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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 30, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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friends," of course. we're praying for the families up feeling like in 2009. and those who have been >> feeling like p. diddy. traumatized by these serious events. we'll notice that it's not just >> what company purchased one particular religious community. if so people of faith -- and so what's app. people of faith, people who >> facebook and instagram. still have hope, people who still dream, let's hold on to jillian: have a good day. bye, everybody. that and to love each other. and so when you have this terror, this confusion where ♪ let's get it started ♪ let's get it started in there's strife, there's confusion in every evil work, so here ♪ let's get it started we need to balance ourselves to ♪ let's get it started in pray for those who have been here. pete: that is your live look attacked. and, you know with, i wouldn't on times square on a messy, be alveda king, the evangelist, raining morning here in new if i didn't mention the babies york city. in the room who are under attack as well. we are under attack here in america and around the world. our faith is under attack. rachel: it's cold. pete: look who we have dean so we have to come together in cain and rachel campos-duff prayer and love and to love each other regardless of skin color, campos-duffy. pete: perfect duo. is it in between time religious affiliations and all of that. christmas, new year's? yes, i'm a christian, but i'm not just praying for christians. what is it? rachel: 12 days of christmas. i hate the way we ruin i'm praying for everybody.
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everything here. john 3:16, god loves everybody. you walked right into it. pete: when does it end? >> it ends on the 6th of so let's remember agape love during this season, and that way january. >> that's the day the when this terror hits, we'll kaine's. >> we is great? know what to do. let's come together with sanity, our house. like another christmas. rational thought and love and if begin to resolve these problems. rachel: absolutely love coming together, all good messages. some people are saying especially based on the shooting that we saw and the response in pete: hanukkah. texas that we should also be rachel: or convert. dean: i say if it works take prepared. here's the statement from governor greg abbott in texas. it. he says places of worship are urge. pete: excited to have you meant to be sacred, and i'm here. big guests on the program. grateful for the church members at 8:00 a.m. secretary of who acted quickly to take down the shooter and prevent further state mike pompeo. plenty of things going on in loss of life. what do you say, rabbi, to the the world as well as home. there is rumors is he going to run for the senate or idea that maybe more places of not? he is saying he won't. we will ask him directly. worship should have someone mike pompeo on the program at 8:00 a.m. armed to protect the rachel: that's a huge get. congregation? >> well, that's a good idea >> one hour and 58 minutes because it was very helpful in from now. please stay with us. dean dine i want to know the answer so i'm staying. have possibly, god pete: you being staying no forbid, there might have bn
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matter what. but thank god there were two or stabbing attack at hanukkah three people there that came, celebration in new york they were armed, and they were denounced as domestic terrorism. able to just silence and kill pete: leaders across the country speaking out as the the murderer before he killed other people. as to this being a war on suspect pleads not guilty. religious people, yes and no. rachel: todd piro has more on the horrifying attack. probably in texas that was the todd: good morning to all intent of the killer. three of you. i do think though that in new a celebration turns into york where we're talking about a terrorism after five people series of maybe 15, 20 are stacked inside a rabbi's home. noble was killed but two victims remain in the anti-semitic events all within the last, what, 6, 7 weeks, it hospital right now. gratifyton thomas barged goes beyond religion. into the home saturday night it's specifically anti-jewish, and began swinging his that it's anti-semitic. now, if you want to be able to chety. he tried entering the shoot down and stab some jewish synagogue next door but people, the best and easiest locked out. a witness took a picture of his truck's license plate place to find such a and gave it to police. congregation of people is in a reports say he was covered in blood and tried to wash religious institution. it off with bleach. but i think the motivation is thomas pleaded not guilty to the anti-jewishness that we're attempted murder and now finding in certain segments burglary. family and friends claim he of the community. suffers from mental illness. and in all due respect to alveda reports say he faced several and her wonderful history of criminal cases back in the friendship and love for the jewish people and bringing us
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early 2,000s. the "new york post" is also together, all of these attacks reporting he may be tied to against the jewish people -- the another synagogue attack. president trump is stabbings -- they had one thing in common. condemning the stabbing. tweeting, quote: the they've come from the minority anti-semitic attack in muncy community, predominantly miss p new york on the seventh limb, mostly -- muslim, mostly night of hanukkah last night is horrific. black communities. and i think there has to be a we must all come together to little bit from the leaders of fight, confront and those communities, a little bit eradicate the evil scourge of standing up and speaking out of anti-semitism. about the anti-semitism within melania and i wish the victims a quick and full these communities that's recovery. mayor de blasio says his spurring these attacks from city will take action in the these communities against the wake of the attack. jewish people. increased police presence in the jewish communities. >> can i please -- the mayor will introduce pete: dr. king, please respond neighborhood safety because that's not the first -- coalitions and new the rabbi mentioned it. curriculum for students dealing with anti-semitism. it's also not the first time on the rabbi whose home was the the program. >> i know you've heard that, but seen of the attack was speaking out he called it a i want us to see it not just as going into our corners, our own hanukkah miracle that the attack was less extensive faith, our own communities. than might have been. the human family, the human >> todd, thank you. community, the one blood of acts horrific events. you saw the way the governor 17:26, and you said something else that was very important. you mentioned that the machete reacted. the mayor reacted. did a great interview with and the gun. de blasio yesterday. and so i've been able to say a tried to pin him down on it. some say it's annual attack lot of times if you go and take everybody's guns, only the good
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on our differences. an attack on our diversity. people are going to give those guns up. the bad people are going to keep this is anti-semitism. them. this is about -- and this what about gun control, poison individual may have mental health issues. either way, there is a control. we really are to change human current of anti-semitism underneath it encouraging hearts. we get the confusion about skin people in this city and elsewhere to target jews. color or i really want people tr rachel: todd piro reporting he may be linked to another synagogue attack. john 3:16, for god so loved the i read the remarks pastor. world. and so is we just love each name is wenty. other. love is still going to be the i can't remember whatever the pastor's name is, close friend of his family. answer to anti-semitism, to race close friend of his mom she wars, to terror -- says no this is a very loving person. pete: talk about that -- he is not a terrorist. [inaudible] >> rich and poor fighting each he is not anti-semitic. other, babies in the womb. he has mental illness and this is a failure of the pete: no one wants to play identity politics. system. if he is linked to another i don't want anyone identified by the color of their skin. at the same time, the rabbi that are might undermine that theory. raises a fair point. this is -- >> i think it's terrible. dean: anti-semitism is rising here in the united states and in europe i just anti'emtism is bad. -- did a big documentary on anti-semitism is bad. that called "hate among us" but anti anything that's different from me is bad, and comes out very soon. we're seeing that in so many we have been studying it a corridors. and what about this church that long time and watching it was shot in texas, you know, the rise and rise and rise.
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and after watching what shooting in texas. happened this last week in like i said, you know, my new york i feel like our grandma was shot playing the film is behind the times because in the last week it organ in church, alberta king. has escalated so much. so this is happening in various it's crazy. communities, and my heart and sympathy goes out to everybody pete: absolutely. boycott divest and sanction who's experiencing loss. movement when the you open rachel: right. >> i just don't want us to the door the other is not divide and begin to fight, and acceptable you open up a lot of bad things. let's take care of my community because you hate me. steve scalise was on "fox we need to come together. news sunday." he talked about the attack >> i don't want us to either -- in new york and here's what he had to say. i do want to protect the jewish >> well, it's really community. we have to look at the source, alarming. and right now, unfortunately, and we are seeing growing it's coming from people that are anti-semitism. speak about jihad, it's coming it's something that we all need to speak out against. from the black community, and people of all faiths. whether it's a synagogue in there has to be some kind of pittsburgh. whether it's the home of an introspection in those communities. >> i agree. orthodox rabbi, we all need >> we've got to stop it. to stand up and say it's rachel: it's a good point but, wrong to attack people based you know, anti-religion attacks on their faith and to see are on the rise globally as this anti-semitism growing throughout our country is well. so thank you both for joining something we all need to not us. pete: thank you both. only be alarmed about but rachel: it was a great also stand up against. discussion. pete: i love it when people have pete: a lot of truth there. this was not the only a candid, honest discussion. unfortunately attack on a house of worship in the last couple of days. great stuff. we have gotten new video. 20 candidate joe biden says he you may have seen it. could put his buddy, barack probably haven't. there was a shooting in a obama, on the nation's highest
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north texas church that left court? two dead and one injured. >> will president biden nominate but the gunman who opened dr. obama to the supreme court? fire in the video in the top part of the video there the gunman comes around the [laughter] >> if he'd take it, yes. corner. you can barely see it. he opens fire on someone trying to basically give communion and then on the pastor but something was very different in this pete: they have a bit of a scenario, rachel, than in complicated relationship. the hanukkah shooting. obama hasn't even endorsed his rachel: that's right. former vp. had steve scalise on as a we'll get mark steyn to weigh in on that one. guest because is he someone ♪ who can speak to the ♪ importance of having defensive guns present and there was a lot of controversy about this. but there was a gunman, somebody in the church that they hired or brought in, security. and within six seconds they had, you know, scheduled this attack. that's amazing. dean: i was looking at that video. i'm going to tell you that wasn't the oer that was armed there were a number of people who drew arms. rachel: texas. dean: in a house of worship being armed i say stay
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village lengths wherever you are. joe biden urge attacked for allowing church goers to carry weapons when they go to worship. this is what he said. >> is irrational with all due respect to the governor of texas, irrational what they are doing. we are talking about loosens access to having guns in places of worship. ing in the schools. it's just absolutely irrational. pete: irrational from joe biden. rachel: democrats and those against the second amendment often scoff at this argument that we need good guys with gun to us counter those that come in. again, i love that you guys producers good job. had scalise on just before, because scalise can speak to the importance. on that baseball field where there was that shooting had steve scalise not been in leadership and therefore having a capital police detail with him that would have been a massacre on a grand scale. again here, imagine what would have happened if there
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were not guns there to protect the parishioners. dean: we don't have to imagine because we have senile it happen other places. i'm glad that the capital engaged that s with rifle. pete: call the police all you want. they they're minutes later. you need seconds. six seconds later an individual who is a former fbi agent i believe who was there as security engaged. you saw four or five other people who were armed. rachel: ready to go. pete: my father is a very rationale, normal person, wasn't a gun owner for a long time. but in recent times has gotten his carry conceal permit. has carried to church on occasion. you think of our houses of worship. they could be seen as soft targets. dean: they're soft targets. no question. pete: it is armed americans who defend them. rachel: we need the media to ask biden about that. that's what we need. pete: why does the second amendment not apply when you are going to church? let's ask joe, maybe someone
