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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  January 8, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PST

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and that's what every real mom and dad would do. but they put them in hospital. there is a whole part of that story they don't tell. >> melissa: we will watch, cannot wait to see it, kt, you have a new book out. but we all got to go. >> k.t.: it is the best book about the trump administration revolution you will ever have. >> melissa: all right, harris. >> harris: this weekend with breaking news, president trump has addressed the nation after the ballistic missiles at u.s. forces in iraq, announcing new economic sanctions while reiterating that the united states will never allow iran to obtain a nuclear weapon as long as he is president. you are watching "outnumbered overtime," i am harris faulkner. president trump saying no iraqis were hurt which houses american troops. and calling for nuclear talks to
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replace the deal that he withdrew the united states from, while addressing that iran does not want an all-out conflict. >> iran appears to be standing down, which is a good thing for all parties concerned in a very good thing for the world. >> harris: meanwhile iranian president has vowed to kick a marinade can -- american troops out of the region. >> the response by regional nations is one america is expelled from the region. and they go through forever. >> harris: how is the world reacting? john roberts live on the north on. >> good afternoon, a relief as the president says he iran is standing down, also a relief that rather than seeking escalation, the president today offered iran and off-ramp to the increasing rhetoric and conflict on both sides, the present going as far to say that the
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united states and iran should work together to defeat common enemy is like isis. by the president also saying that he is going to tighten sanctions on iran, and calling on the other nations to be signatories to the iran nuclear deal to abandon that and join the united states in forging a broader deal to address not just iran's nuclear program, but the ballistic missile program and maligned activities in the middle east and beyond. listen to what the president said. >> iran must abandon their nuclear ambitions and end support for terrorism. the time has come for the united kingdom, germany, france, russia, and china to recognize this reality. they must now break away from the remnants of the iran deal, or jcpoa, and we must all work together in order to make a deal with iran that makes the world a
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safer and more peaceful place. speak the president also had a message for the iranian leadership, insisting he wants a great future for them and great prosperity. said the united states is prepared to embrace peace with all who seek it. he also bowed as long as he is president, iran will never be allowed to have a nuclear weapon. and he took a swipe at the obama administration per se signing the deal and rewarding them with a payoff that the president claims helped fund the attack. >> they chanted death to america the day it was signed. then they went on a brief funded by the money and the deal, and created in yemen, syria, lebanon, afghanistan, and erect. the missiles fired last night at us when our allies were paid for with the funds made available by the last administration.
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>> while the president did not announce any u.s. retaliation for the missile strike, just a show of force and personnel around him was a clear signal to iran, that if they try anything to harm u.s. interests, they will likely pay dearly for it. >> harris: thank you so much. i want to bring in tom spoehr, former deputy commander in iraq. great to see you. i want to know how many americans were in danger and how it is that you miss two military bases? did they get lucky you are a mess on purpose? >> 5,000 people total u.s. service members in iraq, so each one knows 300 or 400 service members total. i don't think this is within iran's capability to try and miss u.s. forces. these missiles that they used are not accurate. they are accurate to within half a mile, and they are aimed at
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the basis, there was a good chance of hitting them. but i don't think it is within their ability to actually deliberately miss u.s. service members as well. >> harris: did they get lucky? >> i think so, from our perspective, and it worked out for the best for both of our countries. >> harris: how does it work, the iraqis just let that happen? they had more people from what you're saying saying and we would. >> these are the basis, they have more people than we did, and it is their sovereign country. so we hear that the prime minister got the phone call, ahead of time, maybe that allowed him to warrant his forces, i don't know what he did with that information, but you would think that today would be even more mad than we are. >> harris: you have been to both of the bases, so tell me what the lay of the land is when you see that kind of clothes at this particular factor? >> yes, it is a sprawling
