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tv   Fox Report with Jon Scott  FOX News  January 12, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> alive? spit thanks to kee pete, tyrus, kat, i love you, you america. [cheering] [applause] chris: nine president trump has a strong word saying the world is watching. as it continues for a second day in tehran and over the downing of a jetliner. i am jon scott and this is the fox report. ♪ ♪ an incredible act of defiance, video showing students at a university in tehran refusing to step on american and israeli flags on the streets. directing their anger instead toward the reigning government. demonstrators are calling for the country's supreme leader to step down after the nation's military admitted to accidentally shooting down ukrainian plane killing all 176 people on board.
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the president of ukraine calling on those responsible to be held accountable. we have fox team news coverage kevin corke is at the white house but we will start with greg in kiev. >> hi jon, we are tracking a second day of dramatic protests and i run, all triggered by the takedown of that ukrainian airline plane various current reforms in video showing when there's heavily armed presidents on tyrone at the university campuses as a square, as well as other cities in iran. the protest not just in the shooting down for the three-day cover-up by authorities. there are reports of dramatic calls for his resignation of the ukrainian leader and other activists chanting the government is lying when it says the enemy is america. in their words they say, our enemy is here. there are other unconfirmed videos showing the tearing down of government posters by
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protesters. the regime is still trying to cover from its mishandling of this incident. an official of iran's revolutionary guard says this is a quote he has never been so embarrassed in his entire life. this is clearly a hugely politically damaging mistake. there were over 140 iranian or iranian dual nationals onboard and killed. many were students many lived in canada, this is another reason the iranian government is such a target of these protesters. here in ukraine the government is looking for an international investigation. their immediate priority is the identification and return of 11 ukrainians who were on board and killed. including nine flight crew members. and finally there is a new report that eight rockets were fired at the ballade airbase, 50 miles north of baghdad in iraq where u.s. troops are housed. for iraqi soldiers are yet to
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be hurt. there is no way this region is ready to settle down. thank you greg. jon: for more and the white house reaction we are going to kevin live from the north line. >> good evening jon we have seen the president reach out and uses powerful social media platform to speak directly to the iranian people encouraging them to show courage in the face of tierney. we've also seen him warn the regime and naturally stood out today, the president using not just english but farsi today to make sure his message was direct, not just to the people but to the root iranian regime. in english it read to the leaders of a run to not kill your protesters, all caps, that thousands have been killed and imprisoned by you and the world is watching, more importantly usa is watching. turn your internet back on the let your reporters roam free, stop killing your people. there been protests across the country for months but the downing of that airliner sparks a new wave of tens of
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thousands taking to the streets to express their frustration and calling for the ayatollah to resign. the cleanup following the missile strike that down the jetliner, number of university students who'd been studying abroad onboard struck a nerve onboard throughout the country. but to hear some tilt this is just the latest example of the power of the iranian people yearning to be free. >> it's telling you that the desire for freedom as iran is palatable. it strong, i've known this for four years. maria and i were in albania, remember we told you all about it and i brought pictures back people people who worked with the iranian dissident groups who have brought a lot of this about. these protests have been going on for two and half to three years. i happen to enter and 78 cities in iran people people have been killed and more people come back in protest. nurses are protesting, sanitation workers are protesting. iran is be on the brink of being overthrown. if our state department would wake up. would wake up.
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>> rudy giuliani with attorney for the president of the united states. meanwhile the white house the tweets and farsi is just part of the strategic messaging to show that iranian people for the all the differences between our respective government since 1979, there is solidarity here with the iranian people. we do expect a very busy week here at the white house including wednesday, which is homey expect the phase i china trade deal to be signed. of course i will be here for you for that. but now to you. jon: kevin corke that the white house thinking very much. coming up we will look at the unrest in iran by looking at the root causes and how this is causing movement against the regime. it all happens right here on the fox report ten minutes from now. we are learning tonight the names tonight of two paratroopers killed by roadside bomb on the left side of your screen private first class mcdowell via loan of joliet illinois. his 21 years old.
