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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  January 17, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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after the investigation started, the fbi up classified some of rmation because they judged it was classified was wr. so it could certainly happened, can you make a mistake, yes. i just think we need to get away from this idea where her -- i include what has been done to president trump in this. we have to get back to where there is a difference between a wrong and a hanging offense. >> harris: thank you, here is "the daily briefing." >> dana: around the supreme leader lashing out at the united states, the ayatollah ripping and president trump, even calling him a clown. hi, everyone, i'm dana perino, this is "the daily briefing." all this as military officials confirming 11 americans were hurt in a rainy and missile strike last week against an iraqi base housing u.s. troops. the ayatollah has a something to say about that too, praising the iranian missile attack for dealing a blow to america as a
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global superpower. former cia station chief dan hoffman is standing by with analysis but we begin with kristin fisher in washington for an update. >> not only did iran supreme leader lashing at the united states, he also took aim at france, germany, the united kingdom, calling them the footman of the united states. just a few days after those european countries moved to sanction iran from violating the 2015 nuclear deal. at a briefing today, special u.s. representative for ron did not directly address what the ayatollah said, calling president trump a clown, but he did say this. >> yesterday he made veiled threats against european troops, today the supreme leader lashed out against europe for standing up to iran's nuclear blackmail. as long as the regime threatens the world, it will become further isolated, and until iran behaves like a normal nation, its isolation will only deepen.
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>> now, in that rare public sermon, his first in eight years, iran's supreme leader also said that his goal is to force the withdrawal of u.s. troops from the middle east. now, despite president trump's desire to pull u.s. troops out of iraq at some point, he said that recently, the pentagon's top spokesman confirmed yesterday that that is not going to be happening anytime soon. >> we continue to want to be a friend and partner to the sovereign and prosperous iraq. at this time, there are no plans by the u.s. military to withdrawal from iraq. >> and wants tensions with iran cool down a little bit, the pentagon said it hopes to ramp back up operations against isis along with their iraqi counterparts. >> dana: christian, do we have an update on the troops, how they're doing after getting concussion type symptoms? >> yes, that's exactly right, the pentagon says that several are being treated for concussion symptoms and they are still being assessed at this point in time. we now know that more than 1,000
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u.s. troops spent hours underground and bunkers as 11 ballistic missiles hit their base, at first the white house and the pentagon said that no u.s. troops were injured, but remember, signs of a head injury don't always appear immediately. they are now being screened for potential dramatic brain injury, senior military officials said this was done out of an abundance of caution, but it isy that iran was potentially trying to kill american troops in that missile attack. >> dana: i'm sure everyone is keeping that in mind, thank you, kristen, let's bring in dan hoffman, he's a former cia station trees and fox news contributor. what does it mean that the ayatollah led the prayers today, kristin said he hadn't done that since 2012. >> for me, it is almost a crisis indicator, the last time is 2012 when iran was suffering under obama administration sanctions which ended all too soon. before that, in 2009, during the
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green movement. i think what ayatollah is trying to do is deliver some solidari solidarity, make foreign eminem is like the united states and their european allies, also shape the public debate, but government is increasingly concerned with the protests that have been gaining in intensity since november. >> dana: brian hook for the state department talked about those protest today, let's take a listen. >> we have seen protests against the iranian regime, anna ron, iraq, and lebanon. the iranian regime is facing a crisis of legitimacy and credibility, we expect that to deepen in 2020. >> dana: so given that, there are protest, they are feeling the heat, what kind of support might they need from the west in order to help make a change there? >> well i think we supported them by eliminating
