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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 6, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PST

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flight took off in montreal, no one was injured, the plane did land safely, crews are inspecting the aircraft. well thank you so much for joining us this hour of "fox & friends first", have a great day, everybody, "fox & friends first" continues right now. bye bye. ♪ ♪ rob: monday january 6th, fox news alert, dark day is coming, quote there the daughter of qassem soleimani vowing revenge. >> president trump has no remorse promising the rogue regime would be sorry if it retaliates, we are live in the middle east and in washington, plus take a look scene now a nightmare for so many in australia. rob: live from the center of the devastation where terrified people and animals as well are desperate for relief. >> if you do win an award tonight don't use it as platform to make a political speech,
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right, you're in no position to lecture the public about anything. rob: the best thing you see all day, hollywood a-listers ripped to shredds by the host ricky. jillian: "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ >> good morning to you, you are watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning, i'm jillian mele. rob: i'm rob schmitt, actions will be taken overnight qassem soleimani's replacement issuing chilling statement. jillian: rick levanthal with threats from jerusalem, rick.
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>> u.s. allies and leaders in this region are calling for calm with concerns over escalating tensions but some dramatic threats coming out of iran with one member of parliament saying the white house will be attacked in response to the assassination of general soleimani killed in drone strike late last week, he's believed to have orchestrated countless deadly attacks against u.s. troops and allies for decades and president trump said soleimani was planning more carnage, tens of thousands of iranians packed the streets for funeral procession on sunday including daughter zina who told the crowd there will be payback warning the family of u.s. service members to prepare of funerals of their own. the president promised swift response, telling reporters off camera, they are allowed to kill our people and they are allowed to use roadside bombs and plow
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up our people and we are not allowed to touch their cultural site, it doesn't work that way. stunning move by the iraqi parliament working to expel troops from the country, show the prime minister's signature but president trump threatening sanctions against iraq if it happens and secretary of state mike pompeo believes our troops will stay. >> we are confident that the iraqi people wants the united states to be there to fight the counterterror campaign and will continue to do all the things we need to do to keep america safe. >> of course, israel is the strongest u.s. ally in the middle east and is bracing for possible retaliatory tax from iran or its proxies, rob, jillian. rob: rick, thank thank you so m. democrats are preparing to vote on a resolution limiting the president's military power,
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griff. >> that's right, rob and jillian, as the tensions rise speaker pelosi will limit the president writing in letter to colleagues, quote, reasserts congress' long established oversight responsibilities but mandating that if no further congressional action is taken the administration's military hostilities with regard to iran within 30 days this as president trump doubles down on threats to retaliate against further iranian aggression ordering congress in this tweet saying these media posts will serve as notificaction to the united states congress and should iran strike any u.s. person or target, the united states will quickly and fully strike back and perhaps in a disproportionate matter such legal notice is not required but given nevertheless meanwhile out on campaign trial in iowa former vice president biden blasting president trump. >> no president has the right to take the nation to war without the informed consent and authority coming from the united
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states congress but he thinks, he thinks he can do it by having formally told the world in a tweet tonight that this is what he's going to do. >> this comes as tehran are banning limitations on enriching uranium and increasing fears of bolster nuclear weapon's program and hear step for 2015 nuclear agreement that president trump withdrew from in 2018, france, germany and britain issuing statement for all parties to show restraint and they will respond to iran's announcement at some point very much developing, rob, jillian. >> griff, thank you. >> 3 americans are dead after extremist attack in military base in kenya, members of al-shibaab storming base and killing military contractors, several u.s. aircraft and vehicles destroyed at the manda
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bay airfield in the area, al-qaeda linked group al-shabaab was fought off by u.s. and kenyan forces, al-shibaab telling ap that this is not connected with air strike in iraq. jillian: disturbing violence as u.s.-america border as 13-year-old girl gunned down, all u.s. citizens returning home when armed group forced them to stop, when they didn't if attackers open fire and sped off in another car, the highway where it happened runs through dangerous criminal turf war, falls under the state department do not travel warning issued last month. rob: fbi uncovering new clues in idaho home linked to pair of missing children who haven't been seen for months. >> aisha with what they found and disturbing look at their suspected parents doom's day