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on the right side staff sgt ian mclaughlin he was 21 and father of four from newport virginia. they were killed in the province when their vehicles struck an ied the taliban claims responsibility. changes to the g.i. bill going into effect. anyone who has served for more than 16 years can no longer pass on free college tuition to their families. there were previously no restrictions on transferring those benefits to children or spouses. the defense department made the change in 2018. the u.s. could expel more than a dozen saudi nationals taking part in a foreign military training program. this afternoon investigation into last month's deadly shooting at a naval air station in pensacola florida or service audi member shot and killed three american sailors. christina coleman is live in los angeles with more on that. >> jon, we just learned attorney general william barr and fbi director will hold a
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press conference tomorrow afternoon at the department of justice to announce the findings of the criminal investigation into the naval base shooting. as of now, some of the saudi servicemember set to be expelled reportedly have ties to extremist groups and others are accused of having child pornography. the individuals expected to be removed from the country are not believed to aid in the saudi sword servicemember accuse the december 6 shooting. this according to an fbi investigation that reportedly found extreme rhetoric to an online communication among some of the students. according to the washington post, review sound found several students that to be expelled may have felt he ripped ports of the gunman's alarming behavior leading up to the shooting. gun watch videos of mass shootings at a party he hosted prior to the deadly rampage up and the name of a base. the pentagon tells news to restrict those students to classroom training is still in effect will u.s. officials
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review security measures. national security adviser robert o'brien set on fox news sunday this morning, the decision to expel saudi students is all about safety. >> i think we are being very careful. i think pensacola showed there have been airs in the ways we vetted and i think out of an abundance of costs and caution we need to protect her servicemen and women. three american sailors and eight others were injured when 21-year-old saudi air force second lieutenant mohammed's ied open fire on the pensacola naval station on december 6. the fbi has been investigating the case as possible terrorism after authorities discovered anti- american writings by the gunman who was killed by responding sheriff deputies during the december 6 attack on the naval base. again, the findings of the criminal investigation into the shooting is expected to be announced tomorrow afternoon at the department of justice. jon. jon: we will have that live i am sure. christina thank you.
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amid trade war tensions washington plans to permanently stop using small civilian drones for u.s. government agencies like the interior department. according to the financial times, the interior department believes there is a high risk of beijing using those drones to spy. these devices are at least partially made in china. meanwhile, the trade deal with beijing seems to be moving forward. china's trade delegation is supposed to head to washington tomorrow to sign phase one of the deal. meanwhile in hong kong demonstrators are preparing for next week's anti-communist march. earlier, thousands of people gathered in the city center to rehearse. organizers say the are calling on the international community sanction the hong kong government for not responding for greater democracy. controversial extradition bill sparked unrest for the last seven months. the bill was officially withdrawn, but that is failed to stop the protest. the philippines on edge tonight after a volcanic eruption forced evacuations
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and prompted the manila airport to suspend flights. the volcano is erecting about 40 miles south of the philippine capital. the smoke and ash stretching nearly 10 miles into the air. officials more in a more dangerous eruption could be close behind. cooler temperatures in australia this week are giving crews new leverage to fight back against deadly bushfires there. the flames have killed nearly 30 people so far including at least four firefighters. on top of that millions of animals are feared dead. this is australia's prime minister calls for an inquiry into the government's response to the fires, saying it could have been handled better. >> there has been a deep scar in the landscape that has been left to right our country. but i am also reminded the government of the very real scars that will be there for quite a period of time to come for those who have been exposed to the trauma of these bushfires. speak tonight many a-list
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celebrities are lending a hand helping hand as well. frederick serena williams, will our participate in next submission match to raise funds for the relief effort. severe weather leaving widespread destruction. high winds and heavy rain zone the deaths of 11 people including 21st responders. the devastating storms leaving hundreds of thousands of people without power from texas to ohio. jackie heinrich has the latest. jackie. >> while jon destruction stands a huge swath of the south and the weird weather that brought those unseasonable tornadoes is continuing tonight with record breaking warm temperatures in the northeast. officials have accounted for 11 related deaths in five states. iowa, oklahoma, texas, louisiana, and -- drowning, falling trees, car crashes.
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and ef2 tornado lifted our tornado off its base and flinging it several hundred feet scaling to elderly. they search through mud looking for survivors. in a nearby town an elderly man was killed when a tree fell in his house. in a second tornado in alabama killed three people. state officials say the twister was embedded in a long line of intense thunderstorms. arkansas had a lot of damage as well. >> sounded like a freight train coming over the top of us. had a bunch of powerlines, trees down in the road, trees on the houses. >> the shed you see mangled to my left is previously over-the-top of that combine in the trucks that are here. >> in ohio the national weather service confirmed two more tornadoes. a really unusual thing for january. in the last 50 years they have been just six january tornadoes in ohio. in other parts in oklahoma man drowning floodwaters were trying to get out of his stalled truck.
