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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  December 15, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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greg: at a time, thanks to charlie. our studio audience, i love you america. [applause]. >> do or die moment, the impeachments expected to only, this would make president trump only the third president in u.s. history to be at peace. good evening, this is the fox report. >> to the white house not giving an inch to democrats going to be in green a hoax. democratic leadership says congress must defend the constitution at all costs. but even moderate republicans don't sound convinced. >> are you confident you have the majority to increase the president. >> i am confident. i don't think anyone is, this is the real road of conscious.
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this is such a monumental vote using the process of impeachment, is one the most serious things that the house of representatives can do. even speakers policy said should be bipartisan. the only think bipartisan about this process is the opposition of impeachment. >> marquez leaves now from washington. >> good evening john, lawmakers will return to washington could be one of the most consequential votes of their career. the house rules committee will meet on tuesday to decide how to debate on the inpatient logo. in the vote will likely there come out wednesday or thursday. and remember, all it takes is the majority for impeachment to move over to the senate. democratic leaders said they are not look at those and is up to each member to help how to proceed. the key democrat since lawmakers see they have a clear-cut case in front of them. this president's conduct is far worse than anything nixon did. for more sweeping in its destruction of accountability.
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far more damaging to our national security the cover of that was watergate. the question is, why are republicans placing this president above their oath of office. jon: so far they can impede here unite against impeachment. the gop members will vote with democrats on the articles of impeachment like obstruction and abuse of power. and tonight we are still waiting to find out if a democratic congressman from note from new jersey to switch parties because of the impeachment. congressman news jeff met with president trump friday to discuss intentionally switching parties. he is facing a lot of criticism from democrats over that consideration. is surfing his first term in house. not following the household of impeachment, is the senate, the majority missed mcconnell see he excessive trial to begin in january. they see they are eager to see a quick tire trial. i've nothing but disdain for this. i'm trying to make myself clear. what you are doing in the house, is that for the presidency. you are impeaching the president
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of the united states. in a matter of weeks, not months. >> senate democrats staying that they are troubled in the white house was been coordinating with senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell. type foxes lord that some democrats in the house are considering acting former republican congressman justin a must to work with and the trial in the senate. he will be there as a rep. for the democrats in the trial. however nothing is been confirmed at this. this is simply discussion centered in process of getting started. it is going to be a busy week ahead here in washington. >> busy and well, that is just one word for it. and more thank you. jon: meanwhile senate judiciary lindsey graham inviting the president's personal attorney, giuliani, testified before the panel on his recent visit to ukraine. >> i don't know what he found that if you want to come to judiciary committee, ready if you want to come to tell us what you found that it would be to talk to you. >> giuliani had loomed large in
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the impeachment ballot in the brawl of the presence dealing with ukraine. graham says giuliani news test her name would not be part of the senate impeachment trial. former fbi director james conley says he was overconfident in the face of process. in an interview with chris wallace on fox news sunday, only adds that he agrees with parts of the ig report released this week. and that there was quote real sloppiness in the fisa applications. but he also defended the fbi staying there was no intentional wrongdoing. joining us from the white house is kevin. >> evening john, and the enemy of the former fbi director said yes, there we're mistakes that happened. and that finds application process visit but it doesn't mean that the bureau is correct. it will he did.out the fact that there we're several instances and names specifically that the ig report by michael horowitz, reflected poorly on the bureau. >> i was overconfident in the
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procedures that the fbi and justice, and built over 20 years. i thought they were robust enough produce incredibly hard to get a fisa. i was overconfident in the spring he is right, there was real sloppiness. seventeen thanks, it should've been in the applications or at least discussed printed and characterized differently. it was not acceptable. so he is). jon: former director coming on fox news and he said for his part prison trump accused his predecessor for being in the loop. many of the white house a citizenship shop in ossetian. as for the fbi in others, it is really bad and remember that ig, horowitz was appointed by obama. he doesn't see this in the suite, there was tremendous bias and guilt exposed so obvious. horwitz couldn't get himself to see it. it credibility loss. it is with this. obama knew everything. however over and capitol hill democrats as you can imagine, and committee chair adam schiff
