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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  January 15, 2020 6:00am-9:00am PST

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westbury, the space. we talk about this great country, america great from the start. see me exclusively live on fox nation, anything can happen. click on "events." >> bill: good morning, everybody. fox news alert, another day of history will happen in the hill one hour from now. how speaker pelosi set to announce the lawmakers who will argue the case against the president on the senate side. all of that, a prelude as articles of impeachment finally make their way to the senate later today. we've been waiting on this for about four weeks. today's the day. lsu is still your national champion. >> sandra: [laughs] >> bill: here we go, everybody. three hours coming at you, and bill hemmer live in new york city. speed good morning, everyone, i'm sandra smith. the house voting to formally send over those articles of impeachment to the senate. then nancy pelosi and the impeachment managers will walk them over to the upper chamber. all of this is the race for the white house heats up. six democrats taking the stage
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in iowa last night for the last presidential debate before the iowa caucus. while president trump rallied in battleground wisconsin. >> our opponents say we are not going to win. "let's impeach president trump." [boos] >> he has in fact committed impeachable offenses. >> this is a decency check on our government. >> what that impeachment trial is going to show once again to the american people is the corruption of this administration. >> this president deserves to be impeached and removed from office. this is a question of right and wrong, and out of political expediency. >> they want to impeach. impeach the president of the united states, over a perfect phone call. it's the greatest hoax ever perpetrated. the >> sandra: complete coverage begins now. we will get republican reaction from congressman doug collins and just moments. peter doocy is in des moines covering last night's big
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debate, but we begin with mike emanuel and capitol hill this morning. hey, mike, good morning. >> today marks a significant step in the soul impeachment process. house speaker nancy pelosi expected to announce her impeachment managers in an hour. those of the members of her democratic team who will prosecute the case against president trump in the united states senate. it's a very high profile assignment and pelosi has had four weeks to pick her lineup. later today, a brief debate and vote on the house floor to send president trump say house democrats failed to make their case. >> democrats in congress are wasting america's time with demented hoaxes and crazy witch hunts that have been going on, by the way, from the day i came down the escalator with our future first lady. but that's why this november we are going back and we are going to win the house. republicans are going to enact the house.
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[cheers and applause] >> with the scene shifting, key members met with majority leader mitch mcconnell late yesterday to discuss impeachment trial strategy. fox news has confirmed senator ted cruz picked an idea of what is reciprocity, meaning if the democrats want to call john bolton than the republicans would get to call hunter biden. i'm told mcconnell was risk don't like receptive to the idea. then they pitch the idea to the fellow public and senators and stop democrats continue pushing for trial witnesses. >> first, i can't predict whether we will have witnesses or not. at first anybody said mcconnell seemed to rule the roost. now we are having some people entertained. but you don't know what's going to happen. we are in better shape than we were a few weeks ago, but there is no certainties here at all. >> as the house wraps up its role in this process, the senate we are told will be largely procedural this week with the substance of the trial getting
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going next tuesday. sandra, bill? 's feedlots to keep track of. mike emanuel, thank you. >> bill: let's bring back doug collins, ranking member of the house committee. game it out for our viewers. how does this go from here? >> good morning, everybody. we are looking as the final prelude in the house. what is interesting about this is speaker pelosi has held his articles now, trying to include some kind of leverage over the senate. i think what's happening is, what i'm even hearing from the centers come it'll be a quick debate, a short vote, sent over this afternoon. the interesting issue becomes, most senators -- i had a chance to talk with staff and others -- i think when they started seeing how bad this case is, when they start seeing how weak these articles of impeachment are and how they've been driven by simply motivation to disenfranchise this president and to take him down, i think they are going to have an interesting perspective and point of view and that could
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affect how they do their trial. for now, this is now moving into the final stages, which we can now hopefully put this sad part of history behind us. >> bill: democrats have a different view. you've heard about this, the democrat from washington on new evidence. watch here. >> we also have additional information come out that completely underscores the importance of having witnesses and documents come to the floor. the thing but constructive purposes. >> bill: there it is, nothing but a constructive purpose served by this time delay. they are making the case of the got more, sir. >> they are trying to dump evidence, we've seen that from the uniqu weekend, from lev par. the justice department is handling that. i expect attorney general barr will finish the process. what do they gain? the end of this changed is the basic fact that they are trying to say the president pressured the ukrainian president into doing something. at the end of the day, there was
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no pressure, no instant thing they had to do with the money. they got the money and we move forward. i would say the same thing if i was my colleague. that this helped us. at the end of the day come if you have such a weak case, trying to bolster it before you get to the senate is not a way to embolden american people to believe you had any reason to start this to begin with. >> bill: lev parnas any mention his name, are you suggesting that information is not consequential? >> we are still going through it. this is another example of the judiciary committee -- the head over the weekend, they chose to hold it. it shows we have had a problem with all along with adam schiff and chairman nadler and others. not following house resolutions with how they were supposed to handle all the stuff. they are still in violation, by the way. this is something for the american people to realize. they're still in violation of the own resolution they set up on how to handle this.
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there are concerns about new evidence in getting new material in, it falls on deaf ears because they have so trashed the process to start with. >> bill: nancy pelosi, we will see her in an hour. this is her latest tweet. one of them, in any right. "thousands of documents away from the public, and no wonder. each time new pieces come out they show president right at the center, the effort to pressure ukraine to investigate his political rivals." respond to that, sir, quickly. >> speaker pelosi and adam schiff and jerry nadler ran the other way when they had every opportunity to negotiate with us at administration to get those documents. they turned and run and tried to blame the president. that's not the way this works. >> bill: doug collins, we will see how it moves forward 15 minutes from now. thank you for your time, sir. live from the hill. >> sandra: as we await that, more on all of it coming out. senator thom tillis, who serves on the judiciary committee, will be our guest about 20 minutes from now. stay tuned for that.
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meanwhile, the democratic race for the president heating up ahead of the iowa caucuses. six leading candidates taking the stage in iowa last night, targeting donald trump and each other in the last debate before the first contest in the 2020 race. the president rallying supporters, meanwhile, in wisconsin. peter doocy live in des moines with more. peter, good morning. >> good morning, sandra. it's cold outside here in iowa and it was cold inside last night on stage as both bernie sanders and elizabeth warren stood by their stories about a private dinner where warren claims bernie sanders disparaged her chances. >> senator warren confirmed in a statement than in 2018 you told her you did not believe that a woman could win the election and why did you say that? >> welcome as a matter of fact, i didn't say it. >> senator warren, what did you think when senator sanders told you a woman could not win the
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election? [laughter] >> i disagreed. bernie is my friend and i am not here to try and fight with bernie. >> but right after that, warren refused to shake hands with sanders. neither one of them have addressed it. so we checked with a candidate who unknowingly walked into that standoff, tom steyer. >> him my goal i was literally saying good night and nice to see you two senators warren and sanders. they were having a conversation, and i really wasn't listening. i was really just there to say, "wow, great to see you. i'm out of here." >> amid talk about health care and iran, candidates seemed most eager to prove he can beat tru trump. >> is the object of his affection. [laughter] i'm getting better in the polls, going up.
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by the way, i have overwhelming support from the african-american community. overwhelming, more than anybody else in this operation, number one. >> the senators running for president are about to all be stuck in washington, d.c., for that impeachment trial, so the so amy klobuchar told me she's actually going to start trying to skype in to her iowa events. sandra? >> sandra: all right, peter doocy in iowa for us this morning, thank you. >> bill: while he was watching the dems there and i will come of the president a booming economy at a rally in wisconsin >> we've created 7 million jobs in the election, including more than manufacturing and construction jobs. we will soon be replacing the nafta catastrophe. a giant victory for wisconsin workers, farmers, and dairy producers. >> bill: the president signs
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that deliver this morning. you will see it live on our program, live coverage of that. and the chief economic advisor larry kudlow is our headliner. he will join us 10:00 a.m. eastern time. stay tuned for that. at 11:00 a.m. eastern time the chinese delegation arrives at the white house. we should have statements around 11:30. we do believe, eastern time today. >> sandra: both of those big moments. we will have them for you like. meanwhile, iran and foreign policy front and center last night's democratic debate. >> he said he would end endless war, who pretended to have been against the war in iraq all along. but we know that's not true. now has more troops going to the middle east. >> sandra: their use of the candidates on the stage attacking president trump's strategy on iran. but did any of them offer a viable alternative? >> bill: also any moment the feds arresting michael eva aveni in los angeles.
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6:16 am
a moral equivalence. we have lost our standing in the region. we have lost the support of our allies. the next president has to be able to pull those folks back together. >> bill: foreign policy discussion, with former vp joe biden last night in des moines. as president trump defends the drone strike that took out iran's top general. marc thiessen from the white house, speechwriter, fox news contributor paid grady to you, marc, good morning. >> the clear winner of last nights foreign policy debate was the islamic republic of iran. if you look at the debate and with the candidates are saying, it gives the iranians everything they want. not a single candidate was willing to stand up and say that trump was right to take out qassem soleimani and the world is better off without that terrorist with the blood of literally hundreds of americans on his hands, without him in the world. every single democratic super biden said they want to pull all
6:17 am
u.s. troops out of the middle east, which is iran's overarching strategic goal. every democrat said they wanted to end the maximum pressure campaign and lift the economic sanctions trump has imposed, which are crippling the iranian economy, stopping it from carrying out terrorism around the world, and also provoking the largest unrest in iran since 1979 revolution. also, every one of them said they need to get congressional approval in order to vote in congress before they can carry out a military strike against someone like soleimani, which would tie the hands of the next commander in chief. all in all, the ayatollah khamenei was pretty happy with what he heard last night on the debate stage. >> bill: you are referring to that an answer, endless wars. president trump has talked about bringing folks home and ending wars, what's the difference? >> in every case he has left enough troops on the ground to keep down the terrorists. to keep down prices. he has left troops in iraq and
6:18 am
he had threatened iran and iraq with sanctions if they tried to push us out. he hasn't been to eagle eager unlike barack obama and by then v obama-biden administration, when trump draws a redline he enforces it. he enforced it. that has a deterrent effect on terrorist regimes around the world, not just iran. >> bill: speaking of the president come here he wasn't milwaukee defending the killing of soleimani. >> soleimani was responsible for murdering and wounding thousands of americans. he was playing new attacks but we stopped him cold. we don't want another benghazi on my watch. [cheers and applause] or any watch. >> bill: what you think of that, marc? >> i think is 100% correct.
6:19 am
i'll tell you what's most appalling about this whole situation is how when the president of the united states is in a standoff with a terrorist regime that has the blood of thousands of americans on its hands, and democrats in congress are attacking the president, not attacking iran. you go back and think back to 19 d6 when president ronald reagan launched a decapitation strike against muammar qaddafi. the democrats in congress stood with ronald reagan. democrat it democratic house speaker o'neill said that if he escalates it struck in every single time. "i stand with ronald reagan." where are the tip o'neills of the world today? the democrats who believe that politics stops at the water's edge? forget eminence in future attacks, qassem soleimani launched an attack that killed an american innocent. why are they not standing at the president and responding to iran that? >> bill: let me get bill on this point, that leads us to tim kaine. saying he has the votes to get
6:20 am
this resolution passed. first, the sound bite from tim kaine from virginia. watch. >> the good news is this, we now have a majority of colleagues, democratic and republican, who will stand strong for the principle we should be at war without a vote of congress. that's a very positive thing. i will keep working to get more beyond the 50 without declared. i will keep working to get more until we have this vote. >> bill: does it appear he's got the votes, marc? if so, what is the effect of that? >> if he does, who cares? first of all, the war powers resolution is unconstitutional. the war powers act. second of all, he might have the votes to pass war powers resolution, it doesn't have the votes to override done trump's veto periods of the impact will be nil. the whole idea that the president of the united states has to go to congress to get authorization to carry out a limited strike against someone who just attacked american military base and killed american citizens is preposterous. the constitution gives us one commander in chief, not 535.