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and in texas a man was killed on friday when his car was flipped into a creek during severe thunderstorms. in missouri, kansas, in texas, raising rain made for bad driving conditions. to responders were killed while working on another scene. but in the northeast unseasonably warm weather, boston reached 72 degrees smashing the record hi there. people in windsurfing and walked around like it was spring. new york city was to reach 68 grease. this is all causing high winds in upstate new york and flights continue to be impacted tonight with more than 2700 delays nationwide in three to 50 cancellations. jon: it did spill like spring today in new york city. over on capitol hill's house speaker nancy policy is preparing to meet with her caucasus week to set up a formal vote on transmitting the articles of impeachment to the u.s. senate. mark is live in washington with more than that.
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>> good evening jon after week seven certainty it appears the house is about ready to send the impeachment articles over to the senate and we expect to vote on them matter this week. the house impeached president trump back on december 18. since in house speaker has sent held off sending those charges, she says it's now up to individual senators to make sure of a fair trial. >> dismissing is a cover up if they want to go that route again, there are senators thinking now that voting for witnesses or not, they will have to be accountable for not having a fair trial. >> senate majority leader for mitch mcconnell site is not ruling out allowing witnesses to testify, but he wants to start the trial now and then decide witnesses later. democrats say president want should what witnesses to come forth. >> in a republican-controlled senate, i can't think of any reason he would not want folks like secretary of state pompeo our national security adviser
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john bolton who were in the room, who were on the e-mail chain, that know what happened to come to the senate, testify, and claire's name. >> the president told fox news friday he may invoke presidential privilege to block testimony of some aides. meanwhile the trial is expected to engulf schedules for weeks to come. and it may impact the 2020 presidential race. all are sitting senators and potential jurors who are also running for senate. kevin mccarthy told maria on sunday morning futures the timing of a trial may benefit one candidate in particular. >> the iowa caucus is on february 3. bernie sanders is in first place. what this does, this benefits joe biden. this harms senator sanders who was in first place and could become their nominee. because he will be stuck in a chair, because nancy pelosi held the papers, different than what she said to the american public why she had to
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move so urgently. >> it's unclear how a trial may impact president trump schedule he is expected to deliver state of the union address in little more than three weeks from now. jon: thank you mark. the battle royale across the pond. how the house of windsor will respond this week to the so-called megs it. first though we are going back to our top story on iran. with the unrest means for the regime there and how far washington will go in the face of t ron's provocations. ♪ ♪
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. jon: thousands taking to the street and ironic over the stunning admission over it mistakenly shot down a ukrainian jetliner killing all 176 people on board. the ongoing unrest is somewhat familiar scene for a regime that has faced opposition since it came to power after the 1979 revolution. somehow though, it has always managed to recover. warren blanchard explains.
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>> after the rot iranian revolution protest against the islamic republic continues. the long history of clashes have a common theme. unrest over a poor economy and corruption. protest taking over tehran after the iranian government finally admitted they shot down the ukrainian passenger plane. however these protests are nothing new. most notably in 2009, the eye iranian protesters clash with the government over what they saw was a rigged reelection of the president. hundreds of thousands marched, hundreds were arrested. so from 2017 to 2018 we saw economic protest. where they demanded freedom from the government, mostly by activists. dozens died. this past november what started as a protest against rising gas prices turned violent. in the latest round of sanctions announced last week, the state department said they were going after ti iranian officials who quote are
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complicit in a recent murders of around 1500 iranians, protesting for freedom. the president tweeted saturday in solidarity with the protesters quote there cannot be another massacre of peaceful protesters ignoring internet shut down. the world is watching. the trump administration sanctions have crippled iran's economy in an effort to restart nuclear negotiations. the poor economy has led to continued unrest among iran's citizens. and although the trump administration has said they are not interested in regime change, the protesters trent president trump is supporting our calling for just that. jon. jon: thank you. joining us now dave leventhal politics editor in senior integrity. we are once again seeing a round of antigovernment protests in my round that is nothing short of extraordinary here. >> it really is, there have
3:23 pm
been protests of this sort before. the one thing you must remember as i ron's government has shown over the past 40 plus years and has a durability to. why does it have a durability? often times when faced with protests such as these it is willing to take violence against its own people. not only jail them, injure them or even kill them. so it's a very tenuous time right now yet again and i round with protests against the government. we are waiting right now to see what kind of steps, or even blood he steps will be taken against the people brave enough to stand up against his government. jon: some of the servers stop the killing of general pseudo- money would somehow cause the uranian people to rally behind their own government. but clearly after the shootdown of this jetliner, that is not happening. >> it is an incredibly fluid situation and confusing one too. there are many people among the tens and tens of millions of iranians who live in my ron who do support the regime. but the same time to you have
