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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  December 28, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PST

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♪ up their own minds even if his is closed. >> she has concern. seriously concern when you hear your majority leader say that he is going to work hand in hand with the white ♪ house. you know, facts doesn't ♪ matter. pete: spare me did not serve in vietnam and claimed he ♪ did. i can't stand watching fake talk. that's what people love about this president is ed: a live look at times authenticity. even what they like about bernie sanders just open square there a moment ago about who he is. getting ready for the bill that's all fake talk. no one actually believes celebration in a couple there is a single senator in the senate who is an impartial juror. you can't live on planet days. its will his i guess i gave earth and watch american politics and think that any it away when i said whose of them are impartial. yet here they go. they go on. song? [laughter] pete: decent song. lisa: i don't know who it [mumbling] >> no one is listening and could be. it could be anyone here. no one ignoring it. i don't get how they don't ed: play poker with you give understand that. away too easily. pete: whose song was that? lisa: as you know there are 2020 democrat candidates that are you know, current
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lisa: i'm a terrible liar and poker face because my senators right now and this face shows it all. ed: welcome back and merry is here is senator kenosha christmas. how was your christmas? from necorybooker. ed: it was good. pete: i was watching you at i applaud speaker pelosi's announcement of an impeachment inquiry. home. ed: carley shimkus and santa it's our one remaining path got into a little fight. tone suring justice is served. and have you senator carley needs to fix it. elizabeth warren, this is what she has to say. pete: coal is the goal then the severity of this you know you have had a big misconduct demands that elected officials in both parties set aside political year. pete: i don't actually want presents. i'm not into the presents thing. that's why i lo considerations. ed: sounds like she made up thanksgiving. it's just gratefulness and her mind. senator bernie sanders is also a juror. gratitude. christmas is wonderful as undoubtedly unbiased. you sit amongst the pile of most corrupt president in the history of this country. toys like at my house. they did well. maybe is he a biased juror. lisa: i think you do know pete: amy klobuchar not you are getting older when eating salad with a comb you are younger you just speaking he is digging up want to get presents and dirt on an opponent, that when you are older you want sill legal conduct. to give them. ed: already broken the law ed: what a sweet thing to according to that juror. pete: i hope they keep say. pete: a reach we have all these presents, ed. ed: a big year on wall talking. lisa: amy klobuchar tries to
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street and big year for the do the midwestern nice thing economy. think about james carville and then you hear stories. in the 1992 campaign it's pete: highest turnover rate of any in the senate. the economy, stupid. fast forward to 2016 where she berates her staff. one smarty pants economist after another says if donald trump gets elected a market said he had pete is in melt june. it's been just the opposite minnesota. he is nice. setting him up well for the pete: some say echos of 2020 campaign. niceness. pete: out of christmas into pete: on board a deadly the new year. hospital crash. six bodies have been found. here is some big headlines for you fox business dow s&p after that tour helicopter rally to all-time highs as crashed near hawaiian canyon. two victims believed to be santa rally keeps delivering kids. on wall street. transmitter. so far no signals detected. even the "new york times" admits stocks on the best year since 1997. christmas travelers still think back then what was the stranded as a storm slams. top song? "the washington post" stock market on track for biggest storm barreling towards the annual gain since 2013. plains and midwest. shutting down major roadways any president sitting in the las vegas and southern white house after christmas california. with those headlines would san bernardino's high be happy. dessert blanketed with several inches of snow. lisa: i was on outnumbered minnesota and the dakotas yesterday with david asman now bracing for up to from the fox business 14 inches. network i asked him look, is wow, those are your headlines. this because you typically still ahead, she was around this time of the year you have the santa claus brutally murdered in new rally as you mentioned. york city park.
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now one of the prime is this normal he? suspects in tessa majors murder is free. said no this is the trump the latest in the hunt for rally. different than previous years. justice. the economy is so incredibly pete: plus a frantic call to strong. you look at these numbers. police after worker at the market closed. the dow up 28.87. mcdonald's pleads for help. heroic rescue coming up. s&p 500 up 8.11 and nasdaq e a fes. you see right there up. we're a four-legged family. ed: up all day down by a we're a get-up-and-go family. little bit but 9,000 is a we're a ski family. key number on nasdaq first we're all part of the chevy family. time ever this week back on and as we kick off the new year, thursday it crossed 9,000. we'd like you to be a part of ours. went a little higher on because our chevy employee discount friday and came back down as is still available to everyone. you say. all record highs. the chevy price you pay is what we pay. keeps on going and going. not a cent more. i mentioned the smarty pants so happy new year, and welcome to the family. economists said there would the chevy family! be a meltdown if there was a the chevy employee discount for everyone ends soon. donald trump presidency. think about hillary clinton. and think about what the speaker of the house nancy pelosi said. when youyou spend lessfair, and get way more. take a look at the way back machine. >> liberals and so you can bring your vision to life conservatives say trump's ideas would be disastrous. and save in more ways than one. economists on the right and the left and the center all agree trump would throw us back into recession.
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[applause] that could cause an economic for small prices, catastrophe. you can build big dreams, spend less, >> this debate on healthcare is like death. get way more. this is armageddon. shop everything home at it is in their d.n.a. to give tax cuts to the rich. pete: that was after the tax bill. this is the end of the world. this is armageddon. when is the last time you used that language? ever? and she used it based on tax cuts and predicted that it would be economic doom. we talk about paul krugman of the "new york times" and how sophisticated he is as a thoughtful person. often talk about his column right after election day. i looked up a couple of his columns. october 24th, 2019 what was that two months ago? he said the day the trump boom died was the headline and why business confidence has collapsed. they haven't learned a thing. ed: that was this october. two months ago. still saying the day the
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trump boom died. they are still wishing for a collapse. guy they hate so much. the problem is the market, small business owners, people across america see the opportunity we have right now and they just brush te'o side. lisa: pete, you hit the nail on the head. because they're wishing. they. you the economy to fail. bill maher admit that i want the bottom to fall out. the recession is the way to defeat this guy. they know if the economy is as strong as it is, how do you defeat him? if you are one of these democrat contenders whoever ends up being the general election nominee, what's the argument you make. we need to change the trajectory and path economy is booming and they are benefiting from it. bottom of 10% is seeing 7% increase to wage growth. real hard working americans that are the beneficiaries from the tax cut law. ed: joe biden was frankly tongue-tied about what he would do different. lisa: although this seems to be -- ed: regular occurrence, perhaps. economy difficult for him because he has talked up the
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obama-biden recovery. now this is surpassing all expectations, all of the attacks about arm g.e.d. and the rest. pete: the hyperbole of that. ed: i didn't want to interrupt your thought before where did we hear that before in the climate change debate? they use this language all the time. you are right, certainly, that on the economy and the tax cut situation, it was even more dire. it was the world is going to ♪ end. and it's ridiculous looking pete: welcome back. back now because it wasn't a prime suspect in the brutal murder of barnyard that long ago that they were student tessa majors has predicting gloom and doom. been released. the nypd detained and lisa: net neutrality as questioned the 14-year-old well. after a two week search pete: pull that one out of the shoebox. without charges. ed: co-chair of women for what does this mean for the trump. investigation going forward. on hannity saying dems are dr. odom joins us with running away from this insight. thanks for being here. committee, watch. >> thank you. >> hillary clinton had more pete: you have been part of the juvenile unit of the name recognition than anyone could imagine. nypd so you know of what you and she had a lot of money. speak. >> yes. spent almost double what pete: what does this tell us president trump spent in about the case. >> what it tells us is that 2016 and she lost. the new york city police
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and when it comes to 2020 department is being very sensitive with the people are going to vote investigation. they want to make sure they once again as they have in have a methodical approach. the past based off of their they want to make sure that they leave no bars unturned pocketbooks. dems will continue to run away from the trump economy so to speak. they are making sure all the which has been absolutely constitutional rights are protected and they are doing incredible. pete: i would like to talk more about net neutrality. step-by-step in their investigation. lisa: pulled that from the pete: doesn't mean this way back when machine. 14-year-old is innocent or talk about all the times they are not going to bring they told us we were going charges. >> oh you, no. >> because it' it's a juvenile to die. here we are. so we are still standing. being careful in applying pete: stronger under trump. all the predictions, the i constitutionality to the entire process. >> that is correct. had per bow leon the elite when doing this, you can look at it doing step by state as stated by the chief crowd. ed: point made a bit ago not of detectives. not only that, so much about the stock market. circumstantial evidence sur wages coming up. rownsding the case also democrats said yeah, where have you one of the unemployment is historically juveniles already admitted low. so what? to being there. admitted that it happened. it's a statistics. gave up the names of the other two that were there. the markets are high but rich people. nobody comes out of the no it has impact on clear blue sky and says i'm going to pick two friends 401(k)s of middle class and they are going to be americans. there. he gave up evidence that wages are coming up for low helped to lead and track and middle class americans. down the other two. pete: i incident wouldn't pete: exactly. ed: michael moore has been call them kids but they are famous about anti-trump and young and foolish. living in the middle of the >> yes. country. living in michigan. pete: and clearly did something horrific here.
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you think they probably talking about the foregotten already have the evidence on man and women that donald these individuals in trump gave voice to in 2016. addition to that first hand testimony. he doesn't want donald trump >> definitely. elected. even he is admitting that definitely. because the one that already the base for the president is so strong that he may be is being held has already on the path to re-election. given information. he is being held based off watch. >> the problem is that -- if the information. and he is being indicted and the vote were today i charged with those parts of believe he would win the the crime. electoral states that he like felony murder and also would need. robbery. and basically murder in new because living out there, i york is the unlawful taking will tell you, his level of of life of another and robbery is the forcible stealing of property and even stated that they went support has not gone down there in order to rob somebody in a park. one inch. in fact, i would say it's pete: should they be tried as adults in this case? even more rabid than it was >> with murder, normally before. because they are afraid he they will be tried as could lose. adults. pete: they will? pete: he is totally right on >> 14-year-old. the first part. pete: 14? he is absolutely right. >> yes. pete: have you seen cases it has only gone up. like this? it's not that they are >> in the past, you had afraid. certain cases where they know not only are they individuals committed going after president trump. horrific crimes such as they are going after you. this. they are going after what and they were charged as you believe in because you voted for him. adults. you are the bad guy. pete: so we will see where later on in that interview i it goes. did not watch the democracy dr. oscar odom thank you now entire interview. very much and your service to this community. >> thank you very much. pete: still ahead, more lisa: really? ed: a special on net african-american voters may be turning away from neutrality. pete: they did. democrats and toward he said two thirds of all president trump.
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white guys voted for trump >> our opponents have in 2016. that means any time you see three white guys walking abandoned african-americans, and they have. down the street two of them they have abandoned. voted for trump. the election is over and so you better be afraid and then they leave them. we did just the opposite. walk on the other side of the road. this is a guy totally invested in hating the pete: our knicks guest is a president and the people that voted for him. life-long democrat who says but he can't ignore what he there is an awakening among sees across the country that black voters. former nfl player jack he has delivered for his people. he has improved the economy. brewer, he's on deck ♪ ♪ and the world's going to he has said what he was going to do and did it. know your name people love him for it and ♪ yeah, yeah ♪ they see the attacks coming at him and feel like it's can my side be firm? coming at them as well. lisa: including the president. this is what he treat twoo tweeted about it. he made the same prediction in 2015. no one said michael was stupid. pete: check his twitter account. ed: the president may have said it. lisa: his point was right. again with incumbent president you have to make the argument and convince the americans a need to go in a different direction. who is going to make that point? joe biden out there talking about getting in fights with a guy named corn pop and and mine super soft?
