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tv   Fox News Reporting  FOX News  January 14, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> trace: lawmakers speaking on capitol hill, we heard from mitch mcconnell on impeachment earlier, now chuck schumer is speaking, let's listen in. >> he criticized president obama, now we are much worse off today. the president seems to have abandoned any real gains for a couple of photo ops which were ephemeral and don't even benefit him. >> reporter: if your optimism about witnesses is correct, do you have a sense of whether or not mcconnell will come to you and reopen negotiations? >> look, first, i can't predict whether or not we will have witnesses. at first everyone said no, connell seemed to rule the roost, never having some people entertainment, but you don't know what's going to happen.
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we are in better shape than we were, but there are no certainties at all. whether he wants some, i've asked him four times to sit down so we could negotiate witnesses and documents, he said no each time. i'm always open to talking to him. thank you, everybody. >> trace: well, there you have it, chuck schumer talking about impeachment, talking about witnesses, previously we had the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell saying he believes that this impeachment trial will begin on tuesday, setting a possible date for the historic impeachment trial of president trump. this is house lawmakers get ready to vote on handing over the articles tomorrow. we have fox coverage from the white house, capitol hill, first let's get to chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel, mike. >> trays, good afternoon, the short time ago mitch mcconnell laid out the immediate timeline once those articles of impeachment get to his side of the capital. >> in all likelihood, i will go through some people luminary
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steps this week, which could well include the teeth justice coming over and swearing in members of the senate and other housekeeping measures. we hope to be able to achieve that by consent which would set us up to begin the actual trial next tuesday. >> mcconnell has said after several weeks of the opening phase where you would have the house democrats and the president attorneys putting on their various sides and questions from senators that ultimately the decision would be made about witnesses, the senate democratic leader spoke about that earlier today. >> i'm not in the prediction business. i can bet that when the time comes, mcconnell will say we have heard enough, the trial should not drag on any longer. but the senate does not need witnesses and documents and we should just, as he once said, vote and move on. >> what it will come down to is
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what 51 united states senators want to do, if they have a majority, they will get witnesses. trace? >> trace: they will come on michael, what are top lawmakers in the house saying? >> they are pressing senate republicans to allow those witnesses. >> what are they doing? since they do not have time, apparently, to hear from john bolton or mick mulvaney a or review documents. it is part of the cover-up because moscow manage in the senate republicans cannot defend president trump's stunning abuse of power. >> speaker nancy pelosi has had onto those articles for nearly four weeks which republicans in the house call a total waste of time. >> obviously after saying for months and months it was urgent that president trump be impeached, the speaker of the house and sat on the articles for many, many weeks.
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unclear exactly what she believes she accomplished by it. >> well, the wait is almost over, we expect house lawmakers to vote tomorrow on sunday over the articles. also an announcement from the speaker about which lawmakers will prosecute the case, the impeachment managers. >> trace: mike emanuel life for us and what will be a very busy capitol hill for the next several weeks, mike, thank you, team fox coverage continues now with our chief correspondent john roberts reporting live from the north line on the presidents impeachment team. >> the white house is preparing to present its case to the senate as soon as next week. it has been preparing for weeks now. we told you weeks ago, the white house cancel pat cipollone will take the lead in terms of defending the president. he will be assisted by a couple of his deputies, jay sekulow, the president's lead outside may make the closing argument. sources also tell fox news that the possibility of bringing in
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harvard law professor alan dershowitz is still a matter of "serious discussion" last week, the president told our laura ingraham that in some ways he would like to see a trial and call witnesses, among them joan hunter biden, some democrats acknowledged, yes, the president should be allowed to call witnesses as they should as well, but that hunter biden is a bridge too far. a democratic congresswoman. >> it's abuse of power, it is obstruction of congress. hunter biden really has no bearing on those things, but i would be absolutely open to any presidential witness who has direct and first-hand knowledge of the articles. he deserves to put on his defense. >> president trump, though, now is embracing the idea of dismissing the case, but the weight of that will play out, the house managers will present their case, then the president's defense will make its case, then