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qasem soleimani who was responsible for diverting such finite iranian resources, people and money to those foreign inventors in iraq. in yemen, lebanon, other places. i also think that the iranian people derive a tremendous amount of inspiration from the united states. it's kind of a dichotomy there where the regime is so anti-west, but the people are absolutely pro america. >> dana: part of that also is having access to the internet. we know that the iranians tried to shut off, soleimani himself actually was scheduled attacks against his own people. so far, the iranians have not done that in response to these, but i want point might they get trigger-happy? >> well, i think we need to keep up the pressure, certainly, we've provided some assistance to keeping the internet open there, when we keep up the pressure, the maximum economic pressure on iran, that does provide, i think, some fuel to
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the fire in a positive way. the people are protesting hyper inflation and unemployment. they know there is a way out if the iranian administration would agree to negotiations and end their ballistic missile nuclear program and stop the state's bid for terrorism. >> ayatollah also talked about the nuclear program in the nuclear deal that iran instructed, take a look at that. >> translator: today, as i stand here, we have no limits about the nuclear energy. absolutely none. today, our daily enrichment is more than before we signed the jcpoa. >> dana: do you think he's boasting there? is that accurate? >> i think he's playing both sides right now, we've heard those comments from them, the one that brian hook mentioned, also, in that same speech, he said there should be a special court to try those responsible for the shoot down at that ukrainian airline flight. he also said that it's not right
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that thousands are barred from next month's iranian parliamentary election. he said it's not right that one faction should rule iran. maybe there is some cracks in iranian leadership. i would watch very closely for those parliamentary elections next month, that could be another tipping point for the protes question, i read today, that iran proxies like has blog, a response to the united states could come from a place we might necessarily be expecting, i'm sure we have eyes everywhere. >> i mean there is no higher priority for intelligence community right now then collecting on the threats including from iranian proxy militias from iraq lebanon, and other places, to our people, our installations, that's been up high priority requirement for us for years, absolutely true. >> dana: dan hoffman, we appreciate your time, thank you. back here at home, impeachment, chief justice and senators are all sworn in. the trial will get going next week. on tuesday we will be here.
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the white house is beefing up its legal team, chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel with more, he is life on capitol hill, how's it going mike? >> dana good afternoon, president trump's team features some familiar faces come prominent legal names, pat cipollone, jay sekulow, ken starr the former independent counsel during the clinton impeachment, alec dershowitz, harvard law professor emeritus, robert ray former independent counsel, pam bondi, former florida attorney general, and jane raskin who served a as a personal journey to the president. starting tuesday, 100 senators will be hearing from them and the seven house impeachment managers. democrats are bringing a weak pace. >> i think if they look at the case that was sent over to them, where does all hearsay basically, even nancy pelosi yourself inside it's a hearsay based case. then they look at the articles themselves that alleged abuse of power and no crime. i think they're going to find
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them constitutionally and factually deficient. >> before leaving for the weekend, senator signed the oath book pledging to deliver impartial justice, one issue to be sorted out later is whether witnesses will be called to testify, democrats may not like some of the people republicans might like to call. >> we are not investigating joe biden and hunter biden in this particular, the charges are against the president and taking funds and using them for political, his own political purposes. i'm not going down that rabbit hole, but this case is not about the vice president, former vice president, or his son. >> there will likely be fireworks right off the bat on tuesday when senators vote on a rules package governing the trial. it dana? >> dana: i'm waiting for that one, we'll be here to comment, for it, thank you mike emanuel, up next, former house impeachment managers gives us the ends and outs of what we can expect during the impeachment trial. plus, what do americans want to see in this trial? we took to the streets to find
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out. >> i think we need to go through with the process, because it is laid out in the constitution that way. again, i think there should be more witnesses called, everybody subpoenaed should have to come and testify. >> dana: todd is here with more.