6:21 am
keep in mind, it was barack obama who used the congressional authorization as an excuse not to enforce his redline in syria. he said at the time that he would not act alyssa got a vote from congress, in his own national security advisor susan rice said he was undermining the powers of the presidency by doing that. the issue before us going into this election is, do we want to stick the obama doctrine of rick don't like weakness or the reagan-trump doctrine of peace through strength? >> bill: thank you, sir. we'll talk again. marc thiessen, life in washington. >> sandra: meanwhile questions in los angeles after a jet dumps fuel over a school playground during an emergency landing. with the airline is saying about that this morning. >> bill: also there's more fallout over the major league baseball cheating scandal. another team firing their manager. why the boston red sox are in the cross hairs today. need with.
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>> sandra: fox news alert, 60 people including schoolchildren exposed to jet fuel and fumes after a delta flight bound for shanghai dumped fuel over los angeles while making an emergency landing. jonathan hunt does live in los angeles with that story this morning.
6:26 am
jonathan? >> good morning, sandra. delta flight 89 had just taken off from los angeles international airport behind me here when the pilot reported a compressor stall and one engine and took the decision to return to the airport. as he did so, and as you can see in the cell phone video, took the decision to dumped fuel. you can see the trails of fuel coming out from the plane on that cell phone video. he was, though, only 2,000 feet or so above a residential neighborhood to the east of the airport when he did so, and some of that fuel mist fell onto and frightened the life out of children at a couple of elementary schools. listen here. >> my teacher got up in the closet, we got rags, and block the blood of the door so the smell would get in. speak of firefighters came and said that it was different from
6:27 am
airplane. >> my teacher said the plane was going to find of low and there was a lot of smoke. he said the wind could bring the smoke. >> in the wake of the incident, the faa issued a statement saying, "there are special fuel dumping procedures. these procedures call for fuel to be dumped over designated unpopulated areas, typically at a higher altitude so the few itemizes and disperses before it reaches the ground." delta said in their own statement that the pilot was following normal safety procedures, but few will dumps are usually carried out, sandra, at over 10,000 feet. having said that, according to the experts we have spoken to, a pilot can throw the rulebook out of the window and what he considers -- or she -- an emergency situation. clearly this pilot decided that the best possible course of action was to get that plane on
6:28 am
the ground as quickly as possible, and that meant dumping the fuel over the residential neighborhood. the bottom line, though, some frightened kids but nobody seriously hurt, and all 181 people on board that plane safely back on the ground. sandra? >> sandra: thank goodness for that. jonathan hunt, thank you. >> bill: speaker pelosi 30 minutes away as the house moves to send the articles of impeachment to the senate. that will also have a today as expected. senator thom tillis is our guest next. where does he stand on the issue of witnesses in a senate trial? >> we'll be doing with the witness issue at the appropriate time. i think it is appropriate to point out that both sides would want to call witnesses that they wanted to hear from. >> man: what's my safelite story?
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>> if we call witnesses, it needs to be fair, he needs to be evenhanded, it needs to respect due process. that means if the prosecution gets a call he witnessed, the defense should come as well. if the prosecution gets to call john bolton, the president should be able to call hunter biden. it ought to be fair and even and respect due process. >> sandra: senator ted cruz they're floating the idea of witness purse prosody in the impeachment trial, as we await a house vote on sending over the articles to the senate today. that strategy would allow republicans to call witnesses like hunter biden. democrats choose to call john bolton. senator thom tillis is on the judiciary committee and rinses. senator, good morning to you. a critical moment in this process. where do you stand on calling witnesses in the senate trial? >> i tend to agree with ted.
6:33 am
i think ted also agrees that even walking down the slippery slope of calling witnesses is something we would like to avoid. we are going to go in and hear the testimony from the house managers. we will hear from the white house counsel. i believe we will hear enough in those arguments are probably lead the majority of us to the conclusion that we don't need to hear other witnesses. but if we get to that point, ted is absolutely right. >> sandra: 's nancy pelosi floated the idea yesterday that mcconnell could move to dismiss the trial altogether. is that still a possibility? >> nancy needs to be the resolution that we try to get her to agree to before she held the articles and they had to rush to produce for 30 days. the resolution we are going to pass next tuesday clearly says that we are going to hear from both sides and then the first resolution guaranteed by the organizing resolution is whether or not we should hear witnesses. so this is just another example of pelosi going down the political path that i believe this entire impeachment investigation has been all about. >> sandra: going back to the
6:34 am
idea of witness reciprocity, if indeed democrats do call john bolton up, and then republicans would clearly want to counter, who would be on the g.o.p. witness list, senator? >> if you take a look at -- sandra, there are two articles of impeachment. the second one, i think we can dismiss. the obstruction of congress with the president doing nothing more than asserting privilege. so let's go back to the first one. to the extent that is based on the transcript and a discussion about an american national doing something in ukraine that is questionable, that certainly gets hunter biden to come up to the top of the list. and possibly vice president biden shortly after that. that's a sort of thing we're talking about. if you really want to go down this path and do the work they should have done when they were doing the investigation in the house. >> sandra: as far as what this all looks like, and as far as we are about to say from the senate and all this, republican congressman doug collins was talking to bill at the top of the are here.
6:35 am
he suggested there is a lot that senators haven't been following along, a lot they haven't even seen in the process he had, that they will see for the first time in the senate trial. here is doug collins, first i will get your reaction. >> most have not followed it as closely. of course, who's lived in the house. when they start seeing how about this case is, when they start seeing how weak these articles are, that they've been driven by a motivation to disenfranchise this president and to take him down, i think they will have an interesting perspective at a point of view and i think it will even affect how they do with their trial. >> sandra: how about that? >> i think congressman collins is right on point. that's why think it's important. we will hear testimony for over a week from the house managers. i think that will undermine their case in their credibility. so he's absolutely right, we will be in the chamber 46, seven hours a day, six days a week. we will get up to speed on the investigation, we will hear what
6:36 am
they put forward. i think there's a very high likelihood that the majority of the republican members are going to say we have heard enough, now it's time to vote in the articles. speed in perfect scenario i get a reaction to nancy pelosi's naming of those impeachment managers. that hasn't happened yet. we expected to happen at the top of the hour. how important is that and what will you be watching for? >> i suspect she will draw from the same base of people who went through the investigation. i think their real task is to make something -- maybe a silk purse out of a sow's ear. they've got a bad case to argue. what they will have to remain as within the articles of impeachment, the evidence they used to draw up the articles. i think that got a tall order. this is the first time and solve the start of the white house counsel has an opportunity to question the validity of it. i think it will be very informative to the american people, people back home in north carolina, and i think most of those people incidentally are over impeachment. they want us to get back to work
6:37 am
on doing things that farmers and businesses -- things that benefit folks back home, not this impeachment process. voters will have an opportunity to vote on the president in november. i think we should set their sights on that and we should get past impeachment as quickly as possible. >> sandra: so money are trying to predict what it looks like as far as a time frame, considering here we are in 2020. the election year. some have made the case this has hurt democrats. nancy pelosi holding onto these articles, to delay and such. what do you think as far as timing and do you think that's been the case? does this hurt her party? >> sandra, i think so. he stated in the polls. they are losing support for this process virtually every week they held it after they said there was a rush. they started losing the confidence of a broad base of voters. not just republican voters. unaffiliated and democrat voters are saying, "we are about to get to the point or maybe it works more sense to let us decide in november about this. they make sense for you all to
6:38 am
stop this, get usmca pass, start working on things for veterans, for service families, our military. i do believe each week that passes by becomes less popular and people go, "what are they doing in washington?" speed republicans face an internal brawl over impeachment witnesses. john thune is expecting messy process when it comes to that. what is the biggest obstacle for your party as this process rolls on this morning, senator? final thoughts. speak of the people on capitol hill think we are divided. we are 53 members prepared to do the organizing resolution, prepared to have the facts and make decisions after that. we are actually having a process here that is coherent, makes sense, thoughtful, very much different from what the house went through to produce these articles. >> sandra: senator thom tillis, we appreciate your time this morning. >> bill: meantime, the answer is the greatest jeopardy player
6:39 am
of all time. the question, who is ken jennings? check it out. >> it has taken 15 years for ken jennings to finally answer the question, "is he as good as he appeared to be in that great run?" the greatest of all time, jeffrey champion. >> bill: good stuff there. he defeated legendary champs on the game show's greatest of all time tournament. that it would million-dollar grand prize. each contestant was chosen for record sending opponent they had previously on the show. he won 74 games in 2004. he's earned over million dollars over his massively quick brain. over a period of 15 years. good for him. >> sandra: every time i watch i'm amazed. have you ever watch her plate on the show? i think bill hemmer could thrive. >> bill: i think ken jennings would wipe the floor with me.
6:40 am
maybe some others, perhaps. speed play along at home. >> bill: nice to see alex out there, as well. >> sandra: absolutely. a terrifying moment for school children when the roof of their gym comes crashing down. the force of nature that caused that damage, straight ahead. >> bill: the race getting hot in iowa, democrats trading jabs only week before the iowa caucus. will the bickering hurt their chances of winning? we will take a look at that coming up. >> the only person on stage who has beaten an incumbent republican, any time in the past 30 years, is me. >> just to set the record straight, i defeated an incumbent republican running for congress. >> when? >> 1990. my psoriatic arthritis pain? i had enough! it's not getting in my way. joint pain, swelling, tenderness... ...much better. my psoriasis, clearer... cosentyx works on all of this.
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want to lose weight with no crazy diet, no insane workouts? with the #1 weight loss ingredient at gnc, force factor's leanfire and probioslim with next-gen slimvance deliver unreal energy and fat burning for incredible results. get them both at gnc. >> anybody knows me knows it's incomprehensible that i would
6:44 am
think a woman cannot be president of the united states. >> senator warren, what did you think when senator sanders told you a woman could not win the election? [laughter] >> i disagreed. bernie is my friend, and i'm not here to try and fight with bernie. >> bill: there was one of the moments from last night, two leading democrats and i will come of the issue over sexism. which emerge from the war in camp on monday night of this week. xochitl hinojosa isn't a point moines iowa, things are coming back. here's the way i heard it. sanders asked the question. he said it never happened. she was not asked directly whether it did or did not. it was any the settled last night? >> well, i think what you heard from senator elizabeth warren was basically that women do play a strong role in the democratic party, and the reason why we won in 2017, 2018, 2019 was because of women.