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protesters and many people who feel it is time for them to go, or at least moderate their approach to situations like this when the government flat out lied about the shootdown of this ukraine jets that was going to key avenue. and it had dozens of canadian citizens on board in addition to people from iran and elsewhere. it is something that is been incredibly troublesome all across the world, but in as ron as well for the iranian people. jon: if you look back at what is transpired over the last four years it's hard to think that relations could be anything but frosty. starting with the u.s. embassy see in november 79 saw 52 americans taken hostage. then the bombing of the beirut marine barracks in 83 that killed more than 300 people. september of 2019, i ron's drone attacks on the saudi oil facility, and over time at least 600 troops killed by
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iran back to militias in iraq since 2003. is there any chance, do you see of the u.s. government mending fences with the current iranian government? or is that government going to have to go away before things with iran get better? >> it is entirely possible that relations will get worse before they get better. there is a number of reasons for that the u.s. sanctions being put on ironic new, and to the general feeling among still many people and iran that the united states, and their opinion is the great satan. it's a term we have heard for decades for my ron. they want death to america. they went death to israel and u.s. allies as well. it's going to be a situation where diplomacy, number one may be a little bit off, number two there is a concern that this is not over from a military standpoint. that iran, particularly through its proxy such as
3:26 pm
hezbollah and militias and operations in iraq, could still try to attempt to do damage to the united states interest, and even the united states soldiers and people as a result of the conflict that is taken place over the past many days. jon: you mentioned the new round of sanctions, the treasury secretary was on with maria today elaborated on what is involved here. >> what the new executive order, we have very, very strong authorities across all of the industries, including in this executive authority it gave both myself and secretary pompeo the authority to target additional sectors as needed. and maria, this is all about cutting off money, oil sales, other revenue that would be funding their terrorist activities and their nuclear weapons development. so we continued still allow for humanitarian transaction with iran. jon: it's hard to believe
3:27 pm
there is anything left to be sanctioned, but the u.s. government found more. chris: mack sanctions are very complex they can be against governments or individuals. the united states basically has a whole lot of different tactics that it can have at his disposal when it comes to sanctioning different parts of the country. and obviously it's using them right now. so the pressure has been on, the pressure continues to go on, and it's becoming very difficult also to for the people of iran and the sense that the basics of life, the necessities of life like bread, food, staples, those are the ones that are also going up and price to a significant degree. and one has to wonder in that regard if that's going to add internal pressure to get the government of iran to do things differently than they have before. jon: those people on the street say they want to new government let's hope they get one. thank you dave.
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the royal ruckus at buckingham palace. there'll be a family meeting this week after prince harry and meghan markel dropped a major bomb on the house of windsor. how she plans to protect her legacy, next. ♪ ♪ y for what you need. wow. thanks, zoltar. how can i ever repay you? maybe you could free zoltar? thanks, lady. taxi! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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3:33 pm
may join that meeting via telephone from canada. and today we did see the monarch at church, 93 years old. it has been a turbulent six months with all of the fallout from her sons prince andrew's friendship with the late jeffrey epstein, and now this. and then of course the reported drift between prince's william and harry, london times william recently told his friend i have put my arm around my brother all of our lives, i can't do that anymore. we are separate entities. william also reportedly said he is sad about that and once everyone to play on the team. meantime the british public is quite split when it comes to the future plans and how they went about announcing it wednesday. it's fair to say some are offended that the young couple seems to be turning its back, at least to an extent on britain and the firm so soon after their lavish wedding celebration. >> i think it's a bit rich that they got married, they are senior royals, and now all of a sudden it's been paid for
3:34 pm
and it's done and now they don't want to be here anymore. you can't just be a royal and then just decide not to be. >> they are young couple and she should have known what she was getting into. if she wants to be out of the limelight there's ways to do it. this video resurfaced over the weekend and went viral on sunday it appears to show harry asking disney for voiceover work for megan. likely issues to be discuss our guidelines on what sort of work harry and meghan can and cannot really do in the future. the monarchy is supposed to be above politics. but harry and meghan have been known to express political views in the past. so i would say, jon, stay tuned. jon: thank you amy. for more let's bring in our royals experts emily smith editor of the page six column at the new york post. so let's take a step back to
3:35 pm
when this all started on wednesday, the couple put out a statement that said, this is actually on instagram so they're going to social media. we intend to step back a senior members of the royal family and work to become financially independent while continuing to fully support that her majesty the queen. we plan to balance her time between the united kingdom and north america, continuing to honor our duties to the queen, the commonwealth and her patronage. what is the back story here? >> the back story is that harry had talked prior to this and charles said he wanted in writing. nine harry was worried about that because it might leak and the queen had said you have to talk to charles first, but we have to iron out the details so let's sit down and we will do it and iron out the details. and then on wednesday, the uk newspaper had some details than so there was a leak and the sun got it. and they knew harry and meghan wanted to step back. so when that story came out, harry and meghan decided to go live with their announcement.