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>> dana: senate impeachment trial getting ready to kick into full gear. you've heard plenty about what lawmakers are looking for, but what do americans want most? are owns todd piro, u.s. them. >> remember when we went out and asked them just about impeachment in general. slightly more nuanced. take a look. >> the impeachment trial in the senate is happening, what you want to see? >>i guess i would like to see a
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fair trial. >> i would like it to be a fair trial. >> i would like to see justice, i would like to see everybody come together no matter which party they're in or engines to the right thing. >> more evidence does come on, should it be introduced? >> no. they had a chance to do what they wanted to do, they had a chance to bring all of this out, they pushed at the giant rush, no, it's done. >> bring on the information if there is something else, but i don't think they're going to find anything that's going to cause him to be guilty. >> if there's more evidence out there, it should absolutely be presented. >> we have an opportunity to see witnesses, we have time to see documents and prove that was in the house, they did not do it, they failed, why are we wasting our time any further? >> i think the more witnesses, the more evidence, the more of a concrete case you can pack together. >> if the house out there case was so strong, why did they feel they need all of these other witnesses? >> should it be a fast trial, so trial? >> absolutely, let's get it over with fast. >> i hope it's pretty quick. >> i think it will go as long as the house wanted to go to dry it out for their show. >> it just can't drag out. >> i think it will be quick. i hope it is quick. >> as short, quick, concise as possible, i don't wanted to see
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it dragged out or anything. >> what do you think ultimately will happen? >> i think it is acquittal. absolutely. just hands down, no problem. >> i'm a hundred percent convinced that he will be acquitted. >> it's going to be a stalemate. nothing will happen. >> they're going to deny it, trouble silly president, we will move on. >> dana: there you have it. >> you made a great point, the people we interviewed, very knowledgeable. it was so cold, this is this is a sum total of the people we interviewed. this is a good sign for american civil discourse. >> dana: people often do say they want to be fair. americans of course want to hear from more people, but tactically, we will see what happens on tuesday when we get to that rules package and witnesses are going to be on the table, we will see what happens. >> the american people are fair, politicians? >> dana: not so much. todd piro, thank you. our next guest served as a impeachment manager for bill clinton back in 1999. former republican congressman
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and u.s. attorney, babar, it's a real pleasure to have you here, sir, i want to get your initial take about how the senate democrats have welcome to this trial into the chambers, basically, saying, senator schumer has said, the president broke the law. what do you think of that? >> it leaves me in the same position that i was and when i was listening to nancy pelosi say the president broke the law. my reaction as well, if you think the president broke the law, why in heaven's name did you not charge that in one of the articles of impeachment. which require, by the way, under the constitution that the president not only violate the law, but a serious lie, a high crime. none of that was in the articles of impeachment. and for the senate, the democrats in the senate, to now try and go off and approve the case that was not proved in the house turns the whole constitutional process on its head. >> dana: the other thing that has happened this week is a
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flurry of media activity. some democrats suggesting that there is a witness they want to hear from, lev parnas who is an associate of rudy giuliani's who the president says he doesn't know. take a look with the president said. >> president trump: i don't know him. i don't know him other than i guess i had a picture taken with him. i thousands of people i pictures taken with. i just met him. i don't know him at all, don't know what he's about, don't know where he comes from, know nothing about him. i can only tell you, this thing is a big hosts. >> dana: lev parnas 1 ounce of the president does know me, he also said this. >> i basically told him very strict and very stern several things, a he needed to immediately make an announcement, literally that night or tomorrow within the next 24 hours that they're opening up an investigation on biden. if they did not make the announcement, basically there would be no relationship, no aid
11:19 am
that was going to be assisted, no inauguration, pence would not be at the inauguration, no visit to the white house, they would be basically, they would have no communication. a >> dana: there's one more if he can stay with me. jake tapper was on her yesterday on cnn,sing the question about lev parnas' credibility, watch that. parnas has a serious credibility problem, he's under indictment for campaign finance charges, he told cnn he doesn't trust a word promises saying. i think people out there in social media, democrats acting as if this guys a second coming of theodore roosevelt. see have how do you, sir, think about partners and how he fits into this picture if at all. >> well he should not fit into this picture at all, really, dana. one, he is simply a street operative from the ukraine that has some very serious legal problems, not only in the ukraine but in our country. so i don't think that he should
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be given any credibility whatsoever, especially, his ridiculous statement that he thinks that the president knew what he was doing. i mean, talk about arrogance that the president would know what this guy wandering around the ukraine is doing is absurd. it is very interesting, because just the other day, i think we heard adam schiff, once again, say that witnesses lie, we can't trust witnesses well, here is your witness, don't you think he's lying? >> dana: what do you think, sir, about witnesses in this question that the senate will take up next week, should there be witnesses that are called and heard, how should republicans try to beat back that request from the democrats? >> i think two ways, dana, one, they could simply under the permit impeachment rules of the senate already in place, they could simply transfer this to a committee, said the judiciary committee of the senate, under the permanent rules of the senate to call witnesses and
11:21 am
hear evidence and testimony, they could do that. frankly, i see no need whatsoever, at this point, to call witnesses before the full senate, there just is no need for it, given the infant's efficiency of the impeachment articles to begin with. >> dana: well, we hope that we can call upon you in the next few weeks as this gets underway, we appreciate your expertise and of course you are there in beautiful atlanta. thank you bob barr. james comey under scrutiny out again, new reports in the fired fbi director is the focus of another leak investigation. we will have details on the next . va mortgage rates have dropped to near 50-year lows. newday usa can help you refinance your mortgage and save thousands a year. newday's va streamline refi makes it fast and easy because there's no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. i urge you to call newday usa now.