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rejecting that he testified before the senate and if the democrats impeach the president, in the house. >> i'm not a fact witness in any way grasp right in the president knows that brady also was to call the speakers, and witness. this is merely his common tactic and that is, you can defend his gross misconduct pretty can defend his abuse of power. he can't defend - >> if i may interrupt. >> the fact that did have [applause] doesn't make me a fact witness. but nonetheless, nor does it make the speaker a fact witness. this is in about a fact witness for there are in fact, members of congress who are witnesses. >> fox news poll suggesting the nation ranks split on impeachment with no change practically since early october. the majority of those surveyed, do believe that the president and the phone call with ukraine's leader, abused his power. i should also.out that the data reflected and the following, does make more heavily towards democrats. of course national john as you
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know, there are more democrats and republicans and for that matter, there's more independence than both of them. here the white house, looking forward to what promises to be a very busy week ahead. back to you. jon: hathaway thank you fred you can catch chris wallace's entire interview with former fbi director james coming tonight at fox news sunday. he was also get the white house perspective from special advisor and funny. and no one-on-one with house intel committee chairman and jeffrey fox news sunday airs tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern right after this program here on fox news channel. jon: the united kingdom but pressing ahead with brexit. boris johnson hoping to begin the push book for parliamentary approval of his bike to deal before christmas. so we can hathaway. he was conservative government is coming up a landslide victory in the general elections. the deadline for the united kingdom to leave the european union, is january 302,001st. adil now reached, between the
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u.s. and china. the two nations agree to phase one of trade deal. preventing terrorists that would've gone into effect today. jackie joined with more on what this means for us. that hope is that the two sides will meet in january. but today, the both sides are off. china announced suspending retaliatory tariffs targeting corn and wheat and u.s. auto parts. the u.s. has it's been tariffs on nearly hundred 60 million in chinese electronics and toys. ms. miss also agreed reduce economic penalties imposed on china in september putting them in half. in return china reportedly agreed to import at least 200 billion in additional u.s. services over the next two years on top of the amount of purchase in 2017. he also promised increase access to chinese markets and a crackdown on intellectual effect. white house economic advisor talked about it this morning
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about the impact this will have on americans. so we are going to be doubling american experts whether it is farming and agriculture in machinery and technology, but never seen anything like this before. until the economics consequences are going to be so positive from the standpoint of virtually the entire american economy. the critics of the deal rather, is the details of that agreement still unknown. they doubt it will have much of an impact already hit hard by the trade work. you are also unclear about exactly what china is going to do to address intellectual property theft. senator chuck schumer said president trump seem like the only president to tackle this challenge but now according to reports, a solo for a temporary unreliable promise from china to purchase some soybeans. before this sign is from china before. analyst gordon yesterday. >> we give up a lot.
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response to going tomorrow. working in half other tariffs and hundred $20 billion in chinese goods. we are performing on our deal, even before there is a signed agreement. i don't think this make sense. smith beijing on friday said the work of the agreement with the final deals long way off. negotiators announcing idi. start up recent different. jon: will have to see what phase one brings about. thank you very much jackie. noah went to a fox news exclusive. dozens of any pilots playing with lawmakers and military to allow them to carry firearms basis. coming after two deadly shootings enable basis just the last month. lucas tomlinson has details. it's not fox news, man was armed on bases and write quote, reprehensible, much less its war fighters base there. meet the mercy of off-base law
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enforcement and faced with an immediate front threat to live. bases across the united states and become quote, soft targets and on-base securities often provided by contracted civilians. physical fitness requirements and specialized training fall far short of the standard service members. one of them was a recent graduate of the naval academy. you are patch in honor of the victims. the loan points out some irony quote, and joshua was a small arms structure. capital of the rifle team at the u.s. naval academy. when he was standing much music with with nothing more than a logbook and a pen. he was asked by fox about the base security that the armies in philadelphia. >> these communities, that went out a balance of the interest. we should and can do better. service secretary and chief, to get the right.
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>> the new york times is reporting to chinese diplomats we're able to drive in the base using special operations forces a few months ago outside of norfolk, virginia before being caught. the first time in more than 30 years in u.s. pickup chinese diplomats accusing them of being spies. jon: thank you lucas. one is freaking out yet again between police and anti- protesters. this began after demonstrators smashed glass and damaged shops at the newtown mall. loud screams we're heard as police used pepper spray and made several arrests for the rallies marking the latest and ongoing unrest in hong kong. it erupted in juniper a proposed extradition law and sent peasants snowballed into an antigovernment. anyone claiming today that it defused another major cyber attack against his government servers.
