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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  January 13, 2020 6:00am-9:00am PST

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>> two weeks of may, january 25th, i will be talking about more on fox nation, live at the space in west bay. go to . >> bill: fox news alert out of tehran, reports of her on live ammunition and tear gas at protesters in the streets throughout the country. antigovernment demonstrations spreading there, aimed at their leadership over the downing of a passenger jet from last week, as we say good morning on a monday. brand-new become a special week. i'm bill hemmer live here in new york city. hope you had an awesome week. are you doing? >> sandra: good morning to you, bill. good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. law enforcement repeatedl repory firing on crowds. plenty of action back here at home. >> if you look at what's happening on the ground today, you have just yesterday in tehran and other cities,
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iranians chanting "death to the ayatollah." "we don't think america is our enemy." >> people are fed up with this regime. if they want to maintain a modern country and economy, they have to come to the table. >> there's an impact on the economy and the resources available as a result the maximum pressure campaign. >> bill: rick leventhal begins our coverage, he is live in jerusalem today. rick, hello. >> good morning, bill and sandra. it started as candlelit vigils, but the crowds grew angry at the iranian regime after the government admitted it shot down that ukrainian passenger plane. and then the iranian government responded with force. riot police sending demonstrators running from tear gas and live bullets at tehran university. freedom square and beyond. reports that some civilians were shot, with pools of blood on the ground. when mourning turned to "death
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to the dictator" and "death to liars," security forces shut it down. president trump tweeting at them in farsi and english, "don't kill your protesters. thousands killed and imprisoned so far in the world is watching. more importantly, the united states is watching. reconnect the internet and let reporters move freely. stop killing the great people of iran." the iranian government spokesman criticizing what he called the president's crocodile tears. translator: the people of iran will not forget that this is the same person that threatened to bomb 62 cultural sites in iran after killing the most beloved general of this country. right now the roots of the main social, economic, and dietary problems of the iranian people are the inhumane sanctions this person has put upon us. >> also yesterday, remarkable images of most demonstrators avoiding american and israeli
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flags on the street, stepping on the colors has been sublimate cd as a sign of disrespect. yesterday the people chanted, "the u.s. is not our enemy." we now have video of damages at al-assad air place , hours after the iranian start on the plane. no one was hurt in the strikes. u.s. officials say they are open to talks with iranian leadership in hopes of finding a peaceful way forward. back to you. >> bill: thank you for that, from jerusalem. thank you, sir. back here at home now. >> sandra: house speaker nancy pelosi expected to send the articles of impeachment to the senate this week, ending a standoff with republicans after failing to secure concessions she demanded along the way, including witness testimony. pelosi defending the delay. >> i have always said i would send them over. so there shouldn't be any mystery to that. we did want, though, and we think we accomplished in the past few weeks, is that we want to the public to see the need
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for witnesses, witnesses were first-hand knowledge of what happened. >> sandra: what happens next is anybody's guess. griff jenkins is live in washington with more. griff, good morning. >> good morning, sandra. speaker pelosi finally sending the articles to the senate, with a warning to majority leader mitch mcconnell that dismissal would be tantamount to a cover-up. mcconnell says he has the votes to start this child. it is not ruled out calling witnesses. either way, speaker pelosi expressed confidence in our case. >> we are confident in the impeachment and we think it's enough testimony to remove him from office. however, want the american people to see the truth. why are they afraid of the truth? >> topping democrats' a list of witnesses is the former national security advisor john bolton, indicating he will appear if subpoenaed. meanwhile, the president is saying they should dismiss things, tweeting "many believe that by the senate giving credence to a trial based on no evidence, no crime, no pressure
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impeachment hoax, rather than an outright dismissal, gives the partisan democrat witch hunt credibility that otherwise not have. i agree." as for time income art schedule is unclear, but we know pelosi began things at the caucus meeting expected to be followed soon by a floor vote to transmit the articles and naming the house managers. then they will be escorted across capital. depending on what mcconnell does, a lengthy trial could keep five of the 2020 democratic candidates off the campaign trail. sanders, amy klobuchar, elizabeth warren, cory booker, our would-be jurors. some, like house majority leader kevin mccarthy, even suggesting it's intended to hurt sanders, who leads and release dates. other asking where the president may consider postponing. >> sandra: give us a lot to talk about as we begin a brand-new week. griff jenkins, thank you. >> bill: let's bring in byron york, from the "washington examiner" and a fox news contributor. how are you doing? good day to you. you file it three days ago, it's
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called "pelosi caves." make your case. >> she caved because she cam gae you and i will send the articles without having gotten what she said she wanted. go back to december 18th, the night the house and impeach the president. pelosi comes out afterwards and says, "we are going to send articles right now until we know the senate will be having a fair trial." she has received no such assurances from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, who infects that there would be no "haggling" with the house about the senate trial, because the senate controls that. basically she says, "we have a public relations victory, we've increased awareness of the need for witnesses." but she didn't get a say in the structure of the trial that she wanted. >> bill: one of those points there seems to be what she and chuck schumer are saying, that they've made the point you can dismiss this out of hand.
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they believe they've made the case stronger for witnesses. do you think that's the case? >> i think democrats are going to make that case in any event. they began making that case when the whole issue was still in the house. remember, the key decision here was the house democrats' decision not to try and compel the testimony of john bolton and others. didn't even subpoena john bolton. did not pursue anybody in court with the kind of litigation that was needed to be done. they could have started some of this litigation months ago. might have had decisions by now. but they chose not to do it. that really set the tone for their demand when it got to the senate that the senate must be the one to call the witnesses. >> bill: so if they vote on wednesday, i think it's four full weeks since they voted to impeach back on the 18th of december. with regard to the president, he went on twitter over the weekend suggesting adam schiff or nancy pelosi should be called as witnesses. i guess if you go that route
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it's a possibility. >> [laughs] we've reached the stage where the speaker of the house and the president of the united states are trolling each other. if you watch the speaker's interview yesterday, she said, "no matter what happens, the president is impeached for life. impeached forever." clearly an effort to get under his skin. also, kind of an admission that that's probably as far as this is going to go. that is not going to be convictd in the senate. for his part, the president not suggesting maybe the whole thing should be dismissed, but he's going to be pushing hard that, if there are witnesses, the witnesses have to include hunter biden or the whistleblower or somebody the president says is important to his case. >> bill: last point, there's a campaign well under way. you heard what griff jenkins referred to a moment ago. here's kevin mccarthy over the weekend with maria, this theory about delaying the trial and
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hurting such and such candidates. he makes a good point here, watch. >> this is the dirty little secret nobody is talking about, why the speaker held these papers. because they had found out, they had cheated senator bernie sanders from the opportunity to become the nominee. they are doing the exact same thing right now. the iowa caucus is on sugary third. bernie sanders is in first place. what this does is benefits joe biden. >> bill: this theory is out there. it's a different circles in iowa and washington. do you buy it, or is it to cover by half? >> we cannot say with the intent is behind this. but the reality is if the senate trial starts it will most likely be going over the iowa caucuses on february 3rd and even maybe the new hampshire primary on february the 11th. senator mcconnell, who will run this thing, says he will run the trial six days a week. all senators have to be in the senate chamber at their desk listening to the case.
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that is going to keep bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and amy klobuchar and cory booker all off the campaign trail for six days a week. that's going to have a clear effect on these democratic primaries. >> bill: think you, byron. good to get your analysis today. byron york and d.c., thank you. sandra? >> sandra: more in this threat the morning. andy biggs of the house judiciary committee will be my guess about 20 minutes from now. stay tune for that. chad pergram notes in his notes this morning, tuesday is the pivotal day this week. house democrats, the caucus get together tomorrow morning. we will see what nancy pelosi does next. >> bill: on that last point, by reference, bill clinton's trial with 37 days. can you imagine what that would do to the candidacies of so many pushing in iowa and new hampshire, and we returned super tuesday? it could change the game. stand by, 10 minutes past the hour now. >> sandra: fox news alert meanwhile, iran, and growing outrage over the downing that passenger plane. here at home, administration officials defending the
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air strike that killed general soleimani, amid questions about the fit to american embassies. retired four-star general jack keane will take that on next, plus this. >> i was disappointed to hear that bernie is sending his volunteers out to trash me. we all saw the impact of the fact dualism in 2016 >> bill: getting hot and i would. bernie sanders denying those charges that he sent his campaign workers out to trash her campaign. how will this feud play out in the final weeks? brand-new pulling we will show you today. >> sandra: are you following it? ththe show down over megxit. queen elizabeth order and your family to find a way to keep harry and meghan on the team. a big meeting today, we will have the latest. ♪ wow! that's ensure max protein, with high protein and 1 gram sugar. it's a sit-up, banana!
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>> sandra: 11 people died after storms were to the south on the weekend. two people were killed in louisiana after a tornado tore across the state. demolishing homes and leaving thousands without power. in alabama, three people were killed in a tornado, packing winds of 134 miles an hour through the western part of the state. and rebuilding efforts underway at one south carolina high school after a tornado touched down saturday night. thankfully, no one was hurt. >> and would you agree with what the president said, that there were specific imminent threats to four u.s. embassies? >> look, it's always difficult, even with the exquisite intelligence we have come at you know exactly what the targets are. but it is certainly consistence with the intelligence to assume they would have had embassies in at least four countries. >> bill: that's robert o'brien over the weekend, national security advisor come with fox news and chris wallace. sing the evidence was exquisite with regard to the planning
6:16 am
against our embassies. we want to bring in general jack keane. terrific to get your knowledge and information on this with your background. all we can do is report their words. that is o'brien on fox. here's mark esper also on sunday with regard to those threats. speaking with the president did his he said he believed that there could have been attacks against additional embassies. >> that sounds more like an assessment than a specific tangible threat with a decisive piece of intelligence. >> while the president didn't say that she didn't cite a specific piece of evidence. he said he probably -- >> are you saying there was no one? >> i didn't see one with regard to four embassies. what i'm saying is i share his view that my expectation is they would go after our embassies. >> bill: what is your feeling? >> i think, first of all, the gang of eight and the congress and the intelligence committees were briefed on top secret classified information pay the
6:17 am
rest of the congress was not. it's very unusual. they use a term like "exquisite" in describing intelligence. i think what we are really talking about here is the source. so the source of this information is tied to the information itself, and that is what government officials are attempting to protect. that is why they are dancing -- they appear to be dancing around the subject a little bit. but the top secret classified briefing was given to selected members of the congress. the best i know, i don't believe they have objected to anything they heard. the general congress, probably shouldn't have given them the briefing. if you can't give them the classified briefing, i'm not sure how much you really telling them much more that we are talking about here on television. i do absolutely believe, because they had two senior government officials briefed
6:18 am
me, that there are multiple targets in multiple locations. one of those officials use the word that secretary esper is using, "exquisite." that's a very unusual word to use when it comes to intelligence. my interpretation of that, i'll say it again -- it has a lot to do with what the source is. they don't want to lose that source is the issue here, bill. i think they probably have had this source, whether it's technological or human, for some time and they want to keep it. >> bill: okay, that's one part of the story. the other one is the roman cities over the begin. he saw what was happening there. apparently the government has returned fire on them. some of the changing the streets, it's pretty vivid. the supreme leader is a murderer, his regime is obsolete. other are saying, "our enemies right here. they lie to us and saved america." it's a capital offense to defy the ayatollah in iran. what is going to happen there on the streets of iran now, when
6:19 am
you have american president willing to encourage them, general? >> i think this is going to grow in size just like it had the last year and it spiked in november. remember, what we saw in terms of the multiple funeral processions for soleimani was phony and staged. military people in civilian clothes, government employees forced to participate, university students forced to participate. we said right here on fox, that's going to be short-lived. little did we know it would be just a matter of days, and actually the scab is pulled off the wound here. now we are seeing the true feelings. six cities, in addition to tehran, where these demonstrations were taking place. not on the scale we saw in november yet, but i am absolutely convinced that this civil unrest against the iranian regime -- and as you point out so accurately, it is specifically targeted against the leaders. no one on those streets is holding the united states accountable. in fact, when soleimani was
6:20 am
alive, they were targeting him and the supreme leader for conducting foreign wars at their personal expense, in terms of the quality of their life experience. this is going to grow in scale and magnitude and you got a president who is supporting it. >> bill: the tweet from sunday, "we are following your protests closely and are inspired by her courage." general, thank you for coming today. we are watching two different angles of the story, watching very carefully. thank you, will speak again. jack keane in washington. >> good talking to you, bill. >> bill: are her next hour, fortenberry. we will put a lot of questions to him as well. stay tune for that, still to come today. >> sandra: the sydney opera house showcasing a tribute to australia's firefighters, working tirelessly across the country. why the crews and volunteers are getting some good news today. >> bill: also a man charged with attacking worshipers at a hanukkah celebration with a machete, due in federal court.