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crashed near hawaiian canyon. two of the victims believed to be kids. the helicopter has an emergency transmitter but no signals so far have been detected. now to some extreme weather. christmas travelers still stranded as a rare snow storm slams the west coast. that storm barreling towards the great plains of the midwest. look out. it shut down major roadways between las vegas and southern california. san bernardino's high dessert is blanketed with several inches of snow as you can see. minnesota and the dakotas now braces for up to 14 inches. wow. the peanut's producer best known for bringing a charlie brown christmas to reality has died. lee mendelson also wrote looking around here i see tablets, laptops, printers, smartphones. this unforgettable song. they're all connected to the internet. ♪ christmas time is here they're all connected. ♪ happiness and cheer can your network handle all those devices? sometimes. comcast business runs on the nation's largest gig-speed network. so you can get the bandwidth you need ♪ to power all of your devices at peak performance. ed: mendelson teamed with if all of my devices could have that kind of speed, charles schultz on the christmas classic. i would be dancing! he was 1 was 80 years old. get started with secure 35-megabit internet
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and one voice line for just $64.90 per month. those are your headlines. call today. comcast business. beyond fast. pete: jeffrey epstein scandal developments. fbi investigating his mysterious confidante. a former fbi agent said she could help crack the case wide open. that's coming up next. when we were looking for a roommate, he wanted someone super quiet. yeah, and he wanted someone to help out with chores. so, we got jean-pierre. but one thing we could both agree on was getting geico to help with renters insurance. ♪ yeah, geico did make it easy to switch and save. ♪ oh no. there's a wall there now. that's too bad. visit and see how easy saving on renters insurance can be. >> lisa: president trump making his push to minority voters ahead of 2020. car vending machines and buying a car 100% online.vented >> our opponents have abandoned african-americans now we've created a brand new way for you to sell your car. and they have. they have abandoned. before the election, they whether it's a year old or a few years old, start courting the we want to buy your car. african-american. the elections is over and
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then they leave them. so go to carvana and enter your license plate, we did just the opposite. what we have done for answer a few questions, and our techno-wizardry calculates your car's value hispanic, for african-americans, for and gives you a real offer in seconds. minorities, what we have done is unprecedented. when you're ready, we'll come to you, pay you on the spot, and pick up your car. ed: well, our next guest is a lifelong democrat agrees that's it. so ditch the old way of selling your car, and say hello to the new way-- says there is an awakening at carvana. going on among black voters. lisa: here to explain it is ceo of the brewer group jack brewer. hi, jack. >> good morning. how is it going? good morning. lisa: jack, had you previously campaigned for former president obama and now you support president trump. what was that moment that caused that shift in support? >> for me, it was, you know, once i saw the policies that president obama pushed in the back half of his presidency, just kind of -- awakening to taste in my what what is happening with the democratic party. making so many promises but then abandoning the
3:14 am
community that i worked so hard in. and i work with kids that are under served throughout the country. and just try to help them and then you see that, you know, the democratic party are actually the ones that were locking them up. the 1994 crime bill. bill clinton and hillary clinton pushing this rhetoric on to our country. and just taking fathers out of the homes of black families across america. we chose eleanor. it was great-grandma's name. i said enough was enough. and i really started putting so we're in this little town near salerno and everyone has dad's eyebrows. aside what my parents and help your family discover their unique story, grandparents taught me about sticking to the democratic with a gift from ancestry. party because they were the party for african-americans. you know, all that red rick sounded good back in the 1960s, but the facts are is the policies just don't help our families. ed: jack, it's interesting that we have this segment this morning. last night i'm walking down the street in new york city. young african-american man comes up to me and says i'm supporting president trump in 2020. i know you work at fox. there is a lot of them out here that support them. how do you sort out
3:15 am
antidotal here and there or something that you actually get your arms around that there is going to be a shift in 2020 where there is more black support for the president than the pundits think? >> i call it the black awakening. i think president trump can get over 20% of this vote when you watch what's going on with this impeachment, i think this is the catalyst, you know, since their beginning in 1908, the fbi has gone after so many black activists. even up to last year they had the black identity focus ed: four months since jeffrey epstein found dead in his jail cell. for the fbi. and you are talking about, people who facilitated the you know, democrats that criminal acts is accused send messages, talking out owe-said to be focusing of both sides of their mouth attention on close friend because they don't stand up jill lane maxwell and what against this corruption. her role was in the alleged you got the fbi blatantly sex trafficking scheme. going after the president. what's next as investigators and targeting him. move forward with the case? changing emails. here to discuss former fbi and going after him in the special agent and founder of same corrupt way that they the jenkins group chad went against martin luther king and many black leaders. jenkins. thanks for coming. >> in good morning, ed. lisa: can you answer that ed: first of all, have you for me? got to wonder why has it because in the "washington times" interview. taken this long to focus in you had said that
3:16 am
on maxwell. impeachment and the fbi's seems to be the madam. abuse of power, makes black may have procured young voters more sympathetic to women that he abused. president trump. am i missing something? why is that? why is it just now that they >> because they have gone are focusing on her? >> that's a great question, after us since the beginning ed. i think she looks to be the of time. government agencies have gone against blacks that gate keeper in this investigation now that they feel that are threats. epstein, you know, killed blacks standing up. himself and unable to you know, like myself, for interrogate him to get the poor black americans. follow on investigation that this case hopefully will dr. martin luther king jr. marched for jobs and glean in the fruit. freedom. you go back and see, that so now the main effort is was his push. the gate keeper maxwell did and that's exactly what this not only -- this is a unique president is delivering. you got record low case. not only can she take you up unemployment for black americans. you have a president that the chain, which is the has pushed the first step ultimate goal of the fbi, but she can also take you down the chain to allow to act that has brought so many figure out who also aided black fathers back into the house. and abetted to facilitate 77% of black kids are born with no father in the house. these horrendous acts that and a lot of that has to do epstein committed. with our incarceration ed: does this potentially lead the fbi to some policies, with our deep prominent, powerful men who were involved in this beyond jeffrey epstein? prince andrew, for example, rooted culture issues. our kids listening to rap has come under heavy fire in music that is getting them behind up to go rob and
3:17 am
recent weeks and months. steal from people. we have some deep issues in allegations that he was deeply involved in all of america. this and that disastrous but president trump is not our issue. interview he gave that made i don't agree with the situation worse. everything that president could she break open this trump says. i don't agree with how he case? says some things but that >> she absolutely could. i mean, she does appear to does not mean i'm going to be the gate keeper for deny his policies. epstein's resources and right? sometimes have you got to pick policies over personality. ed: all right. jack brewer with some blunt enterprise he used to talk today. we appreciate you coming. fulfill these horrific acts. >> in god bless you guys. the reason this could be under the wraps and the fbi lisa: thanks, jack, you too. ed: new york's homeless crisis is so bad. is not revealing what they are doing. some residents asking they are trying to gather president trump to step in and solve the city's all of that hard evidence from the victims. the victim interviews as problem. lisa: dan bongino used to well as any low hanging patrol the streets as nypd officer and weighs in on fruit that were accompliced what it is going to take to in this to go after like i fix it. that's next. stay with us. said the end-all goal would be to go after men that conducted sexual assault of under aged girls. i don't think there is any other crime that's worse than that. and by all means, the clearly, velveeta melts creamier american public wants to see it. the fbi wants to see it. doj wants to see justice be but how do i know if i'm i'm getting a good deal? done for those victims. i tell truecar my zip
3:18 am
and which car i want ed: you mentioned doj the and truecar shows the range of prices justice department and attorney general barr have people in my area actually paid for the same car been direct in saying they so i know if i'm getting a great price. believe, based on their investigation that jeffrey this is how car buying was always meant to be. epstein committed suicide. you and i both know there this is truecar. are a lot of people who are questioning that very deeply skeptical. could maxwell also be helpful in getting to the state of mind of epstein as to whether he was suicidal. whether it was possible that people wanted to murder him? >> yeah. i mean that's why, at this point in the investigation, she is kind of the end all-be all because epstein is out of the picture now. where do you have to go? you have to look at maxwell. that's the full-court press in this investigation because she can begin to connect those dots to help them bring justice for the victims in this case. ed: there are a lot of women looking for accountability and justice. a lot of people want to see accountability overall and there must be a lot of nervous people hearing maxwell in the crosshairs now. certainly appreciate you come in. >> thanks, ed. ed: coming unjust 37 days until the iowa caucuses.
3:19 am
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3:23 am
governor as well. hospital. four others treated at the gavin newsom out in scene. california about the one person had serious homelessness crisis there is injuries. a big one here in new york and historic explanation city as well as you know. goes up in displams. used to be an nypd officer. the massive fire tearing the stats shows over 78,000 through the huge massachusetts home. homeless in this city. fortunately nobody was hurt. now an advocate here the home built for john mr. president, if you are going to get involved in adams grandson and worth california, we want you to more than $2 million was new york city. destroyed. the fire is under investigation. mike fisher you need to tell the mayor don't take the pete? bull by the horns come up with a real solution the federal government is going to come in and do what you are incapable of doing. one month first major >> yeah. contest of the 2020 race. what's really stunning now leading the polls and about, this ed, is favorability amongst democrat candidates is homelessness nationwide has gone down dramatically over vermont senator bernie sanders. this comes as a new op-ed the decades yet numbers have suggests voters prefer change to centrism. look at that number. ticked up. dan you have said two 74%. so could this be why the different things. no i didn't. democratic socialist is enclaves like california where homelessness is going rising above opponents. here to debate robert and up dramatically. a rational person would ask themselves well, what are democratic strategist and the specific policies and managing partner of the what is happening in chaffetz group robert chaffetz. thank you for being with us this morning. california that is making it
3:24 am
robert, let me start with an epidemic. goes back to sadly what it you there has been a lot of always goes back to. ups and downs for bernie sanders. one thing we know about him he has been consistent about being a socialist and liberalism. forest fire and burns down everything it touches. i don't care what anybody tells us, this is not a difficult problem to solve wanting to upend the system. does that give him advantage on people who have waffled where they want to be. >> since bernie sanders problem for those that are homeless. it's due to high home health scare renewed vigor prices, this is not difficult to figure out, which is usually due to and new sense of purpose in government red tape, making the campaign. it difficult to build houses that's definitely something to be applauded. which strengths the supply. as far as being more then, on the second hand, authentic than other making homelessness in fact campaigns similar talking comfortable. in other words, allowing points, absolutely bernie sanders has an advantage people to sleep on the sidewalk, in front of over elizabeth warren because people know that places. rather than getting them in bernie sanders believes what shelters. and seeking a more he says and says what he believes. restrictive law enforcement in for that he is the leading voice on that environment this is not a difficult problem to figure further to the left version of the party. out. lisa: as can you imagine de blasio spokeswoman had understand even campaigning something to say about this. for president of the last freddy golsteyn says this. five years consistently. communities across the country are confronting he still trails joe biden by nine points nationally. homelessness and it's people this idea of a resurgence or like donald trump who have that he somehow wants to exacerbated the issue. what do you say in response to that? leapfrog into the >> that's just crap.
3:25 am
freddy golsteyn should be nomination. >> caught our eye on what embarrassed there. donald trump and the growing here is a portion. economy have gotten more will pete buttigieg and people from the lower income others aiming for so-called to middle income categories. centers do not inentire the middle income to upper voters i saw. they want an economy that income categories. unlike the dreadful eight puts workers first. they want a green economy years recover from recession that expands investment and in history under barack obama. that's just garbage stops fracking that harms political talking points their communities. they want union organizing and collective bargaining really epidemic of the rights in the public and victim culture on the left. private sectors that victims of someone else. paragraph seems to contradict itself. never taken iota of wants to puts workers first responsibility. gross and disgusting. and then put them out of a real people suffer from it. job by incesting in green listen, lisa, i grew up in new jobs that aren't here new york. i live in florida now. i'm up there occasionally yet is bernie sanders just -- is he a reflection where i work with the network obviously. of that fantastical thinking don't tell me what's happening in the city isn't that isn't attached to the happening. way people's lives will okay? i have walked around those actually be affected whereas same blocks where we are you have joe biden saying i will put you out of a job 47th, 48th and 6th for 30 years of my life. i saw it under david breenders does well he taps continue constituency. into the anger that a lot of liberal mayor terrible. the masses feel. i saw it under rudy giuliani the people who aren't in the where free market policies took effect i and the city 1%. you know, the 99% as he
3:26 am
talks about all the time. improved. now it's decaying again and a lot of what he is under de blasio. don't tell me my eyes are lying to me and making me talking about there is sound like i'm an idiot. support for. people agree with the concept there should be a pete: you are not an idiot. public option or that >> thank you. quality healthcare should be pete: talk about new york city again as well on crime. affordable for everyone. new taxpayer funded program. most people also want us to set to run for six months return to the paris that's going to give freed agreement. you know, even if you don't inmates. if you are in prison in new york city. support a green new deal. when you leave you get a at least, you know, take metro card. gift cards. a certain amount of money on stepping to cush greenhouse it. even prepaid burner cell gas emissions. the things that he is phones. talking about, does have the idea is give inmates an opportunity to step out into support. and he does a great job of a better life is this going staying on message. i do think that obviously he is very far to the left, further left than elizabeth to work? i know you knew the answer before you asked it. warren this causes problems pete: i did. >> i was lucky in a way. for him among moderates. when i say lucky, i was lucky i saw in my time with especially among young the nypd the transition from people there is appetite for the old permissive make change. pugh did a study earlier this year that showed criminality comfortable. confidence in the government give them a metro card. hit all-time low this year 5 give them a massage while they are in the jail. this is absurd. you are supposed to make vi% of the country they
3:27 am
prison and incarceration not think we are on the wrong comfortable. track. bernie sanders does a good that's the whole idea of job hitting those notes that disinvent advising crime resonate with the middle classes and lower classes. deincident is advising pete: robert, we are out of crime. everything was a desk time. do you still think bernie appearance ticket. they got out. can beat joe biden or would nothing taking seriously to you go with biden. giuliani, listen, you jump >> i think you have to go the turnstile, there was a with biden. good chance you were going to spend the night in rikers same poll cited earlier. in some cases. guess what? joe biden 40% say he has the best chance of winning. people stop jumping turn styles. do you know what happened? 40% say he has the best the guy or the woman who chance of uniting the party. jumped the turnstile to get on the train was the same guy who mugged someone on pete: kevin? >> i still think joe biden. the train later. so when you lock them up for still ranks highly. jumping the turnstile, they a lot of candidates' second didn't commit the robbery. point. again, this isn't hard to pete: if the energy is behind bernie but pragmatism figure out only liberals with their skulls where this behind joe biden. stuff can't get through. how much enthusiasm do you don't make crime comfortable get to come out for your or you will get more of it. candidate. thank you for your time. three metro -- are we we appreciate it? serious? what are we going to give >> thanks. feet pete many in the media them next? free mcdonald's? made bold predictions about this is crazy. the trump administration ahead of 2019. pete: they already got >> increasingly look at tickets to the mets. >> front row. my gosh. recessionary risks building. ed: got to get criminals to >> looks like it's going to be a challenging year not watch the mets. just for the u.s. economy that's a mets joke.
3:28 am
but for the global economy. >> that was tough. pete: they weren't just wrong with the economy. ed: i'm a yankee fan. joe concha on deck and blasting the bias. >> see you guys, happy new that's coming up next. plus an nba player brought year. to tears after seeing his pete: turning to few additional headlines. mom for the first time in years. fbi is offering reward and [sobbing] [applause] gift card twowrl masked suspects seen on cameras pete: how the league shooting a delivery driver orchestrated this slam dunk to death in a denny's. surprise you might say. the victim wasn't aware a robbery was taking place. ♪ even holding the door for the gunmen as they escaped. at chevy, we're all family. wow. and an indiana mother is we're a festive family. charged with neglect after we're a four-legged family. telling cops she pulled her son out of a running washing we're a get-up-and-go family. we're a ski family. machine. heather oliver claims she we're all part of the chevy family. and as we kick off the new year, thought her 5-year-old was in the room and pulled him we'd like you to be a part of ours. out of the wash with her she noticed him. because our chevy employee discount her husband took the boy to is still available to everyone. the hospital for scratches and bruises. the chevy price you pay is what we pay. according to court documents he told police his mom is, not a cent more. quote: not nice. so happy new year, and welcome to the family. the chevy family! woman's cry for help answered on christmas eve by the chevy employee discount for everyone ends soon. quick-thinking mcdonald's workers. she went into a california mcdonald's. begging workers to call 911.
3:29 am
the man she was with came into the store and demanded she use the drive-thru once she was in line. the woman mouthed "help me" that's when deputies arrived i think one of those fight or flight kind of things. they took over and they didn't hesitate. pete: the woman says the man throneld kill her. police found a stolen gun nut car and the man was arrested. pizza shop is searching up servp awesome christmas gift. all the profits on christmas day to their employees that worked that holiday. the owner says it's a wave thanking the staff. the community taking notice. the shop had to stop taking orders because they were backed up with so many customers. so, the customers found out the staff was getting the money if they order a pizza. so everyone ordered pizzas staff was very happy and they couldn't keep up. very cool. ed: i hope mcdonald's workers got a bonus when you ordered all that food.
3:30 am
pete: they did not. you worked christmas did you give part of your salary to rick reichmuth? ed: because he was home and not working that sounds like is is socialism. rick: i will pay for the pizza. when i walked outside, everybody was pointing at you for some reason. tell me why. >> i had a great christmas thanks to the economy. >> there you go. rick: i had no idea what you were going to say. more fun that way. nicely done thanks to the economy. sounds like santa had enough money to buy the greents. yes, that's awesome. so nice to hear. show you the maps what's going on. winter storm brewing across parts of the northern plains. maybe blizzard conditions later on tonight and tomorrow. very windy with this storm. few showers across east coastal florida. nothing that's going to be a major problem. problem is really the storm in the central plains. we have the southern side of it where we have very strong storms this morning across
3:31 am
areas of oklahoma. could see a little bit of weather later on today from this storm. northern side of this is where the colder air is and where we will be seeing the snow. that said not all that cold in places like omaha and minneapolis. going to be seeing rain. eventually some snow behind it. warm enough air that we'll be seeing mostly rain. even places like chicago towards madison wisconsin. this is what the next 60 hours looks like. storm eventually pulls off towards the east and big storm across northern areas of new england. all right, guys, a good christmas because of the economy. pete: thanks, rick. you are saying the good economy is because of santa. giving santa credit? rick: i said santa was the beneficiary of the good economy could buy the toys needed to make her gifts. lisa: makes a lot of sense. ed: coming up former vice president joe biden says guess what? he will defy any subpoena to testify in president trump's impeachment trial. we'll discuss what some are calling no show joe. i thought democrats were saying he had to come and
3:32 am
testify? what happened? pete: i don't know. ed: different standard? coming up. ♪ as we move into 2019 ♪ hey, y'all increasingly looking at recessionary risk building. >> very challenging year not ♪ we ain't leaving until just for the u.s. economy but for the global economy. >> donald trump for the first time in his life is it's time for the lowest prices of the season on cornered mueller is now connecting the dots between a massive obstruction intended to hide the truth about the trump campaign. >> the walls are closing in on him. his activity on china, and particularly the imposition of tariffs is not playing as well politically as it did maybe a few years ago. >> will al some sort of agreement slight change we have seen in the past. lisa: to imploding presidency the media made some bold predictions heading into 2019. ed: what did the media get right, anything? what did they get wrong? pete: joining to us break it
3:33 am
down joe concha. >> outstanding ty by the way. call each other 3:00 a.m. pete: got the memo. got a lot of things wrong. the economy in the general sense, man did they miss the mark? >> most important topic for voters in every election. it's the economy, stupid. reminds me of paul krugman about three minutes after president trump was elected when he said there is a global recession coming. no end in sight on economics, as on everything else. a terrible thing just happened. and then even if october, he predicted again that a recession was coming. eventually, whatever, right? so, look, we have probably looking at economy like we have never seen in our lifetimes. you have full employment, basically. you have the dow and the nasdaq. nasdaq just passed 9,000 for the first time in history. that's something not just for rich people, guys. that's for people that have 401(k)s and the ways those are growing.