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i see the assault likely was launched by a foreign government. the nation news telecommunications administer said that this is the second attack within week. here's the story. >> iranian fink they stop eight cyber attack is to come on, that today by the minister of tele- communications as is the hackers started the government computer systems. experts linked a separate cyber attack on wednesday against iran to chinese speaking individuals. that attack was described as massive and it reportedly affected millions of iranians bank account spread the news comes in a rapidly increasing attentions with a run and of course today that iranian troops during a rock possibly quell antigovernment demonstrations. and in iraq, they are in part by anti- iranians much like demonstrations across your unless month but according to the state department left over a thousand people dead. this weekend in a conference in the hall, yes secretary of the treasury digit he reinvented
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american support for iranian protester. soon if we think there's a terrific opportunity for the iranian people prayed we love nothing more than his seat really agreement that creates regional stability and peace. and join they are ready, we will take off the sanctions. >> the agreement between the two countries, they do appear to be at a stalemate after the united states put up a veterans nuclear deal last year. says an rn has violated key terms of the agreement is met the sanctions. >> c1 un climate collapsed today in madrid. and certainly over the u.s. brawl in combating climate change. president trump has punch to pull out of the paris of course nothing he can unofficially do until after the 2020 election. many smaller nations appear to be taking a wait-and-see approach and whether president trump will be able to follow through on the promise.
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the 16 -year-old swedish climate activist it was just named time magazine news person of the year, is apologizing for a comment she made friday. she told the crowd of young supporters in italy while speaking in english, the politician should be put against the wall pretty quote unquote. critics claim she was advocating for violence in his world leaders who do not fight climate change. and she later explained that she was making the literal translation from swedish indicating the phrase in her native language means to hold people accountable. police arrest upon john boehner in connection to last week's mass shooting in new jersey. plus, 2020 democratic hopefuls urging the dnc to do away with the eight roles claiming the big stages becoming less diverse. in the d&c is responding.
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jon: police arrested new jersey pawn shop owner in connection with the attack in the jewish market last week. investigators see they found the suspects phone number text into the market one of the shooters. fbi agent taking honey into custody charging him with possessing guns and ammunition well previous convicted felon card the two shooters killed four people before dying in a shootout with police. ambushes being investigated as a case of domestic terrorism. new york city remembering a teenage college student killed on a park by digging. a candlelight vigil for tessa majors was held this morning morningstar park. the 18 -year-old from virginia was fatally stabbed last week in a suspected robbery attempt and police arresting a 13 -year-old in connection with her murder. for now the reports of majors might have gone to buy
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marijuana. and britney sanders, hitting the campaign trail in iowa today. as former new york city mayor michael bloomberg opens his campaign in charlotte. dmc pushes back against request from presidential hopefuls to change rules to include more candidates. marianna dorian property joins us more. >> hi john up a lot today shows joe biden still believed among democratic voters. 77 percent chance think that he'll be a good chance to beat trump in 2020. what a judge of 40 percent from october. meanwhile at the urging of new jersey senator cory booker who did not qualify for the next debate, another democratic candidates signed onto a letter urging the dnc chair to lower the correctional qualifying for upcoming debates. i know candidates must meet requirements for pulling in
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campaign contributions and the standards agreed to the onset that some are now staying it is creating an unintended consequence limiting diversity in the debate stage. elisabeth warren thinks that lowering the debate threshold is the good idea. >> i believe that while we are still in democratic primary debate, that we ought to have in a more open field in here for more places. narrowing it is it too soon, one away to hear from everyone. i am sorry to see that. >> the d&c is calling a fair and noting that the requirements will get tougher as the race continues. responding to booker news letter, the right in part that the d&c will not change the threshold bringing one candidate back to two consecutive nights with more than a dozen candidates. our qualification criteria is extremely low and reflects what we are the race.
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now the debate, ongoing union negotiations threaten to derail thursday's debate at the last minute. representatives of the cafeteria at workers union at the merritt university sang hoping to reach an agreement before the debate on thursday. and despite all the debate, candidates are on the trail. britney said there's in iowa today focusing on was becoming a important issue for minor-league baseball and making a plea to preserve the organizations that relationship. small town teams across the country and keep my legs intact. sandra sang there's a recent to america's favorite pastime. john. jon: thank you. the judge in wisconsin ordering to earn 34000 voters to be taken off of that stage registered voter list. in center of goleta that the state elections commissions sets enough voters in october asking them to respond if they were still at that address or to update their registrations if they have moved. in the decision stay on and
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could have an impact on the 2020 presidential election and 2016 president trump one was caused by fewer than 23000 votes. new england patriots find themselves in the middle of yet another spot a scandal and plus, the basement heading to a full houseboat, conservative groups are targeting democrats and trump districts. lawmakers ponder the growing likelihood of a senate trial.