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>> bill: now there is an investigation on behalf of the faa trying to figure out a near collision that happened saturday
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at the jfk airport in new york. they say a delta flight had to bail on a take off with another delta flight cross on the same runway while trying to taxi to the gate. no one injured, experts say that while situations like this are rare, human error does occur. if that makes you feel any better. >> sandra: thanks to the air traffic control who stopped that collision. >> bill: yes, indeed. jfk is a busy place. >> sandra: one of the busiest. >> bill: coming in from all over the world, too. they run a good shabbos would like to say, a good operation. >> sandra: meanwhile, the men facing federal hate crime charges in the machete attack on people celebrating hanukkah inside a rabbi's home. he will be arraigned later this morning. alex hogan is like outside district court in white plains, new york, for us this morning. alex, good morning. >> good morning. this arraignment will begin in about two hours time. this latest attack here in muncie new york, the seven which took place last month is just the latest in a string of
6:26 am
anti-semitic crimes that we see not only here in new york but across the country. lawmakers are saying they will not stand for these kinds of acts of violence. again, all of this taking place last month. we know that 37-year-old grafton thomas is accused of all of these ten charges that he now faces, five charges are for attempting to kill people based on their religion. he's also facing five others for obstructing free religious exercise. each account holds a possible life sentence behind bars. thomas is accused of barging into a rabbi's home on the 28th of december, and they are attacking people with an 18-inch machete. this weapon was later found in his vehicle after he fled the scene. his personal journal giving investigators a window into his mind-set. there they found anti-semitic references and recent google searches were he looked up why hitler disliked jews. he also looked at the location
6:27 am
of nearby synagogues. thomas' lawyer pending the attack on mental illness, not anti-semitism. anti-semitic crimes are up nationally in the last four years. according to the anti-defamation league, we've seen 1300 instances just last year alone. new york governor andrew cuomo speaking out against all of these attacks. >> it is appalling and offensive what has happened, and this state will respond with its full might and breadth and capacity. >> new york city mayor bill de blasio also speaking out against this, saying the city will take preventative action. they are putting up 100 new security cameras specifically in brooklyn. that's where we do see a large jewish population, and it's also the location where many of these crimes have taken place. sandra? >> sandra: i know you will be following that throughout the day for us, and you will be
6:28 am
joining us as a new member of the fox news family. i just want to say welcome to you, alex hogan. >> that's correct, thank you very much. >> sandra: great to have you on board, thank you. >> bill: welcome to the family. the u.s. set to take action after last month's deadly shooting at a florida naval base. why at least a dozen saudi trainees could be sent back home. >> sandra: potential progress in the weeks long impeachment standoff. the pelosi move, delaying the trial, did it weaken the democrats case with all this? republican congressman andy biggs will be my guest. he joins us next. >> she clearly caved. we will follow the rules we have the senate and listen to both sides and make a decision, whether we have witnesses or not. excuse me a minute...
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hi dad. no. don't try to get up. hi, i'm julie, a right at home caregiver. and if i'd been caring for tom's dad, i would have noticed some dizziness that could lead to balance issues. that's because i'm trained to report any changes in behavior, no matter how small, so tom could have peace of mind. we'll be right there. we have to go. hey, tom. you should try right at home. they're great for us. the right care. right at home. >> sandra: >> nancy pelosi expected to send articles of impeachment over to the senate this week, saying she will discuss how to move forward at tomorrow's democratic caucus
6:32 am
meeting. pelosi insisting that the delay with all of this was successful. >> we feel that it was -- it had a very positive result in terms of additional emails and unredacted information that has come forward. more importantly, raising the profile of the fact that we need to have witnesses and documentation. and if we don't, that is a cover-up. >> sandra: republican congressman andy biggs responding to that first. congressman, good morning. >> good morning, sandra. well, you know, when she talks about a cover-up, if you don't have witnesses and you truncate the event, i look at her and i say, "you covered it up." because we had an investigation going on and she didn't let the judiciary committee participate. everything was truncated. she didn't bring in witnesses. the president's council was not allowed to participate. basically, it was just a ridiculously poor showing on the
6:33 am
part of nancy pelosi. i find it hypercritical to say i find it hypocritical to say that if they don't bring it witnesses she wants come out tht it's a cup rib. i think it's bizarre. speech is making the case that this delay has been successful and it's working democrats favor. as it? >> no, i don't think so. i'll tell you why. you get people and you start looking in the battleground states and you start looking at independents. one of things done like two things have been paid either the switch over and say the president should not be impeached, or should not be removed from office. or come even worse for her, they basically tune this whole thing out. i think you find a lot of americans have tune this out because nancy pelosi, the way she has handled this thing. >> sandra: there is no doubt the american people are following all of it, there's lot of questions over what happens next when that vote comes up. when those articles are sent over. and, with the actual trial will look like in the senate. what are your expectations for all this, congressman?
6:34 am
>> well, there's the way it's going to work -- nancy pelosi will have this meeting, she's going to announce who her house managers are paid either tuesday or wednesday this week we will vote on it, that it will go to the senate. it could go to the senate as early as wednesday, and at that point, the senate might take a few days bringing the rules of up -- i think they are going to adopt the clinton rules. that's what i've been told. the clinton rules means you will have a couple weeks, a set of hours for each side, for the president's council as well as the democrats from the house to present their case the senators. if the senators decide they want to take depositions or if they want to have witnesses, they will vote on that at that point and there will be a vote at some point. i think lindsey graham has said he wants to do this quickly. i think mitch mcconnell want to do it quickly, i think josh hawley wants to do quickly. the question is, where is mitt romney going to be?
6:35 am
>> sandra: and susan collins and others. i will get to that in just a second. senator mitch mcconnell says he wants a speedy trial. lindsey graham has predicted this could be over in a matter of days. to the point about how some republicans see this playing out and what they might want to see in a senate trial, susan collins had a headline, "senator collins working with small group of g.o.p. senators to allow impeachment witnesses." in that piece," "i'm hopeful we can reach an agreement on how to proceed with a trial that will allow the opportunity for both the house an end the presidents counsel, if they choose to do so." which is interesting, because the president responded to an end to close talking about that and said, "okay, we want nancy pelosi and adam schiff to take the stand." so what do you see happen there? >> if i parse susan collins' words, what i see is she is wanting to basically adopt the clinton rules. the clinton rules allow for a revote on witnesses.
6:36 am
so that would probably ameliorate her concerns. on the other hand, president trump has basically said, "look, if you want to bring in witnesses, you got fact witnesses. adam schiff is a fact witness because of his interaction and his staff's interaction with the whistleblower." so the present is rightfully saying, "let's bring it up there witnesses like the whistleblower and like adam schiff, like adam schiff's staff." these people are people who know things that went on. maybe hunter biden, joe biden, even. the president has a list of witnesses that he would like to come in. the republicans in the house had a list of witnesses. we were not allowed to bring women. if this blows up into a witness fast, it's going to go a long time. >> sandra: the president has suggested those things, he is also suggested dismissing was altogether. ending with the street this morning, "by senate giving credence to a trial based on the no-evidence pokes rather than outright dismissal, it gives the
6:37 am
democrat witch hunt credibilityt otherwise does not have." which that that tell you about how the president plans to respond to have execs of all this? final thoughts? >> i think he is saying that many of us have had in the house. that it was a sham, there was a lack of credibility, a lack of gravitas, and shame on the house democrats for the way they handle this. i think he will keep laying it on, and he should. his defenders will come as well. >> sandra: we will see what happens next. tomorrow should be a crucial day for all of it. congressman andy biggs, thank you. >> bill: another alert about a month removed from the three sales skills of the naval air station florida. the u.s. getting ready to send him more than a dozen saudi service members who have been doing some training here in the states. doug mckelway has more. what's happening now, doug? good morning. >> good morning, this investigation comes at a sensitive time in relations with saudi arabia as tensions with
6:38 am
iran are heightened and saudi arabia has taken on more responsibilities. to help the u.s. preserve stability in the region, while at the same time it's coming under more scrutiny for incubating extremist ideologies. yesterday, defense secretary mark esper was asked what president trump meant when he said that saudi arabia deposited to a billion dollars into a bank account in exchange for allowing the u.s. troop deployment there. >> what the president's referring to his burden sharing. burden sharing comes in many forms. we talked to nato about contributing more to the gdp, the defense commitment. >> demonstrating the complicity of the relationship, more than a dozen saudi military personnel are reportedly being expelled for military training here in the u.s. following the investigation into the shooting at the pensacola naval air station. three american service members were killed, eight others were wounded in that attack last december. >> i think we are being careful. obviously pensacola showed they had been errors in the way we
6:39 am
have -- out of an abundance of caution, secretary esper is taking these actions to protect our servicemen and women. >> according to published reports, the saudis in question are not accused of conspiracy with the gunman. at 21-year-old member of the saudi air force. but they are believed to have association with extremist groups, and to setting military members are being expelled for being in possession of child pornography. will hear a lot more actions the u.s. may be taken, as william barr and >> sandra: w director david bauder told the press conference at 2:00 today on the principal shootin shootings. >> bill: thank you, for the run down there and you see >> sandra: the coachable national championship game kicks off tonight, 8:00 p.m. eastern time. lsu led by heisman winner joe burrow taking on the defending champs, number three clemson, for a showdown in new orleans. it is going to be a game unlike anything else.