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cult. >> local authorities said they found forensic evidence in death of first wife, they believe her death is somehow linked to the disappearance of the two kids, those kids 17-year-old and 7-year-old joshua haven't been seen since september, their mom lori married shortly after both spouses unexpectedly died, they are on the run now, they took off from idaho in november after refusing to tell authorities where the kid are and now court documents revealing very disturbing details about the couple's mind set since they belong to a cult obsessed with the end of the world, so in the documents it reads mother has recently become infactuated at times obsessive about near-death experiences and spiritual
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visions, mother informed father that she was a god assigned to carry out the work of the 144,000 at christ second coming in july 2020 and that the father got in the way of the mission, she would murder him, well, the father was killed, charles was shot did by lori's brother who said it was all in self-defense, a neighbor remembers seeing vallow and her brother packing up a truck two days before thanksgiving and thought the family was going out for the holidays. >> the question is where did they go and i have no idea. next morning, boom, they are gone. >> and still searching for them, get this 3 weeks after that, vallow's brother the one who shot the husband also died, police are not saying now, though, now we have 3 deaths, two missing children and a
quote quote
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couple on the run as investigators race really to try to piece what the heck happened here. jillian: wow. rob: appreciate it. jillian: new images from ideas jeffrey epstein's prison cell, 60 minutes obtaining the photos from the new york city medical examiner's office after death last august, no images of epstein were taken inside his cell, a note complaining of prison conditions including him being locked in shower stall for more than an hour and being served burnt food were also found, the medical examiner's office calls epstein's death a suicide, inindependent investigator hired by epstein's brother believes he was strangled. rob: harvey weinstein returning to court as first criminal trial begins, weinstein facing several sexual assault charges from multiple women, the new york trial could only be the first form as the la district
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attorney's office reportedly considering own criminal charges against the exmovie mogul who has denied any wrongdoing. jillian: best in tv ad movies honored in golden globes, as you can imagine, the elections still took center stage. >> we have to get beg and plea for everyone we know to vote in 2020. >> women 18 to 118 when it's time to vote, please do so in self-interest, it's what men have been doing for years. rob: ellen degeners honored. >> i'm a little jittery.
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a man is -- sorry. a man is blessed, a man is blessed with a family sitting down in front like that. jillian: for actual awards once upon in time in hollywood big winner, best motion picture, musical or comedy. rob: talk a lot more about that coming later in the show as well, thank fox news alert, critics call president trump a dictator for green lighting an air strike without congressional approval but he is getting support from a very unlikely source. >> the president under his constitutional authority as commander in chief had ample domestic legal authority to take him out without authorization. rob: obama guy, the irresponsible choice would have been to wait on this, he joins us live to explain. jillian: bill de blasio may have marched along fighting
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>> top critics in congress preparing vote to limit his war powers with iran as nancy pelosi slams the administration for taking action saying, quote, without the consultation of congress and without respect for congress' war powers granted to it by the constitution. rob: next guest call it is left's outrage over the death of a known terrorist absolutely mindbogglingly, joining us live to explain his position, anthony, thanks for coming on today, what do you make of all of this? >> well, it is mindbogglingly that the left never protested any of the thousands of drone strikes that president obama ordered and yet here we killed the number one terrorist follow
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-- from the number one state sponsor of iran and what makes us no safe, master mind and hands in the middle east and the democrats are complaining about this and and just goes to show how ridiculous this divide in our country is driven by the left that they can support soleimani over a decision the president made and we have soldiers deployed in that region right now and the speaker of the house is choosing to, you know, enhance those divisions with this -- with this new bill and resolution that she's going to enter and just is counter to everything that i as a soldier ever learned and as we prosecuted the wars, commanders in chiefs, democrats or republicans, we did so believing
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in our country and what is right for our country and this was definitely the right move, we had the intelligence, rob, jillian that soleimani was about to execute broad-sweeping attacks on our diplomats, soldiers, it would have been irresponsible but not countering that and would have resulted in another benghazi quite frankly and seems like that's what the liberals want. >> we want to take a listen to what jay johnson had to say. >> he was a lawful military objective and the president under his constitutional authority as commander in chief had ample domestic legal authority to take him out without an additional congressional authorization. >> i mean, he's kind of going against what we have been hearing a lot on the left, you
2:18 am