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a motion to dismiss will possibly be entertained. mitch mcconnell said, though, and the last hour that there is no appetite among senate republicans to dismiss the case. this morning, texas senator ted cruz is predicting a vote of not guilty, and acquittal rather than a dismissal, arguing and acquittal would be better for the president, listen here. >> dismissal throws the case out without reaching a verdict, the verdict is going to be not guilty, because in the face of it, the articles of impeachment don't meet the constitutional standard. that is a much better outcome for the president to be acquitted of these charges than simply a dismissal. >> here's something that's really interesting, trace, the president is scheduled to arrive in switzerland the morning that the trial begins. i'm told there is no discussion at the white house at this moment to cancel the presidents trip to the world economic forum. in fact, some aides are making the case that it would be better for the president to be seen overseas during the nation's
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business while democrats come here in washington, are trying to take him down. trace. >> trace: good point, john roberts life for us on the north lawn. we rich out to lawmakers on both sides of this issue. none of the democrats we talked to were available. let's bring in republican senator thom tillis of north carolina, a member of the senate judiciary committee. senator, thank you for joining us, sir, looks like tuesday is the go day, your thoughts? >> that's right, there are some procedural steps after we get the articles over in our chamber tomorrow, and on thursday, we will come back after martin luther king day and begin the trial in earnest. >> trace: the president now, kind of talking about dismissal, john roberts was saying earlier there does not seem to be any appetite for an outright dismissal in the senate. but there does seem to be senator, a growing appetite for the witnesses which we was never going to happen. now it seems like more of a possibility, i know you have been against that from the get-go. your thoughts on the changing dynamics sir? >> well, trace, i heard the
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segment where ted cruz spoke, so i want to also talk about the issue of dismissal. the way the organizing resolution that will pass on tuesday, next tuesday works, is that we want to hear from the democratic managers in the house, we want to hear for the first time, i might add, from the president's defense counsel. that could take a couple of weeks, just based on the information sent over with the articles of impeachment. after that, we will have a vote on whether or not we even think we need to talk to the other witnesses. i, for one, will probably be a know unless there's additional information beyond what i have already read it, but that will give every member an opportunity to make that decision, after reducing the weight of the evidence. keep in mind, we are not here to do the houses work. the only reason he would be valid to pull forth a witness is because they have credible information where you need to fill in the gap. what chuck schumer and when nancy pelosi want to do is the
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work of the house and the u.s. senate. i'm adamantly opposed to that in principle. >> trace: it's interesting, that the president is talking about dismissal because all along he has said that he wants the opportunity to present this robust defense. why, now, slowly the pullback? >> well, honestly, i think the president experiencing the same emotions as people in north carolina and across the country. they are over this. one in three people in a recent harvard harris poll did not feel like the investigation was fair, most people in north carolina are tired of this, they are looking forward to the president signing the chinese trade agreement, they're looking forward to was passing out aid this week, they are looking forward to a solving problems for american workers, american homes, they are tired of impeachment, they think it's unfair, they want to get past it, i think the president does as well. rightly so when you've been attacked for over three years. >> trace: i want, if i can, bring this up, the issue of witnesses gets to be very
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tricky, and i want to play you what former congressman trey gowdy said, who is a very good lawyer, is a very good lower about the prospect of witnesses, listen to this. >> i don't like surprises. i don't like witnesses that i don't know what they're going to say. if the vote word today, the president would win, so my advice to him is that with the defense team you've got no, skip alani, radcliffe, then get to the vote as quickly as possible. don't inject any surprises or witnesses that you don't know what they're going to say, it's just not good in a trial for there to be a lot of surprises. >> steer clear of the witnesses is the theme, there, senator. >> trey, who is a good friend of mine, i don't think he is suggesting that the democrats think they're hiding something. of the fact of the matter is, it was their job to build a case. it was their job to determine whether or not privilege was appropriate and they could depose witnesses.