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will. as we have been following all week long. talk about tough stories of shooting in houses of worship. also talking about impeachment. where is it? dean: are we talking about impeachment? pete: no we are not. that transition was terrible by me. no one is actually talking about impeachment. because no one knows where it is right now either. the house passed it but nancy pelosi has not passed it onto the senate soot senate doesn't know whether to take it up or not and hold a hearing. they will stare down mitch mcconnell with the leverage they don't have. rachel: upset because they are saying that mitch mcconnell doesn't want to put any witnesses forward. they are complaining about the process that might happen if they bring the impeachment over to the senate. so it's all very confusing. ♪ ♪ dean: the house is where it is tried. the senate just says innocent or no guilty. that's the way it works. dean: great tune. pete: democrats claiming pete: great guests. everyone should be impartial juror including bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. [laughter]
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i'm sure they will be nice and impartial. [inaudible conversations] senator john kennedy a republican from louisiana. he is a plain spoken guy. pete: author and columnist mark steyn filling in for tucker rachel: sure is. tonight, in capable hands -- dean: colorfully. >>, no i can't do the quizzical pete: here is his thoughts on impeachment. all i know today is jake, i expression that he has -- don't know if we will ever [laughter] get the case. it hurts my neck. i don't know why the speaker i put my neck out, and then i is doing this. have to go to emergency, and the maybe she is telling the whole thing falls apart. truth that she wants to dictate the policy or the procedure, rather, to the [laughter] pete: we've had, we're covering senate. if that's -- if she is a couple of unfortunate attacks on this program. sincere in that i think it's you had the anti-semitic attack here in new york, but you also unconstitutional. had the attack on a church in maybe it's a cynical, political employee. texas where a good guy with a meantime i would get back to gun stepped up and thwarted what work. >> okay. >> i think the senate ought could have been a much bigger to take up the usmca. issue. your response to both those things. >> well, i think the new york stuff is disgusting because pete: a guy like jake tapper you've actually got, like, the mayor of new york outright lying doesn't know what to do is about the nature of the event he like okay. is he speaking the way people are thinking. and who's responsible for it. rachel: get back to work. and in a situation like that, i remember being at a dairy it's not surprising that people aren't willing to mortgage their breakfast in wisconsin when the russia hoax started security to the state when the coming up and nobody cared state is lying to them. about that. i love this thing in texas. everybody wanted to know what's going on with terrorists. tariffs you know, if you go back that
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and trade deals. london bridge attack a couple of pete: i want to know what's weeks ago, on the one hand it's served at a dairy breakfast. >> a lot of butter and inspirational that they fought back with a fire extinguisher pancakes and milk. and a narwol tusk. but governor chris christie. somebody who als also like but on the other hand, it's pathetic. it's like this guy wants to blow senator kennedy plain spoken everything sky high, and they're and has his ear to the pursuing him with a fire ground on how people feel says this is going to hurt democrats. pete: even in new jersey. extinguisher. and i'm surprised there haven't dean: it's already hurting. >> do you know what's been calls for tusk control happening in new jersey, after that. knock very blue state. [laughter] but what happened in texas is jeff van drew switches from the way it should be. democrat to republican from i bought my pad in remote rural the majority to the minority party in the middle of impeachment because of impeachment. new hampshire years ago, and andy kim who won his seat about on the third night i heard two years ago is now losing something rustling around. to katie gibbs who is his probably just a deer or a bear. republican challenger and so i called our one-man police tom is now losing to tom department who wasn't happy kaine jr. the some of the about being woken up, and he former governor. said, well, it would be better if you dealt with it because pete: there is undercurrent, dean right here. even in new jersey this is you're there and i'm not. happening. [laughter] and i thought that was, like, dean: i live in california. wacky. but in actual fact, it is the
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nothing is happening out there. outside of that it is essence of the situation. those guys in that texas church changing. it is definitely changing. were there, and the police i think people when i talk to people outside of twitter department wasn't. and that's increasingly the view and like real world, nobody that people are going to take. is talking about it and everybody is like eh, they rachel: so do you have a gun now? >> yeah, yeah. wanted him impeached. no, i take -- well, not now. they were looking for a reason the entire time and it doesn't hold water. pete: the whole thing is [laughter] i don't think canadians are rigged. watching a show you know howove. allowed to pack. i think -- [inaudible conversations] rachel: what we saw happen in rachel: that's why nancy pelosi is holding on to. the church happened in texas. this i think they are poll people are used to taking things testing this and waiting to see and they are seeing into their own hands and right now, no, you know, in blue protecting themselves. >> yeah. and i think actually there's a great question about that, about how quick the survival instinct new jersey, actually flipped to the other party to become kicks in. republican. and i think a lot of the happy and now, according to governor chris christie, talk, which you saw in the -- there are other seats that you know, that appalling tweet are in jeopardy because of impeachment. pete: i want to correct myself new jersey where i from that idiot mayor in this currently live is also part city, hate has no home in our of america. city. what is he, is he the mayor of new jersey and america. [laughter] it is one big thing. sesame street, or is he a mayor rachel: it is. in the real world? pete: but jillian you have headlines for us? people don't believe that sappy,
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jillian: i do. good morning to you. happy talk. dean: on that note, turning to let's begin with this story congressman and civil rights 2020 -- well, very good point -- leader john solution vice president joe biden was undergoing treatment for asked if he would nominate stage 4 preak cancer. president obama to the supreme he will continue to serve court, and this is what he said. >> will president biden nominate writing quote i have been in fight for freedom, equality dr. obama to the supreme court? basic human rights for nearly my entire life. i have never faced a life [laughter] like the one i have now. >> if he'd take it, yes. the 79-year-old has represented georgia's fifth district for more than 30 [laughter] years. we wish him well a pilot is dean: so -- rachel: he's a doctor? dead after his small plane >> no, he's a doctor. crashes into a home two miles away from an airport. can you see the fiery debris he operated on my hernia -- feet away from homes in [laughter] leaving the presidency. maryland just outside of i don't see how this is going d.c. pieces of the plane to -- how he's going to be able scattered across the street to nominate him to the supreme and front lawn. court when obama isn't returning two homes caught fire but no his phone calls. one on the ground was hurt. i don't understand how -- i unidentified pilot heading to new york from maryland. don't understand how that works. they were the only person on and, actually, i think this is -- one of the big issues in board cause of the crash is still unknown. america in 2016, in the britain, a major winter storm pushing across the midwest and into in europe is this idea of a new england. high winds reportedly parliament ruling class that causing 100,000 power outages in ohio. just moves from one department
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ice and plunging temperatures blamed for to -- he's headed up the hundreds of crashes in executive branch. he doesn't need also to head up minnesota. you are taking a look from a the judicial branch. police car camera as the and this sounds clever, but it's snow came down. you can see near white out actually the essence of the conditions. blizzard conditions are problem, the parliament ruling expected today. nebraska state patrol class. posting this picture of two pete: [inaudible] by the biden candidacy. trucks that spun out. he's sort of wandering around they are telling people stay off the roads. a look at your headlines. teenage and whispering -- some dangerous conditions out there. >> yeah. send it back to you. they're not always coordinated. pete: stay off the roads [laughter] unless you have to get i love the way he wanders around somewhere and then don't pump your brakes so much. as if the remarks he's trying to driving in ice which i have get to are, like, somewhere out done a lot of. there on the stage. it's great to be here in -- jillian: blizzard and whiteout stay home. pete: if you can. dine dean congratulations to your ebook. vermont. jillian: i was wondering when you were going to [laughter] and then, of course, it's new mention that. mexico. dean: i'm a dallas cowboy they're leaving fake post-it fan. jillian: we are still there. notes on the floor for them. i don't see how long -- in the pete: thanks, jillian. end, the democrats are going to, police investigating series of attacks in new york. trump, whatever you say about him, trump comes out swinging. mayor de blasio is pointing the finger at president pete: yeah. >> you can't have a swinger trump? against a wander er. >> an atmosphere of hate has been developing in this
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country over the last few rachel: he keeps trying to tie years. a throughout is emanating from washington. himself to obama, but obama hasn't even endorsed him. pete: doug was at the scene of the attack. the jewish leader says the he's just not that into him. left is partly to blame. ing. >> he's so malicious, obama, his message is coming up that he keeps leaking like some particularly mean girl in high school. next. rachel: latest message to he keeps leaking about other our men in blue coming up. candidates he likes. oh, elizabeth warren looks good. wait a minute -- (janine) ghostbusters!... dean: it's true. we only have a moment here. looking back 20. pete: 2019. dean: excuse me. what did i say? >> i don't remember. dean dean if you think about the pivotal moments in the last year, what would they be? >> well, i think trump's decision to force a showdown with china before it becomes the number one economic -- absolutely critical. and at the same time, to do it when a third of the population of hong kong is in the streets saying we don't want to be part of china, i think, i think
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that's the most, the most inspirationalling and the most consequential. you know, trump has picked a fight that america and the west has been dodging for 30 years. rachel: and in a political year, this used to be a democrat topic, and now it's sort of like donald trump has stolen that and made it the republicans' -- >> yeah. because i think nobody wants a two-party, one-party state. and you should always be suspicious when you've got a choice between two parties that agree on 90% of everything. that's what's been rejected in america in 2016, it was rejected in britain with brexit, it's been rejected in austria, italy, hungary, all kinds of -- people of course i'd love to take an informal poll. want a bigger choice. france, people want a bigger choice. pete: absolutely. i used to be a little cranky. folks are going to be able to watch you tonight on tucker. dealing with our finances really haunted me. appreciate you being here. thankfully, i got quickbooks, thanks a lot. thank you, rachel. and a live bookkeeper's helping customize it for our business. happy free --
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(live bookkeeper) you're all set up! (janine) great! hey! you got the burnt marshmallow out! [inaudible] dean dean we're going to toss it other to gillian while mark (delivery man) he slimed me. wanders off stage. (janine) tissue? (vo) get set up right with a live bookkeeper [laughter] rachel: where are you? >> good morning to you. with intuit quickbooks. bye, mark. the easy way to a happier business. [laughter] all right, let's get to your headlines right now. we have a fox news alert. the pentagon releasing footage of u.s. airstrikes hitting hezbollah militants in iraq and syria. u.s. fighter jets striking five targets in response to a rocket attack that killed an american contractor in iraq last week. earlier secretary of state mike pompeo explained why it was time to act. >> it -- they took a strike at an american facility. president trump's been pretty darn patient, and he's made clear at the same time that when americans' lives were at risk, we would respond, and that's what the department of defense did yesterday. >> 25 people died in the attack including iranian-backed commanders. a warning to 2020 voters, if a democrat wins next year's
3:18 am
presidential election, former acting i.c.e. director tom homan says the u.s./mexico border will be out of control. >> if they make a success out of this, why wouldn't you come here? if you have an illness, you live anywheres in the world, why not come to the unite and get free we don't see who you're against, our or for, medical -- the united states and get free medical care? the finest medical system in the whether tomorrow will be light or dark, area. this is going to cause this country to collapse. all we see in you, is a spark >> hohmann says more illegal we see your kindness and humanity. immigrants will come to the u.s. the strength of each community. new york mayor bill de blasio is the more we look the more we find, pleading to the white house to help with the city's homeless the sparks that make america shine. problem, but he says president trump is not giving the tools ♪ the city needs, but local leaders say de blasio isn't doing nearly enough. >> in his first term, he did absolutely nothing, nothing to address the issue. usually when a politician >> when i think something is anti-semitic i say it and i decides to address an issue in the second term, it's called have said it about fellow kicking the can down the road. democrats. i also want us to be clear >> de blasio's comments come what's happening here.