6:40 am
they have canceled all classes today and tomorrow at lsu in baton rouge so the students can go enjoy that game. i know you're going to be rooting on the tigers. >> bill: i think i have to get a nap because i have to stay up late. it'll be to midnight probably. i think the over under is like 700 points. these teams can score a lot. as an lsu grad, how do you feel about your situation going into tonight? >> sandra: very strong, very strong. very strong. i have on purple and yellow, build. >> bill: yellow shoes. >> sandra: you'll see them later! [laughter] >> bill: good luck. lsu is the favorite? >> sandra: lsu is the favorit favorite. >> bill: maybe over the next two hours and 20 minutes we can come up with some sort of wager between the two of us. i don't want to put you on the spot. if you really feel the passion to one side -- >> sandra: i'm game, let's do
6:41 am
it. we will do it in the 11:00 hour, how about that? >> bill: standby. meanwhile, a bank robbery suspect striking once again hours after he was already arrested in four other heists. why some people are blaming a new law in new york for his repeated release. >> sandra: plus, billion are candidates defending their roles in the democratic primary race. what they say -- why they say they are the ones with the best chance of beating president trump. >> it's nice if you win back, but in the olden days he won something had momentum, and all i'm saying is you will certainly get the delegates, whether it has momentum. we are going to do that task. you're going to find out. any comments doug? yeah. only pay for what you need with liberty mutual.
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find your place today, with silversneakers. included in most medicare advantage plans. enroll today by calling the number on your screen or visit here hold this. follow that spud. [ tires screech ] the big idaho potato truck is touring america telling folks about idaho potatoes. and i want it back. what is it with you and that truck? >> i was disappointed to hear that bernie is sending his volunteers out to trash me. he knows who i am, where i come
6:45 am
from, what i have worked on and fought for. i hope bernie reconsiders and turns his campaign in a different direction. >> bill: there is senator elizabeth warren hitting back at her fellow progressive after a report that bernie sanders' volunteers called her a "candidate of the elite" in conversations with voters. senator sanders denying he had anything to do with that. john sununu, former white house chief of staff to president george w. bush. are you doing? good day to you. they were playing nice for a while. bernie sanders says he still is. here is sanders reacting to warren's claim on this. >> i've got to tell you, i think it's a little bit of a media blow up. we have hundreds of employees. elizabeth warren has hundreds of employees. people sometimes say things. you have heard me give many speeches. have i ever said one negative
6:46 am
word about elizabeth warren? >> bill: here we go back-to-back. can i show you the latest "des moines register" poll? it shows sanders and warren on top. in fact, according to this poll, they have 37% of the iowa caucus support. how do you see it, governor? >> i think bernie is pouring it on now. i said last week that bernie sanders was, i thought, in the best position in iowa and new hampshire. i think this poll confirms that. we go into the iowa caucus in three weeks, and the process of the iowa caucus is important to look at. you know, caucus by caucus, if you don't get 15%, your folks have to decide on somebody else. with a divided candidacy like this, with so many candidates, it's going to be interesting to see how that works out. bernie may get 25% in one of the
6:47 am
caucuses. elizabeth warren may be down 10%. her folks are going to have to decide where they want to go, and they most likely would go to bernie sanders because of the philosophy. but if bernie heats up this campaign and gets too nasty, he may not benefit from that. >> bill: with sanders and warren with 37% between the two of them, who gives you an idea of where the party's. at least for the moment. michael bloomberg was driving in a bus across texas over the weekend. one of his many quotes, "number one priority is to get rid of donald trump. i'm spending all my money to get rid of trump. do you want me to spend more or less?" how do you see them doing? >> he obviously has decided to count on super tuesday, particularly the fact that 40% of the delegates will be picked on super tuesday. he's going to spend a ton of money on tv in those states.
6:48 am
if tom steyer makes it through the first four states, he also will be spending money. so it's going to be a billionaire slugfest on super tuesday. >> bill: here's the comment i thought was the most telling from bloomberg. back on the bus he said, "one of the reasons i'm reasonably confident i could beat trump is i would be acceptable to the moderate republicans you have to have. the moderate republicans required to win a national election." that is a message for suburban voters, is it not? that we've seen since the midterms. or the special elections. those republicans who are not fully in the pocket of donald trump. >> that is certainly a constituency he is going to chase. i'm not sure he is as acceptable as he thinks he is. this is the guy that pursued the nanny state in new york, and most of those middle ground republicans still believe in freedom and liberty.
6:49 am
they may not like trump's style but they do like republican policy. his policies are not republican. >> bill: you are making the case with soft republicans with regard to the administration may not be sold on michael bloomberg? >> that's exactly right. they are republicans for a reason. independent of freedom and liberty is still important to them, and michael bloomberg is still remembered as being the father of the small soda cup and the nanny state he tried to impose in new york city. >> bill: no more big goal. good to see you, happy new year to you, john sununu. from new hampshire today. thank you cover governor. >> sandra: prince harry sitting down with the queen today over he and meghan's growing rift with the royal family. reports that she will make harry an offer he can't refuse. will he stay or will he go? ♪
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> sandra: a royal meeting is happening right now, prince harry along with his father, prince charles, and brother, prince william, will be meeting with the queen to
6:54 am
discuss last week's big announcement that he and meghan markle are stepping back from their royal duties. the catalog is following all of this from london for us this morning. what do we know so far? >> there are so much going on in the world right now. this continues to not just be front page, but front page of all of the british newspapers. this meeting is happening today, the queen is said to be very eager to get past these problems, move past this mess, or at least perceived mess, in the royal family. the daily mail today said that prince philip, seen here this morning driving away, has been "spitting blood with anger" when he heard the sussexs announcement. he will not be part of the summit today at the retreat. a newspaper reporter this morning that at the heart of harry and meghan's discomfort has been william's "bullying." use of that language onto the brothers to come together and issue a joint statement denying
6:55 am
it and going on to say, "four brothers who care so deeply about issues surrounding mental health, the use of inflammatory language is offensive and potentially harmful." the queen wants matters to be resolved in a matter of days and not weeks. this is all very urgent. buckingham palace has said it hopes that meghan, the duchess of success , will call in. they continued to scratch their heads wondering how less than two years after the levers $38 million royal wedding thinks of come to this. footage from earlier this year reemerged yesterday and went viral. it seems to show prince harry soliciting voice-over work from disease had bob iger. we have set all along that sussex wants to be financially independent, but it is a tricky issue, being half in and half out of the royal family. whatever they do commercially will have to be okay with the queen and the other senior oils. these are the details being hammered out today.
6:56 am
there have been threats that if they don't get their way, the sussexs can go forward with a no-holds-barred her interview out. hoping it won't happen. see the queen will make harry an offer he can't refuse, so we will see. amy kellogg in london for us. >> bill: i'm watching this story! >> sandra: that lends everywhere, it's hard to keep up. >> bill: the story seems obvious, but it is so rare when it really is the case. none of us are privy to it. >> sandra: we will continue this conversation in the commercial break. >> bill: fox news alert, iran cracking down on antigovernment protesters. the president has a warning. a red is mac thornberry. we made usaa insurance for members like martin.
6:57 am
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an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started.
7:00 am
because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa >> sandra: fox news alert now, growing outrage in iran. antigovernment protests of their spreading beyond the capital after tehran admits to accidentally shooting down a ukraine jetliner. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." it's monday morning. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: good weekend? >> sandra: fantastic, you? >> bill: almost 70 degrees in january! i'm bill hemmer, good morning. public anger mounting, demonstrators voicing their rage three days in a row, yet refusing to trample on u.s. and israeli flags painted on the street. instead, denouncing their own country's leadership. retired four-star general jack keane last hour with his take here on "america's newsroom." >> i think this will grow in size like it had the last year.
7:01 am
despite november. what we saw in terms of the multiple funeral processions for soleimani was phony and staged it. we said right here on fox, that's going to be short-lived. little did we know it would be a matter of days, and actually the scab is pulled off the wound here. now we are seeing the true feelings. >> sandra: we've got fox team coverage for you this morning pedro jensen with an update on the international development. mike emanuel with the latest on capitol hill. we begin with rich edson live at the state department for us this morning. hey, rich. good morning. >> good morning, sandra and bill. the iranian protests are spreading. this, as there are reports now that the iranian government is again cracking down on those demonstrations. videos appear to show iranian security forces using live ammo and tear gas on protesting crowds. others with images showing pools of blood on the sidewalk. that's according to the associated press. this is only days after iranians protested the united states and
7:02 am
mourned commander qassem soleimani's death after the american military killed them in an air strike in iraq. late last year the iranian government reportedly killed hundreds of protesters demonstrating against higher gas prices and corruption. president trump has tweeted, "to the leaders of iran: do not kill your protesters. thousands have already been killed or imprisoned by you and the world is watching. more importantly, the usa is watching. turn your internet back on unlit reporters roam free. stop the killing of your great iranian people." now the house minority leader kevin mccarthy has just announced that he is introducing a resolution to support the protesters, adding that they are not alone in this pivotal moment. the administration has added more sanctions against iran, claims more could be coming, and that the pressure campaign will continue. this, as the administration denies that it's attempting to throw the regime out in iran. >> we are not talking about regime change. we want to see and iran that
7:03 am
forswear his nuclear weapons, that stops taking americans hostage, that stops supporting practice and terrorism in the region, and stops these ballistic missile player us, which we saw launched last week. speak "the current reason for the the only way to confront the to depend on cooperation in the region." officials will often blame the united states when protests appear in the country. >> if you don't have witnesses and you truncate the event, i look at her and i say, you covered it up. it's a ridiculously poor showing on the part of nancy pelosi. i find it hypocritical to say that if the senate doesn't bring in witnesses that she wants in, there's a cover-up. >> bill: regardless, we are moving forward this week, we know that. arizona commerce monroe
7:04 am
andy biggs here earlier on our program, the impeachment trial could begin earlier is really as thisweek. chief congressional chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live on the hill. what have you heard? good morning. >> good morning to you. house democrats are set to meet to discuss sending over those articles of impeachment to the senate and announcing impeachment managers who will argue the case and the trial. house speaker nancy pelosi suggests the damage is already done to president trump. >> this president is impeached for life, regardless of any gamesmanship on the part of mitch mcconnell. however, that could still come to bear. but we are confident in the impeachment and we think that it is enough testimony to remove him from office. however, we want the american people to see the truth. stick of the house a republican leader suggests pelosi held articles to have an impact on the 2020 presidential campaign. leader kevin mccarthy makes the case being stuck at his desk on
7:05 am
the senate forward to hurt senator bernie sanders and help joe biden, as the impeachment trial eats up weeks of time at a critical stage to the campaign. >> i find it very difficult for the senate to even start impeachment this week. what happens with impeachment is the senators have to be in their desk. they cannot have a phone, they cannot talk to one another, and they stay in their desk. with the clinton impeachment it lasted five weeks. >> and aspects that could make a trout even longer, bringing in witnesses to testify. >> direct, first-hand knowledge. mick mulvaney met with president to implement his orders, to withhold aid from ukraine in return for a political investigation to his own benefit. >> majority leader mitch mcconnell has not agreed to witnesses in the senate trial so far, but some of the moderate g.o.p. members have expressed an interest. bill, sandra? >> bill: mike emanuel on the
7:06 am
hill, thank you. for the a-team is all ready fired up! >> sandra: david a velez here, chairman of gopac. mary anne marsh, former senior advisor to john kerry, and bill mcgurn from the lawsuit journal. has is a columnist there. you are fired up. kick this off, david. what you see where do you see things when the sweet? >> fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me. this is the second time adam schiff has tried to get an investigation about the president going that is ultimately going to end up nowhere. secondly, more than the senate democrats running for president who want to stroll over, it's doug jones and gary peters you want this trail over. in michigan, independent voters that don't support this, and certainly this doesn't help doug jones in alabama. >> sandra: up regardless, this meeting is happening tomorrow. we will see where this goes next. bill? >> it's kind of a charade. we've known the outcome from
7:07 am
before the impeachment started, because they won't get 20 republican votes. i think we are seeing now is the house impeachment, the kind of rube goldberg way they went around it. it's all coming out in the wash. if they wanted witnesses, i think it would have been interesting, for example, to press for both and then take the case to court. but they didn't. when they impeached, they said that it needed. now they say, "we need it, but you don't have to do it." >> here's the choice, we either have a senate impeachment trial that includes evidence, testimony, and witnesses -- which 70% of all americans want. if that happens, things could be revealed that are damaging to donald trump and puts this trail out of control. or, republicans are going to deny that and not have evidence, testimony, and witnesses. if that happens, it's a sham trial and the republicans, who will have denied it, that are up for reelection -- mitch mcconnell, lindsey graham, susan collins, and so many others -- will pay a huge political price. >> bill: a
7:08 am
how schumer might get the last laugh on the impeachment trial, democrats plan to squeeze vulnerable republicans with a series of tough votes that could hurt them in november." do you see that? >> i don't really see it. especially as we go along, mitch mcconnell's hand has been strengthened, if you look at the filaments. mrs. pelosi saying, "i won't turn over the impeachment until he does this." he doesn't budge until he has the votes. it'll be easier to get the republican votes than for democrats, like doug jones, that you mentioned before. i think there's a lot of pressure on them. also john bolton -- >> bill: joe manchin can be in that. >> this whole process has become more tedious than the oscars and the globes. people are ready to move on from this. you see that and the independent voters in particular, "i would rather congress be focus on things important to me."