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she went and angers it general desire for a lot of senators do not turn this think into circus. i understand presents frustration by being shot of the house but i need to do what i think is best for the country. jon: that's judiciary graham, he wants to make it die quickly in the senate. the site president trump staying he wouldn't mind a lengthy trial. republicans are calling nancy pelosi in the bidens as witnesses.
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good evening i'm jon scott and this is the fox report. senate trial appears more likely with a full houseboat on impeachment expected to come this week. meanwhile conservative groups are turning up the heat on vulnerable democrats in districts carried by president trump. we talk about it, the white house reporter, jeff mason. jeff, let's take those look right now at the number of democrats who are surfing in districts that president trump carried. not 29 of them. there are 233 house democrats in hundred 97 republicans plus one independent. so if even all of 29 of these we're to a vote against inflation impeachment which doesn't seem likely democrats still have the vault to carry) samantha specht on. i don't think the big ? over whether or not there's going to be enough democratic votes in favor of impeachment. democrats can are confident despite staying they're not looking votes that are enough people in their caucus that will
3:30 pm
bring it over to the finish live for them. as you see then, the likelihood of a senate trial is very high and the senate is preparing for now. jon: your lindsay graham, he's fighting to make it die a quick death in the senate. i guess, one can ask what is the point there's no going to be the attitude to convict in the senate. white house going through with it. >> the democrats have responded to that. the leaders of the impeachment process on the democrats i have said they're doing this because it's a constitutional duty. and despite the fact it is unlikely to be lead to a conviction since they still have a responsibility to their oath of office into the constitution to do with the hard doing. so that is there response republicans on the other hand for this entire process very political and president trump has dismissed it as a witch and a sham. jon: posting a look at the latest fox
3:31 pm
news polls on whether americans believe that this impeachment process should begin. there's really been very little change since early october. it's about 50 percent favor impeachment and removal of the president. versus 41 this is shouldn't have been and 41 percent i should see who should happen. democrats, they don't have the votes in the senate, you need two thirds majority, they won't have the votes to convict. does this become an effort and political damaging. >> clinic that's a great question. i don't think will really going to note the question or answered about that dr.. certainly republicans are staying vulnerability democrats, and some of those districts that voted for president trump in 2016, and then lyft in 2018 and voted for democrats to go into the house.
3:32 pm
so those particular districts are being targeted. and president trump and his campaign is shown quite a bit of confidence. even president trump in the oval office on friday, was in the pool. we was speaking that and he said most of the impeachment but it appears to be good for me politically. nursing a lot of her name for president trump news campaign offers. they also believe that it's really energizing his base. so stephen has the opposite effect on the same effects we're democrats. can't forget that there is some democrats from the left on the party who believe the lawmakers in congress waited is it too long to do this. they should've done this during or after the results of the molar investigation prints out there are very polarized deepening and which are urine and which side to support. >> molar investigation rings up the investigator inspector general report this week. on the origins of, the fica application spying on the carter page, and the conclusions of the report we're pretty damning and
3:33 pm
here's james comey reacting to the findings today on fox news sunday. >> the fbi was accused of treason. avail legal spying and tapping pets trumps wires. and that went out justification of criminal defeat in nc president. all of that was nonsense. but, he also found the things we we're never accused of which the real sloppiness. >> real sloppiness is the fbi, and that in itself, is the pretty damning conclusion. >> and he acknowledged that. i think it's important to remember the ig report not find that the investigation was done for political motives but it did lift 817 areas machine applications from the plaza report was not handled correctly and that is certainly, not a positive conclusion for the fbi. our fortune, he was leading the fbi at the time. signal into an interview with
3:34 pm
chris wallace. clearly something that the fbi will need to address that will address going forward. jon: seventeen significant accuracies and omissions, all of this went against the kit president's campaign and carter page in particular. thank you. jon: with a 2020 election year, now only weeks away, social media tech giants are cracking down on political at why others see, is just not their job to censor such assets. kristin fisher has the details. >> is the part of our digital department. sue is frustrated by google news new political and policy. would be an understatement. soon it is free speech. on suspicion activity is like shutting off a phone number to us. >> knows all about attracting a buzz online. to do that, almost all campaigns have been using the tactic, called micro- targeting allows them to aim as a very specific
