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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  January 14, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PST

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white and blue instead of red and blue. go through america's history. exclusively on fox nation. >> how do you have time? >> there's no dress code. >> he doesn't sleep. >> and you're a nice guy. >> back here today. here's harris. >> harris: this hour, learning new details about the house democrats' next steps on impeachment. the list is growing of gop senators signalling they may want to hear from witnesses. "outnumbered overtime." i harris faulkner. the u.s. house is going to send two articles of impeachment to the senate. it's been nearly a month-long delay due to a standoff over witnesses and procedure. today movement. speaker nancy pelosi huddled with her caucus behind closed doors. the partisan divide on full display on the senate floor. >> the speaker did not decide to
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impeach after pouring over secondhand impressions of civil servants. this is a predetermined political conclusion. >> the most the republican leader can do is smear our request as some partisan fishing expedition intended to damage the president. we know want thing. we want the truth. does leader mcconnell want the truth? >> we're also watching this. the senate republicans saying that they're open to calling witnesses during the trial with the white house reportedly now expecting as many as six deflections among the gop. only four are needed to brain rank with majority leader mitch mcconnell. mike emanuel has more from capitol hill. my big question, mike, why is the list growing? >> harris, some folks are saying if you want to call witnesses the democrats want, you should call witnesses the president wants. we'll see how this plays out. still a lot of discussion going
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on. two weeks of opening statements to this trial probably before they vote on witnesses. we'll see where the case stands at that point. meanwhile, leading house democrats say once they send out the articles of impeachment over to the senate tomorrow, that the bottom line is the work will continue. >> there's no decision made as to whether the house will consider subpoenaing john bolton. nothing has been ruled in, nothing has been ruled out. at the present moment, the ball is in the senate's court. >> house speaker nancy pelosi held the articles for nearly four weeks as she tried to gain leverage. today her allies are saying it was a smart delay. >> we have had additional information come out that completely underscores the importance of having witnesses and documents come forward. nothing but constructive purpose has been served by this tiny
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delay. >> kentucky senator rand paul say if democrats want witnesses, he demands on hunter biden testify. others say all nancy pelosi did is waste time. >> after saying it was urgent that president trump be impeach, the speaker of the house sat on the articles for many, many weeks. unclear exactly what she believes she accomplished by it. >> soon the scene will shift to the united states senate. mitch mcconnell says he has no plans to make this into a phishing expedition. >> if the existing case is strong, there's no need for the judge and the jury to reopen the investigation. if the existing case is weak, house democrats should not have impeach in the first place. impeachment is not a political game. the united states senate will
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not treat it like one. >> speaker pelosi has to announce impeachment managers. those are lawmakers from the house that will prosecute the case in the senate. harris? >> mike emanuel thank you very much. i want to bring in fox news politics editor chris stirewalt. chris, i asked this off the very top of the hour here. why is this list among republicans growing? is this something the president should be concerned about? >> probably not. as has been the case with this impeachment throughout, the conclusion is still foregone. we know what will happen. this is a lot of falderal about nothing. it's significant the president will bear the besmirchment. it's true the house has voted to impeach him. we have known what the outcome was going to be for a long time barring huge revelations or
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changes. there's been no huge revelations or changes. we're talking about the timing of a thing that is foregone. >> harris: i'm wondering, the senate majority leader told us how it would go. is that how we know it or do we also know it and -- i don't know -- because the democrats have a weak case for removing the president, impeaching and removing are two different things. >> votes are votes are votes are votes. with a very united republican party, both parties are very united in this. but with the parties united and the republicans sitting on a majority in the senate, the idea that we would get to a super majority of the senate to vote to impeach the president barring, again, some other revelation was a nonstarter. now, the house, you can -- it's defensible for the house to say regardless of the outcome at the trial they felt obliged to do what they did. fine. only in washington, only in this
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city could you have weeks and weeks and weeks of jaw-boning and wrangling and all of this over essentially how to dispose of a thing that everybody knows is going to be disposed of. if you want to know how stupid our congress -- the way our congress works is, this is just a great microcosm for why americans should be skeptical of how washington works and how congress works. >> harris: all right. reuters news put together a list of possible managers. first of all, i want to ask you -- let's take a look. possible managers from the democrats side. jerry nadler, adam schiff, hakeem jeffries, caucus chair, val demings. the former chief of police in orlando. and the list goes on here. eric swalwell, joaquin castro,