7:09 am
what's going to happen? for at least 60 to 90 days, action in congress stops. yet, name one thing the democrats have pursued that has stopped trump from pursuing his agenda. we have usmca, we have a growing economy, we have a trade deal with china. what have the democrats -- >> sandra: and the presidential primary, and weeks-long activity of this could tie up some of those candidates. >> well, three of them. to her in the top tier, warren and sanders, battling it out in iowa. remember, 71%, the delay by nancy pelosi allowed public opinion that 71% want testimony, evidence, and witnesses. remember, donald trump wanted to trial, testimony from witnesses, and evidence until yesterday when someone clearly got to them and said, "buddy, this could really be a problem." he turned tail on and doesn't want it now. >> sandra: so you agree with nancy pelosi that the delays working in favor? >> look at the public opinion. they will play dumb i pay a
7:10 am
price if they deny real trial. >> bill: we find bernie sanders at 20%, elizabeth warren at 17%, pete buttigieg and joe biden round out the top four. look at the first numbers on there, david. you've got a combined caucus they are of 37% going with the far left progressive aspect of the party. >> absolutely. but you look at this election, it's almost like the fall of socialism. all of this fight going on within the democratic party, and yet you still have joe biden up at the top, all the progressives with one message and -- though i agree with marianne, if biden can't get a majority when -- >> bill: would you say that i was more left than we expect them to be? or his or voters are now? >> that's where democratic primary voters are. let's keep in mind, its gophers and not hawkeyes casting the first vote, as this friday early voting starts in minnesota. we are going to see if this
7:11 am
strategy by bloomberg and steyer to focus on the super tuesday states, states like texas that have 228 delegates, is a late -- the one difference is they have the money to be communicating the message. >> sandra: we want to get this down from bernie sanders, on his campaign going negative on elizabeth warren. you see in the back and forth, here is bernie. >> i've got to tell you, i think it's a little bit of a media blow up. the kind of want conflict. elizabeth warren is a very good friend of mine. we have worked together in the senate for years. elizabeth warren and i will continue to work together, we will debate the issues. no one is going to trash elizabeth. >> sandra: elizabeth warren, for her part, saying "he knows me, but he's going after me." what's happening? >> when you look at the poll you highlighted earlier, and the fact that the sanders people going door to door and going after her with a script, tells you that sanders abuser is the biggest threat to him.
7:12 am
here's why -- if this were a primary, he would probably win it. but it is a caucus. that requires not only a big turnout by your own voters, you need an exceptional organization in those rooms. when people don't make the 15% threshold, you come in again second choice. the third, the fourth. >> sandra: is that a good look? >> no, they like nice people out there and you don't see this is nice. you go after your opponents but this isn't the way to do this. >> bill: "no one is going to trash elizabeth." >> it's already happening. >> it's surprising it has taken this long. they are splitting the progressive vote. i also think -- look, candidates have to be tough. they are going to stand up to where leaders they have to stand up to each other. one of the things that help donald trump win is he just mowed down 16 professional republicans, one by one. they didn't know how to handle him. i'm surprised it has taken this long for them to split, because they are competing in a multi-candidate race for a lot of the same votes. >> sandra: in the series of tweets this morning the president acknowledge announcedg
7:13 am
on michael bloomberg, new nickname at all. >> can bloomberg and steyer have a strategy beyond the first for? particularly in that they are already spending money in texas and california and georgia and all the super tuesday states. we hear about the big hauls the top or have, but the challenge for them -- and marianne can tell this is much as i can -- one of the net dollars they're getting out of the small donors? if it's like 35%, the cost of fund-raising, they are only gutting a small percent. verses steyer and bloomberg, 100% of their money, because their own money. >> bill: a couple of billionaires in a fight for the progressive ideas here. bloomberg was on the bus trip over the weekend. i will put up one quote from him to get to yours. "my number one priority is to get rid of donald trump. and spending all my money to get out of trump. these are just political things they say, hoping they catch on, and they don't like me doing it because it competes with them.
7:14 am
not because it's bad policy." for your part, mary anne marsh,, here's the headline. "rich, live, and periods. is this what the dems want for president?" you write, "it's clear he only engages with those of his choosing, on his terms rather than voters', 14 who would work if he was elected president." >> to every reporter who ever called to complain about a client of mine for the headlines, i hear you. on this i would say, democrats really want, after three years of tv reality host running the country, have someone come and nominate someone they only know from tv? bloomberg is historically -- whether it has run for mayor or president -- he is now using his overwhelming wealth to pay for all kinds of tv ads and short circuit the process and hope for fracture contest, which is how he's always one. why is that the democrats would support him when he won't go through the process? at the first four contests,
7:15 am
especially new hampshire, you are required to meet people. you are required to do town halls. you required to look everyone in the eye. michael bloomberg doesn't like people, i don't think. doesn't like to campaign with them. >> bill: doesn't like people? [laughs] >> he did a doorknocking event in houston that was the most produced, theatrical, hermetically sealed thing i've ever seen. he has a bus tour were only certain reporters can interview him. >> bill: he was in minnesota last week, i think about a dozen reporters up there. >> a dozen reporters and how many voters? it is like taking town hall questions were questions of any sort, really, from voters. he is circumventing the vetting process and we don't know we are getting. >> bill: i guess he doesn't get your vote. [laughter] >> he's on the ballot in massachusetts. hello, buddy. [laughter] >> bill: thank you, nice to see you. how do we feel about meghan markle? have we got to that? >> how do we feel about meghan markle? i think the world is asking that. [laughs] >> bill: in a moment, the story here in new york,
7:16 am
suspected serial bank robber striking pray a fifth time. hours after set free on charges, and critics say it's all because of a controversial new law. we will explain that coming it. >> sandra: plus, president trump sending stern warnings to iran after police in tehran firing live ammunition on demonstrators there. our headliner is texas congressman mac thornberry, ranking number of the armed services committee. he will be in next block. >> the president has made it clear to iran, we aren't talking about regime change. we will see an iran that force wears nuclear weapons. ng news for veterans. mortgage rates just dropped to near 50-year lows. one call to newday usa can save you $2,000 every year. and once you refinance, the savings are automatic. thanks to your va streamline refi benefit, at newday there's no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. activate your va benefit now. one call can save you $2000 every year.
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>> sandra: a quick look at other top headlines we are following this morning. a violent weekend in baltimore, officials saying five people were fatally shot and seven others injured in eight separate gunfights there. homicides in the city at a
7:21 am
record high with 348 recorded last year alone. people in the philippines on high alert after the country's second active volcano started spewing red-hot lava and a heavy ash. it forced thousands of villagers from their homes and shut down the islands main airport. it rapper cardi b saying she is considering entering politics, announcing on twitter that she believes that she goes back to school for a couple of years and applies herself that she could be elected to congress. >> bill: a bank robbery suspect wasting no time striking it again after being released without bail. critics are blaming newark's bail reform law that went into effect january 1st and set him free despite his arrest in four other bank heists. >> the concerning thing is not only the safety of our community, but if you think about the resources of our law enforcement community as it continues to rearrest individuals that might have been incarcerated.
7:22 am
>> bill: we will bring in fox news lives don't like legal analyst, good day to you. you don't like this law at all, glad and spell it out. >> do we need reform, absolutely. this isn't the right law, and i will tell you why. it's perfect example, here is somebody who is the threat to public safety, and the judges' hands are tied. i'm not saying we don't need bail reform. we do. but you need to have the judge discretion that if somebody is before them and they are a threat to public safety, they don't get a desk appearance ticket and released. >> bill: can you cite the law? what does it say, how does it differ? >> i'm so glad you asked. here's a list of crimes. there is a list of crimes where the judges have no discretion, meaning if the prosecutors come forward and say, "this is a person who is a precipitous. if you release him in society, he will likely commit another
7:23 am
crime. we have to set bail, keep him in jail." the judges don't have the discussion anymore. robbery come over there is no violence, or manslaughter in the second degree, rape and the third degree, including some homicides that -- i have the letter in front of me. the judges don't have discretion. they need to be released and given a desk appearance ticket, meaning they can just go. meaning they will come back. >> bill: why did they change the law, what was the centage? >> there are no questions that they are people who can't afford bail, and they are accused and sometimes they are accused falsely. they languish in jail because they can't make bail. that's why they are sitting there. you need bail form because there are individuals who are falsely accused of crimes. yet they lose their job, lose their homes. they are languishing in jail because they can't get out of jail.