know, i want you respond to that but i want you to respond, a lot of people are scared right now, a lot of people don't know what's been going on, talk about, break that down for the people at home right now sitting there thinking what is next. >> right. to secretary johnson's point; we have an authorization for use of military force, in iraq and syria and other surrounding areas, northern tier of africa and the president was lawful to do what he did so he's exactly right and as far as concerns going forward, you know, it's a scary world out there and the president is doing it less scary for americans and it's the right thing to do to deploy the division ready force as it's called from the 82nd division where i spent much of my career
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as a commander and get them in place to reassure americans that our military is going to protect our vital interest in the region which is people, property and the free-flow of oil, you know, eric has been -- iran has been attacking us for years and decades, they will continue to do do -- so. rob: he says he's not trying to get into a war, what do you expect as far as retaliation from iran? >> what i think rob, we will continue to see more of the same, we disabled ability to do broad-sweeping coordination but there will be leftovers that, you know, some rocket attacks and that kind of thing and then i would expect in a few months or weeks or months some kind of coordinated effort to do something, you know, now that the then the tension would be off of this act and onto
2:20 am
something else, i think in a couple of months they'll be something that iran will try to do that would be shocking. rob: okay, all right. we will see what happens, sir, thank you so much, we appreciate your time. jillian: thank you. >> thank you. rob: american boots on the ground in australia, the reinforcement help to go protect lives and property from brush fire, so many of them burning out of control. >> the aid is coming over. jillian: news giving rescue crews a glimmer of hope, we will be right back. i get cash back on electronics, travel, clothes. you're talking about ebates. i can't stop talking about rakuten. pretty good deal - peter sfx [blender] ebates is now rakuten, sign up today.
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rob: fox news alert, american fighters arriving just hours ago to aist is with the deadly
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raging wild fires in australia, at least 24 people and more than half a billion animals have been killed. jillian: some of the images upset to go look at, 12 million acres with skyrocketing temperatures, ana live in sidney with where conditions stand and if there's any hope in sight, ana. >> you mentioned that just before the break a glimmer and short lived because conditions expected to get worse later this week after bit of relief today, devastating fires are expected to continue for months to come, months and where we are right now in the state of new south whales, 135 fires are still burning and 70 are not contained, to give you an idea of the smoke, capital of australia, it was the worst air quality in the world today, the same heavy smoke causing problems for military members trying to evacuate folks in small coastal town in the state
2:25 am
of victoria, the number of homes destroyed, 2,000 and those folks that do escape are just happy to be out even if their homes and businesses don't survive. >> in the windows and underneath the door, all through the gaps, it was unbearable, i had to get out of there. >> fire officials say that australians need to remain vigilant an continue watching for evacuation orders because the conditions are expected to get worse, what we needed conditions and we do have more dangerous conditions coming, we have high temperatures and high winds in the forecast, no substantial rainfall forecasted in the future. >> the crisis is not over. months to go, sadly there will still be more costs that will be
2:26 am
incurred as a result of the devastating impacts. >> australia's prime minister you heard there scott morrison has been criticized by some for being too slow to act, he says the government is planning to pledge some 2 billion extra australian dollars to these relief efforts, back to you. rob: unbelievable, you can see it from space, ana, thank you so much. jillian: stay safe, ana, 26 minutes after the hour now, 2020 critics piling on the president's foreign policy. >> just because he deserved it doesn't mean it was the right strategic move. >> we need to provide, steady stable, i think i'm best prepared. jillian: could any of them handle such a serious threat, we have a debate on that coming up next. rob: race car driver's hopes on finishing first ends up in
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rob: we are back with fox news alert, live look at funeral procession for qassem soleimani, the new leader claiming actions will be taken as the general's daughter calls for attacks on u.s. troops, 80 million-dollar bounty on president trump's head, one member of parliament urging an attack on the white house, general killed in a drone strike just outside of baghdad's international airport, believed to have orchestrated countless deadly attacks against u.s. troops and allies in iraq, the parliament voted to expel all u.s. troops from the country, president trump has threatened sanctions against iraq if that happens and meeting set for today between iraq's prime minister and u.s. ambassador in baghdad, of course, we will follow all of that, the house
2:31 am
foreign affairs committee directly responding to president trump's saying this media post will serve as a reminder that war powers reside in congress and that you're not a dictator as other democrats slammed him on the sunday news shows. >> i haven't seen intelligence that taking out soleimani was either going to stop the plotting going on or decrease others. >> they have an obligation to present the evidence, proof to us that by taking out the second most powerful political figure inside iran they are preventing more attacks rather than inspiring. rob will be are the criticisms fair or is this partisan politics getting in the way of protecting the country, here to debate kathy and iraq war veteran and turning point usa spokesperson rob smith, rob, we will start with you. >> yeah. rob: what do you make of the president's criticism here?