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it is our job to weigh the evidence presented by the house. if you open it up to an endless number of other witnesses that may have nothing to do with the substance of the one article, the second article is absurd, i don't even know why they took the time to put it forward, that i think he is right in saying let's see if they did their job and vote on the basis of the job. i believe, as a result of that, he's going to be acquitted and were going to move on. >> trace: i've to go senator, but we've been hearing anywhere from two weeks to six weeks for the senate trial. your prognosis there, quickly? >> i would bet under four. >> trace: under four, senator thom tillis, always good to see you, thank you. we are tracking some action on iran, new arrests after a passenger jet got blown out of the sky. new threats after america's allies agreed to get tougher on tehran, and a new hearing that the secretary of state decided to skip from the journalists of fox news, this is
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>> trace: secretary of state mike pompeo was a no-show at a congressional hearing today as house democrats demanded answers about the trip administration's reason for killing a top iranian general. now, the democratic chairman of the house foreign affairs committee is threatening to subpoena secretary pompeo to testify, saying that trump administration must explain next actions to congress. >> then we heard the strike went
12:16 pm
forward because soleimani did so many bad things in the past and was spotting for the future. then when that did not work they went back to imminent threat, but we did not know where or when it would take place, next, an embassy was going to be attacked, then four embassies were going to be attacked, then maybe it wasn't for embassies. i wanted secretary pompeo here today because i think the administration is not being straight with the country or the congress. >> trace: secretary pompeo said killing soleimani was part of a broader strategy to deter iran and other photos of the united states. rich edson life force at the state department. rich. >> trace, the state department has no comment on the chairman's warning that they could subpoena mike pompeo. the charm and it is also warning that he is sending secretary pompeo and defense secretary mark esper a letter demanding that they produce information on the legal basis for the strike that killed iranian general qasem soleimani. pompeii was defending the attack
12:17 pm
and the justification that he pose an imminent threat, bret baier asked the secretary if the administration used the word "imminent" to legally justify the strike. >> i don't know who used it first, but it reflects what we saw. we can dance around the maple on the board imminent, i can assure you of this. the intelligence picture that was painted not only in those days, but in all of the history that builds up to this, it doesn't just come to your radar screen and fresh. what we could see was that there was an increasing threat from the activity of qasem soleimani. >> secretary pompeo was across the country today, he is in california meeting with the foreign ministers of japan and south korea. >> trace: meanwhile, our european allies are warning iran to stop violating the nuclear deal. >> that's right, the three european countries that are still part of this agreement, the u.k., britney, friends, and germany have formally accused iran of violating the nuclear agreement. that begins a process that could
12:18 pm
end with the u.n. security council devoting to restore those u.n. sanctions that were listed as part of this deal. know those countries to say they want to stay in the agreement, they hoped to save it they write "are three countries are not running a campaign to implement maximum pressure against iran, our hope is to bring iran back into full compliance." iran's foreign ministry reportedly had a strong report response to those country if they agreed to put sanctions against iran. a constructive effort to try to say this agreement. iran started violating the nuclear deal last year, about one year after the united states withdrew from the deal. >> trace: rich, thank you. at the u.s. space force has its first ever commander, general john jay raymond, sworn in as chief of space operations at the white house. he will oversee the new military service branch which will fall under the air force. kind of how the marine corps is a separate service within the
12:19 pm
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>> trace: well, russian hackers targeted the ukrainian company at the center of president trump's impeachment. that is according to a security firm in california, the gas company, burisma is the same on the president asked ukraine to investigate. it is also the same company tied to hunter biden, the son of the former vice president. experts suggesting the timing and scale of the attack might be connected to the bidens. >> trace, the firm dropping that
12:24 pm
bombshell called area one security. their ceo is telling us they discovered russia's hack of burisma during what was really the course of routine business. the ceo also tells fox news the report that contained this information was not paid for in part or in full by any outside group. now, area or one's report claims the russian military hackers are part of this notorious group called the gru, specifically soh email credentials of employees at burisma. it adds, ominously "access to burisma email accounts permits future fishing campaigns" now the associated press claimed overnight that the bidens were also likely targets of the same russian campaign. but area one ceo says his company can't support that claim right now. the biden claim issuing a statement saying "donald trump tried to coerce ukraine into lying about joe biden and a