3:34 am
in terms of president trump and prospects in 2020. if you are incumbent and got a strong economy it's almost impossible to be voted out. lisa: hard to convince voters that they need to make a change. >> particularly when you look at the democratic field and what they are offering. almost all want to raise the sleep number 360 smart bed. taxes. can it help keep me asleep? some won't admit to it like an elizabeth warren. how do you pay for things absolutely, it senses your movements and that cost trillions of automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. dollars if you don't raise taxes particularly on the plus 0% interest for 24 months on all beds. ends new year's day. middle class. ed: talk about media and broader economy. here is where they are on the markets headlines, flashback. strong dow in 2019. s&p 500 will hit 3100. you see friday where it actually is. the dow 28,000. s&p 500. 3200 nasdaq over 9,000. a record. but since they bought their new house... which menu am i looking at here? so they were pretty close on start with "ta-paz." some of those numbers. -oh, it's tapas. -tapas. >> absolutely. get out of town. we can't just look at the stock market. it's like eating dinner with your parents. there are other things going sandra, are you in school? well right now. yes, i'm in art school. and the president seems to oh, wow. have the wind at his back. so have you thought about how you're gonna make money? particularly the last time at least we're learning some new things.
3:35 am
we saw consumer confidence, for instance, at numbers we bundled our home and auto with progressive, saved a bunch. like this was the last time a president was impeached. oh, we got a wobbler. isn't that amazing? progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents, bill clinton in 1999. but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us. pete: interesting. that's what the extra menu's for. another thing that effects the economy is the china trade deal. headlines that talked about predictions of president trump from last year. trump will resolve the trade dispute with china was one headline. that was a prediction. then npr also saying u.s. china trade deal phase one is here. lisa: quick political december tariffs are scraps. headlines, $1 billion on political ads this year did they hedge on that a little bit on china? >> they did. but, you know, to get that phase one deal right before alone. according to advertising the end of the year that was huge. analytics billionaires and that's been hanging over the president's head quite some michael bloomberg and tom steyer spent more than time. i'm old enough to remember $200 million combined that that when the president is a lot of cash. raised tariffs earlier this year that that was going to cripple the economy. and ivanka trump reveals in really do some damage to the a new interview she may be trump presidency. i think now president trump out of the way of the white house. she might step aside if deserves credit for knowing that, look, our economy is president trump wins re-election to spend more so strong right now we have time with her kids. the leverage, not china for >> i am driven, first and once. and their economy is foremost by my kids. struggling and now you see the result of that, a phase one deal. can you trust the deal is
3:36 am
the question. and their happiness. that's always going to be my the chinese -- lisa: my favorite which we top priority. have seen throughout the trump administration, it's the end of the presidency. lisa: the president's oldest we hear this. daughter serves as senior >> walls closing in. advisor. in that interview she didn't run out her own potential lisa: yeah. how many times walls run for office down the road. closing. ed? ed: interesting. in here are some predictions that were made. here is from u.s. news and " meantime, attacks on christians escalating all around the world. world report." winter is coming for the isis taking responsibility for killing 11 christian men trump presidency. ed: that was last winter. in nigeria for what they say lisa: december 129, 2018, is retaliation for death of unique as well. thiunique -- "newsweek" as its leader abu bakr with. if trump iwill trump resign he's al-baghdadi. dr. con qanta ahmad. impeached or indicted? amid mueller probe some see she joins me now to discuss. merry christmas and happy echos of nixon. the beginning of the end of new year. >> merry christmas to you, the trump presidency. ed. ed: this was just a brutal killing of 11 christians right around christmas. >> devastating and it did that's august 21, 2018. pete: some see echos. not make national, international headlines, some. once again christians who some see echos. none see something actually. >> karl bernstein said are persecuted overlooked. actually the whole thing christians most globally with mueller was going to be
3:37 am
worse than watergate. dispersed and prosecuted and 3 billion times he said that which is a record for cable most persecuted believers in the world. news. yeah, look. this is devastating. we heard that nikki haley this is just one story in was going to be at the top of the ticket that the nigeria which is reflecting a trend in nigeria and president would have to resign. that's just a little bit of across the central region, screen shot of what we were 3600-mile region across expecting, at least the africa where the is a media was from the mueller harrahs joins the rest of report and obviously in terms of russia collusion africa. ed: the president has spoken out about this. what is he doing? >> president trump has been the president was exonerated very aggressive about on that. and since that time whenever promoting religious freedom. we see the media report he had held the first ministerial on religious that's supposed to be a freedom with secretary bombshell devastating for pompeo. also authorized a special the president. yeah we heard about that envoy he is considering for from the mueller report two the region to look at years and we don't believe you any more. jihaddism in africa. pete: so true. with the national defense authorization act is ed: walls closing in. lisa: analytics on certain investing more funds in words and how many times protecting and come boughts they have been used. this issue in that part of >> i think i mentioned to the world. you guys last time for one time july racism was said 400 times on cnn or msnbc. ed: talk about how big of a impact is lost when you repeat something over and problem this is. >> christians are most over again. persecuted in asia. pete: i'm still hung up on one in three acts of some see echos.
3:38 am
you can't see an echo and who are some of these people persecution in asia involved christians. you? can say that. much of the time we are here talk about persecution of >> dolphins. christians in the middle east where there has been a mass exodus of christians pete: true. across the middle east. ed: joe con charges question for another day. the cradle of christianity >> exactly. from the time of the pete: turning now to your headlines some of which might be echos. lifetime of jesus is in a new recordings that one of the teen suspects in the place in ira iraq. murder of a new york college student may have stabbed her because she bit his finger. law enforcement sources there they have been targeted genocide. telling the "new york post" tessa majors might have murdering christians eliminating christians grant bitten the 14-year-old in a is an ultimate goal of desperate attempt to survive. the teen was questioned and released this week. jihadists. results of a d.n.a. test are ed: big, big problem all expected next week to over the world. determine if it matches we appreciate you being evidence found at the scene. here. >> thank you so much. we appreciate what our president does to defend and a teenager shot and christians. ed: with liberty and justice killed inside a j.p. -- for all. america, celebrating 74 headline still open? years since the pledge of in colorado. allegiance was officially adopted by congress. the 17-year-old gunned down the significance of these at a mall in aurora as historic words. i think pete is going to shoppers scramble to take lead us in the pledge of allegiance, that's coming cover. >> next thing i hear is pop up. ♪ ♪ pop pop. everybody running. police still searching for ♪ made america the shooter. ♪ ♪
3:39 am
two weeks ago another boy shot at the same mall. no good. a woman's cry for help answered on christmas eve by critic-thinking mcdonald's workers. went into a california mcdonald's begging workers to call 911. the man she was with came into the store, demanded she use the drive-thru once she was in the line. the woman mouthed "help me" that's when deputies arrived. >> i think kind of one of those fight or flight kind of thing. they took over and they didn't hesitate. pete: woman says the man threatened to kill her. police found a stolen gun in the car and the man was arrested. and the nba putting -- pulling off a touching christmas surprise for miami heat rookie to ho didn't see his mom in three years. watch this. [applause] merry christmas, brother.
3:40 am
[sobbing] >> chris silva brought to tears after the league flew her in from africa to watch him play. he left his family as a 16-year-old to chase his dream of playing pro-basketball. ed: wow, that gives you chills. pete: it does. ed: all right, rick. try top that. rick: i will. not a chance, actually, guys. all right. here is. this all the cold air is way up across canada. almost january here cold but not miserably cold anywhere. 27 in rapid city. 28 in minneapolis. there is a storm brewing though across parts of the central plains. now across florida we will see a few scattered showers. nothing that's going to be a wipe out. we have this solid easterly flow bringing moisture in especially across the eastern floor of florida. other than that seat looking sot some things are too important to do yourself. get customized security looking good. with 24/7 monitoring from xfinity home. as did you go to the north awarded the best professionally installed system by cnet. side of, this that's where we have more cold air in place and that's where we simple. easy. awesome. call, click or visit a store today.
3:41 am
are seeing the snowfall on the back side of this. probably some blizzard conditions across parts of the dakotas throughout tonight and into tomorrow. winds into the 40 mile-per-hour range or. so overall we have rain in places like omaha. probably see a little bit of snow first and then rain in minneapolis and then maybe a little bit of snow again at the end. you get the idea. rain across the mississippi river valley and snow across the far northern section and east coast. looking warm and dry next couple days. lisa: did a great job. nailed it. 10 out of 10. rick: thank you. pete: she is an easy grade. lisa: everybody gets 10 and participation trophy. ed: some see echos in greatness. pete: some do. haven't met them. ed: served in the military now she wants to serve in congress. lisa: that's right. meet the republican trying to flip virginia red and become the first female marine to serve in congress. she joins us live next ♪ ♪
3:42 am
♪ it's time to sell or trade in your car. pete: here is a story you went get anywhere else. 74 years ago today, congress officially adopted the pledge of allegiance. ed: as we celebrate national pledge of allegiance day, we are breaking down some little known facts about the pledge. lisa: here to do the honors is james robbins, columnist for "u.s.a. today" and author of erasing america. losing our future, by destroying our past. hi, james. >> good morning. lisa: james, if i can just ask you, on this day, what does this day mean to you? >> well, it's an important day because the pledge is
3:43 am
supposed to be a nonpartisan symbol of unity, along with the flag. the flag is supposed to unite us. the pledge is supposed to honor the flag. and so today, when americans with truecar, just enter your license plate can be american without a and see your car's value in real time. partisan affiliation, sports package and low mileage? nice. without the things that divide us, that's what the within minutes, you'll have a true cash offer, pledge is supposed to do. and you can head to a dealership and get paid, today, right now. ed: james, it's attributed to a baptist prisoner, i didn't know this. named francis bell me. the pledge was first well, here's to first dates! published in a kid's magazine in september 1892, you look amazing. to commemorate the 400th and you look amazingly comfortable. anniversary of christopher columbus' voyage to america. and it consists of just 31 when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck... words. a lot to get to there. i think the key might be, that's when you know, it's half-washed. why did this baptist minister write this and then try downy fabric conditioner. why did it take so long from unlike detergent alone, downy helps prevent stretching the late 1800s to 1942 before it was actually by conditioning and smoothing fibers, adopted? >> well, bell me was so clothes look newer, longer. christian socialist. downy and it's done. he was part of a movement to put flags in order to cull
3:44 am
indicate the sense of patriotism to young kids, many of whom immigrants just coming to this country. it was part of that general movement to promote americanism. and it took until 1945 until world war ii, probably because it had something to do with world war ii. the need to promote unity during that conflict. and then also the outbreak of the cold war with the soviet union. pete: under god was added during the cold war, remind our viewers why. >> well, that was dwight eisenhower, one of his initiatives. there was a move to do that because abraham lincoln had said in his gettysburg address that our nation, under god, would have a new birth of liberty. and eisenhower thought this was an important addition, given the fact that the soviet union was promoting atheism and communism. he wanted to draw that distinction. ed: james puts his finger on something important. another important line with liberty and justice for all
3:45 am
the significance. >> well, bell me was the one who came up with that. and he was using that to, you know, promote the values of the republic of the country that had fought and survived the civil war. and that he saw that these were two of the things that were the most important things to emphasize coming out of that conflict. pete: james, you wrote erasing america. why is it so many of our schools today are not saying the pledge? >> i think some people are decided that the flag instead of the unifying symbol is a divisive symbol. that the pledge itself is some kind of partisan statement or the patriotism is a partisan thing. or divisive thing. but it's not. these are things that is supposed to unify us. i was very disappointed when nancy pelosi used the pledge to open the impeachment proceedings. you know, partisan way. on hand scanning technology it would link your handprint that's not what it was intended for. to your amazon account allowing you to pay for things with just a wave. ed: appreciate it. we are going to be reciting it would most likely be used the pledge at fox square as
3:46 am
i hinted about a moment ago. at amazon's go stores. we will do that next hour. lisa, i'm going to waive over to you. lisa: hey, ed, nice to see you. another freshman democrat pete: filmmaker activist facing a new g.o.p. michael moore making prediction about the 2020 election not so good for challenger aliscia andrews now the third republican in virginia lining up to democrats. ed: lelee zeldin and tom homan challenge democrat congresswoman jennifer wexton following her 2018 midterm win. andrews is running to flip next hour virginia's tenth district back to red after a democrat ♪ rumor has it. won for the first time in nearly four decades. if andrew wins, she would be the first female marine in congress. marine corps veteran and candidate for 10th congressional district aliscia andrews joins us ... now. >> hi. >> thank you for your service. >> thank you so much. it's an honor to serve. i'm really into this car, lisa: i want to ask you wanted to joint marine corps but how do i know if i'm getting a good deal? after losing a friend i tell truecar my zip serving in the army. that's what motivated you to and which car i want and truecar shows the range of prices join. can you take me back to that moment and why you decided people in my area actually paid for the same car to join the marines?