3:35 pm
upset people. based on the political affiliations for public but it records. it is a tactic that was perfected in 2016 join the trump campaign. but now, the largest search engine in the world, which also on youtube which only allow campaign to target users based on their edge gender and general location. even if those users have asked the campaign to [applause] them. >> knows almost be like at&t said, you know it or not able to call any trump phones. the at&t said, no you can't dial their phones. it's crazy. >> democrats also dislike google news new policy but for different reasons. senator elisabeth warren tapping calls of change, just lip service. amazon actually solves the problem of misinformation on the platform. and 95 democratic digital operatives, sign the post on mediums sinkholes and changes disadvantaged democrats more
3:36 pm
than republicans. >> do you think it hurts republicans what are democrats. >> i think it hurts america. >> google says it knows both sides are upset 'i believe the balance we have start, allowing political ads to remain on our platforms while limiting in a row targeting can reduce the visibility events and trust and processes it can throw them. sue mcginnis such as google, twitter has gone even further by deming all political ads. but that has less of an impact because is much smaller platform. the question now is will facebook book, the biggest pot forum follow. in washington, fox news. jon: the announcement of two major trade deals, coming as the impeachment unfolds in a roaring economy. what influence might all have on the 2020 elections.
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jon: we are going to be doubling american exports, whether it is farming and agriculture, and machinery and technologies in the economic consequences are going to be so positive from the standpoint of the entire american economy. >> this white house economic advisor telling the administration phase one trade agreement with china. that announcement along with nancy pelosi news endorsement of the u.s. and ca trade deal, marking to economic victories for the administration this week and we're arguably eclipsed by impeachment. there to talk about it economist john jordan, is the forum of naval intelligence officer attorney and overseer at sanford news uber institution. john you heard what larry kunkel had to see is he overselling it.
3:42 pm
>> >> know he is underselling it if anything for the federal reserve is predicting a 2.1 percent growth in gdp next year. with u.s. seem join placed, you probably add another half-point singer now you you are probably 2.6 closer to three, and this is before the phase one deal with china really kicks in. so with president trump is going into an election year, with a booming economy, unemployment historic lows including that from latino americans and african americans. so the democrats going to have a hard time making this case that they should be in charge freda news back to what a booming economy and an economy that appears poised to as you see take off even higher. >> absolutely, and it this year we had 3.1 percent increase in hourly earnings. that is a real benefit to a lot of americans. and it's going to be very popular. the democrats are going to be
3:43 pm
forced to ask the american people to vote against their own economic interest. that historically is the big seller in the democrats know that there looking at and 1984 dive boat situation we're president reagan one and landslide in the very aware of this and scared to death. on the make a change for i don't know. jon: they are also scared of the election maurice johnson in the uk and what that could mean and some headlines in the newspapers around the world and the guardian says democrats be where in the uk and election would actually terrible of interest. political says blowback from election burns, warren and sanders and the independent, joe biden words democrats that uk election shows what happens join candidates move so far to the (you see it that way. smoke absolutely, we just look back at 2060 with the brexit vault, and that did happen in the election, a president trump heard the lease didn't see it
3:44 pm
coming. this is could be very easily misunderstood. everyday people in the uk and united states you don't want to be told what to do by the year that are sent london and washington and new york, they don't like it. they want to be able to run their lives and keep as much of the her name as possible and none of the government tell them that are in the healthcare democrats want to do. they want to tell them what they should or shouldn't do so this against the elites and their exercise of political power. >> let american people want it keep the her name unless they figure the neither has the least at least $50 million. elisabeth warren and some others are proposing wealth stacked. 2 percent stacked on anybody was a personal fortune of $50 million. 60 percent of americans see they like that idea. jesus raise you. >> it does. there's always been a popular street. it is certainly the democrats want to soak the flames a bit me
3:45 pm
because that's really all they have. somebody has more so that means you have less. some of the magi quote. there's two problems of the wealth stacked. it's arguable be, is unconstitutional. in the second of all, of course been dead, and you're up, it's been a disaster. hard to administer and has had a terrible drag on a lot of european economies. it hasn't worked anywhere. jon: for instance if you had a 50 million-dollar fortune, you could dole it out to others in your family. all of us and you got five or 10 million-dollar fortunes that you don't get stacked. >> exactly and that he evaluate these assets anyway. seventy of these are in family businesses are in smaller businesses. they are not all marketable securities. so how does the government measure the value. how's that stacked assessed for there's all kind of administrator problems with the not the in addition to the fact