12:25 pm
major bar partisan international anticorruption victory because he recognize that he cannot beat the vice president." now, democratic lawmakers have been real quick to blame president trump for the hat, take a listen. >> it is russia doing president trump's dirty work again. >> vladimir putin appears to be added again. >> as it relates to potentially manufacturing evidence to interfere in our luncheon in 2020 to help his buddy donald trump again be artificially placed in 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> republicans today, so far, keeping the focus on russia, insisting election security is, despite what democrats say, a top priority for the caucus, take a listen. >> we need to keep our eye on the russians or anybody else who is trying to mess with our election system. >> i don't think they've ever stopped. this is their m.o. it has been
12:26 pm
since that '60s. >> cyber security experts are telling fox news they're worried this hack is suspiciously similar of russia's hack of the dnc three years ago, now, back in 2016. fox news has reached out, trace, to burisma for a comment on all of this, but so far we have heard crickets. >> trace: gillian turner lie for us in our nation's capital, julian, thank you. a lawyer for jeffrey epstein's former cellmate now calling for an investigation to find out if the feds intentionally deleted video from the night of epstein's first suicide attempt. to be attorney filed a motion saying the video would show his client trying to get help for the convicted sex offender. the cellmate who is facing the death penalty after being accused of killing four people is apparently planning to use that in hopes of a lighter punishment. the fbi blamed technical errors for the video getting deleted. well, attorney general will bar pressuring apple to unlock two iphones that belonged to the
12:27 pm
pensacola shooter. he says the company has not given the feds enough help. but apple pushing back, and a statement, claiming the company has responded to many requests in a timely and thorough way. back in 2016, the feds took apple to court after the san bernardino shooting, trying to get the company to unlock one of the shooters phones, but they were eventually able to crack it themselves. and drop the case. fox business network susan li is here with more on this. >> trace it's a long simmering dispute between justice department's and criminal investigations and the silicon valley tech giant saying we are trying to protect the privacy of our users. apple says they received a notice from the government asking for help in the pensacola tragedy to which they tells come here at fox news, we complied, responded to each request, often within hours, sharing information with the fbi and jacksonville, pensacola, new york. the queries resulted in many gigabytes of information that we turned over to investigators, but then, on january 6 and
12:28 pm
january 8th, apple says they receive notice in the justice department asking for their help in unlocking the iphones. some people taking a look at this timeline are wondering if it was so critical, this information on these two iphones, why did the justice department wait one month to ask apple. at also, these are older iphone models, we are talking about an iphone 7, iphone 5, it is been proven, we know that there are third-party digital hackers within able to break into these iphones, so is it that critical for apple to build an access point for the government to get them? now, from the doj and the justice department's perspective, they said we need to get into these iphones to definitively prove that the shooter did not have any coconspirators and he did not share his plans before carrying out the attack with anybody else. we went on the flip side, what is apple's argument for not breaking into these funds which in marks because they say look, things have changed so much and the pats were your son san bernardino, the iphone does a lot of critical operations and processes, and if you build an access point for one person, that does not mean that other people cannot get in
12:29 pm
as well, so coming up here, fox news, they say they have always maintained, there is no such thing as a backdoor, just for the good guys. backdoors can also be exploited by those who threaten our national security and the data security of our customers. iphones are minicomputers that carry so much information, they track you wherever you go, with the location part of it. also, the apps are so sophisticated these days, some of them even run nuclear reactors around the world. now, from the department of justices perspective, william barr, he is not only pressuring apple for access points, he's also pressuring facebook, which is the operator and owner of whatsapp to end of their end-to-end encryption, so the government can also see what is being said in messages and what is being circulated around the world. spoon i remember back in 2016, the full court press that the doj put on apple for not breaking the computers of the san bernardino shooter. >> eerily familiar. as the one we put mark zuckerberg up on the screen while you're speaking. mark zuckerberg has nothing to do with apple at all. so we apologize for that.