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airfield kind of thing, maybe 555, it would be very lucky to hate u.s. troops. but in general -- for iran to hit our soldiers. yes, i don't know what this means. we had some warning, i am hearing that they had warning allowing them to get them bunkers and things like that. as long as we have that, the danger for missiles is not high. >> harris: let's look at the broader picture, the president has leaned into the wind of diplomacy, saying that nato needs to step in and do much more than it has, may be looking at exiting. when you tell us the number of 5,000 troops, how big of a difference would it be if the president pulled us out? >> in the scheme of things, not terribly big, but the 5,000 are making a big difference. continuing against isis, making sure it does not raise again in iraq or syria. supporting our forces in syria, and training the iraqi security
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forces. >> harris: and it had been reported that we had as many as 60,000 troops in the region, is that number still accurate? >> yes, at sea, perhaps, air force carriers, diego garcia, some totals would not reach 60,000, but it depends on how big of a circle you draw around the region. >> harris: that's what the president has pointed in the past, the capability to react quickly to areas. great to have you on the program. we want to bring her back. thank you. the administration has faced challenges and messaging that killed the top general, here's more from the president earlier. >> back to 1979 to be exact, nations have tolerated a rands destructive and destabilizing behavior in the middle east and beyond. those days are over. iran has been the leading
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sponsor in their pursuit of nuclear weapons, threatening the civilized world, we will never let that happen. >> harris: when it comes to being the leader of a nation possibly on the brink of war, politico points out direct communication is essential "think what you want about the policies or politics, but gw bush and obama took pain to communicate what they were doing and what they were trying to achieve when they took connecticut military action." bringing in ari fleischer, he was press secretary for president george w. bush, and happy new year to you. always great to get your perspective. i want to get your reaction to that. that past presidents were better communicators, my goodness, the current president gets criticized for being an over communicator. >> yes, there is a big difference. in the case of president bush or
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any predecessor that launched a military strike. it is incumbent when you go to war, afghanistan, iraq, to fill the nation in on why. in this case, iran attacked us. for people looking last night for president trump to say something, it would not be inappropriate to have all of the facts you have to speak. when you control the ball, you do have the duty to announce what you are doing and explain it to the american people. when you don't control the ball and the other party goes first as they did last night. they attacked us. if you have it take your time to get it right. i have no complaints of what the president did. >> harris: what did the president say today that you thought was a game change? >> what the president did was a game change, he restored the return. what the iranians have done over the middle east for way too long as get away with murder. and finally a president stands up to them. one of the reasons they got away
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with murder was because nobody was standing up to them. so what you saw happen was that killed an american at a military base. what do president trump do? he killed a bunch of the people in iranian proxy militia that was responsible, and took out a topper running in general, what did iran do? they talk to their tail and did nothing. that's what america has been known for. and i'm so glad to see finally president trump doing that. i've seen tomb often from the other side the fear of war where they just use the word war indiscriminately, and the only option they have instead is pay the other guy cash. that's what the policy towards iran has been. >> harris: you talk about tucking the tail, i don't know if you heard what general ford just said. he said, they got lucky. what they try to hit the base with is in accurate weapons. at the end of the day it opens
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the lane for weapons, what happens next? >> what happens next is my focus on iraq. we look at the iraqi government, they choose between america or iran, look at what iran will do to our country. i'm hoping the iraqi government recognizes that america should be their friend, not iran. two, i think iran will continue what it has always done and try to strike out on their proxies, has below, hamas, assess assassinations in iraq, that's why the strength is the best wao defeat the threat. i'm hopeful that the iranian people will look at the government and said, what is the government taking us, we are going backwards. and revolution is on the street of iran is a thing to keep your eyes on. it will quiet, but it will not go away.
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>> harris: three days to be in the streets, coming to a close, and 40% economy that is ravaged by all sorts of problems. ari fleischer, great to see you. thank you for your perspective. >> thank you, harris, harris. >> harris: a suggestion by some republicans the situation with iran could force congress to put impeachment on the back burner. this is both political sides remaining over the standoff of how the senate should handle any impeachment trial. >> this was an act of war, sean, by any reasonable definition. the president has all of the authority he needs under article two to respond. >> harris: reaction from capitol hill. whether democrats are right to criticize the president when it comes to iran. i will talk with an iraqi veteran. senator joe ernst is next. ♪ i have huge money saving news for veterans. mortgage rates just dropped to near 50-year lows.