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zoe laughlin. what is the role that you'd want people to play? not just leadership, most are good on tv. don't miss it. >> right. that's what you're talking about. you're talking about who do you want to be one of your star players in a courtroom procedural coming soon to daytime tv near you. nancy pelosi has to be careful. you have people on there that are thirsty for coverage. >> harris: drop a name. >> swalwell. he wants to be on television so much he ran for president goodness sakes. you have these people that love the red light, that want to see it, that need to feel the glow. and you have those people. you want people that are ambitious if you're pelosi. but you don't want people that will make trouble. again, we all know how this ends. we know right now how the story
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ends. the president will be acquitted in the senate. so you want people ambitious but not so ambitious that they'll cause trouble down the road. >> harris: and to balance this out. less speculation about who the republican managers are. the short list. reuters looking at this. congressman jim jordan, doug collins, mike johnson, ratcliffe. the supporters of the president. also savvy television personalities as well. it's a gamesmanship. they know what it takes to hold the attention. i want to scoot to this. fox news has now been able to confirm the president's defense team for the impeachment trial will include white house counsel pat sipilone who will take the lead and jay sekulow. sipilone is known for an aggressive strategy which could do damage to the institution
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he's supposed to protect. immediate reaction? >> this is what we expected to see. the president's legal team. these are the folks that the president will want as a throaty defense. a refusal to give any ground and both of them are there to do that. sekulow speaking of people that like to be on television is good on tv. he knows how to do this stuff. the house members wanted to be on the president's defense team. they want to come over from the house and do that, which i doubt any senator -- mitch mcconnell is not going to allow -- >> harris: he said that would oh found if the house stars would -- >> they're not going to let them do their motor city madman routine. these two guys will deliver for trump which he wants, which is an urgent, ardent defense -- >> harris: in the end -- the president is fund-raising like its nobody's business off of this. >> here's the story of
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impeachment in our time. it's not moved the numbers for anybody in either direction because people are so type down in their partisan silos that it doesn't matter what happens. they know that they hate who they hate and love who they love. >> harris: chris stirewalt. thanks. appreciate it. attorney general william barr is defending the air strikes that took out that top iranian june raleigh, soleimani. this is after iran is protesting in the streets today. is there still an opportunities for diplomacy? the two progressives, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders in a heated he said/she said/no she didn't before tonight's debate. >> we can't put ourselves in a position where we have one nominee. people feel some kind of way that they don't want to support that nominee. >> man: what's my safelite story?
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. >> harris: wonder what's going on between bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and what it looks like behind the scenes of the debate before the caucuses? it's pretty intense. warren claims in a private meeting in 2018, sanders told her he didn't think a woman could win the presidency. he has denied the allegation. one progressive group says the dispute is counter productive saying this. >> allison barber to set us up from des moines, iowa. no doubt voters are already talking about this. >> yeah, hey, harris. the two progressive frontrunners and long-time friends are now at
10:16 am
each other's throats. in the past they have largely avoided directly criticizing each other. now they're calling each other out by names and fights are getting personal. first, a back and forth over reports that senator sanders campaign advised volunteers to paint senator warren as a candidate of the elites. then it went downhill. the pair met at warren's apartment in 2018. warren said she planned to run for president and sanders said he didn't believe a woman could win. the sanders campaign called it a lie. warren said it's ludicrous to say that a woman continue win. what i did say is donald trump is a sexist, a racist and a liar and weaponized whatever he could. a few hours later, senator warren released a statement of her own. she confirmed the 2018 meeting
10:17 am
and said among the topics that came up, what would happen if the democrats nominate add female candidate. warren said she's not interested in talking about the meeting anymore because they have more in common. tonight it's a small debate. only six candidates are on the stage. this is the smallest democratic primary debate we've seen so far. foreign policy and healthcare, those are expected to come up on the debate stage tonight. it's hard to imagine that this will not as well -- i think harris, the question is does this come up but do we see the two progressive candidates reach a truce or does this back and forth escalate even more. >> harris: and does this help elizabeth warren. her numbers are tanking since she rolled out the price of her healthcare plan. is there trouble on the left?