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an at most fear of hate has after the president blasted new been developing in this york and california for surging country over the last few years. a lot of it is emanating homeless populations. president trump offered to from washington and it's provide federal assistance if state leaders did not step n. having an affect on all of us. those are your headlines. back to you. pete: an atmosphere of hate. rachel: thank you, jillian. bill de blasio firing back at comments our next guest a democrat made on this show pete: you can wander off now. yesterday when he called out [laughter] the left for the rise in a suspect arrested in a series recent attacks targeting of anti-semitic attacks in new jews. former new york assemblyman york, and it's all thanks to a, quote, bail reform legislation are soon taking effect. dov hikind was at the brutal what's behind the left's latest scene saturday night. soft on crime push? he joins us again. thank you so much for being ask a new york state -- we'll here. >> it's a pleasure to be ask a new york state here. pete: you saw the entry with assemblywoman that next, coming the mayor. he pressed him hard about that. the mayor said a culture of up. hate. trying to say hey this is something president trump has done. you have different view. >> it's an excuse. it's childish. it's being elementary school, kindergarten, you blame somebody else. he is the mayor of the city of new york. he is in charge. isn't it fascinating all of these communities that have been victimized by
3:20 am
anti-semitism unprecedented anti-semitism in new york and neighboring new jersey and now monsey, all of these communities, they love the president. they are his greatest supporters. by the way, most of them are democrats. they love the president. so, you have these experts like the mayor of the city of new york and the governor, they are the experts that it is washington, it is the president that is responsible. it is just not true and it is an excuse. you are the mayor. you are responsible. do your job, which you have not done up until now. don't look for excuses. don't blame the president. as i said, burrow park, williamsburg, crown heights, minutesy, they lovmonthsy. they love the president. approval ratings is above 90%. how dare the mayor insinuate what he is insinuating. pete: in those jewish communities, look at the hate that they are facing. they are not looking at
3:21 am
right wing hate or views. they are looking at something different. >> it's not right wing, period, unless you are blind. unless you want to fool yourself. those perpetrating the hate we know who they are. video surveillance we know who they're. they are not white people. not alternate right. most of them are minorities. how do you solve a problem if you refuse to acknowledge and deal with the problem and that's exactly what the mayor is doing. the mayor is a nice guy, he cares about anti-semitism. but he hasn't done very much to deal with the problem. and blaming the president, that's playing to the base. that's not being honest. that's being dishonest. he is more interested in the politics than he is in terms ever dealing with the hate. no american, no new yorker should be afraid to walk the streets. no parent should be afraid to let their kids out in the streets. this is america. pete: amen.
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dov, you have been a truth teller on this: obsession robots and rockets under president trump we have seen a booming economy in 2019, a record year. what does 2020 have in store for us? we will answer that question. i wish i had gone into aspen dental much sooner. there's brushing and there's oral-b power brushing. oral-b just cleans better. it's the one inspired by dentists... with the round brush head. oral-b's gentle rounded brush head removes more plaque along the gumline... for cleaner teeth and healthier gums. oral-b. brush like a pro. when you're not able to smile, you become closed off. ♪ having to live with bad teeth for so long ♪ pete: attacks targeting jews on was extremely depressing. the rise in new york as mayor de now, i know how happy i am. blasio defends a new law that there was all the feeling good about myself that i missed frees hate crime suspects and all of the feeling bad about myself that was unnecessary. without bail. >> this is exactly the same
3:23 am
at aspen dental, we're all about yes. system that has existed for years and years. like yes to free exams and x-rays the only reason they're held in for new patients without insurance. is they don't have enough money yes to flexible hours and payment options. to make bail. and yes, whenever you're ready to get started, we are too. that is not helping anyone. we're not going to jail our way don't wait, book at out of the problem. or call today. a general dentistry office. we need tough consequences. rachel: here to weigh in is gop car vending machines and buying a car 100% online.vented congressional candidate, now we've created a brand new way for you to sell your car. nicole -- [inaudible] tell us, nicole, what do you think this new legislation is whether it's a year old or a few years old, going to do, and how is it going we want to buy your car. to affect your constituents? so go to carvana and enter your license plate, >> it's a dangerous law that was passed in the middle of the answer a few questions, night by governor cuomo and the and our techno-wizardry calculates your car's value state legislature and, basically, makes a whole slew of and gives you a real offer in seconds. crimes whether -- this some when you're ready, we'll come to you, cases state crimes, coercion, pay you on the spot, and pick up your car. that's it. stalking, aggravated assault, so ditch the old way of selling your car, assault of a child, all crimes and say hello to the new way-- that will go no bail beginning at carvana. january. but what's really disturbing and mine super soft? about this law in addition to yes. with the sleep number 360 smart bed, on sale now, you can both... those crimes that are eligible is the fact that they don't adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. consider someone's criminal history. so, can it help us fall asleep faster? a person can have two dozen yes, by gently warming your feet. prior arrests as we saw with the but can it help keep me asleep? police officer that was punched in brooklyn. the guy had two dozen prior absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. arrests, released back onto the
3:24 am
street with no bail. so, you can really promise better sleep? by the way, that judge was not promise... prove. appointed by bill de blasio. and now, during our new year's special, and in addition to that you see queen sleep number c4 smart bed is only $1299, save $400, incident like an illegal immigrant in rockily county on plus 0% interest for 24 months on all beds. ends new year's day. christmas eve who was driving illegally. he was driving unlicensed. he hit a woman. she died, and they caught him, he confessed. he left the scene, by the way. they caught him, he confessed and they released him with no bail. so this is what's happening. in addition, you saw the anti-semitic attacks of three women in brooklyn as well. the woman was released, and as you know, she committed another crime. but what's really concerning is, look, dangerousness is not being considered. someone's criminal history is not being considered. there's no requirement that they send somebody for mental health evaluation if they have a history -- pete: doesn't it take away the discretion of a judge to ultimately in some cases say, well, clearly there's a public threat here, i'm going to demand manager more? rachel: right. >> exactly. that is really what should be happening here.
3:25 am
i've actually listed the crimes, and i have a petition on my web site to try to stop this from taking effect. look, we're going back to albany in about a week, and people need to call the governor, their state legislators. look, i understand, people need to have their constitutionally-protected right to a speedy trial. this law doesn't address that. this law does nothing to address it. and now the mayor is i saying let's give them mets tickets to insure that they return to court. it's an absolute joke. it's putting prick safety -- public safety at risk. please, sign my petition. we have 10,000 people already pete: the internet transform that have signed nicole for the way humans workshop and relax. face all sorts of unknowns dean dean they can do something as you get ready to enter to stop this from going into effect. >> every law enforcement union 2020. rachel: next guest in the state, the district prohibition a roaring 20 for attorneys association of new york, district attorneys of both new markets in the decade. the republicans and democrats, you have now after these >> roaring 20's? >> could happen. anti-semitic attacks knowing that hate crimes are going to be not a guarantee. no reason we can't. eligible now for no bail, the there is a sense among some people because it's been a jewish community is being very great run for markets this year and this decade, vocal. we need every resident
3:26 am
really, that we're doom for some sort of correction. but, history says that it's to call andrew cuomo's office really tends to be bad policies that disrupt today and tell him to stop this bail law. let's address the issue of economic growth in markets. giving everyone a rachel: you say good times can keep on going? constitutionally-protected right >> they can keep on rolling. to a speedy trial, but let's not have a blanket no-bail policy. absolutely. pete: i will put you on the spot. what was it about the real rachel: you bring up a good roaring 20's that gave it point. a lot of people come here as that boom and how can we do it now? >> it's really instructive. tourists. pete: nicole, thank you very much. what you saw is tremendous appreciate it. all right. well, pope francis telling innovation. obviously the automobile coming out to the masses. catholics around the world to put down their phones at the a lot of growth in corporate dinner table. we asked you what you thought profits. some people have the about that. we'll share some of your answers impression that we got the coming up next. 1930s as kind of a hangover from this roaring ♪ 20's. but it was basically policy mistakes in washington. hey google, is it gonna snow in park city this weekend? trade disputes, monetary [google assistant] yes, snow is expected on saturday. policy very tight. and that's how you get the nice! good job. 1930s. if we avoid those kind of mistakes and right now you download the app, have got to be encouraged book by january 5th and get a free google nest mini about the u.s. we have a good competitive on tax rate on businesses. it looks like the clouds of
3:27 am
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3:28 am
the downfall of the u.s. everyone. let's send to everyone! wifi up there? uhh. economy. contain contain like krugman. >> do they not understand sure, why not? how'd he get out?! affects economics. a camera might figure it out. that was easy! glad i could help. >> people like krugman at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. saying on election night. so come ask, shop, discover on this network mix of lower at your local xfinity store today. will regulation and taxes is going to be good. it has been. i think can continue to be if we stay on that path. rachel: sign of good times even paul krugman has a job. [laughter] >> roaring 20's, we will take it. mayor bill de blasio anti-semitic stabbing attack on washington? >> an atmosphere of hate has been developing in this country over the last few years. a lot of it is emanating from washington. pete piatt i know code talk when i hear it.
3:29 am
dan bongino sounds off on the blame game. that's coming up next. most? any comments doug? some things are too important to do yourself. ♪ get customized security with 24/7 monitoring from xfinity home. yeah. only pay for what you need with liberty mutual. awarded the best professionally installed system by cnet. only pay for what you need with liberty mutual. simple. easy. awesome. call, click or visit a store today. con liberty mutual solo pagas lo que necesitas. only pay for what you need... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ ♪ beautiful dreamer ♪ wake unto me ♪ beautiful dreamer awake unto me ♪ there's a booking for every resolution. book yours, at
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>> good monday morning from studioj here in new york. an update on a suspect accused of stabbing five people at a hanukkah celebration in a new york suburb what we are now learning. and in texas, three people killed including a suspect in a church shooting near fort worth. plus, as we head into the new year, expectations for 2020 and the presidential length. peter navarro joining us from the white house and our a-team is on deck. join us, top of the hour. ♪ ♪ pete: thank you, sandra smith. we've got a couple more minutes. we want to revisit a topic we talked about earlier. the pope, who has some political views some or us may or may not agree with -- [laughter] gave a common sense sermon, rachel,ing that you noticed on a topic that's pretty important. >> the sunday after christmas in catholic world always the feast of the holy family where we celebrate jesus, mary and joseph as a family, and it's sort of a springboard to talk about things that have to do with the family. and the pope brought up a really interesting topic and what he
3:31 am
thinks is one of the threats to the family which is technology and the fact that so many of us are distracted even at the dinner table by technology. here's what he had to say. he says i ask myself if you and your family know how to communicate, or are you like those kids at meal tables where everyone is chatting on their mobile phone, where there is silence like at a mass, but they don't communicate? fathers, parents, children, grandparents, brothers and sisters, this is a task to undertake today on the day of the holy family. pete: so, dean, our viewers have been weighing in bigtime. dean dean audrey says this phone thing is separating children and students from light and interaction with humans. every new year's resolution of every parent should be strict use on phone use. rachel: great point. for parents and kids. pete: victor says, i always had that rule at my table. no phones, and ringers turned off. right now my kids are young enough, i say no toys at the table. rachel: another viewer says was
3:32 am
at a restaurant yesterday, and you wouldn't believe the number of people sitting there texting. one lady had a fork in one hand and her phone in the other, it's sad. [laughter] >> atmosphere of hate has and the thing is that people get around the table, and there's a been developing the last few lot of benefits to being around years. a lot of it emanating from the table. washington and having an they say children who eat effect on all of us. together have higher grades, lower incidents of drugs, >> you are blaming the president. >> i have to be clear. we need a different tone everything else. [inaudible conversations] starting in washington when which we had by the way with pete: more "fox & friends" on democrats and republicans the other side. both in the white house that encouraged this country to ♪ ♪ actually find some unity and some common ground. we haven't had that for the last few years. pete: that was new york city mayor bill de blasio yesterday with our own ed henry pressed him on it. this culture in washington. what could he be referring to? let's bring in dan bongino, former secret service agent and former nypd officer. dan, thanks for being here. when you look at what happened in new york, the attack over hanukkah and look at the mayor and governor's response, they always step back and talk about a culture of hate.