6:45 am
in terms of the back-and-forth here, i leave it to the two candidates. none of us were there to hear the conversation. but i think there was a consensus on the stage last night that women do play an important role, and a woman can run for president and win. even heard that from bernie sanders. he talked a little bit more about how hillary clinton got 3 million more votes. so we are not taking anything for granted. i'm glad all of our candidates believe a woman could win. >> bill: i didn't mean to interrupt you there, it was a little hard over the earpiece. bernie wasn't making that case at all. i don't think bernie sanders has ever made that charge. >> well, bernie sanders understands that the reason why we have democrats who have won over the last three years is because of women. he saw women marching the streets after the inauguration. he saw them turning out in record numbers. the reason why we were able to win in places like kentucky was because of women, and
6:46 am
specifically suburban women. so bernie sanders understands that. but so do all of our candidates. i think any of those candidates would be better for women in the donald trump. >> bill: the point i was getting to is some of the back-and-forth seems a bit unfair if you listen to sanders explain his position. that is an aside now. here is van jones and some of the democratic reaction to what they heard or did not here last night. van jones on cnn, watch. >> the night for me was dispiriting. that the do better than what we saw tonight. there's nothing i saw tonight it would be able to take donald trump out. i want to see democrat in the white house as soon as possible. >> he wasn't impressed. do you think anything change last night? why do people like van jones come away feeling that way? >> i think they played iowa nice last night. that's the culture to hear i would. at the same time you heard, especially in foreign policy, every single one of our candidates strong on foreign
6:47 am
policy. i think this is key right now. what you have going on in iran and with this president, i think that is going to have a big impact in the caucus and the other primaries. i think people are scared right now, and looking toward democratic candidates for leadership. if you saw >> bill: he call it dispiriting. "nothing i saw tonight would be able to take donald trump out." that's from van jones. ronna mcdaniel shut out the street i know you talk about foreign policy, this is relevant, too, though. "of 20 twin democrats cared about were hard working americans they would not tout eight socialist agenda met that threatens the economic progress we've made over the last three years. that's exactly why footers are going to choose donald trump again in 2020."
6:48 am
>> first of all, ronna mcdaniel, they always cry socialism because they can't win on the issues. that has been the case over the last few years, and they don't win on that message. i think when it does come to the economy, all of them have said they want to raise wages, they want to make sure -- especially with the economy right now, you are not necessarily seeing the workers feeling the gains, you're not seeing the workers feeling the gains from the trump tax cuts for the wealthy. so i think all of these candidates right now i have made clear that there would be better on the economy, they would invest in workers, that was made clear not only in this debate but over the last seven debates. c7 again, steyer's words are, "whoever will beat mr. trump will have to beat him on the economy." right now it looks to be rather strong. i hope you come back, enjoy your time in des moines. we shall speak again. xochitl hinojosa from the dnc,
6:49 am
thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> melissa: good morning, just two hours from now president trump will sign a phase one trade deal with china. the director of the national economic council, larry kudlow, will join us in just a few moments on that and what plus, the red sox hiring manager alex cora. the cheating scandal spreads through the major leagues. we are live in boston with an update next. >> my hope is that he can make a comeback and think and reenter major league baseball at another date. >> thing is, there are so much finger-pointing when it comes to boston because we are the city of champions. do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. dealing with our finances really haunted me.ttle cranky.
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>> sandra: the boston red sox firing manager alex cora after an mlb investigation implicated him in the sign stealing cheating scandal. cora, coaching the houston astros to a world series championship back in 2017. molly line is live at fenway park in boston with what we are learning this morning. hey, molly. >> good morning, sandra. red sox manager alex cora the latest to lose his gig as the sign stealing scandal develops. the team announcing a mutual parting with cora, who could
6:54 am
face further repercussions for major league baseball as investigation continues. questions remain as to whether the red sox also participated in the illicit electronic sign stealing, as the houston astros in 2017. red sox leadership at releasing a statement yesterday writing in part, "we collectively decided it would not be possible for alex to effectively lead the club going forward and we mutually agreed to part ways." cora also released a statement, "i don't want to be a distraction of the red sox as they move forward. my tears as manager for the best years of my life. it was an honor to manage these teams and helping a world series championship back to boston." the commission report released early this week accuses him of arranging for the installation of a monitor, displaying the center field camera feed just outside of the asters dug out in 2017. this video from one of those games, players watch live feed and after decoding the sign would bang a nearby trash can letting the better know what
6:55 am
kind of pitch to expect. he probably can't hear it over the crowd noise. employees in the replay room would try to watch monitors and try to decode and communicate sequences to runners on the field. cora's fate is still looming. they are withholding discipline until the investigation is complete, including investigations regarding his time here in boston. sandra? >> sandra: molly line, thank you. >> bill: from the hill moments from now, house speaker nancy pelosi in front of that microphone's attending the impeachment managers for what will be the president's trial in the u.s. senate. that begins tuesday of next week. that's the schedule for the moment. live coverage top of the hour, don't miss a moment when we come back. like a heather. do you ever get that? it's nice to finally meet you in person. you're pete nocchio? oh, the pic? that was actually a professional headshot. i'm sure that's it, yeah. i, uh, i think i've lost a few pounds recently too. i'm actually doing a juice cleanse. wait! you don't... (glass breaking) (gasp) ah! oh...!
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>> sandra: breaking news on capitol hill where the nearly month long delay in the impeachment process is about to come to an end. speaker nancy pelosi will be announcing any moment now the house news managers who will be prosecuting the case against the president and the senate trial. we will bring that to you live as soon as it happens. we have more in a moment with bret baier and martha maccallum. they will be joining us this morning. another fox news alert, the u.s. and china reaching an agreement on the first stage of a new trade deal, easing two years of simmering tensions. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." it's wednesday morning, i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning, smitty prayed last few days together, i'm going to miss you. president trump and tran's chief negotiator sending phase one
7:00 am
next door at the white house. you'll see it live when it happens. china promising to buy more american products with an additional $200 billion over the next two years. speed in exchange, the u.s. will ease some tariffs while leaving others in place while they sign off on phase two. let's go to our headliner, larry kudlow, director of the national economic council. thank you for being here on "america's newsroom." >> good morning, thanks to both of you. i'm sorry were breaking up, but i'm sure you will still be friends. [laughter] >> bill: indeed we shall. >> sandra: how will americans be better off after this is signed this morning? phase one of the china trade deal? speak at one the key points besides unlawful trading practice, we will ask for. we will sell to china a ton of goods and services and manufacturers and energy and farm commodities. the overall ballpark number is
7:01 am
$200 billion in each of the next two years. we are the most competitive economy in the world. the president has worked hard to defend the american economy and the american worker from injustices. this is a one-time, historic, never-happened-before trade deal. it will benefit incomes, individual areas, bag and manufacturing and financial services and technology, and it's going to help grow our economy faster. we reckon in 2020 and 2021, at least half a point of additional gdp, which will probably translate into, what, another million jobs on top of what we've already got? >> bill: just to let you know, we get interrupted by speaker pelosi, so please understand that. >> and promoting and dumb like treating a growth and prosperity, she's promoting something else. but i understand you have duties. >> bill: thank you for that. we look forward to see what is happening next summer. what then, larry, his love to be
7:02 am
done? how big of a hill is that? >> two things real quick. number one, the biggest hill was getting phase one. which has never been done befo before. the president's leadership including the tariffs, the work of bob lighthizer, steve mnuchin, our hole trade principal's team. done before to your question, we move into phase two immediately. the president will be speaking with the vice president and others to announce that. i would say to you probably the toughest nut to crack in phase two will be to really level the playing field and take care of unfair practices, regarding forced transfers of technology. it's a literal property, that's america's creativity. that's our freedom to produce and invent. we have the greatest in the
7:03 am
world. they're really strong strictures and changes in phase one, including changing chinese criminal penalties. which is a huge thing. civil and criminal procedures will be changed. that's a big part of their remedy and a big change for that will still leave us, however, with issues on whether the government gives licenses to american companies without trying to steal our technology or forcing technology transfers. state subsidies to state run businesses and so forth, which has been very unfair, and other issues around that. the licensing and subsidies will come in phase two. and the unlawful forced transfer of technology. that will be tough. it may be doable, we've come -- i think we've got almost half of what we asked for it originally in phase one. so i remain optimistic that this
7:04 am
deal today, bill, shows -- and this came up, we have dinner with the two teams last night, a small dinner -- u.s. china cooperation is possible. it is possible. but her balance, relationships, treated in the economy, it's possible. of course, just in case, we have very strong enforcement provisions. if companies are not satisfied and remedies not taken, we will take proportionate actions. >> sandra: there's a debate over what the actual impact of phase one will be on the american economy. democrats, the dnc put out, "one new later farmers are waiting for the chinese purchases jump on this. they still have questions for what this means for america's what this means for manufacturing in 2020. that's one of the holdouts as far as the prudence in the economy. was not there in 2019. how confident are you manufacturing will return in 2020, and what does it mean for
7:05 am
america's farmers? >> i'm increasingly optimistic that these purchases and exports will come through. this was the heart, the heat of the negotiations, along with ip theft. gosh, i hate to see partisan ankle biting here. i know so many democrats, democrat friends of mine, members, economists, have really wanted this deal and agreed with president trump, who has change the narrative on china's unfair trading practices to something more realistic to defend american interests. so i hate to see this. the deal is being signed. the numbers are clear, sandra. you've got $40 billion to $50 billion increase in farming this year. manufacturing, we haven't given enough credit to that. $75 billion in additional american exports will be imported by china. services come $40 billion. a lot of that is financial.
7:06 am
and that energy, we are the strongest energy power in the world today. as the president said, we don't need middle east oil. china needs are natural gas, they need our lng, they need our coal. $50 billion of energy exports. >> bill: no small matter. a moment ago you said you've got 50% or about half of what you're looking for in phase one. does that mean china got the other half? was that, to borrow a phrase, the art of this deal for phase one? >> no, i wouldn't put it that way. number one, if you look at the commentary coming out of the chinese media organizations, they are saying, "look, they didn't lose the deal, they knew the deal to improve their consumer. their economy has been very soft. our tariffs have hurt them enormously, and other factors. they need it, they want the american goods and services to help chinese economy and the chinese consumer.
7:07 am
in that issue of 40% to 50%, no, we didn't lose. we didn't complete. in other words we got through probably -- and ballpark numbers, bill, we got through about half of what we wanted. which is half more than anybody thought a year ago. more, frankly, than anybody thought in phase one. it's a tremendous -- again, this has never happened before. no trade agreement like this in history of u.s. china relations. let's call the other half is for arguments sake, round numbers. that is left to be dealt with in phase two. we will get right at it. as soon as the agreement is signed today, phase two begins. >> sandra: that's good big picture and talk about the u.s. deficit topping a trillion dollars, the headlights this morning 2019, the first time in seven years. the president promised to bring that down, the corporate tax, aggressive deregulation. what's going to happen in 2020
7:08 am
but that? what is the president doing to bring that down? >> revenues are rising. we probably do spend too much. we've made our deals with congress, but we are talking about -- i'm going to say, sandra, 5% of gdp deficits. i think that's very manageable and economy that is transitioning into faster growth. we fed three years, president trump's policies have lowered taxes and regulations and trade reform. we didn't quite get a 3%, we got hurt by the boeing shut down, by the way. it probably cost us half a point. i'm just saying in a growing economy deficits around 5% of gdp are quite manageable. spending at 21% gdp is quite manageable. importantly, the you don't like new economy the president has rebuild and restructures don't
7:09 am
like restructured with lower tax rate and regulatory relief. you from these numbers. >> bill: larry, so sorry about that. please come back. in the meantime we will pause and our stations across country will join our coverage. speaker pelosi now with the microphone. let's pause for a moment. we'll get the latest from her as we await the appointment of the house managers and more from speaker pelosi. this is fox's coverage, i'm bill hemmer with sandra smith in new york. speaker pelosi now on the hill. >> today is an important day, because today's the day that we name the managers, we go to the floor to pass the resolution to transmit the articles of impeachment to the senate, and later in the day when we have our and gross meant, that we march those articles of impeachment to the united states senate. as i've said, our founders come when they started it, "when in
7:10 am
the course of human events, it becomes necessary when --" a brand lincoln, "four score and seven years ago." thomas paine, "these are the times that try men's 'souls." again and again. even the poet, longfellow. "listen, my children, and you will hear of the midnight ride of paul revere." that famous day. it's always about marketing history using time. on december 18th, the house of representatives impeached the president of the united states. an impeachment that will last forever. since december 18th, there have been comments about, "when are we going to send articles over?" well, we had hoped that the courtesy would be extended that we would see what the process would be in the senate.