10:18 am
i'm about to ask evan bayh with me now. and also, senior adviser at apollo management. god to see you. so you heard the progressive group saying this dispute is really not good for the party. what do you say? >> my guess is what they're concerned about is that it will divide the liberal part of the democratic party. and as we said, to the benefit of joe biden who they don't support. it's not uncommon, harris, when two candidates get into a dispute, it takes both down and the third party benefits. >> and i mentioned to our correspondent, ellison, warren will talk about this more than healthcare. it really hurt her since she rolled it out. >> i think you put your finger on it. when the price tag was apparent and people would lose their private plans. that's when it went south to her. maybe this will enable her to
10:19 am
change the subject. >> harris: elizabeth warren, you have to be strong to run for president. we've seen them on both sides. why make this about gender? >> on the progressive part, the liberal part of the democratic party, if they believed that bernie sanders was a sexist, that would hurt him with the liberal part and maybe the moderate part of the party. the question is whether people think he's that way or not. i disagree with bernie on many things but i never found him to be anti-woman. >> harris: tulsi gabbard said she met with him before they entered this whole journey trying to get to the white house. she agrees with you on the point that she doesn't see those things about bernie sanders. but you had in the commercial break, if i could just say, you had an interesting take on this. >> i was just going to follow up on your comment about gabbard. the thing that strikes me as being implausible for bernie to say a woman can't win, he was beaten by a women, hillary
10:20 am
clinton in the democratic primary. he discovered first hand that is a democratic primary, not a general election. he discovered that a woman did beat him. >> harris: he also gave a career boost and hired aoc. think about who she is. >> yeah. his other supporters wouldn't have stuck with him. >> harris: does this stick to bernie? that's the question. >> i doubt it. since they're idealogically aligned and not many policy differences, they're looking for smaller things like this to differentiate themselves. >> harris: they're fighting over the same pie. so a clinton spokesperson tweeted this. bernie blamed warren's staff in his initial statement calling them liars when it now appears that he's lying.
10:21 am
imagine a female candidate had done the same in the situation were reversed, we'd watch 14 news circles about whether she can be trusted. your reaction. >> they're just getting in the tit for tat. what the viewers will look for in the debate is what are you going to do for the country and for me to make middle class families lives better. this is political noise for most voters. >> harris: before i let you go, you and i agree more words, not fewer. a lot of voices aren't on the stage tonight. who would you want to hear from? bloomberg is spending a ton of cash. >> he will be heard from. he's going to -- >> harris: through his ads. >> he can go the distance because there's an old saying nobody stops running for president but they run out of money. he won't run out of money. we had somebody drop out -- >> harris: cory booker. >> yeah. he had something to say. surprised he never got traction.
10:22 am
that's politics for you. >> harris: great to see you. >> you too. >> harris: thanks for being here. queen elizabeth is voicing her support for prince harry and duchess meghan to step back but could she strip their title? and the iranian president promising a thorough investigation for the downing of a jet. but is this enough to curb the growing public outrage?