3:33 am
referring to others and what must be done. never taking responsibility. your reaction to it? >> you know, pete, the death of our country here and the real cancer in our country is this disgusting we pull there's brushing and there's oral-b power brushing. oral-b just cleans better. it's the one inspired by dentists... si, grotesque impulse on the with the round brush head. oral-b's gentle rounded brush head removes more plaque along the gumline... left to immediately jump to for cleaner teeth and healthier gums. political and political oral-b. maneuvering after some of brush like a pro. the worst horrific tragedies we could imagine in this country. we have seen it. i don't even need to repeat them. we have seen it over and over. the audience knows exactly what i'm talking about. yesterday, the actions by de blasio, let me throw cuomo no in there, too. he tried to dog whistle and be a little more cute about it. really, these are repulsive human beings. we had the governor talking about making inferences. of course he was talking about president trump. american cancer. anti-semitism is an american cancer. but that's not what andrew
3:34 am
cuomo was talking about. he was clearly making references to donald trump then we had bill de blasio one of the most repulsive politicians anywhere in the country come out with our own ed henry and say it. think about this. we had our citizens. these are our people, innocent human beings, nearly hacked to death with a machete, something you hear about literalfully a horror movie, happen in real life and your first instinct as air quotes leader is to blame donald trump? the same guy who moved the embassy to jerusalem who has been outspoken advocate for religious liberty. the same guy who has been outspoken opponent of the bds movement and outspoken opponent of anti-semitism. that was your first impulse? you are really disgusting and an awful person and it's precisely because of people like you that the world is worse off today. >> president donald trump has jewish people in his family. his daughter converted. the sleep number 360 smart bed. prices of the season on he has granddaughter that
3:35 am
can it help keep me asleep? have jewish. absolutely, it senses your movements and makes no sense ho they can put automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. these arguments forward and the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. that it has any credibility or traction? plus 0% interest for 24 months on all beds. ends new year's day. >> rachel, bill de blasio is not a stupid man. believe me, it pains me to say that because if he was dumb, you could just talk it up to low iq and ignorance. what's worse is de blasio knows what you just said is true that donald trump is not only obviously, obviously not anti-semitic, unless you are an idiot. donald trump has been an open advocate and supporter of defending the jewish community. he knows this de blasio. >> here we are, home grown think about that. and he did it anyway. everywhere. in a time of national play the biggest role in the crisis. in this horrible attack. his first impulse was to try world. to turn it around and gain in happy monday, everybody. political advantage for himself by going after the president of the united >> sandra: domestic terrorism, states. i'm telling you, it was one of the most repulsive things that is how a new york i have seen in a long time governor andrew cuomo is it it. will be the death of us in describing an attack during a this country if this hanukkah celebration and a rabbi's home. continues. five people stabbed leaving the pete: the irony, we had dov
3:36 am
jewish community stunned amid a hikind on earlier said these wave of anti-semitic attacks here in new york city. orthodox communities love the president. good morning, i'm sandra smith. so him saying it's the >> i am eric shawn in for president's false they are being targeted you can't bill hemmer this morning. make it up. that suspect has been captured and when he was, he was covered a gunman entered a church in in blood and he was arraigned on texas and fired on those five counts of attempted murder. giving communion and tried his family says he does have a to fire on the passenger. history of mental illness and is within seconds, members of not a member of any hate group. the church with their own weapons, engaged the shooter and killed him. new york city police department, talk about the importance of the second amendment, not julsz in north texas but lawmakers are denouncing the around the country and when attack as part of what they say we face threats? >> you know, pete, after 12 it's a disturbing trend. years in the secret service and four years with the nypd carrying a firearm. there was a reason we protected presidents of the united states, whether i was on barack obama's detail, worked with hillary clinton when she was the first lady. barack obama and george w. bush as well. there is a reason we carried firearms. the reason is bad guys with guns want to do bad things with guns. and the only thing that's going to stop a bad guy with malicious intent with a firearm is a good guy with a
3:37 am
firearm to stop said bad guy. now, i know this is hard for people who don't think logically and, again, want to score political points, rather than keep people safe, but anybody telling you otherwise is literally putting your life in danger. these people who show up with these firearms are killers. they are criminals. this guy who showed up in the church, this maniac with a shoot gun killed someone at point blank range with a shotgun. what do you think he was there to do, to chat? what do you think was going to stop it? foul language? what was going to stop an attempt to negotiate. hey, pal, if you put the gun down, you are dead next. the only thing that stops them were these brave and my hats off to you. god bless these patriots and these brave, you have my deepest respect today. do you have any idea how hard that is to do what they did and to think and act so clearly in the time of crisis. i know agents and cop friends of mine that have trained for years, years. that still might have a tough time doing that.
3:38 am
that was incredible. and that is the golden rule. the only thing that's going to stop these people is a good guy with a gun. you are crazy if you are telling people otherwise. these people are there to kill. they will only be stopped by some brave man willing to stop him with a firearm of their own. dean: in that moment where you have to act they really did a heck of a job. well said, dan. real quick any predictions for 2020? >> three predictions. on a lighter note. sports win the world series. dean: whoa. >> i'm calling it like it is. i'm sorry. politics. the democrats, you will have defections on the democrat side with impeachment. and science you will see some major breakthroughs, i hope and pray a cancer with ai and gene therapy. we will see if i'm right on those three predictions. dean: very good and positive. pete: there has been great initial news on the cancer front. i hope you are right on that. as far as impeachment, you
3:39 am
have the name of another democrat that you think might defect? >> i think what's his name doug jones from alabama and i think mansion as well. listen, i don't see any way these guys if they are looking to run again get reelected by voting to convict on a fake charge that doesn't exist. i don't see any chance. impeachment thing has been a disaster. anyone telling you otherwise is crazy on the democrat side. it's been abomination for them at the polls. rachel: sure hasn't worked out the way they predicted. dean: good predictions there. rachel: good job, by the way, on the bongino report. first thing i look at in the morning now. >> oh, thank you. we put a lot of work into it. dean, what prediction do you not agree? dean: dodgers. pete: no one hopes the yankees are winning. [laughter] >> listen, i'm just calling it like it is. balls and strikes. pete: dan, you are the man. >> thank you, guys. pete: few more headlines. jillian: i have to throw in
3:40 am
the phillies, too. rachel: she is so loyal. dean: you got your eagles, be happy with that. jillian: start off with a fox news alert now. the pentagon is releasing brand new video of u.s. airstrikes hitting hezbollah militants in iraq and syria. u.s. fighter jets striking five targets killing at least 25 fighters including four iranian-backed commanders it. comes in response to a rocket attack that killed an american contractor in northern iraq last week. 2020 hopeful senator elizabeth warren promises to overhaul the economy at a rally in iowa. >> if there is a decision to be made in washington, influenced by money, the only way we are going to fix it is not by nibbling around the edges. it's going to take big structure turelg change. jillian: the massachusetts senator claims the economy only works for the richest americans. she is pushing for a wealth tax. and we're reporting this yet again an insulting note
3:41 am
slapped on to a police officer's coffee cup. look at it there. the word pig scribbled on the coffee cup. trying to make amends by offering a free lunch to the officer who is also by the way u.s.a. veteran. the police chief who posted the shocking picture on facebook says a free big mac and fries isn't going to make up for it. and a sheriff's deputy in washington state goes on his final shift with his sons by his side. hills two boys who are also deputies say they have big shoes to fill. >> i would not be surprised if not almost every deputy on the street has been through a training class with him. that's going to be his legacy. he kept this place up and running for the last 34 and a half years. jillian: sunday was the first time all three have worked together. they saved someone from an overdose. dean: all in the family. fantastic. pete: we have adam klotz with some weather on fox square. there is weather throughout
3:42 am
right now. dean: is there weather? adam: it is awful. so awful that it's got me cracking up out here. windy, cold and rainy. a bit of a nightmare here in new york city. part of a much larger system affecting folks in huge areas across the country. take a look at those maps. here is what i am talking about. for one thing rarely see 39 degrees in new york. 61 degrees in cleveland and 35 degrees in chicago. that is all because we are part of a very big system kind of stuck in the middle of it is that warmer air. that's why it's all rain across the midwest. snow in new england. snow on the back side of this system across portions of minnesota and then back in the dakotas. see that area in red? that's a blizzard warning. guys, there is spots where winds are 40 to 50 miles per hour. here in new york we are getting gus up to 15 or 20. a mess outside this morning. a lot of folks heading back from the christmas holiday. back to you. pete: are folks coming back.
3:43 am
adam: you are right. stay in bed. pete: today is an in between day. dean: it is. we have adam outside in the rain. it's an in betweener time. rachel: first thing i looked at this morning to make sure we didn't have any outdoor segments. i was happy about that. pete: as of now. maybe later if it clears up. i don't work in rain in the industry we useinfantry if g it isn't training. >> juliette from thjussie smollt joe empire attacked and beat. >> wearing make america great again hats. >> that wasn't the only political flop of the year. charlie kirk breaks down the top five moments. that's next ♪ i get knocked down ♪
3:44 am
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dean: president trump wrapping up a year of accomplishments from the booming economy to wins on trade, border security and criminal justice. pete: but 2019 wasn't such a banner year for other folks in politics. here to break down the biggest political losers of the year is founder of turning point u.s.a. charlie kirk. good morning. thanks for being here. >> good morning. pete: you have a list. let's get to it. first one kamala harris, why? >> my goodness, probably one of the most amazing political fumbles, i think, in the decade. she came as the frontrunner front and foremost. she announced with over 15,000 people in oakland, california she just went
3:48 am
down in flames no longer a candidate. could you imagine 8 months ago a year ago saying senator harris wouldn't make it to the iowa caucus. i have her at the top of my list of one of the biggest political losers of 2019. dean: when they were going back and saying how she was going to win. do that another time. anti-trump republicans. >> that's right. you see a lot of people retiring saying they don't want to be part of this new republican party that president trump has created. one that really takes trade deals seriously. one that is critical of these endless foreign wars and one that says maybe business as usual washington, d.c. needs to be reconsidered. you see those retirements and i say good riddance. time for a new republican party that stands for the working class of this country and i applaud president trump for doing it. a bad year for republicans -- pete: that's true. go across the pond real quick. jeremy corbyn, why? dean: big loser. >> he ran his mouth a lot in 2019.