7:24 am
that is with legislators and the governor were responding to. but they stripped the really critical issue here. yes, people may be accused of a crime. but if you have a recidivist, someone likely to commit a crime again, like a bank robber, or someone who poses a threat, why are you release is somebody who's accused of rape and third degree back in society without letting the judges make it to sit down like determination of whether they pose a threat? >> sandra: the near post covered yesterday on the big rubber laughing all over to the bank, mayor bill de blasio joined ed henry at the end of december on this issue, explain himself. he was pressed on it and here is how he responded. >> exactly the same system that has existed for years and years. the only reason somebody is held in, the judge does not believe they present an immediate threat. the only reason they are held in is they don't have enough money to make bail. that's not helping anyone. it's putting a lot more people in our jail system. it's not good for ending mass incarceration.
7:25 am
it's not good for the taxpayer. >> that generate a lot of reaction. speak up and that's perfect, he said the critical issue he said the judges don't believe this person pose a threat to society. if that is your critical barometer as to whether or not someone is going to be released on their own recognizance, why is it in the law? aware of the judges stripped of that discretion? that's a real problem. it's got to go back and that law. it needs to go back in the hands of the judges. >> bill: the example of this bank robbers because he gave them a note and was not armed, correct? >> exactly right. >> bill: so when he appears before the judge they see him as a nonviolent offender? is that how they interpret it? >> exactly. a nonviolent offender. the judge then asked to d do the second part of the equation that they are not permitted to do. do they pose a threat of public safety if release in society? they don't make that determination anymore, it's do done. that's why people are up in
7:26 am
arms. >> bill: thank you, mercedes. >> group to be on. >> sandra: a major mil milestone as the president plans to make good on the border. demonstrators flooding the streets of tehran, is the tide turning against the government there? and was president trump's next move? congo's been mac thornberry will join us live, next. >> the iran nuclear deal signed by president obama gave a hundred $50 billion, and that's when the real terror started. they said "death to america," and they said it while they were signing. only pay for what you need with liberty mutual. con liberty mutual solo pagas lo que necesitas. only pay for what you need... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ it's red lobster's new three-courfor $14.99.east choose soup or salad. one of seven delicious entrées - like new hawaiian-style garlic shrimp. and, get a sweet dessert. three courses.
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one amazing price. so come in today.
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>> the trump administration has now constructed 100 miles of new border wall system on the southern border. this is a milestone achievement for the president, the department, and more importantly, for our country. >> bill: the acting secretary of homeland security, chad wolfe, announcing the completion of 100 miles of
7:31 am
president trump's controversial border wall. the initiation saying they are on track to finish a total of 450 miles of new wall by the end of this year. william la jeunesse has been at the border countless times for my west coast bureau now. good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. including on friday in yuma. the welcome of course, was a campaign promise. 100 miles, though, in three years, that's not so much. unless you consider the multiple lawsuits and congressional efforts to stop it. remember, they had taken the money away. trump won most of the sites and now wolf says dhs can build a mile of fence a day. he credits that and forcing migrants to remain in mexico for a dramatic decline in border apprehensions. >> we are trying to shift that illegal entry, those illegal apprehensions, into areas that are easier to patrol, and eventually to ports of entry. there is a system, a method to our strategy, and it's working. >> so the new wall in yuma replaces a vehicle barrier,
7:32 am
which stops no one from crossing the border on foot. meanwhile, in south texas, the administration challenged but failed to stop construction of a private 3-mile wall along the rio grande river, which it claims will injure wildlife and damage the floodplain. construction of that can begin this week. the last seven months, border apprehensions have declined 70% with many central americans staying home, realizing we will be forced to wait in mexico for their day in court. wolf and senator martha mcsally defend that policy that my currencies and safe. bill, while construction is piecemeal. you get 5 miles here, 10 miles there. some replaces old fence, some is new fence. but these stretches mostly plug holes where migrants are currently crossing. back to you. >> bill: thank you, william la jeunesse watching that in l.a. >> sandra: meanwhile, new video appearing to show a running police firing live ammunition and tear gas into a crowd of demonstrators. president trump treating that the leaders of iran do not kill
7:33 am
your protesters. thousands of already been killed or imprisoned by you in the world is watching. more importantly, the usa's lodging. tune your internet back on of the reporters, stop killing your great iranian people." mac thornberry, ranking republican on the armed services committee, joins us now. good morning, thank you for being here. what is and should be our message to iran this morning? >> i think the president's right, our message is, "don't sugar people." but iran, like any authoritarian regime, cares more than anything else about staying in power. and that is true whether you are talking putin, china, north korea, or iran. and iran has a history of shooting its own people in order to try and quell dissent. what we are seeing is characteristic of what they've
7:34 am
done in the past. i think in the short term one of two things could happen. one good, one bad. the good thing is if the europeans see them shooting their own people, as well as shooting down the civilian airliner and lying about it and so forth, maybe they'll stand with us, sanctions and the rest, to put pressure on the regime to change. the bad thing is if the regime get so, so desperate to stay in power they may launch some sort of military attack in order to distract the people and change the subject. of course, that will be a greater danger for everybody. >> bill: your initial point, this is happened before. a couple comments from over the weekend, and iran, "the supreme leader isn't murder, his regime is obsolete." that's what symptoms are said. "our enemy is right here, they lie to us and say it's america." in reference to the downing of that airliner. you have reason to think that this time it's different?
7:35 am
>> i don't think it's likely that they would be a regime change, because of this. just because we've seen these people will do anything, including shooting people in order to stay in power. i think it's significant we have seen specific criticism of the supreme leader. and iran, that's not only a crime, it's a crime that's associated with the death penalty, to criticize him. so we are seeing a level of dissent that is higher. i think the blatant lies about shooting down the civilian airliner has caused people to say, "what else are they lying about?" so you see the dissent going up but i don't think we should assume -- and it's certainly not the u.s. policy to say, "okay, time for a new government." >> sandra: you saw the president take to the grand foyer in the white house last week, in the days that followed the killing of soleimani, to make the case that we are in a time of de-escalation with iran.
7:36 am
how would you characterize relations today with iran, congressman? >> tends i don't think this is over. i hope that the candidate extracts, missiles and so forth, or over a period that would look for iran to use their proxies or some other sort of method where there participating not as blatant. as i said a moment ago, it's also true they could become so desperate to change the subject, to divert the attention of their people, that they would be more overt in some sort of action that they could take against us or our allies. >> bill: there is ongoing debate, it's now gone public, between lawmakers about the evidence taken dominic used to take out soleimani whether it was directed toward the u.s. embassies, and on and on it goes. rand paul cut fruit over the begin. here he is from sunday about
7:37 am
getting the authorization for force in the middle east >> this is what really infuriated me about the briefing, they maintained both in private than public that a vote by congress in 2003 or 2002 to go after saddam hussein was a vote that allows them to still be in iraq and do whatever they want, including killing a foreign general from iran. so my point being, we really need to have a debate over whether we should still be in iraq or afghanistan, and he needs to be authorization from congress. >> bill: he is referring to something that happened 17 years ago. is he right that this needs to be revisited now? >> i think we always ought to revisit and evaluate our involvement in various places around the world. when it comes to afghanistan, we are there to prevent afghanistan from being used as a terrorist base to attack us. when it comes to iraq, we are there to ensure the lasting permanent defeat of isis.
7:38 am
and most americans think that it's better to fight them over there rather than just hunker down and try to fend off their attacks over here. but if you listen, a lot of the things senator paul says sound a lot like the things that senator bernie sanders says. there are some people, and if you win the republican party, maybe more in the democratic party, who genuinely believe that if you just leave everybody alone, everybody will leave us alone. well, history has proven that's not the case. do we need to look at laws and update them? absolutely, we do. do we need to look at strategy and tactics and update them? absolutely. but there is a fundamental difference about whether being engaged or this kind of isolationist sort of mentality is the best thing for the country. >> sandra: if i could follow up on the concern that even some in your own party or having in the senate over the intelligence that was used with iran, taking out soleimani, senator mike lee saying he was concerned about the intelligence used to ultimately make a decision.
7:39 am
do you share in those concerns are you satisfied with the briefing and the updates in the he received on that? >> i know for mine own experience that sometimes it is really hard to talk about intelligence that is very sensitive and intelligence upon which lives continue to depend. so i think it's very understandable that people are somewhat dissatisfied that they don't know the whole story. but i will say that's national security professionals, not political folks, but people like the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, the director of the cia, who have gotten all of the intelligence, have characterized it as being strong, specific, and without question. i put a lot of trust in them. so i know there's going to be frustration, some is shared, more is shared with some then the whole congress. that's the way it has to be.
7:40 am
still, we've got to remember that lives depend upon protecting these sources and keeping that information confidential. the >> sandra >> sandra: congren mac thornberry, we appreciate time this morning. thank you. >> thank you all. >> bill: in a moment, market slightly higher. but wait and see a pattern out of the big development in the u.s. china trade battle, which is what? 48 hours away? >> sandra: delegation arriving. plus, boeing's former ceo walking out the door with a whole lot of money as the company scrambles to get those max jets flying again. ble about newday's va streamline refi. it's the closest thing to automatic savings that we've ever offered. at newday, veterans can refinance their mortgage with no income verification, no appraisal and no out of pocket expenses. and we've extended our call center hours so that every veteran can take advantage of these near record low rates.