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>> harris: fox news alert. iran have announced multiple arrests have been made with the downing of a jet. anti-protests have continued for a fourth day in iran. >> the fact that our armed
10:27 am
forces admitted to their error and apologized to the people is a good first step taken. other steps must be taken as well. >> harris: and this, secretary of state mike pompeo will not attend a hearing on capitol hill today on his decision to take out top iranian general soleimani. kali simpson joins me now from the navy jag. good to see you today. >> thanks. >> harris: i want your reaction as these things come together. let's start with the protesters in the street. >> this is the fourth day in a row that they put their lives on the line by exercising what little rights that they have in protest. this is extraordinary, harris. they have to know by walking out in the streets and protesting, they're putting a cross hairs on their back. most of the people in the airline, 176 were iranians. so this investigation, there's
10:28 am
no names involved in who they have arrested, is a farce. it's basically meant to save face with the people who are offering them dwindling support. >> harris: you've looked at investigations being on the judiciary side of things. i'm curious to know what you think about this idea of what got us to where we are with the iran general who was taken out by our forces, soleimani. whether or not it matters so much or how it matters that the president says there were four embassies that were in immediate danger. the defense secretary says he doesn't see it the same way. i've been reading the embassies were not warned if they were in danger. that makes a difference. >> as i said on the curvy couch with your colleagues monday on "outnumbered," eminence is not required as a legal matter. as a legal matter, this guy had
10:29 am
been conducting and strategizing to kill americans through his thugs and the irgc for a long time. he put himself in the cross hairs of the united states and our allies by killing over 603 american service members. he was traveling around the region willy-nilly, however he saw fit in violation of a u.s. security council resolution. he made himself a target. we had no obligation under the law to improve imminent at all. >> harris: does it bother you about the four embassieembassie? >> no. i think they have lost the narrative talking as if eminence was required and it was president. >> harris: interesting. british prime minister boris johnson has signalled that he would be open to replacing an obama era iran nuclear deal. watch. >> the problem with the agreement is that the american
10:30 am
perspective, it's a flawed agreement, it expires and it was negotiated by president obama. it has -- from that point of view, it has many faults. well, if we're going to get rid of it, let's replace it. let's replace it with the trump deal. >> this sounds like an opportunity. >> big time. in fact, the u.k., france and germany triggered the beginning of a process which if the u.n. security council follows through could trigger snap back protections build in to the jcpoa. so this does two things for boris johnson. one, it reasserts the power of the u.k. government as they get towards actual implementation of brexit. it says even if they're outside of the e.u., they'll be a major player on the world stage. two, it really -- if enacted in the snap back sanctions go into place marks the death now of the
10:31 am
jcpoa as we know it. >> thanks, cully. >> thanks. >> harris: is russia back at it again? military hackers infiltrated the ukrainian gas company where hunter biden used to work. our power panel will talk about what it could mean. they don't agree. keep watching. actor vince vaughn is facing liberal backlash after he was spotted chatting with the president inside the box. they were both at the lsu and clemson game last night. has is so-called cancel culture gone too far this time? here's record-breaking news for veterans. va mortgage rates have dropped to near 50-year lows. newday usa can help you refinance your mortgage and save thousands a year. newday's va streamline refi makes it fast and easy because there's no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. i urge you to call newday usa now.
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10:36 am
they say the attempts to infiltrate burisma, whose board included hunter biden, began in early november. although it's unclear what the hackers were looking for. the cyber firm said the timing raises suspicions that this is an early warning of what we have anticipated since a successful cyber attacks in 2016. gillian turner with more. >> hi, harris. the firm dropping that bomb shell claim last night is called area one security. their ceo text fox news that they discovered the hack of burisma of what was the course of routine business. the ceo said the report containing this information wasn't paid for in part or in full by any outside group. a key detail. area one's report claims the russian military hackers, part of the gru sought the e-mail
10:37 am
credentials of employees at burisma. it adds hack says to burisma holdings e-mail accounts permits future phishing campaigns. the associated press claiming overnight the bidens were also likely target of this same russian campaign. area one's ceo says his company not prepared to support that claim at this time. the biden campaign says in a statement -- >> now, democratic lawmakers have been real quick to blame president trump for the hack. take a listen. >> i'm a bit distressed to see this for the first time in a newspaper report. >> it's russia doing president trump's dirty work again. remembering the last campaign for president candidate trump at the time said russia, if you're
10:38 am