12:30 pm
it's really good to see you susan. congress moving forward with president trump's impeachment, so, as the houseboats in the senate gets ready for historic trial, what can americans expect? we will head over to capitol hill for answers, plus iranian officials say they are making arrests after admitting they mistakenly shot down a ukrainian plane killing all 176 men, women, and children on board. what does help for heart failure look like?
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verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. newday has extended our call center hours so that every veteran in america can take advantage of this unexpected drop in interest rates. one call can save you $2000 every year. to start saving on your next mortgage payment go to >> trace: breaking news coverage continues as the senate gears up for president trump the historic impeachment trial. speaker pelosi says the house will vote on handing over the articles to the senate tomorrow. let's bring in our brand-new congressional correspondent, chad pergram, congratulations on the title chains, chad, he's going to give us a rundown on what the first phase entitles. >> here's what we have right now, house speaker nancy pelosi has indicated that tomorrow, probably tomorrow afternoon, the house will have a short debate and vote to send the articles of
12:35 pm
impeachment over to the senate. she also indicated, when i spoke to her in the hall, that they might announce the actual impeachment managers, these are the prosecutors, sometime before that. later on that day, tomorrow, there will be a formal ceremony where they actually enroll and put together on parchment paper the articles of impeachment. the question is, do they actually walk these over to the senate tomorrow or does that come thursday. now, in the past hour or so, mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader has indicated that he thinks they will be able to start mechanically with the trial, the opening day, as it were, sometime, maybe on thursday, maybe friday, he did not give a specific day, but that's where they actually present the articles to the senate, they actually read them out loud, and they receive the actual impeachment managers. so that could come through the end of the week. and then handed kate at that they really don't get to the meat and potatoes of the trial, the actual, back-and-forth, may maybe until tuesday. he also indicated that the parameters, the vote on the parameters of the trial probably would not come until early next
12:36 pm
week, after that, it's anybody's question how long that takes. i should point out that you kind of have that opening day and that second day on the sixth and 7th of january of 1999, and then really, they did not start the trial and earnest until the 14ts some question appear once you get that impeachment managers and the defense team ready, does that actually take us to the end of next week until they start to get to the big part of the trial. that could come sometime next week regardless at this stage, chris. >> trace: there is talk today, about outright dismissal the saturn of these articles, there does not seem to be any appetite for that, but then there is talk about witnesses, and how the democrats demand is going as far as witnesses are concerned in the senate trial. >> that is still unresolved, mcconnell said there is no votes right now to dismiss this. lindsey graham, the republican senator from south carolina said the same thing. i'm going to redo something that steny hoyer the house majority leader said. i asked him about this tactic,
12:37 pm
delaying for almost a month before they sent the articles overcome and this is what hoyer said, he said "i think it has had some positive effects. no, it was not a campaign tactic. asking for fairness is not a campaign tactic." that's where some people think that this was an effort by house democrats to say, we think mitch mcconnell does not run a fair shot in the senate, it's the legislative graveyard, as they say, their term. we're going to try to capitalize that going into the election this fall. so, democrats think that that has been successful, republicans are beastly would tell you something different. >> trace: i'm curious because some of the 2020 democratic presidential candidates will have to come back to washington and sit for this trial, and use it before, this is a six-day calendar. does mitch mcconnell have any, does he have any wiggle room on that. i don't going to start tuesday, doesn't have to go six days a week, or is there some way go were room for the majority leader? >> where there's kind of two tracks that apply here. you have 26 standing rules that deal with impeachment in the
12:38 pm
senate. unless you get an agreement on a separate resolution, this is where i talked about what mcconnell said, he has the votes indicated today, he is 53 votes, that kind of such a framework for the trial. that could indicate what time you start, how let you go, the reason that they delay this until 1:00 in the afternoon, most days, is because chief justice of the united states john roberts presides come on sundays, he has business across the street at the supreme court. back in 1999, there were two days where the high court actually meant for oral arguments and then the chief justice in that case, william rehnquist, walked across the street and presided over the senate trial. so, if you get those parameters worked out, you don't have to adhere to those 26 rules in the senate where you go six days a week, saturdays included, 1:00 p.m. usually, the supreme court has oral arguments in the morning, which is why you have the delay until 1:00 p.m. again, if you had an agreement on anything in the senate, if you can as we got here, unanimous consent, you can make the sunrise in the west.