3:49 am
said brexit isn't going to happen on my watch. we want another election, referendum. didn't work too well. boris johnson won in a landslide victory one of the most historic elections in the last 100 years in the u.k. and enough to get him out of the leadership of the labor party. to say him i say good riddance, socialism defeated in the u.k. that might be a harbinger of things to come in 2020. dean: we like it. how about jussie smollett that's quite a loser for 2019. >> i could go at length about this but i will keep it tight. he embodied, i think, the worse of the 2019 culture. first of all, he made up the entire hoax because he wanted to be a victim not a victor. the media went along with it. anyone who questioned was attacked and criticized. he misdirected police resources. lied about that as well. what was so upsetting about it, when he actually finally was close to be brought to justice, all the charges were dropped. it was a bad year for him but it's bad that justice was never served for jussie
3:50 am
lying to the people of chicago, my hometown city and the people of the country very disappointing. pete: charlie, very briefly, number five, i don't know how you can keep it brief here but try. pelosi andchiff, your biggest losers? >> pelosi and schiff tried to divide america while president trump delivered results for america. this impeachment will end up being one of the biggest political disgraces for the democrats in their entire party's history and 2020 will demonstrate that. pete: they are wedded to it whether they like it or not at this point. thank you for your time. >> well done, charlie. looking to get your finances in order for the new year but think it's too complicated. our next guest can simplify it to a napkin for 30 second solution next. i am paying attention. pete: i am, too. ♪ ♪ any way you want it fteen time, we've saved like five hundred dollars last year.
3:51 am
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♪ rachel: so it's a new year, we are going to talk about new finances. next guest says you can master money concepts in 30 seconds or less and all it takes a s. a cocktail napkin. here to explain is author of napkin finance tina. happy new year. >> thank you for having me. rachel: you went to harvard business school. usually people who go to harvard business school have r. very self-assured. you admit hey other people knew what was going on and i was struggling to keep up. you developed this concept of 30 second napkin to sort of counter that. >> that's right. i come from a liberal arts background and so i found myself in business school pursuing my mba and not having a finance background and being a visual learner i always use sketches and illustrations to understand different topics. most people are visual learners. rachel: i am a visual
3:55 am
learner. this really appeals to me. let's get right to it. you are going to explain in 30 seconds these concepts for some people are very difficult. let's put a timer on. and we're going to go. so let's start with bit coin. >> so bit coin is digital money. exchange peer-to-peer. the advantages are that it includes no fees. it's anonymous. you don't need a bank account. it's decentralized. there is a global reach. of course it's volatile. and it's stored in a digital wallet. bit coin is also exchanged either peer-to-peer. can you receive it or you can mine it. it was discovered by and created by identity unknown. rachel: 3, 2, 1: let's go to the stock market. >> stock market is a collection of physical and electronic exchanges where buyers and sellers come together to trade stocks. stock exchanges make up the stock market.
3:56 am
their role is to manage buyers and sellers. manage the data and traffic flow. the two most prominent stock exchanges in the u.s. are the new york stock exchange and nasdaq. interestingly the s&p has not lost money over a 20 year period. rachel: the book is napkin finance. i love this concept. i love this idea of visual learning. that's how i learn and most people learn. you say it's good for teens and college students and older people who are just getting to understand some of these like bit coin that are happening. >> great gift. rachel: thank you so much for being here, tina. this is great for the new year. >> thank you for having me. rachel: okay. you got it. we still have a big show ahead. secretary of state mike pompeo, lawrence jones. and dr. alveda king are all still coming up. stay with us. ♪ i was born free ♪ i was born free ♪ born free ♪ could switching to geico really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?
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♪ it's a high school prom ♪ it's a ride in a chevrolet ♪ it's a moon ♪ it's fireflies in june. pete: almost new year's in america: do other countries celebrate new year's? dean: china does different time. it's a whole other thing. pete: you have hosted new year's on times square. dean: coldest on records. records are only 100 and some years old. coldest on record and it felt like it. rachel: it looked like it. i watched it. dean dine my son was with me. and he stuck it out the whole time. pete: we are not doing a new year's special this year. which means we did so well. dean: that they removed it. pete: couldn't be topped.
4:01 am
rich rach or pete killed it. pete: or i killed it. dean: oh my gosh. pete: so glad you are here. did you have a great christmas. rachel: i had amazing christmas. pete: how is the little one. rachel: good. she is at 7 pounds. when she gets to 10, she will be ready for surgery. we are happy. pete: she does it awesome you know he does it all. dean: she really does it all. pete: so glad you are here on this monday in between monday. is it christmas? is it new year's? rachel: it's the 12 days of christmas until epiphany which is three kings day. pete: i'm getting a catholic lesson along with you this morning. dean: 8 days. will. pete: big show including secretary of state mike pompeo. fox news alert. stabbing attack at hanukkah celebration in new york denounced as domestic terrorism. rachel: that's right. the governor of new york and leaders across the country speaking out as the suspect pleads not guilty.
4:02 am
dean: tv todd piro has more on the horrifying attack and dramatic arrest. todd? >> yeah, rachel, pete and dean a celebration turns into terrorism after five people are stabbed inside a rabbi's home. nobody was killed but two victims remain in the hospital right now. police say grafton thomas barged into the home late saturday night and began swinging his machete. witnesses say he also tried to enter the synagogue next door but locked out. thomas was arrested shortly after the attack after a witness took a picture of his truck's license plate and gave it to police. reports say he was covered in blood which he tried to wash off with bleach. he has pleaded not guilty tore murder and burglary. what we know about will will will will his family and friends he suffers mental illness. faced several criminal charges in the early 2,000s with the "new york post" reporting he may be tied to another synagogue attack. president trump is con condemning the stabbing. the anti-semitic attack in
4:03 am
monsey, new york on the seventh night of hanukkah last night is horrific. we must all come together to fight confront and eradicate evil scourge of anti-semitism. melania and i wish the victims a quick and full recovery. there will be increased police presence in the city's jewish communities. dov hikind was at the scene of the attack after the attack. >> he is more interested in the politics than he is in terms of dealing with the hate. no american, no new yorker should be afraid to walk the streets no parent should be afraid to let their kids out in the street. this is america. pete: amen. >> the rabbi whose home was the scene of the attack is now speaking out as well. he calls it a hanukkah miracle that the attack wasn't as bad as it could have been. back to you. pete: todd, thank you very much. pete: the orthodox jews being attacked ended up throwing tables and whatever they could.
4:04 am
it was locked. a terrible situation across the board. dov hikind who has been on our show yesterday and today has been speaking with clarity unlike andrew cuomo, unlike bill de blasio who want to talk in these general maker terms about hate and this is an attack on diversity. this is nothing to do with diversity and everything to do with just hatred. anti-semitism. and to not call that out where it's coming from. dov points out these orthodox jews love trump for what he has done. taking on the bds movement and what he has done in israel. to say that his environment has created these type of acts is the ultimate irony and ultimate passing of the buck of responsibility. rachel: you wonder if people will buy it. we it dan bongino on earlier. he talked about all the things that president trump has done for the jewish community. the fact that he has children who are jewish, a daughter who converted, it just seems like a really silly argument to take this attack and somehow, you
4:05 am
know, pin it to donald trump. i will just mention quickly that the attacker grafton thomas' pastor says he is mentally ill and this is not related to racism or anti-semitism; however, todd piro just reported that, you know, he may be linked to another synagogue attack which may undermine that argument. dean: i was going to say good thing for dov high kind to come out and say what he was saying. he is saying what everybody is saying in private he is saying it publicly. clearly it's anti-semitism. 100 percent. pete: and he is a democrat. it's not coming from a partisan place. this is coming from a place of honesty that says look at the threats in the world in front of us and speak truth. well, speaking of threats. unfortunately there was another attack at a house of worship yesterday and it was in north texas. a gunman stepped into a church opening fire on
4:06 am
shushers trying to serve communion. eventually trying to turn his shotgun on the pastor. thankfully, in this instance, within six seconds, volunteer security guards there pulled out their handguns and neutralized that threat in the video that's shown. you see the one person pull the gun on the shooter. you see four or five other patriotic americans armed with a weapon and their second amendment right taking on someone who could have killed so many more people. rachel a good guy with a gun. >> a good guy with a gun. texas, though not surprising that more than one or two people have a gun on them and, again, democrats tend to scoff at this argument that, you know a good guy with a gun can prevent a bad guy. it's more than antidotal evidence. there is actual proof when you look at all the different incidents that that is absolutely true and in this case here we see what happened. here is dan bongino talking about from his own experience and he has a lot of experience in this what
4:07 am
can happen. >> bad guys with guns want to do bad things with guns. and the only thing that's going to stop a bad guy with malicious intent with a firearm is a good guy with a firearm. anybody telling you otherwise is literally putting your life in danger. this maniac with a shotgun killed someone at point blank range with a shotgun. what do you think he was there to do, to chat? what do you think was going to stop it? foul language? what was going to stop it an attempt to negotiate in the only thing that stops him were these brave and my hats off to you. god bless these patriots and these brave -- you have my deepest respect today. do you have any idea how hard that is to do what they did and to think and act so clearly in a time of crisis. pete: dean, people don't know this you are in law enforcement. >> yes, i'm an armed reservist. pete: one moment you are praying about to receive communion and next moment in active shooter situation.
4:08 am
dean: as an army guy yourself you train and you train and you train and you hope your training takes over in that moment and clearly for these people, their training did take over and they did unbelievable job. obviously, unfortunately a couple people were killed. given the circumstances. that's the best, almost the best outcome you could ask for. incredible. dan hit on. to say react like that under that kind of pressure, unbelievable. but, you know, you have to be vigilant and -- rachel: do you think more people go to church or pastors or priests are going to say you know what? i want someone inside of my church to have a gun? dean: i think that eliminates soft targets. soft targets they are always going for soft targets. you going for a hard target, you get gunned down. pete: i think you are already seeing it. average americans saying hey, i can't count on security being here in three minutes. i need to be able to arm myself in a world full of bad people. rachel: people people who go to church will start demanding that from the
4:09 am
church. pete: we try not to talk about it if we can because it's so irrelevant is the impeachment process. dean: the what? pete: sorry. i shouldn't -- see going we can avoid saying it again in this hour. process going on in the house passed over to the senate which nancy pelosi is trying to control even though she is not a senator. she is the speaker of the house. we don't know what she is going to do with those articles and whether she will send them forward. representative steve scalise, who is also in the house. had some comments yesterday saying well, nancy, if you are -- you know, if you are so intent on making this happen, maybe you should have another job. here is steve scalise. >> it's not her role to go over to the senate if shoe wants to be a senator. the house has a role. the senate has a role. it's time for the senate to do their job. look, for months, she was saying how important it is. they have got to remove it president. immediately. he is a threat to their whole way of life. and then once they pass the impeachment, she doesn't want the senate to get the papers to start the trial.
4:10 am
they can't have both ways. i think people see through the charade. it's a political charade. dean: a political charade. about as simple as you can call it. rachel: creating time for them to poll test a little bit more. pete: other phone calls or other things emerge that can created energy. that's what they have been doing from the beginning. dean: stalling for time. pete: rach chem, i have to ask you about this topic. rachel: i'm catholic the sunday after christmas is always the feast of the holy family. mary, joseph and jesus. we celebrate that family is the center of everything. and everything in society. according to the catholic church. and so the pope had a sermon where he talked about families. and the biggest challenge -- some of the biggest challenges facing families now is technology. here is what he had to say about that. he said i ask myself if you and your family know how to communicate or are you like those kids at meal tables
4:11 am
where everyone is chatting on their mobile foam, where there is silence like at a mass but they don't commune dismat fathers, parents, children, grandparents, brothers and sisters, this is a task to undertake today on the day, the feast of the holy family. grace message. pete: you and i have talked about, this rachel. you don't agree many of the things. rachel: not my favorite pope. pete: is he right here? rachel: he is absolutely right to bring this up. he is hitting the nail on the head. not just children. oftentimes it's parents getting that phone call and text and thinking it's more important. not just text. a lot of people aren't even having dinner around the table. dean: that's a good point. rachel: we know having dinner around the table kids delay sex, don't do drugs, less likely to do drugs. all kinds of benefits folks having family meals. dean: hard to talk about some kids how is your day? fine. you want some meatballs? tell me about your day.