hearing me, you know, get hillary's e-mails. >> area one security also claims this burisma hack is connected to a different phishing attack, one on a media company owned by president zelensky. republican lawmakers not talking a whole lot about this on camera today. they insist hunter and joe biden and their relationship with burisma needs an entirely separate investigation. harris, for now, we've reached out to burisma. they have not gotten back to us. when they do, we'll let you know. >> harris: thanks, jilligillian turn turner. judy miller, fellow from the manhattan institution for policy. bill mcgur from the "wall street journal." what does this tell us about the election? is russia's putin threatened by
10:39 am
joe biden? >> that's what joe biden would like you to believe. all we hear from the same people, what their first word when we find out the russians have done something bad in the ukraine? donald trump. i'm just not sure that people are going to have an appetite for this right now. no doubt that the russians are doing bad things. burisma is an important country. i'm not sure in the long haul whether the word "burisma" is a help to joe biden. >> harris: i didn't focus on the president. other people may. i focused on a different president, putin. >> yes, but it's interesting that his obsession with joe biden seems to mirror vladimir putin, donald trump. both interested in joe biden and his political fate. this is deja vu all over again. this is the last election. russians are at it again. where is the outrage? where is the outrage from
10:40 am
republicans and the senate and donald trump? the white house is silent about this. it's an extraordinary thing to have happen again whether people care about burisma or can pronounce it. >> harris: you're vladimir putin. you're looking a cross the sea. i've been told from people all over the world, yeah, they're watching our politician. what is the calculation? even you said it will be biden in the end. we don't know to face president trump. but if trump were to lose or if putin doing some kind of calculation? just a question. >> i think it's overwrought. we don't know this is about joe biden. we know if we take the company at its word that burisma was hacked. we've gone to joe biden that this is done to hurt joe biden. i think joe biden hurt himself on this. joe biden still has to give an answer. i don't think he took anything -- >> harris: why hasn't he given -- >> i don't think he has a good
10:41 am
answer. i'm curious to see if the other democratic candidates will push him on it. >> harris: the speaker of the house just spoke. she said this, nancy pelosi. >> harris: so looking ahead potentially -- first, your reaction to that and then we'll talk about 2020. >> that's my reaction no matter which side of the political aisle you're on. if you're a republican or democrat or independent, we should care about someone trying to influence our elections and steer votes again. what have we done? really since the last election to shore up the integrity of that process. >> harris: i don't know, i've been asking for some time. it do it on "outnumbered" and "overtime." we need a briefing. >> i'm not sure it's about
10:42 am
affecting the american elections. i think the russians -- i'm not -- we're just accepting joe biden's spin this is about the u.s. election or russian hacking of the ukrainian companies. >> harris: what else could it be about? >> i don't know. who knows what the corruption is there, what the problems are that they have. russia is a bad actor all over the world, including in ukraine. >> look at the timing. >> harris: the first 40 pages about the mueller report is about what that did. >> the last time there was no -- i would like to see more evidence before donald trump is somehow blamed for what the russians are doing to a cranian company. >> i the timing is suspicious. >> good to see you both. the supreme court putting more pressure on surging homelessness. what some leaders are proposing to do. and queen elizabeth gives harry
10:43 am
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10:47 am
kick over the articles to the senate. we'll have reaction. and steve scalise is here. and miranda divine explains more coming up on "the daily briefing." >> harris: queen elizabeth has issued a rare personal statement expressing support to take a step back for harry and meghan to relinquish their royal duties. now aim any kellogg is live in london. i read the statement live as it happened. what part are we talking about? >> i'll get to that. this may have been a hint, this language. may have just been for the same of informality, which is in keeping with the whole tenor of that statement as you know. the statement really, harris, did a lot to calm the mood here
10:48 am
in the u.k. about who slighted whom over what and how. here's that statement and that bit. "my family and i are supportive of harry and meghan's desire to create a life as a young family. we would have preferred them to be full time members of the family." so the queen's use of harry and megan as opposed to the duke and duchess got people speculating. she does refer to them as the sussexes. after all, this is about family. >> a massive fan of the queen and the royal family as a fantastic asset for our country. i absolutely am confident that they are going to sort this out. you know what? i think they're probably going
10:49 am
to be able to sort it out easier without any particular commentary from me about this. >> it's still unclear now where the brothers stand in terms of their reported rift. newspaper reports today dig more into that with some suggesting william and kate froze meghan out from the beginning and others say william and kate found harry and megan to be rude and dismissive of staff. so i think harris that basically the british are united on one thing. they would like to see the fences mended if they're broken because harry and william have always been a beloved duo here. >> harris: we'll see what happens. the queen saying it's my family. good to see you. the u.s. supreme court will not hear a challenge to a controversial ruling that leaves cities with fewer options when dealing with the growing homelessness problem. the ninth circuit court of appeals says governments can not remove or punish a homeless