2:32 am
>> the left prioritizing policies over the safety of americans and we are seeing this right now with soleimani incident being killed and we saw with al-baghdadi killed months ago. that was responsible for this attack on -- rob: even hollywood actress apologized to iran. >> completely insane. >> she might be afraid of retaliation because this guy, he's deputy took over, so you have to have permission to go into a sovereign nation and do what the president did, this international law, he broke international law. rob: obama killed osama bin laden in pakistan. >> bush tried, obama did it. rob: are democrats ignoring how bad this guy was and focusing
2:33 am
only on things that they hate about president trump? >> well, no, the problem is he was bad but 20,000 just like him, so this is not better for us. rob: rob, your response? >> i think your missing that this was in direct response in the attack on u.s. embassy. >> does it make it safer? >> what you have right now from this administration is a very strong response,i know that you are not used to strong responses from the obama administration. >> obama did not kill osama bin laden? >> he pandered to iran, he fed them money which -- >> the red line was here and then it was here. >> bush handled it the same way, this is not the way that you -- rob: a lot of mistakes. let's listen and read from elizabeth warren here on what she calls war crimes, you're threatening to commit war crimes, we are not at war with iran, the american people do not
2:34 am
want a war with iran, this is a democracy, you do not get to start a war with iran and threats put our diplomats at greater risk. rob, to her point, you didn't have to kill soleimani, we've known about this guy for years and years, we haven't killed him yet, we decide today kill him now, there are other methods, what do you say now? >> i think the choice that president trump took was the right choice, with the attacks on u.s. embassy you had to send strong message that it's not something that will be tolerated and i really disagree and i push back on what the left is saying, we do different things or we don't do it like this, this is how trump does that, a strong president that's making strong decisions and as somebody who is iraq war veteran i'm completely behind it. rob: let's switch gears for a second, we will talk about 2020 democrats, a lot happening right now around the world. this is a very busy time and scary time, as far as 2020
2:35 am
democrats go, kathy, who do you think would handle this situation the best? >> well, when you watch the debates it's all about diplomacy, they want the world to be with us, they know that we are on the ship together and it's a global world since clinton years. rob: who is the strongest of the dems? >> all of them seemed to have a grasp on it and seem to understand international law, i'm afraid the president -- rob: rob, your response. >> basically being the leaders that we need right now because they are not, i can't think of -- i feel like elizabeth warren would scold them, joe biden wouldn't know where he is and pete buttigieg would ride in wheel and nobody would take him seriously. i really don't think that we have the people on the left -- >> i don't think they would start a war with the middle east, though.
2:36 am
biblical times. rob: we will see where it goes, in the meantime thank you for coming, appreciate it. jillian, over to you. jillian: senator josh holley expected to introduce a measure to dismiss the articles of impeachment for, quote, lack of prosecution against president trump. house speaker nancy pelosi has not sent the articles to the senate yet, democrats are defending the delay while republicans give her ultimatum. >> we need to change the rules and start the trial. >> if she had sent them right away mcconnell could have voted for dismissal the day before christmas, now in the last 2 weeks when we haven't had the articles, lots of new evidence that bolsters our case for witnesses and documents come out. jillian: senator holy will appear today so stay tune for
2:37 am
that. >> more support from swing state democrats as the iowa caucus approaches, his campaign announcing congress members have endorsed former vice president citing foreign policy expertise, experience and ability to unit the country, biden now has nearly 3 times as many congressional endorsements as any of his rivals, comes as the news in the poll shows biden tied with senator bernie sanders and mayor pete buttigieg as the top choice for iowa democrat. more than 25,000 people marching in solidarity against anti-semitism in new york city, the no-hate no fear rally coming after series of attacks including a vicious machete attack in new york, the top lawmakers joining the event with governor andrew cuomo promising $45 million to protect houses of worship.