4:12 am
pete: good old fashioned captive audience. you are not leaving until your plate is gone and you have to talk. dean: good thing and promotes good family. well done. pete: pope on one thing. jillian, over to you more headlines. >> good morning. following a number of stories. we begin with this. right now a major winter storm is pushing across the midwest. hello. and into new england. high winds reportedly causing 100,000 power outages in ohio. some gusts reaching 70 miles per hour. ice and plunging temperatures blamed for hundreds of crashes in minnesota. and you are taking a look from a police car camera. look at this as the snow came down near whiteout conditions there and blizzard conditions are expected there today. 2020 hopeful senator elizabeth warren promises to overhaul the economy at a rally in iowa. >> if there is a decision to be made in washington it has been influenced by money. only way to fix this is not
4:13 am
by nibbling around the edges. it's going to take big structural change. rachel: the massachusetts senator claims the economy only works for the richest americans. she is pushing for a wealth tax. customers buy $420 million worth of pot in the first full year of recreational marijuana sales in massachusetts. that number a nod to 420 refer to the drug. retail pot shops first opened in november of 2018. since then sales have topped $437 million. buyers face up to 20% tax. and now to this: a thrilling final week of the nfl's regular season. the dolphins shock the patriots 27-24 forcing them to play on wild card weekend. and the eagles win the nfc east by beating the giants 34-17. the saints couldn't stop christian calf infantry becoming the third player ever to have rushing yards
4:14 am
in the same season. 49ers clinch the nfc top seed. san francisco wins 26-21 nail biter over the seahawks. you know with my eagles winning, dean, it means your cowboys are not in the post season. dean: that one hurts a lot. what a game the seahawks and 49ers. pete: big week. my vikings have to play the saints. dean: you are calling it right now. pete: jen is from new orleans. dean: she will be dancing all over you this week. rachel: that's right. i forget. pete: minneapolis miracle? not feeling it. dean: not happening. pete: next guest is pleading for president trump to step in. where he can succeed where mayor de blasio failed. that next.
4:15 am
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♪ >> the problem ultimately is donald trump has not shown any willingness to give us the tools we need, most especially secon that's the single strongest piece we need from washington that we are not getting right now.
4:19 am
dean: new york city mayor bill de blasio blasting president trump for the homeless crisis playing his own city. pete: it's president trump's fault he hasn't rented out all of trump tower in new york city. the homeless crisis has surged 16% under mayor de blasio. the slamming the mayor as a complete failure. dean: mike, thank you for being here. we were talking before we got on air here. i was asking you how much do you blame mayor de blasio for this homeless crisis? >> obviously there has been a homeless crisis before he got into office. however, in his first term, he did absolutely nothing, nothing to address the issue. he decided to address the issue the second term. usually when a politician decides to address an issue in the second term it's called kicking the can down the road. that's exactly what he is doing you live in the city i visit and work here. how has it changed in the city? >> it's getting worse.
4:20 am
the streets are filthy. there is a lot of garbage in the streets. you walk around the city. you can see it yourself there is a lot of garbage in the streets a lot of you uferlly i would say 80% to 90% of the people living on the streets are mentally ill. those same people don't want to go into homeless shelters. so what happens is when the city approaches them they say no and that's it. the city has no programs whatsoever that will rehabilitate these people. so, in other words, they are mentally ill, maybe they are drug addicts or maybe they are alcoholics and there is no programs in place. they just put them into these shelters. when they go in the shelters they get beat up. they don't want to stay in the shelters. they get robbed. they leave. they want to sleep on the streets. you see more and more of this. what the city needs to do is they need to create a -- put a program in place. start from addressing the issue of the people on the street. okay. the homeless people on the street. you know, the ones that are mentally ill. don't say we are not going
4:21 am
to help you if you don't want it. say we are going to help you. come with us. pete: de blasio says -- how is he pointing the finger the a waght and say it's his problem? >> >> you have the republicans, the democrats just fighting back and forth. and the victims here are the homeless people. not trump's fault. it's mayor de blasio's fault. he had such an opportunity his first term to address probably one of the biggest problems that he has facing the city and he completely ignored it. now, look, i don't have anything personally against de blasio. mayor de blasio at all. i mean, he has done some good things. with the homeless issue, he has completely ignored it. and i listened to your show yesterday with him saying in five years there won't be a homeless problem. i don't know where that's coming from. it's getting worse and worse and worse. dean: president trump, hopefully the president can step in and do something. pete: we have to leave it right there. thank you very much for your time. dean: really appreciate you. it's a big problem.
4:22 am
new year means new resolutions. one study says only a traction of americans stick to them. what are realistic goals we should make in the new year. an expert breaks them down. pete: keep the bar real low. mine are low ♪ want to lose weight with no crazy diet,
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>> my new year's resolution is to learn how to play guitar. >> really? how come. >> you know those special skills i have listed on my resume? i would love it if one of those was true. dean: as an actor can i speak to that right there. rachel: it's that time of year again to set your new year's resolution. dean: while 93% of people set resolutions only 45% of them stick to them past february. pete: how can you pick the
4:26 am
resolution you can actually keep throughout the new year and beyond? let's ask someone who has mastered that secret? fund manager at cardone manager. grant cardone. how do we master that? how do we set resolutions that are meaningful but also something we can achieve? >> first of all, the goals -- happy new year to everybody. rachel: happy new year. >> the goals need to be ridiculous, unbelievably life-changing otherwise you are certain to give up on them. if i want to lose two pounds it's not going to change the condition of my life. and so i'm going to give up on it. people are quitting on their goals and their affirmations and their resolutions because it's not going to effectively change. pete: that seems counter intuitive to me, grant. i love it. rachel: it's radical. pete: pick something so big can son receive of it? >> i'm 61 years old. 2019 i decided i was overweight and i said i'm going to get in the best shape of my life. not lose 10 pounds.
4:27 am
and then i accomplished that when there is effective change. when it changes the quality of your life. whether it's money, health, relationships, your business, you want to -- you want to do something big, not something little. and people give up because it doesn't affectively change the quality of their life. rachel: really quick, you said you want to get in the best shape of your life. why not be more specific i'm going to give you up sugar. >> that's later. number one thing you should do is set like unrealistic 10 x goals. if you wanted 1 x and you would be satisfied with that you would monument ply it times 10. money, customers, friends, businesses, travel, whatever you would multiply it times 10. the second thing you would do is not get lost in the mechanics of you who to do it. if i want to go from $1 million to $10 million, if you can think that big, i don't want to get lost immediately in how do i do that? how could i give that much money away or make that much money if you get lost in the mechanics you will quit immediately.
4:28 am
rachel: you also say you have to write down every day that goal. >> yeah. every morning and every night. the first thing i do in the morning, i did it this morning, the last thing i do before i go to sleep at night and write down in present tense exactly what i'm trying to accomplish in my life. again, these big, unrealistic goals. dean: what is the who before the how? >> number four is look, you want to focus on the who. there is always going to be a person attached to the things you want to accomplish. there is nothing that you are going to do in your life that a person, another person is not going to be involved with. so, if it's money you are trying to handle in 2020. who has got my money? who has got my millions? pete: really interesting. big, unrealistic. rachel: who has my pete: it's all a relationship game. >> it's a person that has your weight loss. it's a person that has, you know, your relationships being better. other people are going to make your life happy. nobody woke up this morning. no matter how much they have
4:29 am
and they don't want something else in their life. everybody wants to improve their life. fifth thing people have to do and this is the hard part is they need to write down things they are willing to give up this year. who and what? this is so vitally important. i'm doing a tour this year. free to the public. around the united states. i'm going to try to hit every major city in the united states. and spend three or four hours with people with the goal to mentor a million people to make 2020 the best year ever. pete: wow. dean: grant cardone well done. 10 x never thought that way. rachel: write your goal down every morning and every night. love it. dean: thanks, grant. en. pete: i want to be dean cain. dean: that is a 10 x goal for sure. rachel: think big. pete: it's not something you hear every day. the media giving president trump credit for his achievements? >> that is a legacy on the agenda side that almost any
4:30 am
president, after three years, would want to claim. rachel: will other media finally start to catch on? lawrence jones joins us on that next. there he is. i wish i had gone into aspen dental much sooner. when you're not able to smile, you become closed off. having to live with bad teeth for so long was extremely depressing. now, i know how happy i am. there was all the feeling good about myself that i missed and all of the feeling bad about myself that was unnecessary. at aspen dental, we're all about yes. like yes to free exams and x-rays for new patients without insurance. yes to flexible hours and payment options. and yes, whenever you're ready to get started, we are too. don't wait, book at or call today. a general dentistry office.
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>> can be fairly said that this administration, because of president trump's q prodding has done quite a bit for funding of historically black colleges and universities, the first step act which was a massive first step toward criminal justifiable reform. a couple weeks ago in newly signed defense bill there is a law that says if you are seeking work for the federal government or any contractor, you don't have it be asked and you cannot be asked about your criminal history until right toward the end, that's a significant change, long sought by criminal justice advocates plus opportunity
4:34 am
zones in the tax bill directed at communities of color. that is a legacy on the agenda side that almost any president, after three years, would want to claim. particularly president obama. pete: what am i watching? dean: what is that? rachel: did you see the startled look. dean: moments later they all attacked him. pete: what do we do now? we are off script. lawrence, get your take on that. >> good morning. happy new year. pete: major garrett went off script. >> i think that was amazing. rachel: and true. >> true and sad that not only do the media -- they don't cover. this i was just looking at a picture the other day with tim scott, with sharmanda tim scott has been like the chief architect of this. bringing the opportunity -- bringing jobs back to the community innovation, ti is known for buying back his old hood. they are having this conversation. no media coverage. and i'm even disappointed at
4:35 am
republicans because republicans were instrumental in passing this legislation but there is no talk about this. it's almost do you guys want to modify? this is your opportunity. i tell you guys this all the time. if you want to win the black vote. it's there for you. you have policies that have directly benefited the community you don't say anything about it? you know the media is not going to cover it. so at least you guys should cover it. rachel: lawrence, it's funny, i have been saying the same thing if they want to win over they have to go into the community. is this your advice for the president he should go to chicago? what should he do? >> i have long said that the president should adopt a city. what the president does well is build things. and so if you want to talk about chicago, you want to talk about baltimore. go in and adopt the city and show you can make it work. the president has been around minorities his entire life. he knows how to to communicate with the sharla mays, the tis and kanyes of the world. if the president were to take off the president hat for a second and donald trump the entertainer and go
4:36 am
out there and donald trump the builder and do that, he would win the black voted. rachel: what does it mean "adopt a city?" >> i'm going to build here. i'm going to show people how to build businesses. he knows how to do it. show others how to do that. it would work. people would say hey, this is a great model for the country. dean: and it would be a great tv show. rachel: one last question i'm so interested. are his accomplishments being tbout on bet and essence in the black sort of media world? >> if you can't get republicans to talk about it, do you think they are talking about it in black entertainment? it's not talked about. it's a failure. i don't want to dig at the white house communications team. but if your job is -- you are responsible to different community groups and you are not talking about this and not getting the community. you probably shouldn't have a job. that's just my personal opinion. dean: straightforward. pete: shooting straight this morning. 2019 and lawrence jones.