12:39 pm
>> trace: 51 votes there's a lot of power, chad pergram, congressional correspondent, good to see you. well, iran announcing it has made an arrest after admitting it mistakenly shot down a ukrainian passenger plane, killing all 176 people on board. their regime blaming human error, the announcement comes after days of protests in tehran. benjamin hall reporting live from them on jordan. benjamin. >> good evening, trace, too many people, too many people this is a cm that the regime is trying to protect itself. remember, there was a rare admission of guilt from the iranian regime, admitting that shutdown the plane. president now calling it an unforgivable error. we don't know how many people have been arrested or who is arrested, but it has not quelled the violence, protests still are spreading. people are not only angry about the shooting down of the jet, they are angry, now come about corruption, about poor quality of life, about money spent on foreign wars when people in iran have so little. they are the same process we
12:40 pm
have seen now for months. a few protesters now are believed to have been arrested. main mall, today come on capitol hill, there is been a hearing looking at the decision to target qasem soleimani. secretary pompeo declined to intend having stated time and time again he posed an imminent threat. many people said they offer their views on the assassination and where it views the u.s. >> the pause in military exchanges between military and u.s. and iran is just that, pause. iran is not sitting down. it will continue take take military actions against the united states, i believe, as well as our allies. >> some in the iranian government are still trying to blame the u.s. for this escalation as well as the plane crash. even just introduced canada has suggested that that plane, with many canadians on board, would not have been shutdown hadn't not been for the recent rise intentions. some are saying that as an apparent dig as it decision to kill soleimani.
12:41 pm
the rantings are also saying that the u.s. is now using the issue to stoke anger and protests in iran. >> >> translator: if the agents want to use a problem to disturb public opinion, authorities won allow anyone to come for my security. >> in just in the last few hours, there is news that five rockets have been fired at a base which used to hold the u.s. troops in iraq. the threat they are certainly still stands from proxies, at least, nothing from the iranian regime, but a minder that although it is quite at the moment, that remains a very tense situation across the region. >> trace: benjamin hall lie for us on the ground and among georgian, benjamin, thank you, american airlines now will not flow the boeing 737 max until at least june. that means it's canceling at least 20,000 flights. americans had two dozen of them act jets when the feds grounded them back in march, both american and united airlines now planning to bring the 737 max back sometime in june.
12:42 pm
southwest planning for early april. going still working on making changes and the feds say they don't have an estimate for when the plane will be able to fly again. the max was grounded after crashes in indonesia and ethiopia killed hundreds of people. well, half a dozen democrats gearing up for critical debates in battleground iowa. it is their last one before the first 2020 contest in the primary. several of the contenders have already been clashing before even stepping onto the stage. we are live on the ground in iowa. next i use rakuten to get cash back in-store and online. rakuten is free to sign up and it's in over 3,000 stores. i use it to buy makeup... travel... ...clothes, electronics. to me, rakuten is a great way to get cash back on anything you buy. sign up today and rack it up with rakuten.