2:38 am
de blasio was at the march but intervened in a case with woman charged with 3 antisemitic crimes, tiffany in psych ward after third arrest, asked judge to look into her case because it created bad publicity for his administration, she was released after her second arrest as part of the city's new bail reform laws. 38 minutes after the hour now, let's check in with janice dean. >> little reminder that it is january, sometimes it snows and we might get more snow tomorrow afternoon but otherwise kind of a mild january to the northeast, 26 in des moines, 29 in chicago, 33 in new york city, we had a quick blast of snow overnight, little bit of snow on the grass and the cars this morning but it is pretty much out of here for new york city, we still have going to see the potential for some snow across new england and
2:39 am
then we will clear out for now but tomorrow afternoon we get a another quick shot of winter, it's not going to last very long but there it is, we could see snow flurries in the dc area, not a big snow event, kind of friendly reminder of the time period that we are in right now, the month of january, then we get the next system moving into the west coast and a look ahead of the weekend, 50's, here in the northeast, so kind of bizarre. rob: makes it very nervous. janice: it's going to come, janice, it's going to be so wintery. [laughter] rob: late beast. january not too bad. jillian: i know. rob: janice, thank you very much. 39 minutes after the hour, not what you want to see looking out the airplane takeoff. jillian: sunday thriller in the big easy, a lot of monday
2:40 am
morning quarterbacks wondering whether tom brady has any gas left in the tank after the pats -- rob: what is this? jillian: we count down
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rob: welcome back, overnight the 5 people killed in horrific crash in pennsylvania turnpike are identified, the victims include a bus driver, 2 passengers and also two ups drivers, about 60 others were hurt near pittsburgh yesterday, doctors saying some victims arriving to the hospital traumatized after what they had been through, the ntsb step to investigate after tour bus couldn't make it -- couldn't make a downhill turn and then rolled over two semis and smashed into it, look at the scene, dangerous winter road conditions were reported at the time, you can see the snow on
2:44 am
the banks to have hill. terrible crash. and terrifying moment caught on camera just moments after a plane takes off, watch this. >> can you imagine seeing this at takeoff, the wheel flies off, posted shocking video on social media and nobody was hurt and the plane did flip around and land safely and crews are inspecting the aircraft, now sports. >> lucky me, lucky all of us, the nfl's wild card weekend definitely lived up to its name. hello. >> yes, past lives. jillian: yes, we are. >> the game that you can turn away from, you can have it in perspective. eagles taking on the seahawks, i thought that was a game that --
2:45 am
two strong defenses, in the end the biggest story was as great as catch was. >> in what respect? jillian: he was a runner at that point, he does give up some of his rights, look at that. >> he's out of the game, concussion protocol, in comes 4-year-old josh, this guy was high school coach. pull him out of retirement. he's seeing action in playoff game. the numbers were strong and not enough. seahawks advance. jillian: offensive line was depleted, it was fail from the beginning, upset, i expected the
2:46 am
same high-powered offense to just go right to the championship game, drew brees was really held until late and they would come back and rally and force overtime. jillian: this was fun to watch. >> the two guys, two teams have controversy in background, always played good playoff game. he was 19 to 31, but the player of the game has to be this 4-yard to kyle rudolph, the play that put them in for the winning score in overtime. jillian: and right there. yeah. brian: controversy because they say maybe he pushed off before he made the catch. jillian: ultimately it was the touchdown, one game i didn't see this weekend, brian, the one you're most excited about. >> the bills traveled and the texans overcame the 16-0 deficit to rally. jillian: in the third, right? >> in the third, watson, numbers look strong, held in check, if
2:47 am
you want to stop a running quarterback you can, the question is can you stop their run, they did for 3 quarters, but this year they rallied, it took a late field goal by buffalo to force overtime and the texans get the big win. jillian: we have to talk about patriots, tom brady, let's talk about the game, i don't think anybody expected the patriots to lose this one. >> i think i did. they got beat by miami in must-win situation. controversy you're seeing that we don't see highlight to the game because it's been 48 hours, now you're seeing the possibility of -- not only losing but getting fine for illegally taping the saidlines. jillian: 7 minutes or something. tom brady, is he done? >> he says he's not. jillian: what do you think? >> i personally think he's not, watch this. >> is there any possibility that you would retire after this last