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7:45 am
the market closes. thanks for being here. what's driving markets? >> a couple things, there's a good backdrop right now. the easing of tensions in the middle east, or the perception of at least for now, it certainly helps. as you said before the last break, we are supposed to get phase one of that trade deal between the united states and china by wednesday. so that helps. at some point it's going to come down to how much money companies can make. earnings, and over the next few weeks you will get the results from the fourth quarter of last year. expectations are relatively low, which can be good. you can jump over that lord barr sometimes. but this year the dressing. it wasn't that long ago when everybody seemed to be worried about the economy, predicting recession and all of that. all that talk is out and most people now expect a pretty good year for earnings. maybe a real acceleration for growth for the economy. if that pans out, it can keep going. all kinds of things get on the way of that between now and the end of the year. >> sandra: charles payne made the point that it kept the individual investors out of
7:46 am
this. >> also the china tau, hovering over the markets. charles has been optimistic and he's been right so far. he may continue to be right. as we say, if that happens the rally can keep going because some of those people who are pessimistic said, "you know what? i've got a jump in, i don't want to miss it." >> bill: he is bullish on 2020. we will see what happens with boeing, taking it on the chin a little bit. they've got a new ceo. >> the old guy leaves the leaves with, as mentioned earlier, a lot of money. $60 million plus, which for better or worse is the reality of corporate america of these ways, the way the deals are signed when ceos come in. they leave in the end of getting compensated for it. boeing would argue that he doesn't get a bonus for this year, and he was supposed to get some stock awards that i think equal $14 million. the new guy coming in is not brand-new, he's been on the board for a number of years. his contract is interesting because it's one of those
7:47 am
athletes that has an incentive-laden deal. if you perform, you get the money. he gets the salary, $1.5 million, which is nothing to sneeze at. but for a ceo at a huge company he would expect to get paid more than that, and he might. he forgets that 737 macs in the air, he could have a bonus worth $7 million. other incentives can get a lot more money. there've been some any problems at this company. talk about how strong the market in the company have been, we'd be in much better shape if it weren't for boeing. >> sandra: its amusing amazing challenge is taking on, but he has a track record of this, right? foformally from dinner electric >> he has worked in private equity for long time, he's obviously familiar with the company for having been on the board. but this plane has been grounded since march. so it's not out of the question. it could be likely that that plane, the 737 max, is granted for a full year. maybe this march whereafter before they get up in the air. >> bill: lets it back to
7:48 am
sunlight. hear steve mnuchin talking about a phase two deal and will be added to that. this has to do with cyber protection. >> cyber will be part of phase two. we have incorporated provisions in phase one that we think are important protections for u.s. companies. we've made very clear there can be no forced technology transf transfer, and china is putting out laws to protect both u.s. technology and other technology. >> bill: he was talking with maria on sunday. there is doubt that phase two will come together in the near term. there is doubt that phase two will ever come together at all. >> i think the president himself planted some of those seeds of doubt when he commented on phase two last week and said that maybe he might be able to get a better deal he pushes it off until after the election. so that pushes it out past november of 2020. of course, things could change. maybe they negotiate something
7:49 am
sooner. we don't really know until we get the text, and supposedly will get the text before the deal is signed on wednesday. we know from secretary mnuchin and the trade rep robert lighthizer and others that what they say and how it's going to be enforced, which is important. but we don't know about phase one yet. let's go through that on wednesday. to be at the signing ceremony? >> yes. >> bill: he calls it a "historic transaction." >> it's a step forward without a doubt. but we think a very small step forward. entries to come with some of the more common gated issues, that will be a little more difficult. >> sandra: markets like the certainty of it. >> for now. >> bill: regardless, once is a big day. nice to see you. the fallout from megxit rolls on. the queen calling a family meeting, smitty. where do harry and meghan go from here? what about the princes?
7:50 am
statement out. the palace intrigue goes by the hour. >> sandra: i wish the best for all of them. here? here? you're in a no parking zone. oh, i... i didn't know. you didn't see the sign? that... that wasn't there when i was here earlier. (whimper) really? you know, in italy, they let you park anywhere. have a good day, sir. with geico, the savings keep on going. just like this sequel. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. (glass shattering) (frustrated yell) (car horn blast) (yelp) dimitri's on it. eating right and getting those steps in? on it! dimitri thinks he's doing all he can to manage his type 2 diabetes and heart disease, but is his treatment doing enough to lower his heart risk? [sfx: glasses clanking.] sorry. maybe not. jardiance can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who also have known heart disease. so it could help save your life from a heart attack or stroke. and it lowers a1c! jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast or urinary tract infections,
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>> bill: queen elizabeth holding an emergency family meeting. carley shimkus is not there, but she's here in new york. what's happening? >> last week they made a big announcement. today it's like getting called
7:54 am
to the printable's office mary not a very cultural conversation. but then let's talk about. one of the things that could come up, will he be able to keep their titles? if so, will they have to commit to a certain number of official royal duties? will they still be allowed to live that far more cottage? which is not a typical cottage that you think of when you think of a small house. it's quite large. then they have to pay rent on it? the parcel representation of the royal family. what sort of jobs or charities will they be interested in? the queen might be able to approve the things going forward. >> sandra: prince harry has always been so respectful of his grandmother. there are reports come of the royal photographer was saying the queen will make an offer to him that he just cannot refuse. to return to israel duties. you just kind of want the for everybody. >> there does appear to be a whole lot of love within that family. i think the speculation and
7:55 am
tabloid rumors and a little bit of the schadenfreude that goes around this big elation of what's happening, it puts an emphasis on how horrible things really are. but with the recent statement that just came out between the two brothers, you could see that they still definitely do care about each other. so blue they can figure this all out. >> bill: meghan markle, who is now in canada, might call into the meeting. >> i think her not being there is really not a good look. you have prince william traveling 100 miles to be there, prince charles traveling from middle east. he was just in oman, to be at this meeting. >> sandra: prince philip is said to be livid, sick over it. >> the fact that meghan markle isn't there the sort of a representation of the overall controversy. she's on one side, the royal family on the other, prince harry caught in the middle. >> sandra: intriguing. >> bill: the truth is seldom obvious. >> sandra: early want to know your theory on this whole thing. >> bill: have got a million! have a good monday.
7:56 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert from capitol hill, where a weeks long standoff is coming to an end as speaker pelosi gears up to deliver those articles of impeachment any day now to the senate. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," monday morning. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: smitty, good morning to you. i'm bill hemmer. speaker pelosi will talk about the next steps with her caucus on tuesday, tomorrow. the articles could come this week, tuesday, maybe wednesday. republican andy biggs earlier today making the case of the delay so far has hurt democrats. >> you start looking in the battleground states, you start looking at independent player us, one of two things have happened. everything switched over and said the president should not be
8:01 am
impeached, or should not be removed from office. even worse for her, they basically tune this whole thing out. i think you find a lot of americans have turned out because nancy pelosi, the way she's handled this thing. >> bill: four weeks later, jonathan roberts ready to begin a brand-new week there from the north lawn. good monday morning to you. >> good morning morning to you, as well and it's post citizens articles of impeachment over to the senate sometime, maybe as he pointed out, as early as tuesday. were you and say, or could be later than that. the president now openly embracing the idea of a motion to dismiss. the president tweeting yesterday, "many believe that by the said giving credence to a trial based on the no evidence, no crime, read the transcripts, no pressure impeachment oaks, rather than outright dismissal, it gives the partisan democrat which on credibility that otherwise does not have. i agree!" that is a change in white house position from earlier in december when the white house felt that dismissing the
8:02 am
articles of impeachment would have appeared as partisan, as they criticize the house proceedings. nancy pelosi warning the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell that dismissing the case would be tantamount t to a cover-up. nancy pelosi will be meeting with her caucus tomorrow to determine exactly when to send the articles over. she had been hanging onto them with demand to get an agreement with mcconnell on it which i would proceed. she did not get that agreement, but still claims that holding onto the articles for three weeks after rushing to get a vote on them did have the intended effect. listen here. >> i always said i would send them over, so there shouldn't be any mystery to that. but we didn't want, and that we think we have a dome accomplished, we wanted public to see the need for witnesses. witnesses with first-hand knowledge of what happened, documentation, which the president has presented, coming up to the congress as we review this. >> the senate trial, depending when it occurs, could have a
8:03 am
profound effect on the democratic race. mccullough said he would keep the senate in session six days a week during the trial. that means senators bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, amy klobuchar, cory booker, and michael bennet of colorado would be off the campaign trail right at the height of campaigning for the iowa caucuses. the house minority leader, kevin mccarthy, suggesting that pelosi is adjusting the timing of the senate trial here to keep bernie sanders specifically off of the campaign trail trying hurt his chances. he is leading in many polls in iowa. it also been suggested that there don't like if there is a trial the president should postpone state of the union address, scheduled for february 4th. >> bill: we will watch it together. day by day. thanks, john roberts. >> sandra: speaking of which come of this news out, cory booker has ended his presidential campaign. let's bring in jessica tarlov,
8:04 am
good morning to both of you. he said with a heavy heart, he's made the hardest decision to suspend the campaign for president. jessica come to you first, reaction on that? >> i'm not terribly surprised, considering there is a debate coming up tomorrow night, and cory booker will not be on the stage for it. it's do-or-die time. we are going to start voting, which is very exciting. he wasn't resonating with democratic base. i'm curious now to see if he's going to endorse, julian castro mutely came out with elizabeth warren. will booker do something similar, with i assume joe biden? time will tell on that. i was a big fan of his, but he wasn't popping with voters. if he goes back to his job, he has a senate trial coming up and he can make a big bag there. >> sandra: in the literature to his supporters that he sent a few moments ago, matthew, that he will carry the fight for it.
8:05 am
this year he also goes on to say to was a difficult decision, "i got in this race to win. i always said it would continue if there was no longer a path to victory." we are reaction? >> this is not his smartest moment like he had during the brett kavanaugh hearing what's notable about this is that he was selling uplift. he was selling a positive message about american unity. i think it's clear of us i would democratic voters are interested in this time. they either want to beat trump, which is the fraction of this party supporting biden, or they want somebody with big structural change and isn't afraid to talk about it. that's sanders. the candidate of positivity, optimism, and unity just couldn't make it. >> sandra: onto this week, we will see were all that goes and continue to watch the presidential primary race there. impeachment this week, jessica. nancy pelosi, what is and should be her next move? >> it's going to be interesting
8:06 am
to see. i saw this weekend that they could still call john bolton. so i will move to argue that she got a little bit of what she wanted, and where she held back articles, that bolton would testify she was subpoenaed. we don't know what mitch mcconnell is going to do. if you come at an earlier or later stage or not at all. it's still possible there, but will be exciting to see when the trial will actually start and what the format of it is going to be. there was a report yesterday were earlier this morning that said susan collins has a little group that are talking about how they need witnesses. i don't have the utmost faith in susan collins making good on these things, but it'll be interesting if three or four senators there are pressuring mitch mcconnell to ensure we have a fair and impartial trial, which he has already made clear on national television that he's not interested in. speed the present continues to be the seat the president treated this outcome "many believe thaty the senate giving credence to
8:07 am
the impeachment oaks, rather than outright dismissal, it gives the democrats credibility that is otherwise did not have. i agree!" he says. kevin mccarthy, republican, joined maria on sunday morning futures yesterday. he's making the case that this delay has benefited republicans and gets into specifics about who this has hurt most of the democratic party in the run for president. >> what happens with the impeachment is the senators have to be in their desk. they cannot have a phone, they can't talk to one another. this benefits joe biden. this harm senator sanders, who is in first place and could become their nominee. because he will be stuck in a chair, because nancy pelosi held the papers, different than what she said to the american public, why she had to move so urgently. >> sandra: what about that? jessica, how is this going to be for the senators running for president? the time this can occupy, the
8:08 am
clinton model come six days a all the afternoons. what does that do for the run for the presidency, for your party? >> it makes it more complicated for the senators that will be stuck in washington. i wonder if we will get to travel to make sure they get their day in iowa. i think it hurts bernie sanders the least out of all of them. he has the most diehard base of the candidates running. i thought amy klobuchar somebody really concerned. she had 5% in iowa, she's a neighbor there, she has midwestern might going for her. she has been having her surge moment since last debate, so i'm focused on her. and warren, who has lost a lot of support since the summer. i think it hurts them the least. the >> sandra: how about you, who does this help? >> first, it'll be ironic to see bernie sanders and elizabeth warren taking private jets to go to i went campaign. [laughter] i will say i don't think the trial helps anyone. i do think that it has heard
8:09 am
biden. you have seen him slip in iowa. you've seen negatives arise. you've also seen democrats turned against the idea of electability being the most important, especially in iowa, which kind of trends left as far as the democratic primary electorate goes. this is not been a good run for joe biden. i think it does slightly help bernie sanders. >> sandra: speaking of joe biden, bernie sanders' campaign has decided to dig up and release this old video of joe biden on iraq. watch. >> the cost of not acting against saddam, i think, would have been much greater. and so is the cost, so will be the cost of not finishing this job. the president of the united states is a bold leader. the stakes are high, and the need for leadership is great. >> sandra: that video making the rounds, as you know.