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>> dana: former fbi director james comey is under the microscope yet again. federal prosecutors are reportedly investigating what he may have leaked classified investigation about the bureau that appeared in at least two newspaper articles published in 2017. more from washington. >> these were published almost three years ago, that is exactly what federal investigators are looking at. they are looking at whether
11:26 am
former fbi director comey leaked classified intelligence document to the media. this is in a report from "the new york times" come out last night. the intelligence document, and question, appeared into news articles in 2017. one in "the washington post," the other in "the new york times." the document reportedly played a role in comey's decision not to charge hillary clinton for a crime within a private email server to conduct with government business as secretary of state. >> our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. >> the document reportedly came to the attention of u.s. intelligence officials from dutch intelligence. it included discussion of an email exchange between former dancy chairwoman debbie wasserman sure it's and leonard bernardo. according to the times, debbie wasserman reportedly said then it attorney general loretta
11:27 am
lynch would not charge comey with a crime for having a private email server. both have denied even being in contact with each other, suggesting the document was a fake attempt by the russians to throw a wrench into the u.s. intelligence community. a spokeswoman for byrne bernardo sent me a statement, i want to read part of it "bernardo has never spoken with her corresponded with congresswoman wasserman schultz in any fashion. the email mentioned is factitious disinformation. department of not commenting. i've reached out to wasserman schultz's for carmen. >> dana: thank you. the feds are fighting back against a sanctuary city policies making safety a top priority. but they are facing continued resistance in one major city, and from local police. a cloudy cow in his live in downtown san francisco with this, claudia. >> hi dana, san francisco sanctuary policy gives legal protection to otherwise
11:28 am
law-abiding illegal immigrants. u.s. attorney david anderson is saying what he calls a sanctuary spillover effects, he says local police are very reluctant to get involved in any federal case that could result in a suspect getting deported. >> the criminal laws need to be enforced fairly, evenhandedly against all persons, it should not be a special category of protection for drug dealers who happen to be from some other country. >> supporters of the sanctuary policy deny it prevents local and federal officers from working together to fight crime. >> i think this is just part of the pattern of not being happy with sanctuary ordinances from the trump administration. >> but the distrust runs so deep, san francisco quit the fbi's joint terrorism task force in 2017 citing concerns over immigration-related arrests, despite repeated pleas from federal officials, there is no
11:29 am
indication that san francisco intends to renew this partnership with the fbi anytime soon. dana. >> dana: claudia callan thank you so much. a massachusetts couple helps to crack a kidnapping case, tracing down a suspect and calling police after spotting his car with an 11-year-old girl inside. rick leventhal joins me now. this is a pretty incredible series of events. >> how often do hear about these amber alerts, how often do hear that someone actually sees the vehicle that police are looking for and then gives chase to that vehicle. that's what happened in massachusetts, this couple has their own kids in the backseat, they hear about a kidnapper was in a dark blue on it with distinctive rams. they see the car, what they thought was suspicious activity, this is a still grab some from video they shot when they were chasing the driver. calling police to update his location, they watched him blow through red lights. speeds that estimated a hundred miles per hour, trying to escape them. eventually police caught up with the suspect and arrested
11:30 am
24-year-old miguel rodriguez and rescued 11-year-old charlotte from the backseat where they say she was unharmed and then credited the public for helping to narrow their search. >> once i was coming in, we were in contact with our partners and once you can put it in the played readers and on the pipe, then we were pretty confident we would get a hit. >> much thanks being given to that good samaritan couple and also to the parents of that little girl for their vigilance and their courage, making sure this alleged kidnapper was not out of their sight. >> dana: what do we know about the suspect? >> it's not clear if he knew the alleged victim, were waiting to find out about that. one witness saw that she was yelling as she was pushed into the car, this was not his first brush with the law. rodriguez pled not guilty in court at his arraignment, he reportedly had a restraining order filed against him in 2018 by a family member who accused him of sexually assaulting her when she was just 13 years old. the good news in this case, the 11-year-old girl was found in