3:36 pm
and the shock was that they only gave the palace ten minutes to advise they're going to make the announcement. jon: so buckingham palace responded to the instagram posting with this statement. discussions with the duke and duchess of sussex are at an early stage. we understand their desire to take an different approach. these are complicated issues that will take time to work through. kind of a smack down if you will. buckingham palace is none too pleased with this. >> no reading between the lines the queen is not amused. the word is it's complicated. that's the most important part and it will take time. so they can just not talked about the new meeting tomorrow, and how much they can hash out in one day. it will be difficult, it will be very difficult. jon: harry is back in london for an audience with the queen but they have been staying in canada for the last several weeks over the holidays. and you have an exclusive
3:37 pm
report today in page six who they provided this for them. frank is used to canadian billionaire. >> yes he is the billionaire and a philanthropist fist what interesting about the houses harry and meghan refused to reveal who had lent them this house and whether they paid for it or not. and they have been there for more than six weeks. normally with the royals you're supposed to declare these things because you cannot take political or personal favors. but they had not said anything at all about it. so the neighbors started speculating it was a russian billionaire. but it is frank. he is a very well-known philanthropist used helps refugees and the homeless, but he is also have been some controversy because it is very close to bill clinton particularly. in 2005 he went on trip with him and then shortly "after words" he announced he invested in three uranian mines after meeting with the nation's premier.
3:38 pm
his name must've come up in the job e-mails and 2016 having funded a charity for haiti through the prince's foundation. >> so how difficult are megan and harry going to find it to earn their own keep and make their own way in the world? >> this is going to the boring us of all issues. because they are not supposed to be political they cannot have political ties. royals cannot accept gifts. and also, there are certain work they are not supposed to do. you're not supposed to work for companies or do paid appearances. and if they want to be financially independent, if they really do they're going to have to do some of those things. so it's what they can negotiate with the queen and the palace going forward. and again, they do have the big meeting with the queen tomorrow but i cannot imagine it will be settled and sorted, and everybody will be happy by 5:00 o'clock teatime. jon: i believe harry knows how to fly a helicopter and those
3:39 pm
jobs pay very well. thanks very much emily smith from new york post. tuesday supposed democratic debate stage is set and the only candidate of color that made the last debate is putting his party unnoticed. why and your gang is calling on the dnc to change their on the dnc to change their debate qualifications. malco
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3:44 pm
meanwhile a flurry of campaign is in iowa where the first nation caucuses are less than a month away. among the high-profil profile appearances peter ducey has more from des moines iowa. peter. >> jon, the primary is mostly been polite until today because bernie sanders is taking on two different rivals, or to different reasons. most recently elizabeth warren as political reports of sums volunteered for working off of a script and reaching out to undecided iowans where they were be instructed to say that warning is a candidate who mostly appealed to the effluent and could not expand the base. >> i was disappointed to hear that bernie is sending his volunteers out to trash me. bernie knows me, and has known me for a long time. but he knows who i am, where i
3:45 pm
come from, what i have worked on and fought for. i hope bernie reconsiders and turns his campaign in a different direction. being a. >> a few hours after that sanders in iowa said his hands are clean. >> i think there's a little bit of a media blow up. elizabeth ward is a very good friend of mine, we have worked together in the senate for years. elizabeth warren and i will continue to work together and debate the issues. no one is trashing. >> well, the sanders team is alice so after joe biden today senior advisers are saying it's appalling that after 18 years joe biden refuses to admit he was dead wrong on the iraq war. and biden himself is been silent on that.