8:10 am
the bernie sanders campaign is going after biden on the iraq war vote. is that going to hurt him and his campaign? >> no, it's not going to hurt him in his campaign. joe biden has been exceptionally durable. i put back joe biden is in fourth place and are essentially in a three-way tie, depending on what you're looking at and i would. he's gotten key endorsements, especially from -- the iraq the outcome of the crime bill, people are over it. that's part of the reason cory booker saw no path forward. kamala harris the same way. bernie sanders can recycle this, he's going after elizabeth warren lately. i'll have to do is turn around and say bernie sanders said that we should primary barack obama in 2011, and it's over. >> sandra: i will he respond, matthew. first, "the des moines register" poll on the iowa democratic presidential caucus that showed sanders at 20%, war in 17%,
8:11 am
pete buttigieg 60%, joe biden 15% paid matthew, go ahead. speak of the key here is not so much the attack on the iraq vote, which we need to remember the previous democratic nominee, hillary clinton, also voted for the iraq war. but it didn't hurt that much in her path to the nomination. it probably a little in the general election. it's not so much the attacks on biden come up with the choice to talk biden and warren. which something i is really done before. to go on the offense. he is in it to win it. the speech john kerry went on "face the nation" over the weekend and said that bernie sanders is distorting joe biden's record on the iraq war. here he is defending him. >> i think bernie regrettably is distorting joe's record. he doesn't have what joe biden has, which is years of sitting on the national security council
8:12 am
demonstrating judgment. >> sandra: final thoughts on that, jessica? >> i'm not sure it's having --dash talking foreign policy nonstop that particular vote. at a time or national security is coming in the forefront, especially with what's going on in iran. joe biden has not wrapped up. the polling issue, i want to clarify there's a 3.7% margin of error on that poll. joe biden is very competitive in iowa, and that is a change from where it was. >> sandra: the reese is quickly changing, cory booker no officially out. jessica tarlov, thank you. >> thank you, sandra. >> iran, like any authoritarian regime, care is than anything else about staying in power. that's true whether you are talking to jen, china, north korea, or iran. and iran has the history of shooting its own people in order
8:13 am
to try to quell dissent. >> bill: that's republican mac thornberry, blessed over here. demonstrators: iran's leaders to step down after the military finally admits to accidentally shooting down a passenger jet with 176 people on board. the stunning mission, protesters refusing to step on american and israeli flags in the street. greg palkot live in kiev, ukraine, with the latest from there today. greg? >> for the folks here in ukraine, where lives are lost in the plane shot down and elsewhere, they're looking at the blow back on this tragedy. for the third day we are seeing antigovernment protesters on the streets of iran, as well as in its squares and university campuses and in other cities and
8:14 am
iran. not over the shooting down by a round of this trait don't knock plane. over 140 iranian nationals and iranian dual nationals on that plane. there ar to they are also upsety the cover-up of this act. "clerics come and get lost." that's one trend on the streets of iran. referring to religious leaders who run this country, and another chant, "death to the dictator." that's referring to the supreme leader, ayatollah khamenei. security, as you can imagine, has responded in kind, despite warnings from president trump to not get involved in any kind of angry response to the protests. we are hearing about teargas being deployed, and reports of live fire being used, and injuries among the protesters. the government here in ukraine has been demanding, in fact, that there is culpability, responsibility taken not just
8:15 am
for the underlings before the country itself, for the leadership itself to take responsibility for this act. and officials from five countries, except for iran, with citizens on that plane. that would be canada, the u.k., germany, sweden, and ukraine. officials from those five countries will be meeting in london on thursday to figure out a way forward regarding criminal proceedings against individuals or the government of iran. bill, going to step aside. at this memorial, for those who have passed. first it was the nine crewmembers on that plane, but it's been expanded to show many more of the victims of this tragedy. a real sign of the determination noticed you and ukraine which of the people all around the world
8:16 am
that justice has to be done. back to you. >> bill27 thank you, greg palkoe ground in ukraine. >> sandra: in new orleans, former cia station chief dan hoffman will join us. we will get his reaction to the protests in iran as well as fallout from the downing of a passenger jet. >> bill: memorial mexico of nine americans killed in the cartel ambushed prewith the families are saying about that. >> sandra: and a controversial new bail laws setting the serial bank robber free. what police say he did the very next day as i read over this new law grows >> one of the more concerning things is if you think by the resources of our law enforcement, they have to continue to be aggressive individuals that might have been incarcerated. lihood. ♪ rock music >> man: so i'm not taking any chances when something happens to it. so when my windshield cracked... my friend recommended safelite autoglass.
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>> bill: tens of thousand forced to evacuate after a volcano certainly starts spewing lava -- knew the philippine capital of manila. no immediate reports of any debts or major damage but authorities warn electric eruption could be coming. we will keep an eye on that. >> sandra: meanwhile, mexico's president announcing a memorial monument water nine americans ambushed and killed by drugging last year. three women and six children were killed. several arrests have been made but no one has been charged with those murders. >> we stand at the running people they were. they want the things most people around the world want. prosperity, the ability to live their lives, raise their children. we support the same aspirations are people wherever they are. you see a very corrupt regimes of the people are trying to stand up and hold them accountable. >> bill: the trump administration doubling down on support for these protesters in
8:22 am
various cities in iran. public anger mounting over the downing of ukrainian plane that killed hundred 76 people. dan hoffman, former cia station chief, served in iraq and pakistan. good morning to you, i know you've been walking the dog knocked on my watching the back and forth. what is your reading of this in the early days? >> it's important to keep in mind the protests have been ongoing for a few months now. he has come of the brave iranians are out on the streets protesting the downing of this international airlines flight, but they are also protesting iran's encryption and free falling economy and the fact iran has diverted so many of its resources, its people, and it's money to pay for these foreign adventures in places like syria and lebanon, not to mention yemen. i think iran certainly has the security out in full force to
8:23 am
try and stave off significant unrest. but there's no, this is reflecting iranian discontent right now over there regime. >> bill: let me go through a few things, can mccarthy sharing the sentiments of a lot of people. "introducing a resolution in support of the protesters in iran. the world is watching the people of iran need to know that they are not alone in this pivotal moment." we'll see where that goes. you believe this time is any different? >> well, we saw the green revolution a little over a decade ago, and the difference then is that the obama administration made the decision to kind of take our boot off iran's throat when it came to this economic sanctions so they could assign that very flawed jcpoa nuclear deal. with this administration, the trip administration, has made clear is that we are going to keep those sanctions in place. we are going to sanctions because of iran's nefarious foreign policy. because of their state-sponsored
8:24 am
terrorism. ballistic missile program, interest in developing a nuclear ribbon with nuclear capability. so it's iran's choice if they want to serve the people. they can make the right choice and have an economic opportunity. right now they are not doing it, and it's creating some help, i think a much make this a very stark choice for the people of iran. see exactly what's happening. >> bill: one last point, here's robert o'brien with chris wallace on "fox news sunday." >> was interesting as they are chanting "death to the dictator." when president trump treated in farsi, it had 200,000 lakes. i'm told that's a world record for number of likes on social media for a farsi language tweet. unlike passive administrations weather hasn't been support demonstrated for the reigning people, president trump has made it clear throughout his administration that he stands for the people of iran, not the regime. >> bill: here's one of those tweets he was referring to
8:25 am
enforcing the language for the people of iran. "one thing i look at it carefully on these, dan, i try to see the video and figure out how many people in the streets. it has been reported that it's more than a dozen cities. maybe it's more, maybe less. i don't know if its hundreds, i don't know if it's thousands, how do you, given your background, evaluate this response based on high? >> these are significant protests given that iran is a police state. we've also heard some of the protesters sang the enemy is here. in other words, it's not anywhere outside iran, it is the corrupt iranian government, showing such willful disregard for human life. look at the stampede that killed so many people at qassem soleimani's funeral, the 176 people who died in that ukrainian airline incident. i think the question for our intelligence community is, how
8:26 am
significant is this? how much of an impact does it have on the iranian government? are there those within this iranian government who might see the handwriting on the wall and decide maybe they need to do something? similar to what boris yields ended, when the soviet union was on its last legs and collapsing. sometimes with dictatorships and autocracies, which are brittle, you see someone from the inside realizing change needs to happen. i think that's what we will be looking for. >> bill: socially. thank you, dan hoffman, for your analysis from london today. nice to see you. >> sandra: fox news alert now on the man facing federal hate crime charges for a machete attack at a hanukkah celebration, set to be arraigned. we are live outside the courthouse with that. >> bill: police began a gruesome discovery after missing woman's bodies found inside of a u-haul truck. we will tell you what we are going about this case, coming up. >> even if we don't have a homicide, we might have potential crimes were investigating.