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>> trace: we are weeks away from the first contest of the 2020 primary season. the two leading progressives that seem to be on a collision
12:47 pm
course. senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren trading jabs on the campaign trail and the question, will that carry over to the debate stage tonight? six of the 12 remaining democratic canada it's qualified, that is the smallest a stage so far, which means candidates should get plenty of airtime to begin making their final pitches to iowa caucus goers. there does not really appear to be a clear favorite right now, politics pulling averages shows biden with a narrow lead, but sanders, booted judge, and warren all right behind. reporting live into mine iowa where that bait starts just a couple of hours from now, peter. >> trace, there will be two women on stage tonight, amy klobuchar and elizabeth warren. now, warren is accusing bernie sanders of being down on a woman candidate. to become the next president and be president trump in the general election. so, warren has this statement out she remembers it like this,
12:48 pm
quote, among the topics that came up was what would happen if democrats nominated a female candidate. i thought a woman could win, he disagreed. now, sanders said, that is ludicrous, and he adds this "it is sad that three weeks before the iowa caucus and a year after that private conversation staff, who weren't in the room, are lying about what happened." andrew yang did not qualify for tonight's debate, but he is in iowa campaigning and is also tweeting about this. he rode, "watching this elizabeth/bernie dynamic is upsetting, we have big problems to solve and both want to solve them. i'm sure that's where they would want our attention focused too." , harris who dropped out of the race last month heard about this on capitol hill and appears to be siding with elizabeth warren. >> a woman can be present. that i am sure. >> right now, on monmouth poll found joe biden as the leader, he has not budged from any of the debates the cycle, he knows
12:49 pm
he is running out of time to make his case to caucus goers. he's being cautious talking about his strength in those balls. >> people are beginning to make up their minds, now, this is a critical moment. all the polling data that i have read and seen is all it is a toss-up. >> none of the candidates that are going to be on the debate stage tonight are hosting any campaign events today, but democrats were watching tv have been seeing a lot of michael bloomberg, he started running a new ad today where he explains to democrats who might be wondering where he is that he's not at the debate because he's not trying to qualify for the debate because he needs to ask democrats for donations to do that and he's not going to. >> trace: peter doocy live on the ground force in iowa. peter, thank you, as democratic presidential candidates get ready to face on the debate stage in iowa, president trump is headed to the battleground state of wisconsin for a campaign rally tonight. a state he flipped in 2020.
12:50 pm
mike reporting live from milwaukee. mike. >> wisconsin is going to be of key importance in the general election, both parties know it. to pull a line from the chairman wisconsin democratic party, if you don't let the electoral votes and all of the states were donald trump is more popular than he is a year in wisconsin, you do not have a majority. if you total upon the states where he is less popular, you still do not have a majority. so, there's almost no pathway to victory without the ten electoral votes you get here in the badger state. now, the rural folks, wisconsin dairy farmers are going to play a key role. the population centers, madison and milwaukee, those are dedicated liberal and unlikely to change. key importance is 23 counties that barack obama won twice in a row, but they flipped republican to elect donald trump, so the voters in those rural counties can expect to get a lot of attention. >> what will decide the race in wisconsin is personal contact. people talking to their
12:51 pm
neighbors, to their friends, going out and not just talking about it, but going back over and over and over again. our volunteers, right now, in every corner of the state, are going out weekend by weekend, having individual personal conversations with people about the issues that they care about. that is something that does not happen this early in 2016. >> also what did not happen in 2016 is that hillary clinton did not make a personal visit to wisconsin during the campaign for the general election. evidence that should democrats won't take wisconsin for granted again, behind me is the pfizer form, that's where the convention is going to be held. we move up just a little bit where you can see the satellite trucks, that's where donald trump is having his rally at the panther allina. pan just a little further, you have all the people waiting to get inside. about a half mile from here there's a demonstration firming with hundreds of protesters were going to martin's direction, arriving here at about 7:00. lots of attention being paid to wisconsin, wisconsin voters get used to it because we have