11:31 am
the backseat did not appear to be harmed. she's been checked, certainly this is an ordeal that she won't forget anytime soon. a >> dana: really incredible, an eye out. those amber alerts work. >> dana: it worked, keep an eye out. a >> dana: rick leventhal thank you. up next, one former governor says bernie sanders is ready to play dirty and also hillarize elizabeth warren. we'll tell you what that means get chris's reaction to walnut lentil burgers i made. available for download on itunes or wherever you listen. . modern utility for modern obstacles. lease the 2020 nx 300 for $359 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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>> dana: bernie sanders facing new blowback in his feud with elizabeth warren. former democratic government in his home state now saying that sanders is not above playing dirty. this only weeks before the first in the nation caucuses in iowa. peter doocy is reporting in south sioux city nebraska, how are you peter? >> doing well, dana, former
11:36 am
governor of the state that bernie sanders represents vermont knows bernie sanders and does not like him. it sounds personal. peter shyamalan, a democrat who has endorsed joe biden the cycle tells politico this, what i've seen in bernie's politics is that he and his team feel that they are holier than the rest. in the end, they will play dirty. because they think they pass a purity test that most republicans and democrats don't pass. in the end, even who he considers a friend, bernie will come first. shyamalan also accuses bernie of trying to hillarize warren by casting her as an elite. they have not spoken this week, they were calling each other liars, even though they were both back in washington, d.c. something that pete buttigieg does not have to worry about. his term as south bend affair is done, he can concentrate on campaigning as much as he wants. >> what i also know is, i don't
11:37 am
have any role on the floor of the senate, but i do have a role in seeking to turn the page and bring about a new and better day within the american presidency. >> joe biden does not have any role in the impeachment trial either, but he is off the campaign trail today, he had two events in western iowa canceled by the snowstorm that were standing in. elizabeth warren is going to try to sneak any event in later on this afternoon, about four hours east of here. >> dana: just looking, that's no extent of pretty they are behind you, i'm glad that you have it and i don't. >> it's pretty, it's pretty if you're doing cable tv, but it gets a little dicey if you're campaigning. >> dana: everyone be careful out there, peter doocy, thank you. joanna is a former director for the white house, global situation room, luke thompson, national contributor, host of the constitutionally speaking podcast, also great on twitter, if you need a new one. i have to first talk about this
11:38 am
warren sanders thing and hood benefits, because biden also is not a member of the senate, so he is free to continue to campaign. there's a little bit of a conspiracy theory going on, joanna, i'll ask you first, about whether pelosi delayed all this impeachment to help joe biden in iowa. >> i don't think it was that. it could have had everything to do with the debate and the pending caucus, coming up in iowa, but i lived in iowa. i wins are notoriously pragmatic and they don't like fights. i actually don't think this benefits either bernie or warren. i think this could benefit more like a mayor pete or an amy klobuchar. >> dana: not biden? >> not biden because you have to be organized to benefit. this is the truth, those campaigns, mayor pete's campaign has shown organization, when he was going up in the polls. when we were there, now 12 years ago, i guess, i can't believe it's that long ago, we were seeing peaks and valleys, we
11:39 am
were afraid we would peek too early, mayor pete had a peek, can he rise again? >> dana: i don't know. what do you think about the criticism of bernie sanders is that he likes to fight, and that he wants to win. to me, i'm like isn't that kind of necessary if you want to win in politics? >> i would think that if you're a democratic primary voter, especially a caucus goer in iowa in the middle of that snowstorm, knowing that there's somebody is going to show up and fight for you is probably a pretty appealing trait. i do think, between the two of them, this probably redounds, or i guess hurts bernie less. because it looks like it was a set up, but i don't think it's good for either of them. >> dana: i want to ask you also about identity politics. rahm emanuel had an op-ed last sunday. i feel like rahm emanuel who used to work of course with you doubt the obama white house, former mayor of chicago, every three months or so he writes an op-ed begging democrats not to focus so much on identity politics, no one is listening, "the wall street journal" what it writes about identity
11:40 am