8:27 am
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>> bill: the man facing federal hate crime charges for a machete attack on worshipers celebrating hanukkah in a rabbi's home is not being arraigned. in fact, right now, in a courtroom in new york. alex hogan live outside district court in white plains, new york, with more on what's happening. alex, hello. >> hello, bill. i just stepped out of the courtroom were 37-year-old grafton thomas first greeted his family and then entered a nonguilty plea in relation to these federal hate crimes that stemmed from the hanukkah stabbing attack that, again, took place last month. we know this 57-year-old is being held behind bars he has a $5 million bail. again, all of this coming from last month's attack, and his charges include five counts of
8:32 am
killinattempting to get people d on their religion, obstructing for religious exercise. each includes a possible sentence of life behind bars. he will be back in court this afternoon for an initial status conference. he is accused of barging into a rabbi's home on a summer 28th. that's the seventh night of hanukkah, and stabbing five people inside with an 18-inch machete. police later found the blood you have been in the former marine's car after he fled. investigators also found anti-semitic references and has personal journal and recent google searches mentioning hitler as well as the location of nearby synagogues. his lawyer pinning the attacks on mental illness, not anti-semitism. reporting to the fbi in 2018, there were 1550 religious bias hate crimes. of those, 896 or anti-jewish. since this attack, there been vigils and marches, including
8:33 am
the rabbi whose house was attacked, have called for peace. >> let us put our differences aside, and bigotry behind us, and work side-by-side to eradicate hatred. >> new york governor andrew cuomo echoed that statement, saying diversity is our greatest strength. he made that statement after just this past weekend high school in brooklyn was vandalized with anti-semitic speech. bill? >> bill: alex, thank you. watching that story for us in white plains, new york. alex hogan, thank you. >> sandra>> sandra: and new yorl bank robber set free on thursday thanks to new bill laws. what's he do the very next day? he pulled off his fifth bank heist. laura ingalls here with more on that. >> hi, sandra. this was the very same critics of the new law were worried about, and now this accused serial bank robber somewhere out there, free to hit another bank
8:34 am
or commit other crimes. according to police, jerry would be first struck on december 30th, robbing a chase bank with a note, not a gun coming here in manhattan. he got away with $1,000. he was arrested january 1st and released without bail the next day. this new law, which went into effect the first of the year, mandates most nonviolent felonies are no longer bail eligible. meaning no judge can order someone held pending trial even if they wanted to. he then attempted to rob another bank january 3rd, using a note, but did not succeed. january 6 he tries again, his note-wielding no-gun plan works, and he makes off with $5,000. he went through stomach for it another time jr. eighth, he was filled. arrested and released on the same premise. with his newfound freedom, what does he do can make he allegedly robs another bank, this time in brooklyn. many in the law enforcement community are beyond frustrated, including former nypd commissioner bill bratton who
8:35 am
lashed out at lawmakers in a recent radio interview. >> what the hell are they thinking about in albany when they crafted this mind-boggling set of limitations on the criminal justice system? a judge has no ability to hold a person on bail. even though he knows their criminal history. >> to get the other side, the build reform law was created to significant leverage use pretrial incarceration levels for nypd commissioner tweeted that this makes cops 'job harder and makes new york less safe. >> sandra: laura ingle, thank you. >> bill: our senior judicial analyst, division of paul tonko coming of morning to you. you have arraigned and set bail thousands of times. >> yes, in a system were at the discretion to evaluate if this person is a danger to society. his evidence of their guilt overwhelming?
8:36 am
connect as a criminal record show that there are likely this crime again? will in the amount of bail and ensure that come back? taking but discretion away from judges, which is what this state statute does, turns judges into clerks. b, prevents police from doing their job. they arrest this guy only to set him out. the story laura ingle di told us not made up. everybody and it was in the criminal justice system shares former commissioner bratton's frustration. this is no way to protect the public. >> bill: bratton said what the hell were they thinking. what were they thinking? >> they were thinking social policy. "there's too many people in jail and people that are there are poor people who can't afford bail." but the people who are there are people who should be there, because there is no other way without bail to assure that they
8:37 am
will return or to stop them from repeating the crime. >> bill: so here's the repeat offender. "i can't believe they let me out, what really thinking," >> left the defendant himself! boasting that he's out and is about to strike again. >> bill: what do you think should be the right resolution? the new jersey system, the monitoring system. this did not exist when i was on the bench, it's brand-new. it presumes nonviolent offenders are not to jail. but they can overcome that presumption with the finding of facts. what is the criminal record? what level of repeated criminal offenses commit a criminal offenses, are shown here? what wherewithal do they have to make bail? it gives judges the discretion that they need to do the right thing.
8:38 am
>> bill: they allow the judge to have lauded latitude. this does not. to speak of most are similar to new jersey. new york's is unique. there will be repercussions to this. there will be vigilante repercussions, small businesses paying the mob to protect them, and that's going to cause other problems. it will raise the prices of consumer goods because businesses are paying for protection that the police can provide. if the police know that these guys are going to come out, they're going to stop arresting them. this is going to have an effect that the legislature didn't consider. >> bill: example being used here is the guy who robbed four, five, six banks in manhattan. he did it with a note in the gun and that's the distinction. >> therefore it was not an act of violence, therefore he is not available. not jail bull and not available. what do we do? is probably rubbing of a bank as we speak! >> bill: what were they
8:39 am
thinking? "i can't believe they let me out." >> is up to the governor and legislature to fix this immediately. >> bill: will be? >> who knows? who knows what political motivations push them to enact this in the first place. honestly, i think some of them are rational people and they realize they went too far. if all of the new jersey model. it works both ways. >> bill: we will see if i take your advice. back over to sandra. >> sandra: megxit, the latest on the royal family feud. the latest on the queen's emergency summit. >> bill: also, ellis used quarterback sharing what he does before each kickoff. the ritual that helped job or elitist chain to a national championship that goes down tonight against clemson. check it out. ♪
8:40 am
8:41 am
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8:43 am
>> sandra: it is my favorite time of day, when we go beyond
8:44 am
the headlines and take a break from the fast-moving news cycle. the royal show down, the clean hosting a summit with prince harry, his dad, prince charles, and his brother, prince william, after harry and meghan's bombshell announcement they plan to step back from their royal duties. let's bring in radio talk show host, joe piscopo. good morning! everybody has got something to say about this. the headlines are everywhere. there are reports of this and that. your thoughts? >> my thoughts? about the royal family and all the shenanigans going on? nobody cares. >> sandra: [laughs] that's not true! >> nobody cares! i don't! everybody i talk to, "why is this such a big thing? i can't understand it!" i feel for her. meghan markle -- i didn't even get her and i'm right because we don't talk about on the radio. i feel for her little. she's in the lady di kind of her
8:45 am
movement. if they didn't accept her, she should go. speak of their brothers, they've always been close, meghan markle come of the company wrapped their arms around her. they maybe leaving! >> if this was a mafia family, she would be whacked. >> sandra: whoa, joe! >> with due respect, she doesn't look a great gal and i understand her wanting to get out of the spotlight. but in america, didn't we fight a revolution for this? correct me if i'm wrong, did we go to war for this? >> harry and his brother have always been so respectful of the queen, and prince william, to that point, put out a statement ultimately in the midst of so much speculation of what's going on. this was in the sunday times. "i put my arm around my brother all our lives, and i can't do that anymore. we are separate entities. i'm sad about that. all we can do and all i can do is transport them and hope the time comes when they are all singing from the same page." he hope the best for them. this is after all a family.
8:46 am
we will see what happens next. summit is happening with the queen. meghan markle can we do know she called in. >> howled as the queen now, like 93? god bless the queen. >> sandra: moving on, you know i've got my purple and gold on today. i know you do come too. >> how would he know? color grenade at! >> melissa: talk about the tigers all the time! you have to differentiate because these are both tiger teams. they are playing clemson for the national chairmanship tonight. joe barrow, the no heisman-winning quarterback, will be at the helm of the lsu team. he's never revealing his pregame ritual head of the national championship. here's what he says. "before every game i kind of close my eyes for 15 minutes before we go out and take a nap. a little bit just to calm myself down.
8:47 am
i put the towel around my neck, close my eyes, whatever happens happens. for fall asleep, i fall asleep." joey burrow could be sleeping minutes before the game tonight. [laughs] >> love this kid. napping is king. it went to pick up my daughter, i pull over to the school, i'm 10 minutes early. i think i can rest, i swear! i put the car seat back, 6 minutes. i know deepak chopra, i had the honor of being in his presence when he did a meditation thing and he said, "i want you to breathe in, a way to breathe out. breathe in, breathe out." i fell asleep. i don't know about meditation. it felt great. jackie gleason, one of the great comedians of all time, he would leave the bar in new york. he would leave the bar and go, "i've got to go outside." he would nap. that's what he could stay up
8:48 am
until 4:00 in the morning, and mr. frank sinatra, my hero, francis albert sinatra, napped. >> sandra: do you have a preshow ritual? >> when i was on "snl" i would nap, i was too pumped up. >> sandra: i can't imagine! i could see meditation. >> [snoring] if i could manage not to wake up with that. "who was that?" [snoring is] "who's in the room with me?" [laughter] >> sandra: joe piscopo, lady settlement. >> bill: we support siestas! we got news on this, a grisly and to the long search for missing woman. the latest on her case in a moment. in my way. joint pain, swelling, tenderness... ...much better. my psoriasis, clearer... cosentyx works on all of this.
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>> harris: coming up on "outnumbered," chaos in the streets of iran with reports of live ammunition and tear gas being used by iranian security forces. thousands of protesters are angry that their leaders were not truthful about what brought down that ukrainian passenger jet that killed all 176 people on board. could this be the spark that ignites a regime change in iran? >> melissa: and another weekend outbreak, but this one
8:53 am
on the campaign trail. are any slanderous slamming elizabeth warren as the candidate of the elite. warren firing back. they were playing nice. spew and mix in sanders, it's on like donkey kong. our guest in the middle, top of the hour. >> bill: think you, ladies. see you in 7 minutes. a gruesome find of the missing 25 real woman. her body was found wrapped in plastic and cardboard in the back of the u-haul truck in fullerton, california. police run the investigation pay jonathan hunt has a story in l.a. what happens, jonathan? >> ashley manning boarded a flight on november 13th last year and it disappeared. her family reported the disappearance to police when they didn't hear from her following that flight. her sister, taylor, posting on facebook in december. "help me find my sister, please. any information helps." now the news the family fear the
8:54 am
most. 29-year-old ashley manning's body discovered in the back of u-haul truck wrapped in plastic and cardboard and duct tape. the u-haul granted by a person not yet publicly identified by police later found abandoned, then moved to u-haul facility. the human remains discovered as workers cleaned out the vehicle. >> detectives are working to identify anybody associated with the truck. that only he might have rented the truck with anybody who might've driven the truck. >> police know manning arrived at los angeles international airport on november 13th, on where that flight from dallas. according to her sister, investigators have been examining video footage to see what car she got into. they have yet to confirm it is a murder investigation. >> even if we don't have a homicide, we have the potential crime we are investigating. >> clearly this is one of those cases where the police no more than they are telling us.
8:55 am
with video of their movements at lax airport likely captured on the many cameras there, and the name of whomever rented the u-haul truck easily available to the police. we can therefore expect further developments in this tragic case very soon. >> bill: think you cannot jonathan hunt, watching that story in california. >> sandra: people in iran, the latest on tensions and released on "outnumbered." veterans. my fellow va mortgage rates have dropped to near record lows. the newday team is working overtime so every veteran can save $2000 a year.
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our retirement plan with voya gives us confidence. so we can spend a bit today, knowing we're prepared for tomorrow. wow, do you think you overdid it maybe? overdid what? well planned, well invested, well protected. voya. be confident to and through retirement. >> sandra: now, to today's newsroom vault, celebrating the first woman of finance. on this day in 1967, merrill mickey c byrne became the first woman to purchase a seat on the new york stock exchange. she was the only woman among 1,365 men for nearly a decade. muriel siebert also became the
9:00 am
first superintendent of new year's day banks with not a single bank failing on her watch. that's an amazing look back, that's it for us this morning. go tigers! , that is lsu tigers, will be watching, "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: fox news alert, there are reports of iranian security forces firing live ammo and tear gas the streets of tehran. despite a warning from president trump not to hurt protesters. protests grow over a passenger jet down spreading across the country for a third day now. more incredible images out of tehran, hundreds of iranian students they're refusing to step on the american and israeli flag painted on the street. the president tweeted last night, the national security vir


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