7:11 am
short of that, time has revealed many things since then. time has been our friend and all of this, because there was incriminating evidence. more truth into the public domain. since we've passed the articles on december 20th, 2 days later, new emails showed that 91 minutes after trump's phone call with president zelensky, a top office of management and budget aid at the department of justice, he asked them to hold off. on the 7 i've, revelations emerged about the omb director and acting chief of staff mulvaney's role in the efforts by lawyers in the administration to justified the delay. and this is very important, that the alarm the delay caused within the administration. on january 2nd, new and rejected pentagon emails that the house subpoenaed and the president
7:12 am
blocked raised serious concerns by the trump administration officials. by trump administration officials. they were concerned about the legality of the president's hold on the aid to ukraine. on january 6, former trump national security advisor john bolton said he would comply with a subpoena to testify and that he has new relevant information. on january 13th, reports emerged the russian government hacked the ukrainian gas company, burisma, on an ongoing effort to influence u.s. elections in support of president trump. and just yesterday the house committee, two of our chairman here, chairman nadler of judiciary, and chairman schiff of intelligence, determine elliott angle foreign affairs, and chairwoman maloney of government reform, they released new evidence pursuant to how
7:13 am
subpoena. lev parnas, you know who that is. it further improves the president was a central player in the scheme to pressure ukraine for his own benefit in the 2020 election. this is about the constitution of the united states. it's important for the president to now and putin to know that the american voter, voters in america, should decide who our president is. not vladimir putin and russia. today i am very proud to present the managers who will bring the case, which we have great confidence in in terms of impeaching the president and his removal. but this further evidence insists -- and we would be in the situation had we not waited -- insists that there be
7:14 am
witnesses and that we see documentation. and now you see some of that change happening on the senate side. i hope it does, for the good of our country and to honor our constitution. so today, on the floor, we will pass a resolution naming the managers, as i mentioned, appropriating the funds for the trial and transmitting the articles of impeachment. of the president of the united states. for trying to influence a foreign government for his own personal and political benefit. [sigh] chair adam schiff california, he is come as you know, chair of the committee on intelligence. he is serving his tenth term in congress. before congress, mr. schiff was the california state senator and served as a federal prosecutor in the u.s. attorney's office in
7:15 am
los angeles for six years. most notably, prosecuting the first federal fbi agent member to be indebted for espionage. chairman jerry nadler, chair of the house judiciary committee, serving his third term in congress. he served as a top democrat on the judiciary subcommittee on constitution, civil rights, and civil liberty for 13 years. before congress, mr. nadler served in the new york state assembly for 16 years. which has jurisdiction over federal elections, a senior member of the house judiciary committee. ms. lofgren is serving her 13th term in congress. this is her third impeachment as a judiciary committee staffer in the nixon impeachment, as a member of the judiciary
7:16 am
committee, and now as a manager in this impeachment of president trump. chair hakeem jeffries of new york. chairman hakeem jeffries is the chair of the house democratic caucus and is currently serving his fourth term in congress. he's a a member of the house judiciary committee. before being in congress he served in the assembly of new york for six years, and accomplished litigator and private practice before running for elected office. mr. jeffries clerked for howard berry jr. for the southern district of new york. congressman val demings of florida. congresswoman val demings is a member of both the house permanent select committee on intelligence and the house judiciary committee. as deming's is serving her second term in congress. before congress, she served as an orlando police department for 27 years.
7:17 am
part of that time as first woman police chief in orlando. congressman jason crow of colorado is a member of the house armed services committee. he served his country, our country, briefly as an army ranger in iraq, and afghanistan, before running for congress. mr. crow was a respected litigator in private practice in colorado. congresswoman sylvia garcia of texas. congresswoman sylvia garcia is a member of the house judiciary committee. before congress, ms. garcia served in texas state senate previously. she was the director and presiding judge of the houston municipal system and was all done mike elected city controller. she was later elected the first hispanic and first woman to be elected in her own right, the house county commissioners cou court. as you can see from the
7:18 am
descriptions of the emphasis is on litigators. it's on comfort level in the courtroom. the emphasis is making the strongest possible case, to protect and defend our constitution, to seek the truth for the american people. i am very proud and honored that these seven members, distinguished members, have accepted the serious responsibility again to protect and defend for the people defending our democracy. when we leave here a little bit later, noon, we will go to the floor and pass a resolution naming the managers officially. but i wanted to say more about them here, and to say that the decision to come down in favor of litigators is necessitated by the clear evidence that we should have witnesses and we
7:19 am
should have documentation. and we have to make the strongest prosecution. not only of our very strong case but of all the information that has come forth since. we are going to take a few questions. yes, sir? >> reporter: why did you rush to have a vote? [indistinct] >> i will yield to the distinguished chairman, but i will say we had a strong case for impeachment of the president and removal of the president. anything more would be in terms of where we go in the senate, and i yield to the chairman. >> we've always felt a certain urgency about this impeachment given that the president was trying to get her help in cheating in the next election. but as soon as we did take up and pass the articles, mitch mcconnell made it clear he won't want to trial in the senate. they didn't want to hear from witnesses, that he didn't want
7:20 am
documents. this time has given us the ability to show the american people the necessity of a fair trial, to expose the degree to mitch mcconnell's working working hand-in-hand with the subject of the impeachment, the president, to essentially turn what should be trial into a sham. that time has been effective in not only bringing evidence to light, and the evidence is already overwhelming, but forcing senators to go on record. they want a fair trial, when that's fair to the present but also fair to the american people? where they going to participate in the cover-up? so i think it's been very effective. as you've seen, additional evidence continues to come to light that not only has boasted an already overwhelming case but has also put an additional pressure on the senate to conduct a fair trial. i will say that mitch mcconnell has taken to saying that the senate should only consider the closed record
7:21 am
that comes from the house. as if with the senate -- it's not a child, but an appeal from a trial. of course the senate the framers had in mind, a real trial with witnesses and evidence. if mcconnell makes us the first trial in history without witnesses, it will be exposed what is -- an effort to cover up for the present. finally, some have suggested as part of your question, why didn't we wait to get more testimony? well, we have sought don mcgahn's testimony, the president's lawyer, since april of last year. we still don't have a final court judgment. so yes, we could have waited years to get testimony, for their testimony, from all the people the president has been obstructing. essentially, that would completely negate the impeachment power that has allowed the president by virtue of obstruction to prevent his own impeachment.
7:22 am
that was an unacceptable course, particularly when the whole object of the president's scheme was to cheat in the election. which is the ordinary mechanism for dealing with a corrupt presidency. >> reporter: madame speaker -- >> let me just say, i was very discouraged to see mitch mcconnell sign on to a resolution dismissing the case. dismissal is cover-up. dismissal is covered. >> let me add to that. there is an overwhelming case beyond any reasonable doubt that the president betrayed the country by withholding federal funds appropriated by congress -- breaking the law in doing so -- in order to extort a foreign government into intervening in our election, to embarrass -- to try to embarrass a potential political opponent of his. there is overwhelming evidence of that.
7:23 am
we couldn't wait, because some people said, "let the election take care of it." he is trying to cheat in that election. so it is essential that we bring this impeachment to stop the president from trying to rig -- not from trying, he tried -- from rigging the next election. from conspiring with a foreign government, as the russian government attempted to rig our last election. the evidence is overwhelming. the latest evidence, with lev parnas and rudy giuliani makes it even more so. it makes sense to wait a while, as more evidence piles up, but we have to proceed. because the election, the integrity of the election, is at stake. let me add one more thing -- this is a test of the constitution. the president's conduct violates the constitution in every single way. trying to rig an election. stonewalling the congress, that
7:24 am
he can have a cover up despite congress. it's a test of the constitution now. the senate is intended by the constitution to conduct a fair trial. the american people know that in a trial you permit witnesses. you present the evidence. if the senate doesn't permit the introduction of all relevant witnesses, and of all documents of the house wants to introduce, because the houses the prosecutor here, then the senate is engaging in an unconstitutional and disgusting cover-up. so the question is, does the senate -- the senate is on trial as well as the president. does the senate conduct a trial according to the constitution, to vindicate the republic? or does the senate participate in the president's crimes by covering them up? >> reporter: madam speaker,
7:25 am
thank you. you talked about the push to try and have witnesses, train of documents, and maybe some of the mentors will be better taking this question. what do you see as procedural options to try and force the senate to do something, or make the base case that you can come and if they don't try to go down that route say, "okay, this is what they've decided to do?" >> i have often quoted -- and mr. jeffries quotes -- abraham lincoln. public sentiment is everything. over 70% of the american people want to see a fair trial, whatever the outcome. a fair trial, with witnesses and documentation. we haven't seen even the rules. we put our rules out in october for the next couple of months, the next few months that followed, for making the case. we haven't seen with the rules are in the senate.
7:26 am
but we do know that in the time that has transpired since december 18th, the american people have come down in favor of a fair trial. which they always wanted, but that it would entail having witnesses as well as documents. anyone else want to speak to that? speak of evidence is overwhelming that donald trump currently abuse his power by pressuring a foreign government to target an american citizen for political and personal gain by withholding $391 million in military aid to ukraine without justification. there was a mountain of evidence in that regard. in america, no one is above the law. that is why the house proceeded with great leadership from speaker pelosi, chairman schiff, and chairman nadler to hold this
7:27 am
president accountable. the constitution required it, our democracy required it. given the evidence that has been billed to date, the american people deserve a fair trial. our democracy deserves a fair trial. the constitution deserves a fair trial. so we are going to simply follow the facts, apply the law, be guided by the constitution, and present the truth to the american people. speaker pelosi has given us the space for the american people to weigh in over the last few weeks, which has led at least four senators -- which is the magic number -- to publicly indicate that, in their view, a fair trial does include the presentation of documents of the presentation of witnesses. we certainly hope that is what will take place.