10:50 am
person for sleeping outside in public when shelters are full. dan springer live with the news in seattle. dan? >> harris, the circuit court ruled that sweeping homeless camps without providing space is cruel and unusual punishment. now cities are scrambling to deal with more homeless people camping in public. the biggest cities with the most homeless are just letting the tents multiply. in los angeles, the number of homeless is up 16%. in san francisco, there's thousands waiting for shelter space to open up. camping bans can't be enforced there easily. other cities are enforcing their anti-camping laws after paying for options. tacoma is a good example. for three months, the city built a couple dozen tiny homes and increased shelter space by working with churches and other groups. that allowed them to clear out the park last week and get everybody that greed in a shelter. officials say this is a
10:51 am
compassionate way to go. once in shelters, the homeless can get drug treatment and mental health screening. often people on the streets don't like the rules that come with the shelters, so they resist and find another place to camp. advocates are pushing for big investment in affordable government subsidized housing. washington's governor wants to tap the rainy day fund and in california, there's a plan to spend a billion dollars on the homeless problem. >> what we're hoping is that cities will create housing, housing really is the solution to homelessness. >> with the high cost of providing that housing, most cities seem to be follow tag coma's lead. it was announced camping bans will be enforced in denver. >> harris: thanks. is it a crime to be friendly? the cancel culture's newest target, a hollywood star spotted chatting with the president and first lady. ♪
10:52 am
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>> harris: you want to know why this nation is divided? take a look at this. liberal cancel culture found a new target last night. actor vince vaughn facing social media blow back after cameras caught him chatting with melania and president trump. one of the many outraged critics tweeted this. and also this tweet from joe concha.
10:57 am
>> to see democrats outraged because someone that loves football, vince vaughn and someone that loves the president, loves football and the president of the united states sat down and shook hands and shared a few kind words? what is the big deal? >> harris: jamie weinstein host of the jamie weinstein show. your reaction. >> cancel culture is silly. a lot of things that happen on twitter is silly. sometimes it can be serious when someone gets cancelled. fortunately for vince vaughn here, this is just a few knuckle heads on twitter getting angry. doesn't seem to be something that will migrate off twitter. hogan gidley might have gotten over his skis there. democrats are not getting up and arms over this. there were a few people on twitter that didn't like it. that's what twitter is for, silly tweets.
10:58 am
vince vaughn will survive. >> harris: why is this even happening? i thought this was interesting, this washington freebie con reporter alex griswold have shown that vince vaughn is a republican. he's taken no effort to hide it. why would it matter? he makes funny movies. let him do his thing. no? >> yeah, it shouldn't matter. unfortunately on twitter, outrage is the name of the game on twitter. you find the latest outrage of the day and everybody gets their tweets and gets angry. the next outrage comes along. sometimes they forget about it. in this case, this is not going to migrate off twitter. vince vaughn will be okay and everybody will enjoy wedding crashers 2. >> you remember that incident with ellen degeneres and george w. bush and family. they were at a game. she took a lot of heat. we have video of that. you know, just hanging out with the president. you're in the box.
10:59 am
what are you supposed to do? ignore the person next to you? how does that work when that person is the leader of the free world? and nine she had a response. let's play it. >> i'm friends with george bush. in fact, i'm friends with a lot of people that don't share the same beliefs i have. we're all different. we've forgotten that is okay. because i don't agree with someone on everything doesn't mean i won't be friends with them. when i say be kind to one another, not only people that think the same way you do. be kind to everyone. >> harris: this is not about twitter. this is about all of us. hear what she said? >> absolutely. we need more civility from all of our politics from top to bottom. more people willing to talk to each other and not people get angry when people are polite, i think this nation would be better off. >> harris: i know you talk about these things on your pot cast. i want to give you a quick last word. >> that's what we try to do,
11:00 am
engage people for civil conversations. so i think this country would be better off if we did that regularly. >> harris: that i'ms -- thanks, jamie. i'm harris. here's "the daily briefing." >> dana: the waiting game looks to be over. the vote will vote tomorrow on sending the articles to the senate. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." house speaker nancy pelosi announcing the move saying the american people deserve the truth and a trial. over in the senate, mitch mcconnell says democrats have been out to get the president since the start. >> i think everyone knows this process is has not been so many earnest fact-finding mission with house democrats following each thread wherever it leads. this is a predetermined political conclusion. members of her conference have


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