politics in the campaign today, she says this is the politics of exclusion, it explains why a field that began as the most diverse and democratic history is now coming down to a competition between two old white men, candidates who speak primarily to subsections of the country are, by necessity, excluding everybody else, what you make of all this? >> in l.a. we have the thomas mann house, it preserves, thomas mann was a german during world war ii who moved to los angeles. he had radio addresses on democracy. the other night, german philosopher was talking about the violence perpetrated by majorities in minority communities when he have majority rule. that is an element of democracy. he was talking about, could you have baselines by which you make sure there is human standards so that people don't have their rights trampled on. i think that is actually a
11:41 am
really important conversation, the rights of minorities in majority rule democracies. but, were not having that conversation right now. were having a conversation that is more likely to identify with, who is more woke, that doesn't actually help because everyone makes mistakes. we'll come into the world with bias, >> dana: i know you have democrats asking for that, i'm sorry we ran out of time, we'll have you back soon, joanna mosca and luke thompson. you and want to miss this, one week before the iowa caucuses, chris wallace will moderate a town hall with pete buttigieg into mowing, that's january 26th. up next, another potential bombshell over megxit, where we will talk about
11:42 am
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>> dana: a royal fox news alert. the daily mail reporting that buckingham palace will be making an imminent statement on the so-called megxit deal, of course that refers to them major drama and britain after prince harry and meghan markle announced they wanted to step back from real life. charlie langston is an editor with the daily mail, he has details, charlie, we have you on the phone, what's the latest? >> the latest is that we can expect an announcement from the palace about the entire megxit deal very, very soon. we have heard that it will be imminent and that people in the palace who have been working around the clock to work out the deal that will satisfy everyone in the royal family, but also harry and meghan. >> dana: do you expect that the queen blessed all of this, i suppose, in figuring out the finances as well? >> absolutely. to be completely honest, i do think that some of these things will take time, specifically the finances, and also their final
11:47 am
country residency, but yes, none of this will have happened without the queen's bussing, she was very much the person driving this through and sing to her aides this needs to be done within days, not weeks. >> dana: do we have any more information about the tension between the brothers harry and william? >> what we understand is that everyone is working to come to a compromise. the queen really did put her foot down and said look, i will not have rumors interrupting the work at that the royal families doing, everyone needs to carry on, business as usual, any tensions needs to be put aside and we need to hammer this out so that we stop embarrassing ourselves publicly. >> dana: have you had any additional reporting on whether meghan markle will even return to britain? >> it seems very unlikely, to be honest, she looks like she is loving life in canada, we have great pictures of her yesterday picking up one of her friends at the airport. we understand that staff at their home in the u.k. have been told you will not really need to work there very often. initial speculation said people
11:48 am
have been laid off, we now understand they've been told there will be a lot of quiet. the two of them don't plan a returning anytime soon. >> dana: charlie langston, thank you for returning. here to talk about all things megxit, they knew america's newsroom team, sandra smith and ed henry. here the experts. >> know i am in the spokesperson on bexit, bill's exit from america's newsroom. >> dana: you covered the royal wedding, sandra. >> die did, this is fascinating. >> she's been educating me in the green room, she's been going nonstop. >> dana: now, they details are apparently imminent, look, they have a lot to work out, obviously everyone wants to know what the finances are going to be, are the taxpayers going to be on the hook. especially here in canada, or the united states, what their titles are going to be, that's obviously going to be a big one.
11:49 am
and security detail, she was seen, this morning or last night picking a friend about the airport in canada, there was a man and her passenger seat who is thought to be one of her security detail with her, private security, or is it going to be funded by the queen and the family? these are the serious details. >> dana: it is interesting how much americans are interested. i guess the world is looking, but americans are kind of into it. >> look, i think that when i was a kid my mom woke my sister and i up really early at like 5:00 a.m., i was like nine years old, ten years old, diana was getting married to charles. i was like why are you waking us up? >> this is history. my mom was right, we are fascinated by it. i should think the family dynamic is fascinating, we all want to talk about the money and the context and the movie star and the obama's and oprah and all of these celebrities being involved, but what about the mom? when elizabeth, or the grandmother.