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's been on the trump administration's briefing members of the house right now e show down with a ram, the national security team will brief the senate and the next hour. this as democrats have expressed alarm over escalation in the region saying america cannot afford another war. >> this is a time to try to find a way to negotiate an end to the conflict before both countries get dragged into a war that nobody wants. >> trying to reduce terrorism by iran and other countries. let's do it thoughtfully, not impulsively. >> cowboy diplomacy did not work in vietnam. cowboy diplomacy did not work any rack. cowboy diplomacy will not work
10:18 am
in iran. >> harris: however, republicans are rallying behind the president's decision to take out the top military leader, the mastermind on taking out united states troops. and beyond. >> it was the right thing to do when president trump took out soleimani. it was a strike on a terrorist. >> the president is not taking us to all-out war. >> the president made it clear if you kill an american, we will respond directly, and he did. >> harris: i want to bring in senator joni ernst of iowa, a member of the senate armed service committee. he was going she was also the female armed veteran who served in iraq. bragging on you a bit, we are going to lean on it today. great to see you. first of all, the briefings have begun in the house, the senate is next. what are you anticipating what
10:19 am
questions do you have? >> certainly i'm not focused on the past, because i do believe that the president did the right thing by taking out general soleimani. we know that he was number one organizer of proxy terrorist groups all around the globe. and i am very thankful that the president took some steps that he did. what i want to do is lean forward and to look at the strategy over all in the middle east. how we keep an eye on iran and stop them from obtaining a nuclear weapon and how we stop them from participating in other terrorist organizations and asymmetrical warfare, which they have been very good at in the past. they have crossed the red line. the president responded to that response. now we want to see where we will go from here. >> harris: why do democrats see it as only a binary choice with war? certainly that conversation is going on with capitol hill?
10:20 am
>> it is a scare tactic being used by the democrats. they are so many other methods that we can use in making sure that we keep iran contained. and they just want to jump to the conclusion. obviously, because they do not like the president or the president's actions. so what we want our answers from the top security team that is advising the president on where we are today and where we go. >> harris: in all fairness, when we took out saddam hussein, ward did ensue. so when people look at this and put a tapestry on the past, some do have legitimate fears that we might not have an end game. but this one you fold in the economics of what is going on inside iran. the president mention energy. there is a whole lot more to the mix that gives us some average, would you say? >> i would absolutely say that, harris. there's so much more that we can be doing through diplomatic channels and a course with additional sanctions as we look
10:21 am
at energy. as we look at the resources that they need in iran. there are many, many things that we can be doing through other types of economic channels. this is a very different situation. and i would say that the president has operated with quite a high level of restraint. and we saw this in syria as well. war did not follow in syria when we pushed back on them crossing a redline. >> harris: senator joni ernst, senator of iowa joining us before her briefing, classified on the intelligence behind taking out iran's top general. >> thanks, harris. >> harris: the showdown of of american's future in the middle east, trying to kick out all u.s. troops from the region, what this would mean for the influence there and to the war on terror. we will take a look. ♪
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♪ >> peace and stability cannot prevail in the middle east as long as iran continues to foment violence, unrest, hatred, and war. the civilized world must send a clear and unified message to the iranian regime paired your campaign of terror, murder, mayhem, will not be tolerated any longer. >> harris: of course there are big questions that we have talked about this hour about the future in the middle east, getting a taste from the president who spoke a short time ago. iran's president is promising to kick u.s. forces out of the region. he tweeted this "the u.s. has caused division of infrastructures in the region, of course they do this everywhere in the world, this region will not accept the u.s. presence. to the government accepted by sanctions will not accept the u.s." earlier this week iraq
10:27 am
parliament voted to expel u.s. troops from the country, and the pentagon announced that it has stopped training forces against isis to protect military bases. rebecca heinrich, senior fellow at the hudson institute, also policy adviser to trent franks who sat on the armed service committee. and a foreign policy adviser to the former obama state department official. david and rebecca, great to see you. what does our presence or lack thereof if we decide to change things mean in that region? and do you think that we would pull the troops out? >> if we did shrink troops, i don't think that we will take out our presence, because leadership is still necessary there, but it will narrow in scope. in the united states will leave on our own terms, not because we are being bullied or coerced by the iranian regime. >> harris: what is the mission
