wanted to have a firm that wanted to get everybody in. because people couldn't access wall street. we wanted to be agents of change. for the better. ♪ their medicare options...ere people go to learn about before they're on medicare. come on in. you're turning 65 soon? yep. and you're retiring at 67? that's the plan! well, you've come to the right place.
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>> neil: the democrats next big trash digital debate, 1 can do that that won't be on stage is michael bloomberg. he certainly isn't crying for himself. the former mayor is bankrolling his own campaign. does it make a mistake mike difference democratic strategist? what do you think? does it make a difference? >> i don't think it does. very, very short. it disappeared almost immediately and she has been struggling ever since then. what the debates do is give
1:33 pm
opponents an opportunity to hammer you. i think they have a lot to hammer. he's friendlier than george w. bush and all trumpeters. i wonder if he is purposefully making his campaign, not only because he can afford to come up but it gets them out of showing up for debates and being a punching bag. >> neil: any publicity is good publicity. whoever is the latest entrant becomes a pinata. maybe the mayor -- the former mayor is figuring that i don't want to be part of that. >> to some degree, it's true. which is that bloomberg is actually in some ways, people criticize that. other people will say it's a good thing because he's not taking money from anybody else. he's not asking small donors to give to me.
1:34 pm
it limits some problematic rules at the dnc has put in place. you have to get 200,000 donors. a lot of candidates have spent a lot of money hiring and raising firms. >> neil: you have the check a lot of boxes. >> it should be a simple pulling regime. >> as a national fund-raiser, i think he is doing a to people. when you give a dollar, you feel that you are vested in that campaign and you're probably going to vote. the fact that he's bankrolling it, he may think i'm taking up burden off and not asking for money. there is another layer to fund-raising that people don't understand. that's connecting the person writing the checks giving their visa or mastercard to the candidate. there is someone that in the michael bloomberg. are they just like him for whatever reason. they want to give a $20 donation, you can't even do it.
1:35 pm
that was part of the problem. i had a donor that wanted to meet with him to talk about something. he said that he would give a nice contribution to the campaign when he was running for mayor. they refused. they said no, he's not taking any contribution. >> i think there are pros and cons. it connects the voters and the campaign gets the email addresses to the voters. >> neil: obviously another billionaire, donald trump, is doing pretty well. >> the democratic party is hammering mike bloomberg as a billionaire. perhaps he thinks it might be hard to ask for money when he clearly doesn't need it. as you point out, donald trump has had problems doing that because he made it sound more like it's not the money and joining our cause.
1:36 pm
>> it's going to be hard to determine if he is throwing money into his campaign, how popular he actually is. >> neil: three elections in new york city. i know very different. >> i actually appreciate all thought what they are doing, which is they've got a very smart strategy and say that we know there's all this criticism. we have our own strategy. people are going to criticize it. we will see how they do. it's a risky strategy to bank everything on super tuesday. they probably cannot waste time on anything it's going to happen to them. >> neil: no one is going to get the nomination of the first pilot. >> he is certainly banking on that. he has the most to benefit. >> neil: we will watch it very closely. we do not even get into the biden. another show. it's crowded right now. just try the roads and airports. i'm your curious cat,
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>> neil: all rights, we have this major winter storm with much of the east coast and deeper into the country than that and no signs of letting up. in boston where the snow and traffic continue to pile up. >> this is the first wintry blast of the season. we're halfway through the middle
1:41 pm
of a 1-2 pumps. the snow turned into a rain. and now i've got it dropping down. these roads are very slick. we've heard multiple accidents throughout the day including our tractor-trailer slipping off the pike. enter tonight as i mentioned, we are expecting a second blast to hit. that cold weather and at the conditions and wind gusts are creating concerns about power outages. logan airport hadn't delays and cancellations throughout the day. some 60 plus cancellation of flights and 400 delayed flights. beginning to clean off. it won't be happening tomorrow, because we are getting more snow into tomorrow. after that we are going to dig out a little bit and see the warmer temperatures. >> neil: thank you very, very
1:42 pm
much. that cancellations and delays are piling up. chicago's o'hare international airport. >> you can see outside o'hare, not so bad, because the snow is not falling. if he comments on united terminal, it is better now than it has been all day. that is the security line over there. nobody is in line. the worst airport, jfk, 40% of the flights have been delayed. newark, 45%, boston, 45%. first, delays nationwide. we have the latest numbers. there were 8800 and now 4400. about half as many. i want to show you the new york flights. that is where the snow continues to fall. good luck getting home.
1:43 pm
the la guardia flights are running late right now. at this point, the positive news. none of those clients have yet been canceled. it could be worse. i always like it when it could be worse. >> neil: this is one of the first big storms that you have not been outside. normally we put you under the worst elements. we gave you a break today. >> i just got back from florida. i wore my coat from florida, some people said it was loud. but i'm okay. >> neil: meanwhile the president is on his way to london for that nato summit. democrats are holding an impeachment hearing over here.