3:47 am
>> i think that a couple so i know if i'm getting a great price. things kind of led up to this is how car buying was always meant to be. that but that was the point in which i decided to at 17 this is truecar. years old i never really understood what gravity came along with service to your country and what the ultimate sacrifice really was. and truly understanding that experience led me to know what it meant to be free and what the price was to be free that's what led me to joint marine corps. lisa: most people look at washington, d.c. and congress as a dysfunctional place. why do you want to go there? why are you running? >> i'm already here. i live here in northern virginia and i love it here. i'm a mom, i'm a marine and most importantly i'm a constituent in virginia 10. and our values are not being represented. can you go to andrews for and find out a lot about me. but the things i'm running for are virginia values. we matter. and we're not being represented. our current congresswoman is
3:48 am
representing california values by run alongside with nancy pelosi and trying to be the fifth member of the squad. her values are not my values and not the values of the 10th district of virginia. lisa: i'm from that area, virginia's 10 district. even though it has been in republican hands it's been trending democrat. hillary clinton won the district by 10 points and in order to defeat an incumbent, you have to convince voters there that it's time for change. what's your argument? why do they need to change course in the direction that they chose in 2018? >> i think tough look at the bigger picture here. we have a lot of people that are truly experiencing the fringe left and are looking for a place to call home. that's going to be with me. the politically homeless have a place with team andrews because we welcome a lot of the groups of the walk aways and the black set and jack set groups that have no place to go. what got us there isn't
3:49 am
going to get us there in 2020. supporting our president and supporting our troops and supporting our law enforcement and law and order is going to bring us 2020. bring us back to a big shiny red location in virginia. lisa: do you think it might be challenging just considering the fact that hillary clinton did win the district by, you know, 10 points in a presidential year. that's a pretty big challenge for you. >> absolutely. i think it's going to be a challenge but i think it's a challenge worth taking on. i don't think virginia is >> ♪ well i would walk 500 done why need to stand miles and i would walk 500 together and fight for virginia's values. i don't believe hillary clinton's values were the more ♪ ed: i guess you know who value of virginia. we have learned a lot about picked this one. >> pete. ed: and singing it. clinton since 2016. >> you should sing with. >> put america first and the economy and the imation. ed: come on. >> i would be exhausted walking 500 miles. ed: who did this? pete: the proclaimers i think. that's what is important to ed: i guess that you'll never northern virginia as our have a producer pick a song economies continue to grow. again because last hour we made >> thank you so much. fun of the producers and i feel
3:50 am
i appreciate it. so bad. lisa: appreciate it. >> lisa: i did not. coming up. it was one of the biggest ed: pete said the producers stories of faith of the should be fired. year. >> lisa: i'm still waiting for kanye west and his sunday retaliation in the prompter. service phenomenon. a look back at the year's pete: this could prompt bargain top inspirational stories ing, unionization amongst after the break producers and they want to be ♪ protected so they can declare ♪ hallelujah, hallelujah they're fired who don't have any power to fire anybody. you're rehired for playing that wonderful song. ed: somebody used to say "you're ♪ hallelujah, hallelujah fired" and it kind of became a thing. pete: then he fired an fbi director and everyone said it was a terrible thing turned out to be a great thing. and ourselves. ed: and a whole other road and now there's an impeachment drama for a better us, and guess what? donate to your local y today. joe biden and other democrats have been saying why won't the president send up his staffers? dealing with our finances really haunted me.ttle cranky. they should testify whether it's thankfully, i got quickbooks, the secretary of state, it's the and a live bookkeeper's helping customize it for our business. former national security advisor we need to get more information, but yet if you ask what about (live bookkeeper) you're all set up! (janine) great! (vo) get set up right with a live bookkeeper hunter biden, maybe joe biden with intuit quickbooks. who oversaw ukraine policy for barack obama, maybe he should - do that are degrading?ideo tapes, film reels, or photos, testify. legacybox professionally converts them joe says heck no. pete: joe said i don't want, i to dvds, thumb drive, or the cloud.
3:51 am
won't either i can't, no. legacybox is simple and safe, this is not something i will be with over half a million satisfied customers. apart of so joe is on the visit today, and get 40% off. campaign trail every once in a while pops his head up to talk to the media in very controlled confined spaces and this one you'll notice a very boring conference room at the des moines register and he was asked would you comply with a subpoena as ed mentioned in the senate to clear your name if there's a trial. if there's a trial. here is joe biden. >> could you stand by your earlier statements that you wouldn't comply if you were subpoenaed to testify in the impeachment trial before the senate? >> correct add the reason i wouldn't is because it's all designed to deal with trump doing what he's done his whole life, trying to take the focus off him. ed: almost looked like he's in a deposition. it almost looks like the deposition. >> lisa: sleepy joe but of course he doesn't want to show up and talk about any of this stuff. so you take over policy regarding ukraine, you advocate for increased natural gas in the
3:52 am
country and then your son starts making tens of thousands of dollars per month to sit on a board board of a natural gas company he has no business previously in the energy space, or with the country of ukraine, and simultaneously, you've all these officials that sound the alarms about this, with someone like george kent warning that this is not okay, having concerns, raising concerns about hunter biden serving on the board. secretary john kerry's own step son actually removed himself from this company, removed himself with that working relationship with hunter biden, and also warned the state department about this, and then you've got the former ukraine ambassador saying that the obama administration prepped her on questions specifically about hunter biden. pete: these are all legitimate reasons why joe biden should testify. now, if you took the week off and you didn't follow any news guess what? no update on impeachment. nancy pelosi still sitting on it and democrats are still yelling about this fair process they think, but if you think about
3:53 am
joe biden, you're just supposed to be the front runner and you're the puncher, right? scrappy joe and take people behind the school yard and beat them up and do pushups and take on trump. why wouldn't you go to the biggest political theatre of your life, an impeachment trial of a sitting president who your whole party can't stand, and you stand there and you punch and you counterpunch and make your point. talk about a chance to rise in the polls with this theme amongst democrats turns out joe 's bark is way bigger than his bite. ed: you're talking about a double standard which is that the president his age they've got to testify but joe biden and others on the democratic side don't have anything to say or testify another double standard might be the fact you're now hearing this drum beat from nancy pelosi, the speaker of the house that there's not a fair pete: many on the media may trial in the senate. want americans to look back well the president is tweeting on the year as political about wait, now nancy pelosi, so intrigue and corruption. no matter how graphic interesting to see nancy pelosi tweets demanding fairness from headlines got religion came to the forefront over and senator mcconnell when she over again. presided over the most unfair this morning we are breaking down the top stories of hearing in the history of the religion, faith and united states congress, you know inspiration of 2019. , of course referring to joining us now president of
3:54 am
adam schiff and what was citizens for self-governance happening down in the basement and co-founder of tea party patriots, mark meckler. when they were bringing people he also runs convention of in we didn't really know what was happening and then selective states, a fantastic organization. mark, merry christmas, thanks for being here i know ly leaking the parts that made the president look bad and didn't tell us about the part that said oh, maybe this was not a quid pro quo. you share this feeling kanye >> lisa: speaker pelosi has her own thoughts, she tweeted west public conversion huge the facts are clear and every moment. witness told the same story, >> one of the most exciting despite the president's attempts to cover it up, president trump faith stories i have seen abused his power for his own see somebody come out of the dark culture of of of hollywood and music industry personal gain, hashtag, defend rise to the forefront leading the fight for or democracy which is christianity in america. interesting, pete because congress or the house that's incredible specifically went after transformation of public president trump, article of conversion. says something about what's impeachment and obstruction of happening in america. congress, isn't she obstructing pete: you mention in los the senate and obstructing angeles things happening congress? pete: yeah she's not even moving amongst young people connected to this. the process forward one bit and >> again, i think this is they're yelling with the worst really important. we as christians tend to argument they could possibly look at hollywood and say it's a place of darkness and make, that the senate is not sin and nothing good coming impartial. he will not get a fair trial. out of there. there is a church movement taking place in l.a. nancy? nobody in the senate is huge churches like zoey and impartial. nobody! mosaic where literally tens they all got elected on partisan of thousands of people are going to services every
3:55 am
weekend. prominent people like chris views. pratt and people like him the other half have said they support the president's agenda. going to these church this is a political process, not services and leading the way a judicial process and it amazes to faith in hollywood, i think that's another me how foolish the democrats incredible sign for america truly are. they are trying to make a process argument after having the most ring process possible, not just bitter clingers in fly over country. where their poll numbers went down, now they are trying to say this is coastal as well. mitch mcconnell can't run his own trial, as they sit on the in hong kong protesters singing christian hymns, articles of aim. oh, ed is ready with a comeback here. why? lisa: wait should we all do really interesting. only 10% profess faith this? pete: what do you got, ed? openly and publicly. ed: greg jarrett has thoughts istian hymns because the churches about that. took to the streets to >> they never envisioned a stunt pulled by speaker of the protect the protesters. serving what i think is a house bike nancy pelosi holding very traditional and on to articles of impeachment, worldwide role for the two decades ago it was sent over churchechurches is protecting immediately within minutes there freedom of conscience. was a vote to convey and transmit it. pete: another story, the constitution is actually chick-fil-a has in the past silent about that. proudly stood for their it doesn't say that the senate christian values. this year they took a hit. has to wait until it's transmit >> yeah. ted. it's simply a senate rule. we have cathy founder of mitch mcconnell shouldn't be chick-fil-a founded on subjecting himself to the christian values. they have a foundation a charitable arm that
3:56 am
extortion of nancy pelosi. charitable arm literally he can, beginning in january, stepped away from all of their christian giving. simply alter the rule, or something they have done for eliminate it entirely and set a their entire boycotted those groups and went to groups date for an impeachment trial. that support the lgbtq ed: greg made an interesting agenda and others and pushed point to maybe just call nancy christians aside. pelosi's bluff, let senator it's really sad. see this a lot of times when mcconnell move forward on trial because at the end of the day, a founder has a vision for a company and moves asveda and nancy pelosi has no power over the senate. the company swerves to the left it. teaches us as christians pete: yes. ed: it's a fundamental problem with her argument. don't put our faith anyone >> lisa: right and on the heels of all of this you've got substitutions. pete: no, you cannot. michael moore predicting a 2020 anti-semitism on the rise trump victory. big problem for christians ed: wait michael moore? as well. >> most of it is positive. >> lisa: yes, yes, let's on the rise. listen. thing that scares me the >> the problem is if the vote were today i believe he wouldn't most. on the rise in the mainstream of the democratic win the electoral states he party in america. you see prom mental would need, because living out democrats supporting people who are openly anti-semitic, there, i will tell you. we need to watch that and be his level of support has not very worried about that. pete: mark, thank you for gone down one inch, and in fact your time. you are right though the kanye west thing look back and see that as monumental i'd say it's more than it was before, because they are afraid now he could lose. shift for chris dom. pete: so he gets it 100% right mark, thanks. >> absolutely. in that last sentence. you go out across america, as i
3:57 am
pete: defy any subpoena in have the great privilege of doing for this show and talk to president trump's impeachment trial no. voters at rallies or diners and show joe at the top of the hour. elsewhere and they are more elizabeth warren's campaign bleeding cash and pleading enthusiastic for this president than they have ever for more donations. been because he's delivered on that can't be good. is her campaign in trouble? what he said he would do which we will answer that question no politician ever does and you ♪ i was born can look at the economy as number one and b, because he's overcome the hatred of the left and the media and the institutions that have tried to tear him down from the outside and the inside but then he miss i do not speed. and that's saving me cash with drivewise. diagnoses it because they're scared he's going to lose but by my son, he did say that you were the safe option. going after the president they and that's the nicest thing you ever said to me. are going after you and the people that voted for him. so get allstate. you're a racist. stop bossing. where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. you're a liar. you're a bad person, and all the this is my son's favorite color, you should try it. people that support him and the new democrats and independents [mayhem] you always drive like an old lady? [tina] you're an old lady. that have moved over said you've tried everything against this guy. i'm still voting for him that's what michael moore can't see. >> lisa: pete you mentioned the president's policy, we talked to the radio talk show host about this and this is what he had to say. >> it's why they support trump, it's because unemployment is at the all-time lows because the jobs are plentiful, because
3:58 am
taxes have been cut because we have judges on courts that actually engage in adjudication and not in activism. these things matter. what the democratic candidates have given us are screaming about medicaid, given us lies about the systemic system and the problems and that's why you're a racist and given us all of these things that don't actually do anything for us and that's why trump's base is strong and growing. ed: tony's point underlined by jack brewer who says they used to be a democrat supported barack obama, he's now supporting president trump. he said i don't agree with every part of the personality and the tweets and the rest, but jack brewer said i support the policies and he believes president trump is moving the country forward. >> lisa: i also think the follow through is important, because throughout the 2016 campaign a lot of people said there would be cracks in the base, republicans wouldn't show up and candidate trump made specific promises about conservative supreme court justices following through on pro-life issues and he has delivered.
3:59 am
you look at justice kavanaugh, you look at gorsuch, you look at the momentum that he had on the lower courts as well, moving the embassy to jerusalem, building a wall. i mean these are all things he prop used. pete: trump ripped the republican party through a like no other reformation it needed, a focus at bass pro shops and cabela's. on immigration, trade policy, now's the time to take advantage foreign policy, things that of clearance markdowns throughout the store and online. they've got, kicking and screaming. myself included people threw a like savings of up to 50% reformation. on select men's and ladies' clothing; the democrat party hasn't had that yet so you still have joe men's and ladies' footwear and slippers; biden saying that i'll sacrifice fishing and marine gear; good jobs in middle america for toys and more. some green new fantasy and voter it's the perfect time to redeem your gift cards s are going that plus and save. socialism and open borders and don't miss the after christmas sale hating cops, maybe i'm going to at bass pro shops and cabela's. go with this guy here whose your adventure starts here. bringing my jobs back to the country. just saying. we'll get our mega phones back later on in the show. the sleep number 360 smart bed. prices of the season on at some point, it will return. can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it senses your movements and turning now to your headlines starting with a fox news alert. automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. two people killed in a drive-by the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. shooting while filming a music plus 0% interest for 24 months on all beds. ends new year's day. video near houston. at least nine people were shot some in a parking lot others around the corner. investigators are call the
4:00 am
attack an ambush but the motive is unclear. >> also breaking this morning at least 76 people are dead after a bombing at a security checkpoint in somal yeah. officials fear the number will continue to grow with more than 50 others wounded a tax collection center is believed to be the intended target of the attack. no one has claimed responsibility, but the al qaeda -linked terror group has been known to carry out these types of attacks. >> and a federal court blocking ♪ north carolina's new voter id ed: that's a producer's choice. law, the court says it'll didn't pick that song and explain the decision next week now you know why. but gave early notice to stop election officials from sending what was that? out a pamphlet on the law and the hold means photo id's will pete: rock steady? not be required for the state's primary in march, and the law lisa: first person who picked. this bragging on it. passed last year after the state legislature overrode governor pete: whoever picked that should be fired. ♪ roy cooper's veto and it's now pete: i have no power to facing at least two lawsuits, so hire or fire. the people even overrode the don't worry your job is governor but the courts are safe. ed, how many dozens of songs saying no you don't have to show have we sent. identification, to do your most in dozens and dozens. sacred duty got it. >> well a minor nfl stat ed: every week they ask us
4:01 am
for five more and they correction leads to a million played like three of them. dollar payday. new york giants linebarker lisa: my song for the 6:00 marcus golden was officially awarded a half sack in the a.m. pete: lisa glad she is here. giants last game against the automatic play. redskins and the league changed it to a full sack giving him 10 ed: what do you think? on the season, triggering a million dollar bonus in his are they better producers contract. that's on top of golden's nearly than djs in i think so. lisa: going in again. $4 million salary. ed: wow. pete: i wonder if there was some lobbying from the agent or others to say let's review that. [wow] ed: think about this >> lisa: i think there's a impeachment battle and one of the articles of stat correction in my contract. impeachment. >> also brutal. pete: with $1 million bonus? >> allegedly obstruction of congress. i need a better agent. right? because the president won't ed: [laughter] coming up, president trump's send up various officials. historic tax cuts have long been secretary of state. former national security blasted by the media. advisor. and democrats are so outraged that they won't the tax plan, the benefits are come up and talk. and then you go to the other going to go the wealthy. side of all of this. the 2017 tax cuts have been a bust economically. [buzzer] the actual tax cuts from middle that and ukraine and all the class families were dwight small money that went to hunter >> lisa: it turns out they got biden and whether or not the former vice president year saw ukraine policy in the it wrong, american companies obama administration. actually brought trillion naturally, he would come up dollars back to the u.s. , under and talk, flight because democrats are all about those tax cuts, and the tax cut everybody talking. everybody talking about what reality check, next. they know.