4:37 am
dean: barely 2019. pete: a list of a few of them we need to remember on this morning. something happened on game of thrones anyone happened. >> i'm a big game of thrones fan. i was very critical of this last season just rushing it. there were coffee cups all over the place. big thing with a loft game of thrones fan. we told you it was rushed terrible season. pete: that's a starbucks cup. pete: when is game of thrones set again? >> back in the day. pete: before starbucks. >> this happens all the time. dean: it happens on sets maybe rushed or not rushed. i haven't seen it. it's a good example for what happened. but that can happen. it's tough for the art department and script and camera. everybody should have seen it. pete: that's true. another big one. area 51 made a come back. people are going to storm it saying they pledge to crash the secret military base and
4:38 am
find out if aliens are real? >> yeah. so i went to cover this story for the channel it. became this big deal. three state of emergencies in the three surrounding areas there because they really thought these people were going to storm area 51. they end up not doing it. it was about 20 of them. but it became this big money thing because people did come. they went and partied and drank and dressed up in costumes. rachel: i seen the footage and say i love america. when i see this kind of stuff. >> actually a soundbite. let's pray real quick. >> so are you a real believer? >> i'm a real believer. after this, we are going to go storm area 51. [laughter] rachel: i love it. you know, having fun. >> and making money. rachel: sign of good times. if you have time to go to area 51 and put on a green mask you are not starving. dean: don't do it. >> other story. that's okay?
4:39 am
this bagel guy went on you ho said that to you here tirade in one of the stores nobody. >> women on general have in new york city. said it on dating sites. he couldn't date. shut your mouth you are not he blamed the women for it and became this big viral my father or my boss. do you want to step outside? moment. he went on this tirade all. do you want to step outside? cussing everyone out. he was upset. huh? came up to that guy like. he felt like he was being made fun of because of the way he looked. pete: he just had had it was a sad dead? enough. >> on dating sites. he was very upset. it became this big viral moment. and, you know, i think it was light hearted moment. shows you people are very sensitive today. got to be concerned about everybodies feelings. dean: did he get a date though. >> probably he is not a nice guy after this. probably the real reason why he didn't get a date. pete: might have a good point there. doesn't dress as good as you do. >> 2020 the president wins re-election. dean: i think that's a fair prediction. you dress even nicer in 2020. >> thank you, brother, appreciate it. pete: not possible. jillian a you agree, right?
4:40 am
jillian: he is the nicest dressed person i have ever met. met. >> now you are being nice to me. jillian: is he also a cowboys fan. >> america's team. everybody's. dean: take out jillian after this. jillian: hey, watch it. follow up on the stories. kim jong un appears to be going on the offensive. state media reports is he telling military officials to prepare to protected his country's security. it comes just days before nortnorth korea's year end deadline for the townhouse offer concessions in ongoing nuclear talks. kim has been holding meetings with officials on how approach challenges facing the north. the u.s. national security advisor says the military is prepared to take action. two men under arrest accused of killing a delivery driver at a denies'. police say he killed a man when he unknowingly held the door open for them after they robbed shop in virginia. both suspects face murder
4:41 am
charges. they could be linked to other robberies in the area. stake a look at this sparks shooting out of an engine forcing emergency landing in san jose. the charter flight carrying the jayhawks men's basketball team turning back after engine failure 20 minutes. no one was hurt and the plane landed safely. 250e789d was on their way home from california after 72-56 victory over sanford. a look at your headlines. send it back to you. pete: jillian, thank you very much. appreciate it. pass it out to adam klotz out on the fox square formerly known as the plaza. dean: still raining. dean: one hour update i said an hour ago absolutely awful. still awful out here. thing that changed in the last hour is now i have some folks really brave this with me. guys, thanks for coming out. why are you out here even >> they love it. that's why i'm out here. o love it. because you are out here and doing this without an
4:42 am
umbrella. happy birthday. what else your name? cupito to give a shoutout. >> i don't know who to shout out. adam: 16 years old today. happy birthday to you. weather graphics across the country. this is the mess we are dealing with. windy here in new york city. on the back side of this system those are winter storm watches and warnings. blizzard in north dakota. this is a big, nasty mess. winds in some spots. 30 to 40 miles per hour. we see breezy conditions out here. people don't seem to care. we are out here having a good time. i will let you help me with this. can i get a big back to you as we throw it back into the studio? 1, 2, 3. >> ther3.>> back to you. >> very hazy out there. pete: not in your neck of the mornings. hope you are not working and hanging with us. a series of anti-semitic attacks rocking new york city and our next guest says the left is allowing anti-semitism to flourish. her message to the mayor,
4:43 am
that's next. >> the threat that is ideological is very much from the right. >> auto would you be in favor of reducing military or economic aid to israel. >> i mean, i think it's on the table. o if your glasses aren't perfect, we'll fix them. so will we. no we won't. don't forget to use your vision benefits before they're gone. now in-network with vsp. visionworks. see the difference. and you know what they isay about curiosity. it'll ruin your house. so get allstate and be better protected from mayhem, like meow.
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♪ >> i want to be very, very clear. the violent threat, the threat that is ideological is very much from the right. >> when i think of the holocaust and the tragedy of the holocaust and the fact that it was my an says tores, palestinians who lost their land and some lost their lives, their livelihood. >> would you be in favor of reducing military or economic aid to israel. >> i mean, i think it's on the table. >> as the nypd ramps up security following a waive of anti-semitic attacks, our next guest is criticizing the left for quote allowing anti-semitism to flourish. pete: here to explain is new york columnist carol mark
4:47 am
wits; is that right. >> yes. > pete: explain this why is the left enabling anti-semitism. >> they are not facing reality. when we have the mayor of new york city blaming these attacks on white nationalism or on donald trump or the rhetoric out of washington, it's just an absurd just deflection. he doesn't pay attention to what's actually happened in his own city is there anti-semitism on the far right? of course there is. of course it's violent and weed me to confronwe need to co. white nationalists in new york committing these crimes daily at this point is absurd. all i'm really looking for is a facing of the reality of the situation. rachel: are people in new york upset that he is doing this? so incredible. >> yeah. they are. you know, even i hear from liberals who are like i want him to say that this is not white nationalism because when you can't face a problem, when you don't take
4:48 am
it seriously, it ends up growing. that's what we have really seen in new york. we have seen just a spreading of this kind of thing. and it was confined to sort of the ultra orthodox neighborhoods for a while. and now it's everywhere. it's midtown, manhattan. it's deeper in brooklyn and other jewish areas. rachel: you say it's spreading because he is not facing it. >> exactly. you need to face it in order to deal with it. pete: one thing to punch the other side, right? >> right. pete: to confront your own side takes actual political courage. >> absolutely. pete: is there anyone on the left confronting anti-semitism? >> not in new york. i don't see anybody in our political system in new york confronting the reality of what is going on. they keep deflecting to a vegas message of white nationalism. rachel: is that because they hate trump so much. itover shadows everything. >> de blasio. all roads lead back to trump. nothing donald trump can't do. he needs to have a them in the article to counter the us that's him. so donald trump is his
4:49 am
spoil. it is who he needs to be targeting no matter what the crime is. pete: did so well for him he cracked zero percent in the presidential run. thank you so much. great column. we have secretary of state mike pompeo joining us live at the top of the hour. don't miss that? rachel: it's been a beautiful christmas season. it's still going as we look at our fox square tree. but the time has come to undeck the halls. still a little early for that. pete: no. rachel: we will take a look at that. >> i give you the griswold family christmas tree ♪ pete: the home organizing experts from hoardly. packing up christmas decorations. i never like doing that it's
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♪ >> after 20 years i have agreed to a spring cleaning. i tend to be somewhat of a hoarder and i agree to let hanna from hoarderly clean it all out. pete: trust me i have been there it's a disaster. now hoarderly. rachel: here are the founders. dean: i see why it's hoarder did ily. >> when are you supposed to do this because i still want my christmas tree up at this
4:54 am
point in time. >> we email our clients january 4th. put away put in those systems or we are coming to your house. main goal is to make a deadline and stick to it. make it a tradition. so many traditions. make actually doing it a tradition. rachel: if you do it right. the next year it's not something you dread getting out the christmas dec decorations. >> purchase the right products the first time. so they last longer it. will save you time. money, and so many headaches. >> clear is the key here, right? >> yeah. so you can see. we don't want life looking lik -- lightslooking like this l tangled. favorite light box it's clear. see through. >> where do you get these. >> these actually come with the bins. little wraps wrap your lights around. rachel: can you buy these separately probably? >> yes. so we labeled each one so you know what go where fordeal.
4:55 am
>> labeling is key. >> this way whether you are putting it away or your husband or someone else is pulling it out. everyone knows where everything goes. >> this is ourorage bin love itr front. >> rachel didn't think it was clear. >> clear front. >> living room bulbs. >> label specifically. what bulbs go to what tree and where. >> and have little compartments. rachel: i don't have that i want to get that. >> it holds 100. >> this is about a full tree this one box. it's about a full tree. >> and it holds all different shapes and sizes. >> you order on amazon. >> the container store all of. this how about the wreath holder here. >> one of our favorites. >> you don't want to throw it in the box with the tree and bulb and the lights and
4:56 am
what happens with most people. we want containers for each thing it has its own home. if your mom makes you a nice wreath. you want to keep it good for christmases to come. rachel: i save mine but it gets dusty. >> something you innately have or teach people? >> taught. rachel: pack of 30 and they go to people's home and show them how to stay organized? >> it's we posted a blog with these tips and more. >> pete: mike pompeo at the top of next hour plus mark steyn. don't miss that. could switching to geico really save
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pete: rachel, i feel like the tune would be a little different if it was welcome to wisconsin. [laughter] rachel: it till works. -- it still works. pete: it doesn't play that way. dean: the weather would be different if you were saying welcome to los angeles. pete: that's true. dean: it's rainy out there and cool. but at least it's not snowing. pete: glad you're here. dean: you can't see rachel's shoes. look at these -- rachel: thank you. teen dean are they leopard? rachel: animal print never goes out of style. pete: real animal? if. rachel: no. [laughter] peter, they're not real. and then have peta. pete: let them be known by their enemies. [laughter] we're glad to have you both here this morning. big morning in the news, a big interview in just a moment. first, a fox news alert.
5:01 am
the stabbing at the hanukkah celebration in new york denounced as domestic terrorism. dean dean leaders across the country speaking out. rachel: jacqui heinrich is live in monsey where the horrifying attack took place. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, the county is actually giving this congregation armed guards working with a security company after what happened. grafton thomas stormed the home of a rabbi during a hanukkah celebration saturday night, hacking five people with a machete before trying to get into the synagogue next door. prosecutors say when they brought thomas in, he was covered in blood and smelled like he tried to clean up the evidence with bleach. he pleaded not guilty to five counts or attempted murder and burglary. since december 23rd there's been one anti-semitic attack each day around new york city. governor cuomo calling it domestic terrorism, mayor de
5:02 am
blasio saying the answer is more police presence. president trump tweeted yesterday the attack on the seventh night of hanukkah last night is horrific. we must all come together to fight, confront and eradicate the e scourge of anti-semitism, but the suspect's family is saying he has a long history of mental illness and hospitalizations writing: he has no known history of anti-semitism and was raised in a home which respected all religions and races. he is not a member of any hate groups. bail was set at $5 million. back to you guys in the studio. pete: thank you very much. we covered that horrific attack. it isn't just that attack, of course, there were nine attacks in the past week in the new york city area. while the attack happened about 30 miles north of the city, he came back to harlem. it's something this city is dealing with and an issue as far as attacks against jews and christians around the world. here to give more insight on this and many other topics, mike pompeo, u.s. secretary of state.