2:48 am
season? >> i, you know, i would say it's pretty unlikely but -- unlikely. jillian: i don't think he's done. >> he did not have much, one wide receiver but he did look a little bit off, he looks healthy and great young family at 41 is that enough? >> well, speaking of looking, let's look ahead for playoff picture as it stands right now brian kilmeade, what are you thinking? >> 49 hosting up the vikings, 49ers looked good all year long, and that's going to be a great matchup and as well as we have tennessee with baltimore and kansas city, i can't see a bad matchup there. jillian: we will watch super bowl, we will be there. brian: in miami, a few weeks to
2:49 am
go, am i teasing what's coming up on the show? jillian: go ahead. brian: iraq related and we have a great rostrum -- roster of guests, we will vote on this, it is bogus because the speaker held on to it, lindsey graham has another plan, dan bongino will be here and refuses to wear a high and newt gingrich will wear a tie. jillian: we are coming right back. if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with...
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jillian: good morning, welcome back, golden back, giving a
2:53 am
warning before the award, watch this. >> if you do win an award tonight don't use as platform to make a political speech, right, you're in no position to lek hour the public about anything. >> the country on the brink of war, the united states of america, a president tweeting out a threat of 52 bombs. >> women 18 to 118 when it is time to vote, please do so in your own self-interest. rob: winners, though, at least a couple of them clearly ignoring that advice, carley shimkus here with reaction, what a speech by ricky? >> yeah, you're absolutely right there, rob, put a camera in room full of celebrities and you know politics is going to come up, patricia slamming the president and encouraged people to vote during hearse acceptance speech, michelle williams did the exact same thing and celebrities brought up climate change amid australian wild fires. as for rick, he did not hold
2:54 am
back, brought up jeffrey epstein and music to the ears on some on social media, some feel like monologue was needed, some chiming in saying the hypocrisy is real, thank you, ricky, this twitter user says some of them sure didn't like it, i'm talking about you tom hanks, tom hanks' face becoming one of the trending topics on social media, that was his reaction to rick monologue, he looks a little uncomfortable there, that's how a meme is born. rob: he's a national treasure and i put the whole thing on twitter. i tweeted it out. jillian: often time it's who are you wearing but what are you
2:55 am
wearing. carley: social media is swooning, jason mamoa wearing a muscle shirt at golden globes is jason mamoa thing ever. of course, have to let the guns breathe, that's exactly what he did. awards were handed out, world war i movie won, best motion picture drama. rob: can want wait to see that, i look like that in tank top, thank you so much. we will be right back.
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rob: 30-pound cat finally finds his purr-fect forever home. three times the typical house cat. the michigan humane society says new family will help this 13-year-old cat slim down. good luck. carley: next th jillian: next the bad soybean. not suitable for religio vegetan cooked on the beef grill. introducing a burger in u.k. people who don't want to eat as much meat. rob: soy. racing buggy burst into flames in a race in saudi arabia. luckily the driver, navigator were able to escape unharmed.
3:00 am
no word on the cause but probably because it's 100 degrees in saudi arabia and racing cars. jillian: that is still scary though. thanks for watching us on this monday. see you back here tomorrow same place same place. rob: "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ let's go ♪ ♪ let's go. steve: that's right. let's go. it is monday. it is the first monday of the new year of the new decade and we're here and ready for action, baby. ainsley: 2020 is going to be an awesome year. brian: i don't remember the last time i saw steve in pinstripes. this must be a big day. steve: i wore it last week. same suit. were you not looking at me. ainsley: must for for the yankees. brian: he doesn't have a number. steve: i saw general jack keane wearing one and i thought that looks sharp.


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