4:02 am
but now joe biden is asked >> ♪ ♪ i'm your mother in law. on the campaign trail about whether he would come to an impeachment trial? he says no way. i'm not coming. pete: what? here it is. and i like to question your every move. like this left turn. it's the next one. you always drive this slow? how did you make someone i love? do you stand by earlier that must be why you're always so late. comments that you wouldn't i do not speed. comply with subpoenas before the senate? >> correct. the reason i wouldn't is and that's saving me cash with drivewise. because it's all designed to my son, he did say that you were the safe option. and that's the nicest thing you ever said to me. deal with trump doing what he has done his whole life. so get allstate. trying to take the focus off stop bossing. where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. him. this is my son's favorite color, you should try it. pete: look at the energy in that room. ed: trump trying to take the [mayhem] you always drive like an old lady? focus on him. [tina] you're an old lady. trying to take the focus off him and his son hunter, when youyou spend lessfair, and get way more. right? what the republicans saying have some fairness. so you can bring your vision to life you want to investigate what the president knows. and save in more ways than one. what do the bidens know? joe biden who is running for president says i won't go. pete: if you are joe biden and got such guts and mr. tough guy. the biggest show on earth sham trial in the senate on for small prices,
4:03 am
impeachment. you can build big dreams, spend less, ed: if the articles are ever get way more. sent. pete: do you know where we are in the impeachment process right now? shop everything home at neither i do. because nancy pelosi sitting on them. waiting for more information. yadda yadda yadda. something is going to happen at some point in the senate. if you are joe biden, you have a fledgling campaign. barely string a sentence together. hiding on the campaign trail. you want to look like the big fighter. wouldn't you go in there and say i'm not afraid of you. i'm not afraid of anybody. i don't have anything to hide. i will testify a right back at you on the biggest stage possible. rocket my poll numbers. instead sitting there with the des moines register in the most video you have ever seen i will not comply with your subpoena. lisa: call them fat and challenge them to push up contests. pete: sure. lisa: do you know who had some thoughts about this. president trump tweeted about this and he said interesting to see nancy pelosi demanding fairness from senator mcconnell when she presided over the most unfair hearing in the history of the united states congress. and do you know what i find really interesting about the joe biden thing?
4:04 am
you go down the list of people who raised alarms and rang the alarms about joe biden and hunter biden and. [buzzer] that and have george kent who worked for the state department and warned about burisma he had ned 2015. > lisa: plar yach ukrainian ambassador briefed confirmation hearing by the obama administration about hunter biden. all these businesses in ukraine what's the one she is briefed about hunter biden. secretary of state at the time his own stepson had removed himself from the the zip code you're born into same company with hunter biden over concerns about can determine your future. your school. burisma and warned the state department about it. you have all these people your job. warning about concerns about your dreams. burisma being shady. pete: when you step back that is all true, all your problems. reasons why he should be (indistinct shouting) compelled to talk. but at the y, we create opportunities for everyone, step back and think about no matter who you are the entire process. or where you're from.
4:05 am
democrats say we want fairness is there a worse political argument you could for a better us, donate to your local y today. make. oh, mitch mcconnell is going to be the most biased jury poll is the united states senate. everyone there is political. >> with this legislation we are the entire impeachment ushering in a bleak future. process is by definition not a judicial process but a >> the majority of the tax plan political process. the benefits are going to go to so if you are running on we want fairness and we want the wealthy. the 2017 tax cuts have been a bust economically. unbiased jurors, there is not a single voter in the >> the actual tax cuts for middle class fam ares were quite country that cares about the argument they are making small. >> the big cut was corporations right now. ed: meantime the articles are still in the house where businesses used most of the tax savings to buyback their shares speaker pelosi started this months ago saying it's going of stock. to be bipartisan, going to >> lisa: president trump's be prayerful. historic tax cuts have long been going to be about the constitution. a target for many in the media. victor davis hanson was on the story last night saying pete: yes from the beginning but she is oight on these the positive economic news keeps articles because she wants piling up the latest from the another shoe to drop and commerce department showing that then she will spring the american companies have brought articles, watch. >> she was reassured every approximately $1 trillion in overseas profits back to the step of this process by the united states, since the bill left wing base of the was passed. democratic party. >> lisa: here with the impact that's sort of a misnomer because the entire party is is benchmark investments left wing now something managing partner kevin kelly.
4:06 am
why did the media get this so wrong? >> well the media got it would come up we would have a recession. u.k. or ukraine would break completely wrong because it open or brill cents would democrats wanted 100% of nothing tempo of the country. right, which wouldn't have come never happened. now she is impasse. back. they wanted to keep the now let it sit out there and effective tax rate at 35% which hope that somebody can come to the rescue and say you know what? prohibited u.s. companies from there is a new whistleblower succeeding in the united states there is a new document. while the republicans were there is something new, we can add that on. saying hey, why don't we bring we can just keep it up. that money back to the united what she doesn't understand is that she has lost the states and have it reinvested support of the american into our own economy, so with people. ed: similar to al green. the republicans they got 100% of can't beat president trump at the ballot box. got to impeach him. 15.5% of the repatriation of victor davis hanson pointing overseas money coming back, out waiting for something which guess what? bad to happen and all these that's how gdp works. good things are going on. investment in our economy, so lisa: like the irony of all that trillion dollars came nancy pelosi calling for back and was invested in the fairness when you look at how this whole thing started economy and so that's why we're one before the transcript doing so well economically. was even released. pete: kevin, but address the secondly, look at how these haters and critics who say bring testimony was conducted in in that trillion dollars doesn't the scif and then really matter just making rich selectively leaked information. people richer. what's the impact of that money this is passed along a coming back because of the partisan, certainly partisan corporate rate reduction? line. you actually had bipartisan >> well if you think about the defection against the people haters, what they were actually
4:07 am
voting against it irony of trying to do is reaffirm how not nancy pelosi talking about one single democrat voted for fairness. the bill and we know the bill pete: victor davis hanson a national treasure. did you tell interview. did i not watch. actually helped america do very i'm sure it was fantastic. very well especially on the world stage so i would just like his answer is great because to point out that the global spot on. always a trial in search of economy hasn't been doing very a crime. well. actually look at china and you they know they can't beat can see how they've had a him at the ballot box. slowing gdp if you overlook in look at the clown car of germany they're not doing well. candidates running. sit on impeachment thinking maybe we will get his tax chancellor merkel is on her way returns. maybe he will have another phone call. out and macron everyone was and then we will push it wearing yellow vests so for the over when we can get squishy u.s. to post the gdp numbers that we have in a slowing global republicans like. economy really speaks to the maybe mitt romney will flip effects of the actual policies because he has always hated and so the haters are trying to say oh, it didn't work or president trump that's all they are thinking. americans weren't doing well so lisa: the walls are closing in. americans have job security. we have heard that earlier. look at the jobs numbers we're posting every single month, and pete: echos. so i think that it's important ed: president trump fired up about impeachment on the to note that when this bill came twitter machine talking a lot about that. out, you actually saw companies pressuring california to do something about the after companies talk about how homelessness crisis. the president has been going after nancy pelosi about they're going to give $1,000 homelessness in her backyard bonuses from at&t to comcast in san francisco, going after the democratic governor gavin newsom over 100,000 employees got
4:08 am
warning if you don't do bonuses you saw minimum wages something the federal government is going to get being raised at a lot of these involved. now, there are other municipal pantles like new york city hearing about that companies, for example, and homeless advocates here effectived third bancorp said we're going to have a $15 saying we want something minimum wage across all of our done. the president wants to get involved in california. employees so it was actually put what about new york? to work for employees as well as into the economy. >> lisa: kevin what has the current homeless population impact been on smaller is 78,000. we have been told by hud on the federal level that there businesses, medium-size businesses? are more than 21,000 new >> yeah, this is such a great point because when you look at homeless people in of the large multi-national california in 2019 on top of the tens of thousands who corporations like ibm they were are already homeless. paying net effective tax rates of below 20% but you had small mike fisher, president the and medium-size businesses south civic association here in new york. subject to 35%. he wrote a letter to the they couldn't compete so the president saying get involved here as well. minute the bill was enacted, you he tells the "new york post" president trump needs to actually saw small and medium- tell the mayor de blasio if you don't take the bull by size businesses hire more the horns and come up with a people. real solution then the they redeployed their capital federal government is going to come in and do what you and investments and so small and are incapable of doing. pete: he has been running medium-sized businesses did very for president, de blasio not well that's why you saw the nfib cracking 1% while his city , the national federation of independent businesses talk is dissolving because he about the opt it much of their ignored the things that ceo and how they were hiring worked under previous mayors that did crack down on crime more staff and how they were
4:09 am
putting it to work, and do you and did try to raise all know what that led to? boats. instead running on climate that led to consumer confidence change and green economies as well, because they were and rejecting geneticking getting hired so that's why the companies that want to come economy has been doing really here. here is what de blasio's well. small and medium-sized businesses were the winners spokesperson said communities across the country confronting because once again think about homelessness and people like how obamacare actually strangled donald trump who -- okay. them, the cbo, the congressional i'm not even going to finish it. budget office, even said that it have exacerbated the issue. shaved half a sergio marccione ed: this is donald trump's enter percent of gdp off. fault. this is ben carson's fault. pete: kevin when you simplify i interviewed ben carson saying look, we want to work with the governor. the reduced rates they don't let's solve. have the armies of accountants this ben carson was quoting from the bible saying here and lawyers and others that are able to maneuver the code like it is around christmas. the big companies do. let's finally work together and get something done. kevin kelly thank you so much for your time this morning. lisa: the challenge is you look at cities like los >> happy new year everyone. angeles and san francisco, pete: coming up new york police where you literally have conditions that are worse now investigating as many as 9 anti-semetic attacks in the last than places like india, few weeks. >> lisa: lee excell in is one africa. they are not actually of two republicans in congress addressing or solving the and says the attacks are out of problem. which is literally the definition you have control and he joins us live to insanity. they absolutely need some talk about it, next. excuse me a minute... help there it's been a complete mess and i can't
4:10 am
imagine living in some of those conditions. pete: big government solutions in liberal cities always run by democrats and wonder why it doesn't work. always another billion dollars and will be a utopia except the problem gets worse. pete: have you been to los angeles or new york recently? does it look different? we have a few more headlines for you this morning. including. this a mexican police chief now in custody in connection with the massacre of an american mormon family. he is believed to have ties to the drug cartel blamed in the brutal murder of nine women and children. family killed on mexican highway when their car was ambushed by gunfire. his role in the killing is as yet unclear. and the nypd investigating at least eight anti-semitic hate crimes during hanukkah in one case surveillance video captured the beating of a jewish man on the street many of the attacks hi dad. no. don't try to get up. have will involved orthodox
4:11 am
jewish neighborhoods. >> not acceptable. hi, i'm julie, a right at home caregiver. weave will not toler rated it in new york city. you will see the consequences, the and if i'd been caring for tom's dad, i would have noticed some dizziness that consequences that we will could lead to balance issues. that's because i'm trained to report any changes in behavior, assure the anyone who no matter how small, so tom could have peace of mind. commits a hate crime. pete: nypd increasing we'll be right there. patrols in jewish neighborhoods and near houses of worship. we have to go. hey, tom. you should try right at home. and elizabeth warren, the they're great for us. the right care. right at home. senator type issuing a plea for donations end of the year. campaign email reading, quote, we were only case at chwe're a festive family. away from the biggest we're a four-legged family. fundraising deadline of the we're a get-up-and-go family. year and at risk of missing we're a ski family. our 20-million-dollar goal. we're all part of the chevy family. so far the 2020 democrat has and as we kick off the new year, we'd like you to be a part of ours. only raised $17 million in because our chevy employee discount the fourth quarter: isn't is still available to everyone. the chevy price you pay is what we pay. she supposed to be building not a cent more. momentum. so happy new year, and welcome to the family. ed: christmas sale 30% off. the chevy family! the chevy employee discount for everyone ends soon. pete: fire sale for elizabeth warren. installing new waterford
4:12 am
crystal on the ball in times square. pineapples representing goodwill and hospitality not hostility. i would like the hostility crystal. i get that. more than a million people are expected in times square for the ball drop. lisa: plenty of hostility crystals in new york city. pete: last year we kennedy what are you doing back there, junior? since we're obviously lost, i'm rescheduling my xfinity customer service appointment. and i hosted. this year we are not doing ah, relax. i got this. it. ed: that was fun. which gps are you using anyway? pete: you clearly made it to a little something called instinct. another year. we did it last year. been using it for years. yeah, that's what i'm afraid of. lisa: so fun. we had fun. it was so cool. he knows exactly where we're going. not have to wait out in the my whole body is a compass. oh boy... cold and not have to wear a diaper all day. the my account app makes today's xfinity customer service simple, easy, awesome. ed: about five degrees for us. this year 40 or 50. not my thing. pretty nice out. didn't you have a blast? ed: we did. pete: so good last year they couldn't repeat it. lisa: exactly. lisa: fantastic. i say three-peat.