7:28 am
>> reporter: if i could just add really quickly on to this -- and i think chairman jeffries -- i want to underscore the importance of documents. we spent a lot of time talking about jumbled and unmoving witnesses. witnesses may tell the truth and witnesses may not tell the truth. documents don't generally live. in the documents we submitted to the judiciary committee just last night, you see the importance of documents. included among the lev parnas documents be obtained as a letter from giuliani trying to set up a meeting with the president of ukraine, president zelensky, to discuss a particular matter. of course we know that matter is the investigations of the president wanted ukraine to undertake of his political opponent. there has been speculation from time to time, maybe the president or his allies will throw mr. giuliani under the bus. that letter makes clear that giuliani, in his own words, is acting at the best and with the knowledge and consent of the president. there is no sobbing this off on
7:29 am
others. the president was the architect of the scheme. these segments are important. we have only contained a small sample of the universe of documents that the president is withholding. if mr. mcconnell wants to follow the clinton model, as he keeps professing, all the documents were provided before the trial. those documents should be demanded by the senators. if the senators want to see the evidence, they should demand to see the documents and not participate in an effort to stonewall or cover up the presidency. >> and witnesses were deposed. >> yes, as the speaker mentions, the other profound distinction is the witnesses that the house manager sought in the clinton trial had already testified. their testimony was known. so the question for the senators then was, do we want to hear them again? there is another question not present here, which is, do we
7:30 am
really want to hear witnesses talking about sex on the senate for? five solve the issue before us. the issue here, does the senate want to hear from witnesses who have never testified? people who, like other witnesses, have firsthand information. unless the president is willing to concede everything the house as alleged, these witnesses are very pertinent and relevant. this is another profound distinction between the clinton investigation and trial and where we are today. >> reporter: madam speaker, having witnesses for the prosecution opens up having witnesses for the defense. he would like to call hunter biden. are you on the managers prepared for that? >> would you like to speak to that? >> we are prepared, but the relevant question is relevant don't like relevance. in any trail you call witnesses who have information about the
7:31 am
allegations, about the charges. the allegations, for which there is a mountain of evidence, or that the president betrayed his country by trying to extort ukraine by withholding $391 million in military aid that congress had voted in order to get ukraine to announce an investigation of a domestic political opponent. that is the allegation. any witness who has information about whether that is true or not true is a relevant witness. anybody, like hunter biden, who has no information about any of that, is not a relevant witness. any trial judge in this country would rule such a witness is irrelevant and inadmissible. if someone is accused of robbing a bank, witnesses who say, "we saw them run into the bank, if i'm someplace else," art relevant. the witness who says he
7:32 am
committed forgery on some other document is not relevant to the bank robbery charge. that is the distinction. >> let me just say, what is at stake here is the constitution of the united states. this is what an impeachment is about. the president violated his oath of office. he undermined our national security. jeopardized the integrity of our elections. tried to use the appropriations process as his private atm machine to grant or withhold funds granted by congress, in order to advance his personal and political advantage. that is what the senators should be looking into. this is a president who said article two says he can do whatever he wants. it does not. he is undermining the beautiful,
7:33 am
exquisite, brilliant, genius of the constitution the separation of powers. by granting to himself the powers of a monarch, which is exactly what benjamin franklin said we didn't have. there are public, if we can keep it this is a serious matter and we take it to heart. in a really solemn way, in a very solemn way. it's about the constitution. it's about the republic, if we can keep it. and they shouldn't be frivolous with constitution of the united states, even though the president of the united states has. the president is not above the law, he will be held accountable. he has been held accountable. he has been impeached. it's been impeached forever. they can never erase that. i'm very proud of the managers that we have. i believe they bring to this
7:34 am
case in the united states senate great patriotism, great respect for the constitution of the united states, a great comfort level in the courtroom, great commitment to the constitution. jerry being the chair of that subcommittee for 13 years, being involved in three impeachments. end of bringing their intellectual resources and their knowledge to all of this. so i thank them for accepting this responsibility. i wish them well. it's going to be a very big commitment of time. but i don't think we could be better served than by the patriotism and dedication of the managers that i am naming him this morning. thank you all very much. >> bill: old one moment here, just in the event that we take additional questions. it looks like that will not be
7:35 am
the case. that's a wrap. four weeks to the day then when democrats voted to impeach president trump, the case finally moving forward as of today. speaker pelosi naming the seven members will serve as trial managers when the senate case gets underway next week. we expect that on tuesday. for his part, the president will be represented by his attorneys. we expect at least four to be present for him in the well of the senate. what is next? there will be a vote on the floor this afternoon, and once that vote is complete the articles will be walked over to the senate side of capitol hill. then we will be sent for only third impeachment proceeding in the u.s. senate in american history. please stay tuned to the fox news channel and this fox nation for continuing coverage on the story and everything else that happens today. until then, i'm bill hemmer in new york. and now our coverage continues on cable. >> sandra: let's bring in martha maccallum, from "the story." she joined the sunset in
7:36 am
new york. bret baier joining us from washington, d.c., anchor of "special report." i will start with you first, what we heard from nancy pelosi and what it tells you about what comes next as we await the articles of impeachment to go to the senate. >> the procession, the walkover of the actual articles of impeachment will be something to see you later on this afternoon. speaker pelosi talked about it in a sense of history, saying a couple of times, repeating that "this impeachment on december 18th by the house of representatives will last forever. they can't take it away," she said a couple of times. that is true, and it is history, as bill mentioned, but it also has an asterisk in that it's the only impeachment that is done across party lines. a partisan vote that included two codemocrats, in one case, voting against the articles of
7:37 am
impeachment. that didn't happen in 1998 in bill clinton's case. that is the most recent example. today, seven managers -- these are the prosecutors will take this case to the u.s. senate. back in '98 there were 13 members. but you have adam schiff, jerry nadler, val demings, hakeem jeffries, zoe lofgren, jason crow, and sylvia garcia standing there. they will make the case, and the case they are making is that they need witnesses and they need to have this new evidence that has just come out. others will argue that they could have kept us going and not rush to get it through the house and through these committees, and had that evidence as part of the record and the push to get witnesses, as part of the prosecution that is the house's responsibility. >> sandra: and martha, perhaps a hint of science to come when it comes to that battle in the debate over witnesses. jerry nadler very definitively making the case that hunter biden is not a viable
7:38 am
witness. >> obviously the white house and the president's side of the equation would make an argument that he is a relevant witness, because their argument is that it was corrupt for them to be on the board of burisma and that all of that led to this digging around for corruption in ukraine. that is seen obviously quite different from nancy pelosi's perspective. just in terms of what we'll see when it gets over to the senate, and mitch mcconnell, who is of course the leader of the senate, he has kept his cards very close to the vest. he heard nancy pelosi mentioned that her comments just now that we don't even know the rules are. she said, "we made our rules very public for their side of the process." mitch mcconnell's do intentionally, by all accounts. he wants to control the process is much as he possibly can. he has a difficult decision to make because he has some senators who want to see witnesses. recent polling shows 66% of americans would like to hear from john bolton about what he knows. but also keep in mind that nobody knows what john bolton
7:39 am
would say. as brit hume pointed out last night when i spoke with him, generally when you go to trial you have depositions, a sense of what the witnesses might say. if indeed we get to the point where john bolton testifies in this procedure, it is going to be must-see tv. because nobody knows exactly where he will fall in terms of the quotes that have been said about in the past. that rudy giuliani was a hand grenade, that he wanted to get away from this drug deal. but what was his final assessment about the connection of those conversations to the aid? those are the linkage questions that we don't have definitive answers for. the >> bill: i'm just pointing out witnesses to both of you now. first of all, marco rubio rights at, he was, "trump impeachment delay failed, senate will hold open and evenhanded trial." we will see how that unfolds. mitch mcconnell signaled before christmas but he will make a presentation to senators
7:40 am
suggesting, "if you want to go down this trail, he battle be don'you better be prepared for that leads." burisma on, you could run the conversation on this what is their calculation as to how far down the line they go? which specific witnesses? that could be damaging potentially to both sides. >> that's right. i think you heard senator ted cruz yesterday here on your show talking about the process here, that they are at one case looking at 1 for 1. if democrats get a witness, republicans get a witness. what does that mean that the big picture? how do you advance that ball? what mitch mcconnell has done is he has started the process and he has these republicans have expressed possibly willingness to consider witnesses. mitt romney, lamar alexander,
7:41 am
susan collins, lisa murkowski. he said let's start coming to the opening arguments on both sides. let's get the questions from the senators that would be asked to the house managers by the chief justice john roberts. who is presiding over the trail in the center. let's have the argument about witnesses. i think it's interesting this press conference, it was a lot about defending speaker pelosi's decision to hold these articles. you heard kind of a calculation about why they thought this was a strategically wise move. if you look at it just on face value, john bolton said he would testify. he was waiting for a subpoena. he is still waiting. the house didn't give it. they didn't try. these new pieces of evidence from lev parnas in these documents, they could have come anyway.
7:42 am
the urgency was lost. so i think they were trying to defend that decision, and obviously -- >> bill: i would just add to that, martha, democrats have been asked, "why did you go so fast?" would jerry nadler just said is we need to keep them from cheating in the next luncheon done like election, months away right now it was not necessarily forthcoming before we got to the proceedings. >> if jonathan turley tweeting about us last night, and more today. that she basically sat on her hands for four weeks in the middle of this process. paul if it was so instrumental in some necessary to have jungle to testify, they didn't even make a concerted effort to get them in there in front of them. or with mick mulvaney. they could have pressed the white house on questions of executive privilege on all of this, and if they chose not to. you got to go back to beginning on this. nancy pelosi, i think, saw how all this would plant from the very beginning. she didn't want to do it.
7:43 am
she said it would be divisive, correctly assessed that it was going to be right down partisan lines, which is not a good look for impeachment. which she said had to be overwhelming and bipartisan. about is interesting that there are certain phrases you can ascertain, determine they would be punched over and over. that there is "a mountain of evidence," "overwhelming evidence," and the president will "forever be impeached." i think that's a signal that they have done everything they can do. speed the president has responded with a tweet, "this work was supposed be done by the house, and of the senate." >> bill: he got the news from speaker pelosi. in 20 minutes you will see the chinese delegation arrived at the white house. in about 45 minutes, you will see a signing and statements made on behalf of the president, larry kudlow larry kudlow, members of the chinese delegation, for phase one of a massive trade deal that the administration has been pushing from day one. well you got that history in the
7:44 am
house side that moves for this afternoon, he was in the history of the white house with this trade deal. we will be here for all of that. a quick break here, it's wednesday. it's only wednesday. [laughter] back in a moment. to the community, we present limu emu & doug with this key to the city. [ applause ] it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. and now we need to get back to work. [ applause and band playing ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ it's not getting in my way.? i had enough! joint pain, swelling, tenderness... ...much better. my psoriasis, clearer... cosentyx works on all of this. four years and counting. so watch out. i got this!
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trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. so you can... retire better. >> this is about the constitution of the united states. it's important for the president to know, and pretend to know, the american voter, voters in america, should decide who our president is. not vladimir putin in russia. >> sandra: that was nancy pelosi just a few moments ago announcing the impeachment managers, as now those articles of impeachment will be transmitted this afternoon. let's bring in chad pergram. good morning to you, welcome. thank you for being here this morning. take us through what we just saw and heard and everything goes for us. >> a lot of people are trying to
7:49 am
figure out who these managers might be. the first thing i should point out is there are seven managers. if you compare this to the clinton trial in 1999, there were 13 managers. again, there were 13 white men. here pelosi has the diversity of her caucus. she has a couple of women, she has zoe lofgren. this is her third impeachment. in fact she was here for president clinton's impeachment in 1999, and she worked as a congressional aid on the impeachment for president nixon back in 1974. pelosi indicated that she wanted these managers and picked them on the basis of their comfort in the courtroom. again, this is kind of a court setting. a lot of these folks have background in the law. litigators. that'll be very important as they go forward. also consider they are going to be the face of this impeachment. that is critical, because these are the folks you will probably hear and see all day long on television for the next month. it raises a profile very high. i should note that adam schiff, chairman of the intelligence committee, he basically won a
7:50 am
recent 2000 defeating james rogan, a republican from california in 2000, one of the impeachment managers back then. that's one of the reasons he ran on that. again, the face of the house as they into this. in a couple of hours they are going to have a vote on the house floor, a short debate probably in the noon hour, 10 minutes. that's all it's going to take. where the managers, debate this, and vote to send this over to the senate. later this afternoon at 5:00 is what we call and a grossman ceremony. that's kind of a technical term, recycle paper. polar friend, who is the sergeant at arms, he will then lead a procession where they actually put these articles of impeachment and the paperwork regarding the managers to these blue folders and they process this through the capitol rotunda and over to the senate come over to julie adams, the secretary of the senate. then we get to tomorrow. we probably think it will be a
7:51 am
two-part phase to this. one is where, at an agreed-upon time, the benches show up, they are recognized, the articles are presented. this could be friday, maybe next week, but probably later in the day tomorrow and the senate with a bring over the chief justice of the united states. next to note that is his term, the founders did not make him chief justice of the united states just for this because he provides over the senate trial. he will be sworn in and then they will swear in the senators as jurors. this is where mitch mcconnell says next week is probably where they will decide the parameters of the trial. >> bill: next week coming up before then? thank you, terrific work, standby. robert ray, former federal prosecutor and former independent white water council with me now. >> nice to be with you. >> bill: would have you heard in the last 45 minutes? >> you heard from speaker pelosi about the importance in this
7:52 am
moment here to mark history. i would say at this point let's mark history, all right. this is the third impeachment proceeding in the last 45 years, and it is unique in the sense that this is an entirely partisan effort by the house of representatives. that is what is significant about what has occurred here. the second thing, you heard from the managers and from the speaker herself about the fact that this is all about having a fair trial. well, let's talk about a fair trial first. when we talk about a fair trial, the person to whom fairness is accorded to the accused. meeting the president of the united states. not to the impeachment managers. in that regard, i think it should be noted, how can you have a fair trial without an accusation of a crime, much less evidence of one? jerry nadler spoke of the fact that there is overwhelming
7:53 am
evidence of extortion. well, that's nice except for the fact that the impeachment articles don't even allege that the crown of extortion was committed. i guess what i would say is the battle is joined or about to be joined, and we begin. >> sandra: robert, the battle over the witnesses is going to be key here. who gets the call up whom? democrats clearly want john bolton. but will republicans ultimately be able to call who they want as witnesses? they certainly have a list. >> yes, that was noteworthy as well. on the question of witnesses, the democrats are already trying to make the argument that witnesses from the president are irrelevant. which is a rather extraordinary argument to be making, since certainly with regard to this, your view about whether or not there was any merit to a biden investigation obviously affects how you view what the president and his people did here.