10:28 am
going to be? >> i think it will be back to counterterrorism. it is going to be to try to help the iraqi government. the iraqi government made the voted that the kurdish iraqis were not there, some other people not present at that vote, but we will work with the government to try to help them do what they can to assert their own sovereignty. the iraqi government says that the united states is at violating their sovereignty, but these were rainy and missiles that went into their own country. so it is iran taking their sovereignty, not the united states. >> harris: as ari fleischer said moments ago, he said iraq will have to look at the decision of who is better in their own interests, iran or america. you worked as a foreign policy adviser for the obama campaign. as you look, one on the legacy points was that the deal for obama with iran, unraveled,
10:29 am
because the current president took out of it. and now they say, they will not abide by it either. >> there is a complicated situation happening. i served in iraq over ten years ago, we had 100,000 troops in iraq, we now have 6,000. it is important that we keep them there for a couple of different reasons. the counterterrorism mission, also the support to the iraqi government. and we need to be there in order to prevent iran from causing iraq to be a satellite state. soso showing strength is maintaining a strong relationship with iraq and trying to help it to mature its democracy. regarding the iran nuclear deal. president trump chose to pull out of it. in sum up what is happening now is because he pulled out of it. >> harris: i want to hit the pause button, because iran is saying they want to pull out of it anyway and give rebecca a
10:30 am
chance to comment on that. >> iran was complying with it, with the aspects of the nuclear deal in terms of giving up the nuclear weapons program ambitions. and it is only wanting the pull out now because the u.s. canceled it. that does not mean that iran was not doing other things that were publications and supporting terrorism and proxy forces, but we could have addressed that separately from the nuclear deal. there is no diplomatic strategy from the trump administration. we need a diplomatic strategy. if he wants a better deal, he should propose one. >> harris: i don't know if you heard today, he said iran must abandon the nuclear ambitions and end support terrorism. he is calling other nations to be a part of this. let's go to rebecca before i have to let you go. >> i would just say one of the fatal flaws of the iran deal was that it focused strictly on the nuclear part to the exclusion of everything else that iranian
10:31 am
regime was doing. these are the words of the obama administration that said that they needed to incorporate missiles in the deal, and they were unable to do that. wendy sherman said to congress that we need to include missiles, the uranian's refuse, the russians took their defense. so missiles were not included. so what we've saw flying towards american bases, miss to them, my belief that they missed them on purpose, because they knew that that would not be worth the cost, but those same missiles were procured by the i ogc while the obama administration was negotiating the iran deal. we flush them with cash before they change the malign activities, so some of the cash went to things like missiles and terrorist activities. a spin on the latest assessment according to jennifer griffin at the pentagon from the pentagon is that there was a political decision taken in tehran not to kill any americans when you talk about the firepower missiles they use. we will move on, now questions
10:32 am
about the cause of a fiery plane crash outside of tehran, killing all 176 people on board. that jet went down just after iran's air strike inside iraq. now iran is freezing out the united states when it comes to the investigation. they are not giving up the black boxes. a live report next. ♪ newday has extended their call center hours to help every veteran refinance their mortgage at these near record low rates. one call can save you $2000 every year.
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♪ >> harris: white brought down a passenger jet in iran minutes after takeoff? carrying 176 people, came the same day that iran fired missiles in iraq. no one is saying there is a connection, the timing is being looked at. analyst telling the bbc that the airplane was heavily fragmented which means there was an intense impact on the ground or something happen in the sky. dan springer following all of
10:37 am
this from seattle. >> yes, no firm evidence as you said suggesting that the rocket attack from iran played a role in the deadly crash, but questions are being raised about the information that has come out and resume to a couple of days earlier, within hours of the deadly crash in tehran, officials from iran and ukraine said the cause was a mechanical problem, but ukraine has backed away from that statement. iran has not, but they say that they will not give the black box to boeing, the flight crashed 6 miles from the tehran airport. the data tracker shows that it climbed to about 8,000 feet, then lost all contact. within hours, some are speculating that it could've been iran that shot down the plane with the air missile defense by mistake and are trying to cover it up. the fuselage was in small pieces suggesting high-speed impact or an error explosion.