4:13 am
lisa: coming up as the economy surges, a number of democrats keep peddling ideas to kill u.s. jobs. >> would you be willing to sacrifice some of that growth even know it could ed: an american contractor killed in a rocket attack in displace thousands maybe hundreds of thousands of iraq. several american troops wounded as many as 30 rockets were fired blue collar workers? >> the answer is yes. at an iraqi military base where ed: blue collar workers are american troops were also based. reasoning the benefits now. it's unclear who is responsible. we are breaking down the numbers and raising questions about what joe >> a hero navy seal in thailand biden is talking about next. ♪ dies from a severe blood ♪ feeling all right ♪ infection. the officer helped rescue a youth soccer team from a flooded cave, remember that story last year? officials say he developed that ♪ ♪ infection from the rescue mission and he's the second thai navy seal to die of complications from that operation. unreal. >> lisa: unreal. new york city mayor bill deblasio speaking out after a wave of anti-semetic hate crimes in the at the this week during hanukkah. >> it's not acceptable. we will not tolerate it in new
4:14 am
york city. you're going to see the consequences, the consequences that we will assure before anyone who commits a hate crime. ed: the nypd investigating a ninth anti-semetic incident as they increase presence following the 8 other attacks earlier this week. pete: co-chair new york congressman lee zeldin joins us now, thank you for being here this morning we appreciate it. so your reaction to this string of anti-semetic attacks and what the mayor says he's doing about it. >> well, it's so sad. you know this has been on the rise for a while, while bill deblasio is in iowa peaking at 0.00 in the polls this was ris ing back home. we're not talking about some lon e wolf putting up some poster s around brooklyn. we're not just talking about nine anti-semetic attacks over the course of the last year or two or three years we're talking about the course of the last week or two, and these are
4:15 am
violent offenses. these are young kids who are being beaten up. these are women, wand men who whether they are inside their place of worship or being target ed there's a massive leadership failure in new york city, and bill deblasio's answer has been, you know, have another press conference, have another press conference, ramping up the police presence is important, that's good, it needs to happen more, and there needs to be some level of burden-sharing here. you need to see on all levels of government elected officials and community leaders going all-into confront this and crush it, so i was on the fence about changing we've been dealing with this in from a manual to an electric toothbrush. congress. we've seen it from some members of congress in another way, but my hygienist said going electric could lead to way cleaner teeth. she said, get the one inspired by dentists, promoting anti-semitism and with a round brush head. we're seeing worst most violent go pro with oral-b. oral-b's gentle rounded brush head ways in the lack of leadership removes more plaque along the gum line. and it is greatly concerning and for cleaner teeth and healthier gums. these people are being victimiz and unlike sonicare, oral-b ed and it's only going is the first electric toothbrush brand to get worse. accepted by the ada lisa: and congressman, you
4:16 am
for its effectiveness and safety. mentioned failed leadership. what an amazing clean! is it just failed leadership or i'll only use an oral-b! why do you think we're seeing oral-b. brush like a pro. this rise? >> yeah, so failed leadership is certainly part of it and part amanda's mom's appointment hello mom. of this is the learned component just got rescheduled - for today. of it, the culture component of amanda needs right at home. it, part of it has to do with our customized care plans provide as much just a state, the quality of - or as little help - as her mom requires. life in new york city, and part whether it's a ride to the doctor or help around the house. of it's culture, education oh, of course! abdomen and part of it is tom, i am really sorry. i've gotta go. leadership but the police presence is important, prosecution making the strongest look, call right at home. possible examples of all of get the right care. right at home. these people. i heard there is an effort starting tomorrow to help protect each other. that's part of it. having each other's back when you have these crisis take place , it shouldn't just be the responsibility of jewish new yorkers in brooklyn, figuring out how to solve this on their own. we all need to have each other's backs and i think that could be part of the solution too, but
4:17 am
ed: the american economy bombing after president trump signed historic tax the leadership from bill deblasio is so frustrating on so cuts and jobs act into law. many levels and we're seeing it here and people are getting hurt wage growth is off the because of it. ed: congressman very serious charts. issue we'll stay on it and we americans are reaping the appreciate you coming into talk benefits. here to talk about the rise of blue collar benefits about it. pete: thank you, lee. alfredo or tease. >> thank you, happy new year. ed: coming up they are designed >> goorntion how are you. to keep your family safe but are ed: we hear this and dismiss they really? more and more families now suing it. hispanic community and black amazon saying their ring community historically low unemployment. it's just a statistic and surveillance systems were hacked pete: and a show of patriotism people aren't really feeling it. you say? >> people are feeling the this morning, on fox square, as we celebrate, the pledge of economy. they are feeling how great and strong it is. jobs are abundant as you allegiance. that pledge, coming up. know. frankly, this is really the story of 2019. it's jobs, jobs, jobs. >> ♪ ♪ stand with his people israel i mean, the omb predicted 2 million jobs roughly this time under the obama administration. we're now at 7 plus million jobs created. so 5 million extra jobs. we're not only have the job growth. we are having the wage growth amazing. federal reserve bank of atlanta just recently i think it was actually two days ago 4.5 wage increase
4:18 am
for the bottom 25%. latest statistic on that. seeing that wage growth from the bottoms up. warehouse manufacturing jobs for example all going up to $15 an hour. ed: we mentioned the obama administration. when covering it president obama saying there is no magic wand that now and forever more. manufacturing jobs are never going to come back. inside these buildings in jerus throughout israel president trump has proved a lot of that wrong. what has been the secret? >> it really wasn't a magic there are many elderly jews who suffering daily. wand. it was just really great common sense domestic policy. lower regulations. and they need our help now. less red tape and really the tax cut. as christians and jews we know the really amazing small we have a scriptural mandate to hungry. business owners, think about it. two thirds of job growth in and here there are thousands in need. the hands of small business owners. less red tape lower taxes through the pass through 17 years ago edna was in a horr terrorist attack. businesses. llcs of the world. allow them to ininvestigate invn she's still in excruciating pain and she can't even afford her m. i've lost my will to live. businesses. ed: presidential candidates saying most if not all all the time i suffer alone wit and pain. saying they want to repeal those tax cuts and maybe even go further. your help is urgently needed.
4:19 am
look at joe biden. >> as president, would you be willing to sacrifice some please call right now and make $25 of that growth even knowing that will rush food and essentid potential there could displace thousands maybe to an elderly jewish person str survive. hundreds of thousands of blue collar workers in the interest of transitioning to every gift helps keep them alive that greener economy? >> the answer is yes. and show's your love to god's p. for over 35 years, ed: yes, in order to get a the international fellowship ofs and jews greener economy. have you joe biden saying i would be willing to lose has been bringing christian and communities together. blue collar jobs. mike bloomberg eliminate the and it's only with your help coal jobs. have they not learned any that we can meet this challenge basic essentials lesson? >> it's crazy if you think about it. like food boxes to the elderly t most. since donald trump's election. 600,000 manufacturing jobs have been created. these are the same jobs inside each food box we put a obama administration said hanukkah holiday note letting t recipients know were gone forever. but because of a lot of work that we're doing in terms of that this is a gift from christ jews who love them. the trump administration, and bringing those jobs back from overseas, we are having it means so much to me. this amazing boom on the your help will bring food to th manufacturing site, which is a lot where the job growth is happening. and much needed peace into thei we are going to keep seeing whether you can help one time o month that. especially now that done or you will recieve god's blessings inching towards the finish line there. and phase one china deal. when you bless these children o. we will start seeing more of
4:20 am
those manufacturing jobs. ed: last question we hear so i pray that god will speak to y now. much about ai, artificial intelligence and how a lot of these jobs are going to we need your help more than ever before. start disappearing. is joe biden right to start talking about transitions? is this administration doing enough to prepare for what's, i know it's booming now. but, preparing for what's around the bend for american worker? >> minimum wage laws 21 states on january 1st enacting minimum wage laws. we don't have a wage gap issue in this country. we have skills gap issue in this country. when you look at the overall size of this problem 160,000 people in this country 25 and over making minimum wage. that's not a huge number. that's .2% of the entire hourly workforce. these are the folks that we can help in terms of training. getting them the skills that they need. ed: skills gap you are talking about. >> skills gap. ivanka trump and the rest of the trump administration is working on that. that's what we need to put our focus on. >> alfredo or tease.
4:21 am
happy new year. >> happy new year to you. ed: getting her dad a flame thrower for christmas. her posts is setting social media, you might say on fire. they join us live next ♪ this girl is on fire ♪ walking on fire ♪ te, he wanted someone super quiet. yeah, and he wanted someone to help out with chores. so, we got jean-pierre. but one thing we could both agree on was getting geico to help with renters insurance. ♪ pete: it is your shot of the morningstar wars the rise of sky yeah, geico did make it easy to switch and save. walker, it's winning at the box office, but a new study ♪ finds that winning fans hearts oh no. there's a wall there now. may actually be impossible. that's too bad. ed: researchers at the ohio visit and see how easy state university interviewed saving on renters insurance can be. fans of the sci-fi series before and after screening of the last jedi and found the only ones that liked the movie were those who felt it met their very high expectations. everyone else, even those with low expectations, either hated
4:22 am
the film or didn't like it as much as others. >> the researchers say this shows any pre pre conception can ruin your experience, and i would say the force is strong with you two. ed: thank you. >> lisa: that's the only part i know from star wars. pete: the whole study and the takeaway was go to the theatre with an open mind? >> lisa: i would have. pete: you go anywhere, where there are superfans and you're never making people happy. someone leaves ticked off like j ar-jar binks? ed: every time we go out there are super fans waiting to see pete and i don't think they are disappointed. pete: that is not true. ed: in the meantime we've noted this morning the president has been threatening to get the feds involved in california if they don't do something about you may have gingivitis. when you brush, homelessness and the crisis and and the clock could be ticking towards bad breath, now some cabbies think have its in new york are saying let's get receding gums, and possibly... the feds involved and the tooth loss. president is tweeting about it help turn back the clock reacting california and new york on gingivitis with parodontax. must do something about their leave bleeding gums behind.
4:23 am
tremendous homeless problems, parodontax. they are setting records. if their governors can't handle the situation, which they should be able to do very easily they must call and politely ask for help, we would be so easy and you know what's interesting is these are both state, obviously very liberal policies, democratic governors, democratic mayors in the key cities like new york, san francisco, la, and the policies haven't worked. pete: absolutely and if you look at the impeachment process, there's a meme going around of all of the democrats at the podium. all of them are from new york. ed: schumer, nadler, pelosi. pete: they are all from new york and california so the president points out yet again a common sense reality, if the problems are so big how about you go back to your own backyard and address that before you start going after. looking around here i see >> lisa: and dan bongino sound tablets, laptops, printers, smartphones. ed off on some of these policies blaming liberalism they're all connected to the internet. they're all connected. earlier today. >> the numbers have ticked up, can your network handle all those devices? sometimes. due almost exclusively to comcast business runs on the nation's liberal enclaves like california largest gig-speed network. so you can get the bandwidth you need where homelessness is going up to power all of your devices at peak performance. dramatic had it so a rational if all of my devices could have that kind of speed, person would ask themselves what
4:24 am
are the specific policies and i would be dancing! what is happening in california that's making it an epidemic and get started with secure 35-megabit internet it goes back to what sadly and and one voice line for just $64.90 per month. always goes back to which is call today. comcast business. liberalism. beyond fast. freddie goldsteyn should be embarrassed there, donald trump and the growing economy have gotten more people from middle income categories and middle income people to up puerto rico middle income categories, unlike the worst recovery from a recession in the u.s. history under barack obama. ed: dan referring to a spokeswoman for mayor bill deblasio who blamed all of this on president trump, you're see ing homelessness go down in various parts of the country but ed: time for news by the numbers. first 21, the new legal big picture, it's on the rise, smoking age in america. because big increases in places the fda officially raising it from 18 after president like california. trump signed off on the change as part of a california 2019 this year, trillion-dollar spending bill. the new law applies to 21,000 more people became homeless on top of the tens of tobacco and vaping. thousands who are already homeless. what's happening in these places next, 289. how many days christina coke >> lisa: well the challenge is has spent in space. a new single flight record they are essentially putting out a welcome matt for homeless for female astronauts. she made history in october people to migrate there and
4:25 am
there is this infectious disease participating in the first all female space walk. expert out of uc berkeley and and finally, 63,000 pounds. she said some of the conditions in san francisco are worse than slums in developing countries so that's the weight of this crazy stuff. crane that fell on top of a ed: let's get to other headlines new jersey home. , law enforcement us one of the >> no, no, no. suspects in the murder of a new york college student may have hs >> the crane toppled over after crews cut a huge limb. finger. former nypd i don't think it was pete's house so good. weighed in earlier on the terrible horrific murder of tess pete: oh, man, thank you, ed, a daughter's christmas gift to her father like up a majors. >> when you look at it, it's so social media. much circumstantial evidence surrounding the case also, where you have one of the juveniles >> already admitted that it [laughter] happened, gave up the names of the other two that were there. >> oh that's hot. ed: he was questioned and released this week, and results lisa: some would say it was of a dna test are expected next lit. week to determine if it matches matt surprised with a flame thrower from his daughter evidence found at the scene. katie on christmas morning. the gift has gone viral. meanwhile, patriots owner robert pete: joining us now daughter of the year kraft could face up to five years in prison over official title katie and her dad matt. prostitution charges. florida prosecutors are asking katie, good morning, merry the court to elevate his two
4:26 am
christmas. >> good morning. pete: let me say well done. misdemeanors into a felony and challenging the previous court how did you know about the order that scrapped video flame thrower as a gift evidence against him and the because the rest of us are billionaire is accused of paying jealous? for sex acts at a massage parlor >> well, i have seen my dad earlier this year, that case is still ongoing. >> a historic mansion up in flames, the massive fire tearing with a mild piro maniac. through this huge massachusetts he has been such a giving home. thankfully nobody was hurt, but person. i wanted to do the same for the home built in 1897 for john him. i saw the flame thrower by x products on instagram, adams grandson, was worth more actually. and then had to just go full than $2 million, and was spin and get it for him for destroyed. the fire now under investigation christmas. and amazon in trouble over its ring door bell system. christmas. lisa: matt, you are the a class action lawsuit filed recipient of the flame thrower. this week, accuses the company you are thinking maybe socks or a shirt and it's a flame of leaving homeowners vulnerable to hackers. thrower. what was your reaction? the suit claims hackers gained >> pure jubilee. access to a family's ring system i really loved it. and even spoke to his kids. lisa: were you surprised? >> i was surprised. ring, not commenting so far on the legal battle. i have a bad habit of not those are your headlines. let's toss it out to rick. getting surprised you know, he's at fox square, rick good morning. rick: good morning, we got layer my wife and my daughter they s of people, what are you guys standing on?
4:27 am
try and it seems like i >> [applause] rick: i have no idea what they always figure out what's going on. are standing on back here to get this time i was completely up that high. take a look at the weather show surprised. you what's going on not a bad and completely elated. day across a lot of the eastern seaboard, in fact most of the pete: now, katie, even grandma got in the mix if cold air still bottled up aces i'm right about this. i think we have video. parts of canada up towards the i think grandma got in on arctic and go throughout the the flame thrower is that next week, kind of remain in the grandma right there? showing grandma right now. same overall pattern that said we do have one storm we're so easy grandma can use it. watching, and it's right across did he ask -- you said he is parts of the central plains, there's a rainy side to it with a slight piro maniac. so these are legal. the warmer air and a snowy side to it as well. rainy side down across the south just betancourt it on the , some severe weather internet and now throwing possible later on today, and flames? >> yeah. i watched him my whole life also some thunderstorms moving get in trouble at from the oklahoma city area, restaurants for stoking the going up towards just now fires in the fireplaces he through wichita and off towards the east the northern side is always the guy that especially across parts of the brings fireworks. i had -- when i saw it i was dakotas is what we're watching for the snow some of it pretty like that is my dad. i have to get that for him. significant at least because of some pretty heavy wind or strong and then i was honestly so winds that'll be going with that snow that's falling tonight and excited going up until christmas every day i would tomorrow. all right, pete over to you. be like do you have any idea what it is? and he was like katie, i pete: rick, thank you. don't know what it is. >> [applause] just wait until christmas. pete: well look at this crowd on and i was more excited than
4:28 am
he was. and i made him open it up fox square. >> [applause] pete: they are all here for rick before anything else. no one else was allowed to open up presents until he it's true. but we're celebrating pledge of opened up that one because i was so excited. allegiance, all morning long, and earlier in the show, we are pete: i love it. joined to discuss the importance have you found a practical of the pledge for unity in this country, watch. >> some people have decided application for it yet? >> i think it would be great for setting bonfires and that the flag instead of a setting brush fires on the unifying symbol is a divisive barn. lisa: had over a million symbol that the pledge itself is views. some kind of partisan statement it has been seen. so the video has gone viral. but it's not. very cool. these are things that are pete: did you bring it to the studio. supposed to unify us. do you have it with you now? i was very disappointed when >> no. >> i didn't bring it. i didn't know if they wanted nancy pelosi used the pledge to to put something flammable open the impeachment proceedings , you know, as a in the studio. partisan way. that's really not what it was lisa: pete is very jealous. intended for. >> lisa: today we are honoring pete: i want you to flame us out of the segment. our country with our pledge here but you are forgiven. on fox square. thank you so much. pete: yes. >> lisa: hey guys are you love it. >> thank you. excited? >> yes! pete: still ahead, filmmaker, michael moore, one of the president's most >> lisa: raise your hand if outspoken critics. the pledge of allegiance is very now he has a warning for fellow democrats and important to you. socialists. there we go! trump could win in 2020. ed: can i ask you? luca, what do you know about the >> if the vote were today, i pledge? why do you like the pledge?
4:29 am
believe he would win the electoral states that he would need. because living out there, i pete: how about your brother is will tell you, his level of this nicholas? what do you like about the pledge? he doesn't know. well he's about, let's say the support. pledge together and then we'll ask questions. lisa: tony katz says are you ready? democrats' far left ideas are paving the president's with the big old flag there or you're holding on how about that path to victory and he joins us next ♪ nowhere to hide ready? >> i pledge allegiance to the ♪ got nowhere to run, baby flag of the united states of ♪ nowhere to hide america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, ♪ undergod, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. pete: that away! >> lisa: good job guys. pete: how about you, bud do you say the pledge in school? >> yes. pete: what do you think about when you say it? >> people make fun of me. pete: why would they make fun of you? >> because i go too fast. pete: at least you knock it out. you're efficient. >> lisa: i do that sometimes too on the show. >> it's really important to say the pledge not just because like we're growing and stuff but i think it's important to show all [ laughter ] the younger kids like him that bundle, bundle, bundle. it's important to say it.