7:54 am
i hear what they are saying, but frankly, what they are saying does not make any sense. so yes, what is about to happen, i think you will get some clue about how this will be handled when we see the senate resolution that will live the procedures to be followed in the united states senate. i think the issue of witnesses will be deferred until such time as both parties have had an opportunity to make opening presentations, which should take several days. we don't know how long or how much time will be afforded until we actually see the senate resolution. i imagine we will have the resolution probably by the end of this week. >> bill: robert, we've been trying to be between the lines, i guess you should say, when we listen to the senators speak. with its ted cruz yesterday or thom tillis with you earlier today on the 9:00 hour. he was making the case that once the case is presented on behalf of both sides that republicans would have the vote. vote at that point to bring up the articles. which would mean within a week or two this could be on the
7:55 am
floor, and you've got the 51 votes to acquit on both articles. it could be over. that's the impression he was giving us. >> that's right, bill. i heard nothing today that would suggest that motions for summary proceedings would be out of order at the conclusion of those initial opening presentations by both sides. as i said, we don't know how long they will go. the expectation, if the clinton model is followed -- which the majority leader mitch mcconnell has said was his intention -- i would expect that would go on for several days. at the conclusion of that initial presentation, again by both sides, i would expect the senate to turn to the question of summary disposition here. while it may be true that a motion to dismiss, the votes were not there before hearing from both sides. it may well be the case that an alternate summary motion maybe
7:56 am
presented at the conclusion of those opening matters. >> sandra: robert ray, thank you very much. you've got a brand-new hour coming up. the signing of phase one of the china trade deal, that will happen at the white house in a ceremony. stay with us, more breaking news just had. a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection
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8:00 am
>> sandra: fox news alert, a lot of breaking news coming out of washington this morning from the upcoming vote on impeachment in the house to a major victory for the white house on trade. welcome back to "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. what a day yet again. here we go. awaiting the arrival at any moment of the chinese vice-premier camera who will come to the last where breakthrough deal the ongoing trade war. >> sandra: minutes after nancy pelosi, speaker of the house, name of those seven impeachment managers before a vote on sending those articles of impeachment over to the senate. that will set in motion only the third presidential impeachment trial in american history. >> i am very proud and honored
8:01 am
that these seven members, distinguished members, have accepted the serious responsibility. again, to protect and defend, for the people defending our democracy. and we leave here a little bit later, noon, we will go to the floor and pass a resolution naming their managers officially. >> bill: that from last hour. this hour, neil cavuto will break down the big tree doing vote. first, mike emanuel leads are covered from the hill on what we just watch and what is next. mike, good morning. >> bill, sandra, good morning to you. we expect there will be a vote of the next couple of hours on the house float don't like florida send those articles over to the senate. we'vhave also learned who will prosecute in the senate. the lead being adam schiff, judiciary chairman jerry nadler, zoe lofgren, hakeem jeffries, val demings, jason crow, and
8:02 am
sylvia garcia. speaker nancy pelosi made the announcement a short time ago. >> the emphasis is on litigators. the emphasis is on comfort level in the courtroom. the emphasis is making the strongest possible case to protect and defend our constitution. the decision to come down in favor of litigators is necessitated by the clear evidence that we should have witnesses and we should have documentation. >> by late today, the scene will shift to the republican-controlled senate led by majority leader mitch mcconnell. democrats have been pushing his moderate g.o.p. members to demand witnesses. he has hunted both sides want to coincidence but they will decide that after the initial phase of the trial. some senate republicans say house democrats failed to make their case. >> if they had wanted to call those witnesses, they should have been done in the house. whatever was directed at
8:03 am
president trump should be directed at nancy pelosi, because she is the one that was making those calls. she is the one who sat on the articles of impeachment. for heaven's sake, she could get her job done over there. why on earth to be need to do her job in the united states senate? >> by late today, and speaker pelosi and house democrats will walk the articles of impeachment over to the senate. the rest of the week in the senate expect to be pretty procedural, such as swearing and chief justice john roberts and the individual senators. sandra? >> bill: that last point you're making with joni ernst and others, republicans saying that if they wanted testimony they should've challenged mick mulvaney in court. be that process takes eight or ten or 12 months and you don't want to take patience to do that. that's the case they are making. but jerry nadler said a moment to go is that we need to prevent the president from cheating in the next election. i'm going to jog your mind a little bit. at what point were democrats making that defense?
8:04 am
>> essentially, as they were rushing it through the initial phases of the impeachment and curry, they have of those hearings, bam, bam, bam. they have the vote before christmas, they had to get it done right away. and they sat on the articles of impeachment for four weeks. you heard them on defense a little bit, what did you gain by weeding four weeks? the bottom line, they are now saying it's still urgent the next election in november. >> bill: thinking, mike emanuel. great work, talk to real soon on capitol hill. thank you, sir. >> sandra: fox news alert now, back to the massive treaty with the white house. we are expecting the chinese delegation to arrive at any moment. a little bit later on president trump will be signing phase one of that compromise with china. it's a major breakthrough in the u.s. china trade war. new computer, from both fox business channel and fox business network. great to see you. >> same here, sandra, thank you.
8:05 am
>> as we await the signing ceremony we are looking at the big board, as you often do. there is belief that this is a big win for the white house and for the country. u.s. stocks hitting all-time highs this morning, topping 29,000, the dow up almost 200 points. how big of a win is this for the white house and the country? >> if the chinese deliver the goods and make good on the promises, it's a very big win. i cannot stress that enough, the surreal environment with the president being impeached, with the backdrop of the market records in this trade deal. the devil is in the details. the chinese have committed to buy $200 million worth of american goods, sandra, over the next couple of years. that made similar promises in the past. not of this size. in fact they have cheated eight times since 2010 when they've made similar deals, so they're kind of like me on diet resolutions. [laughter] you got to check them to see if they are not seeking some cannolis in the back room. having said that, we do know
8:06 am
that the chinese are having to respond to mechanisms built in to make sure we are monitoring their commitment to buy things like more soybeans and wheat. bacon, pork, all that kind of stuff. as well as the computer and related parts. it's a wide field, but the chinese have said they will make good on that. the threat is that if we don't probably impose tariffs? while all this is welcome and certainly good news, it doesn't necessarily return us to where we were before things started two years ago. there is a fear, as well, that even with tariffs being reduced, two-thirds of the items we still get from china will be under some sort of tariffs. anywhere from 7% to 25%. >> sandra: so as far as actual details of those promised purchases from china, here's what we know. that china has agreed to come in phase one. up to $50 billion in orders of crops. $40 billion in u.s. services.
8:07 am
$50 billion in energy, $80 million in manufacturing. again, details -- we don't know a lot of the details of the specific purchases and that agreed to amount. also, to stop intellectual property theft, and currency mitigation. to her original point, we can expect as far as commitment and follow through on china's part with those big promises? >> you just mentioned the big bugaboo. they steal stuff from us. a lot of companies say they enter into agreement to do business in china, and they have to open the books, share the technology and the chinese steal it. the chinese argue that's not the point, decide on to something they say they're not doing anyway. so how do you police that? how do you prove they're not doing it? with a lot of businesses enter into business with china than going forward. they are going to have to make sure that china doesn't first ask them to pick up the books. if they don't do that or if there isn't a mechanism in place to do that, all this could be for nothing.
8:08 am
again, the hope is with the threat of still more terrorists to come, or to reimpose tariffs that were already going to be potentially reimposed if they didn't do what we said they should do, we can revisit all of that. keep in mind we are using it as leverage to go after your pans and some goods they are having. the president seems to think it's a very good strategy to extract concessions from the other side. we'll see. ch a larry kudlow, who will see is part of the ceremony in a few minutes, joined us last hour. we ask him what he sees is the biggest challenge to getting done phase two. here was his response. >> probably the toughest nut to crack in phase two is to really level the playing field and take care of unfair practices regarding forced transfers of technology. the licensing and the subsidies will come in phase two, and the unlawful forced transfer of technology. that will be tough. it may be doable. i think we've got almost half of
8:09 am
what we asked for originally in phase one. >> sandra: 's those who want to take on the initiation say, "you only got half done what you are asking here. are you going to get face to done commit" the markets don't seem to be too concerned about that running up to new highs this morning. >> i heard that too, with you like the president or not, getting 50% of what you thought you would get is still 50% more than what you already have been getting. it is unprecedented to get this commitment on the part of the chinese. clearly they needed this deal more than we did. their economy has been sputtering lately. i can never trust the numbers that come out of there. it always rides me about john levitz bit on "saturday night live." "were growing at 10%, that's the ticket." [laughter] everything they can't don't ask they cannot be trusted or verified. it's tough coming up to hold accountable the company that has routinely lied and mr. 's are presented itself down to think about members. having said that, they know full well that they don't adhere to
8:10 am
this, they don't give a timeline when they buy these goods that you outlined before, there will be hell to pay. >> sandra: steve mnuchin, on fees phase one still being a win without phase two. >> this is no phase two. if it's all we get, is this still would not? >> absolutely, this is an enormous win. it's the first time we have ever had an agreement. it's an encompassing agreement. >> sandra: let me redo some of the skepticism that is out the there. from farmers for free trade, skepticism over this deal, follow through on it. we are told mexico would make massive add purchases from the u.s. and the e.u. would make huge purchases of u.s. flag products. neither of those promises were fulfilled. now we are being told china will double the level of its historic purchases? needless to say, there is a healthy skepticism about whether american farmers will actually see these purchases.
8:11 am
that is often a talking point here from democrats on this. >> you think about it, even if they made good on all of the outcome of the bottom line is you are doubling from nothing. they are not getting anything from us. they've made a commitment to buy stuff over the last couple of years, but bit by bit, month by month, quarter by quarter, they've stopped buying from us. that's why the farmers are in disarray right now and the president has given credits to them to help them out. it has not made up the difference here. the fact of the matter is, are we going to be back to levels we were before all this started? depending who you talk to and backed out of the deal, it doesn't look that way. if you can get the chinese to kind of rethink their strategy, about sticking it to the united states, and know they will be economically punished if they don't, maybe there is hope here. i should stress as well, two-thirds of everything we get from china will still be under some sort of a tariff. any recent 7% to as high as 25%.