5:03 am
mr. secretary, thank you so much for joining us this morning. it's our pleasure, we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me on this morning. pete: absolutely. happy new year. hope you had a great christmas as well. and we want to ask you about this unfortunate anti-semitic attack, but as the secretary of state, you step back and see the whole world and see the persecution of jews and christians. talk to us about the state of sort of the war on religion, what's happening and what the united states is doing about it. >> well, it's important to put it into context. we have seen increased anti-semitism around the world, we've all observed christians under threat in the middle east and other parts of the world as well. president trump has made a true pillar of america's foreign policy religious freedom, the right of each of us to practice our faith in the way that we desire to do so, and we work hard on this. we work hard. we've got a special envoy who handles any anti-semitism issues, former governor brownback who handles religious freedom issues. working to message about how tragic and unacceptable it is for any nation to persecute any
5:04 am
individual as a result of their religious beliefs and their duty to protect these, these practitioners of their faith in a way that preserves their security and allows them to practice their own beliefs. rachel: secretary, we've seen over christmas, you know, some horrific attack it is on christians. by the way, the most persecuted religion on the planet right now. beheadings, a village attacked and seven killed there as well as the kidnapping of the young teenager christian girl. but why are we seeing this rise in attacks? specifically for christians? >> it's difficult to know precisely what the cause of these increases are. we can begin to identify them. they're different in different places, but, rachel, as you've seen too around the world a respect for religious faith is something that governments have a responsibility to do. i've talked at some length about china and how it's persecuting over a billion muslims. leaders all around the world
5:05 am
have a responsibility to protect their citizens and permit them to practice their faith. and so there are lots of different reasons for this. i've seen it in christian communities around the world. we have the responsibility, as the united states, to work diligently to help protect these christians wherever we can as well, rachel. pete: mr. secretary, obviously, a huge fox news alert just a moment ago. dean: the u.s. carries out precision defensive sites across five sites in iraq and syria in retaliation for attacks following friday's attack that killed an american contractor and injured u.s. service members. what do we need to know about that, mr. secretary? >> this was a defensive action designed to protect american forces and american citizens in iraq. and it was aimed also at deterring iran. this was an iranian-backed, rogue militia acting to deny the iraqi people their basic sovereignty. it's sulemani, it's the sigh tole la working to expand
5:06 am
their -- the ayatollah. they took a strike at an american facility. president trump's been pretty darn patient, and he's made clear at the same time that when americans' lives were at risk, we would respond, and that's what the department of defense did yesterday. pete: mr. secretary, this administration has pursued a maximum pressure effort against the iranian regime. if rockets are being launched against our contractors and our bases in iraq, you know this is approved by iran. what are we -- how is iran responding to this? what do you anticipate going forward, their nuclear ambitions? where are we in our staredown with iran right now? >> it's the case that the administration made a fundamental shift from where president obama and his team were with. they had allowed this terror campaign to continue. indeed, they had permitted funds to flow into iran to support, underwrite these very terror campaigns we've seen carried out. we took a very different direction. we've put enormous pressure to deny resources to hezbollah, to try and deny resources to shia
5:07 am
militias like the ones that came after americans, an iraqi facility in iraq yesterday where there were americans working to counter-isis. that's what the americans are in iraq for, to take down the very terror threats that are protecting -- that are putting at risk the iraqi people. our mission continues to try and get the islamic republic of iran to try and behave like a normal nation. we laid out in may of last year after the president withdrew from the nuclear deal, we just laid out our requirements, agree they won't have nuclear weapons -- pete: as long as that regime is there, that theocracy, radical islamist regime, we can't expect hem to act like a normal nation, can we? >> it's interesting. look at what the iranian people are telling their leaders today when they walk, when they march in the streets. when they march in the streets today, they recognize that it is their leadership that's led them astray, that has denied them the
5:08 am
ability to feed their families and to have prosperity and security. i i think the iranian people understand that their leadership's activities need to change, and we have been incredibly supportive of this effort for the iranian people to get what it is they so richly deserve, and we will continue to support the iranian people. i think when they stare at what happened yesterday, when they see iranian money launching an attack on a iraqi facility, i think they understand that's not the best use of their money either. dean dean mr. secretary, switching gears a little bit, as the house democrats drag their feet after impeaching president trump, how is this plague out on the world stage? what are other world leaders saying about this? i would call it a charade. pete: the circus in washington, does it affect your job overseas? everything has a consequence. >> so for the most part, i think the leaders around the world understand that president trump and his secretary of state are focused on the missions that
5:09 am
we've set. they see the noise here in washington, d.c., from time to time they'll comment and shake their heads, but for the most part i think they recognize we have a mission, my team here at the state department in 2020 has a set of objectives. we are very focused on this. we are -- whatever happens here in washington, the american people should know that president trump and our national security team are focused on keeping them safe. rachel: mr. secretary, we know that you're beloved in your home state of kansas. there's a lot of people that want you to run for senate. so are you going to? >> so susan and i love kansas too. [laughter] it's home, it's where our family and friends are. you know, rachel, coming from the other great state that you and your husband both love. it's my intention to continue to serve as president trump's secretary of state. i've said that consistently. i intend to keep saying it. as long as president trump wants me to serve in this capacity, there's still work to do. rachel: you heard it here. pete: so you intend, mr. secretary. does that mean you write off completely the idea of going
5:10 am
back to kansas in 2020 to run? >> i've watched my life take turns that one would never havement expected, but it's not -- have never expected, but i want to say the here and continue to perform the mission that i'm serving president trump and, i hope, doing a good term for the american people as well. dean: secretary of defense to a senator, wouldn't with that be sort of a step down any? [laughter] pete: maybe secretary of defense next, we'll see. [laughter] real quick, my last question. north korea has been a big issue for the secretary of state and defense, and they've promised a christmas give, a missile test, if their demands weren't melt. are you anticipating anything from north korea, mr. secretary? >> we're watching closely, we're monitoring. we're watching the north korean end of year sessions where their leaders all get together. it's gone on for an additional day. we're watching very closely. president trump set out when he came into office to take down the risk that president obama had identified of going to war with north korea. he did so by engaging in
5:11 am
personal diplomacy. i worked hard on it as well. we still maintain our view that we can find a path forward to convince the leadership of north korea that their best course of action is to create a better opportunity for their people by getting rid of their nuclear weapons. that's our mission set. we're watching what they're doing in the closing days of this year, and we hope they'll make a decision that will lead to a path of peace and not one towards confrontation. teen dean there was a lot of optimism on north korea, meetings and historic events, but they haven't seemed to move much. is there a point at which the strategy may have to change? >> well, we always stare at it. we're always looking, thinking do we have the approach right. at this point we're continuing to work down this path. we remain more hopeful than others, but north koreans get to make a choice. we hope they'll make the right one. rachel: well, we understand it's also your birthday today, mr. secretary. so from all of us, we wish you a very happy -- >> thank you. don't ask me how old i am.
5:12 am
[laughter] thank you very much. dean: you look great at 50, mr. secretary. >> yes, thank you. i appreciate it. pete: thank you for joining us. we appreciate your service to our country as well. >> thank you very much. happy new year to you all as well. rachel: happy new year. pete: good guy. smart guy. dean: i like him so much, i made him secretary of defense as well as secretary of state. [laughter] pete: he actually could. rachel: harvard grad, he's a smart guy. [inaudible conversations] west point. dean: then he went to harvard for law school, right? that's a win. happy birthday. 50 years old, great. that's great. pete: all right. we've got a few more headlines this morning including extreme winter weather blasting the midwest. hundreds of crashes reported across minnesota as the system heads to the northeast. a live report on that coming up next. through sofi's help refinancing we paid off all that debt.
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pete: welcome back. a major winter storm pushing across the midwest and into new england. dean: ice and plunging temperatures blamed for hundreds of crashes in minnesota. ray bill keller joins us live from minneapolis. you can see blizzard conditions today, correct? >> yeah, that's a possibility. in fact, we've seen some overnight rain that is already
5:17 am
turning to snow here in the twin cities. it is a complete mess to the west, in fact, in the dakotas a couple of major interstates are already closed down, and this is capping off what turned out to be a pretty wild weather weekend here in minnesota. in fact, the snow began initially moving through western minnesota, that was yesterday. it caused whiteout conditions. that's near moorhead across from fargo in north dakota, led to a no travel advisory in many areas. there was dense fog. of course, the wind causing lots of know to drift across the highways and the interstates. most of the major interstates still remain closed this morning. now, the icy roads on saturday caused more than 400 accidents statewide. and it also made for some pretty crazy viral videos online. we love to skate. a lot of hockey fans here in minnesota but very few folks thought you could do it on the sidewalk. yeah, the news feeds in your social media was filled with what can you do on the ice.
5:18 am
folks ice skating right down the middle of the road. now we've got more winter weather returning to the twin cities. again, drivers now preparing for another dangerous commute this morning. as i say that overnight drizzle turning to snow, and that's just going to compound how slick things are. hopefully, we to not have a repeat of what happened over the weekend with, guys. pete: bill, hey, thank you. i've got to ask though, that jacket looks a little light -- [laughter] is it cold or are you just a hearty minnesotan? >> i've got a little extra. pete: he's a pro. is that one of those heated ones? dean: you've got the heated one? >> no, you know, no gloves are even needed. it's only about 32. get back to me when we're well below 0. rachel: that's true minnesota. pete: bill, thank you very much for the report. we appreciate it. kmsp, station there in minnesota. my parents used to say if it's
5:19 am
over 40, i don't have to wear a heavy jacket. rachel: when i went to arizona state, you could always tell who was from minnesota, wisconsin, michigan, because they were in shorts. [laughter] pete: exactly. that will always be the case. rachel: all right. well, two attacks on people of faith just hours apart. two children in a texas -- two killed in a texas church and five stabbed at a hanukkah party in new york. pete: dr. alveda king joins us next. it'll ruin your house. so get allstate and be better protected from mayhem, like meow. $12.99 all you can eat ♪ now with boneless wings.
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5:23 am
violence. how ignorant this is. how intolerant it is and how criminal it is. rachel: two attacks on religious communities happening hours apart over the weekend. in texas a gunman opened fire inside a church near fort worth killing two people. two armed parishioners in the church bravely shot and killed the suspect. pete: and in new york a man went on a stabbing spree inside a rabbi's home during a hanukkah celebration. five people there were hurt. so what is driving these attacks on religion? here to react is fox news contributor and also a spirit of a dream, dr. alveda king, and smokesman for the -- spokesman for the conference of jewish affairs, thank you both for being here. dr. king, so your reaction to both events. but here we are in the christmas season, still in the glow of it, yet we do see a hatred toward people of religion across to "f&
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