4:30 am
-my kids would love that. -yeah. pete: well that's wonderful. >> lisa: what about you why do you think it's important? >> i think it's important to say the pledge because it kind of reminds us of the people that are fighting for our country, and like why we say the pledge is to kind of give honor to them , to show that we recognize them. >> lisa: oh, that was so beautiful. pete: there you have it right there. we've got one here. >> i was just going to say it's important to instill patriotism in our children no matter how small they are and how big we are. pete: very well said. >> [applause] ed: it's exciting here today. pete: if you don't teach them to love it then they forget about why it's so special in the first place. and guess what? your school might not say it every day, you should ask your principal and your teacher because a lot of schools havedie which is a bad thing for our country. but we'll do it here on course. part of the all-american christmas tree. coming up, democrats and many in the media slamming senate majority leader mitch mcconnell
4:31 am
for saying he won't be impartial during the impeachment trial. ed: a new op-ed asks aren't democrats just as bias? we'll discuss, next. >> ♪ ♪ (thud) (crash) (grunting) (whistle) play it cool and escape heartburn fast with tums chewy bites cooling sensation. ♪ tum tu-tu-tum tums
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bundle, bundle, bundle. i was on the fence about changing from a manual to an electric toothbrush. but my hygienist said going electric could lead to way cleaner teeth. she said, get the one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's gentle rounded brush head removes more plaque along the gum line. for cleaner teeth and healthier gums. and unlike sonicare, oral-b is the first electric toothbrush brand accepted by the ada for its effectiveness and safety. what an amazing clean! i'll only use an oral-b! oral-b.
4:33 am
brush like a pro. >> problem is that if the vote were today, i believe he would win the electoral states that he would need. because living out there, i will tell you, his level of support has not gone down one inch. in fact, i would say it's even more rabid than it was before. because they are afraid now. they are afraid he could lose. ed: not exactly an endorsement for trump 2020 but it's kind of close. pete: acknowledgment. ed: reason why there is rabid support. impeachment and other matters. not that he is afraid he is going to lose. they actually are afraid is he going to win. thoughts from tony katz radio talk show host happy new year to you. >> you as well.
4:34 am
ed: fighting for michigan jobs and all the rest to say this president has real support and might win again. that's something. >> he doesn't give the whole story. we should stop using michael moore as suite sara or truth teller. he told us cuba has a fantastic healthcare system. it's why they support trump. because unemployment is at all-time lows. because the jobs are plentiful. because taxes have been cut. it's because we have judges on courts that actually engage in adjudication and not in activism. these things matter. what the democratic candace have given us are screaming about medicaid. they have given us lies about the systemic system ed: democrats going all-in, and the problems. that's why you are racist. calling out the senate majority they have given us all of leader mitch mcconnell for these things that don't saying he would coordinate with actually do anything for us. the white house if impeachment when donald trump does ever reaches the senate but a something. and we don't like what he new op-ed is calling out the says, that's about him hipocracy saying senate democrat s may be just as bias. here to discuss fox news policies and ideas it hurts contributor, good morning. >> good morning. all of us. that's why trump base is ed: wearing some christmas-wear today. strong and growing. i love it. mitch mcconnell all of a sudden pete: he is right about the prediction and wrong about the democrats are all over him
4:35 am
the why in every single way. saying he's not impartial. first of all, aren't there a because we are getting close to the new year as ed whole bunch of democrats running acknowledged. for president who are not we are looking back at 2019 exactly impartial? >> i think that's a fair and plenty of presidential campaign dropouts that we comment. i've been on four juries here in want to look at. we want to ask you who lost manhattan and you go through the most? jury selection they want to make the biggest political losers sure you're fair and balanced in 2019 in primary process right, and we've got these you say at number 5 gill potential jurors in the senate trial if it ever happens, corey brand and swalwell pretty booker is saying in 2016 trump good place to stuart. >> i made a tie there. welcomed foreign adversaries for list takeoff politico did his own gain and now he's using fun and good list. the same for remaining in power these two are going to be and sarah klobuchar said when he great punch lines. made that call on ukraine he's kirsten gillibrand was going to be the woman who defended digging up dirt on an opponent the women and the women -- and he made that comment during jury selection to be bounced out democratic women are upset and sent home. that she got rid of the ed: what about the fact that groper al franken. asthma leader, of course mitch and fork eric swalwell this mcconnell is going to have a is the guy who said don't major role in shaping how the worry about having a gun, we have nukes. trial works, a, and b, nancy he literal i told people on social media we have nuclear pelosi as speaker of the house has zero power in the weapons what do your guns constitution, to control what the senate does. matter. he will be a punch line >> nancy pelosi is the ultimate forever. in the list of people control peak. already out of this race, these two are tied for she runs things in the house but fifth. now she wants to run things in
4:36 am
lisa: number four bill de blasio i remember reading an the house, the constitution gives the house the full article that tried to find authority to handle the one person that supported his candidacy and couldn't impeachment and the trial is handled by the senate and she needs to step back, get out of find anyone. tell us about the epic the way and we've been told failure of bill de blasio. >> well, it's very simple. throughout the entire in the biggest city in the impeachment process we can't wait another day for this country where you are in new dangerous man to stay in, get him out as soon as possible, now york, he is hated. and now america hates him, it's no big deal, hang out, it's too. they learned from new no big rush which is it? i wish the democrats would make yorkers finally something to up their mind. teach that here's a guy not to like. ed: peter baker is the chief i will be very surprised if white house correspondent for bill de blasio at the end of the new york times and he wrote his term ends up as a part a book about the clinton time analyst on one of two impeachment drama and the book cable companies. is called the breach and it like that's how bad i think turns out that senate democrats he did for himself and his were then coordinating with brand. just a completely democratic leaders in the senate to help bill clinton sounds unlikeable, uninteresting cat. similar. ed: number three the guy who white house counsel chuck roth started out he is the next noted arranged a secret signal obama. on the cover of vanity fair with the senate democratic leadership, and in announcing his campaign. characteristic fashion, kept it beto o'rourke. so secret he did not tell his white house colleagues left in the dark, and correctly assumed >> somewhere he is livestreaming his dental he made a deal with senate staff and played guessing games among appointments. beto o'rourke is a victim of the press. the press told us he mattered. themselves trying to figure it the press told us he was out so they are talking about important. the trial, the senate floor, the he was running against ted cruz in senate race and white house lawyer making bill
4:37 am
clinton's defense and there is dynamic skateboarding in hand signals with democratic kind of guy. senators to coordinate what he was so out of his questions coming up, what's element. so under water. and when it got to the going to be asked that sounds to presidential, of course he me like the same kind of couldn't keep up. the greatest thing he did in his presidential race was coordination or maybe course, scream about wanting to take than what they are accusing away guns because that gave mitch mcconnell of before they had a trial. him a little more momentum >> i think that's right there was an effort to get certain amongst the very rabid base. but this is a guy who was a senators like chris dodd of press creation and suffered because of it. connecticut, to ask pro-clinton pete: another person a bit questions and give certain signals and these senators would of a press creation, kamala come up and ask questions and harris. there was a lot of hype that maybe she, you know, first advance bill clinton's interest and also bill clinton called tom black female. could she be the candidate and then the primary harkin, from iowa to get his happened. >> i'm going to go a help to defeat a motion that different way on that. republicans were advancing. i don't think she was press ed: so he was lobbying and created. coordinating you might say. i think that she really had >> again at least mcconnell is the juice when it started. and that first debate when being honest saying what he's doing all of this stuff was done she gave the mom moment. in secret, i didn't know about they don't want to hear us that. ed: he wrote about it long after the trial. yell at each other they >> correct and adam shaw of fox , but then his story which is wanted to hear how we would online right now i didn't know about any of this stuff. beat president trump. that's how sec reit it was. we learned about her as a ed: sounds like coordination. >> sounds like collusion to me. prosecutor and watched her talk and then we listened to ed: i've heard that word that crazed kind of collusion a couple of times.
4:38 am
happy new year. self-laughing that she does in the meantime, an illegal where nobody understands what's happening and you try immigrant deported six times avoid her on the subway kind arrested in a deadly hit-and-run of thing. and that was the end you but still denver officials have that and then, of reportedly plan to avoid i.c.e. course, tulsi gabbard put avoid them and stick by their her in the trunk. just destroyed her in that sanctuary city policy. second debate or third tom haman sounds off, retired debate. and she just never ever i.c.e. director. recovered. and then we learned what a >> ♪ ♪ [ applause ] thank you. bad campaign she ran. >> she didn't know what she stood for. >> gave her the tko. struggled trying to find footing with healthcare. the number one of all, drum roll. >> winner of the losers. >> is the democratic party. it's an honor to tell you that i was waiting for it to stop liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. there we go. i love you! the democratic party. why do you pick the democratic party as number only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ one? >> by the way that usually never ends on a gong. that was pretty interesting choice right there. pete: it does on "fox & friends." >> the democratic party is the big loser so far. they are the ones that keep telling us about the needs for inclusion, importance of inclusion. their own voters, democratic voters weren't interested in a black woman in kamala
4:39 am
harris. they are not interested in when youyou spend lessfair, and get way more. cory booker. he will be lucky if he comes in fifth. that would be a god send for so you can bring your vision to life him in iowa. and save in more ways than one. and then, as a party, they have alienated andrew i can't thinyangand absolutely pui gabbard to the side. if they are going to claim that we as americans need to be more inclusive and their own party can't do it from for small prices, you can build big dreams, spend less, the voter, well, that's a big, big loss. get way more. so they are my top loser so shop everything home at far in this 2020. ed: they lost it best. pete: very well done. thank you, tony. turning now to a few more headlines. we now note green beret killed by the taliban died while trying to seize the itreat them all as if, they are hot and energized. group's stockpile of stay away from any downed wire, weapons. sergeant first class michael call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out gobel killed he was not and keep the public safe. killed in the roadside bomb as the taliban claimed. he is a new jersey native based in florida. he leaves behind long-time girlfriend and a daughter.
4:40 am
we will remember him, his name and his service to our country. police searching for a missing woman who might have known she was in danger. peyton houston died after leaving the bar with two men more than a week ago. she texted the friend and said she didn't know the men and she could be in trouble. houston's mom says her bank account has not been accessed and her cell phone goes straight to voice mail. shoplifters stopped in their tracks. five suspected thieves accused of trying to steal $13,000 worth of canada goose jackets. employees at the store in massachusetts eventually tackled the would be crooks. all five are facing larceny and assault. good move by the employee. and rescue cat going viral because she looks like baby yoda. the adorable cat has green eyes and ears shaped just like the character in the new "star wars" series. she even has her own
4:41 am
facebook page. the stray cat, which is the best kind, being treated for several wounds at a north carolina animal shelter which is now raising awareness for rescue pets. pete: that's the best way to do it. pete: i once had a rescue cat. not anymore. maybe some day. if it looked like baby yoda that's the one you are grabbing out of the litter. ed: how is your dog doing. pete: it's doing great for now. inside joke i can't share on television. thanks, ed. rick: tell us more about your dog, pete. pete: talk about it, rick. rick: how is old remington there is a dog named remington. pete: who happens to live -- lisa: i need to get the scoop on that. rick: nice hat. >> thank you very much. pete: some quick sports rick: you wear that you got headlines you might say my to get on tv. version of a front row seat. the nba pulling off a touching there you go. merry christmas. take a look at the weather christmas surprise for a miami maps. heat rookie who hadn't seen his we have kind of cold air mom in three years. across the plains. watch this. >> [laughter] cold enough it's going to bring some snow. here is the storm we are
4:42 am
watching. bringing winters storm >> merry christmas. warnings with it. nebraska, south dakota, >> [applause] north dakota and minnesota. rain across parts of the eastern side from omaha pete: chris is brought to tears towards minneapolis. after the league flew her in a few showers today. from africa to watch him play. at least this morning across parts of florida. he left his family as a 16- year-old to chase his dream of playing pro basketball. heavy rain. you can see the emotion very as it moves off towards the cool. north. >> that's where we are and the college football playoff seeing the colder air. that's where we will see the begins today. everyone taking aim at defending snow. some spots 6 to 10 inches national champ clemson, and the or. so across dakotas and very early game top ranked lsu takes on number four, oklahoma, and windy along with this as well. then clemson entering at number back to you inside. three, will play number two, the ed: thank you. lisa: and remington. ohio state university. ed: with the new year comes a new branch of the myrtle. ed: check it out. >> space force will of the pete: great time. ed: and in the meantime, an aggression and control the ultimate high ground. illegal immigrant six times lisa: ohio will it work? charged in the hit-and-run deck. our next guest has the answer. stay with us. mexican native juan sanchez a is pete: space force ♪ caused of striking a suspect in ♪music the denver area. >> lisa: denver officials are not planning on fully cooperating with i.c.e. if they
4:43 am
release the suspect, standing by their sanctuary policy, and here to react to it is retired i.c.e. director tom homan, hi, tom. >> hi, good morning. >> lisa: tom can you just talk a little bit about how these (air pump motors) sanctuary cities are being exploited by illegal immigrants? >> well look if i'm an illegal (lamp crashes) ♪music immigrant i want to come to this country and commit a crime i'm going to go to a sanctuary city, because they know even if they are in the country illegally it's the final days of the wish list sales event. they commit a crime in that county, that the county is going sign and drive off in a new lincoln to be released back into the with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. community to reoffend. just last month, south of denver , i.c.e. put a detainer on like no other at bass pro shops and cabela's. illegal aliens arrested for now's the time to take advantage criminal trespass, violating a of clearance markdowns throughout the store and online. protection order and possession like savings of up to 50% of drugs. but he was arrested for attempt on select men's and ladies' clothing; ed murder, how many men's and ladies' footwear and slippers; more examples must we have. fishing and marine gear; pete: well how do you explain lu toys and more. it's the perfect time to redeem your gift cards nacy? you are deported six times, and save. commit a crime and then the law don't miss the after christmas sale
4:44 am
enforcement there says because at bass pro shops and cabela's. of the policies there, we're not your adventure starts here. going to let the feds know about this. to the regular ears, common sense, it seems inconceivable. >> well look, one step further the street cop, they want to help i.c.e. the jailers, they want to help i.c.e. it's the politicians, for instance in colorado, that passed their sanctuary laws people who put their political futures ahead of public safety. that's what i said residents of denver and colorado need to step up and hold their politicians accountable to protect their communities. that is their number one responsibility, but they pick political war over this administration over protection of the communities. it's just i can't believe we're at the state we're at. ed: tom here is a statement from the denver sheriff's department to the daily caller. "we fax i.c.e. notification of release when the individual enters into the release process, it's the responsibility of i.c.e. to take the individual into custody, we do not do any secure handoff, do not participate in the transfer unless an incident would occur that would threaten the safety
4:45 am
of a community." i'm trying to understand that statement. you can't predict whether someone is going to murder someone or try to murder someone so they are basically saying we can't figure this out, so what? we just throw our hands up? >> well look, they've arrested this person and lock them in the jail cell, because he's either public safety threat , or a flight risk. so call i.c.e., let i.c.e. take custody in that jail, where we know he don't have weapons it's safer for the alien and the officers and much safer for the community. there's no downside unless criminals in the community, releasing the public safety when you're not able to smile, you become closed off. threat back in the public when he can be deported it's just having to live with bad teeth for so long stupid. ed: tom has an op-ed at foxnews was extremely depressing. .com check it out. pete: thanks tom appreciate it. now, i know how happy i am. ed: more fox & friends just there was all the feeling good about myself that i missed moments away. and all of the feeling bad about myself that was unnecessary. happy new year. i'm really into this car, at aspen dental, we're all about yes. like yes to free exams and x-rays for new patients without insurance. yes to flexible hours and payment options.