1:44 pm
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1:47 pm
>> the radical left democrats -- the do-nothing democrats decided, when i'm going to nato -- this was set up a year ago. when i'm going to nato, this is one of the most important journeys that we make as president. for them to be doing this and putting an impeachment on the table, which is a hoax to start off with -- >> neil: the president slamming democrats at an impeachment hearing while he's
1:48 pm
at a nato meeting. bad timing. what do you think? >> it depends. bad timing for who? as the president goes overseas, he himself is not able to participate in the impeachment hearing. the hearing itself -- there are scholars that are going to talk about the grounds for impeachment and the legal side of it. i have a hard time imagining that president trump would have testified in his hearing. the white house said that they are not going to participate at all with the justification is the president said that they think the whole thing is a hoax. >> neil: he could have had lawyers there. that's an argument you could make for republicans. for democrats, you knew that this was on his calendar, the 70th anniversary of nato was painted for these crucial days in the first week of december.
1:49 pm
you couldn't have held off a few days? >> i guess the argument would not be that president trump would have attended or been a witness, but i think there is republicans will make the argument that it is bad form to be holding an impeachment hearing while president trump is meeting with world leaders at the nato summit. i think that's not -- the tradition has been to leave politics at home while the president is overseas is a tradition that has not been upheld for a while now. >> neil: it is the way of the world sadly enough. if he's not sending white house folks, he has a strong case he wants to make. it will not be made there. i know republican questioners will try to get those points across. it's not quite the same thing. >> the president does have some very strong defenders. they will surely make his case for him. i think it's in the president's
1:50 pm
best interest to try to make us politically look like a stage process, one that isn't inclusive and one is very partisan. by not attending this hearing, the presence of voids giving some credibility to the process itself. >> neil: in the meantime, to show americans that he's busy doing his job. busy meeting with the nato participants, many who have coughed up or cash to his participants back at home in the economy and the markets. is that resonating? >> i think whatever argument either side is making, the hospitals to make the same argument. the saying think it's overused is that we can walk and chew gum at the same time. >> neil: i have yet to see anyone do that. >> rides, right. i think both sides, the pulling
1:51 pm
information that there's not a lot of ground to be gained here. people have made up their mind and they are not logical. i obviously change. we don't know how it will play out. assuming that everything goes well abroad, sometimes it doesn't for him. i think that him trying to give off the image of being a serious issue oriented leader is going to change anyone's mind from where it is now. >> neil: we shall see. i'm very glad to be back doing this show. not all of you apparently feel the same way. quicaps and crush dayquil severe. the daytime, coughing, aching, stuffy-head, fever, sore throat, power through your day, medicine.
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♪ >> neil: well, i'm back. i'm so sorry. a lot of you aren't happy. just when i thought fox had only fired you, i come to discover it was only a vacation. freddie in florida. i heard you were going to be back today, so i took the liberty of muting my dvd. it made me curious what a real anchor would be like. dawn, you will be happy to know that charles payne is everything you are not. kevin emails, "why don't you stay home right through christmas? you need a rest and so do we."
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because of that, i'm working right through christmas. steve and chicago said, "you are not dead. careful, it still icy out there." get this. "hey, mr. never trumper. how about never showing up for work. hate to break it to you, but no one misses you when you are gone." "the only dancing in my head was charles payne and his eternal sweetness." then, there' go ahead. it's not as if i'm vulnerable. "miss that when you are not my television. i must warn you. i'm the only one in my family who feels this way and because
1:57 pm
of that, i have now voted on what to watch. even my two dioxins growl when you're on. "that's all right, mary. what rhymes with zero? i can't think of anything sadder. can you? no. i can't. you are the only fox anchor who has not interviewed the president. it must hurt to be turned down. you are assuming i've asked. i have not. "when have you ever said anything good about the president?
1:58 pm
""why do go after the president for his tweets and his behavior? >> because sometimes they are not his strongest success stories. he emails, "i don't know why you get the grief you do, but you do. frankly, i think you are a nice enough chap and very smart. if people have a hard time with you calling balls and strikes on the president, that's their problem, not yours. i would love to have your autograph, but i don't want to impose. so, can you get me anything signed? ""you know, i had a chance to briefly meet you out here and i must say, i was completely surprised. you are nice and friendly, even funny and warm. my wife later commented, you know, he's not half the jerk that he is on tv." i agree.
1:59 pm
"you live. i got a chance to see you in seattle. you said the camera adds 50 pounds. well, apparently i saw you in person and i can say without a doubt, it is not the camera. she writes, "tell me you are not the guy who has comparable compg photos of your bosses. it certainly can't be talent. "portland, oregon. "we must admit, we feel bad for how much you have been through." we love to hate you but not enough to physically harm you." that's good to hear. thank you.
2:00 pm
"you sure are on tv a lot, so i guess you must be good at what you do. the thing is, when we watch you, we just can't find anything good about you at all and that's the exact opposite of charles payne, who isn't at all that weird." good to know. >> jesse: hell over buddy. i'm jesse watters, juan williams, dana perino this is "the five." former fbi lawyer, lisa page speaking out for the first time. while this coming as we await the release of the inspector general's pfizer report. "when the president accuses you of treason by name, despite the fact that i know there is no fad of the mobile way that i've committed any crime at all, let alone treason,


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