10:38 am
iran's transportation minister told the news agency there was a fire in one of the plane's engines, but no communication from the pilot supporting that. as for iran holding the black box, issuing the statement that they will continue to follow the incident closely and stand prepared to offer ukraine all possible assistance. here is the key, the united states calls for complete operation with any investigation into the cause of the crash. boeing is ready to assist whether it will be allowed to do so is a big question. >> harris: dan springer, thank you very much fred i want to bring in a former airline captain, former marine corps pilot and aeronautical engineer. good to see you today. your first thoughts about what is coming together. and nobody has access outside of them to the black boxes. >> my first thought was in watching the video of the aircraft in flames coming down out of the night sky before that
10:39 am
terrific explosion was no contact with the pilot. so when the pilot takes off, he is on radio number 1, going directly to the battery that tells me either the pilots were incapacitated or there was a total electrical failure that was unable to communicate even to yell out, i am hit. i have an explosion. i'm coming down. that is a significant first. and boeing does not do the evaluation of the black boxes. the ntsb does the evaluation, just because boeing built the aircraft, they don't get the access first with those black boxes. >> harris: there were no americans on board, they are not willing to hand over the black boxes to boeing, it is an american owned company. but if you are in canada, the 63 canada ends that were killed, you know that our team will do the job. >> they have an outstanding
10:40 am
investigating unit. >> harris: maybe they will give it to them. >> that's a problem. under the rules, the international civil aviation authority, they should be more cooperative. when we get all of this antagonism, missiles. when you talk about missiles being a factor in this, just remember the mistake of malaysian airlines flying through the ukraine area, and the mistake brought down an aircraft that was not initiated. what you have said between the united states missile attacks, so did someone within iran decide to use perhaps a shoulder held missile that will be good up to 15,000 feet and bring it down and cause a lot of international problems? >> harris: some viewers will watch this and say that is a lot of guessing. that is a lot of coming you
10:41 am
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>> hey everyone i'm trace gallagher. that nation striking two bases in iraq but president trump says it seems like iran is stepping back. we will get reaction from martha mcsally as she prepares for the senate everythin briefi. we will also speak with adam kinzinger and chrissy houlahan, all three who have served in the military and we will check in with them as part of a very busy "the daily briefing." >> may be they are too focused on impeachment to see what was happening, what iran was doing to america. i think we should put aside up impeachment. >> that's house minority leader
10:47 am
kevin mccarthy suggesting the situation with iran could force congress to put impeachment on the back burner. this is both political parties remaining at an impasse over the trial. mitch mcconnell says he has the votes to create rules for the impeachment trial and he doesn't need the democrats. those votes would include hearing the evidence or the trial would before voting on whether to call witnesses. mcconnell is insisting it's the same process that was used in the clinton impeachment. the majority leader says it's not apples to apples though. >> to say that they are doing the clinton rules, ai don't think it's exactly correct. if the situation was certainly different. in this case, the three or four witnesses under consideration, none of them testified under oath, or perhaps testified at all. >> bringing in our power panel,
10:48 am
kevin mccullough, radio host with salem media. leslie marshall, great to see you both. >> good to be here. >> thank you and happy new year to you both. leslie, are democrats losing the messaging on all of this, are they losing their way. >> quite frankly a ranch and put impeachment on the back corner because i believe and many of my party believes that as a nation we should come together. they should not be a political issue. but i said before that impeachment is not a political issue. speaker pelosi will not move forward based on the pole. those are two articles of impeachment, and they will send them to the senate but the senate will before they go forward. i believe they will do so with all witnesses. >> it's interesting that we are getting this kind of rhetoric
10:49 am
now because when this congress was empowered they specifically made room for trump administration's. they did away with the terrorism subcommittee on the foreign affairs committee so they can make room to investigate the president. i think the last two days have shown is killing terrorists and being careful with the enemies and guarded so that we have strong national security is actually pretty important, and may be at this thing called impeachment that didn't really seem to go anywhere, was not. >> harris: can i throw something into the mix? a senior source telling fox news that the speaker will send impeachment articles to the senate soon. that senior person asking where is the push, the source indicating that the source can continue to hold off for a while but probably not, probably soon.