8:12 am
that is the backdrop here that could put sort of a ceiling on this economic recovery here. so there is a real worry that unless this really translates into robust trading activity between our two countries, it might be for naught. the petrochemical industry, the chemical industry, they've never been able to get out of the way of tariffs that have directly affectdepending who you talk tor farmers there is a a nervous optimism. by and large, from where we were to where we are now, you've gone from 0 to at least a steady movement. the issue going forward on with it we can dramatically pick up from there. the jury come as they say, is still out. speed don't expiate the white house likes to make the point that nobody took on this by the way this president has and is. there will be assigning ceremony a few moments from now with the president on phase one of the
8:13 am
china trade deal. neil, finally, if you could, as you do so well every day on your show, put things in perspective as the way -- they sign this treaty a the markets are hitting all-time highs on these ease tensions. at the same time, nancy pelosi a few moments ago on capitol hill announced impeachment managers to take us to the senate for a trial. to be to president of the united states. to sort of provide the context t is necessary in this historic moment. >> it's surreal. if you look at it, the president being impeached in the middle of all this, he agrees, "i can't believe this." a lot of people look at it and say they can't believe it. you mention about unprecedented nature of this trade agreement here release had other presidents, prior administrations, try to get some deals going with the chinese. i've said since 2010 alone they cheated at least eight times.
8:14 am
we've taken our beef to the world trade organization. every time, they have ruled in our favor. but the chinese keep cheating. they keep ignoring that. so they have a history of sort of turning their noses up at all of this. and the chinese are convinced that this can buy them some time to deal with this administration and to deal with the bellicose talk from this administration. but -- again, i don't want to go back to words like "mechanisms and strategies" in place to make sure they adhere to this. it is different in that respect. the chinese know we will be closely watching and not relying on international trade bodies like the world trade organization, to sort of police this. we are policing this. that is one thing they do not like. >> sandra: and that is one thing we are about to launch as they arrive at the white house. great to have you on this morning from the okuda. see you this afternoon. >> bill: the chinese restaurant near, they've got some frequent flyer miles. even going back and forth from
8:15 am
some time on that. we now know the names of the senate democrats who present their case. starting next week. why were they chosen what does it mean for the proceedings? were to be learned last hour? kenneth starr will give us his taken a moment. team at newday usa is helping more veterans refinance than ever. the newday va streamline refi is the reason why. it lets you shortcut the loan process and refinance with no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. one call can save you $2000 every year. call my team at newday usa right now.
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>> the emphasis is on litigators. the emphasis is on comfort level in the courtroom. the emphasis is making the strongest possible case to protect and defend our constitution, to seek the truth for the american people. >> bill: house democrats, you heard it last hour, moving forward now. four weeks later after the impeachment vote was passed in the house. this, as we learn now, the managers for the case, seven congress members from the
8:20 am
democratic side will serve as managing thmanagers in the sena. ken starr, happy new year two. a way to go now. first of all, your observation of the seven that were chosen, and named last hour? what do you think of that, if much? >> i think the speaker chose well and wisely. other than i have some reservations about jerry nadler in terms of his courtroom abilities. he is just tending to be, as he was in the press conference, just ove is already been proven. so there's an incoherence in jerry nadler's approach to things. but we now have the field marshals, the generals. that reporting into their commander in chief, the speaker. she is going to, i think, continue to be guiding this process. which is, above all, all about witnesses on the senate side. i think she has chosen well and wisely. >> bill: what adam schiff said a moment ago, he reflected on your time, 20, 21 years ago.
8:21 am
he was addressing a question about witnesses. he was saying that this time around it's not about sex or unseemly matters. the inference that he applied there. my question to you, as a matter of law, as a prosecutor or a trial manager, you don't get to pick your facts. the case is what it is. was your feeling on the comment he made there as to whether or not we will see witnesses? do you think that will happen or not? >> it remains to be seen, because i think the senate majority leader is following the clinton model. there is a huge question -- will there be witnesses in the house impeachment managers during the clinton impeachment differentl d to call witnesses. they were and they were able to do that. they were able to take. the centers agreed years ago, "we don't want any live witnesses, let's have the
8:22 am
managers make their case. then they will vote to have with then they will vote whether to have witnesses at all. phase one, phase two. we will hear the drum beat. we've got to have witnesses. by the way, the witnesses cannot include the bidens. that's just out. we want our witnesses but we don't want the president to -- >> bill: so between phase one and phase two, what is your guest? do you have witnesses in this trial are not? if the answer is no, you got a short case here. >> you do. there will be a lot of pressure on the impeachment managers to perform well. if they overplayed their hand the way jerry nadler just did, "we've already proven the case," if you've proven the case you don't need to retry the case. that is precisely the approach from 21 years ago. we don't need it. 100 senators saying we don't need it, we don't want it. these are republicans and democrats completely agreeing.
8:23 am
that will be a real key. can you prove this is very serious? but we really need these witnesses even though jerry nadler says we proved beyond a reasonable doubt. >> bill: let me get two more points in the 2 minutes i have left. if that's the case that you are right about the outcome they don't bring witnesses and both sides agree to that after a lot of debate back and forth, then you can vote on the articles at that point, could you not? >> absolutely. that will be it. you then have the closing arguments on each side. but you asked me to protect -- i predict there will be witnesses. we have had too many indications from too many different senators that they want this. remember, and clinton there were 100 senators agreeing on the process. here we don't have that kind of unanimity. >> bill: who was a witness, then? who appears? >> i think the top one is john bolton for the democrats. and the republicans really do want hunter biden. >> bill: so you think 11?
8:24 am
>> there will be a better roi oliver hunter biden. we already saw it this. this will come down to the chief justice. this is a view of the senate and 51 votes is all it takes. a majority to call the witness. >> bill: you are predicting today we will hear from john bolton? you were saying that after biden could appear as a witness commit yes or no? >> yes it's a possibility, but it remains to be seen how face one of the trail goes. if the impeachment managers don't do a fantastic job, and they may not come of this case may be over. >> bill: can, thank you. let's talk later in the week and take it piece by piece and day by day. i think that's what's required of the moment. sometimes hour by hour. thank you, nice to see you today. >> good to see you. >> sandra: to the final face-to-face before the iowa caucuses, six democratic candidates taking the debate stage last night.
8:25 am
who won and who lost? brand-new reaction to that. and a fox news alert now on the breakthrough in the trade war with china. president trump about to sign phase one of the deal at the white house. so how will that affect the american economy? we will have that for you next. >> under the trump economy, the lowest paid earners are reaping the biggest, fastest, and largest gains. you know that, right? this is a blue-collar boom. "1917" has been nominated for ten academy awards. including best cinematography, best director, and best picture of the year.
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8:29 am
>> sandra: fox news alert from the white house where we are now moments away from a big milestone for the trump administration. the sending of phase one of the
8:30 am
trade deal with china. that is a live look inside of the white house, and there is john roberts. chief white house correspondent, with what to expect. good morning, john. >> center, good morning to you. in a few minutes time, the president along with the vice premier, liu he, at the center of negotiations for a couple years now between the united states and china, will appear here in the east room of the white house assign this agreement right here. phase one of a new u.s. china trade relationship, that they hope will also pave the way for a phase two. maybe even a phase three or phase four, to ultimately get the type of new deal president trump says he has to get with china to stop the abuses china has engaged introduce the trade deficit between the united states and china and many other things. this copy of the agreement is embargoed until after it signed. i can't get some of the fine details about it but i can give you a 30,000-foot look at this. again, this is the beginning of a trade deal.
8:31 am
the united states realized he couldn't get everything they wanted. break it out to pieces. this according to larry kudlow, the chief economic advisor to the president, something that has never happened before. it begins to address a lot of authority issues in trade between the united states and china. china will agree to buy about $200 billion worth more in u.s. agricultural goods. the united states is getting a lot of what i wanted in guarantees against intellectual property theft, reduce the force technology transfer that has been going on between u.s. companies and china when those companies go into china. china demands 51% ownership in the company and then the united states company has to then transfer the technology over to china, and china creates another company which then competes with the united states. so it begins to address some of those issues. some of the other big thorny issues like chinese government subsidization of a lot of its
8:32 am
companies, phase two negotiati negotiation. some criticize this deal saying the president needed to get more come up with it will benefit china more in the end that it does the united states. get the ball moving down the field for the goal line. he is hoping this phase one agreements will begin to undertake that process. the president has said he wants his negotiators to get underway straightaway after this is signed, with phase two. that will take at least 30 days or so. you get 30 days to implement this agreement. and then how phase two goes depends on how phase one is implement it. so there is still a lot of uncertainty out there. with the president happy right now on this day when the articles of impeachment are being transmitted over to the senate, to have at least an initial win, he believes come in a new u.s. china trade relationship. cedric? speech w we had larry kudlow joining us last hour, he said
8:33 am
the toughest nut to crack in phase two will be the forced transfer of technology. i think you just answered my question, though. that was, after the signing ceremony takes place, you have the president's old team there from the negotiation team come with the chinese delegation at the white house. discussions of face to begin at lunch today? it sounds like there'll be some time that passes before that. >> again, we had an on the record briefing with robert lighthizer, the u.s. trade representative, just before coming in here to the east room. again, the contents of that briefing are embargoed until after this thing is signed. but i think it's safe to say that if phase two -- while they may start talking about it, the actual negotiations of phase two will wait until the beginning of the implementation of this agreement. there's a 30 day window for this to be implemented. so they will see how it goes. but they will start discussions very soon after this is signed. but the actual hard negotiations
8:34 am
to phase two probably won't come for a number of months. sandra? >> sandra: as we await that signing ceremony, john roberts of the white house for us. >> bill: let's bring in bret baier, welcome back. impeachment one hour, deals the next. my head is on a swivel! >> busy day. >> bill: it's a victory, some may characterize it as a partial victory but a victory nonetheless, bret. >> it's really for farmers, $200 billion not anything to sneeze at. there will be people who say this doesn't go far enough, but in the big picture, as you look at the east room that is packed with press and dignitaries, press from china, this is a big moment. if you look back at the beginning of the president's trade policy as he was rolling out what he is going to do with tariffs on putting pressure not only on china but other countries, people up on capitol hill, a republican and democratic side, say this is crazy. he could never do this. that can't happen. well, it's happening.
8:35 am
it's happening in phases, and there will be questions about what is in that embargoed trade deal that john is holding onto. but it is going to provide some benefit to farmers in particular, and two other aspects of the economy. an economy that is booming on the market is clearly liking what it seen so far. there has been record closing territory a number of times in recent weeks. >> bill: i think sometimes -- regular two-minute warning when we see the papers on the desk, we'll see whether that's the case now. as we wait, let me take you back to milwaukee, wisconsin, last night. here's the president touting this trade deal and perhaps a forecast of others to come. >> we are going to take care of your trade. what we generally china now, on wednesday we signed. what we done with usmca. but we've done with japan, $40 billion trade deal. and a lot of it has to do with the farmers. [cheers and applause] of south korea. you've got to love trump.
8:36 am
>> so there you have now a list of potential deals that could be in the offing yet again, which is going to take investors -- the stock market will go even higher, even though you're up above 29,000 today. investors here in new york are thinking 30,000 on the doubt. that's a jump of 12,000 points and three and half years. you may not see that for a generation again. >> it's significant. think about was left on the table, there are other things still pending out there when it comes to trade and the upsideib. with this particular deal, there are still significant questions. john touched on some of them. one is the chinese subsidies. specifically on the technology front. the huawei issue, the 5g issue, the export control issue. still out there. we are hoping to dig into some of these details to be able to provide some context to it. remember, not all the tariffs the u.s. has on chinese goods are coming off.