4:46 am
and yes, whenever you're ready to get started, we are too. don't wait, book at or call today. a general dentistry office. but how do i know if i'm getting a good deal? i tell truecar my zip and which car i want and truecar shows the range of prices people in my area actually paid for the same car so i know if i'm getting a great price. this is how car buying was always meant to be. lisa: back with quick headlines, spotify is this is truecar. suspending all political advertising. the company says the move was made because they are not able to fact check all of them. bernie sanders and the rnc have run ads on spotify in the past and google and twitter have also put restrictions on political ads. and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is officially being challenged former marine combat pilot amy mcgraph a democrat has run after losing her bid for a seat in congress last year. she is helping to ride some momentum after the traditionally wed state elected a democratic governor. ed and pete? pete: i'm sure she will do great. president trump launching the nation's first new military branch in more than 70 years.
4:47 am
>> space is the world's newest war fighting domain. amid grave threats to our national security, american spoirt in space is absolutely vital. space force will help us control aggression and control the ultimate high ground. ed: sixth major division of the armed forces what is spoifers' mission on day one? here to explain. space florida dale kevinen. dale, thanks for coming. >> in good morning. ed: how do you answer that question? >> well, space force is going to be continuing the work that's been done to date by the air force, the navy and the army to defend the u.s.' ability to have dominance in space. we have been working on this for quite some time because it's that important. what space force does is puts this separate service now has its own seat at the table with the joint chiefs of staff able to advocate for the interests that are necessary to assure that
4:48 am
u.s. maintains that dominance in space. because it's that important and everybody knows it. pete: dale, what are the top priorities? you look, you know, two, five, ten years forward are we talking about our own space station? are we talking about weaponization or ability to shoot down satellites? will there be like an astronaut core? what are we looking at? >> it will be a long time before we have troops in space. amanda's mom's appointment hello mom. right now the focus is and just got rescheduled - for today. amanda needs right at home. has been primarily on making our customized care plans provide as much sure we can defend the - or as little help - as her mom requires. assets we have in space. we rely on those assets whether it's a ride to the doctor or help around the house. militarily far more than any of our potential oh, of course! adversaries. and russia and china know tom, i am really sorry. i've gotta go. that if you take out our look, call right at home. assets, our satellites, either for navigation or get the right care. right at home. observation or communication, have you blinded the men and women in uniform across the country, across the world. and that puts them at risk. so, this will -- go ahead. ed: oh, yeah, welcome back.
4:49 am
ed: pardon me, i know you also want to get to where >> ♪ ♪ the permanent headquarters for the space commands will be. i know las vegas is in the mix. undoubtedly cities in florida where you are because of its commitment to pete: come back tomorrow. the space race for so many are you back tomorrow? >> lisa: i hope so. years. this means jobs to whatever rick with you back tomorrow? rick: i'm back. pete: i'll say that every day. see you tomorrow, have a community is going to house it. wonderful saturday, everybody. what's going on as far as >> ♪ ♪ where the permanent headquarters will be. >> headquarters of space force will be in the pentagon along with the navy and army and air force. what is under consideration is where to locate the permanent headquarters of the u.s. space command where david: well santa claus majority it have come and gone but the santa rally continues, any conflict in space would be managed. stocks racing up as we countdown to the new year in a record and right now that's being managed temporarily on an breaking week. interim basis out of good morning, everybody i'm colorado springs, which david asman in for neil cavuto makes sense. and we're wrapping up this but california, alabama, are decade with the gifts that keep in the mix, florida is still on giving, sales, stocks and jobs, what's driving it and can competing, louisiana, anything stop it? virginia, texas, and some we're going to be asking white others are also hoping to house trade advisor peter land. navarro, he's with us later this this the important thing is where is the best place to morning, but first, a fox put it for the long term
4:50 am
national interest. business correspondent with the numbers hi jackie. ed: do you have an answer reporter: good morning to you, for that for our national david wow end of a decade can security interests, is there a part of the country where you believe it but as we get ready to close out the year the it makes most sense. >> we definitely think it market ought to be florida. that's primarily if for no other reason we have a lot of capability, as much as anybody, but the important thing is the commercial marketplace is bringing such agility and responsiveness to our national security that and nowhere is that commercial space marketplace growing more so than in florida. so, that brings that will enable us in the long run to access and take advantage of the private sector more so than anywhere else. ed: you are with space florida so i would expect to you push for the sunshine state. thank you very much. >> thank you. pete: coming up, mayor de blasio handing out prepaid cell phones to inhates released from jail. ed: dan bongino, i bet he
4:51 am
has some thoughts, coming up ♪ you're going my way ♪ i want to ride it all night long ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ the sleep number 360 smart bed. prices of the season on can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. plus 0% interest for 24 months on all beds. ends new year's day.
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4:54 am
ed: from the birth of the personal computer to the rise of "star wars." the past 50 years no shortage of memorable moments. >> i do remember seeing stars? i don't know. do you remember the day that changed your life? >> the son of sam in '77 had all new yorkers on edge. >> randomly -- >> we were genuinely impressed that something that was huge could store the equivalent of maybe three emails. lisa: just one of the shows that can you watch on fox nation. pete: here with topics of the year fox nation host
4:55 am
kacie mcdonnell. >> thank you for having me. this is awesome. we have a few of these episodes out on fox nation. 1977, '87, 2004 and 2008. going to to air on fox news channel. crazy, backy, really emotional. whether it's high emotion, low emotion stories from these years going all the way back to 1969. tune in to those and rolling those out throughout the come year. pete: it's fun to look back with a little bit of humor. you also covered the stories you may have forgotten about. >> yes. this is a segment, i should say special that's been on fox nation for some time. peter doocy sat down with the man that killed usama bin laden. that is robert o'neil. navy seal, went into pakistan for operation neptune sphere that was in may of 2011. i remember exactly where i was when obama came on the air and said we got him. and i think that's really, it hits home for so many people who remember where they were on september 11th,
4:56 am
2001. and it really gives you insight into who he is as a man. where he came from. his decision to become a navy seal. and he also talks about how some of these guys didn't think they were coming back from this mission. how they wrote those letters and just how emotional it was when the mission was completed. lisa: there are so many beautiful places around the country. >> the other series that we have abby who are check's series parks season two. my favorite episode is white water rafting through yellow stone, zip lining. very nice to see this from the comfort of your own home. lisa: she is awesome. >> she is a rock star. ed: living i have cariously through her. >> that's great. ed: 35% off fox nation. use the promo code celebrate through december 31st. >> thank you. pete: 35%. dan bongino, congressman lee zeldin, tom homan, lisa booth. and the newsman.
4:57 am
ed henry still here two more hours. don't go anywhere. ♪
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
♪ no beer on a friday night ♪ a pair of jeans that fit just right ♪ and the radio up ♪ lisa: you got chicken, you got beer on a friday night. those are all good things. ed: the chicken is friday. lisa: pete, is this your song? pete: of course. lisa: i thought so. ed: i picked it 100 percent. lisa: pete took credit for it. pete: right here. great pick. ed: song from this century. i know you will like it. pete: i think i might have submitted that also.
5:01 am
lisa: do you win anything if you get the guess right? >> pete: you should know your own songs but i clearly didn't. ed is the man. ed: not everyone gets a trophy. it was my choice it? >> is your choice. lisa: we have had two hours to be with each other. pete: it's been fun. get friday chicken and beer. lisa: i'm okay with it. ed: president not tired of it yet. think about the economy. think about all the predictions of gloom and doom when he was first elected. all kinds of folks on the left saying the markets are going to tank. instead nothing but up. pete: that's right. we head into the new year. the markets close on friday. yet again huge headlines and huge numbers. here's a few of them. again, we emphasize this because nowhere else is going to talk about this ever. because they don't want to. fox business says dow s&p rally to all-time highs as santa rally keeps delivering on wall street. even the "new york times" admitting stocks on the verge of the best year since i was 17 years old. and "the washington post"
5:02 am
stock market on track for biggest annual gain since i was 34. lisa: and then when i was 5. pete: the point is are headlines they don't -- except for fox business they don't want to write and they don't want to cover because have you heard it time and time again and we have covered on this program only here the doom and gloom of others saying it's got to go down it. can't keep going up. yet, lisa, the numbers speak for themselves. lisa: certainly they do not lie. i think what's sad is that there are people that are rooting for the economy's failure. we have seen liberals like bill maher saying i want a recession. i want the economy to fail. because this is how we get president trump out. because they know the economy is so strong right now. and it's not just wall street. it's real hard working americans. you look at 7% wage increase for the lowest 10% of earners household income is up because of laws like the tax cut law. have really benefited real
5:03 am
hard working americans. ed: just like the santa rally, lisa, you asked for media predictions of a recession and keep delivering. lisa: did i that? >> as we move into 2019 increasingly look at recessionary risks building. >> looks like a very challenging year not just for the u.s. economy but for the global economy. >> recession jitters. president trump said to be rattled as economic alarm bells cause wild week on wall street. >> there are indicators that the u.s. could be headed for a recession. >> there there are some rough waters ahead, maybe a recession. >> recession on a horizon. >> recession. >> recession. >> recession. ed: rough waters or not? pete: jake tapper says we should have jitters about the economy. thanks, jake. wages to your point is so important. pay for the bottom 25 percent of wage earners has risen 4.5% year over year in november. that's almost a 5% increase in wages. wages for the tippy tippy tops top 25% rose only 2.9%.
5:04 am
if you are looking at income inequality, which is what the left says it screams about all the time. rich getting too rich. president trump has helped close that gap because of free market enterprise as opposed to socialism, which says we all get just a little bit and you got to be happy with it. that was effectively what president trump used to say. you don't have a magic wand. we are not going to grow. the jobs are never coming back. and president trump said no, the dinism and innovation of america is special. and if you unleash it, you can get an economy like this. lisa: we see a lot of that as a result of deregulation. look at the obama administration putting forward a lot regulation, red tape hurting businesses, particularly small businesses as well also the tax cut law has really led to, you know, more household income for some families across the country. always that question that voter ask themselves, am i better off than i was before? and the answer is yes. ed: imagine that give people more of their hard earned money and spend it how they want.
5:05 am
maybe some of are putting it back into this economy. joe concha who watches the media saw predictions of doom and gloom works for the hill newspaper. come out earlier and pointed out futed election is going to be about the economy it's going to be hard for the president to lose. watch. >> we are probably looking at that time an economy like we have never seen in our lifetime. you have full employment, basically. you have the dow and the nasdaq. nasdaq just passed 9,000 for the first time in history. that's something not just for rich people, guys. that's for people that have 401(k)s and the ways those are growing. wages are way up as well. again, in terms of president trump and his prospects in 2020, if you are an incumbent and you have a strong economy, it's almost impossible to be voted out. particularly when you look at the democratic field and what they're offering. almost all want to raise taxes. ed: important point remember what the president promised. better trader deals. taking on china. talking about bringing back jobs. he spoke more broadly about the forgotten man, forgotten woman. that was about blue collar workers. look at this chart we have.
5:06 am
blue collar wage growth under president trump, it's been nothing but up. and so you wonder why joe biden and other democrats running in 2020 somehow are suggesting they might let some blue collar jobs fall by the wayside. why would you even talk about it? lisa: president trump said when he was a candidate that his path to victory would run through the rust belt. and we saw that materialize and it was those blue collar workers that put the president over the finish line. you look at places like michigan. mccomb county. these areas that haven't gone for a republican president for quite some time. these states that haven't gone for a republican since reagan. and they went for president trump. and it was because he had this message, the forgotten man and woman who felt left behind with the previous administration. pete: it was joe biden from scranton p.a. who was going to ride in and connect with that blue collar worker. that coal miner. and other people and say i can win over those trump voters in 2020 and then he goes on the campaign trail and actually speaks which is his first mistake because he
5:07 am
does better when he is hiding. this is december 19th of this year. you may have seen this already. this is in the debate, asked about blue collar jobs as opposed to green energy. here is what he had to say. >> as president, would you be willing to sacrifice some of that growth even knowing potentially that it could displace, hundreds of thousands of blue collar workers in the interest of transitioning to that greener economy? >> the answer is yes. ed: yes. so, look, he has this broader goal of a green economy. you are going to let blue collar jobs be lost? it reminds me of what hillary clinton did in 2016 coal jobs want to put those out of work that didn't work well. lisa: it definitely didn't. joe biden is trying to run as the moderate. he wants to get rid of fossil fuel. dictating the kind of car that you can drive. eliminating jobs killing major industries. that's going to send jobs overcease as well. >> totally will. it's baffling. political suicide if you take it on its face.
5:08 am
why in the world would you say i want to take your away your job for some hip think green job subsidized by the government which could be taken away? why would you do that you? are so kept and captured by the left wing climate change zealots in your caucus that you need to bow to the green new deal, to the cam rad cortez who says the world is going to end in 12 years. you fear the rashida tlaib of the climate zealot so much that you are willing to say i will get rid of your hard earned jobs in order for are a fantastical green new future. joe biden knows better. he also knows the democratic party he is running in right now is so far left. he has to say lunatic stuff like this which may help him a little bit in the democratic primary. he would have to run in a general as well. ed: democrats have been saying the markets don't really matter. that's for the rich. actually wages are coming up as well. 401(k)s are up for middle class workers. actually impacting more than just the rich. also, when the democrats say that a low unemployment is just a statistic and people
5:09 am
are not filling it, alfredo or tease's support of president begs to differ, watch. >> people are feeling the economy and how great it is aren't how strong it is. jobs are abun dance as you know. frankly, this is really the story of 2019. it's jobs jobs jobs. we are not only have the job growth. we are having the wage growth which is amazing since donald trump's election 600,000 manufacturing jobs have been created. these are the same jobs as the obama administration said were gone forever. but because of a lot of work that we're doing in terms of the trump administration and bringing those jobs back from overseas, we are having this amazing boom on the manufacturing side which is a lot where the job growth is happening. pete: talking about the jobs and economy and avoided the i word do we have to go there now? lisa: we might have, to yeah. ed: if you think about that's what the focus on the election is going to be. have all these fights about russia, russia. ukraine and all the rest. it's going to be a factor and out there. baked into the cake if you
5:10 am
will. people ultimately vote with their pocketbooks. lisa: shows of you that haven't seen. this so senator lisa murkowski, a republican from alaska had recently come out criticized mitch mcconnell saying that he is a little too cozy with president trump on what the senate is going to do when they eventually conduct their impeachment trial of course as you know democrats love. this they have been out there blasting majority leader mitch mcconnell and they have been praising and singing lisa murkowski's praises. so watch this. >> my hope is some of my republican colleagues will have the same misgivings that senator murkowski expressed. mitch mcconnell is sabotaging this pro impartial. he will do the president's let e
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