3:46 pm
>> i think that bernie regrettably is distorting joe's record in the following sense that he doesn't have what joe biden has, which is eight years of sitting on the national security council demonstrating his judgment. >> president trump is watching this with great interest, he tweeted today wow, crazy bernie sanders is surging in the polls looking very good against his opponents in the do-nothing party. so what does this all mean? stay tuned. sanders says it means you are going to lose. and there is a bunch going back and forth in the democratic field. if anybody wanted taken up with arrival in person, they can do it here in des moines on tuesday and the final debate before the caucuses. p9 how did we conduct politics before twitter. thank you very much peter in des moines. new york congress woman not winning fans in her own party because her donations to the house democratic campaign are amounting to a big goose egg.
3:47 pm
nothing. instead aoc is building her own funding operation to supposedly help her fellow progressive bypassed the infrastructure. >> i mean it's pretty nuts, $250,000 for a freshman. can you imagine being 30 years old and getting a bill for $250,000? represent of alexander cortez is angered her party establishment yet again by refusing to pay dues to the democratic congressional campaign committee. >> i still have 20 grand in student loan debt. i am working on some things here. >> it's not just repaying debts, moments after this interview with fox news d triple c made clear they will blacklist anyone who helps progressive candidates like me. i can choose not to find that kind of exclusion. instead, cortez is raising money for her own practice as democrats and another packed a
3:48 pm
brand-new congress. both are a new digital age packs of powering the far left through small donations and breaking the party's dependence on corporate donations from fundraisers like the d triple c and speaker nancy pelosi. brand-new congress is further threaten the status quo by grueling more than 30 candidates to run for the primaries. >> 70% of americans live in a safe blue seat or safe red sea. set means the only choice they have realistically is in their primary election. and the idea that we should take democracy away from people is one that i fundamentally disagree with. >> that disagreement can move the party further left. the movement overall is thanks to decentralized money, thanks to a lot of other factors, candidates like cortez and bernie sanders are the new face of the democratic party in a lot of ways. >> this fragmentation it's happening among democrats also happened with republicans when they held the house. but the tea party and the
3:49 pm
freedom caucus were leaders in both parties made governing or herding cats more difficult. in washington fox news. chris: nine hollywood titans are in santa monica california tonight for the second to major awards a show of the season. up next, the top nominees of the 2020 critic choice award. ♪ ♪ keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. i
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. jon: hollywood award season is in full swing and right now tinseltown's brightest stars are in santa monica california for the 25th annual critics choice awards. this year's host actor taye diggs. according to the hollywood reporter the top nominated films are the irishmen leading the pack with 14 nods, followed by quintile tina's once upon a time in hollywood with 12. and greta's little women is third with nine nominations. the golden globes making a big reveal announcing comedians amy fuller and tina fey will be back as host next year. the comic duo have started in a number of box office hits together including mean girls, baby mama, and sisters. this will be the fourth time fay and poehler have hosted
3:54 pm
the golden globes having last hosted in 2015. faye is a two-time golden globes winter for his role in rock. parks and recreation. a japanese billionaires taking a search for love to some incredible new heights. 44-year-old you socko will be the first private customer taking a trip around the moon aboard elon musk's placed space s roxette. now is taking applications for a woman to join him. according to the website applicants must have a brights personality and be interested in going into space. the billionaire will choose a partner by the end of march. more bad news for the pats. the patriots julian edelman was arrested last night, how he ended up behind bars, next. ♪ ♪ [sneeze and sniffles]
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3:59 pm
back to enjoying the outdoors. new england patriots are julian edelman arrested in california last night on suspicion of misdemeanor vandalism. place had a wide receiver jumped on the hood of a car on a commercial block in beverly hills. edelman was released on a high citation and is due in court april 13. the california native was named mvp after the patriots 2019 super bowl victory. and there is a new face in the pro football hall of fame. former puts pittsburgh steelers was named last night. the name took the 62-year-old by surprise the president and ceo david baker delivered the message on air during an nfl pregame show. cowher coached first 15 seasons and led them to ten playoff of parents as including a super bowl victory in 2006. and that's how fox reports on this sunday, january 212, 2020
4:00 pm
and jon scott will see you again this that next weekend. chris: 's president trump says iran seems to be standing down in his decision to take out his top general. and he is offering tyrone both carrots and sticks. ♪ ♪ >> of the united states is ready to embrace peace with all who seek it. >> we believe the sanctions we imposed today's further that strategic objective. chris: but does the president had a strategy that works? >> as long as i'm president of the united states, iran will never be allowed to have a nuclear weapon. chris: we will discuss the state of relations with iran and the prospects for peace with robert o'brien, the national white hou


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