8:37 am
about $120 billion are coming off, some are getting cut in half from 15% to 7.5%. others are staying on. 25% for about $250 billion of chinese goods, with a pending phase two hanging in the balance. and that's the leverage there. we have the treasury secretary on "special report" tonight. >> bill: knew it was with us half an hour ago, he said they've been touching eight times in ten years. i imagine secretary mnuchin will address that. >> i think the trigger mechanism, how does it work? what is the fallout? this president has been very vocal about the wto, the world trade organization, how bad it's been for the u.s. what's the best backup if china doesn't live up to its end of the bargain? i think the chinese, for all they say about bluster, have been feeling it in china. a number of different ways. so have we come in different
8:38 am
sectors. specifically in states where farmers are sitting. that's important ad of the 20 election. >> bill: we saw the trial managers, going to try to balance two plates at one time. i want to turn your attention to what we might expect to see you next week when the senate trial gets underway. we know at least four lawyers from the white house will represent the president. what are you hearing in terms of their defense when they have their opportunity after the seven democrats get their schematic >> they are strategizing, laying that out. pat cipollone will probably lead. there's a possibility that a number of others will be involved in that legal team. but they will lay out the case from the president's point of view and now he was justified in doing anything he could. probably point to the house process and how republicans pointed out that it was unfair from the start as far as the building of the case on the house side. the real question mark, bill, as
8:39 am
we talked about earlier, would be the next step. once you get through opening arguments, have a debate goes. all you need is 51 senators to decide to move in a different direction as far as witnesses or other evidence coming in. that could be a possibility. as he talked about ken starr. >> sandra: jared kushner and ivanka trump in the picture, wilbur ross, we also saw lindsey graham a mom to go. you mentioned ken starr. it was difficult for me to nail down what his real prediction was. he said, "if you're asking me, i'll tell you, i think we will see witnesses in this trial." and then he mentioned the names john bolton and under biden. when pushed on that, i didn't get a firm grasp for whether he thought indeed it would actually happen. is there an appetite for the u.s. senate to go down that road, which would take this trial not from the two week process but to a six-week matter? >> there are different aspects of this. one is the time and you're
8:40 am
talking about. remember, a number of senators on the presidential campaign trail, if it is a long drawn out saying, they are going to be stuck in their chairs in the u.s. senate. that makes a difference. it would benefit some people who are not in that body, including the pete buttigieg and joe bid joe biden. but the everything besides timing is whether after the opening arguments -- and we hear thesthis case again, we heard a gavel to gavel number of times. you and i were covering all these hearings. the same argument minus the evidence were new witnesses. then the american people, i'm sure they will be pulled and weighed in whether this will be down this road. they will push to make one for one. if democrats get a witness, republicans get a witness, that "the doors. >> bill: bill clinton's trial lasted 37 days.
8:41 am
if we start on tuesday, the expected date, the 21st of january, six weeks in the 21st of january super tuesday. so they were covering iowa, new hampshire, nevada, south carolina, and you get ready for the big one the first tuesday in march. that's 14 states. >> and some debates in between there. >> bill: and michael bloomberg enters the race with all the money he is spending. if you make the decision to go down this road of witnesses, you could wipe out the entire calendar for people like senator sanders, elizabeth warren, amy klobuchar. they will not be in these plac places. >> that's exactly right. i'm sure michael bloomberg is pushing for witnesses and a long trial. other things, as he looks and decide super tuesday. you are exactly right. don't think this is not a political calculation here. i do think when push comes to shove the end of the game here
8:42 am
is there likely. we can't foresee that 20 republican senators are going to vote convictions president. knowing what we know, even with the new witnesses, even what we think we know. john bolton may say. which nobody really knows. barring something catastrophic from the president's point of view, 20 g.o.p. senators voted to convict him. it's a super long shot. then you calculate whether it's worth going down those roads. >> bill: thank you, bret. standby, will be for the signing ceremony here and comments as well. good to see you again. from washington. >> sandra: any moment how we should see the president. he will begin the signing ceremony with chinese delegation in place, and members of congress have taken their seats. you saw ivanka trump a few moments ago. members of his trade team are on hand. we will have this ceremony for you as soon as it begins. we will take a quick break and
8:43 am
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8:47 am
>> sandra: a live look at the white house as we wait the president. we are expecting him to sign phase one of the china trade deal. this will be a signing ceremony. his team has been engaged in negotiations with china, the two largest economies coming to a partial trade deal. this all happened in december, we got word of this. the signing ceremony would take place on this announced state. it was seen as a de-escalation of the tensions that arose between the two countries over trade. the markets have been applauding this phase one deal getting done, all time time highs. this doubt up hitting new highs as we speak. 29,100 on the dow. on this pack to have china promising orders of $40 billion
8:48 am
in u.s. services, $50 billion in energy, $80 billion in manufacturing. is the details of those purposes that are vague and in some ways haven't been provided. but they have also agreed to stop intellectual property theft and currency manipulation. we talked to larry kudlow earlier, and he told us the toughest nut to crack and phase two, which we do not know when the discussions and negotiations on that begin, that will be the forced transfer of technology. the other element of these negotiations. >> bill: the president's team is in the room, they've been sitting there for some time now. the chinese delegation walked in as well. we think we're pretty close, maybe a minute now. steve mnuchin telling fox news that big win for the president, conceding this phase one agreement does not achieve all the reforms they were looking for. it's not everything , he said, there will be phase two. but this is the first time will have a conference agreement with china
8:49 am
as part of that deal, china promised to give more protection for american companies' intellectual property, which is a big hill to climb and something american companies have wanted for a long time. we'll see how far we get to that point. >> sandra: with the negotiations and discussions on phase two began, the president is going to have lunch with the premier from china this afternoon. we are told that the negotiations and talks will not continue then, it'll take some time. but the president did indeed confirm via a tweet that phase two of those negotiations would soon start. you got a live look at the white house, there are many members of congress that are present for this. obviously the members of the team and negotiation team, many senators and congressmen filled that room in anticipation of the signing. >> bill: it's a lot of money. china pledged to boost purchases of u.s. goods and services by $200 billion over the next two
8:50 am
years. that's relative to the levels we saw two years ago in 2017. represents an increase of about 50%. larry kudlow says we are getting about half of what we are looking for. the job is not entirely done. for the farmers in the midwest, people et cetera joni ernst from iowa, she believes this is exactly what they have been looking for. until you buy the beans, sandra, you can't tell for certain whether or not the deal has been completed. >> sandra: a couple minutes away here. the president, we are told, will enter the room. as you see the room rise to their feet, and the ceremony begins. to the white house. and that's president of the united states, accompanied by the vice-premier of the people's republic of china. ♪ ["hail to the chief"]
8:51 am
♪ >> president trump: thank you very much. we greatly appreciate your joining us at this white house event. this is a very important and remarkable location. today we take a momentous step, one that has never been taken before with china, toward a future of fair and reciprocal
8:52 am
trade as we sign phase one of the historic trade deal between the united states and china. together we are righting the wrongs of the past and delivering a future of economic justice and security for american workers, farmers, and families. i want to thank president xi, who is watching as we speak, and i will be going over to china in the not-too-distant future to reciprocate. but i want to thank president xi, a very good friend of mine. we are representing different countries. he is representing china, and representing the u.s., we've developed an incredible relationship. but i want to thank him for his cooperation and partnership throughout this very complex process. our negotiations were open, honest, and respectful leading us to this incredible breakthrough. most people thought this could never happen. it should have happened 25 years ago, by the way, but that's
8:53 am
okay. a man who has also become a good friend of mine and somebody was very talented and very capable, we are delighted to be joined by vice-premier liu he. the ambassador, and many of the representatives from the people's republic of china. we are especially proud of the efforts of vice president mike pence, who is with us. mike, i would like to have you say a few words, please. >> vice president pence: thank you, mr. president. it's an honor to be here with you with vice-premier liu he, with our treasury secretary, an investor light hazard. sony distinguished guests, members of congress, and governor start of the country. it's a good day for america, china, and the world. in his honor to be with you. mr. president, we are gathered today thanks to your leadership in the time the american economy is booming with strong support
8:54 am
of members of congress who are gathered here. we are now at the 50 year low in an employment, average american household income has risen by more than $5,000. it's all a result of your computer to cut back taxes, rollback regulation, unleash american energy. it also reflects your commitment to free, fair, and reciprocal trade. earlier in this administration you made it clear that the era of economic surrender was over. and he took a strong stand for american jobs and american workers. you said to our friends in china that things had to change, and thanks to your leadership, today the change begins. [applause] [applause] thanks to your efforts,
8:55 am
mr. president, we have progress on intellectual property, on energy transfer, and currency manipulation. and i know it means so much to you, the greatest impact may well be on american agriculture, some 40 -- $50 billion secured in this deal that will result in greater prosperity for farmers all across the land. mr. president, your commitment to a growing and prosperous america has been the centerpiece of your leadership, and today with signing of phase 1, one more example of your commitment to put american jobs and american workers first. and we recognize as he is due mr. president, that differences will remain through the two nations, but today as they started the new chapter in trade relation between the two largest economies in the world. i can assure the american people that this president will continue to stand firm and put america first, even as we forge a more productive relationship with china and with the the
8:56 am
world. mr. president, there is a chinese proverb that says men see only the present, but heaven sees the future. so let today be the beginning of a brighter future, more prosperous for the american people, the chinese people, and the world. thank you, mr. president. [applause] >> president trump: thank you, mike. thank you, mike. an incredible job. an incredible guy. i also want to give special thanks to our u.s. trade representative who has been kept very busy, doing a lot of, yes, we will have another big one next week that should get approved very shortly, that will be tremendous with canada and mexico, we will talk about that next week. robert lighthizer? are we
8:57 am
keeping you busy enough? he can't sleep. you are all-purpose. [laughter] but robert lighthizer? is an outstanding guy. he is smart and sharp and understands trade better than anybody, when i first took this i said i have to get the best guy. and all signs pointed to robert lighthizer. so thank you very much, bob. [applause] i have one question, was this an easier job or a tougher job than you thought? [laughter] i had a feeling you might say
8:58 am
that. also our great treasury secretary steve mnuchin has worked with bob hand-in-hand. thank you very much, steve. [applause] so this really is a landmark agreement, but along with them, we had the exceptional efforts of jared kushner. where is spirit? our brilliant jared. [applause] great job. he worked hard. he left a beautiful nice fairy prosper it's real estate business and came here, and i can tell you, that was harder. this is harder than real estate in new york, isn't it? but you have done a fantastic job. we don't get people like that, it's very nice to have you here. thank you. also somebody that i have heard for 35 years, the voice, a great gentleman, a friend of mine. but a great gentleman, we
8:59 am
brought him in. he has been outstanding. the only problem he does not like going on television very much. he is very shy about that. larry cobbler, where is larry? where is larry? we had a day where the market went down $1 trillion, think of that, in fact, it was one of those few days, because we have had 141 days where we hit all-time highs, and we just broke as you know, the 29,000 mark on the dow, and it is up substantially today with all of these business meetings, i'm sure that they don't care. but larry went out into the beautiful lawns of the white house, actually, he was standing in the in the middle of the rose garden, he had a beautiful scarf waving in the wind, he was everything perfect, right out of greenwich,
9:00 am
connecticut. and he started talking. by the time he finished i said, you just made $1 trillion. the market went up 250 points. i said, larry, what the hell did you say? but it did not matter. we went from even. larry, you have been fantastic, thank you very much. i appreciate it. [applause] and by the way, i just see in the audience, our great ambassador to china, governor, so we had the governor of iowa, and he loves china, and he is, the longest-serving governor in the history of our country, like 24 years, and i called him, i said, governor, you have to do me a favor. because i remember one conversation that i had with him. i was going to make a speech before the election, and he said, please, sir, don't say anything bad about china. that was the first time anybody said that to me.


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