10:50 am
>> she has always said and maintains that once they send the votes over the senate makes the rules. >> so its time, like tomorrow? >> well i haven't seen when the rules are but i do think that regardless of this, left or right, and regardless quite frankly who is president, you have to pause, take a breath and say okay, what's happening with iran. there have been some accidents and decisions, - -- b6 that gives the senate and house pause which would limit the presidents warmaking powers. democrats in both chambers seem undeterred. watch. >> i will get a floor vote on the question of whether we should allow the president to escalate a out war against iran on his own. and i would put every one of the
10:51 am
100 members on the record on that proposition. >> the president's actions last week have sent off an avalanche of chaos. to that end of the house plans this week to vote on a war powers resolution to reconfirm congress' oversight responsibilities. >> harris: house minority whip steve scalise hit back pointing to old legislation sponsored by then senator joe biden. >> i would suggest speaker pelosi go back and look at what th joe biden filed. especially against terrorists. >> harris: pelosi in the thick of it from now, impeachment toward power. >> in the summer we had ro khanna and put forth a distillation very similar to this. iran is a different enemy if you
10:52 am
will and i don't think it's wrong especially if you have some on the right who support this action. and that should be done on the bipartisan level. >> it appears that this is exactly what has happened. all the rest of this is noise. they are talking about things that didn't materialize, it didn't occur. we didn't attack iran and didn't get onto their sovereign sore, soil, and it couldn't have gone better. >> harris: a good discussion. the dow is up while oil prices have leveled off for the moment. what it all means for our wall wallet.
10:53 am
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10:57 am
do not need middle east oil. >> harris: president trump just fitting the facts there about america's energy independence. front and center now come the issue of the economic effect after the iran missile strike. the dow is up 170 points and oil prices have leveled off while tensions are easing. still, warnings have been issued to ships across the middle east about possible iranian action specifically in the strait of hormuz which sees about 20% of the world's crude oil trade. i want to bring and now my friend ashley webster who looks at this very closely from the fox business network. actually, the president, and i said is this fax? and you said absolutely. >> absolutely. think of the events that happened in the past 48 hours. in the past years back oil price would have just gone through the roof. the markets would have tanked and this would have been a
10:58 am
completely different scenario but we did see oil jump in the overnight after these attacks from iran, but then they quickly settle down. why? because the united states has energy independence. if you want to argue that point i would say energy insulation. we have plenty of them there and we have been cranking it out and they are not as effective as they used to be in the old days when an explosion went off in the middle east. boom, oil was up by ten bucks. >> harris: iran denies it had tankers in the spirit of hormuz, so we could do it again. i know they deny it. your thoughts? >> the straight of hormuz it's critical, it's what they call a choke point. they made an appeal to other countries in europe and around the world, trying to wean themselves off of middle eastern oil. some can do it and some can't
10:59 am
but in america we are so energy rich in this country and since the president has been in office he's done everything he can to increase that. the fractures frak away. it gives us peace of mind. >> harris: it's interesting. i wrote down what you said it, energy insulation. that as the president goes on with his maximum pressure. she helped right some of that for president trump, that maximum pressure and that continues to give us some insulation for applying leverage around the world. >> it does and let's be honest, the sanctions and that maximum pressure has really hurt iran's exports of oil anyway so they have become less and less of a player. the danger becomes, did they target saudi arabia as they did several months ago? those are the things that can see oil spike but again it comes
11:00 am
back to the united states is pumping plenty of oil, plenty of crude here and not as impacted as much. and for the viewers who don't pay such high gas prices. >> thank you so much. i'm harris, ears trace with the "the daily briefing." >> trace: top officials on capitol hill this afternoon breaking lawmakers on iran. the briefing coming a day after iranian struck back for the killing of one of its top generals. i am trace gallagher in for dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." ♪ >> trace: at the iranians heading to iraq he military bases that housed american troops but president trump a short time ago saying no americans or iraqis were hurt in the strikes. the president also saying it looks like iran is standing down and once again, defending his decision to take out the gener


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