3:46 pm
that historically, doesn't produce the revenue or had good provided economic benefit that even supporters of this act see, most of and economic disaster everywhere it's on. >> despite the fact that the house appears to be moving for towards the impeachment of the president. his poll numbers have kicked up. the job approval rating than people are giving them. what is this idea. >> while this the height one mark for the democrats. if had to control the narrative in the floor, very carefully and they've spoke to center in the last few weeks but as you pointed out, president trump news job approvable went up two points that since late october. so this is the best the democrats have, and it looks like it is because now the process is going to shift to a republican controlled senate where the president, if there is a trial will be able to president witnesses and cross-examine those people who we're called by the democrats in
3:47 pm
the house. it looks like that is the high tide mark in the water is going out in the democrats political fortunes for trying this. we met john jordan former attorney office thank you very much. >> thank you. . jon: the wall street journal staying boeing is considering cutting or halting production of a 737 max jets. sources telling the vapor that announcement could come as early as tomorrow. this after regulators told the company news expectations for i can take a plane preapproved, preapproved art rate unrealistic. the fleet of about 800 jets we're mounted after pair of crashes and killed nearly 350 people. next we have an exclusive look at video from fox for craig alleged showing new england patriots illegally spying on the cincinnati bengals.
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jon: new video out today dealing with the converse over the new anglian patriots against nfl rules. fox sports exclusively obtaining video at the bangles talk, showing join the patriots cameras pointed. watch. >> this is what you are filming. >> yes. come on guys.
3:52 pm
[inaudible conversation] student i don't see the advance scout in the switch. jon: the patriot video, producer was suspended. the nfl is still investigating. patriots any that belichick had no involvement in it and that the video buffer, and subsuming feature for the team news website on the job. tiger woods leading the u.s. golf team to a 16 - 14 president cut victory down on. the first captain to also play in the tournament in 25 years. this is 27 the match win. meanwhile president trump reacting to the wind tweeting congratulations to tiger and the entire on a great comeback and tremendous men. true champions. the next president cup will be at quail hollow club in charlotte north carolina, in 2021. join the christmas season means
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one minnesota package they've took a crime to whole new level. heller smith of st. paul were brought arrived home to expecting to find a package she ordered on her porch. instead she had a letter from the expected they've expressing gratitude for the chief and signed the new owner of your package. the police said package theft increase during the holidays. now a heartfelt story on the
3:58 pm
solid. mick kaitlyn harley who sprang into action after hearing some of her fellow classmates were paying off and lunged at. merrily moore has more on this young girl's act of kindness. this shive 5-year-old girl has a big heart. and a worthy cause. >> so they can have lunch, and snack. >> but lunching and snacking take money. so caitlin hardy has to plan. >> i give money to the lunch people before they know. it. >> it all started when she overheard another student's mother saying she was a hard time paying for something. that's of the wheels in her young mind started turning. >> she's very inquisitive in she asked me about it and i tried to answer is much as i could without too much for a 5-year-old. i tried to explain to her that some people aren't as fortunate as us. so caitlin decided she wanted to help.
3:59 pm
>> she wanted to do hot cocoa. >> it was cookies and a snowflake on them. >> so she priced that out there for about three hours and go through all the cookies and hot cocoa. >> but even after three grueling hours of peddling their cookies and hot cocoa. they still had to find out if donating was even possible. >> i just left a note saying my daughter don't did a hot cocoa fundraiser over the weekends and ones and of my daughter could donate. >> it paid off a hundred and 23 students. and right before the holiday season caitlin is seeing firsthand what her good things have done. >> marilyn moore from ks wb.
4:00 pm
you've got ten days to get your christmas shopping done. i'm scared to see you this weekend will see you again. girl. chris: imchris wallace much the house of representatives set to vote on impeachment this week. the fbi faces fire from an inspector general's review of the trump russia investigation. ♪ >> so many basic fundamental errors were made by three separate hand-picked investigative teams on one of the most investigative investigations. chris: ig finding no political bias opening the probe of the jump tam cain. but laying out plenty of blame. we'll discuss findings with former fbi director james comey who says the report clears him. it's a "fox news sunday"


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