11:50 am
>> dana: i think we all feel sympathetic towards her. a lot of canadians say they are kind of lukewarm on the whole idea. >> apparently she wants to move back to the united states but reportedly won't do that as long as donald trump's president, we will see, a lot of this is obviously just speculation that's out there. you go back to the royal wedding commager point, ed, about the family. not just the u.k., but america, the world fell know about these two brothers william and harry. when we saw them there on the wt the sense that they have a very good, strong relationship and then william put out that statement, i can't feel my arm around my brother anymore. you do kind of feel for them. there is the queen team, and then there's the team megan. >> some of the reports are saying that princess diana wanted the kids to be able to go. maybe there is a better way, not so messy. >> dana: not announcing it on instagram. but what about you too, you have a new beginning on monday. >> we're coming together, were
11:51 am
not breaking up. >> we said goodbye to bill from america's newsroom this morning, we wished him farewell, he will go off to the afternoon. and ed henry joins us in the studio. >> i understand you're getting your nails done over the weeke weekend. >> dana: well, it's going to be like that ed. >> you know, commercial breaks. there's commercial break talk. >> it took me a couple years to learn everything about bill on the way he is. ed, i'm learning, just in the past 24 hours, what i say during commercial break, comes out on air. >> dana: sometimes that happens on the 52. >> the first week, we have the impeachment trial. >> dana: you make an incredible team, of course even bill hemmer rolled terrific as well, but i'm delighted to have both of you here. >> were going to rock, he tried to do one of these, come on. >> dana: anyway, speaking of
11:52 am
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a sheriff in california says rescuers are responding to an avalanche in lake tahoe. it happened in a ski resort in alpine meadows and several are are missing. we're just getting the first work of the breaking news. news crews are racing to get information. we'll bring you more details as they come in. the dominoes keep falling for major league baseball. the mets part ways with their manager after the sign stealing scandal. he played in houston after it happened. this is coming after the boston
11:57 am
red sox manager fired their manager over the scheme. tyrus is here, fox news contributor and fox nation host. who is on first? with all of these people getting fired. >> this is coming from a die-hard life-long boston red sox fan. this punishment isn't enough. we need to forfeit the world series and the astros do. this cheating is worse, i feel, in a lot of sports analysts agree, with what i've seen. this is worse than the era. at least then you still had to hit the ball. even pete rose betting for his team to win. this was cheating to the point where you knew what was coming. you ruin careers. the dodgers should with furious. kershaw, hall of fame so i young pitcher. he couldn't get a guy out in the ninth. he's coming in throwing his stuff. they knew it.
11:58 am
it's straight up cheating. the players part of it are responsible. go back and they call them the black socks when they threw the world series. they department just fire the manager. the players couldn't play anymore. the managers should have lifetime suspensions and at least suspended a year. >> forfeit the world series title. >> they're 100% tainted. >> dana: the mlb said this. there's a tweet from the dodgers cody bellinger. he said for the sake of the game i hope it's not true. if true, there should be play you're consequences. baseball is already struggling with attendance and viewership. >> the games are too long. instant replay hasn't been looked at favorably by the fans. it's still the american past time. it's a sacred sport. there's always been a higher standard. baseball has always been good about dealing with stuff that is
11:59 am
wrong. i think their approach on dealing with performance enhancing drugs and stuff was pretty on. so this is an opportunity for them to show everybody how it's dealt with. this is worse than any other thing. >> dana: you think there's additional shoes to fall? >> certain players with the astros and i'm not going to name names and get into that stuff. one of the things i found funny, they said there was no evidence of devices. there was a video of the shortstop, wouldn't let anymore touch him because he didn't want his jersey being torn off. he had the buzzer that he was getting signs when it was a fastball or or curveball. there's a history of stealing signs. when you do it with your eyes, that's fine. using technology, morse code to tell people when the pitch is coming, it's cheating. >> dana: thanks, tire russ. watch you on greg gutfeld saturday night. i'm dana perino. i'll see you on "the five." trace gallagher, ready for friday? >> trace: i'm ready.
12:00 pm
>> dana: we made it. >> trace: going back to l.a. tomorrow. thanks for that our reporting begins with iran's supreme leader praising the missile strikes in iraq. the pentagon reports a dozen soldiers were hurt in the attack. a spokesman said several members had concussion symptoms and doctors are screening them for traumatic brain injury. after the strike, president trump and defense officials said there were no injuries. >> no americans were harmed in last night's attack by the iranian regime. we suffered no casualties. all of our soldiers are safe. >> the iranian supreme


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