12:52 pm
months to go until november. trace. >> trace: very nice play-by-play in wisconsin, mike tobin on the ground for us, we have breaking news coming into fox news reporting, brand-new video out of iran. accidental, we believe accidental shootdown of that ukrainian jet. it shows two separate missile launches targeting the plane from last week. so, two separate missiles in the video, kind of hard to point out exactly what we're looking for, brand-new video, i am seeing this just a zero seeing this, remember, the 737800 it was an 8,000 feet, 3.5 minutes into flight when it was shut down. all the data that it was trans bonding back, including data back to the united states went down, you can see you can see it, that right there, that's the missile right there. it strikes the plane, you can see the debris field the experts say show clearly there was some missile residue there and the
12:53 pm
bubbling, or the dimpling, if you will come on the metal of the plane also shows clear signs of the shot down. brand-new video coming and, more as we get it. well, are some of the products you buy an amazon fate? the company reportedly planning a crackdown on counterfeits. plus, a man locked inside a 24-hour fitness center because he don't like it didn't live up to its name. that is next you $2,000 every year. usa e
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you'll get there. whoa-hoa-hoa! 30 grams of protein, and one gram of sugar. ensure max protein. >> man: what's my my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me. >> tech: hi, i'm adrian. >> man: thanks for coming. ...with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> amazon planning to hand over new information as part of its crackdown on counterfeit products. a person familiar with the program says the company will show the info to u.s. and european officials. the fox business network reporting live on this. >> it seems like imitation may not be the most sincere form of flattery. amazon is indeed cracking down on those effects online. this is a big problem because there is still reports of fake
12:58 pm
products on their website. it is the largest online marketplace in the world. it makes it very hard to catch those peddlers. right now there is roughly 3 million active users around the globe with two at eight every single minute in 2020. they are continuing to grow. amazon said they are going to be cracking down. they had some policies in place like project zero that allow brands like tiffany and company to crack down on tiffany products. they're using algorithms to catch the fakes. and they are suing. they have been filing lawsuits against counterfeit sellers as well. i spoke to a contact at amazon that explain the processing that yes, they are going to be moving ahead with law enforcement. it's going to be a three-step process. the first step is they are going to block the kind of. they will wait for those sellers to appeal. if they do not appeal, they will head off to law enforcement and share the information.
12:59 pm
the reporting states they are working closely with u.s. and european officials and could be providing the contact information of these sellers. we know the proliferation of steaks does not pertain only amazon. this friday on capitol hill, there is another antitrust hearing in the d.c. it revolves around big tech. this time it will be the ceo of the digital maker's owners who complains that google and amazon are taking advantage competing unfairly and even stealing their own properties. we know that big tech continues to be a hot topic in 2020 especially when brands go against counterfeits. >> thank you. breaking news coming in. a lot of pictures out of southern california. the fire department is at an elementary school. this is an l.a. county. they are saying that a delta airlines flight may have dumped some fuel while landing at lax and the fuel apparently hits the elementary school.
1:00 pm
some kids are complaining of some eye irritation and some nausea. we will have more information on the story as we get it. "your world" with neil cavuto as the dow is almost 29. >> neil: -- >> there is little or no sentiment in the republican caucus to dismiss. we have an obligation to listen to the arguments. if that means that listening to the case, not dismissing the case. >> neil: the white house wants to dismiss it. senate republicans are saying they are simply not enough votes for it. so get ready to get on with it. impeachment is on in the u.s. senate as early as next tuesday. so be there or be square. squarely now in this antechamber of the united states of america. welcome everybody. i am neil cavuto. out of the house in the senate's power over witnesses, we are getting our first witness on how


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